Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

Vivi: Wolf. Dick.

Erick: Dick Wolf. Dick Wolf. Okay. Wolf. I think it hadn’t been Wolf. Dick we’d have been like,

Vivi: Debbie. We definitely made fun of it because we were immature.

Erick: Welcome back to the chicken. Not scared podcast here with you as always your host, Eric. And today we’re gonna be talking about the 1994 film silent night, deadly night, directed by Charles sillier. But before we get into that, are you movie?

Vivi: I feel like I am in a weird in between state, you know, like on holiday break where you’re not working, but you just had

Erick: holiday, but not actually, cause we’re not children anymore. We don’t get an actual break. So it’s just sad.

Vivi: Exactly.

Erick: That’s how I feel. even though it’s Saturday, it feels like pre Sunday, which is pre Monday.

You know, it’s

Vivi: basically Monday

Erick: we’re possibly going to go to that ghoulish

Vivi: store. Oh yeah. I’m excited

Erick: we won’t say which ones. So no one goes and murders us, but this’ll be out after we did it.

Vivi: so, so public place.

Erick: What was it called? Ghoulish something

Vivi: ghoulish, mortal or something.

Erick: Let’s go over in St. Charles, Illinois. Okay.

Erick: Well, what group had gone to India?

Vivi: Okay. So do you want to mention the article? It kind of. It’s leeway into what I need to talk

Erick: about. Yeah. So if you saw our socials, we did share an article by a dead central, but really posted by a Shirae our friend over at the nightmare on pier street podcast.

She asked us to help her out, make an article of movies so bad. They’re good. so we paired some drinks with them, not all of them,

Vivi: my task was to watch thanks, killing, A movie. I did not know about until we started this podcast and we saw people tweeting about it.

Cause we asked for Thanksgiving horror, that movie is just wild. It’s one of those we know this is a horrible movie and you’re watching it cause it’s horrible.

Erick: What is the effect of the Turkey? Because Turkey is the one killing people,

Vivi: right? Yeah. the Turkey is basically bent on revenge against white people.

For the slaughtered native Americans I also watched Kristi, which was included on the list, but I didn’t make a cocktail for that one.

And then holiday hall, which was a bunch of anthologies.

as it goes with anthology, some are good. Some are not good. A lot of these were not good. It was like super low budget. You could tell. I made a cocktail for that one that I think is probably the prettiest one we’ve made.

Erick: Is the purple one? The moon,

Vivi: the moon worshiper. Yeah.

But what

Erick: have you been watching? blood rage. We watched this one together. Insane movie.

There’s so much that happens killer twin brothers. One of them gets framed by the other one. Who’s actually crazy. The other one’s been in the Salem, all his life a bunch of people get murdered. It seems like they live in like this townhome area and the mom acts like a kid.

there’s a lot. That movie is a lot.

Vivi: You say the mom acts like a kid, but I kind of act like this. Sometimes. It’s a, what does that say about,

Erick: well, you are a child. You have some were adult children. But reason we say that she’s a kid, is that like, at some point, spoiler alert she’s like freaking out because her kids escaped the asylum and she’s like, I need to clean the house.

The next scene is her just destroying the fridge of all the food at Scott, because she just stuffing her face with it. And then later it was like sitting on the ground with her legs open. And has these like picked up? I think it’s just, cause she seems like a kid in general that I say that

Vivi: you mean that’s not how you’re supposed to clean the fridge.

Erick: That’s why I don’t ever see you cleaning the fridge. You do it when I’m not here,

Vivi: but is that it for us, for

Erick: grouping content? It is. Do we have any comfort content? Do we not feel comfortable right now?

Vivi: Okay. I will say this for comfort content cause Eric wants to scrap it and I, think we should keep it. I, every Thanksgiving watch every Thanksgiving episode of Bob’s burgers. Like I put it on in the morning to start getting ready for Thanksgiving and then just watch it until we’re ready to go with our families.

So that’s my comfort Thanksgiving ritual.

Erick: We started watching some Christmas movies recently that you’ve never seen. We watched deck the halls If you’ve seen, it’s got Danny DeVito and the guy who plays Ferris, Bueller

Vivi: his name, no idea. Anyway, that guy, you know

Erick: who Ferris Bueller is.

Vivi: You know how, like some actors are just recognized for one role.

Erick: That’s the only way you can identify anybody. Like when I see Marvel characters, I just don’t ever see them as anyone else. But the superhero they play.

There’s a movie that came out recently read notice with Ryan Reynolds, the rock and Gaga dots, like wonder woman, dead pool and black Adam or the rock. The rock is the rock. Always. That’s a bad example. Yeah.

Vivi: The rock has just placed the rock. Funny enough, my family has discovered the rocks tequila, and they really

Erick: like, we given it to your grandma before I

Vivi: was going to, I was about to for Christmas one year.


my mom said that they went to a restaurant and tried it there and they’re like, oh my God, it’s so good. I was like, damn, I should have gotten the,

Erick: yeah. We posted about a term on a drink once and never got seen by the rock. So if you’re listening to rock, which you

Vivi: probably are because you’re a huge horror fan.

I love you so much. the sponsor is, I mean, that’d be great. But you were saying about actors playing certain roles. You mentioned the Godzilla movies, no, it wasn’t the Godzilla movie.

Which one was this? Where the dude from letter Kenny is in it and it’s just Wayne.

Erick: I was the first one with Scarlet witch and

Vivi: Quicksilver. Right. Again, they’re just those characters. He shows up like towards the end, he’s one of the military dudes. I’m like, that’s Wayne. What’s he doing

Erick: there? He’s the one who is like gung-ho too.

And takes the team and go get killed on a boat. Oh wait.

Vivi: I love letter, if even willing to talk about comfort content,

Erick: Letterkenny release a new season. Think it’s coming out soon. Yeah. Okay.

Vivi: but I think that’s it for comfort

Erick: content.

Erick: tell us more about this drink. I’m excited for it

Vivi: we’re calling this one egg naughty or nice Eric thought of it. I just like the pun names. like ponds too. That’s Bob’s burgers all the time. So our thought process here was eggnog mixed with. Bailey’s red velvet, cupcake, Irish cream, so it keeps it all desserty. I mixed it with Kodiak, Hennessy, if you want to get a specific brand, but if you want to give it a try. Yeah.

Okay, so I didn’t really like eggnog at all. Growing up until you bought the over wise eggnog,

Erick: where was a Midwest thing?

Vivi: I think so. It could be wrong

Erick: If it isn’t go and look for this eggnog, I don’t think I liked eggnog either

Vivi: so because of that. It is a sweet Christmas drink. It’s pretty good. I will give it a three If agnostics

Erick: your jail. I give it a 3.5 because I really liked this agnostic.

If you try it with an agnostic, that’s not good. It’s going to make or break this.

Vivi: Cause I don’t, we are also drinking Dragon’s milk, but the Solera variety,

Erick: fodder age, Dale, which we learned just means barely aged. your beers names already.

Dragon’s milk. You don’t have to be cooler.

Vivi: I know point is I don’t like it as much as the usual dragons milk. The one that

Erick: comes from the dragons teat

Erick: Are you ready for phone fax? Yes. How did you get this creamy drink Morgan Ames created an entire album of original Christmas songs that was supposed to be released alongside the film, but because of bad press and reception, the album wasn’t released it wasn’t until 2014 that the songs were released by waltz, recording company, alongside the score, the film by Perry Botkins.

This is probably why I told you I don’t think I’ve ever heard any of these Christmas songs. And I’ve heard a lot of Christmas songs. I used to be a musician in church. I would know.

Vivi: Yeah, no, the titular song of this movie, it’s creepy as fuck. And I kept writing it down in my notes. Like, what is this song?

Erick: the soundtrack and this entire film had me thinking maybe it was creative for it because there’s just so much emphasis on the music

Vivi: It could have be like a copyright issue or those songs don’t want to be associated with this.

Erick: I don’t know. It was like a double feature release but the end credits, there’s a huge emphasis on don’t copyright this film, but also the music. was clear that they wanted to release these songs as new age, Christmas music,

Vivi: but it just

Erick: didn’t work out.

Yeah. Charles cellar was too squeamish. To film the death scenes. So editor Michael Spence helped co-direct them.

Vivi: That’s hilarious. I’ve never heard of that before a director.

Erick: Yeah. He was like, they’re too gory. I don’t

Vivi: want to. How are you directing whore?

Erick: He’s like, like the idea of gore, but I don’t want to be there when it’s happening. Fair enough. During production, the film was titled sleigh ride. Some believed the name came from a book by Paul Kimmy. at the beginning, there’s like a card that says based on the story by Paul climbing the book doesn’t actually exist it’s actually just inspired by a script he made and not even the script itself inspired the director to be like, oh, I kind of liked the idea of a guy running around killing people, dressed as Santa Claus.

the name was changed by Tristar pictures before the movie was released. So it was just like the production name, slate ride. Not

Vivi: actually titled that. Yeah. So he saw partial script in like re

Erick: yeah. And that part was gripped. It wasn’t even named sleigh ride.

Vivi: So we’re just really out here renaming things as we wish.


Erick: silent I did tonight was released on November 9th, 1994, the same day as the first name around on the street. I mean, I actually did better on opening weekend. This is surprising given that the film was pulled from a lot of theaters due to complaints from parents. So it’s still outperformed and was being really settled less theaters

Vivi: than nightmare.

And you don’t hear about this one as often?

Erick: No.

Vivi: I did hear that this film was extremely controversial. When I was released, cause

Erick: like Santa or all the

Vivi: assault because a character, so below two kids at Sano was the one doing the murdering.

It doesn’t seem any worse than any slashers that were out at the time. It kind of seems on par, but because it was Santa’s parents were like, no, no you’re wearing

Erick: Christmas. The real reason behind Christmas.

Vivi: Right. Not Jesus.

Erick: My dad would say why are kids thinking this fat white man, when I’m the one who has to kill myself at work to get them gifts?

Vivi: It’s kind of what the nun says too,

Erick: right? Yeah. She’s like Santa Claus. Ain’t real over and over. And these kids are anyway. We’ll get there. But all of them are going to grow up to be bad people.

it’s your turn to do a speed run. It’s been

Vivi: like, I haven’t done one in like

Erick: months. Yeah. Thanks to our friends. Who’ve visited it. We’ve avoided sounding horrible. Try to do this.

Erick: Are you running? No. Okay. Cool.

Vivi: We opened on this family on their way to visit grandpa and Christmas Eve.

Grandpa pretends to be catatonic. And then the parents leave the room and the kid is the only one left with him. And he’s like be aware of Santa. You’re going to be punished if you’re bad. Anyway, the kid leaves and is traumatized and it’s telling his parents this, but his parents don’t listen. And then they get stopped by a carjacking Santa who literally murders all of them.

We find out that he’s later taken to an orphanage where he is also punished and told he is naughty his entire fucking life until he turns 18 and gets a job in a department store. And he is forced to dress up as Santa for Christmas in the department store. And he starts drinking alcohol. And then he has like triggering flashbacks of what happened in his childhood.

And he murders all his fricking coworkers. And then he goes on a rampage to murder, like a bunch of people in town, but then he ends up back at the orphanage because his little brother is still there, but also the nun that was horrible to him and like, cause all his freaking problems. And he’s about to kill her, the true villain of the story and they shoot him dead and his little brother.

Remembering all of it now. Cause surprise, he survived and he says naughty and you get the sense that he’s going to continue on and be the next evil Santa.

Erick: He ended right at that minute. I

Vivi: don’t even think I mentioned that. Oh, I did mention that he was dressed as Santa.

Erick: I liked how you had time to throw in your own perspective too.

You’re like the true villain of this film.

Vivi: Listen. Yes. Always.

Erick: There’s always time to talk shit about oppressive people, abusive people.

Vivi: I’m actually really impressed with myself. Great work. I’m out of breath.

Erick: I need water. I’m proud of you.

Vivi: You want to give me an

Erick: overview? Yeah, This one’s from Amazon. That’s random. After his parents are murdered. A tormented teenager goes on a murderous rampage dressed as Santa, a controversial Coke, classic slasher, and the perfect antidote to the holiday season.

Erick: Are you ready to dive into the Christmas spirit with a little bit of murderous Santa Claus?

Vivi: Yeah. I just wanted to ask you first. Was this your first time watching too? Yeah.

Erick: Was yours? Yeah. Ooh, that’s fun.

Vivi: What did you think of it? Just kind of quick, general

Erick: I thought it’d be worse. Cause I feel like people talk really bad about it,

Vivi: Yeah. I haven’t seen this, I think because it gets a lot of negative connotations even like years later, but

Erick: wasn’t that bad. No, I mean, there’s a lot of sexual assault, but not as bad as other things we’ve launched, at what point do we say a movie is good and a movie is bad for different reasons? Cause I feel like people really like things killing, And I would say that the, a problem with that, but people will hate this.

Vivi: I don’t think it’s hated. I definitely think it’s developed a cult following over the years. I think it’s just the whole it’s against Christmas and what’s more like American than Christmas,

we opened on this title card that says Christmas Eve, 1971, a family is in the car. We have mom, dad, Billy and baby Ricky, all on their way to visit grandpa.

We learned that grandpa is pretty sick and he has been. catatonic for a while, but on their way to visit him, Billy is going on and on about Santa. Like any,

Erick: They’re listening to Christmas music Billy is asking, are we going to make it in time? Is he going to know where we are? If we’re in the car, so driving, how is he supposed to visit?

All fair questions for Billy. You know, I used to ask these questions too, when we were at family parties, and it’d be approaching 12 and I’d be like, hello, we’re here. they’re just like, oh no, it’s okay. You have a big surprise tonight, which is like a call-out to what’s going to happen tonight.

Vivi: This movie has so much foreshadowing in it and not in a subtle way at all. It’s like staring at you in the

Erick: face. they show it to the use all mental facility and they find grandpa I thought this movie was going to follow the story of the grandpa being murderous.

And that’s why he’s like this oh, maybe that’s the point, it runs in their blood that grandpa’s in this mental facility. He’s not in a senior home. It’s not like he’s there because he’s old. He’s there because he’s potentially got a problem.

Vivi: That’s true. I mean, it. Say clearly, why he’s there also, you imagine in the seventies, they probably just throw everyone with problems into one medical entity.

Erick: I’m like old people.

Vivi: Yeah. Let’s say he had dementia and they considered it a mental illness and they just him in there. I don’t know.

I’m not the person to ask

Erick: as the movie proceeds Ricky, who is Billy’s little brother doesn’t really make an appearance until the end. And it implies Billy’s death passed on the craziness to Ricky. what if that’s, what’s just happened throughout this family grandma has like, no reason to tell Billy

Vivi: it’s really funny. Who waits until everyone leaves the room and just immediately starts talking to Billy. It’s terrifying. I’d be terrified if I was located. And this happened.

Erick: Billy calls for his mom. The grandpa’s like no one is coming for you.

Vivi: He warns Billy that Christmas is the scariest time of the year and that Santa punishes, bad kids. And if he sees Santa that he better run for his life, not scary at all to tell a child. Yeah.

Erick: And immediately goes to being quiet as the parents come back.

Vivi: And which makes me think he is totally faking this being ill thing. But that’s another story that we don’t

Erick: follow. It makes me wonder what happened to the grandpa.

Vivi: as they’re leaving, Billy’s excitement for Sandra has now become fear. he is telling his parents about what his grandfather told him.

I thought it was going to be one of those situations where the kid just doesn’t say anything. And the grandpa gets to get away with being weird. But no, Billy immediately says,

Erick: The parents think he’s insane. They’re like, what are you talking about? Your grandpa doesn’t even talk. And as Billy continues to say these ridiculous things, they’re telling him shut up your grandpa’s an idiot. Billy turns to his mom and he’s like, don’t say that that’s not eight people who are not to get punished.

And that’s exactly what happens next.

Vivi: Movie’s not so little with the foreshadowing in another scene, we get a, Santa’s walking into a convenience store, which immediately turns into him holding up the joint. He kills the cashier, shooting him multiple times, excessively the Santa essentially holds up the store for $31.

Erick: he walks out and constant money. It was like 31 books. Merry Christmas. Guess listen,

Vivi: killing someone for $31 is not worth it. Even in the 70.

This Santa is just very violent. He has no clear plans and what he’s doing.

Erick: I wonder how many murders actually happen in the holiday season with people dressed up as Santa Claus? I’m sure that’s a thing

Vivi: Like those clowns that show up on Halloween. What’s

Erick: scary. Are Santa Claus killers or, clown killers? from outer space. Obviously as this guy is doing this in the background, the family is approaching. the music that plays reminds me of the way that the music plays an important part in Halloween three, the radio is constantly on throughout the film. And it’s almost like reminding you, oh yeah, all this stuff has happened. And all the people are getting killed, but don’t forget it’s Christmas. And it’s really happy.

Vivi: The music definitely plays a prominent role.

There’s even people singing as some of the murdering is taking place later on. in a few scenes, it’s not just one

Erick: instance,

Vivi: which proves my theory that Christmas music makes you want to murder people.

Erick: No. When it’s the piano song from Charlie brown, it makes me. I do like that

Vivi: one. That’s good. That’s the only one.

Erick: All the rest Burnham

Vivi: says the guy who literally said he lists

Erick: some not then after January 1st. Okay. Listen again until November. But the family runs into the Santa who is pulled over with his car and he’s got like the hood up and he looks like he needs help.

the dad is like, I’m going to stop to see what he wants. Billy is screaming. Don’t do it. Santa is evil. they don’t listen to

Vivi: him. Because why would you listen to a kid? I think now you definitely wouldn’t. I think I’ve said this multiple times on the show.

I wouldn’t stop to help.

Erick: Which is unfortunate, but you also hear a lot of horror stories of people who do , there’s that creepy pasta. You’re driving at night it’s like foresty see a woman who’s alone on the side of the road.

It looks like she needs help. She’s screaming you either go left and swerve around or you stop and you decide to swerve around. you look in your rear view mirror and you see more people come with divorced.

Vivi: No thank you. Oh Now, especially with everyone having cell phones, I’m going to be like, dude, just call for help.

Erick: It does suck that when you’re on the other side of it, when I was in high school, I needed help because my phone had died and I was waiting for the train. And when I was walking around asking like, Hey, can I, use your phone? It’s unfortunate that people are like suspicious because they think they’re going to get their phones stolen. A lot of people told me, no, not until like one guy said yes. And then I remember I asked my mom, like, why did you do this? Because she kept calling the guy back to see where I was. I was like, I’m not hanging out with the guy.


Vivi: That’s really funny. Cause a very similar story happened to me. this was back in college as well. I had almost missed the bus. I was really stressed out cause I had this test and this is like one of those moments where you’re like school is just like not worth it ran after the bus. And while running, after the bus, I had dropped my cell phone in the.

when I got on and was like relieved that I caught the bus, I realized that my phone was missing and I went up to another woman and I was like, Hey, I’m sorry. I like dropped my phone in the snow. Could I like call my mom? I grabbed her phone to call my mom and then I was going to turn around and go get my backpack.

Cause in my mind, I’m like, someone’s going to steal my backpack too. And then I was like, oh wait, I have this lady’s phone. She’s going to think I’m going to bolt out of the bus with her phone. And the same thing. Like I was able to call my mom. My mom was able to pick up my phone, which was like super lucky.

And then my mom was calling back this lady, like I have your phone, don’t worry. You know, I’m like,

Erick: oh, okay. What a tangent

Vivi: on being stranded

Erick: We’re just more suspicious now because of all that stuff true crime, being too trusting has obviously taught us a lesson,

Vivi: which is what happens to this family because the father does not listen and tries to help out the Santa. Immediately he pulls a gun out on them now. The father reverses very quickly and you think maybe they’re going to get away, but the Santa just starts shooting at them. again, this Santa is just violent for the sake of being violent. Because if you’re trying to Rob somebody, you figure like, oh, they got away already.

You know, it’s not worth the effort anymore, Billy listening to grandpa’s advice runs away

Erick: but his little brother is crying

Vivi: we see the Santa open, the car door Billy’s father drops out of the car, obviously having been shot dead.

Erick: he’s got a bullet wound in the forehead.

His mom was still alive

Vivi: and we unfortunately trigger warning, get a scene of her getting S aid in the midst of her panic and screaming, Santa pulls out a pocket knife, and slit her throat.

 The scene pretty much ends with Ricky crying in the backseat. And Billy just being shocked at everything he saw. flash forward three years later in an orphanage.

Erick: It makes you wonder how they got here the Santa Claus was looking for him.

So you know how to get out. you assume the cops came and saved the kids. But like, how did that come to be

Vivi: plot twist? Billy had killed the Santa. Oh. that’s where his murderous rage comes from.

Erick: It’s not impossible. This kid’s strong as shit.

Vivi: we’ll tell you, we’re about to talk about this kid being strong as hell,

Erick: December of 1974 at St. Mary’s The nun tells Billy to put up his art cost to put his art up on the board and has drawn a picture of a deer getting beheaded and Santa Claus with a bunch of like knives in them.

they’re like, oh my God. So he gets taken to mother superior, mother superior.

Vivi: John, the guy literally thinks that every time I hear her mother’s spirit


Erick: Beatles. She’s yelling at him tells him, he can’t be doing that anymore and sends them to this room, says you’re an isolation until let’s say you’re out of their sister, Margaret and mother superior stayed behind to discuss Billy and his history.

And they’re basically like having this whole thing about what’s right. And what’s wrong. Most of the beer wants to undo his mental state using training. Like he’s a dog and she’s like, my methods are perfect and they work. Margaret is like, no, he needs professional help.

Vivi: Yeah. Shadow to sister Margaret, because she kind of understands trauma in a time period where it’s not really understood, kids drawing out the traumatic things that happened to them is very telling.

And I can’t believe that mother superior just does not listen to this. Now it’s so obvious to us. Right. But when mental health didn’t really exist back then, yeah,

Erick: the level of negligence for this mother superior to say like, Oh, I can correct him. I’ll beat it out of them is basically your point.

Vivi: This is definitely the mentality of a lot of parents at this time. don’t want to say our parents, but like our parents grew up with their parents being like this and so on and

Erick: so forth. They’re talking about his memories and how he’s too young to remember.

And he’s not that much older,

Vivi: it’s three years later. So he is eight.

Erick: And he was

Vivi: five when this happened. You definitely remember she at five.

Erick: I think we’ve had this argument before where they keep talking about like, he’s not going to remember.

And it was not that long after that kid was 25. Well he refer to 18 year old him as a kid when Margaret goes to the store and is like, I’ve got a kid for you to go work. And he’s like, what do I

Vivi: want a little kid before? Listen, no 18 year old looks like that though. No, they still look like children.

They do.

 Margaret goes into Billy’s room and basically tells them, Hey, go out and play with the other children.

I think it’ll be good for you. Don’t worry about what mother superior said as Billy gets his jacket on. He starts to hear very strange noises and goes to follow them down the World’s longest

Erick: hallway. While he hears these moaning noises that are not very secrets.

Vivi: Yes. while this was actually happening, we were kind of confused.

We actually thought it was one of the nuns.

Erick: I thought it was Margaret.

Vivi: I didn’t know if it was her, but I definitely thought it was like one of the nuns doing this with maybe like one of the pastures

Erick: or something like, yeah. Not having seen this before that maybe there’s. Sending happening within the orphanage. And this is going to further affect Billy.

Obviously being here has affected him in a different way, and that’s because of the way that mother superior acts with him. But Athens was going to be like folks, Santa, the church also is in there for you, Billy, more trauma.

Vivi: instead Billy goes and follows.

The noise sees what is actually two older orphans having sex mother superior comes out of nowhere pushes Billy out of the way and starts beating these port people for having sex,

Erick: when he sees the older orphan female is naked through the keyhole. He gets flashes at his mom although they may be suppressed memories, he’s starting to remember little by little, the things that happened


Vivi: After being caught, mother superior than finds Billy in the playground. Basically further traumatizes him further cementing sex and violence together by saying that what they were doing is naughty and they needed to be punished.

Erick: Punishment is necessary punishment is good. This is something that Billy holds on to, to, well, for the rest of the film.

Vivi: Yeah.

Billy having loved his room and witnessed that makes him naughty.

she then proceeds to beat him. Now after this he gets an onslaught of nightmares remembering the night his family was murdered, he runs out of the room looking for help.

And instead runs into mother superior once again, who ties him to the bedpost and he is screaming for somebody to help him. nobody does even sister Margaret is seeing all this happen and does nothing for him.

What they’re doing is how to make a serial killer 1 0

Erick: 1, yeah. While Billy is tied to the bed, he’s also having really bad dreams. Flashes back to his dad rolling out of the car. The kids are playing with their presence. It’s the night. mother’s bureau walks by and instead of being like, oh good, these kids are playing. I’m so glad they’re happy. It’s Christmas or being cheery herself in good fashion. Doesn’t break character and is like, I see nothing but greed where there should be gratitude sounded a lot like Ethan familiar.

Vivi: Absolutely. That’d be best friends

Erick: Billy’s brought down a mother. Spirit is like, did you learn your lesson?

Like, are you feeling better now? Honestly, how much better to feel

Vivi: mother superior is confident that her methods have worked. However, sister Margaret’s like, no, he gets better after Christmas every year. he’ll be back to normal soon.

And she’s like, no, the final test that I have for him here is that he is going to sit on Santa’s lap and he is going to be good.

Erick: You’re afraid of bees. You know, it’ll make you less afraid of bees. If you just throw an entire beehive at

Vivi: you.

Now I believe this is a form of therapy, but I don’t know if it’s a well, sanctioned, well approved form of therapy.

Erick: It’s either you like get over it because you realized like it’s not so bad though, or it’s just further traumatic,

Vivi: but Billy realizes that it’s pretty bad.


Erick: So he gets put on San Jose lab and I get that, people who do this Santa to get up have a hard time because kids just cry and fight and whatever. I don’t think that it’s necessarily the Sanchez job to be like, come here and like force them because also kind of shitty. if I was Santa I’m not going to go on and start running at them and be like, come on, it’s fine.

So the Santa does forcefully try to grab Billy and pull him back. Billy fights back turns around and punches the shit out of Santa Claus. Autumn has chaired to the point where the guy’s like bleeding all over his beard. And it’s like, What the hell is wrong with you kid?

Vivi: He runs into his room very much afraid, not wanting to be punished and goes into the fetal position. The last thing we hear is mother superior making her way to him.

Next title card we get is that it’s 10 years later,

Erick: spring of 1984. Margaret is looking for a job for Billy and it’s stuck into this man named Mr. Simmons.

Vivi: So like here’s my issue with her getting him this job. Sister, Margaret Margret, Margie, Margie, March margarita, margarita. Listen, you know, this kid is traumatized, traumatized by Christmas and you want him to work.

Erick: To be fair to spring. So maybe she didn’t think that far along.

Vivi: No, I’m sorry. You got to think that far along if this kid’s that traumatized, she’s a little partially to blame here. Well,

Erick: it’s been 10 years. I wonder if maybe she herself thought he’s better now we’ve experienced 10 punches to a SANAS phase.

Vivi: He’s probably good. He got it out of his

Erick: system. A decade of punching.

Vivi: You’re done. You’re fine. She’s not though, because she calls him on Christmas Eve. So she knows that he’s not okay.

Erick: the way she’s trying to sell Billy to this, Mr. Sims is she’s like, I got this boy he’s from our orphanage.

He can do the job. And the guy’s like, what do I want a boy for? I want to Miami uh, Miami, I’m just thinking of big mouth.

They turn the camera and just like pan from his feet up to his face I brought it out like, damn that guy’s been working out and hitting the gym. What kind of gym? They got to the orphanage. his biceps are all veiny I know it’s

Vivi: emphasizes his biceps. They’re like, oh, you want on my own?

And Mr. Sams is into it, like a little too into it. He’s like, oh, when can you start?



Erick: please. Maybe he’s been, punching Sandoz so hard and that’s why he’s got these big buys.

Vivi: is that all you gotta do is that the fitness

Erick: secret, just punching things that you’re angry at.

Vivi: It doesn’t seem worth it. I mean,


Erick: you do it once a year, every year during Christmas,

Vivi: that’s the only workout you have to do.

Okay. Now it seems the way that if

Erick: you’ve watched one punch, man, all he does is on a

Vivi: mild workup

Erick: workout routine at the cost of his hair.

Vivi: Sacrifice something

Erick: really sacrifice his childhood.

Vivi: I don’t think Billy did. I think someone else did,

obviously Bailey gets the job and we get this very eighties montage of him working over the next few months, but it felt more like a sit-com opening. Yeah. Like

Erick: half the song,

Vivi: so many scenes of him just

Erick: carrying a box saying hi to his coworker, laughing,

Vivi: flirting with Pamela, who he’s very obviously interested

Erick: in on the phone and pointing at the camera, And then the random thrown in the scene where Mr. Sims and the lady who works there opened this banner and there’s a Santa on it. And Billy being really afraid of it uncomfortable, like the montage is happy and then this happens and it’s like, oh shit, Billy’s clearly affected.

You know?

Vivi: but we find out that his coworker, Andy is actually kind of an asshole. He is,

Erick: Because Christmas time is approaching, Billy is affected.

From what Andy’s saying, Billy has been missing, not coming into work. his entire demeanor has changed He’s been like an asshole and standoffish, but I think the way that Andy brings. Issue up is a little too aggressive because he’s like, you fucking asshole, you fucking Dick.

Like, he’s just really going in on Billy. And it’s like, dude, Billy generally it seems like he’s a good person.

Vivi: Just to further Billy’s trauma.

And another reason why he should not work in a department store during the holidays is that the store hires the Santa to greet the kids.

Erick: This is another moment too, where Billy flashes to what happened in the car. And I think it’s the scene where Billy is hiding behind the bushes and the Santa is like, I’m looking for you kid.

Vivi: visibly upset. Pamela goes to comfort ham saying she’ll clean up the mess, but it’s just so obvious that this person hates Santa with Goodwill.

after this it’s unclear that it’s a dream sequence. I remember watching it and being like, Hey, is he dreaming?

Because it went from Pamela helping him in the store and then they’re like doing it It was like, I didn’t know they were there yet. I

Erick: also thought it was weird, but it was too like sudden to not be, at this point, the movie already kind of done this where

you don’t know if it’s real or not.

Vivi: And it kind of sets them as the narrator.

Right? Like you don’t know what’s real and what’s not similar to his mental state.

Erick: At the end of this dream sequence Pamela screams and it’s like, no. Billy turns around and there’s a Santa’s with a blade it goes into him and then just slides along the side of his body. Pretty bloody. that’s in here pretty gruesome

Vivi: right there.

Pretty good

This dream sequence just goes to show you how ingrained his trauma is.

Like he views sex as a bad thing because of what this nun did to

Erick: him,

Vivi: Very much associating sex and violence together.

Erick: Once he wakes up, like when he was a kid cowers in the corner and says I’m not naughty. I’m not bad.

Vivi: So sad for Billy. Honestly. I wonder if part of the reason why this movie has such mixed reviews or feelings is this is the first slasher we’ve seen where the killer is the sole focus. Like you see his origin, what causes him to be the way he is and then what he does. So it’s almost, don’t want to say less scary, but I think part of the reason of what makes like Michael Meyer so scary was that he was just killing and you didn’t know why, part of what makes Freddy so scary, as sure you knew he was a child killer, but you didn’t know like the exact things that led him to be a child killer and then go on.

So I think why maybe this film disturbs a lot of people and like, I dunno if it accidentally got this right. Is it kind of studies nature versus. And shows that this could literally happen to any kid. And maybe that’s what people didn’t like. Like if you traumatize a kid enough, they will become uh,

Erick: killer.

Yeah. this is Randall stolen. Mr. Sims was the guy who usually played Santa broke his leg recently, we need to get a replacement. And he’s like, well, why don’t you get somebody from your community to do it? And then she’s like, well, the committee is like all women.

So the role itself, and she like, can enhance to the sanitaire is gotta be of like a different variety.

Vivi: The thing that I found funny about this scene is like, he’s got to be jolly and round. And then Mr. Sims, like, you know, who’d be great at this, my most fit buff

Erick: employee. Billy’s biceps.

That’s a really muddy thought about red cheeks veiny, just like Santa Claus. Mr. Sims goes into tell Billy, Hey, you’re gonna be, there are no Santa.

And he’s talking shit to Billy. Mr. Sims, doesn’t give a shit. He’s like, whatever drama. I don’t need it. I need Santa. it’s kind of weird that they would pan quickly to Billy already being in the Santa suit and wouldn’t show Billy being like no, to putting it on,

Vivi: I think Billy just said yes, because it’s his job. And he felt like he couldn’t say no, he’s already kind of on thin ice because Andy’s like threatening

Erick: him. But he almost puked at the sight of Santa. Like I can’t imagine getting a costume,

Vivi: We did not be observant here.

People again, sister, Margaret, what the fuck?

Erick: he puts it on and they’re like having him up and he’s just staring at himself, wearing the Santa suit just like, you know, when you look at yourself in the mirror at the gym you can’t get that last rip out and you’re just like telling yourself you’re a piece of shit.

And then you’re like, yeah, I could do this. That’s how I relate to that. That’s how Billy is looking at himself in the

Vivi: mirror. More on like the actor who plays Billy as he’s 18. I can’t decide if this actor is terrible or really good. that probably says a lot already because he delivers his lines after this.

Like he hardly speaks as an adult. He speaks more as a kid than he does as an adult

 The way he delivers punishment or

Erick: naughty, it was like a meme it’s he

Vivi: doesn’t deliver it like with any emotion, which again, I don’t know if it’s because he’s a great actor or a terrible actor, I guess the next scene where he talks to the kid is like a determining factor because it’s pretty terrifying. we get a scene where a sister Margaret has called. The stock room to check in on Billy Andy answers and basically tells him that he’s not working in the stock room right now for the next couple of days, he will be playing Santa sister.

Margaret is like, oh shit, that’s not

Erick: good.

Vivi: she should have honestly walked in at that exact moment and been like, no, you’re done. You’re done.

Erick: She waited way too long to come in. Literally right after all this,

so heat goes out there just as Santa and immediately, he’s given a child who does not want to be there. he whispers to her what’s the matter with you? Like, he’s really monotone.

What’s the matter with you. What’s wrong with you. Stop. What’s wrong with you. What’s the matter with you. Stop it, stop. It. What’s the matter. And she’s like crying and like acting her. Yeah. And he’s just like, no, what’s the matter with you? What? Stop it. Stop it right now. Stop it right now. What’s the matter with you.

Stop it. What’s the matter with you. And he just keeps repeating the same thing over and over. And this scene

Vivi: goes on for

Erick: a really long time. It sounds like I’m exaggerating. That’s how, lots of how long this goes on, but he’s like, be good or you’ll be punished severely, severely. And the kid’s like, oh, oh.

 He just handed her a candy cane and she just walks away and the parents are like, oh my God.

Vivi: So again, he’s great at acting like terrifying. But then when he delivers the lines of like punishment naughty, he doesn’t even say it with that much emotion. They’re like, we just need you to be like a beefcake. You don’t actually have to act.

Erick: No, you don’t even have to wear the beard, right?

Vivi: No, for like the majority of the.

Erick: the kids are like Santa Claus and he’s just got the beard under his chin and I’m like, Kip, You

Vivi: good? The next thing we get is Mr. Simms closing down the store and saying, thank God. That’s finally freaking over.

Let’s get shit faced. And while that’s funny, I pointed out that it was Christmas Eve when this was taking place. And I’m like, this is the last day. I would want to have a company holiday party. Like, no I’m going home.

I’ve literally had to work Christmas Eve and I just want to get out of there as soon as possible.

Previous years I worked at a dental office and we were done by like noon, but it was still super fricking annoying to go in at like eight in the morning work till noon come home.

My mom’s throwing food at me because I have to help her cook for Christmas Eve to eat. No, to help her. I wish to eat. No, I had to

Erick: help her cook stuffing food down your throat while she made you

Vivi: cook. I mean, kind of real Mexican mom shit. Last year I had to work retail. So I didn’t get out of work til like five or six o’clock and then we had to derive like a fricking hour to go visit our families.

Erick: This is me your first year chillin, after regular Christmas Eve?

Vivi: Christmas is never chill when you’re an adult

Erick: They give Billy advice. By the time you’re done here, having a good time at the party, you’ll think you’re Santa Claus. After they make him alcohol. which is not knowing his past is not a good idea.

Vivi: I don’t know if the over 21 law was already a thing in 84. It could be a

Erick: state thing too. Cause it’s Utah.

Vivi: Ah, in 1984, Congress passed the minimum drinking age because of this movie.

Just kidding. It was past looks like in

Erick: October.

Vivi: But not in effect until 1986. Weird. Okay. According to Wikipedia, it could be wrong either way. The

Erick: filming could have probably happened way before, way before

Vivi: the actual year they attended.

Erick: Yeah. Andy is hitting on Pamela, which Billy obviously likes he’s flashing around a mistletoe, like, Hey, let’s go to the back. she’s like, no, let’s hang out here. And he’s like, no, no, let’s go, it’s been real pushy,

Vivi: in the I’ve scenes it seems like it’s mutual. But then as the scene goes on.

You’re like, oh no, this

Erick: is not mutual. No, they make out in the stock room the store owner is still talking to Billy and being like, what’s up?

Billy was like, I’m thinking about my parents. And I was like, oh yeah, yeah. There’s nothing wrong with, think about your parents on Christmas. He said, my parents, dad, he’s like, oh man, oh, these actors do really well at acting drunk I really believe Mr. Simms. He

Vivi: was very, so much acting like he was intoxicated.

And my favorite part about this interaction is you employed him from an orphanage. There he

Erick: goes. Oh man.

Vivi: I forgot. How do you not remember to be phrased drunk?

Erick: I mean, I guess he’s. Like, you better get started because you know what Santa does on Christmas Eve night. And Billy is like, what does Christmas,

Vivi: what does Christmas Eve do? One Santa at night

Erick: making want to murder. But yeah, so we noticed that there was a change in the movie

Vivi: quality.

We don’t know if this just has to do with where we rented the movie or if it is the quality of streaming, like, we don’t

Erick: know what it’s like on and off

Vivi: yes, the quality becomes much darker and grainier and murders switches back. So we were joking and saying like, oh, they applied the murder filter

Erick: oh, you don’t. Uh, What if this has to do with Michael Spence being in charge of the filming of the merchants and they didn’t get the same camera. That

Vivi: would make a lot of sense. Yeah. So then it really is a Myrtle murder murder filter.

Erick: Say it again. Sorry. Murder filter. No,

Vivi: say that. What you said before then it really is just a murder filter. Say it again. My radar.

Erick: Murder filter, murder, filter, murder. You good?

Vivi: Yeah. So after Mr. Sims has that super awkward discussion with Billy, he leaves him alone. And we noticed that Pamela and Andy are going even further into the stock room oh, you have a present for me.

I don’t understand why you can’t give me that present in front of everyone else. Instead of us going further into the stock room and Andy being coy thing, it’s not a present for everyone. It’s not necessarily something that everyone is going to like you, as the audience knows where this is going. And it’s kind of unfortunate.

Erick: thought maybe he was just like, we’re going to go do it in the back, but like not essay.

Vivi: yeah, no, not a fan of this. This scene goes straight to hell for Billy because it’s what essentially triggers him almost shot for

Erick: shot. Yes. And he’s trying to say Pam Billy is like freaking out flooded with memories of what happened when he was a kid and it goes into attack mode against.

grab some nearby Christmas lights, wraps them around Andy’s head. And like Michael Myers, one-arm hangs them by his neck and No, we’re not because he’s been punching Santa Claus for 10 times

Vivi: as

Erick: a kid.

It’s the same arm. It’s not surprising. Yeah. Pam immediately is freaked out by Billy killing Annie. And he’s like, you’re crazy. Billy isn’t shocked because he’s like, I just helped you. Pam was like, no, you’re crazy. This is insane. And she’s scared he’s like, you’re naughty pulls out a box cutter and then just slices her down from her belly button up to her sternum

Vivi: It’s pretty brutal. all this commotion causes Mr. Sims to hear what’s going on. This is one of those instances of the co-workers are singing a Christmas song. It’s that titular creepy Santa is watching you song that we’ve heard throughout the rest of the film.

Mr. Sims is hearing all the weird sounds that are going on. So he decides to go investigate leaving Mrs. Randall by herself. When he makes his way to the back, he doesn’t actually see anything. And then he says like, oh my God, I’m just drunk. I’m just hearing things, feel bad for them. He do. They didn’t really do anything bad.

Like you could say

Erick: Mr. Warner was creepy when Billy

Vivi: got hired creepy, but he didn’t do anything. Andy was, oh, huge creep. But Pamela also did not do anything. We didn’t even

Erick: get much from Pamela, like her personality or anything. Other than that, Billy liked her

Vivi: but she seemed kind of nice, but we don’t know because she gets murdered immediately.

Erick: the store owner, Mr. Sims gets a hammer, a straight to the head and all we see is cranberry sauce hit the boxes in the background. But Mrs. Randall realizes that she’s alone decorations start to turn on and she’s like, so mesmerized and drunk by everything.

She’s like, oh my God, Mr. Sims, where are you? This is amazing. She goes to the back to look for him. that’s when she sees his body with the hammer in his head. she freaks out Billy comes out of nowhere and starts chasing her. she does a pretty good job of escaping.

I was actually even thinking maybe she was like the final. Girl’s going to make it. She hides from Billy pretty well tricks him. And the thinking one of boxes is her little bow in her head.

He goes to swipe at it misses. She comes out from behind him and throws all these boxes on him She steals the ax runs to the front door but somehow Billy pulls up fucking real bow and arrow at a toy store. It’s not a toy story.

Vivi: She would’ve made it if it weren’t for the fact that Billy is unexpectedly a skilled Archer

Erick: I know he gets her like right in the back to like center

Vivi: skilled. You don’t do that accidentally on your

Erick: first try, but to be fair, Billy does have a pretty good arm.

So I don’t know. Didn’t necessarily have to be that great. You’re going to probably thrown the arrow and it had been just as good, the movie does this kind of thing where it flashes to everyone’s death.

Vivi: as Billy as escaping from the store or just leaving because he has the key.

Erick: Margaret shows up way too late way fucking late and sees the chaos. That’s how she

Vivi: literally called like six hours ago.

The next thing we get is a bunch of carolers singing outside of a house. Now the scene then pans backward to a house behind the carolers and we find ourselves. In a basement with two teenagers about to do it

Erick: And

this little girl comes downstairs or is trying to go downstairs she’s calling up to Denise and is like, you know, what are you guys doing?

And because these kids are like half naked, they’re like telling her to stay upstairs If you don’t go to sleep, Santa is not going to bring you your presence. she goes back to bed, in the middle of doing it, Denise is like, I hear jingles. Our cat needs to be let in. And then the guy’s like, what the fuck you Tom out. She’s like, I don’t know. I don’t know. I just didn’t go let him in. She goes to check and the guy’s kinda like annoyed

Vivi: let’s point out what she wears to go upstairs she puts on booty shorts. Daisy Dukes, no shirt completely topless, but she puts on shorts.

 She’s straight up throws the door, right. Open topless trying to let in the cat. It is a very Midwestern thing. We’re like, logically, you’re like my legs aren’t cold, but I’ll wear a puffy jacket. That was like, does she open the front door? And then all the neighbors can see you.

Cause I guess if you opened the back door, who cares?

Billy just knows when people are doing it because like Michael, like Michael I’m saying yes, callback to our first horrible episode along with letting the cat in, we get one of those flat lines delivered by Billy of punish no emotion and he’s Gove’s in

Erick: swinging.

He walks in and text her she. Put up a good fight up until he grabs her and she can’t fight. It’s almost like it doesn’t even know what to do now that he’s carrying her. Did you realize that it takes him a minute to be like, okay, well what do I do?

he finally sees this, taxidermy deer antlers on the wall and just impaled it, crazy death. I

Vivi: like this crazy kill. I’ve never seen one

Erick: like this. Yeah. it comes out her front and she dies instantly.

Vivi: Yeah. Cause it seemed like he struggled with it for a minute.

it’s pretty gruesome the way he like pushes her into the taxidermy deer head. I really don’t like it. You know, I hate texted her. I think we’ve talked about it on our Texas.

Erick: Yeah. The antlers aren’t that sharp either. So he had to really push it rather gruesome.

the boyfriend being annoyed cause he hasn’t done his thing yet goes up to look for her realizes there’s a mass in the front door is broken him and slowly turns around to find that the niece is hanging on this deer head. that’s when Billy instantly attacks

Vivi: to this boyfriend’s credit who, I don’t know if they say his name, sorry. He fights them off enough for him to be able to call the cops right away. And it turns out to be the wrong move Billy ends up being able to come back, disconnect the phone cord, and then picks up this poor boy and throws him out the wind. The little girl from earlier sees quote unquote, Santa and ask for a gift because she’s been good. And this is a very tense scene where you don’t know if Billy is going to hurt this child or not, because he keeps asking, have you been good?

Have you been naughty? The entire time he’s holding the box cutter. He used to kill Pamela. And eventually when the girl for the million times says, yes, I’ve been good. He gifts her a murder weapon. She

Erick: just stays a stair in life.

She’s very comfortable with this. I was like, what? he walks away. Ominously, you hear the little girl in the background, like Denise, the cops talk about bringing in a Santa. The idea is probably that Margaret found the store the way she found it called and called the cops.

These cops find this guy using a ladder to get into like a second floor building. And they immediately are like gun ready. They run into that, into this house. This lady is like watching TV and is like, oh my God, what’s going on?

And she chases after them because they just run up the stairs, no warrant, fucking, just running, They go into the second floor and they see the Santa Claus is hovering over the little girl who’s asleep in her bed. They turn on the line, they pull a gun on him the guy turns around and it’s like, obviously not Billy.

Vivi: The little girl actually wakes up and she’s like, dad recognizes him in his Santa costume. And this is one of those like comical scenes in a horror movie where they literally just busted in on a dad trying to surprise his kid.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: Perfect. Beautiful.

Erick: The guy who is Santa and the scene he plays Michael Myers in Holland five.

 I think he was like a stunt man around this time.

Vivi: I think our Mike’s just picked up some fricking coyotes,

Erick: maybe. it was so creepy. It was, it sounded like it was right here.

Vivi: low-key howling

Erick: for us.

kids are sledding these two other kids come in and like bully them and take their sleds. They take turns going down.

So the one guy goes down He’s at the bottom. He’s like, okay, cool. Coast is clear. Make it all the way down here. the second kid as he’s sliding down, Billy comes out of nowhere and he’s like naughty and just slices his head off with the ax. But

Vivi: it doesn’t stop.

Erick: The body comes down headline. the head follows rolling. And the kids like screaming in fear,

Vivi: extremely traumatizing, but a pretty good scene. Pretty good kill.

Erick: All the kids in this movie, we were traumatized.

Vivi: Okay.

Erick: We’re at the police station Margaret’s approached by the captain who says that there’s been three more murders and they’re freaking out Margaret goes on to say there’s a logic to what he’s doing. Did you get what the fucking logic was? Kill everybody at the store, kill some random teenagers in a home. Kill these kids sledding, like, I don’t know what logic Margaret’s talking about.

She’s like, there’s a pattern. And the guy’s like, well, if there’s a pattern, we can figure out where he’s going next. So obviously it’s the orphanage like,

Vivi: I don’t know if it works because no one was murdered in his store and his trauma, and she doesn’t get enough background information to know the specifics of each kill.

So maybe if she did and she’s like, oh my God, he’s murdering people who are being either sexually active or S aid. He’s reliving the trauma. And then he’s going to go back to the source of what caused him to think like this mother superior, that’s a stretch though, because the captain does not say all that.

And she’s basically saying, if you know him, you can predict where he’s going. Ma’am why were you napping? Then you could have predicted where he was going and stopped this a long time ago.

Erick: She’s not good.

Vivi: you know, she’s nice. She means, well, she means well, but like the road to hell is paved with good intentions and she’s kind of at fault for a lot that happens.

So the thing, yes. It’s the saying, oh, that’s good to know. But the scene is basically to tell you that sister Margaret realizes that his next target is going to be the

Erick: orphanage. The next thing is the kids having fun reminiscent to the scene earlier when Billy was an orphan at this place.

Vivi: A little girl was playing with the phone.

yo, this made me realize I’m a little old because I understood what this meant. And I realized that maybe younger generations might not know what this means. When you leave a phone off the receiver, it is busy. It seems like someone’s on the phone and you can’t receive another call.


Erick: Your current phone will tell you there’s another call.

Vivi: There’s a call waiting. That was not a thing.

Erick: Once Margaret realizes she’s going to the orphanage because this little girl left the phone off. They tried to call the orphanage. I had a time to say, Hey, keep an eye out, lock yourselves in, They can’t. hygiene nuns. before they can show up. there’s a cop who shows up and sees a guy dressed as Santa Claus, approaching the courtyard And the kids are playing outside they’re like Santa Claus.

you don’t see the face of the Santa Claus. You don’t, the cop gets off the car, runs up is like, stop, And this little kid is like going up to him as he does this, because he’s not listening to the cop, shoots him three times in the back and the guy just falls.

Vivi: This film should be called how to traumatize a child. One-on-one

Erick: every trial possible. Every child in this we’re Pixar’s like, we’re gonna make you happy and cry because everything’s so

Vivi: sweet. Emotionally traumatize, you know, this is like straight

Erick: up trauma.


Because it just did this in front

Vivi: of, they literally killed this is the first time and you’re going to do it again.

Erick: I didn’t think they would, honestly. I was like, they’ve already done it once and I’m going to kill Santa.

Vivi: Just kidding. It is not just because the cop is trigger happy. They have received orders from the captain who was with sister Margaret to shoot any Santa that arrives at the orphanage. again, sister, Margaret, where are you here? Wouldn’t you be like, there’s a scheduled Santa don’t shoot every Santa you see?

Erick: because Margaret is riding with the captain. They receive notice that, oh no, the description was wrong. The Santa where they killed was 50 years old and six foot something.

Vivi: I love how they explain this away because you’re right. They’re like, oh father O’Brien. They’re like, but he calls out to him to stop. And she’s like, he wouldn’t hear that he’s dead weight to fit into their narrative perfectly. It’s not funny. It’s just funny. Yeah. So apparently we discover that mother superior is still alive.

Erick: No wheelchair just in a wheelchair. That’s how you make old people old, older, because he’s already got an old in the earliest scenes.

She is like, how do we show her aging even more? Give her wheelchair.

Vivi: After the children have witnessed Santa being murdered in the courtyard. They’re all rushed inside the cop. That first arrived on the scene, tells them to wait there as he checks the grounds, which I thought was a bad idea. When did she want to stay with the potential?

Erick: I don’t know because superior keeps telling him to go fuck off. Cause it’s his fault. that the kids are traumatized. Not knowing that mother superior has probably been affecting these kids for several years.

Vivi: Listen, listen, motherfucker. I am the only one. The only one who can traumatize these children.

I can’t hold

Erick: a gun. Otherwise I’d be there.

Vivi: So get out because I’m doing my work here. I hate mother.

Erick: Everyone in this room is now traumatized because of you more than what I could’ve done,

Vivi: I got to work so hard to correct this. You don’t even know.

Erick: I don’t have enough belts for this dark

Vivi: Catholic trauma. I mean, we should probably cut this out because people are going to be like enough. We can cut it off at Catholic trauma. Cause we can, we can say that

 this just leads to a BDSM kink. Okay.

Erick: dressed as a nun, belting me topless in booty shorts, but still

Vivi: no case we’re going to hell to stop it like 20 minutes

Erick: before

Vivi: I get why this movie is controversial. Not only does it deal with Santa Claus, but nuns being. abusive, but I feel like I’ve seen, Dunn’s portrayed as abusive in a lot of other

Erick: films.

So you can’t like hide the truth. They know that this is what happened.

Vivi: You can’t be bad at the

Erick: truth. I mean, who are we kidding here? I literally just said my mom got beat by nuns at school, growing up,

Vivi: leave your poor mom alone. You brought her up like three times in this episode, she’s going to be like, I have nothing to do with,

Erick: I’m just saying Catholic.

She could break at any moment on Christmas and

Vivi: We got on this tangent. Cause mother superior was mad that someone else traumatized them better than she could. She realizes that the children are afraid.

So she tells Richard to go get a harmonica so that they can sing songs. this is where she says, oh, Ricky is so much better than his brother, Billy, who was causing all this to happen. up until this point, you are not sure if Ricky survived.

Erick: Yeah, this is the first time he’s brought up

Vivi: since it’s kind of alluded to in the first Christmas at the orphanage, because someone tries to chase after Billy, after he gets upset.

I think that maybe it’s his brother,

Erick: where did that? You wouldn’t have them be closer in the narrative. Right?

Vivi: I understand that. Obviously Ricky does not remember. He was very much a newborn, right. I

Erick: don’t know because we’ve already talked about this being 13 years later. And assuming that Ricky is a newborn in the first scene, 13, 14, he

Vivi: looks like

he looks kid.

Again, this effect of making children much younger than they are in movies.

Erick: it looks like tiny. Tim is just so small. Yes.

Vivi: he would definitely understand what’s going on around him in the orphanage and things like that.

Erick: The cop who’s been outside, looking around the grounds also gets killed he goes to try to open some door. the door is locked and when he continues to walk around and he turns around and notices, the wind is pushing the door.

He goes to check it out goes downstairs. It’s like a cellar. Nothing happens. It’s a really long scene and nothing happens.

you as the viewer, like he’s maybe gonna come out here. But he doesn’t.

Vivi: this is one of those scenes where the music is very prominent because the orphans are singing traditional Christmas songs as the cop is looking for billing.

Erick: He walks back upstairs after having found nothing gets told punish, and axed to the chest. And that’s the deputy

Vivi: and falls down the stairs.

The reason the scene link is different from other slashers that we see is that the music is actually dying down. It’s very peaceful. It’s about to end, as opposed to when we covered like Halloween to where we knew Michael was coming, because the music would ramp up like crazy. one of the kids we find out his name is Andrew goes to open the door to Santa Claus and who is Santa, but Billy with

Erick: his beard on his chin.

Vivi: But the kids still believe he is Santa.

Erick: The kids are like so happy though. The kids are like all genuinely happy in this interview.

Posit. Everyone has got a little phase. superior is saying, stop it. Don’t let them in the little girls like

Vivi: and uh, she is literally looking at this woman, like she’s dome because it’s Santa, obviously you’re going to open the door.

Erick: he approaches mother superior creepily, smiling.

And it says naughty.

Vivi: this is one of the scenes that upsets me. I literally talked about it in the speed run. He is about to kill the woman who is not responsible for his original trauma, but definitely responsible for making it worse and making him feel shame about it. Hot take this character deserved to die.

Yeah, because she did this to Billy, but who knows the trauma she’s inflicted on other students.

Erick: Right. It’s not the first time she thinks her methods are great and have worked before.

Vivi: The reason she doesn’t die is because that would have been too controversial to show a nun dying in a horror film.

the omen definitely existed at this point. I don’t know if a nun was depicted as dying, but there was priest who died. And the Exorcist was already a thing. And a priest died in that.

Erick: Um,

This movie is kind of strange because there are nuns involved, but there’s very limited to no mention of any type of religious speak, like right.

Vivi: He just ended up

Erick: at that orphanage, right?

Vivi: He does not get to take his revenge because he is shot by the captain and sister, Margaret standing right behind him.

Erick: It’s just, these kids is a luck anytime with Santa in sight, he gets killed murdered. They’re going to write down this Orford and is like, if you’re a Santa Claus, you should probably do some, this is

Vivi: the murdered Santo orphanage.

Erick: Toussaint clauses were killed there in one week.

Vivi: And then one got punched out like 10 years ago.

Erick: No, you got punched out

Vivi: every, every year. As Billy is dying on the ground, he tells the kids that they’re safe because Santa is gone in this very strange Metta ending. But we see in the final scene, his little brother looking down at the X, it pans up at him showing that he’s still looks way too young for being what age he is supposed to be.

Erick: But he did just witness his brother dies. So that ages you up five years

Vivi: automatically, at least. witnessing his brother get murdered dressed in a Santa suit has awakened something in him. Ricky stares, angrily at mother superior and the ax. And the final line we get in the scene is Ricky saying naughty.

And it cuts to black. Now. I hope that Ricky fricking X murders, this none, listen, I’m really upset that her character got to live. Cause I feel like in any other horror movie, her aunt’s sister, Margaret would have been killed for their sins. Quote unquote, since cause there’s horror movies and it’s not just religious sins,

Erick: maybe the real punishment here is that she keeps living. I don’t know

Vivi: punishment to these kids,

Erick: not to her. It seems like the second one’s more popular, right? I was looking at gifts and all the gifts seem to have been from the second one.

Vivi: The second one is available on shutter.

Is it more popular? I don’t know. It could be one of those where one of the SQLs is more popular

Erick: and she’s going to off-screen die and not even get her justice. And the second one.

Vivi: Yeah, she was really bad. And if he couldn’t at least get the original Santa that murdered his family, he should have been able to.

Okay. So I’m going to say this and then I’m going to say my other point should have been able to get revenge on the other person that caused them immense amounts of trauma. Now, the fact that I even said that goes to show you how well this movie did at presenting this kid’s like origin story and how much you don’t want him.

Till like di very strange. You understand why he’s doing the things he’s doing. And that’s why people probably didn’t like this movie. You want a senseless killer that you can root for your final girl. And it’s very black and white, this film, oh my God, this film, you kind of want him to succeed. And that’s insane.

That’s probably why people didn’t like it had nothing to do with him being Santa. They didn’t want to root for the killer this much.

Erick: when he goes to save Pamela and he kills Andy, I was ready to see a movie that was like, he’s going on an endless killing spree, saving people and killing people to dress up as Santa.

I was like, this is a superhero movie but it just started going around with that being sad.

Vivi: We don’t condone murder. We don’t, I’m just saying I would have understood if he got revenge on the people that severely traumatized him and saved the day. Yeah. Because these other kids are getting severely traumatized by this nun.

Right. And I also do not like that. Sister Margaret can never stand up for him. that’s part of the reason I thought her character was also going to get killed.

Erick: She had parallels to Loomis for me.

Vivi: Yeah. Because she kind of keeps tabs on him, but not really. And won’t accept like full responsibility. Yes.

Ranting about how they should’ve listened to her.

Erick: Honestly, they could, they could have given her the gun, then it’d been the same thing.

Vivi: Yeah. Maybe she just handed the gun off really quick to the captain, but it was her. that being said, what would you read this movie?

Erick: I actually kind of liked it.

I’ll give it a seven.

Vivi: I liked it too. I’m kind of surprised by how much I liked it. I’m going to give it a 7.5.

Erick: That’s an average 7.25. This is pretty highly, rated. I think MDB you’d given it like a 5.9.

Vivi: I am to be always rates horror very low

Erick: it’s because people don’t know what you’re talking about, including us.

We have all the show about how we don’t

Vivi: know. We have no clue. We have nothing.

Erick: We do. We have the show and each other and that’s all that matters.

Vivi: Yeah. No, this film is dark in ways you don’t think it’s going to be dark but fun. In other ways

Erick: in the future, like when I’m sitting around thinking like I’ve got to watch a Christmas movie and I’m like Dick, the halls, Christmas with the cranks jingle all the way silent night daily. And I might be up there with the gremlins.

Yeah, yeah. And diehard.

Vivi: Oh yes. We did say we were going to watch diehard for Christmas. You haven’t seen that, right? Not all the way through. I’ve seen like bits of,

It’s funny because I hardly one of my mom’s favorite movies.

Erick: Remember? Oh yeah, we did it. Me and her talked about it for like

Vivi: every, everything you guys were so surprised that I hadn’t seen it.

Erick: Yeah. I, me and her were just going in on you. Yeah. Yeah. It’s funny traders. this isn’t about

Vivi: this is about silent night. Deadly night.

Erick: This is about die hard.

Vivi: I mean, they do die hard on

Erick: Christmas. Some of them too hard twice.

Vivi: but that original Santa Claus is the one that needed to die.

Erick: Maybe he’s already dead. It’s been 13 years. I

Vivi: mean, he was what? Probably like 50 when he did this.

Erick: Let’s get some more meat on what happened to that guy

Vivi: I wanted Billy to go find him and get revenge on him and the nun. And I would’ve been happy.

Erick: Well, let’s get a twist of silent night, deadly night where he’s actually a hero. We don’t know like a murderous one, like an anti hero.

You know what I mean? What

Vivi: if that’s what the SQL’s are about? And that’s why people like it more SQLs probably

Erick: about Ricky.

Vivi: I could see that

Erick: there’s five. So I don’t know if Ricky survives the second one, but there’s more semigloss does apparently.

Vivi: Yeah, I would definitely say overall, this is a crazy watch for Christmas.

Erick: Check it out. It’s pretty good.

Vivi: Yeah. But you mentioned that Loki did not like a lot of stuff about this movie.

Erick: No. He actually started hitting it really, really early on the, the grandpa whispering to Billy in the beginning. He did not appreciate that. He doesn’t appreciate knowing that he has to be nice to get gifts for Christmas.


Vivi: Yeah. He’s a button. He still gets great. Yeah. He’s the worst.

Erick: I love him.

Vivi: He’s also severely spoiled by like my parents and

Erick: your parents. Yeah. He did not know how to act this weekend. But do you want to tell us about Loki?

Vivi: What else? Scared him. You said there was a bunch

Erick: anytime anybody whispering he didn’t like the sirens when the cops were showing up. No, he doesn’t like happy, cheery things.

Vivi: You do play a lot of Christmas.

Music was like,

Erick: he likes the classics. He didn’t like the invented ones

Vivi: for this one. Yeah. Let this one about Santa creeping up on you. He didn’t like,

Erick: I think the credit scene one is about being naughty and Oh, Santa Claus is going to enter your house

Vivi: makes sense. If they made a whole soundtrack

Erick: We should probably check it out. Cause the album,

Vivi: just play it during the holidays.

Sorry. You’re really not going to like that,

but is that pretty much it for us today? Oh, right. As always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us.

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