V/H/S (2012)

Erick: I bombard your ears every day with it though.

Talking about my kiddies and shit

Vivi: It sounded like talking about your vagina.

Erick: That’s not a coin yet.

Erick: Welcome back to the chicken house. Scared podcast here with you as always your host, Eric and Bebe. Today, we’re gonna be talking about the 2012 film, B H S directed by several directors, including radio silence, and a wind guard.

Glen McQuaid, David Bruckner, Joe Swanberg, and Ty west but before we get into that, how are you leaving?

Vivi: I’m freezing my goddamn Nads off. I don’t know. It’s below 20 in Chicago this weekend.

Erick: you’re dressed like you’re in Alaska right now.

Vivi: I am wearing a very, very cute outfit. So attractive. Yeah.

Erick: Why don’t you wear this all the time? You kind of do you do, but how are you doing good. Yesterday was the We got a ROSCA. I got the baby. and now we have to make them a list for everyone who wants any. but We drink hot chocolate and I’m thriving.

Vivi: That’s good to know.

Erick: What creepy content do you have?

Vivi: So I don’t know if this counts as creepy. It was just more unsettling. I watched this documentary. It’s pretty old.

It’s called Jesus camp from 2006 It was critically acclaimed at the time that it was released. And I’ve always heard people talk about it I honestly could not get through it because it made me uncomfortable with how these children were being treated. Do you have creepy conduct?

Erick: Shameless plug. We actually just covered incident and it goes land on our Patrion. the one that was released in 2018. It’s really fun. We can give a quick snippet, but if you want to hear more, go listen to the Patrion. What do you think?

Vivi: It was my first time watching it I had heard a lot about this film and I had a lot of

Erick: feelings.

So did I we didn’t agree with a couple of things. Thought it was like a mashup of a bunch of other stuff

Vivi: and that’s all we’re going to say. go listen to it on Patrion. Yes.

Erick: What do you have for comfort

Vivi: content? I actually started watching this tick talker.

her name is Tanya. Her handle is Tanya about art. So she talks about art

she analyzes old Renaissance paintings, Baroque paintings at just find it really soothing and interesting.

I always really liked art. So I’ve been watching a lot of art documentaries lately,

Erick: This is the one you were watching it. Then when I went to bed, I was like, that’s what you look like. And there was a painting of some woman on the TV.

Vivi: that was one of the documentaries I was watching, not this particular tech talker, but yeah, I’ve been watching a lot of that

Erick: lately.

Just yourself getting painted in the 14 hundreds. My comfort content. Some people probably wouldn’t consider comfort is losing all my money in cryptocurrency.

Just kidding. I started getting back into it. I’ve been into it for a while and I find comfort in just going and looking at it every day. I was going to say it’s comforting. Yeah. feel good. Knowing that something’s happening. Makes me happy.

Vivi: I can’t share this feeling. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

When can you explain it to me half the time?

Erick: I’m just

Vivi: looking at you. Like,

Erick: okay.

Anyways, I know

Erick: today we didn’t have a drink because it’s really hard to make a drink for a shit ton of different little stories. instead what we did was get a beer or two. some of the things we see in these shorts are pretty cool.

So we got two for today.

Vivi: It was pretty difficult to find. Some beers that matched this theme

Erick: We found a lot of creepy ones that we were like, ah, this could fit it, but is it worth wasting on this film do you

Vivi: want to tell us which beer?

Erick: Yeah. So we’re starting with temperance beer. CO’s basement party. It’s American lager. The Canada’s kind of cool. It’s not creepy. It just has a lot of like geometric shapes and arrows you make your way around a basement.

It looks like according to the can says like the best basement parties are loggers, uncomplicated, unfiltered and down for whatever, easy drinking and exceedingly refreshing based on party.

It takes us back to when anything could happen. the reason we picked this beer was because obviously they find the tapes in the basement of the house. I thought it was pretty fitting. Also stashed, dude. I kept running down porn stash, but I think his name’s Gary Spoiler alert. dies in the basement.

Vivi: I had a hard time finding the name of the guys for the main

Erick: story.

I think the only one that gets named a lot is the porn stash guy, Gary. Yeah. do you want to try open it up?

Vivi: Oh my God. Eric spilled it all over.

Erick: it’s all over it right now. I’m just gonna smell like beer.

Vivi: Crispy.

Erick: This is an American lager, but smells very citrusy. Smell that.

Oh, it does,

Vivi: Go ahead and try it.

Erick: it’s pretty decent. I would drink this if I saw it on tap It smells very citrusy, but doesn’t taste citrusy. I didn’t give it a 2.75.

Vivi: I know what you mean. It smells very strong, but it doesn’t have the flavor to follow it up. it’s refreshing. I would drink this in summer. I’d give it a 2.5.

Erick: Cool average. It’s not bad. It’s not good.

Vivi: Okay. So the second beer we chose is called sugar tech, chicken.

sugar tuck?

Erick: Saga tuck

Vivi: saga took I want to play soccer Eric gave me the beer that looks like it’s really hard to pronounce saga, took brewing coat. The beer is called cotton mouth crusher. It is a raspberry sour ale. On the cover, we have what looks like a snake, but it looks very similar to the first short in this film, the succubus Lily.

all the red also helps reminds me of all the bloody scenes in that first short. So let’s open it. Is this super raspberry? E it just tastes like a fruity sour. I don’t think you’re going to like this.

Erick: It is what it is.

Vivi: I think I gave

Erick: it a three out of five. that is really sour. Yeah, it tastes very much like yourself. I give it a two out of five, but I just don’t like sours. So that’s the caveat.


Vivi: I didn’t read the little thing. Do you want to read it?

Erick: Yeah. So on the candidate says, while you may know that Michigan cotton mouth snake is a fairly common snake.

We can guarantee this beer is anything but common cotton mouth crusher is a tart and funky sour ale with raspberry over. Once you’ve been bitten by the delicious Pierce of this beer, you’re going to want to suck out all the flavor sexually our sexual. the cotton mouth part is not what the point was.

It was they’re talking about a snake. I don’t, know what this thing is, but both of these beers are brewed in the Midwest based on parties done in Evanston, Illinois, and this one’s done in Michigan, specifically

Vivi: cotton, mouth,

Erick: Michigan. It just has made in Michigan

Vivi: side note.

When we bought this one, the cashier kept making jokes about weed.

So I’ll be drinking that one. You can have it

Erick: Are you ready to here’s some fun facts.

Vivi: Yes.

Erick: The making of the film was interesting in that, according to the producer, Brad Miska, the directors were told they had full control of their shorts with little to no suggestions. The main story had already been discussed beforehand while the shorts were basically used to fill in the gaps.

Kind of makes sense, it wouldn’t really need to be connected.

Other than that, there are these fucked up tapes in this house,

Vivi: Yeah. The premise is interesting, right? The VHS is, are just laying around the house. I could see how they have all their own creative control. I also don’t know why in my head, it didn’t click that these shorts came from multiple directors.

thought it was maybe one director who had just had a bunch of ideas and was making these, but multiple directors makes more sense. Yeah.

Erick: It’s kind of cool. The whole time you, as the viewer are like, what the fuck is that? And what does that have to do with this one? And wait, what what’s going on with this one? What’s the lower of that one. kind of keeps you on the edge of your seat, The film premiered at the 2012 Sundance film festival, but almost didn’t make it as it was submitted right at the deadline.

The film was very well received and even got praised for being well put together,

Vivi: I’m surprised it was so well received. I feel like now this film wouldn’t be that well received. in 20,

Erick: 22, are you saying it because of the essay themes that happened throughout the whole film,

Vivi: so much boob in every single one of these stories, they said, do whatever you want, but make sure each one of them has boob.

That’s the only note,

Cause I don’t want to say that I dislike this film, but I definitely had a different opinion of it, when I watched it for the first time. Now there are so many more horror movies that are just on another level that you’re like this one’s I used to think it was up here now.

I would put it down here.

Erick: Final fun fact I have, and this is probably going to lead us to watch something else. People loved Lily the creature from amateur night, which is that first VHS so much that a spinoff film was released in 2016 titled siren that explores more of the lore of her character.

Vivi: Interesting. Yeah, she is definitely one of the more interesting stories in this collection. That’s all she says. I like, you


Erick: weird. Yeah. we should check it out. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this film siren. I’ve never heard of it either. maybe we’ll talk about it in the future in crypto content.

Well, I think it’s my turn to do a speed run, but it’s not we’re going to do speed runs just like we did with the creep show and talk about the overlaying story, which is the main theme of these douchebag guys finding this tape in this house.

But we’ll take turns doing speed runs. Once we go through each tape. I think we should do a brief though, go for it or no.

Vivi: I mean no, just cause no, no, I was going to say no because you’re going to get like the easiest brief on the brief

Erick: is going to be like went to douchebags fun tapes in the house and get murdered as they watch each one.

Vivi: There you go. You just gave an overview overview


Erick: Eric.

 the dive into it.


Vivi: was going to ask you, like,

What was your overall first impression of this movie

Erick: I Think it was my first exposure to an anthology type horror actually. I really liked it.

Cause I was like, whoa, it was like a bunch of, a little horror stories in the middle a big film. What that’s so crazy. How do they tie together? What does it mean? What about you?

Vivi: The first time I watched it? I thought it was fun

there’s always one that’s better than another. story-wise some stories are more memorable than others Yeah, but like I said, I think we’ve watched so many horror movies now that I’m just like, it definitely goes down on my list on thanks to

Erick: watch. Gotcha. Well, let’s dive into it. I take place. There’s a man in a bedroom the film glitches to these shitty dudes, driving a parking lot. they’re taping a couple.

That’s walking to their car. You him, they immediately decide to attack this couple they chase boyfriend or husband or whatever it is away while they trigger warning if you don’t like these kinds of things, assault the woman. literature and they tape it.

until at some point the boyfriend or husband runs back and they’re like, oh shit, let’s go. They run away. and trash a house,

Vivi: this is terrible. the reason they do this is for money. And that actually plays a big role into why they go into the old man’s house later. But then you brought up they’re probably doing this to show the audience just how terrible these guys are.

Erick: you could say, oh, well they’re so shitty.

And they deserve what they got, fuck these guys.

Vivi: They go into a house and they’re just trashing it.

Erick: They break everything. Windows, chairs. lights They spray paint the walls.

Vivi: They talk about how they’re doing these essentially porn videos, because they’re selling them to a porn site.

One guy mentioned they need to start getting into up skirt videos.

Erick: I’m assuming this is like a black market internet thing at the time, while this is happening, there are under cuts of flashes from the VHS. So for people who don’t know how VHS is work.

Vivi: I was one of them.

Erick: this happened to us all the time. That’s why I’m like, man, this is so familiar. my dad loved watching soccer. And when we would leave, it’s not like today where you can just record or do video on demand for your games and you could say them and then watch them.

When you get home, he would grab a VHS that had a birthday party on it, like our, at home video, excuse me, all these memories. He’d put it in and then record a soccer game. So if you watch some of the VHS’s, it’s like happy birthday to go, so you can take over things, but then it’ll be like back to the birthday party. it looks like somebody grabbed the tape from this guy who was with them and he essentially is trying to record in secret a night that he had with someone.

he’s hidden it in like a Teddy bear. Maybe

Vivi: What is it with all these found footage, films that we’ve seen is always a dude trying to do it secretly. give man camera. He makes sex tape. It’s like the theme of found footage. Just want to record it it’s for later. it’s always like against the other person’s knowledge or permission, can’t you just ask someone who’s into that

Erick: Yeah. I don’t know. written by dudes. So it makes sense.

We won’t bring up the undercut part of it anymore just because just keeps flashing randomly throughout this story. at some point this guy who’s in the video is like, wait, where’d you get that tape from?

And he’s like, what do you mean? I find that in your room. He’s upset they’re taking over his sex tape or attempted sex tape with this girl. the girl does notice. she’s like, wait, what the fuck is that a camera?

 And she’s going off on him. Yeah. It’s

Vivi: an awkward scene. Then after that, where they’re just getting dressed and leaving,

one guy who’s been trying to talk while they’re having this discussion, just loses it and smashes the TV in order to say that he’s actually got a job for them, that’s going to pay way more money than filming women up skirt.

Erick: to start driving to this house, got to find just this one, tape, the guy holding the cameras, like, but who was paying us? And he’s like, oh, it’s just some guy who reached out to us and he’s like, how we don’t put our name on any of this.

He’s like, oh, it’s Somebody who watches us on YouTube. He’s like, we don’t put our name on anything though. How did they find us? He’s like, I don’t know. Don’t worry about it.

Vivi: Number one, that they completely ignore. I want to know, like, I wonder if this is explored later on.

it’s probably not.

The guys kind of have some questions, but none of the right questions they ask, what are they supposed to do with the man is in the house. They say, they’re supposed to take care of him saying it jokingly.

and they’re all saying the N word to each other, which is so unnecessary, like, why was

Erick: this in here?

 What made you think that this was cool to include in the dialogue?

Vivi: it makes me realize just how not that long ago that was used in like everything.

And it was normalized, quote, unquote

Erick: Even if it was under the guise of satire to say, oh, well it said it jokingly. It’s still not okay. But

 they go into the house two of them go upstairs. The rest of them stay downstairs to continue to look around.

They’re not really noticing anything, but they opened the door and are immediately spooked because there are a shit ton of TVs on and an old man sitting in a chair, they quickly find out the man is dead.

Vivi: I would like to say that you should never record yourself committing a crime because they are clearly recording themselves, breaking into this place.

Erick: Right. This guy’s like, we’ve never put our name on anything. Meanwhile, all their faces are in it.

Vivi: I know in the first scene they do wear masks but at this point

Erick: it doesn’t matter.

Vivi: these guys record everything.

So I don’t know.

Erick: the old man is dead. They leave one of the guys in the room while the rest of them go check the rest of the house.

Vivi: he’s not comfortable with being left with the dead guy. He really doesn’t want to, but the other guys have decided that they’re the ones that are going to go to the basement and search for the actual tape that they need.

Erick: How uncomfortable also? I can’t imagine it smells good if this guy’s actually dead, it smells like crap in here you don’t even know how long this guy’s been here.

Vivi: No, and I would not just sit down and watch movies to try to distract myself. I’m going to be like, I’m going to go wait outside. What’s

Erick: more than settling is the view.

You get, you get the view almost like you’re the TV looking at the guy he sits down in front of the TV and the dead guy is on the chair behind him. This is important because later there are changes in the background. If you will,

this guy checks. The VCR notices that there’s a tape inside.

One of them ejects. It puts it back in presses.

Vivi: And we have our first tape

Erick: Do you want to start with your speed run? I thought it was your turn to go first. Oh, I guess, I guess it is.

Vivi: What do you got? 30 seconds. Yes.

Erick: go.

Okay. So we’re introduced to these, these red guys. They have some glasses that have a camera in them. One of them is pretty dorky. The other ones are very clearly dishes. They’re going to a bar. They’re like, we’re going to record everything. They end up meeting these two girls. One of them was like, I like you.

And she’s, you know, she follows them around. They go back to the motel to have one girl who was talking to them. Then they have this girl who was like, I like you and keeps making eye contact with the dorky dude. Long story short, this girl is a creature. She kills the two guys and then ends up flying away and dragging the dorky guy with.


Vivi: Well, I guess you made it, I feel like you jumped to the end there. Well,

Erick: yes.

Vivi: Well, yes I did.

Erick: Yeah. I was trying to beat 30 seconds. I felt like I gave a lot of detail in the beginning.

Vivi: It was like, he’s not going to make it. All right. we get introduced to these three dudes. One of the guys Clint is the one wearing the glasses with the camera in them. The other guys are freaking out saying how cool the technology is. basically their goal is to record three of them having sex with anybody.

Any one? Anything. These are not great guys.

Erick: No. I mean the dorky one seems to be off put by the plan. He’s like, what am I doing? Right.

Vivi: The three dudes are clearly having a guys night.

They Chuck a beer, we get everything from the perspective of the glasses. The next scene we get is them in the car on their way to. A club or a bar, and they’re watching porn on their way there

Erick: while driving, while driving the driver is the one with the porn in his hand. And they’re like, we’re going to find girls like

Vivi: this.

And every girl they passed, they make a comment about like these dudes act like they’ve never, ever seen a vagina in their life in person

we got scenes of them at the first club talking to women dancing. We guess they strike out there because the next scene is the second club. And this is the first time we see Lily. She kind of stands out from the rest because she’s wearing a very light colored dress. The point is that you notice her watching the guys.

Erick: She also seems very uncomfortable. like she doesn’t like being there, but she is

Vivi: like socially awkward. The dudes are pounding down drinks. One of the girls they meet at the bar is named Lisa. And she seems to be getting along with Shane as the night progresses, we see them continue to drink

Erick: Lily approaches Clint while he’s getting drinks. And Lily’s like, I like you. And he’s like, what? Oh, Are you having a good time? And Lily’s like, I like you and she mumbles a lot of other things you can’t really hear

Vivi: I think her character has made

creepier because we’re watching this

through the perspective of Clint,

who is very intoxicated.

He can’t hear her. He can’t make out anything. And he’s swaying. So it’s blurry as you interact with her

patrick also tries to hit on some girls. It looks like one is kind of interested, but because he’s in a drunken state, he picks her up and we assume he drops

Erick: her because the bouncers kick them out right

Vivi: after.

Erick: two guys are making fun of Lily because she’s on the ground by the tree. And they tried to approach her, but she gets away uncomfortably and is disgusted by their presence

Vivi: specifically. She really does not like Patrick. And that’s evident from that first scene on, but not knowing that the party is over the guys, all pile into the car and they start doing cocaine in the car.

Lisa makes a point to say that she is there with them because she wants to be not because these guys convinced her to Because I think Patrick says something douchey. Like they kidnap them or something.

 They finally make it back to the hotel and Clint looks like he has a minute in the bathroom. You know, that minute where you realize you’re more than. Then you thought in the mirror,

Erick: do I know that? No, I never go look myself in the room.

Vivi: I’ve never had that moment. And this moment

You take a minute to go to the bathroom and you’re like, oh no, this is not okay. back in the room, the guys are being obnoxious and rowdy. Shane just starts making out with Lisa right then and there they’re all hanging out in one room. So I think it’s kind of awkward that they’re just trying to do it while everyone’s still there partying.

Erick: I think it was the plan in front of beginning. Patrick is just sitting on the couch and because they assumed Lily as with Clint, Patrick says like, I’m a watch.

Lisa passes is out Patrick starts to laugh he’s like, Hey, she’s not even awake. Clint’s like, yo dude, she’s drunk. that’s enough. Shane starts to like slap her and is pissed. This is a weird take it’s like, they’re trying to say they’re not as douchey as they could be because they’re not trying to have sex with her while she’s passed out and drunk. But there’s still dishes in the beginning because they were trying to do this from the get-go.

So it’s not like they’re any better, this whole situation is

Vivi: fucked. Anyway. It’s like the bar set pretty low. And they, barely pass the bar, but it’s still set pretty low.

Erick: There’s 10 pounds of shit.

And they’re still beneath it.

Vivi: Yeah. The thing that is so annoying about Patrick is that he keeps laughing, just laughing at everything that’s going on. to the point where Lily annoyed with him, like hisses at him.

Erick: turns to Clinton is like, I like you, we should go.

We should go. And he’s like, what you want to go? You want to get out of here. And she’s like, we should go.

Vivi: However, because Shane’s date has passed out, he has now turned his attentions to Lily and just immediately starts making out with her.

Erick: Looks at Clint seriously and is like, yo, we’re doing this Clint approaches to record and watches a Shane and Lily make out and Lily’s making eye contact with Clint the entire time. Shane pulls her dress down all the way to her feet and the emphasis in the scene is that her feet look creature. Like they don’t look normal. And I think Clinton tries to say something. He’s like, wait, hold up, do you see this? And they’re like, fuck you shut up.

Vivi: it’s very creepy. creature of the black lagoon

Erick: style

Vivi: Clint getting more and more uncomfortable leaves.

But before leaving, he notices that Patrick is trying to join in and is taking off his clothes. We hear Lily say no, but at that point, Clint has turned his back and is in the bathroom already.

While Clint is kind of collecting himself in the bathroom, Patrick bursts in saying that Lily bit him and we see this kind of gash in his arm. It is not a typical bite.

Erick: No, it’s ripped out from like the bottom half of his fist.

They look outside and they noticed they’re still making out and Shane’s like, Don’t worry about it. It’s fine. Chill. what do you mean jelly? you fucking bit a chunk out of his hand, they go outside to confront her

shane’s like, it’s fine. She’s still on top of him. But you can’t really see her. Her back is turned to the camera and she’s got like, these marks down, her shoulder blades

Vivi: kind of looks like bruising.

Erick: Patrick approaches and is like, why’d you bite me? she turns and hisses and her face is completely split down the middle.

that’s when she slashes at Shane and they all fucking freak out So Clint runs back to the bathroom, leaves them there. Patrick follows They’re like, what do we do? They open the door. They see that she’s eating him or whatever.

He’s screaming. it’s funny. Cause she covers his face with her foot.

Vivi: Yes, definitely a part of the thing that they use to make her creepy as she’s kind of like a contortionist, she moves her body. Very oddly. These guys also just left. Lisa passed out on the bed. They do not even care about her. We’re at this point.

Erick: I don’t think that Lilly cares though.

Vivi: Well, she’s a succubus. I think they focus on

Erick: men. Makes sense.

Vivi: he got out again and this time Louie has levitated off the bed with Shane’s body and it’s just continuing to eat him.

They freak out, close the door again. And this is when, in their panic, they grabbed the shower rod to try to defend themselves. They run out to try and confront her. And Patrick is immediately attacked.

Erick: Yeah. He hits her with the bar it does nothing. She catches it. But before he tax her, she’s standing there with her arms behind her back. Almost like a ballerina. It looks very beautiful.

Vivi: It’s like a pose.

very posed.

Erick: What do you call it? It’s like a word in the animal kingdom flexing for me. You know what I mean? she’s like stretching to show her beauty.

That’s kind of the way I took it. I thought it was nice. Yeah. I thought it was,

Vivi: I would have let her

Erick: murder me. Yeah. Maybe, but Clint freaks the hell out, jumps over the beds, tries to wake Lisa, Lisa doesn’t respond. Finds Shane’s dead body peaks around the corner of the bed notices that Lily’s drinking.

His blood seems like, she’s biting out of his shoulder. She’s also got her hand in between his crotch. You didn’t really see this in the beginning, but then she lives her hands up and then throws his balls and Dick on the.

Vivi: Yep. She is ripped it off. She really hated this guy. Oh yeah.

Erick: She didn’t do that to Shane. I think Shane is still kind of intact against the wall, but he definitely done

Vivi: by, he still has his balls.

Erick: Does he? We don’t know. Good point. She immediately throws up. That’s how, you know, she doesn’t like Patrick though. He doesn’t like him so much that she eats him and still throws up.

I like

Vivi: this lore of even a succubus having standards, like he’s too trash for her still.

Erick: you know, I’d say Shane was the shittier character.

Vivi: I don’t think either of them were

Erick: great. I think Shane should got his Dick ripped off. Yeah.

Patrick was kind of just like the full friend of the douche.

Vivi: but as

Clinton makes his way running down the stairs, he falls breaking his arm in a pretty gruesome way. He doesn’t have that much time to worry about it. However, because you can hear Lily is chasing after him. He doesn’t even make it that much farther down the stairs before she catches up with him.

she repeats again that she likes him and begins to give him head

Erick: note. She’s still in like creature forums or her face is all still bloodied and ripped up. he’s whimpering and in pain she looks at him and he’s like, no, like

Vivi: she is somewhat offended that he’s not into her.

And she crawls off into the corner of the stairway crying.

Erick: He’s like, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to be disgusted. This is just fucked up.

Vivi: I mean, there’s a lot going on. When we read the room,

Erick: Lily needs to read the room.

I think they needed to read her.

Vivi: I think everyone here does need it to take a minute and not be shitty and just not, but

Clinton makes his way through the rest of the motel, knocking on windows for help. The manager of the hotel ignores him. Doesn’t know what to make of his appearance.

I’m assuming he’s all bloodied. He must look crazy. He continues to run into the parking lot to ask for help.

Erick: A bunch of men with their pickup trucks,

Vivi: manly men. And as he’s about to ask them for help, we see the men look up in horror as he is swooped up and taken into the sky.

We get these shots of him flying over the city until his glasses eventually fall off of

Erick: him. we do get a glimpse at Lily though in full creature farmer. She’s got wings. She’s got claws, kind of reminds me of what the vampires look like from the movie van Helsing. Would you Jacqueline?

Vivi: Yes. And she does kind of look like that, but that is the end of that story. Amazing.

Erick: What a wild ride.

Vivi: I would definitely like to know more about where she comes from, what exactly she is. If she’s a succubus.

Erick: We revert back to the camera, held by the guy who put the tape in and the camera is on the feet of the old man that was in the chair. The guy has gone. Another guy finds the camera. And I was like, what the fuck?

Where did the guy go? In the basement, you could see that Gary, and this other one of the guys find a treasure land of tapes.

They’re like, go get a bag so that we can put these all in there. And then we’ll take them upstairs and figure out which one’s the one we’re looking for. The guy goes to get the bag You can hear a metal clang, like a wrench was dropped and in a quick flash, you see like a figure in the background and he freaks out, he goes to Gary and he’s like, Hey, there’s someone in here, man.

There’s like a man in here. They’re not as freaked out as I think they should be.

Vivi: There’s so many times in this movie where I’m like the people experiencing these things are not as freaked out as they should be. Even

Erick: for one of them to be missing. I’d be like, yo, what the fuck happened to this other guy? We all came in the same car. He’s not getting home. I’m foot. Where’d he go?

Vivi: The creature though. I want to describe because he looks like a naked slender, man.

Erick: I’m picturing like the old lady from Ryan. Yes.

Vivi: Kind of the demon girl zombie.

Erick: They’re very pale, but Gary is like, nah, you didn’t see shit. let’s put these in the bag and let’s go, flashback to the room.

He puts another tape in he watches what the dead guy in the background. Again, I dunno, what’s up with these guys to sit in there and being like, you know what, fuck it. Let’s just watch this. I guess it’s a pre-phone time.

Also, they’re all watching these 30 minute long fucking short or stories.

Vivi: Don’t you like go check on your friend and be like, Hey, you’re still still working down there. Good.

Erick: It’s weird. They’re really long.

Vivi: 20 minutes is way too long to chill in a room with a dead body. So none of this is exciting.

Erick: in the span of 40 minutes they lost two guys in aren’t asking enough questions. They’re kind of just like, what the fuck? Where they go

Vivi: outside.


Erick: no, dude, go find your friends. you’re here with a dead guy.

Vivi: You literally saw someone walking in the basement that wasn’t one of the four of you.

Erick: That’s right. this guy who was with Gary downstairs, Gary leaves in the room with the dead guy again.

And Gary’s like, hold on. I’m gonna go look around the house No, they went missing in here.

Vivi: I hate them

Erick: Are you ready for your speed run?

Erick: Sure. go. So

Vivi: we get this man and a woman, and I’m assuming they’re man and wife and they are on a road trip. And the wife is basically documenting everything.

They’re staying in a shitty hotel. It’s like small town America. They’re looking through the grand canyon. Basically someone is intruding in night, but they don’t know who it is. And on the second night of intruding, this person kills a husband. We find out that it is the wife’s mistress and they were in on this together and they planned to kill her husband.

And they are now running away.

Erick: Nice. You made it five seconds left.

Vivi: This one’s not plot.

I’ll preface this by saying this was probably my least favorite one.

I thought it was just boring. True. It’s probably the most boring of the

Erick: also why is this girl? So okay. With her creepy partner,

Vivi: I thought maybe it was like a game for them. Like, you know, like this gets them going.

Erick: It’s a long game. You gotta get married and shit murder somebody. You got to spend all day with someone you don’t even care about

Vivi: seriously,

Erick: so we’re learning. The characters names are Sam and Stephanie. They’re on a road trip. It sounds like they’re near Texas, maybe the south.

Vivi: Stephanie has the one doing this kind of log She’s kind of trashing her husband saying that he booked the room last minute.

And now they’re stuck with two beds and that she’s going to inspect how dirty they are. And she records herself pointing out how gross the bed is, which again, it’s just. Boring. even when you are on vacation and you’re recording stuff, I think you like record the more exciting stuff.

Not you checking out how dirty the hotel is.

Erick: The next scenes after that is I’m just walking around town. Sam says he wants some cowboy boots, talks about getting the cowboy hat they’re shopping. She zooms in on a knife in the window, which is an illusion that something they go into this like old town, kind of reenactment place there’s a minor fortune teller there and it gives a very ominous fortune It says something along the lines of you’re going to have a happy reunion with a loved one.

The turn of events will come about soon. Someone’s going to take advantage of your trusting nature. Winky face.

Vivi: Back at the hotel. We get another one of these scenes where the husband, boyfriend is trying to record them having sex. And this scene goes on for like way

Erick: too long. Let’s do it, do it for me. Do it for fun.

Vivi: This scene goes on for like three, four months.

Erick: Let me see your butt let’s kiss. You’re so cute. You’re so sexy,

Vivi: but they are interrupted by a loud banging at the door. Sam goes to check it out and he points out that it’s a girl in a hoodie standing there, they stop recording.

And when the camera’s picked up again, Stephanie is asking him to explain what happened. He says that the girl was going around asking for a ride that he thought it was very strange because she wasn’t tall or very intimidating. But something about her was very scary

They kind of get a shot of her walking around in the parking lot before bed. They decided not to call the police. Sam says that if she’s still there in the morning or causing trouble later, they’ll give them a call.

But he doesn’t feel like this is something they need to know. The

Erick: in. Stephanie is like, why not? And he’s like, well, don’t you see? There’s like a hitchhiker problem here. There’s a lot of math problems, drug problems in the area. Let’s just drop it. Bad decision, Sam,

Vivi: They sleep in separate beds, which I thought was really odd they’re like large buttons.

They’re like queen beds. We’ve been

Erick: in places like this together. And still because we’re fucking normal. And like each other sleeping the same bed that night The camera turns back on and is filming Sammons Stephanie is sleeping.

Vivi: So

it is clear that this is being shot by an intruder. They go around messing with the. They pulled down the sheets on Stephanie’s bed and pull a knife to her skin, rubbing it along her backside.

They then go over to Sam side and take money out of his wallet. They go into the bathroom, take one of the toothbrushes and dunk them in the toilet. This is a small hotel room. Don’t you think you would hear someone getting up and going to the

Erick: bathroom?

I was thinking exactly that, but it sounds like the AC or the heater is on full blast. So it’s possible that they’re moving around could have been hidden by white noise, they do do too much though. lower sheets, linger, go move stuff around, open the bathroom door, videotape themselves, switched up in the bathroom. Like so many unnecessary things that can get you caught that. I don’t think this is realistic.

Vivi: The light is also on, in the bathroom.

When they open the door. You notice that when the light changes, they also have the flashlight on, in the camera to be able to see what they’re doing, Not

Erick: believing

Vivi: the person leaves and shuts off the camera when the camera’s turned on. Again, it is Stephanie mentioning it’s going to be a raining day and Sam is brushing his teeth with the toilet toothbrush.

Erick: Aw, grips Sam notices that he’s missing money and kind of accuses Stephanie and Stephanie, like, what do you mean?

Why would I take your money? And he’s like, well, I had money in here and it’s gone. And he kind of stares at her cause she’s like, what’s you think I took it? And he just looks at her well, it wouldn’t be the first time. And I was like, oh

Vivi: yeah, this is kind of the first hint that there’s something wrong in their relationship because he’s trying to say it, not in a mean way, but he is accusing her, like you’ve taken my money for a shopping spree before.

So there’s clearly some problems in this marriage. The next couple of scenes or them going around this canyon.

Erick: okay, , if you were planning on killing the husband in the first place, why wouldn’t you just shove him off the side of this canyon and say it was an accident. This whole elaborate plan to kill him in the middle of the night in the same motel that you were in. I mean, you’re going to get caught if you’re missing, they’re going to find you.

Vivi: But after a fun day at the canyon, they’re back at the hotel room and Sam is mentioning to Stephanie that he wants to stop at Vegas on their way home. She says we could do whatever you want to do. And he’s like, well, I do want to stop at Vegas because I am feeling lucky. the camera shots off because they are going to bed.

Erick: The camera starts up again. camera’s on stab. stab mode. the camera’s on Sam and he he’s immediately stabbed in the neck Several times. Is gasping for air. It’s gruesome. It’s gross. It’s nasty. He can’t say anything. He’s dying. we get kind of this like choppy edit where they’re driving, but they’re in the bathroom. Stephanie and this other person wearing a plastic mask. It looks like a purge

Vivi: mass.

like strangers in the purge

Erick: Yes. That’s what I was looking for. It’s plastic, whatever. You can’t see their face, but they’re taking it off. They’re making out, holding the camera. undercut shots of driving. And then the final shot we get is Stephanie driving saying, did you delete it yet?

Vivi: And the screen goes blue. The only thing that makes that kind of murder scene less intimate, I guess, is that it’s already being broken up with shots of them in the road. And it goes on to the big reveal that it is Stephanie’s girlfriend. We’re left to assume. Again, this is a very elaborate way to kill someone.

And my argument in this one and probably in the first tape too, is they’re all in hotels. Don’t they have neighbors, even if you’re like gurgling and gasping. the walls are thin in hotel.

Erick: I think their motels there’s Isn’t it known that in motels, a lot of crime happens for the same reason that they’re not as well watched or taken care of like hotels

Vivi: cause everyone just minds their business.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: Well, that’s unfortunate.

Erick: So that’s the end of the tape. I agree. I think it’s the most boring. I remember seeing it for the first time being like, okay, yesterday, we were talking like, don’t fucking murder me. If you want to leave me just divorce me or break up with me.

You don’t have to fucking murder anybody.

Vivi: just this woman not know that divorce exists I think part of it was like this whole scheme turned them on or is exciting to their relationship. But if you need this in your relationship, it is not going to and well,

Erick: no, they’re definitely getting caught.

 They know he’s going to know, married to her. not going.

Vivi: I don’t think so either, especially since she wasn’t wearing any gloves or anything, when she murdered him and she was like, sloppily, washing everything off in the sink,

Erick: I don’t even think she’s done when start making out.

Well, yeah. Why would you record it to cause Stephanie is the one holding the camera when they’re making out. And then later she’s like, did you delete it? It’s like, why did you record in the first place you were worried about that

Vivi: these people are not good at being criminals not that they should


Erick: but

the tape ended and the guy’s like, what the fuck was that? The dead is missing in the background though. And he does not notice We get a shot of Gary, the stash guy being like, we’re gonna just grab all the fucking tapes and we’re going to take them upstairs. We’re gonna make copies. We’re going to take them with us. he puts another tape in and

Vivi: it is your turn first speed round.

Erick: It. T’s go.

Erick: Okay. So 14 years is driving. It seems like they all know each other. They kind of know the driver. They were all told by the driver, Wendy, that they were going to have a one-on-one day out. And this is third guy named spider who was kind of just like, I want to have fun with the guys.

They go out to this area. It sounds like it’s a lake or camp or something like that. When he’s been here before she starts saying all these like weird ominous things that are like the you before about the people who died last time, she ends up revealing that she brought them all as bait the, to the, the girl who who’s with them and spider get killed by this glitchy dude.

Vivi: That’s it? Fuck.

Erick: That was a fast 30 seconds. felt shorter than the first time. The first time I felt like I took forever. depressing.

Vivi: You even make it to

Erick: half. I started giving more detail. Cause I was like, well, last time it felt like I made it last forever. Dammit. What does that mean?

Vivi: Nothing will be drunk as shit. If we start doing shots every time

Erick: what I’m going to go get them. So we’re taking a shot then?

Vivi: Yeah. Okay. I mean, I guess if you’re going to twist my arm,

Erick: what

Vivi: shot are we taking? We are taking Soju, it is one that I saw on tech talks, so I had to buy it. It is yogurt flavored.

It’s delicious.

She is. No. Please make the other ones.

actually like sipping this. Cause it’s not,

 I thought it was going to be like. Where it’s sweet at the beginning. And then you get the bitterness of a shot. It’s not, it’s just good.

Erick: It doesn’t even taste like it has alcohol in it.

Vivi: Does this have a hole in it? They asked for my ID. Watch it.

Erick: Doesn’t it does. If it’s so cute.

Vivi: It’s a little baby bit. It’s like a wine

Erick: 12%. Yeah.

Vivi: Good. Cause I still want to be coherent by the end of this

Erick: episode from Seoul, Korea. Anyway, we start off with these 14 meters again, driving in a car One of them seems like the girl who cares about looks and stuff like that.

There’s the douchey dude. Who’s there with Wendy when he’s the driver. there’s this fourth person, spider who seems to be like a dorky kid. He’s kind of like the full type,

Vivi: Yeah. They all definitely fall into those tropes.

Erick: So dumb teenagers, they scare a hitchhiker and they’re like, whoa, they don’t even scare them. They’re like, well, let’s scare this guy. And they just drive past this dude walking on the side of the street and honk their horn. And I’m like, they didn’t do shit. Like I probably was like, what’s wrong with

Vivi: them?

Probably judging them. Honestly. You see how

Erick: scared he was? And I was like, no, no,

Vivi: nothing happened. They very annoying. We find out however that Wendy has lied to pretty much everyone in order to get them there. Samantha thought this was going to be a girl’s only trip. Joey thought it was kind of a date between him and Wendy and spider has just tagged along

Erick: They don’t even explain why the spiders they’re who might’ve him that he’d tag along with Joey? Or did he tell, go along with Samantha? Later Joey is like, why are you even here? And spiders, like, I’m here for that goddess over there. That blonde goddess. And Joe is like, she’s not, she’s not a goddess. She’s not that great.

Vivi: They finally arrive at the lake and they’re kind of just exploring and being douchey teenagers. God, take a shot every time we say douchey in this episode,

Wendy starts to make kind of like creepy offhanded comments

Erick: does Joey to get a shot at some wall.

Vivi: He’s like, why? It’s just a wall?

And she’s like, humor me. She’s like very like, not patient with him. And she’s like, last time we were here, my friend tripped over this wall and he’s like, okay, as he starts recording it, there’s this kind of weird glitch that happens in the camera where we briefly see that not only did her friend trip over it, it seems like she busted her head open and was bleeding to death

Erick: on this wall.

 This killer who we later see or don’t see, can only be seen with glitches in the camera. So When he’s brooding by the river while Joey’s is filming, he takes a shot of the river and a body that’s ripped up from the spine flashes

Vivi: floating in the room.


Erick: as the viewer, you’re kind of like, is this like a ghost thing? Yeah, I was thinking maybe Joey is the one who is in the river, the girl dead earlier. I thought maybe it was Wendy or Samantha. But they find this tree with like mushrooms and they’re joking about it and Wendy makes a comment, like you’re all going to die down here.

Kimberly smiling,

Vivi: like annoyed with their jokes and just makes that comment and joys like what?

Erick: Yeah, I think I would leave then. Cause they take a while before they ask Wendy, what the fuck did you mean by that? Next scene. Is them sitting around like a, pond they joke about smoking a joint spiders, like, I don’t do drugs. I’ve never done drugs you can see his kind of underlayer really come out because he kind of plays himself like this cool character.

But then really he’s like kind of dorky he’s like, you get the fear. It’s the fear that you get when you smoke marijuana, because it gets scared that someone’s going to find out that you’re high.

Vivi: it’s paranoia, my guy,

Erick: but Joey Walhalla is like, wait, so what the fuck did you mean by that, Wendy? When he’s like, didn’t you hear about those kids that were murdered and went missing and they never found the killer? I was here.

Vivi: She plays it off as a joke immediately though.

She mentioned that. The police don’t even know what he looks like. And she starts laughing ominously and then

Erick: like, ah, ha let’s see. I knew you were fucking around with us and spiders, like, see, I told you it’s the fear it’s making us all scared of one news story.

Vivi: Joey decides to cut the tension by jumping into the lake naked and immediately acts like he’s drowning.

Erick: This is what made me think that, that flash earlier wasn’t was him foreshadowing. Yeah. Samantha’s like, I got to go pee and fuck you guys. You scared me. She goes and spiders like, I’ll come with you. So you’re not alone.

She’s behind a tree. She comes out of nowhere and her character is kind of like, I made this thing just for you, spider ready. she starts to do kind of like a cheerleading chance. As she turns sideways to the camera, she puts her hands up he hears something. He turns to the camera and you see like a choppy, glitchy figure you could see an outline of a person. And it looks like they throw something and he turns back to Samantha and she’s got a knife through the left side of her face.

And he’s like, look at your eye. she’s like, what? The

Vivi: buck? And dies. What an odd comment. Because even if she didn’t have a knife in her, she can’t look at her own.

Erick: No, it’s pretty fucking gruesome death though.

for it to shove her out. Yeah. It’s pretty graphic. Immediately after spider’s also killed, he’s shoved to the ground and then his face is just smashed with a knife

Vivi: yeah. It’s also a pretty crucible.

Erick: All these deaths in the same were pretty gruesome except for Joe. I think Joe has got like the least, he

Vivi: only had his next lip. It’s not that big of a deal. Just kidding. It is.

Erick: While Joe is getting dressed again, Wendy’s like, let’s fuck out of nowhere.

Vivi: And this adds absolutely nothing to the story. The only thing I can think of is that typical horror, movie trope, when her other friends were killed, they were probably having sex.

So she thinks that having sex is the best way to draw out.

Erick: have sex, if you want to get murdered in a horror movie. she aggressively tells Joey let’s fuck don’t. You want to fuck let’s do this.

Vivi: Joey’s uncomfortable.

And he keeps asking where salmon spider is. He’s finally caught on that. This just kind of feels weird. And this is when Wendy chooses to confess her motives. She actually brought them up there as bait. She tells them that she was up there a while ago with her group of friends that the sicko came and murdered all of them. And he was very brutal. There was blood everywhere.

Erick: the lake was run red with blood.

Vivi: She gave the details of the murder to the police and they did not believe her.

She said it was hard to describe him and it was hard to catch him. the case just went cold.

Erick: Joey is freaking out and he’s like, wait, what do you mean? you were serious about the murders in the background, you could see the screen starts to increasingly get glitchier of figure approaches with the glitches,

Vivi: Joey is basically trying to tell Wendy that nothing’s going to happen.

That she’s crazy and everything’s good.

Erick: she quickly says, now I’m back for him and I’m ready. his neck had slit immediately.

Vivi: And you see it coming the whole time. she says nothing to him.

Erick: So it seems like Wendy’s set up traps and has been preparing this for a while. It kind of doesn’t make sense because if she came back here to set these traps, wouldn’t this figure, I’ve seen her do them and killed her.

Vivi: I didn’t even think of that. That’s a good

Erick: point.

She runs away and the figure follows. She has one of those flower traps. I don’t know what you call them, but he falls through she approaches and is like, why can’t I film you? She’s trying to a shot at him, but it’s completely glitchy where ever they are.

Vivi: I want to know what they’re seeing in real life. Then ask me why I was interested in this glitching thing. Obviously

You know what this reminds me of is the invisible man that suit, he kinda like where’s. Oh, okay.

Erick: Yeah. She’s running away. The character gets trapped by a bear trap and as she approaches, she’s so close that they reach out and just stab her in the stomach

Vivi: she kind of freaks out, realizes that she’s out of her league. To the camera. She says, if you find this, do not come here, he can’t be stopped.

Erick: She’s bleeding out. turns the camera and notices that Joey is just walking around aimlessly, like a chicken without a head.

Vivi: It was very strange. I didn’t get if the killer had like supernatural powers to make him walk around like this, or maybe Joey’s neck wasn’t cut deep enough. So he was still kind of alive looking for help until he finally bleeds out and collapses right in front of her.

Erick: He’s just delusional from blood loss.

Yes. The glitch approaches. She freaked the fuck out, but it’s all for show because the creature gets hit by this floor trap, flips up against them and it’s got spikes on.

It’s almost like palette looks very medieval. she approaches and she’s like, I got you, you asshole. I finally got you. The glitching increases heavily as the character looks to be struggling to get out of the trap. You’re like feeling the panic that Wendy is feeling. Cause she’s like, yes, I did it, but oh no. Is it getting out?

It does get out. The guy takes the camera and starts just bashing her face. And with the camera grabs a knife, slits. Her stomach pulls her intestines out and then just fucks with them.

Like just flails them everywhere. And then just drops them,

Vivi: brutal death scene. And the last clip we get is her just thrashing violently on

Erick: the ground.

Vivi: This one bothers me because I think it has a lot of potential, but the acting was not good.

The dialogue was terrible and they relied very much on having a cool monster, but it could have been so much better.


Erick: So the tape ends the guy who was watching the film is missing and the dead guy is back in the chair. Ominous. Gary and the other guy come back into the room and they’re like, what the fuck?

Where are these guys? Why are they missing? What happened? I want to go look for them. You stay here and check the tapes. The guy’s like, what the fuck? I don’t want to stay in here with this dead guy who knows where they are

Vivi: Do people have now gone missing? Because they stayed with the dead guy.

Erick: You could just yell from the room and be like, yo, where the fuck you guys at? If nothing happened the Lancer,

Vivi: exactly

Erick: he gets left behind puts take four into the VCR. Are you ready?

Vivi: Damn it. I thought it was your turn again.

Erick: go.

Erick: We

Vivi: opened on this couple. That is face timing. We learned that the girl’s name is Emily. And I don’t think we ever get the guy’s name. We find out that they’re kind of doing the long distance thing. Cause the guy’s like in medical school, Emily has moved into a new apartment and it is weird.

She thinks it is haunted. A couple of nights of FaceTime show us that there is creepy kids in the apartment and she is freaked out and asking him to like record what’s going on until she’s going to talk to them and figure out what they want. Very strangely, they attack her one night and her boyfriend shows up in the night

Erick: done.

See it. It’s weird. Right? Creeps up on you. We were used to

Vivi: doing a minute.

Erick: We didn’t feel the first time we both failed. The second time we got the weekend. Here’s some more yogurt. Oh

Vivi: my God. Give me half. still trying to make it a little

Erick: half of the model.

She is,

Vivi: I failed on purpose. Cause

Erick: this is the one all right. We’re watching a couple on webcam. The girl has got a bruise on her hand. her name is Emily. she’s telling this guy, I don’t know. I should probably go to the doctor. I don’t remember how I got it. She’s like, do you know what to say? And he’s like, no, I don’t really know. Stop messing with it though.

 She starts to telling him about how she’s heard footsteps,

Vivi: Before she even starts on the room tour. I want to point this out because do these aliens compel both these women to just show their titties immediately, immediately because the other girl does the exact same thing.

Erick: Looking at my bruise. Also look at these tutors.

Vivi: Yeah.

 She’s like, listen, I never thought I’d be this type of person because she’s complaining about work, but she’s like, could you just support me?

When we get married and he’s like, you gotta make it worth my while. And she takes off her shirt. I found this scene funny, again, somehow these directors found a way to work boob into every single one of these shorts.

 I get that these are couples.

They’re long distance. They’re doing sexy time over Skype. Sure. The other ones are the ones where I’m like, cause in the other one, Joey, just zooms in on Sam’s boobs and

Erick: stuff. So, but no one got naked in that one, except for Joey, except

Vivi: for Joey, which saw

Erick: some man boop equal opportunity.

You don’t want opportunity. Boop. after she tries to show them the apartment, she tells him, there’s gotta be something. And he’s like, how would you even know her footsteps? You were asleep, bitch.

Stop asking me these questions. I heard footsteps. Okay. Fucking gaslighting me. Right. Yes.

Vivi: Her response to this is to tell him that the next time it happens, she is just going to call him so he can kind of hear along with her what’s going on in the apartment.

Erick: She calls back at night she’s like, do you hear that noise? He keeps saying like, no, he doesn’t believe her for anything. Even though it’s clear that something’s

Vivi: happening, you can definitely hear like someone else’s in the apartment.

She shows him around the apartment at night, but she doesn’t have a flashlight or anything.

And they don’t really see anything going on. She goes back into her room, leaving the door open, and she explains to her boyfriend she’s felt weird and had weird experiences ever since the first time that they were separated from each other. So you get the idea that they’ve been in a very long term relationship.

She says that every time that he’s away is when she starts to feel very strange paranormal things happen. As she’s explaining this, a kid runs into her room and runs back out, slamming

Erick: the door as fuck. I would shoot myself. If I saw this,

Vivi: I hate this. I was sitting by our hallway when we were watching this one and I like kept being like, what’s behind me.

It was Elvira making noise in the hall,

Erick: but still you

Vivi: got goosebumps. Yeah, I did it like, okay, this one might be my favorite,

Erick: but really that’s so for you

Vivi: because it freaks me out. It’s just the idea of like kids haunting your apartment and it’s not even just kids.

It’s aliens.

Erick: Probably. That’s why I’m surprised because I don’t feel like you don’t really like

Vivi: alien movies. I hate them because they freaked me the fuck out. What? they scare me a lot. But that makes me love them. The fourth nine, when I first saw that movie freaked me out

Erick: too much.

Vivi: Boy, I know that this is probably my favorite one.

Erick: Kid’s fucking creepy.

Vivi: It does not get nearly as scared as he should be. He’s like, whoa.

Erick: That was it’s crazy. She isn’t either though. She’s kinda like, oh shit. Kind of ask the landlord. If someone died here he’s like, don’t do that.

They’re probably going to get annoyed.

Vivi: Yeah. They’re

Erick: just way too calm. You’re telling her a lot of nos. Like, don’t do that, but you’re not giving her enough solution. You really aren’t helping. It talks to her like she’s a child.

He does, it’s nighttime again. And they hear noise. It’s a dark room. he’s like, do you see anything?

Vivi: Do you have a flashlight? She’s like, no. However, she does have a camera. And she is using the flash of the camera to light the room. I would be turning on all the fucking lights. No, there is no need for a camera. I don’t want to see these

Erick: children do let’s not exist in her apartment.

Vivi: She can’t afford lights. That’s really

Erick: sad.

Vivi: she’s trying to catch them. I wouldn’t be trying to catch them.

I’d be like, fuck out and start turning on.

In the flashes of the camera, one of the kids appears again. She runs into her room, freaking

Erick: she asks him if he recorded the video and he’s oh, no, sorry. And she’s like, what the fuck? Why not? And he’s like, well, how was I supposed to know that I was going to see something You saw something the night before. He stays up with her she’s like, I’m going to talk to the landlord. It’s the next day. she’s like, I talked to the landlord. The landlord basically said that no one died here. There were no kids who lived here. It’s always been college students. So I don’t really know what’s going

Vivi: on the entire time.

She’s saying this. She’s not really looking at him. You could tell that she’s messing with her arm, but you just think she’s rubbing it again. He asks her, what are you even doing with your arm? She pulls it up to the camera. She has set of tweezers digging in there and not like a small, tiny hole.


Erick: giant. Make the okay. Symbol with your hand. And that’s about as big as that shit was in her arm. this girl is real. with the tweezers, like, look, I don’t know. I feel something in there, and it’s deep.

Vivi: he then gives her instructions to stop digging at it because she’s about to pull out what looks like a meat fork. I think, I don’t know if that’s the name. It’s very sharp. It’s very scary. And she says, she’s about to use it to go to town on her arm

And this is when he talks to her. Like she’s a child telling her that she should not do this. Although I agree that he should talk her down from this, the way that he talks to her as the problem, she kind of looks like a child that has just been yelled at and he tells her to put some alcohol on it and bandage it up or it’s going to get infected.

No, she needs to go to a hospital that is going to require

Erick: stitches. It’s deep. It’s going to hurt. I don’t know how to dress wounds like this, but definitely alcohol and bandage is not enough. It’s

Vivi: not going to be enough.

My nurse literally put in my. Infusion wrong the other day. And my arm bled out like crazy. And that was a tiny.

Erick: And you said you were just like passed out there. But it’s the nighttime again? and she’s really ready. She’s got a plan. she’s like, yeah, I want to close my eyes, get the laptop. you’re going to be my eyes. just seems like they hide when I can see. So I’m going to close my eyes. You’re going to tell me where I’m going to go. he’s like, oh, what? Okay, fine.

And he’s like, no, I don’t see anything turn left. And he seems very done

Vivi: Yeah. They’re just going room by room, he tells her like, nothing’s there. she’s like, okay, well I guess I’ll just go to bed.

as she’s saying that her back turned, you can see the children kind of in the background. And that’s when he’s like Emily close your eyes. Cause you’re going to get freaked out. And she was like, oh, okay. She’s way too willing to just do this. And that is when the children up here, they are very strange.

Cause in night vision of this camera, they look like they have hollowed out eyes. They look like ghosts, but when the light of the webcam is on, they look like regular

Erick: children. They just look like some kids who broke into the house.

Vivi: As she sees the children, the webcam turns to static. The next clear scene we get is her lying on the ground with the children sitting next to her. Someone enters the apartment and we find out it is the boyfriend.

Erick: it’s like, he leaves a room that was in the place in the first place. Right?

Vivi: Well, he was hiding in her closet the whole time or

Erick: something. She’s like, I hear voices. it’s him. It’s me.

Vivi: He immediately goes to work, dissecting something on her

Erick: back. I think it’s out of her stomach.

Vivi: Isn’t it? So this is what does not make sense to me because you see rib cage,

Erick: you never have a cage later on

Vivi: you. Yes. But not anywhere near your uterus.

Erick: I don’t think she’s pregnant though. That’s what I

Vivi: mean. It’s not her stomach. It’s like a weird location on her body. what he pulls out is this fetus looking thing.

Erick: Is this thing really part human

Vivi: part human part alien Whenever the kids speak and answer him, there is. Nothing that we can hear as an audience.

It’s kind of like staticky noise on the webcam. He is upset asking them all these questions. We don’t hear their response. He says, no, it’s fine. I just want to know what’s going to happen because we’re going to have to make this look like an accident. Again, we can do it. We know people, but I don’t know how long we can keep

Erick: this up.

He also asks if the tracker in her arm expires anytime soon.

I think he’s thinking something’s going on with it that it’s making them start to notice that it’s in their arm in the first place questions, that these people get a ducted while ago and the aliens put him here as like a liaison for them they abduct these characters, bring them to this guy, have them date him.

So he keeps an eye on them, make sure that they incubate whatever they’re collecting until the aliens get what they need as many times as they need it. They’re harvesting humans.

Vivi: are these children, her children, are they children that were pulled out of her and previous years, because they’re saying that this is not the first time this happened.

Erick: oh fuck. don’t even think of that. That was my question. Those kids could be half aliens too. And that’s why they’re not fully

Vivi: visible to her during the day. Yeah.

Erick: Interesting.

Vivi: But the next scene we get is what appears to be several days later Emily’s arm is bandaged.

And her eye is very bruised. She is talking to her boyfriend, telling him that she went to the doctor today, a doctor that he recommended that came highly recommended from his quote unquote school. She says that she was diagnosed as good soil, effective as well as having bipolar disorder.

She says that it’s the only explanation as to why she doesn’t remember running out into the street that night. So that is the story that they have

Erick: told She

Vivi: visibly looks really sad telling him that he should probably go be with somebody else who is normal.

And I don’t like this at all. Like if you have a mental illness, deserve to be with people you do. it’s even made worse by knowing that he’s the one making her believe these things.

Erick: Yeah. It’s shitty nothing’s even wrong with her

Vivi: because

he then says he doesn’t have a choice in the matter, but he loves her and he’s going to be with her.

Erick: She’s like, you’re so good to me. she tells him, I love you. And he doesn’t say it back. He’s like, okay,

Vivi: bye. Okay. Thanks, bye. The next scene we get is ham talking to another girl that looks somewhat similar to Emily.

She gives a similar story. She had gone hiking that day and saw a lot of couples and missed him. But she noticed she had this bruise on her arm. He asked if she got it while she was hiking. She says, no, she just goes on talking like normal, rubbing at her arm, telling him that.

She misses him and starts to strip as well.

Erick: This time he’s like really into it and he’s like, sit back and can’t see. The only type of emotion he ever feels is when these girls are getting naked, otherwise he seems completely bored with all of it.

The whole thing.

Vivi: So that’s the end of that one. We don’t know how many girls he’s doing this to what those alien creatures want. This of, all of them, I think is the one that I want more explanation for

Erick: they’re harvesting human children. Cause they’re creepy. And how did he get involved? Yeah. I kind of want to know what gets them to date him. Like how do the aliens know automatically that I’m going to induct this girl over here and there are magically going to like this guy

Vivi: or do they brainwash them to think that, do they have like a bunch of these dudes set up in different states for all the girls abducting.

I want to know their plan. It’s like the bachelor,

Erick: but for aliens and they just set up these five spy guys and they’re just like, well the whichever one, the girl approaches and thinks is hot or intelligent

Vivi: love it. Pitching that now

Erick: without the fucking emotional abuse, please and dissecting, can it be consensual?

Vivi: Fuck. I’ve never seen the bachelor. I’m pretty sure there’s some emotional abuse in

Erick: those. This is what I want you to these aliens paying.

I will harvest your babies for you. Just make sure that I’m going to be well off here,

Vivi: Again, more background knowledge on why they’re doing what they’re doing. Why did these guys agree to it against their will?

Erick: Yes.

So the tape ends the dead guy is gone again. The guy has also gone. Gary, comes back in and it’s like, what the fuck? He hears a loud noise. And he’s like, where are you guys? He goes out there, thinks that they’re messing with him.

He sees a decapitated body is like, oh, well that’s fucked up. You guys are messing with me. Ha. Yeah, I

Vivi: guess he thinks it’s a prank, but that would not make any sense.

Erick: You guys are weird and demented. So you’d think that he’s like, yeah, they just probably killed the dead guy. Cause he’s gone.

good on them. But in that instance, the head is thrown on the ground and it’s one of his friends. He looks at the doorway and the dead guy is standing there creepily. And he’s like, oh, what the fuck?

So he starts running away. he makes it to the doorway, the basement and falls down the stairs. he notices the guy is standing at the top of the stairs is coming down and he’s trying to like stand up. The next thing we get is a vampire zombie approaching his face.

And that’s the end of mustache, Gary,

Vivi: and all of these douchebags. Honestly,

I feel bad for any of them.

Erick: No, I don’t know what the sky is though. Is it vampire Z zombie? How many people find that this guy

Vivi: is he the one hiring these people to come to his house so

Erick: he can eat them. He knows how to go on the internet. He watches YouTube

Vivi: zombies, obviously know how to use the internet.

Okay. I would say he looks more like a zombie character than a vampire.

Erick: His face kind of looks like the wreck makeup or 20 days later, right? Like his eyes are bloodied.

Vivi: And without any explanation we get another day.

Erick: The tape just runs on one of the TVs by itself.

Vivi: Just plays for us.

Aren’t we

Erick: lucky. Does that mean? He’s like, all right, got dinner. Let me go put on a movie

Vivi: time to relax and watch my favorite tape.

All right. You ready for the final?

Erick: It’s my turn. Okay.

Vivi: 1, 2,

Erick: this group of friends, it’s like four of them. They are planning to go to a Halloween party. They get dressed, they show up at this random house. They can’t find people around the house. They start exploring, you know, not minding their own business. They go upstairs. There’s like people who are torturing a woman and they try to join in and people notice them all hell breaks loose in the house.

There’s like, go sleep hands coming out. The doors are closing. They leave. They take the girl with them. This uh, this girl disappears in the car. The car stops working. The girl stands in front. She stares at the mom and Asley screams. The train is coming. They run over. I was finishing it right at the last minute that it would no.

What do you mean? No, I was like at the last second at

Vivi: 30, you were still saying that. I said they get ruined. I think you, let me slide one. So I’ll return the favor.

That’s because we just don’t want to do it anymore. Alcohol

Erick: All right. take five, These friends are at a cookout it seems like they also kind of overwrote a video because it keeps flashing to the cookout with their wives. The one guy’s dressed up with an embarrassing it’s Halloween of 1998 They’re driving to the party and they show up at this house and they’re like, where is everybody? Because it’s kind of dead. The house is huge though. or drink beers on the way to the house.

In prep for a

Vivi: party for a party because it’s very clear that one is not happening in this house. And they’re still trying to figure out a way to get in

Erick: they go around the back .

Vivi: They just enter. And even when they get in, nobody’s there.

Erick: Yeah. I would have left.

Vivi: that’s what you’re supposed to do. However, it seems like whoever throws this party turns it into a haunted house because there’s comparing it to last year’s haunted house.

Erick: this is clearly not, the house is clearly not that they go into the house and they’re like, this board is so looks, the lights are flickering.

And they’re like, oh, what a shitty haunted house,

one of the guys stays behind as the guys explore one of the rooms and he notices a rumble on one of the pieces of furniture. And then when he turns around, there’s like a stairway in the distance and there’s a shadowy woman

Vivi: she looks like she’s from the. Yeah, she’s dressed like one of the twins

and when the guys came out of the room and they were like, oh, what a shitty effect of the hands coming out?

I thought we weren’t going to see this as the audience, because it was like low budget. And I was like, oh, what a cheap way to say that something scary had happened off camera

Erick: might as well. Not even mentioned it.

Vivi: Yeah. Cause they do show it later.

Erick: the guy who’s holding the camera enters like a black and white room or the lighting is kind of adjusted so that everything looks like it’s black and white. But as he turns the camera, there’s a mirror on the wall. And he sees a woman sitting in the chair across from the mirror.

When he turns left there’s no one in the chair. It’s just kinda like, wait, what the fuck?

Vivi: He turns back to the mirror and sees nothing again. He doesn’t really have time to be freaked out about this. because his friends are egging him on to come explore another room.

Also, if I saw that I would not want to be alone. So I would also go find my

Erick: friends. He doesn’t even know if he’s seeing things like he’s getting spooked by little stuff here and there, but it’s almost like he doesn’t even have time to worry about it.

Vivi: This is what bothers me. And it’s something that bothered me and rec you have a camera rewind and see what.

And rec they did it for a scene that didn’t even matter. And then later didn’t do it for a much more intense, scary scene. If you saw a ghost, you could clearly rewind and be like, here is the

Erick: evidence I guess it’s difficult with like a video camera because those things were huge.

If you recall they weren’t the little small handhelds that you can carry. Now they were these giant over the shoulder. Things , especially

Vivi: since it’s 1998,

Erick: Yeah. The camera might not even have had a screen to play back.

Now that I think about it, would make more sense. So our entire argument in van Gogh,

the guy starts to hear noise upstairs and they hear some chanting. It’s praying. It’s scripture, like

Vivi: like

power of Christ

Erick: compels you. the guys start to go upstairs and like, oh shit. there’s something going on with the haunted house.

in there. Yeah. They’re excited. It’s these a group of men and they’re like torturing a woman who’s tied to the ceiling and the ground, men are yelling and they’re like cast him down, cast him down.

And the group of guys is like, yeah, cast him down,

Vivi: I found the scene hilarious because they’re chanting thinking that it’s a haunted house and the men are like, what the fuck?

What are you doing here? And they quickly realized that this is not a Hammond. So awkward.

Erick: As they’re yelling at them to get out one of the guys in the background, it’s like something grabbed him by the neck and lifts him up into the ceiling.

The dust here aren’t really that crazy. It’s like everyone who gets pulled away is just choked and then just thrown, pulled into the darkness. Yeah. everyone goes into panic. one of the guys tries to untied the woman. They get her down more men who were there are starting to get choked and thrown to the ceiling.

as they’re running down, chaos ensues, really like this. In fact, I remember this being a very memorable ending there’s like hand prints smashing the walls. There’s like a doorway that’s like off its hinges, floating in the background. dishes floating around. It’s very like haunted mansion, you know? Okay. Because

Vivi: I was going to say, I don’t like this scene now maybe I thought it was decent in 2012. looks like the haunted mansion ride.

It’s kind of corny. And I don’t think the haunted mansion scary.

Erick: What I thought was creeping before was when they tried to go for the doorknob and that doors window closes on itself and was like, oh my God, they’re trapped.

walls are also protruding with hands. It’s almost like the house is trying to stop them. They’re carrying the woman out. they’re trying to shove these storm doors. Open hands are starting to protrude leading up to the door. They finally make it in the last.

The woman’s kinda saying a couple of things. They’re like, no, you can’t, but they are talking too fast and in a panic to let her really say anything, they drive off, The girls got blood on her arms and they’re like, oh man, we got to go to a hospital.

What did we do? the car is starting to lose control. It’s stalling. It pulls up to an open area and in a flashing glitch of the camera, the woman has gone.

Vivi: They are freaking out and you see that she’s actually outside the car.

She walks over to the front of the car. And they realize that they are on the train tracks. She just looks at them and

Erick: walks away. There’s a light in the distance they’re trying to open the door. One of them even tries to kick the window up and they’re like, what the fuck? Unlock the doors. What are you doing? They’re panicking the train approaches, honks, the tape ends.

Vivi: And that is it. The credits we get is the same scene from the beginning of the douchey guys, trying to assault this woman on the street.

Erick: They put the salt part over and over and over and over again. I was like, that was like the worst part you could choose for credits to repeat

Vivi: bro. Scary part actual scary parts. You’re a horror movie.

What did you think of this?

I feel like the effects don’t age. Well

Erick: I think the AGE-WELL again, these are not like high budget. Do everything you can type of movies. You could feel the panic of the guys running out of the house.

Vivi: Yeah. That’s very apparent there. Panic. It just feel like they threw together a haunted house movie in like the last two seconds of this movie. It was like, do everything scary at once without building any suspense.

And that kind of doesn’t work for me.

Erick: don’t understand like the reason to kill them because they already. this is a haunted house power. Leave the

Vivi: house what I gathered is the woman is actually possessed and demonic and removing her from the house was the wrong call.

And it looked like they were exercising her. Oh yeah. True. Performing

Erick: an exorcism on her. And so she was the one doing that to the house.

Vivi: Yeah. Cause the house is trying desperately not to let them leave with her.

Erick: So the house is good.

Vivi: Is attached to her in some

Erick: sense, the house is the good guy in this situation. it’s like casita in Encanto. Dark. At the same time

Vivi: now this one, this one doesn’t work for me.

Erick: What did you think of the whole film

Vivi: I now seeing it years later, I feel like this is a very dude bro movie. It is centered around a lot of guys being douche bags or doing things that gets them killed because they’re douchebags. It shows so much boob for no reason. It like focuses heavily on like slasher tropes of eighties movies, the sex part.

Like I feel like that part is very prominent in these, not so much the part that makes them great, which is like decent kills and actual.

Definitely. For me, the best ones were the first one and the alien human hybrid one. I buy you.

Erick: I like a lot of them. amateur night, which is the first one with Lily is fun. I do really like the one with the Jason style glitch monster.

What do you give to the film overall?

Vivi: So I don’t think it’s scary. The thing that scares me is like people in your house. That’s the one that freaks me out the most, but I want to give it a six out of 10.

Erick: Cool, I’d actually give it a five.

Vivi: Wow. I thought you were going to go higher cause you really liked it when you first saw it.

Erick: Yeah, I did like it, but , it’s not as scary as I remember. the five isn’t to say, like it sucks. It’s just kind of like average I wouldn’t bring this any lower than five.

Vivi: It’s like a stupid one. Like you could just turn it on and not think about stuff. And be like, oh, that one was dumb. That one was scary. That one

Erick: was cool.

 I think it’s hard to rate the film overall when you can probably rate each individual story for the slasher one, I’d say four for the alien one, I’d say 1.5, you probably have some that are fives, some that are ones

Vivi: that’s pretty much it for this month on found footage films

What scary.

Erick: Nothing. I was actually surprised, but This will be our first. what made low-key comfortable. We were hanging out with him on the couch and Alvira and him sort of cuddles.

Vivi: Yeah, they haven’t exactly gotten along yet. So that was a big step for them.

Erick: Loki’s

Vivi: first comfort

Erick: content. Yeah. I’m sure people love to hear what made Loki happy. Not always what frightens them.

Vivi: You want to tell us about it? Low-key sounds good.

We hope you guys find it’s about

Erick: damn time. Y’all live in the same house for the last like three months. Yeah, I was, let’s say four months. It feels longer.

Vivi: Got it together. But is that pretty much it for us here?

Erick: Yeah. We have some new Patrion shout outs. I want to say thanks to Jordan. Cheers. Thanks so much for becoming a new patron. We also have a nightmare on for your street who decided to join our Patrion as well. Cheers. See you guys. Thank you so much for the support. We love you guys. And you know, we couldn’t be here without you. If you aren’t currently a patron, don’t forget that you can get a new episode every month.

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