Saw (2004)

Vivi: So what were we talking about? Yeah, yeah, no, but what were we on drugs? Drugs.

Erick: Welcome back to the chicken, that scared podcast here with you as always your host. Sarah can Bebe today. We’re talking about the 2004 movie saw directed by James wen again, but before we get into it, how are you?

I’m good. I was trying not to cough throughout your entire intro should we just become a James when podcasts? Cause this is like the 10th movie from him and we’ve covered.

Well, it doesn’t help that there’s a whole warn verse, so I’m sure we will, at some point cover, all of them

Vivi: well he is  considered the  modern day father of horror movies or changing the genre of horror. We’re going to switch it up today and I’m going to give the fun facts and ferric provided the cocktails today.

Erick: So excited. Maybe he just made fun of me and said, I took one class and now I’m like

Vivi: upstaging me

Erick: literal, tipsy bartender.

Vivi: They look better than drinks I’ve made in the past. 

Erick: Thank you.

Vivi: As long as your shooter, doesn’t taste like

Erick: asshole,  bloody asshole

Vivi: that or a Lysol. I mean, yeah, I guess

Erick: it should have been white, but it’s brown.  how’s your week,

Vivi: we finally got to chill out. Our next couple months is going to be,

Erick: you can  tell the pandemic is coming to an end because everyone and their mom is out in the

Vivi: phone to do something and trying to be like. Come to this other state travel with me. Everyone’s trying to get married, including us

Erick: on the topic of summer plans. That I show you the pictures of that place. So we’re going to do a bachelor’s thing. I’m going to say where some people don’t know where I’m going, but it gives off camp. Crystal lake vibes

Vivi: did mention that. 

Erick: So if I get murdered by Jason or misses where he’s, you know, what happened and where I was. Do you want to talk about creepy content? Oh yeah. Sure. What are you reading? What are you watching? What are you listening to?

Vivi: So this week, I’ve been reading this book for a while now. It’s called. We need to talk about Kevin. It’s actually been turned into a movie.

Erick: You talked about it for such a long time. It took you forever to read this book.

Vivi: I’m still reading it. Okay. Cause I’ve also been reading Cujo and then this other horror novel, that’s about  a creepy town with children being like weird. I spent a lot of time on Tik TOK and I’ve ended up on book tick-tock, but for horror recommendations and those two books were on there.

Erick: is it black eyed children?.

Vivi: No, it’s  this weird town in  Europe and it’s like in a time period, that’s like back in the day. The children are like committing murder and cannibalism  things like that.

Erick: Some murderous children, I was watching Handmaid’s tale. when they bring out the children, oh my gosh, children, it is horrifying. That seems like

Vivi: it is weird because there’s like no children throughout the whole show until that scene. And you’re like, oh shit.

Erick: A show. Like they put the children on as a show, spoiler alert. That was the part that was very eerie.

Vivi: What else we watched psycho Gorman.

Erick: Yes, I did. We didn’t finish it yet, but

Vivi: you got like 30 minutes left. Listen.

Erick: It helps us to not give spoilers.

Vivi: Listen, boys and girls, when you were over a certain age, you cannot start a movie after 8:00 PM.

Erick: No, I had such a bad headache,  it’s definitely a movie that is aware of how silly it is. Yeah, one kid gets turned into a brain.  There’s very much, power Rangers vibes. There’s

Vivi: power Rangers,

Erick: a ton of transformers vibes. You’re not really too keen on transformers familiar, psycho Gorman’s  secondhand person, his name is dark scream. And I told you that this scene was almost identical to transformers where Megatron gets revived and star scream is in charge of the Decepticons. The whole time, while nega trauma was dead, star scream has been trying to be the new leader that has set the guns. That’s literally what happens in this movie to some extent, without giving away spoilers.

Vivi: We also said it had Billy and Mandy vibe. It’s like two kids are in control of like this horrible entity or whatever.

Erick: It’s a good time. Well,

Vivi: it’s funny. It’s a little gory as like the name implies, but it’s like we said, can’t be gore where it’s silly, even though it’s nasty.

Erick: The gore is pretty insane. Like that guy he’s like, you’re going to live forever and his body’s just frozen.

Vivi: Yeah. And then one kid knocks him over and he’s like, thank you.

Erick: It’s just his mouth on the phone with me.

Vivi: Yeah. We need to finish it. What else? Oh, we picked up watching love death. What is it?

Erick: Love death and robots. Oh my God. I love this show too.

Vivi: I watched the first season a couple of years ago, right?

Erick: Yeah  remember loving the first season so much because it’s like an anthology where every story it gives me like animated black mirror vibes to and this love that,

Vivi: that first episode where the dude does a pig traumatize. Me and I did not want to watch it.

Erick: Oh, we should though. You need to, you’re missing out.

Vivi: Yeah. I know. There’s  episodes that are really talked about. That’s what we’re doing after this.

Erick: I was going to say we should probably watch a few episodes every week and then talk about it so that you can give your feedback. There’s episodes that I love. Yeah. 

Vivi: I feel like you’ve told me like the whole story of a couple of them just cause I haven’t watched it and didn’t want it to talk about it. 

Erick: It’s another show that is kind of like a dystopian future where technology kind of goes wrong

Vivi: like love death,

Erick: I think that they get a bunch of different animators to submit these stories and then,

Vivi: which is pretty cool. All the art styles are different. We watch like three or four episodes and they were all pretty interesting.

Erick: How about that robot one, the one with the robots, every single I was there, the first one with the vacuum,

Vivi:  hilarious hilariously animated messed up storyline.

Erick: It is. And then the neighbor with the gun. He’s like, you’re the save the dang it’s electric unit to me immediately. Yeah, that’s a good one we haven’t finished it, but. I think it’s pretty cool. I still love season one better. there was one that I was like, yeah, whatever it was the one about the babies.

Vivi: Really? I thought it was pretty interesting concept. It reminded me. So this is going to turn into, we’re just talking about television, but it reminded me a lot of brave new world.

Erick: I never seen that one.

Vivi: I’ve never read. It’s a dystopian novel. So yeah, maybe I’ll read it and talk about

Erick: it. But the competition to 1984,

Vivi: they are same genre. I don’t know if it’s really competition,

Erick: not competition, I guess, but people always compare like 1984 is like the negative and positive.

Vivi: The positive, but still dystopian. Yeah. Yeah it is a movie though. If you just want to check out the movie. Yeah. Cool. Yeah. We’ll.

Erick: What else do we have? I listened to a couple more podcasts. I know that, we don’t really talk about that many other podcasts, but yeah, it’s just us,  always room for more podcasts. I’ve actually been vibing a lot off of their show lately. I feel like I’ve been annoying PV with all the jokes.

Vivi: No, it’s not annoying at all. Cause I came here. It you’ll have it playing around the house and. I’ll hear you busting out laughing. And I’m like, yeah, that was pretty funny.

Erick: Yeah. It’s a group of four and they just like us where we drink cocktails, they smoke weed and talk about the strain   it’s pretty cool. They have specific topics for each episode. And then it sounds like they cover a movie once a month and they recently, I haven’t caught up yet, but recently released an episode talking about sleepaway camp. Yeah.

Vivi: So yeah, I was going to listen to that one because I want to hear their take. It is for sure. A trippy movie,

Erick: my little cousin in Wisconsin, I think he’s listening. But they said that they didn’t watch it because they saw that the SQL’s are all like pornos

Vivi: did not know that, but you should watch the first one. What else do you got

Erick: I have nightmare. I’m pretty street too. I’ve been listening to them for a while. Actually been listening to them for a couple of weeks  they cover several movies at once. Their first two episodes recovering I think one through four of nightmare on Elm street, which makes sense because it’s just so many. They’re pretty good takes they recently covered get out and honestly, I think it’s cool to listen to other podcasts and take their takes. When we started this one, we were like, well, you know, there’s already so many, but I mean,

Vivi: they’re going to save things at different opinions.

Erick:   It’s really cool. Check them out too. So I have one last thing.

Vivi: One last,

Erick: yeah, someone reached out on Twitter. I checked out his stuff. His name is Poltergeist and he’s  got a sleep away camp rap. We’re going to take a listen. Now he sent us a promo reel so that we can play it on the show and check it out.  Let’s hear it.

Poltergeist: Not Poltergeist did not make inappropriate songs about horror movies, basically you could break up at their corporate and his bed in the morning and read it must protect you. Nothing. This is not a dream babies. They say Halloween baby on the scene. This is what we. Subscribe on YouTube and pulled the guys Dodi, follow me on Instagram and the slasher, rapid Poltergeist underscore Odie.

Vivi: That was fun. No, I think it’s super fun. I love when people take what they love and their talent and mix it together.

Erick: If you guys go and check them out on YouTube is sleep away. Camp rap is like to footage of the movie and what he’s saying, literally lines up with what’s.

Vivi:  If I’m having a Halloween party, I’m definitely going to play his music.

Erick: Hold it. You gotta stay true to that. So I’m going to take a video on how many of you playing this music?

 Vivi: I don’t know what we’re doing this Halloween cause

Erick: anniversary.

Vivi: It’s our one-year wedding anniversary.

Erick: We do have this plan that I always have a Halloween party.

Vivi: We did, but we probably won’t do one this year. Cause we still live in the condo. I’m hoping. We’ll probably be house hunting over actually.

Erick: Cool. But yeah, go check out Poltergeist suite. So that’s it for we content. You got anything else? Good. Thanks. Okay, it’s time to talk about this drink. I’m calling them. I’d made a shot and I made a cocktail. I’m calling it jig the shot and saw the drink. Nice. So jigsaw,

Vivi:  they are a layer drinks. Cause the Eric’s new favorite thing is to make layer drinks.

Erick: They look cool.

Vivi: They do look cool. They’re pretty tropical looking. One is a red and white swirl and then one is a shooter with red at the bottom. I’m assuming that’s coffee and there’s black. Yeah. So like black coffee and then creamer on top.

Erick: I was able to get the white on the soft drink, because I use heavy whipping cream and vodka.

Vivi: Oh, I didn’t know I had vodka in it.  

Erick: Yeah. Yeah. I know that we haven’t mentioned in the past  if people have been looking for our steps and ingredients, how we’ve been doing the drinks, we have them on our website. So visit shaken out scared It’ll go on there. There’s a drinks and recipes page. You’ll find all the ones that we’ve covered so far. And then all the ones that we’ve done. Just for fun on the side, like your spooky margarita for single mile. They’re all on there. So check them out. But this one do you want to taste it?

Vivi: Oh sure. Are we doing the shooter for

Erick: shooter first? She is here. that is quite actually, it’s interesting because it’s coffee. Like, but also you don’t like remedy, right?

Vivi: No, it’s very sweet and syrupy and kind of overpowers anything that it’s in, but it looks cool. And that’s why I use it in a lot of stuff.

Erick:  When you think about the shot, the jig, that is

Vivi: the JAG. It was pretty good. I’m just not a big fan of Granity. I would give it a three out of five.

Erick: Hmm. I’d give it a two and a half.

Vivi: Cause you also don’t like sweets.

Erick: I don’t like sweet stuff, but it’s not nasty, you

Vivi: know?

Erick: It’s like not a horrible sweet. All right. Now try the sauce.

Vivi: You guys can’t see this, but Eric actually gave me a smaller glass

Erick: on accident. I didn’t realize both glasses were different sizes.

Vivi: Oh, this is really good.

Erick: She thick.

Vivi: It’s a thick, yeah. It’s a slushy drink. What is in the strawberry part of it?

Erick: The strawberry has peach schnapps rum. There’s a little bit of simple syrup. Strawberries and grenadine. And then this white part has heavy whipping cream. Vodka and vanilla extract.

Vivi: I like it. I’m going to give it a four to five. 

Erick: I think so too.

Vivi:  I think it’s because it’s also like 80 degrees here. This is like hitting the spot. Yeah. Cool. Good job. Check it out. Thank you.  no way.  Sorry. I just got a message from our friends. We showed them the drinks and mortar mortars in the background of the photo. Brenda’s like what happened to your skeleton?

Erick:  Yeah. That project is coming soon. We’ll let you go.

Vivi:  Oh, I’m taking a really long time, but I’m trying to mid summer him up. Hopefully that’d be bar mid-summer but Sumner, Sumner.

Erick: So, so many debates online. Why? It’s literally just people, people, people there. So you want me to give it a quick snippet

Vivi: since I’m

Erick: phone factoring here’s what I’m to be says.

Vivi: Let’s go

Erick: Two strangers, waking in a room with no recollection of how they got there and soon discover their ponds in a deadly game perpetrated by a notorious serial killer.

Vivi: Yeah. That’s pretty much it.

Erick: Cool. This movie is really long. So summing up in a sentence is pretty.

Vivi: I’ve got some opinions, but let me get into the fun facts first Okay. So, so I was actually, when we, I don’t know a lot about, because I wasn’t interested in it, I got these fun facts from Uproxx it an article titled 10 facts, every horror movie fan of sauce should know or something like that. James weigh-in and Lei, one L I believe his last name is pronounced. Actually started this short film back in 2001 inspired by the Blair witch project.

Erick: Really?

Vivi: You kind of get that vibe of like found footage, G type films. With that the movie also had a pretty small budget, less than a million dollars, which for a movie is I guess poor. I don’t know.

Erick: Maybe it’s a lot. I don’t know.

Vivi: Yeah. It said they had a budget of 700,000 and I’m just like, that’s a house. Yeah. Very expensive

Erick: to compare how much things cost by a number of houses you can buy.

Vivi: Because of that, the film was mostly filmed inside one warehouse and they don’t have a lot of outside scenes because they were too expensive to shoot. The film originally did not have the plan of having jigsaw in it, the puppet on the tricycle. Isn’t that crazy to think that now he’s like the figure of the films.

Erick: Did they say why.  Got added in after the fact,

Vivi: They say like sources and then they quote like the director talking about the film and he just like never is brought up. That would probably be a deeper dive that I’d have to go into

Erick: just like, well, we need an icon for this thing. So

Vivi: probably they’re probably thinking along the lines of, we need a Freddie, we need a Michael, we need a Jason,

Erick: what if the pig? And the cloak was like their alternative and they’re like the puppets kind of creepier puppet. Yeah.

Vivi: I actually don’t think the Puppet’s creepy, but maybe it’s because it’s parodied so much now. Maybe if I saw it at first and then

Erick: the pig thing is creepier.

Vivi:  So the character jigsaw was actually a result of migraine headaches after film school. Well now, kept getting terrible migraines and headaches, and he was convinced he had a brain tumor. So he went to go get an MRI and he was sitting there waiting for his results, thinking like, what if they tell me I have two years to live? What if they tell me I am going to die now? And obviously that’s a heavy theme in this.

Erick: What have I done in life to only have this time left? I don’t have much time. And these people who do are wasting it.

Vivi: exactly. Yeah. Probably my last one, cause there’s actually a million of fun facts about this film, because one, it totally changed the horror genre. It was only filmed in 18 days, which is crazy short, but this is one that I think is interesting is they originally had three ideas for this movie. And one was the concept of the two men waking up in the room. The other one was about astral projection, which we know James when later made with insidious and he had another premise. Yeah. Right. Like what was the original storyline for that entity is probably right.

Erick:  Oh, okay. I was thinking the movie was planned out this way, but it was going to have themes of Astro projection as the way that they were tormented or something.

Vivi: I think James went just wanted to make a film about Astro projection, which he later does. And then another premise he had for it was what if a man was waking up with scars and things while he was sleeping and he didn’t know what was happening to him and he recorded it. Which later went on to be similar premise for paranormal activity. Kind of cool that all these film ideals he had did become films later. I don’t think he’s involved with paranormal.

Erick: I don’t think he is right.

Vivi: No, I don’t think so. Yeah. Just two dudes from movie school who

Erick:  they did it. Well, honestly,

Vivi: the small budget

Erick:  movie is a good time. I remember being younger. I’ve 2004. I was like 12 and you watched and I watched it and I was, being a kid, you don’t necessarily get a lot of things, I just thought he cut his leg off. Well, my God, what is happening? What’s the pig got to do with this puppet and just remembering all the torture scenes as an adult, not every wash it with you, it’s still pretty insane.

Vivi: I wish I didn’t know the ending because I knew the twist at the end and I knew the concept of this movie. I can imagine watching it the first time at the end, you’d be like, what the fuck? But I knew it was coming. So that kind of sucks.

Erick: I think that’s why watching it this time too. A long time between still had me guessing what was going to happen next because I don’t.

Vivi: Yeah, I could see that.  Who’s doing the one minute summary.

Erick: You’re going to do the minute this time, because I think I did beasts to very road last week. I think so.

Vivi: We should keep track of this better.

Erick: Ready? One minute, one, two, three, go.

Vivi: Okay. We opened on the scene with a dude in the bathtub. He gets out and he realizes he’s in the room with another dude. It turns out he’s a doctor and this guy is a private investigator and there’s like a dead body in the center of the room that they don’t pay a lot of attention to apparently. So like, we’re just kind of finding out about the characters through exposition and background stories. We find out that the doctor had like an affair and he’s like a terrible husband and like an okay-ish father. We don’t learn a lot about Adam. The PI dude kind of doesn’t matter. And uh, we find out that the doctor was kind of mean to the dude that was like, oh, he has cancer. And uh, there’s an orderly named Zack that comes into play later. They’re all being manipulated by this dude in this game of torture. Uh, because at the same time, there’s an investigation going on and they find like brutalized bodies. It’s like a game. There was one survivor. Her name was Amanda. She explains what’s going on. And in the end they kind of have to like torture or kill each other to at least one of them survive and get out the end. I didn’t have that. Love

Erick: you. Only one, because you just like were like, fuck the rest of the details. Yeah. And then you just like said, that’s the end

Vivi: getting it done.

Erick: It was 55. You had five seconds left.

Vivi: Five seconds.

Erick: I don’t know. Next time. Yeah. Cause then you’re just like, well, and then let’s see it. 

Vivi: Yes.

Erick: Awesome. Well, you win technically,

Vivi: technically you’re not happy about it

Erick: the rule for, if we don’t beat them in it is we have to take a shot. No, I’m not doing, we already did a shooter. one that you did Cool. Well, let’s jump into it. There’s a couple of things I want to point out. Yeah. right from the get-go

Vivi: right. Give it to me.

Erick: All right. So fuck this cop.

Vivi: Yeah. When we find out that they’re in this room and the doctor knows, I guess this is a detail that I did miss. The doctor knows about this criminal because he was a suspect in the investigation. And he’s being  relentlessly pursued by this one cop investigator who like truly believes he is the murderer to the point of being fucking, oh yes. Clearly worst cop, this dude’s wife and child be kidnapped and just watches them. It does nothing.

Erick: Let me wait. You’re waiting for the doctor. I’m waiting for the doctor too. It’s like, dude, what are you talking about? Also, you bought an apartment across the street just to watch this man.

Vivi: We do find out that, this murderer is out there and he becomes like really obsessed with the case. And you get the vibe that he is kind of obsessive about cases in general. Like he doesn’t chill out. He doesn’t go have a drink at the bar later with his, center And

Erick: I didn’t ever actually caught the name of the cop. Oh, is it tough? Okay.

Vivi: Sing and tap,

Erick: tap sing.

Vivi: I wonder if that’s on purpose?

Erick: I don’t know. The names were weird. Even zip,

Vivi: zip,

Erick: zip tap sing. He’s like, let me take some comic book words and just start throwing them in the names. Pow, we got Sapp. We got Kapawi isn’t that from? That’s so, Raven dad, he’s trying to come up with a sound for when he goes Gordon Ramsey on it. Salt bay.

Vivi: Yeah. He does.

Erick: But  that scene where bites, when he would go have a beer and this guy just happens to see like the tiniest detail into one of the VHS’s that they’re watching,

Vivi: they go investigate immediately. And I don’t know how cops work, but don’t you need like clearance from somebody else. You can’t just go off and do that on your own or with your partner

Erick: was when he said no to beers.

Vivi: That’s what he

Erick:  had. He said yes. To beers. He wouldn’t be done would be fine. Honestly,

Vivi: this scene is more in the middle of the movie. Cause we’re flashing back between the two strangers in the room and finding out the backstory of why they’re there. we see that they follow this lead and they find the warehouse where jigsaw is

Erick: via gang graffiti in the VHS and alarms. Very, very faint fire alarm in the background. And they called  headquarters to say, could you get all the fire alarms went off in this area during this time? I don’t know if it’s a reach.

Vivi:  You get the sense that you have to be clever, but it’s like

Erick: this cop was not clever.

Vivi: No, I hate him so much because then they do get there and there is a person currently they’re being tortured instead of shooting him, like sing, wants to, he just like

Erick: so much goes wrong.

Vivi: He’s like, no, I need to see his face in that. Honestly, that’s like his entire day

Erick: and seeing the whole time is like, let’s get on. We got him right down,

Vivi: right in front of us. Shoot process, assess questions later. Basically.

Erick:  It’s seen as cool overall.  It’s kinda like when the superheroes get to the villain and the villain has got this master plan and puts the heroes on a,  it’s either save the guy or catch me,

Vivi: the dude is fumbling with the keys. When jigsaw tells him like the keys, we’ll let him go. And I’m like, why wouldn’t you

Erick: come into  his neck?

Vivi: He literally has a shotgun when this is happening. I’m like, okay, maybe not a shotgun because those spatter everywhere. But then he pulls out his hand gun way later. Almost like, why wouldn’t you do that first and shoot the drill,

Erick:  till like the last 10 seconds.

Vivi: And in that time where he’s trying to figure it out, taps fighting with the actual murderer and gets his throat flyest which is like pretty intense. I don’t know too much about this universe, but like, what did he do before this? Just have that skill.

Erick: Clearly he was in this and

Vivi: clearly even dresses like line in the cloak.

Erick: I wonder if it says insecurity came up before this. I don’t know, I was confused too with a survival, because obviously it’s revealed that he survived because he’s

Vivi: just probably didn’t cut deep enough or he missed the vital artery in your neck.

Erick:  Sing and the cop follow I don’t know that I would trust following and chasing after this person who is clearly in the puzzles and clearly in the traps, through his

Vivi: victims. It’s like, you don’t really know your criminal. Cause I thought you had to like really study them. Behaviorly

Erick: You would know that chasing after him, he probably has trapped.

Vivi: That’s trapped the place. Yeah. At which he does, he has this crazy shotgun trap that just blow

Erick: which elaborate. How’d you get that many shotguns? How much guns cost?

Vivi: no, but also this is a Merkel. Hm. It’s very easy to get

Erick: got them off the black market. I don’t know,  he has like six shotguns hanging from the ceiling.

Vivi: Yeah. And blows up saying basic work. Cause they all go up 

Erick: you got the body shaken and she’s yelling cause he blew his head off.

Vivi: I guess this is a good time to mention that I have not watched these movies because I legitimately thought they were all about the gore.

Erick: The later ones I feel are

Vivi: this one’s not bad. was expecting worse. I kept waiting for worse. actually reading some of the fun facts for today saw that all the gore that came later was not part of the creator’s original vision. They cared about the story. But fans seem to really like the gore of this movie. And so it became crazier and crazier as the movies went on.

Erick: We were reading the synopsis for all seven and I didn’t realize there were that many.

Vivi: I do want to watch spiral though.

Erick: I’ve heard mixed reviews about that one, but yes, we’re eventually going to watch all of them, but it’s funny you read through the synopsis for all seven and it’s like one through four, I think is the one that’s like jigsaw continues jigsaw this Chickasaw. And then once you get a, I think it’s four is where he’s dead. And from four to seven, it’s like the legacy of jigsaw, the copycat killer of jigsaw jigsaw is legacy still. And it’s clear that jigsaw is a big deal in this universe because he is super smart and his whole motive is he’s sick has cancer.  I can kind of resonate with that. Not that I’ve had cancer, but I’ve known people who do and I’ve thought about too, like what they could feel like. And honestly, I don’t think he’s I mean, oh shit, shit. Yeah. I can imagine that someone would break with that in mind, you know, not just cancer, but terminal disease in general.

Vivi: It’s kind of funny because I have Crohn’s. And I like resignated a little bit with this movie is no fuck that. I didn’t go murder everybody, but I remember first getting diagnosed and you definitely feel that rage towards other people. Granted crowns, like I should count my blessings. Right. It’s a manageable disease now with medicine and stuff like that. But I definitely at the beginning would like, look at people on the streets and be like, why me? Why me? Well, I pour a little may when you’re out here. I think he captures a drug addict at one time and like, and she’s fine. You know, like I would think those things like as messed up as they are, but when you get diagnosed with something you’re kind of just angry, it’s the process of grieving about it. I don’t think he got over it. He just went straight into the murder.

Erick: Yeah. And if he was a super intelligent dude, I guess that sucks. You don’t really. Expect super smart people to use it for bad. But when they do, this is what you get, I guess like this is the result of someone’s super smart, turning evil.

Vivi: I think all good ones have to be smart.

Erick: Yeah. That was like stupid and villains. But now I know what you mean. Not from firsthand, but my dad had cancer and I remember seeing other feeling the same thing. Just indirectly, you picture people who are doing really bad things, subjective, because

Vivi: I was going to say bad things, quote unquote, you just see people doing unhealthy things

Erick: and you picture like, why is my My dad wasn’t like a huge drinker or anything, but he had kidney cancer and it’s like, there’s people who literally right now we’re drinking. But like there’s people who literally have quote unquote bad biases and are completely fine. And then there’s people who are just normal. Cool combo healthy who get this, but it’s just the yeah,

Vivi: that’s what I felt too. And it’s like at the end of the day, that just because you have vices or something, doesn’t mean you’re a bad person in serves to die. You know, this stuff’s random. It picks whoever it wants it. There’s no reason on that depressing note.

Erick: But about these

Vivi: let’s talk about murder.

Well, what, what did you think about all the traps? 

before you say that you made a point about how jigsaw dies, but doesn’t really die. And like he comes back, but that’s what happens to all of the iconic slashers, every movie Michael’s not dead, but he’s dead and he’s back, but he’s not dead. And that’s what happens with him, Freddy. And they all get these remakes.

Erick: But I think what makes those more ridiculous is that it’s actually them in this case, it’s just somebody doing his work like him for jigsaw.

Vivi: Which is more believable because there is such things as copycat killers. yeah, we could talk about the traps, I thought they were about to be crazy in this movie and they weren’t that crazy.

Erick: You really, you think so think about the bear trap face.

Vivi: Oh, I thought that was insane, but she gets out of it and I’m sure I’ve seen in other movies where they don’t get out of it. 

Erick: I couldn’t tell  but  it looks like she only had 60 seconds to do everything she did in that scene. I don’t think she would have actually had that time. No, because she has time to freak out in the chair. I don’t think the timer starts until she gets up and there’s like a string connected to the bird trap. And so when she stands up, she still has time to freak out, standing

Vivi: heavy metal,

Erick: heavy metal, and spinning in the room. Then she has to go and like cries over the body of that guy in the room with her realizes he’s alive. There’s a giant question mark on his chest, Riddler style from the Batman. And then she finds a knife on the floor. Like it’s, there’s just too many things. Have you ever tried to do something in a minute? Like, yeah,

Vivi: they just tried to,

Erick:  it’s not enough time, but she does. She cuts through his, I’m not going to, I’m just going to keep re-emphasizing. There’s not enough time. She wouldn’t survive. She cut through him and then still had to look,

Vivi: look through intestines  so it’s a little long intestines are,

Erick:  and then she still doesn’t know where to insert this key on her head that she still has time to grab it and throw it before it’s now it’s too much,

Vivi: but she claims that. He helped her because she was a drug addict and made her happy to be alive

Erick: point to make that guy was not dead. He was alive for a while.

Vivi: And jigsaw tells her that he’s dead because I guess thinking you’re like, well, if they’re already dead, yeah. I would cut through their stomach to save my own head from snapping. Yeah. But then you realize he’s not dead.

Erick: He had a bunch of opium in him, so he didn’t even feel it, they say later.

Vivi: Um, So I think what this movie does is it’s unsettling. Like knowing these things, but not super gory. And later I’m guessing they just are about gory, not unsettling. I don’t know.

Erick: Yeah. But the other one I wanted to point out was the wiring trap,

Vivi:  the barbed wire one

Erick: where he had to get out of the barbed wire in time before the door closed. But then did I listen correctly? The cop said that he didn’t even give him the full three hours. It closed at two.

Vivi: No, I think he said he struggled for like two hours before bleeding out, which is a long um,

Erick: yeah, well, because I was just picturing getting out.

Vivi:  Yeah, no way

Erick: the whole time. We’ve talked about this before. What’s Hisperia where the girl jumps into that pile of barbed wire and she just keeps struggling and just keeps killing herself, obviously.

Vivi:  so not a new concept,

Erick:  not a new concept, but I mean, I guess what do you do? Imagine being jigsaw, you do want to make these tests as impossible as you can, but also beatable or is his thing just, no, they’re just not gonna win

Vivi: or maybe he picks people he thinks deserve to live more than others and makes their tasks more accomplishable

Erick: Allegedly,

Vivi: allegedly, I don’t know.

Erick: She wins the bear trap one, but it’s  not something she could have done, but there was that one. The, with the door closing. And then we also get the guy who, what was his problem? Why did he do it? Yeah,

Vivi: we had to get a key out of a box and the code was on the walls, but to see the wall, he had to pick up a candle, but he was covered in like highly flammable fluid,

Erick: but I mean there was reasons for why he, 

Vivi: the first man with the wire, it was he was depressed and cutting himself from

Erick: that’s. What jigsaw says is that for intention, he did it.

Vivi: Oh, weird. Because like that kind of behavior is more common in teenagers than adults. Not saying that it doesn’t happen, but more common in teenagers. There is a show.

Erick: I shouldn’t do that.

Vivi: I need to go to therapy. There’s a show called sharp objects that plays on that. Good book, same author as  gone girl.

Erick: But so that was his problem. And then the one with the numbers and the fluid on him, his problem was he was pretending to be sick

Vivi: to get attention.

 Erick: When they found him, he was as a corpse. Oh, there was also a glass on the floor.

Vivi: There was

Erick: a walking around while also trying to hold this candle that could also burn you. While also trying to understand it’s just so many numbers on the wall and he has to find the combination for the safest center or no, no, there’s no way you have the time or two, right?

Vivi: Yeah. I think he had like an hour or something. But that’s pretty much the background we got on this killer. Now let’s talk about the two dudes in the room where the bulk of this story is happening. Lawrence is a doctor. Adam, like we find out is a private investigator

Erick: he was hired by the cop.

Vivi: I tap. Yes, yes,

Erick: You feel bad for Adam? I felt bad for him

Vivi: okay. I don’t care about Lawrence. He’s  not great,

Erick: which is why he’s here.

Vivi: If you get the message that they’re not supposed to be great people, why was Adam there? What did he do though? Is so bad. There has to be something. No,

Erick: Yeah. Adam was probably the least deserving character of this situation because what is his thing that he spent time being a PI and that’s his flaw is literally. Jessica  belongs in here too. All Jessica Jones was, she would immediately break her chains and just walk out, walk through the wall, kills up.

Vivi: Woo. We find out it’s not even the main bad guy, which I already knew,  kind of spoils it.

Erick: You also wonder why is that is also targeted? Was the zips problem that he was a familiar, what do you call it? A regular, what are they called?

Vivi: Orderly familiar. No, he wasn’t an animal friend to a witch.

Erick: When it’s revealed at Zep is also in a game. I thought it was interesting because it’s that kind of admired John. So why?

Vivi: I guess he got manipulated by him.

Erick: Okay. Thanks for the support, bro. Here’s a game

Vivi: I’m gonna murder you. They’re essentially in the worst escape room ever. And I asked you, I wonder if this is where like escape rooms came from.

Erick: Yeah. I don’t know where the first one ever came. Have you been to one? You haven’t no, right. Yeah. I have through work they were looking for a 6% or something like that and I went, it is fun, but you do feel the, even though it’s like for fun, you feel the pressure. Yeah. Cause there’s a person in there with you. Who’s from the escape room. They’re like a worker. They can’t give you any hints, but they will tell you if like you’re completely off. At least the one we went to.  There’s tons of things in the room, keys there’s codes,  I remember ours was like a murderer. We had to figure out why he got this demon thing. I mean, to find these like pieces that then at the end, we had to bring together on this pedestal that would open the door. it was like we were in one room and then we had to enter this other room where the pedestal was, but we could see the other room through a window, like if we were in a house and then had to get outside to the pedestal and then we had to bring all those pieces together and put them in the correct positioning. Cause they all had symbols on them. Super complicated, we ended up getting out like with literally a minute left. Yeah. So the pressure was on, 

Vivi: no one was cutting body parts.

Erick: No. So imagine

Vivi:  when you do,

Erick: I dunno if that was coherent, but that’s how I felt

Vivi: panicky. Speaking of panic, a panic in this room, this doctor is an asshole because he keeps telling Adam to  not lie to him, to trust him and all these things. When jigsaw wants him to kill Adam by six o’clock

Erick: and he hasn’t told let them the whole time

Vivi: kind of not right.

Erick:  Adam never really brings up aside from a couple of times where he’s like, no, fuck you. I don’t trust you. I don’t ever really like shows as much panic as I would. Let’s say me and this person are stuck in a room. And then the recorder says that guy needs to kill me. I would be like, no, fuck you. I’m figuring this out on my own.

Vivi: And he keeps telling him,  we need to work together and Adam’s really trusting. Cause he throws him the song and he throws him everything he needs. And I’d be like, no, babe, you stay over there. Yeah.

Erick: Which sucks. I guess that’s the mind game either you both die together or. You trust this recording that literally just said the other guys wait it out is to kill you.  There’s a lot of opportunities to kill out them too, like the cigarette

Vivi: and he doesn’t do it and they try to fake out the murderer and then he electrocutes them. Cause, he’s in the room with them and he can hear their plan.

Erick: Yes. It’s so funny. Right. You’re like, oh my God, he’s been in this whole time. In the montage John’s eyes are opening and closing.  It’s implied, like he’s been watching this whole time, but it’s like, why wouldn’t Adam ever see it?

Vivi: Or why wouldn’t you notice the rise and fall of a chest breathing. But I guess if you’re like in such a state of panic and you think that this is a dead body,

Erick: he likes his front row seats.

Vivi: Yeah, he does.

Erick: You were talking about Adam and Lawrence it’s a couple of things that get thrown their way.  It’s just like an escape room the clues lead to one thing and then they lead to another. First they find the tapes, they somehow reached the recorder in the dead bodies hand

Vivi: okay. I’m throwing a lot of stuff back and forth. Like what if one hit the dead body flinches? It’d be like, oh no, you have to be really good at playing dumb.

Erick: And John, when he finally does get up, he’s like stretching low-key style and his little ugly face we’ll post the video. I think one day to show how he stretches

Vivi: my favorite thing about him.

Cause he looks so ugly

Erick: and he makes these noises.

Vivi: But like, you didn’t have to pee the whole time. Like I would have had to pee within the first hour only.

Erick: Just didn’t chug a ton of coffee. Like you, bam.

Vivi: Oh, I guess that’s a smart choice,

Erick: at some point they said, follow your heart.

Is that what the note said in the pocket?

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: Okay. So then they say follow your heart. There’s like a poop heart on the toilet next to Adam,

Vivi: a bloody heart.

Erick: And I don’t understand why this is your first go-to. He starts to stick his hand into the toilet with like poop water. Cause it’s a brown and nasty. I would have immediately looked under the lid, not suck my hand into the poop water, which I guess if you’re stuck in this nasty ass room and your thought is like, they’re going to make it horrible. So. It’s probably in the poop, but the next thing is like, there’s something here. All right. We’ll try the lid. He’s like, yeah. And he puts his hand in the lid and he finds this garbage bag and he’s like, why didn’t I try that first? And I was like, yeah, that’s wrong. I didn’t do.  They find the garbage bag and Adam  quickly grabs the bag. Yeah.

Vivi: He puts it in the tub and just that two later

Erick:  the two cells are in there  they handled to each other and both of them again, knowing how a saw works myself. I wouldn’t try you. You kept for bringing up all this logic about the lighter, right.

Vivi:  It was roasting me, but I’m like we have fire her. It was a true caveman about this movie. Okay. Because

we can get out of here. He cuts off his leg. Towards the end to escape the chain, which is what jigsaw wants. Right. And he’s trying to crawl out of this room and being like, I need to get help because if we don’t, I’m going to bleed out and die. And I was like, you have a lighter kind of you and you’re a fucking doctor, allegedly.  Couldn’t you set your clothes on fire enough to like cauterize the wound.  At least you wouldn’t bleed out and die set the clothes on fire over the chains, wait the six hours and nothing will happen apparently. But I said, we can

Erick: immediately hold the fire the lighter two years.

Vivi: Well, my immediate solution was like set the whole place on fire and don’t let the killer win. That would be my logic  you’re going to die. Anyway.

Erick: If you knew that the guy in the center of the room, I’m sure.

Vivi: Right. Cause like, what if I set the room on fire and then the dude, like this one, I didn’t expect you to be that crazy bitch.

Erick: He’s like, you know what?

Vivi: You don’t want to die. You know what I’m going to make you leave. So yeah.

Erick:  So these guys are trying to cut their chains with these very, very skinny solves.

Vivi: That’s strong enough to cut through your legs still there’s bone in that bitch.

Erick:  I don’t know.  Maybe because he’s a doctor, he knows how to do it. Right. I don’t fucking know. And we never see the cut lag. I was pissed that we didn’t see this. Okay.

Vivi: No, I thought you would at least see that because this film is so gory. I thought

Erick: you think it’s your stump.  I didn’t really see any  dismemberment, even though sings head gets blown off by shotguns. You just see the chest.  It’s all implied the whole time.

Vivi: This first one? Yes.

Erick: Even when she’s cutting up the dude’s stomach for the key, you know,

Vivi:  fun fact, those were pink guts,

Erick: always. So we did see it.

Vivi: She like is playing with the intestines to get the key out

Erick: pig guts. Huh? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I feel, I don’t know what that is figured out.

Vivi: I think they know my uncle loans.

Erick: My uncle loves tacos, but

Vivi: I don’t really like it

Erick: here all that time that your family had three points at the party and

Vivi: you went in on them and they’re like, wow, he really likes it.

Erick: I didn’t, I was on a high fat, low carb diet. Yes. That was the only thing I could eat. But they end up breaking one of the saws  they’re just arguing. You get more backstory about the doctor and his family and how he’s a liar. He’s a piece of shit. And he’s like, I would never lie to you. A daughter. And then immediately she

Vivi: doesn’t check her closet well enough to find that there’s an actual man inside

Erick: was creepy. If your kid goes up to your room, cause he or she is afraid and they’re just standing there staring at you until you wake up. What the fuck are you doing here? Go back to bed.

Vivi: Certainly on me. Drop kick them. Cause you think they’re a demon

Erick: or possessed or not? My child. I saw a lot on Twitter about doppelgangers. Have you heard this?

Vivi: Oh yeah,

Erick: I commented on it about now there’s like a whole side of tick-tock with skim walkers and I think it’s creepy as fuck. I know a lot of it’s probably just like, not real, but, but it’s fun. It’s so creepy. Yeah, you don’t know if that kid’s yours because first of all, it’s a double game. she’s very emotionless in the social scene. So she gets up out of bed and then just goes, walks up to her mom  just staring. It says nothing.

Vivi: Yeah. That’s the thing like, cause I remember being a kid and I, if I would cry, my mom would come to my room and be like, what the fuck’s wrong with you?  Or if you were my sister, you would wake up in the middle of the night, every fucking night and be like, mom, I threw up. So you don’t just quietly go in there and be like, I’m scared.  Great.

Erick: Children are creepy.

Vivi: There’s a whole genre and horror. Creepy kids.

Erick: It could be babies to see that we get random backstory stuff about the doctor while Adam and Lawrence are kind of talking about why they ended up here. It’s also how we get the exposition about saw and how there’s an investigation on Lawrence because of the crazy cop the reason they think the doctor did it is because

Vivi: a pen of his was found at a crime scene.

Erick: Which has obviously all of  jigsaws plan, it’s all interconnected. It’s almost like it was a bunch of people who had a series of unfortunate events that then led them to,

Vivi: which is like my question, how do you know people are going to play along and do what you want?

Erick: Isn’t that his point is that he knows how simple people are, how simple-minded there.

Vivi: I don’t know. Cause like he gives the doctor one gun with one bullet, right? Who’s to say that the doctor wasn’t suicidal and he’s like, fuck this, this is too much anyway. And blows his own brains out.

Erick: Or fires on the body, that’s in the ground

Vivi: or shoots his chains and a ricocheting bullet is going around the room and the dead body. Once again has to be like, oh shit,

Erick: it’s also talking about this lighter

Vivi: weight drop in.

Erick: I was like, if you really have this much faith in the lighter, he should have just lift the back of the bullet. So it would just,

Vivi: yes. Okay.

Erick: But anyway, we got a lot of backstory about how Adam ended up being hired as a PI, but the cop, the pen was found at a crime scene for these jigsaw murders. The family on the same night that the doctor is going to go cheat on his wife is held hostage the doctor shows up at sleeping with. Yeah. He doesn’t end up doing anything with her, but he gets a phone call. So the room where they’re going to meet basically says, I know what you’re doing. He’s like, I gotta get out of here. He leaves to the garage. That’s where Adam is taking a picture, bad job as a pie. What the fuck are you using? Flash, if you’re trying to be discrete also that camera’s loud as hell later when we see how it happened.

Vivi: Maybe that’s why Adam ended up there because he took a picture and jigsaw was like, oh shit, I was there.

Erick: And maybe he caught me. Yeah. Yeah. That could be it. But yeah. You can hear the charge in the back of the doctor turns around. He’s like what the fuck’s there and nothing happened. So he’s going to his car. It’s also always see how the doctor got kidnapped. We see how Adam got kidnapped at his house or apartment. By this pig cloaked figure, which. I think it’s creepier than the puppet.

Vivi: Yeah, actually again, because that puppet has been parodied so much, there’s a video that our friend showed us. It’s like, jigsaw is the worst roommate ever. And he’s just like making you do all these tasks, like to get to work. And he’s like the worst co worker ever.

Erick: We should post it in the notes. Just hilarious.

Vivi: So I kind of couldn’t take the movie seriously after having seen those videos.

Erick: you imagined before though, this was creepy. I remember looking down at the puppet was like, we

Vivi: never liked dolls and there’s a scene where it takes all the dolls laughing. And I said, no, thank you.

Erick: Yeah. And Adams goes at him with a bat.

Vivi: So it shows how they get kidnapped and it shows how his family is being tied up. something that really bothered me about the family being tied up in the mom, like freeing herself, And pretending to be tied up and all that, that’s fine because she doesn’t tax him for the gun, but doesn’t shoot him immediately. She has it states. Your kids there, man, like you, and clearly you have horrible intentions. You’ve tied us up. Like I will shoot you.

Erick: He wrote, this is a good point that the reason that this happens with the mom is because they want to advance the cop story, and he gets killed. Anyway,

Vivi: He gets no redemption.  He ends up being like the same dumb ass and makes the same mistake of not wanting to shoot this guy. Cause he’s just so hellbent on wanting to bring him to justice that he ends up dying.

Erick: You know, this kind of reminds me of the doctor from Halloween guy and this guy,

Vivi: same type of character.

Erick: Yeah. Pearl. They really are the two people who know the most handle the situation in the worst way possible. Dr. Loomis, even less because he’s a doctor, not even a cop, this guy is literally a cop was investigating this

Vivi: anymore. He was discharged for being

Erick: at this point. Yeah. But you would assume he’s like, Hey, I caught him. I have enough evidence to go get this guy. Let’s surround the building. We got him

Vivi: instead of going in blindly, I think it shows that he’s like too like narrow minded on catching this guy. And it ends up being the reason he dies.

Erick: Worst.

Vivi:  through the scene is when zap makes his way to the room with Adam and Dr. Lawrence, Dr. Lawrence is hearing all of this on a phone, like the struggle that’s happening. This is where he snaps and shoots Adam. But he shoots him in the shoulder,  to not fatally wound him, but he’ll like still bleed out if he’s left there. He goes into berserker mode and chops off his foot.

Erick: Makes sense in a situation where you’re stuck and you can’t do shit and you don’t know what’s going on. On the other side, obviously the family, ended up finding some neighbors and call the cop the only logical people in this movie. Yes. But the doctor has no idea that that’s actually happening. So he’s thinking the worst 

Vivi:  I don’t know if I would cut my foot off. I don’t know, have you seen misery?

Erick: No. What is that?

Vivi: It’s a Stephen King. You really haven’t seen Kathy Bates in misery. Oh, okay. I haven’t seen it in a long time. I don’t remember a lot, but there’s basically the premise that. This author wants to stop being an author. And he ends up in the whole other movie guys. Maybe we’ll cover it. He ends up in the woods and Kathy Bates character finds some cause he has an accident in the woods. It turns out she’s like an obsessive fan of his, and she gets really mad when she finds out that he’s killing off one of her favorite characters and like tortures him in the house. She used to be a nurse. Yeah. It’s a whole nightmare scene. And there’s a scene where he like tries to escape and she gets mad at him and she like breaks his feet. Yeah, no, at the like ankle, like she puts a wooden block between his legs and takes a sledgehammer against the thing.  But if you could find a way to break your foot and dislocate it, maybe you could escape these.

Erick: Is it any better than cutting your leg off though? We talked about how you said that you could shatter your bones and then getting infected and you’re not having to  cut it. Okay. Yeah.

Vivi: I’m just trying to think of options here, man.

Erick: You said that you wouldn’t want to play the game at all.

Vivi: I wouldn’t like, fuck you. I’d sit there and be like, Nope, don’t care. Kill me now. I would not be a fun person to do this to

Erick:  he’d be like, well, this is boring.

Vivi: Also it’s funny because he has a, like a type of colon cancer. And like with crowns, that’s like your most likelihood of death.

Erick: You’ll probably just tell them that. Yo I’m like you bro,

Vivi: bro. I’m going to end up like anyway, let’s just

Erick: uh,

Vivi: we’ll wait until then. Huh?

Erick: That would just be bad on jigsaw for not doing his research. No, really?

Vivi: Like I we’re just making this up. Like jigsaw has this compassion towards people clearly. Not clearly not. So he cut, the doctor cuts off his and they have like this weird touching scene where he’s like, I won’t let anything happen

Erick: about me.

Vivi: And he like crawls out

Erick: and he turns around and is like, I wouldn’t lie to you. Lies to him.

Vivi: They’ve been lying to each other this entire time. That’s pretty much where we get this  crazy scene, because I don’t know if I mentioned this, but that runs in and is fighting with Adam and he’s gonna kill the doctor. Cause he didn’t kill him in time. He messed up the rules.

Erick:  We find out that the was also in the game.

Vivi: Adam had killed him. He had struggled with him that’s what, you know, the doctor sees that and then he leaves,

Erick: Adam Kilz is that with the toilet lid?

Vivi:  He likes how end. Cause I was trying to ride it.

Erick: He could have just killed him with the toilet water, you know, since that was Adam’s immediate thought for some reason,

Vivi: the way I was with the lighter he was with the toilet water, like the toilet water on flyers poop

Erick: probably got some methane and there’s depending on how long it’s been sitting there, like the whole room on fire.

Vivi: This is when we get the big reveal. Right? I don’t find the tape ends up. Pocket and plays it. And he’s like, you’re part of the game. And then all of these crazy flashes happen. That’s where you see that the dude that’s been lying on the floor, is alive blinking and looking at them literally. And then he just like stands up. Ribs up is very impressive, special effects, bald cap props to this guy.

Erick: Hey, on that note, before we conclude, there’s you think it’s cool that he has? this lab, where obviously you test these things out.

Vivi: He has a little like  hereditary style where she builds little miniatures. He does.

Erick: Yeah. It’s like a super smart villain, it makes me think, what did he do before.

Vivi: That’s what I said earlier. Does his backstory, he had explored in the other ones? I don’t,

Erick: I can’t recall. I mean, I’m sure. Cause I think at one point his daughter comes into play. I mean, I could be wrong.

Vivi: Just gotta watch it and find out again.

Erick:  We have seven movies to get through eight what’s viral.

Vivi:  I was actually thinking we could do like condensed one where we watch a couple of them at the time, because we also had someone suggest, shout out to a, probably our only listener, She suggested we do all the Kerry movies and I think that’s a good idea. Maybe we like condense them and cover them all in one episode that will be a behemoth would be like watching so many movies.

Erick: Yeah. I’d never seen any of the other ones. We should also watch the remake with, is it  You didn’t see the remake? No, I didn’t.

Vivi: The end of this movie.  I wish I didn’t know the ending, cause that would probably would have been like, whoa. So mind blown.

Erick:  I remember the scene happening and I was like, what is happening? Who is this man? I’d never, ever paid attention to the fact that John was his own character.  In the beginning you see John’s body on the bed. He’s the one that the doctor is teaching his students about.

Vivi: He’s literally talking about him in front of all these people. Like he’s not even there like this patient going to die. And I knew it was him immediately because I knew the premise of the story. And I was like, oh, that’s the killer.

Erick: Him and zap kind of look similar in terms of appearance,

Vivi: like facials. Yeah. I’m sure that’s on purpose to make it seem like zips the mastermind behind everything he’s not. Then it’s just, he gets up and he’s like, That’s the game game over ma’am

Erick: dramatic door slide. He was like this door. This is when I felt bad for Adam though,

Vivi:  because I think he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and we find out that the key that was around his neck that went down. Yeah. He’s like

Erick: the key was on the chain of the Dre and the walks away.

Vivi: And the last thing we see as Adam, like screaming in the darkness. As it went down the drain with the dramatic music, with the dramatic music.

Erick: What do you think first time you’ve seen it?

Vivi: It’s pretty good. It’s not gory. I was afraid of it. Cause I thought it was going to be gory, but it’s fun. It’s like a murder mystery and I love me some true crime shit.

Erick: Yeah. The part that was supposed to be probably the most gory isn’t even shown you just kind of see when he starts to rip his leg off with the sock, but you don’t see him actually do it,

Vivi: but we’ll see the, I dunno if I’ll fare this well with the other movies

Erick: at all, there’s some pretty gory stuff. If you couldn’t even handle it, he got into it where the dudes.

Vivi: Okay.

Erick: I think it’s pretty good too. Watching it as an adult probably makes more sense than when I was a kid, because you can see where the pieces fall together. There’s hateable characters. There’s crazy traps.

Vivi: Not many of them are likable.

Erick: Seeing is a cool character. I feel bad. Cause he also kind of just falls into the. Craziness of tap to cop probably didn’t deserve what he got at him. I don’t think he deserved what he got,  the doctor, I can’t remember from the second one, he plays a role, but honestly I think the doctor shouldn’t have been the one who escaped.

Vivi: He was just driven so crazy it was all about him. had his family to like stress him out. And at the end of the day, the doctor was the one talking about him over his body. Like he was going to die. so John said over my dead body also like, get it. He was his patient and he saw the dead body on the ground.

Erick: His doctor was too worried about  another girl

Vivi: that’s worry about anybody else. Yeah. I don’t care if he’s arrives. I don’t think his wife and kid deserve to die because he’s an asshole.

Erick: His wife definitely deserved to be the one who got revenge on zip.

Vivi: Yeah. She should have just shot him. 

Erick: When the cop is chasing zip, you’re like, I don’t give a fuck about anything that’s happened.

Vivi: I thought the cop was terrible that I was like, I could care less. Cause I knew he wasn’t the main bad guy. You’re not attached to these characters. And I think that’s why this movie gets away with treating them the way. That they do, because if you’re like rooting for the character that might die or might not escape the torture, it, it doesn’t make you want to watch the film as much, I think.

Erick: that’s saw by James when check it out. If you haven’t from 2004. Well, you haven’t, there’s probably other people, right?  I don’t know something about a lid and a lighter. 

Vivi: Yes. Cause you made fun of my lighter plans.

Erick: Mm. Watch this movie with that in mind and see if VPs, right. If that’s the lighter would be the key ingredient to getting out,

Vivi:  I’m telling you, that’s how you would survive.

Erick: Literally said put the light into the chain and maybe it’ll work in the mouth.

Vivi: Then you can cut through it. Yeah, I know that wouldn’t work. I was just trying to, oh, spit balling ideas.

Erick: We should go to an escape room.

Vivi: No, I’m going to take a lighter. It’s going to be the end of that scale.

Erick: And the person who’s in there is like, we’re the fuck. You get a lighter, just laying the whole place on fire. Kicks the door down. I told you I could get out of here.

Vivi: Ma’am this is a game. You didn’t have to take it

Erick: down. Tie on your forehead and your shirts are all ripped.

Vivi: I come out target Korean style dragons show up. Yeah.

Erick: There’s not even a fire. You’re just imagining all of it.

Vivi: I just lost it in an escape room.

Erick: So you haven’t even been here  a minute. Why didn’t you bring your wife? If you know, she gets like this. We don’t even know what the rules are.

Vivi: So this isn’t even an escape room. Probably nobody else found this money, but I’m dying.

Erick: This is what happens when you tell her there’s no sushi on the menu. Oh man. Well

Vivi: probably buddy totally on us, but

Erick: that’s okay. Tell us if you thought it was funny, if he didn’t, whatever. Yes.

Vivi: what would you rate this film?

Erick:  I would rate it a nine.

Vivi: I would also give it a nine out of 10.

Erick: Yeah. it’s a great movie Good job, James man,

Vivi: once again, I do really like his movies.

Erick: Low budget too.  I’ve always thought that budgets didn’t really define the moment

Vivi: they don’t. It’s always funny that you hear about low budget movie that blew the box office out of the water. It’s just cause you have so much room for profit because you can’t spend the money.

Erick: Right. And then you’ve got these giant blockbusters who end up losing so much money and you watch them and it’s not even that great. It’s like what we’ve talked about before, where it’s like the entire budget was wasted on this one detail that wasn’t even that great. You could have used it on something that mattered.

Vivi: Do you want to talk about what’s good low-key this week?

Erick:  I don’t know that anything from the movie,

Vivi: something dead, it was like, yeah. He knocked out he does just kind of sleep once we’re hanging out in the living room. I feel like he thinks like, oh, this is nap time.

Erick: I picked him up like a,

Vivi: like a baby and put them on his bed.

Erick: Yeah, because he was sleeping in the middle of this living room and I just picked him up like a child, a non-creepy child,

Vivi: creepy child, actually he’s the creepiest child. Cause he fades into the black. Oh, you just see his little eyes and teeth, But there was like a scene. I think it’s when they were struggling for the gun and the wife was making like grunting and like sniffling sounds. He did not like her sniffling.

Erick: What’d you think? Loki?

Vivi: Sorry. Once again that we interrupted your nap.

Erick: Mm. We’re going to show everybody how you stretch. Is that a qui oh cool.

Vivi: So as always, we hope you guys had a good time here. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken that scared pod Twitter is shaken, scared pod, and you can send us an email at shaken, not

Erick: you can support the show on Patrion we’ll name, our next drink. After you with mentions on our website where the drink page will live forever. You can listen to us on all your favorite podcasting sites, apple podcast, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, bunch of others. Give us a listen and give us a, follow-up

Vivi: be sure to rate and review us for the love of God revealed to us.

Erick: We got one more overview, no review dammit. So close, please. Please do it, Nicole. Nicole, please review.

Vivi: She doesn’t have an apple account. That’s it. Bye bye.

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