Dia De Los Muertos & The Island of the Dolls | Shots of Horror #2

Ep #2: Dia De Los Muertos & The Island of the Dolls

Erick: Welcome back to the chicken, not scared podcast. And the second episode of our shots of horror mini-sode series, these shorter episodes. We’ll dive into the lore behind some of the movies we’ve covered, horrifying stories we’ve encountered, and just anything outright creepy here with you as always your hosts, Eric and VB, and our loving guests, Brenda and Francisco.

Vivi: Woo. They might not love us anymore.

Erick: today we’re going to be talking about El DIA de Los Muertos and the island of the dolls. But before we get into that, how is everyone

Vivi: guess first?

Brenda: Pretty great. Pretty

Francisco: exciting. Super excited. Halloween’s come in. So, you know, creepy stuff.

Vivi: Yeah. You guys are

Erick: throwing a party, right?

Francisco: Yeah. Tomorrow

Vivi: sick. Yeah.

Erick: W

what are you guys dressing up as?

Brenda: The black plague doctor, the one with the like beak.

Francisco: And I will be Joe Goldberg from you.

Vivi: Oh, pretty easy

Erick: costume though. What does that look like? I don’t watch that show.

Francisco: It’s very, very simple. Very, straightforward. What about you guys?

Vivi: So we are also going to a Halloween party, unfortunately, it’s not your guys?

Halloween party because we can’t fly in for an evening.

 We are going to be. A pair of chunk last because we have an inanimate object. The Halloween party.

Erick: By the time this comes out, we’ll have pictures. So we’ll post them so people can see us be chunked.

Vivi: we still gotta make

Francisco: I love it.

Brenda: I saw the invitation for that Halloween party. Pretty great. If you asked me

Erick: We didn’t get one for Francisco and Brenda’s party. Oh, we didn’t.

Francisco: We did invite you though. So

Brenda: we’re not as talented as Daryl and Ellen. So.

Erick: I could help you guys make the invite and then you guys could pretend to send it to me. Yeah.

 You guys are gonna need help with that keg.

Vivi: No, Brenda’s doing keg stands.

Francisco: yeah.

Brenda: Oh, and I just want to say happy anniversary, beforehand, cause it’s almost there

Vivi: Oh,

Erick: they’re the first ones to tell us separate anniversary, right? I

Vivi: think so.

Francisco: just happy anniversary on second one.

Vivi: Crushing it over here.

Erick: This was supposed to be a full episode we were trying to do a movie.

I had looked for the movie lady of the dead. If people have us on Twitter, I had mentioned that we were going to be the first ones to review it on my MDB and we couldn’t find it anywhere. So then I ended up recommending we do some old Mexican horror films, like I’m talking classic, thirties and fifties.

But then we talked about whether people would even care because they’re so old and so unknown, to Americans that people just wouldn’t listen to the episode. we ended up looking for something else and landed on Mexico Barbato or barbarous, Mexico, that is an anthology of eight films directed by a bunch of different directors, including Digicell Garetto, which some people know as

 I don’t know if you guys want to talk about it,

Vivi: yeah,

So I don’t like to shit on things. I think we’ve mentioned that on the show before, we’re not here to just talk crap about movies. We see. we went into this excited. We thought it was going to be awesome to showcase Mexican directors and we saw some of the strangest films.

Ever to the point where we were halfway taking notes and I put my notebook down and was like, we cannot,

Erick: Not to say that. Like, people shouldn’t go watch whatever they want, but it’s embarrassing. Some of the directors are well known.

One of them apparently created the similars or , which is apparently a well-known horror movie and he’s the one who created the short, I think was probably the most horrible that’s disturbing to say the least,

Vivi: We turned it off.

And I was like, so what fruit basket do we send Brenda and Francisco to apologize,

Erick: watch this. Yes. And they

Vivi: have a friend visiting who they also made watch this who now thinks we’re playing.

Brenda: What was the title of that short one? What’s it like or something?

Erick: Yeah.

Brenda: Oh, yeah. That, one’s the one that was just

Francisco: out there.

Erick: Spoiler alert. If you are going to go watch it, there’s one guy recommend

Vivi: you do it. I can’t

Erick: stress that enough. The one guy’s like these things only take objects. They don’t take people unless she has something they want. And the entire short is about her losing her virginity.

It could have ended there.

Francisco: Yeah.

Vivi: a lot of these films dealt with a lot of sexual violence. Could be lost on us. Right. Don’t know if that’s meant to be a commentary and the things that are currently

Erick: going on,

Vivi: we’re not saying, cause you know, when you say, oh, don’t watch this, it’s disgusting. It disturbed me. People are like, Ooh, I’m going to go check it out. We are genuinely saying, don’t do that because I can say like hereditary fucked me up. But you could still go watch it.

Erick: The last short, which is by Judy. So it’ll get it all. That sounded like a Gigi fam. Yeah.

I mean she makes cool stuff but

Vivi: stuff.

Erick: Yeah.

She made the last one. I don’t know if you guys ended up watching it, but I would say that if you are going to check it out, just watch that one.

maybe like the first two. Maybe.

Francisco: I

Brenda: remember watching them. And then I turned around to Francisco and I was like half BB and Eric watch this already. I’m a little confused,

Erick: Yeah. I sort of responded and been like, yeah, we love it. It’s like great.

Vivi: 10 out of 10.

Brenda: but yeah, from what BB was saying, I think is like, , I think is trying to depict the bar berries that are happening in the country, which I do believe are happening, like all that sexual violence, but, oh, that’s a lot to stomach in one city.

Vivi: A lot of these directors were. Men as well. And you can tell in their treatment of women, again, our culture is super machista and that could be part of it.

But overall, we apologize

Erick: again. We might not even say we talked about this in our posts, what did you guys think about the last one? At least

Francisco: we actually did not get a chance to watch it

Vivi: the story is basically about a strip club run by a woman and all the dancers are dressed. Katrina’s it’s the day the dead.

They enact revenge on all the patrons in the bar. So it’s,

Erick: That could have been the whole,

Francisco: Say vengeance and I’m there.

Brenda: I think I want to watch that one.

Vivi: we have so many like lores and fairytales that you could have went with.

And I don’t really see any of them here, which is why we’re going to

Erick: talk about, yeah, Again. We didn’t choose the old school, Mexican horror films, because they’re not very well known. They’re in black and white, but they have the same Charmin value as the old classic horror films.

We love like Frankenstein, the Wolf man, the mummy, you know, where uh, podcasts of Hispanic hosts. And it’d be kind of cool to see what those old horror movies look like. So as a listener, if you’d like to hear us cover those and don’t really care if they’re unknown, let us know.

Vivi: It seems like Brenda wanted to watch one of

Erick: them.

Brenda: the reason I wanted to watch that was because Louis, the person that’s visiting us, he’s younger than our old selves. And he actually knew what that film was about. And he said it was good. So I think there is some interest out there and maybe you guys can be. The ones that cover that,

Vivi: Damn

we fucked up.

Erick: It’s okay. actually, did you read the book? My cardio.

 I’m wondering if the movie is based on the book, I’m interested in watching that one too. That one in those mornings, there’s a layer on that one But I was like, we’ll wait on that. We’ve done that a couple of times, but by Americans, so it might be better.

Vivi: Yeah. There’s also another lot, Lorena that is on shutter.

It’s supposed to be way better than the Warren universe one. maybe we should

Erick: also cover it. Yeah. Before we dive in, if you guys are good on that

Brenda: I mean, we might not be good yet, but we will eventually,

Vivi: You were getting the bill from my therapist.

Erick: I thought our therapists were friends going Brenda, and they traumatize them.

Brenda: well, we can start with drinks, I guess, at this point to start working on that therapy.

Erick: What drink do we have today?

Vivi: actually was looking up a few day of the dead drinks. It turns out patrol has a whole page dedicated to special drinks for that day. I kind of picked one. That I thought Bruna and Francisco might have all the ingredients too already. it was called a miracle Moscow mule and it reminded me a little bit of a bottleneck. So I added grapefruit juice to ours to make it more like it. It mainly has, a silver tequila remain fresh lime and ginger beer.

Erick: What makes it related to that as Martha’s? This is the miracles

Vivi: St Germaine’s is a flower liqour the flower typically used in day of the dead is marigolds.

Erick: Is that the same as sympathy?

Brenda: I think it might be oh yeah, it is.

it says, the Aztec Marigold, Mexican Mary gold it’s It’s a species of a flowering plant, so yeah, it’s the same thing.

Francisco: Confirmed.

Erick: Awesome. Thank you. Our resident lawyer, Brenda.

Francisco: So you say you added grapefruit.

Vivi: Yeah. Just to make it closer to a

Francisco: Interesting. have to try that.

Erick: Are we writing drinks we can rate them. With our guests.

Brenda: This is my type of drinks. I’m a little biased. I will give it a 4.5 because it does remind me like a Paloma, but like, its cousin,

Francisco: it’s really good.

I really like it. I like the ginger aspect I don’t think I’ve ever had. Ginger with tequila and like lime. I like the combination of it. I’m going to say four I can definitely see how the grapefruit can kind of amplify it a little bit more,

Vivi: you’re right. I’ve never had ginger beer and tequila before together. It actually works

Erick: well.

Vivi: I also really like it, I’m going

Erick: to give it a four. is a good drink.

Vivi: you’re also giving you wow. So hard to get Eric to

Francisco: Eric you before

Erick: cause it’s refreshing. That’s what gives it a good score for me?

Francisco: and It’s


Brenda: overly sweet. Oh

Francisco: yeah.

so it’s Eric approved in the sweetness.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: But if we’re ready to dive in again, we’re here for the other one was more of those. So I brought some facts about the history and why we celebrate it.

 the mortals or the day of the dead it’s a tradition that has been celebrated for hundreds of years. The first and 2nd of November, we celebrate those who have passed away by creating an alter or a friend or a different items enjoyed by those who have passed or placed in cleaning their favorite food and drinks.

The alter can be decorated in any way desired, but will typically include flowers, specifically simple Suchin or a type of Marigold. Candles to aluminate the path of the dead candies, sugar skulls, which were present our dead loved ones by the motto water signifying the purity of the soul while helping quench their thirst.

Because the journey back to the land of the living is long. And , those are just some things that you will see on an altar, but honestly, you could probably put a lot, we put a bunch of bottles of tequila on my dad’s alter.

Brenda: Some people include like steps, there’s like a layer to the . The steps, usually three are meant to symbolize, and like Gloria, like the end all be all usually you put the fruit first at the bottom part, in the middle of the food, and then at the top you put the pictures are like saints or whatever you want to put in there.

Erick: We don’t have steps on ours.

Vivi: I would love to make one of those huge, beautiful ones that you, see pictures of all the time, but we just don’t have the space here right now.

Brenda: Did you know that Disney wanted to call ? I think did something about like, trying to petition for a right to the whole

Vivi: Yes, I did hear about this and I was like, what is your problem? Disney. I know you already own like half the world, but you can’t own a fucking holiday.

Brenda: that he’s not even yours. Like relax,

Francisco: Mickey

wants it all.

Brenda: So apparently people like, particularly in Mexico were not too thrilled about that. They were like pretty upset. So that’s why Disney ended up calling the film Coco instead of like the other Los Muertos, which is pretty funny.

Vivi: Can you try to own an entire,

Erick: they could have owned like the English one day of the dead, but then maybe George Romero would have gone against them. That’s true.

so celebration of a little more of those predates the Spanish colonization of the Americas and can be traced back to cultures, including the Tanaka and Maya’s history shows the offerings were made to death around the last week of October into the first week of November. Death was seen as the first step on the voyage to make land or the land of the dead.

The soul has to undergo several obstacles before confronting, and I’m going to try to pronounce these correctly, but make the king of the dead and make that tick. See what the queen of the dead, in order to be let into McClelland by the gods, you had to make an offering to rest in peace.

What is an offering to the gods. That you take, when you’re dead, do you take this stuff that you were wearing? Do you take something with you? A vast

Vivi: knowledge of cocktails and horror

Erick: movies. If there’s anything I’ve learned from corridos in Spanish, is that the only thing you take with you is


Brenda: very true.

Francisco: Very true.

Erick: So the souls and make line are divided depending on how they died. If you died from natural causes, then make land was generally where you would go. If you were a warrior who died in battle, you would go to doughnut, do econ, all innocent souls, including those children would go to Once the Spanish arrived and pushed Catholicism onto the indigenous people. The first and 2nd of November were turned into or also as their coinciding with the original celebrations for death resulting in a combination of the two, all in all the day of the dead is meant to celebrate both the dead and the living showing that there is a thin line between the two.

Brenda: So it was belief for you to start that afterlife journey, you have to separate your soul from your physical body.

in order to do that there was this doc LATERA, called she was the one that was in charge of devouring your body. And take out your blood from your body, but in order for her to do that, you have to be in her domain, like in the earth. There’s a theory that that’s why people started burying that, that ones, so your, soul can finally be free and start this journey towards the afterlife

Erick: The story of McClellan and what comes after you die? Might not have come until after it. Catholicism started to sort of put its hands into the culture of the indigenous folks where the indigenous folks didn’t really believe in heaven or hell.

It was just kind of like you go and you go. But this additional story to the, lore came about after introduction of, the Inferno or hell

Brenda: there wasn’t this thought of you know, hell and heaven, you’re rewarded for what you do. It was more like how you mentioned, where you end up is based on how you died.

Erick: I still like that better than even just with the Catholicism teaches where kids who aren’t baptized go straight to hell. Like I’d rather, they’re innocent and they don’t deserve bad. They go here.

Francisco: Yeah,

Vivi: I agree with that. I’ve never liked that. Honestly. I wish they taught us this and stuff. Making us go to Catholic school, but that’s

Erick: so I think what’s, an issue. And with the other doesn’t work, those, I didn’t really celebrate it until the last five years. Since my dad passed. Before that, it’s not that we just didn’t know it existed,

we never had anybody close enough, pass away, I guess, to merit making an alter. My family who would teach us this didn’t really do it. But my mom always talks about her grandma and her parents, and like waking up in the middle of the night to start cleaning the streets because we had to make way for the dead people who were showing up soon.

And then we’d walk up to the, on my mom’s probably going to yell at me cause she’s like, that’s not how the story goes. Yeah. But you spend the night in the middle of the night.

So that the reason we say the first and the second is it’s overnight. You’re there from the night of the first, all the way up into the morning of the second, all this to say that, unless it’s taught to us, we really don’t know much about our culture. Like all these names that I’ve, trouble saying. It’s like, I wish I knew as much about this as I do about Greek gods and Egyptian gods.

Brenda: they’re not

covered in school ever. you do cover Greek gods, you do cover European mythology but like at least I never got to cover Mexican anything, or Latino anything even like the African American part of history was breeze through like in two minutes and that.

Vivi: That is upsetting. I think I saw somewhere that in recent years, the celebration of day of the dead has become more popular in the United States. And I think it could be that thing of people trying to connect with their roots lately in a way that we haven’t been able to in the past, or we’re tired of learning about the Greek gods, the Egyptian gods, and not knowing anything about our

Erick: own.

Brenda: And I think recently, oh, Nesco, I guess this entity actually recognized the day of the death and all its celebrations. In Mexico they still do a lot of the things the backing the day you would do, like in those rural towns and he has been recognized as, something so historic that’s something that’s very important for humanity.

Vivi: Have you guys


Brenda: our families do. My mom always does. They’ll that? We as a couple have not yet done our own offering ofrenda, but I know my mom does. I don’t know my Francisco’s mom does, but we do.

Francisco: not as much. Mexico it was something that I was kind of brought up with a little bit more like more of the traditional stuff that you would do in Mexico.

A lot of the traditional holidays, like Laura is my worst type of thing. So we did do that over there. I remember going to the cemetery with like my family to visit my great grandfather I was like four years old, so I barely remember that. But when we got here, I feel like a lot of that fell off.

Like we didn’t really maintain that tradition for day of the dead. But like Brenda said, I think we really want to kind of bring that back ourselves, maybe even with our families. Cause I know on my side of the family, they do try to bring this back a little bit, but even just between Brenda and I, we can definitely do that.

And we’ve been wanting to reignite that tradition ourselves here,

Vivi: Quick question was day of the dead, that holiday, that the dude on the bicycle almost killed you.

Francisco: that was , it was a parade they were coming, you know, with the elephant and stuff. And I was like, Hey, all excited and yeah, almost got killed.

Erick: Yeah. As long as this guy was.

Francisco: I was the whole time,

Brenda: like more than a month before the celebration. You were going to be put in the alter, but apparently like if you die, like within a month of the celebrations, you’re not supposed to be put in the alter because it is assumed that you didn’t have time to ask for permission to come back and be with your families.

Francisco: There’s a 30 day grace period. When you first enter that

Vivi: I mean, there’s paperwork I got to do with the afterlife.

Erick: Yeah. You don’t get your benefits till after you

pass probation.

Francisco: exactly. Exactly.

Brenda: Like you guys ran into the things the dead have to do. according to like, they asked the us or the Mexicans, like after you died, but that’s intense, like the first one, apparently

after you, that. you have to pass this river it’s called it’s . And you have to be able to navigate the river, but obviously you can’t do it on your own. You’re supposed to get help. The help that you can get is from it’s called , which is kind of like a dog,

but during your life, if you were bad to animals this cholo sprinklers were like, nah, I’m not going to help you pass, bro. You were, pretty shitty to like the animals. So you’re kind of screwed at the first level.

Vivi: If I had to ask a person for help, I’m screwed. If I have to ask a dog for help, I’m going to be okay. He’s going to say he’s going to be like you could have given me more treats.

Brenda: We can go into detail about all the levels that you have to go through because they’re intense.

Erick: Did you take down notes on all of them?

Brenda: Yeah. But they’re intense. We can do a poll to if anyone’s interested, but it’s intense. It’s crazy to me. I’m like, man, like what if I lived a hard life and then I have to do all this extra stuff to finally reach Aternity, that’s, that’s sad.

Vivi: just going to go take a nap. That’s not even, it’s fine.

Francisco: She’ll stay at a level one. It’s fine. I’ll stay with the


Erick: Is there a time limit? You know, I imagine if it’s like, oh, get, imagine dying. And they’re like, all right, so this is all going to have to do. And you’re just sitting there like, all right, well, how long do I have?

And they’re like, well, you’re dead so forever, I guess. And you’re just, all right, well, I’ll just take my

Francisco: Cool. The

biggest procrastinator


just leave it like, ah, you don’t get to it

Brenda: in one of the sections, like you have to cross through this two mountains, but this two mountain site crashing to each other. So you have to pass between them. And if you don’t time it right, they’re going to crush you and then you’re just going to disappear forever. Like your soul everything’s just gone.


like, that doesn’t sound like fun.

Erick: to high stakes?

Francisco: Again. I would just stay with the dogs.

Brenda: Yeah. I would just,

Vivi: I’m actually enjoying myself here.

Erick: You’re the reason that no one else is getting past because you’re hanging out with the dogs, distracting them.

 from 2021 to 2031, there was just a period where no souls were coming that make land because somebody was distracting. The dog. You’re

Vivi: saying that Francisco is going to die this year.


apparently there’s some levels that the winds are so high and so strong that like, if you’re not careful you can be pushed back to a lower level. Like you guys are just too much.

Erick: This is like super Mario,

Vivi: What’s going to get, try to get caught in the Williams to go back to the dog.

Francisco: sure. Oh, oops. Oh no. My time limit starts all over again. I have another month to spend here before I have to go back.

Erick: So

Fun fact, like Latina is a very popular symbol seen during celebrations, but her origin has nothing to do with the day of the dead. She was actually created by Jose Guadalupe, Posada who used her image in several texts to describe the Mexican government in the late 18 hundreds saying, quote, death is democratic seeing as at the end of the day, white, black, rich, or poor, everyone ends up becoming.

Vivi: I think, I do remember hearing something about that, how it was a political drawing.

Brenda: The skeletal figures that he drew they serve to remind Mexicans for example, death brought by popular Rybolt towards like whoever’s in power will level even the most extreme, like social hierarchy, because at the end of the day, we’re all going to be bones.

It just equalizes everyone. social hierarchy doesn’t matter when you’re dead,

Vivi: that’s crazy. Cause it’s turned into such a like colorful. Costume now I bet a lot of people

Erick: don’t know that. No, it’s almost like the art itself has become an altar, Where you go most emulate the sugar skulls and all the colors that come from the, that was. Martha. So it’s easy. I think, to just put the symbol next to that day, even though it’s not officially declared to be connected,

Brenda: Yeah.

Erick: Well, do you want to talk about the island of the dolls? It’s not a random pick. It was actually one of the shorts that we didn’t watch. We started it, but I was like, fuck it. Let’s just talk about the actual lore behind that island. you guys get to that

Vivi: one?

Francisco: We did. Yes.

Vivi: We only saw half of it.

Francisco: . I actually found that one. Interesting.

Vivi: was it

relaxed compared to the rest?

Francisco: was relaxing.

Vivi: All right. So I only did a super quick summary because I think it’s a pretty well-known story. If it doesn’t make sense, just tell me, the island of the dolls, or

Francisco: um,

Vivi: Is the story of the world’s most unlikely tourist attraction Located in the canals of, so to me, South of the center of Mexico city its name would suggest one of the islands on the canal is home to over a hundred dollars of all shapes, colors, and sizes, and various stages of decay. The dolls are joined the islands tree line and have garnished attention, not only for being a peculiar site, but for their potentially paranormal origin, it begins with the story of . Uh, Man, who decided to leave his wife and children to live a life of solitude off. One of the islands in the canal, his reasons for leaving are unclear, which has led people to speculate that he was not of sound mind.

According to the legend. One day Don Houlihan came across the body of a drown girl near the shore of the canal. A few days after the incident adult washed up on the shore, near the location where he discovered the body. And it said that in order to appease the spirit of the disease girl, Dawn, who had hung the doll on one of the trees off the island, but he soon felt that this was not enough to. the poor girl spirit. And over the course of 50 years, going Houlihan would continue to hang dolls throughout the island. He kept this up up until his death in 2001, when unfortunately his body was discovered drown in the exact same canal where he found the drunk girl over 50 years ago. Now there are many who believe that Don kuleana never discovered the corpse of a drown girl.

And that this is just the sad story of a man who was left in solitude with unchecked mental illness on an island. However many tourists who visit the island are not discouraged by this news. The story was real to them, Houlihan and shaped his life devotion to the island and even his death. What attracts others to the island is the possibility that the spirit of the little girl is still not satisfied with the many offerings.

It is said that the dolls often whisper to each other and to guests as well as move their heads and blink, especially at night. No, thank you. this day, many tourists honors on Houlihan and the spirit of the drunk girl real or imagined by continuing to add dolls to the island.

Brenda: my cousin said that in recent years back when we went to Mexico in maybe 2019 in the island, they hosted a lot of like horror movies,

and that a lot of her friends did it and they, I think invited her. And that’s when we started talking about this island, I was like, that sounds like fun, but maybe not so much.

No, I think she was going to go soon or wanted to go, that’s why she was talking about it. But I’m like, it sounds like fun, but being stuck somewhere, like what if there’s like crazy people that start hurting each other? I don’t know. I

always imagine worst case.

Vivi: I’m not sure. I think the worst case.

scenario for me, it would be that the dolls come to life and start murdering everyone. You hate those? I hate doll so much. I think that’s why this island would create me. Like I would want to go because it scares me so much.

But also if they start talking about.

Erick: I’m

swimming. What they should do is take Annabel and Robert and see if something happens, just like the culmination of dolls, they’re Just fighting

Vivi: the bugs stalls. That is,

Francisco: Annabelle becomes a leader and she just draws up a plan to take over the world with them.

Vivi: and then the other dolls are like what’s with your white savior complex. We were doing fine without you.

Brenda: I don’t know what it’s about dolls and like when this, cause I know somewhere in Mexico, there’s also a place where there’s a lot of, Glenda’s like a lot of the Wendy’s I don’t know, both of them just creeped me out

Vivi: I hate all those early YouTube videos that were so popular of the little old windows running across the kitchen. And in this

Brenda: I actually bought a dwindle like in Mexico and we were told like, you need to take care of it. You need to lay milk in front of the one day. If you don’t, then they’re going to be mad you will regret it. And I was like, right. Okay, I’ll do that. I’ll take care of my blender. I’ll put milk. And there’s different types of the windows.

Some say like, this is for wisdom. This is to help you with school or this is for health. But yeah, I don’t know where my Belinda is, so I should be a little good.

Francisco: I don’t know this


Erick: If we got to feed it and it’s dead now,

Francisco: coming back to haunt


Vivi: common for her.

Francisco: this is why I’m dying in 2021 guys.

Brenda: the Dwayne, they the one I had in her forehead, sometimes you could see but sometimes the crease wasn’t there.

I was just a little bit like, maybe I imagining things, but like, when that happened, on more than three occasions, I think that’s when I started getting a little bit afraid of having other one, then I think that’s why I slowly started not putting milk anymore. And now I don’t know where that wind

Francisco: is

Erick: if it’s dead, you could probably make it an altar feeding it in the afterlife.

Francisco: still taking care of you guys, you know,

Vivi: Brenda, why you have headaches? Crease was the headaches and you were supposed to give it more milk and you didn’t

Erick: meet that

for its wrinkles.

Brenda: I should really ask my mom where my, the one

Francisco: day you should, how many doctors have told you? You have nothing before it’s still going. It’s still

Vivi: Ma’am you have a Gwen there.


Erick: don’t know how to tell you. That’s the first thing. The doctors in Mexico teller,

Brenda: that is the cost of all your issues, bro.

Erick: there was done that here, right before you, that had increased on its forehead. Maybe that’s what’s going on.

Francisco: Did they say they were with a Brenda? So, yikes. You’re

Brenda: going to get me. Yeah, I’ll keep you posted if I find my Wednesday

Vivi: Please do,

Erick: when you do, we’ll do a follow-up episode and talk about it

Brenda: and that’s when all my headaches stopped

Vivi: I got promoted, we want a house for some reason, you know, like things just

Erick: started and then you can write a Buzzfeed article, but like the new trend and getting rid of your migraines is getting out the window. It’s not crystals.

Vivi: It’s when this.

Francisco: All of a sudden she’s like a crazy, like a influencer.

 Oh, this is, this is my uh, my caretaker.

Vivi: And manages my accounts.

Francisco: Can you update my Instagram or the quick,

Erick: Awesome. Well, is that all we got for today?

Brenda: The last thing I just wanted to say was with the whole Halloween thing, I remember growing up in Mexico. And like, I don’t think Halloween back when I was a kid and I don’t think it was that long ago, just FYI. It was just, you know,


like two weeks ago.

Brenda: Halloween, wasn’t really a thing for me, what I grew up knowing in Mexico was and that was more like food or like fruit, stuff like that. And apparently it’s like, from a legend, like this kid that didn’t have food or money to. Food on the alter for he’s dead relatives would go outside to ask for like donations,

so he can pay tribute to his dead ones. Long story short, like now that like Halloween, based on what I have seen in Mexico recently, it’s more of a thing there as well, dressing up and asking for candy.

And at first people used to be concerned to be like, oh my God, the cultural aspects of the, other of those more of those is going to be lost because of Halloween, the influence of The United States but it seems like now, Halloween and the are just coexisting, complimenting each other, instead of like shadowing each other,

Erick: that’s kind of how it exists in our household I always struggle with being like, all right. We’re to do creepy stuff, but also we’ve got, gotta put the altar up, it’s totally cool to celebrate both.

Vivi: anything, it’s doubled the celebrating.

Brenda: I just hope it stays like that. like the coexistence. Yeah. You know?

Erick: Yeah.

I did see some articles that VB shared with me that talk about the different days leading up to the second.

So on the 28th, you’re supposed to put the first candle lit up and a white flower to receive the lost souls.

The 29th is you light the candle and put out a case of water for those who are abandoned and forgotten

Brenda: I found somewhere that like October 28, it’s four people that like bilingually died or were assassinated or were victims of like a violent death. October 29, is people that died because of like water, either they drowned or anything related to water.

October 30th to the 31st, it’s like people that, that without being baptized then November one children, number two, like the adults.

Erick: So there’s a meaning behind each day for who’s being celebrated. That’s cool.

 This one kind of describes things that you add to the alter to for those different folks. So There’s different ways I think celebrate it.

Honestly, I don’t know that there’s anyone out there kind of gatekeeping how to celebrate day of the dead. So,

Vivi: so there’s no wrong. There’s no right.

As long as you’re


Brenda: job,

Francisco: you’re doing it wrong.

Erick: Well, is that all we got?

Vivi: I think so. Thanks to Brenda and Francisco go for

Erick: joining us. Thanks for enduring. That damn movie.

Vivi: Our policy package will be sent out soon,

Francisco: Thank you guys so much for having us as always fun time.

Brenda: It’s fun.

Erick: Last time we asked if you guys wanted us to plug anything, you guys said no.

Brenda: Yeah. I’ve been trying to start a podcast based on like Latino history and stuff, but I’ve been a little busy with life, so can’t plug that yet. But, I also saw what Eric was mentioning about the original of the Katrina in this really cool book that I recommend anyone that is Mexican or interested in like Latino, Mexican culture.

It’s called the Mexico reader by Gilbert, M Joseph and Timothy. It’s like a lot of editors Henderson as well. It’s like history, culture and politics is a really good book. I really think it’s worth it. And I’m actually going to read it from cover to cover.

Vivi: That sounds

Erick: cool. I might read it. Maybe that’s the next one in book club

Francisco: Oh,

Erick: for those listening,

she just showed us the book. It’s thick.

Brenda: I liked them fake man,

Francisco: Instagram,

Brenda: No, that’s fine. Or now

Vivi: No. Yeah, I’m trying to get

Erick: me to promote. We don’t want any

Francisco: I posted for myself

Brenda: until I finally start my Latino study, whatever I’m trying to

Francisco: do.

Erick: sounds good. we’ll be here to help plug it so can’t wait.

Francisco: you.

Brenda: Shout out to like the Mexican community. Just anyone that’s listening, which I’m guessing maybe in this episode they would I’m an immigration attorney and unfortunately not a lot of Mexicans reach out to see their options regarding immigration or possible relief. So, reach out to anyone in general. Like there’s free consultations wherever you’re at. It’s sad that like the Mexican community, I don’t see it a lot that they reach out to see what their options are. So I just recommend you reach out. It doesn’t mean you have to like commit to the attorney or whatever, but just sometimes moving on your case or options earlier than later is better.

So I just want to encourage them to out and seek an opinion from a professional.

Vivi: Absolutely. you have some websites that we could possibly link somewhere.

Brenda: Yeah, I can send

Francisco: links to.

Erick: I’ll follow up with you. And I’ll put that in the show notes. Yeah. Because I think that’s

Vivi: really important. All right. Well, as always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken, not scared pod except Twitter. Twitter is shaking, scared pod. You can send us an email at shaking out scared pot at Gmail dot.

Erick: You can support the show on Patrell. And then my next drink, after you with mentions on our website page where the drink will live forever, you can listen to us on all your favorite podcasting sites, apple podcast, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, a bunch of others. Give us a listing, give us a follow. I don’t know if there’s any deal that was more of those dog traits, but if you.

can figure that out, send some to low-key

Vivi: great review, subscribe, all that good stuff,


Thanks. Bye.

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