Scream 2 (1997)

Erick: There was this guy who brought this sauce called the holy Trinity and it had scorpion Reaper. And then ghost. I actually thought it was pretty good. I put it in my finger. You’re like needs more. One guy literally ran away crying to poop.

Vivi: That’s what I would do.

Erick: Welcome back to the chicken. Not scared podcast here with you as always your host, Eric and Bebe. Today, we’re going to be talking about the 1997 film screamed two directed by whisk Craven.

But before we get into that, how are you leaving? I’m thriving

Vivi: diving it’s

Erick: October, but it’s over. It’s almost over. This is the last week of spooky season and it’s almost our anniversary. So we still have some celebrations, but we

Vivi: still have some stuff to do. like we said, we do day of the dead the next day.

Erick: There’s still plenty to do So I’m horror Fest is still not over. We’re going to Halloween party this weekend.

Vivi: I hope the costumes are ready by Saturday. It’s going to be

Erick: funny.

Can’t wait to tell what happened. And we’re also going live on Sunday day of Halloween with a nightmare on for your street. So it’s be exciting. Yeah. Keep an eye out for that. It’ll be, I think 2:00 PM.

Cool. Well, That’s all I got for what’s going on this week

Erick: what do you have for a cup of content

Vivi: Okay. We actually watched a lot of stuff because we hate ourselves. We stayed up till like three every night, this week.

We finished midnight mass in oh boy.

Erick: And

Vivi: I feel bad saying this because people really like this

Erick: This just dragged on for so long.

Not that it wasn’t good.

Vivi: I don’t think the payoff was there for me because I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for like a crazy pace. certain characters and stuff. And it’s just that I didn’t get that.

And there was also so much, so much religious subtext that I am not a fan of personally, very

Erick: personally what I would say summarize your review of it was way to make vampires boring.

Vivi: Yeah. I mean, it was a cool looking monster for sure.

So many elements of the vampire being like the fallen angel and you probably already seen it. It’s late October now.

Erick: The dialogue is repeated so much.

I think the problem is that because you are going to have people who binge this, there’s what nine episodes. You’re hearing the same thing said over and over and over again, it’s almost like you’re pushing religion on me as the viewer.

And I don’t like it.

Vivi: Yeah. That’s the part I did not like also I’ve seen people call it late midnight monologues instead of midnight

Erick: mass.

Vivi: but if you’re gonna want to binge something we also watch squid games.

Ooh. So good. We’ll do

Erick: from the premise. It reminded me of battle Royale, which you need to watch because it’s like the better version of the hunger

Vivi: games. Yeah. Yeah. Apparently battle Royale was a book way before hunger games

Erick: oh, you say you looked into it. Yeah.

Vivi: I’m might read the book actually.

Erick: Cool. Yeah, square game was so good. I loved every bit of it. I don’t think I hated anything about it. who dies at the end? Spoiler alert, if you haven’t seen it, skip ahead. I honestly thought that I think her name is constitute I apologize for pronunciation ahead of time, She’s the girl who is the pickpocket. I thought she was going to survive along with Jihan. that made me mad. the guy with the glasses, I forgot his name, the worst, the worst person, because he had no reason to be there.

He killed.

Vivi: makes such good villains.

Erick: They do what they do. I love the old man the whole time

Vivi: I had issues with him because the big twist at the end is he’s actually the game master. And he’s like, it was fun to play. I’m like, yeah, it’s fun to play when your life isn’t actually on the line.

Erick: He was likable up until that, up until that point. Yeah.

Vivi: And I think I told you when we watched this, I don’t like this theme TV shows sometimes have where they make a really strong female character, like really bad. and then they die to further the plot of the male protagonist. Cause again, I kind of, like you said, I think she could have won it.

She like lost on a

Erick: fluke. Yeah. We’re not entirely sure how the male versus female relationship works in Korea being from Hispanic culture. We know that machismo is a big thing. You brought up that maybe it’s like a much he’s moving there too but when you think back to like train to Busan, He dies for the girl as his daughter to survive. So maybe not so much.

Vivi: I don’t know. I feel like it’s that thing of, cause you know, we have the final girl. Right. And that’s fine.

But if like a strong female lead wins, it makes it a female movie. And that’s not the same with if a male wins. So like I was seeing it that way, I honestly

Erick: thought she was going to win. So too

Vivi: anyway, go on to tell us what you think

Erick: the other thing we did was we played a pursuit ultimate horror edition while watching Hocus Pocus. you know, we originally said, we’re not the most knowledgeable horror fans.

 Play this game and realize how much you don’t know.

Vivi: Yeah. It says ultimate horror because. It’s talking about graphic novels and books. We haven’t read along with film, the


Erick: of details too. It’s like, what book was, blah, blah, blah, character reading in this random book that you’ve never heard of.

were talking about using this to maybe learn about more content to just cause they were things in there I’d never even heard of. We really sucked.

So is that Africa free content? I think so. Okay. Did you have any comfort content now? That’s the thing

Vivi: I think I forgot to watch comfort. Cause we were staying up to watch horror. Listen, comfort content comes after October.

Erick: I would actually say that playing Scott Pilgrim, I was comfortable.

Vivi: Yeah. Cause it’s not really horror, but it was beating people up like the movie and we could just not get past this one.

Erick: Oh my God. Todd destroyed us. We just kept losing lives. I thought it was a cut scene, honestly.

And you were like, he’s killing us. And I was like, no, I think it’s cut scene. Yeah.

Vivi: Yeah. Nope. We’re going to try and play again to get past that one level. I think that was like level three. It really was. So that doesn’t

Erick: bode well for us, we need more friends so they can come play

Vivi: with us. Yeah, definitely think it’d be easier with a couple more players.

Vivi: But what drink do we have

Erick: this week? Here’s what I did. We were pretty set on making a Michelada with Brandy’s character being killed in a white van, went to the store and found a white van beer by solemn oath So we’re going to make this a Randy lover. Yeah.

Vivi: And we pretty much followed a traditional mutual other recipe.

Erick: other than that, we’re using different types of ingredients. Specifically, we’re going to use Valentina the black label, which is the spicier version. If you haven’t heard of Argentina, it’s a very common Mexican spicy

Vivi: it’s everywhere.

I feel pretty sad if you haven’t heard about anything else.

Erick: Then we’re going to use, so um, oh, so white van white ale. We’ve had micheladas with blue moon, Belgian white. So I thought something similar would be good with it.

So do you want to

Vivi: sure. I’m nervous for this cause all I’ve eaten today is a doughnut,

Erick: same apple cider donuts.

Vivi: I think I’m going to add my hot sauce first. And we left the hot sauce to the side. So we can make it as spicy or not as spicy

that spicy.

Yup. That tastes like a meat

Erick: leather. I really like it

definitely tastes better than a blue moon. Belgian white. It’s pretty good. I like the can too. Do you see there’s a demon dog on there.

Vivi: That’s what I was about to say. I like the artwork.

Erick: So it’s from someone must run. Like we said, it says it’s a torrent of orange. Dreamsicle pulled from the soul of Belgian tradition.

What do you rate the mutual other?

Vivi: It’s pretty good. I’m not a huge Michalowicz person. I realize people who. Would hear me say that and be like, that’s sacrilege, you’re Mexican. How

Erick: dare you.

Vivi: But you gave me the other option of doing a bloody Mary or this. And I was like, bloody Mary sounds worse.

At least the beer gives it a different flavor. I don’t know. I’m torn. I’m going to give it a three because I like it more than I thought I would. I think maybe the white man gives it a good flavor.

Erick: True. That I’m going to give this a four. Nice. Go try this. the Randy lover, because Randy dies in a white van and it’s pooled with blood.

Vivi: which is upsetting because I

Erick: really liked his character sort of high.

Cheers. To Randy,

Vivi: to the horror movie enthusiast in this film.

Erick: I can’t imagine the movies after this without him. I wonder if

Vivi: they do that thing where he didn’t actually die and he came back. Oh, he’s clearly dead. I don’t know.

Vivi: we’ll talk about that in fun facts. Oh, really? Do I get into them?


I noticed this. When we started the film, we usually look up the year we saw it was 1997. I was like, damn, didn’t the original come out in 1996. And it did. This movie was made incredibly quickly, less than a year after the release of the first movie, it was released in December.

the script was hastily written while the first movie was still in production they actually have some rumors about this script. a lot of people think originally the killer was going to be Sidney’s new boyfriend and her best friend Hayley working together that leaked online.

So they had to quickly rewrite the ending and change it. But no, the director actually wrote quite a few dummy scripts just in case they would get released. And he said the killers were always meant to be Mickey en Mrs. Lewis.

Erick: That’s pretty cool. I think scream is such a interesting franchise.

That is self-aware. you never know.

Vivi: Yeah. It’s always criticizing itself

 so I don’t know if you caught this, but there is several references to other cast members like Monica from friends, Courtney Cox. They mentioned a lot of the actors from friends at the time nev Campbell was working on a popular TV show and they mentioned characters from that show.

the ones that stood out to me the most for so the fake film within the film they called stab and they mentioned that Tori spelling plays Sidney, and that David Schwimmer plays Dewey’s character.

David’s swimmer is obviously Ross from friends. And then later on Gayle’s character talks about how she had her nudes leaked on the internet somehow. And that it actually wasn’t her, it was her face photoshopped on top of Jennifer Aniston’s body, who is obviously Rachel from friends, you mentioned someone is obviously dead, right? And this I think is going to come into play with screen five later on. in the first film, Matthew Lillard’s character is stabbed Stu. We obviously assume that he’s dead and this might add to the lore of why he might be coming back for the fifth in the sorority party scene.

You can see him as one of the background characters, Lillard. Oh

Erick: yeah.

Vivi: I did not. When I found that fact, I’m like, Hmm, this might be why people are like, he never really died. He’s coming back for the fifth, but I think it’s pretty much been confirmed. Right.

Erick: I don’t know.

He literally was founded

Vivi: change, robbed a TV on Matthew Littler’s head.

Erick: And those TVs are heavier. Yeah.

Vivi: Hard to come back from that one. But he is in the background. Apparently he went to visit the set during recording and they made him a background character

Erick: that makes me want to go back and check

Vivi: to see if we can spot them. I know

Erick: I’m sure someone’s done it for us.

And we can find a picture

Vivi: online. Yeah. We could probably find a YouTube video the final fun facts that I thought it was pretty funny is west Craven tried to trick the sensor process. You know when your film gets rated, R it limits who can see it obviously. So he actually ended up sending in a much bloodier gorier version of the film with the expectation that they would tell him, no, you need to cut down all.

 He would then present the one he actually wanted. And it would probably get away with a lower rating. Unfortunately, the bloodier gorier version, he presented passed, but they gave it an R rating. Still didn’t work out for him.

Erick: Then. That’s kind of smart though. Yeah. It’s definitely worth a shot.

 This was radio. I didn’t know that.

Vivi: Yeah. wouldn’t say maybe. Cause we’ve just seen some like wake or your things.

Erick: Isn’t there like a limit they say fuck a lot.

I think there’s like a limit on how many times you could say that word

Vivi: before, which I don’t understand once hearing it is enough, probably. I

Erick: don’t know. They’re like, you know what all the kills you want, but the F-word once or it’s got to go, I’m sorry.

Vivi: Spicy. Yeah. And those are the fun facts I have.

Erick: Perfect. I liked it.

Vivi: this movie is so fun. I still really like this franchise.

Erick: So do I

Vivi: are you ready to do your timed? Let’s

Erick: go.

Vivi: All right. Ready? One.

Erick: Oh, wait, wait. Yes.

Vivi: Three. Go.

Erick: So the movie is actually a lot like the first one, and then a lot of things play out the same way that they do in the beginning. We get introduced to some characters that end up dying, but they get, they uh, you think the whole time that they’re gonna be important, they actually die right away because they’re in the poster.

Don’t even make it past, like the first 10 minutes they die. You’re introduced to all the same characters from the beginning. Everyone’s back there in Ohio, in a college. And everyone’s like really, really focused on nav. And they’re like, thinking that something’s going on because these kids were killed. I think there’s a copycat killer.

The whole movie is basically spent them trying to figure out who the killer is and why it’s happening at the end. We get revealed that it’s actually Billy’s mom. That is the killer. Uh, A lot of framing happenings, a lot of framing happens where they think that uh, it’s just, it’s just his mom. And then it’s actually Mickey this other guy and there’s a lot of confusion.

And uh, basically Nevin, Gail are the ones who saved the day and cotton from the first one. Somehow also is there.

Vivi: Yeah. Yeah. Okay. You had like 10 seconds

Erick: left. Okay. I thought I was gonna have a hard time with the big two hours.

I didn’t articulate my thoughts. So

Vivi: it’s okay. You were as confused as this movie.

Erick: I wish that it would have. Knowing how much I had left. So I could just get a

Vivi: little bit, that’s not how this

Erick: Fine. Take what you get. It’s wrong. It’s right. You got it

Vivi: This is what you want. And that is what I want. Okay. I am DB overview, Sydney, and a tablet reporter. Gail weathers survived the events of the first scream, but their nightmares. When two college students are murdered at a sneak peek of stab a movie based on the events of the first film, it’s clear a copycat killer is on the loose Sidney and Gayle, as well as the fellow survivor, deputy Dewey and Randy have to find out who is behind the new murder spree before they all end up dead.

Oh my God, this movie is so Metta, so many layers,

ready? Yeah. we open on a movie theater. It seems like it’s opening night for the movie stab based on the events of the first film. This film opens very similar to the first film where you’re introduced to characters who you think are going to be the main characters only to discover that they are going to be killed within the first 10 minutes of the.

Erick: Get introduced to Jayda pink it’s character. Whose name is Maureen and her boyfriend. Phil. They’re talking about kind of like the first one where it was, self-aware she hates scary movies.

It’s always a white woman. She’s saying those points, like in the first phone where drew Barrymore’s character was saying the same thing about

Vivi: their stupid direction.

Yeah. There’s a lot of commentary about black characters in horror films, I think this is like one of the first times we’ve seen a black character in the group of friends.

Erick: So this is something that I was going to touch on later anyway, but we could probably dive into it. Now, with the movie, trying to make this commentary, I don’t know what it’s trying to achieve.

Right. It talks a lot about African-Americans and horror what, I don’t understand what this movie being civil self-aware is, is it trying to say we are trying to do better and have these African-American characters in here because it doesn’t necessarily do that later.

We talked about how Randy refers to Holly, possibly being a suspect and then refers to her as canny man’s daughter, just because Candyman is the only black horror prominent icon that we know of and we’re like, is that racist? We don’t know because the movie is trying to say something about.

African-Americans and horror. I would

Vivi: say the message is very unclear because it makes all these statements and then goes to do the thing that it says

Erick: it kills every African-American character in the home film.

Vivi: Joel, because he has incense

Erick: to get out of there. When he said your last camera man got slaughtered and she’s like, no, he just got his head bashed and Joel was like, fucking Tom.

 But whether it’s trying to be smart about it or not, I think at the end of the day, because it still does what it says, horror movies do. I don’t know whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing to have done it.

Do you know what I mean?

Vivi: The scream has done this thing where it will tell you what happens. It will tell you the tropes and then still do them. But I don’t know. Maybe we’re looking at. From like a new perspective, right? Like in the nineties, that was just funny now where we are looking for more representation, it could be like us trying to find meaning in something that they maybe didn’t mean to, or maybe they did.

It’s hard to tell. We’re unclear on what this movie is. Messages about race


Erick: horror movies.

They go into the watch this movie , I’ve never been to a movie theater, one that had a horror movie where everybody was just going balls to the wall throwing shit, dress up as the character from the movie.

Vivi: This does happen. It usually happens with Rocky horror where people dress like the characters and throw food at the screen. The thing that I think is a very sad indicator of the times this was a time where you could wear a mask in a movie theater. Obviously it’s now been mass shootings, but there have been crimes committed in movie theaters.

Now that you can’t wear masks anymore to go see a movie. Cause you used to

Erick: be able to. What I thought you were going to say was for a movie to come out themed on the murders of a bunch of kids in a completely different state, and then have this type of a following.

I don’t know that this could happen even today, anymore with cancel culture, being a thing.

Vivi: It’s funny that you mentioned that. Scream is actually based on murders in

Erick: Florida.

Vivi: this is what I mean by this film is layers upon layers. Cause I think it comments on the true crime community unknowingly years later, I’m sure it existed at the time like this as well, but scream is based off a bunch of murders committed by Daniel Roland in Florida.

Scream has a. Cult following based on a murder, the way that in this film of the film stabbed as a cult, following based on the murders

Erick: It’s crazy. And then like at the end cotton’s getting questioned by the news and they’re like, can you give us a comment on what happened? And he’s like, wait till the movie. Which makes me think, is he going to create his own other movie? That’s not stab

Vivi: I think he means, wait until part two of stab comes out, stab one.

No, but you know, he’s a character in there catching his break, honestly. And I think it’s also a commentary on how people involved with true crime when they are not the victim. reach fame and money in some sort of. It’s exploiting. The victims

Erick: makes you suspicious of a lot of those people

Vivi: too.

 Don’t get me wrong. I like listened to literally fucking everything true crime, but it also feels very strange that people profit off real life deaths of people. You imagine I die. And let’s say my case goes crazy viral. You wouldn’t see a dime of what the podcasters and everyone else is making off my death and you knew me literally my wife.

Yeah. I just think like, this is how, these victim’s families have to feel. Again, we’re literally only in the first minute of this

Erick: movie.

The movie is heavily spent on let’s reintroduce a lot of the characters that survived from the first one and then make you suspicious of every single one with the help of Randy. Randy’s like, everyone’s a

Vivi: suspect what he said in the first one. Yeah.

Erick: so theater is full of people who are just having blast.

They’ve got glow in the dark knives. Everyone’s being handed Ghostface costumes.

Vivi: and Maureen says like things that. Probably a lot of horror movie Watchers say, I think I say this all the fricking time, onscreen the drew bay, more characters getting naked.

And Maureen’s like, what does this have to do with the plot? I think I say that at least once on every episode.

Erick: It’s just pure eye candy for the male gaze. No games. Yeah. Maureen takes a break, goes to get popcorn.

And over here is some people in the line talking about, like, this is actually kind of fucked up. This is a movie based on the real murders that happened in Woodsboro California. shared, he doesn’t want to be there, but she runs into Phil who spooks her, wearing the ghost face mask.

He’s like, all right, I’m going to meet you back in there. I’m gonna go to the bathroom. He goes to a stall. He does something that I don’t know why you would ever do it leaves the door open.

Well, one leaves the door open and then over here is someone saying something about like mommy in the stall next to them, and then puts his head against the, hear what they’re saying. Like, I don’t give a fuck about anybody in this bath. I’m trying to pee and get back to my movie. I don’t want to say I’m one of those people who doesn’t even leave to be,

Vivi: I’m getting up a lot throughout this

Erick: movie.

I want to see everything that happens. I’m not going to take a break. I don’t care how much I have to pay myself. Yeah.

Vivi: Me always, because I have to be like all the time.

Erick: you really do.

Vivi: Later obviously we find out that the killer is Billy’s mom and I felt like her saying the mommy, this mommy that, or we don’t know, maybe it was Mickey during this time because it seems like a more filled out character. Very Jason Borhees Mrs. Where he’s where she’s talking to herself, the kill, her mommy kill her.

The voice is very feminine.

Erick: Randy in the beginning describes how Friday the 13th turning the tables on whore because Ms. Vorhees was always a really great killer and that’s what we ended up getting

Vivi: also I want to point this out Before I forget it Loomis. So are they inspired by the detective in Halloween one?

Erick: I think it’s all just, yeah.

scream, the franchise is like a playground for horror fans I think

Vivi: that’s why it’s so loved.

Erick: So he puts his head against the stall and then the real ghost face stabs in through the stall, the strongest fucking knife ever, stabs them in the heading dies. Meanwhile, Maureen’s in the theater ghost face goes back wearing Phil’s clothing. she doesn’t realize that it’s not him.

 She notices his blood on the jacket.

ghost face turns around and just stabs her on the theater screen, it’s drew Barrymore’s death scene And so she’s screaming in the film. Maureen’s screaming in real life

 Maureen’s getting stabbed like crazy. There are people in the background who start to realize that she’s got robot on her. It isn’t until she stands in front of the screen and literally screams with blood coming out of her mouth at the people that people realize, oh shit.

Oh no. Yeah. So she dies. open credits to. Happy go lucky college in Ohio.

Vivi: We see Sydney waking up to a phone call and the person on the other side of the line asking what’s your favorite scary movie. at this point, Sydney has gotten caller ID because it’s readily available in the late night. And she’s saying, who is this?

I can tell you your name and your phone number. And they’re like, oh shit.

Erick: It’s been happening for a while because she is the quote unquote unofficial star of this film.

Vivi: And again, a commentary on how true crime can get out of control.

And then the people who actually survive something traumatic can be harassed by the public. We meet her roommate. Holly, who we find out is studying psychology and is in the process of pledging. To a sorority on campus, pledging. Oh, this film and Greek life.

Erick: What I had a problem with and this whole film was that everything happens so fast. Like the fact that she said that this was being written at the same time as the first, and they had to change so many things, you can kind of tell.

With how much is going on at all times, you get introduced to so many things. So in the background, we’re seeing that on the TV cotton from the first one, the guy who was wrongfully accused is on the news talking about how thanks to Gail he has been pronounced innocent and is going on this kind of like tour to say how innocent he is.

at the same time Holly is concerned about Sydney, because it seems like she’s been isolating a lot.

Vivi: I know her friends studying to be a therapist, but Sydney needs a therapist. She seen some shit. And then if she goes on to be in five other movies, she needs even more.

Erick: I was thinking about that as, I can’t imagine going to movie five and then not knowing what to expect. Yeah. I don’t know how she would be so trusting to have another boyfriend given what had just happened,

Vivi: but that comes into play later because she starts to lose trust in him.

Erick: How soon after I died and did all this to you, would you be willing to go date someone again?

Vivi: I mean, I’m trying to think of this in the mindset of a teenager was probably like riddled with hormones.

 And then you go to college and you meet a ton of new people. Like the normal teenage experience. You’d probably find a boyfriend soon, but yeah, you had something pretty traumatic happened to you. I don’t know.

Erick: I think what we see a lot in these horror movies is that no matter how traumatic some shit happened, your friends all died in your house, literally in front of you. You still go back to school because that’s how traumatic school

Vivi: Craven loves people getting an education. Okay.

Erick: That’s the moral story

Vivi: take away from all these horror movies,

Erick: no matter how many people die in your house, still back to school.

Vivi: So you can die on the inside. Just

Erick: getting stayed in school. Yeah, right after that, the news shows the death of the couple and immediately as she leaves that house the news crowds the crap out of her

Vivi: Because there were students at her school.

Erick: The media is like world Sydney’s here it’s gotta be related. Right.

Vivi: The next thing we get is Randy, in a film theory class where they’re discussing the murders and we get Buffy.

 I will never not see her as Buffy. Sarah, Michelle Gellar, her character is CC they’re discussing the murders and basically touching on a theme that was prevalent in the first film of our movies to blame for the violence of others.

Erick: And they’re all debating it.

Movies will never be the reason people go to kill. It’s always going to be the fault of the person who does it. Movies are just there.

Vivi: Randy is in the classroom and basically saying like, I was actually there and I think this is also something that happens in true crime where they want to be very dismissive of the actual victims and just speculate

Erick: is they’re having fun with it.

Vivi: They are. And conversation then leads into. There are sequels that are never better than the original. And they’re arguing that there are some seagulls that are better than the original, and it becomes an ongoing joke throughout the ride.

Erick: Anytime anybody encounters, Randy, they’re like, what about this one?

He’s like, no, and points out what the flaws were in that seagull

Vivi: and didn’t want to say that, like I was never in classes where the debates or the discussions were like this involved people did not want to be here. There did not want to be here. They’re no, they did was, they were having a beer they didn’t want to be there and they weren’t talking in class.

So I was. This rarely happens in college. I would’ve loved to be in this class though. Y’all really into movies. it does tend to happen more in like the film theory classes. Yeah.

Erick: Dammit. Why did I go to engineering school?

Vivi: I’m glad you did. Otherwise we’d both be poor.

Erick: The funniest class I ever took was music and it was not even the music.

I thought it was gonna be, it was like Baroque and Renaissance music.

Vivi: It was broke

Erick: brown music. It is broke people, music, so right as the class is about to end, Randy is asked, how would you end the best Siegel?

And he’s like, I’d have the geek, get the girl. And then just walks out randy runs into Sid who we also find out has another boyfriend named Derek,

Vivi: Randy and her discussing what has just happened. And it’s very clear that they are like trauma bound, but it’s that thing. I think we discussed a couple of weeks ago where even though they share the same experience, they’re not together romantically

Erick: he’s aware of it too. He’s like, I’m the loser friend. Who’s the last layer of Sydney. I know. I get it. I know what I am.

Vivi: So I love him. I’m so sad. He’s that? We got introduced to Derek who is supposed to be the great, perfect boyfriend. And Randy is like super annoyed with him being there.

Erick: This guy who plays Derek why does he sound like a middle aged man?

Vivi: I think he’s supposed to be like a little snobby cause he’s pre-med.

Erick: Derek acts like, well, am I supposed to be understanding, am I supposed to do this?

almost seems annoyed at having to deal with what Sydney is going through.

Vivi: Yeah. His character, I find very, just me.

We also get re-introduced to Gail who now has a different haircut.

Erick: You said that this was filmed like immediately after the first. a lot of the characters look very different.

I think they just got here. Randy looks different. He’s got the sideburns and like, yeah. Even nev looks more swole a little bit. She

Vivi: does. like she’s been working on yeah. Frighten off those crazy people.

let’s say in the real world that you were attacked by a psycho, probably a logical response after that is I gotta get swol.

 Gail is still,

Erick: yeah, she’s talking on the phone with somebody and is like, oh my God. Yeah. They’re going to have the biggest weekend in an opening history.

She’s a

Vivi: very money hungry that inside. Whereas you’re

Erick: kind of like princess Carolyn from Bodak, the way she’s just talking really fast in business. Yeah. Although I like princess grace. Yeah, I

Vivi: love princess. Carolyn so surprise.

Surprise. Do we didn’t die in the first film?

Erick: Turned around and was like, oh, look, it’s Dewey. And he’s just standing by a tree lost super loss.

Vivi: Like he’s never seen a college

Erick: in his life. He ended up there out of nowhere. Someone warped in there.

Vivi: We find out that Dewey did acquire some injuries. He kind of has like a limp This is very much enable actor playing someone who has a disability because there’s times where he doesn’t have it.

Erick: dealing with that is what he said.

Vivi: Yes. Do what that, what you

Erick: will, I get so confused with these films because of the scary movie

Vivi: franchise. Oh my God. Yeah, that opening scene with Jada,

Erick: it happens almost shot for shot.

Yeah. Where she’s yelling at the screen, in the scary movie, isn’t Dewey’s character, the cop also like a suspect doesn’t he end up being the killer

Vivi: and one of them, I think in later films do is actually one of

Erick: the best or scary movie.

Vivi: That’s what I’m saying. The world may never know.

Just kidding. We’ll watch it. We’ll get to it.

Erick: these Lambda girls, Delta, Lambdas, want to recruit Sydney so bad to get the hype around what’s going on.

they almost come up like mean girls. It’s four of them Holly’s already pledging. And

Vivi: they treat her like crap and are kind of only nice to her because she’s good friends with Sydney. Well, she’s the pledge. Yeah. But they are very obviously using her to get.

Well, she’s a plunge. So, I didn’t do any of that.

Erick: I had like, post-traumatic stress from coasting. I was recruiting chair for awhile for the listener, I went to a school that absolutely was not a party school.

We did not have this type of college experience. Recruiting on a campus like this I’m sure is a lot easier because you get to see everybody in, like the festivities are big, but for me it was fucking hard booking heart GAM PTSD from it.

Vivi: Well, speaking of PTSD, Gail comes up to. With cotton and Springs, a surprise interview on her. Oh my God.

Erick: What a Dick move?

Vivi: And true to Sydney. She punches Gail on the face. They have such a strange dynamic to me. It’s love. Hate, Yeah,

Erick: but that seems to be the relationship y’all has with anybody she runs into

Vivi: true, because then we get her reunion with Dewey was like, my name is Dwight.

he basically confronts her about what she wrote in the book about him saying that he was a bumbling idiot. Didn’t have the experience to be working in this case. Gail basically says, I exaggerated it for the book. It’s very funny because they clearly have feelings for each other.

I also find it really funny because they are an actual couple. They were married for quite a few years. David. Courtney Cox. So imagine acting opposite, your partner, like you hate each other, but still love each other. Maybe it’s really accurate to that. It’s

Erick: a really cheesy dynamic in the film.

So I’m wondering if it just translated it’s possible

Vivi: that they were already romantically involved. So that’s why it comes off super cheesy

Erick: he’s like maybe I use my inexperience to get under the radar so that people are not expecting of me.

Maybe I’m the killer Did you not think that,

Vivi: again, if he does end up. The killer and later movies. I bet people who know this franchise love this franchise or like screaming at us. Like how do you know?

Erick: Look, I think it helps our case on these episodes to not know, but it’s given us a genuine reaction to things.

cotton is upset with Gail because cotton’s like, I thought CIT knew that we were having a interview. we were going to do a 10 minutes.

Vivi: Yeah. He is a more prominent character than in the first film his character.

Erick: funny because you think he’s a fucking creep and he is, I mean, honestly, the way he treats said later in the library, I can’t, pretend to like him, but I guess taking a step aside, maybe just that he’s an awkward dude.

later he’s kind of like, I don’t give a shit about what just happened. Can I get my 15 minutes with answer?

Vivi: That’s all he cares about. And I think he’s literally there just to be like a red herring.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: The sorority sisters have convinced Sydney to go to a.

We get the scene of Sarah Michelle Gellar babysitting the sorority house for another sorority.

Erick: I’m tired of Sarah, Michelle Gellar getting killed in horror movies. When she’s Buffy. ,

Vivi: I know, I know everyone knew her as a scream queen.

She started in, I know what you did last summer. She did a few films like this she got Buffy the same year 97 is when the first season of Buffy premiered. Oh, fun. I just see her as Buffy. It’s super weird to not see her turn around and just kick the killers. I guess jumping ahead, but the killer literally just effortlessly throws her over the balcony.

Like she weighs nothing.

Erick: She was putting up a pretty good fight.

Vivi: She gets a call from someone.

She believes to be the guy that she’s hooking up with at the time, but it is ghost face, messing with her, true to his Mo of calling people before killing them. And it’s a little comical because as one of the last sorority sisters leaves after she’s like hung up on the phone with this person, Ghostface sneaks in, in the background,

Erick: he has all that.

 Sees, he gets startled scared, And the sorority girl, here’s the phone ring takes, it, answers the phone.

And He’s like, it’s Ted. Oh, okay. It’s, you’re good for nothing boyfriend, basically it hands it back to CC and is like, all right, bye.

Vivi: Thanks.

There is some very nineties things here that I wanted to point out her tiny eyebrows and the clear phones. And you remember the clear phones?

Erick: wanting one of

Vivi: those so bad.

Erick: There was a lot of clear stuff. I had a clear gateway. Yeah.

Vivi: Clear was like the shit in the night. You remember those like inflatable clear chairs also really wanted one of those. Eventually she catches on to the killer being inside the house.

Erick: When Sisi tries to go outside and call the cops. The phone seems to be getting messed with as far as signal goes. And I was like, how would you even do that?

 She had to have a device that scrambled the signal to the phone itself

Vivi: you don’t know that this is Mrs. Loomis at the time. She’s a reporter. That’s stalking Gale Gail treats her like absolute garbage.

And I feel like that’s kind of a trope in horror movies too, where the character that gets treated like crap ends up being the killer. So I saw that and I’m like, I think she’s the killer right away.

Erick: I almost feel bad for her because she seems like an amateur reporter the entire

Vivi: yes.

Erick: But chases her upstairs.

He throws her out the window. He stabbed her on the balcony and throws her off the side.

Vivi: This is where I’m probably thought Mickey is the killer because Mrs.

Lumina’s looks to be the size, Sarah, Michelle Gellar. And I don’t imagine she would’ve bet easily. Like it literally looks like a ragdoll the way that she gets thrown off the

Erick: balcony or suspicious of Mickey from the get-go.

Vivi: There is something about his character looking a lot like Billy, that makes you think like, ah, this guy’s,

Erick: I can see that, the movie being so self-aware Randy specifically says, if it’s the boyfriend again and his friend, then it’s old, predictable. So we got to go somewhere else with the story.

So I was like, no, that’s too obvious, but then it, was the answer

Vivi: We got the scene of Mickey. So I guess maybe it wasn’t Mickey doing the murdering

cause he’s here at this party. He’s arguing with Randy about SQL still. Sydney’s trying to like mingle, but she’s not having a great time. Cause the sorority is like very obviously trying to recruit her

Erick: the party ends when they hear the sirens immediately everyone finds out that there was another murder, Gail is pissed that this other reporter was there first.

Is yelling at Juul, mysteries, Juul, her other camera, man. Dewey tells her you’d be happy if it was happening again. Gail seems to feel a little guilty, but it doesn’t give a shit. Cause again, she’s a woman, a business

Vivi: as the party’s being evacuated, phone continues to ring. Sydney has gone back for her jacket and She goes in, answer it. I think if I were Sydney, I never answered her phone again. I’d be like, text me, text me. It’s coming in a few years. It probably already exists, but it’s like really expensive. I don’t care. You don’t

Erick: want to do, I I’d be surprised if it didn’t already exist. There were phones in cars.

I didn’t even know that.

Vivi: Yeah, you did.

Erick: It’s very Texas.

Vivi: But it is Ghostface once again, harassing Sydney and immediately we jump into the

Erick: action. love the way that goes face appears. She answers the phone she’s done as fuck. She’s like, you know what? Yeah, come see it to my face, show your face. He’s like, okay. And then right there shows up right behind her,

Vivi: this movie is so fast paced that we just got to like get into it.

She’s calling for him. He realizes that something’s going on. We get the knife through the door she’s running away from the killer and he goes into help her. And then later is like, why did you come back into this. Bitch. You were screaming my name.

Erick: She was already outside,

Vivi: but she got trapped in there. Didn’t she?

She had,

Erick: when she finds Derek he’s finds her outside. he pushes her aside and runs into the house

Vivi: and conveniently gets stabbed on the arm, Not hitting anything vital.

Erick: Oh and that’s when he becomes a suspect because they’re like, oh, how convenient that goes face. Didn’t just kill. You

Vivi: Which is something that Dewey is saying, because he also ran in after the stabbing to help Derek

Erick: Gayle, the cops Dewey and Randy, they’re sitting around and they’re, thinking Gail points out after the main Lieutenant or whatever he is, puts all the names of the victims. I didn’t write down all the names, but you see more rain. You see one that’s last name I believe is Stevens and there’s another one that was,

Vivi: oh, I wish I wrote this down because it was very specific.

Erick: but Gayle points out these names are similar to victims from the first film, either by first name or last

Vivi: name.

Erick: There’s two detectives who have been following Sydney around, so Derek kind of pissed because he’s like do, they have to follow us around all the time.

They’re obviously fucked too. They’re like literally walking five steps behind them.

Vivi: It shouldn’t be obvious though. That way the killer doesn’t try something. It doesn’t end up working in the library scene, but I have an issue with. Because of your whole job is to protect a person. Why are you leaving

Erick: if your whole job is protected person, don’t get fucking murdered at a red light.


Also ghost face. Does what? Jason didn’t

this guy just hands through the window and kills these two detectives. So anyway, go space has learned from the previous mistakes.

Vivi: We get the awkward conversation that Sydney is having with Derek, where it’s obvious that she’s not trusting him so much and kind of wants them to be at least a little less involved while this whole investigation is going on.

 Derek kind of doesn’t take it well, kind of takes it. Well, he says like, I should be understanding. Right. And then just

Erick: walk. he’s supposed to play this role that he’s understanding, but almost seems pissed that he has to.

Vivi: Yeah. It’s undercut with some old interior feelings.

Erick: she says, fucking leave me alone. And then the next scene munch and is like, here are my fraternity letters on a necklace and then sings on top of a bunch of tables The hell your letters is going to do. First of all,

Vivi: you know, it’s so important when you’re in college, your letters because they even mentioned. Oh, he just did that. He’s going to get his ass kicked by his fraternity brothers later.

It’s a big no-no. Yeah, it is. But it’s supposed to be a big declaration of love I think this is where we get the scene of the stab movie.

Erick: This scene is hilarious because it, Luke Wilson playing Billy would love to see stab.

Vivi: I think I would do. I guess we do. It’s called scary.

Erick: No, I want to see this

Vivi: this is where We get that great speech from Randy on what makes sense. So we have a higher tail count.

Erick: It’s gotta be gorier it’s gotta be flashier,

Vivi: More gruesome deaths.

And the absolute final rule, if you want to have a CQL is, and this is where Dewey interrupts him. And he’s like, but we know who the killer is. So he’s saying you should never reveal who your killer is in the first movie, I don’t know if that holds

Erick: true ‘ you know who the killers are and every movie we’ve seen so far,

Vivi: well, number one

Erick: Kill count has to be way higher. Did nightmare do it

Vivi: kind of because there was the whole pool party where a lot of people got killed. Sure. But they were not more gruesome.

Erick: Friday the 13th to do it,

Vivi: I don’t know.

Erick: I don’t know either I would say that about the same amount get killed.


Vivi: I wouldn’t say it was like a lot higher

Erick: And then two in Texas do it. No, Texas was really tame. I think there was like four kills total in the whole movie, LG, the two guys from the beginning and, and right.

If you want to count the grenade and

Vivi: if you want to count the Sawyer’s deaths.

Erick: More gory, more flashy kills

Vivi: Nightmare to did not have as flashy kills.

Erick: Friday one also did a

Vivi: better yes.

Texas two is the only one that had more gruesome kills than the first you had

Erick: civilian too.

Vivi: Yeah. You got Savina. You’re going to get more gory.

Erick: Did they really kill her in all three? Yes.

Vivi: Yes. But since Friday is kind of a dream creature. He can always come back. Right.

Erick: Ms. Maurice

Vivi: was revealed, and then we get Jason who goes on to be the actual killer for the rest of the franchise.

Texas is a little different because it’s not a. Huge franchise that has like a million SQLs. They kind of start over and do remakes and do retellings or like origin stories of the same killer, but it’s a franchise. It is, but it’s definitely not like Friday the 13th that every film is different or even Michael, which has different timelines.

Erick: I would say that Halloween’s on the same boat as Texas, If it’s getting a roommate, it’s a franchise, isn’t it. So whatever Randy was trying to say about the killer being revealed at the end, they all did

So Dewey and Randy continued his conversation and they’re like, all right, who could it be?

Is it Derek? No, no, it’s, gotta be Mickey, but then they’re like, well, Mickey’s, there’s a suspect. It’s because he’s a film student and he knows about what happened in the first one. Do he’s like, well then if that’s the case, you are also a suspect and he’s like, oh no, no,

Vivi: I’m the perpetual love slave to Sydney. That’s my role. And he’s like,

Erick: Let’s move on.

Randy’s like, you could be a suspect yourself and Gale, and then it was like, oh yeah, you’re right. Let’s just move on.

Randy’s like, well, if Gale isn’t the suspect, then she’s potentially a target. And Dewey is like, oh shit. The next thing we get is Gail talking to Juul or camera man who is like, you know what? I’m quitting. I came here to report on the news, not be the news I saw what happened to your old camera, man.

I read.

Vivi: I think it’s a good line.

We get this weird art director, dude. I don’t know his conversation with Sydney. He seemed really like personal and weird he’s projecting on it. Yeah. also the play that she goes on to do seems extremely trauma inducing because they’re literally all hooded figures wearing masks.

I would be like, hell no, I’m not starring in this play. Have you heard what happened to me? Yeah.

Erick: It’s also just very close to what her story is in this movie that she has to deal with everyone kind of being out to kill her it’s too.

for comfort for said,

Vivi: she goes on stage to act out the scene.

Erick: the production value on this play. I’ve never been to a play this, even

Vivi: if it is a college

Erick: and this immaculate,

this intricate in college. Yeah. Because they’ve got thunder, they got backdrops dropping. I was like, wow, this is awesome.

Vivi: An art kid, but I’m pretty sure my college did not have this kind of budget.

Erick: My college had fun, so we never even did. was an engineering school. Okay. We’re all depressed. We just go to school, get bad grades and then

Vivi: leave. it’s not clear if the actual killer is within the play of actors or she’s.

Like I said, having a trauma flashback, cause this is all very close to her actual life. Even

Erick: you, as the viewer are confused on whether she’s actually seeing ghost face or not, they’ve got knives, they’ve got masks. Some of them even have open mouth, like just ghost face masks, face.

Yeah. she has a breakdown.

Vivi: Rightfully so, but also don’t be in this play.

Erick: Yeah. As the main character,

Vivi: I was like, no, there’s a bunch of people here literally wearing masks. Everyone can take it off for rehearsal people. Why aren’t we, this dressed up for rehearsal.

Erick: the teacher basically alludes to Sydney being like Cassandra.

She sealed her own fate and had control over afraid. So he said that Sydney should embrace it rather than be afraid of it.

Vivi: Real easy to say, man. No, one’s chasing you to murder you.

Erick: He’s behind it all. He’s actually married to Ms. Loomis

Vivi: plot twist.

So the film is giving you probably three suspects. You’re thinking might be the killer. Alrighty and picking them off basically, Gail does get a phone call from the killer. I’m surprised her cell. Phone’s not like massive, like the other one in 97. Yeah. They’re a little bit smaller.

Erick: They’re all talking around this tree on campus. Randy takes the phone. Talking to the killer the killer is like, oh, am I interrupting something?

And obviously can see the three of them And his joking around with them. Randy stays to talk to them while Gail and Dewey try to find them because they’re like they have to be around here and they’re going around and taking the phones and kicking things over and pushing people to even chase one guy down in the background.

Vivi: I would hate to meet these people. Like, what is your problem? Well, Randy, I don’t think this is smart on his part. He starts walking around and wandering if you’ve seen enough horror movies, Randy, you should have stayed in one spot.

Erick: You would think you’d be safe because it’s so open. Like if I was running from somebody, what I would do is avoid being in an enclosed space and would want to do like what he’s doing and go in the middle of the campus, you would have to be able to see where someone’s coming from. Right.

Vivi: He was literally killed in the middle of the day with no witnesses.

Erick: Meanwhile, Dewey and Gail are trashing everybody’s shit. That’s

Vivi: who they were paying attention to.

But Randy’s going off on the killer about how Billy the original killer was just a homo repress mama’s boy.

It reminds me of when we talked about how Stu and Billy had this Potentially gay relationship or not. He says home or repressed, and that’s when the killer just goes off on him. drags him into the white van, like the beer and stabs him to

Erick: death. I was so sad.

Vivi: Yeah. I loved Randy’s character.

Erick: I don’t know if it’s already been happened so much blood pools up that it starts to spill out the side of the van.

Vivi: I guess it would depend on how deep your wounds are. But also, I don’t know how much blood is in the human body we’ve talked about.

I think we’ve questioned this before 10 pint.

Vivi: While this is happening, sit me is in the library and starts getting these weird, I am messages. they look really funny. I don’t think any, I am,

Erick: I don’t think they looked like this back then.

At the time we were using like AOL and Yahoo, maybe they couldn’t get the rights to use that.

Vivi: Like didn’t want to get sued or

Erick: something, schools used to have their own things like that. I used to go to a certain college for a summer program in high school and they had their own specific, I am

Vivi: in

Erick: 2006.

Vivi: Well, I had way back, but Sydney is freaking out and trying to look over each computer to see who could be sending her, these messages. She calls over the detectives that are following her and they

Erick: start roughhousing with everybody in the library.

Vivi: Everyone making everyone step away from the computers what doesn’t make sense to me.

is that. Make her wait by herself in the corner of a library. I really think someone should’ve stayed with her the whole time this gives cotton the opportunity to surprise Sydney Sydney is automatically suspicious of him.

I am too. Why is he still at the college?

Erick: Yeah, he said he was only there for the 10 minute interview, when we know why he’s still there, is super heavily interested in getting this Diane Sawyer interview he’s like, well, each get 10,000 bucks, come on. It’s our 15 minutes of fame.

Vivi: I think it’s also just the notoriety of being on Diane Sawyer because it would probably lead to more interviews and more money. I

Erick: wish I knew more about. The only other time that I’ve seen her name mentioned is when Robert Downey Jr. Was interviewed by that one weird guy it was there to do like in the vendor’s interview and it’s supposed to be fun.

And some dude is like, do you think that you resonate closely with the Tony stark role, because you had such a horrible relationship with your father and Robert Downey Jr. Is like uh, what, and this is supposed to be like a fun interview.

And the guy just went straight for the head cutthroat Robert Downey Jr. Was like, ah, you’re getting a little too Diane Sawyer for me. starts taking all this stuff off and gets up.

Vivi: I think she’s known for like, being a very tough interviewer God, I feel like she was again popular during this time.

It was a little bit before us. Cause I would say That for this generation, and I don’t

Erick: really know.

Vivi: But yeah, that is what he’s after. And he’s like very much like intimidating her.

She’s already freaked out.

Erick: He’s like moving her face. He’s shoving her. And he’s kind of closing her in this corner behind the bookcase. Cause he feels

Vivi: he’s owed something for her, accusing him sending him wrongfully, to jail. But I feel like he’s kind of been milking this already for a while. Not to say that like the wasting a year over your life, isn’t something to be upset about, but he is getting profit out of it and he just wants like the top tier best he can get.

Erick: while he’s doing this. Detectives noticed and they immediately assume he’s a suspect because why is he doing this right from an outside point of view? You’re like, what the fuck are you doing? He’s the suspect. Number one, he was accused for a year So the next thing we get is them taking him to the police station. As he’s pulled out, there’s an amateur report. We keep seeing Gil freaks the fuck out on this lady.

Vivi: she’s super mean to there and the entire time this is where Sydney gets the news that Randy has died. She’s obviously pretty upset. You know, they’re like the kids that survived the first incident, she’s saying that she has to call his mother do.

He says that he already took care of that. co is released because they don’t really have anything to hold him on.

Erick: Other than that, he was pushy and he was like, why are you going to do arrest me? Because I was loud in the

Vivi: library. Funny. But also he has a point and he runs into Gail and Gail’s Also suspicious of him now and is telling him not to do anything that he’ll regret

Erick: she has her reputation on the line. If cotton is also found not innocent. Right. Because she wrote this whole book that was around him

Vivi: being instrumental in getting him released.

outside of the police station, we get the scene where Joel quits Dewey and her continue this weird romantic subplot that they’ve got going on because they take the tapes and go watch them immediately thinking that the killer must be in the footage somewhere

Erick: They’re like, where do we go to get a VCR? Was a BCR, not that common at this time with that, it

Vivi: was, I think it is, they’re just in a college and they don’t know where they were, but

again, where does this college? It’s very well. Cause they have Where the VCR is and stuff. And then they also have like a literal recording studio.

Erick: Well, this school just seems to be really into the arts. Probably an arts school.


they put the tapes in and they start to see all the footage they get in the mood while watching

Vivi: the footage ‘ cause They see like their interaction, like the camera had recorded their first fight and they’re kind of like apologizing for it. obviously it’s so awkward making out.

Yeah. Again, it’s like this weird some romantic plot and then it’s like, okay, but there’s a killer. It’s like the teenagers that stopped to do it in the forest. Yeah. The whole time. And you’re

Erick: also suspicious of doing, at least I was

Dewey’s here now with her in an intimate way. Yeah. This is Dewey chance to kill her.

Vivi: But instead the DD starts to show the scenes of the previous murders and ends with the camera pointed at

Erick: It means the killer has been recording everything that’s happened as well.

This is kind of fucked up Not only do they kill, but they’re taking evidence

Vivi: I think it’s just because we do know that the killer is Mrs. Luminous, who is a reporter. She could be recording these for profit later on .

 Or she’s trying to frame Mickey if things go wrong,

Erick: What doing it look up? They see ghost face in the projection room and Ghostface run. So do he chases after? And Gail is surprised, attacked by Ghostface who chases after her.

Vivi: I, yes, we got Gale running around Scooby doo style through the doors She does eventually hide from ghost face, but she doesn’t see is that she ends up in a, what looks like the front end of a recording studio. It’s like

Erick: a sound booth. The glasses also.

Vivi: Because behind her is do we bang on the glass trying to get her attention, but it is way too late because Ghostface is in there with him, stabbing him.

And she does not realize it until she turns around and sees them through the glass. she cannot do anything about it.

Erick: Someone later makes a comment that Gail has more labs than a cat Patton. And I think Dewey is the same way

the scene is probably the most suspenseful in the entire film because you’re trying to root for Gale not to die she turns the corner is he goes facing the bags.

She turns another corner. You see, he goes facing the back he’s pretty much honor if it weren’t for her locking herself in that one room I think he had gotten there or

Vivi: she we don’t know, who’s the one running around right now.

 The next scene. Is Sydney getting essentially taken away for witness protection?

Sidney, no longer feeling slave. I call it just being taken away her friend Holly. So she’s going with her because she said therapist.

Erick: Derek also is saying bye to her although he doesn’t agree, he’s like I have to be supportive

Vivi: of you’re being murdered.

How difficult for me to

Erick: be supporting. So he watches them drive off and immediately after you see a hooded figure in the back and you’re thinking it’s ghost face and

Vivi: I’m sprinting comically again, trees and

Erick: stuff. it’s his brothers who are taking him yesterday. I found out that there’s a word for giving your letters to.

Your girlfriend via a necklace it’s called never even heard of this. We just knew don’t give your letters to anybody to no-no So Ghostface attacks the car immediately after this, which I thought was pretty ballsy at this point, Ghostface has been in conspicuous and that they’re pretty careful at how they’re attacking and, to go and attack a cop car and killed two detectives, that’s pretty fucking ballsy

Vivi: as the fact that they’re cops, you know, like you’re not going to get away with that.

Erick: And I see this because we’ve seen it in the past. Like we’ve seen cops killed before, but we’ve seen cops killed by villains who have nothing to lose And in this case, your thinking goes through, this is the most human of all three, I’d say, well, I guess Texas is also human, but they’re insane. And go straight to is clearly a person who cares about not being found out until they were really just to Sydney. Yeah.

Vivi: It’s just that thing of when you realize that it’s Mrs. Loomis, it’s just motivated by revenge and she kind of does not care anymore.

Her target is Sydney

Erick: After it goes face attacks takes the car the cop that’s outside jumps on top of that.

Groceries crashes into construction and a metal bar, just go straight through the head of the cop on the hood. that was brutal because Sidney and Haley are in the back, like, fuck,

Vivi: that’s it sanely, traumatizing again. Sending needs real therapy,

Sidney and Holly are now trapped in the back of the car, a cop car, like it’s designed for your mouth to get out child lock again.

And you said the most tense scene is when Gail’s being chased from me. It’s this scene or Sidney’s crawling out of the back seat of the card crawling over. I don’t think this

Erick: seems expensive because I think she was an idiot and should have just killed them. she goes for the mask and then accidentally pushes the horn and stops.

And then it goes again and then Haley has to do it. Like, he’s clearly knocked out or she tied them up, kill them.

Vivi: And he wanted to probably wanted to see who it was first and then killed them because we know she has no problem killing the killer, but her friend is the one who was like, don’t even worry about that.

Let’s just get, I was so sad for Allie too.

Erick: She didn’t deserve it.

Vivi: Sydney’s fault. She dies. As they’re running away, Sidney goes back and she’s like, I have to know, I have to know who it is. And how is say,

Erick: I know you don’t, we can find out later

Vivi: the killer waits first need to go all the way back to the cart and check and realize that they are not there.

She turns around the killer is right behind Holly attacking her from behind end, stabbing her in the good,

Erick: Lot of good cutting

Vivi: kind of um, what’d you say there? Emo prescreen.

Erick: Good coating or backstabbing One or the other?

Because this has happening simultaneously, Gail runs out of the building where Dewey was killed and runs into cotton. Cotton has blown on his hand Gail was like, oh shit, it’s ghost facing.

Cotton’s like, no, I found Dewey. I was trying to help them. That’s what this is about. And Gail runs. Okay. It is. Yeah. kind of looks at his hands and was like, fuck,

Vivi: He’s like, that’s character. That’s a fine line of like comical and he still might be the killer.

Erick: Yeah. save goes to the theater automatically. For some

Vivi: reason, she just ends up there. She’s running away from guns instead of going to the

Erick: cops, they did the two of them. And it’s more that monster from malignant go and kill everybody at the precinct,

Vivi: the entire precinct.

for some reason, the killer near that she was going to end up there because Derek comes down from the ceiling tied up.

You honestly think Derek fed, but he regains consciousness and she is trying to take him down from this weird star thing.

Erick: That’s when ghost face appears and is like, Hey, it’s me the whole time. It’s Mickey. And he pretends that Derek is in on it with him. And he’s like, look, it’s not just me. Just like in the first one, it was always the boyfriend and the crazy friend.

It’s gotta be Derek. And there was like, what? No, like that’s not true. Sidney has no reason not to believe Mickey’s right.

Vivi: Because you probably have trust issues after that. Also Mickey being the killer is kind of funny because he was only in like a couple of scenes at the beginning. And you don’t see him again throughout the rest of the film.

yeah. He’s like Philly in another dudes.

Erick: yeah. It’s almost like stew and brilliant one love child.

Vivi: He shoots Derek.

Just to mess with her basically saying like, you believed me and it got your perfect boyfriend killed. And I think Derek with his dying words is like, I would have never done anything to hurt you.

And honestly, I’m like Derek, you were so boring. Cool.


Erick: You already did something to hurt me. You fucking saying in front of the entire lunch room, that was pretty embarrassing. Mickey kind of goes back to what was being talked about in the film class where he’s like, it’s the perfect storm. It’s almost like a cotton, this situation where he’s really interested in what’s going to happen after the fact.

And he said, I’m going to go on trial. It’s going to be this whole spectacle. I’m going to be fine because everyone’s going to be like, oh wow. The copycat killer, who did exactly what happened in the first one. .

Vivi: It’s funny because it’s the opposite of what Billy had said. In the first film, he was like, movies don’t make killers. They make killers margarita. But this guy is like, no, no, no. I’m blaming the movies completely privileged. he’s right this time in the nineties, it was like, trials were blowing up. This is the time of the OJ Simpson child.

The JonBenet Ramsey case was happening. I don’t know if that actually went to trial cause no one was a suspect, but like, yeah, there was no like accused it’s this time where court was being televised. it’s a commentary on the true crime community. He feels like he can become famous by being the killer.

That he’ll be safe. Yes. Because he’ll be so sensationalized.

Erick: he’s like and obviously I wasn’t working alone a door opens and Gale walks through and you’re like, oh shit, but she’s got a gun to her back. And it’s Mrs.

Vivi: But she’s still in ghost face.

So you still don’t know who it is. It’s not just like, oh yeah, we’re supposed to know. But that character she does eventually take off her mask. Sydney is the only one that recognizes her as Belize mom. And Gail’s like, wait,

Erick: they just not seen her at all this whole time. She’s been at every crime scene.

Vivi: She’s been there as a reporter, but she says she didn’t recognize her because she lost like 60 pounds gotten work done. Cause Gail’s like, wait, no, I like interviewed her and that’s not her. And she’s like, no, it’s her. She doesn’t care about who, she really talks to you in interviews. So maybe she didn’t recognize her.

Erick: she got like plastic surgery to change her

Vivi: face. I think she got like some work done. Cause when you lose weight, your appearance does change. So maybe. Just tweak some things.

Erick: So she wouldn’t be so suspicious. Cause then they’re like, Billy’s mom’s on every crime scene.

Someone’s going to say

Vivi: something. I’m trying to look up the actor who plays Mrs. Loomis. Cause I’m pretty sure she plays. Jackie and Roseanne. I don’t know. I don’t watch frozen Roseanne now isn’t she racist? Roseanne is racist, not the rest of the cast. they went on to do her show. Her. Oh, they killed her off her own show because she was so racist and then a comedy it’s been going on for so long, but it was kind of like a dark comedy.

 That’s weird. Sorry I got distracted. What was your question? I was just

Erick: saying that what did you recognize there you said that Sydney recognizes that it’s Billy’s mom, but others would have too, like Dewey, possibly.

He was a cop at the precinct where the first things happened. seems like anytime that he runs into Gail, she’s just told off the report.

Vivi: So he doesn’t see her. He’s like just misses her every time. Interesting. Yeah. Gail is the only one that interacts with her

Erick: Yes.

Vivi: Goddammit Monica

Erick: and Jennifer Addison’s naked body.

 As she reels herself in the country at the time, she says that there were 97 serial killers today in 2021, apparently there’s 30 active serial killers, which I think is still pretty high given that we just said on this last episode, that serial killers are having a hard time existing for incident have been what, 24 years, since this movie came out and the number to only be 30% of what it was before.

Sure. It’s better, but it’s still a pretty significant amount of 30 is a pretty high number,

Vivi: You’re taking probably the right approach being like that is still too high. I’m actually like, huh. That’s actually decreased a lot. that’s not even one per state.

 still too high for you.

Erick: Well, yeah, because if we talk about 20, 21 think like we’re advanced, we know what to do. We have DNA, we have internet. We have to follow me 30 is still pretty fucking high

Vivi: there’s an argument for the people that are like the government knows everything and is in all our business. Now there’s still 30 people out there.

Erick: Yeah. And that’s also subject to, well, how many people are they killing?

Vivi: I seem to be classified as a serial killer. You have to kill more than

Erick: two. So it could really just be 30 people who’ve killed just two people and their serial killers automatically because honestly, we got shits on the serial killers in Chicago.

Vivi: Oh yeah. Does this account for like gang violence, spree, killings, like mass shootings like that?

Erick: I’ve always wondered how you kind of distinguish the two because there’s like organized crime serial killings shore could be like one person or two who are on a spree that haven’t been discovered. But when you say the same thing about

Vivi: organized crime, that’s true an I’m literally looking up.

How many kills did we consider a zero killer? Like I’m going to get flagged somewhere. three is the normal definition by the end.

Erick: is it because it’s a job it’s different. It’s not a serial killer anymore.

Vivi: you get benefits from it,

Erick: don’t most serial killers get benefits out of things. I mean, yes. Like in this case he wants to kill the city for revenge on

Vivi: her kid. Yes. And is the one that like, isn’t really getting something out of it. He just wants to be famous, but we find out that doesn’t come to be because Mrs. Lewis just tired of his shit.

She would send dad.

Erick: A lot.

Vivi: Yeah. a couple of times enough for him to not pop up the way he does,

Erick: so yeah, she shoots Gail and Gail falls off the stage. so it’s just said, and this littleness Ms. Lewis goes into this whole. It’s classic villain telling your whole plot to the hero situation. And she’s like, you probably think that I’m here because of my own motive or movies or whatever.

She’s like, no, I’m here for good old fashioned revenge on my son,

Vivi: just thinking this is where he’s fives this whole time.

Erick: Sidney says you’re as crazy as Billy and luminous is like, what did you just say to me?

Vivi: But Ms. Right. And she revealed that.

That’s why she killed Randy because he started talking crap about belly and she couldn’t help herself.

Erick: Yeah. Sydney is like, it starts with the family. And Ms. Loomis goes into this whole defense mode where she’s like, it doesn’t start with the family. I raised my kid the best that I could.

She blame

Vivi: something. Her mother, again,

Erick: Sidney’s mom. Oh yeah, that’s right.

Vivi: She blamed Sydney really like suffered for the sins of her mom. But I would argue that they all just really fixated on blaming Sidney’s mom.

But like, I think your husband’s the one that ruined your family. Right.

I also don’t know what happened to Billy’s dad. I can’t remember. Did he die in the first one? Like offscreen, it was mentioned

Erick: We just looked it up. And Hank Loomis, it says that he appeared in scream one

Vivi: out ‘ cause it was like the whole issue with the cell phone and send me being suspicious. And he kept being like call my dad and he’s a lawyer.

Erick: He appears in scream three. So we’ll see him again.

Sydney gets Ms. Lomas distracted, because she was like, wait, it wasn’t making supposed to be dead. And she turns around

Vivi: and lunges for the gun. It’s interesting because it goes, faces a knives villain, and they’re fighting for a gun in the last scenes. They didn’t really have a gun.

Yes. But I think Stevenson,

Erick: I think it’s, once they take this persona of ghost face off, Yeah. It’s everything goes Sydney has gone into the control room and it started to use just like she did, started to use the props and everything from the theater against Mrs.

 Ms. Lomas has kind of like in the state of hysteria, and so all these little things that are happening with the theater are catching her off guard for the same reason that she’s not a hundred

Vivi: percent on rebend against Sydney, but she’s like, I can’t handle all the stage pops falling, She’s

Erick: overstimulated. at the end, this fake rebel lands on top of her, like in a action movie, I was thinking it’s just foam. She passes out like, fuck.

Vivi: Mrs.

Lummis has caught Sydney and you really think like this is going to be it for her nobody else is alive to help her. And that’s when cotton comes in. And I think it’s when Mrs. Lumina’s turns around and. Sidney at gunpoint because cottons pointed the gun at both of them. He kind of just walked into this situation and doesn’t know

Erick: what’s going on.

You think he’s a wildcard because he has reasons to hate Sydney. So you’re like, is he going to shoot her? And then Ms. Loomis is also using what she knows about cotton and is like, look let me just kill her. Please. Let me just kill her. And I will put you in front of the answer.

Vivi: you hate her too. Like I know you do. She put you away for so long and

Erick: damn you

Vivi: fucking, right? Yeah. He looks like he’s being convinced. And then he turns to Sydney and was like, Diane Sawyer is looking pretty good. And now in Sydney it’s like consider it done. Boom. That’s all he wanted.

Erick: That’s all they want it. Yeah. It’s so funny. I like the sector. What’s his name? With Schreiber. He plays tooth in the worst Wolverine film. Wolverine origins. The one where they fucked up that pool, I loved him actually a saber tooth. Like it was awesome. Casting.

Vivi: . Yeah. He’s got a very like specific look to him that makes me think like he used to be like a pro wrestler turn actor.

Erick: Yeah. Honestly, I swear. can we bring back Liev? Schreiber is saber-tooth. I think he’s like too old to bring into the MCU. Cause it seems like they’re getting younger people so that they could last a few years, not to say he’s too old

Vivi: to act and no, because Angelina Jolie’s older and she’s in the eternal.

I think

Erick: they turned, those works different though, because they’re supposed to be beings that have been here for a long time. Yeah. Because they’re still young characters in their terms, there’s a, I think a literal kid, a

Vivi: literal child. Yeah. All the Starks are in it.

Erick: sidewalks from train to Busan here for

Vivi: it.

Erick: Yeah. I hope he kicks people’s ass for no reason.

Vivi: And what’s his name?

Erick: Mile. I forgot his last name.

Vivi: I love him too. Sanded

So I think at this point you’re surprised by Gail popping up, it seems like she’s only gotten shot in the shoulder. Nowhere vital. And I think this is where cotton’s like, God damn it, Gail, you have more lives than a

Erick: cat. Yeah. Cotton’s also talking to Sydney and is like, look, we need to get our stories straight.

And I, think about this all the time when these movies end, what happens, right? Like you’re a suspect because he had just killed in self-defense but I’ve heard so many times where even if you kill someone in self-defense, so you still are a murderer because of some tiny little stupid detail.

Vivi: You know, how there’s different types of manslaughter. There’s like different sentences for if you’re accused of one versus the other like brain flutter. One, obviously I think is the worst one that you could commit. It’s like intention. Then there’s like, man two, which is like less time because there was other circumstances.

And I think it just, this is what, I mean, we need a section where Brenda comes on and explains the legal jargon.

Erick: Yeah. Because I’m sure con’s coming in here thinking like, well, I just killed the lady. Am I to blame Sydney? Let’s, let’s get our stories together because I don’t want to be blamed for the shit.

And then,

Vivi: but I think when you do it in defense of someone else’s, it’s also like justifiable

Erick: state laws depends. Some states are different than others. Oh

Vivi: my God. Like where are they Ohio. If they were in fricking Florida or Texas that has that standard ground rule, no one would go to jail. That’d be fine.

Erick: The world, Texas. So they’re all kind of having a good time talking about what happened. Come on. Everyone’s happy that Gail’s alive. It’s one of those oh, thank God. It’s over kind of the situations. And Mickey’s like, ah, flailing and bloody and both Sydney and Gale turned around with their guns, turned sideways

Vivi: and shoot them basically just like nonstop, like going at him,

Erick: he goes flying backwards into the rebel.

The foam rebel

Vivi: They’re waiting for it. They’re looking down at Mrs. Loomis and cotton’s like, do you think she’s dead? Or they’re going to pop back up and then sit. It’s like, they always do. And that’s when Mickey’s like, after they unload their clips into him, turn around and Sydney, I guess, with their final bullets, shoots Mrs.

Lewis in the head. And it’s like, just in case she applies the double temporal. So she would’ve survived the zombie apocalypse. She’s also a fighter. Like I think we kind of glazed over that, but she liked punches and cakes and took maybe some self-defense classes

 She just looks tougher compared to the other actresses. You got, you fighting off murderers every year.

Erick: Everything’s getting wrapped up

they’re getting treated by that mail and says, and by the press. Gail finds out that he’s alive. Cause again, pulled out in the stretcher. So she’s happy. She goes into the truck with Dewey.

Vivi: he’s arrived because the killer stabbed him in his scar

Erick: tissue is existing as existing

Vivi: staff.

What are the fucking

Erick: odds that that’s why I do

Vivi: so suspicious later. So we’ll see.

Erick: he

becomes a killer later because he’s fucking pissed. He’s always going to stand in the same spot. If you’re on this drama city, it’s your fault. I don’t even care about any of it. I’m just thinking. Sid is outside.

And like you said, the reporters go to swarm her and since like, you know what, cause guns at his car by himself, go talk to him. He’s the real hero here kind of takes advantage and is reveling in it. And he’s like, we for the movie.

Vivi: And the final statement yet is sitting you walking alone on campus, which I kind of find sad. Cause once again, all her friends are dead. She has no support Gail to the hospital probably should have just when she’s not alone. Yeah. She’s just like walking on campus, like another day, another romantic team movie.

Erick: Meanwhile, the next face is walking around in the background,

Vivi: you know, and we get the end title card that says it was directed by west Craven. What a wild ride.

Erick: So while we had the record, listen to boards. Yes. You will notice it

Vivi: though. I hope not. Maybe we’ll if we sound groggy what’d you think

Erick: I, it was awesome. I like these movies. I love the confusion all the time keeps you on your toes.

Vivi: I agree. I really liked these. I can’t believe I waited so long to watch them they’re so self-aware so chaotic and money

Erick: you’re actually sad to see some of the people die. I feel like in other movies, you’re like, oh, there goes another one,

Vivi: still think I liked the first one a little better

I think you’re always just going to like the original a little better. I think I gave scream at nine, so I think I’m going to give this one an eight.

Erick: I’ll give it the eight and a half.

Vivi: it’s still pretty high. Yeah. Yeah. It’s a fun time. I wouldn’t say. there

Erick: are some suspenseful pieces. I don’t know if you say suspense in fear of the same thing.

Vivi: I would say yes. I think actually jordan Peele says that comedy and horror are really similar because it’s like, you’re building tension and how you release the tension decides if it’s horror or comedy. So I feel like you release that tension you know, in Sydney it’s the horn and you’re like, oh fuck. I think these stones like walk that line pretty well. But do you want to talk about what scared low-key?

Erick: I think we already touched on it, but he fucking hated that singing. We were trying to think like, what if I sing inside?

didn’t hate it. I was like, maybe it’s the clapping. Cause there were singing in clapping. And I was saying in clapping. Yeah, he does

Vivi: all the time.

Erick: I was singing and clapping and he didn’t really give a shit. we just say he hated their singing.

Vivi: Yeah. You used to use any well in the house. What is this nonsense?

Do you have a better singing voice? Loki, you also sound like you’re crying.

Erick: You should be in the sad scenes with all the other people who are sad that their family died in these movies.

Is there a crying dog, Louie. Oh, I am sure there is. that sounds too sad. I don’t want that. No, no,

Vivi: but

As always, we hope you guys had a good damn here with this.

This one felt a little more chaotic. So if you stick with us, thanks. Yeah.

Erick: Thanks for listening to us through this Halloween season. We’ll see what we’re doing in November. I don’t know yet. I was talking to some people on Twitter, so we might already have some

Vivi: things planned.

Yeah. But you can follow this pretty much anywhere and shaken that scared pod except Twitter, Twitter shaken, scared pod. You can send us an He

Erick: started the show on page sham when they weren’t next drink ads that you had mentions on our website, where the drink page will live for a.

You can listen to us on your favorite podcasting sites, podcast, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, a bunch of others. Give us a listen, give us a follow through low-key his last pumpkin treat it’s over. Yeah. Hey, stay tuned. Don’t forget everything that we mentioned earlier in the show.

Vivi: should be fine.

I’ll be Halloween. Happy Halloween. Bye.

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