The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

Erick: Kesha Markeesha was my favorite character in the movie. Oh my God. Even in the,

Vivi: the original, original Shakespearean

Erick: play a course on both your house,

Erick: Welcome back to the chicken. That scared podcast here with you as always your host. Sarah can VB. Today. We’re going to be talking about the 1986 film, the Texas chainsaw massacre two directed by Toby Hooper.

But before we get into that, how are you, baby?

Vivi: I’m bloated.

Erick: I’m sick. If we sound a little different for a reason,

Vivi: hopefully I don’t sound as nasally as last week. Still might sound the same.

Erick: We recorded these episodes at the same time. So just FYI.

Vivi: Eric still blind.

Erick: I can see a little better though. Yeah. So that we’re recording these in advance. I also realized that because. A nightmare on Elm street ahead of time. I forgot to say happy birthday to Shayla. One of our avid listeners. Definitely not old enough to listen to this, but still does. She’s my youngest niece.

So I have a birthday, sorry. Didn’t forget about it. Just forgot at the time of recording that episode.

Vivi: everybody get your birthday. We promise.

Erick: She’s so lucky. She has an October birthday for the longest time. She didn’t really like Halloween there. I

Vivi: almost had an October

Erick: birthday. Yeah, you were a couple of days away.

What happened? Your

Vivi: mom said, my mom said, get the fuck

Erick: out. Yeah, but it’s week three of spooky season. We have a couple of things planned for this weekend.

 We’ll be joining the virtual version of the Salem horror Fest starting that weekend into the week after. we’ve never done it before, so I didn’t even know what to expect, but I think from what I’ve seen, we get to see like a live stream of a bunch of movies that are not just mainstream movies, but also Indi

Vivi: Yeah, I think it’s probably the first time they’re doing virtual, so they probably also don’t know what to expect.

Erick: Live ones going on between the first and the 11th of October. So if you’re there, I hope you went well. That’s not how it was.

Other than that. We also got this witchcraft mixology class. we’re going to have spookier techniques to give you guys some cooler pictures and videos. Hopefully. I feel like I’m in a rent. Yeah. You feel pretty upset with your drink for today.

Vivi: We can talk about it. It is like,

Erick: okay, well we’ve always said that we’re not professional mixologist, so it’s going to happen until we become pros eventually 36 episodes in dammit. We’re not better

Vivi: yet.

Erick: Well, what can we

Vivi: count that you got, I’ve got a couple of things, but I wanted to bring up something that we were talking about earlier. We watched a lot of creepy stuff and I feel like sometimes we need something to break up all the sometimes depressing themes that we watch.

What should we call that content corner?

Erick: Positivity content.

Vivi: We’ll think of a name, I think I want to ask for recommendations on what are people’s comfort shows the show you put on when you feel like

Erick: Pope, I know what

Vivi: yours is. You do. Just, just so that people can know what our style is.

Erick: Yours is Bob’s burgers. Bob’s burger movies is Harry

Vivi: Potter. Yes and no. Yeah. I’ve been watching other things.

Erick: You went through a Twilight spell for a minute. Oh, I really did. Every time I’d come to the house you were watching. Why are you watching? Yeah,

Vivi: that one was weird even for me, but you just got to rewatch how bad it is, but it’s still nostalgic.

Cause he watched it in your teens. It’s definitely cringy. yeah. Other than Bob’s burgers. There is something else that I always put on Daria. Daria is also another comfort one minute. Cause they took it off streaming sites and I’m like kind of upset. What are your comfort show? You don’t rewatch

Erick: watch shows.

I don’t really watch anything. Cause I’m always busy. You only watch new things. The comfort stuff is like playing video games or watching.

Vivi: Oh, that’s what we should call it. Comfort content, comfort content.

Erick: Yeah. are we doing

Vivi: this every week? Probably not. It probably when we need a brand thing positive.

So tell us your comfort content and recommend stuff to us. The slice of life enemy.

Erick: need to do, I was just talking about this. Yeah,

Vivi: that one was a big one.

Erick: If you guys haven’t seen it. Oh my God. Just look up clips of it and it’ll make you want to watch it.

Look up the goat tackle.

Or the deer one. Oh my God. Or the dog?

Vivi: Yeah, the Dogwood is great. Any of the times where the space things happen, if it sounds like nonsense, it is. It’s great. It has

Erick: no plot. It’s called slice

Vivi: of life. That’s the John rhe.

Erick: we were looking at more, and you said that people were saying that need to use the best ones. So we started with the best. Yeah. It’s

Vivi: definitely a good time. So if you know of any that are just as fun, let us

Erick: know.

Vivi: We could get back to creepy conduct if you want. I want. This is movie on Netflix. Coven of sisters.

It’s an Argentinian horror film. Basically deals with the Spanish inquisition think which trials, but it takes place in Argentina instead, makes you mad because of the way that women were accused. It’s a little inspirational, but like the ending still made me hate the Spanish inquisition, hot, controversial take, so it’s decent.

I think it’s worth checking out. That’s all I watched on my own. The rest we watched together.

Erick: So I watched one of the dead it’s actually a zombie film that takes place in Havana, Cuba. I thought it was going to be like a play on Shaun of the dead.

it was completely different than what I expected. A lot of I’m assuming inside jokes for Cuban government and people who are from Cuba, because the government. Doesn’t even address the zombies. It’s like people who are infected in undead. They’re like they’re people who hate the government, The rioters, So it’s this kind of commentary on the government and the people they turn the zombie apocalypse into a business they say it in Spanish. They’re like one of those . Oh, God damn. So they’re like, pay us and we’ll do it for you. So you don’t have to yourself. So tagline, huh?

Yeah. shit hits the fan by the end. I liked it.

Vivi: It sounded funny from

Erick: what you described.

we watched midnight mass. Finally, we started

Vivi: it.

like more than halfway. I think we have like two episodes left.

Erick: Yeah. my plan again is the director. And he’s the one who created blind manner and hunting haunting of hill house. Yeah. I always want to say house on haunted hill, another movie. Yeah. You like it so far, I’ve told you that these shows are too slow pace sometimes for me, not that I hate them, I understand like character development, but I mean, honestly, just get to the point.


Vivi: It’s very different tale wise. Cause while the other two focus on. Huge house. Usually being haunted. This one is about a small fishing town, I would hate to live in a small town like this on an island.

Which is extremely Catholic, Or Christian. I’m not sure don’t come at me please. So there’s so many themes of about religion it, took three episodes to get to something that you’re like, here’s the creepy part. There are definitely

Erick: characters. I hate. Yes. Oh my God was her name, Bev, Bev, Bev,

Vivi: Keene, brick and worst.

But we also watched the documentary that we were talking about the first week of spooky season, scream queen, which is a documentary on the actor who plays Jessie and Friday the 13th. Part two

Erick: Friday’s revenge. Mark

Vivi: Patton, it’s definitely worth watching. I think it’s very interesting what that film Freddie’s revenge did unintentionally or intentionally. And it’s effects that it had on its

Erick: actor, because I did miss a lot that it confirmed what we had said at the end, that instead of using it to support homosexuality it, used it as a horror factor.

Vivi: So that was actually one of the points of the documentary the screenwriter claimed for many years, that. It was gay subtext, but it wasn’t meant to be overt. it was written as scary.

Erick: And

Vivi: the love of a good woman can fix you.

He said that it was Subutex and that our actor who played Jesse is the reason that it came off super gay, because he was just super gay. It is upsetting to see, because then later on, as the film obviously turned, I believe it was the 30th anniversary.

And as America became more accepting of people of other sexualities. He started to say that he did it on her, you know, like change the narrative of what he said,

Obviously 30 years later with a different fan group, this film became very important to people who are of the LGBTQ plus community, it’s just he really let the actor suffer the brunt of the consequences and didn’t support him.

And there was a part in there that I did not like. And it was when the director Jack shoulder, because he has such a particular name. He spoke with Mark Patton, Mark Patton had kind of confronted the cast and the director with his feelings about it. He spoke with him, one-on-one on another occasion in front of the cameras and told him that he needed to get over it and forgive the screen writer.

And I don’t agree with telling people they need to get over something when you didn’t suffer the consequences

Erick: of it. We established that Jack shoulder had even like neglected that it was ever a subtext. It sounds like.

Vivi: I mean, I didn’t like that.

He did that. I don’t know how he was as a person, but you don’t get to tell people that when your career is not the one that frickin suffered immensely as a result of this movie. We’ve been talking about creepy content. Oh, long time

Erick: you have cocktails so tell us why you hated this one.

Vivi: I’m just disappointed because it looks a lot like another cocktail we’ve already made for the evil dead. It’s got different ingredients, but let me work on presentation and maybe I won’t hate it so much by the time we post the video, didn’t even give it a name yet because I hated it so much.

 I was thinking of a very particular scene where all the guts come out of the wall. So I was thinking To do a tan color, kind of like skin leather, face drink, and then use a very thick raspberry jam to kind of be like the guts and the drink.

I have a name. You have a name flush fountain flush fountain. I’ll go with

Erick: that. Cause when he cuts the wall and it literally is it’s flesh and guts.

Vivi: Yeah. But it just kind of came out, looking like our

Erick: coffee, not MCON drink. I think you psych yourself out.

Cause you used the same exact glass. That’s the only reason it looks the same. So we’ll use a different

Vivi: presentation. We’ll work on presentation,

Erick: You want to get everybody send VV love because

Vivi: I’m really upset about this.

I was thinking of changing it right before we started

Erick: recording.

Holy shit. That’s strong. Yep. Fuck

Vivi: you said I wasn’t making strong enough drinks

Erick: lately. You were making up for the last month, last month.

Vivi: Oh my God. If it made you shutter, I’ve like, maybe it’s

Erick: just, cause I didn’t expect it.

Vivi: I took a sip earlier and was like, that’ll kill ya. So what’s in, it is actually Irish cream Kahlua. said whiskey and I agree cause we’re in Texas.

Erick: What do you think of your own drink?

Vivi: Strong. We are going to be talking nonsense by the end of this.

Erick: That’s fine. This movie is nonsense so

Vivi: true. It does look really gross because the jam and the ingredients kind of.


Erick: exactly what I was expecting. So I’d say you did well.

Vivi: Thanks. We haven’t gotten to the jam part. So the jam might help with the, a strong Naski at the bottom. Yeah. So if you like chunky drinks,

I’d give it a three it’s strong, but sweetness helps with that.

Erick: I would give it a, and this is not against you already feel bad about feeling shitty. You already feel shitty about this drink. I gave it a two, but it’s because it’s very sweet for me. I like that. It’s strong. The bottom looks super nasty.

Vivi: Hopefully we can make it look better in post.

Erick: Give this flush fountain the try. Cool.

Erick: Ready for some fun facts.

Vivi: So ready. It seems like a crazy movie. So I imagine it has a lot of fun facts

Erick: your original idea for the SQL was completely different from what we got. What we got is the results of the studio forcing changes in what was supposed to be a film about an entire town of cannibals called beyond the valley of the Texas chainsaw massacre, Toby Hooper, and Kim Henkel, who is the co-writer of the first.

They were trying to make a satire film of another satire film that was done about the first film that film was called motel health. So we should watch it. Oh and I

Vivi: would totally watch him movie about a cannibal town. It’s kind of like the Hills have eyes right there,

Erick: but with dark humor, I can’t imagine like an entire town of people selling me.

Like, who do you eat? Is there a way to just leave to go get me? And it comes back and then sells it

Vivi: to each other? I don’t know. It could be. It’s like in Midsummer where they make them go find who they’re going to sacrifice. I think I read somewhere or maybe heard somewhere that Tobe Hooper wanted to play up the dark humor in his first film. That’s like hinted at, so he wanted to make something completely different.

Erick: Yeah. Definitely like that. About this one.

 For those who don’t know that dead guy, that chopped top keeps carrying around with them.

It’s the hitchhiker from the first film. To make sure that she landed the role, Carolyn Williams, who is a well-renowned scream queen plays stretch in this film, she ran into the audition room, screaming and barricade the door. She even yanked Toby Hooper and another person who was in the room out of their seat.

 Obviously as she landed it

Vivi: awesome. I really like her. I really like her in this movie. I’ve noticing that in these films

the final girl is becoming more interesting with the exception of Nancy. Where they have more depth. Yeah. Or they kind of save the sequel. I definitely felt that in Friday part two. in this one, she definitely makes this film more interesting.

Erick: You can say the same thing about Jesse and nightmares.

Vivi: I think it’s interesting to have a final boy, for

Erick: sure. I think it’s better to make them more actually, it’s funny. so I signed up for this thing. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, they’ll send me emails and they’ll be like, Hey, we’re casting. Oh, extras and voice acting. Yeah.

But I’ve noticed that there’ll be like smaller film makers who will say like, Hey, we’re casting for lead, who is the scream queen and then the side character who is the killer. And I always, for the longest time was like, the killer is the main

Vivi: character.

Erick: It was weird to, kind of be mixed up in that and like, oh no. Yeah. The main character is not the killer, even though the killer is consistent across the franchise, no matter what franchise you look at,

Vivi: that’s true because truly what makes this story different or interesting? Who survives in the

Erick: end. Yeah. Kinda makes me think, like, what if we had horror movie where we get the point of view of the killer,

Vivi: which we kind of, got a little bit of, because

We watch the trailers for the other Texas chainsaws after this, like Leatherface that came out in 2017.

I don’t remember seeing trailers about this, that much or that the movie came out. But watching the trailer, it seems like it’s an origin story for Leatherface. And I was just kinda like, I don’t want, I know how I feel about that.

Erick: You know, I don’t necessarily hate it though, because I liked the, a lot of people will hate me for this, whatever.

I don’t care. The Rob zombie remake of Halloween you haven’t seen it either, right? Oh my God. I can’t wait to get into it. Cause I hate him. And a lot of people hate Rob zombie. I know, I know. I’m not even talking about Rob on me. I’m talking about purely the film. I thought it was cool to see an origin story, to Michael Myers it’s almost like a psychological movie because you see why he became what he became and then he grows up and then the movie goes on to be like hallway.

But. the problem I have with like a leather face one is that these films are like, it’s a serious film where this is actually how other phase happened and it eliminates the human piece, which I think gives this franchise its charm. Yes.

Vivi: It might be why he’s not considered one of the classic slashers a lot of the times. Part of the charm of Leatherface is that he isn’t the most serious killer.

He’s kind of just told what to do by his brothers and giving him the dark origin story. It’s like, I don’t feel like it’s true to the original character.

Erick: as we were watching the trailer, I was even thinking like, okay, I give, chop top origin story, give the cook origin story. Like honestly, he’s like side character. He’s the guy. Who’s the minion. He’s the muscle.

Vivi: Again, we’re saying all this based off of one trailer that we saw, we should actually watch it.

 All right. Let’s keep going.

Erick: this one is just fucking hilarious. The guy who plays Lieutenant on, right, his name is Dennis Hopper, allegedly says that he hated his role in this film.

Hated it. He’s like this was the worst I’ve ever been in, but then he went on to play Bowzer or king Koopa and the super Mario bros movie from 1993.

Vivi: Oh my

Erick: God. You know, who’s exactly like this and I’m probably going to get heat for it. Who either Salba. Oh yeah. He’s like, I fucking hate this superhero crap.

Okay. But then has been like in a bunch of other ridiculousness Pacific rim. Like, dude, you can’t talk shit and then be in what exactly what you talked shit about, whatever, it’s hilarious. You ever seen the super Mario bros?

Vivi: I feel like I remember seeing it in my childhood, but I can’t give you a plot.

I just remember that they were actual plumbers,

Erick: John Leguizamo is Luigi I don’t remember who plays Mario, we didn’t watch that. So you can see how ridiculous it is. I was looking up the casting. It says he plays king Quba I was thinking he was the bomb, but that’s king by bomb. It says he’s Bowzer. He’s Bowzer. Yeah. Can go as Bowzer.

Apparently the name? Bowzer didn’t come until the Nintendo games were translated to the U S his name was king Quba in Japan.

Vivi: Bob Hoskins is Mario.

Erick: Yeah, it was also in Roger rabbit.

Vivi: Love

Erick: Roger rabbit. Is that a horror film?

Vivi: Can we just cover it? Yeah, we should have a nostalgia week where we just cover like a film

Erick: childhood.

Going back to your, what did we say? Content for happy, happy content,

Vivi: comfort content. Oh, I was

Erick: going to say content, content, content, content, content, content, what’d you say. Conference for comfort content. I think we should do like happy like Disney, Halloween, shit Halloween town and the Phantom of the Megaplex

Vivi: to cover love this movie, the Adams family.

 Both of them. I actually love. Okay. Like I just will watch anything that says the Adams family.

Erick: Ooh, we should play the Adams family video game.

Vivi: Is it based on the recent movie

Erick: that came out now, the video games, the old school one, I told you about this. I used to play that on Johnny’s computer back in the nineties, nineties, it was a side scroller.

it was really cool. You played as Gomez. Which is fun. Anyway, back to 30 minutes in. Oh, Jesus Christ. Yeah. next thing I got bill Moseley who plays Todd,

Vivi: we haven’t even gotten to the speed run. I’m already drunk. What if I fail?

Erick: You will bet. You said Chuck, this fan. This movie is so long.

bill Moseley was chosen for the role of chop top after Toby Hooper was shown a short film parody created by bill called the Texas chainsaw manicure

Vivi: manicure,

Erick: where he played the hitchhiker. So once they were talking about doing chainsaw two, he contact bill to be in the movie.

Vivi: So was this like the start of his career? And then he went on to do like devil’s reject and a thousand corpses and all, I’m not sure

Erick: Oh,

Vivi: it’s okay. That’s pretty cool. Nubbins right. The hitchhiker. Yeah. You could see why he was then cast as his twin brother. Chop top. I feel like as a character that divides audiences, you either love him or you hate him.

Erick: I think the casting of this one was like, so perfect. Like the cook, no one else could play him, his name is Jim

He’s a character. You definitely hate because he says a lot of like really offensive shit. But he really embodies the role of this, redneck offensive racist, bill Mosley, perfect chops up.

I don’t think anybody else could have done these roles the way they did. Less fun fact though, we made it viewers hated this SQL because of gore and humor aspect. But Toby Hooper argued that the same thing was done in the first viewers don’t agree.

This is exactly what makes Texas chainsaw unique to the others. It’s that it’s a horror film, but also it’s weirdly funny

Vivi: in a insanely dark way. We’re not saying that the way he murdered people was

Erick: funny

Vivi: I really think that the dark humor is within their relationships and the way they treat each other and how at its core, it is a dysfunctional family and any dysfunctional families. Hilarious.

Erick: I know. Apparently tell him he wasn’t even gonna be the director.

He was supposed to originally just be the producer, but because there were budget decreases, Toby ended up having to direct it.

Vivi: Interesting. I think I also saw somewhere that this is not the original.

the same actor. Due to like disagreements on pay for the original actors, it seems to be recurrent thing for them. I’m pretty sure we’re going to say that forever.

Erick: Yeah. The guy who plays Leatherface in this one is bill Johnson,

Vivi: kind of sad that it’s not the original cause I did like what he did with the character of the other face.

I also don’t dislike this

Erick: one. I like the, holding the chainsaw over your head and then she giggling, giggling.

Erick: So I’m ready. I think if you’re ready. For a speed run. I know

Vivi: I’m not okay.

Honestly, I think I could Chuck the rest of this drink and it’s the same as a shot

but since the delis at the bottom, I don’t know if that’s a

Erick: good deal. It’s going to get up shut full agiley

Vivi: you it’s so gross.

Looking ready? So there’s these awful kids like shooting things in Texas and they call into a radio station station where a stretch is the host. They like harass her and then they harass another car, but the car ends up being the Sawyer family and they ended up killing them on air stretch.

Has the tape takes it to lefty. Who’s like the uncle of Franklin and Sally from the first movie. And he is like desperately trying to solve this case. Uh, He blows her off, but then comes back to her essentially using her as bait for this family. She plays the tape on air on loop for like all day. The family does show up to kill her.

She ends up kind of um, manipulating a lot of their face. It’s like a love interest story. Um, And they think that she’s dead and then they like leave, but she’s like, no, the mystery is not solved. I got to chase them. She chases them into the tunnel where lefty then follows her. And the rest of the movie is just them in this Tron tunnel, trying to escape the family.

And eventually she does end up killing um, chop, top or lefty releases a bomb on

Erick: you were doing so

Vivi: good.

Erick: Doing so good. I was actually really, really proud of it. I was like, oh my gosh, she’s doing great. I’ve never done that. You were doing so good. You literally like, right. Yeah. I saw you going back, you went backwards to mention what happened to left.

Vivi: I’m just honestly going to sip this was it thick?

Erick: Deek?

Vivi: I think the jolly made it worse.

Erick: Yes.

Vivi: If you were in just sweet things, I think you will like the jelly at the end. I did not.

Erick: I got all jelly, all

Vivi: alcohol. Well, it is all at the bottom. I’m definitely gonna try to present this better.

Do you want to give an overview then? Since I failed so bad?

Erick: This is work ready. From my MDB radio hosts is victimized by the cannibal family as a former Texas Marshall Winston.

Vivi: Love it. Sweet. Short to the point.

Erick: Yeah. I feel like every time I do it, it’s just like one sentence.

Vivi: And then minds is full of people who are trying to be like crazy movie critics and use every big word they’ve ever known,

Erick: just so that you can struggle.

Vivi: So I could sound

Erick: like way, are you ready to

Vivi: Yeah. we get this rolling title explaining the events of the first movie. It says that Sally was found. Right after the incidents of the first movie, claiming that all her friends were killed, that her brother Franklin was killed. And then she went catatonic, which makes me sad.

Cause she survived a lot. So she should go on and live, you know, for dramatic though. It is very traumatic I mean, she’s still a final girl, but like you want the final girl to go on and keep fighting.

The credits then go on to say that police tried to investigate it, but found no evidence of anything, which is like crazy to believe because I’m sure they would have found the murder house full of human skeletons.

I don’t know how the family would have cleaned out that quickly. Right.

Erick: And the truck driver from the first one, he literally saw what happened.

Vivi: It’s really a witness who knows. Maybe he’s still running to this day.

Erick: I caught up with him. He’s running to Texas battle land, whatever this theme park was at the end of the movie.

Yes. But there are repeat murders all over Texas. And there seems to be no end in sight. So this has been going on for what 14 years is what

Vivi: they say. Yes. And we should note that this sequel takes place more than 10 years after the original.

Erick: Yeah. The first one was 74. This is 86.

Vivi: It actually a really long time time. So I wonder what made them wait so long for a SQL. It could be that the eighties was the birth of the slasher, but those slashes were pumping out SQL so quickly. I

Erick: know Friday was one year

Vivi: after. Yeah. they said that I’m recording began like 10 months after the first release or something crazy. Like,

Erick: good on them.

Yeah. But the rich people.

Vivi: Rich because at the time of this movie, they have a phone in the car and I believe that that was very expensive too.

Erick: They’re shooting at literally everything they’re shooting signs or shooting things along the way. We get introduced to Carolyn Williams, his character, he was stretch who is a radio host I thought this was strange. They call her and they’re yelling things at her and they’re like, all right, cool.

Well, you know, hang up. good job guys. And they’re like, no. They keep her on the line. LG, who is her assistant or tech is like, we can’t get them off unless they hang up, which is a ridiculous way to do this. I’m assuming they’ve corrected this, if this is real. Right,

Vivi: right. I would

Erick: hope so.

Yeah. But the guys are just like being douchebags and then they played chicken with the wrong vehicle, which

Vivi: I think I’ve brought this up on the show multiple times.

I always say don’t mess with people because you don’t know. If they’re crazier than you, especially in Texas,

Erick: especially in Texas. When I was there, a few years ago for work the Uber driver was telling me you don’t want to like cut people off here in Texas.

Cause here having a gun on you is normal. you’ve cut off the wrong guy. They could literally shoot you on the expressway.

Vivi: That makes a lot of sense. So they say don’t mess

Erick: with Texas. I don’t think playing chicken in Texas is a good idea the reason we know that this truck is the wrong truck to mess with it because after they played chicken, the truck swerves and the back of the truck has an American flag, which comes into play later.

Vivi: It’s now switched to night time when the boys buzz and Rick, the prick call back to the radio station. And she’s very annoyed with them.

Unfortunately for them, they come across the truck that they cut off earlier on a bridge. This truck cuts them off, similar to how they did. And they’re very upset if someone treats them the way they

Erick: treat people delirious, they’re like super math,

Vivi: so accurate. They threatened them to get out of the way and they do and end up driving backwards for a very long period

Erick: of time.

on the longest bridge in the lifetime. Yeah.

Vivi: Now during this whole encounter, they are on the phone with stretch, who is hearing what we will see is a murder because. Out from the truck pops, what looks to be like a Halloween prop? Honestly,

Erick: and It’s moving Linky and shaky. The one guy has a gun and doesn’t shoot until the driver is like, why don’t you shoot at them the way to like,

Vivi: yeah, he’s probably in shock from what he’s seeing, because it is this corpse.

They don’t know it’s a real corpse and it is holding a chainsaw, waiving it up them. when he does come to his to shoot the thing, we see leather face right behind the corpse Other face cuts the face of the driver,

Erick: this is also the first gruesome scene we get

Vivi: we’re back with Tom Savini and you could totally

Erick: tell. It’s like squirting blood and it’s crazy because I don’t know that this would actually happen. The guy’s got his head sliced in half and he’s reaching up to his face, but you’d be dead.

I don’t think he, that you wouldn’t even still have more skills to reach for

Vivi: your face the brain stays alive after a certain time. But the brain is not intact, I don’t know. Unless your body has like those impulse motor

Erick: to reach for where there’s pain. I don’t know.

Vivi: Who knows. I don’t want to find out.

the car spins out of control

Erick: and stretches on the phone the entire

Vivi: time, yelling at them to hang up because she works at the radio station.

This entire call is being recorded.

Erick: Stretching the LG here. Like what the heck happened. She thinks that LG cut it off. And LG is like, no, the only way that that would work is if they hung up. I

Vivi: think quickly mentioned that LG and stripes. Like each other. I don’t know if it’s exactly romantic, but they are coworkers. It seems like they spend a lot of time together. it’s implied that it’s romantic later on.

Erick: You know, you said that I’d kind of just thought he just liked her. And she was just nice to him She tells him she loves him, but that it could just be love, Julie. Like, I love you. You’re dying though.

Vivi: Like they’re dynamic though, because he seemed to genuinely care for her.

And when she was irritated and stuff, he would cheer her up and she would always like, look at him like it’s a much closer relationship than I have with any of my coworkers than you have with me now. Well, I guess you are my coworker.

Erick: The cops are at this crash site we get introduced to Lieutenant and right.

Or lefty as he’s later reference to he’s a cowboy cop type. He’s got like some Brito I don’t know what you call it. The HANA, like, I don’t know American’s called some rentals.

Vivi: It reminds me of like a shadow because it’s really short.


Erick: not sections. We don’t know what the names of your outfit. Please let us know. I guess, I

Vivi: mean, they’re actually our outfits. If you want to get technical. Well, whatever

Erick: With being introduced to the lefty or N right, he is super into the Texas chainsaw tax and we find out that it’s because he’s actually related to Franklin and Sally, as you mentioned, He gets confronted by some cops that are local. And they’re like, look, dude,

there’s nothing actually going on. You’re crazy.

Vivi: There’s something that I find so interesting about how this case is being portrayed. I think it’s accidentally very true to how a lot of barter cases are treated in the seventies and eighties, the notion of a serial killer was very new.

And a lot of times when crimes were being committed, say even within the same state, maybe if you were in a different county. A lot of police precincts wouldn’t communicate that they would have the same type of case going on. So the idea of a serial offender was not something they really could

Erick: fathom 14 years though.

Vivi: But that, like, there was so many active, serial killers around the same time throughout the seventies and eighties,

Erick: I find that so strange because Jack, the ripper was the thing in London there have been serial killers before.

I don’t know why it took humanity so long to realize that like serial killers are a possibility. seventies and eighties are not that long ago to have been like, oh shit, there’s a guy killing everybody everywhere.

Vivi: Seem like negligence to me, part of it is police stations not wanting to communicate with. each other, but

Erick: why are we so dumb because

Vivi: hindsight’s 2020

Erick: we’re so fucking dumb.

Even, when we talk about like medical stuff, when you really look at how slow we’ve figured things out, it’s like, wow, didn’t realize how dumb, I mean,

Vivi: you learn through your mistakes. Yeah.

Erick: Over hundreds

Vivi: of years. I actually think something really interesting about this whole notion of a serial killer is that a lot of people say that we are in an era where a serial killer could not operate or could not operate for a very long time.

Now we are in the era of mass shootings and spree killings, where they go into a crazy mode and kill all at once.

Erick: I think that a serial killer could be a different kind. Now where technology is used to their advantage,

 I’m watching clickbait, right? mentioned that a couple episodes ago,

spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it this far, but it’s like, there’s a guy who has gotten another guy killed because he photo-shopped a bunch of pictures of this guy. And then basically created this fake life for this person who then became the target. So

Vivi: serial killing killer, because he’s focusing on one

Erick: date.

It’s not serial in this case, but what I’m saying is that it’s possible to have a different breed of serial killers, where technology is the main source of the way that they do this. Maybe serial killing is hard in the traditional sense where you’re 100%

committing the crime, but there’s ways now with technology that you could frame people.

Vivi: 30, 40 years from now, people are going to be like, oh, did they not know about that spree killer on the internet?

Erick: You know, Wow. What a tangent. What are we going to this ‘

Vivi: cause we’re talking about how Lefty’s perceived as crazy, but it’s just that the police stations haven’t caught on, he’s seeing something that they don’t want to realize.

Erick: So it has alternative your life? That his brother’s kids were killed.

Vivi: He agrees to leave the crime scene on the condition that the police put out.

A request for evidence on what has happened here. Stretch has seen the ad for evidence. She reaches out to lefty at his hotel. It seems Most people trashing

Erick: the place outside for some reason.

Vivi: yeah. He’s at a very like party heavy hotel. He is also drinking. He’s just doing it quietly in his room.

I found this scene very strange lefty is literally putting down stretch. For offering what he’s always wanted. He’s wanted evidence that this is a chainsaw killing and he is either too drunk or just so misogynistic that he’s like, you are only going to get in my way. You don’t have anything that I actually need.

But if your whole life last 14 years was spent trying to find this killer, wouldn’t you jump at the operation.

Erick: You also just literally got told by a cop that you’re a fake and wasting your time. I think you’d jump at the opportunity immediately. She’s literally holding a tape at his face and is like, this was recorded on my radio station last night

it Like stretches bullet point though, she’s like, I don’t want to be just a good for nothing DJ.

I want to make a difference. And that’s why she’s doing this also. How traumatic that she literally heard the murder of two kids as shitty as were,

Vivi: she probably does want to make it right. In some sort of,

oh. So would like to know giant purse.

Erick: She has a diverse, it is the size of her body. And she said tall lady suit. So the next thing we get is them at like a mall slash hotel slash some like communal places.

Vivi: I wasn’t sure if like, lefty is staying in the same place as this chili. Cook-off cause she looks like she storms off still mad about,

Erick: Maybe it was just like a community place and she’s the DJ, but she also reports and things to bring back to her show just like us.

I mean, she’s a black cat, she’s early podcasts. So she shows up to this cook-off and we quickly know that shit wrong because we see that Drayton Sawyer slash the cook has won the chili cook-off he’s bragging about it’s all about the meat and use the viewer like, oh fuck, no, one’s eating.

We got this super weird chainsaw purchase scene where and right. Goes to buy chainsaw, says not a single word to this man at the store grabs a bunch of chainsaws, sizes them up.

it felt like the penises were just hitting my face the entire time. This seat is very fast home movie kind of, later there’s illusions to even Leatherface using the chainsaw as like a metaphorical penis against stretch, they have.

Chainsaw duel, but it’s like, who’s got the biggest, it’s a pissing

Vivi: contest. Yes. It is extremely valid because he literally goes for the biggest chainsaw on the wall. And then he gets two smaller ones and every time he’s sizing them up, he’s like presenting them against his like crotch area,

Erick: the store owners, like uh, do you have any questions?

Do you want to test them out? And he’s super into it now Yeah. I get it for the humor part. But like, why wouldn’t you just go for some guns or something?

Why wouldn’t

Vivi: you at least tell the shop owner what you’re

Erick: doing fire with fire. He’s like, you gotta get some chainsaws to fight the chainsaw, man.

Vivi: If I was a store owner, I’d be like, just leave.

please. I will take your money. Just leave him.

The next scene we get is lefty showing up at the radio station where stretch works basically says that he needs her to play this tape on a loop all day, because he’s trying to draw out the killer.

Erick: Once you play this table all day, the cops might actually take me seriously

Vivi: which is what he tells her. But we find out later he is just using her as bait.

Erick: stretch, obviously it feels like, yes, I want to do this.

Want to help take some upon us. never shows up obviously. But what was showing up, going to do? Did he assume someone was going to show up for the radio station to fight

Vivi: her? Well, he’s a Lieutenant, right?

would think he’d come with backup.

Erick: He doesn’t even show up in a cop car

Vivi: without guns.

He shows up a chainsaw. we get the scenes of stretch playing the audio over and over again every hour. we also see the older brother

Erick: And

he’s super happy. Cause he won his little trophy from the chili cook-off he also has a phone in the car he also gets a call they tell him, listen to the radio. And he’s like, what? You better not have done something y’all will be the death of me. And he, pulls over and is upset.

Vivi: We’ve jumped back to stretch playing this audio over and over again, and she’s basically paid it all day and is ending.

LG is telling her look, a lot of people are upset that you played this she’s trying to play it off. He leaves to go get coffee for them. she’s left alone in the radio station

as she’s kind of like closing up

Erick: She hears a lot of crash. So she goes out to investigate it looks like a lobby area where they have people wait, and we get introduced to shots up who has awake on.

And he’s very, very, very chatty. He talks a mile a minute. Oh my God. Yeah. He says so much. He’s like, I love your station. I love this place. Let me, make a next request you know what? I’m here. You want to give me the tour and he keeps scratching his head and, has a lighter that he likes the end of a hanger.

I hate this

Vivi: so much.

Erick: And scratches later we find out he’s scratching his scalp.

Vivi: Yeah. Oh my God. I hate it. Stretch obviously is like, what the hell are you doing here? We’re closed realizing this man is somewhat unstable. She tries to get him out of there as soon as possible. Like you said, he’s scratching his scabs.

And honestly, I think it’s like the grossest part more than like all the gory stuff that comes later. Yeah. I hate it so much.

Erick: He’s eating through his

Vivi: cat scabs. I think that’s the grossest part of the human. They eat human, but like to watch him wait,

Erick: I don’t know. It’s like, you have a snack on you at all time.

I just

Vivi: hate it

Erick: so much. But while she’s trying to get him out the exit, this scene was funny. Cause Mr. Shark and she’s like, there’s a plant, here’s a Rolodex. Here’s another thing. And here’s the exit. Get the hell outta here. That’s when Leatherface comes out of the dark doorway in the process of trying to hit her, he hits chopped up and the sparks come out. This is when you learned that chop top has a metal plate on his skull. And that’s what he’s been scratching it you’re assuming it’s probably from

Vivi: Vietnam. Yes. There are some lines later on that confirm. He’s really upset about his wig. It’s just funny. Cause it’s like that wig is not fooling anybody, the other phase chases after stretch stretch is actually able to lock herself in another part of the radio station.

It has a very heavy metal door Leatherface is not actually able to get in there.

Erick: LG shows up and notices the car outside. That’s not stretching. It goes upstairs, he turns around and chop top is going through their records.

He’s like, what the hell are you doing in here? is this when Leatherface pushes him? Or how does he get attacked?

Vivi: So

I think chop top starts attacking him and because Leatherface can’t get to stretch, he comes back and helps his brother tackle them because LG is fighting both of them.

chop top gets the upper hand on him and just keeps hitting him over and over again on the head.

Erick: with a hammer. You would think that he died here.

Vivi: emphasized a lot. I thought the same thing. I don’t think LG would have survived as long as he did

Erick: Unless he wasn’t hitting them hard and just playfully hitting him. There’s no way that LG would’ve survived,

Vivi: cause it’s so much blood.

Erick: So While he’s going in on LG Leatherface goes back to look for stretch and stretches freaking out.

She can’t figure out a way to get out, let the phrase crashes through the wall. And we get this really weird scene where I was telling you that it’s almost like a reoccurring theme in these sequels, that the villain is like a giant Hulk even alluded to like king Kong and the damsel in distress where the monster is calmed down by the beautiful woman, because leather, leather, beast, leather face is trying to attack her.

But she’s like, no, no. And she’s talking to him and he’s like confused because he’s like, wait, what? You don’t get the same empathy from Leatherface in the first. Right. he ran into a bunch of girls who were screaming for their lives, but none of that, I guess, tried to talk to him the way that stretched it

Vivi: stretch the way she talks to him throughout the film.

I find insane.

Erick: Just decides to start talking to them what would make her think that even try you’re so used to them just screaming and running for their lives that you never think.

Let me just talk.

Vivi: It’s very fast thinking. I assume that is what gets her out of this situation. it’s kind of funny that we watched Friday the 13th, the week previously and then this film right after it, because it’s kind of a similar situations with our final girls.

They psychologically analyze the killer and manipulate him in some sort of way, which I don’t think we’ve seen that much before.

Erick: No, it’s just purely killing and they have no personality. Other than that, that’s just what to do. she talks to the phrase and another phrase is confused. And this is when we get the weird phallic illusion to his penis is the chainsaw and he starts to inch towards her legs and it goes to her crotch

Vivi: she plays it up. She starts like encouraging him and dirty talking him This scene, you could analyze a hundred different ways, honestly. So I’m going to again. No, the thing that I found really reading too much into this probably is that with blood, their face being inspired by ed gain, being a character that was possibly transgender wore women’s faces, how does this scene come into play?

Let’s get rid of the characters inspiration at gain and just focus on Leatherface. It becomes a very, I don’t know if pseudo sexual is the right term. The chain saw stands in place for the. And is he masturbating? I don’t know exactly.

Erick: He’s making humping motions it’s almost like Leatherface is a kid who is learning about his sexuality, because that’s also how the cook kind of implies like, oh, you discovered sex. Were going to hold it up from you because there was no reason why that yeah,

Vivi: What a family. But I think it’s either him revving up the chainsaw or implied that he’s masturbating the part where he kind of goes crazy and loses it and doesn’t know how he feels. I think we’re supposed to gather that it’s him climaxing he runs away leaving her there, shocks and surprise chop top believes that Leatherface has.

Erick: He’s like, I got a bonus money. Look at this. He’s like, fuck you, you rip my wig. But also the beginner. Yeah.

Vivi: I believe. The hitchhiker and the first film is supposed to be schizophrenia and therefore it’s implied his twin. Brother’s also schizophrenia.

Erick: well, they all do it too.

In that, in that they’re like, oh, I’m happy about this, but also what the heck, I hate you guys, but also good job

Vivi: They take the buddy of LG and leave stretch is upset that they’re leaving because she’s like, they’re going to get away.

I don’t think I would do this.

Erick: she’s like left. He never showed up, but also let me just chase after them. just follows them over to Texas battle land, which seems to be like either a closed down or plan the theme park there seems to be a car behind her that’s also following. So she gets out of her car, chases after the truck on foot, and then notices that and right or left these car from earlier is falling behind her.

She thinks it’s just them chasing her and just sprints in the most screaming queen way possible, screaming, running, flailing, finally left. He gets off the car and is like stretch. She turns around and she’s like, lefty, you weren’t there for me. And in that moment, a trapdoor opens, this is a trap door that literally throws you into the park. Like why, what were people? Yeah. What were people planning? Is that why these got closed down So left the GOs to help her because she gets caught in the net.

He uses a skeleton hand to try to grab her and help her up. But it breaks like idiocy. What did you expect?

Vivi: I don’t think they realize it’s a skeleton handle after, but the thing that I find insanely upsetting about the scene is that lefty admits that he used her as bait He is kind of just surprised that she’s alive. He was fully willing to let her die just so he could go follow the family to their actual hideout. Just why don’t like his character.

Erick: This makes you assume he was watching the entire thing from us. Yes. He probably

Vivi: was. And is surprised that she survived Hayden.

Erick: Yeah. He’s the worst too. Like right after this, he just becomes super crazy.


Vivi: she had left. He thinks he’s the main character of this movie. He is not the main character of this movie and he thinks he’s doing something, but he’s really just making things worse for other people and weird up until the end where he kind of redeemed himself.

But not really, he does not care about what happens to her.

Erick: He’s just

Vivi: there for revenge. He really is. He’s just hell bent on

Erick: revenge. He goes back to his car and he’s like, you know what? It’s a good idea.

Let me get these chainsaws on my car carries all three.

Lefty, he goes in and he’s like, I’m going to bring that place down and starts just hacking away at literally everything, walls,

Vivi: chairs, full mental

Erick: breakdown, ceilings.

he finds that fountain of guts and stuff this scene just reminded me of a SpongeBob where he says I will restore the working man to his rightful glory.

I will dismantle the suppressive establishment board by board. I will solve the tables and tyranny in half, not the ankles of big business. That’s basically how this guy runs into this play land. It is,

Vivi: oh my God. And also be watching the scene really quick. And I was like, damn, this hits different when you’re in corporate America, but that’s the energy he brings to this

Erick: side out.

It’s just slashing it, everything in sight. Hilarious.

Vivi: Well lefty is having that whole episode, doing nothing stretch is finding her way towards this underground cave of horrors. There are skeletons everywhere. There is meat hanging from the ceilings, and there’s also a bunch of what looks like Christmas lights and circus lights to help the family guide their way through these tunnels.

She catches up with the Sawyer family, they’re having this conversation that on first glance, you probably aren’t paying attention to, but this is where chop top reveals their business is bank rolled by the plate in his head. I believe he means that because he sustained an injury during Vietnam, the government paid him a certain amount.

And they use that to create their like food truck, family business that they’re now living off of because the brothers constantly insulting them, saying that he’s the reason that they even work or have money

That’s when chop top responds with like actually. The money I received from Vietnam is the reason we’re even here. It’s an interesting exchange. It tells you how they have their business. Again, maybe on first glance, you’re not even paying attention to this because you’re just watching stretch.

see the body of LG and is worried about him, worried about where she is. The next scene we get is Leatherface being told that he has to chop up LG for

Erick: me. peel the skin off that pig. Stretch watches as leather phase slowly, but surely in a weird way, uses this handsaw to peel off his face and his skin is he humming?

I can’t remember, but it was just an easy background or something that isn’t to even old time, a good little butcher. in the meantime, stretch hits a piece of metal and another phrase runs out to her and she’s spooked. This scene is so gross.


Vivi: is also very interesting. I think that scene back at the radio station and this one kind of show you the super strange dynamic that stretch has with other face, because he sees her there and is startled and is ready to kill her immediately. she talks to him again, just talk to him Hey, no, that’s not good.

 Help me get out of here instead.

Erick: He’s like, I’m not gonna let you go. I like

Vivi: you. Yes. to either mimic how he is and seeking a partner, he grabs LGS face and puts it over

Erick: her. This gave me Frankenstein monster.

Vivi: It’s also very gruesome for 86. if you want to say this movie is humorous and it is to some extent, this scene is pretty gruesome.


Erick: think this film received the next rating and it was released unrated for the same reason. it could be seen as like this that did that.

Vivi: You know, I thought certain horror movies where like really nasty while I was growing up. No, they’ve always been this nasty in terms of

Erick: gore, like you said, he puts LGS face on her and she’s so disgusted.

And he also puts his hat on her and then gets caught by the cook. The Coke’s like, what are you doing over there? Are you hiding something? And he’s like, Nope, they call him over and he locks her up

Vivi: I think this is probably the saddest scene. LG wakes up again. I do not think he would have been alive. No,

Erick: no way. He’s already gotten his head bashed in he’s faceless and skinless on his chest and leg. He literally just comes up to help her get out and then dies.

Vivi: And she is very distraught by this says that she loved him. Like we mentioned

Erick: earlier. It’s cool that the movie goes into the fact that although it’s illogical that he is alive everything hurts when he’s trying to help her get loose from the rope, with a knife, his body’s jerking.

So you’re thinking like he could potentially stab her he ends up actually cutting her lips. You’re worried that if he jerks in the wrong way, he could hurt her

Vivi: Yeah. super sad for LG. I liked his character. He just seemed like the of this film as he dies finally from his injuries, she puts his face back on. I find so sad. The scene is just like the most sad and serious to me in this whole movie. Because after this weekend, like some ridiculous stuff.

Erick: Yeah. The rest of it’s ridiculous. While stretch is trying to escape, she’s kind of lurking in the background.

Meanwhile, the conversation of the family is arguing about property taxes,

Vivi: this whole area. He’s kind of right.

Erick: Celebrities don’t

Vivi: pay taxes. The rich don’t pay taxes. Who pays taxes? The little man.

Erick: I was like, huh.

Vivi: Yeah. So just because you’re a SpongeBob reference works in that way.

Erick: Drayton or the cook is fun,

Vivi: not

Erick: lefty. They see stretch, run through the tunnel they all pause in the middle of the rants. Do you see that? I see that booger I was like, oh, Booker, how big was it?

Vivi: Leatherface is saying like, no, I didn’t see that. Yes I did. No I didn’t because he’s hiding a secret. as this is going on. lefty is still in, full on mental breakdown.

Erick: He finds Franklins skeleton in the wheelchair with this flashlight that still has battery 14 years later, lefty is pissed and continues to slash things while stretches running. She sees that there’s a chainsaw sound in one direction and turns entirely around, but then runs into another phase.

Vivi: out there to just fuck things up. Yeah. She

Erick: would’ve left. Had he not been there way earlier? she runs from Leatherface and he’s lashing at her back. because lefty is knocked down enough pillars, the tunneled caves in and stretches trap. leather fades finds her.

And again, she tries to talk to him to stop and he does stop. To cook and shop top catch up. And they’re like, What the heck is this that’s going on? Love faces and saying anything. they push them aside. And they’re like, why haven’t you killed her?

And the chop tops like, she’s already died once.

Vivi: I’m not even gathering that, like mother pays, let her live,

Erick: Drayton goes on his little rant about oh, you figured out what sex is. He’s like, let me tell you about sex. You want to know about sex? I don’t know about sex. It’s a swindle.

Vivi: My favorite part is where he’s like S C E

six. It’s a very weird line where he’s like, it’s either sex or the saw, let me tell you about sex. I don’t know anything about it, but saw, saw as the family weird line that you can interpret a lot of

Erick: different. but then they ended up going with keeping her, was looking at their dialogue to see where they decided to keep her alive, because he keeps saying like, kill her or have sex with her.

Vivi: It’s when he says, let’s see what grandpa has to say about this. We know from the first film that grandpa drinks blood to stay alive for like 130 something

Erick: years, 37 years, I think they said,

Vivi: okay,

Erick: Then knock her out with a piece of bone. She wakes up at the table similar to the first movie it

Vivi: is a very similar ending or homage to the dinner scene that we see in the first one, because they even bring out grandpa who looks almost exactly the same from the first.

Erick: They gave her the spiel of how grandpa hammering stuff.

Vivi: Except this time. It is more obvious that grandpa is alive because he is actually trying to hit her. He just keeps missing.

Erick: but he finally does. Unlike in the first one, deliver a blow. Yeah. He, perks up and full on, goes at her.

That’s when she gets

Vivi: knocked out here arrives lefty.

Erick: Way too. Fucking late singing the fucking zone. I don’t know what song, but just like me and you who are annoyed with. The cooks, like you come in everybody’s house. So you’re just seeing a fucking

Vivi: song.

That’s true. And then he believes that he’s been sent by his food

Erick: competitors, is like, I am the Lord of the harvest. He’s like, what is that? Some kind of new health food, much

Vivi: just further illustrating how ridiculous left these character is that the family like cannibals is like,

Erick: who the hell are you?

What are you doing here?

Vivi: Stretch wakes up and sees that lefty. Is there again, lefty completely not caring. Whatever happens to her is kind of like a little sister you’re still alive. Good for you. and tells her to run away at least.

Erick: Immediately. He turns the chainsaw on and cuts at the cooks, but And the entire time the cook continues his rant about

Vivi: The small

Erick: businessman always gets it in the ass. Yeah. Hilarious.

Vivi: he also says this lie and that was just found hilarious. He’s like, that took care of my hemorrhoids though. I was like, oh my God, what are we watching? He does square off against Leatherface chainsaw chains though. Again, like you said earlier, it’s a very fast.

Pissing contests.

Erick: No reason to do this. it a texting thing to be like fire with fire? cowboy movies

Vivi: would be more

Erick: effective, but old school, cowboy movies, you know, if you have a gun and the other guy doesn’t, you have to give him a gun to duel.

correct us if we’re wrong, we’re not texting.

Vivi: Uh, Let us know. these last couple of scenes are a little chaotic, stretch takes this opportunity to kind of run away. Unfortunately, chop top has caught on to the fact that she’s running away and surprise attacks are from like the ceiling

the cook is saying that he’s gonna take control in his own hands.

We find out that they have stored a grenade inside nubs, the hitchhiker from the first film.

Erick: Left, he has finally gotten the upper hand on Leatherface and puts the chainsaw into his stomach, which. A full frontal view of, an effect that it’s pretty cool. Cause it goes all the way through and you see the belly.


Vivi: don’t think that he would have survived this and he’s still standing.

Erick: this is when lefty pulls out too many chainsaws

Vivi: Grandpa tries to help other phase and ends up throwing the hammer at Leatherface his head instead of actually helping him

Erick: lot of falls, the chainsaw goes through the table and hits the Cook’s back. The first time I thought it hit him in the skull, the cook screams and lets the grenade go left.

He is celebrating. you don’t even see the explosion, but stretch and chopped up are still running and you hear the explosion in the background. You never see the inside anymore.

Vivi: Chop top. I don’t think registering what has happened at all is just focus on chasing stretch.

Very similar to the way the hitchhiker chase Sally in the first film, chop top is slashing at stretches back stretches putting up a fight more then Sally, did she beats him up a little bit? She kicks him in the balls. A couple of holes.

Erick: she kicks him in the face at one point. And he’s like hanging on for dear life to this rail.

Vivi: a scene that I felt, oh my God, he won’t stop. And you want her to survive? She gets to the top of the exit, which we find out is an alter for

Erick: their grandmother who was it’s really alive, but looks dead.

 It isn’t until she pulls the chain cell out that chopped tops, like you killed her. So I don’t know if she’s dead or alive. Yeah. So

Vivi: who knows if it’s the delusion of the family they definitely keep the corpses of their family members who’ve passed, but grandpa is also 137. It’s possible that she was alive and they were keeping her up there in the same

Erick: way.

Vivi: His mom. Yeah, very much a reference to that. I found it funny because it’s so similar to Friday part two, where we find the alter of Mrs. Vorhees

Erick: everywhere seen mad max fury road Yeah. she looks a lot like the main guy from the, anyway, she runs up there and shuts out, catches up they have this weird standoff and almost seems like stretch is had it chop top is like slashing.

And it’s next, similar to the hitchhiker in the first one where he’s like, look, I can do it to myself. I can do it to you

stretches like, fuck you. And turns around and grabs the chainsaw tries to turn it on.

Meanwhile, top top is worried about her having died. stretches, trying to turn on the chainsaw, just trying over and over and over again. I don’t know how likely this would work, because if this change has been here for a long time, this things get chucked up, but I’m not gonna bring logic into these movies.

chopped top is slashing at her back, which is strange he doesn’t even truly tried to kill her

Vivi: I don’t know if you have any major, Banes and your back,

Erick: He has the upper hand she’s

Vivi: focused on this chainsaw.

Erick: She has an indomitable spirit because she just endlessly tries to turn this paints on. Like, what if I hadn’t turned on?

Vivi: She’s probably thinking that this family were ships chainsaws, and they’re gonna, keep the Brunning, she ends up being. Right. Because she eventually does turn it on and slashes chop top across the chest.

with that, he falls backwards off the tower. We assume to his death. And I guess the signature of this franchise, again, we don’t know if this happens in part three yet, but she does a chainsaw dance to end the movie and I kind of really liked.

Scene, because it’s cathartic. She is the survivor in the end. She’s celebrating, she got the best of all of them,

Erick: including lefty who fucking left her for dead

Vivi: And that’s it? Yeah.

Erick: That was the Texas chainsaw massacre to,

Vivi: what are you write it? I don’t know what it is. There is something that I really like about at least these two first movies about Leatherface and the film. I think that the original is, oh man, this is really hard because I think they’re great for very different reasons, but I gave the original and 8.5. So I’m going to give this one an eight because I do really love stress. I do really love that they played up the more humorous side of the Sawyer family, as much as you can do, like the Thompson beanie is on for special effects, the first one still, I think, has a crazier storyline or I don’t know.

I just like it more.

Erick: I think I gave the first one at seven and a half. I’m going to give this one a seven because the horror factor is definitely decreased, but the craziness of the family, I love to see it. What I thought was cool about the first one was that this family is insane and that’s what makes it the scariest.

But because it’s more humorous, it’s less scary.

Vivi: it comes like a horror versus horror comedy

Erick: Right? So seven, I want to see more of this. I already said at the beginning of this, that I’m a little sad that if the movies tried to go serious, then it’s going to leave.

Vivi: I guess we have to watch parts re portray portrays park Trice, Tracy. We’ve got to say, oh, we haven’t finished

Erick: that either. Yeah,

Vivi: I think for these, I’m not sure. I know there’s a part three and then there’s the remake in 2003, and then there is Leatherface in 2017. I wonder

Erick: if part three is chop top continuing. Cause he’s the only one that’s like, well, I guess some of the others who were in the grenade blast could have survived to.

Vivi: That Leatherface does come back for the third one, which

Erick: I got a chance on his stomach. Cause the whole movie

Vivi: probably he became like,

Erick: he uses that chain salt to get people

Vivi: to eat. Interesting. We should watch the trailer and see what happened, but I believe that is pretty much it for us here.

Erick: I can’t wait to watch more.

Vivi: Yeah. I’m having a lot of fun visiting the

Erick: SQL server. Yeah. What are we watching next? We’re watching the scream to

Vivi: leave that scream to his next.

Erick: Yes, I can wait. I think scream two is our last film of the month. Right? We have a surprise for everyone, but until we get there, what scare low-key

Vivi: what did scare low-key about this new chainsaws.

It’s hard to tell because sometimes things that are not even in the movie or what’s setting him off our neighbor kept exiting and leaving and coming back shutting their door over and over again.

And that’s where he grew

Erick: up. I think what he’s really upset about is that our water isn’t the best quality

Vivi: right now. Yes, that is very upsetting. He can’t drink his filtered water, bottled water right now. What did that

Erick: make him lose year? He is a very bougie. He’s getting some ice mountain water instead of filtered faucet water. We love to clarify for the listener. they’re fucking up our water pipes right now. And they told us that we had to boil it for five minutes in order for it to be safe. it really

Vivi: sucks because we can’t even wash our dishes and we’re sick.

It’s just kind of been like a shit storm this weekend.

Erick: Really? The spookiest of weekends, if you will, in terms of left quality.

Vivi: Yeah. We had to go make an emergency water run since apparently this is going to last till Monday

Erick: night. Oh, one thing I wanna bring up because it didn’t get that much love for the same reason that Tik TOK has rules, but go look at my tick-tock because I made a zombie reference with my messed up eyes.

Vivi: You did? Yeah. Tik TOK, bandit almost

Erick: immediately. Immediately. It’s got like seven views, but it’s probably because it’s just not even getting distributed. Yeah. It was a joke on like who I wish I was versus who I actually am. And it’s like a rage virus big, but you’ll see trigger warning for bloody.

Vivi: However, it’s a real medical procedure. So yeah.

Erick: I don’t know, whatever tick-tock

Vivi: if you’re thinking of LASIK, definitely go look at it and see what your eyes will look like

Erick: afterwards. Well, if he doesn’t seem to be phased, though, he still looks at me like,

Vivi: okay, well you’re still walking around with glasses, but is that pretty much it for us year?

No, that’s it. All right. As always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaking that scared pod except Twitter. Twitter is shaken. Scared pod. You can send us an

Erick: We’re at the show on patron we’ll name, our next drink.

After you with mentions on our website where the drink page will live forever. You can listen to us on all your favorite podcasting sites, apple podcasts, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, a bunch of others. Give us a listen and give us a follow throw. Lochia treat. It’s the second, the last week of spooky season. So don’t miss out on giving Loki the best bookies he’s in his

Vivi: life. Be sure to. Review subscribe, all that good stuff. And K thanks. Bye. Bye.

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