The Beast of Bray Road (2005)

Erick: Hey, nothing wrong with having a broader applied tattoo. Okay.

Vivi: Oh, is this where you tell me you have, I have a wasp

tattoo. Oh, closest thing to a butterfly tattoo I’ve got yet.

Erick: Welcome back to the shaken, not scared podcast. Here with you as always your host, Sarah can Bebe. They were going to be talking about the 2005 movie, the beast of railroad directed by Leigh Scott.

Before we get into that, how are you, baby?

 Vivi: Um, Okay.

Erick: That’s it?

Vivi: Yeah, we’re recording on a Monday. So I have

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Vivi: A ton of coffee, still tired depression. Add that one. yeah. How are you?

Erick: It’s about the same. Yeah. I’m happy that my niece finally got her vaccine. Cause she was the last one. She’s 12 years old. So they were like on the edge of whether or not they could, but now that she is now, we’d have like nothing to worry about just taking our, ripping our masks off to the wind. Happy stuff.

Vivi: She’s ready for hot girl summer.

Erick: She’s going to cringe when she hears it.

Sorry, Sheila.

But let’s jump into the creepy content. What do you got for me?

Vivi: Well, this week I didn’t watch as much as last week. I feel like we had a lot more to talk about last time the new season of haunted on Netflix came out. If you’ve listened to us before, you know, I watched the Latin American one and I’ve seen the other two previous seasons,

Erick: any good stories.

Vivi:  I’ve only seen the first one. I feel like with that show, it’s a mixed bag of some stories are pretty good and some are just kind of may. And the first one was like, may to me, you know, I like remember this show that I used to  love when I was a kid. It was called paranormal witness. And I feel like every time I watch one of these like paranormal reenactment shows, I’m trying to like find that high that I had with that show because it was like, it could be terrible. Right. I watched it as a kid, but I remember it being so entertaining  I haven’t found anything that I like as much as that.

Erick: So bad review for honda.

Vivi: Again, I only saw the first episode and they  definitely have better quality episodes than others. Sounds good. It might get better. Awesome. I’ll let you know.

Erick: I’ll check it out too. When you’re watching, when I’m falling asleep, I leave the TV on you sitting there in the dark.

Vivi: Would you watch this week?

Erick:  I didn’t watch anything, but we are reading Cujo by sitting King.  We haven’t. Book club with our friends, like fancy people old, the plan is to eventually have them as guests. So stay tuned. We’re not going to mention who they are. We have a thousand times and a half let’s hint, hint. They’re from Boston, but we’re going to watch the movie and probably cover that in a future episode. But the book is fun. I love how cute Cujo is. I hate that he’s, you know, his tragic ending, but everything that I read, I’m like, Oh, Loki. I think, I think a low key.

Vivi: Well that’s sad. Cause you know, he gets rabies.

Erick: Yeah, I know. And he doesn’t even know it. Dogs are so period. We don’t deserve them VVI rolled.

Vivi: Well, just because Loki has been such a teenager these last couple


Erick: you’ll see in the video till he did not. Oh yeah.

Vivi: We included our own beast and the beast of railroad video. Nice transition though.

Erick: Did you have anything else before we move on to what we’re drinking? One.

Vivi: Go for it.

Erick: So this one, I was excited for it. We’ve had it in the fridge for a couple of weeks, because as we mentioned a couple of episodes ago, too, we went to whitewater, Wisconsin, where second Salem brewing is located. They have a couple of other spots where you can get their beer, but that seems to be their HQ. We picked up a couple of different beers. We got beast of Bray road, Amber ale for this week’s episode recommended by Chris G Christen. He is the brewmaster at second sale and Bruin.

Vivi: We met him when we went.

Erick: Yeah, we did.  Yeah. We met him. It was really cool. Just a little bit about second sale on brewing from whitewater. The namesake second Salem comes from the early 20th century when locals referred to whitewater as second Salem due to its reputation due to its reputation as a site of which gatherings at the which tower it’s apparently the star in park water tower. My aunt has shown it to me before. It’s the one that’s on there, which tower beer, which also have at second settling strange murders, mortars, Murda, strange martyrs, unearthly creatures in the Lake and other unexplained phenomenon.

Vivi: while we watched the documentary to go with the movie today, it’s a hot spot of like the occult.

Erick: I was wondering if he was referring to that political thing. It talks about

Vivi: government.

Erick: Yeah. I was like, is that in Wisconsin?

Vivi: The government is in Wisconsin.

Erick: Yeah.  The beast of Bray road beer, I can read the description from the website if you’re ready for it and

Vivi: give it to me.

Erick: for decades, the beast of Bray road, haunted the countryside between whitewater and Alcorn. After a long night of terrorizing the neighbors, we believe a seven foot tall, 400 pound hairy bipedal would have reached for this American Amber ale. The beast of Bray road. Amber ale has voluminous body, multi complexity and pronounced spicy herbal and Piney hop character and holds its own with just about anything on the dinner table.

Vivi: Ready to try it?

Erick: let’s do it.

Vivi:  I don’t think you could hear that

Erick: she’d Dick.

Vivi: It’s a pretty cool color. It is an Amber ale.

Erick: Yeah, for sure. It’s definitely Amber, It’s got a very thick tastes. 

Vivi: What I like about their beers is you expect it to be like your typical beer and then it hits you with like a bunch of flavors that you’re not expecting in a good way,

Erick: yeah. I loved all the beers that they had there and all that The waiter, I forgot his name, but thanks. Yes. Oh yeah. Zander. Yeah. If you’re listening to this, probably not, but thanks for the service. He was really cool. Super nice. Super welcoming. he definitely said that the ones that were our favorite weren’t his favorite. He said he had others, 

Vivi: I tried a couple of his favorites and yeah, I get it. It was like the lighter, more citrusy summer stuff.

Erick: Well that being said, I did see there untapped, if people aren’t aware of what that is, untapped is an app where you can go rate your beers, but it has a 3.6 on there.

Vivi: Cool. I was going to give it a 3.5 out of five.

Erick: Same here. really good. Cheers. Try it out. Go to whitewater or like Geneva or their third location. They have a website, so

Vivi: are we doing things a little weird today?

Erick: We are, the movie in general is a little weird.

Vivi: It’s short, first of all. 

Erick: Definitely not like super highly produced it’s from 2005,

Vivi: and you can tell it’s from 2005 with what the characters are wearing and stuff. It’s also not like super popular.

Erick:  No. it has really bad reviews. I’m to be the guy who’s Les Scott is the director he’s made other,  movies like shark Purana or Pronto shark,  It’s like saying that the sky direct at Sharknado is not necessarily going to go in thinking it’s going to be the greatest movie ever, I’m going to, as it’s the highs and lows, it’s so bad. It is.

Vivi: Yes. I that’s what I love about horror, even when it’s bad. It’s good. It was a fun time to watch. if it’s not clear already this movie is based on an urban legend in Wisconsin. You can tell by the description of the beer, just going to do the fun facts today.

I guess I’ll jump into it It’s not an urban legend that I’ve heard of until we talked to your aunt

Erick: I had told you about it before, because she had mentioned that on occasion, they would take head counts of homeless people in the counties because  there was worried that people were disappearing or there are actually people disappearing. And then sometimes I would chalk it up to, is that right? Yeah. I’m sure. Not officially,


Vivi:  yeah, I think that’s an example of people wanting to find like a mystical reason for why something happened, but it gave us this one legend and this interesting movie to say the least to say the least. So. The Bray road BESE or the Wisconsin werewolf or the beast of railroad.

He’s got quite a few names, actually, dog man dog man is one of them is reported to be a humanoid Wolf like creature allegedly witnessed in or near the rural community of Elkhorn Walworth County, Wisconsin. And it has since become part of Wisconsin’s folklore. And there are several books, documentaries, and even the horror movie today that we’re covering on the subject.

 The most common known and the kind of person that put this story on the map was Linda Godfrey because she investigated this story as a skeptic. She says and she became so involved. She became to believe in the beast herself. it’s named for the road that it was first cited on in 1936 Bray road.

Do you want to hear what it looks like?

Erick: Just farm land street.

Vivi: Oh, I’m thinking about the werewolf. You’re like, I’ve been there. I know what it looks like

Erick: the same. It’s just road and farm.

Vivi: it’s usually described as a hairy humanoid with canine features, canine features. There’s reports of it being anywhere between. Five feet tall to seven feet tall and standing, honestly, not that tall. I’m five feet tall. You sure? You just didn’t see a hairy person.

Erick: If a man can go running around, punching your kangaroo in the face, I can punch this Bray. Rabi’s

Vivi: it’s about the same way. What’s interesting is that there’s usually sightings of it, like eating or hunting or scavenging, but it tends to like leave people alone once they try to confront it, which I thought was a weird thing about it, you know?

Erick: They’re just saw big softies, babe.

Vivi: It could be.

Erick: You’re seeing the movie with Bigfoot, Harry. Remember that? I forget what the movie was called, but it’s like the family takes big foot in and he’s just a big softie.

Vivi: No, I do not remember it.  I just think of when I, if we want to talk about kid movies in the middle of my legend here, big foot in a goofy movie where they go camping. It was like, what I think about

Erick: Snowman monsters, Inc.

Vivi: Ah, yes, so why? Well, the first original sightings were in 1936. Most of the most recent sightings were in the eighties and nineties.  Again, there’s reports of people driving on this road and seeing a Wolf light creature, keeping up with the car, that’s going up to 55 miles per hour, which would definitely freak me out. And the documentary we saw there was a ton of Like speculation. Like people don’t really know what animals look like. Like honestly, someone could have seen a deer and been terrified. Like, you know, skeptics are saying those types of things. No animals. Yeah. No, it was like, it was with a squirrel. the creature said to run and walk on all fours or its legs, or just the time legs. And it has been spied sitting on its hunches and kneeling like a man, you know, when you like, Oh, you like crouch kinda it has other names such as the man will have the bear Wolf and the indigenous dog man, It said to have gray and Brown fur and resembles a Wolf with yellow eyes and pointed ears.  You know, your typical werewolf story. In the documentary we watched there was like

Erick: the documentary by the way is called the braver of beast.

Vivi: It seems like it was done locally interview winging  Linda Godfried who kind of kicked off this story.

Erick: People would seek her out because she did end up kind of being the main person investigating overall. She even wrote a book.

Vivi:  The story originally garnered so much attention through like a tabloid, like one of those, the star, the national Enquirer type tabloid.

Erick: And she’s the one who coined the term, the railroad beast, or

Vivi: at least with the title of her book. Which is explained in the documentary. that documentary was like kind of weird. Cause we thought it was going to be like, you know, a recounting of like the witnesses and stuff like that. But  it went into a little bit how, like, this area is associated with the Colts. They even went into like how nobody talks about the native Americans that were there on the land before then. And they have their legends of skin walkers and things like that.

Erick: The documentary  focused on why potentially this beast could exist here and kind of goes into the history of like werewolves and talks about  Egyptian mythology and other things that refer to what lichens and things are.

But towards the end, it brings up this guy who has video footage, quote, unquote, but it’s just fog.

Vivi: Oh yeah. Go watch it for yourself. I think it’s a cool way to bring attention to a local legend,

Erick: which it seems like from their point that people don’t really want,

Vivi: except for a second Salem, who’s like legit making beers out of it. Now do you, I feel like I’ve been talking for a long time. I’ll go into a quick overview of the movie and then Eric’s going to sum it up for us I’ll give you a minute. Okay. It’s a super quick overview. Oh, I’ll read it. A new sheriff in Wisconsin. from Chicago? Oh, they emphasize a lot that he’s from Chicago investigates. Brutal slayings by werewolf. That’s it?

Erick: No, like where are you from fucking Schomburg or something?

Vivi: Oh yeah, they do in salt. Like one of the girls saying she’s from Schaumburg and I’m like, thanks. I mean, not from shock Hubbard, but Let me get my timer. Are you ready? Are you loose? Oh man. All the popping,

Erick: all the cracking it’s cause I’m wanting to turn into the beast after this one minute.

Vivi: One, two, three, go.

Erick: Okay. So the movie starts off with a bunch of people in the middle of Wisconsin and it’s kind of just like the whole point is to say, this is a small town. Everyone’s a, it’s like a bunch of Hicks and there’s like the cops and everyone. It’s a very small town.

Everybody knows everybody, which is typical places like this. Um, The there’s a BC immediately kills this girl who was at the bar and the bee starts to do a lot of random things. There’s a lot of random scenes with the beast, killing people and then kind of getting, connecting the dots with the cop and the cop starts to get approached about uh, This, these things happening.

There’s this guy, who’s a white Peter. He’s a piece of shit. The wife kills him and doesn’t tell the cops, which is funny, but they start connecting the dots. There’s these three brothers who are pieces of shit, and everyone’s a piece of shit and this okay. Obviously. And they’re the two of them get killed.

The, the third brother is like, I need the help from the cops and the cops and him worked together to go kill the beast. And so they ended up going out. The cop has this relationship with the bartender. Oh my God, I got 10 seconds. He has a relationship with a bartender. He ends up having like this whole thing.

And the bartender has a being the beast. And then they all ended up having to kill them. And then everyone fucking dies. Except for them. That’s not good. No, it’s not good. Cause I was like, they still have to, I have to talk about how I like how you worked in there. Pieces of shit, at least three times in one under one, as I said, everyone’s just a piece of shit and that’s

Vivi: well, they’re portrayed as like

Erick: assholes

Vivi: villains. Right? So you don’t feel bad when they’re killed,

Erick: I missed a lot of details about the one.

Vivi: Also you said that the wife killed. The husband and she didn’t the Wolf. Oh yeah. He killed him. And she like was going to shoot the Wolf, but wait until they killed her.

Erick: I was thinking about the wife holding the shotgun and then later lying about how

Vivi: everyone has shotguns in this movie, which I get, it’s like a rural farm.

So Wisconsin, Jesus, same thing.

Erick: One of the guys in the documentary mentions he’s like all the farmers know each other. If someone’s on someone else’s land, they’re already on the phone and saying, Hey, there’s somebody on your land.

Vivi: So yeah. Would be wandering around,

Erick: which is crazy. Cause if you have driven through there, the land and houses are so spaced apart that like you could die and no one would know false.

Vivi: none of are in your own house. You ain’t dying on your front lawn. You have a heart attack in your house. They’re not going to know

Erick: this has means you need to throw yourself into the front lawn so your neighbors can see out the windows. They can call you and be like, there’s somebody on your lawn,

Vivi: me dying, you know? Thank you.  But yeah, let’s  get into this movie cause you just skipped through a whole bunch of details this film is very clearly filmed into

Erick: also, please. Correct me if Hicks is not PC, I don’t know. There’s no real, other way that I can think of to describe

Vivi: the way that they portrayed these town folk. Well, they, they portrayed some of them badly and then others just like as normal folk

Erick: quote unquote normal.

Vivi: It’s weird that The sheriff who’s from the city. They give him a lot of shit. I feel like that’s very true to small towns, right? If you’re an outsider, you’re always going to get a lot of shit.

Erick: What are you? Big city, big city. You want to bring in your beliefs and thoughts? It’s not that easy out here, boy.

Vivi: Is that something they legit side? I don’t remember.

Erick:  They, Think the Hicks did. Yeah.  The three brothers.

Vivi: Okay. Your brothers that are kind of assholes. That kind of definitely as well, two more than the other one. The hands of being like a hero of redemption. Yeah. like you said, we opened up in a bar.  The bartender Kelly is kicking everyone out. Cause it’s the end of the night  they are all just hanging out.

Erick:  The one that has very two thousands emo hair.

Vivi: Oh yeah. 

Erick:  I don’t mean that judging. Like I had him on my here. I had purple hair and the straightened.

Vivi: Yeah. Yeah. We’ll post it on the Instagram. So you can see that Eric wasn’t too far off from these fashions. my favorite thing about these fashions are like the fake tattoos that they put on everybody they’re always on like their boobs or like belly buttons,

Erick: mother.

Vivi: Yeah. Mother. What does he? Norman Bates.

Erick: Yeah. This is just the tattoo that everyone in her mom 

Vivi:  they have girls with like butterflies, which is another, I guess like the girl version of the heart mother tattoo

Erick: could have been worse when I was in a quinceanera in high school, they gave us fake tattoo sleeves

Vivi: oh, I remember those. They were terrible. Who let fashion be a thing in the early two thousands. the dialogue in this film is not great. It’s all about how, like one of the brothers is trying to get laid and the other one, 

Erick: The girl is literally standing in front of him and the brother is standing there and he’s like, can’t you see? I’m trying to get laid. And the girl was like, that’s really great. That’s so great. And then drives off and dies.

Vivi: That’s why she died. This is the first time in a horror movie. She died because she didn’t go have sex

Erick: or death is immediate though. It is brutal. You know what? The deaths in general, in this movie, although it’s not great, that’s are pretty gruesome.

Vivi: Some more than others are better. with her death,  her car stalls. And you said she starts pouring oil into her car.

Erick: Who does that?

Vivi: I don’t know. I don’t know anything about cars. And then she  calls one person for help. And that’s when the bees  comes up behind her window and like attacks or slashes are facing no transitions. You immediately starts running in the forest, running next scene. And then she is, 

Erick: she’s ripped in half and her intestines are falling all over the place. The beast is interesting looking. I feel like it looks more like a swamp monster than a wearable

Vivi: for being a, probably lower budget movie. It’s not terrible. I think even big horror movies make this mistake, the less you see a monster the better, because you’re left to be like, what does it look like

Erick: this one’s just in front of your face,

Vivi: right? Yeah. W at the beginning of when they’re kind of showing hints of it, it was when it looks scarier and I think they should have kept that.

And maybe it would have made the movie a little more.

Erick: It’s actually kind of cute. reminds me of, creep show, do you remember the beast in the crate?

Vivi: Fluffy?

Erick: He kinda looks fluffy,

Vivi: I guess. I guess all fluffy beast kind of look alike.

Erick: Cute.

Vivi: Yep.  So that’s the opening scene and then the next one is when we’re introduced to the sheriff who was from Chicago and everyone’s making fun of him for being from the big city, right?

Erick: later he explains that he left because he had a wife and got divorced and wanted a new start. Okay.

Vivi: And he’s like the city wasn’t big enough for the both of us.

Erick: The storyline in this movie, I told you it was very much like those monster movies. We were talking about how in Godzilla  in Kong, you kind of don’t really give a shit about that. The people,

Vivi: Oh, it’s all about the monster monster. It’s a creature feature. 

Erick: It felt very forced that they needed to give everybody a backstory.

Vivi: A little bit I will point out that in the beginning scene, the sheriff finds the car himself cause it’s like an abandoned vehicle  he is collecting evidence and he’s actually wearing gloves in so many movies. They don’t work. Yeah.

Erick: Literally describing what their pinky

Vivi: and they’re like

Erick:  semen

Vivi: either. Or so he’s immediately thinking it’s something suspicious and he tells kind of like his partners that, and they’re like small towns don’t get big time crimes like this dude. It’s probably nothing

Erick: false Wisconsin.

Vivi: All wisconsin.

Erick: If I’m going to Wisconsin, I’m immediately expected to work.

Vivi: No, I’m going to get murdered probably by a deer that flew out in the middle of, with a knife and the beast behind it.

Erick: Yeah, he goes to the cops  the one cop says that she saw the car and that there was no blood on it. And he’s like, no, dude, there was definitely blood on it.  Everyone’s kind of just brushing him off

Vivi: he wants to further investigate the car and that leads him to  this couple that is always in domestic


Erick: There’s a lot of slut-shaming in general. I mean it’s 2005.

Vivi: Yeah. It was the early two thousands. It was everywhere,

Erick: woman except for Kelly and the cop are called the slot or hole or

Vivi: even Kelly gets called on at one point so yeah, that’s where he goes, like question like, yo, is this your car? And he’s like, I gave it to my sister-in-law. Who’s like, no, God. And the wife

Erick: her sister is the girl who died. Yeah.  

Vivi: She’s got like a bruise on her face. The makeup is not good. It kind of looks like she burned herself with a flat iron.

Erick: If a cop were to see that a guy’s definitely just beat his wife kind of your duties,

Vivi:  that it’s a small town and no, you can’t do anything unless the woman presses charges they make a comment that like she’s constantly calling the cops on him anyways. This guy keeps investigating and he questions the three brothers that were seen with the victim, the night before.

Erick: The next scene is those kids playing video games  they have an interaction with the beast through the window. This is what I was saying. That the, that the movie is kind of weird because characters are introduced randomly. I think it’s just to say that everyone is starting to see this thing come around. And kind of flood the cops and say things are happening.

Vivi: Okay. I guess it doesn’t really matter. But those two attacks, the one where the brother in law gets attacked and the wife and kids get attack happens like. 

Erick: There’s even the guy who comes that we said, it looks like Tyler. Who’s like, he’s missing cattle at up Tyler. Yeah. What does that?  I think he listens This lady, what the kids are saying, yeah. We shot at it through the window. We didn’t really get it.

Vivi: Yeah. Like my favorite thing in this movie is that everyone’s ready to shoot no hesitation and they’re skilled. They’re like bulls-eye.

Erick: Even for the mom that had been like, get the hell out the way kid. Cause she tells the kid to open the curtain and she’s like move out the way and just blast the whole

Vivi: love that. It’s really funny because when they are all in the police station

Erick: the exposition of  scene,

Vivi: the exposition is so bad sheriff you didn’t know but in the 18 hundreds, everyone died

Erick: the same cop who was like, fuck you, you stupid.

Vivi: Like really? That was it. That was the whole backstory

in the, there’s townsfolk and they’re clearly upset. My favorite thing is that there’s this character named Sandy and she’s like, yeah, it’s true. I’m writing about it on my web blog.

Erick: she  had April Ludgate vibes. .

Vivi: And then Pamela, the like acting sheriff until this other dude takes over. She’s like, just because you got glasses doesn’t mean you’re all smart glasses, just like such an early two thousands. And so,

 Yes. Yes I am.

Yes. And,

Erick: and I’ve got a podcast,

Vivi:  she had 2005. Okay. And they compare her to her older Rivera who was not

Erick: cause she dropped out of community college.

Vivi: I don’t know if he did

Erick: a show out of her basement.

Vivi: Same. I might as well have 

Erick: who is that? It is,

Vivi: A reporter who was like accredited with like really sensationalizing the satanic panic of the 1980s. More in it for the publicity than the facts person he’s gets criticized a lot more now than he did back then.

Erick: We get introduced to the cryptozoologist.

Vivi: There you go. Cause this guy comes in and he’s like, you got a cryptid on your hand.

Erick: Yeah. You got we’re wolfing licenses. Everybody’s out here to shooting deer. You ain’t got a license for a werewolf.

Vivi: Well, yeah, because the sheriffs are trying to like still charge for hunting season, then he’s like, we’ll charge for werewolf hunting.

Erick: Yeah. Which is funny. Right. Because you would expect that from  small town that doesn’t get very many tourists you’d think,

Vivi: well, this sprays probably their tourism

Erick: hunting season. And then also you’re like, even if this isn’t real. We could potentially make money off of this.

Vivi: It’s like moth man. I was like a huge part of that town because it’s what brings people in. And there’s like statues and restaurants dedicated to, for sure.

Erick: It’s like when you’re in Salem and shitty,

Vivi:  it’s all about the woods, Charles. Yeah. 

Erick: I think it was on the water podcast. They were talking about this town that had this supposed big foot sightings. And apparently like the most quote unquote confirmed big foot sightings, anywhere else I’ve heard of this place. And the people who like give big foot tourists to go potentially see big foot, they have a guide. Oh, that’s hilarious. But they’re out here telling people, well, that it’s real. And it’s like, well, if we’re going to have them do this, they might as well see something. We’re going to get some, something exciting for the guests. It’s like, you know, that makes you less credible. Even if there is a real big foot out there. And you’re saying there’s a real one, but we’re going to just

Vivi: keep it real. One had passed and you’re thinking it’s the other dude, when you wouldn’t

Erick: know Meyer style, he just killed the guy dressed as a big foot. Just this guy this whole time.

Vivi: He’s just standing, not even moving, not even hiding in wide pan.

Erick: Yeah. So the cryptozoologist gets introduced. He’s from Minnesota municipal water, municipal water,  he puts his 2 cents in and says that he’s going to follow the cop and help and start to investigate. Oh, he’s the man. He’s one of them.

Vivi: He’s writing a thesis.

Erick: And then we get a shirtless cop scene, you know, he was the one who said they blew their entire budget on this shirtless cop scene because I got like ads. They include

Vivi: the budget on the trainer for this guy to do this thing.

Erick: Every movie has to have a scene where the main guy takes his shirt off and shows off all the training. They put him through for the scene.

Vivi: Every movie, like a Marvel movie. You got to put your actor through a body transformation.

Erick: Yes. Unless you’re Christian bale his phone.

Vivi:  Oh yeah. He’s gone through something crazy.

Erick: He had to put on Batman weight and then had to go back for some other role. And he’s like, I’m not doing that.

Vivi: Was it American hustlers that he had to put on like 30 pounds and be fat for that role fat for that role?

Erick: Yeah. That shit’s insane. So anyway, this is what this cop went through because this is the only scene where he’s shirtless.

 Vivi: And then like this sex worker shows up out of nowhere at his house,

Erick: allegedly. Cause it’s just every female character. I feel like in this movie, other than. Some of the main ones are just seen as this type of character.

Vivi: They are

Erick: every girl in this movie. Where the cop is in the bar, questioning people, the girls sitting at the bar, or like show in their breasts to him. Like you want to have a good time. All of those are like this

Vivi: that’s this character. I think those two are implied to be sex workers. I don’t know about the rest because they do just  portray them terribly terrible with their butterfly tattoos.

Yeah, she just shows up at his house out of nowhere

Erick: and says he’s gay for the,

Vivi: not getting with her weird. Okay.

Erick: This whole movie is problematic in that way.

Vivi: It’s the early two thousands problematic

Erick: that doesn’t make it. Okay. But still,

Vivi: no, it doesn’t, it I’m just, just keep that in mind, emphasizing that it was a different time. Yeah. My favorite thing is like, she gets in the car and she’s like this address. Oh, wait, I’m the driver.

Erick: I’m sorry. It’s not Uber or Lyft.

Vivi: That didn’t exist yet.

Erick: I know, but she acted like it. This is

Vivi: she, she could tell the future.

Erick: They didn’t put the address in the app girl,

Vivi: first of all.

Erick: She like grabs a cigarette and then starts just climbing up.

Vivi: I thought this was funny. She grabs his cigarette from her bra and it’s broken and they use the shot. And in the next scene it’s not broken.

Erick: Oh, did they? I didn’t see that. I just thought it was part of it. Oh no.

Vivi: It’s like obviously broken too. It’s in happy hanging like cartoon.

Erick: The hanging part

Vivi: means great.

Erick: Oh, that’s why I didn’t even notice the next day. I didn’t even care to look at it. Cause at this point, the beast is on top of the car and it’s about to kill her. And so you’re just anticipating that.

Vivi: Her kill is pretty cool. She gets her head brutally ripped off. Yeah.

Erick: Guts everywhere.

Vivi: What this movie lacks in a good actors and makes up for in blood and guts.

Erick: They keep talking about how the cops keep getting a ton of calls from different people who want to come and investigate. They mentioned supernatural kingdom keeps calling for info. The crypto dude tells the story of how pandas

Vivi: were once thought to be a myth. Yeah. Hilarious.

Erick: He’s like the people believed that there was this beast that was white and black

Vivi: and only lived off bamboo.

Erick: And that’s how we discovered the Panda. It’s like super dramatic for no reason. It’s great. He’s like, so this thing could just be something else that we haven’t discovered yet, which true. Sure. so these random kids find the girls head and it does not look anything like her head. Did you notice that her head looks like, Oh, is that why it was so dedicated? Because her eyes are bulging out of them.

Vivi: Was the girlfriend in the beginning.

Erick: Okay. They were looking for the bones and they were like, well, if an animals eating it, you’re not going to find the body. You’re going to find the bones the revelations in this movie are funny because just, they’re all standing around CSI style, trying to think about how they’re going to find the body at this planet moment for that. Look for bones instead of a body,

Vivi: they mentioned it’s because the human head is like the least consumable part,

Erick:  the, or had pigs head and go ahead.

Vivi: Okay. They said human.

Erick: I’m just saying, go ahead. Yeah,

Vivi: that’s BDI. Isn’t it like part of video?

Erick: Yeah, shout out to my uncle from Wisconsin, but he like straight up grabs the fork and puts it in the eyeball of it.

Vivi: Oh yeah. I’ve seen my uncles do that and he grosses me out so much. I’m like, why?

Erick: You know, what’s funny is that again, being Mexican, you’re Mexican. Oh no. If you’d known that you wouldn’t be here anymore, but it’s funny. I’m like one of very little minorities in my office and I’ve mentioned how he cow tongue and when he like pigs feet and. And goat’s head, there’s like, that goes, like I buy sandwiches, tacos of head meat, they’re like, so grossed out. But yeah, which is insane because it’s normal us. It’s completely normal. Not even like a delicacy thing. It’s just like, you want, that goes the lingua, which is

Vivi: Oh, we’re having a big party. We’ll go kill the goat.

Erick: Oh yeah. When I was in Mexico, they literally brought a goat that they had just slaughtered, which is kind of a mess of way to

Vivi: listen, it’s organic grass fed.

Erick:  It truly was possible. They literally saw it before it got put on the plate.

Vivi: You can’t get more organic than it had a name. So you said you wanted to point out the best thing.

Erick: Oh my God. Yeah. This is, this just points out the gym that we watched. Okay. So they’re in the Horace, the cop and they’re  and they’re looking for these bones they take a pause. All you hear is road in the background and the Kurt does hydrologist stops and he’s like, wait, do you hear that? And cops like, I don’t hear anything. He’s like exactly. No birds and cue the birds

Vivi: chirping at that exact second. He’s trying to say there’s no birds, no squirrels. They’re afraid. Which I feel like is the common trope in  horror movies were creature features.

Erick: Oh, they  just use the ton of tropes in his entire movie.

Vivi: This movie is an entire trope, but I’m like, couldn’t you have edited that.

Erick: Oh, you could have, especially with the road sound in the background that it just louder than anything anybody is saying

Vivi: except the birds that’s.

Erick: So the dude and the cop bro out, and then they have the running yeah. With the brothers

Vivi: one of the brothers is being confrontational with the sheriff for like whatever reason. And they’re all just like, it’s not that serious. And they all pulled guns out on each other. Even the bartender in the bag pulls out a gun.

Erick: We haven’t necessarily been focusing on the bartender, but she plays a huge role in the beginning. And there’s this quick interaction that he owes her a date, the cop. 

Vivi: They clearly got a thing going on.  The scene kind of reminded me of  that meme from the office where they’re all standing there holding finger guns at each other. Cued the worst choreograph fight of all time,

Erick: but hey, it’s fine. They had to blow the budget on the exercise. They couldn’t blow it on the choreography. 

Vivi: You got to show that he’s buff and can fight.

Erick: No one guy who  keeps getting punched in the head and coming back for more. Oh,

Vivi: look like that. Is there a way to like further emphasize that this movies from like 2005. The heads that they found, I guess they send it off for evidence. And I guess to try to bring some kind of scientific science fiction type element to scientific science to this film. Yeah. 

Erick: That’s what they were doing in here. Some scientific science,

Vivi: literally that is a line from them. I’m not even exaggerating.  I guess they send the head off to get like tested for DNA and the DNA comes back to be part Wolf, part human, which is something that’s mentioned a lot in the documentary. Sure. But it’s faxed to them

Erick: as well. I just loves to say it’s almost human. He’s talking about how there’s like giant canines. He’s like put the rest of the bite. It’s almost human. And then later he says something else and he’s like, yeah, just examining this itchy. And it’s almost so the white Peter dude does. You got ripped open and there at the funeral and the wife doesn’t tell the cop that the husband is dead because of the cops side. Where’s the husband, which good for her.

Vivi: She’s like he’s out of town. 

Erick: In someone’s stomach. Got them.

Vivi: We got another kill that I would say is like, not the best one. It’s a little weird. They’re in the car. But dude, with the early two thousands, the mohair, like we mentioned earlier, all time, low style here. Yep. Yeah.  He’s taking a picture with His camera phone. This is my picture phone picture phone. And you’re like, what picture phone? I’m like, yeah. I remember calling it a picture, a camera phone. It was called the camera file. Cause you had to distinguish that it had a razor Razorback. Yeah. But let’s talk about the quality of these pictures, which is pretty much the same as my role kilobytes of it. Yeah. It’s funny because he’s taking nudes of her with it and I’m just like, that is some great air quality blurry nipples you’re going to get in those pictures. So this kill scene happens where they like hear something and typical, the dude goes to investigate. He gets thrown against the car all bloody and this chick runs out

Erick: and the gets her leg eaten. Yeah. Crawls away while he’s eating her like she’s like crawling away for her life and he’s just like, let me eat this leg. Right. Or she, which we find out later is like, let me get this leg right now later, too. She attacks people, but also takes time to eat.

Vivi: Yeah. You gotta get your well-balanced meal in. Yeah. While fighting.

Erick: You don’t ever just be

Vivi: punching somebody. You got to focus on it. Yeah. Yes.

Erick: Just mid punch snack.

Vivi: If you get hungry, when you’re fighting no

Erick: bleeding and hurt.

Vivi: Her running in the woods though. And like, it was a badly acted scene. The way she got killed, she was like  slowly.  Oh, so let’s talk about how this was the era of low-rise jeans because everyone’s jeans are at your crutches and I’m like, I’m so sad that I lived through this fashion era. That that was the only thing that was sold. And I was at chubby 11 year old was not a good, I know you were living in 2005. Oh, probably.

Erick: Oh, I was 13

Vivi: then. Yeah, it was probably 11. Damn that wasn’t cause I started high school in 2008. Okay.

Erick: Yeah. That wasn’t a problem for guys. I think everything was just begging for me.

The girl shows up to the cops and says, can you solve the kill the bear?

Vivi: I killed a bear. That was it. I like how this movie is like, makes up for the fact that they can’t show the bear by having the cop come in and being like, why are there a bar in the lobby? And you never see the bag?

Never seen the man.

Erick:  I thought I had just missed it.

Vivi: No, if they had a bear, they definitely would have like put it in every scene.

Erick: Not even that hard to just get like a fake bear and CGI and go to like spirit, Halloween, and get

like a costume.

Vivi: We get the scene where the two brothers are like trying to hook up with the girls

Erick: and you get the big one. And I get the other one, the one that I want and they’re just fighting each other in front of the girls and the guys like, huh, look at that pickup line. It’s

Vivi: terrible. Let’s make out.

Erick: She’s the one who was like, you want to make it out? And he’s like, I thought she’d never,

Vivi: yeah. It’s, it’s so badly acted to girls. They’re not good actors

Erick: either. So pointing this out for later, there’s a fridge with a lock on it. A lock-in chain, which apparently holds where the guns are. Remember this?

Vivi: No, I did not, but I believe you because logically, why wouldn’t you later? It’s where

Erick: the third brother comes to the cops and is like, y’all want to get these guns. And he pulls up Uzis and AK 47.

Vivi: She does. He like pulls out a whole arsenal. Yeah.  Which I’m sure is accurate for small town America. Wow. And

Erick:  I was like, is that a Uzi? What the hell are you doing with it? Who was he in Wisconsin, bro.

Vivi: Deer hunting,

Erick: oopsie that things I showed you back. And she would just

Vivi: they’ve evolved since you were back. These brothers are also killed by the beast, along with their dates. And this is kind of like the final show off, right? Because the other brother feels guilty that he wasn’t there and he goes to the cop and it’s kind of like, you need me to help you fight this beat

Erick: And the quizzes are all just, it’s like, I’m going with you

Vivi: too. There’s like this moment where he pulls out like Wolf Spain and night shade and night shade, which is a common mythology. They did the minimum research year. the brother points out something funny though. Cause he’s like you plan to get that close to it.

That’s a short needle. I was like, Hm, fair point.

Erick: They’re making homemade silver bullets.

Vivi: You see the cops?

Erick: He holds a silver bullet tip to the camera and it’s dramatic. And then the next scene is them  getting ready for that night. Kelly, who is the bartender and the cop have officially been hooking up she’s like, don’t go. Just leave with me.

Vivi: They do go out to hunt for this thing. And immediately, like, you can’t even clearly tell the cryptozoologist is like slice in this

Erick: row. All of them are just immediately dispatched.

Vivi: The brother gets in a couple of shots and is also slit through the throat. And not that, not that not daddy there, them, they just got cut.

And then the sheriff chases, the bees into the bar where he believes Kelly is. And then he’s like, Kelly, let’s get out of here. I shot the beast in the leg. And then it pans to Kelly. And she like has having the worst period of her life. No, cause she’s like, if I said I cut myself like cleaning up the bar, would you believe me?

Erick: She’s also not wearing pants though. She’s got like, Oh, that what? It was plaid shirt.

Vivi: No, she’s wearing a mini skirt and her legs like bleeding, obviously.

Erick: Either way. She changed really fast. Cause Jesus right after

Vivi: she transformed with clothes on. Okay. She’s not a dude. Werewolf. She has some class.

Erick: You’ve just, she just grows

Vivi: the hair over the clothes.

Okay. The hair turns into the clothes. Oh yes.

Erick: Animal style. Yeah.

 Vivi: I haven’t read those books in.

Erick: Oh, you want to know another movie that this guy came up with? Les Scott. Oh, wait. You know, transformers, trans Morford.

Vivi: Did he get to make it? Cause I would watch it for the lab.

Erick: I don’t know. But at the third one I saw was like a Terminator rip off too.

Vivi: Oh man. What a fun, what a country we live in where you can just live out your dreams like that.  And this is where we find out that she is the werewolf. This movie is so distracting with bad acting that I would not see this

Erick: until here. Everyone comes into the scene that just die. The hunters show up out of nowhere and they’re like, ah, and they’re like running. Cause they got their guns and their orange like reflective clothes on. Both of them get killed immediately. For some reasons they just showed up to die.

Vivi: Yep. But before that I wanted to point out cause Pamela does fucking finally show up and this just goes to show you how much small town people will believe their own over and outsider because the Sheriff’s literally telling her, like Kelly’s a werewolf and she shoots him cause Kelly’s like, no, he’s the wearable.


Erick: I knew he was going to, it was going to be Bulletproof as thing obviously.

Vivi: Cause the werewolf’s going to shoot. You eats Pamela and then that’s when she eats the other two hunters. Speaking of, out of nowhere, Brother comes back out of nowhere, comes back. does he shoot her up with the Wolf pain?

Erick: The Ebola virus for worlds.

Vivi: Oh yeah. What a reference of the time.

Erick: I think he injected her in the bar.  yeah, I think he injected her inside. So 

Vivi: she still killed everybody. And then the brother comes back and like shoots her up with the silver bullet. Yes,

Erick: The hunters, although showed up unnecessarily, obviously they needed a way to like light this thing on fire. So the Hunter’s only point of showing up was that they had a gas in the car and the one before he gets killed, throws gas on top of the world before he dies and lights are on

Vivi: and the lights are on fire. And we get a cool, like weak corpse looking thing, and it’s kind of like, you think she’s dead, but she comes back from the

Erick: dead and attacks them and then they unload their entire

Vivi: clip in her.

And that’s how she dies then SQL potential. Oh yeah. This movie has so much sequel buttons off.  They’ll throw out. Not only did the brothers survive, but the cryptozoologist and the crypto physiologist is giving him like a suitcase full of needles. And it’s like, this should get you through the whole, through the neck.

Erick: Yeah. It’s like the, the next one’s in 15 days or when I see you in 17,

 Vivi: it comes back human. Away from people not to hurt them. I’m assuming, I’ll see you when I’m human again, because the sheriff takes him to like a cabin where I’m assuming he’s going to keep an eye on

Erick: him, load his entire

Vivi: equipment to him.

but okay, now you made it sound. They’re going away for a romantic weekend.

Erick: Unload is clipping him that he trained six months for

Vivi: pushups and it was a crude as well,  he stays behind, but he’s also a werewolf because he also got slashed by the world. So we got two more werewolves guys. You made the problem worse, then

Erick: solving it.

Right. And the cops just cool with it. The entire movies point is with the cops trying to stop this. And he’s just like, all right, cool. I guess,

Vivi: stop it. You create two more werewolves

Erick: and let them live and let your girlfriend

Vivi: die. Yes. Moral of the story.  And then the film is dedicated to the people of Wisconsin, the

Erick: great state of Wisconsin.

Vivi: I think Wisconsin deserves a better movie. Oh,

Erick: Hey. They tried second Salem.

Vivi: Loved it. Did they love it? They just told us to watch it. No again, this movie is just fun because it’s

Erick: terrible. It’s going to be probably like one of our least known movies that we cover,

Vivi: but probably our funniest to cover because it’s just so wild.

Erick: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well that was that.

Vivi: Well, would you rate it

Erick: three? Okay.

Vivi: I’m going to give it a two. Oh really? Yeah. 2.5. Okay. The kills are good. The kills are good. And it’s a fun time.

Erick: you should go into this. If you do end up watching it, knowing that it will not be the best

Vivi: horror movie you’ve ever seen. It is fun.

Erick: these cheesy horror films are like super

Vivi: fun to laugh at. I’ve got some charm. Yeah. But do you want to talk about what’s good. Lucky to say we ended that.

Erick: So like, that was hard. That was brutal.

Vivi: Oh, it was so difficult on our part to cover. Yeah.

Erick: But yeah. What did scare? Low-key the crows, the Crow of the birds that were silent, but not silent.

Vivi: He’s like, I’m not supposed to hear them. I hear them.

Erick: You know, it was funny when we watched the documentary, that guy said that he left the deer out and he’s like, the body was there and then the fog came and then the deer body was gone. But the entire time that the fog is passing, supposedly, while this is going on, there’s like a bird in the front that

Vivi: doesn’t move at all.

Oh yeah. That’s true. Not scared by the farm. They’re all in

Erick: on it. You know, there’s like a theory that birds are not real right.

Vivi: The birds work for the bourgeoisie. Do you want to tell us about it?

 Erick: We’ll keep an eye on for the crows.

Vivi: I don’t like it burns either

I’m not a fan. A fan of gross. You hate birds. I don’t like them.

Erick: Crows are fun though. They’re black. No Ravens

Vivi: are black. Incredible Ravens.

Erick: I don’t know anything about animals.

just like everybody else in this movie and Wisconsin, apparently according to this documentary.

Vivi: No, this was just for fun

Erick: for sure.

Vivi: I know in the Suspiria episode we said we were going to cover Saul, but we had been meaning to cover this movie forever. So I think that’s our movie.

Yeah, I think that’s our movie for next week. Finally gonna force me to work.

As always. We hope you guys had a good time here. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken out. Scared pod Instagram, Facebook, twitter is shaken, scary pod. Send us an email at shaken, not scared

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Erick: please, please. It pinches me every

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Okay. Thanks. Bye. Bye.

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