Resident Evil (2002)

Erick: don’t know why I’m like expecting you to react and you’re just like

Vivi: dead listening.

I’m taking it in.

Erick: It’s like surprise and you’re like,

Vivi: Nothing that I’m waiting for. The rest of the story.

Erick: Welcome back to the shaking, that scared podcast here with you as always your host, Eric can BV today.

We’re going to be talking about the 1978 movie Dawn of the dead directed by George Romero while you’re looking at me like light like that. But before we get started, why are you looking at me? Like you trying to fight. How are you

Vivi: barely violent? That’s

Erick: nine 30.

Vivi: And we’re like chugging caffeine to, to make it through this, but I’m excited.

Cause we have the rest of September plan and October.

Like we mentioned, September is going to be zombie months. So we have the next two movies picked out, but keep an eye on our Twitter.

Cause we’re probably gonna put a poll up. We can’t decide between zombie land or army of the dead being the movie to close out the month. Never seen army

Erick: of the dead. Not sure if it should be the end of our summer month, but let us know

Vivi: I do like zombie. Though, that’s all I can offer

Erick: Alex.

I’m Midland too. Cause it’s the only one I’ve watched, I haven’t seen it. I’m glad to actually it

Vivi: was very recent that it came out, right? Like during the

Erick: pandemic. Yeah. I don’t even know how it did.

Vivi: I thought it did good. I did want to see it. thought it was strange because it was like so many years later for a secret.

Did we mention what we’re doing for October?

Erick: No.

Vivi: We thought it’d be fun to revisit the first few movies that kicked off this podcast, but do the SQL’s cause we have not seen any yet.

Erick: no. Probably growing up. I saw like Halloween too and

Vivi: they are always on TV during Halloween, actually remember during our wedding Friday, the 13th too was on, but I did not pay attention. We just had it on in the background. Cause you know, relaxing background noise. Yes. It was the night before we got married.

Erick: For real, oh, I was about to say this time or last

Vivi: well, at the time before that, or the time before that we should just stop. Like, we should make a role. We need to stop talking about our weddings. Cause we talk about them every

Erick: time. Well, it’s the only thing that we have to look forward to.

Vivi: They married over and over and over again.

Erick: Cool.

 Ready for group content? Oh, sure. Do you have more than what I have because I only have what we watched last night. I

Vivi: also only have. What we watch last. Okay,

Erick: cool. Yeah, because I wrote down both of us just have this, but you always watch stuff during the day.

So I

Vivi: wasn’t sure if you just have been, and I, this is horrifying. I don’t know if it’s creepy. I’ve just been watching SVU law and order SVU, like religiously during work, I guess that

Erick: causes a group of kids. I mean, it is pretty

Vivi: creepy, right? It is true crime. It’s one of those shows that my mom always used to just have on the background all day.

So I’m like, this is background noise, but then I’m like drawn into what I’m watching but let’s talk about what we

Erick: actually watched.

Vivi: The Netflix. Film the old ways.


Erick: thought it

was pretty good compared to like, like lockers, like cars that curse of light Yorona it wasn’t amazing, but I think it was probably more accurate than anything we saw in that huge Hollywood movie.

Vivi: In case you haven’t seen it quick overview, it’s basically about this woman. Who’s a journalist and goes investigates this cave in her hometown where she is originally from. I don’t know if it ever says the name of the town.

Erick: They keep calling them the cave Lavaca, but the town is Veracruz, Mexico,

Vivi: Mexico. The main point of the movie is she ends up getting possessed in that case. the entire film is basically like an exorcism film one. She doesn’t even believe that she’s possessed,

Erick: which it seems plays into this demons history

they make you start to doubt yourself and they serve to make you feel empty and not realize what, the truth is. You’re on both fronts of, is there something happening or not you don’t really see evidence because it keeps saying we see something in you and it isn’t until later that you start seeing some revealed things.


Vivi: Along with the main character this movie is not crate, but it’s not terrible. It’s like, it has so much potential. There are things that I liked about it, but the acting.

Erick: Oh, the main girl the others did well. I think that would be

Vivi: fine. So if it was her acting or the dialogue was just so bad that not even a good actor could like do anything, that’s so vague.

Erick: I don’t like a certain thing that happens. And I’m like, this is not how this would have gone. I think in real life where she kind of like takes over, cause then that would imply that anybody who went through this would technically have the ability to take over too.

you get possessed the nightmare blue. Huh? I

Vivi: think it implies that because she has the history of it with her mother and she like, hasn’t let go of that. And then she herself gets possessed. her family has this history of possession. Why wouldn’t they also have a history of like dealing with it?

Erick: Was possessed, not a blue.

Vivi: I don’t know. I’m trying to make sense of it.

Erick: that also makes me think that I can be

Vivi: possess. My great-grandpa was a, I mean, you could

Erick: learn, he was a wish doctor apparently by some accounts. Huh? Why didn’t you learn?

Vivi: I didn’t know. My great grandpa. We could have been making bucks if they would have passed this on.

Erick: Well, I’ve told you that maybe I do have some manifestation powers.

Vivi: You do be having good luck. Yeah. Parking that’s about it. Yeah, no, the film it’s like one of those things, like we said with LA Yorona it’s cool to see parts of our culture in these movies, but I don’t think they’re done right.

Erick: And who are we to know either because I was watching it and I was like, this could be wrong. This could be right. And I don’t know because I’m not that privy to our history. They were even speaking to now at line, I wasn’t even telling you, like she speaks the Spanish really bad. I can’t imagine she’s doing that great at then I want to leave her, you know?

I did think that the effects were really cool,

Vivi: there is some really good effects except for when she pulls out the heart, you can tell it’s plastic. That was the one effect that took me out of it. The rest were decent.

Erick: You don’t often see demons of Mexican culture.

Vivi: Yeah. And we’ve talked about that how we, like don’t even know our own deities demons.

Erick: I don’t know if you saw in the Necronomicon basically. Cause there was a book that shows pictures of the demons, but there was also I don’t know if you saw that. Oh, nice. I didn’t notice that.

I caught it. I was thinking like, maybe that’s where they’re going, but then they picked me up. They were going,

Vivi: while the movie has potential, it dragged on, it was only an hour and a half and it felt so much longer. It

Erick: did,

Vivi: It was like 15 minutes left. And we’re like, you could have ended the movie here

Erick: already.

Vivi: it’s worth checking out though. If you like demonology,

Erick: And learning more, I guess, about other Mexican demons

Vivi: What’s next?

Erick: next is. Shot that you’ve prepared for us.

Vivi: What do you got? when we decided to do Donna the debt, I was like, wait, isn’t that? The blues zombies like very iconically they’re like the only blues zombies.

And it was so I’m calling the shooter. I made just the blue face on me. Perfect. Why not? Do you want to try it and tell me what you think? Geez. Geez. I think it’s going to be sweet. Just that way. This one’s too full

Erick: cook a nutty. What’s it got

Vivi: it has Eric’s favorite blue corral. Oh, they’re going to say Monica.

Erick: I was like, no

Vivi: accidentally, because this film makes some problematic statements about Puerto Rico. It’s kinda like a pina colada cause it’s rum and coconut cream. I put dark rum, coconut rum, creme de coconut.

and would crack

Erick: up. Oh, I like it. It’s very coconutty it does not taste like what it looks like.

Vivi: I thought it was going to taste more opinion. Colada E this is good. It’s good. You actually like it. Yeah. What would you rate it for? Well, I’d give it a four too. It’s a really easy shooter.

It’s not like a straight

Erick: alcohol. Yeah. The coconut is the only thing I taste. Yeah.

Vivi: taste the rum afterwards a little bit.

Erick: You said there’s problematic statements about Puerto Rico.

Vivi: Yeah. Well Puerto Rican people because they say. That they hate them. And then they say they hate them with another group of people.

And then they have someone in black face.

Erick: Oh, it was this whole thing. Again, Oh, I didn’t even catch that. I just felt focused on the problem statement about

Vivi: African-American African-American no, it was about your groups of people.

Erick: Yeah. We’ll talk about that, I guess.

 I got fun facts and these are actually pretty decent. Some of them actually lead into each other too. So Dario Argento famous for Suspiria out of hand, the plane and helping get Dawn of the dead made Romero was tentative to create another film. After nine 11, dad was so successful and after getting a few ideas up there, getting a tour from one of his friends who owned a mall, Argento offered to help pay for the film and even let him work on the script in Rome.

Erick: That’s awesome. At the mall, what triggered his idea was that he saw some crawl spaces and started to think like, Ooh, what if people were checking them all? what’s it

Vivi: like to be creative and just think of those things.

Erick: we’d be doing that for the show. We see a bottle in the screen.

We’re like, oh,

Vivi: That’s true. That’s just being alcoholics,

Erick: also probably has something to do with the reason the blood is that hard red we see in giallo films. Yeah. The blood is made up using peanut butter syrup and food coloring. Peanut butter is so random, but that’s probably what gives Its thickness. It’s

Vivi: thickness. That’s true. If Argento had his hand in it, he’s known for that bright red blood in his film.

Erick: No, I didn’t see outright anywhere that said, he said, do that.

Maybe it’s like a nod because we do see a lot of nods to certain things in this movie. that mall that they filmed in was also actually a mall. It’s the mall that he toured with his friends. So they let him film during the nighttime. When they heard the music kick on in the morning, it was like around seven o’clock.

that would meant it’s time to stop filming and then get ready for the next day. Many of the facts were also thought of on the same day that they were filmed. Savini who was newer, still to his, identity as master of special effects ex was given all the freedom.

 To basically do whatever he wanted on the film. So a lot of the effects you can tell are super crazy. Apparently the screwdriver was one of the ones who thought of on the same day where he goes through the.

Vivi: I pointed out that that was like such a slow shot to

Erick: last but not least, there was an alternative ending to the film that was much darker than what we got, where Peter actually does end up killing himself. Hmm. Surprise. Francine also kills herself. She would have killed herself by getting her head chopped off by the helicopter blades. Which what, a way to die

Vivi: like One of the first,

Erick: yeah, I didn’t do that because he wants to hardcore Savina had even made the prop hat and ended up being used for the exploding head in the apartment early in the film,

Vivi: Now I feel like, I don’t know how to react. Cause you were saying I don’t have good reactions.

Erick: I wasn’t saying don’t have good reactions. You were just wearing

Vivi: red waiting for the end. If you would have finished with the, with her head chopped off by the helicopter, I would have been like her Advil.

Erick: Actually I didn’t write this one down, but speaking of headphones.

Savina his friend, was the zombie who gets his head chopped off in the beginning because he had a low brow. Yeah. He had a small forehead. So that’s why he’s like,

Vivi: yeah. Hey, he can do it. You’d be great for getting your head chopped off. But her friends for, I don’t know if you came across this in your fun facts, but we had a really hard time finding where to watch this movie.

And that’s because the rights of this movie are like this.

Erick: They’re like all over the place. Right.

Vivi: Yeah. Like so many people, feel like they have a stake in this movie. Romero was so burned from night of the living dead because that movie went into the public domain. So he didn’t have the rights to his super successful movie.

So I could see why you’d be like hesitant. I didn’t read too much into the details, but it made sense because we could not find it anywhere on stream. If you wanted to buy it, it was like 50 bucks.

Erick: I wonder if our agenda having a hand in it had something to do with that, because I also saw that there were some changes made across the world with the types of releases where some were edited to keep things out somewhere out of the, keep things in apparently Argento in the Italian version, left out some jokes that didn’t make sense in Italian culture. In the U S it was released unrated because the NPAA? I think that’s like a

Vivi: rating movies. We should know this, we have a movie podcast.

Erick: They were like, need to remove a bunch of stuff.

If not, we’re going to make this an X rating. And they were like, fuck it. And released it anyway.

Vivi: Which is crazy. It’s kind of tamed by today’s

Erick: standards. It’s because of all the gore, apparently, I mean, it is pretty gory, but yeah, it could be,

Vivi: yeah.

I’m just desensitized from all this stuff that we’ve

Erick: watched kill shots in the beginning when they’re in that apartment are pretty gruesome, like just straight on kick the door down, blow her head off. That was bad. Well, also the super racist dude at the beginning, I’d call that.

Vivi: That’s what should give this movie X and all the racism and the black or brown

Erick: face, whatever it was,

Vivi: whatever it was, it was not okay.

Because like you pointed out, there are black actors in this film. Why couldn’t you just have one of them play that

Erick: role? It doesn’t make sense I’m pretty sure it was brown face. Cause it was a white dude,

Vivi: like a white man paint on him.

Erick: anyway, we’ll get, we’ll get to that. it’s your turn to do a speed run. Oh no. Oh, year. Are you ready? What happened in this movie? Two hours, two hours, one minute.

Vivi: Right?

Erick: No, let me do what you did to me on the last one. I didn’t realize till I was editing that you were just like, go and didn’t count out. Okay.

Vivi: Go. So we opened on this scene um, the zombie apocalypse is already happening and it’s a newsroom and everyone’s like, what the fuck do we do? So we keep the news going or not.

And they’re like, no. Um, This dude comes down and tells the girl Francine that like, we got to go. And for some reason we follow like racist cops and there’s these two cops that also leave and get to this point. If the four of them decided to uh, go flying until they find a safe place and that safe place is the mall.

And then they hold up in a mall for like the entire fucking movie. And then these bikers come in and try to break into the mall and disrupt their happy piece. Francine’s also pregnant. And then like two of the dudes end up dying and Francine and Pete just escape on the helicopter.

Erick: That was the worst, the worst.

But I did it right. Yeah.

Vivi: What was wrong about that?

Erick: There was so much

Vivi: missing, honestly, not because they’re in the mall, like setting up their survival for like an hour and a

Erick: half of day. That’s true. When you were saying it’s gonna be harder to cover this because it’s two hour movie packed in the Harvard longer show is yeah, you guys don’t know that they’re usually two hours and I have to edit the 45 minutes livestock, but it’s going to be easy because yeah.

It’s just that quarantine life in the mall, which is what we said. Yeah. good job. Thanks for not making us take a shot. Let’s take your shot because you prep

Vivi: them in advance. I did. I just made an extra one in case I failed. feels counterintuitive to our show.

Erick: We have to take advantage of all this good energy you have today. People are going to say we need alcohol to have a good time on their show.

Vivi: Actually. I was thinking we should do. Dry January. And like that month on the podcast do mock tails for the heads of the folks who don’t drink and the folks that don’t drink. But also we do dry January after the holidays because it’s just a really fattening time.

Erick: For the kids who listen as well. Hi, Shayla

Vivi: I don’t think your mom should let you listen

Erick: to this action. My cousin Marcos how old is he? He’s older

Vivi: though. He’s a

Erick: teenager, there’s a bunch of kids who listen to the sign up. Oh

Vivi: no, we are definitely not

Erick: kid friendly. Like when we were at my cousin’s continued on, they were like, what’s that movie you wanted us to watch? And I was like, sleep boy. No.

Vivi: When you said that, I was like, don’t show that movie. My

Erick: uncle texted me and he’s like, Hey you know, your, your little cousins, they want to, they don’t remember what movie it was.

Could you send me the name? And I was like, oh fuck,

Vivi: did you send it to, oh my God, they’re never going to ask you for a movie recommendation. It was

Erick: crazy. I mean, it is crazy. Yeah. But they like that stuff. So it’s cool. Hey, I was a literal child when I watched these movies with Nellie and Johnny.

Got it. Got it. Continue that trend. I don’t remember. Maybe

Vivi: I blocked it out of my memory. Now, do you give an overview, fence? I summarized.

Erick: No, these are reviews. Nevermind. I was able to sit only through the first 13 minutes broke. Those are like the worst minutes of the movie.

Vivi: Yeah. And I think happens except racism. So as hordes of zombies swarm over the U S the terror or fide populace tries everything in their power to escape the attack of the undead, but neither cities nor the country provide.

Prove safe, not provide,

Erick: provide safe,

Vivi: nothing provides safe. I’ve had two shots and I already feel it.

Erick: Why use many words? When will you

Vivi: do a job in Pennsylvania radio station employees? It says Stephen, but I thought his name was Steve.

Erick: Well, oh,

You can read Stephen with a pH

Vivi: Stephen and his girlfriend Francine escaping the station.

Helicopter accompanied by two Renegade, SWAT members, Roger and Pete. I wondered how they were friends and they all just got in one

wondered how they knew Francine and Steven. I think that Steven and Roger know each

Erick: other.

Okay. When he’s showing up to the helicopter. They look at Peter and are like the fuck. Roger’s like, no, he’s cool. His name’s Peter. Don’t worry about it.

Vivi: That makes more sense. The group retreats to the Haven of an enclosed shopping center to make what could be humanities last stand.

I just realized that the music is also by the goblins. Oh,


Erick: good. The goblins also have a hand in how this movie was distributed.

Vivi: Probably everyone

Erick: does as super as music as though

Vivi: I didn’t really pay attention to

Erick: the music

Vivi: a spirit. You have to pay attendance.


Erick: Also those who said that this inspired Shaun of the dead I did not see it. Honestly. You could say that about any zombie movie that came before 2004, how many his army movies came out before he tells him, oh, fuck it. didn’t know that Zack Snyder

Vivi: also has a hand in,

Erick: it does cause he directed 12 and fours down of the dead.

Apparently Zack Snyder is the reason that the zombie genre didn’t die. It wasn’t for which ridiculous.

Vivi: Have you seen Sean at the beach?

Erick: Right? That came out the same year.

Vivi: So he remade a movie and he’s the reason it’s not dead.


Erick: Trash

Vivi: cool. But I’m pretty sure there was a ton of others on B films.

Erick: I think day of the dead The one where like the zombies talk. There’s like a leader’s zombie. And it’s like got a gun. There’s warm bodies. If you want some romantic zombie calm,

Vivi: romantic everything

Erick: It’s like Twilight, but for zombies.

 Let’s dive into it then getting to it. this whole beginning scene is. True too, how it would actually be, cause it’s the news station Francine works there.

Doesn’t really know what to do her and this other person are talking about, well, what do we do? It’s Somby outbreak, do we stop broadcasting? It seems like they’re fighting about whether to continue or not.

They turn off the broadcast. And then someone’s like fighting on to turn it back on. That’s when we get introduced to Stephen and Stephen goes to Francine and he’s like, Hey, there’ll be a helicopter waiting for you at nine. O’clock be there or be square. And this other dude’s like, fuck it.

Don’t worry about it. Just go. And we’re going to be broadcasting at like 1200.

Vivi: that is the gist of the whole opening

Erick: scene

We’re also talking about declaring martial law, which I think is why we get immediately introduced the SWAT team that has this man who’s racist as hell meeting them.

Yeah. Is very clearly like, guns, ablazing who we kill they do get an order. that, because they’re in martial law, they can basically shoot onsite

Vivi: This man has been waiting for this, his entire career.

We got awful comments about people of color in a building. He specifically says they’re Puerto Rican and African-American people. And then he starts going in and shooting them onsite. We’ve got a pretty awful scene of him just like bursting through a door and shooting someone’s head off. it’s to the point where Roger.

Is trying to fight his own. commander because he’s just gotten,

Erick: yeah. He’s just kicking doors down and trying to go in and just fire it at anybody on the site. The building is infested with zombies, but also there are still civilians in there that are not undead yet. this guy is insane. the guy who we later find out is Peter, he’s wearing like a gas mask is behind everybody. And then just fires on this racist SWAT guy

Vivi: As Roger is trying to get him to stop shooting, when he shoots them down, they’ve also entered a room full of zombies. It’s more chaos. the rest of the SWAT team has gone in there too. These armies, but they still don’t really understand what’s going on. We get the scene of another SWAT member shooting himself because of what he’s seen, kind of unclear.

Erick: I’m sure it’s difficult. Cause these guys are running into a world that they’ve never had training for. Right. On the opposite. End of the super racist trigger, happy guy. You also have people who are like, oh my God, I’m killing people. I don’t even know if they’re dead, they’re not dead.

They’re also talking about, all the typical stuff we hear in zombie movies that is, destroy the brain of the head, Kind of reminds me of war of the worlds, where the radio broadcast is like the only thing that’s keeping people informed the scientists themselves are still trying to understand what’s going on.

But then you have these people who are off the rocker and just given like misinformation.

Vivi: Geez. Sounds

Erick: familiar.

Vivi: Honestly, all these zombie apocalypse movies feel very different after having lived through a pandemic.

Erick: No, we make that point every time, but it really does. It really

Vivi: does. Like if you haven’t seen a zombie movie, go watch one right now.

Right. Fucking now. And tell me it’s not a similar

Erick: feeling. last episode, we talked about somebody spewing like, oh, that’s just fake news. This one we’re talking about misinformation. Being trapped inside quarantining,

Vivi: Roger, after having tried to tackle his commander ends up going to the basement of this apartment to have a cigarette. And that’s where Peter comes in and he’s like, you’re not alone here and he’s aimed the gun at him. he’s like, you’re from this squad. Right. Roger immediately is like, I don’t know who killed him.

I didn’t see anything. I don’t give a fuck Peter than lowers the gun and they share a cigarette. And that’s when we get this scene of a priest coming out of one of the rooms in the basement, basically explaining a couple of people have died and they kept them in the cellar locked up because he gave them their last rights.

But they’re still alive. They go in and see what looks like a barbed wire fence inside the cellar, I don’t understand if someone’s been feeding them because they’re chewing on food or they just started eating each other. Cause there’s no other foods.

Erick: No. So just flashing forward, someone mentioned on the radio, the zombies are not cannibals because cannibalism implies eating something of one’s own kind and the zombies don’t eat each other.

Vivi: This is like the first instance that we see of how slow they are, because they’re all sitting there trying to struggle to get up and reach them. They have so much time to load their guns and get rid of it.

Erick: Steven goes to where the helicopter is waiting he realizes that the guy who was the operator guys in his chair with his head eaten out. And so Francine shows up, peter shows up with Roger and they let them on because he’s like always with me. We get this whole overlap scene I dunno, is this officially a night of living dead sequel? don’t think so.

Vivi: Right. I don’t believe it is,

Erick: is it because it’s like the night and then the Dawn, which is the next one? In the fun facts it was referred to as the sequel. But I don’t know if it’s officially a sequel.

Vivi: I just know that in the trailer, it was like you saw the night now. See what happens at the Dawn.

Erick: Okay. So then it is


Vivi: what the trailer said.

Erick: First thing that comes up is army the debt SQL to Donovan? No. No. All cause the next hire did both.

Vivi: So another zombie movie. Yeah.

Erick: there are more sequels of Georgie Romero. Romero went on to make five more dead movies down to the dead day of the dead land of the dead diary of the dead and survival.

Vivi: Damn. We should have just done a Romero month.

Is day of the dead. the one we saw the eighties one

Erick: no, the eighties one was returned to the living dead.

Vivi: The turn of the living dead

Erick: day of the dead was 1985.

Land of the dead 2005 diary, the dead cells and seven oh, Solana. The does the one I saw it doesn’t make sense to me because if land of the dead by Romero was done until season five, but Zack Snyder did a remake for Donovan dead and tells him for, you know,

Vivi: The reason we bring this up is because the group flies over the countryside in a scene, very reminiscent of night of the living dead, where they are going to save Ben and his group in the farmhouse. And there’s a comment about how the rednecks are living for this, which is kind of what we see and night of the living dead

Erick: you get a party shot of them, living it up, checking beers, just having a blast it’s

Vivi: shooting zombies slowly.

Erick: You don’t really get an idea of how long they’ve been flying but it’s stopped for gas and it seems like the tanks might be empty, but they would get a little bit off of one of them.

Steven’s like, I’m going to go check out the hanger. Roger puts gas on the helicopter. Peter also goes into the actual shop. Steven and Francine go to that. Peter finds coffee machine,

where he has to do his own little grounds and out of

Vivi: order, right? Yes. Then he hits it and it it’s those that poured the cup and then automatically pours the coffee

let me tell you, Steven and Francine are a little bit useless in this next scene.

we like rewind it because it was so stupid. The way this pans out, they are attacked by one zombie Steven is fighting to reach a hammer for the longest time. Francine is just standing there watching this unfold. And a zombie is like, I don’t know how many yards away from her, like a hundred yards away from her.

And she’s freaking out about that. That’s on me. It’s like nowhere near her walking one mile per hour, three hours. she doesn’t even look confused on what to do. She’s just kinda like, are you going to take care of that? Figure the man here?

Erick: Is it still implied? Because they have money that they’re just like, oh, I don’t really know how to handle themselves in the helicopter repeater makes fun of Steven. Cause they’re like, what’s the plan? And Steven’s like, well, we’ve got my limo at this other place. He’s like, oh yeah, yeah. What else do you got, dude? He’s like, it’s the fucking end of it. we are thieves.

We are scavengers. We don’t go and do our little rich people. Shit.

Vivi: It could be that I don’t know because Francine ends up kind of being more useful or at least she’s willing to learn, to shoot and fly the helicopter and things like that. But in this particular scene, she’s just kind of standing there Steve does eventually reach the hammer and fascist dyssomnias in and then pushes Francine out of the way dramatically, which we find out, like later on that Francine’s actually four months pregnant.

So that is not a smart move at all. And then butts armpits with the other zombie that’s like forever away. The way he hits the zombie, like nothing would have happened to the

Erick: zombie clear. He’s trying to hit it with the hammer, but just flat.

Vivi: Me and Eric tried to like, recreate how this would work. And it was just smacking

Erick: arms.

No, it looks, it looks like when the three Stooges try to hit each other

Vivi: we’re really focused on this seat, but it was like really bad. We pan back to Peter in that office.

He’s fighting off two demon children.

Erick: Peter is huge. So he’s just handling the children, just throwing them like they’re right.

Vivi: It’s actually funny if you watch it, he throws the kids very gently. Yeah. You can tell the kids like did their stance and he like did not hurt, hurt them. Yeah. Good for him.

Erick: Steven and Francine run back to where they are Peters to handling these children while he’s trying to reload, because he does shoot them,

Vivi: we’ve already seen that Romero doesn’t care about like shocking scenes with children because the night of the living dead, he made a girl kill her parents. Yeah.

Erick: So children’s

Vivi: scary. Terrifying.

Erick: there’s this on me approach in the store Stephen’s in the background and Peter Dodges.

Cause he realizes that he’s going to shoot this on me and possibly hit him. Peter’s pissed he’s like, what the hell? The next time look at where you’re going to shoot. Roger, while putting guests sees this zombie that just stands up on top of these boxes the chopper just cuts his head off and it just falls to the ground. Another fun fact Romero didn’t give any direction on how to act.

He was just like acted and then let them all decide what that looks like, he wanted to give them their own personality.

Vivi: I thought you were going to say he didn’t give the main character there’s directions on how to Roger just looks at it like, okay, that’s a

Erick: caravan, so, It’s not like you had a panic I always pass dead now,

Vivi: they make their way flying over this indoor shopping mall because that’s how you describe a mall they see tons of. Som bees roaming around prancing ask, what are they doing?

Or why are they here? And I think it’s Steven that says the mall was important to them in their living state. They must be returning here out of muscle memory. And I thought this was meant to be like a commentary on capitalism because not necessarily the eighties, this was 78, but weren’t malls like the biggest deal ever around this time.


Erick: I would also say that it’s a commentary on how Brandless people are and how they kind of just go through their day to day, like if we really were dead, what our bodies still wants to do all those things.

Vivi: I thought about that and what it would look like for us, it would just be me hanging out in the house because I work from

Erick: home. You’d be on the living room with your phone in your hand,

Vivi: sitting in front of a laptop.

Erick: And then I’d be up and down the stairs out to Lucky’s poop spot and then back to the house and then back

Vivi: to, yeah, if you don’t go into the office that day, you would make your way to work.

How’s depressing. You’re dead. And you’re still going to do

Erick: work things. Yeah.

 As they’re approaching them all, they’re asking typical questions, how has the power on nuclear power is probably how the model is being powered up because power’s out everywhere.

It seems. there’s no food in the water. There’s no radio. So obviously the mall is a good solution to all of these things, because it’s literally a mall. Everything you need, you know, it takes them long. to actually take advantage though. Did you feel that

Vivi: do you mean like the pacing of the movie? Because I understand their plan of having a secure place first and then.

Expanding outward a little bit because they’re trying to read them all have as much Sambisa as possible before they go freely, get the things they need.

Erick: But they also quickly figure out how to like lower the gates to not have to worry about the zombies.

why not do that in the meantime,

Vivi: there are so many scenes in this movie that I was like, did it need to be this long? Like Roger and Pete, going out to scope the place out and get supplies. And they’re basically entering one store, baiting the zombies upstairs, upstairs.

They fail, they run back downstairs and they got to do it all over again. And then for some reason, Steven comes down and is a part of. was just really long in some parts that did not need to


Erick: right. I guess the, focus of the movie is zombies. Showing them in the mall that’s empty and safe is probably not the meat of this movie.

Vivi: Right? They’re first trying to get a scope of the mall. Steven has proven to be a horrible shot multiple times to the point where Peter calls him fly boy or something.

Erick: No, he calls him fly boy, because of

Vivi: the helicopter. Oh, I thought it was cause he was like just letting bullets

Erick: to be fair. I also was like, why the fuck is he keep calling him fly boy. I was like, it was there a mosquito scene. I didn’t catch, but it’s because of the helicopter.

Francine also has a run-in with the blue zombie, which is from, oh, he looks like what’s his name He’s the guy with the fake arm in arrested development. bluster Yeah. Buster Bluth. It’s this character that’s eating Francine.

Vivi: The group finds her just in time and gets rid of him they’re locked up again upstairs in the attic of the mall, they’re eating spam peter is asking why Francine looks so shaken up after that encounter.

Steven tells him, well, she’s four months pregnant we get this awkward conversation where Pete’s like, does she want to abort it? Cause I can do it. And I’m like, okay, just some

Erick: random experience. Damn. Yeah.

Vivi: Like, are you over here performing some back alley abortions?


Erick: or maybe he meant I’ll just put a bullet in it. I don’t know.

Vivi: You want me to abort her

Erick: and the baby? She didn’t need Peter to be a, in this thing. She’s smoking and drinking wine. Okay. Yes,

Vivi: because she gets upset that they suggest this, but then she’s literally smoking a cigarette at the exact same time that baby has like a lot of odds against it.

Not only is it going to be born in the zombie apocalypse, it’s going to have major health

Erick: issues. I had never seen this movie but I have seen the 2004. there’s a zombie baby born .

I think

Vivi: I haven’t heard about that. Cause it was very popular. It was like shocking. Right. Everyone was like, what the fuck? Oh, now I kind of want to watch it. Just that scene. It’s all the smoking and drinking.

Just so people don’t yell at us, but yell at us because if you’re doing that while pregnant.

don’t think it’s responsible. Yeah.

Erick: But you’re responsible. If you’re pregnant and listening to the show, don’t drink our cocktails.

Vivi: Wait, so now for January where we have mock tails. Yeah. I was thinking about like, if we do ever have children, I’m going to have to have a mocktail or like nine months

Erick: and Eric’s going to be wasted with, to drink for both of us.

That’ll be the trick. Ooh. That doesn’t

Vivi: sound healthy for you either. It

Erick: sounds like I’m just, on the show. Edit it to just be you

Vivi: and I’m going to edit it because you’re going to be so

Erick: wasted.

Vivi: that’s how we find out that Francine’s pregnant. However, she does go up to them and says, Hey, I don’t want to be the mother of this group taking care of you guys, just because I’m pregnant.

I don’t want you to treat me any different. I need to be included in the decisions and I want to learn how to fly the helicopter. What, if something happens this even all very logical, reasonable requests.

Erick: Good for her. Good for her. I was actually wondering when that was going to happen. Cause I was like, You don’t want to call attention to the mall and get more zombies from far away to come because they hear the sound of the helicopter.

Peter’s like, yeah, we can lock the zombies out. All right. They’re not the ones that are going to have to worry about. If people show up here, so now we’re at the part with the trucks

Vivi: This doesn’t make sense to me that they have Steven like have an aerial view without them being able to communicate.

Erick: Yeah. I was think of the same thing too. Like why is he not able to radio? They have radios. Why doesn’t he have walkies? Yeah. There was also probably a lot of confidence in that these are slows zombies. Roger is a loose cannon the whole way.

Cause he’s like, yeah,

Vivi: he’s 100% confident at this point that he can not run them easily. Take them down. that’s what gets him bit, quite a few types. He has so many close calls and I, and again, I think that’s why the pacing of this movie is interesting because it picks you out like, oh, Roger’s going to get bit just kidding.

Oh, Roger’s going to get back. Just kidding. But no, really he got bit. And that took up like 20 minutes.

Erick: When Peter starts to notice, Hey, you need to calm down.

You’re not just playing with your life here. You’re playing with mine. Roger doesn’t really ever seem to recover from this state of mind.

Vivi: could that be because he’s been, yeah. And he’s ill because we do see scenes of him having to have morphine and things like that, or it wasn’t just, he was already that kind of crazy loose cannon.

Erick: He doesn’t give that vibe up until a certain point in the film. Like he seems all there, working together with Peter pretty well. Suddenly Roger’s crazy, they’re all trapped in that little hideout he started to get cabin fever. Your mind’s all out there. Cause you’re in isolation. He was the one who got the worst of it. Stephen and Francine have each other. Peter maybe was just more strong minded and Roger was just the weaker

Vivi: of the four. Yeah, I would definitely say Peter is the more logical of all of them Francine too.

I kind of see why they’re the ones that survive in the end. I think Stephen has like this weird, I have to prove myself to the other men complex that gets him in trouble. Roger is just too confident, like you said, and it’s like, nothing can hurt me, gets in horribly, right after that, after Roger’s been in, they make their way back into the mall and stuck up on ammo.

But crazy. I go

Erick: ramble, but everybody’s got guns on

Vivi: him and the bullets strung across their tests.

Using that ammo, they shoot off the rest of the zombies that are still inside the building. Since now the exits are sealed off, they collect all the bodies and they now have free range of the entire mall.

Erick: They’re starting to talk about how Roger’s doing I thought it was cool that these zombies are not like what you see typically and others you got bit you’re in fact that almost immediately, immediately, right.

is that a standard? part of The reason I think that way is because of 28 days later that you got 10 to 20 seconds, but then I feel like some films play with how long it really

Vivi: takes. I do remember an Romero’s night of the living dead when the little girl is bitten, it takes almost the entire day for her to change.

Same thing kind of happens with Roger, but then Steven changes within a couple hours.

Erick: It’s also based on how fatal your wounds are. If let’s say you bleed out, Steven got paid a ton. Maybe he bled out faster after Roger got bit up prancing, managed him up and took care of morphine.

Vivi: Also like how does she just know how to administer morphine and give shots and give haircuts? She’s just like talented in all aspects?

Erick: No, I think she didn’t know how to do his helicopters and shoot guns and yeah, no, she

Vivi: did because they gave her a gun they didn’t really tell her much about it.

And she was able to aim at one of the zombies that was biting. Roger. When Steven literally could not shoot was Allambie right in front of him.

Erick: Right after this though, is when we get the montage of them doing all those things in the mall. They go to the bank to take a picture.

Cause they’re like, ah, we’re robbing the bank. They play arcade games.

Vivi: try on clothes.

Malls, I don’t think are like this anymore because I don’t know of any mall that has all these shops in it.

Erick: No, all the malls I know are like either closing down or wasteland.

Vivi: Yes.

Erick: After they’re done having a grand old time at the mall, they’re sitting there talking Peter talks a story about how his grandfather was a brutal priest who mentioned that when there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth, which is the iconic line of this film. Apparently Romero thought of this while drinking one day

Vivi: there’s some pretty deep lines. In this movie, it becomes clear that Roger is not going to survive. He’s looking pretty ill. Basically. Pete sits with Roger as he dies.

And Roger tells me. I will try not to come back as one of them, I will try really hard, which is sad. Yeah. And of course he does. And pizza they’re waiting. while this is going on, Francine and Steve are watching what looks like a drunken debate because the broadcasters don’t know what to do anymore.


Erick: drinking straight out

Vivi: of bottles too. Where do you get these bottles? You just had them at work. Okay.

Erick: I love all the scientists. It’s like, look, I got, I got the key to survival.

Vivi: the flesh. Listen, listen to me. That’s basically what he said. He should have a podcast. As that drunken podcast is going on, we hear the gunshot letting us know that Pete has shot Roger, that’s pretty much. Signifying this other chapter where they’re just stuck inside the mall.

Erick: things aren’t so happy anymore. I haven’t wrote down the Peter’s just terrible, you know, He’s helped Steven and Francine do this like romantic dinner day. even dresses up for the occasion and pours them line But he’s kind of like, well, what am I doing here?


Vivi: Yeah. He just choked the champagne. Afterwards during that romantic date scene, Steven gives Francine a ring. He doesn’t ask her like, will you marry me? He just gives it to her. And she’s like, no, this isn’t real. And I’m like, you are already pregnant. Now. That is as real as


Erick: gets judgy.

There are people who could get pregnant without getting married.

Vivi: But her saying it’s not real. That’s true. I don’t understand. If anything, those moments are more real when you have nothing else. It’s because she can’t stunt on her friends that she got that diamond. So

Erick: she should’ve taken that rain, that Roger was running, you saw that giant fucking Juul that he had in his hand.

You see it, you get tapped on the glass with it. And I was like, yeah, I feel that. Or did he? I think they did. They

Vivi: did take that.

Erick: Cause the thing, it was massive.

Vivi: My thing was she’s like, it’s not real because you could’ve just gone and picked whichever one you wanted and he didn’t actually buy it. And you still got the wrong one.

You still

Erick: got the smaller, it wasn’t six months salary three months salary. Is it? Oh fuck. Well, he’s rich. So he’s got a six months salary. What I’m saying is that it’s got to be proportional to the amount of money.

Vivi: Yes. Or not making what you can steal in the mall.

We get another scene of what we called quarantine.

Erick: Did they like set up a fake apartment in that hideout place? They brought furniture and shit upstairs. You brought a mattress upstairs through the ceiling.

Vivi: I mean, you got nothing by the time you’re going to make it.

Erick: they hit the stairway, they like sealed it up so that all you had to do was just climb in and out through the ladder.

Vivi: Maybe, maybe for that day that they were doing renovations.

Erick: Oh, that’s true. There’s no zombies in there so they can do whatever they want.

Vivi: Yes. So it doesn’t matter.

Erick: Steven does end up showing Francine how to fly the helicopter. And this is when Savina’s character who we later find out is a biker spots them to some binoculars. And they’re like, oh, should we take care of them today? And they’re like, no, let’s do it tonight.

They start to hear some broadcasts through the radio. And it’s this biker gang who is communicating with them from outside and says, Hey, there’s like just three of us. Come on, let us in share the wealth Peter is saying like, not shut up because Francine seems to want to respond the bikers get impatient and they’re like, fuck it. We’re coming in anyway. and they get on all their motorcycles. Apparently this biker gang was like an actual biker group.

Romero. I was reading was like, yeah, I don’t know who even called them, but they just showed up. And were there ready to film they easily dispatch of all the zombies, Peter and the group see them from the roof.

And they’re like, so much for three of them, Peter seems to kind of think, well, they’re just here to trash the mall. They’re not going to come after us if we leave them alone, I disagree.

they saw the helicopter. They’re gonna come work for them. if they had made it that far,

Vivi: cause they would have had to figure out the fake stair situation. But they really are just wreaking havoc for like the last 30 minutes of this movie.

Erick: pies to the

Vivi: face. It is comedic. Like I could see some elements of it inspiring Shaun of the dead, but not like totally. There is a moment where. Steven being his weird macho self has to be like, no, this place is ours and start shooting at the biker gang kind of gives away that they’re there.

I think it’s just so many, like random

Erick: kills. Seems like only a few of the bikers actually realized that they’re getting shot at and all the chaos. Cause I imagine that many motorcycles in the mall in such an enclosed space is loud as hell. the motorcycles are choppers.

They’re not crotch rockets there. That’s what you call it. Like the sports bikes uh,

Vivi: vibrator.

Erick: Yeah. You mean your, hair curler? That always works. No. Yes,

Vivi: no. Cause like, I think that’s a scene in, is it sleep-away? Yes. With the curling nails. Yeah. It looks like a curling

Erick: iron. I don’t use curling irons gay is this long and silver and has a handle.

And I’m like, oh, it’s kind of day to day. Yeah. I know. I’m like, wow,

 But All those motorcycles in that mall in such an enclosed space, it seems like some of them know others don’t so definitely knows.

Peter runs upstairs into the ceiling and starts to shoot at them from, the vents stephen gets shot in the shoulder,

Vivi: he went to also hide in the elevator shaft. But some of the bikers followed him in there and shot up at him, I find like few things as scary as being trapped in an elevator shaft, not an actual elevator.

Cause you always see about how those things start to move. And you’re just like crushed and smashed to death. So he’s in that part, he’s not able to climb up to Pete who was calling for him

Erick: On the topic of scary elevator shafts.

So, you know, those ropes, those like tension cables that hold the elevator up. Did you a long time ago ever see those reports of that? It’s like a giant drop. Yeah. Ride the person was on the giant drop ride. Cause those were also held by those types of tension cables, the ropes ripped.

And so the ride fell, but the rope, because there’s so much tension on it, it just slashed out and it cut this guy’s legs off, while it was falling.

Vivi: Oh, I hate that so much. Yeah. I just want to know that story.

Erick: Thank you. Poor guy. I was thinking of that when I get on those rides too, like I’m on it thinking like, Ooh, this could end badly.

Vivi: I already don’t like rides and you’re telling me that story.

We also get a reference where they use the Z word. Yeah.

Erick: That

Vivi: wasn’t just a joke, like in Shaun of the dead.

Does Edward does that word?

Which biker is the one that gets torn apart? David style it’s not Savini, right?

Erick: No So we need to get shot by Peter and falls into the fountain. the one that gets ripped up it’s in the middle of the chaos. So he’s not really one of the main ones. was it the guy that was on the sidecar of the motorcycle, he got shot off and then ripped up and they eat all his intestines.

It’s the only really gruesome, full lawn pulling apart, chest up kind of seeing that we get in this whole movie.

Vivi: I believe so. Again, there are some scenes that are gory.

Erick: think it’s cool. How with this being practical effects, it looks realistic.

You good. You seem like you’re closing out. Shop lights are turning off

Vivi: and we’re

Erick: going to sleep. Ray, which reminds me of the lights turn off in the mall. And so

Vivi: where were these segues earlier?

I don’t think we explained what finishes happening to Steven

Erick: Were the lights already off when he gets bit? He is trying to continue to climb up the elevator shaft and because he’s so weak from having been shot in the shoulder, falls down, fights off some zombies and then ends up,

Vivi: pull down by zombies.

somehow he does fight them out of the elevator. Shooting at them, but it’s already too late.

Erick: We realized that Steven is now a zombie because the elevator door opens the zombies were headed into the elevator, thinking that someone was going to come out and like, oh, it’s just you. One of us

Vivi: wrap it up, guys.

Erick: Going back to the muscle memory and motor skills thing, Steven starts to walk back to where the hideout was, zombie Steven,

Vivi: Peter is already in the stairway, waiting

Erick: restaurant, seen them

Vivi: in the hydro area. Peter’s there with her she’s like, I’m leaving, it’s been hours. And he’s like, I heard gunshots. He still might be alive. Peter kind of wants to hold out for it, but Francine’s pretty much accepted.

Erick: At this point,

Vivi: so this is where it’s confusing because she says that at first, and then the next scene is her just literally saying it’s been hours. Let’s go. So it’s like,

Erick: there’s heaven’s Amelie.


Vivi: But she says, oh, it’s been hours. That’s why it’s confusing. Oh,


Erick: didn’t catch her saying that.

Vivi: Yeah. Cause otherwise it looks like it happens in like seconds one minute. But no, her and Peter have been there for like a while now. And that’s when he starts making his way up with the rest of the zombies.

Erick: Oh. So maybe It had been hours since however long it took him. So transform. Yes. Try to transformers easing. It’s kind of,

Vivi: or not in disguise.

Erick: The whole time I was like, maybe Stevens is like faking it.

Vivi: No, it’s the muscle memory.

We get this super sad. I call everything super sad. Yeah, you do. I’m just emotional. Okay. Yeah.

Erick: You’ve got feelings. Always say I

Vivi: always have feelings. I also say super sad and I’m like laughing instead of that for you,

Erick: I’m the one actually crying.

Vivi: You said I didn’t have any emotions earlier in the episode, just staring at me.

I was waiting for you

Erick: to finish. Here are these fun facts, I’m, I’m trying to like make you smile and shit and just straight up mean mugging me, always do these fun facts, angry you.

Vivi: They are not fun enough, man. We’ve been trying to get to the end of this movie for like the last 20 minutes similar to this.

Erick: Yeah. But the super sad scene, super sad,

Vivi: super sad. Peter, super sad. Peter is like, I’m done. I don’t want to do this anymore. Just go

Erick: take your baby and leave

Vivi: to get your shit and get out. And Francine does not fight with him nearly long enough. She J she’s like, okay, thanks. Bye. And he just

Erick: shot Steven. So obviously then

Vivi: yeah, He holds up in a room with a very small gun, as the zombies are making their way towards him. And she’s able to escape to the roof, to the helicopter.

Erick: Shouldn’t have been that small of a guy. And you know what I was thinking about while I saw that was, have you heard of those failed attempts on the live-in yourself where if the gun is too weak or too small, you end up like, just paralyzing yourself.

Cause like the damage isn’t enough to just

Vivi: kill you, right? Yeah. I’ve seen stories like that or, yeah, I like to talk about real life horror. Let’s just get back to Zillow. I’m just saying

Erick: I wouldn’t have gone with the small. He had the giant gun in the room was just

Vivi: like done that actually there was a movie we were watching.

Oh, maybe we should have mentioned this in creepy content, but uh, that was hilarious, there was an instance where they’re shooting each other with shotguns and. They would have died cause don’t shot guns. The way they work is they like go in multiple directions.

yeah, we

Erick: didn’t talk about the shotgun

Vivi: fight in the pub at the end where they just put the wooden table and they’re using shotguns directly at the house. I was like, I don’t think the wooden table would protect you that much.

Erick: Yeah. Cause I was going to say that the bullets are going through it, but don’t think movies like that. You should bring the logic and

Vivi: the flux,

Erick: that movie was ridiculous. It’s like a gunfight with a bunch of old people, the whole hardcore.

Vivi: Wow. We need to finish the last three minutes of this movie. pete’s up with a small gun in the room.

Erick: Francine is getting ready to take off, but she waits to see if Peter comes back and changes his mind.

Vivi: Yeah, it does change is mine.

Erick: Hold on. The zombie with the gun is still walking around. So he didn’t mention this, but Roger loses a gun to one of the zombies and the zombies like staring down the barrel, all the zombies you’re trying to get in there, smashing out the window, but this is on grabs the gun and just walks away.

Vivi: He’s like, this is all I wanted.


Peach. They’re contemplating underlining himself, and I guess his fight or flight kicks in and he chooses fight Francine’s to said like, he’s not coming. I got to go just in the Nick of time to see him make his way up the stairs. This is where he has the fight with the dude that already has one gun, but sees his gun and wants that one instead.

So he just gives it to him and he drops

Erick: the other one. Well, cause the one that he handed off to him was a machine gun. And the other one’s like one of those single shot, old rifles.

Vivi: you know, you prefer the classics, I guess. He does make his way into the helicopter and they start taking off. You basically asked her how much gas do we have left?

And she’s like, not a lot. He’s like, okay, cool. We’ll see where we get. And the final scene is them flying off. It is the Dawn flying off into the Dawn.

Erick: Francine leaving buyers. Would not have been a good idea. I know she’s pregnant. Who’s going to deliver this baby.

Vivi: That’s what I said.

You’re the only person I know you mentioned she might run into more people who are like the bikers

Erick: or the racist SWAT data from earlier. Yes.

Obviously she can handle herself, but you know, people are shitty. And I say, apocalypse,

so good. You liked it first time you see it?

Vivi: Yeah, there’s things I like about it. I don’t appreciate the pacing of it.

Erick: Two hours definitely is too much. And there were longer versions. Yeah.

Vivi: Oh yeah. We kept finding two hours and 40 minute ones, I don’t know.

There was a lot of focus on mundane things, closeups on certain things that I was like, I don’t personally feel like it adds to the movie. A movie snob could tell me otherwise and be like, it’s part of it, but writing-wise for pacing. I want to give it like a 6.5.

Erick: Yeah. It’s definitely way too long. I’d give it a six. It’s I mean, it’s a fun movie. Look at me wrong.


Vivi: I feel like you hear that rating and you’re like, oh, that’s kinda low. And like, no, it was good. It was just definitely way longer than it needed to be.

Erick: Yeah. But you know, movies will do this just to capture the essence of, well, this is what they did the whole time,

Vivi: but sometimes you lose your audience,

Erick: but then thinking about times where movies are like, oh, it was too quick or things didn’t make sense.

Cause they kind of just breezed past certain things. there’s never a happy medium.

Vivi: I guess it depends on how much you enjoy the movie.

Cause if you like actually liked it, you’re like, I need more if we’re like, it was all right. I could do

Erick: it less of it definitely would have liked for them. Leave them all.

Vivi: They were in one location the entire time.


Erick: wouldn’t have happened for regular people either. they just happened to be SWAT people who know how to do this have gone and yeah. I think they would.

Vivi: Oh yeah. Way sooner, especially with the way that Steven was fighting off. Sotheby’s.

Erick: What else let’s find out what would have happened?

Had they gone to the limousine? They’re just been like cooling in their limo and just partying it up. You ever seen the movie? 2012 with John Cusack? I don’t where he is a limo driver the world is literally exploding around the limousine and he’s surviving. The drive buildings are collapsing behind and on top and over the limousine,

Vivi: this sounds like an awful Louie.

Erick: What I’m saying is this should’ve been in the alternative cut of Donovan dead, where Steven and Francine go to their limo

Vivi: well, I don’t think the motorcycles scared low-key that much.

Erick: the gunshots did. I think it was just all the loud sounds. But he didn’t really get scared. He just was like, what is happening?

Vivi: I think since it’s in a mall, the sounds are amplified.

cause usually we’ve seen so many movies with gunshots that it’s like,

Erick: yeah, yeah. I feel like he gets spooked by random humming and buzzing sounds. anything that makes the speaker vibrate is what makes any kind of edgy.

Vivi: You want to tell us about it? Low

Erick: sounds good.

Vivi: I’m telling you he was like more fascinated by Aussie man

Erick: reviews that bunny with the two horses, he was

Vivi: he’ll watch TV for like a couple seconds, but he was watching the entire YouTube video. Cause there was horses and,

Erick: and dogs and stuff. Yeah. There was that dog playing Jenga.

Wow. Impressive. And the one playing volleyball. Wow.

Vivi: Yeah. He just kind of looked at that. He was like, whatever I could do that,

Erick: but he can’t.

Vivi: So is that pretty much it for us here? I think so.

Erick: Me too. I hope we didn’t put you to sleep though. Keep listening. Don’t stop.

Vivi: As always. We hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken out scared pod except Twitter. Twitter is shaken, scared pod. You could send us an

Erick: You can support the show and patron we’ll name. Our next drink. After you with mentions on our website where the drink page will live forever. You can listen to us on all your favorite podcasts, insights, apple podcast, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, a bunch of others. Give us a listen, give us a follow throw, little cute treat,

Vivi: like rate review us.

And Okay. Thanks. Bye.

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