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Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Vivi: We love

Erick: spot Scott spot, Pilgrim spot Spock. You okay. We love Scott.

Vivi: I think that’s going to be the beginning of

Erick: episode

Erick: Welcome back to the shake and I scared podcast here with you as always your host. Sarah can VB today. We’re going to be talking about the 2004 movies shot of the dead direct the out of Edgar right before we get into that. How are you doing? I’m exhausted. Yeah, we all are.

Vivi: We need to stop going to what.

Erick: I don’t think there are any left. So everyone who’s ever had to get back has been married, done forever all around the world.

Vivi: Yes. No

Erick: more marriage is ever. Venues are going out of business.

Vivi: The wedding industry is

Erick: dying. right now, August 30th

Vivi: is when I’m exhausted. Cause we went to our friend’s wedding this weekend.

Yeah. Yeah. We

Erick: posted about it. You guys probably saw the stories and stuff. Loki also had a long weekend cause the guy’s dead.

Vivi: He was boarded all weekend and you would think he’d be well rested, but he slept for two days as well.

Erick: Yeah. But congrats and Francisco, you guys had an awesome wedding. It was beautiful.

It was super fun. I hope it was everything you guys wanted it to be.

Vivi: It was a good time.

We came back to a couple issues. Someone hit your car, So that was fun. You’re exhausted. And then you also had to return the tux and pick up Loki and then Loki was acting all weird. So we were like, is he okay?

Erick: Yeah. He’s okay. It’s just, the truck is not, the truck is not damn delivery. People always be messing with our cars. Yours got hit too. It’s been so long, so much

Vivi: drinking, so, okay. I was hung over obviously from the wedding. It kind of sucked because it felt like I was the most sober one and everyone around me was super drunk. And then I woke up the next morning feeling the worst and everyone was still drunk. It’s so weird.

Erick: You say that because I thought you were pretty tipsy yourself.

You came off

Vivi: like that early. I think I was maybe tipsy for a minute and then realized I had to like help everybody else and sobered up. Hmm. And once everyone was like safe, we kept drinking in the hotel and that was the mistake though.

Erick: Kept drinking to the point where we were just scavenging for last drops of liquor in our bottles.

Cause there was nothing, we split like an ounce of Gatorade with a little bit of basil

Vivi: Hayden’s in it. I’m kind of glad we didn’t find any more. Cause I already felt like shit the next day.

Erick: Good times though. Good friends. Like someone died, no one got taken to the hospital,

the DJ’s equipment ended up.

Vivi: You guys most knocked over the DJ

Erick: booth. Did you see his face? He was so mad.

Vivi: He was mad, but honestly it wasn’t even that bad. We just moved the table. Yeah. The table just got pulled. He shouldn’t even complain. A whole guy got left behind on the dance floor.

Erick: That it was hilarious because you could tell that the people that for the men was getting tired pretty quickly, but that’s because we were trying real hard and then Francisco had like five or six people holding him, including me.

yeah, that guy that ended up on the floor, it was hilarious. Cause he was over by the tables where the bridal parties said, so like, how did he end up over there? It was Daryl. He said that he ended up tackling him and he got like squeezed between his arms and

Vivi: Darryl actually almost choked him out. And that’s why he was passed out of the listen. Just to clarify, we’re not like violent Savage people at weddings. This is a thing that Mexicans do. It’s called love where they tried to lightly knock over the providing room.

Quote, unquote lightly, because there’ve been so many. Like our wedding, our bridal party. Yeah. I ended up just carrying you.

Erick: Yeah, Insane stuff. Try it sometime.

Vivi: don’t I’m not responsible for what happens to you?

Erick: some pictures of the Libra and you on the ground. Take it too seriously.

Vivi: What group of content you got? Not a ton. Actually. You messaged me while you were at work and you’re like, we have to have creepy content because we haven’t been home this weekend. So I started watching this documentary. I’ve wanted to watch for like a long time. Now it’s a horror Noire it’s available on shutter.

It’s basically a look at African-Americans in. The history of horror films and how they’re portrayed and the tropes and what they mean up until modern horror movies like get out and stuff like that. So I’ve been watching that. I’m not done with it. I’m probably gonna finish it right after we’re recording.

I think I have like 20 minutes left, but it was good. And I freaking eat up any horror movie documentary So

Erick: it’s one go it’s one movie or is it a series?

Vivi: It’s one go. It’s not as long as the in search of darkness.

Erick: That sounds interesting.

Vivi: It actually brings up that film birth of a nation and how it could be considered the first horror movie featuring slash not featuring African-Americans because it’s a white man in black face portraying them. And that movie, like. The damage it has done to this nation is increasing.

Why is that?

Erick: That movie specifically

Vivi: is a film that portrays at the time, there was the birth of the KKK and it portrays them as heroes because this white man in blackface is pursuing a white woman to rape her. And the film ends with him being lynched. And it’s like a good thing. they’re celebrating that the Klu Klux Klan did this to a person and it was very like well-received.

And I think the president at the time even gave it an amazing review. And you know, when a president says something like that, everyone eats it up. Yeah. So that’s fucked up. I’m pretty sure there’s actually a documentary on that movie alone and how it affects cinema. And American ideals.

Erick: That’s

Vivi: sucks. Why aren’t people like this? Why is history like this

Erick: Hm. Well, what are you watching so I also was trying to see what I can find. There are a couple of things that are on my list, but I picked two sentence horror stories. If you’ve heard of it, it’s apparently a CW show that is now on Netflix.

It is a series of 20 minute ish episodes of short stories I liked the way it does it. It says the first sentence at the beginning the episode plays out. Then the second sentence is like the scary part or like the punchline of that horror story.

 I wouldn’t say that it’s the best. At work I was taking the. anti-discrimination course, but the acting, it felt like the acting in that, if that makes sense. Oh,

Vivi: damn like those bad training videos at work

Erick: that you right.

And uh, like all the conversations are obviously very, not real, like I’m being shown a training video for some of them. They’re not all like that. And like the second and third one were okay. There’s one more like a asshole, HR guy ends up getting a taste of his own medicine

Vivi: just check it out. I’ve seen it all the time, like suggested on Netflix and I’m always like, should I check it out? So it’s kind of sad that you were saying the acting’s like really bad

Erick: it’s not the worst. but stories I think are still good

Vivi: I love the premise, yeah, I guess I’ll check it out and see for myself.

Erick: Well, that’s all I got. That’s all I got. That’s all we can have. Dammit.

We’ve got

Vivi: it’s during these crazy times. Just going to stop

Erick: doing. Home, honestly, Oh, we had another could we contact? We went to the spirit Halloween. Finally,

Vivi: we did.

We posted a video on our tick-tock. Nobody saw it, but all of us

Erick: on Tik TOK, the fuck that only get like three.

Vivi: I don’t know, ready for this overview better. Maybe we need to do better. We

Erick: work so hard.

Erick: let’s talk about the beer we got We’ve got zombie dust by three floors brewing company, which is in Munster, Indiana. I have a little written up thing if you want to hear it.

Yeah. All right. This intensely hopped and gushing undead PLL will be ones only respite after the zombie apocalypse created with our marvelous friends in the comic industry. Hmm.

Vivi: I know you said we should just stay home, but you reminded me that there’s like a comic exhibit at the museum of modern art in Chicago. Oh, let’s go. Yeah, I do want to go

Erick: That and the Marvel trivia.

Vivi: Oh yeah. Way to go. I think it’s going to be over like on the fourth. Yeah, no,

Erick: let’s go. You can’t miss it some more

Vivi: drinking and going

Erick: up. Yeah. More zombie does there.

I’m sure they’ll have some, the bottle is pretty good. It’s got looks like a king zombie and he’s got a spider on his chest, which is interesting. He’s wearing a Cape and a crown, but do you want to Try it out.

Vivi: well, to be fair,

We’ve had this beer before. It’s actually. You’ve said mafia, favorite

Erick: beer, favorite beer. I don’t even know why I’ve had like beers that tastes better objectively, but I still like it a lot,

Vivi: so does this mean it’s going to be your first five out of five?

Yes. Let’s give it a five out of five. Alrighty. Let’s see if I can open this near the mic.

Erick: Work must have been rough. If you now feel like drinking. I will say I hate recording on Mondays.

Cause I feel like it’s not usually our best quality of

Vivi: episodes. That’s not true. We recorded LA Llorona on a Monday and we were going in on it.

Erick: There was lots of going on in that moment. That’s true. I want to taste it.

Vivi: Does the site have like notes and some notes of what is cause I can never tell.

Erick: So it says nothing about the notes. Love that. Actually hold on. I did see something on another website.

Ready? Zombie does three Floyds is an alcohol with a light touch of pure ethanol. It is harmless alcohol PLL, which provides the body a pleasant experience. An average field of intoxication, the world-class three floors. Somebody does alcohol content bounced to 6.2% along with IBU, which limits to 50%. But liter literal websites say 6.5.

Vivi: Honestly, that doesn’t describe anything of the flavor. It just says there’s alcohol in it.

Erick: This is a beer. It’s delicious.

The website. It’s at 6.5. So they’re wrong. What’s not

Vivi: trusting him wrong. Okay. Nevermind me. You don’t need to know the notes

Erick: just now. It’s good. It’s called zombie dust.

Vivi: What would you rate it? You already rated it five

Erick: spear,

Vivi: a single tear rolled down your face. As you said that

Erick: into my beer,

Vivi: I’ll give it a four out of five, but I don’t know if I’m influenced because you always buy this and you’re like excited for it. So I feel like I have to be excited too. I

Erick: remember the first time I ever had it on. Was Francisco Brenda’s first wedding. We went to the courthouse

Vivi: we were early for once in our phone. Yeah.

Erick: We got burgers and the girl was like, we actually just opened up our tap first time, but doesn’t I was like, oh, gimme the

Vivi: whole thing.


Erick: Amazing. Give it a shot. Let me know what you think. So in light of me having been in charge of the drink for this episode, Bebe’s doing fun facts. All

Vivi: right. So this was kind of hard because this.

I feel is a fun fact, the entire thing of it. So I’m gonna try my best if I miss something, let us know. So first obvious one is that this film was inspired by Donna the dead, which was actually the other option for the movie. We were going to cover this week, but this one went out and we had people tell us that we should check out the original one before we check out what inspired, but that’s not what the poll said.

So we

Erick: will be Don was winning and then just flipped out of nowhere.

Vivi: People love this movie with good reason we will probably cover Dawn next week, the 19 78 1. this film along with the film at world’s end and hot fuzz are known as the three flavors of Cornetto trilogy. Because they eat a Cornetto ice cream in each movie, it was kind of accidental, but that’s how these films kind of became known

Erick: accidental.

Is it because one of the actors is like

Vivi: or something? Yeah. So I think the main actor peg someone peg peg, yes. He was hung over one time and tried to eat a Cornetto to get over the hangover and he thought it was funny. So he just included it in Shaun to the dead. And then it just became a bit that goes on these

Erick: or was he hung over because they were always at the

Vivi: bar?

No, I don’t know about that much, but these films are not sequels and prequels to each other, but it’s the same two actors often dealing with the same themes. that’s how they came to be known as a Cornetto trilogies. So what I did not know was that this film was also based on an episode.

Spaced, which is a British TV show that I had never heard of peg is actually the main actor in the show, There was a bit in the show where his character stays up all night, playing resident evil, and then like, it starts hallucinating that he’s in a real lives on B apocalypse.

they had so much fun doing that, that they started pitching this movie. Apparently there’s a ton of references to the show. A lot of the actors are the same actors in the movie, so I feel like I’m missing a big chunk of information, not knowing. A lot about the original show

Erick: started looking at some stuff about a commentary that was on DVD, I guess.

Edgar Wright mentioned that in space the dogs can’t look up joke, might’ve come from there. It was like a discussion between, I think Nick, the accurate place ad.

And so I think they were like arguing about how dogs can’t look up. Cause it’s hard to film them

Vivi: nice extra fun fact from Eric.

Another fun fact that I don’t know might not be a super fun fact to other people, but it’s the same director as the director of Scott Pilgrim. You can tell it’s kinda the same director because there is the montage of action scenes of you doing super mundane things, which is featured in Scott Bell room,

Erick: and then the quick flashes to characters, making odd faces.

Vivi: Yes. And then the background, like so many things going on that you’re trying to pay attention to at once. I feel like it’s very much at a go ride style. I think I got two more for you because this has been going on forever, but Ed’s character in the film actually uses the words, zombie Simon pegs character yelled at him to not use the Zed word.

And this is a reference to every zombie movie where they don’t call them zombies in the film.

Erick: One, is this a thing? I don’t

Vivi: know, but they’re poking fun at it. I think it’s just like the suspension of belief to

Erick: say it I saw it in the commentary that the director purposely did this because he’s like, I know it’s silly, but own it.

And it’s like, but why is it silly? It’s literally zombies. It’s what it is. Yeah.

Vivi: my last one is probably one that you already noticed on second watch of this film, there is so much foreshadowing in this movie. The whole movie is told to you Midsummer style.

There’s a tapestry that lays it out for you. You know? one of the instances that I found is ed literally predicts the whole next day of the zombie apocalypse because he suggests they go get a bloody Mary. A bite at the King’s head a couple at the little princess, and then stagger back here, bang back some shots at the bar.

And that’s how they’re going to end up their night, which the next morning they shoot a woman named Mary. So there’s your bloody Mary a bite at the King’s head. His stepfather gets bitten. They save Liz, the little princess with a couple dying David, and then they end up at the bar with gunfire shots. So they’re there to the bar staggered.

Oh yes they do. And so it’s just so many instances of that.

Erick: I have another one I don’t know if it’s just, I caught it or if it was on purpose, but I’ll tell you.

Vivi: Okay. I want to know if I caught it too now. Well, yeah, that’s it for me. On fun

Erick: facts. I love it. Cool. It’s my turn. And it was being run.

Vivi: I’m gonna set up this timer. You don’t want to take a shot. So I do not.

So no matter what happens, we’re not doing that. Sorry.

 Let me know when you’re ready. Okay.

Erick: So Sean and Liz they’re at the bar and they’re, it seems like they’re having an intervention with him because he’s like not really serious about his relationship. And he’s carrying around this friend, ed, who it seems like is his friend from a long time ago. And the he’s kind of got his mundane life.

He works at this place. Uh, Ed lives with them. It seems like pizza, pizza, piss pizzas. Like it’s just like roommate or something like that. And stuff starts to go on in the background. You can see that it’s on the news. There’s a zombie outbreak. Uh, The next morning, Sean finds out that this stuff is going on.

He has to go save his Liz because Liz broke up with him because he wasn’t serious. He messed up his reservation. He ends up saving his mom, ends up saving his friends, and then they go to the back to the Winchester because other things don’t work out. Then they, a lot of them end up dying basically. And it also dies.

And Liz at the end is like, yeah, let’s go. And then they ended up surviving because the cops were there. And then it’s like, life’s back to normal EDS in the shed. And they handle in a plane.

Vivi: Well, you made it, but I feel like you skipped so much.

Erick: I was trying to get you to not

Vivi: drink shots. Well, thank you. I appreciate that.

You reminded me of a fun fact. I forgot. So you know, the character Yvonne, Yvonne. Yeah. That he keeps running into. She actually started in the show space with him. Oh. So it’s a joke reference to that. But also every time she sees them, she says, glad one of us made it. And it’s a reference to how his career took off in Hollywood.

And at least one of them made it back. Oh, that’s sad. Kind of, but he doesn’t forget. Cause he’s like be on this movie. Yeah. That’s fun. I want to watch the, yeah, I definitely want to watch that show. I love that one. I’m assuming it’s like deadpan kind of humor. I think we talked about the it crowd last week.

If it’s like that, I would totally watch it. Yeah.

Erick: Although I guess it could be a hit or miss cause I tried to watch the UK office and I didn’t really,

Vivi: yeah. That’s probably the one thing that the U S made a better remake of. Yeah.

Erick: It’s still problematic. Yeah.

Vivi: Here’s this overview for you. Sean is a 30 something loser with adult easy existence. When he’s not working at the electronic store, he lives with his slob slovenly.

Erick: He lives with his slovenly best friend. The fuck is

Vivi: that we’re not smart, whatever he lives with his best friend ed in a small flat on the outskirts of London, the only unpredictable element in his life is his girlfriend. Liz who wishes desperately for Sean to grow up and be a man. When the town is inexplicably overrun by zombies.

Sean must rise to the occasion and protect both Liz and his mother. That’s it. That’s it. Liz and

Erick: his mother And that’s it. Just them two. I looked at what slovenly means means careless, dirty, messy.

Vivi: Just say

Erick: that did say that did all right, cool. Let’s do this. I don’t know if we could necessarily be funnier than the movie though.

Vivi: Absolutely.

Erick: The pressure is on, Sean’s at the pub and he’s getting talked to by Liz, who we find out is been dating him for a while Kamer pans to characters who are also at the table, but it kind of looks like it’s just him and her, and then they slowly get introduced to add because she’s like, you just don’t do anything without them.

And then it’s like ed, next to him playing.

Vivi: And she’s like, it’s not that I don’t like


Erick: I thought this was weird because it’s like, how are you complaining that he’s always around, but it seems like David and I are also, always around Liz. That’s true, Sean keeps saying like, no, I’ll do better. we’ll go on a date or something. And Liz is like, yes, let’s make a reservation and we’ll take care of this. that’s his marching orders. It seems like they always end up at the Winchester for any kind of situation, so Liz is tired of it. Would you be tired of it?

Vivi: I don’t know. We definitely had a place We’d always end up building. Bulldogs, but I do hate that. No, I didn’t. I don’t know. What

Erick: do you mean? Not all you do all day is to say like, I wish you would take me somewhere nice. And like, oh, we literally go somewhere all the time.


Vivi: Now I wish we would stop going somewhere. Cause I’m tired and broke.

Erick: You see careful what you wish for.

Vivi: Well, listen, moderation.

Erick: After this introduction we get the intro credits, I like this interesting because it shows basically what, like what would be zombie life today, you have all these mundane jobs, people who are at the cash register is just like sagging during to like move stuff across the belt.

People pushing carts, people, waiting at the bus and saw all the stuff that people say. It’s like, we’re like,

Vivi: Alrighty zombies. And it’s a very like long pan shot. It’s like one continuous shot of his routine to get a Coke at the store.

We get introduced to his other flatmate. Pete who really hates ed apparently lives with them, but doesn’t really help with rent. So he’s kind of just mooching off of them.

Erick: He keeps talking shit to Sean about how ed hasn’t been useful for years Sean’s like, well, he’s been funny. He’s at least giving you some pretty good laughs. He’s like, oh yeah, it does that one ring attain act. Huh? He’s like, yeah. Yeah. When was that? And he’s like four years ago.

Vivi: Yeah. He tells him some pretty harsh stuff saying that ed drags Sean down,

Erick: which seems to be like the whole premise of ed and Sean’s relationship because it comes back to haunt them

Vivi: later. Apparently this film is supposed to be like a look at what happens in your twenties when you’re forced to grow up because he’s 29 allegedly in this.

Erick: do I look like this, not to say and pay looks bad. I just don’t think it looks 29. But then again, I probably don’t know. Or do I look 12? Yeah. feel like I’ve gotten that less lately. So yeah. Aging now

Vivi: Pete then goes and talks to ed and asked him to do at least a couple of things around the house. One of them being to take down their messages.

Erick: That are everyone.

Else’s not just

Vivi: his, yes. Pete leaves, ed calls him a prick the entire movie, and he says, he’s not doing anything for him. Sean’s like, could you at least do this for me? And he’s like, I’m sorry, Sean. And then

He’s like, I’m sorry.

Erick: That was

Vivi: low-key today. Fuck. Oh yeah.

Looking at farting today

Erick: and walking past my face. Yeah.

Vivi: Right in your face. Putin. Yeah. I was just mad at you or something. Okay. So ed farts and then Sean laughs and he says, I’ll stop doing it when you stop laughing. We find out he works at an electronic store.

He is kind of taking over for the manager because he is the oldest one there. And the staff is making fun of him for that. Like

Erick: We all know that I’m they’re like, you’re old witch. Fuck you kid. I’m not old. Then later he’s like, how old are you?

Anyway? He’s 21. He’s like 17.

Vivi: He does also does not look 17. He doesn’t, he looks 20. Yeah. But this is where we get the bit, the first time that you’ve got red on you, which gets pointed out throughout the whole movie,

He tells him that his stepdad is, he. At the store,

Erick: I love that. Phillip is the vampire from

Vivi: I know he’s such a like serious actor and like, he’s hilarious in this.

Erick: He’s in the hot fuzz trailer. Right. I haven’t

Vivi: seen, I imagine again, that it’s like a lot of the same actors.

I wonder if he’s in space.

But is that, is there and he basically tells him you’re visiting your bi-monthly visits to your ball are coming up.

Are you bringing flowers that you forgot on mother’s day? And he’s like, yeah, I’ll bring it. Like, he’s very like clearly does not like his stepdad. He acts like a teenager every time someone’s like your dad’s here. He’s like, he’s not my dad. That exchange happens. Then the kid’s like, how come you get to have personal business at work?

And that’s when Liz calls him and they just hand them the phone again, very Scott Pilgrim, where it’s just a hand with the phone coming of the screen. She say Uh, very vaguely, like, so it’s all set then everything’s good for tonight. And he’s like, yes, Liz, thank you. Goodbye. And he’s like Liz from headquarters

Erick: At this point there are a lot of things going on that kind of seemed like something’s happening and Sean kind of catches on to some of them, but he hasn’t pieced anything

Vivi: together. Most part he’s super oblivious. I think on the bus ride there, a woman passes out at the bus stop, which okay.

Not super weird. Someone could get sick. I had to run out of a bus because I had a ball. So you were this lady. I was this person I did not, I had to get on another bus. I was almost at school too.

I was like, damn everybody on this bus going to think I’m pregnant.

Cause I’m just running out here to throw up.

When he’s trying to sell a TV at work and he’s flicking through the channels. The channels are telling you.

There’s an outbreak something’s going on and he’s just like not okay.

Erick: Was at the store buying the flowers that he sees the guy running in the ambulance. There’s a lot of ambulance sounds

Vivi: going on through the whole thing. It’s kind of distracting, but like, he absolutely is just going on with his everyday

Erick: life, the flower store that he sees the homeless man across the street, grabbing at

Vivi: the birds, trying to eat a

Erick: pigeon.

And then the man just disappears when the bus

Vivi: passes. Yeah. Yes. So this is the first instance we get of him running into Yvonne She’s asking him if he’s still with blaze and how long it’s been. He’s like, well, about three years last week. And that’s when it hits him that he did not make the reservation and he runs home.

Erick: When he’s talking to Yvonne in the background, there’s the guy who’s just like knocked out at the, wheel,

Vivi: like complete mayhem is going on. And he’s just like, worried about his problem.

Erick: Sean gets back to the apartment and he tries to call the restaurant and they’re like, we’re booked for the day basically. And I was like, fuck it. Just go to the Winchester.

Vivi: Okay. So he’s trying to book the reservation and he says that the restaurant is full cheese restaurant and that’s a reference to another Italian gore or director.

And then Lewis calls him right away saying like, Hey, what’s the plan for today? And it’s like, kind of made me realize how much you had to call someone in a day when you had plans with them. I didn’t just grab open table. Oh no. I was thinking even when we didn’t live together,

Erick: oh, you meant, you meant to like follow up about the day itself or that you meant to make it resonate?

Vivi: Yeah. No, the date itself, because she calls him like three times also. He’s probably irresponsible, but like when we would go out and we didn’t live at home, we would text each other all day.

Like, so this time are you on your way? What’s the plan after that? I was like, damn. I mentioned having to call someone three times a day. Imagine that

Erick: living with somebody, you got to go on a date with, they’re not just always available and you always know what the plan is or not because we can’t make up our damn mind and

Vivi: that too.

 He suggests going to the Winchester and Liz obviously hangs up on him. he makes her way to her apartment. And when he tries to buzz in it’s Diane, Dave on the inner calm things. She doesn’t want to see you. It’s not a good idea. Again, always

Erick: with her yeah. These

Vivi: people are way too involved with their life or they, her roommates, I think is her roommate and David’s dating die.

So he’s always there, but he’s obviously, always there. Cause he’s actually in love with Liz.

Erick: I guess that makes more sense than for them to just always be

Vivi: around. Yeah. I mean, it kind of happens if like when you were in college and Francisco was your roommate and we just kind of ended up hanging out the couples cause they were always there, you know,

They don’t want to let him in. He tries to climb up. It does not work.

Erick: He’s got the flowers he’s got for his mom to take to Liz. So they just let him know. Yeah.

Vivi: After he tried to climb up.

Erick: he calls Daya failed actress this actress for dye reminds me of Tammy in boss burgers.

Really? Yeah. Like look at her and then cartoon eyes, her. And she was, oh,

Vivi: I guess I could see that. Yeah. yeah, Liz and him are having an arguing. And she’s basically saying, like, you promise all these things and you never accomplish them. And if I don’t break up with you, I am going to spend the rest of my life at the Winchester with you.

And it’s not what I want. he gets broken up with, and he’s going home. Well, he tries to give her the flowers that are for his mom. She’s

Erick: the one who deduces, that they were for his mom. Yeah. Cause they

Vivi: say to a super mom or

Erick: something.

Vivi: So it gets broken up with

Erick: Sean yells a David too, and says you go after her. And that’s when we first get the England’s that David. Yeah. Because he’s

Vivi: like, what do you mean by that? Oh my God. So how does he end up at the Winchester with a dad? He just goes

Erick: straight there. I love how everything that happens. Comes back as it does.

It’s hard to like, try to ignore things because you know, it’s going to come back once you realize that this is how the movie goes, the flowers get thrown out in the garbage can outside the Winchester as just drinking every day,

Vivi: he also makes up a story for. Each patron of the bar, that’s always there. And I couldn’t find confirmation of this, but each story supposedly is the way that that person dies in the zombie apocalypse.

 The guy with the red boots does end up dying, surrounded by women, but his wife apparently. Go back and watch it. If you can find the fact like confirmed and let us know.

Erick: He mentioned that that lady who’s sitting in the booth by herself was a

Vivi: cock sidle maniac or something.

Erick: Yeah. Caucus idle maniac. And that the bartender,

Vivi: he was in the mafia or something.

Erick: Yeah. He’s got tattoos on his fingers that’s why he’s got a gun above

Vivi: the bar. Which he swears work, but everyone else says it’s obviously deactivated or

Erick: whatever. At that point.

There’s someone knocking on the window and you can only see like the shadow and kind of a figure in the background. And they’re like, you’re drunk.

Vivi: We’re closed and he goes away

Erick: and they just keep getting drunker and drunker and more and more things are starting to happen. But because they’re drunk, they don’t realize it.

Like when they leave the Winchester, there’s a couple quote unquote

Vivi: making out in there. And I’ve been there from the beginning when they first walked in. So it’s a really long time to just make out there. He’s sad because he’s like, fuck couples,

and then as soon as they turn around, she rips his head off.

Erick: I thought it was just from how much she had been biting his, making

Vivi: it she’s been working at it for a minute. Yeah. They started seeing the song cause they’re drunk out of the bar. And then I don’t know the song.

It’d probably be funnier if I knew the song, but the zombie is like pitching in to sing the song.

Erick: uh uh, Yeah.

Vivi: And then he says the line wrong. And they’re like, what a tit? they’re obviously drunk. They’re partying the night before Pete storms in angry because they won’t shut up and they’re like, it’s Saturday, what’s the big deal.

They’re like, no, it’s fucking Sunday. It’s 4:00 AM and everybody called off sick. So I have to go to work tomorrow. And then he’s talking about

Erick: flashing his hand and it’s got a bandage over it.

Vivi: Because someone, he claims mugged him and beat him they have a whole argument he walks away.

And I think ed says the next time I see him, he’s dead. Which obviously the next time we see him, he is a zombie. So that’s one of those foreshadowing

Erick: moment. Pete’s the one that says making go live in the area.

Vivi: And that’s what ends up happening with it. Yeah.

He says this, having him, someone who’s a bigger loser around make you feel better.


You know, you’re one of those people who does that,

Erick: who does what, who

Vivi: needs people around them who are doing worse? So they feel better. It’s like, mean girls, you know,

Erick: it is. But also, I don’t feel like Sean necessarily like hates it because in that case, like the mean girls way, it’s like, just because your ego is only up here, if you have shitty people under you, but I’m sure he also feels bad that his friend isn’t doing


Vivi: hot, his friend doesn’t even feel bad about it.

So why should he, you know,

so Sean goes to write down a couple of things.

get life together, get Liz back and like visit mom which again ends up happening

Erick: Sean listens to the voicemails. It’s his mom saying that she wants to meet Liz. these days people don’t eat meat. I thought that was awesome. How it ends on that note. And then it’s the next

Vivi: morning. Sean wakes up from the night before hung over, asked uh, what do you want from the store? He says Cornetto. And then he makes his way down to the store in the same sequence he does every morning for work, except the streets are empty.

Everything’s kind of in disarray, the cars are like damaged dogs are barking he goes to reach for a Coke. He gets a diet Coke instead. Cause he’s going to be making some life changes apparently. And he closes the door. There’s nothing but bloody hand prints it’s on the door. He doesn’t notice

Erick: it.

He doesn’t notice it slips

Vivi: on blood on the floor. Doesn’t notice it leaves money on the counter. And he’s like, where are the newspapers? Whatever I owe you, 15 Pence walks back to the house. this is where we get the flicking through the channels that is literally again saying.

There’s a zombie outbreak something’s happening, he’s flicking through them, but they continue the narrative. you don’t even realize, but ed staring out the window and he’s like, there’s a girl out there.

So the guards would check on her. she turns around and she obviously does not look good. Like she’s drunk. And they’re like, oh my God, she’s so drunk. Like, like they don’t even think anything

Erick: else of it. She doesn’t look very zombie like in the first place. Not yet she does later, when she’s like on top of Sean, but if I saw this in the yard, I’d also be like, it’s just some squatter or somebody’s on drugs.

Vivi: I don’t think I would go out and be like, Hey, you need to leave. I think I would’ve been like call somebody

Erick: really. You would have just let them be out there.

Vivi: No, I think I would’ve called the cops and been like,

Erick: you would have

Vivi: stayed in the house and I would’ve stayed in the house. Yeah. I don’t know some strangers doing in my yard.

Erick: They’re just saying they’re not doing anything.

Vivi: I also think if like a stranger was standing just there in the yard, the dog would not stop barking.

Erick: And we’d opened the window and

Vivi: blow fuck off all three of us just staring fuck off

Erick: until they do fuck off, please,

Vivi: please.

Erick: She attacked Sean he’s like, I actually just broke up with my girlfriend. I’m like, you’re a whole monologue. And he starts realizing that she’s not okay. And that is like, hold on, hold on, know, runs inside and gets camera. And then it’s one of those disposal. and takes a picture.

And then they’re like, wait, what? The fuck’s wrong with her? They pull her off. I know it’s

Vivi: so hard that she falls onto this pole on the ground and in pails herself and they’re freaking out well, John’s freaking out and seemed surprisingly calm. And then she lives herself up with a hole now in her stomach. That’s when they finally realized like, something is

Erick: wrong. And they turned around quickly. this other character is called the Hulk, but it’s like a giant man. Who’s got blood on his face. Seems like he’s eaten somebody already clearly zombified. They freak out. Go inside.

Vivi: Try calling 9 1 1. Well, I don’t know what their version of nine 11 is.

Erick: Is it not nine 11? No. Is it three 11?

Vivi: I don’t know exactly.

Erick: They go inside and the news is like, Don’t go anywhere.

Don’t try to save your loved ones. Don’t try to do anything.

Vivi: However it’s too late, because as it’s saying, please make sure your doors are locked. There is a zombie walking in through the front door behind

Erick: them he’s only got one arm to, it looks like a guy who got out a prom or something because of

Vivi: like the wedding or something.

Erick: They throw everything at him. They just suck at throwing anything in people.

Vivi: Eventually ed hits the problems on B with an ashtray and that’s when we get the segment from the news, that’s like the only way to deal with them is to cut off the head or destroy the brain.

And that’s when they collect all the random objects to throw out the zombies in the backyard too,

Erick: All kinds of stuff. A pillow it’s like stuff that wouldn’t even do anything. If you threw it at a regular person

Vivi: until one of the records that they throw hits, one of them in the head.

Erick: Oh. So I saw it from fight about this. Did you see about how the actor who plays the whole got hit in the eye before the actual shooting of the scene? No. That might be why they put makeup on his left side to like, make it look like it’s closed.

Vivi: No. What I saw is that the scene where they are arguing over, which records to throw at the zombies came about because.

Peg and the actual actor, like legit had an argument over their music tastes. So they incorporated it into the scene. That’s fun, but they finally give up throwing records cause they miss the entire time. And then they’re like, fuck it. I’m gonna go to the shed. They crashed into the shed and they have an ax and a cricket bat and they bashed these zombies head.

And the next scene is just Sean holding a cup of coffee, looking traumatized as hell. And Ed’s eating the Cornetto, like unbothered, like whatever covered in blood. They finally,

or listening to the police report again and it says be wary of anyone who’s been bitten. And then they look up because they haven’t seen Pete all day.

Erick: They’re like trying to figure out whether he left or not because his keys are there and then maybe he walked, maybe he got a ride and it just like Pete.

Pete. Are you up there

Vivi: coming down

Erick: either way? Is it the pestered? Azhar

Vivi: either way we don’t want to bother him. He also realizes that he needs to call Liz it’s like, why are you calling her? She broke up with you. He’s like, I still love her. And in that moment, his mom calls him and he’s like, mom, I was just about to call you.

And she’s like, we’re fine. Phillip’s been bitten, but we’re fine

Erick: kids. Which makes me wonder how did she get rid of them? if we got bitten and they wouldn’t have just like bitten them,

Vivi: maybe Phillip like fought them off and caught bin

Erick: the processing. Oh. And killed them and

Vivi: shit. Like just like got them out of the house.

Erick: Hm. We’re coming to get you Barbara.

Vivi: Oh yeah. Obviously a reference to it and added living dead.

Erick: They started to talk about their plan. We get a little sequence in, or like dream sequence of them being like, what’s the plan. All right. We’re going to end it the Winchester, but no matter what, we’re going to save mom, we’re going to get Liz.

I think initially they were like, no, we’re going to say mom, we’re going to get Liz. We’re

Vivi: going to come back here. Yes. Come back here. No, this place is not safe. There’s literally a dead zombie right next to them. And Pete’s probably a zombie as well. They’re like, all right, we’re gonna get mom kill Phil.


Erick: Kill Phil. I was forgetting about that though.

Vivi: Go to Louise’s and shack up in her apartment until this all blows over with some tea. And then he’s like, no, I don’t want to go to Liz’s house. I need a place that I know all the exits and stuff like that. Yeah. So they’re like, get mom, kill Phil. Pick up Liz, check up at the winds just until this all blows over.

Have a pint. Perfect. So that’s, they’re playing.

Erick: And on that note, the TV’s like, don’t try to save anyone.

Vivi: Don’t try to leave, that’s their plan. And then Sean’s like, well, I’m going to go to the bathroom. We got another sequence of him paying. And when he closes the bathroom mirror, he sees that Pete was in the shower.

I am assuming when he changed it into a zombie, just standing there, clearly dead attacks him. He’s able to tell like, hold them up in the bathroom and they run out and grab his car keys. And then he’s like, Pete’s going to be furious that you take his car. He’s like, he’s not going to care.


Erick: Right after this, they drive off obviously, they run over somebody and they’re like, oh my God, is he alive?

Was it, what if it was a person? So they back up and it’s the person’s leg is

Vivi: broken. He was like, Hey buddy, are you okay?

He just gets up and it’s clear that he was a zombie already. And they were like, thank God they ended up at his mom’s house where ed sees Phillips JAG and he’s like, Ooh, that’s a nice car.

He’s like, don’t even think about it. He’s like, oh, I’ll just stay here. You know, there’s a problem. I’ll Hawk three times or whatever. So Sean goes in and he has a whole argument with his mom, basically. Saying that they need to go. She’s like, we called the doctor from Phillip he’s like a, doctor’s not coming.

Philip was still kind of, okay, he’s still a person, but

Erick: we get introduced to Philip is also just like one of those creepy scenes where the character is watching TV and you can only see the back of their head. And he’s about to bash his hat and he’s like, I’m sorry, fill up. And he’s like, why? Yeah.

Vivi: What’d you do now? You puts it down. Then he has a whole argument with his mom about how Philip was awful to me. And she’s like, well, you weren’t easy to either. he’s like, well, what if I told you that he touched me? And she just looks at him at his house.

And he’s like, all right, that’s a bad thing to joke about. basically she says like, you need to grow up. But like,

Erick: Phillip also is one of those it’s fake.

Vivi: Oh yeah. Cause he’s like, it’s not all that bad. It’s going to be fine

Erick: in the end portion.

Fake news

Vivi: basically. Yeah. he’s not able to convince his mom to leave without Phillips. So he ends up bringing them both only to find out that ed has crashed their car so that they have to do. But what happened? He’s like I spun out of control. He’s like you were parked just like me driving

Erick: for real, while they’re running to get into the JAG, Phillip gets attacked because I’m as you’re approaching he gets bitten in the neck everyone panics and they get in the JAG.

Vivi: Phillip keeps telling ed to turn off the music, they get to lose his house, same deal. Shawn’s going to go in. He tells ed to try not to crash the car this time he buzzes and nobody answers.

So this time he successfully climbed the balcony

Erick: when it gets inside David and di basically argue with Sean about leaving and they’re like, no, you’re not going to get Liz back. And he was like, this isn’t about getting Liz back.

This is about survival. they’re like, well, we were fine until you showed up. You led them here. It’s almost like what Liz wanted was for him to take initiative and like do something in general. it was just kind of hot for him,

Vivi: like she’s kind of into it.

Ooh. And because Diane and David can’t leave her alone, they all go with him and fit in the car. we get this next scene. That’s pretty sad. Everyone’s crammed in the car and they’re trying to get to the Winchester. Mom meets Liz finally. while they’re like driving, like crazy ed is hitting like everyone and everything.

He’s like this isn’t even the way to the Winchester. He’s still blessing music. So feels like Sean, Sean. And he’s like, I know, I know we’ll turn down the music, but actually Phil kind of realizes that he’s dying and basically uses his last few minutes of. To apologize to Sean and be like, it’s hard to be a dad to someone when you come into their life.

When they’re like 12 years old. And then he’s like, I was how I was because I wanted you to be a good man. And it’s like, this movie is funny, but there are so many instances of like heartfelt moments. And this is one of them.

Erick: It’s the stuff that brings you down for a minute. Just so that the comedy also just keeps you kind of lighthearted.

Vivi: definitely is. He turns finally, and Sean’s like, everyone get out of the car, but for some reason, Philip has the child lock on the car That’s my dad. My dad will child lock us in the back of the car, even though all his children are over the age of 18 and

Erick: about to die and about really, I

Vivi: didn’t know that, oh my God.

Like, I don’t think that’s Why though a feature on his cars anymore, but growing up, we could never get out of the car.

Erick: We never had a car like that, but I can imagine it’s fucking annoying.

Vivi: Kellogg’s the worst thing it’s like,

I’ve never in my life seen an instance where a kid opens a car door. It’s always like, you’re trying to get out in a hurry.

And it just stops you.

But they’re child locking and Liz has to open it to let them out. And his mom’s like, we’re not leaving Phillip. And he’s like, There nothing left of the man you love. And in that instant, he turns off the music and then dies. And she’s looking at him like really, but they don’t have time to worry about that because armies are coming at them.

we get this of them, trying to go through backyards to not go like the main route to the Winchester. This is

Erick: when they run into

Vivi: Yvonne, Yes they do. they’re all holding. Yes. They’re all holding weapons. And like you said, it’s all the exact same group. She’s like, this is my boyfriend, his roommate, my mom and my cousin.

they all pass each other after he’s like, yeah, we’re going to the Winchester. And she’s like, good luck with that. as each character passes, each other, they’re dressed exactly the same and talk exactly the same.

As they’re going through the backyards and typical mom fashion, she’s like, I think my friends live here and she gets left behind. she’s screaming. the next thing we see is her laying down on the ground.

We don’t know what’s happened to her, but we do see that someone has come out of their home and is a zombie. Sean goes to protect her and does this like crazy flip over the fence after just crashing into one? This man in the robe comes out.

He doesn’t really know how to fight them off die and liz give him I don’t know what they’re called. Do you know the pole with the, no, with the volleyball thing? Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know what this game is called. So we tried to use it tetherball. Oh yes. Tetherball. So he tries to hit them with the actual ball and they’re like, no step, which they do.

this is the part, like you mentioned earlier that Barbara is acting loopy and she’s covering her hand with a napkin. She’s like, I guess that wasn’t my neighbors after all

Sean climbs like a kitty slide too check how many zombies there are in there. Like how many? And they’re like a lot

Erick: and it’s a whole crowd around the Winchesters. So does like, you know what let’s act like them.

And since dye is the best actress, they use the impaled zombie as an example and are like, look, we need to. Act like your life is over and you’re depressed. She gives them all a chance to do whatever.

which character was it that she, they weren’t even doing anything And she was like, perfect. I think it was his mom.

Vivi: Yeah. She’s like, that’s great Barbara. And she’s like, sorry, Deere miles away. Barbara starts acting loopy, like the Barbara and night of the living dead.

Erick: Yeah. Useless entirely. Yeah.

Vivi: Obviously in audiences really know that. Well, Sean doesn’t really know that yet.

Erick: , they zombify themselves and just go a little and staggered to the bar they make it to the front door. But the zombies, as they’re doing this kind of seem like they’re catching on because as they pass them, it looks like the zombies turn around and they’re like, wait a second.

At the end, they’re like running, shimmying faster.

Cause they start to realize that they’re turning around they get to the front door and they’re trying to figure out how to like get in because they don’t want to break a window.

Ed gets a phone call and he’s like, yeah bro, what’s up? And he’s like, oh man, it’s, shit’s crazy. Right. And then Sean breaks is fucking patients with ed and goes off on ’em and basically goes for his life saying that he needs to stop being stupid. And that the whole reason that he’s been held down and is always failing is because of ed.

 As like, fuck you

Vivi: As that is going on, David starts to play. And he keeps saying, let’s just break a window. Let’s just break a window. And she was like, no. Cause then what are we gonna do after that?

Erick: So much time while they’re taking

Vivi: their, their sweet ass time getting there.

David just snaps, grabs the trashcan and throws it out the window. And he’s like, no, they’re going to follow us. And that’s when Sean’s like, you know what? I’m going to lead them away from you guys. You guys just get in there. I like how easily he just runs in between them. They don’t do anything to him and they all follow

Erick: all of them.

They all do. Let’s go

Vivi: this, guy’s making a lot of sense. Let’s follow him. Okay.

Erick: Barbara finds the flowers and is like, I think these are for me as Elizabeth.

Vivi: How did she know? they’re inside they’re waiting for Sean to come. Yeah. David becomes the biggest asshole through this like last sequence of them being in he’s like

Erick: the father and night of living dead. Who’s like just a Dick in the middle of

Vivi: just points out the problems, but doesn’t come up with solutions, problems that he’s caused. Right.

Erick: David wants to be in charge pissed they’re at the pub keeps talking about how Liz is just after Sean, telling her that like, Sean is the same hasn’t changed.

And that Liz doesn’t deserve him. That same moment Sean shows up

Vivi: he says what’s Sean’s plan, eat peanuts in the dark. And then Sean shows up and they’re like, what’s the plan? And the next scene is that he’s like, does anyone want a peanut?

Erick: Liz does ask him though, like, how’d you get rid of them? And he’s like, I gave him the slip I came in through the back door. Sean goes to flip the breaker because the light starts to sorta come on Sean was like, I’ll just go to her. And he turns the lights on and realizes that through the door, there’s a crowd of zombies just there.

And he pulls the little curtain down and it comes back inside and is traumatized. And it’s like, I think we have a problem. They did file.

Vivi: I wonder if this scene is like a reference to Dawn of the dead where they’re all in the door again, there’s probably a lot of them that we are missing

Erick: I mean, did what we did. K, except it. Okay.

Vivi: Outspoken. They wanted Shawn, not Dawn.

Erick: Ed turns on the slot machine in that same moment. Cause they’re talking about all we need to do is just stay quiet and, they’re like, oh, what the fuck?

And the Winchester is surrounded. You could see them in all points of the, place they’re in the windows. They’re knocking on the door. the jukebox turns on and it’s queen what’s this song called it’s Don’t stop me now.

Vivi: Full name. Yeah, I think so.

Erick: This is my favorite scene because I can never hear this song without thinking about the scene where they beat up the bartender dude with the pool sticks at the rhythm of the song.

Vivi: I remember you used to tell me about the scene all the time. And I was just like, what is he talking about?

Erick: Yeah. Because anywhere where we were, the song would come on and I would just start with my arms, like,

don’t stop me now because they, they do it to the

That’s probably not gonna translate in audio,

Vivi: but yeah. Also I think there’s copyright issues. Can we, if we put it on YouTube, they might strike down like that. Yeah, you do. But like, if you hum it, if you even like word it, but don’t actually sing it. Let’s track you down.

Erick: I’m just gonna say it wrong now. No,

Vivi: one’s going to know what you’re

Erick: talking about, the place ends up being like a concert.

Cause the light switches turned on and off on and off,

Vivi: like continuing to fuck things up for them and just flipping all the lights on the breakers on his hands outside are like, it’s a great

Erick: thing. It is diet starts to throw darts because the beginning of the bartender dude is out there battling them.

 She’s like throwing the darts at them and missing. Shawn’s like go for the head. And she like throws it and hits his head, which I was wondering if that would do anything. So the dark is not that big, but your school’s probably strong enough.

Handle that, right?

Vivi: well, it hits the side. Yeah. and then he does pull it out later and it just squirts up blood. I think if anything, it would just bleed a ton. Cause had wounds are supposed to bleed a lot. ed leaves to get the gun.

Erick: So hold on. This is the part where I come full circle to be a story.

Oh, from the beginning where

Vivi: finally

Erick: we’re here, bloody Mary in the morning, couple of bites at the King’s head. The King’s head is Philip. At this point, when queen comes on, Sean says killed the queen. Yeah. And who does right after this, his mom and who they have to kill

Vivi: and he says, David killed the queen.

Yeah. Yeah,

Erick: If Phillip is the king killed the queen later it’s his mom another foreshadowing hate David. And they were just trash. Ed gives Sean the gun

Vivi: at first he uses the gun to like finally take down the bar owner. His head goes into the jukebox and fries him. And he’s like, why didn’t you shoot him? And he’s like, the gun doesn’t work almost

Erick: shoots or almost shoots added by the bar. Yes. And at

Vivi: that point it goes off.

Erick: So I think he almost shoots David. I’m sorry. David was the one that was waiting by the bar, but dogs can’t look up and look, sorry.

Vivi: So you can’t look up. I think you’re right. He’s like, okay. So he was right about this, but dogs can’t look, Sean

Erick: was for that dogs could look up and ad was saying that dogs can’t

Vivi: I don’t remember. I will watch it again.

Erick: Barbara basically has a heart to heart with Liz while all this is going on is like telling her that she always wanted to meet her. And that she hopes that everything goes well with them too. She

Vivi: got her a necklace.

Erick: Liz sees Barbra’s injury while this has gone on. Sean shoots and misses a shit ton. Cause he’s a fucking Stormtrooper. Funny. He ended up in star Trek instead is he

Vivi: would have been in

Erick: star wars as he a red shirt. I don’t think so. Right. Richard dye, you

Vivi: know? Yeah. I did hear that theory today.

Actually. That’s so

Erick: funny. He tells David and like go block the window. Barb tells Sean that she’s been bit Dai gives the gun to David help

Vivi: because she knows first aid.

Erick: That’s when the mom dies, after saying,

Vivi: she loves the

Erick: flower on another super sad scene David’s like, well, you got to take care of her. And they have a standoff because Shawn’s like, you’re not going to kill my mom. David does have reason to be like, yeah, I mean, we got to kill her though.

Cause Sean’s like not accepting that she’s dead, but also David’s a

Vivi: Dick. Yes. the scene is funny because he is pointing the gun and saying like, we need to take care of her. You know, we do. I think that pisses me off about David. Is that right? Literally only has conversations with Liz. literally the whole room is talking to him and he just turns to Liz.

He’s like, what is this? As if I was die, I would be pissed. Yeah.

Erick: She’s too accepting of this thing. That’s going on with David, because it’s not like Liz is involved. Liz is just there. David’s the one that’s super into Liz and DI’s just handling it. Is this one dial so explodes

Vivi: about she does. So it’s pretty funny because he’s pointing the gun at them and ed cracks a beer bottle points it at his neck and gives one to Sean.

And then Ty’s like, that’s not fair. So then ed cracks another one and gives it to her. So she points it at Shawn’s neck, which is like, okay,

arguing with him and having this confrontation with him. Ty says in this moment, she’s like, I know that you only got close to me to get to lose. And I was there to pick up the pieces when she rejected you, I’ve made peace with that. So she’s accepted that this is why they’re to gather, but so it could be one, one thing, if you were like accepted that that’s what you’re together.

But knowing that he’s still clearly in love with your best friend that y’all hang out with all the time. No.

Erick: Yeah. We’re not hanging out there ever again,

Vivi: or I wouldn’t be with you because I know you’re only with me to get to somebody else, right?

Erick: that’s the first

Vivi: problem. That’s the first one, but they all ended up calling David a fricking twat.

Liz does have to say though that he has a point because what are they going to do when she turns and Sean takes the shotgun and has to shoot his own mom, which I don’t know if I would be the one that wants to do that. No, I think would be like somebody else do it. I can’t, I don’t know.

Erick: I think I’d probably close my eyes or something.

I don’t know. Cause it is hard. Yeah. When he does it, her face turns into like the monster face. So I was like, maybe there’ll be some constellation that it’s like, you know, it’s not that many more because it doesn’t even look like

Vivi: them Again, one of the instances where this movie gets really serious.

Erick: So he blows her face off meanwhile, his armies are like in the background trying to get in closer. David’s like, well, Sean, you know, you had to do it in shit. And Sean turns around and just punches the shit out of David and David falls back.

Vivi: David had grabbed the gun from show.

And it was gonna shoot him just for punching him, even though he deserved

Erick: it. Yeah. Cause of the gun clicks and it doesn’t

Vivi: fire. They’re all bulletins.

They’re all like, oh my God, dude, you were about to do this. And he’s like, well, I’m a go. This is awkward. Like, you know, I always wanted to kiss. It’s awkward now. It’s awkward. Not when my girlfriend was like, I know you love my best friend,

Erick: not this whole relationship

Vivi: this whole night. So he makes the rookie mistake of backing up into

Erick: a window.

It kind of says, sorry to die. Right

Vivi: No, I think he tries to ask her to leave with him, but

Erick: I thought he said something. It was kind of like, I’m sorry.

Vivi: No, I don’t think so. Because I thought it was weird that she would go out and try to save him after how shitty. Yeah.

Erick: He’s ripped up gruesomely.

It’s probably like the worst death in this entire movie falls

Vivi: apart. Pretty sure this is a Dawn of the dead reference, but I could be wrong die. Like an idiot opens the front doors to the Winchester and she’s like, oh, save. Yeah.

Erick: And she also just walks through them. Like nothing still in the back.

Vivi: It’s pretty funny when I was looking for fun facts that in the bonus features of the DVD, it turns out that she survived. And she survived because she like miraculously reached David, but he was torn to shreds and she beats off zombies with his severed leg.


Erick: does still do that in the regular one, because that’s what she does when she opens the door, she’s beating them with his leg

Vivi: all the way. Yeah. So she does that manages to climb up to a tree and waits there for days and survives by eating his lunch.

Erick: So she

Vivi: infected? No, because she like, you know, it got ripped off before.

Yeah. So she’s just a cannibal. No big deal.

Erick: Before you said that I was going to say, there’s no confirmation died. Exactly. There is all I died

Vivi: in this chaos, more zombies break in and who happens to be there, but Pete naked and it’s like, God, look, who’s here. And he’s like, no fucking way.

And obviously Pete’s the one to first bite. Uh, Cause he’s hated him the entire time. Yeah. And yeah, cause he gets pretty eaten up at this point. I think they’re trying to like still shoot. Liz is holding back a zombie with like a bar stool. It looks like they ended up jumping behind the bar.

 They’re like, we don’t know what to do. We’re freaking out. And Sean keeps calling for ed and somehow pulling themselves over the bar bloody he’s like what? this is where they’ve thrown Molotov cocktails before. And actually we thought about making this, the drink, the Molotov cocktail.

we weren’t going to drink wines. That’d be fair. I

Erick: did. Of making

Vivi: a Molotov cocktail.

Erick: I was just like, what do you do with it once it’s lit, can you, can you put

Vivi: it out? That’s how they do it in the beginning. Cause they’re doing flaming shots. That’s what we were going to pick as our drink, but I am too afraid of fire.

We’ll still do it for the videos though. We’ll see about that. So they put it out with their hand and they drink it, but they use that same recipe to light the entire bar on fire. They smash a bottle and light it they left the bullets on the lit up bar table. So obviously they start going off randomly.

They find out that there’s a seller actually underneath the bar and that’s where they go. And this is kind of the we’re screwed. There’s nothing else we can do. Moment.

Erick: Sean feels at fault for everything, because he’s like, if it hadn’t been for me, maybe everybody would be alive. My mom wouldn’t be dead. Phillip wouldn’t be dead. You wouldn’t be here trapped in the Winchester with me and ad and whose dumb ass idea was it anyway to come to the Winchester Liz is kind of like console I’m like, if it wasn’t for you, we probably all would have been dead long time ago.

Right. They started contemplating like, well, you know, we only got two bullets left. What if we just like kill ourselves or kill each other? And then I’m like, shit, but like Ed’s here. And that’s like, I don’t mind being eaten alive. They’re like, well, okay. Do I like kill you? And then I, I blow my own head off.


Vivi: then Ed’s like, actually I would like being shot. Like they tried to have a heart to heart woven. And it’s just like maybe in commentary in the background.

In this heartfelt conversation, I thought this line was really. He’s like saying that loses his girlfriend.

And she’s like, who said that we got back together and he’s like, oh, you don’t want to die. Single.

Erick: Dare you. That was my next note. Do you want to do a single bed?

Vivi: Well, I’m not so sure you’re wearing

Erick: a ring. Otherwise it doesn’t count. I’m not married now.

Vivi: It’s important that the zombies, no, I’m not

Erick: single.

Yeah. Maybe it’s one of those world war Z situations where it’s not sickness, but marriage that keeps you alive and the apocalypse

Vivi: that’s rather fucked,

Erick: but was it marriage by church? Oh no. Brenda and Francisco are

Vivi: saved. Yeah. We’re not, we’re screwed.

Erick: So Sean says by the ed they also have like a heart to heart because this is bud.

It’s pretty sad too. And it gives them a cigarette gives them the gun and he’s like, I’m sorry, Shawn. And he’s like, you don’t have to say, sorry. He’s like, no, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Sean. And he says the same joke from the beginning where he’s like, I’ll start doing it when you stop laughing. Yeah. So it’s sad and funny at the same time.

 Liz and Sean noticed an elevator button. It seems like, or like a cellar door list they decided let’s just go out there then and see what happens next to leave ed behind and say, bye. You could hear that the Simons are getting in. And when they make their way to the top, Liz has a chain.

I was asking him like, what the fuck was she going to do with it? You said a whip people, but I don’t think it would actually

Vivi: change. And when they like got up there, she started swinging it around. I don’t know. I guess it’s better than nothing. Action heroes do it in movies all the time. It was just smack people in the head with them.

It’s better than nothing. It’s better than nothing. Yeah. I’d rather have that than nothing. Sean has an ax.

Erick: They’re about to attack the lights blasts onto them. And the military comes in like America is fucked, just

Vivi: obviously running everyone over

Erick: dead or alive. The military gets out gets into line and just fires that everybody, I wasn’t even thinking, like how would they even know not to shoot Sean and Liz,

Vivi: which reminds me of night of the living dead, where they just go in guns blazing and shoot button, but they run into Yvonne again.

And she’s like, Sean, is this it? Then? He’s like, yeah, it’s just us. And she’s like, well, I’m glad somebody made it again. I

Erick: thought that meant everyone from her group. I think it

Vivi: meant that too. Yeah. And she’s like, we’re going back to safety. We’re getting out of the city and that’s the end of the scene.

It seems like she went back for them. Like she told them that there was people there, you know?

Erick: Yes.

Vivi: They’re like flicking through the channels again. It’s like six months since XE day, as it’s been known to be called now, it’s one of those scenes where they’re flicking through channels again. And they’re about to say the explanation for the virus. And then she just clicks. She doesn’t care.

And you’re like, what?

Erick: They do sift through some of the channels because I love how the world is kind of moving on. Like, this is normal. Like there’s a Jerry Springer type show where it’s like, whatever, this is my husband, I don’t care that he’s a zombie.

And so before he changed the channel, someone’s like, wait till you have sex with him though.

Vivi: I think I saw somewhere that like. And we watched it with subtitles on If you watch it with subtitles, she’s like, yeah, I don’t see anything wrong with it, but you don’t catch it. I don’t know.

How’d the zombies make great customer service people because they’re brain dead. And it’s like, great. As someone who’s worked in customer service, 100% agree. There’s also a zombie

Erick: sports and like

Vivi: zombies,

Erick: was there one more oh, there’s story on the news about the kid who took on his entire family and now they want to make a TV show about it or something like

Vivi: that, like reality TV.

we find out that it’s loose flicking through the channels. And Sean comes in and is like, what’s the plan for today? And she’s basically saying like, we’re going to have tea, we’re going to have coffee. And then we’ll like, go back to the pub for a couple of drinks and just come watch TV. And it seems, yeah, it’s not really us.

Just don’t go


Vivi: the pub. Oh, you just drink at home lately. We’ve been going to pubs, but I think that’s going to chill out for awhile until

Erick: October, at least.

Vivi: Well, no, we just said we were going to go to the Marvel

Erick: thing and we’re hanging out with Johnny next weekend. So that’s going to be a trip

Vivi: one son help.

Sean basically mentioned he’s going to pop into the shed real quick for a minute and she’s like, fine. Make it quick. We see Sean go in and turn on video games in the shed we find out he’s got ed locked in there with a chain around his neck and tries to bite him and he’s like, ed, stop it. And then they’re just playing video games in the last sequence while the song by queen best friend plays.

Erick: it’s awesome. That’s pretty funny. Yeah. I love this movie so

Vivi: much. This movie is really fun. I feel like we did not do it justice. It’s so hard to explain every little, tiny bit, because there’s so many little jokes as you go on. Yeah. Watch this movie. If you want to actually laugh. Don’t listen to us.

Talk about it. Cause it’s way better when you watch it. Actually we watched the trailer for hot fudge and I think I’m just

Erick: hungry.

Vivi: I don’t even like full fudge that much. It’s like too much chocolate. Really?

Erick: Yeah. Days of travel when I was a young lad, we didn’t know that fudge was just everywhere.

I thought when I went to Denver for the first time, cause it was like the furthest place I’d ever been in a while forever I got fudged from like one of those gifts, souvenir shops. And I was, oh my gosh, but just a thing here. And then as we continue to travel more, it’s just a thing that happens everywhere.


Vivi: I think what is a place that’s like really popular for chocolate? Is that Sweden, Germany,

Germany, I think is really well known for their chocolate.

Anyway, we watched the trailer for hot fuzz and now I kind of want to watch that one.

And at world’s then I wasn’t sure

Erick: what the premise was. Cause the trailer looks like it’s a cop comedy and then it’s like horror, true crime to comedy. But then it’s back to action. Movie

Vivi: comedy. Well, let’s watch it. It could be our creepy content for next week. Yeah, that’s fine. But what would you rate it?

Erick: I’d give this one a 10.

Vivi: What? We got a five out of five on the beer at 10 out 10 of the movie. Can you tell this is Eric’s favorite

Erick: episode? You said when I showed you this movie for the first time and you were like, it wasn’t that okay. You described it so much funnier than it was like,

Vivi: I think you hyped it up so much that I was expecting to die laughing the entire time, but it’s very like dead pan humor. You say

Erick: this a lot about a lot of movies that I show you that are older though. It’s like these early 2000, the movies that I watched growing up, that I was like, these are amazing.

And so funny. And then now it’s 2021 and it’s,

Vivi: and it’s like, the comedy has changed because there’s a problematic point in this film where ed says the N word and I’m like that didn’t age. Well, yeah. Yeah. It’s just not there’s other jokes too, where I was like, huh, that’s outdated, but whatever. Yeah. It’s still good.

Overall. I’d give it a nine out of 10. Yeah. Yeah.

Erick: I love it. Somebody said that this is in horror. Cause it’s funny, but I’m like that’s

Vivi: for comedy is a genre. Okay. People I don’t think Loki was scared by anything because like we said, he was dead asleep the whole time. Yeah.

Erick: He was sleeping so comfortably too. He was in deeper sleep than probably both.

Vivi: In the last three, four days he

Erick: was sleeping with his tongue and hanging out. I was mama. I think you put

Vivi: it on our story.

Erick: Yeah, we can’t stand up at all while he’s sleeping without him like breaking up and stuff. And this guy was gone.

Vivi: There was dogs barking in the movie.

He did not open an eye. Like

Erick: at one point, his face was like twitching and all kinds of ways. It was almost like he was grimacing. And then his nose would Twitch and his mouth was like he was talking and his eyes are moving one of his eyes was like open to kindness.

Vivi: Our dog sleeps very ugly.

Maybe I’ll post it, but I showed you a video where he has nightmares or dreams and he’s like crying in his dreams. So maybe I’ll post it somewhere cause he twitches and makes funny noise. Eric twitches in his sleep too. That’s why I say they’re the same person

Erick: wall of

Vivi: pillows between us, for my safety.

Erick: What does it mean

Vivi: you, me and this brick wall you built between us? I can put low-key there if you want. No, you don’t allow dogs on our bed. I wouldn’t either, because both of you twitching sounds like I would just get beat

Erick: up.

Vivi: Do you want to tell us about your deep, deep sleep nightmare? Low-key at the chicken from was breathing. All right. Hope Freddy Kruger wasn’t in your dreams or something?

Erick: Dream about some pet zombies. I was reading something about zombie birds. Has there ever been anything about savvy dogs? I guess resident evil, kind of.

Vivi: Yeah, right. They have the dogs that attack. Yeah. Oh, so since it’s zombie month, what’s our next moving well,

Erick: since it didn’t win, I think we should still follow up this one with Donna the dead.

Vivi: And I think I want to do the first resident evil after that.

Erick: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’re doing this. Yes. Yeah. Okay. Will then maybe also play resident evil one since I bought it forever weeks ago. Yeah. When you were still getting ready for our way

Vivi: weeks ago, that was months ago when I had my hair trial in like July, June, July.

Erick: That’s why I haven’t played it. Cause I was trying to see what we were going to do with it. So maybe it be fun to compare nothing. Apparently maybe we can bring in some fun facts from the game and post that.

Vivi: Ooh. Yeah. So are we pretty much done here? Yup. All right. Well, as always, we hope you guys had a good time here. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken out scared pod except Twitter. Twitter is shaken, scared pod. You could send us an

Erick: You can support the show on Patrion we’ll name, our next drink. After you with mentions on our website where the drink page will live forever. You can listen to us on your favorite podcasting sites, apple podcast, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, a bunch of others. Give us a listen there. We’re looking at treat.

Give us a follow. Do it all. Do all of it

Vivi: like rate review is all that good stuff and yeah, we’ll catch you guys next time. Okay. Thanks. Bye.

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