Gremlins (1984)

Vivi: I don’t know. We should look it up. We are a movie podcast.

Erick: Aren’t we though,

Vivi: we just talk shit

Erick: and drink. And there just happens to be whore in it.

Erick: Welcome back to the chicken. That scared podcast here with you as always your host, Eric and Bebe. Today, we’re gonna be talking about the 1984 film gremlins directed by Joe Dante. But before we get into that, how are you viewing?

I’m doing better.

Vivi: I got my booster on Thursday react so bad

Erick: to them.

Vivi: The last time I got it, it hit me around like 11 o’clock at night too. I’m at Pfizer to Vivi one because the first dose didn’t kill me. But the last two,

Erick: Yesterday it was the worst day for you.

Yeah, it was

Vivi: like a day and a night. we were supposed to record yesterday, but I was hopped up on painkillers. So

Erick: With alcohol and your painkillers? You could turn your blood into acid for your kidneys. not a

Vivi: good idea. Maybe then I wouldn’t react so bad to vaccines. My blood was acid,

Erick: I’m doing good.

excited for this weekend. It’s going to be CTE too. If you’re familiar. It’s the Chicago comic and entertainment expo. this year.

We’re going to go as press, which is fun.

There’s a lot of panels. I saw that creep. Street’s going to be there. So I’m going to try to go to theirs, go see podcasts is going to be there with Chicago, urban legends. Mortal Kombat is also going to have like a behind the scenes thing.

 Also one of the shout out the AGA chat podcast it was listening to some of their recent episodes and they cover TV, film, pop culture. I liked their episodes from October that were covering underrated horror movies.

So go check them out.

Vivi: Yeah, for sure. We’ll probably link them in the show notes. I can’t add commentary because I haven’t

Erick: checked them out yet. She has a very radio voice.

It was soothing her voice. Nice in a non-romantic way

Erick: what creepy constant do you have this week?

Vivi: Not a ton. We kind of accidentally saw new resident, evil film accidentally, accidentally.

Cause that was not what we were going to see, but I think I’m going to let Eric talk about it. Cause he knows way more about this than I do.

Erick: yeah. Oh, well we had just played the game, the first one, which is funny because

Vivi: spoiler

Erick: alert.

it’s something that was made for the fans. I don’t think that if you’re a movie critic you’ll absolutely love it. it’s cheesy Claire red fields in there, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy. When I saw Leon on there, he’s my favorite just because resonate will for as the first resume will game I ever played  dairy from letter. Kenny was in it.

Vivi: He was, I feel like a brief minute.

He doesn’t even say anything. He just dies. If I hadn’t watched him play the game a week earlier, I would have been so lost and probably not found this movie as enjoyable. So this is probably for someone who’s definitely

Erick: played the games. Yeah. Again, that was resident evil. Welcome to record city.

Vivi: Let’s talk about comfort content.

So I was pretty sick, like I said, Eric decided that I needed ramen when he was right. So we just ventured out yesterday watching Naruto and you getting ramen

Erick: ramen and some of those fish ice cream bars.

Vivi: Oh yeah. Those are so good. And some

Erick: tied to you.

Vivi: So it was more of a like comfort in the you’re sick and you want to stay home since

Erick: I bought stacks of them, So We’re going to be eating ramen for a couple of days,

Vivi: that’s kind of why we avoid buying it so much. Otherwise we’d live off it.

Erick: I’m glad I waited for it to be meaningful when you were sick.

Erick: Are you ready to hear about some of this, my wide blinds,

Vivi: sure thing. Just an FYI. Eric did a lot of the heavy lifting for this episode today.

He’s doing the drink, the fun facts and the speed run because again, I was out of commission.

Erick: It’s my blood. Includes RumChata. Half and half peppermint schnapps and come to me schnapps. So do you want, give it a shot

Vivi: It’s green. It’s gnocchi green. That’s why it’s my white blend. I smelled the Menta already.

Damn. That tastes like a straight candy cane.


Erick: Christmassy.

Vivi: Didn’t, I’m surprised about how much I like this because once you get the minty flavor, you get all the other creamy flavors, like the RumChata and the heavy cream.

I like this a lot. I’m going to give it a 4.5.

Erick: I’m gonna give it a five. It’ll make your breath smell good too. That’s true.

Low-key was sniffing your breath right before this. And he was like, go drink that.

Vivi: Yeah, again, again, again, sick. This smell like a sick person.

Erick: No, you smelled like pasta and grapes,

Vivi: which is, I guess not the worst thing you could smell, like when you’re sick.

Erick: drink some of this.

My blood Are you ready for fun? Facts writer, Chris Columbus got the idea for the gremlins after being harassed by mice in Manhattan. While in film school at NYU saying that they weren’t so bad during the day, but that it was very creepy at night in the dark.

Vivi: I would be really grossed out, especially if they’re like overriding your apartment at

Erick: night.

Vivi: Is this the same Chris Columbus that drags in the first Harry Potter?

Erick: I don’t know.

Vivi: Yeah, it is the same one.

Erick: Is it really? Yeah.

Vivi: He directed the first three. Oh, that’s cool. Well, I didn’t know that,

Erick: pBK is who plays? Kate was almost replaced after having gone topless for fast times at Ridgemont high. You’ve seen that.

Vivi: I’ve seen that, but I have seen that iconic scene reference and like a lot of pop culture show.

Erick: So this is ironic given that the film isn’t even necessarily kid friendly, it’s not. the film partially is responsible for creating the PG 13 rating. After Steven Spielberg met with the MPA to create a rating between PG and R after gremlins and Indiana Jones. And the temple of doom were criticized for not being kid-friendly.

And that weird that there was only PG or are there was no for a

Vivi: kid or an adult? I think the whole rating movie system is weird.

Erick: we keep talking about these movies and how oh, well, it was on the edge of being ready to There’s so many more horrible things today that are still PG 13.

Maybe they’re just people who are growing up going into the MPA and being like, you know what guys like we were pretty prudish.

Vivi: I’ve also seen a lot of films lately that are just released unrated, what’s the rule around that?

I guess you don’t get like a theater release, streaming has opened it up where you can release your work without having to go through that system.

Erick: How family-friendly they wanted this film to be as confusing, given that they’d toned down the Gord just a little bit moving some scenes, including Billy’s mom getting decapitated. Oh fuck. And his dog being eaten.

Vivi: I am stunned into silence because that doesn’t feel like the vibe of the movie.

Erick: They also wanted to get rid of the scene where Kate talks about her dad’s death because execs weren’t sure if it was supposed to be sad or funny.

Vivi: I mean, I thought the timing of her talking about it with,

Erick: I don’t want to get the funny part. The vibe itself of that scene is not oh, a lot of funny stuff has happened.

And then suddenly Kate’s like, my dad’s dead.

Vivi: She is the way that he died and how dramatically it’s told. but it’s still.

Erick: If people were confused on whether it was sad or funny, Columbus thought, well, that resonates with the vibe of the film as a whole,


Vivi: I actually growing up knew of the gremlins, but didn’t watch it until a couple years ago. Thought it was just a funny Christmas movie. I didn’t know it was considered horror until we went.

 I was going to ask you if when you first saw this, would you have classified it as horror?

Erick: No, I consider it like Disney channel Halloween.

Vivi: that being said, are you ready to do this?

Erick: No

Vivi: 1, 2, 3.

Erick: Cool. So it starts off with this guy. Who’s apparently trying to get a present for his son. He was like a inventor. He goes around, pitching his dumb ass ideas to everybody. He goes to the store kid, kinks him downstairs. It’s like a artifact shop in Chinatown. They say, and he finds this little being in a box and is really intrigued by him.

And it’s because Mo and we find out on my way, he, the kid gives him the box in secret and the dad takes, it, goes to his kid’s house in this place, small town, small town from a future, a future Homer uh, whatever. I’ll say it later, but he goes there. He gives it to his kid. He’s like, there’s three rules.

Don’t let them, don’t feed them after midnight. And they hate sunlight. So he does this. The whole movie is basically them going in chaos mode because they forget all the rules. They spread out throughout the town. They cause chaos murder or don’t murder a bunch of people at the end. They ended up killing the last one, which his name is Stripe.

And gizmo is happy. It gets taken by that man, because he finds out that.

Vivi: I feel like you’re really cutting yourself short, you got five seconds left.

Erick: I was worried you spend too much detail on things that didn’t matter.

Vivi: Yeah. You were really detailed at the beginning. You skipped the middle and Wednesday

Erick: for the, I said there was chaos and they spread them.

They spread them. They spread.

Vivi: I mean, technically you made it

Erick: no shots for us today. Do you have a brief over you?

Vivi: The gadget salesman is looking for a special gift for his son and finds one at a store in Chinatown. the shopkeeper is reluctant to sell him the MOG.

Why? But sells it to him with a warning to never expose him to bright lights, water, or feed him after midnight. all this happens. And the result is a gang of gremlins that decides to tear up the town on Christmas Eve.

The shopkeeper does not sell him. No. Why his grandson or something?

Also that’s a weird transition. All of this happens. That’s what I said. It really is. Did you write this? it is actually got a pretty decent rating on IMDP 7.3. Oh, for horror. That’s pretty high.

Erick: Well, for horror, quote unquote, I heard that this movie was supposed to be slated for like Christmas time, because they didn’t have a movie slated for the summer, they really sit in the summer and it still did really good.

Vivi: Interesting. I wonder how much better it would have done at Christmas?

Erick: Who knows? They’re like, you know what I want to do on the holidays. I want to go seek gremlins, kill people in a small town,

Vivi: love the holidays, go watch people get more.

That’s kind of what we said about silent night, deadly night.

Erick: Are you ready to dive into this? I am. Yeah.

Vivi: Eric really likes this movie.

Erick: Uh, I don’t know that I like watching it though. Like it’s good in theory. Well, it’s good, but it’s just so long. It’s an hour and 49 minutes. I don’t know if this is a Testament. Does being millennials. People like to make fun of us. Cause we can’t stick around things for too long, but honestly this one could get rid of a lot of scenes and still be fun.

Like the dad, They spend so much time. maybe had to pay that actor and give them a certain amount of scenes to make it worth him being on because Jesus like, just get rid of them. They’re boring has mentioned. Aren’t even good. I think it’d be more interesting if was interventions worked, right?

his inventions are used against the gremlins that have been

Vivi: cool. Kind of are. I mean, but it’s something that you could have done with a regular blender, Okay. So we opened on Ryan Helser who is basically our narrator for this film right off the bat, you get a very Christmas story type narration.

saying that he is in Chinatown looking for a present for his son.

He follows a young boy into a shop because his grandfather is the owner and he tries to pitch his grandfather on one of his inventions.

And like you said, this film spends a lot of time on this dad’s inventions and you’re kind of just like, okay, we get it

Erick: you’re introduced to him and his inventions just suck right off the bat. Like this bathroom buddy has a mirror. a toothbrush and the toothpaste blasts at his shirt.

And he’s like, don’t worry about that. The one that I sell you is going to work. And it’s like that wouldn’t really make me want to buy it from me. But,

Vivi: but the whole time he is giving his sales pitch, we hear a singing and little noises coming from the back of the shop.

Erick: I love the singing

Vivi: so much. It’s very cute.

Finally intrigued enough. Randall goes to see what’s causing that noise. that’s where we first see the MOG. Why? I wonder why this film is not called MOG wise

I think American audiences wouldn’t have seen a movie titled mod wise.

Erick: No it could have been called goblins for all Americans care. Yeah. he sees this little mug way. Gizmo, He’s like, I have to have him give him to me for a hundred bucks. And the guy is like, it’s not for sale. 200 bucks ticker to leave. And he’s like, I told you, it’s not for sale. The grandson notices that his grandpa doesn’t want to sell them this. we assume because of what he tells Mr. Peltier later he needs the money. so he sneaks gizmo out to the dad Kinda sad. What I think is funny about this film is how people don’t ask questions it isn’t until the drunk cops later are like, what the fuck are you even talking about?

They’re asking real questions. so you want me to tell me that this little monster that you’ve never even heard of? And isn’t like an animal that we know about. If you wet it, it multiplies. If you feed it after midnight, it turns into a monster.

If it gets into the sunlight, it burns. Like, what the fuck are you talking about, dude, it sounds insane.

Vivi: kind of, Billy does take the MOG wise to get tested by the professor Not

Erick: until after he gets multiplied.

no one asks

Vivi: me questions clear that they’re like mythical

Erick: well, the internet was the thing at this point too. He could have looked up. What’s a, my way, internet, early internet,

Vivi: no giant whole room

Erick: computers. Maybe not the internet encyclopedia and Carta encyclopedia. Do you remember that?

Is that still an internet thing? No. In Carta, encyclopedia was like the

Vivi: volumes that you would buy and keeping your health.

Erick: actually might not even be that. I think it was computer too, but

Vivi: okay. Before the internet, the pre pre-internet paper, internet,

Erick: internet, he could have gone on there and looked up my wife.

I’m just saying the questions are not being asked. I need to be asked. When

Vivi: are questions ever asked in horror movie? before Rahn goes off with the MOG white. I don’t think we ever get a name for the grandson of the shopkeeper. No. He basically tells them that there are three very important roles He mentioned no sunlight. If the McGuire is exposed to sunlight, it will

Erick: die

Vivi: don’t get him what he does not drink water, which is all red flag. What living creature does not drink water and never feed him after midnight. This is the most important role.

Erick: we’re introduced to this town. Fun fact, this town was the same set that was used in.

Back to the future. If some people think of this town looks familiar, that’s why

Vivi: I’ve never seen back

Erick: to the future. Oh no. You haven’t seen the guy traveling back in time having a crush on his mother.


Vivi: I heard that enough to make me not

Erick: want to watch them Rick and Morty from the eighties. Seriously. so you were introduced to this town Billy is the main character. His car is not working. He’s there with his dog Barney the neighbor who we later referred to as Marie is telling him this car is not working because it’s four and he’s like, nothing’s built like American muscle and he shows him his tractor and this man drives a tractor around.

It doesn’t even look like farm areas. So I don’t know what he’s driving his tractor snow. Oh, is it. That’s a little too much, sir. Too much. We also find out that Billy works at the bank he brings his dog with him

Vivi: I know this is funny. it’s like he was the first ever emotional support dog.

Erick: Yeah. is it implant that rest of them didn’t know that he had them, even though he literally just puts them under the desk? I think they

Vivi: know. They just mind their business like good coworkers.

Erick: We’re also introduced to his coworker. Kate love interest. Ms. Deagle is coming in from across the street, carrying a snowman.

Walks in is the biggest bitch ever. She’s like the Mr. Scrooge of this movie,

everyone’s like Merry Christmas. And she’s like, fuck you.

Vivi: Very wicked witch of the west vibes. I’ll get you my per day. And your little dog too.

Erick: There’s a lady actually in the beginning, this lady didn’t even play a

Vivi: role.

Erick: She walks up to Ms. Daigle with her two kids and is like, Hey, can you tell your husband to like delay the a couple of weeks? Because I just lost my job. this town seems to be going like crap. Legal’s like, Now, you know what to ask Santa Claus on Christmas? I was like, damn bitch, like chill,

Vivi: yeah, no, this is what I mean. Okay. For the first hour of this movie, you get very similar vibes to a classic Christmas story.

And in the last 46 minutes is when it flips and it’s a creature feature, I would say. The whole entire hour, we spent like meeting everyone in the town, how the town functions, and she very much plays that classic role of the rich, like you said, Mr. Scrooge character in the town, just straight up ruthless to fricking kids.


Erick: She goes in there and starts to fantasize about how she’s going to murder Billy’s dog, she says the reason she’s carrying the so man’s head is that the dog broke her snowman she’s telling him going to take him to the pound and they’re going to give him a long, slow death And this guy who’s standing next to my se, like, who is this guy? Was she in there with him? you were like, no, he’s just a guy that was at the teller with Billy. And the guy’s like, yeah, no. Yeah, that would do it. can you not be the hype man for the murder of my dog?

That’s here,

Vivi: I don’t understand people who like hate animals this much, especially later when you find out that she has a million cats.

Erick: as she’s talking shit, Barney’s like, fuck you. I’m going to get you

Vivi: decides to fight for his life, jumping over the desk and just growling and attacking her it is very clearly not a vicious dog, but I get how it could be scary doing an older lady afterwards she’s like, I have a week

Erick: and she’s just an asshole. talking about how you have a weak heart, but you still walked across town with this snowman head just to go talk shit to the bank.

That’s true.

Vivi: We get the owner of the bank and a character that we meet, Gerald breaking up the fight that has broken out between Barney and Mrs. Deagle. later on, Billy trying to blow off some steam goes to the bar and starts drawing a caricature of Ms. Digo being an evil dragon.

Kate seems to care a lot about this town and community. she says She’s working there literally just to help out the owners.

She’s doing it for free around the holidays. Gerald’s there as well, telling him that he almost got fired for what happened with Barney. He’s this weird character that pretends, like he cares what happens to you and like button doesn’t like that good guy. That’s just, they’re really.

Erick: Yeah. Cause it goes in the humbly brag about how he’s the junior VP there now.

And he’s 23 oldest hell looking, he looks like he’s 75 soon enough I’ll be VP and I’ll be 25. what are you doing?

Vivi: kind of says something weird Billy is supporting his entire family financially.

Erick: Yeah. makes fun of him for it. that’s such a weird, it’s such a

Vivi: weird thing to say, like mind your business. Like, he’s basically telling Billy to cut ties with his parents and just look out for number one.

Weird. Where does this come from? It goes nowhere,

Erick: the movie. He hits on Kate he’s like, I got a new apartment. I got cable TV. And I was like, damn, he’s inviting her for the eighties version of Netflix and chill.

Gerald’s never a character that we see ever again,

Vivi: Billy heads home and we see his mom for the first time in a kitchen full of the gadgets that Billy’s dad has created.

Erick: Some of the gadgets that his dad had like, this bathroom buddy.

Cool. Yeah, it has a mirror. It’s got a bunch of stuff that could be useful. It’s like a multi-tool but this like crack your egg machine, why do I need a machine that cracked my, when I can grab the egg, turned to a table already invented corner of the table, hit the egg on it and then make what I’m trying to make.

He had this machine that just would smash them.

Vivi: it’s a gag throughout the rest of the movie of his little inventions that work once, but then don’t work again.

However, he did have like the first prototype of like a Keurig

Erick: slash Keurig,

Vivi: a sludgy Keurig.

Randall arrives home. They have this funny bit where one of their display swords falls off the wall. Every time someone opens the door. Cause you know, nothing says fancy like sword decor.

Erick: It comes in handy later though. And we’ll get

Vivi: it’s a bit for a reason. this is where we get the scene where Randall gives Billy a gift it’s completely wrapped and making a little bit of noise. I thought this was weird that it was completely wrapped. Like the Maguire doesn’t need,

Erick: maybe he poked holes in it, the dad does say you probably should open it today.

Can’t wait till Christmas The whole family goes to the living room they open it. And little gizmo has big old lies and middle years picks out the dad’s like, yeah, I don’t know.

I think his name is gizmo and it’s funny that. Gizmo kind of talks, He knows English. To some extent. He like says Maguire. He says certain words, he can sing.

Vivi: The mom tries to go and take a picture of the new family pet. And as she does gizmo completely freaks out. And this is when the dad decides it’s an important time to reiterate the rules,

the next scene we get is Billy and gizmo getting to know each other. They are upstairs and Billy’s room playing the piano and the mall guy sings. I think my favorite thing is that he watches TV.

Erick: He watches a lot of those old school movies

Vivi: I wondered if this was again, playing on those like classic Christmas movies, I’m thinking of Christmas story.

They have those old classic black and white films. On the TV or maybe in the eighties, all you watched was old reruns on TV, because you didn’t have

Erick: and Netflix and they’re streaming.

 Pete the little kid, it seems like he’s a neighbor who helps them comes over, Billy immediately, it’s like, Hey, do you want to meet my new little thing? And he’s like, what is he? And he’s like, oh, he’s a Maguire.

Vivi: He accidentally spilled water on him. And we get these little fur balls that bubble and shoot up off of gizmo. this is why we realized they can’t get wet because they

Erick: multiply screaming in pain.

It looks so sad

Vivi: because it was the cutest thing ever.

 If this premise were true, I feel like the planet would be over taken by these things.

The planets,

Erick: literally 70 when Pete drops the water on him, they’re like, what was in that?

And he said, oh, it’s just water. But Billy knowing water shouldn’t be dropped on them, isn’t reacting the way he should. He’s kind of like, it’s just water. It’s like, but do you know water is bad? So why are you, so, Billy These hairballs land and they’re kind of gross, and they’re a little more spicy.

are doing their own thing. One of them specifically has a Stripe on his head. Fun fact. The whole idea of Stripe was originally supposed to be geared towards gizmo where gizmo was going to be Stripe, but because audiences would appreciate.

Screen time for just regular gizmo. They turned them into two separate characters. That

Vivi: makes sense. I don’t think it would’ve gone over as well with gizmo ended up being the bad guy,

Erick: but, in turn he becomes sort of the victim of the gremlins for the rest of the movie. Gizmo

Vivi: and Barney, Barney is totally over it. One of the next scenes we get is Barney being tied up outside with Christmas lights and they weren’t even gremlins yet.

No, they were still cute and fluffy, but they’re like I said, a little more.

Erick: Yeah. They spit on gizmo and Barney shouldn’t part of gizmo and his personality be in the offspring.

Vivi: You’re thinking it took gizmos like more troublesome side. Yeah.

Erick: Stripe seem specifically at least to have something against gizmo.

he’s like gizmo gutka just hates gizmo so much. is there still a relation between the two once they multiply them?

Gizmos seems to just so pure and nice and sweet. Yeah.

Vivi: And we’ll see you a very specific example of. In the feeding after midnight scene.

Cause he’s like a self-disciplined MOG. He’s like, oh no, no, I don’t eat after 8:00 PM.

Erick: I’m going to diet. After they multiply, it goes to tell his dad like, Hey they multiply when you wet them. And the dad says that they could be a new pet and replace the dog in every American home.

Vivi: I think Billy’s, dad’s a straight up narcissist because he does not care. Like a son comes in to talk to him and he was just telling him how he fixed his bathroom buddy.

then he tells them what’s going on and all he’s thinking about is how can I sell this and make a profit from it? And he’s just not involved in this kid.

Erick: I don’t know fuck that, that he just had, that gives them, was going to replace the dogs. Why can’t they live together

Vivi: if anything, this whole. Is get a dog instead.

Erick: Right?

Vivi: Even though you said Billy doesn’t ask questions. I think he does, because at this point he decides to take one of the MOG wire over to one of the teachers in the town, Mr.

Hanson. then he demonstrates how these little creatures multiply asking him to figure out what they are, why they do this. This is a lot to ask from an elementary school teacher.

Erick: I mean, if he’s like the only educational presence in the town.

Vivi: Again, you’re not sure if he’s like a college professor, but like

Erick: he’s a science teacher specifically.

maybe, you know, something and he says, he’s going to run the tests. I don’t know if would actually run any significant tests in this small town, but he tries knows.

Vivi: Billy decides to leave the mod. Why there for studies and ends up going to meet Kate at the bar.

Erick: We find out that Kate is hanging out with the neighbor Marie he’s drunk.

He gets in his truck. He’s like, there could be gremlins in here and they’re like, what are you talking about? Back in world war two, the big WWI, they would put them in our planes. They would put them in our cars.

It would put them in our gadgets. they were meant to destroy our technology they say, they’re still shipping them over. I dunno. I mean, they might be in our stuff still.

 they’d tell them Mr. Murray, like, yo you’re drunk, go home and don’t drive. You should walk.

Vivi: I thought they were going

Erick: to let him drive. I was like, whoa.

Billy and Kate walk home they’d just talk about Christmas. And she explains that she’s never celebrated it for a reason that she doesn’t explain at this point this moment. scary, dark with it. She’s like, I don’t understand why if you don’t celebrate Christmas, people automatically assume that you’re depressed

Vivi: absolutely fair point. But then also she does have a tragic backstory for it.

She can’t be like, oh, say you hate Christmas. And everyone thinks something negative. And then she’s like, it’s something negative. But she does say this line that I thought was like, whoa, tone it down a little bit. Kate, this is a casual conversation she’s like, while some people are opening presents, others are opening up their wrist.

And she says, I’m so like blahzay, like ma’am

Erick: and then he asks, can we go on a date? the perfect transition

Vivi: I was going to say the scene is kind of cute because I don’t think people ask each other on dates like this anymore.

No, it’s not a thing anymore.

Erick: I mean, you do it through DMS. Yeah.

Vivi: And it’s not even on, do you want to go on a dance and you’re trying to hang out.

Erick: It’s you get back from college, walk in on your boyfriend, passing a phone over to a girl,

Vivi: And then the internet goes

Erick: wild and then you have to make more tech talks explaining how

Vivi: yeah.

Dating is very different now.

So we kind of get this next scene undercut with scenes of Mr. Hanson doing studies on the Maguire and belly hanging out in his room.

Erick: He draws blood from the Maguire and no, cause he’s got them in a little cage. unlike gizmo, who was being treated like a pad, this one’s being treated like an experiment

Vivi: in the scenes where cause most being treated as a pet, you can tell that really clearly favors gizmo over the other ones because gizmo gets to hang out in his bed, look at comics and the rest are in a box on the floor.

Erick: Gives them, I was also watching this racing movie, which comes into play later when he jumps on that little toy. But it’s midnight We later find out the, my way have cut the wire Billy looks at the clock, it’s one of those old analog clocks stuck at like 1130 he’s like, well, I guess it’s not midnight. So he goes downstairs and get some chicken and we get this really gross zoomed in view of the MOG white eating this.

I thought it was raw chicken,

Vivi: if I just grabbed a plate of chicken and fed it to the family pet, I think my mom would have,

Erick: when earlier they’re like, Hey, you know, rules, I’d be like, what do we feed them? Family food. Yes. again, clock is stuck on 1130, But at the same time that this was happening, professor Anson is at school, is eating a sandwich still running the tests on the log while he’s got in the cage sees the time and is like, all right, it’s time to pack up He leaves his half eaten sandwich right in front of my wife who reaches over and gobbles it down.

Vivi: Who does this? Who leaves their half eaten food at work? Like on your desk?

Erick: have, you know, my half-eaten food on my desk overnight, no chips there, but,

This professor should have also asked, What do I feed it? Because what has he been doing this whole time? Has he been feeding it? Wasn’t.

Vivi: Again, I don’t think Billy explained the rules here. He literally just showed him what happens when the MOG gets wet.


Erick: the next morning they wake up there are these Xenomorph face hugger, alien pods webbed up all around the room, which is gross. Billy’s mom comes upstairs and is like, what the heck is this?

did you feed them? after midnight? He’s like, no, there’s no way I double-checked. And he goes to check the clock and realizes that the wire for the clock has been cut pete and Billy have gone to visit the professor to ask like, Hey, what the hell is going on?

professor starts to explain metamorphosis. He’s like, that’s possibly what’s happening here. Why is this happening? We still keep getting flashes at the dad again, scenes that I think didn’t really matter. The dad’s at some convention and he’s presenting his inventions. think later he’s on a call with the mom and he’s like, I really underestimated how advanced some of the other people were going to be, because he’s just got that bathroom buddy.

And this is literal robots walking

Vivi: around. Yeah. So I don’t know if we are missing something maybe this is something to do with the actor being prominent or something. And like you said, he needed more screen time, but filming this scene could not have been cheap there’s all these like fake guests and it’s

Erick: around it’s Christmas Eve though. And the mom’s like, so you’re not coming home. he’s like, I don’t know. I’ll do my best. every time we can see the dad from here on out is him trying to get home.

Vivi: My favorite thing is he’s acting like he’s so busy and has to be away at work. Like he’s actually

Erick: making money. Who’s paying this guy. They have a nice house, Billy

Vivi: supporting them, working at the bank.

Erick: Damn That didn’t even click in my head oh, you know what?

That’s why Gerald’s it just blew my mind. when she said that earlier, I was thinking like, Billy’s, dad’s dead.

Vivi: He’s dead.

Erick: He’s fricking dead. Oh my God, what the hell is wrong with me? Billy’s struggling out here. His dad’s dead. What

Vivi: is that? Well, he’s just never there.

Literally just shows up at the end of this

Erick: movie that

Vivi: I mean, it’s sweet in a way, but that puts a lot of family pressure on

Erick: Billy his Degal shows back up at the bank. And he’s asking about where Barney is meanwhile, in the background, the eggs are hatching. Really cool effect. the eggs just open up even when the, my were gone, there’s still that like green, glowing light and the eggs.

It’s kind of cool. It’s pretty nasty.

Vivi: I want my own. Along with Billy’s Maga had gene. He gets a call from Hanson that the MOG Y that has been kept in the school lab has also hatched.

it has started to run around the classroom. And Hansen is trying to coax it out from under a

Erick: desk.

opens up a Snickers bar and is like, Hey, you ain’t yourself when you’re hungry.

Really? He’s the first one to die his arm is taken, not taken visibly, but he’s in pain and that’s the last we see of Hanson alive.

Vivi: When Billy finally arrives, he sees the body of Mr. Hanson appears to be under the desk This is where the tone of the movie completely shifts from a potentially Christmas movie to creature feature

Erick: Billy seeing that Hansen is dead reaches for the phone and that’s when the gremlin reaches over and slashes him. The gremlin eats through event and leaves. Billy quickly goes to the nurse’s office opens the cabinet.

And the Grumman is there. This is the first time we’ve seen the full form of a gremlin, starts throwing shit at Billy, the gremlin continues to eat through events Billy patches himself up while this is happening, gizmo is at home with the gremlins who have now hatched they are terrorizing him. He’s so afraid feel so bad for him, but they’re throwing darts at them. They keep saying, got, got gizmo. They throw them down a laundry chute. the mom having heard that noise upstairs Sees that there’s smoke coming down from the second floor and sees that all the eggs are hatched.

Vivi: well, Billy’s, mom’s getting freaked out and hearing weird noises. She’s making the weirdest gingerbread men I’ve ever seen with hair and shit like yellow gingerbread, man.

Erick: Well, I think that was here.

Wasn’t it. maybe just making mom, dad and son, or none of them are blonde. Billy calls, trying to warn her, but gremlins outside, cut the cord These

Vivi: gremlins know a lot about technology.

Erick: Gremlins. Put a record on the record player and you hear Christmas music playing. So the mom is like suspicious she picks up a knife from the kitchen something’s thrown at her. Goes into the kitchen and sees that a gremlin is eating the cookies turns around and also sees that one of them is like sticking their face in

a food processor? I

Vivi: think it’s one of the father’s inventions, but it’s meant to be a blender. She switches it on and it looks like the thing gets sucked up in there. Chopped

Erick: up. While one of them is throwing plates at her. he Pretty Savage. she jumps at him with the knife And

Vivi: then she, Pam sprays another one and throws it in the microwave. She legit cooks him.

Erick: Fun fact about these gremlins. They spent a lot of the budget on puppets and then Metronic. It was so expensive that every night of filming, security would go to their cars and check that they didn’t take anything It makes sense. She hears more noise in the living room it looks like one of the gremlins had turned on like some toy robot. Behind her, the is moving. And one of the gremlins is in there.

Basically it tacks her with the entire tree and jumps on top of her. Billy shows up right at that moment grabs that sword that was on the wall from earlier and just punch the gremlins, head into the fire, which burns and oozes in the, fireplace.

Meanwhile, Stripe is in the window and it seems like he cries because he blows his nose. didn’t catch that.

Vivi: They keep getting away because Stripe keeps escaping in the Nick of time and trying to multiply himself.

Otherwise they would have pretty much contained what’s going

Erick: on here.

Vivi: Maybe this was their compromise for beheading the mom, because he does be HUD. This gremlin.

Erick: Is it less gruesome that a gremlin gets beheaded versus the mom?

Vivi: Yes, but it’s also,

Erick: funny? kid friendly? No, I guess not.

Vivi: Billy decides to leave his mom at the neighbors. I thought it was funny that these neighbors were putting up their Christmas tree on Christmas

Erick: Eve. Billy goes back to the house and he finds gizmo in the pile of clothes

they go to this local YMCA stripes, not an idiot. He jumps directly into the pool the entire place starts to glow green and bubble up so Billy and gizmo run out.

Vivi: It’s a pretty cool looking effect.

Erick: I like this.

Yeah. Billy goes to tell the cops,

Vivi: I just like how they’re blatantly pouring bottles of alcohol into their cup and talking to a civilian who needs their assistance

Erick: from the darkness and the distance of the town, the gremlins, all is this plantation?


Vivi: was wondering that. It does look like a million puppets

Erick: it had to be right.

Vivi: How would they achieve this?

Erick: Otherwise they’re like, you know, like the stop motion stuff. yeah, all the gremlins come out from the dark they started to wreak havoc on the town, you see that Murray? The neighbor is like, I’m going to go check the antenna. up antennas, oh my God. I know trying

Vivi: to relax, unwind, and you’re fricking TV.

Erick: That’s why you have kids. You’d send them outside to go fishing on the roof. Yeah.

the gremlins drive his tractor into the house. and it’s implied that the couple is killed. They run them over with the tractor.

Vivi: Yeah. It definitely looks like they get bulldozed over. But apparently not.

Erick: there’s another man who goes to put mail in the box at midnight 1:00 AM it’s Christmas Eve. the mailbox is like spreading the mail out another man comes up and is like, No, can’t be. And he goes to try to put it back in and his arm gets pulled really brings gizmo to the cops and they’re like, oh, that’s so

Vivi: cute. Thank you. I’m so drunk. But they still don’t believe them. You’re literally looking at the little creature dude. The

Erick: cops get a call Billy warns them stripe goes to the Deagle house she hears carolers outside and is like, oh man, the carolers I hate it so much. She goes out there with a thing of water. Was she going to throw water at them?


Vivi: Oh, which only would have been worse for

Erick: her, the gremlins are outside and they’re, singing what? Their little earmuffs. Cute. They’re all dressed in like mittens and jackets

Vivi: you got to stay warm when you’re a little creature.

This is probably one of my favorite scenes in the movie because Mrs. Deagle completely freaks out. I don’t know why this is a thing and other horror movies. I think it wasn’t like Annabel creation where someone has one of those chairs that takes them up and down the stairs.

I don’t know why this trope happened. Like I get it. It can be effectively creepy, Because they’re heading down and they’re seeing something terrifying and they can’t stop. But Mrs. Deagle uses it to get away from them, which just does not seem effective. So I was about to ride down. I don’t know why people do this until she was fricking launched and I’m like, okay.

Yeah, no, that would get you away from them really quickly. But she was completely

Erick: launched out the window.

Vivi: I don’t think a little old lady with a weak heart would have

Erick: survived.

No, but the weak hard thing is just her piece of shit. Way of being like, oh, I can’t handle it, but she’s a little

Vivi: bit, but you’re still older and a fall from like the fucking. Flora of your house when you live in like a mansion. I

Erick: definitely kill you. The cops are driving by and see her launch. They see her body and her legs are just splayed out. Play it out with the chair. a gremlin is under their car and cuts the brake line.

Once again,

Vivi: they’re full on electricians. They’re

Erick: smarter than you think. Yeah. a man dressed as Santa comes out of his house and is being attacked by a gremlin in front of them. they start freaking out. watching this man get attacked. And instead of getting out to help him, they are, they just floor it. They’re freaking out the one guy’s like it’s Christmas Eve, what the hell has happened with this town? See a car is about to hit them. They can’t stop. They crash into the car, the grandma’s had a little watch the flash from the explosion. brings a little bit of question to they actually get hurt with light or not

Vivi: true, but then also these cops are definitely dead. Oh yeah,

Erick: definitely. not alive.

Billy and gizmo get in their car and they started driving to town. on the radio, there’s a reference to, or some Wells when war of the worlds was read out loud as a story on radio stations.

People heard this didn’t know that it was a play and genuinely thought that the world is being taken over by aliens. because people are calling into the radio station to say like, Hey, there’s people in our, house. things are getting destroyed. There’s these little green men. There’s monsters, the radio station guys.

Like, can you stop prank calling? this is ridiculous. You’re getting two or some Wells on me. I believe it’s Pete. Who calls them? Oh, isn’t it Pete the neighborhood. Oh, we don’t see him again ever. He’s one of

Vivi: the quarries.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: Last boys. Could everything had eighties.

Erick: Next thing we get is keep dealing with the gremlins at the bar we get a lot of flashes of different kinds of gremlins.

Vivi: It’s so funny. Reminds me a little bit of the canteen is even star wars. It’s just got that similar vibe of like you’re walking into something that doesn’t make sense or isn’t

Erick: familiar personality.

Yeah. There’s one with like a ball section.

Vivi: There’s so much going on. Kay is slinging beer. Like she is throwing it and pouring it like crazy. She’s kind of stuck. They’re serving these creatures.

Erick: They’re threatening

Vivi: her. Right. She’s probably doesn’t know what these are and it’s just trying to stay alive. But then you mentioned something about beer And

Erick: they’re all drinking steins full of beer.

And I’m like, isn’t water. the biggest piece of beer. And it is, I looked it up not that they can’t drink it, but they continue to multiply it. Endlessly. This goes back to your theory that if this really happened, we’d be fucked

Vivi: Does this just mean they can’t have any form of liquid

Erick: is milk. Water-based

Vivi: Oh, milk juice. Water-based juice. All juice has water in it. Right? Know science. We’re not as smart as Gremlin’s.

Okay. We don’t know

Erick: We just don’t know the science in this world because beer is definitely water and, they’re not multiplying, we do get a bunch of flashes of different kinds. There’s like a, old school flasher, the guy with the coat and he opens up and he’s like, eh, to Kate.

Cause he’s naked. But

Vivi: no. So they’re all naked looking around, naked

Erick: is that a joke that happens in, film now? The whole like flasher dude, I feel like that was so common in TV before I remember watching saw that he got there and it was literally the joke on one of those skits.

Do It’s a joke in a

Vivi: Hercules.

Erick: Yeah, Do we still see that? Oh, absolutely

Vivi: not. Sexual harassment. It’s not funny anymore. Finally. Finally don’t know why people thought it was funny in the first place.

Erick: No, there’s ones that are playing poker and there’s one that has lipstick. It tells the other gremlin like, Hey, he’s cheating. And he pulls a gun out and shoots the other guy

Vivi: learned how to use the gun immediately,

It’s a small town, small town America.

There is a reference to Flashdance.

Erick: Yes. The one that has like the little legwarmers. Yes. There’s one that keeps trying to like light cigarettes. There’s a bunch of that already have secrets lit. Kate realizes that when she turns a match on to light the cigarette of one that’s at the bar, he was back in a way because the match is too bright, but they already have lit cigarette.

Vivi: Do they, I thought they just had them in their mouth and she was trying to look

Erick: that one didn’t have lit cigarettes, but there were others that already have the cigarettes on them. And again, like the explosion earlier, didn’t kill that one girl and watching. So how has this little match freaking this criminal now?

yeah, it

Vivi: doesn’t make sense because they’re in a room flooded with BARR lights, those red signs.

Erick: Yeah. she realizes though that this little matches creeping the gremlin out thinks fast grabs a camera and starts to flash it in the bar. All the gremlins are freaking out She gets to make her way out. But there’s like mugger, you

Vivi: know, you can’t tell the identity of this gremlin They need to keep it hush. This is when Billy crashes into the bar to save Kate.

It’s funny that this is when Billy’s car decides no more. He also has the tiniest little bug I’ve ever seen. I think this is the first time that Billy calls them gremlins after having heard Marie call them that in the beginning They decided to make a run for it and run to the bank, which is the nearest building there. And this is when Kate chooses to unveil her trauma at like the most inconvenient.

Erick: she does say this is just one more reason to hate Christmas.

And he’s like, what do you mean?

Vivi: And this is when she reveals that her father died on Christmas Eve because he was trying to surprise her address the Santa’s coming down the chimney,

Erick: It is really fuck that they could have honestly left it at, he fell off the roof and died, broke his neck, They went hard on this story.

Vivi: She is so traumatized

at first they kinda think that the father has run away.

He’s just been missing for quite a few days and they lived through a very stressful time period until one day, Kate decides to lights a fire in their chimney because the house is getting cold and she discovers that there is a horrifying smell coming from the chimney. They call the fire department thinking that they’re going to pull out a dead raccoon, a dead cat maybe.

But no, they discovered the body of her father trapped in the chimney. And who thought this story was funny?

Erick: Oh my God. I know Oh, a little girl literally smelled her cooking. Dad. That’s not fun. Right? But they’re like, he broke his neck on the way down and died instantly.

How did they barely find out he was done? We’ve talked about this. It’s like the smell is definitely hard.

Vivi: I mean, she makes it sound like it was a couple of days after, but the cold of the house probably could have preserved his body.

Erick: That’s true.

Vivi: And that’s where we’re going to end the episode on that super dark

Erick: now.

Vivi: Barney is with Randall and they are trying to make their way back into town after no one has picked up the phone at home, Billy and Kate, leave the bank and see just how much chaos the gremlins has caused in town.

It’s actually eerily quiet because the sun is about to rise. So they’ve figured that they’re probably somewhere altogether hiding and they think, oh, what place would be dark enough for all of them to hide? And they look over at the movie theater that is playing snow white and the seven

Erick: dwarves. Good idea.

Vivi: How did this movie get the right so that, cause I

Erick: can’t be cheap. I don’t know. Maybe it’s like when you do reviews and you can play clips as long as you’re talking over it I am sure

Vivi: it isn’t, he would’ve sued their ass cause they use the song as well.

Erick: I dunno, the gremlins are singing along with it. I don’t know what the copyright rules were. PG 13 didn’t even exist yet. So it’s true. Maybe the rules were barely getting defined, the check that theater. is it Stripe? That’s eating the popcorn.

He’s the only one that’s alone outside

Vivi: The inside of this theater looks like a midnight screening. The Rocky horror picture show. Cause they’re just throwing food everywhere and going crazy

Billy and Kate have decided that they are going to blow up that theater,

not knowing that Stripe has left in search of more snacks because he noticed that the department store across the street had candy in the

Erick: window.

Yeah. Yeah. they opened the gas in the boiler room, light a flame. And they run when they’re running the film kind of Hicks up and they see their shadow behind the screen. The gremlins run. I think this effect is pretty cool. Cause you could see on the opposite end, the shadows of the gremlins approaching the screen as they ripped through it.

they run out the back door. Kate holds the door as Billy puts a wood plank up and locks them in the explosion happens almost immediately as run runaway in old school. Action movie fast.

Vivi: Hiding behind a car.

Erick: Kate notices that Stripe across the street was staring at the explosion, holding a pilot candy in his hand They run into the department store

Vivi: And this is pretty much the final showdown between Stripe gizmo and Billy.

Erick: Stripe starts to play tricks on Billy uses a broadcasting system to put his face on all the TVs.

It’s Billy walks around with a bat. Kate is in charge of gizmo and also looks for a way to turn on the lights because the store is dark. gizmo starts to walk around the store and finds a toy car. puts himself in the same situation as like the movie puts a little helmet on and starts to drive this car all around the store.


Vivi: found a Barbie car. Yeah,

Erick: Billy gets a solid blade thrown directly at him and notices where Stripe is. This battle happens a little all over the place.

Vivi: Stripe shoots belly with a crossbow. And again, what’s with these department stores, just having straight weapons everywhere.

Erick: Stripe pulls out a chainsaw, goes into text. Billy Billy uses this wooden bat to stop the chain song, where to

Vivi: cut through it immediately wouldn’t

Erick: know. I thought maybe it was a metal bat, but after the lights are turned on, the bat does have damage on it like it’s wood.

So that is a strong bat then. When Kate finally did turn on the lights, this fountain in the background also turned on,

after strip gets dragged off by the chainsaw, he hits a wall and it’s like dizzy, but he sees it, the fountains turned on turns to the right and sees that there’s a gun he grabs the gun and then goes to the fountain. Billy and Kate see him, but he’s shooting at them

Straight puts his finger in the fountain and starts to make the water glow, because he’s about to multiply in that moment.

Gizmo approaches with his car gets launched by a shovel. happens to be perfectly placed for him to use it as a ramp gets thrown over a Stripe Stripe to the stairs that gizmo, as he flies past. as gizmo kind of shakes it off. The car explodes like it’s

Vivi: made a gas, obviously it has gas in it,

 Gizmo notices that there’s light peeking through the blinds he decides to jump up and pull them down. He gets launched.

Erick: Does he hits the ceiling?

It feels so bad. Horrible. So cute television.

Vivi: He’s just like bumbling around and ends up saving the

Erick: day. Originally the plan was for Billy to save the day, but because they thought it’d be more meaningful to the audience to see gizmo save the day they edited it so that Billy wasn’t even involved

Vivi: I don’t feel like it would have taken away from gizmos character. Like it would’ve made sense. They’re buddies and they’re both fighting this. I don’t know. I

Erick: mean, it’s cute.

Vivi: It is cute. That’s all it is. It’s just cuter and he knew it.

As the blinds fly open and light pours in Stripe turns into the Nestea school you’ve ever seen.

Erick: I love this effect, So much he is slowly deteriorating and melting, like the wicked witch of the west.

Vivi: He really is as everyone is kind of relieved and getting ready to, just to make sure that he’s gone.

We get one final jump scare of what you think is Stripe having survived. But no, it’s a skeleton popping out of the GU.

Erick: This practical effect is really cool. It makes me wonder like how layered this and Metronic had to have been to have had like the skin melt off and then have like an underlying skeleton that also melts.

And then it sort of looks like a deflates when it’s on the ground. It’s

Vivi: really cool. Yeah. It’s a pretty great effect. as everyone leaves the department store, we kind of get this news narration going on at the same time saying that everyone is home and safe and that they blame the events on mass hysteria.

Erick: The Christmas Eve riots in this town, everyone in town just suddenly decided to go crazy.


I was originally going to say that maybe it’s because they’re like, there’s no proof that the gremlins ever actually existed, but there is, there’s literally an exploded theater with corpses everywhere.

This fountain in this department store has a melted gremlin on the ground. There’s proof.

Vivi: There is because then the news say that there’s little green

Erick: men, but the news anchor himself.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: As they’re watching this, the man from the store in the beginning, knocks on the door, he gets let in and notices that Gizmo’s watching TV and he’s like, Ugh, you taught him how to watch TV.

Vivi: also this is a very racist portrayal of a character because, this character only speaks in like Proverbs and advice.

Erick: they didn’t portray the kid is like this. I don’t know if it’s intentional or it’s just, this is how white people see Asians, you know?

Vivi: That’s the problem.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: But the ship owner has arrived and is lecturing this family on one, this father’s stealing the mod. Why? Basically, he’s like, it’s the shop owner who I bought the model Y from and he’s like, Hmm.

Bot interesting word.

Erick: Yeah. He wants to take his mode because he’s like, just like everything else that you guys do, you don’t understand nature.

you aren’t ready And it’s weird lesson to

Vivi: throw in there at

Erick: the end. Yeah. kind of not fitting for the vibe of the rest of the

Vivi: no, I don’t know. It’s weird. Cause he says that to the family, but then later on he says to Billy, maybe one day you, Billy will be ready and responsible for a MOG.


Erick: Nature’s gift.

Vivi: Yes. As he’s about to leave with gizmo, gizmo stops him and says, he wants to say something to Billy you pointed out this scene being funny because Billy is like the mall guy talks and you’re like, he’s been speaking English the entire,

Erick: The gremlins literally were talking shit the entire time Yeah.

Vivi: the shop owner says they always talk. You just have to be willing to listen. And you’re like, no shit. gizmo says bye to Billy.

Erick: That’s what he wants to say to him.

Right before the shop owner leaves, the dad does another one of his useless piece of shit pitches. And the guy’s like, no, no, no. Don’t, don’t worry about it.

I don’t need it, bro. I don’t need the pitch. the guy at the gas station that you tried to sell it to already.

Vivi: I don’t want to hear it. Just give it to me. Just shut up. But then he calls it like the next big thing in technology. So I don’t know if he’s messing with him or not. Yeah.

Erick: As they leave, the man is walking out into a very moonlit night the dad continues scenario and say if you ever find that your house is making noises at night, things aren’t working, things just aren’t making sense.

Turn on the lights, you might just have a gremlin in your house or the one that, cause that’s what this sounds like a little bit. It does. I think that’s what I mean. Oh no. During this. Well, it all gone. Those are goblins. Yes. But what’s the difference?

These are low creatures.

Vivi: Oh, that’s a whole nother episode.

Erick: We just do a mini-sode on the gremlins versus goblins and doing this. elf on the shelf. I hate elf on the shelf,

Vivi: so much. They’re so creepy to me. I’m sorry. Had future kids. We’re not doing that shit.

Erick: I’ve never had one. only

Vivi: seen them become popular. Now that social media exists and people post the clever things that they come up

Erick: with. I didn’t know that there were like a creepy thing either until you

Vivi: show every day and make the kids think that the elves keeping an eye on them.

No, I’m not going to teach my kid that it’s okay. That someone stopped that. Um,

Erick: just like the, Jesse and Woody that I have over here, that every once in a while I take a look and they are in different positions. We’ll blame it on

Vivi: Elvira mean. I do think she climbs up there, but even though Randall is a character that don’t see much value in him being in this movie, he does have a really good Christmas narration voice.

Erick: Someone out there. Probably like these scenes. I don’t know, because the actor is known,

Vivi: the storyline could have worked if Billy’s dad was dead and he was supporting the family and his mom was the one that got him a gift. Literally his main contributing factor to this movie is that he’s the one that gets Billy at the MOG Y And then he’s just absentee dad for the rest of the

Erick: film. If the problem was like, well, how do we get the Maguire to Billy? You could have made the mom the inventory.

Vivi: who knows? That’s not the point of

Erick: this

Vivi: what’d you think of it? I like it. It is not my favorite horror movie. I would call this a creature feature, not a horror movie. Exactly. And I don’t know, we’re split. We’re splitting hairs here, I guess. I guess it’s a sub genre of horror.

It’s not scary. Campy for sure. I would give it

a seven and that’s kind of high, don’t want to give it such a low score because I get it. I get why this movie is beloved. It’s nostalgic and it is fun. But I just think that there is a lot going on here that could have been taken out. So I’m going to give it a 6.75.

Erick: I really liked the movie as a Christmas movie.

The gremlins are fun because it was so cute. I wish I could have an actual gizmo and I think I would make more, but I would contain it from a heart perspective though. I do think that gorier darker version would have been more fun I will give it a six as a

Vivi: horror, as a horror, but it’s just a Christmas movie.

I give it a seven. I think that’s the thing. Cause we’re trying to view it from a horror perspective and it’s not that scary or gruesome. It’s kind of strangely still feel good after all the dead

Erick: gremlins.

Vivi: So what scared low-key about this film

Erick: I don’t know.

Vivi: Nothing because he is also a gremlin and he knew what to expect.

Erick: Yeah. He was like, that’s exactly how I would be. If I could talk, I would say got, got Eric, got, got VB, probably got Elvira.

Vivi: I think he actually likes Elvira. She just doesn’t play with him.

 I really don’t know their relationship. We’re still figuring it out here.

Erick: Yeah. He walked into his crate the other day and just hung out, they like hate each other, but love each other.

Vivi: They kind of do. Cause they search for each other when they don’t see the other one, but then runaway. But then I think they’re playing. I don’t know. Um,

do you want to tell us about it?

Low-key sounds good. We’ll post a picture of just how much you used to look like a gremlin. I, we ever fed him after midnight.

Erick: No, Maybe we should let him and see if he multiplies. I don’t need more low keys. We do refer to him as a gremlin a little bit. Yeah. So

Vivi: when we got him there’s quite a few pictures of when he was like still a puppy that he straight up looks like a gremlin.

He looks like Stripe.

Erick: We

Vivi: need more gremlins. And we have found out that people our condo definitely have more than one dog, even though we’re told we can’t,

so I told Eric, we’re just going to do it. We’re just going to sneak another dog in here. Let’s do

Erick: it. Fuck it. I told you that if we can get to $3,000 by the end of the year, I’ll do it. You hear that listener. If we can get the 3000 downloads by the end of the year, your dog, we will have another dog.

Vivi: Yeah. I want that to happen, but I just don’t know if it

Erick: will make this. Christmas gift yet,

Vivi: but is that pretty much it first year?

Erick: I think so. try their, my way blood. That’s pretty good.

Vivi: I really liked it,

Erick: before we end the show. I wanted to just say that we got our first patron. Woo. Yeah. When you become a patron we shout you out on the next episode.

So this month we have Francisco thanks Francisco for being our first patron ever. It’ll always hold a place in our hearts. But yeah, if you ever want to do that and get a shout on the.

Go support the show on the matron. And if

Vivi: you want a specific type of shout out or want us to say something in particular, send us an email.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: but as always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us.

You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken, not scared pod except Twitter. Twitter is shaken, scared pod. You can send us an

Erick: So what’d the show on patron like Francisco, you can get early access to episodes or a bonus episode and theme drink idea every month.

listen, wherever you get your podcasts. Give us a follow check out our drink videos.

Vivi: Give us a like rate review, all that good stuff key things by.

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