Midsommar (2019)

here we are sick. Eric. Ready to roll. Ready to do a show? Do the thing. Yeah. Yeah.

We’ll come back to the chicken. That scared podcast here with you as always your host, Eric and Vivi. Today, we’re going to be talking about the 2019 film Midsummer directed by Ari Aster. Before we get into that, how are you viewing?

I don’t know. I feel like I’ve just been taking care of you and Loki. Cause you’re both sick and working I’m tired. Well, how are you? I thought I was going to come on here and talk about how my tattoo went, but obviously I didn’t have a chance to do that because I’ve just been sick. I don’t know what I ate something fucked my stomach up.

And here I am. I mean, we don’t got to give the details, but I didn’t say I shat. my stomach feels bad. You say stomach thing. And I feel like people just imagine you’re either puking your guts out or shitting your brains up, then that’s their problem. Not mine. Okay. I said what I said,

what do you have for, could we contact?

I think me and you have the same creepy content. We watch screen five. Yay. Without giving spoilers. What’d you think it really enjoyed it, really enjoyed it? I think my favorite is the first one for sure, but I think this is my. Really. Wow. Wow. I think I agree. It’s definitely top three, yeah, I really had a lot of fun with it.

I can’t wait to see if there’s more, I hope there’s more, saw some articles about what the original plans for five and six were like years ago back when the 2011 screen four came out. just all the craziness that was supposed to be screamed five and six originally, but this was definitely fun. we don’t want to give too many spoilers because people are still watching it.

It’s like all over Twitter. It’s like the only thing anyone’s talking about in our feeds, because we follow a lot of horror accounts, but also I think at the point of releasing this, we will be two weeks out. So officially the grace period for spoilers, according to Eric anyway. Yeah. Well, we’ll get the screen five when we get to that in the timeline.

Anyway, we haven’t done scream three or four yet, yeah. We watched them in preparation for five, I guess that’s also creepy content. That’s true. Yeah. I guess we watched screen three and four in one night before we went to the premiere. I’ll hold my thoughts until we.

So what about comfort, content, I haven’t really been home. I guess comfort content would be that I went to Taylor night with my sister and cousin and it was super fun and we scream and sang along to Taylor swift songs and bought very overpriced drinks. The stories I’ve heard, it sounded like it was really intense.

Like the building was going to collapse. Right? Yeah. People, I did not know people went this hard because Taylor swift, it’s not like she’s a metal artist. Like, but people were swaying banging their heads. Like it was interesting to see poor. AIJ got stuck being the only guy at the event since you bailed.

I was getting my tattoo bailed and my sister’s boyfriend also got a stomach thing. So think you guys are just passing it along to each other. Yeah. We made out at the party. We hung out at this weekend. That’s why I’m sick. It’s possible.

Sweet. since today I’m sick. I’m only going to take a sip from the drink, but what do you have for us?

Okay. So I’m excited for this one. I’m calling it the love rune and it is obviously inspired by the drink. Magia magia I just want to say nausea, but pronounce it or is it Maya? They say it Maya, but it’s M a J a, Yeah. The drink that Maya gives Christian. That is noticeably darker than the rest of everyone else’s drinks.

And he still drinks. I was reading some stuff or fun facts today. And it was like, if you don’t pay attention, you won’t notice that Christians drink is more red than everyone else’s, which implies menstrual blood was put in his drink.

And I’m like, no one knew that isn’t that the point it felt very obvious. But yeah, maybe some people missed it. I just do a lemonade gin drink, because gin tends to be a very flowery spirit and added rose, hibiscus syrup to give it, you know, all the flowery vibes of this movie.

It does smell floral. Good. That was the goal.

That’s good. It’s all good. No, it’s good. I like that. You actually like it. That you’re going to hate it. You say that for like, anytime I say anything to your dreams, I always think you’re going to hate my drinks because I do tend to make them a little sweeter. Cause that’s your damn.

It tastes a lot of that gin. My goal was to make it strong sense. They’re tripping balls this entire movie Oh, so is it heavy on the gin? It’s almost equal parts, gin and lemonade. No, I love that. Wait, what made it red? Hibiscus rose syrup is red.

Oh, cool. This is pretty tasty. I’m going to give it a 4.5. I would give it a 3.5. Yeah, it’s just strong. So I would just do one of these and then switch to something else because you’ll get a hangover straight gin.

I don’t think Jen is meant to be drank straight. I feel like I have in the past. That’s disgusting. Is gin on the rocks? A thing maybe. I don’t know. I don’t know. I’ll look it out after this. No, this we’re drinking podcasts,

Are you ready for some of them? Five. I’m excited for this because I wonder if you were able to find facts that I don’t know. No pressure. Yeah, this sucks.

why did I do this? You know what? This is not fair. I heard you listening to a video that was like top 20 things that you would miss in mid-summer yesterday. You’re watching all these videos. Yeah. Yeah. To be more educated.

It’s not about fun facts though. It’s like themes in the gotcha. Although the movie takes place in Sweden, the film was actually mostly filmed in Hungary. The entire set was also built from scratch, Ari Aster and perdition designer. Henrik Spenson went on a trip to Northern Sweden, visiting old farms that they recall were covered in paintings.

These inspired the paintings that we see in the film. I didn’t know the painting facts, but I did not know that most of it was filmed. Not in Sweden. even the U S shots weren’t done where they say they are. I think they say they’re in Minnesota, in New York. And most of them were done in Utah.

The lies. Does it snow like that in Utah? There’s mountains. Oh, okay. I always think of Utah as like just a dry desert. no, one’s going to give a shit that is in Minnesota, Utah, New York, somebody might why they do, then they need to go somewhere else, Utah. Yeah. much of what we see about the Hargod and their rituals was made up by res or even creating a hundred page Bible of sorts to abide by however, that doesn’t mean he didn’t pull inspiration from actual historical research.

For example, the love spell is something that was inspired by his research. I thought he collected from like, cause mid summer festivals are real things. So I thought he collected from a lot of different European cultures on.

Yeah. But as far as like the rituals and things like that go, they’re not just like killing people or they, I think that was the question that people had after viewing this because. They kill nine people. And they say they have the Midsummer festival every year.

If this small little village was killing nine people every year, they would easily be detected. But no, the 90 years old justice is the one where they kill nine people. Much harder to track a pattern. Hmm. He’s big on Colts.

This is his second movie and it also deal with it’s also a second movie and deals with head trauma. Oh yeah. He loves his head drama. I think he said he’s never going to stop. According to Ari Aster, it took about six weeks of talking with the MPA before they decided to switch Midsummer’s original NC 17 rating to an R rating.

There’s a three hour director’s cut. If you’d like to see more of what possibly was cut from the theatrical version, this film is already two and a half hours. And I felt like some points could’ve gone by a little faster. I can’t picture what three hours would do for the film. I’d watch the three hours, but only if it’s more of what’s happening in the town versus just sitting around hallucinating.

the film is filled with ways to make the viewer join the group and feeling confused in his strange, the Swedish subtitles are never translated. The ruins and symbols are never truly explained. Even the tapestries and paintings are left up to the viewer’s interpretation. I did see that, that they purposely did not translate all the Swedish word.

 The film was obviously a film about breakups and was inspired by a recent breakup. Ari Aster had Ari Aster has also referred to the film as a fairytale.

You kind of get that feeling from the mural at the start that basically portrays the entire plot of the movie with characters. And all I could see that I think somewhere there was mentions of him promoting it as a fucked up wizard of Oz.

Oh really? Yeah. I did hear that it was about a breakup, but that it was like he was the role of Danny and his partner was the role of Christian. It’s kind of fucked up. Imagine you go watch that movie and it’s your ex oh man. I mean, it’s all this stuff you did to them and then they, burn you inside a bear.

Mm but that’s all I got. I’m going to have other stuff, maybe I’ll bring them up when we talk about the movie. Maybe, In that case, are you ready to give me a speed run? I’m not, 1, 2, 3, dope.

Okay. So we’re introduced to Danny and she’s emailing back and forth with her sister. Her sister’s that responding. She’s trying to get a hold of her parents.

She calls her boyfriend, her boyfriend’s hanging out with his friends. His friends are saying that she’s toxic. And he’s like, I don’t know. I’ve got to be nicer. She ends up finding out that whore that her family was killed by her sister because she left a really scary email. She cries like crazy. They ended up deciding that they’re going to go because I think they’re anthropologists.

They’re going to go to a town in Sweden led by Pele. They end up going, they’re going to study the Midsummer festivals in. Town. And then they decide they go there, they’ve meet other people there. There’s they start getting on a bunch of drugs and teas and little stuff starts to happen. Josh and Christian have this fallout because Christian doesn’t know how to be himself.

And he’s like trying to take Josh’s idea a little bit. Well, a couple of them get picked off on my one. And then at the end, the Christian is like being, it has like a love spell put on him and is set aside to have sex with this girl who put the love, spell on him. Danny is led to be the may queen and watches him.

Uh, I was trying to give so much detail and I just wanted to skip to the end, but I was like, no. Yeah, definitely. Similar to hereditary, all the meat happens at the end here. We watched this like three days ago.

We did, but we’ve seen it quite a few times. I know, but I’m also not feeling well.

Did you catch that? Eric’s not feeling well. do you want to give me a brief, let’s see what the internet says. This is about,

a couple of travels to Sweden to visit their friend’s a rural hometown for its fabled Midsummer festival, but what begins as an idealic retreat quickly devolves into an increasingly violent and bizarre competition at the hands of a pagan cult? Yeah, I guess, pagan, Colt and I am DB gives this a 7.1 out of 10 I think it deserves a little better than that.

It’s not far off from what I would give it. Spoiler that’s for the end. A pigging cold. Huh? think it’s funny when we see a group of people who we don’t understand and immediately assume they’re a cold this is just like some potential in Sweden.

I don’t think I’d go to that ranch and be like, this is a cult. I would, Y especially if they started sacrificing people, what if that’s just what happens in the town? And you’re a cult because you don’t do that. I would do so well with the Hagia and survive. You’d be the may queen. cause you’re like, it’s chill.

It’s cool. It’s just what they do.

I don’t think that just because we don’t understand them doesn’t mean that they’re automatically, I mean, they’re ritually sacrificing people. That sounds a little pagan there’s ruins. There’s definitely some herbs involved. I mean, by that logic, a lot of things that are colds, I mean, yeah. what is it? It’s the saying? cult plus time equals religion, I guess.

I mean, we’re not going to get into the background of cults, religion and pagan. Okay. I’ve been asking this at the beginning of our summaries. Now, what did you think about it when you first saw it?

I thought it was really long and didn’t know what was happening most of the time I just was like, whoa, The first two times the second time was a little better, and then just know that they’re in this town and good for Danny, I guess. You could have done all that in shorter time, I remember just seeing the image of the poster everywhere on Twitter, all the time.

And I was like, okay, finally, like, what is this movie saw that it was Ari Astor’s film following up hereditary. We had just seen her at a Terry a couple of months before, we had just moved into our place and it was like one of the first things I was like, can we watch this?

I do remember being really weirded out the entire time. And then at the end I was like, oh, good for her. Yeah. I do enjoy this movie. similar to hereditary, his films are very, very dense and take. A couple of watches to capture all the fricking detail he loads in there. And even then you’re probably missing something.

Right. I was reading some facts about how, in hallucinations, you see the flowers that are kind of like opening and closing. There are faces in the trees apparently. And I didn’t know that. Oh, yes. the one that’s her sister. Correct? I saw that one specifically, but they said many faces and I was like, there’s more than one.

I did see that too. The only ones that I really recognized were her sisters face That’s what I mean. And I’ve seen this like three or four times. So he has to be looking for it. Yeah. You have to not even be paying attention to what’s going on. You gotta be looking for faces in the ‘ I think when her sister’s face appears, they’re carrying her off on that pedestal.

So you’re paying attention to that. Not the treeline in the back. Again, who watched this and notice that you got good eyes, man. if you watch it a thousand times and a half. Why not? One time you watch it for the characters and other time you watch it for the music a third time, you watch it for all the shit that’s in the background.

And other time you just vibe don’t even watch it. Don’t even watch it. It just feel the feeling, just have it on with your eyes closed.

Are you ready to dive in? Yes. do you want me to do most of it? Yeah. So VB is going to lead most of the discussions that I had just because I don’t want to sound too boring and like I’m all over the place.

I’m sure it’s already noticed. I will sound like I’m all over the place. No. We open on a very detailed, odd looking tapestry that upon first viewing you don’t realize, is the entire story of the film. It’s like an intro to a Disney fairytale Yeah. It’s like the book that is shown before. It’s that mural that you see when you walk through Cinderella’s castle and Disney world, the paintings on the wall. It’s only in the story. kind of, and there are several hands Palae is seen above leading Danny and Christian to his village where the heart, our heart is going to be a pain to say Heartgard, R R I sound like that. He’s actually playing a pipe, a reference to him being the pied Piper. Mark’s actually wearing the fool’s cap dissecting that mural alone could be a whole episode of the podcast. So I would recommend that you go back, pause it, take a look at all the little things

just like we see paintings in the hardest village. Is this something that exists allegedly in this world though? That would be so specific? I think it’s definitely for the viewer. we got a couple shots that establish that it’s winter. Before we meet Danny, she is staring at her computer visibly worried and is calling who we find out to be her parents. She leaves a voicemail as her parents are sleeping saying that she’s pretty worried because she got a scary message from her sister, Terry, she’s calling to try and figure out what’s going on.

we see a graduation picture of her in a flower crown for shadowing. Some of the events that happened later, getting no answer, Danny hangs up and looks at the emails. There is a scary note from Terry that says something along the lines of I can’t anymore. Everything is black.

Mom and dad are coming to goodbye. What a terrifying email. I would be equally as worried as, yeah. I mean, your sister’s bipolar. You don’t want to raise alarm, she then tells Christian that this message feels different than any.

She stepped before. He’s hanging out with his friends she kind of feels bad for including him. Cause she’s like, I’m putting all this weight on him, but he seems kind of a whatever answering in this very absent way. Oh, whatever is a nice way of putting it because he says things along the line of your sister does this to you because you let her and he’s very much just trying to downplay it, but not in the way that’s comforting.

Christian is a shitty boyfriend. He’s telling him. Yeah. He’s telling Danny that it’s her fault that it’s escalated to this. And she kind of has a moment of standing up for herself where she’s like, I don’t let her do anything she’s bipolar.

And he’s like, she’s doing this to you on purpose because you listen and she’s like, no, you’re right. Danny has this habit of being submissive to Christian The moment she feels like there’s no coming back from the conversation or the argument with Christian, she just goes back within herself and it’s kind of like, no, you’re right.

You’re right. I’m wrong. Yeah. Just from this first call, it’s very evident that she’s walking on eggshells with him. he has a way of flipping it on her and making her feel like it’s her fault for even reaching out to him for support to the bone where she calls her friend and tells her maybe I leaned on him too much.

I’m scaring him off. he doesn’t deserve to hear this. again, it’s apparent that Danny thinks that she’s at fault for feeling the way she feels and doesn’t have the support she needs from Christian, her friends.

The only one with reason here, because her friend’s like, no, what the fuck? That’s what he’s there for? He’s your boyfriend. Yeah. She was definitely a better friend to her than Christian even is the I’m scaring him off comment. I feel like that’s something you say when you’re like a year into a relationship later, we find that they’re like four years in.

that’s a very strange way to feel like I’m scaring someone off. Who’s been with me for four years. the real question is, why did she last this long with Christian? I mean, I guess you could say that about any abusive relationship. Sometimes you, as the person involved, don’t see it and need someone with an outside perspective to be the one who reminds you what’s happening. but it doesn’t sound like she’s listening to her friend.

And I would say to that, it could also be like, he’s manipulating her to feel like she should stay in this relationship. We find out right after this. because we pan to the pizza place with mark, Josh, and Palae that he’s been thinking about breaking things off with her for a year and a half or something ridiculous like that.

That’s such a long time. That is a long time. And my friend, while they’re having this discussion and Mark’s being a douche, who’s kind of enabling Christian to keep feeding into this whole, like just fucking drop her. she’s abusing you. Mark has this impression that Danny is the one abusing Christian Josh points out, are you sure that you’re not using it as a way to avoid coming up with what your PhD is?

I thought that was so funny. Cause it’s like a year and a half. You’ve been using your for a year and a half to put your PhD. I mean, yeah. Josh is probably the one that deserved all this, the least of all the friends of the friends. Okay. But he was very pushy With the Harker.

Yeah. I mean, that was his fault, of his friends, he was probably like the least shitty. Yeah. He was definitely just there to do his work and mind his business. Until he didn’t,

they make this weird comment. When the waitress comes by and drops the food off, I think she makes eye contact with Christian and Mark’s like, look, see, you could be impregnating her right now. You’re right. I’m not going to go and pregnant. Anyone else? I want to stay with my girlfriend. That’s a lot of work actually. Nevermind.

paleo, so comments, don’t forget about all the Swedish women that you could be impregnating when we go in June, this is the first time we hear that. They’re about to go take this month long trip to Sweden. And it’s a very interesting choice of words and it is on purpose.

But Danny calls again and Mark’s like, she’s abusing you. She needs a therapist. And he’s like, she has one and he’s like, well, why isn’t she calling them? And honestly, all Danny has done is called her boyfriend twice. And Mark’s acting like it’s the most abusive thing a person can do call you.

You call me once and immediately start yelling at me cause they didn’t answer. on the first one abuse that you answered, I’m yelling at you that you did an answer,

but we hear Danny just wailing. No, no, no. On the other We pan back to her family’s residence And we find the fire department entering the home. We see them turn off a car and follow a tube. that Terry has taped to her face. Along with under the door of her parents’ room her parents went peacefully in their sleep, but when we pan over to the scene in Terry’s room, it’s pretty gruesome.

It’s like she threw up in her mask And one of her eyes is, yeah, and apparently the vomit on her is a call to the exorcism.

Cause it’s pea green. Oh, I would not have guessed that. I mean, it seems very gray skills. I wouldn’t even, know that those are color for the peak behind her sister is the unopened emails from Danny. Suddenly we’re back with Christian walking to Danny’s apartment on his way to comfort her. This is the most awkward way I’ve ever seen anyone comfort anyone. He is like, not sure how to hold her.

He looks over it already. What is wrong with you? Almost like into his face. He’s like, oh, this is another stunt you pulled to inconvenience me I don’t know. I hate him so much. Make this the hate Christian. Yeah, we got another boyfriend hate episode.

We get the title card for Midsummer Midsummer, mid some are, however the fuck you pronounce it. I’ve heard so many mid summer mid some NAR mid-summer SanMar I’m going to say mid summer. It’s sunny outside and Danny is in bed. We pan out and see a giant painting of a little girl in a crown kissing. A bear more foreshadowing for later. her crown than him in a bear suit. Casey didn’t know loud. Sorry to spoil it for you. Christian walks in and says that he’s just going to a party for 45 minutes she should go back to sleep.

Don’t worry. You need to sleep. And she’s like, no, I wasn’t sleeping anyways, We could do them at the party, focused on Danny, kind of in a fog, not really listening to the talks around her. Did you hear one of the conversations?

It was like, yeah, heard my dad fucking my step-mom or something. It was like, dude, bro, he talk, no wonder. She’s tuned out. Oh wait, maybe the subtitles tell you what’s going on around. And I’m like, oh my God, that’s what they’re saying. Chris and his friends are talking about how they’re going to go to Europe and they’re going to go study the Midsummer traditions. And Danny’s barely finding out. You can see on her face she’s the shortest of the group.

All the guys are standing tall above her she’s standing there looking like one on a rider. When they got that reward, all those names that came about she’s just staring up at them like, huh. what? Paley mentions. They’re going to his home country.

very intentionally, it looks at Danny when he says this, because I’m pretty sure he’s gathered that she didn’t know about this. Danny immediately turns to Christian who says they were just thinking about it. They weren’t going to do it. And we got a super awkward ride home. as they enter Danny’s apartment, we get an awkward confrontation. It is again, one of those scenes where Danny is the one we are focusing on, but Christian can be viewed from a mirror.

I believe he did this in hereditary too. A couple of times. I think I saw the area. I feel like sees mirrors because it’s supposed to be a reflection of the person, how they feel inside versus what they’re portraying. He quickly makes her feel like shit for asking. he’s like, I wasn’t thinking about going. And she’s like, no, I know, but like you didn’t tell me. just would like to know. And he’s like, what? did. told you today she’s like, okay, but I’m just surprised that I’m barely finding out about it.

makes her feel like shit for asking. Yes. It’s funny. Cause he’s like, I was just thinking about it She says you already have tickets. and he stays gone south, it goes from that to Christian threatening to leave. And Danny immediately goes into apology. Mode, says it was just weird she was just trying to understand and just try to get him to stay just really uncomfortable as a viewer personally, I’m like, Hmm, that is not how I would have seen that conversation going.

No, Danny, you could do better. She starts to try to help him and wanting to go. Like he didn’t already want to go. She’s like, you can get some inspiration for your thesis. Like she completely flips because of how Christian made her feel.

I hate him. I’m going to say that after every scene, he said, I hate, he goes to his friends and he’s like, Danny’s coming. She’s not going though. But I told her she’s coming. don’t act like it and just tell you, but she’s coming, but she’s not actually going, oh, why does it, he just tell people what’s going on because he’s a piece of shit.

Danny shows up at Mark’s place mark makes up some excuse about, come look at this paragraph in the other room to talk to Christian about inviting her. It’s another one of those scenes where Danny and Christian are in the mirror.

While we look at the group of guys in the room, apparently in the shot, you can see a framed photo of the scarecrow on Mark’s fridge, alluding to his fate later on. Hmm. And while Christian leaves the room, Danny has a conversation with Palae. he asks her, Oh, you’re going to Sweden. And she says, yes, we’ll actually be arriving on my birthday. So not only did Christian not tell her about his trip, he also is leaving the day of her birthday. Been there. just kidding. Oh, have you now.

 This is not a surprise, given that Christian doesn’t even remember it’s a birthday even while they’re there. Okay. But after four years. Okay. Anyway, not the point. Yeah. Hailey tells her more about what they’re going to go see. he’s like, yeah, it’s a nine day festival.

It’s kind of like a patch and tree. There are ceremonies dressing up and she’s like, oh, you’re from a commune. It shows her these photos. And she’s like, oh yeah, they are really dressed up because everyone’s dressed in white. It looks very tranquil summary, natural She points out a symbol actually on one of the girls’ dresses because he’s showing her photos of past may Queens. he explains they learn or study the runic alphabet. He also told her that he’s happy. She’s going. Do you think he already knew about Danny and already had his intentions to have her go long before Christian needed. Definitely excited to go to this because even when he first mentioned that they’re going to Sweden, he looks at Danny.

He doesn’t look at anyone else in the group. So I think he is later on, we find out rewarded for being very intuitive. I think he knows. And is putting all this into motion. He also kisses her. What does that mean? Oh, he was totally into her. That’s why he wants her to go. Right. This has nothing to do with anything other than that, paly likes Danny.

This is the true story of this fairytale, you know? Okay. stepping aside real quick for this to be like a fairytale, this is what classic fairytales were like. The fairytales that we see with Disney parents are dead. Yeah. They’re not happy ending. Everything is amazing. There are fucked up fairytales out there.

The little mermaid she dies at the end. Oh yeah. All those brother Grimm. Yeah. this is a classic fairy tale Cinderella. I think all the sisters cut off their toes to fit in the shoes. They’re like dark stories. These are the stories of our childhood But Paley takes this moment to speak to Danny openly telling her I am so sorry to hear what happened about your family. He mentioned how he also lost his family some time ago.

Danny’s instantly sad and his, oh, fuck. Instantly panicking. I think this has a lot to do with Christian constantly trying to make her push her feelings down and not really letting her grieve openly that the first time somebody says something to her or any time from here on out, because anytime someone mentions family or things like that, she freaks out.

She almost feels embarrassed for feeling yet. Yeah. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and we get this quick cut scene to her being in an airplane, bathroom, crying, sobbing, listen, I really liked this movie, but if we could do quick cuts like this, why is this movie two and a half hours?

I see. So you agree, you agree that it’s long it’s long, but there are just so many details, I don’t know. I mean, he had a a hundred page Bible, meaning it could have been longer and there’s a three hour director’s cut. it could have been long and I’m still gonna watch it. I’m still because I’m a glutton for punishment.

They’re driving in Sweden mark sees women. And he’s like, what makes them hotter here? Josh, like they found all the beautiful women and just brought them back here. I wonder if that’s true lore. I’ve heard about something like that.

I just, I dunno if that’s like rumors, you know, it sounds like they only found white women. I mean, they’re in this part of, and they didn’t conquer as much as they sat the same. They’re lying. Just kidding. Right? all the most beautiful women. They’re not all in Europe. Shocking. They’re in Mexico called Lala.

Rona. Oh, she’s the hottest one. That’s why she’s crying. She’s crying because she won’t be left alone. But all the men looking for her, I would also cry if men didn’t leave me alone. Yeah. we enter the upside down in this. Oh, because it goes like that. Yeah. it hovers over them in a scene. Very similar to the shining when they’re arriving at the overlook hotel, then it flips upside down.

I wonder if this is to symbolize, there are now entering a world where there rules don’t apply. Things are upside down. That’s kind of cool. I was just like, oh cool camera.

If I don’t say down cool shot. they’re driven for four hours and they finally make it to this field.

They meet Ingamar he introduces some of his other friends, Simon and Connie this first step in their journey is funny. Cause it seems like it’s just get high before you even enter the commune. Danny is the one who pointed out and he’s like, yo chill. I’m just trying to get settled first because they’re trying to hand everybody’s shrooms immediately.

Shrooms, not even just like, Hey, here’s some weed, some edibles we might as well have started asking. You want some LSD. You want some cocaine. You want some fucking, just, you want to end your life right now? Mark has this weird issue with them not taking all the shrooms at the same time. It’s a thing. Okay. Mark’s such baby.

He is. Cause he’s the one that trips, the worst it is. I was like, dude, if anything, you needed someone sober because you are freaking out. we assume that the Haga are not doing it with them. Right. They are. Are you sure? Cause Ingamar is acting nice and natural. Well, they’re fucking the rooms all day.

Every day. It’s probably like, wait, thing. Yeah, well they drink it in tea. Hold on. Let me do the tea. Palae does it take some and he does seem like to have the effects of it. Okay. This seems kind of cool though.

Mark’s again having his own fucking show but Danny is in the middle, under the tree clearly feeling it. She looks down at her hand and the grass is growing through her hand. because paleo is like leading their trip, trying to say like, look at nature.

It all breeds. And then the trees to breathe. But Mark’s is something that I found really fun. When other people are on their way over to them. He’s like you people, I don’t want new people right now. That’s me all the time. No shrubs just all the time.

Danny starts gasping she actually starts to freak out because mark says his group of friends is like his family. Again, the word family sets her off, she does run into another group of people who she thinks are laughing at her.

Going back to her being embarrassed about her feelings. Eventually she finds the outhouse where she tries to collect yourself. It makes me so sad because she’s like, you’re okay. You’re okay. It’s almost your birthday. it’s kind of like a blink and you miss it.

Moment. Her sister appears behind her in the mirror. She is obviously scared. And when she looks back in the mirror, her face is distorted and this freaks her out and she bolts out, running from the outhouse till I believe she like trips and falls the screen goes to black and she kind of has a dream where she is sitting on the couch with her parents and makes eye contact with her sister She’s woken up by Christian. They’re like, we found you here six hours ago, meaning that they found her. And then they still let her just lay there for six hours. Did nobody else sleep? were they watching her for six hours? Do this? She also asks did it get dark at all? they’re like, kind of, but not really. I’ve heard this film described a lot as a daylight slash daytime horror while so many horror films focus on at night in the dark.

This movie is so bright. you said something when we were watching it, it’s never really nighttime there? Yeah. in Sweden and in other parts of the world, I don’t know exactly where there’s. Yeah, there’s very limited. Nighttime, the sun is almost always out. We should look this up because I sound like an idiot.

There’s probably like a real reason for this. It’s probably just like anything that’s near the Northern hemisphere you have less for the rotations of the earth. There you go. That’s much smarter. Thank you. I mean, I’m sure that’s wrong too. The point is not a lot of nighttime. No wonder they’re always high.

I would also find it really hard to sleep.

So they walk to the town through the forest. they’re having a conversation about ticks. You brought this fact out about area master. Yeah. Apparently he was actually very worried about takes while filming this movie he thought it’d be funny to add Mark’s dialogue and as his own concerns, because then I think paly mentioned like statistics about how so many people have ended up in the hospital because of tanks And they had, have closed casket funerals because they just look unrecognizable. Yeah. Because of tick-borne and cephalitis. does not sound like a good time. They enter through this sun opening though. Once they arrive to the village Everyone’s in white it’s very majestic. Very tranquil. One of them makes a comment that like, are we in Waco, mark? I got. they are greeted with strawberries all the villagers seem to hug the returning Harget from their pilgrimage. Paley refers to everyone as his brothers and stuff.

Like everyone, they are all raised by the commune, which we’d see examples of later were introduced to father OD and Palae speaks to father OD in Swedish. They say things to each other.

And you, as the viewer, along with the group were kind of like, okay, it’s one of those, like, you speak English only, and then your Hispanic family and they speak Spanish around you and you don’t know what they’re saying. I mean, that doesn’t happen to me, but it’s like the closest we can relate it to. just wondering if we ever planned a trip to somewhere where we don’t know the language and we know we’re going, like I had a time, I think I would try to at least know how to say, like, where’s the bathroom? Where can I get food?

Where’s this like, very basic, like, thank you. All those things. Where’s the coffee. Where’s the shrooms. Whereas the beer. Yes. But nothing important. Like where’s the hospital. No, no, no. We don’t need that. If we’re dying here, that’s fine. would at least assume Josh would do this, but he kind of does.

Josh kind of does recognize what they’re saying because they ask him, do you know what they’re saying? And jaw is like, Hmm. Oh, we’ll talk about that scene. Josh is kind of a douche to. I thought this was interesting when he is introducing everyone to father OD, he shakes everyone’s hand, but when he comes to greet Danny, he says welcome home and gives her a hug.

She’s the only one he does this to, paly, probably told father OD, Hey, this is the chick, the chick whose pants I’m trying to get into, be extra nicer.

Father also mentioned this is a celebration to celebrate Emir and nature.

He stammers to say what he means. Trying to translate what he means in English saying, nature is like an hermaphrodite. Josh says it’s like another culture and father Addis is like, anyway. Yeah. I think what he’s trying to say is there’s duality in nature.

Like it’s not particularly gendered. It has traits of both this drum beats in the background though.

And these kids are being followed, by the group. They started the celebration and say that it’s been 90 years since the grief. the 90 pieces to commence. And it’s 90 days until the next one. Apparently nine is a sacred number in a lot of folklore and a lot of pagan rituals.

that would explain the nine day festival that every 90 years, even the ages where they go on their pilgrimage are multiples of nine. that just goes to show you how much they’re really digging the number nine. Mother sieve, is a matriarch of this village. At least she is in charge of announcing everything that’s going on with the festivities

they give a torch to this old man and the woman they say this high fire is not hotter, no higher. And she yells spirits back to the day. It’s all stuff that you’re like, what what’s on your first watch, but comes into play later.

We cut to a kid just painting. He is smearing paint all over a book. Josh later describes this kid as the disabled and we find out he is a product of inbreeding. The next thing we get is Maya in the mirror. She does this thing that a lot of the hard good do, which is a sharp breathing in the mirror and then walks out. Do we find out what that is for? I don’t know, we breathe? Like nature does possible later. They all kind of do it in unison. So the group that sits around and the people are dancing they’re like, you should join.

I think it’s more that says, what are they playing? Palae says skin, the full, which is an illusion to later because mark is the one that is skinned That’s true. I thought it was Simon that asked that cause he was like, charming. Maya playfully kicks Christian and Christian’s response is to ask if anyone can join the, dance. Palae says something along the lines of you’re an American just shove your way in there. And Josh and him go join the festivities.

Danny’s looking though, because she notices that Maya and Chris are making heavy, heavy eye contact. how would she not wasn’t subtle kicked the fuck out of him. Yeah. Danny just lets him get away with way too much. Don’t be looking at people, Paley takes this opportunity and is like, Hey, happy birthday.

He hands her a drawing that he drew of her and says, you know, sorry, I know that this is probably inappropriate. And then he’s like, no, no, no, it’s cool. It’s beautiful. I love it. he mentioned that it’s something that he only does for birthdays. she thanks him because Christian forgot her birthday.

he’s like, oh my God, sorry. She’s like, no, no, no, no, it’s my fault. I forgot to remind him. That’s so shitty. That’s so red. Flaggy run run from the next thing we got is everyone exploring the commune further Connie as Danny about her and Christian’s relationship on how long they’ve been together. Christian tries to say that it’s been three years Danny is like, no, it’s, going to be four years in like two weeks, dude, you already forgot my birthday.

Now you’re going to forget our enemies. I think Connie and Simon are like an important thing to point out here is. Connie and Simon are clearly a couple. They’re always linking hands. They’re always hugging each other in contrast to Danny and Christian who are literally never near each other. No. Even when they’re walking in front of Connie and Simon, at this point, they’re walking outside of the two, They ask, well, how did you guys meet? Ingamar I was like, oh, I was dating Connie. then this guy came along and kind of like, mm, no, we went on like one date he’s like, oh, I bet we were deciding to be friends and Simon came along. Yeah. Any more. His whole story is like, eh, whatever.

I don’t give a shit. I’m here to kill you. Actually, I think the opposite. I think Connie rejected him. And so he brought this couple here to kill because she rejected him. It’s just all a petty revenge story. Volunteers to kill himself in the temple. He knew what he was about.

Okay. It was all for the drama. This is go rejected me. You got to get her gone. But also I’m too embarrassed. So I’m just going to sacrifice myself in the village. He takes this moment to mention that Connie and Simon are actually engaged. Everyone says congratulation and Simon in a very deep voice that does not match his face, says, yeah, actually Mara’s going to officiate the ceremony.

And Danny’s like, really? And he’s like, nah, I don’t think that Simon likes singing.

Christian points out in this moment, the temple. they’re like, oh, that’s a sacred temple. No one’s allowed in Ingmar tells Connie and Simon, I want to show you the rock of Alta Palae tells the rest of the group he’s going to show them where to go for sleeping at night. When Ingamar brings Simon and Connie aside, they notice that there’s a bear in a cage Simon’s like, so we’re not going to talk about the bear in the cage anymore.

I was like, it’s a bear in a cage. What else do you want me to say about it? we get the visual of the tapestry Connie asks, oh, what’s this? Itamar simply says, it’s a love story. In this tapestry. We see a young woman fall in love with a man. She has heart eyes basically goes and picks.

A bunch of flowers, puts these flowers under her pillow and dreams of her relationship with this man. The next day, she cuts off some pubic hair, a very zoomed in tapestry of the vagina. The one where she’s cutting her pubes from far away, wasn’t enough. It wasn’t human. Don’t cut off your actual vagina.

Just some hairs. Maybe that’s happened before. So they’re like we gotta get a close up here. Well, that’s true. If you’re watching this only one time, people are gonna walk out of that theater like this. She caught her lips. Fuck. Oh, Jesus Christ. Along with cutting off a couple of her pubic hairs, she menstruates into a cup.

The next scene is her feeding this young man, essentially her menstrual blood and her pubic hair. He is hypnotized and in love with her. And the final Tapper street is them getting married with the girl being present. again, one of the examples of RAs, you’re just telling us what’s going to happen in this movie.

I think that is probably the main difference between this and hereditary, where we were completely shocked with hereditary This story literally tells you everything, everything that’s going to happen, but you don’t know that on first watch, I guess. No, you just think it’s all there to mess with you as the viewer.

they’re in the slipping area and there’s scriptures all over the wall. paly mentions people who sleep here, sleep here until they’re 36.

They’re the younger ones. Those who are older than move to the laborers house. life is like the seasons. they ask, well, what does that mean? That like you’re a child until you’re 18 that spring, you will then go on your pilgrimage between 18 to 36 that summer.

Between 36 to 54, you are of working age, that’s fall. And at 54 to 72, you are a mentor. That’s winter. Danny’s like, what happens at 72? Paly just kind of makes it just you’re cutting his head off with his hand him and Danny just kind of laugh well because he doesn’t actually think he’s serious. Well, no, but he’s being honest.

As Danny is exploring their sleeping quarters, we can see Palae and Christian having a conversation where he is basically telling Christian, Hey, you forgot her birthday. And he’s like, fuck, did she say anything? And he’s like, no, no, no. Like he’s very defensive of her they’re interrupted by Danny asking, Hey, are these pictures of the may queen?

She asks, who are the main Queens? And he’s like, It’s a dance competition. the winner gets crowned. They’re interrupted by. I’m sorry if I’m mispronouncing her name, but she comes in to tell them that the kids are watching Austin Powers.

If they want to join and kind of makes prolonged eye contact with mark, they have electricity, they have Austin Powers. I like how that’s movie you choose. Christian takes his moment to pull Danny outside where a group of women are rocking a baby to sleep in unison. To me, that’s just like the literal visual of it takes a village to raise a child I’d also ask why I’m doing it here. I mean, it doesn’t seem like they have a lot of seating areas, private homes or things like that. Oh, that’s true.

He tries to surprise Danny with a piece of cake and a candle where he struggles to light it and sings, happy birthday to her awkwardly. And she’s like, no, it’s fine. It doesn’t forget it. Don’t worry about it. No, it’s cool. And he doesn’t try. Yeah. He says she should be upset, expecting her to be mad.

And she’s like, well, I’m not. And I think it’s just her just being 100%. Then also saw somewhere the scene can be interpreted as the flame between them going out and them struggling to keep it on. Yeah, exactly. A subtle, I figured it was

They’re getting ready for bed there’s a baby crying. And they put flowers under the baby’s pillow. from the tapestry, we noticed that it’s just to say, hope you have good dreams If we’re wrong, let us know. There’s mention of the first big ceremony tomorrow. The at the stupa they’re like, what is that? I think paleo is like, it’s too hard to explain. Christian tries to look it up. He doesn’t have signal. he turns to Josh and he’s like, do you know?

And he’s just smirking Doesn’t say anything. What a bad friend warn them, especially knowing what Danny’s gone through. Look, Josh already. Doesn’t like Christian. So I see why he was addicted Christian, but okay. That’s not a Danny, but Danny says, is it scary?

And nobody answers her. What I find funny about the scene now watching it we watched Norsemen one of the opening scenes I think is where they’re debating doing an out of stupa. it’s really funny. I can’t even like, describe it, just go watch that scene. It makes this scene less scary when you’re thinking about that one, it’s the honorable thing to do.

And he’s like, no, it doesn’t seem that honorable you do it. If it’s so honorable

The next day they all get ready for a meal. It looks like they’ve set up these tables and the friends are making comments the bell rings. These old folks are at the front when they sit first, the rest of the group sits down. And then when the old folks grab their fork and knife, that’s when everybody else joins in on eating, we get an aerial shot of this it’s pretty cool. It’s like a domino effect of them all picking up their silverware. the table is in the shape of a rune. Don’t know what it means, but it is. Josh turns to paly and asks if they’re the ones Palae simply says yes, and we get Danny, speaking to other people in the commune, she’s asking one particular woman about a baby.

The woman says the baby’s not hers, but that her mother is on a pilgrimage. typically babies are raised by the commuter. the elder stand up and start to chant and Swedish, one of them is like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. the community then does a toast and the elders are carried away on their chairs. Everyone’s at the bottom of this cliff the old folks are being carried up to the top.

Josh asks about the Ruby Raider because sieve is holding the book, He’s like, can I read that? And they’re like, no, the elders are getting the palms of their hands cut and then dragging them along these giant boulders that have runes carved into them.

The woman goes first she raises her hand to the sky. And it’s this really theatrical scene where you get an above view It’s also a very, extremely, extremely bright scene. That’s slowly and slowly you realize what’s going to happen along with the group.

you can see that in Danny’s reaction, she starts to panic, but it’s too late. She throws herself off the ledge and everyone is in shock. Danny does however, pan over and see that Connie and Simon are freaking the fuck out. They also zoom in on the lady’s smashed face. It’s discussing. Like you said, he loves his head trauma. I hate it. don’t think I will ever get used to that in his films. I’m just like, I don’t want, you got an eye over here.

You got a skull, half broken, so gross some tongue, but the man is set to jump next. He jumps legs first I know that this is so that they have to go smash his face, but why my, would you ever go legs first? you’re more likely to kill yourself immediately landing face. First. I remember the first time we watched this, didn’t even think of that, but as soon as he jumps, you’re like, why would you do that?

he breaks his legs and stays alive Everyone’s obviously discussed people who are not Harger. They then take turns with a hammer to go finish them off. I think because the old man just smashes his leg and doesn’t die. He started screaming in agony, the Hagia, start screaming in agony with him, it’s like this theatrical, your pain is my pain thing that we’ll see time and time again.

they’re followed by the hammer and they repeatedly smashed his face. And until he is dead, everyone takes turns. It’s a community event. Simon is pissed and he’s like, fuck this. You guys are fucked up. mother sieve approaches asking, Ingamar like, didn’t you tell them what to expect? she then goes on to explain that they view life as a cycle and that this is better than getting old and wasting life.

don’t know how I feel about that. Like I totally get not wanting you to get old and just wither away and having people take care of you with this feedback though, we get into that gray area where it’s like, you start to question the beliefs of others, because they’re saying it in the way that You know, you end your life, but your life doesn’t end there. We see it as a cycle because maybe her name was Maya, that baby that’s over there in someone’s arms is now Maya. the reason I say it’s like hard to question these things is because we’ve seen this before, where it’s like, we might not think that the traditions of others are reasonable to us, but to them, it’s the world.

She’s like, these people were pleased. They’re pleased to do this. And she goes, as far as to say that when it is her turn, she will be happy to do the same. Yeah. It’s it kinda not the best way to go. What if there’s just like a giant group of people though? What if like everyone’s just sold all on the same day and they’re like, all right, we got to like drop 30 bodies.

Oh my God. That’s true. Because Palae mentions the sister he has, that has the same literal birth date as her. So. What if they’re just like two of many. they’re just like, let the bodies, it’s like 30 of them coming down. Danny justifiably is very upset and goes off to cry alone. Christian tells her to go off and collect yourself that it’s okay. Chris goes and finds Josh alone in the sleeping area He’s like, are you okay? And he’s like, yeah, why wouldn’t I be, I already knew what was happening.

You didn’t. he totally knew what was happening. Not warn anybody. I can’t get over that. Chris tells him, I’ve been thinking about something and my thesis. I want to do it on the hard guy. And Josh is pissed. He is, it’s more upset about this than the death of two people.

He just witnessed.

yeah. He’s like, it’s unethical. It’s, leechy, it’s lazy. I’m not surprised tries to tell Josh, you’re not doing it in the Harker. You’re doing on a mid-summer I’m doing it on the entire community.

And Josh is like, this is my passion. It’s not just something that I’m barely getting into.

I also find Josh very odd because he’s intrigued to the point of being disrespectful to this community, which comes to bite him in the ass later. But then also do you need to be respectful of a cult that is ritually killing people? Again, going back into that gray area of trying to judge groups for what they are, isn’t that the whole reason they got rid of us and our indigenous.

 Yeah. And now we’re not cool. exactly. I’m just saying, they said that we were savages and then they brought Christianity. Which was so much better. Hmm. You ever heard of the inquisition? You want to talk about Savage room? I’m sure Josh, knowing Chris, he’s realized that Chris gets everything he wants and is manipulative.

He’s seen his relationship with Danny and this is the first time where he tries to manipulate another person. And it just kind of doesn’t work for him. I mean, it kind of does, he just decides to leave the conversation. He’s like, I’m going to do it. If you’re open to collabing, that is that. And he just leaves the room.

Chris immediately turns into a fucking snake after this though, because he starts going behind Josh’s back and asking for things oh my God, when he makes that comment later, like, oh yeah, I let Josh, the thesis on this too?

Oh my God. I hate him. Just the language, manipulative language that he has is I’m pain. I fucking hate him. But the group is talking about what just happened outside. Mark is upset that they let him sleep through the outer stupa. Connie and Simon are planning to leave first thing in the morning.

And that is already too fucking late then. And there that second

palliate tells Josh that he can’t say anything about what happens there. they’re like no names, no places. And George was like, please, I won’t pay lays bothered. And he’s like, all right, look, I’ll go. We’ll talk to the elders and I’ll let you know what happens, but really he’s trying to make.

Way back to the sleeping quarters because he catches Danny trying to pack and leave. He calms her down by trying to say that he’s aware of her loss and what is going on. she’s like, it’s not even about that. I just saw two people on a live themselves, honestly. He’s like, no, no, no, but I do know how you feel.

This is like the one moment that Bailey is not reading the room and he turns it into a, again, another moment where he lets Danny have feelings and then immediately says Christians, my friend, but does he feel like home? Does he make you feel held? And he’s holding her hand like really tight and it’s just kind of a tense conversation that was originally about something else, but now we’re here.

Do we still think that it’s good for her though, for her to be in this codependent relationship with Christian to then join this other version of a codependent relationship? Because I feel like paly may have been nice to her, but he’s got this manipulative backstory too. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better for Danny.

Yeah. So I’ve actually heard quite a few theories about this people essentially argue that this isn’t a good for her film. Danny entered. A another codependent relationship, not with Paley, but the entire cult. So she goes from one abusive relationship to another.

you, yourself, as a viewer are brainwashed and initiated into this cult in the same way Danny is into thinking that Palae is good for her, not into thinking like what’s going to happen afterwards. You’re just in the moment of she found acceptance and you’ll feel good for her.

I’ll just have, you know, I didn’t, I thought paleo was manipulative too, even though it was nice. I mean, yeah. She’s being manipulated by a cult, so He just kind of mentioned he was also left an orphan, but he never felt that way because he had the village for this reason he was most excited for her to come.

And the next scene they’re burning the old folks burn in the old folks burning the old folks the fire kind of phases in the searches, six tell to Danny in a field, I thought this, maybe it was symbolic too.

Cause it was like, Danny’s burning her old self and becoming this new person after Paley had this discussion with her. And it’s not the last time we see this sort of fire transition. Apparently her last name is also our door. Yes, Its origin means fire in Spanish is burning.

So Mary had got subtleties.

She goes up to Chris and asks Chris, like, are you not disturbed by what happened? And he’s like, yeah. But anyway, I’m trying to keep an open mind about this. what’s so funny. It’s almost like Christian’s the one willing to be initiated by this call immediately. And Danny’s the one they want. Is he willing though?

I think he’s just being a fucking snake. This he’s willing because he’s into Maya, right? He’s in there for the pants, for her to dance. it’s cultural. She’s looking at him like, but it’s nighttime and Denny asks for a sleeping pill from Josh she sees that everyone leaves in the middle of the night.

We don’t know this, but this is a dream she walks out and is like, why the fuck are you guys leaving? she sees them drive Mark is in the back seat, smiling at her. And right as she’s about to scream black smoke, like the smoke from the car exhausts leaves her mouth. She gets all these immediate flashes of the cliff of her parents and her sister with the tube in her mouth at the bottom of the cliff, near the rock where the other two bodies were.

this is just another one of those scenes where you’re faced with the traumatized faces again, full on in the screen. And you’re like, oh, I thought we got past this.

Maya puts an item under Chris’s bed in the middle of the night Josh half asleep notices.

 It is the next day. And we cut to a scene of the ashes of the elders being spread around a tree tree, which we find out very soon is significant. Palae tells Josh that he and Christian can do their thesis because he’s spoken with the elders. He must just keep everything anonymous, not use names or locations.

Josh takes this moment to ask Palae about the rune he’s found underneath Christian’s bed. paly explains to him that it’s a love room at this point. Christian joins them. He’s also given the info about being allowed to do his thesis, but Bailey tells him that his sister Maya has taken an interest to him.

And she was just given permission to do this thing that Eric wrote down. And I didn’t, because it seemed awful to pronounce. She got the big spin dig last year. Big dig. She’s got that big dig now, that big Dick permission, but just essentially that the elders have given her permission to mate, this conversation is interrupted.

However, with a man yelling, because mark is peeing on the U tree. It’s their ancestral tree. It’s the rope Volta. The man is screaming. And mark is like, what? Well, I was just pinging. It’s just the tree dude. He’s telling him to put his disgusting Dick away.

Yeah. But he’s yelling at mark and he’s like, it’s just the tree. The man’s crying in the background. How are you going to tell someone it’s just a tree dude. It’s their culture. Like, right after that Connie tells Danny that they’re leaving and she’s got her bags all packed. Is it father OD who approaches I don’t know if it’s him. It’s just one of the Hagia.

comes up. The guardian is like, oh, sorry. Uh, Yeah, Simon already left. He got taken and we’ll wait for you at the train station and kinda is like, bitch, that shit don’t even make no fucking sense. He wouldn’t leave without me. And they’re like, well, there was only two seats there, like tiny, tiny truck kind.

He’s like, Hmm, that doesn’t make sense. I could sit on his lap and he’s like, oh, we don’t break driving rules. Sorry, murder fucking everybody. But we abide to traffic laws. We’re not animals. Connie.

Connie just storms off. Understandably upset. Danny goes to find Christian and tell him what has happened. Christian does not give a fuck she’s looking at him like, this is something that’s important. This is upsetting. This is kind of weird. And all he says is wow, what a Dick moon? That’s crazy on the topic of couples though. So is there incest allowed in this place?

Or what, what an odd follow-up question, I believe the man’s name is Valentine or Valentin. And he says that they respect the taboo of incest. That sometimes cousins are given permission to meet with cousins, but often they bring in outsiders for the purpose of breeding, which is just odd.

Like you have to bring someone in well, when there’s too much inbreeding, you get a lot of fucked up genes. Yeah. But it’s just like, oh, you’re here on vacation. I literally just need your seed and you can go, go to die, I mean, I don’t think that they kill everyone.

It’s just like every 90 years. So the people who came last and mid summer, probably all just helped create some babies and left on their Merry way. Like the Vikings, It’s funny because as he just continues having this conversation, Danny’s looking at him like he ain’t shit. again doing the Wynonna writer stare it’s like disgusted with him. Chris takes that moment to ignore Danny and even the guy who was telling him the story about incest, to look at Josh, walking into the temple with one of the other Haga, because Christian is just so involved in what Josh is doing and trying to copy and get ahead of Josh.

Which makes no sense to me because Josh was the one clearly invested in this more than him. Danny kind of walks off in her own thoughts and is invited by another one of the women to help cook.

She asks about Simon and the woman says, oh, he left this morning. Did you not get a chance to say goodbye? Danny says no, but that’s okay. And goes to help them make meat pies. Have you ever had a meat pie? is it different from me? We’ve had meat pie, right? Like I made Shepherd’s pie one time.

Yeah. I don’t know. They look good. Minus the people care. I don’t want to try one minus B minus the pubic hair, please. in the background, Maya is setting aside Hermie tart pan to Josh talking to one of the elders about the Ruby Raider. is when we learned that the Ruby Raider is sort of like a sheet of music. It’s one that lists the 16 effects of what’s holy to unholy. But the end is blank. It’s because it’s ever evolving. There are very many books of these. the one who decides what gets added is the current Oracle.

Josh asked, like, who decides what comes next? And they’re like, well, Reuben. he’s like the disabled. And he’s like, he draws and we interpret his mind is unclouded by anything outside. They say that he is free of normal cognition, whatever that means.

Josh asks if he could take a picture of these holy books and immediately he is shot down and kind of disgusted with him for even asking one of the examples of the affects from holy to unholy is grief, which is clearly what Danny is going through at the time, in this moment There’s a scream of a woman heard throughout the entire commune. However, they don’t get much time to dwell on this because supper is ready. did we hear a scream? How’s that Connie, Connie screams and everyone kind of stops and is like, what is that?

 It says women’s screams. And Danny’s like grabbing a pie. And she’s kind of like, what the fuck Josh is kind of like, what the fuck? Huh? The NIR, didn’t happen. think mark says, I think I saw her running. She was like joining the Olympics or some shit. That’s something that does somebody mark.

supper is ready they hand Chris, his tar it’s kind of like heavily emphasized that Chris has shit is about to go down because they hand them the tire with pubes in it. And then his drink is a little more red than everyone. Else’s orange juice, way more red than everyone. Else’s.

This is where Danny asked for Connie However, a man interjects and says that he drove her to the station after Simon had called her and calmed her down. Danny still cannot believe that he left without her. And after a long awkward pause says, that’s some shit you would do.

Christian. It’s like the folks assholes, man. You know what it means, Christian, you know who you are. Oh, I saw that some people have interpreted at the end, the pagans killed the Christian. They got them in the end.

I could be wrong, but I think that’s what I’ve heard. Like so much of our Catholic upbringing is like pagan ritual. You’re not wrong. It is Christmas pagan, pagan it’s book. Halloween pagan Valentine’s day pagan. Just kidding. I don’t know if that’s taken at all. I mean, I personally, do put runes under Eric’s bed.

Constantly put my hair in his food for a fact, her blood is everywhere,

mark is being stared at, by the guy from earlier. And he’s like, do you think he’s going to kill me? Yes, mark. This man is definitely gonna kill you. Josh asks if Chris saw the Ruby Raider, Josh starts to worry more when he sees at the end is undone.

Like I only knew up to a certain extent. I don’t know what comes after this who knows what they’re going to do to us. Yeah. There’s a couple of unanswered questions that finally have him. Uneasy. Tensions are just high at this dinner. Christian turns around and says no, but I saw you go in there, you bitch.

 And Josh was like, nevermind, nevermind. That’s not even what this is about. Yeah. Cause it’s like, oh, now you want to collab. And he’s a bitch. I didn’t even say that. I just asked if you saw it sent a bunch of Christian, you take this moment to take a bite out of his meat pie. And his pubes and immediately pulls out a pubic hair.

I like how he doesn’t even give a shit market is like, is that a pube? And he’s like, I dunno. And just moves it aside. He immediately looks at Maya though. Like he kind of knows again, this chick is not subtle mark, however, is super grossed out Christians.

Like don’t make a big deal about it. And he’s like, dude, why are you acting embarrassed? Someone put a pubic hair in your food. Danny also notices Maya looking. But when Danny turns around, Maya looks down immediately uh, woman calls mark like, let’s go, And Mark’s like, okay, I’m going, I’m going to show you the thing, the thing. And then he’s like, yeah, I’m going to go see the thing, guys. I’ll be right back. And that’s how, you know, he dies because he saw the thing. No, cause he said I’ll be right back.

Oh. Or maybe he didn’t do the thing. we got this prolonged shot of Josh deepen thought that immediately switches tonight. Very similar to scenes in hereditary where it seems like someone would just hit a light switch.

Danny asked for some sleeping pills and Josh give them to her, but he pulls his sheets over him with his shoes on, you know, that Josh is about to get out of bed. Yes. I also saw somewhere that this could be a reference to the having skate cult and how they all killed themselves wearing Nike shoes.

These are not Nike shoes. I’m pretty sure. But the emphasis on the sneakers was meant to be a reference to that. Also, I forgot to point this out when Danny’s packing very quickly to leave her bedsheets are the pattern of the overlook hotel carpet.

And what is the significance of that? Just another reference to the shining. Oh, why the fuck did they do? I was like, what’s the shining gotta do at mid though. Hallucinations. Yeah. Okay.

Throws book. I’m done. I’m done with all these references. So Betty got the exercise, got the shining fucking wizard of Oz,

so Josh goes to the place with the Ruby Raider looking through taking pictures and notices that someone is behind. He turns around and the figure is sort of shadowy and they’ve got no pants on. Nope. But he recognizes the face a little bit. And he’s like, mark, is that you he’s like, what are you doing out here, man?

My question would be where the fuck are your pants? Why are you walking around like that? Well, to be fair, I was going to go see the thing that probably happened hours ago, man, you could put your pants back up. asked, he’s fighting He gets hammered in the back of the head and drops. he’s convulsing and gurgling and trying to say stuff He’s looked at by this figure. That’s wearing marks phase. It’s again, skin in the fool. Yikes. this is very creepy, affectively creepy. I thought it was Rubin wearing his face.

 Josh then has just dragged away in blood

the next morning. the group is at breakfast. Danny seems to be the only one who asked where people are, because she is asking if anyone has seen mark or if anyone has seen Josh, Chris has a douche and is like, I’m not really too concerned Okay. Good friend piece of shit.

I gotta understand what Josh from mark was. It seemed like his best friend. I wouldn’t do care. What are the heart stands up at breakfast and says the Ruby Raider has been stolen. basically implying mark and Josh took it since they are nowhere to be found that morning.

whoever took it can return it. And we won’t place any blame. You can put it back it could be like, it never happened. We’re not mad. We’re just disappointed. Danny, Chris, and paleo are confronted they’re like, they’re your friends.

It looks kind of suspicious. Christian is so quick to distance himself from his friends, like so quick, oh man, like a fucking snake. He’s like Their actions have nothing to do with us.

I’m happy to comply with everything you guys want me to. He’s like, I don’t know her, mark, definitely didn’t do it. But Josh, on the other hand totally could see that happening.

but payload is like, listen, I feel responsible. I brought these guys here. Let me at least go look for them. Danny is then whisked away to join the women for the rest of the day’s festivities. She’s given clothes and Christian is sent to meet with Civ.

I actually saw somewhere. That Danny’s clothes are intentionally very baggy throughout the whole film and the clothes that fit her the best are the ones that the hard guy had made for her symbolizing that she’s finally found a place that fits her the best.

Interesting little details.

I did like her sweaters though. I was gonna say, I prefer the baggy clothes to like me a baggy sweater. Little more comfy in that, We’re covering silence of the lambs with nightmare on Pierce street.

Yes. But we did a clubhouse with girl that scary and nightmare fierce, and I believe Jasmine was like living for the 90 sweaters in that movie. And I was too, they’re just there, like, so grandma vibes just wanted to throw that in there.

You do love your grandma’s sweaters do be loving my grandma style, especially on these shut up. It’s not even true. It is though. Danny’s dressed in white and is given a flower crown along with the other women. They go to get some drink she calls it T for the competition, but when they take it, she says uh, here we go. it’s like, oh God, we’re in for another trip.

There’s an announcement made by the lady at the front. And she says this is where the black one led the children of Haruka to dance. They couldn’t stop and had to continue dancing until they died.

now in life, holding and defiance to the black one. We danced till we fall. And the last one standing is crowned for her stamina. Apparently this is a real dance. you know, with the ribbons and the pole and it’s, a similar folklore the devil made them dance till they die.

And now they’re dancing and defiance, I think I’ve heard of this. What are the dance though? Like the Modesto? No, to flutes. think I’d rather dance with the Modesto.

 Can I be high at streams? That seems scary. I would freak out really bad, I think. Yes. Not even sure. I met troops.

as she’s explaining this in Swedish, obviously she instructs everyone to begin so they can find out who will be crowned all the women bow, except Danny Barry, quickly foreshadowing that Danny will be queen

because it’s like so soon after she’s crowned may queen, it’s not like subtle. It’s not subtle. We’ve seen other hands up until this point. Even if you haven’t noticed them. I think as an audience member, you’re like, well, she’s obviously going to be the main queen. Chris is in the room and he’s staring at this drawing of a bear on fire subtle for a very long time. He then is called into the room with Civ and he says to her, you know, it was a spot Josh. And she’s like, oh no, I don’t give a shit about that.

I heard my likes. You she’s like, I don’t deal with any of that. are you ready to do this? you guys are an ideal astrological match. Oh no, she’s an astrology bitch. he’s like, yeah, you know what? You’re right. I think I did. He want to hurt pews? And she says, that sounds right. We cut back to the may queen dance. We’re Danny appears to have a really good time. She knows this dance like way too well, because it’s choreographed. And I don’t think I would just know being an outsider, how to do this, just watching her when they’re like, okay, you’re ready for this next thing.

And she’s like, what, what? And she immediately knows what the dude was like, no, I’d be in the middle of fucking acting a fool. Cause I don’t know, like what the fuck? Just be doing the two steps. I decide shuffle out of there because what the fuck? I wouldn’t even participate on this level. I lost. Okay. I lost, I would trip on purpose, just to leave and had another girl.

Chris makes his way back to watch this dance my falls in that instance, and it looks at him and she stands up Chris is only one of all the people who are watching. That’s not having a good time. Kind of like, he doesn’t know what to do with himself since Danny is being so accepted and he’s kind of awkwardly on the outer Danny looks to Christian. As soon as he entered, she’s kind of excited. She’s having a good time and he’s not paying attention to her. He looks to Maya and she’s like, God, you can’t even support me.

When I’m becoming the may queen,

a woman, approaches Chris with a drink he’s like, what’s in it. And she’s like, oh, it’s just spring water. It’s got special properties. it, breaks down the defenses and opens you up for influence. And he’s like, nah, I’m good.

I’m afraid I’ll have a bad trip. But she’s like, no, no, just take it. Thank it. She’s also kind of drugs he like takes it immediately. He’s like, all right, fine. If you insist,

but the dance continues. We got shots of Danny struggling to keep up at some points, She’s kind of having a hard time and having double vision, the double vision then is overlaid with another scene of fire, further alluding to Danny’s name and the concluding scene with Christian.

Dan is one of the last three this girl next to her is speaking Swedish to her.

She’s like, I’m sorry. I can’t understand. in the middle of it, the language sort of transitions between the Swedish and English and Danny starts to understand her. I think it’s like one of those final scenes of full acceptance into this community. I think at first what she’s speaking is not Swedish at all.

Actually don’t know if they’re speaking Swedish among each other. They’re both speaking jibberish, but because they’re tripping, they think they understand each other.

But has there speaking jibberish slash Swedish, all the other girls fall and she is made may queen. She is immediately handed a crown of flowers and I don’t know what I would call it like a shawl. It’s really overwhelming because she’s just suddenly crowded by everybody. And they’re like, you’re the main queen.

Here we go. He’s a crown, he’s from flowers and they take a picture with her and oh my God, congratulations. but because she is still tripping, she believes she sees her parents and her sister in the crowd Palae kisses her full on the mouth in front of everyone and says, oh my God, you’re made queen.

That’s amazing. I totally didn’t plan this at all. Totally didn’t trip. The other bitches that you could win

he’s in there. Soccer, sliding, everybody scream? Uneasy

she’s then put on a pedestal literally and carried while the village sings behind her warping starts to happen at this point. And it’s pretty consistent from here on out. Her flowers in her crown start to warp the trees are warping. I remember when I first saw it, I was like, oh man, this is kind of cool.

It makes the viewer joined the trip. It does. You’re kind of like, am I really seeing this? She is led to a giant table where like, before the community waits for her to eat before starting to eat themselves, Christian and her share look across the table.

But he is also having a bad trip at this point, there a person on the table? they zoom in on the meat platter there’s a lot of flies on it. And I was thinking maybe it was the torso of one of them. It’s possible. It’s not really like focused on long enough for you to distinguish it, but that’s a good possibility.

Are they also cannibals possible? Because Mark’s head is the only thing that’s left for the burning. Or Josh because we only see his leg later on and he’s putting dirt like. Yeah possible.

similar to when the old folks were eating earlier, they all stare at Danny. Danny goes to grab her fork and knife and everyone joins. somebody approaches and is like, here we go. It’s an offering.

It’s a fresh herring. And she’s like, what? I don’t want it. And they’re like, yeah, you gotta eat it till first. And they try to force feed it to her. everyone laughs when she’s disgusted, think this was just a practical joke. Right? don’t know who knows if you’re used to being in this community, you know that this is a tradition, so you like mentally prepared to do this, but she’s not from this community.

So she’s probably like you, chris is clearly uncomfortable and ask what’s going on a man collapsed right in front of his face and the whole screen sort of warps. And he’s like, why would you do that?

Yeah. It’s almost like the sound waves of the clap free Christian out, even further.

Danny’s sold that she’s family now. in that instant mile, looks at Chris stands up and walks away. I kind of hate that you call him Chris. It’s like, he doesn’t deserve a nickname. That’s Christian. And he’s terrible.

It’s kind of a funny scene where Maya is looking at him. It’s meant to be like seductive, but it’s so slow that it’s almost awkward. Not almost it is. It’s pretty awkward. Danny of course sees this entire exchange, but Christian doesn’t follow after her immediately. Instead, Danny is whisked away because she is meant to bless the harvest and the crops for the year.

She asks if Christian can come with her, but they tell her, no, this is something that a queen was do alone. And she’s getting pulled into the chariot. She sees that Maya is putting flower pedals around this building. Maya’s busy, get in.

I’m ready. It’s another woman like setting the scene for them. Yeah. Sure. If that’s what you want to call it, what’d you call it a cherry at the pulls her away. It’s really odd because it’s being pulled by the rest of the women who didn’t win the may queen competition as horses, they are acting like horses.

when she finally arrives at the destination, she has given a torch and then told what to say. women have at this point, buried a slab of meat under some rice, cracked an egg over it and buried it in the dirt. Danny repeats.

What one of the Hagia women tells her to say in a sing song type of ritual.

The pedals lead up to Chris and he ends up going to the building and when he enters. he puts on this white garb a sexy time robe for the most unsexy time ever.

they give him some smoke Viagra, and he’s like, what is this for? And they’re like, vitality it’s so you don’t lose your boner dude. Cause things are about to get weird.

They then lead him into this. What I would call mating ritual meeting room. And he is walking in on a scene where there are a bunch of older naked woman surrounding Maya is laying in a bed of flowers. Maya’s also completely naked. we see someone disrobe Christian.

And you could tell Christian is very drugged when he’s performing this act. I don’t know if Maya is, cause she’s just kind of looking in wide. I fear, but Christian makes his way to mind. And as they begin to make a child, which is what Maya wants, apparently she has this moment of pain and freaking out where she actually reaches out to one of the hard go woman. And it just becomes this awkward thing where the rest of the women are singing.

But this other woman is like directly singing to comfort Maya right next to Christian’s head while he’s trying to perform over, she’s making eye contact with Christian Almost like kind of wanting to comfort him too, but this must seem incredibly odd to announce. Rubin is they’re watching in the room.

when Danny gets back, she looks over to that ritual area. she’s like, what happens over there? And the girl’s like, oh, that’s not really anything to do with you I believe she says that they are supposed to meet, save, who will give her a blessing.

But Danny hearing the strange sounds that are coming from this temple decides to follow it anyway. One of the heart does try to stop her and tell her that you don’t want to see what’s going on in there. However, she does not listen and peaks inside the room. Clearly she is shocked to find Christian committing this mating act.

I don’t know if I’d be more shocked by the ritual aspect of it. I don’t know if I’d be like, whoa, he’s cheating. I’d be like, what the fuck is going on here? Not only is he cheating when it’s groups X it’s like an orgy, OMA,

Danny is heartbroken. She gets extremely upset and tries to run away and cry again. However, women will follow her to the sleeping quarters and don’t let her grieve or cry alone in one of probably the most memorable scenes of the movie or at least one that used a lot.

When advertising this movie, women began to cry in unison with Danny. And this is the first time Danny is allowed to grieve in a group and not forced to hide and run away with her feelings. The way Christian has always made her do

back with Christian and Maya. Another woman has gotten in patient in this, just trying to hurry things along. She just starts pushing on Christian’s butt telling him to finish. Once he’s done, Maya lifts her legs and she’s like, I can feel the baby.

This just made me think of hot tub time machine. When the girl was like, I feel pregnant a much darker version of that. Yeah. She’s rocking back and forth, holding her legs up, cross to her, like very intentionally trying to get pregnant. Chris stands up and runs away yeah. He runs out completely naked. We got the visual that I did not notice the first time watching this, but you’re like his Dick’s covered in blood. Oh yeah. It is. Chris turns around and notices Josh, his leg is sticking out of the dirt, right by that you tree, he runs into one of the buildings and finds Simon strung up.

Apparently this is what is the word? There’s a term for it. It’s a Viking way to torture. there’s something Eagle bleeding, Eagle, Yeah. he has flowers in his eyes. He’s hanging from the ceiling with his lungs behind him, like wings, it’s still breathing. He’s alive. Yeah. Apparently this technique was meant to keep them alive while being tortured.

This is the most gruesome thing I can imagine

as he walks in further to investigate. one of the Harget catches up to him and blow smoke into his face dust. It’s a powder drug because we find out later that he is unable to move or talk after.

When he wakes up, one of the hardware explains this to him. And lady save is explaining the significance of the ritual. Danny is in this shrine of flowers she’s completely covered. Did you know that Ariana Grande day tried to buy this at an auction? Yeah. She did her birthday Midsummer theme cause she really likes his movie.

She didn’t end up getting it. It went to someone else. I imagine it was like a lot of money, but she’s the most unhappy looking person covered in a million flowers

is explaining that every 90 years, nine lives must be sacrificed for Harget for outsiders and one chosen by the may queen. We cut to a scene of Maya now rocking a red lip, I guess, to signify that she’s no longer a Virgin because none of the rest of the hard go are seen wearing one wearing makeup at all.

Really? Uh, Joe’s had to basically what

we learned that to hark. I had volunteered to be sacrificed. One of them being eating Mar Palae is being honored and reward. For his insightfulness of bringing four victims to the village, as well as bringing them there may queen a lotto is drawn to select one of the Hagia so that Danny can choose between them and Christian for the sacrifice they call it forward to rayon And they’re like, make a decision. We never actually get her vocalized decision, but she looks at a paralyzed Christian for a very long period of time, signifying that she chose him to be the final sacrifice. Fuck that bitch. the next scenes, we get our Connie’s body Mark’s body being wielded into the temple that was mentioned earlier. temple is bright yellow It’s a pyramid. Very similar to the temple we see at the end of hereditary, he just likes ending his movies with plenty temples.

I don’t know what to tell you.

The bodies are being positioned in different corners of the temple. this man in the meantime, teaches these kids to cut the bear open that we saw earlier and they put Chris inside.

 When they set him up in the temple, this man tells him purge your unholy effects to the deepest recesses to reflect on your wickedness. Someone pointed out that throughout the film, the guest only die once. They’ve obviously disrespected the heart gut and their culture, Connie and Simon are the first to die because they’re the first to vocally freak out. Mark dies immediately after because he pees on the ancestral tree, right after that Josh is killed after sneaking pictures of their sacred texts that he’s not supposed to.

So I wonder if this implies, if they weren’t douche bags, they would have lived, but we find out that have to be sacrificed. Anyway,

Then it, more people bring back other outsiders I thought the same thing, because when they enter, it’s like a group of people, but if you pay attention to when they get there, all the other ones know to greet the target in the same tradition. So they were just people on their pilgrimage who probably failed to bring people back.

So if they would have brought back other people who weren’t completely shocked or vocally disgusted by their culture, maybe they also would have survived

the part that I found interesting is when one of the hardware goes in to give Ingmar and the other victim, something for pain and something to not feel fear. It’s an oil from the yew tree. I think couldn’t have given him more shrooms. I don’t know. Maybe that would have been worse. you’re on fire.

You would’ve freaked out for real. I don’t know. You’re freaking out regardless. Yeah. But he’s like it’s for the pain and when the fire touches them, they immediately scream, scream. Yeah. Some people say that this film is very funny because it walks that fine line between comedy and horror a lot. It’s got a lot.

Cool. Yeah. area Astra. I think I saw on an interview specifically said that he finds a lot of parts. So this funny, even hereditary, he thinks hereditary is hilarious. Well, yeah, he made him he’s like this shit. The best As the rest of the bodies are set throughout the temple. We see that Mark’s body has the gesture hat placed on him. the elders that we saw at the beginning of the attitude, but are kind of there in spirit dressed in a certain way. Obviously we saw their bodies burned. So they’re like kind of like dummies in their place.

The one who we don’t get that much of a view of is Josh. Right? I don’t even think I saw Josh. Yeah. So there’s, arguments for this movie saying that the Harget or a white supremacist called. I was thinking that I just wasn’t sure, because we’ve never touched on it, but I thought that the way that they were talking to Josh and father OD looking at him like Fuji faced was because he was racist.

I just didn’t think that that was a theme in this. Some people say it is because it is the people of color who are the first to die. Christian is the one selected for mating because he is another area in man. she didn’t set her sights on Simon or Josh, you know?


But the temple is set a flame. And I can’t imagine the horror of being Christian in this, where you are powerless to do anything of what’s going to happen. Next He does feel pain because we hear his like muffled screams after the Harkins are screaming in pain and the people outside join in on the screams.

Again, this communal feeling of emotions, They go in hysterics and Tanny in the front of the temple is crying her eyes out. She is wailing and coughing. And she’s looking over the Harbor all in theatrical doing the same thing. Essentially as the temple burns down Danny has this moment where she.

Breaks out into a smile. And it is a genuine smile. The first time in the entire movie, you see her smile and that is the end of the film I really love this movie. It can be interpreted in so many different ways. You can view it as a good for her film. You can view it as her entering another abusive situation. But at the end of the day, we got rid of Christian. So everybody wins. It is really dense. So many things that you have to look out for.

I’m going to give it a nine. And I only rate it less than hereditary because I’ve found this film disturbing, but not scary. There was definitely moments of anxiety, but there was no outright unexpected thing. Again, every tapestry lays out what’s going to happen for you. So yeah, I’d give it a nine. I’d give it a seven it’s way too long.

It’s not really scary. I think that there’s a impact when those people jump off the cliff. But other than that, there’s nothing else in this movie that I would say is like scary.

I’d call it more like he’s at a fairytale. one way to look at a breakup and it would be fucked up to get caught by the hardware. Let’s see, where were white as a minority?

Yeah, I guess fair enough. I’m not trusting anybody. Who’s trying to take me to some mid-summer event by the way. Don’t even try. You know, now that you mentioned it, you keep telling me to go to this festival in your hometown, where your cousin was crown, the may queen. She wasn’t the main, she was crowned McQueen.

All I’m saying is it’s not the same thing. It sounds like the same thing. It’s not even a festival. Is there a dance? cool. So seven and nine. told you it was gonna be that far off. I am to be. Yeah, you did. like this movie, you spoiled it right at the beginning. What’s here. Low-key the sirens at the beginning of the film when Danny’s family is found, you want to tell us about it? Low-key

but we watch a movie with sirens like once a week, I’m a need you to get used to it already. He’s been sick actually lately. I think he maybe needed a little bit of those hallucinogenics to chill out a little bit. Yeah. He has a cold and the Mexican in me is you have cold, you get tea. And I’m just like, I can’t give them tea. I don’t, I don’t know what to do. All right. I am still so sick. Yeah, you are so done. You’re like, we’re ready to walk out of here before I even said the last seat, I felt worse. The longer we recorded this. Oh, dang. Is it the movie? It’s the movie.

It’s all the hallucinogenics and Masonic in that case as always. We hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaking out scared pod except Twitter, Twitter shaken, scared pod. You can send us an email@shakenoutscaredpodatgmail.com. With Sean. Hate John, you can get early access to episodes or a bonus episode and theme drink idea every month.

Listen, wherever you get your podcasts, give us a follow up. Check out our drink videos, Give them like, be sure to rate, review all that good stuff. K thanks. Bye. Bye.

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