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Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

Erick: We’re at the campsite campfire side, right? Camp fireside stories, fireside camp stories. I don’t fucking know. What do you call this? I’ve never run the camp. Campfire stories,

Vivi: campfire stories around the campfire.,

Erick: Well, going back to the chicken, not scared podcast here with you as always your hosts, Eric and Vivi. Today, we’re going to be talking about the 1981 film Friday, the 13th part two directed by Steve miner.

Before we get into that, how are you, baby?

Vivi: I feel like boop,

Erick: me too. Why do you feel like,

Vivi: well, if you could probably tell from the nasally sound of my voice this week, I’ve had, what I’m assuming is pretty bad allergies for the last few days. Can you still taste and smell things? I can. And also allergy meds helped me for a couple hours, at least.

So I don’t think it’s covered. Here’s crossed. Good. it was just really bad timing because you literally just had LASIK. And so I’ve kind of had to stay up a little bit more to take care of

Erick: you. It was quite the horror story of a procedure. It looks like a

Vivi: horror story. Your eyes look terrifying, go ahead and tell lovely people.

What happened to your eyeballs?

trigger warning. Eric’s about to describe. Some eyeballs stuff. So if you don’t like that, don’t listen to this next part

Erick: They tell you, it’s going to be like You’re going to feel a little discomfort, but they don’t tell you that there’s a suction thing that basically touches your eye.

Your sight goes black and then you can feel them like carving a ring around what’s suctioned. Then to do my left eye twice. Cause apparently my eyelids were shutting past the little device difficult.

Now they’re like, you need to stop. So you couldn’t

Vivi: see the laser. You couldn’t see

Erick: laser, the laser comes after this suction because they were saying continue to look down. I’m like, I can’t see where I’m looking at.

They then move you to the other side of this bed where you can see the laser going into the eye and you have to stare at this little red light that keeps flashing.

 You can hear a lady in the background counting down every 10 seconds. when I got up, I didn’t realize how bad it was going to be. And then that night they’re like, it’s going to start to hurt this evening. So you should probably go to bed, but also stay up because you got to do two sets of eyedrops before you go to bed. I’m like, so then do I go to bed or not? I wish I didn’t end up with the dry drop Sam because that night was brutal.

That’s probably why I feel sick too. your body’s probably just focusing on healing. The one piece of your body, that’s the weakest, which is your eyeballs.

Vivi: It is crazy though, that it’s one day, you weren’t even in there two hours, I think.

And it’s a procedure where you get literal lasers in your eyeballs and you’re out the same way. The procedure

Erick: itself took like max five minutes even the part that takes the longest is them getting the topical to take effect on the eyes so that it’s normal

once you’re in there, it’s like you’re done.

Vivi: It was kind of just. A shit show because my car has been in the shop. I couldn’t drive, we had an Uber you were in pain. I couldn’t control anything. Cause it’s the Uber driver,

Erick: I’m not trying to discourage anybody from getting LASIK, just saying that like, it really does suck. And when they say it’s gonna hurt a little bit, it hurts a lot. So well, within the first two days, I can see a little bit, they did say like farsightedness is probably the last thing that would come back and I was farsighted before.

So for me, it’s kind of weird because I can see close now and it is

Vivi: wild to be able to see

Erick: without glasses.

Vivi: Well, I guess that answers the question of how are you?

Erick: We have so much to explain this week. It’s the second week of spooky season, we got to hang out with our friends over at the, how did we miss this podcast? They’re also going into their spooky mood,

we talked to Kevin in the woods So go check them out. probably link it in the show notes. And Then we’re also hanging out with our friends over, at always room for more podcasts tomorrow.

So we cool. I don’t know if we actually have a plan for that one. I think they’re just going to talk everything horror since it’s also horror season for them,

Vivi: stuff. They just released their own horror podcast.

Erick: It’s called the more horror Emporium . I started listening to it a little bit this morning, it sounds pretty cool.


Vivi: Along with collabing with our other pod fam, Shirae from nightmare on fierce street actually reached out to us a couple of weeks ago and asked if we wanted to help her write an article while she wrote the article. We just provided the drinks for dread central, which is pretty cool.

She gave us a list of films that she was covering for Hispanic heritage month. And we just made the cocktails to go along with each movies. we did about five. If you guys want to check that out, hopefully before October 16th, cause that’s the end of Hispanic heritage month.

We’ll have the videos for those drinks up somewhere. yeah. Thanks so much for a nightmare on fear street for even thinking about us.

Erick: So cool. I love this one so

Vivi: much.

Yeah. I just wish our bodies were ready.


Erick: probably why we’re sick now. It’s like, get it out of the way. Yeah.

Erick: What do you got for a

Vivi: group of content?

I watched this film called. Malevolent it is it film featuring Florida.

I don’t know, pug, pug, I apologize. Call myself a horror fan. The lead of mid-summer. It’s available on Netflix she plays a fake medium. Her brother sets up this paranormal business where they go enter these houses and performance enhances and things of that nature.

And she is ready to quit. But I think this is a theme I’ve seen in a couple of these. They actually stumbled across an actual haunting and, it takes a turn Probably one of the better ones that I’ve watched on Netflix. I’ve been trying to find some hidden gems on there.

Erick: What types of movies like hell house is kind of like that where a crew comes in, wants to make it scary. And then something actually is happening in the background. I think those are always fun. Yeah.

Vivi: It’s kind of like that vibe, but more true crimey I’ve bought this book called house of leaves,

 it’s supposed to be a book that is very interestingly written it’s like puzzles and mysteries and letters. And it’s like found footage and a book is how I’ve heard it described.

Erick: Is it like a scrapbook type thing

Vivi: it is a thick book? And when you scroll through it, you see like some pages are like half filled. Some are not. It’s interesting looking, I just started it while you were in surgery. So I didn’t get to read that much ahead, but it’s been interesting so far.

That’s cool. Awesome. Probably want to read it after? It’s thick. I’m hoping I can get through it because I’m usually a audio book girl lately,

do you

Erick: think the audio book version of this would even work? I don’t

Vivi: think so. I think you have to have a hard

Erick: copy. Yeah because I’m a loser and I listen to audio books more often, so I’ll probably have to actually read it once you’re done. I’m sure everybody else was excited for this, but Elvira’s 40th anniversary.

Very scary, very special, special on shutter. It was really cool. We thought it was going to be a lot like her older show where he’s going to show clips of movies. Cause it kind of came off that way in the beginning, but they really just play Elvira mistress of the dark, the film from the eighties, which is still fun.

love that movie. And actually the first time I had last time I had seen that movie. I fell asleep. Not because. I didn’t like it, but I think I was sick last time.

Vivi: Yeah. And then I was the one who pretty much watched it.

Erick: Yeah. So it was cool to watch it awake this time

Vivi: I’m kind of really glad she’s kind of coming back from we saw.

She’s now going to have a series on Netflix.

Netflix and chills, with Dr. Elvira. Yeah. And she is gonna do a horror movie every Sunday. I believe only for October though. Right? I am not sure.

Erick: I want it forever

Vivi: here for it either

Erick: way.

Vivi: So much stuff I want to watch this month. Creep shows back. We haven’t even finished season two.

Erick: And Then stronger things. Season four, I think it was coming soon. Halloween kills is out this weekend.

 We gotta go watch a couple of things, actually carnage and venoms out the Adams family today. Well, the first one,

Vivi: I love everything Adam’s family.

Erick: So what we’re trying to say is that now is the time to get into spooky season and watch everything horror.


Erick: Well, let’s dive into the drink. What do

Vivi: you got? So I am calling this one. Jason listened to mothers, shrunken head. I might shorten the name for the Instagram, but the original recipe is not ours. It is from a tech talker called join Juul. We featured one of her drinks before. what we wanted to make different in it is make it into a punch. And we added our own little shrunken heads.

So there was a couple of ways that we could have done it. You can do it. It’s up to you. There is a classic video out there on the internet where you could carve apples to look like shrunken heads What we did was create jello shots with the same ingredients of the drink adding grenadine or, some simple syrup for coloring, which I made the mistake of not doing.

this is very much just tastes like edible alcohol,

Erick: I’m looking forward to it. I had a taste of the jello shot and it was not good. I like strong drinks, if someone doesn’t like the strong tastes of the jello shot, they could just chase it with the actual drink itself.

Vivi: I don’t know if I made this clear, but the jello shot is in the shape of a head. It’s not just a floating jello shot. If you’re wondering where the shrunken head is coming from Jamaica,

Erick: shrunken,

Vivi: head doula shot right now would be a good time to make this cause there’s a lot of pumpkin head skull, head molds that you could get at Walmart or target and just filled it up with a jello shot.

Erick: We used the clear jello.

Vivi: Yes. Cause I wanted it to be like skin colored, but the drink is also skin colored. So it just kind of blends it.

Erick: That’s good though.

I like this for what do you rate it?

Vivi: I’ll give you mine. Yeah. He jumped ahead of me there. I really like this drink. It’s a five out of five for me. It’s like fall in a glass.

Erick: That’s why I like it. Ciders. Awesome. Yeah.

Vivi: Very folic cider all day.

Erick: Well, good job. Cheers. Try it. Now’s the time it’s definitely a fall drink. enjoy

Erick: fun facts. Are you ready? Yes, adrian king, who plays Alice had some pretty bad luck in this film as well as the first one. And the first one, I don’t know if you remember she had that incident with Betsy Palmer who plays Mrs.

Vorhees and gets slapped for real well in this one, the prop guy forgot to replace the ice pick with a retractable one and actually got stabbed with it. Not like, you know, impaled, but yeah, they hurt her and she was injured and blood and everything. Oh, Jesus Christ. Yep. She was making jokes about it even after and was like, you know, for the next one, just aim for the hole.

That’s there from last time. Oh, Jesus. apparently she was slated to be the main character of this one too. But I read some places that the real reason she wasn’t in it was because there were conflicts with budget where the agent was asking for too much money

but then there were other stories that seem to be the original reason that after the first film, she got a stalker. So it made her stop wanting to be in this film and kind of acting in general.

Vivi: That is terrible. If it’s the soccer story, the whole agent not being able to negotiate for the actor’s return, I feel like is a common theme in these part twos that we’re going to see a lot.

Erick: yeah. If your first film takes off the second one, you’re going to be like, yeah, give me more money.

If not, you need me, but I guess in some cases they don’t actually need you. They just kill off your character, like game of Thrones. Yeah, exactly. She was so not in the film that they even forgot to give her a script at the beginning when she’s on the phone, it’s all ad-libbed.

Vivi: Oh my God. That’s kind of rude.

Erick: I don’t even know if it was like a favor that she did to actually still come back for a little bit, because. You would think that because the agent wanted too much, they would just been like, well, no, we don’t want you and kill you off screen, but they still brought her back for a little bit.

So maybe there was some compromise

Vivi: there. It reminds me a lot of the opening and scream where you think drew Barrymore is going to be the main character and she’s killed off immediately.

Erick: If you look at this film next to this first one, there’s a lot of the same,

Vivi: it follows a very specific formula, which I am excited to see in the next films, because I know it completely leaves this formula later on in the franchise.

Erick: You think, thinking that they leave the formula once he starts going to like Manhattan and space interest.

Vivi: Oh, I mean, I’m done a guess that that’s no longer the formula,

Erick: I think I asked you in this one, like, is it still camp crystal lake?

you said it’s always came Chris lake. And I was like,

Vivi: yeah. In this one, the way they get around it is just by saying that they’re at the camp across that lake, but it’s still the same lake.

Erick: It’s like the counselor training camp or something.


 At Bebe’s request, this one is about who was assigned to do the makeup effects. special effects, makeup effects, same thing.

Vivi: I

Erick: think so. Well originally Tom Savini was assigned, but he had another commitment. So they turn to Stan Winston who also had conflicts.

So then they ended up falling on Carl Fullerton who went on to do things like Philadelphia, silence of the lambs

Vivi: Thank you for this fact because I feel like Savannah has a very particular style and you can tell that it’s not his work.

Erick: I wonder what it would have been like if it was him probably more kills.

Vivi: Yeah. I felt like they shied away from showing a lot of the kills and this one, which I missed.

Erick: We’ll talk about it a little bit later, but half of the group doesn’t stay at the camp.

Vivi: because the makeup effects couldn’t.

Erick: Yeah. This is just shame on me. I don’t know if Carl Holton went on to be like a master of special effects. Like Savina is known,

Vivi: a little bit, his like first major film and you know, you get better.

 silence of the lambs, I remember being very bloody. so If,

Erick: you know, let us know. Yeah. The scene at the end of the film, when we get to stare at Mrs. beautiful deadhead, there’s an alternate ending where she winks and smiles at the camera.

Vivi: That’s what I was waiting

Erick: the whole time. Cause it just quells on her face for so

Vivi: long. I was waiting for her to open her eyes or something

Erick: I’ll bring it up when we get there. But there was a point where I thought that Jenny was going to put her head on. I didn’t even know that works. That are skulls there it would not work. Yeah. It wasn’t like he used the mannequin head and put her skin

Vivi: over it. Now you’re getting like really into the nitty gritties here, Texas chainsaw. Yeah.

Vivi: I believe it does. Yeah, for the speed rod if I lose, I think we need to

Erick: take two shots because, oh, this is too

Vivi: easy. Are we going to stop making that joke?

No. No.

1, 2, 3,

Erick: go. So we started off with Ellis’ character, getting flashbacks of the first movie. It’s like a long time, just dwell dwells on this whole piece of like, Hey, remember what happened last time they do that. She gets killed them beginning. It flashes forward to this group.

They’re going to the camp. It looks like they’re going to be training to be camp counselors. We get introduced to every single character. They’re all playing games and stuff like that. They all get paired off. Half of them go to the bar. Half of them are like gonna stay. They all end up doing it. Jason is this person.

Who’s a legend. They’re like, he’s out there, but he’s not. And then he slowly, he’s picking off one by one until the end. He ends up attacking Jenny and Paul, Paul and Jenny are fighting him off and he runs away. Jason tries to kill her. Uh, Paul shows up, Jenny texts him with a machete. They’re like, oh, we’re here.

We’re happy and safe. And then up at the cabin uh, Jason crashes through the window and then hospital scene. Cause Jenny’s like, where’s Paul. And then the ambulance takes her away and then we get a shot of her in Ms. .

Vivi: You did it. You had five seconds to spare.

Erick: Woo. No two shots for us.

How many shots were in this jello shot though?

Vivi: It tastes very strong. I made a batch of it. So it’s like half a cup of moonshine. Jello shot. No, that’s not even a shot anymore. That’s just jello crap. It just

Erick: figured my drink yet. You

Vivi: did finger it

Erick: earlier

Vivi: there’s a lot of fingering jokes in this

Erick: movie. There is plenty,

oh, speaking of fingering three people played Jason Vorhees in this movie. Really? I didn’t take down names, but apparently one of them got his fingers smashed he had already had the machete in his shoulder.

So when they went to the emergency room, all three people in the emergency room were spooked. so they were

Vivi: treating a shoulder, which is like a prop and he’s like, no, my finger’s broken Jesus Christ. What a interesting day to work in that emergency room. So do you want an overview?

Yeah. The second entry in the long running horror series focuses on a group of teenage would be counselors converging on camp crystal lake for training under the tutelage of the head counselor. Paul inevitably, Paul reveals the story of Jason Vorhees, a boy who ostensibly drowned at the camp.

And whose mother murdered a group of counselors and revenge. No one takes the tale seriously until a very much alive. Jason begins gruesomely, eliminating people.

Erick: Huh? You know, this tale. So kind of

Vivi: confuses me.

Erick: For the first movie. It’s believed that Jason’s for real dad. Right? And he’s a kid who died when he was a kid.

Yes. Five years later, he’s an adult. And in the first movie at the end, he’s a child who drags Alison into the water. I don’t understand the timeline. One, two. Why is he still alive? if the way that this movie kind of plays out, I imagine that miss Vorhees possibly lived in the shack with Jason five years ago.

This is my

Vivi: same question. And I thought maybe later in the lore, we got an explanation because our whole base for killing all those teenagers in the first movie is that her son is dead.

Erick: Right. And so where has he been this whole time in terms of the first one, hiding

Vivi: away from his mother enough to see his mother get killed.

Why didn’t he reveal himself to her? I also don’t understand if the near drowning is what disfigured him or if he was born that way.

Erick: if he’s deformed, because he was under water for too long, should be dead.

Vivi: So I had, no, I was just like everyone to know that I’m talking to Eric and he has sunglasses on inside.

Cause he’s recovering too cool

Erick: for this podcast.

Vivi: So one, he looks funny cause he just thinks like he’s too cool to be around the house. But two, I could see the reflection of the laptop staring at me and his lens.

Erick: It’s a little distracting as long as it’s this laptop and not your laptop. Like last time.


Vivi: yeah. I don’t know

Erick: what happened there. Well, if it happens again, we know that we have a ghost and then we can talk about it or someone’s

Vivi: hacking me, which is also not good. You

Erick: have a webcam cover.

Vivi: I knew we’re good. They’re just listening to this podcast.

Erick: torture is on them. Not on us.

Vivi: Could at least give us the download number, sir.

Or Madam or

Erick: ghosts Okay, so let’s dive into

Vivi: the logic of it. Yeah, I wish someone made it more clear again. Maybe later. we’ll find out why maybe he is dead. And that’s why he becomes such a like unkillable monster later on. But do you want to dive

Erick: into it?

Vivi: My first note of this movie is, does this director have a foot fetish?

Erick: Why did you say that?

Vivi: So much of the movie, if you actually pay attention is shot through their feet walking.

 It’s like a lot of scenes of them walking through the woods. They focus on their shoes and sneakers, like so many scenes where you could easily show the person.

I don’t know if it was trying to emulate the first movie where you don’t know who the killer is, but now you know so the only way to get around that is to shoot their feet instead of their face. Yeah. But he’s wearing a sec anyways.

Erick: You still don’t. You don’t get revealed the actual Jason.

And to later, I think the reason is because, , the film likes to play with suddenly scaring, you making you think Jason’s there and it’s not. the same thing happens later where we see the cop shows his boots shows a person looking through the treeline.

It’s similar to the first one you automatically assume it’s Jason, but then it’s miss Vorhees. And so I think it’s a play on that, you think, you know who it is. At all. But you do know who it is for suspense. Well, now you do let’s picture 1981 we just saw the first movie a year ago. We see the second one and we got tricked in the first one. What if she’s got a husband? A miserable or he’s

Vivi: yeah. So should we get into the

Erick: first seed? the whole waste of time, because it’s like a season recap.

Vivi: Yes. It’s when you’ve come back to watch the new season

We see the return of Alice she is having a nightmare. Her nightmare is the entire ending of Friday, the 13th.

The first one,

Erick: we get the recap of beheading of Mrs.

Vivi: what her motivation is. Again, if you saw these movies a year apart, this makes sense. So you kind of remember what the storyline is. Can we talk

Erick: about this in the first one you know how she says. That the reason Jason says is because he’s saying kill for mommy.

Vivi: I don’t know if we covered it.

Erick: So correction, the composer, which is Henry Manford Dini, the line that inspired him was kill her mommy. to make cook it’s kind

Vivi: of fun. Sorry. I eating the shot and I’m taking in Eric’s wisdom here.

She wakes up startled from her nightmare jumps in the shower. You think you were going to get like a psycho homage in this seat? But instead she opens the shower and she’s totally fine.

She has had a call with her mother talking about how this is the only way she knows how to get her life back together. I’m assuming she’s just moved out of her parent’s home and is trying to get some sense of normalcy back.

Erick: She gets spooked by something outside or cat flies through the window and scares her. She’s walking around with an ice pick and it’s like, are you hungry? Opens the fridge and finds the random person’s head in the fridge, which I don’t think

Vivi: we ever find out who this


Erick: Right. I don’t think it matters. Cause she dies immediately. And then later she’s just like, oh girl, who was here, died five months after she survived So it’s kind of like they throw her whole story out the window. Yes.

Vivi: Our final girl is no longer final.

Erick: the next scene is this town that obviously was near camp, crystal lake, the couple parks somewhere, they go to a phone booth somebody in the background is towing their truck and they run out. They did soon find out that it was their friend, Ted, who pulled a prank on them and got some guy to just tell them.

Vivi: he ignores them blatantly. And I was about to be like, I’d be so busy shouldn’t, they at least tell you where they’re towing your cartoons. So you could pay,

Erick: he was so fast too. He doesn’t waits for them to park. One of the things point out is that in this scene, we get the ominous man from the beginning of the first one as well, this movie loved to kill characters that didn’t have an end in the first one because this guy just came to die.

Vivi: And he kind of deserved it because he was being a perv.

The couple we find out is Sandra and Jeff they were making their way to what is camp crystal lake, but on the opposite side of camp, crystal lake.

Crystal lake. And they stopped in the woods because there is a fallen down tree. while the boys were taking care of it, Sandra’s character is kind of wandering the woods and finds the old sign for camp crystal lake. She doesn’t know this, but Jason is also watching her as she does this. They make their way eventually to the camp counselor training center, where they meet Paul.

Erick: He’s the one who’s going to be training.

Everybody get introduced to Mark Terry, Vicky we also get introduced to Paul’s assistant Jenny who shows up to the introductions late. Paul and her are having an argument like a couple

Vivi: Carrie, the theme of the camp, counselor director, having a relationship with one of his employees, again, sticking to this formula,

Erick: We find out that Ginny has a child psychologist as well, because her car isn’t starting. Paul goes to help her. And he’s like, you gotta be gentle with it. Why don’t you use some of that child psychology on the car? I was like, the fuck. Is

Vivi: he talking about, yeah, this line is in this movie. Just so you know that she’s studying child psychology. I don’t like when people make comments like this, it like implies that because you went to college, you’re not good for anything outside of that.

I’m like, you can be capable of both things, you know that, but this line is purely in there. So you know that she studied

Erick: psychology. Well, and then she gives him a comeback and is like, why is my child psychology on the car? If it’s fun or to do it on you ,

Vivi: I’ve actually heard that theory that a lot of people who study child psychology use it on their husbands and boyfriends. Everybody’s got issues. Everyone’s got an inner child

Erick: demand, daddy

Vivi: issues. We’re just walking mommy and daddy issues like Jason.

Erick: Ooh,

so we’ve got campfire stories. Paul has told him the legend of Jason Vorhees and Mrs. Vorhees. And how this girl, five months after having survived, Mrs. tech when missing and Jason is potentially out there. And then Ted comes out in the caveman suit. Cause they’re like he could be out there surviving off of the woods

Vivi: which is such a like classic. I feel like you see it in cartoons. You see it in other movies where they’re telling the scary story and someone has orchestrated to scare them. Just really quick, because I found this like super weird Paul like obsessed with bears in the

Erick: woods.

Vivi: He puts it everywhere. He tells him to like, stay clean, not to wear perfume sets traps and stuff oh,

Erick: you know what, what if that’s an illusion to later when Vicki puts her perfume on and that’s when she gets killed, but Jason,

Vivi: that’s a good point.

 The kids are, I write kids because they’re supposed to be teenagers. They’re all drinking. However, so I’m assuming they’re more around the age of like 21 to 23,

Erick: because they just to keep talking about what majors they are

Vivi: Yeah. They are partying. And one of the cabins, some people are doing more exciting things that others, Ginny is playing chess with Paul,

Erick: Sandra keeps telling Jeff like, yo, we need to go over there.

We need to go find out if Jason’s real, she

Vivi: is super into this story. Jeff

Erick: is like, dude, no, which is so weird to see in these movies. Usually it’s like the opposite where the dudes being an idiot, Sandra is like really adamant about going one fact about Sandra, not so fun fact.

Apparently there was a full frontal nudity scene in the original cut of this film. Paramount found out she’s under-aged after the fact, I was like, how do you find out after the fact? So they had to cut it, but it was already filmed.

Vivi: Oh, that’s not good. And actually I thought the same thing, she’s the only one that looks like a genuine teenager throughout the whole film.

I was like, oh, but she must be of age because she’s you know, doing all these adult theme, things she looked like a teenager.

Erick: I just wonder if she’s the only under her age one. Then when she’s making out with Jeff who was possibly of age, he’s making out with a minor

Vivi: that happens a lot in Hollywood though.

even Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, like she was 15 and he was over 18 when they would do their kissing scenes on that seventies show. I think she also lied about her age to get the role, but it’s very easy to check someone’s age.

Erick: Right. That’s why that’s like dude, you didn’t do a background check.

Vivi: Jenny actually finds the whole thing boring and decides to leave She say, sorry, white man. And hilarious

Erick: we get Jenny going by herself to her cabin. It’s a very suspenseful scene you see someone lurking in their shadow in the background, we find out it’s the weird guy, from the town Paul shows up and scares.

Jenny is start making out. this is when we see the weird man just staring two hands with rope, come up behind them on the tree and then just choke him to death.

Vivi: Was it Roper? it looked like a chain of some sort.

Erick: seems like Jason resourceful and just uses maybe some fishing line,

Vivi: Could be. we kind of alluded to this earlier, but He was kind of being a pervert. So you’re, don’t exactly feel sorry for him.

He served his purpose.

He’s got to go.

Jenny wakes up, Paul has written P where of bears with lipstick on mirror, which is road.

Don’t mess up my lipstick for a dumb joke.

Erick: The next morning they’re all waking up to train and the dog who is with Terry, It’s like a tiny little two dogs.

Yeah, just a little bow. She looks like a little Wilkie. If anything she does. Her name is muffin muffin goes up to Jason. The next scene immediately is hotdogs. So you assume she’s dead. Yes.

Vivi: they’re cooling off at the beach. Sandra is still insisting to Jeff that they go check out camp blood. They sneak off at that moment Jason is close by behind them, but before anything actually happens to them, they are stopped by a police

Erick: officer.

Vivi: He then takes them back to Paul and stresses DePaul that they shouldn’t be out there wandering. He’s trying to play tough. Trying to say that he’ll get a warrant out for Paul, despite knowing that what he’s trying to do, there is a good thing. Paul just said, Sandra and Jeff away,

they don’t get seconds of desserts

Erick: and the cops pissed, cop leaves and he starts driving off. and he seized Jason, just booking it through the woods.

And the cop decides to just get off and start chasing after him. We get the longest wood chase scene ever.

Vivi: Again,


Could have stress it off. It was a very long through the woods. Seed He does get to the shack. You, the viewer doesn’t see the shocking thing that he sees that makes him go, oh my God. Because at that moment, Jason has snuck up behind him and asked him in the back of the head it’s not X. What

Erick: is it? It’s the back of my hammer. So fun fact. Oh cool. I actually haven’t gotten to the movie yet. apparently Halloween two and Friday the 13th part to share a hammer to the back of a cop’s head scene.

Oh, and this is it. yeah, we’ll see when we get to Halloween too, I guess

Vivi: obviously The teenagers back at the campsite don’t know that this has just happened. They’re finishing up what seems to be their last stress free night stress-free night before the training really gets heavy.

Paul tells them it’s going to be the last night that they can go out on the town. And whoever wants to go can go.

Erick: Here’s where we get to see everyone who’s on the death list.

Vivi: Yes. he says that he is making Sandra and Jeff stay behind because they snuck off earlier. This is their actual punishment. A couple of other people decide to stay behind.

Terry stays behind because she’s still looking for muffin. Scott, because he’s trying to get with Terry I pointed out to Eric, the second I saw Scott space, I was just like, I don’t like him. There’s just something about him. I don’t

Erick: that super creepy good-looking guy

Vivi: Yeah.

Don’t like this trope Vicky stays behind because mark stays behind everyone who stays behind is basically interested in hooking up with somebody else is

Erick: what you need to know. I mean, are you going to look at them and tell them that they’re wrong?

Vivi: I will tell them that they’re

Erick: wrong. What’s better doing this or going to the bar and getting hit on by a bunch of random people.

According to

Vivi: this movie, getting drunk at the bar.

Erick: once they leave, terry immediately decides to go for a walk in pitch black darkness and then go for a swim completely naked

Vivi: I don’t know if she’s just taking advantage of the fact that not a lot of people are there.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense. Cause I thought she was looking for muffin.

Erick: We were decided to do this cause it’s fucking gross. And you don’t know what’s in the water during the day. let alone the night.

Vivi: Maybe she’s washing off evidence. Jennifer body style.

While she’s doing this, Scott decides to be a creep and steals her clothes. I got the vibe that Terry is not that into Scott. Like Scott is heavily hitting on her the entire time and she’s just kind of annoyed with him.

Erick: Not defending him, but she’s also not very tough on him.

Maybe there is something there earlier in the movie he also slingshots her. But I think we talked about this trope about like, love your abuser he’s picking on her because he likes her and then she’s like, oh, and to him, because of that, it’s like, yeah.

Vivi: And I think I’ve also said I hate this trope cause like you’re an adult.

Erick: Well, I used to do this to you tonight. He used to slam your locker close all the time and look at us now we’re

Vivi: married. 17. And I was 16. These are actual, like 20 something year old. Also. I did not know you liked me. And I found that very


Erick: with water gun.


Vivi: What I’m saying is maybe we would have been married sooner if you just went up to me and were like, I actually liked,

Erick: Mark. I don’t think we pointed out is in a wheelchair.

he tells this story to Vicki and says that he like got in an accident and his lower half stopped working But Jeff and mark are muscling and I’ve never had this happen before where I’ve been so blatant in front of my friends where I’m like, let’s go fuck to my partner.

Because basically what happened, Sandra goes up to Jeff and is like, so you want to stop wasting time here so we can go do it. And then Vicki immediately takes that opportunity to be like, so you good with your fingers? Or what? Yeah.

Vivi: Again, there was a lot of fingering jokes here, all coming from Vicky.

Erick: He’s like completely oblivious to what’s going on eventually after like the literal position joke where she opens up her

Vivi: legs, she’s very obvious about it.

And he’s taken a minute to catch on. Yeah. Mandy’s films really like drive home the point that he hates sexually active teenagers. While this is happening. Has actually run away with Terry’s clothes and accidentally falls into one of Paul’s traps, or Jason’s trap. Terry’s like, all right, I’ll cut you down. But you got to stop being a jerk.

 She goes to find a knife or something to cut him down with, Scott is waiting there for her hanging upside down,

Erick: keep in mind. There’s also a lot of POV shots from the forest out to Terry and Scott.

Vivi: Jason grabs him by his hair and slices his throat.

It was scenes like these that made me realize that Tom Savini was not the special effects chair on this because it’s very quick and it cuts away immediately. This film is nowhere near, as gory as Friday the 13th part one,

Erick: The kills were pretty weak on this one.

Vivi: Kind of homage to the first movie as well, Scott is killed upside down, which is how we find a couple of the counselors in the first film. Take a shot every time we say the first film,

Erick: well, this is going to happen with any SQL.

Vivi: Actually Friday was so different from the first one. I feel like we kind of just referenced Nancy and then didn’t

Erick: really like them, which Freddie was better.

Vivi: Yeah, exactly.

Erick: Terry goes back and is like, stop being a Dick. All right, I’m going to cut you down. And then it sees he’s dead turns around and runs at nothing. She screamed at the camera and it’s just next shot at the bar, I think yeah.

They don’t even show her kill. No, for two characters. Vicky also kind of just gets stabbed. Does

Vivi: guess I kind of see what this film is trying to do, like to pay homage to a lot of the kills in the first one, because I feel like that’s how

kevin Bacon’s girlfriend, I forget her name. gets like an ax to the face and you see the whole thing. And I feel like Vicky’s death is supposed to be similar. Like, you’re assuming she got the knife to the face,

Erick: I thought you were telling

Machete to the face mark.

Vivi: Yes, mark does. Okay. Yeah,

Erick: We moved back to the bar where Ted Paul Ginny are at the bar, like at the bar bar, the actual bar at the bar,

Vivi: the seating area,

Erick: the bar seats, where the bar, the bar.

For some reason Ted’s collecting beer bottles and hitting on the

Vivi: bartender. You pointed out that he looks like the main character guy in Ratatouille, not

Erick: there was no way that they didn’t model that character off this guy. Jenny brings up the, the Jason legend intrigues her , because she’s like, if it were true, how old would he even be today?

I really love this exposition because it kind of explains why part two exists. It had to have been difficult for Jason to have really loved his mother who did everything for him. He probably didn’t even know what death was until he saw the murder of his mom.

Vivi: He wants revenge on the person who killed his mother. And at this point we do know that Alice has gone missing. They haven’t been able to find her. I think that’s what’s

Erick: so she’s implying that Alison’s missing because maybe Jason would have to hurt outside of camp,

Vivi: crystal lake.

At this point, she is speaking hypothetically she’s kind of just like thinking out loud, you know, if she does study child psychology is she’s seeing Jason as a child. Right. Paul does this thing that I find very, I don’t like when people do this. When any one person is talking about something that they’re clearly interested in and then their partner shuts them down immediately professional on something.

They are like studying She literally turns to them and she’s like, I’m serious. I’m trying to have a serious conversation with you. And he like talks to her, like she’s a child. I don’t like this trope or whatever we’re seeing here. If the person you’re with excited about something and is like, Hey, I actually want to talk about this. Just talk about it or just listen to them. Like, I don’t know. Yeah. Just be

Erick: fucking nice. If you listen to your partner, there might be less divorces out there

Vivi: just saying just fan less murdered camp

Erick: counselors.

We were sick as fuck. And we’re still recording. we can hold a conversation without pulling each other’s hair out. We’ll do this after the episode.

Vivi: Yeah. We’ll fight later.

Erick: Hold it together for the next hour. Oh

Vivi: no, that’s a long time.

I do find this scene. Interesting. I agree.

She’s giving that to a character. That one, I guess, as an audience, you’re not even supposed to know that it’s him yet, but it explains what happens later on in the film as well.

Erick: I think it’s cool because where I thought this movie was lacking up to this point was reading.

For happening. Why does Jason want to go back? Other than that, he’s just like a ruthless killer, The first one does a good job of being like Mrs. Vorhees is there to get revenge for the negligence of the counselors. At this point is when you’re like, oh, this all makes so much sense because his mother was everything to him and witnessing her death was

Vivi: traumatic.

The writers were like, why though? Why would he come back? Like we got to give the audience that. And I like when horror movies give you that reasoning, there’s so many.

Erick: makes me nervous for the rest, because like at what point

does it not matter anymore? I guess we’ll find out, when you get the Jason X and he’s in space and shit, it’s like, He’s not killing people in space. Cause his mom died, you know, that’s

Vivi: true. Well, we don’t know that

Erick: actually all who knows,

Vivi: It just for the love of the game at that point.

Erick: Yeah. For the love of the space of Jeff Bezos, Jason.

Vivi: Oh, that’s going to be the next movie, we flash back to the kids hooking up

Erick: couples. All about the fuck. LOL Vicky. You’re going to go change to get ready for sleeping together with mark changes into another sweater and granny panties shiny.

Vivi: Yeah, Vicky changes into way less sexier

Erick: clothing. So let me go get sexy by getting less sexy.

Vivi: You said they were shiny I said poop, shiny underwear. Cause they’re brown.

I don’t know who

Erick: she was high up until this point up until she decided to put

Vivi: on those underwear,

While she’s out getting ready. There’s so many times, where we. she’s going to get killed. It’s all just faking you out. She

Erick: goes to the car to get a

Vivi: comb. You think that’s where she’s going to get killed? No, it’s not. Then we get a scene of mark thinking that Vicki has returned

Erick: and it doesn’t make any sense when he dies, Vickie’s outside by the car. And she’s like, oh, the rain. And then there’s thundering pouring Mark’s like, Vicky said, you No, it’s thunder. Well, what the hell are you talking about mark?

Vivi: Oh, so Loki’s reaction. He’s like, was that when you hear the thunder mark goes out to investigate and he gets a hatchet

Erick: to the blocking, just brutal death.

he’s probably like the saddest death, they did him so wrong that not only did he get a hatchet straight to the face, but they also made him fall down a series on a wheelchair, like

Vivi: my notes, where he falls down the stairs from the Exorcist.

I think they just really went hard on some kills and then not at all

Erick: on others. I’ve just been like, Jason shoved him down the stairs. And then he died. Cause he felt a, is almost a hate

Vivi: crime.

Erick: Vicky perfumes, her badge.

Vivi: Yes, she does do that. That was before he dies. Yeah. You just had to get that point in there because she

Erick: does it. it’s a really weird thing to do. She perfumes her neck. No normal.

Right? She like perfumes her chest with fun. And then she like, looks down, pulls her panties out and then perfumes inside her pubes. I’m like, all right, well, that’s going to taste nasty. Don’t

Vivi: think we can leave

Erick: that in there. Why not?

Vivi: We’re not family friendly enough.

Erick: Literally.

This is a horror podcast. We’re talking about murder.

Vivi: Yeah. This is not family friendly. This is the culture where murder is fine, but sex is not okay.

Erick: So what you’re saying is that like, if they’re getting murdered while doing it,

Vivi: it’s fun, which is what happens next. Well, I think they finished doing it actually at the same

Erick: time,

Vivi: Sandra and Jeff are finishing up sweaty.

 Jason Reaches for the costume that Ted had worn originally to scare the kids, but tosses the mask outside and uses the spear. I don’t know why they have a spear just ready there to scare people.

That’s true. It could be that just not something safe to have around with the serial killer on the loose, unless you’re the one using it, I guess. this kill, I feel like is a reference to Kevin Bacon’s kill in the first film because apparently, oh, fun fact,

Erick: the original cut had the actual shot of the spear through the back into both Jeff and Sandra.

But when it was so brutal that the rating company said, take it out or we’re giving you a harsher rating,

Vivi: more brutal than through

Erick: the throat. Maybe because they were naked and stuff like that. Oh, so because she was under

Vivi: age possibly. Right. It couldn’t use the

Erick: thing that makes a lot of money was like that girls under age and they’re

Vivi: clearly under age.

And they were like sweating, like really? We didn’t know.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: that would make more sense because it seems way too tamed

Another part that actually plays into the formula of this movie, this all happens while the main cab director, the one who is responsible for all these children is out on the town. That’s true. Being there.

Erick: Well, and this one, he actually comes back, but this one fight hand-to-hand with Jason, Ted and a bunch of the other group who decided to go to the town, stay there. Paul and Sandra decided to go back to the camp Vicky in the meantime finds Jason because she goes upstairs.

She Opens the door and then this is the first time we get to see burlap sack Jason, because he comes out of under the sheets and he’s like, ah, I’m here.

she backs up, he slashes her in the leg, she’s actually pretty bad at acting, acting afraid, afraid yet. She backs away though. And she runs into Jeff who is hung on the door for some reason. So Jason likes to have fun with his girls and against, why didn’t he just leave them?

It reminds

Vivi: me of Halloween, the first one where he stages the bodies of the friends around.

Erick: Yeah. Jason’s is not a character in this. I was also thinking about when Alice gets killed in the beginning, he calls her you would imagine that Jason hasn’t been around like civilization. He wouldn’t really know how to work a phone.

You wouldn’t know how to get there to where she is. Cause I think they say she’s in. Jersey?, I think. but like she’s somewhere else completely.

Vivi: So he travels. Uh, It’s a town. You can have a camp where there all this was

Erick: filmed.

Yeah. The canvas were real working camp. They closed it down. Just the film.

Vivi: I wouldn’t go there just for the lore of this movie. I’d be like, no, some psychos going to try to re-enact this whole movie. So from,

Erick: and I’m bring these in, but some of the actresses actually were truly spooked thinking that things were actually happening.

actress who plays Terry was actually a super spooked the entire time of filming at night she would hear a scratching on the windows and stuff like that. So like nature maybe was messing with her and she was too into the movie. Maybe the actress who plays Jenny, the last few scenes where Jason flies through the window to attack her.

She was so like actually scared by it, knowing that it was going to happen, that like she would get so stiff right before he would come through the window the actress who played Vicki also was obscured by a lot of things on set. Like they were just spooked by this.

And I think it has something to do with being out in the middle of the woods and

Vivi: sounds and things like that. Yeah. Because when you’re used to living in the city, I know we like also stayed in a cabin one time and I’m just not used to the sound of like raccoons going through the trash stuff like that.


Erick: So Jason shows up with like a butcher knife, because it’s pretty big. Why does he take so long to attack her again? does she hold him back

Vivi: I don’t know. That happens a lot in this movie where people take a really long time to attack anyone.

Erick: She just cries and it

Vivi: just screams.

Yeah. At this point, Jenny and Paul have made their way back to the camp site. They’re looking for the camp counselors.


Erick: suspicious because the lights are on I don’t

Vivi: know. I guess if you’re running a business and they leave the lights on and they’re not supposed to you’re of like, they wouldn’t have left a place like this. Jenny actually makes her way up to the room where everyone had been murdered, but she doesn’t find any bodies. She just finds a puddle of blood in the bed. And that’s when she calls for Paul. Paul

was thinking about how he needs to find a better dealer,

he makes that comment about how the kid Tyler. Yeah. kids a better job than I do.

Erick: Like drug?

Vivi: Yes, but

Erick: ex. Yeah. So he makes his way up to Jenny the lights cut off. they come downstairs and Jenny’s like, don’t leave me. Paul points out that the lights in the kitchen are still on.

So he’s like, it’s gotta be one of the breakers. They go to the kitchen. They’re looking around. Jenny completely gets shocked Jason comes out of nowhere to attack Paul. And that just keeps repeating his name over and over and over again.

While Paul fights, Jason,

Vivi: I believe she sees him. She keeps telling Paul she’s like Paul, there’s someone in here at Paul or someone in here while

Erick: they’re fighting. She’s still like Paul,

Vivi: Paul, Paul. Yeah. She doesn’t help him. No. Oh,

Erick: she’s yelling and moving away. It’s like Paul. And then meanwhile, Jason and Paul are tussling in the background it’s silent.

Then Jason just pops up out of nowhere, just like she runs into a bathroom.

Vivi: it seems like she is trying to hold the bathroom door close, but also escape through the window at the same time. while she thinks that Jason is about to enter through the door, he actually has gone around the house and has burst through the window.

He bursts through a lot of windows in this one.

 Different problems

Erick: because she lets go with the, a doorknob, but there’s no actual lock on the door. That’s not a good thing. So I wouldn’t just assume he’s gone. No,

Vivi: She ends up being right, because he has burst through the window to attack her.

Erick: She just sprints to the bathroom on the other side of the house, she’s speculating whether she should jump out the window or not.

holds the door tight and then grabs the, knife sees him just laying the door knob. And then Jason turns into a Spartan and just uses a rake to crash through the door. It goes straight through the door With both his forearms, Jason, the

Vivi: strongest hell, which I think he only gets stronger as the series goes on.


Erick: Jenny immediately freaks the hell out, jumps out the window and then runs to another cabin.

Vivi: She rents her car. You see this coming when the first thing happens, where she shows up with this junky car, you know, that later on, she’s going to try to escape in this car and it’s not going to work.

It’s exactly what happens tries to turn it on a couple of times, but gives up because Jason has taken that rake and has stuck it in the roof of the cars. And now she is just panicking.

Erick: this scene is funny because he pops up and is like, Hey, Hey. Why didn’t you just crash through the window?

He can crash the

Vivi: Reiki windows this whole

Erick: time. She gets out of the car knocks him off the car somehow. And he rolls onto the ground. And that kind of gives Jason A. Little bit more like humanity,

Vivi: Because some humanity in this

Erick: one is not like invincible. He, can be knocked down and fought hand-in-hand like, Paul did. But she runs away hides by a tree. He turns to the corner and she kicks him in the nuts, not a nut kicking in humanity, kicked him in the humanity, kicked him in the humanity.

She just sprints into the woods

Vivi: she does find another cabin eventually. And is hiding under the bed. This is where we get the scene that a rat crawls underneath the bed with her. we don’t know if it’s because of the fear of Jason or the fear of the rat that she pees herself. Allegedly.

It’s the rat that was supposed to head

Erick: pizza. the writers were thinking it’s the rat that pizza, but it’s like, no,

Vivi: I thought it was meant to show just how afraid she was of everything going on.

Erick: As the peak comes out, that’s when Jason turns around and is like, oh, she’s under the bed.

he hides and she sees a clearing to the doorway. That’s when she starts to crawl out Jason is on top of a chair, that’s flimsy it breaks under him. And he misses the rake to her face, which is

Vivi: just lucky at that point for her.

Erick: She runs up and grabs the.

Vivi: That we see her with earlier that you obviously know she’s going to,

 this is something that bothered me about this scene. She fights them off with a chain saw and he is afraid he does back up and get cut.

 she does this a lot. She doesn’t finish

Erick: the job,

Vivi: she then grabs a chair and slams it on him. I think you just should have not let go of the chainsaw. Just make

Erick: sure it’s done. So we have to be on the side of these are just innocent kids like, okay, throw us into a horror movie we know fuck that guy up and make sure to like finish them off you’re in self defense mode. You got to just make

Vivi: sure this person is clearly trying

Erick: to hurt her. That if they get up, they’re going to kill you.

Vivi: You should know that at this point. don’t know if that argument

Erick: holds you would be surprised with how many people were like, no, you’re not going to do it because humanity and like, oh wait, but it’s like, no dude. At the end of the day, I already kicked him in the humanity. going to chains on him anyway.

Make sure that he’s done. That’s true.

Vivi: So at this point, she’s, chainsawed him slammed a chair on him. And it’s still running

Erick: and she comes upon the check,

Vivi: the check that we’re supposed together. He’s been living in for quite a while. It’s very decrepit. As she’s trying to hide in there, she hears him coming bolts the door down and finally sees what the cop had seen earlier.

But the audience hadn’t that Jason has set up a shrine to his mothers to capitated head. It looks nothing like

Erick: her.

Vivi: Well, if it’s been five years, it would be buried decomposed. Actually, I think it would be a skeleton at this point, unless he’s done something to try to preserve it. along with her.

Had we see her sweater has been laid over there as well. It’s got other

Erick: bodies there, right from he’s killed that night. He’s

Vivi: got the bodies of all the camp counselors and I believe the body of Alice as well. That looks like it’s in a more serious stage of decomposition.

Erick: Wondering what that’s about? Is it just like here’s an offering So you, I believe

Vivi: so, Alice is definitely an offering. It’s the one that killed her he is probably finishing her work at this point.

Erick: Jenny is freaking the fuck out Jason is trying to smash his way through the door.

Jenny meals by the shrine and just quickly thinks let me put it on a sweater. I’m guessing she’s using her child psychology to try to combat Jason. This is the point where I thought maybe she’s going to try to put his head on, but I was like, how’s that going to work? Because she just keeps staring at the head.

So I was like trying

Vivi: to see how her hair is. You didn’t know?

Erick: I didn’t see if her head fits. No, no. Jason really gets in Jenny puts on this act like she’s in this war. He’s and it was just like, yes, Jason, Christopher for mommy. Yeah.

It’s so weird that she has to act like this.

Vivi: The work is done. Now, Jason, you’ve done a good job. mother is pleased. We get really ed gain about it here with the whole obsession with mommy. she does tell him to kneel. He kind of fights her a little bit, but she says, Jason mother is talking to you.

this kind of gets him to kneel down.

Erick: It’s a cool effect that they keep putting misses where he says face over Jenny, you’re seeing her from Jason’s point of view because it keeps phasing in and phasing out when it phases out, Jason almost is like, wait, no, you’re not my mom.

Vivi: Yeah. It illustrates his confusion at the moment. Again, probably a deeper understanding of a character that I don’t know if we’re ever going to get again after this.

Erick: Jeannie takes the longest times I hit him with a machete. She moves slightly And Jason can see his mom’s head out on the shrine and is like, oh no, no, no, no, no. I’m not going to get tricked and puts his pickaxe in the way. And when Ginny tries to hit him, that’s when Paul comes out of nowhere, he is not dead and fights. Jason

Vivi: the shack is kind of falling in on them. Jenny actually helps this time. . She takes the machete and buries it in his shoulder.

And they believe it to be over so much so that they uncover his face, but you, the audience doesn’t get to see it. And I thought we weren’t going to see it at all. Yeah. And they’re just disgusted. not only did you just stab this guy, you’re just like disgusted by his face. They go find another cabin.

Jenny has been injured in this spite. Her life has been slash they take refuge here

Erick: and immediately gets spooked by some noise by the front door. Never to the door.

And it’s this Wookie dog muffin. Very cute, very similar effect to the first one where it’s like super amazing, happy go lucky music. Everyone’s like, oh my God muffin. It’s you. you know, sometimes what the happened when the camera has a wide pan of where Jenny is, there’s a window behind her. This is where I think Jenny was an idiot. If you’re really that spooked, you wouldn’t go near any entry. Like they move away from the door. There’s a window behind you.

But you also

Vivi: think he’s dead at this point. Are you though? I don’t know if you double tap. They did not. I would also like to point out that muffin has probably seen some shit, honestly,

Erick: Jackson

Vivi: to the door, like I’ve been severely traumatized.

Erick: you think she was dead up until this point because when Jeff and Sandra were in the woods, they see a dog which makes you kind of comfortable muffins.


Vivi: was the one that killed that dog

Erick: muffin is

Vivi: Jason’s dog learned from Jason. Now

Erick: he’s been feeding counselors to her. She eats wrong, nothing but raw. She’s COO Joe’s loss cousin. plot twist. But this is a long way to say that Jason just jumps through the window and crashes on to Jenny and it’s like slow-mo And then you see his face. He’s got a beard. he’s got no hair. He’s got a beard. Yeah. For a second, I almost tweaked because I thought that it was two guys that

Vivi: jumped into the window. They show you the scene from two different angles.

Erick: Yeah. At first you could see his deformed side.

And then on the left side, you see, he’s got like a beard. Yes. So he pulls her it just like pans white.

Vivi: And it says, I mean, that is very reminiscent to the first film where Alice is in the lake and she thinks she is safe.

No. Jason pops out of the water. He pops out of the window and this is very similar

Erick: style. Jenny gets pulled away into an ambulance and is screaming Paul where’s Paul where’s Paul. You

Vivi: don’t actually see what happens if in

Erick: fact, apparently nobody knows what happens to Paul. Okay.

Let’s just

Vivi: never expect. Okay. I think that’s what I wanted to ask you. Like does Paul survivor not, cause he’s not seeing

Erick: apparently even the cast doesn’t know, like I was looking at from face and I’m like, yeah, nobody knows what Paul it’s part of the lore. I have it to Paul. Like, did he die? Then he went, just leave.

Is he Jason? Hmm.

Vivi: Interesting.

Erick: He’s the one killing kids because he doesn’t want to actually work. He hates his job.

Vivi: I think actually seeing his face is a big reveal for audiences. Probably something that we saw a little bit of in the first film, but like throughout this whole film or like, why is he wearing this sack over his.

Erick: He ages very quickly in five years,

Vivi: if he is 13 in the first movie and this is five years later, he would be an 18 year old man. But he looks like he’s been through, sorry. While you’ve been living in the woods, he saw his mother die.


Erick: Well credits. No, no, no. Hold on.

We get to just a close in shot of Mrs. Vorhees his head on this shrine You think something’s going happen? Another

Vivi: happens. Yeah. I completely believe that as we got closer and closer to your face, or we’re going to see her open her eyes or something.

Erick: That’s how Jason knows what to do or

Vivi: something.

Yeah. It turns out Jason’s not crazy. She’s been alive this whole time. She just forgot to moisturize and that’s pretty much it.

Erick: Yeah. That’s Friday the 13th part two to Jason’s revenge. No,

Vivi: honestly the other one I kind of,

Erick: there’s a Jason’s revenge. He’s

Vivi: there. Okay. Oh no.

Erick: He’s ruined everything into Michael’s revenge.

There’s a Michael’s revenge.

Vivi: Everyone gets revenge. Everyone. When they were the one killing in the

Erick: first place. It’s the revenge for my revenge that you got revenge on. I

Vivi: got stuffed in my first revenge. This is my second one.

Erick: and we bring them back to this now that the copyright is back to whoever owns

Vivi: it.

I don’t know if that’s completely settled though. That’s what we said at the end of this.

Erick: Screaming at her Victor Miller from the original Friday, the 13th one has legal battle and got the domestic rights to the Friday, the 13th franchise.

So who knows what that means for the franchise? It’s. But it’s definitely a victory for Victor Miller

Vivi: yeah, just like everyone else.

I’m kind of curious what this means. Does he now get to promote this movie as his own and go on and make the next storyline for

Erick: Jason? Who knows?

Vivi: You know what we should do. I don’t know if this will come up a lot. We should get our resident lawyer to pop in and let us know what it actually means. And then just put a blurb of Brenda explaining

Erick: rent

Vivi: explains LA jargon.

Erick: This is kind of cool. It’s cool to see that the original creator has the rights back. One of them, right? Cause screenwriter, what does that necessarily mean?

Like he did the script, like he did the,

Vivi: Character himself to himself, because it’s like, John Carpenter very clearly owns Myers, right? West Craven clearly owns Ghostface and Freddy, I don’t know who clearly owns Jason.

Erick: So I guess to clarify, it sounds like. Victor Miller was in a legal battle against Shung Cunningham. Who was the director of the first film Miller tried to claim that he was the domestic owner of the Friday, the 13th franchise. And Cunningham was like, no, you did that under hire for us while we were working on the film.

Vivi: I could see how it really sucks though, because it’s a character you created. How are you supposed to know that it blows up like this?

Erick: You can say that about anything any work contract that you signed, like I’ve done this enough where it’s like, anything that you come up with is intellectual property to the company

Vivi: you work for.

I can see why a lot of people want to work for themselves now

Erick: yeah. It’d be shitty. If you came with something that blows up and you can’t even have the rights to it fruitful to any of it. We were talking about this last time with Steve Ditko I think as a state is battling to get the rights to Dr.

Strange and Spider-Man again,

Vivi: That is a tough one. Yeah. But I am interested to see where it goes and if we get more, what did you think you go first. Okay. Oh man.

Erick: I think I like the first one better because the special effects are definitely great. There’s not much to it as far as plot and stuff like that goes. Yeah. I liked the fact that Jenny gives the psychological background as to why Jason is doing what he’s doing. I would give this movie a seven and a half.

Cause it’s not scary. the fact that you can fight, Jason makes him human. Right now. And honestly, yeah, right, right. Right now. So like honestly, anybody could have possibly taken him down. He just had the advantage because he was hiding and no one knew he was there.

Vivi: So we had to look it up because I didn’t remember what I rated the first Friday, the 13th.

Erick: It sounds like I gave it the same exact rating as the first time. Yes.

Vivi: Do you want to change your rating or no?

Erick: I definitely thought the first one was better, but I feel like it’s unfair to change my mind.

Vivi: You can like it for different

Erick: reasons. Yeah I would have hated it. Had it not done the Ginny psychology piece, brought back the color that we got from the first one, which I liked about the first one. Yeah. So I keep this one and a half. Okay.

Vivi: I will, man. We’re so boring. We just agree on everything.

But definitely like the first better, the kills were just first of all, you could see the kills they were just way more creative and well done. No offense to the current makeup artists. Maybe he got better with time. There’s just something about Jenny’s character that saves this whole movie.

 I’m going to give it a seven. I also kind of have like a special fondness for this movie because it was on the night before we got married and I was watching this specific scene. With Jenny and the head of Mrs. Vorhees. And we had seen the first one at this point. I didn’t know that this was the second at the time. I was just like, oh, one of the Friday, the 13th is on, so I’m going to give it a seven out of 10.

Erick: Okay. For those reasons. Okay. It’s good. At least we’re consistent. I’ve heard the name before he’s was more resourceful than Jason was. I was thinking like Ms. Moore he’s used and arrows. Like she knew

Vivi: a lot.

She was also very shy. It was just a strong family.

Erick: Yeah. Jason has a lot to learn

Vivi: and maybe he does. Do you want to talk about what’s good. Okay. About this man lookie

Erick: here, this whole movie somewhere to, yeah. Similar to how he hated Freddy’s laugh last week. He hated all the nature sounds, which is basically what happens the entire,

Vivi: I guess he’s not a fan of our slasher month.


Erick: okay. We’re going to take them to a state park nearby soon to get him used to the wilderness.

Vivi: we had put chips in a.

While we were watching this movie at any time, I would reach into the bowl and like, try to grab a chip. It would make a funny sound in the glass. He did not like it. couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, looking at the ceiling. He thought it was the speakers. He thought it was outside and he just could not figure out it

Erick: was the bowl literally in front of him.

And he was still looking. I was like,

Vivi: no, it can’t be that the outside scary

Erick: world. You want to tell us about a low-key?

Oh, is that what you were scared about or poor?

Vivi: I’m sorry. I don’t think that’s going to end anytime soon. I literally

Erick: can’t see Loki. I can’t cook right now. Okay. We’re just eating chips. This guy gets better than we do though. You hate that?

I do this, but I really want to try his bacon, egg,

Vivi: and cheese. You’re so gross. I just get a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. You don’t have to eat his

Erick: look, if you’re not willing to eat your own dog food, then why are you feeding into your dog?

Vivi: No,

Yeah. But are we pretty much

Erick: done here today? Yeah. Are thank you so much for listening to us. This was Friday the 13 part two. It was exciting. I can’t wait until next week. What are we covering next

Vivi: week? We are covering Texas chainsaw massacre part two, which is a very different from the first

Erick: Oh yeah. The theme is completely different. I would not expect that to happen.

Vivi: Excited to talk about it. it’s ridiculous as always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You could follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken out. Scared pod set. Twitter. Twitter is shaken. Scared pod.

You can send us an

Erick: before the show on page Sean we’ll name, our next drink. After you with mentions on our website where the drink page will live forever. You can listen to us on all your favorite podcasting sites, apple podcasts, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, a bunch of others.

Give us a listen, give us a follow. Yeah, they’re all looking to treat. It’s still pumpkin season is plenty.

Vivi: Be sure to like rate, review all that good stuff and enjoy spooky season.

Erick: Literally go out there and just go to a pumpkin patch. All the pumpkins.

You send us all your like carved pumpkins. We want to see them. Oh, that’d be fun. Yes.

Vivi: but K thanks, bye. But.

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