The VVitch (2015)

Vivi Rating: 9

Erick Rating: 8.5

Shaken Not Scared Rating: 8.75

Erick & Vivi start the holiday season by diving into Robert Eggers’s 2015 The VVitch! Topics include the difference between a jungle and a forest, being a good kid or else you’ll get sold to another family, and mistakenly trying to fend witches off with garlic!

Cocktail – Black Phillip

Consumed Creepy Content of the Week:

  1. Vampires Vs. The Bronx – Netflix
  2. Salem Horror Fest

We also tried and reviewed Jorge of the Jungle created by one of our good friends. We tried the Ocean Berry Breeze and Summer Cherry flavors along with the limited edition Autumn Punch flavor! If your jam is jungle juice check them out below!

Instagram – @jorgeofthejunglejuice

Facebook – @jungleofthejorge

Suggest a cocktail! Suggest a movie!

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