Halloween II (1981)

Erick: Happy Halloween. If you’re not in the mood to go trick or treat at least get in the mood to watch some horror movies with this to kill the Lumis like how you say it, you gotta whip your head to kill a Loomis.

Vivi: This is not a visual medium, but yes.

Erick: welcome back to the chicken out. Scared podcast here with you as always your host, Eric and Bebe. Today, we’re going to be talking about the 1981 film Halloween two directed by Rick Rosenthal. But before we get into that, how are you moving? It’s all

Vivi: ween.

Erick: happy anniversary

Vivi: to the anniversary.

Erick: a year ago today. We were happy in Salem.

Vivi: It feels funny to say that. Cause we also just got married like two months ago again.

Erick: I guess it’s going to be odd to celebrate twice. Which one do you want to celebrate?

Vivi: Oh fuck. We also got to celebrate our dating anniversary. Pricey. Yeah, it is. Our dating anniversary is around Christmas too,

 just lump them all together. Yeah.

on the last episode of screen, we’d kept alluding to something being very exciting.

And you probably all know by now, because I think we posted it on Twitter, but we got

Erick: yeah. A little mistress of the dark.

Vivi: She’s technically our anniversary gift to each other Elvira and Loki are not getting along

Erick: yet. She hits his, he gets spooked cause he’s a big baby, even though he’s 50 pounds, she’s three pounds. She’s a tiny girl

we’ve learned from her foster that she was actually one of four that were pretty fearful when they found them. obviously we have to get the most difficult animals Just like everything else.

Vivi: We just love complicating our lives, but we hope they get along

Erick: soon.

Vivi: Both me and Loki got food poisoning this

Erick: week.

Vivi: uh, The vet looked at me like such an idiot.

When I told them I fed Loki, tainted me. He’s like, that’s why your dog is sick. You don’t bid.

Erick: I like how they’re like, so what happened to low-key? And I’m like, well, he just started the and you’re like, All right, well, let me go look and see inside. And then he comes back. He’s all right. Cool. So we’re going to give him some antibiotic, are you sure?

There’s like nothing else. I was like, well, he had some ham that VBA and she also was sick and he’s like, no

Vivi: motherfucker. I am calling animal services to take this dog away from me.

Erick: We said it solved the problem. We didn’t say, find out why,

Vivi: you know, what caused their problems. Okay.

This week has been so crazy that I thought we were going to come on here and talk about how we thought we lost her the first night we had her.

And that is honestly yeah, it’s like, I forgot that happened. We didn’t lose her. She was hiding in a hole in our cabinet that we found out that we had,

Erick: Going to get her food.

And then I came upstairs and I was like, oh my God, maybe I can’t find her. We had like put her in a bad.

Vivi: the way the shelter recommended. And she was feared.

Erick: We looked for like,

Vivi: what an hour, an hour? About an hour. It’s been rough. Just to like tell you how our lives have been. That’s not even the highlight of the last week.

Erick: This has been the roughest October ever. Did someone curses, if you curse those, please let us know.

So I could do it back. Cause God damn you.

Vivi: There’s ways to find out if we’ve been cursed,

Erick: we will find you. I don’t know who you are, but we want to find a little find you.

Vivi: Find it. Happy Halloween.

Erick: One thing I wanted to say before we move on is please send us your costumes. We’d love to see them. We’re also hanging out with, nightmare on first street friends. We’re going to be talking about,

Vivi: vampires versus the Bronx

Erick: going to be fun. Stay tuned. Go on YouTube. Facebook Twitter

Vivi: We’ll probably be in costume. So keep an eye out for that too.

Erick: I can’t wait.

Erick: Well then what is your QP content?

Vivi: I’ve just been watching the latest episodes of the movies we love on Netflix. They’ve added a bunch of horror movies and I’m a sucker for any horror movie documentary type thing. It was something that I put on and I was really interested in watching it, but because I was sick, I fell asleep, but Eric ended up telling me about it in the morning,

Erick: It almost made me wish I had watched it before we did nightmare on Elm street,

Vivi: I think The thing that I learned was that Wes Craven and Sean Cunningham actually got their start in porn.

They actually directed a real famous porn movie. And that’s how they got into directing

Erick: for horror, which real famous porn movies. I can write it down for research.

Vivi: What’s it like a seventies one. So it’s gotta be awesome

Erick: body hair,

Vivi: which is what you’re in. Do

Erick: one of the other fun facts was that they had filmed so many endings to that because they just couldn’t agree on which ending they wanted. So I think the guy who was opposite to west Craven from the studio, I believe was the one who wanted Nancy’s mom to be pulled through that little window hall,

Vivi: which I don’t know why, because it’s such an awful effect and

Erick: Wes was so against it.

But it ended up being the one that made it all the way through. Cause there were like budget cuts that were trying to get paramount to get on it go watch it. It’s pretty cool.

Vivi: Got to learn some things.

Erick: Spoiler alert before we move on, if you haven’t seen Elouine kills, fast-forward if you want, we won’t talk too much in depth, but I thought it was really fun. I thought the gore factor was fun. definitely a more brutal Michael.

There were things that I hated, like him getting attacked by a mob. I know we’re supposed to hate the killer, but I felt bad for Michael. And I was like, look, this is not the way for him to go, man. It’s gotta be one-on-one it’s always gotta be one-on-one.

Vivi: My favorite things that people have pointed out is that there is a woman who joined the fight and she has an iron man.

Erick: She was there to the steam, his face onto his skin.

Vivi: Kind of what happens in the movie we watch For today. I enjoyed it. Yes. A lot of people seem divided on it.

I don’t know if it’s actually people being divided or just saying they’re hurts something to be cool. I think it’s fun. I think you should take it as fun.

Erick: Michael Myers is like my favorite slasher

Vivi: I’m enjoying all of them. It’s hard to say. Especially in this like SQL month, I’ve seen things I like, and I’ve seen things though.

I’m like, I guess Jason so far is my favorite. I was like, no, I really like leather pays, but I’m like, oh, but scream, even though it’s a different person each time, it’s still

Erick: like, they were talking about how Halloween ends, which supposed to be the next one. is it going to confirm that he’s not of this world? Like suddenly Michael is also like Jason or his other worldly.

Vivi: I mean, yeah, we know that Michael can’t be killed,

Erick: but canny actually be killed.

Vivi: yeah, he’s pretty done though in this one, which we can talk about in fun facts, there’s also just

Erick: so many timelines to this that I think divided people is the timeline for 2018 and kills from the first on?

I feel like it could have still kept two in,

Vivi: I have confusion about their timeline because they say it’s only from the first Halloween but that it’s including mythology from the fifth one.

Erick: So I read more on that. You’re talking about the figure, you see the little kid in the class suit.

I think it’s supposed to be the, she sees Michael as a kid Cause that’s what he was wearing when he comes. also thought it was a flash of the little girl that he grooms later to be like, right. What I thought was interesting for Kilz is that the movies one and two are a lot alike. they just like to get Jamie Lee Curtis in a hospital bed and have her they’re the entire length of the movie that’s true.

Vivi: Different. Cause there was like an angry mob. And in this one there’s hardly anyone in the hospital, which

Erick: I found weird.

Vivi: Is it perfect? No. Is it fun? Yeah.

Because I’ve seen people that are upset that he kills a bunch of firemen. Why? I’m like, he’s a killer. That’s literally killed millions of different types of people.


Erick: liked the trigger tree by behead. It was almost like there’s this entire story happening in the background. But also here’s Michael killing a bunch of people randomly in Haddonfield, which is what kind of happens at Halloween too. Also just funny that H2O exists and Jamie Lee Curtis is also in

Vivi: that she’s in quite a lot of. I cannot wait to see where this goes.

Erick: these are different timelines, but Jamie Lee Curtis said, fuck it. I’ll just do all of them. Do

Vivi: it. I think you’re going to be partial to the film that makes you famous.

Erick: Well, is that all for cubic content?

Creepy content?

Vivi: Yes. Okay. What

Erick: do you have for comfort content? I have nothing. Oh, good. It’s Halloween. You shouldn’t have anything, but I do. It’s a hundred hundred. It’d be like anime kingdom hearts, one. I’m also playing that. I’m trying to beat that one and two to get to three exempt number played three and three has Pixar. So that’s fun.


Vivi: But

Is that it for our

Erick: content? Yeah.

Erick: Let’s talk about the drink that Eric to kill Loomis, the killer Loomis,

Vivi: like tequila,

Erick: but what Loomis, but also he dies.

So it’s to kill him,

Vivi: to kill us. Have we beat the joke into you yet?

Erick: It is a variation of a white Russian, but it’s got tequila in it and it has pumpkin spice, lukewarm. do you want to try it?

Vivi: Do

that is strong. My friend, I just got tequila. I taste no pumpkin.

Erick: I got pumpkin now.

Vivi: I like it. It’s pretty good. I didn’t think that tequila and pumpkin spice cover would go to yeah, you were

Erick: worried when I said I was going to make a white Russian with tequila,

Vivi: it’s just way more adventurous than I am with the cocktails.

Erick: You’re the one who makes them look cooler though. That’s when I tried to make it look cool. Oh, we can figure something out. I got this, you got this,

Vivi: some orange dark talk. Seriously. I really think that Instagram has banned us to the netherworld because nobody sees our posts anymore. And I think it’s because we’re in a niche that is horror and alcohol, two things that kind of get shadow banned on social media.

How do you talk to like-minded peers?

Or we’re just not fucking popular.

Let’s not blame an algorithm

Erick: I’m used to it.

Cool. Well, I like it what did you rate it? I’m

Vivi: going to give it a four out of five. I really liked tequila.

Erick: And pumpkin,

I can give it a 4.5 once you get to the bumpkin bees, it’s good. Very strong. If you don’t mix it,

cheers, go give it try.

Vivi: Ready for some fun facts. Yes,

Erick: to kill a Loomis to kill a fun fact.

Vivi: Smooth.

Erick: I’ve been ready. I’m waiting. I’m dying, dying in

Vivi: anticipation. Okay. So obviously if you watch the film, you know, it picks up literal seconds after the first, that was not the original plan by screenwriters John Carpenter and Debra. Initially the SQL was planned to take place a couple of years after the first incident, it was going to take place with Laurie living in a high rise apartment, but they scrapped that to go with the right after the events to continue the lore of that night, which I find so stressful.

If I was Laurie, I’d be like, can I not catch

Erick: a fucking,

Vivi: John Carpenter actually felt like he didn’t have anywhere else to go with the story of Lori and Michael, which is why part three is season of the witch. He naturally felt that Dr. Loomis, his character was coming to an end as well. That is why he is also killed at the end and why we are left with the scene of Michael’s face burning. So definitely however, because we don’t see his body, it was left somewhat ambiguous, leaving room for his character to return later on.

Erick: Oh. We think Loomis didn’t die.

Vivi: Yeah. But it was John carpenter’s intention to kill off the character since he felt there was no story left between Laurie and

Erick: Dr. Loomis. Good. Cause Lumis is attracting

Vivi: police favorite character

Erick: allusion to episode one, our best episode. Oh

Vivi: God. I wanted to listen to it just to compare. See if we’ve grown at all as a show, not feeling like it right now, feeling all over the place.

Erick: It’s okay. It’s late on a Wednesday. That’s probably when we recorded

Vivi: learn.

Erick: Well, at least we’re not watching the movie while trying to record though.

Vivi: Yeah. That was a bad idea. Yeah. We learned from that

 So the character of Michael has gone through a few appearance as the film series has gone on. However, the mast used in part two is one of the original mask use.

In part one, it looks different. because the actor who plays Michael has changed. It is no longer Nick castle, who is a very tall, prominent looking man. He went on to direct. So instead the actor was warlock.

Erick: Cool.

Vivi: And him supporting the mask gave Michael a different appearance.

Erick: His head is smaller. It looks. You know, because that mask was found in a store, it was one of many masks, just like this one.

So I thought it was cool that this movie brings that into account and is like, there’s someone else wearing the same mask, but what happens obviously is

Vivi: unfortunate. Yeah. I just got one more for ya. it was revealed that John Carpenter, regrets making Laurie and Michael siblings later on, he felt like he needed something to tie the story together, but then stated that it would have been scarier to leave Michael’s motivations, unknown.

Erick: If Michael was just killer for killer sake. Yeah, I agree. this is why when we were talking about the first one, I had also said a lot about how there the sister.

Yeah. And it was like, it’s not clear here yet, see,

Vivi: I don’t know if it’s cause you already thought that, that you pieced it together because standalone it could’ve just been the

Erick: atrics him being Michael

Vivi: paying homage to his first killings.

Erick: I think someone in search of darkness, the documentary on shutter had mentioned John Carpenter had maybe intended for the Halloween movie series to be a bunch of anthologies with the theme of Halloween why would he do this? If his original idea was to make an ontology, was it a studio that said no, make it a SQL because people loved Michael

Vivi: it’s possible.

It did make a ton of money. So maybe the studio was like, Michael, I think it’s also possible to make an anthology in two-part series. Maybe part three was season of the witch, maybe part four was season of the witch too. so on and so forth

Erick: just makes me want Michael Myers series.

Vivi: I think we do have it,

Erick: you with all the movies that are out, but just like how scream has a series. I haven’t watched it.

Vivi: Oh, we either that MTV show.

Erick: Yeah. Like, it’d be cool to see this in more depth, he’s here. He killed his sister and now he’s here to kill again and had him feel, he just hates this town.

I hate this town.

Vivi: Oh my God. Reference pop punk kid who couldn’t get out of his hometown.

Erick: Do you wanna do your speed run since it’s your turn to fail? I mean when, mm

Vivi: Hmm. Yes.

Erick: One, two.

Vivi: Okay. So we pick up right after the events of the first film, Laurie is being rushed to the hospital and the town’s discovering the bodies of all the dead teenagers while in the hospital. Laurie is sedated, even though she’s asking not to be sedated um, Michael has not been found even though they think they’ve killed him on accident in the craziest accident ever.

Um, Loomis is still running around crazy, but Michael is still very much alive and chasing after Laurie. He makes his way back to this hospital where there is literally no one, except a couple of nurses and a couple of MTS. Michael slowly kills them off one by one and finds his way to Laurie who goes catatonic from all the meds she’s on, but then wakes up and is able to fight him off in the end scene.

Loomis arrives way too fucking late, not even knowing what to do, shoots him a million more times. And they end up blowing a hospital room up while Laurie escapes and Michael is burning. And so is Loomis.

Erick: That’s it? Eight seconds left. It was stressful. That was so good. I felt like I skipped a lot.

Although this movie doesn’t have that much to it

Vivi: and it felt long and it was only an hour and a half. the first one is probably the same amount of runtime and did not feel this long.

Erick: I think it’s because there’s mystery in the first one and the second one, you’re like, well, I know who illuminous is. I know, Yeah. There’s less to imagine. So everything all feels kind of dragged out. Cause you’re like, you know, he’s going to get the glory.

And then he kills everybody on the way. Yeah,

Vivi: exactly.

Erick: I hate some of the characters too, like that. Oh, gee,

Vivi: Loomis gets worse. Yeah. But

Erick: You want me to do a brief overview of a view? Well, Dr. Loomis hunts from Michael Meyer is a traumatized Laurie’s rushed at and field Memorial hospital. And the shape is not far behind her. This is my David Rush. That shape. Yeah.

Vivi: He’s referenced as the shape. A lot in this one.

Erick: Okay.

Vivi: As you can see Eric space, he did not appreciate because

Erick: the fuck, what are we in the fifties?

That sounds like a fifties superhero name.

Vivi: There’s so many references in this movie to him that it’s like,

Erick: he’s the mask. the boogeyman. He is. They were like, there’s no boogeyman songs. So we need another one with that man. Closest thing, if anything, salmon fits.


Vivi: I didn’t say that. wrong movie friends.

Erick: well, are we ready to dive in?

Vivi: Well, it’s Devin. I took extensive.

And I’m not going to remember anything. I take a lot of like detailed notes and then I get to the mic and Eric summarizes everything.

Cause I just go with

Erick: then I turned around and I see you writing a shit ton of notes. I’m like, what’d you write down? Nothing happened. You can eat a sandwich with what

Vivi: did I miss? Clearly the sandwich is his childhood trauma

Erick: to that ham, that BB and low-key eight. My drama,

Vivi: so we opened on Halloween night, like tonight, 1978 were still in the same night.

Erick: It basically does what every movie sequel from this era seems to like to do, which is pick up and show you the last five minutes. Like it was a TV series

Vivi: the original was released in 78. So it’s been like three years. Yeah. I guess he wouldn’t totally remember unless you,

Erick: at what point in movie history do we say, well, if they haven’t seen it and it’s kind of their problem,

Vivi: I don’t think ever. even in a franchise, there’s always a recap Harry Potter, you always get the spiel about how he was the boy who lived.

Erick: Probably do it for people who have

Vivi: been dragged to the theater. Yeah,

Erick: in case you don’t remember, we’ll recap it right now.

I will

Vivi: do what we literally said. We hate

Erick: just kidding. Go listen to episode one. It’s our best episode. So what is it? The boogeyman it, as a matter of fact, it might be,

Vivi: I unloaded my whole clip into him and he’s still alive.

Erick: Six times, six times. I love how right after this, Michael is walking around the neighborhood and he sees lumens getting on a cop car.

And it’s still lumens being like six times,

Vivi: six times. He is really past,

We opened on Laurie letting Tommy and Lindsay know that they need to run out ask for help and call the police while she’s kind of having a moment to collect herself after everything that has just happened. We have Michael standing right behind her. As the kids run out, we get Loomis running into the whole.

Oh, we’re actually recapped just sorry. I was like, when did this

Erick: happen in the first movie? So you do need,

Vivi: so Louis enters just in time to shoot Michael six times. Don’t forget it. Six

Erick: times. I almost named this drink six times and put six shots in it, but maybe I said, no,

Vivi: no, I didn’t want to die today.

Laurie does ask him. So it really was the boogeyman boom confirms and runs out to try and find Michael

Erick: there’s a neighbor guy’s like, Hey, what’s all that damn racket.

Vivi: I’ve been trick or treated to death, which is an expression I’ve never forgotten, heard in my

Erick: life. And it was just like, you don’t even know what that is,

Vivi: but I don’t think it was intended to be funny. But can you

Erick: imagine being the neighbor and wheeling and stuff, calm

Vivi: down, man?

Erick: It’s a child’s holiday.

Vivi: Well, that’s what I would say about this man saying he was trick or treating to death. Like you stayed in your home and you handed out candy, sir. I get it being an adult is exhausting, but come on

Erick: kickoff another movie and he’s just been handing out razorblades so anyway, Mike was walking POV through the neighborhood and again, he, sees the lumens getting in a cop car, but he approaches a home where some people are watching the news

Vivi: they’re watching night of the living dead. Oh. But

Erick: it cuts.

Vivi: I made a note about how many horror movies have the night of the living dead on in the background.

I believe it’s because the rights to the movie entered the public domain and they can use it without having to pay because I was, that’s what I watched again, scary stories to tell in the dark it

Erick: was in there

Vivi: too, right? Yes. It was also in there. And I was like, this happens in a lot of horror movies.


Erick: I think it’s cool. when whatever’s happening in the background has something to do with what’s currently going on in the movie because Michael’s in the house

and it’s the part in night in the living dead where the brother is like, they’re coming to good shoe Barbara and it’s Michael approaching the kill these old folks. He grabs the knife that she’s cutting with, make a sandwich. She reaches back to grab the knife and sees that it’s not there.

And she’s like, ah, and then Michael would kills them, use him

Vivi: because it happens off screen.

The neighbor Alice. She’s home alone. She’s a teenager. Speaking on the phone with her friend

Erick: She heard a scream from the neighbors next door.

Vivi: and her friend is basically saying, Hey, you haven’t heard about the murders that literally happened on your street, on the radio.

We see behind her that Michael has entered through the back door in her kitchen. Realizing that the door is left, open making her way to go close it again. She doesn’t even make it before Michael jumps up behind her and stabs her.

What appears to be somewhere in the throat or chest, because we got blood splatter upward. And I think that’s something I made a note of. I don’t believe there was any blood in the first Halloween. The most we get is Lori’s wound.

Let’s confirm this

you rarely ever see blood. You just think you do.

Erick: What

Vivi: is it? One of those Mendela effects.

I will probably have to look this up in more detail later.

 The next scene we got is Lori being taken away on a stretcher by a couple

Erick: of EMT. one of them’s name is bud And then the other guys, Jimmy,

Vivi: we also meet a mother and child on their way to the emergency room that literally do not come into play later at all.

Yeah. It’s a

Erick: show that this is a working hospital, even though they never appear you. Literally

Vivi: the only people in this hospital.

Erick: can you address my child? And they’re like, no main character coming through,

as they’re addressing Lori, they talk about, well, where’s the doctor. And they’re like, I dunno, he’s out on a bender. He’s probably drunk right now. And the doctor shows up and he’s like, give me a coffee.

Vivi: I wouldn’t want this man to work on me. Cause they’re all literally like, oh, it’s Laurie.

Erick: Why do they all know

Vivi: who she is? Small town. I guess I would hate that so much. I believe he is drunk because he came back from a Halloween party. As Laura is being tended to, she keeps saying that she doesn’t want to be put to sleep. I don’t recall her wounds being that serious in the first film for there to be a reason to put her to sleep

Erick: because I don’t, don’t worry.

The doctor is drunk. He’s too drunk. He’s like, I just don’t want you to him. Her arms. Our legs were cut off.

Vivi: He’s like, listen, I am so drunk right now. And this is a liability. It’s just kinda,

Erick: she’s like, no, please. Don’t. Told that this drunk

Vivi: man put me to sleep, has nothing to do

Erick: with like, so she gets put to sleep and then we get the cops and Loomis driving. the cop Officer bracket is like, there’s no fucking way luminous that you shot him. Six times. He probably missed and Loomis does not stop with the six times. I hate liver.

That’s not even the

Vivi: worst thing he does. Sheriff bracket is any brackets father, one of the first victims.

Erick: What I think is interesting is that luminous is just the doctor, right? He’s no cop or anything in any capacity,

Vivi: This is not a cop. He just carries a guidance. That’s how my doctor

Erick: Dr. For shooting people six times.

Vivi: This man needs a doctor.

I understand that Michael’s his patient. But I don’t think you have the right to just say

Erick: there’s so many things that Luma’s does that are bad. Questionable.

Vivi: as unhinged as Michael.

Erick: At least my one has a reason to be insane. This guy is just insane.

Or do you think it’s a result of him working in this hospital

Vivi: for so long? I think it’s a result of him being exposed to Michael and just the obsession of wanting to fix them. And now he can’t fix them. So he must destroy him, which is also insanely problematic and

Erick: toxic. Right after this, they see some kids dressed up one of them has a Michael like mask. The same.

It’s like a different color,

Vivi: same jumpsuit. What are the frigging odds that they’d have the same mass.

Erick: Loomis knowing Michael, does he assume that Michael would just be going up to these kids and being like Camino candy?

Vivi: Well, Loomis is clearly lost it at this point because he sees this kid and he is ready to shoot him.

He is trigger, happy, and bracket actually has to fight him to not shoot this distracts the poor kid dressed as Michael, so much that he doesn’t see as another police car crashes into him violently ramming him into another car that as soon as he touches it catches fire.

It explodes, it explodes

Erick: in one world. And the body is like immediately engulfed in flames and melting.

Vivi: Just no hope for this bore fucking kid

Erick: and the cops. Like I didn’t see him. It’s like, dude, who this guy was walking across the street as slow as possible. He came out of nowhere. What

Vivi: Sir, you came out of nowhere. we Find out that this is a kid that was drunk, but you have to be pretty damn drug for your body to go up in flames. Like just

Erick: be full of alcohol. It was ever clear

Vivi: doused themselves in it before leaving.

Another cop comes to tell bracket the news

Erick: about his daughter. Cause it’s on fire, but look, what’s happening.

Vivi: I’m obviously distressed by his daughter. They go run off and Loomis chases after them because this guy is clearly dead. He can’t tell if it’s Michael or not, but if there’s a chance that it isn’t because he can’t tell who literally says, I cannot tell, he goes to, he’s

Erick: got a mask on, did everything well that

Vivi: I don’t think Lumas thinks about fucking anything.

 And he just takes off with the cops. After that, they just completely don’t care that this most impossible death has happened in front of

Erick: them. They use the car that just

Vivi: that the laws of physics have stopped

Erick: working by this logic. Our cars should have been exploded outside in the parking lot.

Vivi: When someone tapped them, what happened here can have explosive freaking

Erick: it’s like somebody in the effects room was like, you know what?

We don’t have effects that show blood on screen. But you know, what we do have is C4.

this guy, Jimmy goes into Laurie’s room and just touches her. I thought, because she wakes up and smiles that they knew each other already. Yeah. But no, he just, met her.

Vivi: could be like, when you’re on drugs and you see a nurse, you think this is just a medical professional.

Erick: we’re more aggressive in how problematic we see things. But if I saw this today, I’d be like, whoa, that’s kind of weird.

Vivi: I will say though, I was one time. So loopy Andre. One of the times I got hospitalized for Crohn’s that my doctor came in to like, press my stomach.

And I went in to shake their hand. It’s creepy person.

Erick: Okay. Let’s blame it on the drugs, then it still doesn’t make it. Okay, though. It makes it worse. hadn’t even wrote in my note, like, oh, they know each other

Vivi: well, maybe they knew each other from school. I was about to be like, whoa, high school kids could be EMTC back in the day. I’m unclear if she’s a I think she’s like a head nurse,

Erick: She comes in and is like, Jimmy go away he’s like, I’m gonna get you a Coke,

Vivi: but he can’t because they’ve been informed there has been more accidents and they have to go retrieve either the victims.

I imagine EMT aren’t dispatched unless the victims are alive.

 If you arrive on the scene and they’re already dead as the corner, I think it’s the corner.

Erick: I don’t know. you’re the one who watches all the true crime stuff here for the

Vivi: vibes, for the vibes, the dead body

Erick: vibes as chilled as possible.

there’s whole bunch of people where the events from the first movie happened. They ended up bringing out Annie bracket and Loomis also show up.

Vivi: The sheriff is not upset enough about seeing his daughter’s dead body.

Erick: I thought he was, he just walks away and he says fuck you. Lumis is your fault.

Vivi: Don’t you think you would be so furious? You would beat the crap out of Luma.

Erick: You’re a cop. I don’t know.

 There’s this other cop.

Vivi: Mr.


Erick: He’s like is there anything else you need? Lumez because you’re kind of just in the way.

Vivi: He goes into this insane rant clearly for the audience members who have not seen the first movie about how he was Michael’s doctor for 15 years, giving a bunch of exposition.

He’s doing this all in front of the cameras. He doesn’t even realize it or maybe he does cause he’s kind of showboating

Erick: Loomis is like, I think we need to go confirm whether that guy who we blew up,

Vivi: sexually Michael or not.

Erick: so they go call a dentist.

Vivi: But before we meet him, we get the next scene of two women arguing about leaving a Halloween party. one of them is a nurse, Karen, and she needed a ride from her friend to make it to work. And her friend is being an awful friend. She’s like, no, find a ride with someone else.

And she’s like, you promise you take me girl. It’s five minutes away also.

Erick: It’s 1:00 AM. She might get

Vivi: murdered. God,

Erick: as this is happening though, in the background, there’s a kid who’s carrying a boombox and he walks past and bumps into Michael,

Vivi: and that kid turns right around and mine, his business, which is how you survive.

Instead, we get the scene of Michael making his way to the Haddonfield hospital. Literally there is a sign we pass like three times in this movie, just in case you didn’t know where it was.

Erick: Suddenly we’re at the hospital girl who left the hauling party shows up and as she closes the door, you see Michael in the rear view mirror, there’s Jimmy button. Janet who were in the break room. And it looks like he’s smoking a joint with some tonic, but he said their surgical, it looks

Vivi: like surgical scissors.

It always amazes me how much you were able to smoke fricking anywhere in these movies, which is just how it was back then. They’re all talking about. Rumors about him.

What’s going on in the town. Janet claims that her friend saw him, but it’s like your friends full of shit. Jimmy is way too obsessed with Lori to think about anything else.

Erick: he’s just walking back and forth in the background, bud pisses. Janet off. And Janet says, oh, you’re such a Dick and leaves.

 Jimmy’s pissed at bud too sensitive. So obviously he’s going to die. Yeah, he’s the worst. We get the security room where the security guard is reading his book while Michael is walking obvious as hell.

Vivi: We also get a TV in the back showing Dr.

Dementia, which was mentioned in the first film.

Erick: Karen gets let in because she’s knocking on the door. Security guard goes to help route the nurse is starting her shift. Then it’s talking to the head nurse is pissed that she’s late. And Michael’s just standing around in the baby room.

There’s so many babies in this room. For this hospital to be as empty as it is, it doesn’t make any sense. Weird.

Vivi: It’s only a baby hospital.

Erick: Yes. but As bloodthirsty is Michael, supposedly is wouldn’t you imagine he’d just kill his babies.

Vivi: in a later thing that he contemplates killing a baby,

Erick: too much for him,

Vivi: it seems like everyone’s too much for him.

like Too much too dramatic. You gotta kill them.

Erick: Oh, no, killing a baby’s like the line,

Vivi: I don’t know.

We also got another scene of Jimmy going to visit Lori. He is. The one that basically informs her, Michael Myers is the one that attacked her. And Lori is shocked. She’s like from the Myers

Erick: house, they made me realize that in the first one, I guess she’d never visited. It was Michael.

Yeah. it

Vivi: really makes you think like, oh, the whole audience knows courtesy that our main character doesn’t, she’s also wearing a pretty bad wig. And this movie pretty sure she had to cut off her hair at this point for other roles. I believe she was in prom night.

Going to be wrong again. I’m just spewing nonsense all the time.

this nurse is like great. A cock blocking Jimmy. She like hates him.

Erick: she has a sense for when Jimmy’s in there. Maybe he

Vivi: does this with all his patients and he’s just a creep.

Erick: Truly, if he’s going in there.

Vivi: Yeah, that is really creepy. Don’t do that. He’s also useless in

Erick: this world.

He doesn’t die either, right? He

Vivi: does. okay. I looked this up in fun facts there is a ending that’s the TV version where Jimmy does live it’s Lori and him being taken away in the ambulance they hold hands and he’s like, we made it. But in this one, apparently when he passes out in the car before driving away, it’s implied that he died.

Oh, what’s layman’s concussion. I just passed out. I thought so too. This is what this article said.

Erick: Okay. So they also just, they’re like, he’s dead. Probably. He’s probably fucking net, but there’s no way to tell. Oh no. Bring Jimmy back for Halloween ans maybe. They’re talking about how they can’t find her

Vivi: parents literally do not give a shit about her.

Erick: yeah. as the nurses trying to call the parents, the lines are not working.

Vivi: She calls for Janet telling her to go get the security guard.

Mr. Gary, and figure something out for the phone line. Janet has this funny response she’s like, he’s all the way at the end of the hall. hospitals are fricking huge. Someone being down at the end of the hall. It actually doesn’t sound that far,

Erick: she goes, the cops, like, all right, guess I’ll have to go check the polls gets spooked by a cat that jumps out at him. He then goes into this maintenance room slash storage area.

Vivi: He sees that the locks are broken. So he suspect someone has broken in at this point. I think he radios Janet

janet is like, I cannot hear you. I do not speak robot.

 The scene when Mr. Garrett. it goes on for way too long. It’s a bunch of fake jump scares that aren’t scary at all. You don’t hear the blaring Michael music.

Erick: It isn’t until he opens a door that takes up a majority of the screen that you’re like, he’s going to close it.

And Michael is going to be there. And that’s exactly what

Vivi: happens. I wonder if this was scary to audiences, because once you see the first one you know to look in the wide screen, Maybe we’re just jaded because we’ve seen so many of these at this point.

Erick: I think the music coming out when Michael’s out ruins the surprise

 Any time Michael’s about to pop up, it’s like, bro, and you know, he’s there.

Vivi: This is why I don’t get a lot of scenes of suspense that happened where there’s like fake jump scares and stuff.

Like, you know, it’s not him. Cause the music hasn’t started blaring,

Erick: going back to a fun fact that I mentioned on our Friday, the 13th episode, this is the scene I was alluding to when a cop slash security guard gets a hammer to the head. Michael uses the butt of the hammer

Vivi: and he makes no

Erick: sound.

No, doesn’t even scream when he sees Michael.

Vivi: Oh finally, I’m a security guard in a hospital. Please kill

Erick: me. Oh, I thought you were saying like, this was his moment to shine and it didn’t happen. That’s why

Vivi: he went sad. Back to Loomis. And the dentist he asked for, this scene made no sense to me. He wants him to identify Michael without providing any existing dental records. And then he’s upset that the dentists cannot figure out if it’s Michael, just from looking at us at a T

the records of my actual patients, I just have these guns.

Couldn’t someone look for that instead. Wouldn’t that be more tele? The dentist says he has no feelings.

So he has to be young. Aren’t young people, the people with the most feelings like they eat a lot of candy.

Erick: Yeah. I think I got my first one at 16. So luminous just stupid

Vivi: they assume that it is a 17 year old child anyway.


Erick: And the moments is like, oh man, Michael’s 21 math. He’s got too many cavities. That’s

Vivi: not him. Instead. He says, this is taking up too much of my time. And we must assume that Michael was still alive somewhere. Why couldn’t you make that assumption in the first?

The way that they are so dismissive of this child,

Erick: insane. It’s not Michael. All right. We’ll throw it in the trash. We don’t need it anymore.

People are throwing stuff at the Myers

Vivi: house. Angry mob has descended, could be angrier. I mean, they are throwing bricks at windows.

Erick: Loomis takes every opportunity he’s just like,

oh, in 1963 took care of this guy for 15 years.

Vivi: no one is having this conversation with you, Loomis.

Loomis is X positioning. So fricking hard right now that he forgets how to smoke.

Erick: he forgets his social cues.

Vivi: He really does. He forgot his script,

 It was the most awkward exchange I’ve ever seen in a horror movie. This man pulls out a cigarette, puts it in his mouth, hands one to limits the MIS immediately pockets, his cigarette. The cop then puts the lighter in his pocket as well.

And he’s like, oh shit, you light these things right. To smoke him, lights his own then tries to like Loomis a cigarette who he has not noticed has put it in his pocket. He likes it a couple of times, Loomis is just looking at it. Like, dude, I’m monologuing right now. Put that away.

Erick: Lucas looked to the letter, like he’s never seen a fucking letter in his life.

Vivi: Grabs it from him and puts it in his other pocket.

He just stole this dude later.

 The defense of the director. How hard is it to be like, yeah, just go smoke a cigarette on screen, like two normal fucking people.

Erick: Oh my God.

Vivi: Um,

Erick: So socially awkward Loomis says Michael is the ideal patient, he didn’t talk. He didn’t cry. He didn’t do anything. Basically describing a dead body,

Vivi: they don’t bother me.


Erick: As long as you’re dead, that’s why he’s obsessed with Michael. Maybe he’s like my dad, he moved

Vivi: Swiss Loomis is actually killing all of his patients and is upset that Michael is the one

Erick: that got away. Michael’s the vigilante

Vivi: and trauma getting revenge on the people who put him there.

Haddonfield. Yes.

I would totally watch that movie.

Erick: Yeah. Hi Armie

Vivi: Hollywood, we finally figure out who the poor 17 year old was. He is one of the kids of Haddonfield, Bennett tremor, his two friends go up to Mr. Hunt, saying that he’s missing.

He was wearing a very odd mask and that he cannot be found. He was also very drunk. All they say is that he’s 17 and wearing a mask and they look at each other like, oh

Erick: shit. Yeah, you won’t tell if I don’t right Got to get her story straight. He blew up on impact.

Vivi: He literally just touched the card and exploded.

That’s how fucking drunk he was.

Erick: His blood was airplane fuel

Vivi: What is so bad about it?

Got to another scene back at the hospital where Karen is making her rounds. She gets frightened by a call

Erick: light. she enters this room. We get the Darum music with a hand reaching out for her from the bed. It turns out to be douchebag bud.

he tries to kiss Karen, but Karen is like, no, what the hell? he starts to say a bunch of misogynistic shit to her, and she’s definitely disgusted by him, but then he’s like, forget about your patients. Let’s go to the therapy room. She’s like, okay, fine. But let me go check on the patients first. It’s like, dude, what? You were just disgusted by him. And then suddenly

Vivi: you’re in him. I think they’re in a toxic relationship beforehand. They’re not just spontaneously doing this. Still doesn’t make it.

Okay. He’s still a creep, but Karen is also a terrible fucking nurse. She was late and she’s ignoring her patients

Erick: she does say, I need to go check the kids first. That’s why I later not be comforted by that. He’s, you know, he’s just waiting in the therapy room in the hot tub.

Vivi: It’s not even a hot tub. isn’t it like patient therapy? Like that’s

Erick: what, like a hot tub for therapy

Vivi: therapy, you don’t need therapy. You need a hot tub.

 There’s a quick cutback scene to Lori having a nightmare. there is a woman saying to her that she’s not even her real mother, which we are assuming is Laurie’s mom.

What? A horrible thing. She literally just asked the question, man. We later

Erick: find out too that they’re the reason that she doesn’t know that she’s adopted. They told them, like, don’t tell her anything, but still she’s like, I’m not your real mom, but also you’re not adopted.

Vivi: I’m going to say that to my kids.

Loki Alvira.

Erick: But we do see young Michael in white sitting in a chair who turns around and smiles at his sister. Lori, Laurie gets distracted by some blood.

Vivi: She’s still having this nightmare. we don’t know this at the time, but the head nurse has been murdered and her blood is dripping through the ceiling.

I don’t know if it’s through the ceiling.

Erick: Lori suddenly has heightened senses for blood. She’s a vampire. going back to the therapy room, bud is waiting in the hot tub Karen started to get naked and they emphasize her undressing scene very heavily. To the point where we were like, they made sure the lighting was perfect on her fake

Vivi: boobs. we were actually arguing if it was like. Big press plates because they really were like, we spend a lot of money on these.

We’re going to get the shot,

Erick: glistening, spray, everything.

Vivi: I was like, why did they linger for 10 minutes on those big books?

Erick: So she starts to get in is complaining a little bit about how hot the water is, Michael is turning the dial up on the heat. they’re making out and buds like, nah, that’s cool.

Like you’ll just get used to it. She’s like, no, no, no, it’s actually really hot in here. You need to go and turn the heat down Michael is turning the dial and there’s literally a dial that says, danger zone.

Like, why is this a thing? one day, the doctor’s like, you know what? Your legs are so fucked up. I’m going to have to boil them. I’m gonna have to boil your legs back to normal.

Vivi: This was designed by the same person who put the self-destruct button on that truck,

Erick: on that kid.

Vivi: You imagine making a kid and you’re like, you know what? Let’s just put a self destruct bite on it

Erick: for whatever

Vivi: powerful.

Erick: While Karen is getting dressed again, she’s like, we’ve been here too long. I need to go back and check on my kids.

Vivi: Garrett, you literally took 10 minutes to undress and redress.

Erick: In the background in the CME window, you can see the Michael is choking but out and kills him comes into the room. Karen doesn’t turn around and she’s just like, no, bud. I got to go check on my kids. He puts his hand on her shoulder, she starts to suck and kisses his fingers And she’s like, no, no, no, no, no I can’t. but maybe we can go hang out somewhere afterward. She turns around and he starts to dunk her head in the boiling hot danger water.

Her face comes into pieces. His hands are fine. That’s true. You can just assume he just doesn’t care.

Vivi: I mean, he literally took six bullets to the chest.

What’s a little hot water.

Erick: I think I’d rather get shot then ball and water. That

Vivi: was what was so unrealistic to me about the scene. You mean to tell me the woman, the woman was like, the water is too hot and the man was like, no, it’s fine. Bullshit.

Erick: Yeah. Wasn’t

Vivi: carrying her dead

Honestly, they both sucked. So I’m not really upset. The next scene is the cop in Loomis in his school for some fricking

Erick: reason.

 This whole scene? What is it about? Just to say that he wrote Sam Hein and blood on the board just

Vivi: to give a Loomis, another freaking thing to obsess

Erick: over that is like, I don’t even know if any of what he says about Sam hind is true.

Vivi: It’s that true? Hein was a season of harvest that takes place on the day of holiday.

Erick: He’s like, Samahan means Lord of the dead,

Vivi: sir.

Where did you get your degree? I knew you weren’t a real fucking doctor.

Erick: Give me those. There’s a knife through a kid’s drawing and a knife through one of

Vivi: the little girls. It is a very crude drawing.

one of the detectives is like, oh, he stabbed the sister bit on the nose.

Erick: Well, like, why is Michael going to the school? Like Laura is not a child.

Vivi: No, I don’t know why they’re here.

Erick: He just found some random kids, little drawing. No.

Vivi: How much my sister pisses me off. I have to go to a school, find a drawing to stab of just

Erick: anything.

you have to imagine Michael walking through each classroom just to see where the second graders are. It’s gotta be a kid’s drawing.

Vivi: You know what, on his way to the hospital, he’s like, I’ve got some time to fuck around with Loomis.

He just leave a weird trail of shit

Erick: at the same time, a woman walks through the door and is like Dr. Loomis, let’s step outside for a second.

It’s Marion Campbell, she’s telling him, I got a call from Smith’s Grove. I’m here to get you because Dr. Rogers wants you to come back after having had your patient kill people and then get away from you.

Governor said, you need to shut the shit down.

Vivi: Super shady on their part, because they don’t want the health department anywhere near this. Um, It’s kind of all over the news,

Erick: Instead of listening to her as like, they should listen to me, I told them,

Vivi: should’ve listened to you about what, I don’t

Erick: get it. I was talking about how he told them that Michael was a different breed. Okay.

Vivi: But you also oversaw his transfer and failed that

Erick: I guess the alternative is Loomis just killing his patient, which is what he’s

Vivi: been doing I’m telling you, but he’s been ordered back.

Erick: he’s like, no, I’m not leaving. Just tell them, you can find me. she’s like, no, there’s actually a marshal outside waiting for us to go.

Vivi: The Marshall ends up not being that intimidating in the first place. So

Erick: no, he’s the worst

Vivi: we cut back to Jimmy, visiting Lori once again. Basically confess his love for her, which is the creepy, well, she’s

Erick: frozen while she’s asleep with her eyes open right that’s why he’s like telling her these things. Realizes oh shit, is she alive?

Vivi: Basically. It says, I’m not going to let anything bad happen to you, sir. You just met this woman.

Erick: This is

Vivi: why that had nurses like, get the fuck out of this room you created. He calls him this nurse and then this nurse tells Janet to go find the doctor. Aren’t doctors paged, buzzed over the inner calm. It seems very ineffective to have someone go to look for the doctor

Erick: unless he’s in his private room.

Cause he’s got like a fish tank very fancy off.

Vivi: I do believe there are like showers and beds for doctors, and nurses that work overnight or double mad luxurious.

Erick: Janet goes and looks for the doctor and the doctor is facing away from her she’s like, look, Laurie’s passed out. Hello. We need to help her like right now. she goes to turn his body and he’s got a needle right through the eyeball. We get a little close up

Vivi: I don’t know if this would kill

Erick: you a needle through the eyeball.

Vivi: I guess it depends on what, you reach with the needle.

Erick: Yeah. Michael comes out of nowhere obviously comes up to Janet and he pulls back the needle goes through her temple and pushes air that might kill you.

Yeah. You’re putting air into her brain. So he

Vivi: killed her.

Erick: If he did the same thing to him, what through the I though it’s possible.

Vivi: Okay. I’ll give you that one.

 The next scene is the nurse. reviewing Laurie who is unresponsive by herself. There’s just can’t do this. Right. If someone’s unresponsive, you have to be there.


Erick: you think that it’s because they’re realizing like where is everybody

Vivi: the nurses like, oh shit, this isn’t even a real hospital.

‘ she gets called by another patient. I don’t

Erick: know. You have to imagine the first one took place early in Halloween night. You’re thinking it’s probably past like midnight. 1:00 AM, 2:00 AM, patients are asleep.

And the only ones that are calling are the ones that need help at this time.

Vivi: That logic doesn’t pan out for me. Cause I would imagine Halloween to be one of the busiest nights and the ER But this seems to be where Laurie is. Cause she was taken in for emergencies.


Erick: But they put her out and then they put her in an actual room after they helped her. They don’t keep you in the yard the entire time

Vivi: maybe it’s because I’ve stayed in hospitals way too many times.

I know that they don’t leave you the fuck alone all night,

Erick: That’s why these nurses keep coming into her room. But they’re running out of people because everyone’s dying,

Vivi: literally dying on the job,

as the nurse leaves to go check on this other patient,

Erick: Michael enters the room and stabbed several times at the bed. moves the blanket and it’s a bunch of pillows, Lori. it’s seen walking away and limping because she somehow knew to leave before Michael showed up. I

Vivi: don’t necessarily think it’s that she knew Michael was there.

I think she’s just so loopy from the medication

the point where she becomes lucid is when she sees Michael, she suddenly starts running very, normally

Erick: that nurse sees that Lori was gone. And she’s looking for Laurie.

Vivi: She runs into Jimmy instead as Michael watches them behind a hospital sheet, Jimmy tells her that they need to search for Lori.

Erick: Jimmy’s like, you need to go find the cops Jimmy goes and looks into a bunch of rooms and finds that the head nurse had been killed because her body is just hanging over the side of a bed this nurse has like an IB or whatever you call it. It’s spilling blood and it’s a pool on the floor. So he walks away and then just gets a concussion after slipping and falling on

Vivi: the ground. my issue with the scene is that he was able to walk close enough.

Any problem and we just pan out and there was a huge puddle of blood on the floor the whole time. And as he walks away is when

Erick: he, I thought this was going to come into play later, maybe Lori was going to walk in and think he’s dead.

Or Michael was going to see and be like, oh, he’s dead already. And then ignore him. And then Jimmy was going to save the day, but Jimmy ends up being useless for them.

Vivi: And he really does.

The nurse has made her way to her car tries to turn it on and realizes that the tires have been and

Erick: that the car won’t start.

So the lines have probably been cut as well,

Vivi: which is a lot of a groundwork that he did there because he did it to all the cars.

Erick: She decides to run back in to the hospital instead of going to go get help

Vivi: is sneaking out of the room. Walking like Bambi the nurse finds her. She keeps calling after Laurie. And this is why I think Lori is kind of loopy is cause she just flat out, ignores her a couple of times until my goal, having a scalpel, I believe it’s called how much force do you need to do this?

Stabs it in the back of the nurse and completely lifts her off the ground.

Erick: With just the tiny stab. He’d have to have so much grip strength,

Vivi: again, is this something that would kill you? It could definitely paralyze you for sure.

Erick: What I think is hilarious is that her shoes pop off. It even makes a noise. It’s like,

Vivi: Yeah.

that’s something like unsettling about that. How much force behind it. There

Erick: is no,

It’s not like he knocks her up and then her shoes come out. She’s up in the air. And her Crocs fall to the floor, not

Vivi: the cracks,

Her bad bunny cracks.

Laurie is suddenly very lucid and starts running away from Michael.

She makes her way into the maintenance slash basement of the hospital escapes Michael through a small window.

Erick: And hilariously Michael just is waving his arms around. She jumps out the other side of the window I thought she was climbing out of the building, but she just ends up on the another side of the maintenance room Michael follows.

 She runs through an elevator and is waiting for it to come. The door is open she is clicking the buttons as fast as possible. And Michael’s just coming through the doors finally closed it.

She stares at him and he sticks his hand out to stop the elevator and the elevator smashes his hand. He’s like, oh, grunt closes on him. It still closes. And I think that it would have actually,

Vivi: yeah, no, he made it just in time to open that elevator, but we got to give Laurie a chance to run away

Laurie does eventually make her way to the parking lot and enters a random car just to hide in

Erick: Meanwhile Lumus. Is in the car getting driven away. And it’s telling again, his story about how he watched my whole fantasy.

Vivi: This is like mansplaining, Marine is literally trying to tell him something very fricking important. She’s like, doctor, there’s something you need to know about like the demon.

she lets him talk for like five fucking minutes about nothing. And she’s like buying the Wang. Your patient had a sister it’s Lori.

At this point, Loomis is realized that Michael’s motivation. The entire time was getting back to Lori. He asked where she was taken. I feel an unnecessary question. She was obviously taken to a hospital after all this.

Erick: Well, maybe Loomis is also like, well, she didn’t really get that hurt.

Vivi: Do about the doctor was drunk and disagreed. this doctor is trigger, happy and insane. The other one’s fricking drunk.

Erick: He’s going to charge her $6,000 for that one night.

Vivi: And you remind me, 6,000 is actually cheap

Erick: for one night. So Loomis tells the Marshall turn the car around. the guy’s like, nah, and little misses. Like y’all firing warning shots before you kill your enemy.

Right. he shoots a window out of the car. And the guy’s like, don’t gotta tell me twice. The U-turn.

Vivi: It is kind of funny, but this man has lost it. We cut back to Laurie hiding in the car. That just happens to be Jimmy’s car. As he stumbled in,

Erick: said, we’re going to get outta here.

And he’s just staring, trying to turn the car on. it’s almost like Jimmy, can’t see her.

Vivi: He literally only gets in this car to give away Lori’s location

Erick: because he falls on the car horn.

Vivi: Of course he does.

Erick: Loomis and everybody’s show up, Laurie has gotten out of the car and is on the floor crawling when she sees them go into the hospital and she’s like, oh, and it isn’t until they’re inside that she’s like,

Vivi: I think you would see a woman crawling on the

Erick: ground.

Yeah. I don’t know. No, illuminous, he’s just, set for getting Michael. So he doesn’t

Vivi: care. If it ain’t Michael, he don’t see it. Get you. Someone who looks at you, the white luminous six. I’m like,

Erick: no. Cause then he wants

Vivi: to kill. Then he won’t leave you the fuck alone

Erick: Lori runs Michael’s in the background she starts banging on the door Loomis and Maureen, see her. right at the last minute they let Lorianne and Michael is in the door

Vivi: and walks through this glass

Erick: door. This is so cool. Cause he’s just like, well, I thought doors could stop me. I ain’t no ghost.

Vivi: It is funny because it takes so long. You see? I

Erick: know, I ain’t know ghost.

I know demon doors. Don’t stop. Shout out to cursive Llorona.

Vivi: What are the rules? It’s funny because it takes Lori banging on this door forever to be let in. And Michael’s like, I’m going to just love

Erick: myself. I wonder if he uses that technique that they say works. If you hit the glass with your knee and your forehead at the same time, the glass is supposed to shatter automatically.

Vivi: This can’t be real.

Erick: We have glass windows. Let’s go try it right now. I think we’ve made

Vivi: this

Erick: joke before. Not on the show. I swear. We’ve talked. We made it in real life

Vivi: chaotic. And you want to crash into your own

Erick: glass doors.

When I used to work at a hotel, there were people who said at the Drake here in Chicago, they had seen a guy in the middle of the night do this, where he just was so out of it, that he walked through them glass front door. when they went to tell him like, what the fuck is wrong with you? He didn’t remember a single thing. He, somebody drugs. They were saying that the glass was really thick, that it almost was impossible for him to have done this.

Vivi: What drugs was he on? His, my next question, As Michael walks through the door, Loomis starts shooting once again.

Michael actually goes down. The marshal believes him to be dead and it’s trying to approach Michael Loomis yells at him not to do that. He sends Marine to go call the cops.

Erick: They are all nonchalantly walking past Michael’s body I’d be taking my time and moving away

Vivi: for the back.

That’s cool. Marshall is not convinced though. He is like, you shot him. He’s dead. he makes the mistake of going to check on him,

Erick: Loomis screams. No. And that’s when Michael gets up and slashes the cop’s throat.

Vivi: The next thing we get is Marine calling for help. She’s a little bit frantic. Cause they’re asking like who? And she’s like, literally the person that’s been on the news all night is here. The hospital.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: Loomis and Laurie are running away from Michael and have barricaded themselves

Erick: in some type of a oxygen tank room. I don’t even know that that all oxygen,


Vivi: it’s definitely got whatever that kid had on him to cause him to blow up. Every clear

Erick: while they’re waiting for Michael he keeps knocking on the door, Loomis, hands, Lori, a gun, Lori’s like, nah, I don’t want it.

 He just puts the gun on the floor, near her, Michael finally crashes through the door. he starts to approach Laurie luminous comes out the side and Michael stabs Loomis in the chest, luminous falls back. And it’s just Michael versus Laurie.

Vivi: Laurie has no choice, but to pick up the gun, she tells him to stop a couple of times and he does seem rather confused.

Erick: Something we’ve seen again with other sequels is that the final girl talks to the villain in this case. It doesn’t make sense for Michael to turn his head because this whole time he knows who his sister is.

It’s not like there’s any confusing piece to it. Maybe he’s like, oh, she knows my name

Vivi: it. Or she hasn’t really spoken to him in such a direct way before. So he’s

Erick: like, oh, she knows. I’m her brother,

 But he continues walking towards her.

And that’s when she fires a couple of shots in his head. this scene of Michael’s crazy. Cause he starts to cry blood. There’s no obvious sign of a headshot his mask doesn’t have a bullet through

Vivi: it is a Bulletproof Halloween.

Erick: Well, I started thinking maybe she shot like the top of his head.

Yeah. And that’s why it looks like he’s crying blood, but he starts to grab at his face he’s blinded

Vivi: by the blood in his eyes he doesn’t let that stop him. Cause he’s, he’s still swinging his weapon aimlessly,

this is pretty comical. It doesn’t look

Erick: intimidating. While he’s doing that, Lumis starts to undo some of the dials on the oxygen tanks and Laurie joins in.

Vivi: Clearly this man knows what he’s doing

Erick: or he doesn’t know Loomis.

Vivi: no, he’s literally just showed up to save her at the end

Erick: twice. Loomis tells Laurie, get outta here, Lumas takes the lighter out from earlier with the awkward cop and blows the place

Vivi: up.

Literally just open flame roommates

Erick: Laurie didn’t even make it that far. Luma said, fuck it. If she’s out, she’s out,

Vivi: we get the scene of Laurie cowering behind some medical equipment, as you don’t know if it’s Michael or luminous yet, but it turns out to be Michael walking out of the flames and you think, oh shit, he just won’t die. However, he does collapse

Erick: we see the mask is covered in flames and slowly as burning

Vivi: away, getting away at his face.

Erick: we get a happy go. Lucky next morning is getting taken to the next hospital and

Vivi: do it all over again?

Erick: Some of the costs you’re talking about is that 10. And they’re like, yeah, he’s killed 10 people. And I was like, oh, it’s co-counseling 10 in that whole night. Is it the

Vivi: whole night or in that hospital alone?

Erick: Let’s say if we kind of the old couple, three nurses, luminous and the cop. Oh. And then there’s a security guards. All those

Vivi: babies gobbling up to fuck

Erick: no Louis didn’t give a shit about anybody in this hospital.

I don’t think the whole place blew up, but still he was too ready to kill Michael he

Vivi: did not care about anyone. Feel sorry for the patient who was in the room next to the oxygen tanks. You just chilling nothing going on and

The last scene we get is Laurie looking away, somewhat pensive.

Erick: The mask is on fire and the Mr. San Manson,

Vivi: please.

Very upbeat song to end this movie

Erick: that’s it. This eat. Did you like it? I know you

Vivi: didn’t. it’s not horrible. I just think it is paced kind of slow. The most action happened literally in the last five minutes, it takes way too long for Loomis to even be anywhere near Michael to be considered his antagonist

Erick: but that’s what happens in the first one limits.

Isn’t there actually see Michael until the end. Just comes in and save the day, but not really

Vivi: killing us, dragging it out so that when he saves the day, it’s more dramatic

Erick: what’s more dramatic

Vivi: kid.

That poor fucking guy

Erick: who did the cops blame? They’re just like, yeah, this crazy ass doctor who blew himself up at the hospital. He’s the reason your kids that, I’m sorry. Clearly. That’s who we were

Vivi: going to

Erick: blame. You can go Sue Smith Grove, go on. That’s who we worked for. That’s true. The governor’s not going to be too happy

Vivi: about that one.

Cause you know, the governor gets involved with every small town killing. it’s paced kind of slow. It’s revisiting a lot of the same. Tropes that were really great. And the first one, but once you know who the killer is not to say that this isn’t done better in later films. I think the later films just kind of know what the fans want more it’s not terrible.

It’s not great. What do you give it? 6.5. Oh, that’s what I was going to give

Erick: it. I was going to give it 6.5. I do miss jokey. Michael. I know that we do get a little bit of that with the kill in the therapy room, but you don’t really get that much value other than that’s kind of like the first one redone in a hospital, he’s here to kill Laurie and finish the job

Vivi: and their siblings surprise,

Erick: ah,

Well what scared Loki. Elvira. He’s just so scared of her hissing, which is surprising to me because he growls at everything else, but he doesn’t grow at her.


Vivi: maybe she’s an alpha.

Erick: I don’t even know that she is. Maybe in the future, we’ll have a Elvira segment too.

She’s very vocal. she may not so much. We can tell she’s out of her shell because the moment I opened the door to go see her, she’s like, this is coming out of her bed. Yeah. Loki is going to do well enough soon. I hope.

Vivi: I hope he

Erick: feels better as to

Vivi: we went to the vet.

He should be better. They gave us something

Erick: but you know what? He was wearing

Vivi: bats bats, because it’s Halloween. Boy. It is LRI. Rose scared him.

Erick: You want to tell us what a low-key, how much you hate your.

Ah, you guys are gonna be best friends. Eventually. You ain’t get over it right now. It’s annoying,

Vivi: but that’s it for Halloween.

Erick: Halloween. I hope you guys liked this. I wish that Halloween too was a little better but

Vivi: I kept saying that I wish we ended on a more exciting

Erick: movie.

That’s okay. There’s plenty of Halloweens for years to come it’s fun. Go get your candy. I don’t even know how that’s working right now with COVID be safe out there. If you’re not getting candy. It’s fine. get a bag of candy at the store. Eat it at home. Yeah. I bought candy corn the other day and I’m, hating it, but I love it.

I found out that our kind of place doesn’t do trick or treating. So we need to get out of here.

Don’t forget to jump on the nightmare on for your street. Live Halloween special. So we find when we’re talking about vampires versus the

Vivi: Bronx. Yeah. I’m excited for that movie. Send us your cocktails that you’re drinking that day.

Send us your costumes. Send us your pet costumes.

Erick: Yeah. I don’t know what we’re going to dress a Vajra as, cause we already had a low-key idea. Maybe we’ll do a low-key it’ll just be another low-key. Stay tuned for the pictures.

Vivi: We really need to start making it.

Erick: by this time I was already doing it.

Vivi: We did it. Good job guys. We nailed it.

Erick: Yeah. Look at her costumes. We tried so hard.

Vivi: It might delete this part if we don’t end up having them ready in time. But As always. We hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken out scared pod except Twitter, Twitter shaken, scared pot.

You can send us an email at shaken nuts, scared pottage female.com.

Erick: You can the show on patron we’ll we’ll name. Our next drink. After you with mentions on our website where the dream page will live forever. listened to us on all of your favorite podcasts and apple podcast.

Spotify, Google, Stitcher, a bunch of others. Give us a listen, give us a follow, give Loki his funnel Halloween treat until next year. Oh, oh, hopefully he’s not sick next year,

Vivi: please be sure to like rate, review us all that good stuff and happy Halloween.

Erick: Bye.

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