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Jennifer’s Body (2009) | Vivi’s Birthday Bonus!

Vivi: going to

Yessi: go from my condensed milk

Vivi: down and then you can rate, I’ve pick up or disgusted by you just drinking condensed milk,

Yessi: probably about five

Vivi: recommend

Erick: Welcome back to the chicken out. Scared podcast here with you as always your host Sarah VB. Today, we’re going to be talking about the 2009 film Jennifer’s body direct the bike, Karen Kusama. But before we get into that, how are you

Vivi: doing, up close and personal with you today?

Get away from me. Okay. I’m excited. Cause we have another guest.

Yessi: Hi everyone. My name is ESE. I am VVC younger sister and Eric’s sister-in-law if that needed to be explained, very excited to be here and a little nervous. But hopefully it’ll be a good one. So yeah, we’re

Vivi: going to have fun. Don’t worry.

Erick: Paul, do you want to start with how you’ve been?

Yessi: I have been lazy lately. I think all I’ve been doing in my spare time is watching a whole lot of do grasses, next generation and going to work. But honestly the highlight is watching grassy and what I really need to be doing is applying a lot more than I currently am to find a full-time job.

I’m still recovering from grad school that ended back in may, but I’m still recovering. So,


Vivi: if you’re listening to this and you’re looking to hire someone,

Yessi: yeah. I’m your gal. Maybe I’m less sucky workplace. I am not your cow.

Vivi: I am good. We did an early birthday celebration. Yeah. It was an immersive cocktail experience.

It was their opening weekend, right? I think so it was super fun. They gave us like three drinks and a shot and then you could. Your drinks are you liked or add as much ingredients as you want, along with there being

Erick: a show, bad, fancy little containers to saying we should go get some, because they’ve sprayed their absence of the little

Vivi: perfect model, which is like a way you’re supposed to do it.

yeah. We need to step up our game.

Erick: How are you? I’m good. I’m ready to jump into this because I think that I’m a learn a lot from the female perspective.

It sounds like. Okay, cool. Cool. Isn’t Rica going to do

Vivi: the background.

Yessi: Yeah. Do the background commentary. Yes. Burning us in the background is my boyfriend and Rica. He

Vivi: thought he was too cool to join. So we had to respect that opinion.

Yessi: Yes, exactly.

Erick: well then let’s start with creepy content.

What do you got? He, .

Yessi: I’m actually not a very avid creepy consumer. But lately I actually have been, watching some stuff. And along with that realm, I’ve been watching a lot of this YouTube channel called fascinating horror. I think similar on the true crime aspect.

It’s, based on real life and it’s very horrific true events. So things like bridge collapses and, you know, rollercoaster and amusement park rides going wrong. Concert crushes where, you know, people unintentionally started concert crush and quite. Kill other concert goers that way. Oh, concert.

Yes, exactly. Yeah, yeah, or if like the last doors of the venue open and everyone’s just trying to, you know, Russian to get in before other people to get a better, you have the stage. Yeah. Then they literally ended up trampling others. But it’s very fascinating because our narrator, he goes into detail on what went wrong.

So if it was like an engineering issue that went on with the bridges or like rollercoaster rides safety regulations are then put into place, because of these events that took place. So it’s morbid but fascinating

Vivi: and not spike your anxiety.

Cause I think I would freak out and they didn’t want

Yessi: to leave. Did, it does sometimes, but for the most part, it doesn’t, I think because it’s mostly talking about like, Hey, this went wrong this many years ago, but because of it, and now we have these things in place to prevent it. But honestly, things like the concert crushes and stuff that are kind of just people being greedy, does sort of scare me.

We’re going to go see 21 pilots and it’s a standing venue and Tony one pilots concerts are very. packed. Tickets were hard to come by and things like that. So, those concert, crush videos in particular had me kind of like, oh, I’m kind of scared to go to this

Vivi: show.

Maybe you shouldn’t have watched that one before going maybe, but it’s probably best just not to think best to avoid it.

Erick: We had a friend he went to a Chevelle, concert. A guy was climbing some banisters and then he got impaled on the Oregon because he fell and then to start the concert, to, yeah, they had to stop Chanel.

It’s not even that hard of a band.

Yessi: Thank God. See, that’s the ones that I find, especially scary where it’s just people doing things they shouldn’t be doing and it’s not okay. But.

Vivi: Well, thanks for that depressing

Yessi: deep that’s to creepy. If you’re not into that, go watch Degrassi, the next generation traumatizing you want or reasons if you want some of that nostalgia early two thousands installer.

I highly recommend it. Back before, Drake was Drake, he was Audrey Graham is Jimmy. No wheelchair wheelchair, Jimmy. We love him.

Erick: Probably a better person than, oh dear.

Yessi: Oh my God. And one of the best characters on Degrassi, hands down. But anyway, I’m done. I’m done with my creepy condom. Yes.

Vivi: Yeah. We watched this Argentinian horror movie. It’s called out the fellows. There you go. Thank you, sir. But translates to terrified and I actually really liked it.

It’s kind of fun in the way that it’s not something you should take really seriously or follow the storyline too closely. it’s creepy. It’s got creepy imagery.

Erick: The story kind of doesn’t really even explain itself. Like there’s a lot of things kind of going on at the same time.

And then you’re just, it’s the credits, you know, like, oh shit. I don’t even know what happened. Yeah.

Vivi: But we watched it for Hispanic heritage month. Cause we were trying to watch more Hispanic directors also. I think this is our first woman director on the show. So yeah, it sucks that there isn’t more women directors in horror, but it was a fun time.

I recommend everyone check it out.

Erick: So what do you got? Well, we watched marbles. What if my thought was we were talking about Marvel zombies, but a lot of these episodes are just super dark to just depressing.

It’s not just Marvel is what it is. It’s Marvel’s what if you got depressed watching Marvel movies.

Vivi: What if Marvel was made by someone very mentally ill,

Erick: One of the episodes is literally like, what if the Avengers didn’t get together because they’re all killed of like showing actual murders? Yeah. Dying but murders. Oh my God. It’s crazy. Horrible was turning a little darker. Yeah. Which is good. Tommy’s was a good episode. I just bought three pops cause I wanted, I wanted a dead captain America and a dead Ironman and Scarlet witch. Well, that’s all we got. And Ricky, you got anything. I like frogs,

Vivi: that’s pretty intriguing.

Vivi: Okay. So I actually kind of left it up to Yesi.

I asked her if she wanted me to recreate the shot in this movie or do like a very bloody looking cocktail. And she said, ah, shots are her jam.

Yessi: I am the shots queen. I love them. They’re the most painless and quickest way to get drunk.

Vivi: I think they are very painful. No, I don’t love them. But, and I’m not saying I agree with this shot because I kinda think it’s important days, but it’s a nine 11

Yessi: tribute tribute shot.

Vivi: it looks very patriotic. It looks like those rocket pops it is red, white and blue. The layers are granted Dean at the bottom for the white I’m mixed, condensed milk and peach schnapps. the top is blue Cara cow

and I was going to mix it with vodka, but yes, he has a strict, no

Yessi: bottle rules. Okay. Oh, it used to be my favorite. And then shout out to barstools pink Whitney, new Amsterdam vodka. It was my absolute favorite drink. And then it made me very sick. Yeah. Too quickly, too much, too quickly. So yeah, no more vodka for me.

Vivi: So I mixed it with rum instead yes, he requested, I chase her uh, just tenants on the side

Yessi: for her, which sounds so disgusting, but that’s what she has. I’m actually nervous for this one. more like a double shot is very tall glass. So it’s like the 4th of July shots.

Like everyone makes now you literally

Erick: pick your poison.

Vivi: You look, yeah. You agreed to this. I

Yessi: did. Yeah. I didn’t expect it to be this large of a shot though.

Vivi: All right. Well, bottoms up.

Yessi: Cheers.

Vivi: Oh, Dustin brown.

Erick: Yeah, if you don’t finish it.

Yessi: Oh Lord. Oh,

Erick: oh,

Vivi: the mixture of flavors just happened. Journey there.

Yessi: Yeah. A lot of things happening.

Erick: Conventional kit,

Yessi: man. I’m actually going to go with Coke.

Oh, that really was a lot of flavors.

Vivi: So tell me what you think.

Yessi: Okay. So the top layer, I don’t think I tasted that that much. The blue Kira carousel crack crack a towel. Didn’t hit me much.

I very much tasted a second layer that I thought the condensed milk was very potent. And the last part really did taste like those patriotic Popsicle things But I think the after taste once all the flavors kind of meld together, it’s like, oh, not very pleasant.

Vivi: So it’s really sweet. That’s it. I don’t like grenadine that much. It just has a very sweet aftertaste of grenadine, Eric. I don’t

Yessi: like it. Yeah. Simply put what’s your rating? Oh God. 2.5, five, 2.5 be

Vivi: dinners. I would give it a two because it’s just cute looking.

But it does not taste that. Great. There’s definitely a better shooters out there.

Erick: I got a one it’s not good.

Vivi: It’s just sweet. And that’s

Erick: I think what was weird is that it’s like liquidy, but then it had a thick little layer in the middle. I felt like I shouldn’t be there yet.

Yessi: Yeah. I think definitely go with the red, white and blue dollar shots for the fourth and start separate.

Erick: Yup. Good. Give it a shot

Yessi: it a shot. A shot.

Vivi: You got some fun facts to wash away that I

Erick: do. Some not so fun though. Yeah.

There was a darker cut of the film that dove deeper into the community and how much each loss left a hole in the hearts of those around them. Because Sama says that the final cut ended up being a lot camper than what she had in mind.

on the note of being campy, she showed the entire cast, the evil dead too, because herself and Diablo, Cody who was the writer were pretty avid horror fan. So I think it’s funny. You would show them what can’t be filmed, but then your film is supposed to be dark

Vivi: That makes sense with the reference where she’s like, is that my evil dead t-shirt oh, good.

Cool. Yeah. Thank you. I really liked the evil dead. So I noticed it good looking.

Erick: The film was written by a devil Cody female writer directed by Karen Kusama, female director, and had a mostly female centric cast. this was huge for women empowerment in the industry, but at the same time, there were those who attempted to explore the film in ways that weren’t intended, including using the kissing scene to attract audiences and pitching that Megan Fox go on adult websites to do live chats.

No, they were even like, don’t even tell her that that’s what you want to do because

Vivi: even though this was a women’s centric directed film, the marketing team really wanted to market this to like teenage boys. And so when teenage boys went in to see the movie, they were like, what the fuck is this?

Because this film is very much about needy and. Jennifer’s

Yessi: relationship.

Erick: Yeah, because someone was upset about the marketing using the kissing scene she’s like, I feel very much like needy when I was growing up and how relationships with girls back then were almost like a romance, versus, thing about your sexuality that’s just

Yessi: how close you get.

Yeah. Um, It was a kissing scene that also felt very out of place. either, you know play up that factor a little bit more where you’re insinuating that their relationship is partially romance romantic than just platonic or leave it out. it just felt a little out of pocket

Vivi: Either make it the needy is trying to figure that out about herself or

Yessi: don’t include it, which it is slightly hinted at, in the beginning where she’s, watching Jennifer cheering and one of the classmates oh God, what does she say? You’re so lesbian gay, right.

Your best friend. but again, that’s probably the biggest extent to what it’s alluded to.

Vivi: I don’t know. That’s a conflicting scene.

Erick: When they took back statistics on the reviews from men versus women, more men hated it than women did.

Yessi: Makes sense. Yeah. Thanks. It’s films for women. Well, we’ll get into more later about why it would make sense that men hate the film,

Vivi: literally killing men. Yeah,

Yessi: exactly. Prime victims quote-unquote victims. So,

Erick: Megan Fox and Karen Kusama were both affected by the sacrifice. Seen Megan was bound to a rock in a forest in the middle of the night, which was taxing on her body, but she also felt it was a representation of how movie studios were seeing her at the time.

I was just more like an image versus caring about how she actually was mentally great

Yessi: point.

Vivi: I feel like Megan Fox had a tough

Yessi: career honestly, I applaud her. I’ve seen interviews where she talks about it and honestly just how, bravely, I guess she, speaks on the matter I don’t know, I couldn’t do it the way that she doesn’t break out into the fury over how she was treated by her male directors by media.

it’s a lot, but seems like she’s thriving now though. So I’m happy for her. She’s just having a resurgence we’re here for the Megan Fox resurgence.

Erick: This next one, it was a beauty suggestion, but just a content warning as this has themes of sexual assault murder, the film storyline has the grilling similarity to the real life murder of Elise poller at least was a 15 year old girl from California. In 1995, she was invited by three boys to smoke marijuana and a little time. Once in the Grove, one of the boys use his belt, the strangler, her, while another, use the knife and stabbed her in the neck.

Multiple times, I believe 12 They then proceeded to sexually assault her corpse. They left her body in the Grove and returned on multiple occasions to continue their assault. They planned this in advance and believed that by sacrificing a least, they would gain power from the devil to become famous.

What their death metal band, her body was not found until March of 19 96, 8 months after she was murdered. The culprits were not discovered until one of the three boys had a change of heart after converting to Christianity. Oh my goodness. They were sentenced to 25 years to life and it wasn’t the first time they tried to kill her.

They only chose her because she was blonde hair, blue eyes, and she was Virgin.

Vivi: So you would try to sacrifice something to save in and then find God later. I don’t think it works that

Yessi: way. It’s probably just his guilt that drove him to that end. He thought he could find repentance that way, but it doesn’t work that way.

Vivi: Despite what this movie will tell you, sacrificing someone will not get your band payments. They’ll get you in prison. Hopefully.

Erick: Bam was trash.

Vivi: First of all, that song you’re so over it, by the end of the movie, It’s a very 2009 type van

Yessi: a lot of reference to the emo pop punk scene at the time.

Fall out boy panic at the disco. motion, city, soundtrack posters also featured in uh, Nita’s bedroom.

Erick: So fun fact.

Vivi: No, cool. So I think it’s, Nancy’s turn to summarize this movie in a minute. Okay.

Erick: That

Vivi: was depressing.

Yessi: Oh my God. And if I um, failed don’t I have to take another shot. Oh, we all do. Oh man. Maybe I might intentionally go slowly.

Tell me when yeah, go. Okay. So in the opening scene, we uh, watched Jennifer who is watching an infomercial on workout equipment. Um, And we see Anita looking through her window opening opening lines are hell, is a teenage girl. Uh, Then we switched scenes to Anita in a mental institution where we find out her nickname is kicker.

Um, She soon after kicks air, one of the. Um, Oh God. Yes. Yes. Um, And she gets put in solitary confinement and we hear music from the speaker in the room uh, that sends us to a flashback. As Anita says, she hates the song. Okay. We are in devil’s kettle um, named after the waterfall and the town where everything falls in the hole, but nothing comes out.

Um, We’re flashing back to two months ago where um, uh, Jennifer invites Anita to a show. I’m going so as well.

Oh my God. Okay. Well she kills a bunch of dudes

Vivi: that was

Erick: literally the first 30 minutes of that.

Yessi: Okay. Listen, you didn’t even want to be an official part of this podcast.

I was so determined to do better than him to the details. Just built very important

to read from your notes.

 Okay. I’ll take, I’ll take the L I will take the L cause that was bad. Francisco, you’re not alone. Those that provide some comfort. I’m going to go with we ever reliable tequila shot.

Vivi: Oh no.

Yessi: Yes, please.

Vivi: Alright. Failing epically.

Yessi: Uh, Man, I think I got the gist of it in the last couple of seconds

goddammit. Ooh,

Vivi: gross A brief overview then,

Yessi: please. Cause that was bad.

Vivi: This is one of the overviews from ISB. When a demon takes possession of her high school, Hottie, Jennifer turns a hungry eye On guys who never stood a chance with her before.

It was kind of mean, evil. Jennifer spies, her appetite to human flesh with schools, male population, her nerdy friend, needy Learns what is happening in bows. Put an end to it. Dun dun doll. I wouldn’t say that her friend is nerdy. She just wears glasses.

Erick: Right. Doesn’t even talk about her being good at

Yessi: school.

Vivi: Nothing about her being dirty.

Erick: Nice. Seem to be going in that stereotype. Asshole.

Well then let’s dive into it.

Vivi: We open on a home. We find out it’s Jennifer’s home and she’s sitting in bed. It looks like she’s journaling and watching infomercials.

Erick: she’s gone through some stuff though. Cause your eyes look sunk in

Vivi: and try to make her look tired and ugly, ugly for Megan Fox we see that NABI is in the background wearing a hoodie and stuff, and then we flashed to a mental institution we get maybes voiceover, that hell is a teenage girl.

Needy is in this institution because okay, this is something I was not clear on. Are they claiming she is responsible for the murders of the men as well as Jennifer probably

Yessi: Everything.

Erick: And there’s this murder spree and she’s the first one that happened colic that

Vivi: Let’s see, you mentioned her nickname is.

Erick: She, she kicked the shit on that lady.

Yessi: she needed more

Vivi: carbohydrates for complex carbs. And she said, fuck you carbs, make you fat.

That’d be cool to just be that strong though, as a teenager.

Actually throughout this whole movie or didn’t know what her actual name was, but her truck shows that her name’s Anita.

Yessi: Ah, that’s where you figured it out. Yeah, because me and Eric are reading the subtitles. Like her name is needy cause of the subtitle showed it’s spelled N E B Y.

Vivi: And that’s supposed to be a play

Yessi: on how her character is dependent on Jennifer and which

Vivi: I don’t know if I truly believe we’ll get to that, you know, secondary, it comes into play with chip later.

Erick: Jennifer was just being a Dick, calling her needy all the time. Sam

Vivi: has

Yessi: thought that true.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: They put her in that isolation room this is a pretty fucking big isolation. She has space to like stretch it out, laid down. And the only uncomfortable thing is laying on the ground. but it’s not

Yessi: easy to

Erick: listen to. There’s a window.

You get to see the moon.

Vivi: The highest class of mental institutions. Oh, I

Yessi: wouldn’t mind staying in there.

Vivi: Media setting up the story taking place two months before this saying that she used to be a normal girl.

Now she gets spam letters from creepy dudes, perverts or people trying to convert her to Christianity. The place is called devil’s kettle because of a waterfall where scientists are doing experiments to see where the waterfall ends up.

Erick: That I thought it was pretty cool. Cause it could potentially just go nowhere and it’s just bottomless. But when nobody’s walking later in the movie, she just happens to walk past where everything’s at and to

Yessi: yeah, exactly. She finds the, knife used in Jennifer’s ritual too.

 The point is the stuff does come back.

Vivi: she mentioned that just two months ago. Her boyfriend chip and her best friend, Jennifer we’re just normal teenagers or at about normal dumpings, chip is her boyfriend.

He appears to be a drummer in the marching band. Her best friend, Jennifer is a cheerleader and she is just sharing a move on from the sands hot.

Yessi: Well her a little bit, she has very tiny glasses.

Vivi: It was very big eyes. And I feel like those glasses would not

Yessi: help

Vivi: So basically needy mentioned that a lot of people don’t understand why a total babe, like Jennifer is friends with her total, babe

And all she mentions is that sandbox love runs deep. Mentioning that they’ve been best friends since they were kids.

Erick: She invites her to that show and she mentioned MySpace. What a time.

Yessi: who

Erick: was in your top of your Tommy.

Yessi: Never.

 No. Thomas.

Dude’s an

Vivi: alien.

Erick: This is him sitting on his laptop watching

Vivi: porn.

Yessi: No, Tom was, he had like a whiteboard behind him. He’s just like, Hey, like Tom, he wasn’t in it for them money

Vivi: actually people who were in my top eight are like still my friends now. So

Yessi: I literally had like, never shout, never in my top eight and stuff. So I was, I was lying.

I’m 25 for reference here. So when I was in fifth grade, it was like popping off and I was so sad. Cause my parents didn’t let me have one, until eighth grade. And honestly that’s when it was like fizzling out already like 2010, cause Facebook started up that year.


Erick: is when I started going in my email face like metal.

Yessi: Hang out. It’s when most of us started

though phases.

You should have like a throwback

Vivi: episode. That’s true. We should throw an email party.


Jennifer is like, we’re going to the show at she calls it a club, but that need is like, we don’t have clubs. We have like a local bar. We have one bar she says, we’re going to go check out this band. I’ve been stocking. They’re called low shoulder. I’m after the lead singer. maybe he’s like, oh, I have plans with chip tonight.

And then Jennifer just stares at her until she’s like, fine. I’ll meet you afterwards. The next thing is needy with her boyfriend chip played by a young Neil

Erick: he’s annoyed that she’s gone. He’s like, you don’t even like that stuff. And she’s like, but it’s cool going with Jen. he, this entire movie is like, why do you go and give in to her?

Yessi: Questioning. Why they’re even friends in the first place. He says they don’t have anything in common. arguing that they do, they like called the same thing. So

Vivi: here is where I’m going to give my theory about needing, media surrounded by bad people.

 I honestly feel like chip and Jennifer are both trying to control needy in their own special ways because chip then makes comments about how he is dressed. It’s not even that provocative and he’s got an issue with that and, personal opinion. I think it’s a red flag when a guy tries to separate you from your friends.

So honestly, I think they are both abusive people trying to control Navy

Yessi: and think about her mom.

Vivi: Her mom was just kind of absent too, not to say that she was a bad mom because she had been

Yessi: working all the time. It’s just

Vivi: the circumstances of being in this small town. I think that could probably play into needy, being confused about her sexuality maybe is that she has these two people trying to manipulate her in some aspect.

That’s my theory.

But they do end up going to the show. It’s like this weird scene of Jennifer pushing her way too hard into the door when they’re like rough housing.

Yessi: Yeah.

Erick: Another thing when Jen shows up Navy also knows when she’s there.

I thought something else was up late. I was like, is there something going on with needy? And maybe her love line or something because her mom talks about this dream where she had yeah, yeah.

Vivi: Jennifer we’ll make a note of that. Something

Erick: else is going

Vivi: on with me. I was like, is needy kind of psychic because she can predict when things are happening

Yessi: with Jennifer. I have here in my notes that when the mom’s talking about the dream she has, and she says dreams about you being nailed to a tree like JC Jesus.

 Oh, wow. So now that I’m thinking of, cause their religious

Vivi: name is

Yessi: Jennifer. Yeah. That’s why I was like, who are they referring to here?

I like what movies do that,

Vivi: I think you’re supposed to get that. They’re like very

Yessi: insane. Cause that scene where they’re in the sandbox Jennifer gets cut by like a Thumbtack or something. And needy literally cleans her stab wound, but sucking her blood.

think it ties back into like folklore and legend about how, when you address someone else’s blood, it like makes us impenetrable bond, you know, and this connection

Erick: what if that’s the reason that she doesn’t go full demon is that she had part of her blood in there already.

Vivi: Yeah. It’s like

Erick: maybe if it had been someone else you wouldn’t known welcome

Vivi: into the conspiracy partner.

Yessi: No analyzing Combs is so fun. A little detailed.

Vivi: And that’s what I think this movie gets a bad rep because if you actually watch it, there’s some good stuff going on. They do eventually go to this small town bar.

We get scenes of Jennifer being very cool and calm and collected with every guy she comes across. And that has a crush on her. We even got early Chris Pratt, probably pre parks and rec.

parks and rec started in 2009. So it’s possible that they were same time, same time. Just released a little before this he also didn’t play such a prominent character

Yessi: I literally made a note of his character and everything and he never came up again. He did not.

Erick: They just mentioned that he’s the offscreen.

Vivi: No.

Yessi: Yeah.

Erick: When they’re talking about who died in the fire, they say this name and she’s like, oh, Roman,

Yessi: his name was Roman


Vivi: later she’s like, I’m fucking a cadet, which means. She’s got connections with the police. I don’t think he

Yessi: died

Erick: she’s an appointment.

Yessi: I’m

I’m fucking a cadet. And I have in here, Roman police academy. my God. That’s so funny.

Vivi: we get this shot of Jennifer making her way up to the band. And she’s not her usual confident self when she’s talking to them, which is odd. The band is called low shoulder, very pop punk band of the times. Like we mentioned

Erick: I thought she did it on purpose because she’s like, use your boobs The one thing that’ll get you where you need to go or whatever. So I thought she was

Yessi: using it to just, yes. She she’s like playing coy to get their attention.

Vivi: this is where we get the inspiration for the drink tonight, where she says, she’s going to go buy him a drink,

Yessi: the red, white, and blue tribute shooter Delicious. Interesting to note here. She says that if you leave it sitting for too long, it turns brown. We had our sitting for like a good 20, 30 minutes and it didn’t turn brown so interesting.

Vivi: Once you mix it. It does, it does

Yessi: turn brown. Yeah.

Erick: I thought it was funny that when the man shows up, she is like, you can tell they’re from the city, look at their hair. Yeah.

Yessi: And their guy liner. But

Vivi: as Jennifer goes to get them in the shot needy over here is the band members talking about how Jennifer is probably.

Erick: I think that needy was already suspicious because when jingles to talk to them and he’s like, why don’t you guys come out all the way over here? And they’re like, oh, you know, we have to connect with our fans. Even shitty places, which yeah. Piece of shit, man,

Vivi: terrible, shitty dude.

Thinking she’s being a good pride in defending Jennifer and saying that she is a Virgin, it beats sleeping with guys like you unknowingly. She is giving them information

Yessi: that they want to hear.

They want Jennifer to be a Virgin. Yes. But

Vivi: Needy tells Jennifer what they just said. Jennifer’s like, I’m not even a backdoor version.

Yessi: Just confirming that. She’s not a Virgin. Yeah,

Erick: And this one and the band plays and needy in general, holding hands. Maybe he’s buried mesmerized by John, but John’s also very mesmerized by the band

Vivi: put under a spell almost. Yeah, I

Erick: don’t get it is there a reason or explanation for why

Yessi: she was? So that’s a good question. She’s like in a trance, almost watching that.

Vivi: The only thing I could think of is that the band had already selected her and was trying to do some occult things to her to make her susceptible to the ritual. That’s not set at all.

It’s just the only way that I can explain her attention to this band

Yessi: and They make it a point to show that she lets go of needies hand because she’s so attentive to them playing and needy looks very salty that she’s not holding her hand.

Vivi: interpreted the opposite.

Yessi: I need to be pulled away, pulls away.

Erick: They focused on their hands and you can see that media, she pulls her hand away. Has he been like the presses

Vivi: of her because Jen’s holding on to her so tight, you’re kinda like uh, and pulls away. So I guess different audiences

Yessi: interpretation. I didn’t even notice that.

Yeah. I wonder why she was gripping her so tight. We trans trans, but I’ve was needy put off, but that, and like go, you know, wouldn’t

Vivi: choose the abandoned slave jerks from the and everything. So noticing the fire way before

Yessi: again, because

Vivi: you might be kind of psychic, she feels something bad going on.

Apparently there is a, a director’s cut with this film. The darker version, and it really just solidifies needy as the main character where this cut plays up more Megan Fox. Cause she was the more popular actors at the time. But even with the cut, I very much feel like this film is about needy.

Erick: The fire starts in the bar. It looks like it’s coming from an outlet and then spreads on the curtain and then it just fucking goes haywire out of nowhere. The ceiling also burst into flames and people just start running.

It almost reminded me of like Carrie and just the chaos people were getting traveled. I think they focused in on one girl and he’s getting stepped on

Yessi: gotcha. Crushed I had,

Erick: Jen gets saved by needy.

You walk outside, you see Ahmed’s character, who is the exchange student from India and looks like he gets crushed by the ceiling,

 So they’re all outside Navy’s trying to get Jen out of this trans the band approaches and the main singer, Nikolai

He’s just drinking a cup of whiskey.

Vivi: like, man, that’s crazy way to chill for someone who just witnessed


Erick: fire. Well, y’all want to get them out of Randall just like sure. A Needy is like, no,


jennifer’s really shaken up and a little bit drunk but I think it was mostly the shock from witnessing the fire. The lead singer really takes advantage of this and he even makes a point of saying like, she shook it up. Great. this is perfect.

Vivi: We don’t exactly find out what happens to Jennifer till after, but like this moment, especially knowing that this comes from a female director, I think is a moment that a lot of women probably experienced where there may be at a club or bar having a good time.

And then the untrustworthy person tries to take them into a van or tries to get them away from their friends And I think every friend group, at least I can say has had the person. Had to be like more sober than everybody else and keep everybody together. I think it’s a very like girl

Yessi: and it automatically as sad as it is, I think for a lot of the female viewers we see her as this van door closes and we automatically think like, oh, we know what happens next, they assault her, they rape her. in a way

Vivi: they do,

Erick: and they have her in the van, don’t even give a shit about her as like a female LA.

Yessi: Yeah. Cause she flat out asks them, you guys write this, but it’s, just interesting how it’s even a notch above that.

Vivi: They’re stabbing her.

And I think we talked about this in previous horror movies. So Euro killers that stab people it’s often like a case of them being impotent. So the knife stands for something. So this can’t be interpreted as. Or not, they are just assholes, sacrificing someone to say in ‘ cause

Erick: that’s what seems like.

They don’t even a shit. They were just trying to get rich and

Yessi: famous. But I think considering the real life case that it’s based off of and how they do sexually assault, the original girl, I, do think it’s metaphoric for that. Is

Erick: it explicitly based on that case

Vivi: so the food came out and then true crime buffs were like, this seems

Yessi: very, it seems to similar another

Erick: thing I didn’t include in that phone back was that the kids who did it, went to school and were bragging about it, but no one believed them because they’re idiots.


Vivi: People really need to do their jobs better on them. What I thought was like a really weird, funny thing that she said, he’s skinny, twisted and evil, like this trio,

Yessi: I love when movies do this, it flashes back to this image of Anita as a kid. And she’s looking at this skinny twisted tree. And the way the bands famous song is through the trees and at the dance, we have all these trees lit up and everything and how our moms sing in the dream, your pin to a tree. And like these motifs that come through.

Vivi: needy goes home, super freaked out calling chair, saying everything that happened. Like not only was there a fire, but then her friend was taking in this band and she kind of doesn’t know what’s going on. she hears a person at the door, she’s like, stay on the phone with me.

Erick: She goes out to the front there’s a shadow in the back that you could see. Cause there’s light shining in behind her. When she does closes the door, she starts to hear it thumping

She goes to the kitchen, notices that the faucets on close the faucet and behind her, Jennifer’s there smiling with blood in her mouth.

Vivi: She has a very good creepy smile. She doesn’t really say anything to needy. She just goes to the fridge and starts eating a whole rotisserie,

Yessi: rotisserie chicken vomits all over CNS.

So Bonnie cause while she’s doing this and he just like, my mom didn’t really want anyone to eat that chicken

oh my God.

Erick: With Obama, it’s like this black sludge that almost seems like

Yessi: needy runs to herself. Phones called for help. Presumably not in one. Jennifer pins her to the wall and she’s again, this is where I thought it was that kind of queer baiting because it’s, alluding to her eating her, but instead they make it very sexual.

She’s kissing her neck. And she leaves right after that.

Vivi: We find out when she finally explains what’s happening to her, that she was almost gonna eat,

Yessi: but she’s like, I couldn’t do it cause I’m such a good friend.


Vivi: Cause I love you so much or whatever,

Erick: You were saying that Jen is almost like a parasitic friend, too needy. Cause she uses her a lot. And you see that when there is kids in flashbacks too, there playing with the dolls and he’s like, why don’t you just give me the ugly one?

Vivi: it’s a very like mean girls do, but she is understandably shaken up. She goes to school the next day. And everyone’s talking about the accident that happened.

Yessi: Jennifer comes up to her completely normal and her cheerleading out. But when the night before she’s covered in blood, she looks like a mess. She’s like, Hey, like what’s up? And he’s telling her like, dude, last night, like you ate the whole rotisserie chicken and like threw up this black spiky shit.

And Jennifer tells her she’s over-exaggerating her nails. Yes. And she’s like, oh, you need a manicure. Just brushes it off

Vivi: completely. I would also like to point out that this film is 2009. There are some comments in this film that are very

Yessi: not okay.

Vivi: She makes comments about how she needs a certain person to fix her nails.

And there’s other weird things. I think they use the word like the R word mixed with another movies. You’re just like,

Yessi: oh God, as if that makes it better. Yeah.

Vivi: It was the lesbian slurry.

Yessi: Lesbian gay. Yeah.

Vivi: a lot of the people who worked on Juno also worked on this film.

 I hate this time, period of the quirky teenage film, where they make up their own language. Yeah. It was like, how will we guilty of this? And then this film also kind of makes up for

Yessi: that. It feels like clueless started it.

Right. And it did it so seamlessly. It did it so well with as if and these phrases that were just so iconic. Exactly. Yes. I think a lot of directors tried to mimic what was done and clueless and interested on

Erick: when you get a bunch of 30 year olds to,

Yessi: yeah. It’s just wasn’t happening.

It just reminds me so much of mean girls like stop trying to make patch happen. It’s not going to have that. I’m just like this isn’t going to,

Erick: so the teacher comes in and it’s like, it’s a dark day because this, again plays into that darker cut of the film, where they were going to show that the community was heavily affected by the loss of all these kids, the teacher is like naming off, who was lost you can see clips of people in the hallways crimes.

Yessi: And he mentioned, one of the people that we lost was our foreign exchange student on that from India.

And he’s got a mechanical. Yeah.

Vivi: That’s what I was to point.

Yessi: they show it a lot. The camera cuts to it a lot. So I’m like, this means something, I don’t know what it means. Is it a Candyman?

Vivi: Right? We haven’t seen Candyman. Slasher.

Yessi: Yeah.

That’s like,

Erick: As a class Chipman, needy talk, and maybe doesn’t know what’s going on. So chips like, dude, you’re, probably disaffected, like everyone else, you need to see a shrink or something.

Vivi: And this is where both Jennifer and chip are not that great because they are gaslighting needy. As she’s telling chip about what happened, she comes across one of her friends calling. call it. he’s like, Hey, I heard that you were there that night.

I am just like, really glad that you’re okay. she’s like, oh cool, thanks. Chips kind of like the typical, suspicious, jealous boyfriend. He’s like since, when are your

Yessi: friends with Colin gray, they feel like it’s important to mention here Colin’s whole character, again, alludes to the whole pop punk emo scene.

That was really thriving at the time this movie came out he’s got the black nail Polish and guideline or the lip ring, the, all that Chaz very hot topic. Yes. Yes. that’s exactly what Navy’s telling chip is like, oh, he’s different. He’s deep. He’s dark. You know, that’s what I like about him.

We’re in creative writing class together. He has all these interesting

Vivi: ideas.

Erick: So he goes to the typical jealous boyfriend thing. But that’s what you would do if I had like a,

Yessi: well, it’s a typical jealous partner. It’s yeah, no. Cause even as it happens, maybe he’s looking at him like, oh, you’re jealous.

Like I like that. After the Colin gray scene, we get the scene of Jonas, a football player staring

Vivi: off into the football field. He’s really upset because one of his best friends died in the fire it reminds me of Halloween with the wide shots of the villain coming, you see Jennifer walking

Yessi: towards but

Vivi: then it like cuts.

And she’s like coming up on him on another side company.

Jen has this conversation with him basically saying that she was one of the last people to speak to Craig and that he would want us to hook up because that’s the last thing he told

Yessi: me that would make a bang and Kapow.

And yeah, even donuts is like, he said, bang, which didn’t happen. Obviously Jen’s manipulating him.

Vivi: It leads them into the woods to make out. Woodland creatures start appearing out of nowhere. I wrote down demon Disney princess

Erick: have to do with demons. I don’t

Vivi: understand that they’re waiting. So I think they were waiting to get them

Erick: something and see all the

Vivi: animals Swan. You never have,

Erick: you know, that’s what I’m saying.

Yessi: Interesting to mention here too, Jennifer’s heart gets referenced a lot here, she tells Jonas putting his hand on her breast and she goes, you feel that, my heart is broken and he says, minus two, that’s essentially what gets her to kind of seal the deal,

Erick: I can see how guys gave this bad reviews because it plays into that guys, no matter how sad or how effective they are, emotionally will always say quit. chip, after being so affected by needing, breaking up later

Vivi: chips not great, like

Erick: starts kissing her.

And then later after already had it made out a little bit, it’s like, no, I can’t

Vivi: do it.

Erick: and then this guy is like, I just one friend, but also so does,

Yessi: as the animals are approaching I think it’s comparing it to this animal instinct that we say that men have,

and so it’s like a metaphor for that. Or it doesn’t matter how sad a man is or whatever. Like he’s still down

Vivi: I was going to bring up this one fact when the body is eventually found, because the teacher who has a claw for hand here’s John is screaming and thinks it’s just like a student’s morning morning, which like this peer teacher But then he hears more screaming and gets suspicious and goes to check it out. He finds the body with a deer eating and stomach, which I thought was odd because

Erick: yeah,

Vivi: demon, dear,

The scene when the body is discovered and the parents find out what happened, the father is actually played by the voice of Patrick. So, And the uncut version Patrick, I’m just going to call him Patrick. So

Yessi: Patrick,

Vivi: He’s cursing, whoever killed his son, but the scene is cut. And if you actually watched the scene, it sounds like Patrick star cursing,

 which is supposed to depict a very sad scene, obviously. But I think it was a sad scene. Audiences who know this more as actors would not say,

Yessi: yeah, they cut it out. I thought it was a very sad scene on his mom’s crying and on her knee she’s wailing and his dad just looks like what?

Yeah. This happened.

Erick: I was thinking about how the mom’s knees buckle.

And I was thinking like, I’ve never been so sad that I’ve fallen to my knees,

Vivi: Yeah, Absolutely. So I think they made the right call and not keeping that scene. It just because so many people from our generation,

Yessi: I think it would’ve made it more comedic.

Vivi: It would have been, they were aiming

Yessi: to impacting because when I watched it, like,

Vivi: yes,

 The next thing we have is general for swimming in the lake, they’re playing very menacing music.

she naked, she’s doing it to wash off evidence,

Erick: that’s funny when you don’t watch it from that point of view. Because I think when I was younger, I did watch it that way. I was like, what’s with this sexy scene?

But today I was like, oh yeah, yeah.

Vivi: When you listen to too many, ‘

Yessi: cause she washes herself off again later in the pool. And that’s what made me think like, this has more symbolism than I originally thought because you know how they’re saying? and maybe I’m reading too much into it, but she’s like, oh, like JC Jesus Christ, baptism, holy water,

cleansing herself.

Erick: So Jen calls needy afterward and it’s like lighting her tongue on fire

Yessi: heals. Well,

Vivi: I feel scrunches is like use the lot

Erick: then he’s like, what the fuck? People are dead. Yeah.

Yessi: But she does, ah, I’m guilty. Cause I’m just like, damn, she looks bomb.

And he’s seen like, she’s like glowing for real. I think they do a really good job with those visuals. It’s interesting, like the intricate little details. Cause I even notice when she’s just murdered someone, her lips are like very full and when enough time has passed and she’s murdered someone, they get very thin and like brittle.

Yeah, exactly. But she’s feeling herself totally

Erick: I am a God.

Yessi: Yes. Again, I conic quote,

Erick: when she’s on the phone with Jen though, Navy gets a call from chip and Jen’s like, oh my God. Dump him

Vivi: already again. I think this is one of those scene that depicts the power struggle between chip and Jennifer over needing.

And I think one of the reasons Jennifer eventually does go after chip is cause she’s like tired of this, but chip called her saying like, yo, I need to talk to someone and something bad has happened. And we get needy going she’s like had it with Jennifer. She’s like, I don’t know what you’re going through right now, but I’m going to go hang out with

Yessi: We cut to a scene in class again, where Jennifer’s looking like due to for Megan Fox’s standards.

And this is one month after killing Jonas Jennifer says it’s probably wearing off and goes like, what the fuck you talking about? Jennifer is like, forget it. Right. Change the subject.

Erick: The teachers also talking about the dance coming and that low shoulder has decided to give back to the town where the, tragedy happened. And it’s like, we’re going to give back 3% of all our proceeds for the album because they made that song. I, knees line. What about the other 97%? Like, isn’t that a little fucking, like, they’re just using us.

Yeah. And that other girl in the class is like, no, it’s not true. It

Yessi: spurs this whole fight between the same girl in the beginning of the movie that accuses needy of being a lesbian gay. she’s saying, we need this band more than ever. Right. You know, they’re helping us heal their whatever, but needy is the only one being critical.

And I think that goes back to Bebe’s point of her just being continuously gaslighted through this whole film when she’s the only one that has like the slightest clue of what’s going on.

Vivi: Yeah,

Erick: exactly. And she’s trying to tell his girl and she’s like, I saw it. It’s true. It was on the Wikipedia, which, what a sentence

Vivi: when needy is basically near rating and saying that a month has passed,

A line that she says that is important is that everyone had a real tragedy boner for doubles kettle. And I feel like that’s a kind of relevant day because it can be a commentary on the way true crime communities treat people’s real lives, which is

Erick: interesting.

Yeah. I think that there’s more to that though, because there are towns and there are people who will use things like that to make their towns blow up on a map.

Yessi: I guess, alluding to creepy content.

I’ve been watching Eleanor Neal on YouTube as I recommended she, oh my God.

The case with her last name’s Funko, she’s this Asian girl, 41 days of torture 44. Yes. Yeah. That’s horrible story. It is. But I, was browsing through her comments and you know, the comments they happen after the video ends and they’re commenting on the whole video, right.

And someone had the audacity under someone’s comment to go spoiler alert. I haven’t finished watching the video yet. And someone replies like, bitch, this is someone’s real murder. How dare you say spoiler alert. Like it’s a movie. That’s true. I was so sick by it, dude.

Like I was like,

Vivi: both things are wrong with that same

Yessi: spoiler alert. this was someone’s life. I don’t know, man.

Vivi: After the scene where Navy points out, how sketchy low shoulder is, Colin goes to ask Jennifer out on a date.

I thought this whole interaction was pretty funny because she was just like, oh, can I borrow your English homework on Hamlet? She was like, is, am I going to fuck his mom and Collins looking at her? Like, she’s crazy. I think one of the things that’s cool about Jennifer’s character is you think she’s dumb, but I think it’s all an act because that’s very clearly an Oedipus.

She knows the lit enough to know that this is one of those stories. And I did not know that in high school,

Yessi: It was

Vivi: this thing that I think shows she’s smarter than she reads on. She’s like PMs isn’t real. It was a mess to buy more media. And even though she says it, so like casually, casually, she’s running

Erick: up on it.


Yessi: So on point I did love that line too, you know, because I feel generally as girls, I think we hide it very well. Cause we like kind of know that we have to, right. We can’t let on that. It affects us as much as it does even Colin doesn’t pick up on this, right.

Vivi: he’s like, I wanted to ask you on a date to see Rocky horror she straight up says, I don’t like boxing movies and he’s looking at her like, oh my God, you’re so fucking stupid.

I think she knows that acting stupid is the best way to get out of a date side note. I love Rocky horror,

Yessi: let’s do the hand job. Oh my God. Let’s do the time again. It’s so good.

Vivi: it’s

Not until after needy says always super nice

Yessi: that she likes Collin.


Vivi: Well, it doesn’t need, you know, she sealing his fate by saying that he likes him because he’s nice.

Erick: So she goes back to them and he’s like, yeah, I’ll go on the date with you. Maybe decides to go hang out with chip that night. Jen’s telling Collin like, meet me at this address.

I’ll see you there. And he’s I guess, hyping himself up for this date. But he wasn’t into this shady ass neighborhood. You were saying, it seemed like a production area where they’re building the hospital. Yeah. It

Vivi: seems like you know, when they’re building condos, but they’re not done


Yessi: what this neighborhood development.

Erick: He finally gets off. And I was thinking about how this is pre, Google maps on your phone. Cause he’s got like a flip phone in his hand I was like, I can’t imagine having to look this way.

Cause he doesn’t even have MapQuest in his hands.

Yessi: Baby boomers are shaking their heads like this damn millennials. I can’t get anywhere without GPS.

Vivi: I was going with this one. My parents did not know where we were going and we print out MapQuest for them and they even still check the map. Like they didn’t believe it. They’re like, well I should take this road. And I’m like, that’s what

Yessi: it’s like an hour before even leaving.

Erick: Colin pulls up to this house and it’s trying to shine his light. Meanwhile, chip and needy are about to have sex it’s very awkward. You guys put it out there. It’s like these adults that have to act like teenagers having

Yessi: sex.

It wasn’t their first time. It wasn’t their first snow.

Vivi: Cause he says, oh I bought more condoms.

Yessi: Yes. Yeah. But they were still very awkward about it.

Erick: does he say something about

Vivi: the flavoring? Oh, he’s like, I got the kind that will feel good for girls. Very cool.

And then

Erick: just slapped it on.

Vivi: She’s like, wow. It’s a very funny scene where she’s looking under the sheets, like what’s happening

Yessi: and he’s like mesmerized and he’s like having a hard Shannon. Am I doing this right? Yeah.

Vivi: As Colin is like, first of all, going above and beyond to me, Jennifer at this date, because he shows up to a sketchy location.

There isn’t a lot of light, it’s a break in

Yessi: he’s wearing a tie,

Vivi: and he still meets her there. I was like, that’s too much to go through for a date.

Erick: he was mesmerized by the econ music.

Vivi: That’s true.

Erick: you know,

Vivi: Econ, we’ll get you everything as she’s like, weirdly seducing him needy. And Danielle Young Neil,

Yessi: they’re doing it

Vivi: and it’s very awkward and she’s having a vision.

She sees the quarterback. Joan is,

Yessi: He almost looks Regal he’s in this Kings throne, And that’s when we see Jennifer standing over him like a gargoyle, Yes.

Erick: Isn’t there like a nightmare on Elm street kind of reference. I thought that was

Vivi: oh, uh, Johnny dad’s character dies

Erick: the bloods like splash.

Vivi: It could be, I think there is a lot of horror movie references. We probably didn’t care.

Erick: Yeah. That’s a good one.

she feels like it’s dripping on her face, but she’s also not catching

Yessi: the vibe at all she’s kind of squealing, the stage right before screaming and chips thinking like damn doing such a good job. Like she is

Vivi: at this

Erick: point. I think that’s what makes it, worse later when he’s like, I made love to you for four minutes.

I was like, bro,

Vivi: that’s not something to brag about.

He’s like so happy. And he’s like, am I too big? That’s not even what’s

Yessi: happening here. That’s not what’s going on.

Erick: Meanwhile, Colin finds Jen he’s like, this isn’t your house. Is it like, oh bro, how long did it take you to figure that one out? I ended up breaking the front door that had a bunch of wood on it.


Vivi: windows.

Erick: But Colin is nervous. Jen is trying her typical normal moves

Yessi: but it’s yeah, he is different. I think it’s. Worth mentioning. he’s holding a rosary and wall.

Jennifer’s kind of making his advances, Sam he’s nervously clutching it. He’s robbing the beads. He’s, definitely showing all the signs for someone that’s apprehensive. but He’s really clutching onto this rosary. Like it’s gonna fix everything.

Erick: It plays into the fact that, because he’s like the quote unquote emo kid, that he’s more in tune with his emotions. And I don’t like when movies do this, because it basically makes it so that a boy who is emotional is weaker than the rest, didn’t have to make him this type of character to make him play this role.

Vivi: feel like Colin is the most sympathetic character that she does. Cause he’s just nice. He’s not trying to,

Yessi: yeah, he just wanted to, go on a date with her,

Erick: when Colin’s finally getting attacked by Jen, he notices that her eyes changed into that yellow.

Yessi: It is very cool.

Erick: Jen repeats some things

Yessi: Yeah. Hopeless. you’re not helpless enough. You’re not afraid enough. presumably her victim being more fearful helps her gain more power. It helps you be more full quote unquote, and again, I think

Vivi: this is one of those scenes that paints the metaphor for sexual assault, where it’s not so much about having sex.

It’s about having power

Yessi: over your big, while Jennifer’s drinking his blood, it zooms in on his rosary it’s broken. And so that’s what makes me feel like it’s a reference to a lot of horror movies. particularly I think like the Exorcist, when they think like, oh, an exorcism will help, right?

We have the Bible, you have the rosary, whatever. But once they, destroy those sorts of artifacts, it’s like game over, like your protections gone,

Erick: the phrase that the demon and the extras that says, and it’s like, today’s a good day for an exorcism, like a t-shirt that

Vivi: says that

Yessi: your mother’s

Vivi: I remember watching this scene back in high school they don’t actually show the kill. They showed the shadow of the kill. And I remember being like, oh my God, Megan Fox is so skinny. Cause her shadow is like tiny.

Erick: And one of the compacts, Megan Fox, lost weight for the role and got down to 97 pounds.

Yessi: It makes sense because even as we were watching this, I just kept thinking that like, she looks so damn.

Vivi: I remember watching this in high school and did not think that she looked skinny, but the two thousands was the time of low-rise jeans.

Yessi: It was

Vivi: our existence where you had to be embarrassed.

And you’re saying like, oh my God, she was 90 something pounds. I was 90 something. My senior year of high school, I was a bobblehead. I was

Yessi: no, it was true. And gosh,

Vivi: this was not a good time to be a teenager.

Yessi: No, it wasn’t I’m very petite. I’m very short. I’m like four foot eight. Right? And at this time I was like 82 pounds and that was the norm, which sucks. It was normal.

Vivi: Megan Fox’s character at one point has the look that I would categorize this time in my life is unhealthy your teeth and your

Yessi: mouth.

They’re protruding. And your lips look so big, even though they’re not, and your nose looks so big, like all your facial features look too big for your face. because it was normal. It was normal to be, it is fucked up to be so thin. Cause I remember the first time I saw it, I was like, yeah, that’s what we’re supposed to look. And I’m watching it now, like this cross herself then like that’s not, that’s not all gay. Like,

Vivi: That was not a good time.

Erick: Mean girls, Regina, George. And they lose five pounds and they look normal. Yeah.

Yessi: And that was like everything.

Vivi: Anyway.

Erick: So why we call is dead

Vivi: good soup. She was drinking his blood.

Erick: Maybe leaves crying from chips place and drives off. Almost runs Jen over because she pulls out of the, poorest and then just drives off. She’s like, fuck, I didn’t care that it wasn’t my friend, Jen jumps all into her car and smashes the window in.

Yessi: So needy gets home and she’s, calling out for her mom, that part really hit me because that just sounds like the teenagers, when you’re afraid, it’s like you really regress and you’re just, you want your mommy she’s on the couch and she’s sobbing. And she’s like, mom, mom, even though she knows her mom’s at work, you can’t help.

But to sob, like for your parent, because that’s like your innate response. She goes to her room Jennifer’s in her bed. Normal. Just like, we’ll get as normal as ever, And the

Erick: screams and they make up,

Yessi: and this is where she tells her you’re wearing my. Sure,

Vivi: It’s weird because it’s such a girl thing of like, you still like clothes. It is,

Yessi: we do

Erick: get exposition from Jen saying, this is exactly how it all went down. And she talks about the night of the bar being burned down low shoulder, took her in the van they finally tie her to this Boulder over by the devil’s kettle. Which again,

Yessi: is that Whirlpool

Vivi: I just want to point out how I feel like this is very important to this spill. The girls constantly think that virginity is going to protect them because they’re like, are you sure she’s a Virgin?

And John’s like, yes, I’m a Virgin. I’ve never done the sex.

Yessi: She’s pleading with them. She goes, I’m not the girl you want because I’m so unexperienced. But paradoxically that’s exactly what they want. So sad and just, I don’t know, it makes me so sad,

Vivi: but the waterfall

Yessi: When the band low shoulder is doing the ritual on Jennifer, I’m the lead seen.

Is it explicitly telling her what they’re going to do to her beforehand. He says, we’re going to sacrifice your body to Satan. Honest day, or we’re sacrificing Jennifer’s body Tuesday. And so it’s sort of like a direct call out to the movies title.


Erick: These dudes are really weird.

Cause they’re too into what they’re doing and they don’t even really give a shit. They seem emotionless and they’re like, look, honestly, we just wanted you to hear, because we’re going to offer you up to the devil. We’re an indie band. Do you know how hard it is nowadays to become

Yessi: famous in a new band?

Erick: Create a single let’s put in a movie, you won’t make it. So they’re like, that’s honestly all we want. The guy even plays with the way that they’re about to stab her.

Yessi: He’s telling her like in so much detail, what’s going to happen and he’s loving it.

Vivi: I was like weird to me when he’s like, do you want to be a loser? Or do you want to be a maroon apply?

Yessi: Yes. He’s telling one band member, one band member only. I don’t think we should do this. you want to be a loser. You want to be whatever.

When five dude and it’s like, shit,

Erick: That’s

Yessi: all it took to come and see.

Erick: I like our living room five.

So it was the guy from falling boy and just saying,

Vivi: oh yeah, Eric hates follow-up.

Yessi: I like early

Erick: I like early panic at the disco.

Yessi: we’re going five plate at the Superbowl.

And they were like,

Vivi: has a song of the soundtrack,

Yessi: the most popular song on the soundtrack that really did through the trees. Fuck that song. New perspective is what makes people think of Jennifer’s body? Not through the trees, the

Erick: stab her, and then they started singing a song. Chinese girl.

It’s a play on Jesse’s.

Yessi: This is all a flashback, and present day, Jennifer is telling Anita what happened to her. She’s trying to reassure her almost and being like it’s okay though, because I lived needy is like, what have you done it? What have you died? Didn’t have, he was like, bitch, please. I’m right here in front of you.

Watch me cut my arm. She cuts it. It heals right in front of me, his eyes. Jennifer tells her look when I’m hungry, I need to go for these boys. I need to drink their blood.

when I’m full and beautiful again, here’s full. My skin’s clear, whatever. But when I’m hungry, Quote unquote. And I’m ugly. And so that’s what confirms it for us. Okay. It’s after she comes and sees murders that she’s beautiful. All of a sudden, again,

Erick: it’s a commentary on her only thing.

Powerful when she’s beautiful.

Vivi: Absolutely. I think the scene is very loaded

Yessi: when she asks control,

Vivi: which is probably why men don’t like this movie. And there is the whole fact that she feels like her value is tied to how she appears, but then there’s the, I’m almost unkillable thing. I think there’s something very interesting about when she says I was murdered, but then I remember making my way back to you commenting on how like her most important relationship was her relationship to needy, she had so many like insecurities and she treated her badly.

But at the end of the day, that’s who she wanted to return to.

Erick: that’s when we get the story of how she also ate on that, who has survived the bar somehow, even though the roof fell on,

Vivi: Apparently he escaped and Jennifer runs into him afterwards unfortunately had a, not so happy ending.

Yessi: MIDI kind of just has it at this point, right? And she’s like, you’re nuts. Get outta here. And so Jennifer takes a lot of offense to that, she was like, fine, I’m out.

she climbs out the window and when Navy looks out of it, she’s gone. She just, poof disappears.

Vivi: this is a reference to Halloween when Michael gets shot out the window and they go to see where his body is and it’s con I think it is.

Navy takes this time to go to her local school library and research the occult.

I don’t think my high school had an occult section. I could be wrong.

Erick: We have

Vivi: an occult section and she’s like, it’s very small.

Erick: She started seeing this stuff about like demon possession and you can kill someone. Who’s got a demon in them. She also finds up that in that ritual, what can happen if you don’t have a Virgin the person could survive and

Yessi: get some of that.

Yes, because it’s an impure sacrifice and

Vivi: demon will take possession of the second. The ritual

Erick: also succeeds. So the people who were looking to get the ritual to give them power will also stole get that power.

Yessi: whereas,

Vivi: You don’t mess with witchcraft

Yessi: you don’t know for sure.

had Jennifer been ever Virgin, it would have gone. Exactly. She had planned Jennifer would have died

Vivi: I will say that there is a law in occult practices, that whatever you do on to others comes back to you threefold, which kindness will play at the end.

Erick: We were thinking about this recently we went to the sleepy hollow in that they allowed you to put curses on people

they had a book, you could rip pages out and you could write a curse. There were people who were like serious about it. There’s somebody who like was like, fuck my old boss. people who were like, fuck that bitch, Jenny. Just random things, you know, like Kristy with a hundred birthdays.

So we’ll have that many.

Vivi: So,

Yessi: you know,

127, I’m turning 28 So 127 birthdays

Erick: episodes out. It’s already been

Vivi: so birthday when this episode is released. It’s my bonus birthday.

Yessi: Happy birthday to V

Erick: But maybe after finding out all this stuff at the library,

Yessi: she tries to warn chip

Erick: she’s telling him like, don’t go to this dance because everyone has been in the background while all this has been happening, preparing themselves for the spring.

Formal. I wish our school was like this. Cause we didn’t have super cool spring formals. I’ve always wanted to live in a TV slash movie world where shit was fun. I will

Vivi: say that. I think that teenage experience, the teenage dream is super overplaying because say we did have dances like this. Oh, it still would have been awkward.

Erick: but it has been cool.

Vivi: Listen, I have stories from our high school homecoming. That sounds very much like this movie. Oh,

Erick: okay. How’s the background at least. Cool.

Vivi: No background was drama.

Erick: Yes. But she’s mourning kids to not go because she’s like, it’s going to be an all, you can eat buffet. She’s going to kill everybody chips. Like the hell, this is my favorite thing though. I already got you a corsage,

Yessi: Chip just cares about going to the dance with his girlfriend.

And so needy dumps him. She’s like trying to protect him from Jennifer. And she’s like the only way I know how to protect you is by us not being together if she no longer sees you as a threat, maybe she won’t come after you. Maybe

Erick: What I did not understand was, Okay, she’s got this demon power. She has to eat to continue to have the power limitless. Right. but then when the dance is going to happen, needies, like gets an all, you can eat buffet.

It’s like, she doesn’t have to eat a lot. She just has to eat something. So I don’t know why my nice, so yeah, price is going to kill the whole high school and I get phone. seems like Jennifer was being smart about the way she was doing these killings, because even when she takes out Matt, she’s like, does your family know you’re gone?

Does anybody else know you’re alive? She’s being careful. She’s not picking and choosing.

Erick: All right. So

Chip is getting ready for the dance and his mom’s like, here’s this pepper spray.

And he’s like, I don’t need this. And she’s like killer out there is, I’ve been doing the Bowflex

Vivi: She’s looking at handling through, do you need this pepper spray? What I think is funny is usually when this montage happens in movies, the nerdy girl becomes the pretty girl and they keep Amanda looking how she’s looked the entire movie. I liked that they don’t do like a montage when obviously it’s the nerdy girl who was very clearly a very nice looking person in the beginning, just cause she has glasses. She’s honorably. I hate that Trump so much.

Erick: You think that they gave her a puffy dress though, to still be like, she’s nerdy.

Vivi: I thought it was very strange because it was a very 80 stress in general. Not even wearing a better dress. She’s wearing a very early two thousands did not age well And it looks like, oh talk

Yessi: wedding dress. I think both dresses were to the style of the times.

Erick: Yeah. Well there had this bad-ass dance that I wish I could go to knees looking for Jen, you want to go to a high school day? I don’t want anybody’s well dance. I just want to go to the theme dance game.

Vivi: We just need to have a house where we can throw these big parties, but

Erick: Neil has been waiting for Jen to show up.

Vivi: What I found very interesting about the interaction between Jennifer and chip is that Jennifer basically tells chip.

She knows she has to lie to him and say that needy has been cheating on you with Colin. And that’s why she was very upset at his funeral. I’m going to take this chance to say that I’ve always had a crush on you as well.

Yessi: They’re outside of the school this whole time.

They’re like in the courtyard, by the trees and through

Vivi: the trees, if you will.

Yessi: Oh yeah. And so chip is obviously devastated and I’m Jennifer taking advantage of him in his vulnerable stage. Goes in for the kill, right? She starts kissing him, the phrase fits very well going in for the kill. and no because it’s her back.


Vivi: um, Very interesting that you should analyze in their relationship she tells chip, tell me I’m better than needy. What is wrong with

Yessi: Showing her insecurity. And while she has always felt, she’s always felt this need to assert dominance over needy for a reason.

Right? It’s because she’s always been jealous of her and this is where it really comes to light. While Jennifer’s kissing chip.

And it is listening to the band play through the trees. She, she drops her glass of punch and she touches her lips because she knows what’s happening. She gasps. And she runs out of the dance to go and rescue chip because she knows what’s about to go down.

Vivi: I feel like I’ve pointed this out in Eric was like, no, she took off her heels because I hate that truck of like women running and heels. I can’t even walk in heels. Maybe it’s a personal vendetta that I have, but I hate the trouble of like running in heels, but she does run out too. I think it’s like a park it’s big as hell.

And then there’s like an abandoned public pool, which is where the final showdown.

Yessi: I love this part. But right before she’s about to approach this public pool. She stops because she sees the $12 corsage that chip got her for the dance she kneels over it.

And it’s the perfect shade of pink that matches her dress. she’s looking at this corsage like, oh, damn, you know, whatever. And then she hears chip scream, and kind of breakthrough out of the trans

Vivi: That I find super funny about this is that he’s like, I paid $12 for your croissant.

Yessi: Oh, it’s so I thought it was so cute. I remember my high school prom high school sweetheart at the time. Sorry. We went to different high schools so obviously the assumption was he would come to my prom. I would go to his, the money was such a big deal. Like he was working at Wendy’s I think my prom costs 75 per ticket. and it was such a big deal. Cause he was like, I’m going to go to your prom, I’ll pay the 75. Cause it means a lot to you. And I was like, what about yours? And he was like, That’s $50. Like they, like that’s so expensive, you know?

And so the $12 corsage is a big deal. Every dollar counts when you’re in high school, it

Vivi: really does. If you are a person who comes from a low income, we were, problem was a very big deal. Oh my God. I could talk, I could probably do a whole episode about how prom is like this whole teenage dream. And it’s very

Yessi: over.

We were all from the south side of Chicago guys. Like it was rough out here. we didn’t have the money to splurge. And so your parents don’t have the money. Exactly.

Vivi: I’m so lame. I’m married my prom date from high school.

Yessi: I didn’t,

Vivi: I still have my prom corsage

Yessi: that someone gave

Vivi: me.

It’s literally sitting right here in the studio. It’s now sitting next to you. Eric’s wedding the year it’s from the same person


Yessi: the same person. Tell Enrique, like, why didn’t you ask me to prom? Like, I ain’t know you and I’m like,

Vivi: So Jennifer has led, chip to this kind of weird abandoned public pool. it’s funny because Jennifer is saying, I feel so empty inside because she’s hungry. But chip is saying that he feels empty inside because maybe he just broke up with him, but he’s going through

Yessi: some things, different kinds of empty.

Vivi: she’s like, well, let’s make out some more and we’ll feel better. This is where chip decides that it’s no longer okay. To Waco with Jennifer,

Erick: but it was hanging out here this whole time.


Look, I guess if we want to say that Chip’s like an asshole because he was kissing her anyway, using the water and we’ll stay

Yessi: take advantage of that.

Erick: When chips, like, I don’t want to kiss anymore, get away from me. She throws them in the pool and it’s like, all right, fuck it. I’m just going to do this the old fashioned way.

Vivi: Cause she doesn’t cope with rejection

Well, needy finds Jennifer has taken a big chunk out of Chip’s neck.

, thinking he’s dead. You wouldn’t think so. She jumps into the pool immediately to kind of fight off Jennifer,

Erick: and They have this interchange of like, fuck you. No, fuck you not fuck you not fuck you. And then she pepper sprays her.

Vivi: That’s what kind of throws her

Yessi: off balance.

Erick: She can’t fucking fly. She’s just limitating

Vivi: impressive. And she was like, God, you have to undermine everything.

I do. It’s just such a line that I feel like, oh, you feel that when you have girlfriends or anything, it’s

Yessi: really reinforces how insecure is,

Vivi: even though this film. Follows the Navy and all you could say, they edited it to make it so that Megan Fox’s character was more prominent. I feel there was layers to her character that we were not getting.

And you get it in lines like this, So even though needy probably feels like she’s the victim in their relationship. There’s a part of Jennifer that also felt dumb in that relationship as well. It’s just complicated from the get-go.

So they have this very telling confrontation where they’re just kind of like yelling truth, set each other, I think. Yes. You mentioned it earlier when she was like, God, did you have to go after Chimp? Was it just to get under my skin? Jennifer is like, I could have anyone. I want it doesn’t have to be about you.

It’s very much like you’re no longer relevant. You had to take a laxative just to be skinny, again, very, very teenage girl problems. But I do not miss at

Erick: all. You haven’t been socially relevant since the fall two years ago,

Vivi: who is

this is very telling of their relationship Unexpectedly chip. Just tabs, Jennifer with a random poll,

Yessi: Nothing look thick though. That’s a thick, full of cleaning that

Vivi: weird she’s like boning and like got a tampon.

Yessi: I love that line because I think okay. When she’s love attaining and she’s talking all this shit media calls her a jerk I love this line where she’s. Nice comeback, Hannah Montana got any more hers digs,

Vivi: What a generational show. Oh my God.

Erick: Chips die

Yessi: He literally uses his last bit of energy to stab Jennifer with this bull cleaning that.

Erick: And

Jen leaves, maybe he’s like, no,

Yessi: I don’t think I even wrote any cause down.

I was just like, yeah, very touching, whatever.

Vivi: It’s like, you look beautiful in that dress and they’re clearly delusional and then he dies

Yessi: cute. But honestly, which I think with the whole film is getting at as

to dying um, is that, needy and Jennifer’s relationship has way more depth than chip and MES. which we get in

Vivi: these kinds of finances, it’s

Erick: reverted back to the beginning of the movie where Jen is watching that infomercial

Vivi: She’s like circling boys in the yearbook that she wants to eat.

Erick: he shows up to the window and it’s X or

Vivi: that’s literally her last words. Okay

NABI breaks into her room when they

Erick: box cutter. I don’t even know why she pointed it out. She’s like, you know, what does is, it’s a box cutter.

And it’s like, okay,

Yessi: nice. Yeah, I know, again, very telling of the times Jennifer, she goes very Butch of you to steal, your murder weapon from home Depot. Again, another one of those lines it’s like unnecessary, just like the lesbian gay thing,

Vivi: Jennifer bites, needy.

That’s where she gets the powers in the first place. Jennifer is hovering they have the fight in mid air. And it’s not until needy rips off her BFF necklace that has been referenced throughout the film that Jennifer kind of collapses

Yessi: she stops fighting her, becomes immobile when she rips this BFF necklace off which

Vivi: again, I think comments on the complexity of their relationship where it’s possible that her relationship to media was the only thing, keeping her human at this point.

And when needy broke off that tie is when she’s like no longer willing to fight. NABI pretty much lands on her, stabbing her in the heart

Yessi: I’m sorry. I took a film theory class in college and I think I’m the shit, but I know. Right. But when we focus on the language of it, it’s so interesting how Jennifer undermines it and she’s like, you hit my ticket. And I think throughout the whole film, we see Jennifer undermining a whole lot of the shit that’s going down.

But for the first time, not for the first time, but maybe, the first time that it sinks in for Jennifer is, when needy tells her like, NA is not just your tit, SIS. Like I stabbed your heart in. Jennifer’s like, fuck, I’m dead.

Vivi: And again, I hate take it back to this, but then I also don’t hate to take it back to this.

Cause this is a female director. She did this on purpose. I think it comments on how women constantly have to underline their feelings and never say what they actually feel. So yeah,

Yessi: I have to downplay it. And just even like, I that off to be like, oh, you still have my tip correction. It’s a big deal.

Vivi: Jennifer obviously dies after being stabbed and the car, we got this scene where Jennifer’s mother walks in on the murder

Yessi: scene, who we see for the first time.

Erick: I always think about these teenager movies when their parents are never around.

Yessi: there, you see that in enemies all the time, like, oh, and out and about without their parents. Gary,

Vivi: let me say, this is very much. Not a person, a color family, because a person of color family, your parents,

Y Y from

Yessi: right from the fire, they wouldn’t have like,

exactly. Why were you a part of this tragedy?

Them, you did it. Oh my God.

Erick: But you shouldn’t have been burned the kick your ass worse. Honestly,

Vivi: though, that’s my skin parents,

Yessi: but that’s not what happened.

Vivi: So her mother walks in on the murder scene it’s very strange because her mother is grieving Jennifer, but Navy’s like freaking out after what happened.

she saw the murderer. She’s still there. Yeah. The next scene is her being in the mental institution, like she talks about how being bitten by Jennifer is probably the luckiest thing that happened to her because she got Demian transference of power.

She is actually meditating and floating she is in solitary and she has reached the window and kicks it down. Cause she’s the kicker. And that is how she escapes the mental institution

Erick: feel good ending she walks in. the end of the orange color, if it was the devil’s kettles mouth, it’s like the double skills.

and the knife. And she just wants to say, cops should have found this. Cause all she did was just walk out, but she finds the knife.

Vivi: The murder weapon that was used on Jennifer.

Erick: She’s walking this road, this really creepy old man, it comes off creepy. But then he just like, they’re just takes her.

Vivi: we don’t know because she’s also part demon. So if he tried anything creepy on her, she

Yessi: could have

Vivi: very reminiscent of the time of like the seventies and eighties when hitchhiking was popular. But it was very dangerous and ran the risk of running into serial killers.

Erick: Yeah. She tells the guy I’m heading east.

Cause I’m falling.

Vivi: He’s like, must be some hell of a band. And she’s like, oh, it’s going to be their last show tonight.

Yessi: Yes. the end credits literally show, low shoulder. Partying it up in their hotel room while they’re on their national tour.

Apparently. They’re bawling.

Erick: Cause they got all kinds of fancy

Yessi: clothes and jewelry. Yeah. And they’re doing all these drugs and the hotels. What have you, and then needy shows up it’s this montage of photographs that you’re seeing. Right. So the first set of photographs is like, woo we’re partying, you’re doing like a blog.

Yes. And then the next set is literally. Well out on the door, blunt in the bathtub, these dudes lying dead Exactly. The crime scene photos. the viewer already knows like, oh, that was needy. She was here, But to solidify it at the very end, the last thing you see is the security camera footage.

And it stops on this still of needy a hoodie just as she was in the opening scene of Jennifer’s window, walking down that hallway of that hotel room.

Vivi: as a bunch of groupies go,

Yessi: oh my God, they’re in here. You know, and I just love it because even at the end of everything, while we’re in needies, bedroom and this, mental institution, she has this framed photo of chip. But her very last action, right, is this sort of redemption arc for Jennifer.

Vivi: It just goes to show you how deep female relationships go, where even though they were kind of bad for each other or not the best, because at the end of the day, her mindset is run Benj for Jennifer.

And I think that would kind of bring this. And to the good for her John Rowe, horror films. I don’t know if it’s talked about when we talk about that, John Ray, because it’s fairly new, but her best friend does end up getting rubbed buttons for Jennifer. And it’s kind of also this awakening for needy, where she’s no longer the victim of her relationships and takes control of herself.

So I’m going to vote for it for being a good for her John rhe of horror films. Not good for Jen. Not good for Jack. Good for

Yessi: me being not good for chippy though.

Erick: Although I guess that’s a good bag for Jenna was cool. Cause she definitely like accepted her power

Yessi: I think at heart she was always an alpha for sure. But I dunno, I think it goes to show these like deeper dynamics of their relationships because she, loved Navy so much, but at the same time, it’s like she, was insecure in her presence because she knew like how deep down, if needy had just recognized what she was capable of.

Jennifer would easily be like the quote unquote weaker of the two. Yeah, the weaker link. I do agree with VB in the sense that it’s like, almost like good for both of them. I think Chip’s kind of the main loser. That’s sad to say, but the only one that didn’t really get justice, in this film, but

Vivi: Kilz Jennifer for chip, but also

Yessi: chip

Vivi: was the side character smell and see why that upset the male audience at the time. Not to say that now male audiences couldn’t watch this film and recognize and

Yessi: appreciate and appreciate,

Vivi: but it definitely has a cult following.

Yessi: That’s what I’m saying. Megan, Fox resurgence, because this sort of stuff is being recognized now and I’m here for it. I’m so here for it. So

Vivi: having seen the movie? What do you guys rate it?

Yessi: Mm.

Oh my God. shoot. I don’t think it was scary at all. To me. It wasn’t scary, but I love the underlying theme. So I’m going to give it 8.5 if my five out of 10. Like it.

Vivi: I definitely think watching the. Being older and recognizing the first line is hell, is being a teenager. I would never go back to this time period in my life. Absolutely encapsulates it very well

Yessi: at 17. I would’ve been like, cause that was the age I was when I first saw this movie out. I’m like how dramatic, but now I look back in and I’m like, no, 17 is very dramatic.

Vivi: It is. I want to give it a nine because I don’t feel like there’s a lot of horror movies that I’ve seen yet that capture this kind of like time period. I think ginger snaps is a film that maybe covers the same. I haven’t seen that movie in years, so I don’t remember, but that whole like puberty as being like a monster theme, we didn’t even touch on that on how puberty is considered, like the other, the monstrosity in people.

I don’t know. I think it’s very underrated for the time that it was released. Some of the jokes were outdated. Not very uh, well,

Yessi: no, not

Vivi: at all, but, the themes are great. So I, I would give it a nine at the time. Yeah. So dude. Ooh.

Erick: Well, it wasn’t scared at all. know. But it is good. I can still give it like maybe a seven and a half.

7.5. That’s

Vivi: still way higher than the IMD B

Erick: rating. It was good. I think the dialogue was bad, but it’s campy. scary part is.

 This can happen in real life. But like we said, we found that there’s a real life, true crime story that is of this nature and people are trash.

Vivi: in the moral of the story is that

Yessi: everyone’s trash. Unfortunately. And Reagan had to leave a little earlier, so he can’t give his on

Vivi: hi Sam, and then maybe me and Eric will his rating leader.

Yessi: That would be good.

Vivi: Yes.

Yessi: Because I think the multiple perspectives would be good for this type of film. Yeah. At 7.5. Cause I’m month, dude. It’s not like, I think it’s cool. No, I think that’s a fairly high rating for, I agree

Vivi: with you that some of the dialogue is outdated and it’s not super

Yessi: scary.

Trying to be clueless.

Vivi: I think female horror, so rare. So it’s good to see. while we were watching this one,

Erick: scared Logan, I don’t think he was necessarily scared by anything.

He was more worried about the fact that there were so many people in the house. Not paying attention to him. And he was like, well, the ex

Vivi: he loves yesterday and every day

Erick: that he gets so excited. But the crickets in the movie were also what was catching his attention always quickly.

Vivi: If you’ve listened to us all the way to this point, you know, that nature sounds and loud sounds or what scares key. You want to tell us about it? Low-key

all right. I’m sorry. I don’t think we’re going to stop watching these movies

Erick: anytime soon. Actually what kept them busy while we were watching it was, you know, it’s Halloween season. So there’s a haunted Halloween shoes. So we got him at Tim stone to, will post him chewing on it.

 Well, I already pretty

Vivi: much done here on Excel.


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AA dot B. Um, Yeah, and I would love to have you guys on there. I am the queen of oversharing. I just, I love it. So if you enjoyed me at all on this podcast, I think I got more comfortable as it went on, shout out to the nine 11 tribute shot. But thank you so much, Vivian, Eric for having me. I love these guys.

They’re the bestest sister and brother-in-law I could ever ask for, and of course Enrique the bestest boyfriend I could have ever asked for. So um, Oh, shoot, send stone. So follow me guys. Maybe we’ll be able to go back. Yeah. Come back and see if um, you know, Rinka get married. Maybe no pressure, babe.

But yeah, so hopefully I see some of you guys on there, so thank you so much for welcoming me guys. It was

Vivi: fun. Yeah. And we link everyone’s accounts in those show notes. So go ahead and check that out, but are we pretty much done here? Let’s go. All right. As always, we hope you guys had a good chat.

I’m here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken that scared pod except Twitter. We are shaken scared pod. You can send us an email at shaken and skier, pod and

Erick: The show on patron we’ll name, our next drink. After you with mentions on our website where the drink page will live forever.

You go listen to us on all your favorite podcasting sites, apple podcast, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, a bunch of others. Give us a listen, give us a follow throw. Low-key a treat. It’s still time to throw him pumpkin treats.

Vivi: It is try to like rate, review us and K thanks.

Yessi: Bye. Bye.

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