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A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985)

Erick: You’re like, and then pretty shows up and says, kill her me.

I’m picturing, ready saying that his actual voice is killed for me, but you’re like kill it for me.

Vivi: well, maybe you should narrate Freddie’s parts. I’m not going to sound that medicine.

 I don’t like ham. That’s it. Hey, I’m going to say it again. Do it again. Jan. I’m just going to laugh. That’s it.

I am trying, I can’t look at you. It goes Gil for me. It’s my second year. I was trying not to laugh while saying

Erick: Welcome them. Back to the chicken out. Scared podcast here with you as always your hosts, Eric and VB. Today, we’re going to be talking about the 1985 film, a nightmare on Elm street to produce revenge directed by Jack shoulder. but before we get into that, how are you,

Vivi: baby?

I am pretty excited. Why? Cause we’re in October. Yeah,

Erick: Finally at the beginning of slasher month. .

Vivi: Covering the sequels of all the slashers that we covered

Erick: back when we weren’t good at this. If you could say we’re any better.

Vivi: Um, Our quality is probably a little better. We were super awkward in our first few

Erick: episodes. It’s like, we didn’t know who the other was and I still don’t know who you

Vivi: are. Oh, glad we’re married.

True to not learning from our mistakes. We almost filmed this at midnight. Like we did the original nightmare now

Erick: you’re saying that like it stopped us from actually recording something else. We We record something else.

It was fun. So sit up to like three.


Vivi: did anyways. Yeah. That was not a smart choice. How are you?

Erick: I’m okay. It’s finally cold. I love this weather. I’m not dying of heat stroke at all times,

all the fall activities are starting up again.

I also put on my Michael Myers, see what? That was the big surprise that if anybody saw that we were on tick-tock and made me drinking coffee, me walking, Loki, me riding a bike so keep an eye out for that

Vivi: dressed as Michael Byers, to be clear, he’s not just doing this things

Erick: normally.

Yeah. We’ve got a couple of other ones in the works, so it’s going to be fun. This month you,

Vivi: I am dealing with the existential dread of having turned 28. Mm. And happy birthday to junior malodor brother. At the time of this episode he doesn’t listen, but happy birthday anyway.

Erick: Happy birthday. We video call them. He looked like he had a grand old time in red velvet cake. That looked good.

Vivi: He’s super expressive. but do you want to dive into

Erick: great content then. What do you got?

Vivi: We’ve been watching a lot of movie, so we wanted to in general, watch more Latin X, Latino, Hispanic heritage month films. We watched shutter. What an annoying name to say.


Erick: And it’s one of a trilogy. The other ones are, micro Latta? And got the guy or something like that. Something like that

Vivi: could be wrong. It was interesting. You want to say what you thought about it? We watched this together,

Erick: wash the two-hour movie, just to see a lady take the demon out of the guy with her prayers sexually.

Vivi: If that review makes on,

Erick: It started off fine, but then it just got weird.

Vivi: Exactly. It did have like good potential. I told you, like there’s a storyline here that could really work I would like it. But then that last scene is just like, what happened? It’s like, okay, spoiler alert this direction.

Just wanted to make a porno, but landed a horror movie instead.

Erick: Um, They were religious and loved sex and we’re like, you know, what would be hot if we make a movie that’s basically a reenactment of Adam and Eve and make that the last half hour of the movie.

Vivi: Yes. Except if Adam was a demon. Right. this movie was interesting up until that point.

That scene was very bizarre. It lasted way too long. And I think it overpowers the rest of what the movie did. I don’t know

Erick: enough about religion, but in the comments people were saying that it was supposed to be reenactment of a lot of like Christian or Catholic imagery. And I was like, I don’t know what this is supposed to be reenacting.

It’s like Adam and Eve and the serpent, but is that the extent of it? I don’t

Vivi: know.

The themes contradict themselves quite a bit because it seems throughout the entire film to be like an anti-abortion film that ends with a very pornographic sex scene. Like what?

Erick: And then what the girl pregnant keeping the demon baby.

Yeah. There are two others like her with no allusion to that. The entire movie,

Vivi: Spoiler alert. Yeah. If you haven’t seen it.

I think it’s been on shutter for a few years now. But sex. No,

Erick: I’ll watch it. 30 minutes sexy. And I’m just saying

Vivi: for the last 30 minutes,

Erick: make it make sense. Make it make sense. What I’m saying is I watched porn for the plot.


Vivi: That’s basically what this director said. Oh, making this movie. And then I watched another. Film on shutter. What I like about them a lot is I feel like they feature horror from not just American directors. It’s horror all over the world. So they did a like spotlight on the Hispanic heritage films.

And one of them was loose. The flower of evil

it’s a cult movie. Basically this man has led this group of people into the mountains, the woods

Erick: kind of remind me of the

Vivi: witch a little bit. It had themes, very similar the male protagonist is the reason they’re all out there and they’re all kind of losing faith and things are going wrong with them.

 The scenes are very beautiful. I will say this film needed more plot to keep you interested, because there was a lot of like, I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know what’s going on. Oh, it’s over for me personally. It seems to be

Erick: our review for a lot of things lately.

Vivi: Maybe I’m just dumb.

Erick: God, I, I need to figure out Tell me a pair of, you’re probably more observant than I am, So if you’re not catching it, I’m definitely

Vivi: not. No, I think you notice more of the funny things and I’m trying to think of like, what does this mean?

Erick: What is the symbolism?

Well, I don’t know, but the guy is like, God sent this man and he’s the Messiah. And it’s like a blue eyes, blonde haired kid. with a chain and he’s like, he’s here to save us. my first question would be, why did you chain him then?

Vivi: Yeah. Why are they not allowing him to do anything?

It’s not bad. I think it could have used a little more meat to the story,

Erick: Do you think it’s like a gap? Although we are Hispanic, Mexican culture versus other cultures of the Southern America in America are

Vivi: different what I’ve been noticing is they all deal with themes of religion.

Which is tied to Hispanic culture. I would

Erick: say you can’t say that it’s not like a very prominent piece of who Hispanics are.

Vivi: Yeah. So those have been okay. you know, I want

Erick: more, you want more religion? No, I

Vivi: want more. Hispanic films before I start making assumptions about the themes

Erick: in them.


Vivi: But, do we talk about the cocktail that you,

Erick: yes. It’s Freddy’s face what’d we call it that Freddie’s face.

Yeah. So It’s a daiquiri style drink. It’s got frozen pizza. lime juice, it’s got white ramen. It’s also got dark rom equal parts of that. in order to get the Freddy’s face, in fact, I put in cut-up strawberries. So it makes the same pattern as Friday’s fucked up phase.

Vivi: Yes. Your words not mine.

You want to try it? Yeah. I’m excited to try it

Erick: Cheers.

Vivi: I can’t even get any,

Erick: is yours too thick? It’s too thick. She did.

The serving size I made was for like four people. So we’ll see how this goes. What are you ready?

Vivi: it’s good. I think it probably could have used a little simple syrup because

Erick: see, it was supposed to be granted in and then yeah, don’t do

Vivi: it well, cause I don’t like granting that much, but it’s good.

I don’t know if I love peaches in general. Really? Yeah. There. Okay.

It’s tart. So if you would like it, maybe on the sweeter side, add simple syrup. I would give it three.

Okay. Five.

Erick: I would give it a three. That Curry’s aren’t exactly my style. I just thought this would be cool because of a Freddy look, I had this drink in my mind before I even watched the movie.

Vivi: there’s so many nightmare on Elm films that we could do quite a few.

Erick: Yeah. Awesome. Cheers,

Erick: you’re the one who’s in charge right?

Vivi: Of the fun facts

Erick: today. Yes. Yeah.

Vivi: A lot of these fun facts I found from screen rant. Robert England. Wasn’t originally going to come back to reprise his role as Freddie Allegedly his agent was asking for way too much money for him to return to the role. They decided that it wasn’t that important to bring him back since he was just the man in the mask and they could easily replace him with somebody else.

So they decided that they would replace him with a stunt double who reportedly did so badly and was walking around like Frankenstein, but they had to call Robert yeah, I feel like key plays him in a way that’s very iconic. Even if you’ve just seen the first film.

Erick: because

I was watching it, thinking that this Freddie feels very different from the first one.

And there’s a

Vivi: reason we can get into it. The director of the second film, shoulders, Jack shoulder, strong shoulders,

Erick: sounds like an action movie guy

Vivi: I know was actually not a big fan of the first nightmare on Elm street film.

Erick: Why even direct the next

Vivi: one. Then that is a great question.

Erick: I hated the first one. Let me do a better job.

Vivi: I mean, did he though?

Erick: not saying he did. I’m saying, I mean, we’ll get

Vivi: to our opinions on that, he claimed in the documentary never sleep again, that he wasn’t a fan of the original and he didn’t feel like he needed to follow the template that Craven created.

Erick: Well, that’s Cravens nightmare on Elm street.

No, by west Craven without the west Craven material. Cause fuck west Craven pace with the songs like,

Vivi: Yeah. I don’t know why you would just agree to Direct a film that you’re not a fan of could be that at the time they viewed horror movies is just like a quick cash grab and he’s like, I’m just going to do it.

And it doesn’t. Yeah.

 I’ll do one more lighthearted one. I thought you would appreciate this one because you kept saying this the entire movie Kim Meyer was cast because she looked like

Erick: Meryl Streep.

Oh my God. She did. When she first popped up, I was like, how old is maelstrom?

Vivi: Yeah, that’s the. That to when I

Erick: stopped doing the math, like the lady with the math problems, say 85. She would have been one maybe in her late teens, early twenties, 40 years later, I guess they could line up.

I was like, how old is Meryl Streep though? Isn’t she in her seventies? Eighties, it’s not too

Vivi: impossible. she was allegedly cast because Meryl Streep at this time had gone on to be nominated for two academy awards and won. So she was kind of like a big deal, a big deal in the eighties. She’s still a big

Erick: deal.

Oh yeah. She’s the latest divorce product. That’s the one that I’m like, oh man, I love her so much in that movie.

Vivi: I like her and mama Mia, which is just like probably a category that people don’t even think about. But I love that movie.

Okay. let’s talk about this film and the elephant in the room

This film Barry obviously has homoerotic Subutex and according to the screen writer that was purposely included. So if someone were to watch this movie and say, it’s not gay, why are you thinking like that?

No, they literally wrote it to be gay.

let’s talk about the time that this movie was released and the reception of the film due to its themes.

party’s revenge is considered one of the gaze horror movies of the decade. in the documentary never sleeps again it is revealed that the screenwriter did actually write the homoerotic Subutex, but he didn’t intend for it to be so obvious.

And then Looking back on some of the scenes, he was kinda like, how could I miss how obvious that was? Especially the scene where the gym teacher gets the whipped in the shower. The actor who plays Jesse actually went on to produce his own documentary called scream queen. He is a self proclaimed scream queen of the genre.

I agree. I agree. We definitely should have watched that before recording. Cause you did mention to me that he kind of had a downfall in Hollywood after portraying this character.

Erick: Is that true? Merit, that knowledge to the nightmare on for your street. know a couple of other actors who’ve had to deal with this for example, the blue ranger from the power Rangers original series he was like my favorite character and he’s an openly gay actor, but he also had a lot of hard times behind the scenes

Vivi: I think it has a lot to do with the time 1985 was the myths of the aids epidemic. there was a lot of just negative connotations. Like there’s always been around being gay.

But yeah, those are the fun facts or kind of depressing facts.

Erick: You had me on a high and then you brought me, right? Yeah.

Erick: Now let me back up. What does speed run? Cause, oh

Vivi: man.

I feel like I’ve been talking forever.

Erick: All right. Ready? I

Vivi: guess. Okay. So we opened on this kid having a nightmare where he’s on this bus and it is driven by Freddy.

 Uh, He gets killed in the dream and he wakes up and he has moved into Nancy’s house. This is five years later. He keeps mentioning that he’s having, having these strange dreams. Uh, He has a girlfriend, but he’s also got like a interesting budding relationship with this dude in his gym class that comes to his friend.

No um, essentially the theme of this film is that Freddie is trying to let us Jesse, and it’s very different from the Friday we see in the first film, it’s like scenes of him, possessing his body, telling him what to do, telling him who to kill and things like that. It’s literally that until he is making out with his girlfriend and she has to tell him to fight it and they go for some reason to the boiler room to fight it.

And her telling, I love you gets rid of the possession and he’s no longer possessed by Friday.

Erick: Does that count? You beat it, but you didn’t say that the end.

Vivi: I mean, I don’t know. It doesn’t count.

Erick: you resolved the summary. So I would say that

Vivi: kind of counts cause at the beginning, It ends how it starts.

Erick: Yeah. I also interrupt that a little bit. Cause he said he has a budding relationship with, and you pause for a second. I was waiting for you to say Friday. Yeah, he does have a budding relationship. He literally

Vivi: has a very special

Erick: relationship sprouts out of him lays his roots, That’s was actually really good.

Vivi: Is there anything you want to say before we get started? No,

Erick: let’s just do this I figured I’d leave it from my notes, but when I saw that the title’s called Freddy’s revenge.

I started out this movie, like revenge against hoop. This isn’t even the same kid. Nancy isn’t even the main character. But then within the first 15 minutes you realize that it’s the same house

Vivi: Apparently Nancy’s actress wasn’t called back for the sequel. but she did the third one, which I’m excited to see because I feel like dream warriors is the one that gets talked about so much.

Erick: Cool. Let’s crack into

Vivi: it. All right. we are back in suburbia.

Erick: It’s an eighties. Start to a movie where kids are getting on the school bus. The drama is visible on everyone’s face. I thought they were getting on, but everyone’s getting off and you can see Jesse, is in the back and he seems very timid.

He’s got to come over and he’s you know, they always say that with body language, when you’re closed off your body language will also compress. he’s sitting like that.

he’s the last one, along with these other two girls. they

Vivi: turn into the desert. I don’t know. Where do you live? Where there is now? Just desert. Is it California? The

Erick: desert was just Freddy’s trick on them.

Vivi: I mean, it’s a dream and yes, you do have dreams like that, where you start in like your normal life and then it’s like crazy

Erick: the ocean.

Oh yeah. Yeah. There’s a point where the girls were laughing at him. And his first reaction is to start trying to open the window. But the windows locked. This is way before he even knows that Fridays is the driver, I was like, what’s he gonna do jump out?

Vivi: Well, this is awkward for me.

Erick: Goodbye. Don’t blame the kid. Don’t miss bus rides in school.

Vivi: One time, this creep, like, I didn’t even know him that, well, he got on the bus I guess he was running. Cause he had to catch the bus and he just like landed on top of me. Oh

Erick: Was it on purpose? I think it was.


Vivi: think it was a long game. I’m now married to him. So

Erick: yeah, this was plan. All along

Vivi: everyone knows those are the rules of courtship. When you land on someone, you are now married,

I noted that this scene where they’re veering off into the desert is very, Beetlejuice vibes that like dreaming.

Erick: I think that’s always going to happen though with this character. this Friday I thought was a lot scarier than the first one. where Friday almost seems comical. This one definitely had a different vibe to him he’s a lot more stiff and dude, brooding.

he says a lot of cool catch phrases, But even for him to have taken over the, dreams of the birds, I was like, oh my God. I never even thought about it. That he could do this. But he’s a lot scarier

Vivi: than this. I’d say you think so. disagree. We should debate it at the end. Okay. Okay. I don’t feel like this is funny, but we can debate it at the end.

Okay. as the bus is wandering the they stop what would you call this when this happens? sinkholes. Yeah. appears. And the bus is literally teetering on like one pillar. The drivers were built to be Friday. He’s coming after the kids, the kids, although we’re afraid are smart enough to be like, we got to keep the bus balanced as he’s flashing at them.

And then Jesse wakes up

Erick: with a tomato slice

Vivi: it is the home that Nancy had lived in five years earlier.

Did you notice their breakfast? It was a Hardy breakfast of tomatoes Racist cereal.

Erick: I thought they were just making sandwiches, but there was no bread insight,

Vivi: salad. Here you go. Just tomato. the mom serves like one egg to the dad, but like the kids don’t eat anything.

So I’m like, it’s just

Erick: in there for the food.

Vivi: enough to get that one tomato slice in the beginning, just, he does wake up. His room is really messy. There’s boxes everywhere. We got the impression that they have just moved and he was unpacking as

Erick: always with every horror movie

Vivi: somehow through and the haunted house element in a slasher.

Erick: He runs downstairs though. And there are discussions amongst the parents that something has been going on. It seems like it’s hot as fuck. Cause when Jesse wakes up, he’s sweating, this is me every day. Is,

Vivi: are you being haunted? Yeah.

Erick: Every day I told you I have nightmares that dream about things.

I wake up sweaty. Sometimes my clothes isn’t even on

Vivi: you

Erick: might not be okay. the mom is saying that the AC is broken and the dad’s like, nah, it just needs a little bit of Freon. Meanwhile, they’re literally dying of heat stroke. Jesse tries to say, no, it’s not that, but the dad’s an asshole.

Vivi: I feel like from the first, there is this theme of incompetent adults and he kind of fits that, he does treat Jesse hostile for no fricking reason.

Erick: Yeah, the sisters eating Fu Manchu cereal, which I dunno if it was actual cereal, it’s got a man and a turbine it’s racist.

Vivi: That’s racist.

Erick: The little sister, doesn’t the finding the toy their nails that spooked Jessie. Cause they look almost identical to Friday’s nails. I thought that was pretty cool.

Vivi: What a weird price in a cereal box. Yeah. Sharp nails.

 Jesse mentioned that he has to go meet Lisa and the dad’s like who’s Lisa and he drives off with his Meryl Streep girlfriend.

Erick: I wonder what young Meryl Streep looks

Vivi: like, like this,

We cut. Do Jesse being at school.

He’s in gym class. I’m like softball. Yeah. I asked you at one point or if this was gym class where they were on a team, because the way this coach drills them is like, they’re on a team.

a fight breaks out between him and another one of the guys,

Erick: meanwhile, Lisa is also getting asked by this other girl, are you getting any from that kid?

Vivi: The character who we later find out is Grady, who I actually thought looked a lot like Jake, Ryan from 16 candles.

I thought maybe it was the same act there for a sec, but I don’t think so.

Erick: he pants Jesse so hard. I think he ripped his underwear. Did you see that

Vivi: the intention of that the

Erick: sound even comes out. You can hear a terror and his butt cheeks are completely exposed.

Vivi: Okay. Because I was going to say that was not how you wear a jockstrap. Just no underwear. You just, well, these boys have a fight that leads the gym teacher to give them a punishment, They’re supposed to hold the plank forever. They’re not doing a good job. I also hold planks like this and they start bonding over having this punishment Grady basically tells Jesse, oh, you moved into that big white house with the bar.

And he’s like,

Erick: yeah. you’re trying to do something you’re trying to come on to me or something and Jessie’s mad, but he’s like, no, dude, I’m just trying to pass the time.

Vivi: He’s like, I already beat the crap out of, you know, I’m just trying to have a conversation.

 He basically tells him that a girl named Nancy lived there five years ago and she saw her boyfriend die across

Erick: the street. Crazy name. Her though. Right. You because they find the diary. But until then everybody’s like, oh, that’s before my time. .Oh yeah. It’s just some crazy girl who lived there. They’re not actually saying her name. It’s only been five years. Why are people acting like they have absolutely no idea who this is. Not just some

Vivi: crazy girl. Think I would

Erick: know they’re in high school. There’s got to be pictures.

Vivi: It’s a lot. I wouldn’t know. People five years older than me with a story

Erick: like this, though in the newspaper, the whole school people die in the whole police station knew

Vivi: but what the kids know. Cause I imagine that the parents would want to keep it away from the kids. Like they did the killing of true. It’s just

Erick: a vicious cycle. Yeah. Just the parents always hiding it.

Vivi: It could be.

again, Grady and Jessie bond after beating each other up, we get another scene of Jesse not being able to see.

Erick: He goes to get a late night snack and sees something outside. So he goes to investigate I wouldn’t have done this, all the way outside. I just straight up just gone for what I want and gone back to bed.

But he

Vivi: is not my problem. That is

Erick: outside. Yeah. Cause then he, sees that something’s on fire through the window and he sees the backup Freddie’s head throwing stuff into the fire and then he just backs away. Like doesn’t scream, doesn’t panic. He goes to the basement to go find out what’s happening

Vivi: it’s also interesting that he is a male PR agonist in this it’s often women and they just scream initially. Right. maybe he’s like, how would a man act? Or how would I feel like a man is supposed to act during what’s happening here,

Erick: whoa, that’s weird. I want to have in there. Why is your laptop turned on? I don’t know. Your work laptop just turned on by itself.

Vivi: I don’t like this. What the fuck.

Erick: If it starts

Vivi: typing on its own. That’s when we should freak out. Should I close

Erick: it? I don’t know, but that’s weird. Doesn’t it require you to hit a button to turn on?

Vivi: I don’t like okay. I guess

Erick: we’ll just, I keep recording. It’s ready, but so yeah, this entire time Jessie’s like super calm. When he’s encountering Freddy, he sees this person in his basement, throwing some shit in a boiler, goes downstairs to investigate.

Calmly sees Freddy has a conversation. He’s like, so you come around here often

Vivi: it’s not until Freddie basically tells him I need your body. You have the body. And I have the brains. He rips off a piece. Ms. Head and the brain is pulsing. this is what finally prompts Jessie to start screaming. The practical effects in this film while some of them are fun and some of them are interesting are not as great as the first.

Erick: I thought this brain peeling effect was cool. You didn’t think so

Vivi: interesting. There was some cool effects, but it’s definitely not as cool as the, first one.

I don’t know. I think you can talk to the blood. We can top that one. You can’t top the one where Nancy’s friend is literally getting slashed while like crawling on the ceiling

Erick: because

Vivi: I couldn’t say that in this one, there is one other effect that I was like, oh, that’s kind of interesting. And it’s when you see Friday’s eye behind Jesse’s throat,

Erick: that whole coming out of Jesse. Yeah.

Vivi: That scene, and this are probably best for

Erick: he wakes up he’s hot and sweaty his mom asks them like, do you need a doctor? And he’s like, nah, dude, I’m good.

Nah, dude. Not bro.

Vivi: No mom, dude.

Erick: So

It’s class the next day. He’s falling asleep in class. I was looking for, typical horror movie thing where the teacher is saying something that’s related to what’s happening.

It wasn’t related at all.

Vivi: Yeah. I was going to ask you, have you ever taken a biology class like this? It is super broad. He’s explaining like every human function. I was never taught how we poop in high school where you taught.

Erick: There was a giant bladder and the the kids were laughing.

Cause he’s talking about what farts are

Vivi: literally went from talking about how we poop to like the four chambers in the heart or something. I’m like

Erick: what? Before it start in the heart, in your heart he’s fallen asleep there’s a snake that starts to appear on his body. I thought this was Freddy playing a trick on ’em and turns out someone put the snake on them or the snake, just having to be honest,

Vivi: um, Or did Freddy manipulate reality so that it would appear on him to him?

This was something else I was going to ask you. I don’t think I ever had a class that had a pet snake in it, and that’s in like every high school movie that I’ve seen from the nineties and eighties.

Erick: I’ve never had a class where I detected anything. So like whether there was a pet snake or even just frogs to dissect, I never ever saw an animal that are

Vivi: alive in yeah. In a class. No. The reason that I saw it wasn’t even part of the curriculum. Since we went to the same high school, you remember

Vivi: right?

When he started, he proposed dissecting frogs. So if you were in his biology class, you got to do that. I wasn’t. And here in CPS the last couple of days of high school or throwaway days where they’re like, you have to be here, but we have absolutely nothing for you to do.

 So we were wandering the hallways and he’s like, Hey kids, do you want to watch me dissect a frog? Since you weren’t in my class, you didn’t get to see it. And that’s where. taught us a class on this. No, he did it. there was a lot of us. We just like watched him.

Erick: Johnny, when he was in high school, he had to dissect a cat.

there’s a picture of him where they’re taking the skin off the cat. That

Vivi: is some serial killer shit. Yeah. It was in class. It’s not like he was doing it for fun. I mean, I know, but like, you know, there’s that one kid in class that enjoyed it a little too much. And then,

Erick: oh

Vivi: my God, I don’t like that. So this scene is kind of funny because Grady’s like teasing Jesse, but Jesse’s teasing them and pack they’re obviously flirting right now.

He tries to call. You said to go hang out, but his dad makes him go back and finally unpack the rest of his room. And we get this very suggestive dance from Jesse

Erick: and even ends with whatever he was holding. It was like a little confetti

Vivi: popper.

Erick: Pop says he’s pretending to jerk off.

Vivi: And at that moment is mom and Lisa walk in very embarrassed.

Erick: On it. I mean,

Vivi: what are you going to do after that? So Lisa has showed up to help him unpack, and this is where they find Nancy’s diary.

Erick: Also odd, because I don’t imagine that with Nancy having an experience where she did in the first movie, that she would leave something so detailed, like this diary,

Vivi: unless she knew that the next person to live in that house was going to need

Erick: it.

I assume that though, because Nancy was, oh, well I guess, because it’s the same house in the boiler room, So I guess the house is targeted, but I don’t know, the Nancy would have thought that far ahead and been like, let me help the next kid.

Especially if it’s implied that she left. Cause fuck this house.

Vivi: Yeah. Or she left in such a hurry that she left it behind. That makes sense. I see that. I guess we’ll find out. And the third one, when she returns

Erick: we’re with Ari Freddie three,

Vivi: whereas my daughter,

essentially the scene just exists so that we find Nancy’s diary. We understand that it’s five years later the next sequence is another dream sequence things in Jessie’s room are so hot that they start moving.

 He gets up and goes straight to the boiler room for some reason he immediately finds his glove in the boiler picks it up and we get a flash of Freddy saying kill for me. He wakes up, but he is holding the glove

Erick: The next day, Lisa is at the school and thinks that he’s having a psycho connection for what happened.

she’s thinking like, maybe he’s a medium. Maybe he’s like those people that are in those Cod dramas that have a connection to the crime scene or

Vivi: something. Oh crap. Which would make sense he is living in the house where all this traumatic stuff. She also takes this time to ask him for the diary cause she wants to read it.

But also we learned that she was having a pool party and they are all invited.

Erick: Grady and Jessie get caught talking crap about the gym teacher and then go plank again. little details. That’s a definitely matter just to solidify the relationship between Jesse and greedy.

It is interesting because later when Lisa’s like, I really want to help you. He doesn’t give a shit about her help.

Vivi: Yeah. That’s a very, I feel obvious scene where he is not to say that he doesn’t value Lisa as a friend, but like he seeks the comfort of his male friend instead.

before that happens, we get this, the scariest fricking scene in the entire movie. I hate to see her

Erick: literally press her pages

Vivi: down. Cause it’s serious guys. this scene. This scene. They’re not even that dangerous, but listen, this scene literally happened to my family. Literally a bird caught fire in our house when almost no, listen to my story. My sister used to have these parakeets Mina’s little Fox you’ve ever met in your life. This is the reason I don’t like them. They were really mean birds. I don’t know if we just got birds that were very aggressive or they’re normally like this. They weren’t socialized.

They weren’t socialized. It was like a party. They were actually a gift to my sister, from my aunt

 It was a party that was going on. These birds were a gift I don’t know how this happened. I’m guessing one of the kids opened the bird cage while everyone was in the kitchen cooking they escaped and were flying around kind of like the scene.

It had like scratched the people. the only reason we were able to catch it was because at this family party, they were making them Ellis and the bird had landed on a pile of tamales and everyone freaking out trying to shoo it away from the thumbnail is like got up to fly with a tamale hooked on its claw so that the model weighed it down.

And he couldn’t fly as where my aunt who had given the birds to my sister in the first place, grabbed him pretty hard. And he bit her finger, like really bad. Like I was a kid. So in my mind it was like this bird, had been off my aunt’s finger. It’s stealing. Our thumbnail is like evil.

Erick: It’s scratching everybody at the party. Yeah.

Vivi: This is one of the reasons I don’t like birds lot. I think it was just the chaos of it flying around and everyone panic. while we had them, they would constantly bite and scratch my sister. Like they were her pants, but they did not like her, but she like birds.

You know? That’s a good question. I should ask her this.

Erick: Cause you hated them as a

Vivi: bystander. Yeah. I was just watching the chaos on bowls. I can’t imagine like actually having to be responsible for them.

We had a lot traumatic experience with those birds. We would leave about side in the sun, you know, to get some sun. then one time we think a cat tried to attack them, but couldn’t get to them but like one of them was like really bloodied up.

Oh no. So I don’t like birds because of

trauma. So the scene in this movie is not like this tamale scene in my life.

Erick: Friday, basically the texts, these birds in their sleep I tried to make sure Freddy talking shit to a bird.

Vivi: How do you have extreme? It’s

Erick: also guiding the birds to the boiler room.

Vivi: Well, it haunts them so much to the point where one scratches Jesse’s dad and then it spontaneously combusts, in the next scene, the dad is like, what do they have rabies? Yeah. Like what is happening? They’re already like burning up because their AC is quote unquote, not working, but I was just like, how do you explain something like that away?

The spontaneous combustion of a bird. He said it was the

Erick: cheap seed that she’s been buying them, just

Vivi: freaking blew up. he was later just intent on blaming his son for absolutely nothing that he’s done. He’s like, you did this somehow you fed them a firecracker or something. And I get wanting to explain things away, but like why antagonize your son

Erick: so much?

The guys, like you find them a cherry bomb. Cherry bombs blew up pretty fast. The birds were already asleep in their cage with the cover on, he would’ve had to have just done it. You would

Vivi: have had to throw it at the bird’s mouth midair.

Erick: Also, so let’s say he did throw it out at the bird to stop it after it had just scratched his face, he saved the dad’s life.

Vivi: Yeah. Clearly it was a vicious bird. Like all of them are,

 Um, It’s plates through the window. That’s why God made no sense to

Erick: me. What happens out of nowhere? How

Vivi: it’s a dream? Yes. Jesse is dreaming because lightning strikes the plates through the window.

The window does not shatter, but the plates shatter and he’s like, you know what? I need to get out of here. I agree with him. So he’s. Wandering in the middle of the night. And he winds up at this bar we were kind of going back and forth about what type of bar this is. Cause it seems like a gay bar, but then she said there was dive Bari.

Yeah. There was a lot of women there as well. And it was like you

Erick: said, there was also a leather

Vivi: daddy bar. I came to the conclusion that it’s a goth leather daddy bar. I could be wrong. Please tell me what type of bar

Erick: this is from the eighties. We don’t know.

Vivi: You know what I’ve seen that I think would be fun to go. Just kind of see what it’s about. Like those vampire bars, where they literally dress like vampires and let’s go.

Yeah. I would just like, want to check that out. It is a very strange scene because he just goes in and asks for a beer.

He’s having a hard time. He wants to have a drink, but he is a minor. And he has, yeah, the bartender clearly knows, but I feel like this is one of those subtexts of he is confused. He’s here trying to figure himself out. I’m going to cut him some slack give him a beer. I don’t think that’s good.

I don’t think you should give minors, alcohol, even if they are confused

Erick: or the point is that they’re

Vivi: just like, I don’t give a shit. I don’t care enough. Yeah, that could be it too. He is about to take a sip of the beer where someone puts their hand on his shoulder. He turns around and it is his awful gym teacher.

Just super, this scene bothers me so much more than the bird scene. I would say, okay, you take it back. I take it back. This is the scariest scene in the movie because this man finds his student at a bar drinking near his home,

Erick: I’ll have, you know,

Vivi: I’ll have, you know, things.

I don’t know what things, but I will have, you know, them. He’s also dressed in that leather daddy style. Yes, very provocative. This man leaves the bar. He is off work. The student should mean nothing to him. Like how weird are you that like in the middle of decompressing from work, you’re like, I got to go back to my job to discipline this kid for being at the bar.

No, you call his parents. Why are you taking him to another location alone where you two are the only ones there and making him

Erick: shower? I even understand it. If it was like one of those things in movies, you see that it’s like, oh no, I’ve been found in on-time. Won’t like the, maybe he doesn’t want anybody to know.

And so he’s like, oh shit, maybe I’ll punish this kid. So he doesn’t say I was here, but the teacher approaches him and makes himself known to be here so

Vivi: he could have easily just try to avoid him, left the bar, called his parents. If he was genuinely concerned about this child, this feels very

Erick: one of those teachers that just gets off on

Vivi: power or potentially this dude’s predator.

Oh yeah, for sure. he makes Jesse do laps in the middle of the freaking night. When he was at a bar, I don’t get it. And then make some get in the shower when they’re the only ones in the building, creepy stuff starts to happen while Jesse’s in the shower.

We have

Erick: balls everywhere. Balls

Vivi: flying

Erick: just balls for days. Yeah. Just hitting the guy’s face.

Vivi: Yeah. That’s actually what happens. We’re not even trying to be funny. No. Yeah. He’s in a lot of gym equipment just

Erick: hurts him. This is the first time you see it where it’s almost like Jessie can be blamed for what happened, although Jesse’s showering and he’s engulfed by the steam of the shower, this is happening elsewhere the gym teacher then gets ropes wrapped around his wrist and he gets pulled out the office, taken to the shower, no sign of Jesse,

Vivi: Those ripped off of him. I literally wrote in my notes, what is happening. then my next note is super kinky showers. Yeah. Cause

Erick: it ties him up to both showerheads and I don’t know how you call this, but towel with those things that guys do in the shower, for some reason where they just wrap it up and then this will whip each other hard as hell.

His butt cheeks are turning red. Bloody.

Vivi: That’s how hard Freddie is smacking him. You mentioned the steam of the shower. When the gym teacher finally turns around to see where Jesse should be. It’s no longer Jessie. We now see the silhouette of Freddy coming after him. Freddie just slashes him across the back a couple of times and he dies immediately.

I don’t think that would be enough to kill him. I think he would have bled out, but it would have taken up very long time. It

Erick: depends on how deep he slash him. Cause those blades are pretty

Vivi: long. Yeah. Like I understand if he would have given him a full-on puncture wound, but he seems to just scratch him on surface level.

Erick: Maybe he came so hard. He died. I don’t fucking know.

Vivi: We should probably not only set in there kind of insensitive

Erick: Sensitive to you said he came so hard. Denied.

Vivi: So he’s being murdered.

Erick: Yeah. So sensitive to who? Predators.

Vivi: I mean, yeah, he is a pedophile potentially.

Erick: Yeah. So insensitive to, I don’t know if we were defending people who

Vivi: died

 that was a whole episode on BoJack.

Erick: what’s insensitive about dying all coming.

Vivi: All of it. It’s just fricking rude. Why would you do that to

Erick: someone?

Vivi: So east Kelda predator. You can continue. I thought you were taking over. I just wanted to say that.

Okay. Just wanted to make that point clear,

Erick: Out of the steam, Jessie appears and sees the dead body of his teacher it’s almost like Jesse is separate from his arm because his arm flashes up and it makes that almost like a Wolverine sound.

 The next scene is his parent’s house.

And his parents answered the doorbell on some cops and they’re like, I’d keep an eye on this one. And Jesse is, just in a towel and in his underwear, now that I think about it, going to have a little bit I’ll come back. The next scene is the people at the school talking about how the teacher got killed because his body was there, blood everywhere.

These cops find this kid in the middle of the night, one and two and two together.

Vivi: I thought the exact same thing. The only thing that. I feel like, oh, they haven’t found the body yet. That’s why they hadn’t. They hadn’t because he was found wandering, not near the body the next morning, the next morning they found it.

So it’s also the mentality of this kids out drunk in the middle of the night. they probably catch, I don’t know how many teenagers doing the same thing. Like what drunken escapades. I like how they bring them home. And they’re like, is this yours? Like, it’s a piece of property. Also his parents were like way too chill.

Erick: Yeah. Although his dad’s a Dick, his dad’s just like, look, you know what? Before you go to bed, just answer two questions, two questions. What do you want? And who’s giving it to you. ‘ cause I fucking want someone,

Vivi: I don’t know. It’s a really weird interaction. My parents wouldn’t have cared. If the police brought me home, they would have murdered me in front of them.

And like, they would have not been

Erick: oh, because I think that in our culture, it’s embarrassing it’s a thing of like, what are the people going to say? If they see the cops bring my kid to my house now they think I have good for nothing. Son, daughter, whatever.

Vivi: So many things you’re out running naked in the woods. Like, I mean the suburbs, not the woods, but same day, same thing.

And all he says is that he wants to go to bed. And his mom’s like, okay, I’m telling you, my mom would have been like, oh, now you want to go to sleep. You should have been asleep before you even decided to do all that.

Erick: I’m going to put

Vivi: you to sleep. Oh my God. One time when I was like a rebellious

Erick: teenager.

You were so rebellious. Oh my God. Um,

Vivi: Could stop you. I know I dyed my hair pink. did the lame half pink. Like I didn’t even go full pink. So rebellious. So

Erick: rebellious of rebellion.

Vivi: My mom did not talk to me for like three days.

I had posted it on Facebook and my mom, she had talked to me for three days. I wrote a post like it’s pink. My friend has a, had commented. Oh, you should have done purple in your hair. my mom commented. She’s about to be purple on Facebook for the world.

She hadn’t spoken to me for three days at this point. So my mom definitely would not have been this calm.

Erick: She was more mad about your tattoo though, right? When you were rebellious at your ripe old age of 26,

Vivi: Yeah, she didn’t talk to me for like a week. It’s the perk of being the oldest child. It really is because I was on the phone with her the other day my sister had gotten a new piercing, but she went to a tattoo and piercing shop. So she found her receipt. She’s literally on the phone with me. She was like, huh? Did your sister get into it? Oh, no, it’s a person anyway.

It’s like that thing of where you do the crazy stuff and then your parents don’t care anymore. The younger siblings got away with,

Erick: So the mom seems to be the one who has the closer relationship with Jesse, because she’s the one who keeps saying, like, we need to take you to get help. We need you to see a therapist, like see somebody, a doctor, just so we can help you. he’s like, no, leave me alone. And he drives to school, knew all the mom and dad stayed behind talking about Jessie’s state.

And the dad’s like, no, he doesn’t need a psychiatrist. He just needs to get

Vivi: his ass kicked. Typical eighties dad responds. Yeah.

At this point we were about 40 minutes into the film and there isn’t that many scenes of ready.

There’s been a couple of hints. The most we’ve seen of him is this murder shower scene. But up until now, he hasn’t been explicitly seen. It’s still kind of a, is Jesse going crazy? Or is this really happening until the cops?

Erick: you think this, I would say that the first one also was about the same although Freddy Kilz might’ve been more gruesome.

That doesn’t mean that they were necessarily with Freddy in sight. It wasn’t until the end of the first one that you really see Friday and full fledge. Glen gets killed by offscreen Freddy. The girl at the beginning gets killed by an invisible Friday

Vivi: in the, her dream is where she sees Freddy literally chasing her and cutting himself.

Well, when you see him already,

Erick: the one time you can put the equivalent to the shower scene, you see Freddy there in the shower slash and the guy, huh? I’d say that you see him about as much as in the first one. Fair enough. the police are investigating them.

Vivi: They found the body of the gym teacher at this time.

Erick: Right after the investigation scene, it’s just you waking up again from another nightmare or another nightmare. And he finds Freddy’s glove in his drawer. He wakes up, goes to his sister’s room and she’s singing the classic Friday song and drop

Vivi: jumper.

Or is he having a flashback to the ghosts girls in the first movie? It makes sense because it is his sister that he is stalking. But I just wrote a note Oh yes. This is the room where we keep the creepy ghost children close his door.

 It’s kind of like a classic haunted house vibe at this point

 He basically confronts his dad and was like, what happened to the people who lived here five years ago? Why was this house off the market? Like hard to self disclose this to you. And he’s like, yeah, they did. How do you think we got such a good deal on it? And the mom’s like,

Erick: There’s nothing wrong with

Vivi: that. Okay. I’ve talked about, did you see the, the girl who currently lives in the conjuring house? They are selling the house

Erick: cause she’s scared or um,

Vivi: go home. I don’t know her and her parents, her parents are paranormal investigators. And they’re the ones who purchased the house.

They’re now selling it I didn’t really get a chance to watch her video, but she seemed very upset about leaving because it seems like they genuinely like the paranormal investigation that they do.

Erick: They’re moving them.

Vivi: I don’t know.

I don’t know why they’re moving

Erick: again. I didn’t get to, I just signed a restraining order against them. Oh,

Vivi: Oh, no, it reminded me of this other movie. I saw it’s called I am the pretty thing that died here. And basically the protagonist is the first owner of the house and she gets murdered in the house and she’s basically saying she owns that house.

she will never leave that house. Everyone who comes in and leaves afterwards is just renting, but yes. Except Beetlejuice was more fun to watch.

Erick: I would do that. see you and me trying to harm people.

Vivi: what

I’m trying to think, like, how would I haunt the living?

I would just whisper existential dread. What are you doing with your life? You’re 40 years old and you’re still living here.

Erick: Get your ass up, wake

Vivi: up. Why are you eating that? It’s bad for you. Take the coffee

Erick: out when they’re trying to put it in,

turn there till it’s like, that’s what’s happening. Oh my God.

Vivi: That’s happening in this house right now.

Erick: Very mundane, little

Vivi: ghost things I think the fear of everyday life is enough.

Erick: The same time that the dad’s like, yeah. How do you think I got a good deal. The toaster burst into flames the dad goes over to it and then he’s like, Margaret, I don’t even know her name, but mark Margaret seems like a wife name in the eighties.

I don’t know.

Vivi: It was a broad statement to make about people named Margaret.

Erick: Am I wrong?

Vivi: You’re going to tell me that I’m wrong. Okay. So he goes to his wife

Erick: He’s looking at the toaster on fire and then he grabs the cable and it’s like, Margaret, look, it’s not like, then.

Vivi: Look, this is 10 out of 10 acting on your part.

It’s exactly how

Erick: yeah. It was like what? I know. I saw it too. It’s insane. I don’t know what to do. You’re the one who’s trying to make it practical and saying that it’s the damn AC. The AC didn’t light. The toaster on fire. Fred Frank, Hank. What did I say? Richard. Richard? I don’t know what the dad’s name is either.


Vivi: Oh, so Margaret. Okay. Jesse kind of storms off angrily, he can’t deal with this family anymore. We get this very strange, like backstory sequence that I guess sure if you’re coming to see this movie without seeing the first one, you need to know that Fred killed 20 kids in a power plant they drive to this power plant so that Lisa can be like, this is where he brought all his victims, which I thought was odd.

Cause it really just focuses on a boiler room in the first film. And now it’s like a whole power plant where he worked. Yeah. Power plant decrypted.

Erick: I felt like this was a waste of time in the movie because then nothing. Even happens, they find that cabinet. And then there’s like a very suspenseful what’s in the cabinet moment, but it’s just mice.

And then they go home

Vivi: and that’s it. You just needed that backstory.

Erick: it comes into play later because this is where the final showdown happens. They could have just ended up here in.

Vivi: Yeah. They just needed another location. We have another scene of Jesse having a dream where he is possessed by Freddy.

And this one, he is in his sister’s room telling her to wake up. And when she does, she’s kind of like what’s happening and it’s no longer Freddy it’s Jesse. And he’s like, it’s like go back to sleep.

Erick: Jessie’s food he’s I almost killed my sister. he’s spooked and he’s at the lunch table. And again, this girl who is Lisa’s friend keeps talking about the party and it’s like, are you going Grady, sitting next to him, scarfing down all of his food and makes this weird ass comment about, I can’t go to the party because I’m grounded. Why? Well, because I threw my grandma down the stairs and everyone’s just like, oh, okay.

Vivi: That makes sense. I agree. It is insane. like you said, all you could focus on is that he’s eating super nasty. And then he’s like, yeah, I’d be like, oh, almost killed. My grandma would want me to shut up. he’s like, all right, I’ll leave. But he’s like offended that Jesse told me.

So shut up. Cause he’s the only person I feel like he really cares about

Erick: there’s only friend, it’s funny because they started off with this real, like new kid bully dynamic in the beginning. What is this

Vivi: trope like enemies to lovers trope.

It’s probably not the name of, it’s probably something more complex, but it’s something we see a lot in like romantic. I have a real problem with this trope in general.

It’s like the idea of your abuser actually loves you. Like know you shouldn’t accept people being a Dick to you because they have a crush on you

Erick: like That is weird.

 I’ve never been cool with anybody who was ever an asshole to me, except your way, except more. ‘ cause I had to put her right on it. She bullied me in a marriage.

Vivi: miserable.

Erick: Looks away an existential

Vivi: crisis are the ghost whispering.

They’re like, why’d you get married? She says she hates that trope, but it’s what she did to him.

Get out while you still can

Erick: go turn on the laptop again. That’s

Vivi: what it was. Okay. we finally get to the Lisa’s having a pool party scene. Least his parents were there initially they leave to let them have unsupervised fun. Which again, what the fuck? My parents would never do this. They would never leave a bunch of teenagers to their own

Erick: free will. No. And then, then the teenagers are like waiting for the lights to turn off because that’s when the parents went to sleep, but then they are like, let’s blast the music.


Vivi: That’s not going to wake them up at all. Yeah.

Erick: Oh, the dad does complaining. It’s like, what the hell are those kids doing out there? And the mom’s like, come on. They’re just kidding. Let

Vivi: them be. She is like trying to seduce him. she’s like, don’t worry about it. Let’s worry about us.

Meanwhile, their daughter is having a very tense conversation with Jessie. She keeps trying to ask him like, what’s wrong if he’s okay. He won’t open up to her and we get this very awkward teenage make-out scene between them.

Erick: Freddy’s tongue comes out of Jesse’s mouth and this is the subtext of that. Like he’s maybe not actually into this and would actually rather go to Grady for not both. Emotional health, but also just support it. Never mantic

Vivi: way. Yes. It’s like that thing of when you’re upset, one of the people you probably want to go to is your partner.

And he probably doesn’t see Lisa that way, but he sees Grady that way. This tongue scene is so gross. It is a really nasty long tongue scene, but classic Friday you know, equivalent

Erick: to the tongue,

Vivi: the tongue scene. Yeah. But he leaves Lisa behind with absolutely no explanation for why he abruptly stop making out And like, I would be so offended and like upset of this happen. He feels like he can’t come fide in Lisa, but like it’s strange because she’s the one that like actively knows what’s happening.

She’s the one who’s read Nancy’s diary.

So instead Jessie turns to Grady for help. He basically tells him this is what’s happening to me.

Grady does not believe him. And he just says, well, stay up. If I start to act really weird while I’m sleeping, you know, wake me up, shake me out of it. similar to the scene where Glen literally falls asleep five minutes after Nancy says this Grady at least looks like he’s been trying to stay up watching TV for a minute.

And then he’s like, nothing’s happening? My friend’s delusional. I’m just going to go to sleep. Literally. The second he goes to sleep is when Jessie starts freaking out himself.

Erick: When Jesse feels Friday coming, it’s like, he’s got to let out a really hard part.

It’s like a stomach hurts so bad. Grady wakes up because he starts to see that Jesse is screaming in pain because his hand starts to break open. Freddie’s glove comes out of Jesse’s hand Jesse opens his mouth. And this is what you were talking about earlier, the eyeball at the back of his throat, Grady is freaking the hell out. He goes to the door and he starts calling out for his dad.

He can’t get out. The doors locked. meanwhile, Jesse is ripping apart with Freddie just coming out of his stomach.

His face is through his belly, the shell of Jesse is left behind while Freddy stands up.

Vivi: I wrote down in my notes that Jesse alien style births Friday, and this is obviously like a very on the nose metaphor of coming out your inner demons. that’s how people perceived being gay is like an inner demon at the time.

It’s very on the nose

Erick: symbol

Vivi: think also speaks to the fear of potentially coming out to someone and they not being the same. It’s almost like you kill that friendship with them there’s a lot of ways I think that it can be okay.


Erick: Cause I was thinking like, if it’s supposed to imply that coming out killed your partner that sounds

Vivi: Homophobic. Yeah. After having killed Grady, he literally reverts back to his normal self and jumps out the window as Grady’s parents are coming into the room.

Cause I thought they were to catch him. Yeah. He shows up back at Lisa’s after having ditched her already, covered in blood and she’s kind of like what’s going on? You’re a good person. Don’t worry. And I was like, lady, he is literally covered in his friend’s blood. Yeah.

Erick: She loves him that much. She doesn’t was

Vivi: willing to look over his murderous tendencies. That’s how much he loves them.

This is where the pool party is starting to get a little chaotic. The water starts to boil up. Yes. And we get, we need exploding and beers popping off.

And I was like, this is all very phallic.

Erick: Pretty supposed to be one of those like super sexual murder type monsters.

Vivi: there is a debate about Friday though. We probably won’t get into until later the first few movies, it’s just that Friday is a child killer. That’s all his motive is. But then later on they added the subtext of, he is a molester predator, which people do not enjoy.

And I haven’t seen the other films, so I don’t know how I would feel about it. I’m partial to what we’ve seen so far where he is literally chaos for the sake of chaos. I don’t know how I would feel about that Subutex.

Erick: it’s triggering.

 There’s a lot of debate too. Like, does adding that plot point really benefit any part of the story?

Vivi: Like he’s already evil. I don’t know. Again, this is probably a debate for later movies when that plot point is revealed.

Erick: So The kids are, starting to notice that weird stuff is happening at the party.

Meanwhile, Lisa is trying to tell Jessie, like, no, probably in your head. She doesn’t believe him, but again, he’s covered in blood. Like he’s saying I killed them. I did it. I know for a fact, the glove, I can we’ll show you. I did it. she’s like, are giving him the energy to come back.

You have the power to send them back. you gave him the energy. That’s why he’s

Vivi: here. Okay. That’s a very common, thing that we saw with Nancy that moment when she realizes, like, we give him the power by being afraid of him.

Erick: So Jesse’s like, he’s coming. And he starts to go back into that, like stomach hurting mode Lisa notices that the windows are closing and everything starts to lock up.

So they’re getting trapped. Jesse is suddenly Freddy, right? There’s no like transition period. Like we saw a Grady, it’s just he’s Jesse. And then suddenly his friend so she’s trying to go out. The window is trying to open the door. She’s backing away and she’s crying.

She’s. there’s this real weird battle where Freddie and Jesse are kind of the same where Freddy’s like, he’s not here, he’s dead, but then Jesse’s voice comes out and it’s like, kill me, please kill me. Lisa. She doesn’t know if it’s a trick. She doesn’t know if it’s ready. He also bites her in the leg, like a zombie she fights him back. she does put a pretty good fight up against them it’s not like she’s completely a damsel in distress. She is fighting back.

Vivi: I would say a final

Erick: girl, for sure.

She grabs the knife. And she does these really dainty,

Vivi: tiny step, that wouldn’t do nothing.

Erick: Friday’s like that all you get. Yeah, basically,

Vivi: I didn’t understand

Erick: this effect. what will effect

Vivi: he leaves her and jumps out

Erick: as there’s fighting the kids outside.

Vivi: Well, no, he, he crashes through the glass window and it shows him crashing through it. And then he disappears.

Like he’s invisible. All of a sudden, I really hate this effect.

He broke their window for no reason, least of their problems. There’s literally a bunch of dying.

Erick: What’s funny is that he’s just like, you know what? Fuck this, the parties outside. You’re being a buzzkill, Lisa.

Vivi: Yeah. It’s kind of like a weird jump cut where we don’t see you exactly. Why they kind of stopped fighting. He just,

Erick: he decides to go

Vivi: start killing everybody outside, Tons of kids are panicking. I wonder if a stunt double did this or Robert himself did the jumping out it was probably like, Cause I was about to say, dang, that’s some impressive leg strength.

Erick: He doesn’t even fold his straight, like

Vivi: lands on. So are you is harder on your body? He hasn’t been seen that much. Again, he disappeared halfway through his entrance.

Erick: Is this out of character Sure, it’s the first time we’ve seen him outside of the dream world.

But I thought his thing was that he just makes sure that people don’t know he exists and just makes people think that the person affected is crazy in this one, he’s just like, fuck it. I’m going to go kill everybody. And broad. It is very out of character, daylight,

Vivi: not what you expect from this character, at least having watched the first movie.

don’t like this. I think it’s one of those scenes where I’m like, I don’t feel like this is classic Freddie Maybe he has haunted each of these kids’ dreams, but it doesn’t seem like it because one kid confronts

Erick: him and it’s like, look, man, if you need help, I’m here.

I got you. And Freddy is a lot of help herself fucker. Favorite line. It is my friend because this has happened to me.

Vivi: Eric’s been Friday,

Erick: not with the murder part though.

Vivi: Murder anybody. People’s necks are getting stepped on.

Erick: parents again are upstairs thinking that they’re all having a blast outside, but he’s like, wait, no, that’s not a party. So he sees that Freddy’s out there just killing people, meanwhile, the entire perimeter is also on fire.

Vivi: They really play up the burnt alive part in this film,

So You don’t get that line. You are all my children.

Erick: Why does he mean like, you’re all mine, cause I’m going to kill you because

Vivi: he’s been in their dreams. It’s just a very odd line.

Erick: You’re on my children. than like, I’m gonna kill you.

Yeah. That’s the only reason I would think he’d say that, the dad does come out and they finally shoots it Friday and Friday is kind of spooked. he’s like, well, I’ll see you guys later. And then just

Vivi: leaves. Again, very out of character. Lisa is like, where’s Jesse.

I have to go to him. Bear in mind. A lot of her high school peers have just died at her house at her party. And her parents had to shoot someone to get them off the property. And she’s just running again. If

Erick: she was Hispanic, she would be getting her ass handed to her by her parents.

It’s all that old school parenting. she goes straight to the power plant. When she gets there, these dogs have like no reason to exist other than Sabika weird and creepy.

Creepy. Yeah. Where they wearing baby

Vivi: faces. It looked like a baby mask. It looked like

Erick: the baby mask from

Vivi: that’s exactly what I was thinking the entire time. I was like, how did they get these dogs to where that

Erick: I was immediately thinking like, we should put this on low-key he would not leave all mean, oh, that’s thinking more like a hat on the back of his head or something so that he can’t get to it and you want it.

But they didn’t even attack her. She

Vivi: just talked about, I think you’re supposed to gather that she’s like, Friday’s not real. All this stuff is in your head. The more you give him fear, the worse it is, because then we also get a scene of ants crawling in her bite.

Where Freddie had bit her very zombie S maybe we’re just still thinking about zombies from last month. Posts, post zombie

Erick: She also sees this like monster cat eat this mouse.

Vivi: There’s a lot of animals in this, the birds, the dogs, the cat and mouse game.

Erick: Maybe their point was to say like Friday, doesn’t just stop at humans. Maybe, you know, like to me.


Vivi: but it’s not really explored too much except what exploding birds. I wouldn’t say that it’s a scary scene.

We get the spinal sequence that I find very odd. It is Lisa confronting. Ready? She. Makes out with him

Erick: Lacey was like, I love you. Friday’s like, he’s dad, he’s not here. He’s like annoyed by. I love you. And he’s like, but he’s done though.

Vivi: Yeah. I don’t buy that. They love each other at all. So they’re teenagers, they’re teenagers, first of all.

And then second of all, he clearly preferred Grady’s company over yours. this dude has done nothing but lie to you, avoid you. And then did you in the middle of making out? Why do you love

Erick: him?

Vivi: Freddie is super uncomfortable with someone kissing. For someone who literally tongues people all the time without consent, he’s not into it

Erick: when it’s consensual, maybe I’m reading too much into it, but maybe when he was a troubled kid, himself never got love.

And so the moment he was showing affection himself is like, oh, that is

Vivi: not okay. Just kill him about still grows for some reason, making out causes a fire.

Erick: It’s the fire within,

Vivi: within that only Lisa is feeling and spreading. This is apparently enough to burn Freddy again. And from the ashes of a burnt corpse.

Jesse is straight now arises as a Phoenix reborn as a heterosexual man, allegedly.

Erick: Right. I’m trying to go back to like the thought that this is the subtext underneath. What did this mean? killing his actual love interests. If he is gay and love Grady, having Lisa be the one who saves him being reborn, and then ending up with Lisa anyway,

Vivi: it’s like the love of a woman will set you free conversion therapy type mentality.

Erick: Yeah. Or I was also thinking like, thing is like, he’s still a teenager. And he’s still figuring himself out. It’s conflicting.

Right. Like it’s straight men trying to tell a gay story, is it isn’t it

Vivi: the screenwriter might have been a gay

Erick: man.

. David Cheskin.

Yes, there was certainly some intentional subtext, but it was intended to play homophobic rather than homoerotic.

So I see that I see the homophobic piece, not the homoerotic piece.

I thought about the demographics for these types of films and try to imagine what kinds of things would truly frighten them to the core and scary dreams that make them even momentarily questioning their own sexuality seemed like a slam dunk to me.

Huh. So that sounds more like it’s using homosexuality to the advantage of horror versus an allegory to have defendant.

Vivi: Interesting, because I would say he failed immensely. So then the end is weird. One

Erick: might argue that the entire movie is a metaphor. Jessie is in the end, finally able to control the monster inside him with the love of a good woman.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: Jack shoulders as he read no such. So it takes in the script.

So even the director didn’t plan on that. It’s

Vivi: upsetting. I would just prefer them to say like, hell yeah, we made an awesome queer movie.

Erick: Yeah. if we leave any of this in the show, it’s this is me just reading like an article

Vivi: or two is I think it’s good information to have.

I am going to watch scream queen after this and see how the actor I will do interpreted with you.

Okay, cool. We’ll watch that But we get the final sequence of the movie. It appears to be the next day after this traumatic show down has happened. Jesse and Lisa have proclaimed their love for each other. Forced not real teenage love. I

Erick: mean, I would fell in love with Meryl Streep too.

Vivi: I think everybody loves Meryl Streep. Everybody who hates her. What is wrong with you?

But this end of the film sequence is very reminiscent of the first nightmare on Elm where things are too picture perfect the sky super bright foggy, like it’s very clearly

Erick: coming. It’s the same exact scene from the beginning. It’s almost like a full circle

Vivi: is he gets on the bus to meet Lisa Lisa’s friend is sitting behind them and basically says great party. Lisa is literally like, oh, let’s not talk about it.

Like, oh my God, it’s so embarrassing that everyone died at my party. Let’s not even talk about it. It’s just embarrassing. That’s the vibe that she wants. I wouldn’t say that. She’s like, let’s not talk about it. No, go to therapy and talk about it externally.

Erick: You’re not going to school on Monday, first of all,

Vivi: or for

Erick: only a couple of weeks

Vivi: the bus is speeding up and speeding up and Jesse’s freaking out and he’s like, this bus is going too fast. Is anyone notice? Lisa’s like, no, it’s fine. everything’s going to be okay. Her friend repeats, it’s fine. It’s going to be okay. It’s all over. As she says that a clot comes out from her stomach, they really liked the alien theme in this film.

Erick: yeah, The bus goes back into that desert from the beginning and it’s pretty laughing

Vivi: roll credits.

Erick: Good stuff. That was a wild ride. Yeah.

Vivi: What do you think about it while do we debate?

Erick: Yes.

Vivi: You were saying that he’s prettier, readier is more Freddy in this movie. I would disagree, Why would you say disagree

Erick: as well?

Vivi: We’ve been hyping up that we’re going to debate this whole episode.

Now you got to stick

Erick: to, I’m going to say why I thought so the that Friday comes out into the real world and can do what he does and bring his magic to just anything. I could see why the dream world would also be the more frightening place, because then you have no escape, but then he’s only killing like one person at a time.

Vivi: I would argue it is more scary to believe that something is deadly wrong, but you are the only one that sees it.

And you’re being made out to be crazy because you are truly alone.

I feel like this movie deals obviously more with the themes of Freddie is his inner demon is possessing a body. That’s also very new. He’s never needed a body before. Why does he need Jesse’s just doesn’t make sense. saw reviews that this film is considered the black sheep of like the series.

It, the only one where he comes

Erick: to the real world,

Vivi: I’m not sure. I feel like the director not liking the first nightmare on Elm definitely translates on this film because I feel like he tries to make it more of a psychological thriller where just he’s more fighting himself.

were Nancy. Very clearly the danger was like to her friends and to her and like nobody believed her.

Erick: I think there was also more meat to the story with it being Nancy and that her mom was directly involved in what had happened to Freddy. The name being Freddy’s revenge. I don’t know where the revenge piece comes in. Exactly because it’s, it gives it revenge against like kids revenge against the parents. None of these people seem to know who Freddy was.

Vivi: absolutely. And just the kills in general were better. And the first item there was creepier elements, I believe.

I don’t want to say that this is a bad movie because I think it would be pretty good if it was not part of this franchise. I just don’t feel like it’s true to the character of Freddie.

That being said, I’m glad it exists. I think it’s a good commentary on like LGBT Q at the time and how they potentially still feel did I, when

Erick: us talking about it in the more changed my mind. Yeah.

Vivi: Gotcha. So what would you rate it?

Erick: I would give it a six.

Vivi: Okay. It wasn’t horrible. It was watchable. It’s got important themes. Amazing. But it’s not scary, Freddy uh, seven generous. We just, because I liked that this movie took on themes that probably weren’t being discussed at the time, even though it did it accidentally, apparently they were trying to be homophobes not.

Erick: And how the hard part is knowing whether they’re being truthful or not.

The guy’s like, yeah, well, I don’t know. I don’t even know that the director even knew that that was a thing and didn’t actually identify that as an

Vivi: intent.

It reminds me of Georgia Romero being like, I didn’t intend for this film to be a racial commentary, but you, you clearly did. I don’t like that, but

Erick: overall for it to be racial commentary yet like killed the only black hair had Hicks, do it and then had them literally link

Vivi: gruesome. We already covered that movie.

Yeah. We’re talking about Freddy’s revenge against nobody apparently. But any final comments, or do you just want to talk about what Loki did? Not

Erick: No. I mean, I’d like to hear what people have to say, did we make a good point did? We not know we’re talking

Vivi: about mark.

Let us know. Yeah. Send us a, I’m interested to see how the rest of the series pans

Erick: out. Perfect steps back. Because if Nancy’s revisited, does it just pretend the second one doesn’t

Vivi: exist? Could be, cause there’s a couple of franchises like that, right?

I feel like actually that’s kind of what happened with the star wars movies, where it was one director going in one vision and then the director that did the second, it was like, no, no, no disregard everything. That means nothing.

But then the third one he’s like now I got to rebuild all the shit I was trying to do in the first one to give you a Nally. That sucks. Yeah, it really

Erick: does.

Vivi: I guess we’ll see. Since the rest of the month is going to be flash or sequels, how other films did this, if they did it better, they did it worse.

Let’s talk about what

Erick: scared low-key he hated Freddy’s laugh.

Vivi: He hated it was so surprised because he usually gets triggered by like he didn’t even do this weird sound. No, he just really did not.

Erick: I think it’s because Freddie was laughing for so long at the end. It’s just a constant ha from Friday that he was probably like, what is that?

Maybe it didn’t register anymore. Oh

Vivi: man. You want to tell us about it? Low-key

sorry to hear that, but because we’re going to watch a lot of these movies, I’m going to make it

Erick: my ringtone and see if he does the same way. he’s done it before, where you hear a certain lapse on TV and he starts to get spooked. And plus it shows up I’m like, what do you hate? Laughter man, be happy.

Vivi: Maybe he feels like someone’s coming into the house. Does it say more

Erick: about us? That he’s like, I hate laughter. I dunno.

Vivi: Like I laugh at him all the time. Cause he does the most ridiculous stuff. Maybe that is why he hates laughter because we laugh at him. Mocking me. He’s a fun

Erick: dude. That’d be fair. We don’t like mock him and know he’s make fun of him.

He says the funniest thing. I’m gonna show you how I walked backwards.

Vivi: But is that pretty much it for us here?

Erick: It is. This is Friday’s revenge. Try this drink. His face tastes amazing.

Vivi: All right. As always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken, not scared pod except Twitter.

Twitter is shaken, scared pod. You can send us an email at shaken, not scared

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Get ready for spooky season. Yeah. Okay. Thanks. Why

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