Krampus (2015)

Erick: Keep thinking. It says shook award Schickel word, shook board, award for being shocked. Most shook.

Erick: Welcome back to the chicken. Not scared podcast here with you as always your hosts, Eric and VB. Today, we’re going to be talking about the 2015 film Crump boss directed by Michael Dougherty. But before we get into that, how are you doing? I’m excited.

Vivi: We are two days away from Christmas, Christmas

Erick: time is here.

Did we get fired for that? I don’t

Vivi: know. I don’t know. What’s copyrighted. Yeah, so I’m also really excited cause this drink looks

Erick: yes. I know. I can’t wait to get to it. How are you doing good? Excited for the holidays.

Excited for a new year. We’ve got a lot of things planned out. So I think it’s all just generally cheery and comfortable

Vivi: just quickly wanted say on here, we’re probably going to do a mini episode next week just to make things a little easier on us for the holidays.

Mainly Eric who handles all the editing here. So no full length episode next week, but keep an eye out for him and

Erick: he’s yeah, I think we’re going to cover the lower behind Krampus. Keep an eye out for that.

Erick: What do you ever, could we

Vivi: content? I don’t think I have anything. No, I um, you’re

Erick: the queen of Cribby content.

Oh, it’s just

Vivi: cause I watch way too much true crime stuff

Erick: and you have nothing for this week.

Vivi: just my usuals.

Erick: if you’ve got nothing, I I’m actually gonna switch hunter hunter, which I brought up for content a couple of weeks ago, I’m going to move it to creepy content.

Cause I’m on season three. that shit went from like being a super cheerful, show to just suddenly get in darkest shit. I’m talking gut busting, leeches. People’s heads getting bitten off. Like it’s intense. There’s a lady who has like a vacuum they kill this entire gala of people and the vacuum eats up all the blood and bodies.

Yeah. It’s really

Vivi: intense attack on Titan.

Erick: Gruesome, not as much because I guess the attack on Titan is all about eating people. Is all about moms getting eaten from day one. Not in the, a sexy sense. I think

Vivi: we made that joke when Johnny was here, mom’s getting

Erick: eaten. Yeah. Well, call back to that episode.

Vivi: It’s been awhile since I was a wild episode.

Erick: a call-out to our Patrion shameful plug, but I think when a released the extended three hour episode of Johnny being here for patriotic, if you want to hear that,

Vivi: I think I was just drunk, screaming that entire episode. So

Erick: both of you, and then we were just talking shit about our family,

Vivi: which is the theme

Erick: of this movie.

I can’t wait to talk some more shit. on that creepy note we had a friend over at the dank and deadly podcasts re we reached out to people on Twitter and she responded to us and had an idea for today’s drink.

So I want to play a clip from her she’s got a little message for us we’ll try the drink right after that. So here’s your message.

Rih: Hi, I’m Ray I’m host of the podcast, dank and deadly. And I’m here to talk a little bit about the white hop genderbread man that I’ve made for Eric. And we read today for Krampus it is a spiked white hot chocolate with gingerbread spices. It has center reader, which is. Cinnamon whiskey. That’s smooth.

That’s a little bit sweeter than fireball. So I thought it would fit in with this drink. You know, the warm, cozy sweetness of a hot chocolate that we all love. And. It’s just Krampus inspired obviously by the gingerbread man on fire that the family fights when they’re going through it, that Christmas scene I hope you all enjoy it.

thanks so much for featuring my drink, Eric and Vivi love. Y’all so much so glad to be a part of shaking, not scared. Thanks so much.

Vivi: Yay. I’m super excited. Like I said, just want to try it already.

Erick: Yeah. Yeah. Let’s go for it. Thanks again, a thousand times, if that wasn’t clear. Yeah.

Vivi: And if you guys know anybody who wants to share a drink with us, please do send them our way.

Erick: This is delicious. That’s really good. I’m wondering this on actual.

Vivi: the only thing that kind of might make a different for us is that we were not able to find sinner rater in Chicago. I think it told us at Benny’s that the nearest one was like in Rockford I’m guessing it’s really popular. Cause it was out of stock

Erick: everywhere. Just like she said in her message, it’s supposed to have like a sweeter tastes than fireball and we use fireball. we’re going to look for us and Raider to try to do this the right way. But if a regional thing, do your best to get close to the recipe.

even with fireball, it’s delicious. Oh yeah, What would you give it?

Vivi: Five out of five? this is like just a really good, like she said, chill for the night and watch this movie cozy drink. It’s very good. You said you want to drink it on Christmas? We might.

Erick: Yeah. You know, I’m not the sweeter drink kind of person, but I think that when it comes to holiday drinks too, I like to give them more of a better rating than usual.

this one being cozy and I like hot chocolate, I know a lot of people hate verbal and like cinnamon whiskey in general I’m not against it. I actually kinda like it, it reminds me of big red

Vivi: gum. I was going to say, it’s like one of those things you love or you hate like big red gum.

Erick: I love this. I’m going to give it a 4.5.

Vivi: Nice. That’s pretty high for Eric, if

Erick: it’s sweet. thanks so much again, Ray, from the bank and then the podcast she made an article for it. is I’ll just link it in the show notes, her article with the instructions.

I think she wrote a snippet about Krampus too and, their feedback. So Keep an eye out, work it out.

Vivi: But do you have fun facts for me?

Erick: I do I do. I do. Let’s do it So I’m going to save Krampus specific stuff for next week.

Vivi: I think it’s crazy. How long. Krampus has become very well-known in the last couple of years.

Erick: I’m sure that has to do with this movie coming out to and to the mainstream, you know,

Vivi: could be,

Erick: Cramp has comes from mostly German and Austrian folklore, where there exists. Krampus runs consisting of people dressed as Krampus going through the streets and scaring children. Apparently the grandpas we see in this film is also not as he seems, according to Dougherty, the shadowed figure is also wearing a mask and we will never know what the real campus looked like.

Hmm. Yeah. He was supposed to be themed after like a death style figure to

Vivi: I like his appearance in this film. It looks like just kind of a dead Santa Claus, like a decrepit old.

Erick: What if he killed St. Nick and that’s it’s flash. Love that. You kind of reminds me of if you’ve ever played this video game called Castlevania Lord of shadows and the first game.

there’s a character that is a pan that looks almost identical to this version of grandpa’s. hunched over and it’s got a giant, hood I like to look too, it’s a real creepy does long nails.

And then I’m like tongue. Krampus runs, reminded me of something else, people running around dressed as grandpas chasing children reminds me of like, in Mexico. ever seen this? I haven’t seen it. It’s like .

Vivi: they dress is like family bust that out at like every family party. Oh,

Erick: not dresses, but

Vivi: heat. Those actually they’re just actually, actually

Erick: Douglas pipes, the composer for the film made sure to change the Christmas carols he used in the film by having quote pagan thrown in.

Vivi: I am

Erick: confused. He was like, I’m a pigging it up. Just patronize it. I’m going to take Christmas carols and I’m gonna throw pagans

Vivi: I mean, Christmas is a pagan holiday, but yes,

Erick: he did this by having choirs, chant and whisper in different languages and included bones in animal skin. Drums

Vivi: Yeah, nothing scarier than foreign languages

Erick: chanting and whispering now I wonder if it was like just Austrian and German people or if they did a variety of languages. Yeah. This is just a generally fun one about the director. Michael Dordy having also directed 2007 Stricker treat included a lot of Easter eggs from the film, including a lollipop, identical, the little Sam’s in Max’s candies.

And the words, seasons grading on the news broadcast in the kitchen. It’s an illusion to Doherty’s animated short at the same name, which introduced the character of Sam in 1996.

Vivi: Oh, that’s awesome. I did not know that it was the same director.

Erick: I didn’t either until I was reading from facts, I was like, oh, I fucking love tricker traveler.


Vivi: film is so fun and campy

Erick: and make a lot more sense. that’s all I got. keep an eye out for grandpa’s mini-sode next week so that you can learn a little more about how creepy he is. We went to the Christian market last week and there was a shop specific to Krampus, which yeah.

And we

Vivi: are actually the day of release probably going to go back. kind of wanted a cramp as ornament, so maybe we’ll get one this time. I don’t think we had

Erick: enough money to buy it

Vivi: cash only. I’m just millennial. just never carried cash. It’s too much for me to do.


Well, are you ready for this speed run?

Erick: No.


Vivi: 1, 2, 3, go.

Erick: All right. So we started off with a store. It’s supposed to be just the introduction to how Christmas spirit is diet in America and across the planet.

And uh, we’re introduced to this family, max uh, Tommy, Sarah, et cetera. And they’re having family over and it’s like, just, you know, the better reiterate that everyone’s not really in the Christmas spirit, it’s all about appearances, money buying stuff. Like no one really cares. Right? So this family comes over.

They hate the family. The family is really mean to them. And this is like condescending slash passive aggressive conversations amongst everybody. But Tommy or max is like, oh, To, I don’t love you guys anymore. Cause they all like make fun of him for believing in Santa still. So then he throws out a thing out the window, Krampus, then descends on this family and the town.

It seems like he starts picking them off one by one. He’s got killer gingerbread man. And L’s with him. He, Tommy or max at the end, tries to take his wish back. And Krampus is like, fuck you. It makes them think he actually took it back, but throws him in this pit with the rest of them. And then at the end they’re like in their house and everything’s beautiful, but they’re in a slogan.

I was done. I was done.

Vivi: They were in a snow glove. That’s slow globe, a slow globe. would say that didn’t count. You’ve done it to me in the past where I was like right there. And your no,

Erick: I’ve given to you. I’ve been like you finished right at the last second. I think that counts.

Vivi: fine.

I’ll give it to you.

Erick: Thank you. I’m not trying to take a shot.

They have a brief for me from the interwebs,

Vivi: While the holiday season represents the most magical time of year ancient European folklore, Warrens of Krampus Hornby’s who punished his naughty children at Christmas time When dysfunctional family squabbling causes young max to lose his best of spirit, it unleashes the wrath of the fearsome demon. As Krampus lay siege to the ankle home mom, pop sister and brother must band together to save one another from a monstrous fate.

just for shits and giggles, it has a 6.2 on the MDB. What’s so low for a horror movie. It’s not bad. Most of the ratings we see for horror movies are like, oh, five,

Erick: I guess. It being a rating for the general public, because I see people in the horror space typically like this movie,

Vivi: it is just a fun horror comedy about Christmas.

Erick: It’s like a turn of events for the hallmark channel where it’s like, oh, people don’t love each other and they’re in the same family. And then there’s a happy ending at the end.

But this one’s like, or is it no,

Vivi: hallmark is big business woman from big city goes back to small town, falls in love with farmer local baker, Christmas. Owner who was his entire career loses entire career, but it’s good for her because at the end of the day, all women just want to be in a loving relationship with a farmer or a baker.

Erick: Is that an allusion to something

Vivi: I say? Yeah, I think it does, but people eat that shit up. ‘

Erick: cause they’re bankers. Why is hallmark? I’ve

Vivi: never been a big fan of those type

Erick: of movies. Do you want to dive in? Are you ready? Get in the Christmas spirit or in this case, the compass spirit.

Vivi: we open on what looks to be scenes of a black Friday gone wrong, or what black Friday used to look like in this country a couple of

Erick: years ago, or what?

Like buying toilet paper in the beginning of the pen, Dora was like

Vivi: people punching each other and fighting security, tossing people out.

Erick: apparently this scene, was filmed in New Zealand all in one day at a real department store.

Vivi: So they just had the extras act crazy at a department store

Erick: or maybe they were like, fuck it.

Let’s film on black Friday. This

Vivi: is what it actually

Erick: looked like. I don’t know if it’s like that in New Zealand though. That seems like more of an American. It is

Vivi: definitely an American thing. again, I feel like with cyber Monday and stuff, you don’t see this. Cause I remember you would see it on the news all the time.

People just getting trampled, fighting for a TV and getting

Erick: triple yeah. It doesn’t even make sense. exaggerated in this movie people are breaking stuff apart and then beating each other with them. I don’t think that there’s any purpose in really going and fight.

For anything at the store, just wait. It’s not that serious. It’s never that serious.

Vivi: We end on a scene of what turns out to be the family we’ll be following for the rest of the movie. The younger son, max is full on fighting another kid during the Christmas pageant.

He’s dressed as Jesus.

Erick: Right? I didn’t catch that religious things. They’re dressed

Vivi: as like religious things. And then like traditional Christmas thing. So max was a reindeer and it looked like he was fighting. Jesus

Erick: Just

Vivi: like in real life.

Erick: this intro scene really is to just drive how, the Christmas spirit isn’t really what it used to be.

It’s all about commercialism buying things, getting stuff for people that you didn’t really like,

Vivi: we get a pre hereditary Toni Collette. I wonder if she got the role in hereditary from this film because she is very fun in this film.

I think she’s a good actress. I like her. I love her. She acted her ass off in hereditary I’m sure like, everyone always says this, but I can’t believe horror isn’t. Respected enough to be awarded because she gave a crazy performance.

Along with her, we got Adam Scott of parks and rec fame. Ben Wyatt. I love him. I love him. Love them. Both love

Erick: them to, A lot of the casting and this was pretty good. Like I said, Dorothy, I love her too.

She was in two and a half men. I didn’t really watch that,

Vivi: I think this movie does a good job of making you dislike and like the characters at the same time, like it shows them as flawed human.

And you’re like, I know a person like that, but you’re cheering for them against Krampuses

Erick: demons.

Vivi: So Toni Collette plays Sarah Adam, Scott plays, Tom or Tommy, and their children are max and Beth. They’re coming home after this fight at the mall to their OMI, which is, I believe German for grandmother.

Erick: I was reading up some trivia and I think they might be Austrian.

they kept referring to the family as being of Austrian roots.

Vivi: Okay. She speaks German.

Erick: right? Maybe they speak German and Austria. apologize for lack of geographical knowledge.

Vivi: But armies in the kitchen, making a bunch of holiday treats as a family comes in, arguing with max asking why he had to fight one of the older kids. Max explains that he was upset that this kid had told a bunch of first graders that Santa does not exist.

And it was just trying to defend the holiday spirit.

Erick: these kids deserve to still believe in Santa, little did we know max is really trying to put up a front because he still believes in Santa, even though he knows that possibly is not real.

Vivi: Yes. Which is a big catalyst for what happens in this

Erick: whole movie.

OMI is making It looks like a lot of. Austrian or German based food. to imply and basically that OMI, although this family is very modernized and maybe lacks this traditional sense of the holiday spirit. Oh, me still has a lot of her traditions and culture baked into the way she tries to celebrate this with the family.

And max likes that about her. They seem to have a really close relationship. OMI knows that max believes in Santa still, although he’s trying to front tells him, have you written your letter to Santa I think he asks do you believe in Santa Claus? And she’s like, I believe in the spirit of Christmas. if believing in Santa Claus is part of that, it is what it is,

Vivi: which she says ominously and we find out why later.

I actually really loved that in this movie. She speaks German to him the entire time and he responds in English because I don’t know for listeners out there, but like being children of immigrants, this is exactly what it’s like.

Like my younger brother will talk to my grandparents in English and they’ll respond in Spanish. Like you don’t see this in films. I just thought that was a cool little detail to put in this movie.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: We learned that the family is pretty upset about their cousins coming to visit Beth.

The teenage daughter is arguing with the mom about how she doesn’t even want them to stay in her room. Sarah is just trying to put up the holiday decorations and telling Beth to me the

Erick: most of it. Beth then goes to doctor her boyfriend through a video call and is telling her like, yeah, she’s trying to put up this front kind of reminded me of Pilgrim they’re not broken in the traditional sense, but they just don’t really have a tight knit relationship that they’re trying to portray.

Vivi: The picture that Sarah is hanging of the family is a picture with Santa. It is so awkward because she notices that Santa is literally checking out her daughter’s butt and her daughter looks so uncomfortable in the portrait. I wouldn’t take that down.

I wouldn’t keep that up.

Erick: No, she leaves it up.

Vivi: She’s like, no, I’d be

Erick: upset. I don’t think I would ever take my kids to go do this. I don’t care if they believe in Santa. That’s not Santa guys.

Vivi: Yeah. I don’t know. I only see like videos and pictures of kids crying when they meet Santa. But we’ll see.

I would take Loki to go see Santa. That would be hilarious

if we could he be too excited and reactive to whatever’s going on? Yeah, maybe we dress you up as Santa and have them take pictures with

Erick: you. and he’d be like excited.

Vivi: But after Beth gets off the call with her boyfriend, there is a. Ringing of the doorbell. And I

Erick: like how Sarah has the preparedness.

Vivi: Everyone prepares, tom is like pouring so much whiskey into his glass. We find out that Sarah has been taking Xanax to prepare for today. Beth and max are just not fans of their cousins. They’re really grossed out by

Erick: them. I’ve been there.

Vivi: Some family truths coming out now.

Erick: The family walks in Howard, the name of the husband walks in with a shit ton of presents while Linda and Sarah are talking to each other walks over to Tommy.

I was pissed. Cause I was like, fuck you. he walks over to Tommy and assumes that Tommy has got a grip on all these presents that he’s clearly struggling with, drops them, blames Tommy and he’s like, gave the Butler

Vivi: the day off. Yeah. Really passive aggressive comments are like the thing of this family.

I feel like that happens. And then your

Erick: family though. Yeah. The Howard is definitely not financially at the same level as Tommy and Sarah’s family, I think it’s that same turmoil between them that they like just judge each other instead of just being like happy for each other.

That I find that as a problem for families in general, I just think it’s weird that you get stuck with these people that you generally don’t have to get along with but because they’re your family and your blood, you’re forced to be close with them.

it makes sense. Cause yeah, your blood, but like there’s nothing in the law that says you have to get along with your

Vivi: family. Some people have like very toxic, awful

Erick: family.

Vivi: along with Howard, we get introduced to Linda who is Sarah’s sister and their three children.

Jordan and Stevie two very tomboyish girls How he junior, I believe who says nothing. This entire film. He reminds

Erick: me so much of Dudley. Yes.

Just kind of like brain dead kid.

Vivi: well, Dudley was more of a bread. This guy just does not say anything. I

Erick: always saw Dudley as a brain dead kid.

Vivi: It was betrayed that way in the first couple of movies.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: That you catch the baby’s name. I did not catch the baby’s

Erick: name. Rosie the dog, not

Vivi: the baby. Oh, well then you caught that baby’s name.

Erick: Katie. they didn’t even remember they had the baby. I remember they walk in and they’re like the baby and it’s still in the car.

Vivi: As a final surprise, we find out that aunt Dorothy has also come to spend Christmas with them. Linda kind of looks at Sarah, like don’t be mad at me she just showed up.

What was I supposed to do?

Just to kind of explain the family dynamics here, you already explained how Howard kind of used the family. He also views Tom as A softie is the best way we could put it. He doesn’t seem him as manly enough or willing to defend his family. Linda and Sarah seem a bit strange.

Erick: Linda likes to say that Sarah believes that she’s a fuck up.

Vivi: Yes. Like immediately, as soon as she walks through the door. Stevie and Jordan kind of play the role of the like bully older cousins to Mac’s been there. Oh, where are you? The bully or the bullied?

Erick: I don’t know. I guess it depends on

Vivi: depends on perspective. Yeah. the family sits down to dinner and it is more of the same passive aggressive comments fights that don’t really break out into fights just yet. at one point, Linda insults the food and Sarah decides that she’s going to walk out of the.

Room to go fix up

Erick: dessert. Max is getting made fun of by his cousins. and they start roasting them. Howard starts to make fun of Tommy because he’s like, I’m prepping Howard to be ultimate football player in high school.

He’s like, what about you? Were you ever on the field? And he was like, no, I, I was actually in boy Scouts and he starts to roast Tommy to his family at dinner. It’s like, dude, like I’m hosting you fucking.

Vivi: I hate in movies when there is a character, clearly being an asshole, and then the main character has to like take it and be the bigger person I’m going to advocate that you don’t be the bigger person. I think her being upset totally right. And everything she says is right. You’ve come to my house and you’re just talking shit about everything next time you all was Christmas.

I think it’s fair. I know you said you felt sorry for her,

Erick: but I’m like, I felt sorry for her. I’m saying that like, you feel bad because Dorothy clearly seems to have felt bad herself. Cause she’s like, oh Sarah, like my bad dude.

Vivi: at the same time, you have to be like aware that you’re just shitting on

Erick: everything.

yeah, you could see. Dorothy regrets having been shitty. for the rest of the movie, I think she kinda just toned it like way down. She was just there for comic relief. She’s like, you know what, fuck it guys.

I’m here for the alcohol. Do whatever you want. I’ll be

Vivi: out of your way. back in the dining room, Stevie and Jordan have gotten a hold of Max’s letter to Santa and are reading it out loud.

Erick: as parents, I would have straight up, shut that shit down. Like can y’all fucking not Howard, get your damn kids.

Vivi: Really let the kids just figure it out themselves here until it


Erick: physical. Like did you hear what happened to Santa Claus? Oh, he crashed somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. Although frostbite got to him, he in order to eat, killed his reindeer and ate them.

And then Howard is like, yeah, well, you know, like reindeer is a source of food in some places. Shut your kids up. My kids still believes in Santa Claus, shut them up. Tommy tries fix that. And he was like, oh, here Rangers. We see them as like a form of transportation for Santa Claus. Howard starts to go in on Tommy and he’s like, well, they got to learn eventually.

The girl starts to read a lot of what max has written about the

Vivi: family. And it’s very sweet that this poor kid is not even asking for gifts. He’s like asking for things to be better with his family, he mentioned that he wishes that his mom and dad would fall in love again.

That his dad is really busy with work and he just thinks that they need to spend time together. Like that sucks as a kid to notice that he

Erick: wishes that he could spend more time with his sister, like they used to, because he didn’t have as many friends. Yes.

Vivi: Because his sister sister’s becoming a teenager and has a boyfriend.

So it’s not like when they weren’t kids anymore. And then he even brings up his cousins. this is kind of messed up as they’re reading this DB and Jordan kind of get a look of, oh, crap on their face, reading some truths about their own family. He hopes things are better for them, even though they aren’t as well office his family.

Stevie stops reading because she notices one of his wishes and says, screw you, my dad doesn’t wish we were boys. And this man clearly wishes that all his kids were

Erick: born. Totally. Yeah.

Vivi: Listen, if your kid came up to you and wanted to do all those things. Absolutely. But like this movie is portraying, that it’s forced

Erick: upon them.

Yeah. Which I mean, if they’re vibing them, fuck it. Yeah.

Vivi: If they enjoy it, who cares? But yeah, it just doesn’t seem

Erick: cool to force kids. Max goes in on them before it though. Yeah.

Vivi: Max gets up and starts fighting them. And this is when the parents decide to do

Erick: something. Barely. I resonate with max though. I was this kid, like when I found out that Santa wasn’t real as a kid, I remember being sad about it. I, for the longest time, I already knew that Santa wasn’t a thing. But because at home it was like this tradition to kind of play this facade, it just felt like Christmas, you know, to do that. And it was like, yeah, I know already, but I want to continue this act. Cause it’s like a tradition here that it’s fun.

Vivi: it’s kind of what this movie is playing off.

Erick: Yeah. the moment I was told, I was kinda like, oh fuck.

So then when kids at school would talk about it and make fun of it, that’s when I started going in on and I’m like, fuck you, like, let kids have what they want. You know? Because when I think my niece got old enough to, and kids started to say shit like that, it was like, no, They don’t know what they’re talking about you know, it sucks that like you have to ruin shit for other people. Like just be a kid for as long as you can. because once you grow up, you’re just depressed. I’m okay.

Vivi: It’s fine. Drink your hot chocolate.

But after this fight breaks out, max is clearly upset and says, forget what I wished for. I actually hate all of you and storms upstairs. Tommy goes in to try console him. max Says, why do we have to put up with their crap?

Because we share DNA.

Erick: I mean, it’s true. Like there’s families who are like so tight knit. But I don’t think you’re really forced to do it. I think it’s harder in like us, like our Hispanic culture teaches us that like, no matter what, this is your family.

Be closer, get over it. Especially when there’s like drama and this condescending as passive aggressive conversing, that happens. I’m like, but no, like you should be able to be like, fuck you to your family.

And I know so many situations, where it’s like, people just won’t say the truth to each other. And I think that things would be so much better if they were, if everybody was just real as fuck, like, yo we family, if we’re going to say shit to each other, let’s say how it is. And if we’re family, then we’ll make it through it right over it.

Vivi: I guess that’s what they’re doing here Well, no, it’s more passive aggressive.

Erick: But tommy tries to say like, even if you don’t get along with them, it’s one chance a year that we get to not just think about ourselves. We have to think about what we have in common with other people like our family. And he’s like, do you really believe in that?

And he’s like, mean, I like to,

Vivi: he’s honest with his kid at least. Tommy ends the discussion by saying he should still mail his letter to Santa. And max is about to put it in the envelope and then overcome with anger about his family, decides to rip up the letter instead and toss it out the window we see as the letter is thrown out the window a dark clouds, start to come over the neighborhood and immediately all the lights and powers start to go

Erick: out suddenly.

Vivi: We transition with what seems to be an advent calendar that max has an everyday he’s opening the little flaps to reveal a characters underneath. it’s the 23rd of December when the storm has broken out. in the little advent calendar, we see a kind of creepy looking snowman. This evident calendar looks like really old.

I’m guessing it belongs to OMI. Cause it looks like a, very traditional

Erick: and made it almost would work. Yeah. I was confused. Is it a snowman? I thought it was like a Yule baby or something. I don’t know anything about like the history behind Christmas and. Never did. What’s it? Your baby? I don’t know.

I don’t even know if that’s a thing. It looks like a baby in the picture. Hold on. I think that’s a thing. you’ll type it in the movie. No mom, baby boy.

No. I’ll delete that. It just looked like a baby snow baby. Yeah. I mean, I already kind of clarified that. I don’t know what I’m talking about. So I’ll leave that. It just looked like a snowman baby, like you said. but yeah, the whole family is basically complaining, the rest of the houses are also out of power. Max looks outside notices that there’s a weird ass creepy snowman outside.

And I want to make snowmen like this cause he looked cool, he shows the family and the family’s like, yeah, what up at max? You fucking loser. Can you see powers that we got more serious things to deal with?

Vivi: Yeah, I understand. As a parent, you’re probably worried about how you’re going to heat the whole house, not so much a snowman outside

Erick: also.

Talk about sponsorship. The DHL guy shows up with a package instead of mentioning ups, he’s like the guys in brown probably delivered this. There’s a sack, like a Christmas, Santa Claus, sack of stuff. We assume toys. You know, never put two and two together. When I first saw this, I was like, when did he put the presents upstairs? But it just realized that they took the sack. Why did they take it to the attic?

Vivi: They didn’t. I think it was under the tree, but you know how they caught fire, then Linda took it to the attic to wrap them again.

Erick: Oh, true. True. How it makes a joke and he’s like, why do rich people always get the free shit? And that’s true. It’s always something that I’ve thought about. Yeah. It’s

Vivi: like I was actually watching a video about how content creators get like.

Free stuff in order to promote it or talk about it. But they’re like usually given to creators that are already very rich and could buy these products themselves. But it’s all in the hopes

Erick: of promotion,

Vivi: I don’t know. We don’t get free stuff.

Erick: No, in the middle of all the chaos, Beth decides that it’s a good time to go check on Derek

Vivi: and what parents would let her go out in a storm. They tried to stop her though. The mom tries to stop her, but the dad’s like, it’ll be fine.

Erick: No neighborhoods power’s out, but it’ll be fine.

Vivi: I would not let my kid out in the middle

Erick: of a storm.

No. Beth, under the pretense that she’s going to go see Derek convinces them because she’s like, well, while I’m over there, I’ll just see if anyone else has power and we can see what to do next OMI is by the fireplace it’s almost like she’s that family member that Sarah feels like is annoying to have around, So she’s like, go get OMI, She’s going to let the whole place on fire, only really has been putting together this little drink fast for them and has been creating hot chocolate. she’s like, Let’s all get together and hang out in the middle of all this chaos. Let’s just chill for a second. A little hot chocolate makes everything better.

Just like this chocolate today.

Vivi: has made her way to her boyfriend Derek’s house.

suddenly it goes from being daytime to nighttime. The wind starts to pick up and the snow starts to become more intense and in the distance, she can see a strange hooded horned creature on top of the roof. Oh, the house.

Erick: Yeah. This is the first time we actually see Krampus. Well, his figure he’s ominous as hell.

He’s a giant figure. I mean, massive. I don’t know who wouldn’t be scared of this, he’s really nimble too for being so big. He’s jumping from roof to roof. athletic as fuck

Vivi: beth immediately starts to freak out and screams and runs in the opposite direction.

She makes her way back to the truck of the delivery person we saw earlier. But inside the delivery person is frozen to death and his face is in a state of permanent fear.

Erick: she hides under his. you pointed this out

Vivi: because bothers

Erick: me so much.

 That he would know she’s under there because of the snow. I think it does know cause otherwise he wouldn’t have left that clown trap. You know what I mean? He

Vivi: just leaves the creepiest looking Jack in the box, under the car with

Erick: her Jack in the box. Snake, clown. I don’t even know what

Vivi: the column point is that he gets bigger and bigger with every child he seems to eat.

at this point in the movie he’s pretty small, like the normal size of a jacket in the box.

Erick: the music starts to play she thinks she’s escaped. Krampus who walks around the truck, turns around and see the box and a little clown starts to pop out, but we didn’t really see him at this point it just pans away from the truck shaking and her screaming.

Vivi: We cut back to the family in the home max is noticing more and more snowmen appear outside the house.

Sarah and Tom kind of have like this sweet moment talking about their situation and what’s going on and what they can do. And they’re laughing and joking. And Sarah was the one who says I miss us. It’s kind of like max slowly starts to get his wishes granted because his parents are getting along again.

Erick: Yeah. it’s also in this moment that you start to see like, this movie is going to be kind of like traditional Christmas movies where only in chaos does a family really come together. Sarah also says you know what?

Beth has been out for too long. We need to go find her. One of them suggests Howard, can your Hummer Lucinda handle driving through this? I dunno, is it sponsored by Hummer too? I’ve personally, never liked Hummers

Vivi: my only issue with it was the family is portrayed to be like very low income, but they have a giant Hummer. That thing takes up a lot of gas.

Erick: It’s a thing that happens. Tell me that that’s not something that we see growing up people in.

Yeah. And see cars. They can’t afford. Yeah. They’re probably losing them though.

Maybe that’s what this family’s done. At least in the

Vivi: Hummer. Possibly. I am not a car person. I know there’s people who rather spend money on their cars and their homes. Like it’s your choice of lifestyle, but it seems like this dude has chosen to have the Hummer instead of

Erick: right.

Talk about rich things, get like 10 miles to

Vivi: the gallon. So then I don’t understand all the shit talking to Tom when he’s clearly not struggling, but that

Erick: car. So he’s like, yeah, Lucinda, fuck. Yet. She could take it. It’s a recon mission. we’re going to go look for Beth. And we’re going to see if anyone else has got power.

Vivi: Only however does not want them to leave. She says it’s safer for the family just to stay inside and keep the fire.

Erick: You can see that she’s scared because max notices that her hand is shaking. Howard and Tommy are driving they find the snowplow and they investigate, but they notice also the glass shattered in. They grab guns. So not only does Howard have a super expensive gas guzzling Hummer, but he also has a shotgun,

Vivi: Again, I don’t think this family is like struggling financially. They just choose to spend their money other ways,

Erick: while that’s happening in the background, Sarah and Linda also have, they’re come together moment. Linda notices that on the Christmas tree, Sarah has a picture of when they were kids she’s like, oh, I’m surprised you still have this stuff. Sarah was like, well, it’s what mom would’ve wanted.

Vivi: She also knows it’s that she still has mom’s angel and basically realized is that her sister pretty much has saved a lot of stuff from their child.

Erick: she’s like, what happened to us? And she’s like, I don’t know, we just are pitches to each other. Fuck.

Vivi: Yeah. I guess that’s exactly what they said.

Meanwhile, Tom and Howard finally reached Derek’s house and it is completely destroyed.

The first hint that we have of something being really weird and wrong in the house is that a gingerbread man is stabbed to the

Erick: fridge. Is there some fat gingerbread man? They thick. They’re like more bread than ginger.

That was so stuff with something. Right. Cause I think when, how he takes a bottle later,

Vivi: it’s just like really think bread. That’s not even good. They look delicious. Really. I’d also take a bite like that. They’re really thick. I don’t think I would want that.

Erick: The cream filling looks good.

Vivi: There’s no creep, Billy. I swear

Erick: to God. Then when he bites into it, it’s got like a little white filling in it. I swear to God, I maybe I just pictured there’d be, need to be filled with filling some Dick.

They need filling

Vivi: so dirty,

This is a family friendly drinking podcast, drinking horror podcasts about murder. We talk about murder and horror. All right.

Erick: yeah, the house is desolate. Howard’s like, I don’t know what’s going on here, but this shit.

they also see the chimney seems like something burst out. Howard even says, like, I think a gas line broke

Vivi: and that would be like a logical person’s response.

However, they notice in the debris and snow, a giant Huff print coming from the

Erick: Gemini. is this a known? Cause it a go. Tommy’s like, what kind of goat walks on 200 likes? And I have a story like this. did you see a goat and walked on hind legs? my mom’s house, in the backyard, a lot of snow accumulates in the driveway piece. deer are common over by us, but we have a high fenced At my mom’s house. Don’t know anything about deer, so I don’t know how high they, jumped, but I’m talking like a six foot seven foot fence.

Right? I don’t think deer jumped that high, but You can see like hoof prints in the snow. The snow around the Huff brands was like melted and everything.

And I was like, what the fuck did like the devil walk in the backyard?

Vivi: Y’all got visited by

Erick: Krampus. Yeah. They were like tiny little Huff prints. Skinny Krampus. Yeah. was thinking like, what are they called? The sit here? What are the golds? Phil Oh,

Vivi: from Hercules? Yeah.

Erick: I don’t know, but I was thinking something like that. Cause they were. not like a four legged animal. It was like two steps at a time. Yeah. I don’t know. It’s weird

Vivi: demon. Yeah.

Y’all got visited by a demon or an

Erick: elk on two legs.

Vivi: There’s black Phillip

Erick: they hear screaming and it sounds like it might be Beth. So Tommy and Howard start running after

Vivi: but it seems like this was just a trap laid for them as soon as they step outside this creature that we never fully see, starts to slither through the snow and captures Howard.

They struggle for a bit and eventually Tom has had enough and just raises his gun. it’s a funny moment where Howard thinks Tommy’s going to shoot him. yeah. Not as weak as you thought.

Erick: Tommy. Yeah. Tommy ends up saving him the next thing we get is Sarah the rest of the family. Hearing the screams trying to go out with them Tommy and Howard also crashed to the front door freaking everybody out Tommy and Howard make this understanding of like, yo not here.

Let’s not talking about what happened. the kids are here. But I mean, how do you do that? Howard’s got literal fucking gash in his leg. And he said, I don’t know. It must have been a bear trap

Vivi: And max is like, we don’t have bears here. Every excuse they try to say, max is like, no, no, I know the truth. But they do send the kids away to the kitchen, aunt Dorothy, where she shows them how to make peppermint, schnapps.

Erick: she’s like, I don’t even like kids, not even when I was one.


Vivi: I don’t blame her. And are these hilarious in

Erick: this film? I love her. She reminds me a lot of Ms. Mac a

Vivi: little bit. Right? Just that like drunk older woman and the party.

the adults discuss what is going on in the next best

Erick: moves. Army’s got a knife and a Cleaver. She keeps writing up. I think it’s unfortunate that she’s getting ready for battle. But her face off is just opening a bag of presence and not really doing anything.

Vivi: before all we leaves the room, she, once again mentioned that they need to keep the fire lit.

Tom decides that the best course of action is to board up the house and bunker down.

Erick: Howard tells him like, thanks, man.

I That you were spineless. you saved my life out there.

Vivi: Tom let’s max. No, that always, always kind of been weird around the holidays while they’re boarding up.

They also notice where at least max notices that the snow men, once again are moving in much closer and there is

Erick: more of them creepy it seems like as they’re being taken there’s more Is that what we’re supposed to understand?


Vivi: when one of them looks like, how are you? Right. I thought so, but C a, Jordan one or a Beth one.

Erick: When they finally tried to leave and the Elvis show up, they’re hiding behind way more.

Vivi: I think he only turned Holly into snowman. Oh, I mean, it’s the same rate,

Erick: same thing melting from his mouth.

Staring silent. No difference. they basically all say like, we gotta keep watch. We gotta make it through the night. Howard says Hey, I’m gonna keep watch. I Shepherd’s got

Vivi: to protect the flock.

And how does he do that by falling asleep? He

Erick: immediately, yeah, fuck that guy, the movie kind of just pans. Did you ever want to sleep? there’s like Christmas music plan you start to hear chittering and laughing from the chimney?

Vivi: Because the fire is about to go out.

 The fire being on keeps Krampus and his minions from coming down the chimney. Oh, that’s how

Erick: you me was worried about it. Yeah. Hmm. the fire dies, and you see a hook start to drop. how he Jr.

Is the only one who notices He sees a gingerbread man is hanging from the bottom of the hook. naturally he’s like, oh, free food.

Vivi: No, one’s gonna eat that. All right.

Erick: So he approaches it, and takes a bite straight from its head. No

Vivi: hesitation. Just eaten food from the chimney

Erick: Dudley.

I’m telling you I could see that. the gingerbread man immediately looks at him and he’s like, ah, how dare you?

Vivi: And started screaming and attacking

Erick: him. It wraps the hook around his Bonnie hook is yanked into the chimney. That’s when the rest of the family, it starts to notice.

And in chaos, everyone grabs a foot of somebody because they’re getting pulled and they’re losing a log with embers gets pushed towards the tree and lights, the presence on fire. So the trees on fire, the families, all panicking. Sarah, I think is the one that sees one of the gingerbread man.

Who’s like making fun of her

Vivi: A very chaotic scene. I would also be traumatized if I just saw a walking, talking the

Erick: red man

Vivi: It seems like they’re about to win and get how he junior down. But in the last moment he has completely taken up the chimney and his shoe just drops to the bottom.

this is where only decides it’s time to tell the family what is going on because they are completely freaking out.

Erick: And the story is told in Coraline fashion.

You know,

Vivi: it’s funny, I wrote, it’s told in a three brothers from Harry Potter fashion. Oh yeah. And then it goes into Claymation. It is beautiful and it is creepy. Or this movie is like really well done in terms of animation.


Erick: only tells this whole tragic story of when she was a kid back in the day her family and village had also endured a time where it felt like Christmas spirit was dying. It was full of turmoil. her family was not special.

Her family also was going through the same and she always dreamed of, being lively and trying to bring the Christmas spirit to life in her family. it never working. She started to also have doubt she wished that it would be taken care of.

And she got her wish. that night grandpa shows up You can see only the shadows of her parents being attacked the village is destroyed. she’s like, I was left as a reminder that when hope is lost, when Christmas spirit dies, there’s only Krampus he doesn’t give, he takes

Vivi: very effective, very creepy.

In the end, he gives her this bell that says Krampus on it. It’s like an iron bell. It’s like the opposite of the north pole movie with polar express polar express. Yes.

Erick: I fucking hate that movie. That movie was terrifying. I hate that. Talk about a horror movie. That animation is fucking creepy.

I don’t love it. Yeah. So close to being human you might as well have just done people. There’s nothing special about that film.

Vivi: Oh, I’m sure some people love it though. The thing that’s interesting is that she calls Krampus the shadow of St. Nicholas.

Erick: Yeah. interesting concept.

It’s definitely scarier. It’s like Peter pan, where Peter pan

Vivi: is supposed to be a movie that’s scary.

Erick: Peter pan where Peter pan is supposed to be this lively boy. The shadow is his

Vivi: pedophilic tendon.

Erick: Oh immediately after this story though, as heartfelt and tragic, it is for OMI.

Howard’s like, ah, what a bunch of bullshit we’re going to sit around and listen to this lady. Like it’s so mean, don’t care how much. I don’t believe it. I’d be like, yo, I mean, I don’t know about all that, but we gotta figure out what to do, you know? Yeah.

Vivi: It’s very much going into fight or flight. He doesn’t want to believe it. And his response is to just go out there, guns, ablaze, and try to solve the problem.

Erick: Got to get my kid.

Vivi: So much so that he pulls the gun on Tom. When Tom tries to stop him from going out, as soon as he reaches the front door we see a bunch of mini. I call them mini Krampus. Eric called them evil Christmas, elves outside

Erick: they do look like a little Krampuses cause they’re also wearing

Vivi: masks.

Right. And Horned, hooded figures, they look low-key like almost like our dog. Yeah.

At this moment, Sarah freaks out, shoves everyone inside and tells them to close the door.

Erick: one of them is like, what do we do? only says something in German. they’re like, what does she say? Dorothy says she’s saying we’re fucked. how do you know? She’s like, because I’ve been around long enough to know when life’s running at you with its pants down.

Vivi: Great line just loved Dorothy

in the midst of trying to bunker down and have some normalcy. Linda decides it’s time to wrap all the presents that have caught fire. Meanwhile, Tom is telling Sarah that he has a plan for getting them out there.

Erick: Linda’s wrapping these presents and notices that there are some weirdly wrapped ones. She’s tempted to open this one. That’s making weird noises, but before she’s able to open it, Sarah comes up and is like, we have a plan come down. And Essentially she saves Linda because she could’ve opened Pandora’s box at that moment

 The plan is that they’re going to go get that snowplow, we’re going to try to drive to the nearest mall. And if there’s no one there, we’ll just go to the police station and there’s one of the police station and we’ll just drive it to the next town the presence of stairs start to rumble you can hear the gingerbread men laughing. Stevie and Jordan, hear that Beth has upstairs

Vivi: they decided to make their way upstairs to the bathroom they didn’t want to go alone.

and we don’t really see what happens. We kind of get a cutaway scene where the girls just start screaming. This is when Tom Linda and Sarah go upstairs looking for the girls. Howard of course, with his bad leg is kind of stuck downstairs. Dorothy tells them the girls went into the bathroom

Erick: It doesn’t, they’re on their way to bathroom. And they’re like, you let them go by themselves. She’s like, was there another option?

Vivi: Like if they have to go, I’d rather, they go and not pee

Erick: in the middle of the room. Howard and the rest hear noise in the kitchen.

Howard’s like, Rosie, And Rosie is like, fuck no runs away. Smart dog.

they can make their way upstairs find no one, they noticed that all the presents are ripped up. and they hear a loud bang that loud bang ends up being that giant Jack in the box that’s been eating Beth and maybe Howard is eating one of the girls

Vivi: as soon as they see the Jack in the box, I think Tom’s like, you gotta be kidding me.

Erick: it’s like a snake.

It’s got giant T this reminded me of something, but what?

Vivi: the way the teeth eat this thing possibly. Yeah.

Erick: it’s finishing, eating the kid and the body goes through almost like a shoot leading to the box itself.

That’s still tiny. like a snake that eats a large meal, it’s also slowed down and it’s trying to escape from them in that moment, a barrel. So it comes out and this angel they’re all monsters, like the bear kind of looks like the thing from five nights at Freddy’s angel is also a demonic kind of looks like. Tiffany, Tiffany’s face on an angel body. a creepy tongue and it’s got claws tommy’s not alone. He also gets attacked by like a killer robot that comes out of nowhere.

Vivi: Yeah. There’s so much that happens in the scene.

Erick: Howard has run into some killer gingerbread men.

Vivi: The gingerbread men start attacking Howard with a nail gun, which the family just apparently has laying around

Erick: probably because they were boarding up the house.

I was thinking about that too. It was like, why did they have this? But yeah, Howard finally shoots the gingerbread men with his shotgun and hits a lantern. That’s behind them. So they all blow up. And it’s funny, cause like, I don’t know if it’s less gruesome because they’re ribbon, but They fly off and they’re like screaming in pain one’s lost of leg and he looks Traumatize the other one’s trying to help the other one up. Like, it’s really sad if you think about it,

Vivi: but it looks pretty comedic when you’re watching it. Yeah.

Erick: again Upstairs, Linda notices Stevie’s Bonnie’s on the ground.

So I think Jordan got eaten Linda gets this like mother

Vivi: supermom activated

Erick: grabs the bear, pushes him aside, grabs an icicle nearby, stabs it through the eye and just goes into full adrenaline mode, grabs an ax, attacks the angel that’s on top of

Vivi: Sarah who had this, the point was about to strangle her with Christmas lights.

Like everyone was badly losing their fights until Linda saw

Erick: her kid. right. As she’s about to attack the clown, the clown is trying to get through this event. it’s really struggling to get through the vent finally escapes Linda,

Vivi: Linda goes to Stevie, who’s still on the floor.

Stevie explains that, that thing, a Jordan, and it was plenty to eat her next. It kind of had her in like this gross lime cocoon thing, preparing to eat her. after everyone’s pretty much been saved from the killer toys, they make their way downstairs where Howard is still fighting with the gingerbread man,

Erick: two that are left that are on fire.

Start running at him and he shoots one. But the third one almost like Yoda does a barrel roll grabs, a nearby candy cane. That’s super sharp jumps at him in slow motion. defeated. think he runs out of bullets. Right. I don’t know what happened. Cause He cringes you hear a gulp and he opens his eyes and sees that Rosie actually they’d come to help him.

And it eats the gingerbread man, which would totally,

Vivi: maybe the way our dog would save us too. It’s like, oh, a cookie,

Erick: cookie fighting. I’ll do that.

Vivi: he is totally relieved and it’s just like good girl Rosie.

Erick: After all that chaos, the family finally regroups in the living room.

still hearing all the noises, they’re kind of just spooked and ready to see where they’re going to pop out at them. in the vents, I think they continue to hear that the clown is running around and some of the other monsters, but they send Rosie into the vent Rosie and the monsters seem to be fighting because you hear a lot of growling.

It’s actually like really guttural for Rosie. I didn’t really think she had it in her, she

Vivi: ate a flaming gingerbread man. Of course she has it in her full of

Erick: stuffing. I’m telling you, she looked. The family is like watching the walls

but then you hear whining So you see them. Rosie didn’t make

Vivi: it, she did take the Jack in the box down because he crashes through the living room ceiling.

The family descends on the Jack in the box, but the creatures are still around the angel returns, the bear returns.

And it just all goes to hell. aunt Dorothy she’s fucking had it.

Erick: Oh. With her little coat she’s got the shotgun. she looks real fucking tough

Vivi: Great aim. Cause she literally like gets everything.

Erick: I think the first one she shoots is the bare, right. She puts the whole straight into the bear’s face it’s the wall and there’s like green slime.

Vivi: It’s pretty great. Obviously the creatures cannot have this right after the mini Krampus or evil elves bursts through the boarded up windows.

Erick: They start rapping Dorothy with, it looks like Christmas lights howard and all them are backed up against the wall while the elves were like laughing in their face and take the baby and.

Yank the shit out of Dorothy, what does she say?

Vivi: See you in

Erick: hell. Yeah.

Vivi: they take the baby. But then also it seems like daddy cramp his, calls them all back.

there’s a whistle to get the elders out of the house. Daddy, daddy. Cranford.

Erick: Howard’s like, we need to go after them.

Only in the meantime, it’s trying to let them match and realize is that the fire is not lighting.

And she thinks that Krampus is approaching. Everybody’s like we have to go. only says, I’m staying behind, closes the door.

Vivi: Tommy’s like really upset that his mom stayed behind obviously. And max kind of understands she’s going to try to bargain with him because she feels probably partially responsible. I think they all do.

Erick: I feel like this backstory is kind of strange because what did only think she was going to do?

 I mean, they face off and maybe it’s like, oh, Krampus remembers, but then nothing really comes with that.

Vivi: Fortunately. But yeah, I think she has that. We have history. He’s letting me live before. Maybe I could bargain with. As OMI stays behind, we finally get our like full view of Krampus because he gets out of the chimney in like a very cool way, hands and horns.

First, I think he’s got ranked. blinged up, he’s blinged up and he steps out He towers over OMI. I think this is where we get a partial. Good look at his mask, apparently but I thought it was like, Decrypted Santa Claus looking face.

Erick: I guess with the mask in mind, it kind of makes sense now because his face is in this stuck, petrified look, Like his mouth is open and the tongue to slithers out, I wish we knew what conference cramp has looked like this. It looks like he’s wearing Sandra’s face.

Vivi: It’s like the screen mask, but like with wrinkles,

Erick: Yeah. the eye holes are also kind of empty. his brow is over his eyes, so you can’t see. And it’s real, demonic. I like it. I like his

Vivi: design. Now I haven’t seen the other grandpa’s movies, but I think they changed.

From movie to movie appearance, I think so.

Erick: at least from my non German or Austrian roots. What I’ve seen traditionally looks kind of like the devil, like,

Vivi: um, Man. black fur on him or red fur on him, but he looks like a go-to man.

Yeah. It looks

Erick: like the fire face demon, this outdoors. Okay. Yeah. I remember in the drink, we call it the fire phase margarita. Yeah, that Darth Maul makeup,

Vivi: that drink was cool.

I hate that our stuff doesn’t get seen because it’s a pretty cool looking one.

Erick: clearly Krampus is a Dick because he does this twice after this, he makes max think that he’s going to bargain with him. He also makes the only thing, that he’s going to bargain, but instead he opens up a bag full of just these creepy monsters who jump out homie. And you assume fucking killer

Vivi: cut to the family again, running outside.

There’s a lot of like, off. That’s here.

Erick: Talk about game of Thrones, kill all your characters. This is basically the way,

Vivi: and I think all this kills being off screen is what kind of makes this film like an okay film to show your kids. Cause it’s like kind of scary, but not, you’re not seeing anything

Erick: gruesome.

There’s a life-threatening gingerbread. Max

so right after this, the family continues to run and making their way for the snow. The first one that’s picked off is Tommy because Tommy stays behind to shoot at the slithering thing under the.

He tells them like, just go, the traditional family

Vivi: stuff, it is very sad. this scene is sad when it’s basically all the parents making the kids get in the car to safety and they all are like

Erick: sacrificed. Yeah. Tommy’s picked off sarah and Linda are pushing the kids into the snow. I think Linda gets pulled next. Sarah, as she’s putting them in the car, it gets yanked. One thing that I thought was interesting is one, Stevie and max are in the car. because the Elvis start to attack the snowplow to try to get the kids an Alf gets shoved into the snow by max it’s like Krampus turns on his off too, and yank someone to the ground.

And you could hear like gurgling and crunching noise. Like he killed one of those.

Vivi: Oh, I thought it was just like, this thing does not care and it’s just going to eat whatever it

Erick: is. I thought it was actually Krampus living. Oh, you did. So you think maybe he’s

Vivi: something like another creature in the snow to keep them in the house, snow snakes, snow snakes, you know, you gotta


Erick: out for those I’m picturing like Beetlejuice snakes, the sand snakes.

Vivi: Eventually just max and Stevie are left in the snowplow. My thought was like, how are these kids going to drive this car? Do they know how to drive? Oh my God.

Erick: I know they were trying to turn it on. And I think one of them’s like, I only know how to drive a hybrid drive drive.

I only know how to drive a hybrid. I don’t know how to drive stick. I was like, that’s not even the same thing, but I mean, it’s true. What were they doing? are only what I think max isn’t even that tall. No,

Vivi: only like what?

12 to be like 12 yeah.

 As the kids are freaking out, trying to figure out how to drive this thing, the mini Krampuses attack,

Erick: Stevie gets taken by one of them. Max is the only one left max gets off the snow blonde and he’s like determined to get his family back and it looks for them Krampus shows up and is. Here we go, bitch. He’s old dumb ass letter. You got what you asked for? Santa. Ain’t listening.

It’s just me Krampus. We’re here to take everything, not to give you shit.

Vivi: Yeah. I guess that’s basically

Erick: what happens. as, as a. He’s hearing the, dialogue from earlier he’s a reminder when hope is lost. Belief is broken Christmas spirit dies the next scene is him walking through the forest to approach Krampus, his elves and his creatures having like a burning man party out in the middle of woods

Vivi: in winter.

That’s funny because in my notes, I literally. Comes up on a weird fever dream sleigh.

And it’s really like full glory, old school looking stuff. I like it. I think it was a very fun visually.

I think they had Stevie max wants none of it, no yells at them.

He doesn’t care that cramp is, has selected him to be the last one to survive. He says he just wants his family back. it’s a really weird moment between him and Krampus, because you think he’s understanding that he knows what he wants and he’s like, you’ve learned your lesson cause he wipes away a tear from him.

And then instead he turns around and laughs with his minions.

Erick: Psych, I got ya. When does he give him back? The OMI ornament.

Vivi: He throws it on the ground. And it starts to melt. Through the snow eventually melting. So D but opens up what we assume is the pit to the underworld pit to hell

Erick: the super south pole.

Vivi: Yes.

And this is where the minions. Take Stevie. And they’re about to drop her in. Max, keeps yelling,

Erick: cause he’s also confused. like, wait, I thought we had an understanding here. I thought like in every movie we don’t say words to each other.

We stare at each other. I cry. You wipe a tear away and you understand that. I want a happy ending.

Vivi: Tell me that’s not how movies of Christmas movies, especially.

Erick: This creature that’s not of this world is like, yeah, you’re right. You’re right. I’m an asshole. I should probably stop. Right.

Vivi: obviously none of this works and they drop in Stevie.

Max is screaming Krampus decides to just throw him in there as well. Mack says he just wants Christmas to be what it used to be.

And is dropped into the fire pet

Erick: the screen turns completely. the next scenes have this foggy aura to them.

Vivi: Sequency

Erick: reminiscence of nightmare on Elm street it’s Christmas morning. Max wakes up screaming, looks over at his advent calendar it’s day 25. He looks outside and everything is completely white.

Vivi: I wonder if they filmed anywhere with actual no, probably not.

Erick: this is weird facts, but I saw that they made the fake snow with packaging material and they also did like 95% of the production in a soundstage. So this neighborhood’s not even like real. Interesting.

Vivi: Wow. Movies are so unglamorous when you

Erick: no, the real, the secrets. Yeah. Well, you are the one who pointed out no one on the set. No help. Snow actually. Interacts with people yeah, I hate seeing it. think it’s because we’re from where there’s snow, like,

Vivi: and it’s not beautiful and fluffy all the fricking time.

Erick: And when it is that fluffy, it melts instantly though it comes into contact

Vivi: with anything. Yeah. You can tell, because again, when she shuffles under the car, It looks like she’s playing with it and yeah.

Erick: because we’re intellectuals, we know how snow in


Vivi: now works. Okay.

Erick: I’ve stood downtown hailing cabs with snow, literally hitting me in the face. I know what snow acts like.

Vivi: I know as a Midwesterner, I know

 He opens his advent calendar and father Christmas is the image that we see. He looks,

Erick: it looks like they just swapped his face for the snowman baby,

Vivi: downstairs. Everything appears to be back to normal. Everyone is opening gifts. Everyone is braiding max for waking up so late saying that they’ve been waiting on him to wake up.


Erick: seems to be the only one that remembers what happened because everyone’s kind of just talking to like, they all fell asleep and had a drink and the storm

Vivi: is over and we have power now and everything’s fine. Everyone starts to open an exchange gifts. Sarah gets this weird taxidermy thing from Howard

 I hate texting her me so much.

Erick: It’s his girl yet? So fucking ugly.

Vivi: Max is telling his parents that he loves them and he’s very happy. He then goes to open a gate. And inside the box is the Krampus bell. if you look at the faces of the family, around him, they all

Erick: realized they were hung over at once.

Vivi: they all look extremely traumatized. Looking at this bell, they all look around confused at each other. Also remembering that they all

Erick: died. all the dialogue from the night before is repeated to them. And the camera pans. The front window get a full shot of the house and it looks like a toy. you realize they’re all in a snow globe in a shop that you assume is Krampuses globe shop

Vivi: And he does this

Erick: to millions of families. It’s kind of like the ending of men in black where you realize that the world is bigger than you think it is.

Vivi: Yeah. It’s,

a really cool shot. It’s just continuous zoom out, zoom out, see Mount sharp is huge and filled with millions of them.

It’s very old booking. I liked this ending. Does the family just live in Christmas, forever? Happy in this

Erick: snow globe, you don’t. This also reminds me of that episode of American dad. Oh yeah. standardize and his heaven is entering the front door of his house and his family.

And everything’s

Vivi: back to normal. Yeah,

Erick: What happens to all these families that are stuck in this snow globe?

Do they just disappear and no one knows that they exist it

Vivi: It’s like the town, the whole town is destroyed by Krampus,

Erick: but does he affect the town or is it just that he’s

Vivi: making them see

Erick: the town like this? Has he locked them into the snowglobe? The moment the wish was made you never see anyone else again?

I don’t think he would punish the rest of them just because of the.

Vivi: That’s what I was thinking. Does he punish everyone? Just cause max made a wish. Yeah.

Erick: Knows that he killed the DHL guy for all. Is that guy still in the truck today?

Vivi: He had nothing to do with this and he’s stuck

Erick: there. Who will deliver the packages on Christmas.

Vivi: What a shitty job. I know when you have to deliver stuff on Christmas. But that’s the movie.

Erick: Yeah. I love that ending so much. I thought it

Vivi: was really cool. It’s super fun. I can see why a lot of people enjoy it around the whole.

It’s not scary horror. It’s very campy.

I think you could watch this with your family and you wouldn’t be like I’m traumatizing my kids or something

Erick: Just like black Christmas and other films, like silent night, deadly night, it had controversy because it was Christmas related it wasn’t until it got like a PG 13 rating that they were like, okay, fine. We’ll release

Vivi: it this way. So maybe there was onscreen kills and they had to tone it down. Yeah.

Erick: Maybe

Vivi: this is hard because I kinda just want to rate it as a Christmas movie and not as a horror movie. Is it cheating to give two ratings? Because that’s a horror movie. I would give this a say. But because it’s just like really fun and turns Christmasy things into demonic entities. I guess I’ll give it a seven.

Erick: Okay. I think I’d do the same. For a horror, a four, cause it’s not really like that scary.

As far as a movie in general, I think I’d give it an eight. I really liked this. Nice.

Vivi: You really liked this director.

Erick: Trick-or-treat is my favorite too. Yeah,

What scared low-key

Vivi: what did scare low-key did you notice something?

Erick: Yeah, he hated when the gingerbread men were laughing. I don’t know this Gaelic hates when people laugh. Cause I think he’s done this before, but I did think that it was funny that the, you know, the gingerbread men were voiced by Seth green and Justin Rolland.

Justin. Roland is known for Rick and Morty. And Seth green obviously, is, is that fair? Yeah, they play lumpy and clumpy. Oh my

Vivi: God.

Erick: It’s really funny. There’s a third one named dumpy, yeah, he hated the gingerbread man. last year my sister gave him gingerbread men and treats those things lasts like forever. I still have some, no, I got rid of that for him. Yeah. I mean it took them like all year to eat them. Cause it was like two boxes full of it.

Vivi: You want to tell us about it? Low-key

sounds like you wouldn’t eat the flaming gingerbread man,

Erick: maybe he would, it’d be like Roseann and be like, I hate them laughing. Yeah.

Vivi: Side note for Christmas. Loki is getting Prozac. Oh, it’s okay. He’s going to be a happier boy. Maybe things won’t scare him so much. Yeah.

Erick: Yeah. Stay tuned for when he’s happier, I guess.

Not that he’s not happy now. It’s just that he needs help fellow stressed. So that’s Krampus Make sure to check out the link and then the podcast Thank you again for showing us how to make the white hot gingerbread man. Again, we’re going to look for a sinner later, cause I want to try this exactly the way you made it.

Vivi: Yeah, I just want to quickly say happy holidays to anyone listening or whatever you celebrate.

Erick: Yeah. Have a good time.

Thanks for joining us. Try this hot chocolate to let us know what you think, Let us know if you did anything creepy on, the holidays

Vivi: Yeah. Let us know if you have like creepy Christmas

Erick: traditions. Yeah. Like ugly sweaters, but to the full potential, like the ugliest scariest sweater.

Vivi: It’s not a bad idea. We might do that.

Erick: horror, Christmas sweaters. If you celebrate Christmas, if not

Vivi: What creepy things do you do in the winter? Do you also have a bonfire on a sleigh with little demon

Erick: elves

Vivi: but I think that pretty much wraps it up for us here. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken nuts, scared pod, except Twitter. Twitter is shaken, scared pod. You can send us an email at shaken, not scared

Erick: So put the show on Patrion and you can get early access to episodes or bonus episode and theme drink idea every.

listening, wherever you love, getting your podcasts. Give us a follow up. Check out our drink videos.

Vivi: Be sure to like rate, review all that good stuff. Happy holidays. Bye.

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