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The Strangers (2008)

Erick: Are you praying? What’s happening? No. Oh, it’s down there. My phone. Oh, looking like the Virgin Mary over there.

Vivi: I’m just looking down. Is that all you think the Virgin Mary,

Erick: it looks like this is what she does. A woman down looks down on people

Vivi: judging.

Erick: Yeah. Except for one day ago she doesn’t look down on him.


Welcome back to the chicken. Not scared podcast here with you as always your host, Eric and BV.

Today, we’re going to be talking about the 2008 movie, the strangers directed by Bryan Bertino. But before we get into that, how are you BV?

Vivi: I’m in a good mood. Are you? Yeah. Why? We had a fun week.

Erick: it was also stressful, but yes,

Vivi: it was fun. It’s only going to be stressful from here on out for like the next month. We always talk about

Erick: how stressful the next one is going to be. And it’s only three weeks away. We’re also guessing on another show. That’s true. Yeah. Yeah. More to come on. That 

Vivi: My sister and one of my best friends threw me a surprise bachelorette party that Eric actually helped to.

I was very surprised. He was able to keep a secret that


Erick: You said that I gave it away by not showering, which is such a random thing to just give things away.

Vivi: You shower all the time. So when you did it, and I was like, this is suspicious. I

Erick: was so real and so good at hiding it that I was acting like it was actually going to happen and was sad when I realized we weren’t actually going to go to dinner together.


Vivi: So you tricked me by saying we were going to go to dinner together, but you were actually just dropping me off to my group of friends at the restaurant. So that was fun because I. That we weren’t going to be able to do one until after COVID. Yeah. You’re

Erick: saying, and I’d be like, yeah, it’s so sad.

Vivi: Yeah.

It’s so sad. Yeah. Yes. Ian, you have both told me that it was so hard when I was like, it’s so sad. We’ll do one after the wedding. You were both like, huh?

Erick: But how are you?  Um, Okay.

We did a lot of craziness on Thursday, we were on a live event where the nightmare on for your street, where we talked about a ton of movies, we talked about tons of drinks that we had stayed up till two, 3:00 AM, Wednesday night to get done for the show. But yeah, that was fun.

They were really cool people. So I can’t wait to talk to them again at some point.

Vivi: Yeah. It was super fun if you guys missed it. There is definitely links to it. Still on YouTube, on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to check it out, we’ll post it somewhere.

Erick: Is that all you got?

Vivi: I feel like I got so much going on and I can’t think

Erick: we hit record and we forget, we forget

Vivi: everything.


Erick: all, it’s like, all we know is fine dining and. And

Vivi: drinking and drinking, fine drinking.

Erick: What do you got for content? We have a shit ton because of the show on Thursday.

Vivi: I did, I kinda liked that it forced us to watch things Cause we tend to push it to the back sometimes.

They gave us a list of movies. So we divided them up to try and watch them. So I watched tragedy girls and tigers are not afraid, both pretty good movies, two totally different vibes. If you’re going for like a campy, not so serious, more fun. Horror movie, definitely watch tragedy girls.

Erick: You said it was one of your favorite probably of all of them.

Right? Well, other than the two

Vivi: that I had to. Yeah, because it depends on the vibe you’re going for, if you want, some foreign international horror movie, that’s going to make you think then there’s definitely other ones on this list that do it better. But tragedy girls is basically about two teenage girls who capture a serial killer in their area because they’re covering it on their blog and they’re trying to make their blog blow up.

I can relate. And then they continue the murders themselves and then report on them in order to make their

Erick: Is it because their blog only does well, because this was going on.

Vivi: So their blog definitely blows up more as the murders become sensationalized.

Erick: So because they caught the guy 

Vivi: they are also like, don’t get me wrong. Psycho killer.

Erick: Okay. I was like, because they caught the guy that is trying to look out for their show.

Vivi: yeah. So it’s a fun one.  Tons of references to other horror movies. Yeah. It knows what it is and doesn’t try to be a super serious come on. Let me look it up because the girl who plays Negasonic teenage warhead is the lead. And then the girl who plays storm now is also some

Erick: more recent than probably like late 2010s.

Vivi:  2017. So a few years ago. And then the other film I watched was tigers are not afraid. It was directed by Esau Lopez, I believe. And it’s definitely not a feel good movie. It is depicting the lives of children whose lives have been affected by  gangs and things in Mexico. So their daily lives are pretty dark early on in the movie, the main characters are kids and their parents have been killed by these gangs and they’re targeted by them.

And then there’s like an element of fantasy and how they survive I feel like this movie, it just made me so sad. It’s funny. Cause you

Erick: think of fantasy. You think it’s going to be a feel good,

Vivi: but it’s, it’s very reminiscent to me of Pan’s labyrinth and how

Erick: Even though it’s shitty things happening.

Vivi: There’s like mystical things happening, but it’s still like really tragic for the kids. Yeah. It’s a good movie. It’s worth checking out.  I think you should watch it too. Actually tell me what you think, because maybe you’re going to be like, it’s not that bad and you’re just sentimental.

Erick: Yeah. So then I also watched his house. His house was actually.

Better. One of the two that I saw in terms of horror, his house is about a couple that leaves South Sudan.

They moved to, I believe it’s Britain and in a struggle to kind of fit in and  escape their horrible past. They are haunted by it

the other one was Eve’s buyer. That one, I was a little unsure how it fit the horror genre. But then as it continued to watch it, there are themes of witches and like curses and stuff like that. So it’s very subtle though. It’s not like the main focus of the movie. It’s pretty much a drama for the most part.

There’s an affair. Some kids. One of them sees the affair going on. It’s their dad traumatizing and its own right.  The biggest thing is just like, there’s these things that the father had done, including the affair, including some situation with one of the sisters that one of those girls puts the curse and it does that and pretty sad, but one was pretty good too.

  Together we watched pier street part two and part three.

What a month after they all came out.

Vivi: Yeah. Which isn’t terrible. I guess we could have been worse. Could have been watching it a year later. That’s true.

Erick: You were saying that we should probably cover more recent stuff so that people aren’t.

Vivi: So we can stay

Erick: relevant. Yeah. Yeah. Check it out, though. If you haven’t seen it, all three of them are on Netflix, you probably binge all of them in what? Six hours.

Vivi: Yeah. Take a whole day. we both also watched the devil’s backbone.

 I do love his work. I don’t think we’ve covered any of his films yet. No, we should get around

Erick: to it. What’s his darkest film, you know, his

Vivi: darkest film. It depends because I would say that this film and Pan’s labyrinth are dark because they deal with children during war time. Crimson peak is also dark because I, you haven’t seen it.

Right. Okay. I won’t spoil it for you, but like, it’s got some like messed up elements too. Yeah.

Erick: Hmm. That was back when it was pretty messed up, but there’s a lot of characters that are just trash, trash. Yeah. Yeah. We see that a lot about a lot of movies and just

Vivi: think everyone’s trash. Yeah. No, it was devastating because of so many reasons.

I can’t even like get into it without completely analyzing the bill. Yeah. But essentially I believe he said it was like. Companion piece to Pan’s labyrinth. And it seemed like it was on panel ever. And it is the rich military side of things. And this is more like the civilians poor rebellion who like are affected in a different way.

Erick: I don’t know that it was actually

Vivi: scary, very  I think it’s called magical realism. This type of genre where, and it, it was the same in tigers are not afraid where ghosts are not seen as something scary, but  the living, help the dead, get vengeance on those who wrong them.

And don’t get me wrong. I love that idea. I love that. If you were dead, you could like get vengeance on who killed you. Maybe that’s why it is such a like Latin

Erick: American theme. Well, isn’t the thought that purgatory is where ghosts are. And so they’re kind of like in this, in between, after life and current life is, that’s why they’re ghosts.

You can’t leave ghost land until you’ve finished what you were supposed to do

Vivi: in life. The guy who was saying in the beginning  and end of this film. Cause you don’t know who’s speaking but then you figure out which characters, the one that’s dead in a ghost now. But I think all those movies are worth checking

Erick: out. Okay. Yeah.

DrinkVivi: So what are we drinking? I think I’m going to. Rejected proposal.  You actually suggested after watching it, that we do something with roses because there is rose pedals all over this movie, this drink does not look like a horror movie drink.

It is the prettiest drink we’ve made so far.  It is essentially a elderflower Gimlet, but I added rose lemonade for that rose tastes. We tried to look up like rose syrup and like what we could

Erick: make that exists, but probably really hard to find,

 Vivi: Last minute.

Yes. And then rose lemonade was available at target. So it kinda makes it easier if you want to make this drink too.  The rose lemonade is made with rose oil, so it still has that flavor. And we had garnished it with rose pedals. Huge disclaimer, make sure it’s edible rose pedals. Please do not use anything with pesticide.

 You can find rose pedals dried up already on Amazon and things of that nature. Some are poisonous to people. So don’t just go eating random rose pedals. But not to say that we think you’d do that, but we’re just trying to cover ourselves here.

Erick: People have eaten worse things.

Vivi: Well, that’s on them. I didn’t tell them to go do it type Hans. Really? Oh, I thought you were talking about ass. Oh, that’s fine. Sometimes. I mean, will it kill you? I don’t know.

Erick: Well, it tastes like shit. I don’t know. Very, literally

Vivi: you want to dry it? I think you’re going to hate this. Oh, no. It

Erick: was a very sweet, it looks like I hate it.

Vivi: Okay. Disclaimer, because Eric’s just gonna hate it. Cause it’s sweet. And Eric disclaimer, this drink is good. It is a very summer drink. It’s a very floral drink. Elderflower and rose pedal. It tastes is floral.

Erick: It does.

 Vivi: There’s also lime in it, which I

Erick: was going to ask what else is in there? Because they can taste someone that makes it

Vivi: citrusy. What would you rate it?

Erick: Well, it’s not horrible. I actually don’t hate it. Hate it. I’d give it two and a

Vivi: half. Yeah. And you’re going to give it to, I actually really like it.

I’m going to give it a four.

Erick: Awesome. I think most people would like this.

Vivi: I don’t think like you’re in the minority though. Cause I know there’s like a lot of people who don’t like sweet. They prefer savory for sure.

Erick: I guess disclaimer again. Oh my

Vivi: God. The disclaimer episode.

Erick: The reason I don’t like sweet drinks too, is because I’ve for a long time, went through like a health bend where I wasn’t really eating a lot of sugary things. And I think that as a result, eating sugary things became like a bad taste in my mouth. So when I, I like don’t really candy. I don’t really a lot of sweet stuff.

And when I do, I get really hot and I get sweaty and it gives me a headache and

Vivi: stuff. So yeah, I will say the older I get the more sweet drinks immediately. Just give me a headache. It’s not even a hangover. You don’t even get to enjoy being drunk. It’s straight.

Erick: I had already heard thinking about it.

Just kidding. It doesn’t hurt. Yeah. I’m just tired. Tired of this shit. Cool. That’s a good drink.

Vivi: Cheers. Sure. Just being nice to me because you don’t like it. I

Erick: can’t be the negative Nancy on the show.

Vivi: Why not? Someone told us that we’re not fun to listen to? Cause we don’t disagree. We need to start fighting the show

Erick: book use drink sucks.

Vivi: Thank you. That’s all I want to be. Okay. You got fun facts for me then.

Erick: Yeah. So there weren’t very many fun, fun facts, except for one very big one, which is kind of like the inspiration of this movie, but in order to get Liv Tyler to be scared and startled. Every time noises were made in this movie, which is super prominent throughout the whole film was like clanking and banging was, it would tell her, you know, Hey, we’re going to make a sound over here and they’d make a sound in a completely different direction to startle her.

Vivi: That wouldn’t work on me because I have a horrible, like I can’t hear very well, so I will always hear things and be like, it’s coming from this direction and you’ll be like, absolutely not.

It’s right next to you.

Erick: That’s true. Yeah. Do not do well. I don’t know where that come from. I’m like the office and you’re like, it sounded like it’s in the kitchen. I was like, no, it’s definitely the office.

Vivi: I cannot play sound. I don’t know what it is. Bad depth perception. Probably all part of it. Right. Is,

Erick: is that a thing that you do with your ears?

Probably not. That’s perception is visual. Yeah.

Vivi: But yours help you balance and stuff. So she’ll look it up. Yeah.

Erick: But another thing that they did to get lifted, how to be genuine was that when she’d be in a panic, they would make her do strenuous physical exercise so that, you know, they’d make her run a lap around the,  scene or something like that.

So that when they were going to film her in a panic or in shock, she’s like genuinely out of breath and like actually can talk and stuff.

Vivi: Yeah. Yeah. I don’t mean to be an asshole

Erick: though. Gives

Vivi: me no, not to you to live Tyler.

Erick: You’re looking out the window. It’s like, Eric turned around

Vivi: completely. You’re like, where are you going to be in like this movie?

Yeah. Do you think it’s, cause she’s not that great of an actress. She can’t like, turn it on like.

Erick:  I don’t know. We were talking about how she’s not really in a lot of very well known thing. No,

Vivi: she literally did the biggest film of probably the early two thousands Lord of the rings.

That’s true.  You said she was in the Hulk. she was Betty Ross and then this film and I feel like I’d never saw her in anything else after that. one of my issues is that she’s so monotone this entire film.

Erick: Do you think it’s cause she’s like a very delicate person maybe. I mean, I don’t know if it’s mean, but

Vivi: do you think she’s all good or did you like see her delegate?

Cause she played like the L

Erick: in LA, she plays a little delicate characters, and the incredible Hulk. She’s also like, oh my God, what was me? It could just be the roles they put her in.

Vivi: Yeah. I thought she did some fighting as the elf princess. I actually can’t remember a lot.

I was riding on a horse I was thinking

Erick: of Kate Blanchett in Lord of the rings. Are you thinking of the same character is great. Yeah, she is. I love her so much. Yeah, I literally,

Vivi: No, she’s definitely the elf princess.

Erick: Look, Tyler. I’m going to just say, I can’t remember Lord of the rings like that.

Vivi: She is the love interest of

Erick: the room must be destroyed like this? No, no, no, no, no. We watched

Vivi: it like a

Erick: couple months ago, so yeah,

Vivi: she’s in the first one.

Erick: Oh, wow. Unmemorable

Vivi: well that’s. I mean, do you think it was cause she was like, just not good. Not that great. I don’t know. I

Erick: mean, she doesn’t do horrible in this movie. The strangers

Vivi: Aragorn Paragon

Erick: Aragon. I always think of those spider from Harry butters. I do too. Maybe Eric Gorn from Lord of the rings and then Aragon is,

Vivi: I know they don’t know that that’s his name. They call him stridor the entire first. Wow.

Lord of the rings. Tangent. Sorry, go back

Erick: to your movie at all, all right.  The houses in the opening scene were made to be themed after homes seen in more popular horror films, such as many people who are on the street and Halloween.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed that, but I thought the exact same thing when that opening scene happens and you can see it kind of going through houses in the neighborhood. one of them looks exactly like the Halloween house. Oh nice. No, I didn’t know. And I was like, oh, that looks just like that.

But I didn’t think that they did this on purpose and it looks like they did. What was the main

Vivi: house supposed to be modeled

Erick: after nothing? We just found a random barn. And

Vivi: while they dropped the ball

Erick: on the main, apparently they didn’t even know what that barn looked like. They like that barn, showed up and didn’t realize how big it actually was.

So it lended itself for more than they planned on it. Yeah, fair enough. Pretty cool. Several real life events, including the Manson family murders and the Ketty Kevin murders could have potentially inspired this movie, the Manson family murders, including the home invasion and murder of Sharon Tate and the Katie, Kevin murders or four people were in a resort in California.

It could have also inspired it because those murders have not been solved to this day and also in the motive.  People think it’s a combination of those two. The one that is claimed to be the inspiration though, less interesting is that director Bryan Bertino says that as a kid, he was one time left alone.  And at the time people were going around the neighborhood knocking on doors and asking if anyone was home. And so he remembers the door being knocked on.

He answered. They were like, is this per what, why don’t you look at

Vivi: that? Why would you answer

Erick: making me think someone’s

Vivi: making you paranoid? Like someone’s out our window.

Erick: And it happens to be this movie that we’re talking about, answers he said, no. And they left didn’t even like, fight it.

So it turns out Tamara, was it Tamra or Tamara? Cause the subtitles had Tamara.

Vivi: I am pretty sure it’s

Erick: Tamra. pretty sure too. Cause that’s a joke. Right? Cause I

Vivi: was like, who the fuck is Dame Tamra. And then you’re like, I know somebody

Erick: that do, I used to talk to her so much every day we’re best friends,  he says that afterwards he found out that there were a series of robberies in the neighborhood because people were checking to see if people were home and if they didn’t answer, they would break in. If they didn’t answer, they wouldn’t break in. So if it was opposite from this film, obviously, but that left a mark on the director and he says that that’s what inspired this.

Vivi: Yeah. I know the Manson family murders are very popular. I think the Ketty cabin ones are less known.

Erick: You were watching a documentary yesterday

Vivi: about that, right? Oh yeah. There’s definitely a ton of YouTubers and podcasts that have covered that case.

Cause it is pretty weird.  So you could go check it out pretty much anywhere

Erick: else. Do people think that really there was no motive or is there some beliefs?

Vivi: Yeah. Are some suspects. it was a resort. So it was like, a vacation situation two people who were in the cabin while the others were being murdered, like slept through the whole thing.

So they’re like, yeah, that’s really suspicious. And they believe it was like some ex partner of the woman who was murdered.

Erick: How would you even disprove that? The two people who quote unquote slept well, they were kids. That doesn’t mean shit. Kids are scary.

Vivi: Well, one of the suspects is the father of these kids and they think he didn’t kill the kids obviously.

Cause they’re his and just killed mom and the friend of theirs. Weird. Yeah.  There’s a lot of good suspects, but yeah, I hope one day it gets solved and we find out who it is.

Erick: It’s so strange. don’t know how these cases work, where there’s an obvious motive answer to some of these and then you’re like, but you can’t confirm it.

Vivi: Yeah. When you hear so many true crime cases, you’re kind of like, how did they not get solved? But yeah. Now we have DNA that can pretty much solve any case. And back then it wasn’t that simple.

Erick: It’s always so crazy when you see case from 30, 40 years ago solved after  some DNA tests on ancestry.

Vivi: Yeah. And we’d done ancestry. So I said like about to find out my uncle was a murderer.

Erick: I was married. True story. Just kidding. Not yet Well, that’s all I got. Yeah. Yeah. Were those good? Are those fun? Well that they were definitely

Vivi: faxed. Never, definitely.

So I think it’s your turn to do the summary. Please do it under a minute. Cause I don’t feel like taking a shot. Okay. I am already drunk. She’s got to take a shot. Oh, you’re going to fail. Yeah. We drank wine.


Erick: no wonder your head hurts.

Vivi: Are you ready? Yeah. Traumatized look into this guy. Okay.

Erick: Go. Cool. So a couple of driving home from a wedding, it sounds like one of them’s crying. They, it turns out that they were proposed. They were doing a proposal thing. She said, no, he’s pissed. So he’s like, what the hell? So he calls his friends, says, come pick me up.

They are in this house. And then knocking happens at the door. There’s a lady who’s like, Sam are home. And then they’re like, no, you got the wrong house. So then events happen where they’re kind of like, all right, well he’s like, you’re out of cigarettes. He leaves, she stays home alone and they start to intrude because she starts to see more and more of them.

They get inside. He comes back and she uh, he doesn’t believe that anything happened. They started to get attacked more and more. He goes outside of scars. They locked themselves in the room because they have a shotgun. So they’re just waiting. And the friend shows up that he called earlier. He goes, he gets killed accidentally.

But the guy, because they think it’s someone at the door, they go outside because there’s a radio in the barn. Guy goes outside. It doesn’t get the doesn’t get it. Or no, they, they ended up getting captured because of things happening. And then they all get killed. And then these kids show up at the house and they find the bodies.

And that’s the end of the movie. Oh,

Vivi: you made it under one minute, but I know you made it. Cause I started making faces like, please,

Erick: you almost didn’t make it. And they’re like, how much did I have left?

Vivi: You came in at a minute. Good. Honestly, if I wanted to be picky, I could have been like, you didn’t finish, oh wait

Erick: a minute. And 0.5, eight millimeters

Vivi: millisecond, second millimeters millimeters. That’s not how we measured that

Erick: we do if it’s on a timeline.

All right. Well that was just, do you have the actual

Vivi: description? That’s just through my phone, but yeah, so pissed. Okay. TTD those strangers

Erick: Stranglers. Apparently the movie was also closely named the faces,

Vivi: the faces. Yeah. It’s a creepy name. Yeah. It says review, Kristen and James are expecting a relaxing weekend at a family vacation home, but their stereo turns out to be anything but peaceful. First Amos, serious and dangerous woman arrives at the door.

While James is out on an errand. When he returns, he accidentally kills his friend, Mike that escalated quickly mistaking him for an intruder. And then the real danger does show up in forms of three masks, torturers leaving Kristin and James struggling for survival. that’s a weird overview because I wouldn’t say that there were weekend was people.

In the beginning?

Erick: No, there was no weekend. I didn’t even know it was the weekend. First of all, Ready to home? Invade this movie. Yes. I

Vivi: want to say off the bat that I want to call this movie.

Lack of common sense. The movie

Erick: boring the movie.

Vivi: Now I know that’s going to make people upset because I’ve heard some people consider this the scariest movie ever. No, and that’s because of the real element I

Erick: disagree. Well, the real moment is scary, but this movie is boring.

Vivi: Yes. Don’t get me wrong.

There is some scenes where I’m like, I see where you were going with that. And I agree, but overall I’m just like what is

Erick: happening? I don’t understand the reason to waste so much time on a lot of unimportant scenes.

Vivi: So I think in reality, a home invasion would be fair. And they had to make this movie until an hour and 30 minutes.

Erick: Add more things to it. I don’t fucking know, you know, the people less annoying.

Vivi: But that’s my initial thoughts on it. You ready to dive in?

Erick: You had seen it before. I’d never seen it. I thought this movie was boring. I fell asleep.

Vivi: You did it on our first watch I didn’t notice, I did watch this in high school and I remember not loving it but I thought going into it this time, I was like, I was younger then maybe I didn’t appreciate a movie for what it was.

This made me angry

Erick: again. It’s made me angry. Home invasion. Yes. Scary as fuck. I’ve always talked about it. People are scary, but several decisions in this movie could have led to them surviving one or them just dying faster.

Vivi: Why drag


Erick: out, man? I’m not dying faster is just imply that they’re playing with them.


Vivi: yeah, I definitely think that’s a theme in this movie anyway, you want to get into it. So the film opens on a title card  that says that the film is inspired by true events. And that 1.4 million violent crimes are committed against Americans each year. What does that even mean? you just looked it up as of now 2019 and you said it’s actually less. Yeah.

Erick: 1.2, according to that also included. Manslaughter homicide, murder, rape, sexual assault, robbery,

Vivi: So it’s pretty broad.

So we start on that title card We opened on these kids

Erick: Looking through a crashed car


Vivi: along with the nine 11 call. And I hate, even though it’s fake, I hate hearing nine 11 calls. It’s people in like the worst moments of their lives asking for help and

Erick: sometimes before their

Vivi: lives. Exactly. Sometimes when they’re about to commit the crimes I don’t like 9 1, 1 call.

Do you

Erick: remember when nine 11 happened they would play people’s audio and calls on the news.

Vivi: Pretty dark. Yeah. That’s pretty good. Why did we live through the, this no wonder. We all have problems. Any real life horror story. we get flashes of what happened that night. We get the rose pedals, the ring box.

Blood spatters behind the victims on the wall. right off the bat, we go in knowing that whatever happens that night, they don’t know.

And then we opened on the couple that we later find out is Kristen and James they’re on their way back from a wedding.

And it’s very awkward in the car. You can tell they’ve just either had a fight or something because she is crying he’s not talking. And they get to the house where they’re spending their, I guess, weekend at it’s a vacation home that used to belong to his parents.

Erick: It’s a really boring opening. 20 what?

2015 minutes maybe because it’s just this awkward connection between them too. They’re talking about, well, I had all this plan for you and there’s pedals all over the damn house and I’m going to take a shower. Let me check the champagne bottle that was in the tub.

Vivi: It is awkward. Cause you spend probably what, the first 20 minutes, like you said, I’m trying to figure out why they’re fighting.

You don’t know why yet

Erick: there’s boring flashbacks to the wedding. It’s like, yeah, we know you were at the wedding. Why did you do this flashback? I think it’s meant to imply that like they had an okay relationship. But you said that this scene means that they weren’t even together for awhile. 

Vivi: They’re acting very like new relationship The dude asks her to marry him. Dick moved, by the way, never fucking asked someone to marry you at someone else’s wedding.

Erick: Do you think he did it at the

Vivi: wedding? Well, he did it like outside, but say if she would have said romantic, say she would have said yes. So, and she, you know, she would’ve run back in there, like, and I would have been like, here’s the bill for the wedding that you just fucking ruined.

Erick: Damn. Did the animal care,

Vivi: yes.

You have the same group of friends. They’re all going to be excited.

 Erick: Random friends who got invited last minute and only got put on the table, that’s even

Vivi: fucking worse. Cause it’s like some stranger ruining your, the true stranger, the true horrific

Erick: part of this. Actually, I went into this thinking that maybe the character James was in on it. I was thinking like, wow, a shitty way to say, fuck you. When someone tells you no for getting engaged, they’re like, oh no, I don’t want to get married. You’re like, oh yeah, I’m a kill you tonight.

Vivi: I have two implants tonight. You decide how they go.

That’d be fucked.

Erick: Is that a movie? No, we should make it. I guess from there, it’s just a lot of that then being in the house

Vivi: the rose pedals,

Erick: again, he did a lot, obviously planning on it.

Vivi: Obviously thought she was going to say yes

Erick: he calls his friend, Mike, you were going to say Dennis, Dennis, his friend, Mike. And he’s was like, Hey things, didn’t go according to plan. I know you’re drunk as shit, but come and get me when you get a chance and tells her to sleep over he’ll leave.

So that’s not awkward, but it’s already awkward, dude. It’s already awkward. Like you helped her get undressed to show. You Chuck the champagne bottle on the bathroom, tub of ice cream,  I understand the point is to say like they were close, but later we found out that James is a piece of shit too.

Vivi: she made the right call saying no. Oh, for sure. Because throughout the entire movie, he, like, you can tell he was an asshole to her. Not just tonight. He like gaslights her manipulates, her like talks to her, like she’s a fucking child,

Erick: I was trying to think like, what would I do if you told me now the last thing you want to do is continue to hang out. I

Vivi: think, well, that’s what makes it awkward, right? Because clearly you came on a road trip to this wedding. That’s why you don’t propose it to this fucking wedding.

Erick: He could have called Uber, but it still is an eight. I don’t think it would, but Texas did exist.

Yeah. You’re right.

Vivi: would you go back with that person? I feel like after that, I’d be like, Hey friend, can I get a ride somewhere?

Erick: assuming that they did do it at the wedding. Why still drive home together? Yeah. That puts her in a weird situation too. Cause she didn’t plan on this being how she gets home, like sending her to a hotel or something too is

Vivi: kind of, he has all her stuff back there.

regardless. They’re they’re having a moment also. Have you noticed this movie takes every opportunity possible to undress Liv Tyler literally for no reason.

Erick: And then it does it together at the last minute. I didn’t even notice that, but yeah, it wasn’t like they undressed her and changed her again.

But why? I mean, you’re going to

Vivi: stab her anyway. Murder me anyway. You might as well murder me in comfortable clothes. I feel like we make that statement all the

Erick: time.

Vivi: She gets out of the bath. She’s still wearing the dress. Cause she’s like, it makes me feel pretty. And I was like, bullshit. Me and you both were like bullshit. The first thing you want to do when you’re dressed fancy,

Erick: you get out of the, yeah, I literally can’t even wait getting out of the billing of work without taking my clothes

Vivi: off.

Yeah. You literally come home and start getting naked from you left your trail of clothes all the way from work to the house. Yeah. If you

Erick: wanted to find where I work just follow the clothes,

Vivi: they have a further awkward conversation. She essentially just tells him I wasn’t ready.

Erick: He tries to give her the ring and is like, I can’t keep this. Which agreed. told you I’d feel weird keeping her ring that someone told me no. Or I took her return it, I don’t know if it’s allowed to return it.

Vivi: That’s what he says too. He’s like, I can’t return it. I don’t know if you could or couldn’t, but you could definitely resell it. Probably a hand

Erick: on it or something that probably wouldn’t hit your butt. Oh, but you’d get something.

Vivi: Huh. Huh.  She’s clearly sorry, because she loves him, but she’s just not ready, which is fair they start like hugging and making out and they’re about to do it. Right. And that’s when the first knock on the door happens and we get the, is Tamra here.

Erick: Yeah. You can’t see the girl’s face she’s outside and he’s playing with the light switch because the ball was kind of loose.

screws it in when she’s gone. I’m

Vivi: pretty sure

Erick: she did that. So probably so her face is invisible  they’re like, okay, well see you later. And he closed the door and they’re spooked a little bit, but not really.

Vivi: I wouldn’t answer the door because they mentioned it’s four in the fricking morning.

Oh, for

Erick: sure. I’m like, why are you not answer the door? And they like,

Vivi: it’s the middle of the day. And we weren’t expecting anybody.

Erick: I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but my dad would hear people knocking door and just a straight run to the bedroom. When no one’s here, everybody shut the hell up.

Turn the TVs off

Vivi: the anti-social king.

Erick: I’m serious. I think it became part of me too, because I’ll do the same thing. Probably not here. Cause we would know if people were coming. Cause it’s we’re so far.

Vivi: Yeah. And people literally can’t get in the building unless they notify us that they’re coming.

Erick: Right. There’s cameras everywhere. So I wouldn’t really be too worried here. But with you looking at the window, it makes me think someone climbed our balcony. It was one of the things I thought about the one that would scare me on the second floor is because a lot of the places we had seen, we weren’t allowed to do home security and they were at ground level and I was like, well, I’m not going to be ground level with no security.

cause there’s also curtain walls.  It’d be easy to come in and kill somebody. This is just us being super paranoid because I’m sure other people don’t really think about that. But we do.

Vivi: Do you think it’s like from growing up in like not the best neighborhoods that we think like this,

Erick: we got broken into a couple of years before I did move out. And I remember we didn’t have security before that and we had security afterward and now it’s like a default for me to want security. I know some people think it’s a waste of money when we used to tell people like we got security after that, they were like, prove what it’s such a waste of money.

No one’s ever broken into mine. Yeah, no one ever broke in our house. Either a piece of shit. No,

Vivi: we had security for a while, because same thing,  we thought someone was scoping out the house because it was snowing. And we found fingerprints on our windows in the kitchen and you know, they’re like not, ground level windows.

They’re pretty high up. I remember we had like furniture outside in the back. So my parents like yielded the furniture out to people couldn’t stand on there and like look in and we got security after that. it is one of those things that I think until it happens to you, you don’t,

Erick: I don’t want to judge your gains, but you also don’t have a closed fence.

Vivi: I have told my parents to get one. Since the beginning of time, we should probably cut that because I don’t want people to be like, where do your parents, like, they seem kind of available to be

Erick: loud, to be brave enough to go to the south side to Chicago first, come at me first, cash me outside. How

Vivi: about that?

Losing a lot of friends or family who already listened to this live there. So they’re fine. How do we get on this? Oh, you don’t answer the door at four in the morning.

Erick: also, I hate that these big ass houses in these movies always have the lights on.

Vivi: I’ve heard people say. No, you just leave your lights on. And people always think there’s someone

Erick: home. Oh, you turn all your lights off so that they think

Vivi: everyone’s asleep. No, my parents are one of those people who have this security on, but they leave the living room lights on. So someone thinks that there’s always people there.

Erick: Hm. I see the opposite because if I see the lights off and it’s nighttime, I’m assuming everyone’s asleep at home, but we would, if we left the house, we would leave lights on.

Vivi: yeah. That’s what I mean. Whenever we would not be home for the evening, my dad would be like, turn on the lights. So people think we’re

Erick: home.

But as a burglar at 4:00 AM, I would assume excellent asleep asleep in their home. if I’m a burglar and it’s 4:00 AM and the lights are on, I’d be like, that’s weird. There’s probably no one home,

 Vivi: which is what they were

Erick: doing in the law.

Vivi: You don’t know? Oh yeah. It’s what they were doing in the kitchen.

Erick: That’s true. I’m the piano. Yeah. You gotta hear the sounds of sex,


Vivi: sweet music,

but we’re not even pass. We’re really not because it’s just so bad. We’re just going to make fun of it. After this the moods ruined and they’re definitely not gonna do it anymore. She makes a comment where she’s like, I’m out of cigarettes she

Erick: doesn’t, she pulls a cigarette out later.

Vivi: Because it makes no sense. She’s like I’m out of cigarettes and he’s like, okay, I’ll go get you some. And she’s like, oh no, that’s not what I wanted. It’s clearly what she wanted. She looked at the cigarettes, she looked at him and was like, bitch, I’m out of cigarettes, but I’m not on it, but I’m not though.

I just want you, it just wants you to leave. It’s kind of hinted that maybe she just wanted him to leave. The last day of their lives was not a good one all

Erick: around. Oh no. But he does is like, okay, cool. Well, I’ll be back champagne.

And then we’re driving what a douche

Vivi: while he’s gone. She’s trying on the ring and it seems like it’s too small and it gets stuck on her finger.

Erick: Another boring sequence of her just walking around the house, drinking a Corona light.

There’s a lot of  where do you call it? A mundane things that they did. Isn’t there a term for it? It’s like white space or something like that. It’s just a lot of time spent for nothing. Yeah. Filler in a movie that’s only an hour and 25 minutes.

and that one hour 25 is including credit time. I think

Vivi: Jesus Cruz. Yeah. I think what they’re trying to do is like paint that. During your mundane life, like something terrifying could be going

Erick: on. Yeah. We know what we’re getting into in this movie. Like we already know you don’t need that little building.

Our lives already are boring enough.

Vivi: I do that shit too. Like, come on now. Just cut to the good stuff.

Erick:  the giant bang at the door happens again, again? I wouldn’t have answered this is the second time in a night. They’re like, is Tamar home And she’s like, you already came to this house and she’s like, are you sure?

 she locks the door barely. My default is to enter this house and lock the door immediately. When the door’s not locked, I’m like, we’ll fuck. Didn’t do this. It was local. Was this you who

Vivi: left the keys in the door?

Erick: Loki  okay, baby. One time we went like two hours and it was on the door. Yup. Yup. So she spooked

Vivi: The idiot started a fire without opening the vents for the fire.  Because a huge billow of smoke is going around the house and she’s trying to open it up and then turn off the firearm.

Erick: She’s trying to take it off and it falls. And in that instant there’s a hard bang on the door. She immediately gets scared because it’s a louder bang. It’s not just a knock. she runs her phone puts it on the charger. Cause it’s low battery.

Vivi: Which I was like, bullshit. Those phones used to last forever.

Erick: it. Wasn’t an Okie. It. Must’ve not been, you know, cause I meant just have battery today. Yeah. And they’re somewhere in the ground. Have you seen those videos of like how to destroy Nokia and it’s like impossible. Yeah.

Vivi: We need to go back to the

Erick: song. Yeah. You literally touch your phone and it breaks

Vivi: if you have an iPhone. I think. Cause I’ve done some at least once a week I dropped my Android and it’s got a little bit of dense in it, but knock on wood. It’s still kind of okay.

Erick: You look at it right now and it shatters, it just

Vivi: breaks.

Cause I looked at it.

Erick: Yeah. It turns into dust. She,  with the house phone calls, James,

Vivi: which would not be who I call, I would have called the cops, the cops, because this woman’s roaming asking for someone I would assume she’s like not okay.

Erick: I saw it take something like this actually a couple days ago I sent it to you.

I don’t know. She, I said about safety net. No, this lady is I think the local junkie  starts knocking on her door. Cause she’s like screaming and throwing things at our window.  She  has a ring camera  she seems like drunk or something with her. Yeah. Can just be one of those horror Tik TOK things.

Vivi: But.

do you remember when it was my, I think it was like my 23rd or 24th birthday and me and my friends had stopped at a Walgreens to get some things before going to eat. And this woman tried to like Rob me or something. But like, this woman was very short. short too.

I’m like five one, but this woman was like four, nine. Yeah. Four nine is really short. Okay. she was, it was at least I had shorter than me.  She thought I was alone and she was harassing me and harassing me.

And like, she’s like, I’m gonna kill you. I have a knife, I have a gun. And I was like, yeah, I was laughing. Cause you can’t be doing hard crimes when you’re afforded. Y’all no one will take you seriously. I could have been

Erick: in danger one in this bitch tonight. You’re saying that Kevin Hart. Yeah. And then his

Vivi: legs are swinging lady.

She was saying all these things to me and I just could not take her serious usually. Cause in my mind I was like, if this woman had a gun, if this woman had a weapon and was trying to get me out of the store, she would’ve pulled it on me. First thing, not trying to like. Say these things.  I wasn’t alone. when she found me I was alone and I think she thought I was there, but I was literally with three other friends at the time I was worried because I thought this woman was unwell or on drugs, like the tick-tock you were saying, and she couldn’t do something.

But luckily I was with a group of friends. My other friend came out of the bathroom. She was the reason I was waiting there. And she was like, who’s this lady following us? And I looked at her like, we cannot leave the store. Like I made us wait and I’ll leave the store. While we met up with our other two friends, they were looking at us like, what the fuck is going on?

Jessica. So I was afraid and she turned to like a manager or something and she’s like, this woman’s following us. And then the woman got like so scared. Yeah, Jessica is bad. Like I never had a big sister. Jessica is technically a month younger than me, but Jessica and defended me, like, I’m her little sister.

Erick: I can hear

Vivi: her in my head, like this woman’s following us.  She was like, no, I’m not. And I was like, yes, she was, she said she had a weapon. And Eric, the way that this manager looked at this lady was like, she was in this store every weekend, doing  this to somebody. Cause he looked at her like you again.

And then we just left and I went to dinner. I know I got yelled at because everyone was like, you should have made a police report. I didn’t want her to be even angrier with me. Cause she clearly saw my face. She knew who I was what a side story.

I was like, what are we doing anymore? But yes, people on drugs are something scary. You don’t know. And you should call the cops if someone’s roaming your house and you just think they’re on drugs or trying to

Erick: say, is it crazy out here? Y’all,

Vivi: it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Erick: You just never know who you run into.

 This is probably not as intense as yours to no one threatened me, but, but I remember getting off the train and I was like, literally just walking, you know, you get off the platform you can go one way or the other.

And I was just walking to the exit people walk in line, cause you’re all getting off going. We’re all going one direction. And this guy in front of me turns around and he’s like, why the fuck you follow me? And I was like, what?

I didn’t even think he was talking to me yet because I just walked in.  I was like a good five, six feet away from him. But he was just so pissed and was like, look, man,  I don’t know you. And I was like, dude, just trying to leave.

Vivi: If you were six feet away, you were technically still social distancing.

Erick: Yeah. And again, we’re all walking in the same direction.

I don’t know. I’m suspicious of people behind me too. But,

Vivi: but when you’re all leaving the same way, I don’t know.

Erick: It’s just crazy how triggered people can be or how crazy they can be too.

Vivi: Which is why you called the cops immediately. Okay. So she doesn’t call the cops? 

Erick: she calls James And is like, someone’s knocking. He doesn’t believe her. He’s like, what, what are you talking about? No. What do you mean someone’s in the house now? There’s no way,

if you called me and say, someone’s in the house, I believe what the hell are you talking about? Call the cops, hang out with me, call it, call the cops.

Vivi: But here’s the thing why you shouldn’t disbelieve it.

If you were here and we both heard this woman saw this woman not working for someone and I called you, I’m like, she’s back. Oh, that’s the first thing you should say. Yeah. That’s what she said. Yeah. She’s like the woman’s back. And he’s like, what are you talking about? No way Why would she lie? And then she should have been like, see, this is why I went in fucking married,

Erick: but she’s like, stay on the phone with me.

And he clicks. I don’t think he play clicked or that the phone stuff,

Vivi: the landline got cut because your cell phones aren’t charged at this point, so. she lights a cigarette, even though she just sent him for cigarettes.

Erick: She walks to the kitchen lights to SIG. And this is the first moment of  horror other than the knock at the door  because the mass man is in the background in one of the corners, in a wide shot of the kitchen. she’s turned around. again, I don’t understand her lack of panic in this picture.

Right after getting off the call, if someone’s been banging on the door and it’s a weirdest situation, I don’t think that you’d be so chilled. Just walk around the house after that. She turns around and here’s another bang at the door and here’s the metal clinking. She then grabs a knife. I would have been, had a knife. There’s a fireplace. There’s probably a poker, right?

Like there’s,

Vivi: we’ve been in the fire for a quick second.

I think because she lights, a cigarette.

She is stressed out. smokers, I guess, reached for them,  I think that is probably one of the scariest scenes here last night. We were

Erick: like, oh no, no, no, no,

Vivi: no, no. There is that unsettling factor of being in your home and someone else is in the home with you.

My issue is, and this film in this universe, do we just assume that footsteps don’t exist?

Erick: You definitely hear noise when someone’s in

Vivi: here. Footsteps.

Erick: I, no, I don’t want to say that because worse things have happened. For less. Do you know what I mean? Like formations do happen where people get killed and I don’t want to say like, it is easy to hear people because people have been caught like this.


Vivi: Yeah. I agree. There’s points in this film where I’m like, okay, well you got to understand they’re panicking. And like, they’re not thinking straight, but then I’m also like, no,

Erick: I think one time we did have a situation here in the house where I was like, what if someone got in the house while we were out?

We even checked the patio at night. I remember. And I like opened the blinds quickly because I was like, if someone’s there, my thought was, if I break into this house  I would hit on the patio at night because I’m less likely to look out onto the patio with the blinds closed.

Yeah. And I just quickly opened the blinds. Cause I was like, they’re probably outside. If anyone’s here, they’re inside or they’re in the closets. But like my method of checking the closets is not like sneaking and then slowly opening the door. Okay. You don’t want to give them kind of planning. If you go slowly, you’re giving them time to get ready Live in. I hope

Vivi: we never find out how we are in a home invasion.

Erick: At some point, I think James says this, like it’s us versus them. It’s definitely them. Cause I’m not letting them kill me.

Vivi: He says that too.

And then, and then kills his friend, but.

So yes, he is in the background and not doing anything to her.

this is where you as a viewer realize, oh, they are fucking with them. They want to like scar them emotionally and mentally first, and then they’re going to kill them.

Erick: Yeah. She grabs the knife because another knock at the door. She notices that the fire alarms on the chair and she has a moment of realization that someone’s in the hospital. she goes and runs through her phone and her phone’s off the charger.

Vivi: She goes up to the window because she hears more bang and throws back the curtain. And I think in most horror movies, you don’t expect the person to be there, but they were right there and she’s

Erick: screaming 20 windows in this house I went into this thinking that it was something paranormal, maybe, you know, like there’s black children who knock on hotel, hotel door. I want to see a black guy, children movie. was trying to picture them outside and what they were doing. Cause it’s like, you’ve got to run around this whole house and see where she is. So you can like be in the right window.

Vivi: Think yeah. At one scene towards the end where she’s kind of like I’m going to die and barricades herself in one of the rooms.

I think I was even making fun of it to you. Cause I was like, all right, here’s what we’re going to do as killers. Me and you, we’re going to like burst this door open, but we’re not going to be in the doorway. It’s going to be a whole layer. It’s just going to freak the fuck out. All right, ready? Let’s do it.

Like that’s how I imagined that.

Erick: But right. The door slightly opens in the front

She approaches, I thought maybe it was gonna be James Cause I was like, I’d be ready to just stab whoever walks in. But it’s not. It’s the face of  the pinup girl and she slams it.


Vivi: locks it again. Why was it open again? I think it would because she like the girl outside either. They know how to pick the locks or they

Erick: but it’s one of the, it’s one of the bar locks though.

Vivi: Don’t know how they did it. I haven’t broken into a home. I couldn’t tell you.

Erick: Right after that, there’s the loud crashing knocking mail clanking. And it’s like the loud noise intensifies. James walks in, this is the part that I was thinking like, how could he have missed them?

Vivi: They must have seen him coming. And he dispersed.

Erick: Okay. But the, the way that it, the movie kind of makes it seem as if it’s happening right. As he walks in he’s approaching the house and would have seen them outside, I think. No, but he’s an idiot. He’s an

Vivi: idiot obviously.

Cause he okay. After he walks in and sees what she’s done, she’s cut her hand. Cause she’s trying to turn off the lamp or whatever. He really does not believe her that something’s going on. He thinks she’s like overreacting to something and he’s like, what are you talking about? There’s no one in there.  Yeah, just stop.

Oh, that’s how you talk to a freaking child and like that, but you shouldn’t talk to your child like that, but the way he talks to her, I’m like, yeah, like

Erick: an older sibling telling your younger sibling, the south crying, stop, stop

Vivi: something worse. It’s just like, I think you’re trash and I need you to stop doing what you’re doing.

Kind of judgy. He looks throughout the whole house and she’s telling him like, something’s happening.

Erick: You said yesterday, like what to do.

She doesn’t believe her. He’s looking throughout the house because he doesn’t believe her. I would look throughout the house because I believe you. But also we need to find out who’s here.

Vivi: No we don’t. We do, we do

Erick: not do. Cause they’re gonna stay in the house. Even if you call the cops, they’re still in here with us.

Vivi: But she had a plan. She had barricaded herself in the room

 She put the sofa in front of it and he like moved it and he was like, stop. That’s fucking stupid. And then walked out. This is why you died first dude.  They ended up in the garage and she’s like, not even listening to him cause he’s an idiot.

And she goes to the opening in the garage and see the girl standing out there and he’s still kinda like braiding her, like nothing’s happening. And then he sees her too. Okay. Again,

Erick: trying to think about how the killers are outside,  planning to see where they are. They had to be like, well, where are they going?

Other than the garage? Yeah. So many

Vivi: things would have had to come into play when you

Erick: stayed over there. Cause they’re probably gonna look out the window.

Vivi: One of us needs to be outside every window, just in case they see

Erick: it. There’s only three of us and there’s like 50 windows, all sort of breath,

Vivi: take a hit of their inhaler.

Erick: That’s where the, her mask. So let’s just hyperventilating under the, oh my

Vivi: God. The thing that pisses me off about this scene is that the idiots, like, should I go talk to her?

 Erick: She, no, I wouldn’t do that either. She’s like, what do they want?

And he’s like, I don’t know. But people like that don’t want anything

Vivi: We also get the quick scene of her cell phone being in the fire.

Erick: Meanwhile, he’s like, I’m going to go get my phone from the car.

This part pissed me off because she’s like, but they stole my phone. They probably took your phone too. He’s like, there’s no one even in the house. Okay. We’re literally

Vivi: seeing people

Erick: After all the things that have happened, there’s no reason at all to disbelieve her the way he does. Even after things were already happening, you’ve literally seen the lady out there with a mask on

Vivi: because there’s like denial of something happening. Sure. You could be in disbelief, but then he like uses this as an excuse to go make horrible decision after horrible.

Erick: What an idiot. So he goes outside anyway, and this car is fucked up and he approaches it. I wouldn’t approach it. I’d be like, okay, my car is fucked up. Let me get back

Vivi: something malicious. But he goes

Erick: to the car. Tries to move the car back and forth. The tires are clearly slashed. Creepily, there’s a hand approaching his collar and he gets spooked turns around and there’s no one there.

Vivi: Yeah. What’d they do fucking sprint.

Erick: Right. You would see it. He sees the girl at the distance, Kristen’s like, Hey, what’s going on?

He’s like, Hey, get back inside, he sees some sprinting because he can’t see the figure, the girl who he could see on the sidewalk has gone

Vivi: makes his way back into

Erick: the house.

Vivi: And he gets mad at Kristin for like bringing him back into the. 

Erick: He still doesn’t believe

Vivi: her. Yeah. Even though your car is fucked

Erick: You don’t understand this either. Anyway, the movie sucks.

Vivi: We need to go. They start backing up  they have a truck that they see coming towards them, ramming them in the back.

Erick: the lights turn off and they can see her mask in the driver’s seat.

They try to go forward. the mass man is in front.

Vivi: So stake number 10,000. This man’s in front of you. You’re in a car. I am running your ass over slash tires

Erick: are not. Okay. I was gonna say, I don’t know if with slash tires that you could really take off.

Vivi: You’d still probably hurt them. Cause they’re like right in

Erick: front of you if they don’t jump up fast enough. Yeah, I guess. You wouldn’t try it though. Yeah. Try it.

they could do

Vivi: Go Forrest, the area you’re going to tell me you can’t ramble them into a tree

Erick: or under the fence.

Vivi: Yeah. Listen, I would just try everything and anything. And they’re not.

Erick: One thing that I, don’t want to miss saying is that Kristen’s character keeps saying why are they doing this?

Vivi: I don’t think I would ask this question

Erick: It’s basically what James says. He’s like, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t,

Vivi: it does not matter.

People are evil for the sake of being evil. You don’t need to understand

Erick: that. They’re trying to

Vivi: kill you. Yes. You can ask questions later if you’ve survived, they run back into the house after this, which these people are right on their tail and they let them run away so many times. Because again, they’re torturing them for fun.

Kristen starts asking him like, doesn’t your dad have a gun or something

Erick: like an asshole again. And he’s looking

Vivi: for Kristen.

And I’m like, why aren’t you looking for this fucking hours ago? You idiot. I don’t believe her. Yeah. But then they have to find the bullets and like another part of the house,

Erick: which smart on his dad, I guess. Yeah. The kids don’t because he says that when he was a kid, he used to see the gun and then he talks about how he doesn’t know how to shoot a gun.

And she’s like you said, you used to go hunting with your dad. He was like, yeah. Well, I thought it made me sound cool, but I

Vivi: would never impress a woman ever. Maybe

Erick: not here, but I feel like maybe, maybe,

Vivi: maybe in the country they know how to shoot a gun too then. Which might be the case because Kristen is the one who loads the

Erick: gun. Wasn’t that he didn’t know how to load it. Is that what it was or does that he did know how to shoot it

Vivi: either way, either way. He sucks. He lied in the beginning. Okay. At this point that they decided to kind of hide it out in one of the rooms with the gun, their backs against a flat surface where nothing can come up.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: They have a good plan here for the most part gun pointed at only opening before this happens really quick. The mask dude with an ax is trying to break in.

Erick: I saw that. It was apparently a nod to the Shannon.


Vivi: You could tell. because he’s trying to break the door down with an ex and their immediate response is to barricaded with the shelf wall. They can prepare those. No, I think it was a, like a cabinet.

Erick: I thought they barricaded with the piano.

Vivi: It looked heavy. I don’t know how two people would be able to push it in front of something that fast,

I argue they probably could have loaded the gun as soon as they found the bullets. But

Erick: yeah, it’s time to talk about how he’s a fucking liar.

Vivi: We’ve got time to talk about how you lied to me, but not loaded his gun. They have the gun facing the only other entrance  The friend didn’t come. I think they could’ve survived the night like this, but,

Erick: if you haven’t seen always sunny in Philadelphia, every episode starts with the gang did this. So I wrote down in my notes, the gang walks in on a home invasion because it’s Dennis, Dennis.

Yeah. I love this guy.  He basically shows up to the front of the house and he’s Colin James. And he’s like, Hey man, I’m here picking you up, definitely his dentist’s character because it’s the same attitude that he has in the show. And then suddenly something crashes through the window and he gets out of the car and he’s like, what the hell?

And then notices the car in the driveway. That’s messed up slowly approaches the house. Suspiciously kind of calls out for James calls. Kristen, no sound. At this point, I didn’t call out for them. He does. He calls them outside. But inside he’s super quiet.  He walks in and there’s like a crowbar on the steps leading into the house. Yeah. This scene is creepy because there’s a lot of noise from the music and it’s very quiet.

He’s not yelling, James. He’s not yelling, Kristen. He starts to see signs inside the house too. There’s broken glass on the floor, things around the house. Look, something went wrong here. Yeah. when he enters the house, I think it’s creepy one. There’s a shadow. And then she comes out of the shed.

And when he’s inside the house, the mass, man’s also walking quietly behind them and he’s walking through the house.

Vivi: The thing that pisses me off to see it’s like almost going to turn around, but it doesn’t,

Erick: I’m assuming that the point is if he doesn’t walk all the way and get shocked, he’s going to turn around and notice some.

So I have to be ready to attack, get

Vivi: him out of the picture. Yeah.

Erick: it’s kinda messed up because he doesn’t yell. I think how to yell James, Kristen. Maybe he would have gotten killed with a mascot

Vivi: anyway. But as soon as he would’ve yelled the mask, I would

Erick: have killed them. Mascot would have killed them, but they would probably still stayed

Vivi: in the room.

Do you think they would have, if they recognized it was their friend, they would’ve run out if they still had a vantage point though, because if they ran out and saw both of them in the holiday, meanwhile, the other guy’s

Erick: trying

Vivi: to kill the friend.

Erick: Yeah. But then there’s the other two girls and you don’t know where they are.

Vivi: I would argue though, like their plan would have worked. If their friends didn’t come to help staying in the room. How lucky of the killers that this friend came, because if not, they would have had to leave.

So what happens is exactly what you predicted. The friend walks to the entrance and James shoots him.

Erick: Kristen’s want to

Vivi: notice as he didn’t have a mask. he goes to see that it’s Mike Chris, didn’t like what’s happening and is making her way out.

He fucking tackled her to the ground. He’s like don’t luck. And he starts punching a fucking wall. Starts punching, starts punching her homos. I don’t understand why he did this because if they were going to leave the room anyway, she was going to see that it was Mike.

Erick: Yeah. He’s going to see what happened and

Vivi: leaves the room.

And then she follows him. What was the point of attacking her Anyway, he is not a good person.

 There is a radio, like a two way radio where they could call for help, makes his way out. They’re leaving her by herself and taking the gun with him further. Proving that he’s awful.

Erick: If they’re in the house, what does leaving her behind

Vivi: do sacrificing her so you can get help.

Erick: Trash again. I thought that he was in on it, so

Vivi: I was suspicious twists, honestly. Yeah. Would have been better than what we got.

Erick: Yeah. yeah. And that like the mass man was Mike or something. Dennis. Dennis.

Vivi: Yeah. He comes up from the ground. Michael Myers, Michael Myers stuff and puts on the

Erick: mask. Oh yeah.

The killer has been in the room the whole time. Hold up. I mean, he has, he shot him in the face with a pink gun.

Vivi: That would have been a great movie. I want to see that movie.

Erick: Before he walks out of the house? He also sees behind one of the curtains, the glass says killer.

Like they’re judging him for having killed

Vivi: this friend. Some judgy murderers

Erick: and piece of shit. You killed your friend,

Vivi: but also kind of fucked up. Why don’t you be like his car? I’m gonna take his car. I’m gonna take his car

Erick: F Afro.

Vivi: What? An idiot. The friend’s car. You got to look for his keys, even if you left them in the car. Like they probably still

Erick: in there they’re either in there or, or maybe the thought is they already messed up my car. So I’m assuming they took his car too. I don’t know. Well, that’s never

Vivi: shown. Instead of going to the barn,

Erick: it’s a lot of wasted time. If you think there’s a radio in the barn, they could possibly ask for help versus the

Vivi: car because you have a gun. We could be like, run for it. If I see anyone shooting them, we get in the car. At least they

Erick: clearly don’t have guns themselves. 

Vivi: James makes his way out to the barn and he comes across one of the masks girls and immediately he doesn’t shoot her.

Erick: No. Why is she in

Vivi: the barn? What is she doing? What is she been doing this whole time? She’s just kind of been chilling in the background because

Erick: if you want to say, okay, well she went to the barn to see if anyone else was there. There were there. She has a flashlight and she walks out of the barn door and he’s just standing around looking dumb.

I don’t know that they knew how to make these characters do what they were doing for any reason. Unless it’s just to say

Vivi: there part of what makes them scary.

Erick: There’s why they’re doing anything. Yeah.

Vivi: baby, she was like scoping it out because there’s a later scene where Kristen does go into the barn as well, but when I just read the radio from the beginning,

Erick: And then she shows up and it’s already destroyed. And then it’s like, oh, same, same impact. Yeah,

Vivi: pretty much. His character finally gets ready to kind of shoot at her and the burlap sack, man, sprinting fricking get out

Erick: style.

I thought it was, I thought it was him, but he’s in the house with her. So I think it was the blonde.

Vivi: I swear

Erick: was the man. I swear to, I swear. I thought it was a man too, but he’s in the house with her.

Vivi: Okay. We gotta rewatch this scene. Yeah. I thought by that point he had left the house because she was like also having her own episode outside in the grass  but Where he fights, he, he shoots the weapon off and that’s what makes her get afraid and leave the house. And she runs and bust her shit. Yeah. I would absolutely do this. I did this when, like we first moved in here and we were taking Loki to the bathroom.

Erick: Peter Griffin outside for awhile. Yeah. Look, you thought you were

Vivi: rolling? Yeah, he was still a real little puppy at that point.

Erick: She messed up her leg though. And she’s crawling and I think this seems also pretty creepy. Cause you can see that the one girl’s behind her walking and then when she turns around his own

Vivi: there, I get that we’re supposed to suspend disbelief and say that she just doesn’t know these people are behind them, but there are leaves on the ground.

Yeah, you would have definitely. You would have heard the crunching behind you. I get that. You’re also making a lot of noise crawling, but I think you hear additional noise.

I like how I’m talking so much shit. Like I didn’t say at the beginning of the episode that I can’t place direction when I hear it. But you still hear somebody just be looking everywhere. Like they can’t see that, but Eric just flailed around all over the

Erick: fucking snow, white running through the,

Vivi: She crawls her way to the barn where she finds the radio. She’s kind of trying to mess with. And call for help.

And you get like this one moment of glimmer of hope that someone answered and she’s trying to answer back and they’re like, where are you? And that’s when the

mask smashes the

Erick: radio. Because at this point, the pinup girl hadn’t really pinpointed where she was. She was also walking through the barn sisters just a little bit and cleaning things.

Yeah. But the moment the radio went off, obviously.

Vivi: That’s where she was. She’s really close behind her smashing this radio, but still allows her to go back into the house.

And they cut off the lights this is the scene that I found most unsettling is when she’s in the pantry hiding also miraculously able to walk again at this point

She is watching through the pantry, the burlap sack, man, walking around the house, looking for her and just like sitting down.

I don’t know why this was the scene that made me feel like uncommitted. Maybe it’s like knowing that you’re watching someone who is trying to kill you,

Erick: When they broke into our house a couple years back, I know that my mom’s biggest thing was  someone is in the house, sees your photos, sees you, sees everything about you and you know nothing about them  their intentions  that they’ve been in your home. been around your space and invaded it. And you know, nothing about what they’re capable of is a scarier.

Vivi: I agree.

That’s super violating. It’s the place you’re supposed to be safe. And yeah, that was going to say, that’s the issue though. It’s not their house. It’s his parents like vacation home. I don’t know.

Erick: But still there’s that element that she doesn’t know who they even are for this character to take a break and sit down,

Vivi: just chill a minute and you think she’s safe, but then the blonde girl.

Yeah, the bugs back don’t smack anything. That’s how you smack the beer out of my hand. One time

Erick: I mean, today’s ferments the beer

Vivi: further, then you should have left it.

Erick: it’s almost like it’s trying to like get in on

Vivi: this pocket also has opinion these people. Yeah. They kill them. My friends  okay. You think she’s going to be like, okay. Hiding out in there. But then the blonde just comes out of nowhere and smacks the crap out of the pantry. And it’s so chaotic. I don’t know how they break the boards of this pantry either. If it was her or it was the blonde, which he had runs out of there.

And that’s when the burlap sack man throws James on the floor and James is telling her to run

Erick: again. She yells.  Why are you doing this?

Vivi: and she’s like, you’re going to die. I think if someone told me that I’d be like, so are you one day mother fucker and

Erick: longer? I think this scene is also funny because the girl in the blonde hair mask   guys that giant knife and then she turns around quickly to the drawer and pulls out like a butter knife of,

Vivi: my point was like the girl’s like really sexual with the knife, running it around everything.

So you like get that. They’re like excited by that. But yeah, it’s like, she’s got like a tiny butter knife to size matters. Apparently. Apparently when murdering, it was girl not size.

She runs into one of the rooms, but they kicked the door down and they’re not there.

she tries to run out and their body slam her leg straight light into the wall and knock her out.

Erick: And she’s just weekly gets up on the things. And then it’s the morning. 

Vivi: I think why this movie does, this is because in so many horror movies, once the sun comes up, the horror is done.

Like only bad things can happen to you at night, but they’ve kept them alive till the morning. I think it was like done on purpose on their part. They are tied up to chairs. They put her back in her dress for some fucking,

Erick: they filmed this chronologically too. So if you wanted to say it was like error in the filming, it’s not, no,

Vivi: it was a choice that they made.

And then this is where we get the. Tagline of this movie pretty much. Once again, she asked, why are you doing this to us? And then the Tamar, a girl is like, cause you were home and that’s it. That’s it just because, and I get that. It’s supposed to be terrifying that, and it is, that’s the impact that someone could choose to do this to you for no rhyme or reason.

And they will, did she need to ask it the entire fucking movie?

So many people are into like true crime and serial killers now that they would not ask this question.

Erick: it’s sometimes it’s like, what?


Vivi: didn’t fucking love you. Is that way you’re so basic. Bonnie did this in the seventies.

Erick: Isn’t that a scary movie, something like that. Right? We’re one of the characters is like literally dying and she’s like, well, the character is like, why won’t you die?

Vivi: No, I think it’s actually like Harley Quinn in birds of prey where she’s like cycle, analyzing them as they’re doing things.

It’s probably cause mommy didn’t love it. Your dad did this to you when you think she’s still crazy. I feel like that would be a lot of people now. They wouldn’t ask why

so they are stabbed to death, sitting in these chairs, kissing while like he notices that she has the ring on and she’s like, I love you.

And he’s like, I love you limit. Does he know that it’s on her? Because she couldn’t get it off because it was too tight. Kind of. A bummer. That’s how you end up marrying.

 So now we’re here.

Erick: Couldn’t get off. Cause it was too tight. Yeah. But it’d be the opposite.

You can get off. Cause

Vivi: it’s so tight. Did you ever watch shows like like a thousand ways to die and like ER, nightmares and stuff? No. Okay. Cause there is one where like these people were on like a lot of drugs. And they got stuck having sex. There’s

Erick: literally a scene in American horror story too, is it?

It’s not that they got sucked, but they get murdered while doing it. I find the bodies like that.

Vivi: I don’t remember that. Which season was that? I think that was hotel. Hotel. Yeah. Oh, maybe I don’t remember that season that well, yeah. I just remember lady Gaga. That’s all I remember love heart. Would let her murder me while doing me.

That is what she does with her. I’m not

Erick: upset partner. If, if you go to the gates of hell or heaven and they’re like, so I die. You’re like, well, I got murdered by lady Gaga. Well,

Vivi: by vampire lady Gaga, that would be like, that’s pretty awesome. Good for you.

Erick: Heaven was on earth.

Vivi: you peaked?

Erick: I don’t even know that these places can beat that.

Vivi: I think we’re messed up. this is Not the point of

Erick: this movie

Vivi: their staff to the, turn stabbing too.

Erick: They never really get like a good look at the characters either, even though they take the masks off. I think the point is it doesn’t even matter who did it?

Vivi: Yeah, I think, I mean, I feel like you should know that you’re going to get murdered up until this point, but the part where they take off their masks and show them who they are, it’s very clear it’s because they’re going to kill you.

And it doesn’t matter if you see their faces or not. And then the next scene is those two boys that we saw at the beginning, they are kids who are sent to be missionaries. 

Erick: They have Christian pamphlets, right? Yeah.

Vivi: The three drive up in the truck and they get out and they’re each one smokes, a cigarette, one smokes. And the Tamara girl who has like a very soft voice, goes up to them and is like, can I have one of those?

And like one of the boys, he’s like, are you a sinner? And she’s like sometimes. And then one of the boys is watching all of them suspicious as fuck. Like this kid had more common sense than the Cabo. He was like, what the fuck are you people doing

Erick: here? I don’t think he has a bad reason to their windshield’s broken.

Not to say that windshield’s broken means your trash. Cause I’ve had my windshield broken before and it’s

Vivi: like very broken, like a giant

Erick: hole. So if you have a broken window

Vivi: thinks you’re trash. Nah, someone busted my car the other day to the

Erick: car wash literally took your intent. Yeah.

Vivi: And then someone backed into my car in the parking lot.

Okay. This kid is like very suspicious of them though. And like. They get back in the car and they’re like, next time it’ll be easier. And they drive away and I argue that it will not be easier. Next time,

Erick: the more you do this, the more likely you are to get caught

Vivi: very true. But also they have shown their faces to the only two other witnesses to this crime and to what are the odds that the next people you do this to are this fucking stupid because they were stupid.

Mainly James for not believing her from the beginning and getting them out

Erick: of there. Especially if your only method of selecting who you’re going to go do this too, is knocking to see if they’re home. You could be walking in on the wrong.

Vivi: Absolutely. There are trigger, happy people who like you would knock the first time to be it’s Tamar and a movie.

Erick: it’s fuzzy. Lumpkins from the power of girls.

Vivi: The kids walking on the crime scene. And for some reason, they go to touch the dead body or perceived dead body. I thought

Erick: maybe he was trying to it close her eyes or check her pulse pulse. Maybe.

James, his eyes are open. He’s clearly dead. Mike sizer close

Vivi: too though. I mean he was shot. I’m sure he like, you

Erick: know, oh, he’s like your dad, but he checks her because she’s the least looking damaged,

Vivi: I guess, possibly. And he’s right, because she shoots up, carry style out of the ground and grabs the kid screaming.

 It’s going to need extensive therapy. But yeah. That’s where the movements. Yeah. Well, it was boring as shit. I was going to ask you for your final thoughts, but I guess that’s it.

Erick:  It’s not that this idea it’s not scary. It’s that this film was boring. The way that they did it was boring. there’s like one or two or three good little scary scenes there, but the movie wastes the shit done in

Vivi: time.

I agree. There’s like very unsettling things about it. And we’re talking a lot of shit. I’m sure if like we were in this situation, we would also make horrible decisions. Right. For sure. But because we’re watching a movie and you, again, I think I said this at the beginning, you imagine a home invasion is a short violet.

Event. And this is people trying to terrorize them like for fun. So it has to be dragged out as much as possible to fill out an hour and 30 minutes.  You fell asleep.

Erick: I didn’t, I fell asleep twice. I fell asleep when she’s in the pantry and I fell asleep when

Vivi: she’s like

Erick: roaming the house, roaming the house.

Yeah. There’s a lot again, there’s a lot of just like nothing happening.

Like the flashback in the beginning was like, why don’t even include that?

Vivi:  We’re not saying this is not scary because we thought we heard a noise in the middle of recording and we went out to check it clearly, it’s making us paranoid. There is a SQL. I think that came out like two years ago. Prey at night. I think we should check it out. Maybe it’s better.

Erick: There’s really only a one moment of fear like that, where she’s in the kitchen by herself and then dude’s in the back. Like that’s the only real

Vivi: moment, but that’s, that’s where I was like, fuck that.

Erick: Yeah.  I read a review that was like, the trailer was scarier than that.

Vivi: I think so too. I remember  that line, because you were home in the trailer and it’s like the third one, it absolutely is, but it’s like the culmination of the movie and it’s already in the trailer.

So would you rate it three? I will. I’ll give it a four.

Yeah. All right. I guess, should we talk about what scared low-key nothing. Cause it’s so fucking boring. It’s actually like, pretty much just chilled out in the living room the whole

Erick: time. Like maybe he was interested in the knocks and random clink in, but didn’t really care.

Yeah. He even asked like, if someone did this to us where he cared,

Vivi: we think if someone would come in at four in the morning, like we’ve said this before, He does bark when he hears people outside.

there’s been people working construction outside our house for like a month and he barks and growls every time and I let him so that people know I’m not alone. Yeah. I don’t want to find out if he’s an amazing guard dog or not.

Erick: You want to grow for us? Low-key

Vivi: I don’t think he growls on command, but

Erick: I wish he did someone teach us how to teach him how to grow.

He won’t

Vivi: speak,

Erick: he refuses to speak. He only did it one time. And like the first week, I don’t even think you were here. But the first week that we got ’em I was washing dishes  I was just trying to see what howl and I held and he did twice and I was like, oh my God, he did it.

But he’s never done it since after that. And we’ve tried. We’ve tried.

Vivi: Yeah, we were looking at, yeah. Adoptable dogs. And one of them was a Basset hound,  Wiener dog.

Erick: Yeah. the

Vivi: shoes. And how like they would, how maybe to teach, love you to hell, but I don’t think he’s going to do it

Erick: anyway, is that it? Yeah, I think

Vivi: that’s it for us. Cool. As always, we hope you guys had a good time here.

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Kay. Thanks. Bye. 

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