Rec (2007)

Vivi: Listen ma’am you are not in your early twenties anymore. 

Erick: This is why I also have a gallon of water.

Vivi: Still sounds like death, but…

Erick: Welcome back to the Shaken Not Scared Podcast, a podcast where we talk about classic and modern horror movies while we try to come up with a themed drink to go with it. Here with you as always your hosts, Erick and Vivi. Today, we’re going to talk about the 2007 movie Rec directed by Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza. But first, how are you Vivi?

Vivi: Okay We’ve had uh, an interesting week here.

Erick: And for no reason at all.

Vivi: Yeah. I got my second dose of Pfizer and it kicked my ass.  

Erick: It really did for several days

Vivi: It kicked my ass so hard. Yeah. Basically slept like 24 hours since getting it and had the whole deal fever, chills, nausea, and body aches.

Erick: Do you think Loki noticed?

Vivi: Kinda because I would lay on the couch and Usually when I’m on the couch, I’ll throw toys at him and stuff like play with him. So he kept dropping his toys at me and I was just like laying there and he’d be like, okay. And then I noticed like every few hours and I was laying there and he’d come up to me and smell my breath. Like you still alive bitch. Okay. Then walk away.

Erick: That’s what we do to him. He’s not breathing because he’s never calm. Yeah. So he’s probably thinking the same thing about you. Maybe he’s like you have a job to do. And that is to play with me. You’re not doing it now.

Vivi: I thought he was gonna be like, ma’am I need someone to support the treats and food that you provide when you do get to work. But another reason it was super weird after that, after I revived and came back from the dead, just for this we had an intruder in the house. Do you want to talk about it since you’re the one who caught it?

Erick: Well, I didn’t catch it, but because we live on the second floor we hear noises all the

Vivi: time and give them the apartment number.

Erick: but I mean, we live in a building where you hear noise all the time. So typically don’t really ever respond to sounds. But this time it sounded the crunching was right inside and I was like, that’s not normal. And you were like, yeah, you’re always like, it’s nothing. I’m like, no, that was definitely something.

So under the office we have Mortimer, our skeleton just sitting in the office chair and I thought maybe he slid over, turned to my right. And I just see a flying squirrel, which I found out later chilling on the floor in front of my desk. And I’m like, you’re not going to believe this.

Vivi: You literally came into the living room and were like, don’t freak out.

That’s the one thing you say when you want someone to freak out and you’re like, we have a giant rat in the house. I’m like, yeah, This is how it ends to

Erick: be fair. I did say, I didn’t know what it was. I said, I don’t know if it’s a mouse or a rat because it had a weirdly shaped tail.

So I came back to the office and I was like, well, what the hell do I do? So I had, we have one of those like paint pole brush, things that you can put on the paint brush. I grabbed that to try to nudge it. We have this huge patio door.

So I tried to open the patio door to try to get it to go outside. the thing was like, not understanding that the outside was through that thing. Cause it just kept running back and forth between the one side and the other at one point, it like climbed my monitors and jumped at me.

And that’s when I realized it had a little gliders.

Vivi: Yeah. And that’s when you found out it was in that moment, Eric realized he fucked up

Erick: the fact that it jumped out at me, I was like, Oh shit. Yeah. We were talking about like, if I had swung at it to get it out the door,

Vivi: because in that moment I was like by the door, watching this unfold, screaming You were like close the door, close the door because it’s going to run into the rest of the house. And I did, I was on the other side of the door, so it kind of like locked me out of the room and I just hear like banging and crashing. And then I just hear, you’re like, fuck the closet door

Erick: yeah it ran straight into the closet. I was so pissed since we live in a condo, we don’t really have a place for storage, so that’s our storage closet.

So it was just, there was no way I was going to get it out anymore. So I just started tearing the whole closet apart. It’s definitely not a good time. I didn’t end up finding it until I saw that there was a giant hole behind our water heater. So that’s probably where it went. It’s probably, that’s where it came from.


Vivi: moral of the story. We have not known peace since that evening, because it’s probably somewhere in the walls or it might pop out. We hope it went to somebody else’s apartment, but we don’t know for sure.

Erick: Yeah. Coworkers said to just put nuts out and guide it out the door, put some signs up more squirrels.

I was like, I use yours.

Vivi: Oh. So shout out to our terrible guard dog who did not notice or smell a squirrel in the house at all

Erick: no, he was more worried about me tearing the closet apart. And I was totally.

Vivi: Yeah, because all his food and treats are there and his toys and he saw you laying them on the ground.

And he was like, Oh boy, I’m about to have a good time

Erick: and at night, but I’m not too worried about sleep tonight. I see all the toys, the treats.

Vivi: That was not a fun time.

Erick: No, we’ll see if it continues. Otherwise we have a new roommate. No, I’ll ask him when he’s going to start paying rent.

Vivi: But I guess we should start talking about creepy content. 

Like I said, I was dead on the couch for like a good chunk of the day. And I saw that there was this movie on Shudder that everyone’s like, it’s about to leave Shudder. You should go watch it. It’s called The Devils. It’s from 1970s, I believe.

And I started it, but like, because I was basically in and out of sleep, I kept like stopping it and starting it. And I got like, through the majority of it, I had like 15 minutes left and it was taken off Shudder. So I don’t know how this ends. But I believe it’s based on the story of the devil of Ludon, because it’s like, it’s a wild movie

Erick: Is this like based on anything?.

Vivi: Yeah. The devil of Lou down, that’s it. That’s the case. It’s a story, historical story. We should probably cover that in a mini-sode.

Yeah. Maybe I’ll like, actually look for the movie, finish it and then talk about the history of it. That’s a wild case. But it’s, it’s very strange movie if it’s very sexual and religious.

Erick: Hmm. My two favorite things in combination.

Vivi: Yeah. So it gives the movie an interesting vibe. It’s very well shot for being in the seventies. It’s like pretty cool. Stylistically. Can’t feel like I can give it a good review because I haven’t seen the last couple minutes, but it was, it was pretty brutal.

Basically like the inquisition when you’re accused of being the devil and like how they torture you and what they

Erick: Someone’s accused me of being the devil before

yeah. But in modern times, not,

yeah. In elementary school, I was literally a child when someone said this.

Interesting. There’s probably more reasons for that. Yeah.

Vivi: Yeah. But we were also watching finally, after a week of chaos, cause I’ve been begging you to watch this.

Erick: I’ve wanted to watch it. It’s just had so much going on. I guess it’s a good time. I can’t wait. We

Vivi: started in search of darkness.

Erick: Yep. A journey into iconic 80s horror.

Vivi: Because we talked about the first one, a couple episodes back. I think.

Erick: It’s really cool. Honestly, I think we we’ve mentioned before that this is the reason we also got very inspired to continue to dive deeper into the movies and do our own show.

We already had a, a list ourselves and honestly, being in those Facebook groups and seeing all the movies that I’ve never heard of. I’m like, man, this lesson is never gonna end.

Vivi: It feels like that sometimes, but I’m not complaining about it. No. Right. It’s great. It’s good.

It’s pretty fun. It seems like they’re covering more like the B list, not as popular movies of the eighties, which is also interesting. It also gives insight to the times

Erick: they did bring on new speakers too. I noticed that their topics are a little different. I feel like in the first one they were going after themes.

And in this one, they’re going year by year, but also addressing themes at the same time.

Vivi: Yeah. I definitely felt like the first one was more general. Cause they were trying to encompass everything and now they’re kind of like. We can dissect some things more prominent here. Like we got to the section where they’re talking about Italian horror, which I think is really interesting Suspiria versus speed at, or however you say it was like one of my favorites which

Erick: if you voted on Twitter, which Vivi did

Vivi: and was

Erick: We’re covering that

Vivi: next.

Yep. Yeah, sure. I got movie or we might cover insidious because I have an idea for insidious, so cool.

Erick: We can do both,

Vivi: Porque no los dos

Erick: yeah

Vivi: so what did you watch this week? I’ve been talking for a long time.

Erick: Well i’ve been watching Handmaid’s tale for a while, and I’ve been forgetting to bring it up on the show, but it is a bit fucked it’s to say the least.

Yeah. It’s a feature where birth rates have decreased significantly and in an attempt to allow the elite quote, unquote, to continue to flourish an organization or religion or wherever the hell it is, it started to enslave women who are able to bear children to force them, to have the children of those supposed elite, which is fucked.

I hate it. It’s so depressing. It’s insane.

Vivi: You’re only a couple episodes in too it gets so


Erick: And what’s worse is that you can imagine this actually happening.

Vivi: Yeah. Yeah. Oh

yeah. I remember watching this came out like years ago during like the debate of Roe vs.

Wade being overturned and things like that. And how like we’re progressing back. We’re going to be like in Handmaid’s Tale that was like a joke everyone was making, but it was also very like nervous laughter. This could happen. Yeah. Yeah. It’s really unsettling to say the least like how you made your own little summary.

Erick:  Wait, why instead of picking one up, cause you

weren’t going to get it. Well, I told you, I was like, I’m only three episodes and I’m sure that this little description is probably not the gist of it, but I’m also going to start reading some Marvel, scary issues i found a list. The top scary stories that Marvel has in history. So it was like journey into mystery. There’s a couple of different series that have, had creepy stories like Marvel zombies. That’s on my list, but there’s a more recent story called absolute carnage.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with symbiotes but 

Vivi: symbiotes

how did she

say it in a Venom Kelly? No, it was her name.

 She’s Tammy and Bob’s burgers. She was Misty and big mouth.

Erick: But anyway, she said symbiotes I don’t know who told her to say it that way, but anyway, so symbiotes in Marvel comics, Spiderman is most iconic venom, right? The black suit is his Symbiote, but there were other symbiotes in the comic and Marvel universe. And so Knull apparently has been introduced as the Symbiote God or Symbiote God.

He’s trying to collect spinal codices, whatever that is, but he has to take the, he has to take the spinal codices of every single symbiote host that has ever existed.

Apparently the issues have a lot of spine removals, so yeah, I guess I’ll see once the dive into it.

Vivi: Inspired by Mortal Kombat.

Erick: I mean, I’m sure at this point, everything, everything is, so it’ll be a good time. Absolute carnage. I hope to get into it. And then I want to read alien and that one’s also not released yet in

Vivi: Marvel, unlimited alien as in alien horror series.

Sci-fi that is known already like already established.

Erick: I dunno if it’s because Fox owned it or what it was, but maybe Marvel acquired those rights as well.

And so they can create alien issues and predator too. I heard that they want to do like an alien and predator series of movies where they expect a movie or two to be released every year for the next six years or something like that.

Vivi: That’s funny. I feel like we already get a lot of alien and predator movies every couple of years.

Yeah. Like, it’s just kind of standard

Erick: for the wondering if this is the reset, it

Vivi: starting all over again. Yeah. Let’s

Erick: get Ripley back in it to go any weak. I don’t want to waive her current age. Doesn’t matter. It’s just put her back down. I’ll watch her. Okay. Same here. But there’s a new series that just got released this year 20, 21.

Only two issues at the moment, but because my Marvel subscription, its Marvel unlimited that’s like back tracked six months. I won’t be able to see it until six months from now.

Vivi: It’s like, you can’t get like releases six months out.

Erick: Not immediate releases. So

Vivi: That’s kinda lame

Erick:  yeah. Yeah, I guess, but it kinda also promotes you to go and buy the actual issues if you want to read it now and not wait oh yeah, I guess that makes sense. You know,

Vivi: But you gotta leave your house.

Erick: And go see a creepy guy at the counter at your local comic book shop and all the creepy. I’m just saying that sometimes they’re weird.

Vivi: We went to two and at one place, the guy was very standoffish and like

Erick:  looked at us like we didn’t belong there.

Vivi: Yeah, he did.

Erick: And then the

Vivi: Cue Erick walking in with an entire arm full of Marvel

Erick: and DC

Vivi: and DC tattoos. And then the other one, he was super friendly and he’s like, yeah, I’ll give you anything you need

Erick: ultra friendly. I was there to look for the Deadpool 30th birthday issue and the guy was like, you know what?

It’s all sold up, but I’ll find one for you. Yeah. And so, yeah, it was

really cool. See

Vivi: what you would expect when you go to like a comic book store

Erick: you want people to come to these places? Cause they’re, they’re kind of like struggling at the moment with everything being digital.

But That’s my cup of content do you want to talk about the cocktail? Yes. You’re excited for this one.

Vivi: No,

Erick: no,

Vivi: I’m not excited to drink what I’ve prepared this early in the morning.

Erick: Oh god, that’s not painting a good picture for it.

Vivi: Okay. So I think you’re really gonna, like this one, this one might be your favorite. If you haven’t seen Rec, we’re going to summarize it in a minute right here, but essentially it deals with the virus in an apartment complex. That made me think, okay, I want to make like a virus shooter. And then I was like, okay, we’re going to do the virus and the cure. So that’s what I did. So I made a shooter and then the cure is the penicillin drink.

It’s a common known cocktail. There’s like a bunch of cocktails out there. 

Erick: did you alter it?

Vivi: No I did the classic recipe cause it’s called penicillin. So I wanted to see what it tastes like. I thought it was going to be like, you know how Starbucks has those. I think they’re called like medicine ball drinks when you’re sick.

I think it’s just like tea, lemon, and honey. I wanted to see if it tastes like that. So,

Erick: Oh, is that basically all it’s in?

Vivi: It is kind of the recipe. It’s just you add scotch. Oh, amazing. So the shooter is a little disappointing because I had an idea of how it would look and it just did not come out.

Right. It still looks pretty cool. Really? I think it looks like gross well it’s a virus.

Erick: Yeah I was about to say it’s not supposed to look cute.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: We can get this little cute little virus. Yeah. It’s cute.

Vivi: Yeah. It looks like. Someone pissed blood in to a shot. I’m going to try to make it look

Erick: it really does. i hate you  here’s some pee blood you ready.

Vivi: Cheers

Erick: Cheers

hm. I didn’t finish it. I hate this.

Enjoy. Do not drink this so good. I mean, somebody probably likes this, right. I mean, it’s got to exist because someone liked it. Cute little nasty virus

Vivi: Cute little nasty virus oh my God. Okay. I’m going to drink the other drink to

get the taste.

Erick: Okay. Did you have to cook the pineapple that you garnished with? Like put it in the pan right

Vivi:  No es pina (it’s not pineapple).

Erick: What is that?

Vivi: It’s ginger

Erick: Gengibre. That’s how you say ginger in Spanish.

Vivi: Oh fun fact 

Erick: Bee tee dubs, since we were talking about Rec, know, there’s gonna be a lot of Spanish in this episode.

Vivi: Thoughts on this one?

Erick: I like that, but it’s also my type of drink. 

Vivi: It is your type of drink. I can see how it’s like the medicine ball with scotch definitely tastes all the scotch.

Vivi: Mm. I needed to drink a little more. Cause I still had the taste of the shooter in my mouth. It’s just very lemony.

Erick: Definitely tastes like what you would think would be like lemon, honey and tea. Yeah. Just with alcohol in it.

Vivi: The worst drink. Shooter I’ve ever made. It tastes like a cleaning product. I’m going to give it a zero out of five. This is my first zero out of five here. The penicillin. It’s not my drink.

Yeah. It’s decent. It’s not my thing. I’m not a alcohol neat person. So I think I’d give it like a two, the shooter, I tried something I’ve never had before.

Erick: It’s definitely a zero for me too.

Vivi: Okay. Oh yeah. It’s disgusting. So this drink calls for like a Citrus vodka type thing.

We went to the store and they didn’t have any, I’m tired of giving you vodka. So I got a citrus rum and I’m sure. It wouldn’t have tasted that different with the vodka, but it’s a lemon clear liquor that is tastes like cleaning solution

Erick: If anything. I feel like the vodka one would have been

Vivi: better

Erick: nastier because

Vivi: nastier?,

Erick: I guess we have to taste the rum and the vodka next to each other.

 Vivi: I’m going to tweak this recipe because it’s so bad

Erick: We’ll probably post the tweaked one and the original,

Vivi: Are you ready?

Erick: I am ready? We’re going to do a speed run. I think we liked that energy that we get from doing speed runs. If you guys listened to the creep show episode I know that 13 ghosts, we didn’t necessarily do it, but we’ve been getting a lot of really good feedback from the speed run episode

Vivi: yeah, this episode’s essentially a a trial and error,

I guess.

Erick: So let us know after this one, too, if you like


Vivi: so what are we doing? Two minutes or

Erick: Well this one was an hour 15, I guess you could do two minutes. Yeah. Seems kinda long but

Vivi: I don’t know. so much happens

Erick: We’re also gonna do it in English and Spanish.

Vivi: Yeah, this is fun. Okay. So I’m just going to give a quick overview. Also we made the unfortunate mistake of renting this movie in English.

Erick: Jesus Christ

Vivi: do not do that because they dubbed over the Spanish and it’s pretty distracting for at least the first 15 minutes of the movie.

Erick: Disclaimer, that’s if you actually speak Spanish, I’m assuming that if you don’t, its fine,

Vivi: if you don’t still rent it in Spanish, you just put subtitles. Yeah. Cause like, I think dub is so distracting when it just does not match up.

Erick: It was pretty bad. I was like, this is from 2007. I thought what was improved dubbing wise a long time ago, but definitely not to be fair. I think in that into,

Vivi: Take a nasty shot every time Eric says to be fair in these episodes,

Erick: In search of darkness? The one lady does say that dubbing is pretty, pretty damn hard, so yeah.

Kudos to them. No, no disrespect to those who dub over it. It’s just, I couldn’t do it. we couldn’t do it.

Vivi: No, it was, it was bad. We watched it cause we had already paid for it. We rented it

Erick: We’ve seen the original in Spanish too.

Vivi: Just watching Spanish. Okay. So quick overview from IMDB.

Late night TV host, Angela and her cinematographer are following the fire service. Why did they say fire service? Why not? Fireman? Okay. The fire service on a call to an apartment building, but the Spanish police seal off the building after an old woman is infected by a virus, which gives her inhuman strength, Spanish police.

Pretty sure. In, Spain, they’re just called police   racist, racist overview.

Honestly, just kidding.

Erick: A lot of these descriptions when you read them, you’re like, why couldn’t it just be, I think when we looked it up on voodoo, it also said a beautiful TV reporter. it’s like you just could’ve just said,

You could’ve

Vivi: just said a reporter.

It’s a short one.

Erick: But fun facts. Yeah. Ready? Yeah. I didn’t really find any good  sites to find like trivia or fun facts for. So I went to IMDB, apparently they have a trivia section, so I might use that if I can’t find any like good stuff

Vivi: oh you should quiz me.

I don’t know anything

Erick: I saw somebody had posted on social media that there’s a what’s that game, its a board game where you play

Vivi: trivial pursuit,

Erick: trivial pursuit, but it was a horror one.

Oh yeah.

Vivi: I would want to be good at it, but what? Cause like there’s things I know that I forgot constantly.

Like you could tell me John Carpenter directed the thing and what other movie. And I would literally be wearing that shirt that says John carpenter’s Halloween and I’d be there. Like,

Erick: I was going to say a shirt that has literally the answer on it.

Vivi: I’d be like, Oh no,

Erick: I’m sitting in front of you literally with that shirt on 

Vivi: we’re both going to be like, Oh, what was


Erick: But the person who did share it also said they’re like, I thought it was really good at horror and did not know the answers.

Yeah. Probably be helpful to be, to be more knowledgeable on the show for those of you guys who listen and look for actual information that’s useful.

Vivi: So I think part of the fun of the show is what I like to call casually creepy, where we really love this stuff we do, but we don’t know the facts the way other people do.

And like through this show, we’re kind of learning it a

little more.

Erick: Yeah. Because as we’ve been watching more of in search of darkness, recognizing a lot more that I’m

Vivi: You know why I love that series so much. It reminds me so much of the like VH1. I love the nineties. I love the eighties that I watched growing up.

But like specifically for horror, Harar,

Erick: Harar

Vivi: so it’s my cup of tea.

Erick: I wonder if they’ll go in other decades.

Vivi: I would love that, I mentioned that on the other episode that I want the nineties, I want the early 2000.

Erick: I know the eighties is like the most iconic, so that’s probably why this is a thing. I don’t know if like the nineties and everything else was iconic enough to do a whole thing on it, but we’ll see.

Vivi: I don’t know.

Erick: Do it Shudder. Do it just don’t care. 

Vivi: I’m sure there is. We just can’t think of any, we’re not wearing the t-shirts to remind us.

Erick: No. Cool. So the directors were originally thinking about making the TV crew shadow, some police officers but switched to firemen after it was determined that they were more popular and accepted by the public following nine 11.

Vivi: Well, there are some, there are some connotations there there’s some scenes in here too that did not age well or aged exactly. As you would think they would.

Erick: Oh, there’s some pretty problematic things in this movie. Yeah. Another one, the actors were not given the entire script.

So some of them were truly surprised with a lot of what was going on to get real reactions, some didn’t find out how their characters were going to die until the day of filming their scene. When the fireman falls from the stairs, no one knew this was going to happen. So everyone’s reaction is real.

Vivi: That scene’s great. I forget that. It happens every time I watch this movie and then I’m like, Oh yeah. That’s that was a good scene.

Erick: You thought he was dismembered?

Vivi: I thought, well, she did, she did bite his cheek, but I thought like she like bit a pitt. A pitt, she

Erick: bit his pit,

Vivi: bit his pitt. That’s where I draw the line. No animal cruelty.

Erick: Can you imagine? That’s disgusting Oh no.

Vivi: We were thinking of different things here. You thought arm pit, Eric raised his arm into the mic, as he said pit I realized too late.

Erick: Could you imagine getting bitten in your pit?

Vivi: I think I, I don’t know.

Erick: You just like lift the arm.

Vivi: Yeah. Maybe if you were like blocking. Okay. Yeah. We’ll talk about it in a sec.

What else you got?

Erick: The final shot was also actually shot in the dark. So the actors really couldn’t see what was going on.

Vivi: Well, that makes it

pretty authentic.

Erick: It does imagine. Like if the crew is literally out here to just scare the crap out of you and get real reactions out of you and you’re just in the dark for real acting, but also not sure what the hell is about to happen.

Vivi: That’s not acting at that point. That’s just


Erick: It’s kind of one way to do it though. Yeah. Cool. So those were decent. I don’t know if entirely fun.

Vivi: I mean facts are facts. I’m not ready to do the timed.

Erick: You’re nervous.

Vivi: That’s why I’m like stalling here.

Erick: Okay. I was like, why are you

Vivi: looking at me in fear yourself?

Erick: Okay. Ready?

Vivi: Hold on. No. Two minutes. I get two minutes,

Erick: two minutes.

Vivi: This is going to be so bad.

Erick: I have to do it in Spanish.

Yours isn’t so bad I don’t speak Spanish that well

Vivi: So much happens though yeah. Yeah. I’ll

start okay.

Erick: One, two, three, go.

Vivi: Okay. So Angela and Pablo are on a TV show called while you were sleeping and they are filming at the fire station, kind of like how they do their regular rounds.

So the fire station gets a call to go to this apartment and they’re following them following the camera. And it’s like, Oh, no lady fell. And they’re like, let’s go investigate. And they go in there. And the old lady is like standing perfectly fine, covered in blood and shit escalates quickly. Like the lady attacks him and um, bites off the police.

Officer’s chic. Did you hit pause? I don’t know what you did. Okay. And then um, yeah, like all hell breaks loose after that. They’re like, what the hell is happening? Um, They’ve closed us off. They’re not letting us back out. And then uh, every time you say they’re fighting and don’t know what’s going on. One of the police officers stayed upstairs and is thrown down and it’s like all chaos breaks loose.

There’s essentially over the course of the night, they all get picked off by zombies. It’s a virus. They don’t know what’s going on. The little girl sick uh, they’re carrying her around. And then uh, they get picked off, picked up, picked off. They’re all fighting. It’s all that stereotypical zombie movie stuff.

And then it’s like the end. And you realize it’s not as ABI virus. It’s a demon of virus because a dude from the Vatican, it was staying there in the apartments. And he kept a possessed demon girl and was experimenting on her to extract the virus. There might be a little boy. Did he impregnate her? We don’t know.

And she attacks uh, Angela and Pablo in the end uh, because they’re the last survivors with the camera. And you just see Angela getting dragged away at the end. I skipped so

much in the middle.

Erick: You were at one 30. You should really done a minute. Okay. A lot better. That’s pretty good. Good job. You did skip a lot.

Vivi: I did skip alot because it’s like, how do you explain the chaos that continuously is just like, bam, this person got killed. Bam. This person got killed.

Erick: This person was just sweeping. And then this other person got killed

Vivi: this little old lady was just cold with her cardigan

Erick: and whenever, see what happened to her,

Vivi: she might’ve survived. We don’t know. They just went back to their room and went to sleep and they survived. That’s

what I would do.

Erick: We thought you were dead.

Vivi: All right.

Erick: That’s why we didn’t eat you

Vivi: ready?

Erick: Shit.

Vivi: So easy to criticize, but when it’s your turn

Erick:  I told you it was going to be hard, I knew it was me hard in Spanish.

Vivi: All right. En espanol, please,

Erick: In espanish,

Vivi: In espanish?

Erick: Yup.

Vivi: Okay. Is this our attempt at a bilingual show

Erick:  there it is

Vivi: in case this wasn’t clear Rec is a international movie. It’s not in the U S it was remade in the U S maybe that should have been a fun fact.

Erick: Quarantine. I’ve seen it in scrap.

Vivi: You’ve seen it. Okay. I haven’t seen it because like the original’s good. So are you ready?

Erick: Ok. It’s going to be so hard..

Vivi: One this is going to be so hard three three go.

Erick: Una reportera y un camarografo se se van a un donde estan los bomberos y van hacer un reporte y estan hablando todos y  le estan ensenando la estacion pero luego derrepente suenan las alarmas se van a un edificio donde hay gente que esta gritando que supuestamente una senora que esta que vive arriba estaba gritando entonces van a investigar. Encuentran la senora toda con sangre ella muerde uno de los policias que esta ahi tambien. Empieza el caos. Se van para abajo se llevan el policia esta esta mordido todos estan gritando que quien que que paso…lo que sea. Y derrepente la policia que esta afuera les esta diciendo que no se pueden ir y les dicen que se queden  adrento y que va entrar un medico para decirles lo que esta pasando entonces el medico les dice que es un virus y que se esta desparramando por todo el edificio entonces empiezan los zombies a…empiezan a infectarse todos los que estan ahi. A la ultima la reportera y el camarografo son los,unicos que quedan porque despues del caos todos se mueren y estan buscando las llaves para salirse pero los policias afuera todavia no los estan dejando salir. Encuentran un cuarto arriba donde esta…donde encuentran que no es un virus pero algo de los…de demonio donde un senor estaba haciendo experimentos y encontro que es un virus pero como de…del diablo yencuentran la muchacha donde. La muchacha que esta poseida y ella los mata y ya a la ultima no se sabe que paso. You Wow you also

Vivi: Wow you also came in at one thirty. I wasn’t sure how much time I had

Yeah. Okay. So we came a little under with this one.

Erick: How did I do in Spanish?

I don’t know if that was decent. I

skipped a lot too

Vivi: You also skipped a lot. I felt like you tried to translate my

Erick: Oh no. I was just trying to go off of what I remember.

Vivi: Well it is the same movie,

Erick: I mean, yeah. Not bad,

 . I don’t even know if this is the right word, probably right.

Vivi: I think it is

cool if you’re not a Spanish listener.

This is for fun, I guess, should we talk about literally all this stuff we missed? Like in the middle?

So I would like to point out that, the beginning when they’re setting up. On how to record and stuff reminds me of podcasting where they’re like here, how does this sound? Does it look right this way? Okay. Count me in.


Erick: Apparently she’s actually a real reporter.

Vivi: Not an actress.

Erick: No.

Vivi: Well, it would have been a fun fact.

Erick: It was, but I didn’t think it was that fun.

Vivi: I think it’s fun.

Erick: I mean, I brought it up now. It is, but so I watched this in high school, I think. And I remember watching it, thinking it was real.

Vivi: This is a found footage film. If it’s not obvious from the camera man situation this is funny to say, but you watched it in high school and then you texted me cause we knew each other in high school and you were like, you gotta watch this movie. And I watched it because you’re like, I love this movie.

You got to watch it. And it’s really good. I really liked this movie.

Erick: Watching it in Spanish, I think is the way it was supposed to be watched adds way more. I think Fear to it than in English.

Vivi: We’ve said stuff scarier in Spanish than English sometime. Maybe it’s because when our parents threatened us, they threatened us in Spanish, not English.

El Cucui. Yeah. Sounds definitely scarier than the boogeyman El Cucui.  La llorona what else?

Oh man.

Erick: translation is that man was standing over there,

Vivi: man, over there. He’s going to kidnap


Erick: These are threats that we got as children. Okay. Love you, mom and dad.

Vivi: Just kidding. Don’t hit me. I’m 30. I have a mortgage, but don’t hit me.

Erick: So I thought it was funny that this whole intro scene is it’s you don’t wanna run into like PBS.

Vivi: Yeah. You get the vibe that the show that they’re on is like a local broadcasting

Erick:  it’s called while you’re sleeping

Vivi: mientras tu dormias or something.

Erick: She’s kind of just like,

Vivi: trying to get a good story and

Erick: there’s not much

Vivi: pushing and trying to make it work. At one point she says, hopefully you get like a crazy call tonight.

And like, she got what she wished for 10 times.

Erick: Foreshadowing

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: The alarm goes off and they’re like, do we go down the, the the pole as well?

And the cameraman’s like, bro, I’m carrying a literal camera. No. So they take the stairs by the time they get outside, the firefighters are already dressed and she’s like, Oh my God, that was so fast. And he’s like, well, it’s literally our job.

Vivi: Yeah. They, they bring them into the back and they arrive at this apartment.

That’s like pretty close by. I’m going to just walk into like a scenario. And like, I think I pointed this out to you and this is where I, I will give like firemen props. You’re walking into a situation where you don’t know what the fuck is happening.  Early on, they mentioned it could be like someone needs help with their pet.

It could be an actual fire. We never know until we get there to assess the situation.

Erick: Yeah. Because sometimes they also act as like paramedics until the actual paramedics show up.


Vivi: Yeah. So in that aspect, I thought it was like, that’s pretty cool to see because behind the

scenes. Yeah.

Erick: But then we do get introduced to all the folks who live in this building reminded me of a lot of like, on top of that lotto where it’s like, just all the different characters.

Vivi: Yeah. We were watching it. Uh, Sorry guys, if this episode is very, like, you have to be Latino to understand the jokes or references,

Erick: figure it out.

Vivi: Okay. But there’s this show called Los Vecinos. It’s called the neighbors. And I turned to you. I’m like, they literally look like lots of casinos, but like people go with a darker version of a comedy.

Erick: We were talking about this because we were watching the into the darkness. and how they were talking about like foreign films. You don’t understand  their culture.

And so you can’t view things in their point of view versus like America.

Vivi: We had a whole debate about how Italian films. Horror films specifically were viewed a certain way by American audiences because they didn’t understand them culturally. And then we were talking about like, well,

Kinda eye opening, how much people can have a Western view of the world. And when you come from a different background, that’s normal to them. And to us, this is kind of normal not to say that Italian and Latino are the same, but they are pretty similar. And then we were talking about how we like, we really like Korean, Japanese, Horror.

We kind of went on like a binge back in October watching, like The Ring

Erick: hashtag alive, which is that new one that came


Vivi: actually the ring series was on Netflix. It was a series, not the movie.

Erick: It was called.


It was the actual name of the spirit.

Vivi: Actually. There’s so many similarities. I think any movie now that’s like about a virus in quarantine.

We’re going to just compare it to coronavirus. There is like a scene that is pretty messed up where everyone tries to. Cause there’s a Asian family.

Erick: Oh man. Yeah, this, this was all problematic because of what’s going on now too. In April,


Vivi: that this movie is kind of eerie. Right? Cause it could be like themes that were covered in it like happened in 2020, because there’s instances of police misusing their power things like that, you know, horror movie zombie it’s different

Erick: He’s the only official who’s there. And so everyone’s crowding him and he pulls his gun on them and everyone’s like, what the heck?

Vivi: To keep power on the situation. Yeah. And then there is an Asian family living in this apartment complex in Spain and immediately all the neighbors want to blame them for the spread of this virus. And it’s like, what?

And then you find out who the actual, like. Because of the viruses, it’s a Karen type figure. I mean, it’s, it’s just like kind of uncanny how, you could find these themes in the year 2020 in this film that came out in 2007. I think that’s, what’s great about horror, like really brings to the surface, all the things that are underneath our society and is like, this is what you do.

And it proved right in


Erick: There are people who don’t realize that there’s people who watch this and are like, Oh, I didn’t get that. And it’s like, no, it’s definitely there, man. Why is it over your head?

Vivi: Are we just like looking too deep into this? You watch the movie you decide.

Erick: But when you’re introduced to this. Group of people who live in this building, again, being of, of Mexican descent, it just reminded us a lot of those shows that bring you into these characters who are all over the place. There was a guy who I kept calling him el relambido, which in English is a guy who uses his spit to calm his hair.

Vivi: And I kept calling him Frankie rivers because that’s a character in los vecinos and he literally looks like him. I like, they modeled

Erick: a very eccentric guy.

Vivi: Google it. I cannot describe it

Erick: even later when they interviewed him. He was like, so like he’s brushing his eyebrows and his little hair and he’s like, Oh, do I look good? Which side is he’s very into himself and wants to look on the camera. Cause he’s very, very

Vivi: all to then spew some super racist commentary. Yeah. Wow.

Erick: I was like, the racists relambido, but we also get introduced this older couple. Who’s like cute. You said that they were exactly us

Vivi: I didn’t say they were cute no, I said, this is literally how we talk to each other, which like makes me think. Are we 60 years old, maybe two years old. It was, it was funny because kind of to pass the time amidst the chaos, Angela starts interviewing everyone and she interviews this couple and they’re like, Trying to explain how the night’s going, but they’re like, arguing, like, no, that didn’t happen, man.

No, this happened. And then the little old lady is like, I’m cold. I need to go up and get another jacket. And then the man’s like, you’re fine. You know what I mean? And I’m like literally conversations.

Erick: I don’t think they actually said anything about what happened either because they were just like, well, I was sleeping and then suddenly everyone was in the lobby

Vivi: and then they were like, do you remember this time?

And then you’re like, about this time, I was like,

Erick: no, no, let me talk. And he’s like, I’m trying to

tell the story.

Vivi: That’s just how we talked two hours ourselves. That’s how we talk to each other in the house all the time.

Erick: But 

Vivi: They immediately go up to see like what they think is just a fallen old lady, which if a Lake, an old lady falls in, in, okay.

So we live in a. Condo community. If someone fell and yelled in the apartments here, I don’t think that like everyone going down to the lobby would be the, course of action

Erick:  you’d also have to first hear it because at least in this place, you know, it’s, there’s like a spiral staircase in the center, so it’s easy to hear everyone else.

Whereas here we’re, there’s not that right, but there, again, thinking about it, it looks she’s muscles a little bit, a little bit seen as she’s muscles. Everyone comes out the nosy neighbors is all I’m saying it’s a pretty big thing.

So nosy neighbors come out and they all started figuring out like what’s going on. So they all run to the lobby. I think because they were already in the lobby, the cops were like, well, it’s a good idea to have everyone here and stay here and forced them to stay here so we can keep

ahead of time.

Vivi: But because the cops have an ulterior motive, you find out in the midst of the chaos that a dog that belongs to, we keep calling her the Karen figure.

Cause they don’t say her name. I believe. But she has a daughter named Jennifer their dog, they have a dog named max became very ill,

Erick: poor dog.

Vivi: he went into a coma, came out of a coma and just was reacting super violently and attacked all the animals. And they had to like, use so much to take him down.

And when they took out the microchip on the dog that they realized that the dog was belonging to this whole apartment. Well, not the whole apartment complex, but in there. 

Erick: This is all pieced together through small details

as the yeah.

Vivi: We get that information from a health care medical officer who comes in to draw blood on everyone in the, apartment.

Here’s the thing that is like super fucked up. They seal them off. They don’t tell them why. Yeah.

Erick: Like if you approach the windows, we’re going to have to take drastic measures.

Vivi: How terrifying they don’t tell you what’s going on, but they’re going to shoot you. You automatically assume something terrible is happening.

Erick: Don’t panic, but also if you approach the windows we’re going to kill you,

Vivi: do you want us to comply? You haven’t told us anything. And then one of the characters later on says they cut off our phones. They’re kind of our TVs that we don’t know anything that’s going on. And I’m like, is that legal?

Erick: But did they? Cause the lady kept saying that her husband was outside and she kept talking to him,

Vivi: they cut off their phones eventually.

Or like, here’s the thing that I think why that wouldn’t work now and why she was able to talk to her husband. She’s the only character holding a cell phone.

Erick: So maybe they cut off the landlines.

Vivi: Yes. I don’t know, 2007. Yeah.

Erick:  Phones were a thing.

Vivi: Phones were pretty common

Erick: I had a prepaid phone at the time not any razors like you did.

Vivi:  Oh my

God. I didn’t get a razor to late. 2008

Erick: Oh one year. Yeah.

Big deal.

Vivi: It was the big deal. Okay. That’s how I would text you at night.

Erick: I was texting you on my track phone with my

20 minutes.

Vivi: That’s how you told me to watch this movie so that how many years later, 10 years later, we could make a podcast and cover it

Erick: 10 13.


Vivi: that’s trying to make us sound younger than we are 13 years old. Yeah, that’s crazy to think.

Erick: That’s crazy. But we are skipping over a lot of details. So they go upstairs. And this is what, when they see that bloodied older lady, she looks very nervous, jittery. She’s like shaking where she’s standing and the cops are kind of like, eh, I don’t understand this.

If there’s something creepy and weird going on in front of me, when and why the hell would I ever turn around to say something, but my back to whatever the hell is going on. Right? Like, I don’t know what the hell’s wrong with this lady. Yeah. She’s got blood all over her body. I’m the last thing I’m going to do is look away.

Vivi: Interesting to note, because they constantly are turning around to tell him to turn off the camera. And it’s kind of like, again, very reflective of today. They don’t want this to get out. They don’t want people to know about it. They’re more worried about what’s going to happen with that.

They don’t protect themselves and it see what’s behind them. This

Erick: is at a time where not everyone had a phone to put it on.

Vivi: Exactly. Or phones did not have that capacity because even though I had a razor at that time, you can take 32nd videos.

Erick: And they were assuming they were blurry. Blurry. Yeah. So they panic. They go downstairs. Everyone’s seeing this happening because they’re like, what the hell happened? Alex stayed upstairs Manu, which was the Joe Rogan looking guy. The younger cop or caring of the older cop down. And in the chaos of like, what’s going on, they’re trying to ask the younger cop, like, what the hell what’s happening here?

You find out

Vivi: one of the tenants is a medical assistant.

Erick: Right? Sure. Outside of saying you can’t leave already at this point. The younger cop in the younger cop is very stressed out.

I mean, I can understand that, right? Like you’re the only one who technically could know something going on and everyone in this building is like, what’s happening? Why are you lying? He also is like, I really don’t know. I don’t know what’s happening


Vivi: but kind of implies that he does know more.

Erick: Did he? I don’t know if he, I don’t know if he ever really did. I think he, because even at the end, he’s like, I really don’t know what’s happening. I’m here just like you guys. I think the younger cop, honestly, really didn’t know, but he was still getting a lot of the, like frustration of the community. they were talking and then just out of nowhere, we find out that Jennifer has tonsilitis, cause they’re like she needs her medication

Vivi: allegedly.

Erick: And in that same moment, this is the moment I was talking about in the fun facts. A body drops from the center of the stairs. And it’s Alex though.

Vivi: And it is so surprising because this is the scene in typical zombie movies, where they are yelling at each other, trying to figure stuff out. And it is kinda like something reminds them of the bigger picture.

It just.

Erick: Yeah. They’ve got time to argue instead of going stopping the problem. So they’re like, Oh crap. We gotta save him too. And he’s bloodied all over the ground.  You thought he lost a limb, but no, he was just his cheek was bloody and he, you know,

Vivi: well, It did bite his cheek though. Cause then later the medical assistants like working on both their cheeks,

Erick: she didn’t yeah. Like streaks. Yeah. Instead of not bud cheeks, she could’ve just been like, pull the pants down by some blood cheeks. You got to put Kevin, Megan in this movie,

Vivi: whole new definition of eat ness.

Erick: so they go upstairs and there’s a later we find out Colombian lady who also lives there

Vivi: does not get named. That’s just how they describe her throughout the whole movie.

Erick: She just passes out in front of them. And then the old lady comes out of nowhere and then that’s when they’d gone her down and she just comfortably sits along the side of the wall. this lady had a really weird time figuring out how to die cause later she gets hit in the face and also does these very dramatic.

Vivi: Yeah. I call her like probably the worst zombie ever, because she constantly gets knocked out. But also poor old lady. She’s having a rough night. Yeah. She gets shot at and then what is it? A sledgehammer too.

Erick: Yeah. I also look like how these virus are infected folks. are very conscious of what body parts are getting hidden because later I think one of the men gets hit in the face and he grabs his nose like, Oh my God, he broke my nose. I don’t think that that’s very prominent in other movies where the Sammy’s were kind of just brainless and they don’t really care where you hit them.

Vivi: It’s the acting yeah. Choices. Throughout the whole movie, they constantly are telling him to like stop filming, but we got the scene with the old lady, right.

Where you were talking about. So she shot by the cop. And that seems kind of like, it’s a commentary that you could look into yourself, but he’s kind of saying, like he had no choice. He had to do it. Why did you film this? Why did you film? But he’s very angry at the camera man for filming this. And I’m like, they kind of have a point because all these people are getting injured and dying. Say, you think you’re going to survive this. You want to be like, I did not murder anyone, sir. Here is the video evidence of me not being the one to kill you.

Erick: Yeah. with that said, we We get an action replay for some reason, because Angela is like, let me go watch that old woman get shot at, by that cop. One more time in slow motion. And they rewatch it.

Vivi: Yeah. And I wonder why they did this because there’s times throughout the movie where they’re like asking questions about stuff they’ve already filmed and I never rewind the film again, just for the

Erick: scene, like that scene where they’re panicking about what Florida, that guy say they were on.

And we’re like, well, watch the video.

Vivi: You know, what I think happened? This was their only like big budget kill. And they’re like, we got to watch it again.

So we kind of finally get the hint that something’s going on.

Erick: The medical officer makes his way in

Vivi: yeah. Th basically they just announced, Oh, we’re sending a biohazard chemical warfare person. And they’re like, it’s fine.

no, actually Angela was like, what does that mean?

And then the, the Fireman’s kinda like freaked out.

Erick: So CBRN, they’re looking at each of the cop and the firemen definitely look at each other’s eyes. Like what the hell is that mean?

Vivi: Yeah. I think if I was Angela too, I’d be like, y’all just gave each other a look only get it. Tell us what’s going

Erick: on. Well, could you imagine their mind set and what they’re thinking? even for the fireman you came in here, just thinking that some just emergency, like you said, normal nights, cats getting saved, et cetera. And you hear this very important CBRN acronym. And you’re like, Oh no, what the hell could possibly be happening? And so my new is definitely Manu, Manu.

Yeah. It’s definitely aware of what’s going on. And so the officer and himself were kind of arguing about like, what could this mean? The folks are all upset because they’re like, you guys aren’t telling us what’s happening. And this is when we get those like mini interviews of everybody.

Vivi: This is where she interviews a little girl, Jennifer, and we find the important details of the dog.

Erick: The middle-class officer came in.  Says there’s a possible infection in the building and we need to get a head count of everyone and we didn’t get samples and everyone’s like, what samples for what? Why what’s wrong with us? And so they’re like, well, is everybody here? And so they tried to get a head count of everybody who’s in the building. This is when we found out that the the family had a grandparent or a parent upstairs sleeping. And so they’re like, what the hell? We need to go find him. And so there’s also when we found out that the relambido was racist. It’s their fault. Cause they always cook fish for some reason. That’s a ridiculous,

Vivi: like some super problematic stuff.

Erick: Yeah. And what a piece of shit. So they’re like, our father has been sick. He’s been in bed. Everyone starts to claim that it’s his fault,

Vivi: which it’s their fault. They try to turn on them and they,

Erick: it, and this is when, so this is why a man who becomes like a G he’s like, yo y’all are all claiming that it’s their fault.

There’s literally a sick little girl right here,

Vivi: which is what I said.

Erick: Yeah, you were saying that tonsillitis. Doesn’t make you look the way this little girl starts to look, she’s becoming paler and paler supposed to get these really weird cuts around her face and skin.

And this is when everyone’s kind of looking at Karen or whatever her name was. They don’t say if they don’t say, and she’s like, what? No, no, tonsilitis it sounds lightest. And this scene is so weird because the little girls got no signs of. Being infected, but she just kind of like stares blankly at everyone.

And she just turns and eats her my face.

Vivi: Yeah. It has no one here seen night of the living dead creepy little comatose girl. It’s probably the

Erick: creepiest thing in this whole movie. That’s to do that. When she bites the mom’s face, she drops her off at sea and the little girl like screams at them and then runs upstairs.

But I was like, if I saw a little zombie kid screaming at me, I’d just go through punt them across the room. What the hell you did say that? I don’t know if that’s problematic, but honestly, if it’s about to kill me, if it’s about to kill me, I’m about to just go destroy it.

Vivi: Yeah. And it’s actually not until the health officer comes in that we kind of know what’s going on because he’s handcuffing the survivors.

Erick: The ones that are passed out

Vivi: that are passed out. And then he gives the background story with the dog. And then Angela is like, wait, you mean their dog? And that’s when the girl decides, like the jig is up time to eat people

they’re aware.

They know,

and she runs upstairs and they try to chase her with like, it seems like he has a cure. He has a vaccine that they want to give her, or maybe they want us to date them, but that’s not really clear throughout the movie. Right. And they try to attack the little girl. It doesn’t go.

Erick: This is another one of those like look away moments. And that’s when she attacks again. I hate it. I don’t know, man. What’d you do this? Would you let the thing that’s probably the most dangerous thing in the room. Give it, give it your back.

Vivi: There are so many things in this movie that I would not do the way they did again. Maybe it’s because we’ve lived through a pandemic, but they’re all like together in close quarters, breathing on each other super close. I think what I. Told you is. I would barricade myself in my own apartment, away from everybody else.

Erick: Probably would’ve been the safest thing in this whole movie. Yeah. Because in any situation where they do end up barricading themselves, they’re still exposed. Later when the chaos ensues and the impact that started to come alive, the one dude who was helping everybody gets infected too, and they’re all running out, they ended up handcuffing the mom to the stairs and everyone’s kind of panicking.

Everyone kind of just scatters. And it’s, it’s a whole bunch of it’s a whole mess, Manu, Angela and the camera man, and a little Amido, they ended up locking themselves in one of the rooms. And they’re like, what the hell is happening? And I was like, we’re safe, we’re safe. But how do we get out of here?

And they’re like, well, that medical officer would just barely tell us what’s going on. And they’re like, well, he’s in here. Like what? So they go find him and he’s like, I’ve been bitten. I can’t help you guys just go away and lock me up. This is the one time that I felt like they were probably safe because they had locked themselves in this room, but then they’re locked in there with the medical officers.

So they,


Vivi: because why did this happen? The scene is chaotic. We kind of missed it a little bit. They, when they handcuffed Jesus, I couldn’t think of the word. And I hadn’t come with the Karen type lady to the banister after the little girl has been in the, the cop. And like the medical assistant is like trying to get out of the textile area along with another one of the zombies.

The medical expert is like, Oh shit. The other officer had the keys to let this lady go. he. Freaks out and kind of chickens out is a coward and just runs upstairs because these other zombies that are coming, he can’t free this lady. Anyway, she’s already bad

Erick: classic zombie movie stuff where it’s like the chaos. Doesn’t let you make any smart stuff,

Vivi: rational decision. He’s a coward, but ultimately endangers everybody else because he is in runs upstairs. And then that’s when the zombies come out and eat the Karen type lady because she’s handcuffed to the stairs, but she was already infected. Now it’s a cruel death, but she was already a risk.

Erick: This is why I don’t understand these movies.

Vivi: it’s like they used her as bait

Erick: Not purposely, but yes, a lot of these under the zombie virus, movies are like that in that they it’s because, okay. I have dreams about this stuff all the time. If you are in this like survival mode where, okay. Yes, it hurts that your loved one is stuck.

But that if that person is just definitely infected now, and there’s no way around it, there’s no way there’s no way around it they’re infected. And that you definitely know there’s no way to solve this problem. Yes. Don’t leave them to die like horribly, but put a, I don’t know, the guy, the guy with the gun, the cop had a gun he could have.

Vivi: Yeah. But he got attacked already.

Erick: Oh, that’s right.

Uh, uh,

Vivi: And the fire department doesn’t have guns either.

Erick: That’s true. Yeah. A sledgehammer though, but you know what I mean? Like

Vivi: at that point what’s more cruel.

Erick: He hits the lady with it.

Vivi: She’s already a zombie.

Erick: So my point is that the people put themselves at risk to save those who are already infected and unsaveable, and I get it. It’s inhumane to leave them behind, but also if you’re going to risk saving everyone else for one person, what’s the right decision. And it’s so hard

Vivi: Along with that line of questioning, I’ve always thought what happens once everyone’s infected their food supply is gone.

What do they do then?

Erick: Do they eat each other?

Vivi: Do they eat each other?

Erick: It’s kind of what happened in 28 days later, isn’t it? That the zombies started to just stop?

Vivi: Yes, they started to, and I’ve always wondered. That’s kind of the only movie that I’ve seen that kind of explores that I want a movie that really explores that, you know, like what would they do?

Do they survive?

Erick: I don’t know.

Vivi:  Just any living creature while I guess they’re done.

Erick: Does it show the walking dead address it?

Vivi: I don’t think I watched. That far in to


Erick: if you know, if anything is ever extraordinary,

Vivi: please share it with us.

Erick: Yeah.


Vivi: But yeah, the chaos just continues to unfold.

What’s a cool scene is like they’re all running up the stairs trying to battle the zombies. And at the end, we’re only left with Angela and Pablo and they looked down at the spiral staircase and like every section of the spiral staircase is on B. It’s cool.

Erick: they find out my new was dead, he’s the first one with the big ass eyes. It’s upside down. You see him staring straight at the camera. You’re like, Oh fuck. So man. I knew the guy who’s saving everybody.

Everybody’s gone to,

He’s been the one who’s been like sledgehammering zombies you imagine, like panicking, trying to find some keys and you get like my keys, my keys have a lot.

Vivi: Yeah. That’s what she does. Cause she like comes out of the room, carrying a million keys and ends up not mattering. Because

Erick: I thought it wasn’t realistic. How fast she finds the right key.

Vivi: Yeah. You got a whole freaking set of keys.

Erick: They put the keys on the floor and you could hear all the zombies. So the panic and the pressure is definitely rising. And you as the viewer and, and for them, because you’re like, look for the right key, look for the right key.

And she finds it right away.

Vivi: It’s hope that the dude was like a little OCD and labeled every single case.

Erick: It’s the one with this one club on it.

Vivi: Well, they’re looking for the key to the basement because the racist dude was like, there’s a basement and we could get through the sewers and then he gets eaten by a zombie right after sharing that information because it was trash.

Yeah. They don’t end up there. They keep climbing higher and they end up in this room that was described briefly.

Erick: This is the part where

it all just

becomes very, yeah,

Vivi: this is the plot twist in this movie. Because. Earlier, when they were doing the roll call, they’re like, Oh, who lives in this one apartment on the fifth floor?

And they’re like, a man was never here. He lives in Madrid most of the time. And I would be like, why do you have this place then?

Erick: Isn’t that weird. We had a neighbor once who would say that she traveled every weekend. Then wasn’t here for two weeks at a time or something like that.

Vivi: They made it seem like never like maybe six months out of the year, they lived somewhere else, which she

Erick: did the same thing.

We should be you’re suspicious of her. She was probably did something like that.

Vivi: Always suspicious. Yeah.

Erick: There’s a neighbor here who says she goes to Florida for six months, which I don’t disagree with. It’s fucking cold in the winter.

Vivi: There’s flying squirrels in here and shit. They’ve entered this room. And it is a very creepy situation because

Erick: if you want to call it religious artifacts creepy,

Vivi: I think the way they were displayed was creepy. It was like paper all over the wall, conspiracy theory, style,

Erick: newspaper articles with these people and their faces carved out little girls with their eyeballs out. It’s kind of just the typical stuff you think of when you think of

Vivi: like serial killer type stuff, right.

Erick: Or bands on pins and things kind of just

Vivi: pointing at it frantically, you know, cause.

At first, you don’t get what’s going on. You’re piecing it together with Angela. There’s like a constant image of this little girl. It looks like in communion garb, but there’s like a lot of little girls in communion garb. So I was like,

Erick: I think it’s to be all the same one. Right? Cause then all the articles.

Vivi: Yeah. You eventually learn it’s all the same one, but like it’s weird. Cause they have all the children in their like white clothes. I’m like child bride type situation going on. Then you find out it’s all about this

one girl.

Erick: Okay. Was possessed and was exercised. They taken her in and then apparently escaped

Vivi: escape from the hospital. Again, you’re piecing this together with stuff that Angela’s finding in the apartment.

Erick: So is it the she escaped or is it that this man took her? Okay. By orders

of the Vatican.

Vivi: Yeah. We find, they find this recording where this man basically explains that he took her because she’s possessed and has a virus.

And he’s trying to isolate the virus. What the Vatican would want with a virus is very interesting.

Erick: She’s calling it an enzyme,

Vivi:  isolated enzyme it’s growing. It’s like all over the place and

Erick: it’s the venom symbiote yes, in my article,

Vivi: I can never hear that word again. Yeah. Eventually the Vatican’s like finish the study and kill the girl. We don’t care anymore. Which like, Ooh, cruel. Okay.

Erick: He does keep talking about how his experiments failed though. So I think that’s

Vivi: why he’s like, it’s well overdue. I can’t wait to kill this girl.

Erick: We can’t let this thing escape.

Vivi:  If it escapes, God help us. Why are you experimenting on it in the first place? If that can happen.

Erick: So it’s also dark. You only see what’s, what’s visible by the light of the camera

Vivi: and. The attic door swings down and then the camera man’s like, I’m just going to stick my camera up there to see what’s happening. Why would you do that? No, you see all that shit back up.

Erick: Yes. Logic will be logic.

Vivi: Yeah. And he like is panning around the attic and it looks like a little boy. Right. It’s not the thin woman.

Erick: And she was pregnant and had a baby.

Vivi: Well, that’s what, like, I want to know did this man who was experimenting on her, like impregnate pregnant her,

Erick: that’s probably all fucked up

Vivi: again. There’s rec too, that maybe goes into this that we haven’t seen, but the little boy kind of like swipes at the camera. It seems like this woman and this child had been kept in the dark for years and years and years, because at one point the camera man’s like, she can’t see.

Erick: So we get to see the figure they’re walking around with a night vision on. Angela can’t see at all the camera man is watching through the camera with the night vision so he can kind of see. You see the Linky figure in the distance and they kind of just back up against the wall.

And this is the part that I remember being, because I think I watched this in the dark by myself and being like, Oh man, this is the, what is that? What is she?

Vivi: She’s extremely emaciated

Erick: were lanky. She, I don’t know if it looks like throw up or blood or what it is, but she’s very tall,

Vivi: very tall

Erick: and looks like something else looks like Gollum from Lord of the rings on it.

Vivi: She looks like slender man. And that  gen G model.

Erick: It’s the one with the story.

Vivi: Yeah. Oh yeah. They had a baby.

Erick: Don’t forget. She’s beautiful. Yes. All right. But I agree. She’s carrying around a hammer that she’s using. It sounds like she probably uses it see where she’s


Vivi: Like she can’t see, she’s like sonar type, they’re breathing pretty heavily, so it’s hard for me to believe that she would have not heard them.

Erick: If her literal thing is sound.

Vivi: I may sound

Erick: he’s even whispering to her, like, all right, come on.

Vivi: Those go.

Like you would hear that.

Erick: They literally play the radio thing ,

Vivi: she obviously knows someone’s there because those are the child has like swiped at the camera. So she may be she’s calmed down to like defend the child. But eventually they do make a sound and the woman turns on Pablo and like is attacking him 

the camera’s just dropped and eventually it does pan back where Angela has picked it up and can see that the woman is eating Pablo and then she freaks out and like drops the camera and, and tries to run. And she’s in the dark and can’t see anything.

And then the final scene is Angela being dragged away,

It’s very Blair witch, very obvious like tribute to Blair, which cause like her face is in the camera and she’s freaking out.

Erick: It looks so weird in the neighbors and right. Is that usually how eyes look, maybe, you know what I’m talking about?

Her like the retinas redness peoples what’s the colored part. People’s retinas are the black dot, right?

Vivi: People’s are the black. Or when your retina I think is like the whole around,

Erick: correct. Well, you’re wrong, correct us if we’re wrong. Anyway, her eye, the colored part are people, retina, whatever it is. It’s very creepy. Also. I paid attention to it because I thought it was weird if that’s how you would normally see a night vision is terrifying because they look bulbous.

Vivi: I don’t think I noticed that that much.

Erick: So that was the movie. It’s insane. I remember loving this movie. I’ve seen it.

Vivi: I’ve watched it a ton of times too. And every time I still think it’s exciting. Every time I’m still like, I was shit. And the end still leaves you with questions because if the demon was the one that had the virus, how did it spread to the rest of the house?

Finally, what happened to the man to the man get killed? Is that why they were allowed to like spread the virus?

Erick: I also wonder how the dog got it, because they think that the dog, they think it’s the dog’s fault or whatever, but you obviously it’s this lady’s fault.

Vivi: You know what, like this makes me think it’s gross. When you live in an apartment complex type thing, like you share the same source of water or like yeah. Or her blood, maybe one time a leaked through the floor and the dog looked it up and that’s what started like, you know, stuff like that, how it could easily spread.

Erick: I mean, honestly, we’ve lived in a pandemic. We know how easily things can spread. I think that’s what makes us even weirder I can’t imagine having to go to these extremes. Like yes, people think it was extremely, we had to go through with the coronavirus pandemic,

which was whatever. Right.

Vivi: But it wasn’t a zombie outbreak.

Erick: I didn’t even think about. Oh, right. But one one time I was in college and there was a bomb threat, and I lived on campus and they also told us we had to stay in our, our dorms. And I remember even that, like your immediate thought is that if something broke out in where you live, you would just lock yourself into your place and just wait it out. Obviously it doesn’t make for an interesting movie, but how long can you really last? I mean, I think hashtag alive with the guy stays in his place and he’s just like video gaming and stuff and kind of waiting out and it eventually just gets bored.

And I think that’s also what happened in this coronavirus quarantine is that people were like, Oh, this is great.  I’m still driving. But people were like, okay, this is fine. Week two weeks, three weeks. But then this is insane. I imagine just all of it happening one night to this extent,

Vivi: You don’t even get the option to quarantine yourself in and like go crazy yourself. It’s all like too much chaos is happening.

Erick: Everyone’s in the lobby you think? Everyone’s own personality is getting in the way. I think it’s crazy that you find that the Jennifer’s the in fact that among them,

Vivi: I don’t think it’s crazy. I think if like an outbreak were to happen right now, and one of the neighbors walked out with their kid, I’d be like,  where you came from.

Erick: Even

if it wasn’t sick,

Vivi: even if it wasn’t sick. Yes,


Erick: They’re going to say that we’re the ones in fact people with our dog.

Vivi: No, my dog healthy. My dog eats raw.

Erick: Yeah. We’re all virus. That’s not, what

Vivi: do I say that part again where I was screaming because I don’t know.

I feel like it’s always.

Erick: That’s a natural.

Vivi:  Yeah. It’s going to be a natural now, but then I’m like always screaming into the


Erick: The listeners love it. If we have any listeners still today, because I

love it.

Vivi: People love when I blow out their eardrums,

Erick: they cannot continue to listen to us. If you keep screaming in their ears, that’s why they keep just pressing play.

They don’t even know what we’re saying

Vivi: happening. They’re like, this is a great show.

Erick: I love it. When they’re quiet.

Vivi: I love a good quiet white noise spot. What would you rate this nightmare?

Erick: in Spanish nine in English seven, again, the English dub voice acting did get better leader. And I think it’s because it’s just how. How could you mess up panicking? I guess, you know, like when it’s just them talking, it’s kind of like,

Vivi: Oh, Hey, don’t, don’t write it with the English stuff. Cause that was just trash.

Erick:  Okay.

Vivi: I’d give this maybe a 10. Yeah. It is a great zombie plot twist demon

Erick: there a little bit of religion in there.

Vivi: Yeah.  The thing that I like about this movie is it’s an hour and 15 minutes. So it really like condenses it all dense is the panic of what? Probably like what happened. So to me, this is a tie and probably, I don’t know if this is accurate because they’re like demons, zombies, but probably my favorite zombie movie.

Erick: Really?

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: Even zombies,

Vivi: demons, zombies gotta be extra.

Erick:  It is a cool twist. I’m wondering what rec two is about now.

Vivi:  I just have this like preconceived notion of SQL is just not ever being as good.

Erick: And so you stay away

Vivi: so you stay away. But then I was again, we were watching in search darkness. How many times did we mention that this episode? But they’re saying like Friday the 13th, two and three are like better than one in some aspects.

Erick: This is just the possessed girl who ended up being stuck in this place because of some demented Vatican dude. Who knows what her life could have been like, had she continued to get the hospitable man. Right. What if she got, what if she got sexually assaulted? And that’s why there’s that boy.

Vivi: And they had it and that’s why

she was acting possessed.

Erick: Oh, that’s why she said it was us.

Vivi: Yeah, because you know, oftentimes possessions are like

Erick: pregnancies.

Vivi: Yes. You’ve not seen Rosemary’s baby.

Erick: You literally have a spirit inside you.

Vivi: No, that was not what I was going to say. Position films, I think more now there’s always that underlying current of like, well, Could it be mental illness that went undiagnosed, but people treated it like possession in the seventies and sixties.

Yeah. But do you want to talk about what scared Loki this week?

Erick: so lucky? I actually didn’t get scared by much, but this one he’s been doing way better at not being scared of things.

Vivi: He was also like really sleepy.

Erick:  Yeah. He was, he had a big day yesterday, but I took him running 

Vivi: and he went to the bed. That’s a big day for Loki.

Erick: He hated it. I think he hated it this time because he was so happy to see me. He’s usually happy to go to the vet, which is weird.

That’s a good thing. Yeah. But he was, he wasn’t scared of much, but he wasn’t triaged by an almost point in the trans, like the cream shop. So with the sirens, he like tilted his head a ton.

Vivi: He was like, all right, I’m going to sleep.

Erick: Brush my teeth,

Vivi: he was in a mood last night, maybe. Cause he did go to the vet. He was like needy. And he’s, he’s a very independent dog. He’s kinda like, he acts so much like a cat where he’s like, don’t touch me. I’m going to be near you at all times, but don’t touch me. And that night you had gone to shower and I was trying to take a picture of her Instagram and he was so done with me, trying to take a picture he like nudge my phone out of the way and like sat in the middle of my legs and was like me pay attention to me. He had a bad day.

I think that medicine is supposed to make them tired. That’s

probably that too. Yeah. Do you want to tell us about your bad day? Low-key

K I’m sorry. You don’t have to go to the vet for like another year. I think.

Yeah. When you’re in an, his rabies shot is only three years. I think they gave him one shot in the nose. So I’m sorry. He did have a bad day. I’m sorry to do that to you, boy. You don’t have to go for a year.

Yeah, yeah. I mean you better not fucking go for a year.

I swear to God don’t need something


Erick: The lady tried to say that that sissy has on the side of his body. Is it a nipple?

Vivi: I told I made that joke before you left. They’re just going to tell us it’s another name.

Erick: I was like, that’s definitely not a nipple. It’s literally on his bag

for those who maybe were worried that this assist, they said it’s okay. It’s not, I

think right. He is okay. He’s a mutt and muds are typically healthier.

Yeah. By the way, that’s the show. That’s rec trout. This virus this  little nasty, cute virus.

Vivi: Cute little nasty virus. Now do not try this shooter. You might as well drink pledge. Don’t do that. Don’t do that either. That’s what I’m trying to discourage you from this.

as always, we hope you guys had a good time here. You can keep up with us pretty much anywhere at shaken, not scared pod for Instagram, Pinterest stick talk. Art Gmail is shaken out scared. Potted g-mail dot com or Twitter is shaken, scared pod, and

Erick: you can support the show on patron. Now we’ll name our next drink.

After you with mentions on our website where the drink page will live forever.

Vivi: We promise we’ll make a better drink than this.

Erick: You can listen to us on all your favorite podcasting sites, Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, a bunch of others. Give us a listen, give us a follow

Vivi: like a rate or review.

Come on guys. I want a review on Apple. I checked like every day. If you want to tell us we suck. I don’t care. I just want to review and they tell us we second we’ve made it. We made it. So yeah, I think that’s it. Thanks. Bye. Bye.

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