Carrie (1976)

Vivi:  I think I always do that after the overview that on.

Erick: Welcome back to the chicken. Not scared podcast here with you as always your host, Eric and Bebe. Today, we’re going to be talking about the 1976 movie, Carrie directed by Brian de Palma. But before we get into that, how are you, baby? 

Vivi: I have 

Erick: a lot of feelings 

Vivi: a couple of things. I love this movie. It’s one of my favorites, probably my top five.

Erick: Really? 

Vivi: Yeah, it’s great. And then I was upset this weekend because we left the house one time. 

Erick: Ah, yes, 

Vivi: one time for quarantine. We slowly been starting to go out to eat again, just cause Ranta social, not any other particular reason. Loki did not appreciate that. And he let us know by eating my plant 

Erick: and dirt 

Vivi: and dirt. And it was very upsetting. I was really stressed out because even though I like do research to make sure they’re not toxic to dogs. I was like, oh no. What if I just looked up the wrong name? And this plant is toxic to dogs, but he’s fine.   I literally saw him poop out my plant before recording this.

Erick: Oh, it was in his, 

Vivi: it was in his poop. So I’m like, okay, I guess we’re good. You’re literally just passing it and you’re not throwing up, but it was stressful and upsetting. 

Erick: I think it was more stressful because we were struggling. So we went to go eat sushi too. For the first time. Since before the pandemic, all you can eat sushi. I don’t know if you guys have ever gone to these places, but this place was one of the ones that does do the thing that you have to pay for each piece that you leave behind. And we left like 17 pieces behind the girl that has favor. He only charges for 13, but I was sitting there. Struggling trying to eat the sushi so that we would have to pay. And you were so worried about Loki,  but it was funny that he was eating and chewing away at some grass while I’m over here, struggling, struggling tickets.

Vivi:  I guess this is a sign of us getting much older. We used to do this all the time. And like our earlier twenties, we would go eat so much fricking sushi. 

Erick:  We had help though. 

Vivi:  Yes we did. We went ourselves this time now, like we eat like a normal, decent human amount and we were just like, this is too much. Yeah. 

Erick: The owner came by and was like, judging us. Like y’all okay. 

Vivi: You’re about to pay me for all that, but we got to take it home. So at least that was okay. We got to eat it as leftovers. 

Erick: I think  sushi rolls are usually expensive on their own. 

Vivi: Yeah. Oh yeah. They’re more than a dollar per piece.

Erick:  Yeah. It’s like 13, 14 bucks for a roll. And we ordered like what? 15 rolls.  So it’s not bad. 

Vivi: Yeah, it was a lot. It was good though. 

Erick:  I don’t regret it ever. 

Vivi: I just regret our dog. Not knowing how to act when we leave, because he’s such a quarantined dog. 

Erick: Oh, he is? Yeah. We’re working on it though. He’ll be okay. 

Vivi: Yeah. But that’s how I feel this week. How do you feel? 

Erick: Okay. There’s a lot going on summer is going to end before we know it because of the wedding plan.

Vivi: Yeah I think for us, it’s specifically our wedding. Finally, after a year, we’re going to have our big wedding. And even though we had planned so much of it the year before, all the little details are creeping up on us.  Every weekend we have something to do every weekend. We have to check in with somebody it’s about the guest list. It’s about the DJ music. 

Erick: It’s about recording this podcast. 

Vivi: It’s about this podcast. And then it’s about our dog eating stuff. He’s not supposed to  on top of that, everyone’s trying to get back to normal life and everyone’s having their parties again. Everyone’s graduating right now, 

Erick: You want me to do when he’d just take 20, 22 off the whole year? 

Vivi: Yeah. Yeah. We’re just going to honeymoon the entire 20, 22

Erick: but now, yeah, I also put up our art. We have creepy art I’ll post a picture. We put it right behind our sofa so that when we do start doing. More YouTube videos. We have some creepy stuff behind us right now. It’s just terrible. 

Vivi: And I think I’ve asked on her Instagram before, like I’m a fan of creepy art. So if you know any artists that you like having Etsy shop or something, send them our way because I like to fill my house with weird stuff. 

Erick: Sweet. So is there a creepy content for this week?  

Vivi: Not a lot. We like forced ourselves to hang out so we could watch something and we watch the conjuring three, the devil made me do it  I had high hopes for this movie and I didn’t like it. 

Erick: You did it. I thought it was better than a lot of the other ones.

Vivi: Oh yeah. It’s better than, oh yeah. It’s better than Lala Rona. It’s the same director though. 

Erick: It is. I think he did better on this one. 

Vivi: Yeah. It’s better than like all the other Annabel’s I think, 

Erick: yeah. The animals are not great. 

Vivi: No, 

Erick: nun either. 

Vivi: And then on is not that fun. So is it better than those? Yes. But for, to follow up like conjuring one and two, which are the stronger of the you universe 

Erick: the lady that was at the game GameStop told me that there’s three more in the works and I was like, this one kind of seems to and on, on not so open. Nope. 

Vivi: But they have so many cases that it’s like they could pull from that. 

Erick: I didn’t know until you were telling me after he watched it, that they’re dead at lorraine. 

Vivi: They are the real life out in the rain. 

Erick: Not patrick was 

Vivi: Patrick. And for me to go, how do you say, I don’t know how to say 

Erick: her first name. Last name is Rebecca

Vivi: for me. You got 

Erick: your sister’s  Taisha. Taissa 

Vivi: something like that. I think her most prominent roles are all in American horror story. Oh. And she did the non 

Erick: Vera 

Vivi: Vera Farmiga yeah her little sister plays 

Erick: younger, her 

Vivi: younger, her and they look identical. So it was great.

Erick: I saw they have two other sisters. And they’re the only two that look very much 

Vivi: at lunch. Like that’s interesting. Genetics are weird. 

Erick: Yeah. That’s what I thought it was her daughter. 

Vivi: Yeah, I did too, when we first watched it, but like, they just have like a 20 age year difference. So I was disappointed. I think I was disappointed cause  this movie. Oh yes, yes. If you haven’t seen it it’s on HBO. Max, go watch it in theaters or don’t. I think the thing that bothers me about it is how much it  relies on  the evil character is like Saint tonic. She’s easy tonic, worshiper and loud. I’m kind of like, we’re still on this. That people are afraid of satanic worship, allegedly. Can we have left that in the eighties and nineties, 

Erick:  well, let’s move. It’s supposed to take place in the eighties, right? 

Vivi: I believe so. 

Erick:  So I’m going to guess that’s the time, babe. You gotta love your Satan haters. 

Vivi: I love you’re saying haters. That’s an interesting one. Yeah. So I didn’t like that.  The story pace was me 

Erick: all over the place  it’s still the end Lorraine superhero situation. 

Vivi: It’s still like their love story, the entire films. And I’m just like, I’m over it. 

Erick: The power of love has saved. 

Vivi: It tells you not the power of Christ. 

Erick: I thought it was fun. I think it’s because I thought it was way better than a lot of the other ones. Some of the effects were cool, like the shadows and then the things coming out of the shadows very quickly that I think that’s the most fearful piece of it. Is demons coming at you at full speed? Like zombies coming at you at full speed. Yeah. Yeah. 

Vivi: I also think like, I didn’t research the actual case, but at the end of the day that man did kill a man. Is it fair to portray him as like an innocent person? And I don’t know. 

Erick:  The notes at the end are like he did get convicted.

Vivi: Cause ain’t nobody believe in this bullshit, but he did get out 

Erick: yeah. Five years raised, but 

Vivi: that is not a long time for killing someone. 

Erick: you get caught with marijuana 

Vivi: and you go to jail forever. 

Erick: Yeah. Death row I did like the contortion of that shit was insane.

Vivi: Yeah, it was just 

Erick: the boy, 

Vivi: a little kid. I hated it. Like children are terrifying if they’re contorting like that. And the adult dude, I feel like I’ve seen it before, but like when kids do it, it just adds a layer of creepy. 

Erick: I think it was creepy because a kid is already so small. So then when it was contorting, it was like twisting in ways that were  enough to fit on a table.  While everyone was holding his hands, I think it’s in the trailer if that’s a spoiler. Anyway, that was the contrary. Check it out. Will leave. It was doing something  in preparation for the wedding. She can’t leave me alone for too long because there was a game stop in area near the Starbucks that I was waiting at.  I walked inside just to, you know, casually browse and I saw resident evil on the shelves and I said, well, I’m going to buy it eventually. I might as well do it now that I’m bored 

Vivi: while I’m here. 

Erick: So I bought resonate with one, two and three. They didn’t have four. I wish they did. I would’ve got four if they had it. And then I also bought Bioshock, which I’ve talked to you about in the past, which is such an awesome story. I think I like one and two better than three. Three is infinite. It’s the only one that was like the most different, because the first two take place in a utopia under water. And the third one takes place in like a utopian in the sky. It’s like a flying city. And then there was a third one that I’ve seen a lot of people talk about. It’s kinda like the little nightmares too, in that it’s like a old timey little kid creepy story. Bendy and the ink machine 

Vivi: I’ve seen him everywhere. Like I think it’s popular. I know nothing about video games. 

Erick: Yeah. As popular as like a what’s that wasn’t nine at Freddy’s 

Vivi: five nights at parties.

Erick: Yeah. I want to play that too. I’ve never played it myself. 

Vivi: That is a good concept though. Like, yeah, that would creep me out. 

Erick:  Have you heard of those stories about Chuck E cheese actually still kind of going grippy 

Vivi: killer mode? Oh, I would believe it too. So fast to believe that animatronics, you know me, I want tronics dummies dolls. No, thank you. 

Erick: And Metronics did you see that? They just opened up the Disneyland  Avengers um,  

Vivi: world. 

Erick:  It’s got a name.  It’s not Avengers academy actually might be. I don’t know, but it’s, it’s the new Avengers land   I saw a cool story. They had like how some of the performances happen and they have a Spider-Man that runs up to this rope. And then from  off screen outside of the crowd, the Spiderman grabs onto like a web quote-unquote and swings and gets thrown across, like from one building to another. It’s an animatronic that’s a robot that Spider-Man, that gets thrown out. 

Vivi: I was about to say how much they pay this actor to do this.

Erick: They like showed a behind the scenes. And it’s like a machine that is tariff. That knows how to yeah. Grab on and roll tuck and they just put the costume on it. It looks human. 

Vivi: They’re gonna destroy us 

Erick: Disneyland. 

Vivi: Metronics and disneyland.

Erick: That’s really cool. That’s awesome. 

Vivi: That terrifies me 

Erick: really? 

Vivi: Yeah. 

Erick: Oh man. I think it’s so cool. So the matrix Disneyland’s that started the matrix that’s all I got. Yeah. Cool. Ready for this cocktail. I think you are. 

Vivi: This is a very good looking drink.

Erick: It is, it looks really cool. Your glasses better than mine. 

Vivi: I buy a lot of stuff from Goodwill, just to look cool for the videos we make. And I only had one type of this glass. I don’t know if it’s a candle holder. Actually. I think a lot of our glasses are candle holders. 

Erick: The other small one, we took the video of

Vivi: Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s a candle holder, but they look cool. We’re not rich. We’ll drink out of candle holders. I’m going to call this drink. Pig’s blood, even though it doesn’t look like the typical pig’s blood that you would think

Erick:  is there actually a drink that’s called piglet.

Vivi: There might be. I know there’s WhistlePig whiskey, which I thought I’d use for this, but it’s like $80 or something. Yeah. As you mentioned, we drink at a candle holder. I use I want to have my golfer, this like very deep red tone. I think I go home. I was just hibiscus tea. Right? It’s just iced. I guess Mexicans gotta be extra and call it something else. I don’t know Latinos. And then, cause we love layering shit here. It’s the only thing we learned. 

Erick: I mean, it’s the coolest thing to do. 

Vivi:  Okay. So I really, really wanted to set this drink on fire, but it scares me cause obviously Carrie sets everything on fire. So I layered it with a strong rum on top and you’re supposed to be to light those. And I told Eric, should I do it? And he’s like, absolutely not. 

Erick: I told you to do it. 

Vivi: No, you’re like, you’re going to burn down the house. 

Erick: We could have just taken a video that 

Vivi: would have been on brand for Carrie.

Erick:  Do it for the gram. 

Vivi: Yeah. Maybe for the video. We’ll try it. It scares me, but maybe 

Erick: that’s okay. We’ll do it outside. 

Vivi: We’ll do it outside. We’ll burn down. Yeah, 

Erick: the whole tree line. Imagine that explaining that to the police. We were trying to make a tick-tock for podcasts. 

Vivi: I’m pretty sure that like that’s a common explanation now.  But I’m calling it pig’s blood. It is layered with  roam on top. And then it is, I want to have like a mixed with another type of realm and grand Marnier. I think I used, if you want to give it a try again, these layer drinks, I feel like you have to mix them. Otherwise it’s just pure alcohol on top, 

Erick: or you use a straw 

Vivi: or you can not be a beach and just drink pure. 

Erick: Okay. 

Vivi: As she mixes hers, watery realm. 

Erick: It is watery rum.  

Vivi: Okay, I make these drinks like way too far in advance before we start recording. And then they get watery.  When you get to that home Micah part, it’s pretty good.

Erick: I love, I want to have my gun.  If you’re a bartender and you know, the way to properly drink a layered drink, if it really is just that the layering is for looks and then it’s like 

Vivi: a picture and then you mix it and drink it.

Erick: That’s probably it 

Vivi: but what do you think of it? 

Erick: I think it’s good. I like it. I think it’s for 

Vivi: support. I think I would also give it a four. 

Erick: my car already. Isn’t like a super sweet, okay. 

Vivi: It’s not, it’s a tart tea. 

Erick: It’s a good tasting tea. If you’ve ever had a viscous tea. Is it the same thing though? Like hibiscus tea versus some of the hamika with a Mexican? Yeah. 

Vivi: I think the only difference is it’s ice. a hibiscus tea is my favorite tea. So I think it’s the same, 

Erick: a little different though. I thought, cause if you go to Starbucks and get , 

Vivi: I guess difference is when you make Iowa have Micah, you’re supposed to actually use the flour and with the tea. I think it’s like the grounds of it probably is what gives it a different taste. It’s like when you make fresher tea, gets a more potent taste. 

Erick: Yeah. Awesome. I like it. Enjoy it. The ingredients  and instructions, like we said before, always on our website. So go out there and give them a like, unless I want you to think too. It’d be cool. If we got, could see people make their own drinks from are, 

Vivi: see if you can make it better.

Erick: No seriously, we’re not professionals here. 

Vivi: One glass and you do 

Erick: So are you giving me a brief? 

Vivi:  Good. Oh, I am DB. And this chilling adaptation of Stephen King’s horror, novel, withdrawn and sensitive teen, Carrie white Sissy’s basic actress faces taunting from classmates at school and abuse from her fanatical pious mother at home. When stranger occurrence has started happening around Carrie, she begins to suspect that she has supernatural powers invited to the prom by the empathetic. Tommy Ross, Carrie tries to let her guard down, but things eventually taken dark and violent turn.  Yep. That’s a pretty good overview. I would say.  I hope this isn’t one of your fun facts, but Carrie is actually Stephen King’s first published novel. 

Erick: I knew you were going to say that. So I didn’t include it

Vivi:  because 

Erick: first of all, it’s not will  and our first release movie.

 I believe Carrie was the first Stephen King novel that I read. And I think that’s part of the reason why I love this movie because I like read it as a, I think I was like 14, 15 year olds. 

And also a Carrie tough character 

Vivi: minus the telekinetic powers. 

Erick: Well, additional note to  it being his first movie and the patient, he was so unknown or not as well known at the time that the directors and the people who made the movie incorrectly spelled his name in the movie. I don’t know if it was in the version when saw, but they wrote his name Stephen with a B. 

Vivi: Oh, that’s funny. I think we saw that in the shutter ducks. 

Erick: Was it in don’t know, I saw a screenshot when I was looking for fun facts and I was like, oh, that’s funny. But, so I’ve got three from facts to kind of wanted to save one for last, but I think I’ll just say it. Okay. Okay. So in order to make sure the red stains and blood all over her body stayed consistent throughout filming. And the three days that it took to do the final scene, sissy spaces had to sleep in the bloody gown for three days. 

Vivi: Oh, that sucks. 

Erick: Yeah. So in order to, you know, keep it the same, it makes sense. I guess. Thank you for being consistent. Cause I hate watching movies and it’s like, your face is so bloody and then the next scene is like their faces clean, 

Vivi: like the evil dead. 

Erick: Yeah. Yeah. He should be bloodier for sure.   The final shot was left out of everyone’s script. So it surprised everyone, including Stephen King saying quote, I thought I was going to shit, my pants spacing, volunteer to use her arm for the shot instead of a stuntwoman and was put under a board covered in stone. So it’s actually also her cool. Yeah. She thinks it was worth it. She like cut up her arm on some of the stones and stuff like that.  But she’s like, yeah, it’s totally worth it. 

Vivi: Great final scene. 

Erick: So a lot of people were so shocked by it. Last fact that I’ve got that I thought was pretty funny when Stephen King and his wife went to see the movie for the first time, they were the only two white people in the theater and he thought in a crowd full of African-Americans that quote. They’re not going to have any sympathy for this little white girl with no problems. 

Vivi: Did they? 

Erick: So he says they loved it. And he says that he even saw two large men get, jump scared at the end and hold each other from being afraid. Yeah. 

Vivi: This movie I think holds up.  Because it’s been remade quite a few times. You told me that you never seen this original was shot. No, I don’t. 

Erick: I even had the impression that it was Christina Richie who plays Kari. That’s how wrong I was. 

Vivi: Yeah. Well, you told me that I’m like, she wasn’t even an idea at this time. 

Erick: No, I think when I grew up, I saw the 2002 caring, which I think we should still watch. I kind of want to watch that because that’s the one I remember. 

Vivi: Yeah. I kind of want to go through the other caries. And do like a comparison maybe

Erick:  other sequels to this original one. 

Vivi: Yes. There is a carry to the rage. And I believe the character who plays too is a teacher at a school. And the girl, there’s a new girl, obviously who has telekinetic powers and she kind of, I couldn’t be wrong. I think that’s how the storyline 

Erick: has called Madeleine. What was in the movie, 

Vivi: Matilda, 

Erick: but still the, yes, I was like, it’s the wrong name? Matilda. But   I think we should cover the rest. That’d be cool. the other ones still isn’t you and I think the Corey Moretti version was 20 1718. It came on a couple of years ago. 

Vivi: Yeah. It was a while actually. Might’ve been Older than that.  

Erick: It’s funny, these are three Cary, one movies that came out in the span of 50 years. So it’s been remade a lot, 

Vivi: a few times. Yeah. And I honestly don’t think it’s a film that needs a remake. I think this one is pretty good. 

Erick: Do you want to do a speed run? I think it’s your turn. 

Vivi: We’re doing this already. 

Erick: Yeah.  You haven’t done it in a minute. 

Vivi: I haven’t ha I’ve been making everybody else do it.

Erick: Yeah. 

Vivi: I think I can do this. I think I can do that.

Erick:  I’m not showing you the time. Oh, no. Yep. Okay. Ready? One, two, three go. 

Vivi: So we get this really weird opening shower scene, where it carries, like cleaning yourself way too centrally. And she gets her period and she doesn’t know what it is. And she’s like 17 years old. And the other girl started being like really mean to her and throwing tampons at her and yelling and plug it up. The gym teacher, intervenes sons carry home. Carrie’s really mad at her mom. Why didn’t you tell me that women give her periods? Her mom’s a religious fanatics. Like you wouldn’t have gotten a period. If you weren’t sending. And this whole fiasco made the gym teacher cracked down on the girls and made Sue feel like really bad. So she’s like asking her boyfriend, Tommy, can you take care of to the prom? You know, she’s kind of awkward and sad and like doesn’t have friends. So Tommy keeps insisting on asking Carrie to the prom. Finally, she agrees to go. Her mom was not having it. Carrie’s also realizing that she has like powers during this time. She’s making things explode and fall off desks. So Carrie decides to use her powers to let her go to prom. And she goes with Tommy. She makes a nice dress, but. Chris has been like really mad at her cause she made her Ms. Problem. And uh, so she plays a plant prank on her when she drops pig’s blood on her. And then Carrie goes berserker and kills everybody. And then she goes home. He kills her mom pretty much finished. I just had the last scene 

Erick: if I turned the yeah. Is that usually how these then it’s just like, and then everyone died. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That’s usually how it goes or it’s everyone died except this one. 

Vivi: There’s one girl 

Erick: or guy 

Vivi: or guy as we see from the evil dead. 

Erick: Good job though. You, I was nervous to make faces. Cause I was like, if I laugh, 

Vivi: I knew I was getting closer to the end because you were cringing your excitement of I’m going to tell her she failed 

Erick: because he won every time that he’s done it so far, but like two seconds. Yeah, you lost, you were right at the end, but you lost, you did it though. I’m proud of you. 

Vivi: I mean, I should have stopped at the problem. I had to add the detail about her killing her mom. And that’s why I got too confident. 

Erick: Sweet. Well  that was good that was good stuff.  let’s get into it. This was sweaty. 

Vivi: Yeah. It’s like 90 degrees and 

Erick: I feel oily. 

Vivi: It’s gross. 

Erick: It is gross. I feel like I’ve been sitting in pig’s blood for three days. 

Vivi: Oh yeah. 

Erick: Yeah. Smell like it probably smell like, volleyball. 

Vivi: Yes.  We get the gym class scene where Carrie misses the ball. 

Erick: Everyone’s been that kid, right. 

Vivi: I’ve 100% been that kid.

Erick:  And so 

Vivi: I’m still that kid, I suck at sports. 

Erick: Yeah. Well, I told you about, cause I agree. I was  not very good at sports myself and I feel like there’s a lot of pressure as a guy to, to suck at sports. Cause then the guys pick on you for sucking even more than usual. 

Vivi: I mean, this movie would disagree with you. She gets picked on pretty relentlessly for a second. If someone even smacks her with a hat 

Erick: today, 

Vivi: that hat girl, 

 Erick: girl, that can’t lose the house. Yeah. But I definitely felt for Carrie throughout the rest of this movie, just in general, because we’ve all been that kid, which is the point of this movie, is that people can relate. Cause you’re the outcasts or you’re the one who gets picked on or different for some reason. And it’s not even a curious fault. It’s something at the end. That’s like, she’s not even the bad guy. Everyone else is just sitting 

Vivi: in the bad guy, 

Erick: standing in the bad guy. And her mom’s like the realest villain. Cause she’s the one who made her this way. But by association with the way that she’s kind of been. Dealt with at home. 

Vivi: What is this woman’s problem? We can, we can talk about her, but yeah. 

Erick: Thanks bill. All for sharing that video with me. 

Vivi:  If you haven’t seen that video, I think everyone has, it was this woman who was  on wife swap. I believe

Erick:  they’re on the Twitter maybe the Instagram story or something, but it’s a hilarious thing. Yeah. 

Vivi: She’s going around screaming about how people aren’t Christian and she was dark sided. Yeah. And bill sent it to us and said that this is him every time he listens to our podcast. But he will be on the episode next week. So I guess he’s not that scared. After playing volleyball for like a minute, apparently everyone has to go shower. We get this very long, everyone’s running around naked. Carrie’s having quite a moment,  you get the hint that she’s like lingering behind. Cause she doesn’t want to deal with the other girls, but she’s taking her time. Enjoying this shower 

Erick: is a very central scene 

Vivi: for no reason until she starts getting her period and absolutely freaks out.

Erick:  She runs with the girls with her bloody to hand.  Which is a weird thing to do, I guess. But in a panic, you think something’s wrong with, 

Vivi: you don’t know what’s wrong with you and you think you’re like straight up dying. 

Erick: She runs with the girls with the blood on her hands and the girls were making fun of her and grossed out and they start to, like you said, throw, throw CAMBA. You said something funny. You said they’re like plug it up. I was like, well, that’s what they say. Is that what they say? They yelling at her so mean and they’re throwing tampons at her and the teacher notices and soon as too right. To kind of doesn’t really want to join in. 

Vivi: Maybe she doesn’t, but then kind of like gives in. And I guess that’s why she ends up feeling so bad for Carrie afterwards because she feels like what she did is out of character for her. But the gym teacher does notice and. Man, this gym, teacher’s weird. 

Erick: This teacher is too involved. And I think  this is subject to the times because  before these kinds of teachers existed, there were Catholic schools where teachers would literally hit the kids with rulers and things like that. So I’m wondering if this was a transition into

Vivi:  making all the students all the time, 

Erick: slapping the shit out of them and really getting involved with the students’ personal lives 

Vivi: so I don’t think that this character is initially in the novel. I think the actress who played her was like so good that they kind of made her role a little bigger than it was meant to be at the time. 

Erick: Oh really? So she wasn’t even this prominent. 

Vivi: Yeah. The gym teacher is not as sympathetic or a supporting of Gary as she is in this film. once Carrie stopped screaming. She causes the light bulb in the shower. Scary, scary. And then Carrie kind of comes down, but then also freaks out enough to make the light bulb blow out in this locker room. The next scene is where the gym teacher is talking to the principal about what happened. And Carrie’s kinda like just keeping her head down, hearing what they’re saying. 

Erick: And the dude is being very much a man who doesn’t understand, wants to talk about things that don’t have anything to do with what he knows. Like you said,  he doesn’t know how to save period. He gets awkward about it. And he’s like, isn’t she kinda old? And honestly, I think it’s like, what is that to you, bro? Like, don’t worry about it. Okay. It happened, this is her business. 

Vivi:  I think that part is important though, because he’s saying what the audience is thinking, how does a girl of this age not know that this is going to happen to her. And then the gym teacher is like, well, you know how fanatic her mother is. Hmm. I’m not surprised. I’m like, but no, you need to teach your kids basic biology. 

Erick: Yeah. I’m not going to absolve the principle of his just shitty attitude in general 

Vivi: calling her Cassie. 

Erick:  Obviously that makes Carrie, Matt, he asks the teacher like three times,  what’s her name again? Cassie. And she’s like, Carrie he’s okay, Cassie. Right. She’s like, it’s Carrie. And even when Carrie comes in, she’s like, all right, Cassie, come in here. And she’s like, it’s scary. very much just, I don’t give a shit. I just want to deal with this. And 

Vivi: yeah, that’s true. But we got more glimpses of Harry’s powers here because she’s so upset about being called Cassie. She causes the cigarette holder to flip over. And when she does start making her way home, she encounters  an annoying kid. That’s calling her crazy Kerry. Can you be Kerry? And she flips them over by their powers. and I’m like, Hmm. With our prayers, with the reserves. Carrie’s very much a character that if her circumstances were different, she wouldn’t have done this a well, at least that it’s like open to the audience’s interpretation, but I very much think she’s like a victim of every bully in her life.

Erick:  If she had a different upbringing, maybe at home, who knows if she’d even discovered that she has this power, because obviously out of anger is when she starts to see the result of her power in the ashtray, the light bulb, this kid falling off the bike. And then when you get introduced to why Carrie is this way, when she gets home. 

Vivi: So it’s actually not a result of her anger, her powers start because of her period. 

Erick: Hmm. Okay. but I’m saying she emanates it when it, when she’s angry. 

Vivi: Well, at least they like take full force because of. Her period in the film, I think in the novel she’s shows examples of power before that. I can’t remember, again, I was 14 when I read this book, but we could fact check that

Erick:  It makes me think of the Jean Gray story from Marvel comics where she’s a very gifted and like level. I forgot what they call it level. Let’s say five mutant who grew up with like a tormented home, at least in the movies and some  storylines, but she has all this strength. And because she  is like a tormented kid, like why is it always an angry kid with telekinetic travelers?

Vivi: No, it is.

Erick:  It’s always that story 

Vivi: dammit. You gotta be a troubled kid. Actually I think Carrie’s inspired by, and this is sad.

Two girls he knew growing up that would get bullied, combined it into one character. I hate being this person and not, but

Erick:  There’s people who haven’t read the books. 

Vivi:  Carrie, isn’t actually like a, Linky looking girl, she’s an overweight girl with like a lot of acne and that’s part of also why a lot of people bully her 

Erick: and, or they didn’t do that for them.  

Vivi: Because Sissy’s basic did an amazing job in her audition. She was actually supposed to  play Chris, the villain and her husband encouraged her to go out for the main role and she killed it and yeah, she looks fricking terrifying. 

Erick: She looks really cool. 

Vivi: She’s great at it. here he goes home and kind of confronts her mother about what’s happening and is like, why didn’t you tell me this? And her mother basically says that if you had not sinned, your period would have never come. 

Erick: His mother is religious as fuck I think right before we get introduced to her, talking to Carrie, she was also at that lady’s house. And she’s like, I’m here to spread the Lord’s work. And the mom’s like, I need to get rid of her to somebody on the phone and just hands her money. And it’s like, can you leave? And she was like, she takes it. She takes it. But she was, what did she say? She said 

Vivi: I hope you find Jesus. 

Erick: I hope you find Jesus. Even her dialect is reflected from just how much into the Bible she is thou and.  Just the way she talks . Is it so religious in nature? Sure. 

Vivi: Also like many of Stephen King’s novels this takes place in Maine. So I think the actors are trying to have a little bit of a Maine accent. I know Carrie kind of does and then loses it sometimes. I don’t know if you noticed 

Erick: no. 

Vivi: Yeah. 

Erick: Do they all speak religious?

Vivi: They all speak religious. My accent is religious, 

Erick: but  like you said, she’s telling her that the reason that she’s bleeding is because she is sin and it’s so sad. Cause she’s  claiming that she’s been mad. 

Vivi: Yeah. She’s been doing something to cause this to happen, which is like religious fanatic aside. If I had a daughter who never got her period, I think I’d be like, we got to go to the doctor. 

Erick: Yeah. It’s kinda late.  

Vivi: Some people are late bloomers. Absolutely. But 

Erick: it’s still be concerned though. You wouldn’t just be, 

Vivi: if you never got it in your life, I think I’d be like, yo, something’s going on?

Erick: Yeah. I mean, you’d still wonder, I don’t think 

Vivi: it’s because you’re messing around people. 

Erick: Yeah, no. She’s supposed to talk about Eve in the Bible and saying that Eve ate of the, apple and that she sinned. The first was intercourse. 

Vivi: She says that a lot. 

Erick: This is the first she repeats a lot of it. The first sin was intercourse and she’s yelling at Carrie wall hurting her.  She says that the curse was blood.  That’s why  this is happening to you and she’s obviously claiming that Carrie has had intercourse and that’s, 

Vivi: we’re not know that for a long time that  I guess the Bible claims or religious people claim that the reason women get periods is because Eve ate the apple and she was being punished. Didn’t know. That was a thing about how religion explained that to happen. 

Erick: I’d heard of it like that.

Vivi:  I had heard about it. I think growing up and I’m like, hmm, It could be. Cause I read the book and I remember reading it there and I was like, he looked it up.

Erick: But she screams and hurts Carrie and locks her into her closet later. She refers to it. Go to your closet, your closet, where there’s a creepy Potter style. Yeah, there’s a grippy Jesus and an altar. Someone assuming that this is just where she’s always 

Vivi: looking. Jesus. 

Erick:  He’s got arrows in him. And later we find out why it’s the only reason that it could possibly do this because I don’t remember any damn story where they put Jesus on the cross and we’re like, let’s just throw Arizona to him as well. In addition to all the shit we put them through. Yeah. To be fair. I know that I’m not religious, but like watching the passion and the credits really makes me sad because it’s a human being even if you’re not religious, it’s like a very shitty thing to go through. 

Vivi: I haven’t seen that movie in a very long time. I think I was a kid. 

Erick: I used to cry so much every time I saw it because I was just so sad. 

Vivi: Okay. But like also talk about Catholic guilt because I remember my parents being like, he died for your sins and I was like, I ain’t even doing nothing. Damn. 

Erick: I’m like, even if he did man, like the sucks, it wasn’t worth it. It wasn’t worth it. But she looks they’re in the closet. 

Vivi: When she finally lets her out, Carrie’s mom is actually singing a song. There’s power, there’s power in the blood, which she’s talking about a lamb, but it’s obviously referring to Carrie. Having had her period. And now she has powers 

Erick:  She sees herself in the mirror crying  breaks the mirror   obviously carry a certain to see more that her powers working  afraid she picks up the mirror. I don’t know if it’s implied that she put the mirror together with her power too. Or if she just quickly glued it up to the wall because the mom runs upstairs and it’s like, what the hell was that? Because I’m just paying, 

Vivi: I’m just paying. 

Erick: I’m just praying and painting at the same time. 

Vivi: Same time. No,  I think she did put it together with her powers. Cause that would just be like too fast to fix it up. 

Erick: Yeah. It was like a clean flush of all the shards together. 

Vivi: Danny, next thing we get is  

Erick: the teacher Rowson Carrie, 

Vivi: what is with his teacher? Why is he such an asshole? 

Erick: He’s just roasting her for thinking of the poem as beautiful. 

Vivi: Yeah. He literally asked for criticism of Tommy’s poem  she’s like, it’s beautiful. And then he like rose her for saying that 

Erick: what was wrong with his teachers? 

Vivi:  Tommy kind of defends Carrie, because his teacher is like legit just putting her on the spot tells him he sucks, which he does

Erick:  I’m assuming it’s just imply that like, not even the teachers like her 

Vivi: or, I hate this. I hate teachers that try to seem cool with the teenage fucking kids. They’re teaching. Like, they’re not the damn adult. 

Erick: We have plenty of situations in high school that we know teachers that are like, yeah. there were teachers that I absolutely loved in high school that when I left and I was like, oh, how is this teacher doing you were like, they don’t like you. And I was like, how dare they? I like, love them. When it asks, who is your favorite high school teacher? And those like security password things. I’m like this teacher. And then that was one of the ones I was like, fuck her. I’m not putting her down as that teacher ever again. She’s not my security question. 

Vivi: Sure. No longer musky. Oh, heartbreak. Yeah. You guys are fucking weird, man. Not all of them. There is great teachers out there. I’ve had great teachers, but the ones that try to act cool with their students, that is not your job 

Erick: about their personal life. I like to think that it’s because they have no close, like, okay. I have coworkers that I talk to on a daily basis. If I had students and no, like close coworkers, maybe that’s why it happens naturally, but it’s something that, 

Vivi: how close can you be with people who have like a 10 year age gap with you 

Erick: for high school? I imagined elementary school. I had teachers in elementary school that were like this too at the eighth graders and seventh graders would go and hang out with the teacher at their room instead of going to lunch it’s weird. This teacher’s a complete asshole the next class is the gym teacher. Going off on the girls, another situation that although the girls deserve it, because they treated the carrier like totally, the teacher definitely goes out of her way to punish these girls. And it’s okay. 

Vivi: kind of got her. Cause she’s saying like they care more about prom and who asked them to prom than like this person’s feelings. 

Erick: She doesn’t go one by one and ask them who they’re taking on a date, which is also still too much. 

Vivi:  I think she’s doing it to try and make them feel guilty for what they’ve done. And it works with Sue for sure. But Chris is fighting her hard 

Erick: because she’s the main girl. 

Vivi: She’s the mean girl.  I think we saw that the actress who plays Chris she’s in quite a few horror movies. I think around this time she was on that shutter documentary that we constantly talk about. But she says that she never viewed Chris as like a mean girl. She viewed her as like she’s got issues.  She just took it out on someone. And, well, I can understand that because this movie does not go into Chris’s backstory. Maybe she also has a horrible home life. I hate that. Excuse. I don’t think just because someone’s hurting you, that you have the right to go and hurt other people.

Erick: It’s not the backstory of every bully. 

Vivi: That’s the backstory of every bully and you’re supposed to empathize with the bully, but like at the end of the day, you’re an individual who can decide if  you’re gonna do the same thing that was done to you, to somebody else. And if you do, it’s kinda like you. Weren’t the bigger person you didn’t take the bigger route. I don’t know. 

Erick: The teacher earlier, when the girls were in the bathroom bashing on Carrie, she does explain that  the chaos in the bathroom was so up there that even she before stopping them, wanting to join in from just how much energy. Was in the room. 

Vivi: Cause she was like really weirded out that like Carrie did not know what was going on with her. She was like, it’s just your period. Calm down if you don’t know. Oh my God. 

Erick: No. And so I think what happens is girls join in, but I was telling you that in real life, like it happens that feeling that you don’t want to be part of  kid that gets picked on. I told you the story of an elementary school that I was like close to this one kid. And we were both kind of outcasts. And so then going to high school with the scene, kind of changing new people I maybe wasn’t picked on so much anymore in high school and he kind of was, and so we were still cool. I was still talking to him, but I would find out that behind the scenes, if the cool kids were talking shit about me, he would join in the quote unquote cool kids. Yeah. Anyway, so I’m talking about the cool kid, the picking kids they would talk shit about me behind my back.  It was kinda like, all right, dude, we came in here kind of on the same level and you joined them like you’re, you know, in Dade.

And I felt so bad cause.  He like switched schools  from how bad they treated them. One time they put gum in his hair. He had really long hair and he cut it as sucks. You can’t even like 

Vivi: kids suck.

Erick:  They do in situations like that. Like I remember one time they grabbed his hat. and threw it out the window. And he had a backup hat that he put on right after it. And they roasted him for having a backup hat, like, come on now.

Vivi:  that’s upsetting. 

Erick: It is thriving. So good for him. 

Vivi: Good for him. And you know what, like, I bet you, they all peaked in high school.

Erick: Oh, they did.  

Vivi: There’s absolutely that kid in every school where they get picked on way worse than anyone else. And you kind of even like, don’t want to stand up for them because you know, then you’re going to be the one.

Erick: Well, in this case he was talking shit about me behind my back. So I was like, well, it is what it is, man. But. It is shitty. You still feel bad 

Vivi: you’re on your own now. 

Erick: You can’t be picked on and be shitty other people’s still 

Vivi: like Chris. 

Erick: Yeah, sorry. 

Vivi: Side story series here. So they’re being punished. They basically have to serve detention or risk getting suspension and not being able to go to prom. 

Erick: Detention is physical fitness sanity. Two 25 style. Yeah. 

Vivi: Yes. 50 minutes. And I was just like, should just look at this as an opportunity to get in shape for prom. If you got to do it anyway, you know, 

Erick: when you brought it up, I was like, this is exactly what you were thinking.

Vivi: Trying to be positive here, trying to turn a negative into a positive, 

Erick: as you’re thinking about how much time there is left for the wedding. 

Vivi: I need a 15 round my pro oh my God. Well, I have the same date, so, 

Erick: oh, good. So you had practice for the wedding. 

Vivi: we actually had quite a few practices since we got married last year. Not as many practices as Francisco and Brenda who had like three weddings before their real wedding. 

Erick: Yeah.  But the detention goes on and Chris finally kind of smells against the teacher and the teacher slaps the shit out of her. 

Vivi: She does. And they had to shoot that scene like so many times.

Erick: And she had to slap her every time. That’s funny, Chris Anglee turns around and she’s like, you’re not going to get away with this and yells to the rest of the girls to say like, come on back me up. And the girls are like, shut the fuck up. 

Vivi: Yeah. Just deal with it, honestly, I don’t understand her extreme anger towards Carrie.

Erick: No. Oh. And I don’t know if you’ve noticed throughout the school, there’s always writing in rattling. It’s like Carrie white, each shift. Yeah. Kill Carrie white. Like all these like things and the gender is always in the background, cleaning something that says Carrie white something. Yeah. 

Vivi: And it’s probably Chris and her group of friends. 

Erick: It’s just the way too much, 

Vivi: a lot of energy. Like,  you can focus on yourself. Okay. 

Erick: I couldn’t wait to get home from school to watch dragon ball Z, let alone, stay around to get, start writing, 

Vivi: start doing graffiti. Yeah. Girls are mean though. I had a friend who in high school, she thought she was friends with these group of girls and they wrote stuff like that on her locker or anything. So like girls do this. I don’t get why I hope it’s changed. I see a lot about how 

Erick: the German shows are more positive. 

Vivi: No like how women should support more women. I think that’s a conversation that’s happening. So I do hope that this is something that changes instead of viewing women as competition, viewing them as allies who knows

Erick:  we could have Shayla, she had triple for a while, again, picked on. So, 

Vivi: so kids have not changed. So gross. 

Erick: Luckily Sheila is a giant child and.  she’s intimidating to them. So I’m like, yeah. That’s all right, Sheila, you’re not going to care about this later on. 

Vivi: Just to clarify, Shayla’s not a giant child. 

Erick: She’s a big kid. 

Vivi: She’s tall. 

Erick: Yeah. She’s a big kid. I’m saying that she’s  tough. She’s a tough kid. And doesn’t have to worry about this now. She’d hear that Shayla 

Vivi: beat someone’s ass. If you want to do 

Erick: honestly, should be my ass,

Vivi:  but you probably good. It’s so funny to me when  we take her places and your sister’s like, VV, can you keep an eye on Shayla? Shayla is like a foot taller than me. I’m like she was taking care of me. 

Erick: Shayla has like, those faces to like kill you like her eyes. And she just like is upset with, she just looks too with 

her. That’s 

Vivi: Like you said, she’s intimidating. Yeah. 

Erick: But good for her. 

Vivi: Good for her. Yeah. I wish I looked like that.

Erick: You do you just look walking 

Vivi: in tiny, 

Erick: you walk into rooms and you look at beat  my ass every day. 

Vivi: That’s just because I’m small and fat. So it looks like online, 

Erick: walk around with your arms curled up.

Vivi:  Yeah. Like it’s just the fat curling my arms. So this scene happens where Chris storms away angrily in the gym teacher tells her you’re not going to prom. after this, we meet Tommy again, she was boyfriend and Sue basically asked him, like, can you take care of white to prom? And he’s kind of like what? And that’s like the end of the scene.  

Erick:  You also get introduced to John Travolta’s character. Billy, 

Vivi: with Chris being so mad, she goes to her jerk of a boyfriend, Billy, a pre grease, John Travolta. I wonder if this is like one of his first big roles, 

Erick: maybe. I don’t know,  just to show how they’re all kind of just  these kids who really have nothing else to do  Philly is driving and then some other dudes in the car, hand him a PBR. And he’s drinking it sloppily. Did you notice he was like pouring it over his face? It’s like on his nose and shit who drinks a beer like that, but  he’s drinking it while driving. And then the cop passes by shines a light on them. 

Vivi: And he like throws a drink on her. 

Erick: She’s mad and they pull over  they have this. Fuck you, but fuck me, but also fuck you. But fuck me. I’m a slap you, but then fuck you really 

Vivi: toxic relationship. 

Erick: Super toxic. 

Vivi: Oh my goodness. Like very weird scene 

Erick: she starts to blow him and screams his name. 

Vivi: It also says I hate Carrie white. And he’s like, who? I’m like, why 

Erick: nice talk. 

Vivi: Yeah. Nice. Intimate moment there. 

Erick: Carrie is looking at books in the library because she’s trying to understand her power. And so she finds a book that says it’s called the secret science behind miracles. She starts to read about telekinesis and how some people have been found to be able to move things with their mind and, you know, control objects,  

Vivi: so with Sue asking. Tommy did take care of it. The prom,  we eventually get the scene where he’s like, fine. All right, I’ll do it. Tommy does eventually ask her to go to prom and Carrie legit just runs away. 

Erick: She literally runs away. 

Vivi: Runs. And the very nosy gym teacher is like, what are you doing? Hiding? Did someone do something to you? And she’s like, no, someone asked me to prom, but I know who his girlfriend is. So it’s a trap obviously. And credit to Carrie, because I would absolutely think the same thing.  The gym teacher basically it’s like. Trying to convince her to go to prom and  like get dressed up and have a good time. But the next scene is like her interrogating Sue and immediately Tommy, like, why are you doing this? She’s kind of mean because she’s like Tommy, don’t you think you’ll be a ridiculous walking in with Carrie white and I’m like, do you like this girl or not? 

Erick: Yeah. She gives  explain it to Sue and trying to convince them not to do this because she keeps telling Sue, if you don’t have a date, you can’t come to prom,

Vivi:  which is that a real roll back then? Or was, that was just like a social full pal. 

Erick: I knew friends that just went with each other and they were like, just, it’s a group of dudes who didn’t ask anybody to prom or a group of girls to who didn’t ask anyone. Yeah. 

Vivi: And honestly, like having a date to prom, 

Erick: it’s fucking annoying. 

Vivi: It’s overrated. You just end up married. You didn’t plan that you were just going to prom. 

Erick: You don’t want that. You were 18. 

Vivi: I was 18. I’ve seen  people who go to prom with like their significant other at the time, and then they break up and then you have that someone in your prom picture that’s why I’m saying, go with your friends instead of a date. Because for a long time, I had wished I’d had just gone with friends instead of you. 

Erick: Me too. 

Vivi: Me too. I hated you too. 

Erick: It’s cute that we went to prom together and we got married the problem of life.

Vivi: I would actually say that, probably something that is so hyped up. It’s a dance.

Erick:  It was hyped up for us. Honestly, I told you that my problem was pretty fun and I didn’t give a shit about the party itself. I thought it was cool. Cause ours was in the museum of science and industry. It’s pretty cool in the centerpiece. If you’ve ever been to the museum of science industry at Chicago, the main lobby that kind of divides into the four quadrants of the museum. That’s where our, problem was, all the tables were in the center right there.

Vivi: You know what I think is fun. We didn’t look into this cause I think it would have been millions of dollars, but people who get married at like the field and MSI, I think that would have been a cool wedding 

Erick: yours was at like a banquet hall. 

Vivi: Yeah. Mines is pretty traditional. Eric missed the exit on our way to prom and little did I know that would be the precursor for the rest of, 

Erick: I’m great at parking, but I still get finding my place to that spot. 

Vivi: Oh my God. If Eric gets distracted while an exit’s coming up, you’re screwed. You’re going to drive an extra 20 minutes to the next one. 

Erick: Hey, listen, don’t get mad. 

Vivi: You don’t, 

Erick: if people will get mad about it  

Vivi: but it’s because you know who you are.

Erick: I’m like, oh, and we were supposed to turn on like two hours ago. 

Vivi: My favorite part is when you try to like, be sneaky about it, like act like it didn’t happen. But I very clearly noticed that I was like, get off the expressway. Like maybe she doesn’t notice we’re no longer the 

Erick: completely wrong neighborhood. And then I get back on, excuse me. 

Vivi: She doesn’t notice we’re going over this neighborhood three times to get back. 

Erick: Anyway, how do we get out that 

Vivi: much? Like Eric skills we’ve ended up with somewhere. We weren’t supposed to 

Erick: prom. That’s where we ended up.

Vivi: Right. After we have this conversation with Sue Tommy and the gym teacher, Tommy continues to insist to take care of the prom. He shows up at her house and basically is like, go with me and to avoid her mother seeing Tommy. She agreed. 

Erick: Same about this. Like if this is okay, because I know that there’s a lot more emphasis today’s world of. If somebody says no, it’s no. And leave them alone. Do people look at this movie and think that 

Vivi: I don’t know because he is doing it for his girlfriend, 

Erick: but if she says no it’s no, I don’t know. I’m just thinking more like in today’s 

Vivi: if someone says no, it’s no, but  I think what carries  deal is is that she is so sheltered. Her mother has treated her, so, and terribly 

Erick: she wants, she 

Vivi: needs encouragement. Not that like she wants it. No. Like she needs the encouragement to do the things that she wants to do. Could that be probably portrayed better maybe? 

Erick: Yeah, because she has so much fun. I liked the transformation that she goes through because it’s so pure, right?  She’s like, I’ve never been there and I’ve never done this and I’ve never done that. I’ve never seen myself with hair like this, or, you know, it’s like I’m wearing a dress. Like she genuinely feels very happy to be able to try things that she’s never done before because her mom always stopped her, that’s what happens when you’re treated, 

Vivi: when your motor is abusive, because that’s what she is here, after she tells Tommy that, yeah, I’ll go with you. She lets her mother know that she’s going. it’s weird because they’re eating dinner and her mom’s like, you’re not going to eat your like apple pie or something. And she’s like, it gives me pimples. And she also says like, pimples are a punishment from God. And I’m like, Leni, chill, 

Erick: Pimples are the Lord’s way of chastising you. What, what does it even mean? You know what Chad says? He means. 

Vivi: Yeah. 

Erick: Okay. Cause I really don’t. 

Vivi: It could be taken in two ways. Chastise is too like. Scold someone correct? Someone. She could also mean it like chastise, like chastity. Like he keeps you ugly from getting laid because you know, the Lord be doing that. 

Erick: Are you mad about the blood or not? Yeah. 

Vivi: Anyway.  Basically she has this confrontation with her mother. That’s a long time coming where she tells her I’m going to prom. There’s nothing you can do to stop me or her. Mother’s like, I will stop you. But then Carrie uses her powers to slam all the doors and windows and her mother’s immediately like you, which, oh God, her mother. 

Erick:  Carrie goes off,  

Vivi: she basically tells her like, no it’s telekinesis. I am not the only one who can do it. It’s something someone else can do. And I’m going to this problem. And it’s the end of this conversation. 

Erick: Cause she’s like, it’s Satan’s power. And she’s like, it’s not Satan’s power. It’s my power to me, which is, which is a pretty cool empowerment move it’s to say like, no, I’m, it’s not thanks to anyone else, but me. That’s why I don’t like so like in the opposite way, when people say like, thanks to this. You, you did this. It’s like, no, thanks to me. I did this. Like, I don’t, what else did it, but me. Okay. 

Vivi: Thanks to state. And you did this. No, it was me. 

Erick:  Then she says Satan is also the reason that your father left and she’s like, no, the father cheated on you and fucking left you. Cause you crazy. And 

Vivi: everybody knows that damn coming at her with facts. 

Erick: Seriously. And she’s like, you can’t stop me. So she tells her to go to her closet 

Vivi: and she’s like, nah, things are going to change around here.

Erick:  Cool. Good for her. 

Vivi: We should point that out that this is probably the first ever good for her movie. A poor, 

Erick: Right after this, we get the scene of them putting the bucket of blood in the school, they go to kill a pig. Why 

Vivi: so dramatically.

Erick: First of all, why are you near a place that you could actually just go and kill pigs without anyone notice 

Vivi: small, like rural towns.  

Erick:  A few episodes ago  somebody said like, someone’s on your farm. 

Vivi: Yeah. But these kids were able to sneak in and do this. Billy’s character is like way too good at killing pigs. Like no,  chris is like yelling at him to do it. 

Erick: You guys can invite us red paint,

Vivi:  fake blood, 

Erick: like the rest of us. 

Vivi: No. Oh, you had to be extra. This is a very elaborate prank. Like this is a lot of effort.  I just don’t like them. You’re not supposed to, like, they’re very dramatic. We get the, like, getting ready for prom sequence. Everyone’s kind of like, oh my God, did you hear that? Carrie’s going to the prom with Tommy wild they’re setting up the gym for prom there. yeah. Carrie shrine. She’s making her own dress. 

Erick: I could see your dirty pillows. 

Vivi: I’m with Carrie. They’re called breasts. Seriously, 

Erick: mom. Seriously. Are you a fucking child? 

Vivi: Seriously? Did you not like breastfeed? Like that’s not. 

Erick: This scene where she talks about the pillows is that night already. And she’s waiting in the front Tommy to come pick her up and the mom is freaking out. Like, he’s not coming. He’s not coming. They’re just gonna make fun of you. He’s not coming. 

Vivi: They’re all going to laugh at you, which is a very titular line from this movie. 

Erick: thou shall not suffer a witch to live. 

Vivi: with this confrontation with Carrie,  freaking her out already about something that she’s very nervous. It was about Carrie forces, her to like sit down and stop like, like yeah, basically. She leaves. And one Carrie leaves for the problem is when the mother says that shall not suffer a witch, which I’m assuming is a biblical reference, meaning that she’s going to try to kill Carrie.

Erick: But so it’s problem. I, and it’s the party and it’s such a good time,  everyone’s having a blast. Even Carrie, Carrie is like, this is the part that I was saying. You start to see that Carrie is just having a genuinely good time with Thomas 

Vivi: super nervous. Tommy’s very encouraging. There’s even some friends of Sue who  talked to Carrie and try to encourage her. 

Erick: It seems like the other kids are starting to kind of like come to their senses with Carrie and, support her.  The teacher goes to give her a pep talk. She’s talking to Tommy and Tommy’s like, do you go, do you want to go to an after party after this? Like, did you really have to go home? And she’s like, no, I do it when he’s like, all right, fine, I guess. But, 

Vivi: but there’s this party and she’s like, yeah, I’ve never been there. Let’s go. Like, she’s coming out of her shell  or dresses, pretty  she’s done her hair and makeup, like the whole nine yards, right 

Erick: in the background. The mean kids are planning something because the one  friend, Billy is like asking to be a part of the ballot county  the plan is they’re going to mix it the balance. So that Carrie is the one who has to go out there with them up on stage.

Vivi: we get this scene of her dancing with Tommy  Tommy tries to kiss her and Carrie like is  freaking out. 

Erick:  I’m sure she feels like you aren’t as soon as. Boyfriend. 

Vivi: I think a lot of things she’s never been on a date before she says she doesn’t know how to dance and then they do have a kiss. It’s kind of like that thing of Tommy’s patient with her up and like encourages her to have a good time. And we get this like spinning and spinning and spinning scene that I’m like, oh my God, this is going to give me a headache. 

Erick: I’m realizing this now. But right after the spinning and spinning and spinning scene we also see the moms spinning in the kitchen walking circles. So I’m wondering, I’m wondering if it’s supposed to be like, events are culminating, so it’s starting to come together. Yeah. 

Vivi:  We got the collection of the ballads  Tommy, and Carrie, when Tommy’s like, yeah, we should vote for ourselves. Who cares about modesty.  We get the scene where they’re like, no, one’s even paying attention to them, but they have to stash the ballads secretly.

Erick:  And all the dudes just kick it under the table. 

Vivi: Yeah. It’s dumb. Tommy and Carrie win, like you said, they’re onstage and she’s having like a great moment. She’s crying because this is, so this is so much for her 

Erick: on one night. Yeah everyone in the crowd is cheering for her. Everyone is like positive about the situation. Had this not gone wrong. I think Carrie would have had a blast and probably like had a different life, 

Vivi: Sue has come to kind of like spy on how things are going. And she notices the plan that Chris has before the gym teacher. Unfortunately, the gym teacher thinks that Sue’s the one in charge of this prank, because she was so suspicious of her and Tommy in the beginning. And she kicked Sue out. 

Erick: Right. As she’s about to uncover the way. Such bad timing 

Vivi: she kicks out SU which ultimately the saves Sue’s life and right after this is when,  it’s so much suspense in the theme. Chris has even like licking her lips. Yes. she pulls the rope and the blood is batters on her in a very well-known scene.  

Erick: In silence, it’s almost like it’s muffled because music is amplified. The sound is muffled. He turns around Tommy turns around and is like, what the hell? who did this?  You could see that the kids, Chris, Billy, their friends,  are laughing. Some of the other guys that were with them are like, oh no, man. Like, what the hell? Why did you do this? But eventually the people do start to laugh with them. 

Vivi: Fuck it falls on Tommy’s head. Apparently the world’s strongest bucket 

to kill her. 

Erick: If it was empty by the fact that 

Vivi: it is hard.  I guess that could be left up to debate because eventually the place does catch fire, but you’re like left or interpret that the bucket hit him so hard that 

Erick: it cracked his head, 

Vivi: cracked his skull 

Erick: As they’re trying to carry him away is when Carrie kind of snaps too. Because she’s saying they’re in like surprise the whole time. 

Vivi: I think Carrie has already snapped by the time people realized that Tommy is not getting up and she has sealed them in. And Sue’s like, why can’t I get in open the door, Chris and Billy had already like, made their exit at this point. And we’re watching from like the stands, the windows, you know? 

Erick: She shut the doors, turns the lights to red and it’s completely covered in blood. People are panicking. She knocked, I was off the walls and a fun fact that I read,  one of the actors or actresses when the water hose was knocked off the wall, I started to blast them with water. One of them is your drum governors. 

Vivi: It’s the red hat girl. 

Erick: Is it? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And she couldn’t recover for like six months. 

Vivi: Yeah. She like blew out, hurt your drum with how much the crew was, spraying her with a fire hose, essentially

Erick:  with an actual fire hose. You know, how much pressure those things have 

Vivi: enough to blow out in your drum. 

Erick: Yeah. So that happens to some of the folks they get blasted through tables. It looks like some of them get  so much pressure of water that it’s waterboarded. Right.  The teacher 

Vivi: is so the hysteria of them trying to open the doors, people get trampled 

Erick: there’s people getting hit by the hose itself. The teacher dies a pretty gruesome death because something from the ceiling comes down on her ashy, screaming Carrie’s name and are in half and half. 

Vivi:  You might not have seen this part, but the teacher lab sat Carrie. 

Erick: Oh, did she? 

Vivi: Apparently not apparently the audience is supposed to gather that Carrie is in such a state of hysteria, that she just imagines everyone laughing when that teacher was not even laughing at her. So she kills her violently when the teacher was like supposed to be on her side. 

Erick: I was wondering if that was what the effect was because from one scene to the next it’s like the people were feeling bad. And then the next scene is them just all laughing in that mania she starts to hear her mom saying, they’re going to make fun of you.   Repeating the things that she heard 

Vivi: I would snap to at this point. 

Erick:  She sees them laughing and it’s all spinning around in her head before she starts 

Vivi: we also want to talk about how amazingly creepy Cici’s basic looks covered in blood. Like cries are an incredible shade of blue. That trust is with the red and she doesn’t blink. She doesn’t blink. She’s wide open and she looks terrifying drenched in the red blood. 

Erick: She’s just walking around stiff. In shock herself  

Vivi: I think that’s what makes her terrifying. She’s not even like emotional acting out crazily. She’s just like, I can presence with my mind. 

Erick: Yeah. So  everyone dies. Everyone dies. The place burst into flames right behind her. It’s really cool. with the water hoses going off the electricity in the buildings also starting to spark up the principal. I think it’s electrocuted. 

Vivi: Good. 

Erick: And that’s what sparks all the balloons in background. 

Vivi: She electrocuted the shitty teacher too. 

Erick: I think he is that might’ve been and then have him, right. I don’t think it was principal. I think it was the shitty teacher. 

Vivi: He was there, but he, he definitely died too. 

Erick:  So that’s what causes the fire in the background right behind Carrie. So in the midst of her looking insane and powerful and stiff and the presence, the fire goes up behind her. And it’s a really cool scene. 

Vivi: It’s like how it’s like, 

Erick: she walks out like a boss and fucking and closes those doors and the place is on fire and she leaves. So walking through the street and shitty, he, Chris Millie try to run her over. 

Vivi: Why is Chris so fricking ready to kill her? She doesn’t even look afraid of what she’s just seen. She just looked like, yeah, I get the excuse to kill him. 

Erick: And like a boss again. 

Vivi: Good for her Carrie. 

Erick: Last minute. Turns around and force pushes the car and crashes and explodes. Cool as fuck. Yeah, 

Vivi: no complaints here. Chris just took it all way too damn far. Like bitch, you should’ve just chilled. 

Erick: Yeah. Honestly. 

Vivi: There’s no reason to be this angry at anyone. No, that’s how you end up dead. Apparently 

Erick: she is. Yeah. She’s very good. Yeah. Very good. 

Vivi: Carrie goes home after this whole debacle her mother has literally lit every candle imaginable. Well, that’s true. 

Erick: You know, I, So I think a Kerry as almost like the bloody Mary’s story 

Vivi: a little bit, right?

Erick: When I was a kid, they would tell me the story of this girl who walked in the street with her prom dress, that if people would pick her up  in their car, she would filled out. 

Vivi: That’s a different story. She wouldn’t kill them, she’d leave something behind. And then when the, 

Erick: no, tell us that she would cut up, 

Vivi: well, then your parents hated you. And that my 

Erick: cousins would tell us 

Vivi: your cousins hated you. 

Erick: I would be, I probably wouldn’t talk to them. Yeah. That makes sense. Yeah. They would say that story. And so like, when I would think of that, I would think of Carrie,  

Vivi: in the story you’re talking about, it’s always that the driver goes to return like a jacket or a scarf. And they find out that  they’re dead. They’ve been dead for years. Yeah. That urban legend. I have heard. 

Erick: So she shows up the house, 

Vivi: she doesn’t find her mom. And so she kind of goes up to wash the blood off of herself. And then her mom appears in like the silk robe, like heavenly priests looking type gown. 

Erick: I thought they were just both in pajamas. 

Vivi: Yeah. But hers is like white. And so like, like she thinks she’s pure. She thinks she, you know, and Carrie basically tells her, like, they all laughed at me and I need. You to be my mom and comfort me and you hold me. Yeah. Can you like help me? Oh, so I might’ve done a bubble. And her mom, literally the first thing she says is 

Erick: this line and 

Vivi: this line, I was just like, what the fuck is wrong with this lady, 

Erick: mom too much, 

Vivi: too much info. Like the seriously. Cause she’s like, I should’ve killed myself when your dad put it in me. I’m just like, what? No, one’s talking about that 

Erick: He promised me and I believed him and he smelled like whiskey we prayed for strength 

Vivi: to do it, 

Erick: to take this thing, put it in me. And well, I was going to say to take this payments, but I was like, is that too much? 

Vivi: Well, she said, 

Erick: pray for strength. 

Vivi: I think if I was Carrie, I’d be like gross. 

Erick: That line reminded me of handmade still because they pray before doing anything. Is that a thing 

Vivi: to make children?

Erick:  Is that a thing though? Like, does that yes. Ma’am. I was killed 

Vivi: because a lot of people, I don’t know if they still believe this, but  pray that they have a child. Actually. Someone, I know they got married  said that they went to like  those church talks that you’re supposed to do. And they told them like, when you do it every time you’re supposed to pray that you make a child because that’s the only reason to do it. Once you’re married. And she was like, damn, I pray. We don’t have a child. And I was like, why? So yes, this is a thing. 

Erick: Damn that people were really go about their life thinking that it was meant for just, I mean, yeah, I guess human nature before we had a damn brain and it’s like nature to be like, yeah, we’re doing this for procreation.

Vivi: Yeah. 

Erick: But I think. That’s it. 

Vivi: Religion came in and distorted everyone. 

Erick: They did a ritual and made it a buzzkill. Cause I can imagine being like, Hey Pam, so right now both Bray. 

Vivi: Okay. We’re deleting that because that was disturbing. 

Erick: But I never talked to you. 

Vivi: First of all, you’ve never said let’s pray 

Erick: now. Let’s pray. It was the most discernment I thought, but she,  talks about how  they prayed and he smelled like whiskey and she’s like, so into it, she was like, I loved it. I loved that. He smelled like whiskey 

Vivi: and super gross. And I think this actress, I read this somewhere. I don’t know if it’s true. She didn’t realize how crazy the film was going to be, which makes no sense because they literally stab her in the next coming scene. But she thought that like Carrie was going to be like a comedy because of how over the top they made her act religious. Oh no. And then she saw the film and she was like disturbed, but I’m like lady, they stabbed you.

Erick: You don’t film this thing and that it’s a comedy. She no, especially not her scenes. 

Vivi: No. I’m like, did you not read the source material?

Erick:  I fucked a mother. It’s not a comedy. 

Vivi: No hilarious. So I don’t know how true that statement is. It could have been 


Erick:  apparently a Cypress is pretty well known. She had like, been a couple of 

Vivi: like a Broadway actress or something.

Erick: She hadn’t been in a movie for like 10 years before 

Vivi: she did this. 

Erick: Yeah. 

Vivi: So she takes this opportunity to then like hug Carrie and be like, let’s pray. 

Erick: The devil has come. 

Vivi: And she stabs her in the back 

Erick: bitch. 

Vivi:  This sense, Carrie tumbling down the stairs and she’s like freaked out. Obviously her mother has always talked, but now she’s turned to more murder and murder carries cowering in a corner, basically trying to beg her mother to stop. And she does not carry, eventually decide that to protect herself. 

Erick: Let’s not forget the, okay. I stabbed my daughter. Let me do the sign of the cross with a knife in my hand. Creepy. That was creepy.

Vivi:  It’s weird. 

Erick: Yeah, because  I don’t know? I know that there’s people who like, think that they do things for religious reasons. Like when they do acts like this, it’s like so eerie. I think, to think that you’re doing 

Vivi: because you think you’re completely right. I think that’s the part that’s scary.

Erick:  Fear factor to that. Cause she’s holding a knife and it’s creepy. She’s doing the sign of the cross and you can tell she’s like into what she’s doing.

Vivi: She didn’t really get into what she’s doing as we see in the next scene, because Carrie eventually just sends all the knives in the house, flying at her mother, 

Erick: just blunt tools. 

Vivi: Oh yeah. That’s got to hurt more. She is left, essentially crucified, very similar to the Jesus in the closet that we pointed out. I had arrows in it. 

Erick: they’re positioned in the same spot. I don’t know if you realize that. 

Vivi: Yeah. Yeah. Cause that was like, I think that’s why that Jesus looks like that. It’s a figure that Carrie has been forced to stare at her whole life. So I think subconsciously she crucified her mother to resemble the Jesus that she had hurt look at all the time. She is moaning for like 10 freaking minutes in this scene. 

Erick:  Is that a bit much? Like, are we supposed to think that she’s like into it? Like, cause she’s there, her screams are not like. It’s quite a pain. 

Vivi: It’s like owning 

Erick: moaning sexually. 

Vivi: Yeah. It’s very strange. I don’t know. So

Erick:  I was should dying or climaxing, both 

Vivi: climax.

Erick: What’d you say? 

Vivi: The climax sounded like, it sounded like he said climaxing I’m like, so Clamato modeling Clamato 

Erick: that’s the PG version. 

Vivi: Yeah. Or the worst version. 

Erick: Yeah. So the host starts to explode and suction cups are off the wall and it takes forever. 

Vivi: It sounds like a plunger, like weird, but Carrie’s grief eventually causes the house to collapse in on herself killing. Well, she’s already dying because her mother stabbed her, but officially just ending them Bo . 

Erick: Another fun fact about the house. So apparently the original plan was to have boulders fall into the house. 

Vivi: Yes. Because it’s part of the book, 

Erick: but because something about like miniature house looking, yeah.

Vivi: It wasn’t a convincing they couldn’t make it happen. 

Erick: So they ended up just saying let’s collapse. The tiny model, 

Vivi: which I think works out actually in the book, carrie kills her mother with her telekinetic powers by stopping her heart. Oh. But that does not make for a dramatic scene in a movie 

Erick: because you can’t really show, 

Vivi: you can’t see that. It’s just act like someone looking like that have a hard time. So 10 moaning apparently. But the final scene we get is two in bed, kind of recovering. 

Erick: Okay. This has  nightmare on Elm street vibes. Where like Nancy wakes up and is thinking she’s in the dream world.  She looked a lot like Nancy to me. 

Vivi: Oh, they have this very similar hairstyle. 

Erick: Because the sequence is like a dream sequence, I jokingly said to you, I said, and then her hands come out of nowhere. I didn’t know that, those words. Yeah. 

Vivi: I thought you knew it’s a very iconic scene. 

Erick: I know. I didn’t know. 

Vivi: We get that scene because yes, Susan a dream sequence, but we also get this background information from like her mom saying that they talked to the doctor and she’s so young that she’s not going to remember any of this. She’s not going to remember all her friends and boyfriend dying in a crazy fire at the ripe old age of 17, you know, like that’s not how trauma works. 

Erick: We all the things from before that age kid, guys, 

Vivi: I am still working on that. While her mother’s on the phone, Susan, the stream, where she goes up to Carrie’s house, which now only has a for sale sign on the property, kind of looking like a cross, but also people are written like, 

Erick: Carrie white burns, 

Vivi: Understandable because she uh, killed a lot of the town’s children. I can see why they’re mad. And as she goes to lay the flowers down on the grave, Harry’s hand shoot up, grabbing her. the next scene is her waking up screaming. And it’s actually her mom. That’s trying to like shake her awake and calm her down at the same time. And that’s how it ends. 

Erick: Yep. She’s screaming in hysteria and credits. 

Vivi: So in the film, it ends a bit differently. Carrie actually goes on to destroy the entire town and yeah, basically, and they have to desert the town. Like people from the town are like running away. So she is much more powerful in the novel than this movie can portray, which I understand because how would you do that special thing, but 

Erick: this movie kind of takes place very quickly. Do you think  it’s because the book has more time maybe? Cause he said that she in the book has time to also figure out her powers before she has her period.

Vivi:  I think there’s like hints of it. Yeah.  The novel is told through like a lot of sources it’s told through like survivors. 

Erick: Oh, is it that kind of thing?

Vivi: Yeah. Like  kind of documentary style. Newspaper clippings witness report. 

Erick: Oh, so it’s not like a narrative, it’s like a combination of stories 

Vivi: of like Carrie’s turmoil about going to prom and things like that. Possibly again, I haven’t read this book in years, like diary entries or things like that.

Erick: That’s kind of fun. I’m might check out the audio book. 

Vivi: I wonder how that would translate if you have to like, look at the book.  

Erick: if it’s not like a narrator 

Vivi: she’s kind of like third person limited third person  omnipotent. I think Sue’s diary entries. Memoirs are also part of it. And the way the book ends it, spoiler alert. If you haven’t read it over the past 50, 60 freaking years it ends with an aunt noticing that her niece also has telekinetic powers kind of worry that she’s like the next Carrie,

Erick:  Carrie too, or it is too. This is fun. I liked that 

Vivi: I love this movie. Yeah. I said that at the beginning though, 

Erick: you said top five. We gotta remember that. Cause 

Vivi: I’m going to keep saying like, every movie is like, 

Erick: cause I was going to say, we’re going to hit a point in this show where you’re going to say top five. And it’s like the 50th time. You’ve said the 

Vivi: top five of my 50. For me, this film is a 10 out of 10. It holds up effects wise. It’s nothing so crazy that like they age badly. And I think it’s just a story that a lot of people can relate to of being the outcast, being powerless. And in the end, even though Carrie did what she did, you’re kind of like debating if she’s a victim of circumstance or if she was like, you know, someone just bent on revenge. So for me, this one’s a 10 out of 10. I buy you. 

Erick: I’ll give it a nine and nine. 

Vivi: You’ve never given a film, a 10 out of 10, have you?

Erick: No. Uh, No, I have no, I don’t. 

Vivi: You haven’t. 

Erick: Oh, we did talk about trick-or-treat before. 

Vivi: So that would be, and then we’re going to watch it and you’re going to be like nine to eight. Bam. 

Erick: Now I would give it a nine though, because  like I said, I can relate to it. I think as far as horror goes, there’s only like a pocket of horror at the end. Right. It’s like, yeah. You know, Carrie’s creepy, but it’s not really a terrifying movie until the scene everyone. Yeah. So it’s like that scene is really strong and I think it’s cool to see how powerful she is. And like I said, she’s a presence, you know, 

Vivi: blood not blinking.

Erick: No. Yeah. She’s really strong. And that I think is pretty cool. I think there’s an additional fear factor thinking that this could possibly happen. Not, not obviously with the powers part, but yeah, as fucked up as it is. I think it’s like the reason that people are like, we probably should not mess with the, kid who’s. Outcast because 

Vivi: they might develop telekinetic powers 

Erick: and hurt us all. 

Vivi: Yeah. Good lesson at the end of the day. 

Erick: I told you how many times that I wished when I was growing up, like when I would get picked on, I wished I had powers. Cause  it’s like, you want to get out of that,  so bad. So she gets her chance. Sure. 

Vivi: Yeah. Again, the first good for her film of this genre, so what scared low-key this week? 

Erick: Loki, you got scared, right? Yeah. I don’t think it was scared, but he was really intrigued by the old Western film that I think, I can’t remember which characters are watching him and Suzy, but he was like, he was shaking his head around. Yeah. He’s only seen a horse in real life once and he was like, yeah, And the firetruck at the end, when kerosene walking on her own firetrucks, heading to the school. So he was kind of like 

Vivi: she’s covered in blood and no one stops her. 

Erick: No, I think if I had seen that I’d stop. 

Vivi: She needs medical attention. But yeah, you want to tell us about it? Low-key 

sounds good. Maybe we’ll watch a Western horror movie

Erick:  or we’ll take you to a fire station so you can see some more firetrucks and see loved them.  I’m just kidding. I won’t do that to you. Or you can meet up Dalmatian, even though I’ve heard that they’re like insane dogs.

Vivi: So is he, 

Erick: oh, there you go. You can meet a friend. 

Vivi:  I think that pretty much wraps it up  as always, we hope you guys had a good time here. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken that scared pod. Our Twitter is shaken. Scared pod. You can send us an

Erick: You export the show on patron we’ll name, our next drink. After you the mentioned on our website where the drink page will live forever. You can listen to us on all your favorite podcasts, insights, apple podcast, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, a bunch of others. Give us, listen, give us a follow, 

Vivi: like rate review. Hmm. Yeah, I think that’s pretty much it here. 

Erick: Be nice to be, guess be nice. Don’t be like Chris. That’s a lot of energy. Yeah. 

You care too much. 

Yeah. Key things by

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