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Scream (1996)

Erick: Just gotta shake your titties into the mic.

Vivi: You gotta get.

Erick: Loosen up a little bit.

Vivi: Loosen up your tits for some podcasting.

Erick: Yeah didn’t you hear she’s the scream queen cuz she’s got big poobs.

Vivi: Big Poops?

Erick: That makes you the scream queen.

Vivi: Shut up.

Erick: Welcome back to Shaken Not Scared as always your hosts here Erick & Vivi. How are you Vivi?

Vivi: I’m good. How are you this fine evening?

Erick: Doin about the same as every other day just packed away in a house and never able to leave unless I’m allowed to.

Vivi: Unless you’re allowed to by your wife.

Erick: Yes. I’m just kidding.

Vivi: Nothing to do with the pandemic.

Erick: If she needs drink ingredients that’s when I leave the house.

Vivi: That’s the only time you’re allowed to leave.

Vivi (Continued): Well I left the other day um to the doctor for the first time in like weeks since we’re coworkers and.

Erick: How was that?

Vivi: It was uh. It’s fine, it’s just going to the doctor. But I thought it was funny because we’ve spent like all our time together legit since the beginning of the pandemic. Now I work at home too and you’re my coworker and I leave the house for two hours and you’re texting me that you miss me.

Erick: And selfies.

Vivi: And selfies.

Erick: Just like me by myself you in the background not there.

Vivi: Are we unhealthy?

Erick: Nah we’ll be okay.

Erick (Continued): What I was going to say is that uh.

Vivi: About your week?

Erick: It was going to be something. Yeah…yeah. So uh this week too my family came over which was fun celebrated my birthday since it’s in the middle of the week kinda makes it tough but everyone was here and my sister was pointing out all the creepy stuff we have around our house.

Vivi: Hum.

Erick (Continued): And how we need to do posts about it because I guess as the listeners I don’t know if they care but we really do like spooky stuff a lot.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: Enough that it’s not even Halloween it’s March and.

Vivi: We just decorate our house like this.

Erick: Tones of skulls, tones of webs. I think your sister wanted a spooky party too which just we didn’t have to change anything because it was already spooky.

Vivi: Yeah. She wanted a like a witch themed party and like I didn’t need to buy anything I was able to use all my house decor.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: I just put it all in the center of the table.

Erick: Yeah, so it’s fun. It’s good stuff though. Thanks for coming fam. Love you guys.

Erick (Continued): But ah yeah do want to jump in to what we’re doing this week? This week or this episode we’re going to be talking.

Vivi: um hum

Erick: About Scream (1996) by Wes Craven.

Vivi: Um hum.

Erick: Before we dive into that. What is your consuming creepy content. Content of the week?

Vivi: Well we’ve been as a couple recently watching Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Erick: And why is that?

Vivi: Ah because I did watch a couple episodes as a kid but like I wasn’t allowed to watch because my parents thought it was a bad show. But you reference it 100% of time in your everyday life.

Erick: I do. Yeah it’s.

Vivi: So I never know what you’re talking about. And I guess we had to watch it so I knew what you were talking about.

Erick: Yeah the episodes are fun. It’s interesting to like be doing this podcast and be like just watching so many horror movies as we usually do. Not just in the show but to catch all the like references to horror movies in the show.

Vivi: Oh yeah. That’s true.

Vivi (Continued): You don’t catch any of this as a kid. The couple episodes I did watch. It’s also funny to see what kids think is scary and like as an adult it’s there are some creepy scenes still.

Erick: For sure you’re sometimes grossed out by the stuff that pops up. I was telling you the other day like what made the creators think like this is a great show for Cartoon Network for kids every Friday.

Vivi: I don’t know.

Erick: Because like it’s so like self aware to that some of the scenes where Courage is like screaming or falling or doing something that’s like frightening they just repeat it. They like flash back and forth between him screaming and whatever’s happening, and him screaming and whatever’s happening. The other day one of the scenes was just going on endlessly we’re like okay so they just ran out of time.

Vivi: I mean it was funny. And watching it as an adult I’m like I think this is more like adult cartoons if i’m totally honest. More than kids because I don’t think kids would get a lot of the jokes.

Erick: No we’d talk about Eustace, and Muriel and how we’re already them

Vivi: Act like Eustace, and Muriel yeah we do.

Erick: Not in the Eustace being toxic way. But more like when they’re together.

Vivi: We act like an old couple.

Erick: Yeah. And Loki acts like Courage.

Vivi: Oh 100% of the time.

Erick: Who’s paying for his internet?

Vivi: Yeah that’s want to. That’s what I brought up to you. I’m like i don’t think Eustace, and Muriel are paying for his internet.

Erick: No. But yeah so what other creep contenter you got?

Vivi: I went into this like black whole this week on YouTube.

Erick: What other creepy content hour you got I said. What other creepy content do you have?

Vivi: Well I went into like black whole this week on YouTube didn’t really mean to look up this stuff there’s like YouTube channels that will explain Paranormal stories on like TikTok and things like that. So I was watching one of those and it’s like TikTok horror stories and then it like suggested another video of like collecting haunted dolls as an everyday.

Erick: A hobby.

Vivi: Zak Bagans

Erick: Bagobits.

Vivi: How ever you say his name right.

Erick: As Em from And That’s Why We Drink says it.

Vivi: Yes. And he like collects haunted objects and puts them in a museum. And the warrens are like famous for also having done the same thing but I guess there’s just like day to day people who go on ebay searching for haunted dolls and I did not know this and I don’t know how I ended up here because one of things that I hate most in this world is possessed dolls and possessed doll movies really I don’t know what it is. What happened in my youth that traumatized me to these things but I hate them.

Vivi (Continued): But somehow I ended up on that YouTube channel.

Erick: That just means you have to go for the alternative and start you know collecting haunted chairs, and toilets, and like sofas.

Vivi: I like how toilets was one of the top options that you thought of. Yeah just thought it was interesting because I didn’t know that people did this as a hobby and they take care of the spirits in these vessels. And they give whole background stories and I guess mediums are the ones that interpret the stories I don’t know. I was just watching it and was pretty entertained even though I hate that stuff.

Erick: Yeah I guess when you think about that we were talking about this that day is that you assume that when people are collecting these things  that all the energy and spirits that are in them are typically like perceived as evil. But there are also positive and.

Vivi: Yeah spirits that have just latched on to a doll because they had the misfortune but they’re not bad spirits.

Erick: Yeah because I guess the assumption is that everyone who dies comes back as any evil spirit then like where do the good ones go?

Vivi: Then I guess they’re in these dolls that people are selling on ebay. Also how do you know that they’re haunted? What if you’re in the market for a haunted doll?

Erick: You gotta use that thermal filter on TikTok apparently.

Vivi: Yeah you do. Yeah I guess if you don’t start having paranormal experiences you can complain that it wasn’t haunted.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: Which is such a weird thing to say.

Erick: That’s what I was telling you is that how would you even confirm on like ebay or anything like that. That people are for real.

Vivi: Actually haunted.

Erick: Yeah do you go and show up with your little uh. What was that machine that Zak Bagans had in that haunted house show?

Vivi: Uh?

Erick: That guy shows up with with like. Its like an electromagnetic

Vivi: Yeah it’s like an EMF reader.

Erick: Oh no he has a name for it. Remember the electromagnetic fire or something.

Vivi: Oh. He like had made up his own reader or whatever. Usually it’s like electromagnetic reader.

Erick: Yeah but it was like what does the electromagnetial. It sounded something out of comic books.

Vivi: Yeah he’s like I made it myself. Like that I don’t understand. I honestly watch house hunt. Not house hunters.

Erick: Haunted House Hunters.

Vivi: What was his show called?

Erick: Coming soon.

Vivi: It’s his show about haunted places I watch it sometimes. I put it on to go to sleep But he is a ridiculous person.

Erick: To go to sleep fyi.

Vivi: I do put on like creepy stuff to go to sleep.

Erick: I meant more like it’s boring. That ‘s what she uses to go to sleep.

Vivi: Well it is a lot of like. Did you hear that? Did you feel that?

Erick: What? And Zak Bagans like throwing his body at people.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick:  Saying it’s a ghost I think he has a problem.

Erick (Continued):  Saying it’s  a ghost I think he has a problem.

Vivi: Well he made a whole franchise and money out of it. I would like to go to his museum though. The one in Vegas with all the haunted objects.

Erick: More power to him I guess.

Erick (Continued): Yeah and take the TikTok filter and see if it’s true? I’m sure that people do that right?

Vivi: A ted talk filter?

Erick: A TikTok filter. Yeah your just gonna take the electromagnetical whatever fire and record the doll having ted talks to each other.

Vivi: I was like what do ted talks have to do with this?

Vivi (Continued): The dolls going to be like welcome to my ted talk about possessing things.

Erick: This guys insane i’m not even possessed. I’m possessed bing here.

Vivi: He put me here. I was minding my own business somewhere else.

Erick: Yeah but awesome. Well any is that all?

Vivi: Yeah. What about you? I know I talked about how we’re watching Courage but are you doing anything creepy on your own?

Erick: Mostly Courage &  Attack On Titan I’m getting further i’m almost done with uh season 3.

Vivi: Oh yeah.

Erick: If you guys haven’t seen Attack On Titan it’s real good. I’ll try to avoid spoilers. But stuff insane in season 3 and I think season 4 is the last one right?

Vivi: Yeah I’ve been waiting for you to finish watching it so we could watch it together.

Erick: Yeah. What I pointed out to you I guess this isn’t a spoiler but there’s a titan that literally drags his face across an entire.

Vivi: Field?

Erick: Field that they’re trying to chase him to stop him. To the point where they finally do kill him. It lifts it face off the ground and it’s face from all the dragging it did is like ripped off so it’s just like. Imagine like your face getting chopped in half and it’s just like what’s left.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: Like worn away from the dragging like yeah it’s nasty so it.

Vivi: It is. I remember seeing that scene for the first time  and being like oh shit that’s intense.

Erick: They’re self aware because the way they want to kill it is by putting explosives in it mouth and they’re like let’s just hope it opens its mouth and it lifts its face right at that moment and it’s like oh that makes it easier.

Vivi: It has now mouth.

Erick: So yeah good stuff. That’s mostly all I’ve got.

Vivi: What you’ve been doing? You don’t research haunted items in your spare time?

Erick: I run into them when I’m trying to get more followers on instagram for horror so. Follow us on instagram?

Vivi: Let’s talk about our instagram.

Erick: Uu. you pointed it out. I didn’t even notice.

Vivi: Yeah since we’ve started the page for the podcast I’ve been following other horror podcasts and.

Erick: Shot out.

Vivi: It’s been like you know very niche interests like horror, classic movies, and things like that is what i’ve been following.. And for some reason?  And no shame if you’re into this? The algorithm has decided that we’re into feet. Because we’re on feet instagram and again if that’s your jam that’s your business. But I just want to know what in the horror genre of all the things we’ve been liking lead instagram to that conclusion?

Erick: Feet are scary.

Vivi: Actually I think that’s the opposite for these accounts.

Erick: Well maybe it’s horrifying to somebody. And so that’s why it comes up? But it is weird I went on there I was like what no way and there’s just all kinds of feet. Close up feet, crusty feet. Some of them aren’t even like good looking feet.

Vivi: And like again no shame but uh just does anyone know how we could fix our algorithm? um.

Erick: TikTok to though TikTok wasn’t giving us feet stuff but it’s funny because we had TikTok since the start of this whole quarantine thing and.

Vivi: Yeah and then?

Erick: It’s kind of what got us through quarantine. But we started the TikTok for the show and we get all the stuff that people complain about TikTok for.

Vivi: Yes it’s like once you actually use TikTok the for you page is actually really qurated for your interests. But for when you first join like we did with this podcast account it’s all the dancing videos, and thrust traps that everyone complains about and I’m just like god we need to fix this.

Erick: So we’re working on that too but keep an eye out for both our TikTok, and Instagram we’re on facebook too. Follow us soon because.

Vivi: Yeah we need to fix this.

Erick: So uh do you want to start jumping into our drink that we’ve got for Scream?

Vivi: Yeah so like you mentioned we’re talking about Scream (1996) by Wes Craven.

Erick: Um hum.

Vivi: We’re back in slashers. For this one? You suggested to make like a black & white drink classic ground breaking.

Erick: Yeah because of ghostface.

Vivi: Yeah because of ghostface. So I kind of took your advice I did a ghost face espresso martini. It’s just an expresso martini and add like a little oh face with your gorneshies.

Erick: Riveting.

Vivi: Does that make you want to drink this?

Erick: Did you make that one up yourself?

Vivi: Yeah i’m really phoning it in for this one.

Erick: Yeah no it’s cool. So you want to try it then?

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: It’s in a fancy little glass.

Vivi: It’s a coop glass.

Erick: Um hum

Vivi: Copp glass? I don’t know.

Erick: Wow it’s really something.

Vivi: Oh that’s pretty good.

Erick: Uh um yeah.

Vivi: Do you love it?

Erick: If coffee your gam this is good

Vivi: Are you ready for the reveal? It has vodka.

Erick: Oh no.

Vivi: I was just waiting for you to say you liked it.

Erick: It is good though. You don’t taste the vodka actually.

Vivi: No you just taste coffee.

Erick: We were just talking about how vodka is just one of those alcohols that you just put anything to make it alcoholic because it has no distinct flavor.

Vivi: Actually. But somehow you still hate it.

Erick: I guess people who love vodka are going to say otherwise but it really honestly is just alcohol.

Vivi: Yeah what would you rate this drink?

Erick: Well I think it’s not fair because I love coffee. Coffee’s like number one on my list of everything.

Vivi:  Favorite drinks?

Erick: Yeah so I’d give it a four. It’s pretty high.

Vivi: So if I didn’t tell you it had vodka in it would you have given it a five?

Erick: Actually vodka had nothing to do with it. 4, 4  regardless.

Vivi: Okay.

Erick: It is really good though.

Vivi: It is pretty good I think I would also give it a four.

Erick: Yeah what did you like about it? Did you like the vodka taste? I don’t taste the vodka.

Vivi: It doesn’t taste like vodka it just taste like some strong coffee.

Erick: Yeah. It looks nice to because it looks like if you’re into like expresso.

Vivi: It’s got the foam at the top.

Erick: It’s got the foam at the top.

Vivi: I will say we used our nespresso machine for the coffee and I think using a good coffee will make the difference in this drink.

Erick: True that. When she made the coffee I kid you not it was the best smell.

Erick (Continued): You chilled it to right? It’s cold?

Vivi: I did yeah it’s gotta be a chilled drink.

Erick: How do you make it?

Vivi: It’s 2  ounces of vodka, half an ounce of Kalua, half an ounce of simple syrup, and the recipe said for one ounce of expresso drink but I did two ounces because I like a strong coffee taste.

Erick: It also said to garnish with coffee beans right?

Vivi:  It did but I garnished with cinnamon, and nutmeg to make the like O on top.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: Will post a picture.

Erick: Yeah. It’s gonna look fun. So what is this movie about according to whatever we’re looking at it for?

Vivi: Well we are on imdb.

Erick: great.

Vivi: And according to it the movie is Wes Craven reinvented and revitalized take on the slasher horror genre with this modern horror classic. That’s a contradictory sentence.

Erick: Modern classic horror.

Vivi: Modern Classic. Which manages to be funny, clever, and scary as a fright cuz it says a fright masked knife maniac.

Erick: Oh shit that’s a tongue twister.

Vivi: Yeah I was like I can’t read. As fright masked knife maniac stocks high school students in middle class Suburbia. Middle class? They had big ass houses.

Erick: Och if that’s middle class we’re on the fucking floor.

Vivi: We’re dead from how poor we are if that’s middle class. Craven is happy to provide both tension, and self parody the body count mounts not monts.

Vivi (Continued): But the victims aren’t always the ones you expect. I had never seen Scream. I knew who the killer was already cuz it’s like.

Erick: Isn’t that the worst? As a listener please send Vivi messages about how that’s the worst.

Vivi: Send me hate mail.

Erick: Yeah about how it sucks to know about it.

Vivi: Yeah I haven’t seen it but I knew cuz it’s one of those classics that everyone spoils on the internet.

Erick: Yeah there’s already four of them too. And Scary Movie if you’ve seen Scary Movie is literally  a parody of it.

Vivi: Oh I have seen Scary Movie and it’s actually super accurate to this movie.

Erick: It is.

Vivi: Which makes sense now knowing that this is a meta horror and it’s kind of a joke on itself. Do you have actual fun facts that you liked?

Erick: I do have actual fun facts. So I have one that I didn’t write down because I wasn’t sure if it was like anyone cares because it was like shitty but.

Vivi: Is it?

Erick: Yeah so apparently ghostfaces costume was… this isn’t one of the ones I wrote down but apparently ghostfaces costume was supposed to be white and not black hooded.

Vivi: Oh I see where this is going

Erick: So they changed their mind because they were like when they were trying to do some like footage tests they were like uh looks a lot more like a kkk guy more than a killer.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: So they switch it to black.

Vivi: I mean good call guys I think you made the right choice.

Erick: When I was reading that I thought it was going to go the route of like a guy in a white cloth hooded suit doesn’t really look scary in the night. You can’t hide as easily in the white.

Vivi: Uh hum.

Erick: What would you call it? robe?

Vivi: Yeah it’s like a Halloween costume.

Erick: A hooded robe.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: Yeah. So uh I thought that’s where it was going to go. But at the end it was like no it’s just uh a little bit to much like Ku Klux Klan I was oh that’s pretty disgusting so good job guys.

Erick (Continued): Uh but the real facts I have in case we want to leave that out. Real facts I have is uh this ones coming from a couple places. Got one from Screen Rant, one from Mental Floss but from Mask was initially seen as foolish and silly to the point where Bob Weinstein the producer is not impressed with opening screen and almost replaced Wes Craven entirely as the director.

Vivi: Damn.

Erick: From how unimpressed he was.

Vivi: I mean I like get it because there’s that opening scene where he runs across the living room and i’m this looks like comical.

Erick: It does. This whole movies comical for sure.

Vivi: Oh yeah. Which is not what I thought. Okay even though I knew how this movie like was going to end. I didn’t realize how funny it was.

Erick: It’s really funny but I was like trying to like put myself in the position of like if I was watching this for the first time is it scary? It’s not really scary. There is depressing stuff.

Vivi: It’s messed up for sure.

Erick: There’s depressing stuff in it for sure but it’s more funny then scary. So they asked him to finish the film and he changed his mind. So good on em for changing his mind. Second fact i’ve got is they said that so Drew Berrymore was only on set for a week the opening scene.

Vivi: Nice.

Erick: But in comparison took them 21  back to back nights to film the last 42 minutes of the movie taking place at the party. This movies 2 hours long so it took them almost half the movie to record the last.

Vivi: I mean the last scene is chaotic as hell for sure.

Erick: I’m sorry it took them 21 nights to finish the last half of that movie in comparison. But yes it is chaotic I can see why.

Vivi: It’s fun.

Erick: It’s where most of the meat is.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: The cast even joked and called it “The longest night in horror history.” So good stuff.

Vivi: Good fun.

Erick: Yeah the movies fun. So as your first time watching it do you want to start?

Vivi: So we open on Drew Berrymore obviously. It’s so funny because this movies obviously made in the 1990’s I don’t answer my phone at all. And this girl answers the phone every single time it rings.

Erick: She like flip flops between whether she wants to talk to this guy or not so much that I was like I wrote down. As I was writing it down I was okay so she’s like afraid and like is kind of like leave me alone. But then the guy keeps talking and just kinda like okay cool so she’s kind of into him.

Vivi: Uh um.

Erick: Cuz she’s like you want to take me out on a date? But then he starts saying more stuff and she’s kind of like leave me alone stop calling. But then she’s kind of back into him. Make up your mind.

Vivi: Yeah she’s like kind of flirting with him which is again I don’t even answer the phone. But do you answer and just start flirting with strangers?

Erick: I get scam calls where people literally say they’re gonna call the cops on me and I just hang up.

Vivi: Hum I’ve never gotten those.

Erick: Uh hum. No ones looking for me it’s just all scam. There like if you don’t respond to the Social Security Office we’re going to send the police.

Vivi: Oh yeah those calls. I know what you mean.

Erick: Yeah and i’m nah it’s alright it’s a scam.

Vivi: It’s fine.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: Uh so obviously we get that question of what your favorite horror movie? Because the killers are obsessed with horror movies as we see throughout the entire fact.

Erick: All the big names are named in this movie.

Vivi: All the big names are dropped, yes.

Erick: Throughout the whole movie.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: Even by the killers at the end.

Vivi: Yes.

Erick: So we won’t reveal just from the start who the killers are spoiler alert. If anyone’s ever been upset with our episodes because of spoilers honestly these movies have been out for over 30 years so.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: So let’s just get over it.

Vivi: Get on it.

Erick: But uh yeah she’s on the phone. What?

Vivi: I could already hear cuz we have friends don’t watch a lot of horror movies but listen to the pod and.

Erick: Shot out to Francisco, and Brenda.

Vivi: Yeah they’re always like we’ve never seen the movie you’re talking about but we listen so I feel like we put them on blast again.

Erick: What I think is crazy is that some of our friends, and family have said like nah i’ve never seen it where gonna go watch it now that we heard your episode. I’m like no go watch the movie first and then listen.

Vivi: For sure.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: We are definitely not doing the best job at summarizing.

Erick: No. Yeah so she’s on the phone. Flip flopping.

Vivi: So I was going to ask you actually.

Erick: Hum.

Vivi: Cuz he asks her. What’s your favorite horror movie? What’s your favorite horror movie?

Erick: Oh that’s so hard.

Vivi: This is a tough question.

Erick: It is tough because it depends on the genre.

Vivi: It kind of does okay. What give me your top three?

Erick: Oh that’s even harder. Cuz I gotta narrow the genres down and then the movies. Real fun one Trick Or Treat I recently saw that.

Vivi: Yeah I showed you Trick Or Treat cuz I really like that movie.

Erick: You showed it to me and I honestly think it’s probably number one.

Vivi: It’s up there?

Erick: It’s honestly think it’s number one.

Vivi: That’s awesome.

Erick: It’s like the first. Uh yeah I if you haven’t Trick Or Treat it’s I think it’s because it’s a culmination of some many different little stories.

Vivi: Uuu we should talk about that next week.

Erick: Oh I love it. Like I would even get a tattoo of lil Sam.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: Yeah cuz he’s. Oh man, that movies so fun. I don’t even think of it like from a horror like as a horror movie, as a movie in general all the like the little stories are fun. I mean I don’t know. Forget the top three Trick Or Treat.

Vivi: If you like. If you like fucked up stuff.

Erick: Yeah it is fucked up but I think it’s because it has so many different kinds of stories.

Vivi: Uh hum.

Erick: It’s got demon stuff, it’s got witch stuff, zombie stuff.

Vivi: Werewolves.

Erick: it’s got werewolves. Like it’s just a  huge collection of these little mini stories and at the end. And then at the end it kind of ties into why lil Sam’s been in all of it.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: What else? I also like the Lost Boys and then I think 28 Days Later is my favorite zombie movie.

Vivi: Really?

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: That’s crazy. You know I.

Erick: What about you?

Vivi: I’m not going to claim that that’s my favorite zombie movie cuz we haven’t seen a lot of the uh.

Erick: Others?

Vivi: The George Romero’s other than Night of The Living Dead. He did quite a few so.

Erick: Uh hum.

Vivi: I want to watch those. I don’t know it changes and like you said it depends on the genre. But I love the Conjuring. It is probably one of the best haunted house films I’ve seen um something about Carrie I think it’s one like one of the first horror movies I watched and I was like good for her.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: Which is like a I feel a genre in itself in horror like mid summer is kind of like a good for her.

Erick: The Witch.

Vivi: The Witch oh yeah that’s a good.

Erick: Good for her.

Vivi: That’s a good one.

Erick: I think we saw a post on Instagram the other day that was like the good for her.

Vivi: Genre?

Erick: Genre.

Vivi: Yeah man there is so many I don’t even know. Trick Or Treat is one of my favorites that I showed you.

Erick: That’s why this is hard. You know what we’ll do? We’ll put it as a post somewhere. And just list our top.

Vivi: Yeah maybe we’ll do a mini episode of our top horror films.

Erick: Do a speed run or something.

Vivi: Cuz we’re like. We’ve deviated quite a bit here.

Erick: Yeah we have. So let’s dive into the actual movie  we’re talking about?

Vivi: Back to Drew Barrymore.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: So she is on the phone with this killer obviously and she finally mentions that her boyfriend is actually on his way or whatever.

Erick: Which I also thought was weird because he’s like didn’t you just say you don’t have a boyfriend?

Vivi: For real.

Erick:  And she’s like I lied I do. And it was like see this is why i’m saying she’s kind of into it cuz she lied and said she doesn’t have a boyfriend so how are you going to be creeped out by the dude on the phone but then also be kind of into it. And then be creeped out again and then to be like no I don’t have a boyfriend so that he’s kind of into still. Is it the like thing of play hard to get? And I guess if some stranger calling you.

Vivi: You don’t even know who you’re talking to on the phone. That’s my thing is like I wouldn’t of answered. Save myself this whole problem.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: Obviously her and the boyfriend are killed in the beginning of the scene.

Erick: Uh hum.

Vivi: And they kind of set off the catalyst for the rest of the movie.

Erick: That scene is pretty crazy too though just to completely summarize it.

Vivi: It is crazy and sad yeah cuz she’s like oh my boyfriend. And he’s like oh your boyfriend Steve? Who I have tied up on the porch and like.

Erick: He’s tied up on the porch and gets just killed while she’s on the phone with him.

Vivi: Cuz um this is kind of part of the killers thing of asking about horror movies. He like give you.

Erick: Oh.

Vivi: it’s a game and I’ll give you practice questions. The want to play a game. I wonder if that inspired Saw or something. Cuz he asked that a lot throughout the movie.

Erick: He does.

Vivi: And it’s like the questions are like who’s the killer in Halloween? And she’s like Michael.

Erick: I don’t know. She kind of like takes forever.

Vivi: She doesn’t want to answer because obviously this has  gone in a complete horrible route.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: But um okay here’s the real question who’s the real killer in Friday the 13th? And she’s like Jason.

Erick: Shot out to episode #2.

Vivi: Yeah she’s like Jason and he like just kidding it’s Mrs. Forhees and again easy to forget because it’s a whole franchise.

Erick: Yep she gets it wrong and Steve gets gutted in the back pretty crazily.

Vivi: In the stomach.

Erick: Yeah his like guts are hanging out.

Vivi: Um hum.

Erick: And the rest of this is just crazy he throws a chair through the back cuz he’s like which door am I at? This is the last question. Which door am I at front or back? And she’s like I don’t know and he just kinda throws a chair through the back window. She starts running. He runs after her. And they’re in the back yard or something like that. And she sees a car and she’s kinda trying to like.

Vivi: It’s her parents.

Erick: Yeah and she sees a car trying to get to them. Everybody puts up a good fight with ghostface in this movie. Everybody.

Vivi: Oh man that what I want to talk about. All the women in this film they took some classes in self defense or karate or something.

Erick: Somebody literally barrel rolled him like.

Vivi: Yeah I think um one of the first attacks Cindy like wipes him with the leg and she like skies across the floor like in action movies.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: I wouldn’t have survived.

Erick: No.

Vivi: Yeah kind of similar uh Drew Barrymore’s characters name is Casey?

Erick: Casey.

Vivi: Casey.

Erick: Yeah Steve was the boyfriend she’s got the phone in her hand cuz she tried to call the cops earlier and she’s getting killed by ghostface outside.

Vivi: And her parents are like in the house they realize something gone wrong and they’re trying to call the police and she’s on the other line which um.

Erick: Pretty fucked up.

Vivi: What a 90’s thing cuz like not an issue now.

Erick: It’s sad dude cuz like he cuts her throat and she’s trying to scream.

Vivi: Yeah and she’s right there by her parents that’s what’s fucked up. Kind of what we mean by this films not scary it’s just fucked up.

Erick: Yeah cuz she’s trying to scream her neck is ripped open so she’s kinda like uh uh and like they can’t hear her

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: And like they can’t hear and the parent’s finally find her cuz they see the mess inside the house and she’s hanging outside.

Vivi: Literally hanging from a tree.

Erick: From a tree. Like it’s a pretty insane scene.

Vivi: It’s pretty gruesome.

Erick: Yeah. And then we get the fun stuff all the kids at school doing their thing  right?

Vivi: Well uh is that the scene? I thought the next scene was.

Erick: Next scene with Sidney. We get introduced to Sidney, and Billy and they are romantic and they wanted to some over the clothes fun action.

Vivi: Let’s talk about his stretch of uh story to why he’s there. Cuz he was watching the Exorcist and they had edited out the good stuff.

Erick: Oh It reminded me about our relationship.

Vivi: If you said the Exorcist reminded me of our relationship I would be like did I throw up on you or something?

Erick: That’s where I thought it was goin. I was waiting to see what his point was and he’s just like it was almost an NC-17 but they edit it for TV and so i’m starting to feel like your’s and my relationship was like almost NC-17 and now it’s feeling like it’s made for TV.

Vivi: What a long way to go.

Erick: And I was like what the heck dude.

Vivi: What a long way to go for some pussy. Just say why you’re there man.

Erick: Yeah. And then they do some over the clothes stuff. So next scene is the friends.

Vivi: Right. There’s something I wanted to point out is that these kids are supposed to be high school kids and do not look. They look like they’re fucking thirty.

Erick: No the way Syney was as acting like oh no. And he’s like I know your underwear rule. They do look old as hell.

Vivi: They looked old as hell and like not that we are ashaming anyone. Whenever you want to be sexually active that’s your business but it’s kinda hard to believe that when the actors look like way older than teenagers at least in Friday no not Friday NIghtmare On Elm was Craven’s other film the kids look like kids.

Erick: Oh for sure.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: Yeah. In this one they look like they were looking at late 20’s actors to play 15, 16 year olds.

Vivi: Yeah. Yeah….

Erick: Maybe they’re seniors who knows.

Vivi: I think so but still I did not look like that as a senior.

Erick: No.

Vivi: I don’t look like that now. And i’m almost thirty.

Erick: Yeah it’s funny to look back at yourself in college and you’re like oh my god it’s a child.

Vivi: Yeah when you like. My brother’s in high school so I would have to go to his like performances for band and stuff like that. And then I would go and see the high schoolers  and i’m like uh children.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: This is what I looked like at that age.

Erick: Yeah. So there’s chaos at the high school. There’s chao at the high school the scene after because Chasey’s dead and so it sounds like. What I wanted to point out to you was that unlike all the other movies we’ve seen at least of this time like in the 80s, and 90’s.

Erick (Continued): Everybody knows what’s going on in the entire town. The media’s there, the cops are there. The students are looking at Sydney and the friends like what’s going on. There’s chaos in the neighborhood. And The friends are being questioned because they all were friends with Casey, and Steve and amonsted themselves  they’re kinda like did you do it? And they’re kinda joking about it, they’re very shitty.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: There I guess that they.

Vivi: When you know that they’re the killers.

Erick: Yeah this all makes sense.

Vivi: It makes sense but when you don’t know your like damn these are some shitty teenagers.

Erick: Yeah cuz they’re all like joking about getting gutted. And things like that.

Vivi: Uh hum.

Erick: And like Casey just died if that’s your friend and your just like joking about your friend getting gutted and like no you did it. No, I did it. And why didn’t you do it? Oh it’s cuz she didn’t have sex with you. And like whatever. It’s like

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: Ah you guys aren’t really friends ha.

Vivi: At one point they asked like how do you even gut someone? And one of the dudes answers. If I asked that question and someone could give me a surprise answer I’d look at them like what?

Erick: Well his dads a butcher you didn’t know?

Vivi: That don’t mean you should know how to murder people.

Erick: Well then they say that people who are more likely to know or they like study Butcher.

Vivi: Yeah so many like investigations I think on serial killers where they don’t know who exactly it is yet they’re like they studied medicine or they studied something.

Erick: Meat.

Vivi: To do with meat.

Erick: Cut cleanly.

Vivi: Because they knew how to carve up  a human body..

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: Essentially.

Erick: Messed. But so um.

Vivi: I would like to point out that the principal is really creepy.

Erick: He is yeah.

Vivi: Cuz like Cindy went. Sydney went in to get questioned and she knows the police obviously because her mom is brutally murdered a year before and uh the principal’s like touching her face while she’s talking to the cops and I would turn to the cops and be like arrest him immediately.

Erick: The principal is problematic the entire time.

Vivi: He is.

Erick: Later he’s like slashing scissors at some kids and expells them and he’s like calling them fuckers and all that stuff and I was like that could not happen today.

Vivi: No I get that he acts suspicious so the audience believes that he could be the killer but.

Erick: Which is a thing this whole movie you’re not sure who it is at all. So when you pointed that out I was like yeah I guess you would want to make him look weird so you would think it’s him. 

Erick (Continued): But the friends are making tasteless jokes about Casey’s death uh it’s revealed that Sydney’s mom was raped and murdered a year ago when Sydney goes home and is watching the TV and she’s kinda just home alone cuz her dad goes on a trip.

Vivi: Yeah her dad has gone on a trip. She’s waiting on her friend to come stay the night and she gets a call from the murder. And I had a question. Is this the voice actor the same as Freddy? They sound very similar.

Erick: Uh I read something about who the voice actor was and it wasn’t any of the cast we see.

Vivi: Oh okay.

Erick: It was somebody else um.

Vivi: Yeah it’s what I mean the actor who plays Freddy is it him?

Erick: Maybe? I don’t knowI can’t confirm or deny that that’s true? What to take a second?

Vivi: I actually want you to confirm or deny. Could you please?

Erick: Let me pause the recording.

Vivi: Not that it’s that important.

Erick: Let me pause the recording so it doesn’t add up into our like.

Vivi: Uh no.

Erick: So the voice.

Vivi: But he is Mojo Jojo PowerPuff Girls.

Erick: What? Yea full circle Cartoon Network.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: So yeah he’s not Freddy’s voice.

Vivi: He’s not Freddy.

Erick: But he is a voice actor that they used separately because later it’s revealed the killers were using a voice changer uh.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: But it was this guy Robert L. Jackson who was doing all the over the phone stuff. Apparently the cast never met him.

Vivi: Ha.

Erick: So that the cast could like genuinely.

Vivi: Be creeped out by his voice?

Erick: So that could genuinely react to him. So yeah Syney talking to the guy on the phone and he does something similar like he did to Drew Berrymore’s character Casey and.

Vivi: She also believes it’s someone she knows and is messing with her Randy

Erick: Who is later revealed to be like a super horror.

Vivi: Horror move buff.

Erick: Buff.

Vivi: Horror movie buff person. Um there is something I wanted to say about the phone calls though. Is it like again since this killer is obsessed with horror movies.

Vivi (Continued): Is it a call to Black Christmas? The caller’s coming from inside the house legend?

Erick: Probably I mean all these movies if you were to look at them wholistally cuz I was gonna say this is probably another inspiration for the movie 

Erick (Continued): When A Stranger Calls. Have you seen that movie? With Camila Belle?

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: I think it’s When A Stranger Calls. And she’s in the house. And it’s also a boogie ass house and the whole time she’s on the phone with the killer and.

Vivi: Um hum.

Erick: It’s revealed you know a bunch of stuff. So when you look at these movies it’s kind of hard to see which one. I guess time tells you which one did it first.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: But I think Black Christmas is probably an inspiration for this.

Vivi: Yeah it’s uh. Black Christmas is the 70s.

Erick: Um hum. So I mean and the phone thing at the time is probably the easiest way to be scary. You know you don’t who’s on the other side of the phone. So I think even if they weren’t inspired by each other at the time phones, and cell phones. 

Erick (Continued): Later I’ll talk about this. The cell phone like why are you carrying a cell phone? It’s like dude everybody carries a cell phone now but.

Vivi: Oh yeah. It’s so funny cuz there’s a scene where the reporter is running out the car and she’s like give me the cellular. I’m just like girl you could just say phone.

Erick: Just chuck’s a razer phone at her.

Vivi: Outta nowhere from the early 2000s.

Erick: Yeah. But he’s trying to do something similar like with Casey and asks her to play a game and she’s like I don’t watch horror movies cuz they all play out the same.

Vivi: It’s stupid.

Erick: It’s always just some dude with a knife chasing a big breasted girl who doesn’t know how to act.

Vivi: It’s insulting.

Erick:  It’s the saluting. Yeah so it’s funny cuz this movie is super self aware.

Vivi: Uh when I looked it up it was a meta horror movie and yeah it’s very self aware.

Erick: Oh for sure I mean for the killers to later be like we studied horror movies because everything just plays out according to the rules. Even Randy’s a funny character who’s like. He’s right behind. He’s right behind you. And Ghostface is right him.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: And Ghostface is right behind him as he’s saying it. As a horror fan I think it’s funny to watch.

Vivi: It’s so good. I did not expect it to be as good as it was.

Erick: Um hum.

Vivi: Um again we talked earlier about how Cindy’s got moves. This is the first time we see those moves cuz the killer does come out.

Erick: From inside the house.

Vivi: From inside the house. And she fights him off.

Erick: She doesn’t well hold on so he comes from inside the house she fights him off. She fights him off and she uses the computer to call the police.

Vivi: Oh my god.

Erick: I thought that was so Courage like. Cuz the phones not working she can’t get a hold of the police through the phone cuz I think he cuts the line or something.

Vivi: Which I didn’t know you could already do back then. I know it’s a thing you can do now.

Erick: Call the police through your computer?

Vivi: Allegedly.

Erick: I didn’t know you could do that a all.

Vivi: Really?

Erick: Cuz it shows the screen and looks like some program I’ve never seen in my life. I like computers. I’m like a huge computer buff but I was like how the hell did she do that?

Vivi: I’m pretty sure that.

Erick: At that time.

Vivi: There’s a way where you could call 911 from a computer.

Erick: And the computer was like I can’t call the police you twit there’s no internet.

Vivi: Um with how slow the internet.

Erick: Who’s funding this internet?

Vivi: I was gonna say with how slow the internet was then I don’t imagine the cops would get there anytime soon.

Erick: No but so she does call the police through the internet and Ghostface disappears and Billy pops up out through the window.

Vivi: Billy just shows up. Which is like wow it’s really obvious that Billy’s the killer.

Erick: Yeah right moment that he Ghostface is trying to get through the door. He looks distraught in the window too and she’s like what? What’s wrong with you? And he’s like oh I heard screaming and so my immediate thought was to jump through the window?

Vivi: Yeah exactly and I don’t blame her for being suspicious of him the entire time.

Erick: He immediately drops the phone from his pocket.

Vivi: Yeah and she’s like what the fuck.

Erick: They’re hugging and she starts to suspect that he did it and so she runs away and he’s like what?! No! And starts screaming at her she runs out the front door and Ghostface’s mask is right at the door but it’s one of the cops Dewey who’s a weird character for sure.

Vivi: What an unfortunate name as well.

Erick: Yeah I think later it’s revealed his name is Dewhite but either name Dewhite and Dewey.

Vivi: Still not good.

Erick: No offense to Dewhites out there Dewey’s probably not the best nickname for it.

Vivi: Nickname for that yeah.

Erick: So uh he’s holding up the mask and for some reason I guess Billy’s taken by the cops because they think automatically they think he’s the one who did it.

Vivi: Well she. It seems like she did say like it was him. Cuz she suspects him.

Erick: Um hum. So then the next scenes are all at the police station.

Vivi: Yeah. Uh they’re trying to clear Billy’s name. No one can get a hold of Sydney’s dad. Um very obviously they’re trying to build Sydney’s dad up to be one of the suspects of one of the killings. And we find out that Sydney’s best friend Tatum.

Erick: Um hum.

Vivi: Interesting name again. Is uh Dewey’s sister because she comes kinda like to pick her up from the police station and takes her home. Then they all go home together.

Erick: Yeah they talk to each other like brother and sisters do.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: You know. Calling each other names.

Vivi: Fighting.

Erick: Yeah. Yeah so it sounds like Sydney at this point is going to stay with Tatum and their family with Dewey there. And Dewey stay the night. And the killer calls their house and so Tatum calls Sydney over to answer the phone right?

Vivi: Her mom is like Sydney you have a call. And Tatum’s actually like tell them to leave a message. And Sydney’s like no I’ll go answer it. And it’s the killer. Basically saying that a year ago Sydney blamed the wrong guy for her mother’s murder. And now he’s like in jail getting the death sentence.

Erick: This. So in Scary Movie the parody of this movie I think I hated that I was think about that movie the entire time.

Vivi: Um hum.

Erick: While also think about this movie.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: At the same time because I was thinking the entire time that Dewey I couldn’t remember that Dewey wasn’t at the end revealed that he is the killer. Cuz I think in Scary Movie the cop is the killer.

Vivi: N.

Erick: No?

Vivi: Not that I remember. In Scary Movie it is one of the Wayne brother’s is the killer.

Erick: Oh yes.

Vivi: And I don’t remember who the other one is but.

Erick: Or it’s one of the sequels or something.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: But the cop was like the killer or something. But yeah the whole time I was suspicious of Dewey.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: The whole time.

Vivi: They kinda make him seem a little suspicious.

Erick: Cuz I had noted that it was kind of.

Vivi: They make everyone seem suspicious.

Erick: Funny that when the collar is talk or the killer is talking to Sydney over the phone they’re knocking on Dewey’s door to wake up cuz he’s a cop.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: Your first thought is let’s wake him up cuz the killers on the phone. They’re knocking on his door. When the collar and Sydney get off the phone that’s when Dewey comes out. So it’s kinda like yeah he’d come out when he’s done with the call.

Vivi: And I think the movie does that on purpose to make you think.

Erick: Um hum.

Vivi: That’s patentually one of the killer or whatever one of the suspects.

Erick: You always expect it’s just one to.

Vivi: Yeah which is what this movie does as well. Switch that up on you.

Erick: Um hum.

Vivi: I guess school is very important to Wes Craven because he makes all his characters go back to school after something super tramatic has happened.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: And that’s what Sydney does. And during this day like some of the teenagers are dressing up like the killer and running around the school which is like so shitty.

Erick: Uh. But tell me that that’s not what teenagers would do.

Vivi: Yeah that’s what teenagers would do. And I. I don’t know.

Erick: Teenagers are shitty.

Vivi: Teenagers are shitty.

Erick: Just kidding but not really. But just kidding though.

Vivi: But not really. No like listen when your a teenager your like fuck everyone but then when no longer a teenager your like damn I was shitty.

Erick: Yeah for sure. You’ll grow out of it eventually. It’s ok. 

Vivi: Hopefully

Erick: Talk to somebody

Vivi: Some people are still shitty.

Erick: Yeah. So but yeah so Sidney’s back at school and there’s the reporter that we keep seeing on the news. Who later is revealed to have done some sort of story on what had happened the year before with Sydney’s mom. Sidney has some bad beef and this is when it’s revealed because they have an argument uh by the truck that kinda doesn’t go into dept until later when Sidney punches her in the face but.

Vivi: Wait. When does she punch her in the face? I thought it was before.

Erick: She punched her later in the face when uh something else happened. When did she punch her in the face?

Vivi: I think she punches her in the face that night. That the cops are there.

Erick: Yes.

Vivi: That the cops are there.

Erick: Cuz I was like she sees her at school.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: And.

Vivi: The next day and she’s like covering her brews up with makeup already.

Erick: Yeah because the reporter is writing a book about the mom’s murder. And the killers on death row. Which is a guy who’s named um but apparently.

Vivi: Cotton.

Erick: Yeah apparently the reporter doesn’t believe that although Sydney said he did it. Cuz he saw him wearing like the mom’s jacket or the dad’s jacket with blood.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: The reporter has reason to believe that the killer was not him and it was someone else and the killer is still on the loose. But Sydney is just really like.

Vivi: Gung ho.

Erick: Gung ho that no that was the man that was abandoned. And at the end the reporter says something that’s like you don’t even believe it yourself do you. And Sydney’s like bye.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: No fuck off you know. So she goes about her day and yes the school is kinda having this issue where the principal later like I said is being a weirdo and has these two kids who had the mask with them and he’s waving these giant scissors.

Vivi: Giant scissors.

Erick: They like. Wes Craven likes his giant knives and giant scissors flashing into the camera.

Vivi: Yeah I would say he does

Erick: So the principal’s really weird and he’s like cutting at the kids shirt.

Vivi: The kids.

Erick: And he’s like if it was up to me you guys would be gutted right here right now. And he’s saying all this unnecessary stuff to these kids and expels them. But the news the reporter is also saying you know that the people are wearing the ghostface mask and Sydney’s goes back with her friends and they’re talking about Billy and she’s like do you think he’s mad at me? And they’re like well you.

Vivi: You excused him about being a murder so.

Erick: I mean he’s gonna be hurt a little bit at least.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: And then she runs into Billy right away.

Vivi: Cuz he’s been released. Because since she received a call the night he was detained everyone assumes he did not do it.

Erick: Uh him.

Vivi: And also his phone records were cleared and.

Erick: Which is also the reason  I thought Dewey was in on it. I thought Dewey in on it and that’s why cuz Dewey later is talking to one of the cops this is all like side stuff that leads into that long night that we’re taking about.. Dewey’s talking to one of the cops and talking about the phone records.

Vivi: Match her dads.

Erick: And Dewey’s kinda like how would you go about changing phone records?

Vivi: Cloning the phone records.

Erick: But yeah so uh Sydney is kinda having a rough day because she’s back at school. Again why would you go back to school after all this is going on.

Vivi: Yeah. But she has this conversation with um Billy and it’s like a weird conversation on both ends he’s basically saying like you need to get over your mom’s death. It happened like a year ago and.

Erick: We haven’t even done it. Cuz your mom’s dead.

Vivi: And then it’s funny cuz she like walks away mad but also like she accused him of being a murderer and like.

Erick: But okay also at this point Billy is like it’s been a year since your mom’s dead. Like it’s the same thing as like what happened to me. My dad and mom got split up and I got over it. So like why aren’t you over it.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: And she’s like what?

Vivi: Not the same thing dude.

Erick: Not the same thing at all yeah less worse.

Vivi: But I think it shows you just how like detached he is from reality.

Erick: For sure.

Vivi: It’s cuz it’s about him. It’s not about her which obviously comes into play later when it’s revealed that he’s the killer.

Erick: Um hum.

Vivi: For real and why he did it.

Erick: So he’s messed up and so she goes to the bathroom and she’s sitting there and she hears these highschool.

Vivi: Mean girls.

Erick: Mean girls yeah uh talking about how her mom was a whore and she was sleeping around and how she kinda deserves all of it and.

Vivi: Which what a small town way of talking or thinking. Also I told you this while we were watching it she like hides in the bathroom while people are talking shit about her and I know that’s kinda like a trope in movies I would not do that.

Erick: No I be like hey I’m here.

Vivi: I’m right here.

Erick: You talking shit.

Vivi: Tell me what you gotta say.

Erick: Say it again say it to my face.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: They wouldn’t maybe they would.

Vivi: Maybe they would and you could be like alright well fuck you.

Erick: Yeah take it out. But they leave Sydney’s obviously distraught Cuz they’re trying to say that like maybe Sydney did it too cuz she’s gone insane cuz her mom’s dead.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: Which is a shitty way to see other people but she kinda like goes out and starts to hear noise and the killers whispering her name and he’s in the bathroom.

Vivi: And he’s in one of the stall’s

Erick: Um hum and he chases after her and she goes running out the door and like doesn’t chase after.

Vivi: She dives underneath him again with skills that I don’t know the average person would have.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: But more power to her I guess.

Erick: And so schools cancelled and automatically the kids are like great lets throw a patry.

Vivi: Lets throw a party. And then I think this probably my favorite scene in the whole movie is when the principal is like trying o

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