Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Ep #50: Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Erick & Vivi: We could get into this weird daddy boss issue.

Sharai: handable straight up, asked

her and he was like, do you think he wants to have sex with you? And I’m like, yes, Annabelle. Yes, he

Erick & Vivi: It’s very

obvious. He’s sending a student to have her career before she’s even graduated. What is with people pointing out the obvious.

Sharai: It’s a movie of truths. It was like two truths, zero lies. That’s the subtitle.

Erick & Vivi: Welcome back to the chicken out. Scared podcast with you as always your hosts, Eric and VB. Today, we’re gonna be talking about the 1991 film silence of the lambs directed by Jonathan Demme. But before we get into that, who do we have today? Well, I’m super excited because we finally have the lovely Sheree and Trent from nightmare on fierce street.

How are you guys doing

Sharai: Great. Thank you for having us.

Trent: guys. So it’s super fun to be here.

Sharai: We love your show and we love your cocktails. So like,

Trent: And get our drink on

Erick & Vivi: yeah. you guys want to tell us a little bit about what’s going on over at fear street?

Sharai: yeah, we just kicked off our fourth season. Which was fun. Cause we’re doing exorcisms cause it’s a new year

Trent: new year.

Sharai: we’re

Trent: me.

Sharai: year and we’re about to kick off our thirsty Thursdays again, which we haven’t done since like October, because we’re going live with Chuckie and a lot of like, we’re not doing all of these, we’re going to bring that back as well.

Cause it’s nice to like sit around drinking with the community.

Erick & Vivi: love those. We always have a good time when we go on those.

Sharai: Yeah, no, like yell or get live guests and we have to like fix it so you can get to come on when it’s not like high stress in life. Cause I’m like, oh my God. For your cocktails, come on. Let’s go

Erick & Vivi: Where are you up to? Nothing. We are trying to sell this house, so that’s going to be fun. Oh yeah. We had the realtor coming today, so it’s gonna be a little stressful. We got to hide all the Gothic and satanic shit. Yeah. All the horror stuff.

Trent: we’re normal. We swear.

Sharai: all right. I think gives a personality. A couple goes here and there.

Erick & Vivi: right. If they don’t buy it because of that, we don’t want them buying this place.

Sharai: They don’t deserve those girls.

Erick & Vivi: What have you been up? Well, I’m finally feeling better. I had that stomach bug, but it looks like Loki picked it up. So now I’m stuck, waking up early, helping him out. We’re having a great week. But on that creepy note, what are you guys consuming for? Could be content.

Sharai: Ooh. Really enough. I’m working my way through the Hannibal series. I made it to season three and it’s much slower so I can go going much slower, but the first two were just like sassy and rude and I liked it.

Erick & Vivi: So they were true to lectors actual personality.

Sharai: Oh yes. Oh yes, yes, yes. Also the way he plates people is very disturbingly. Nice. Like it looks like a real food and I’m like, I’m confused. I wouldn’t go like, oh no, that’s gross. And then I’m like, oh no, that’s art.

Trent: Yeah. You’re like, oh, that looks

Sharai: Right. Never

say never, never say never. But yeah, that, and I started brand new cherry flavor, but I’m not loving it the way everybody else’s yet.

I’m early in it. So maybe I will, but it’s fine.

Trent: What’s it about.

Sharai: It’s about this girl who moves to Hollywood because she wants to be a director as you sort of taken advantage of. And so she decides to get revenge and she goes, see this woman who may or may not be into some witchcraft menology it’s it’s I like it. I don’t love it yet, but also I’m like two episodes in.

So what do I know?

Erick & Vivi: Gotcha. Yeah. I also started it and had a hard time just like continuing to watch just, it wasn’t bad, but it just didn’t capture my attention like right away.

Sharai: Yeah, no, I’m used to see things that are a little bit more, we’re going to get into some shit right here right now. And this is more like, I’m going to take a couple more episodes. I’m like, Ooh,

Erick & Vivi: I feel that though. Cause you know, we recently covered Midsummer and hereditary and those are movies that are just so long that I’m like, I get it. They’re dance. It doesn’t make me uncultured. Swine. I think it just makes me like, feel like, all right, well y’all it’s 20 21, 20 22.

We need to hurry up a little bit. Things are fast now.

Sharai: I love hereditary and I hate Midsummer.

Erick & Vivi: Hot take

Sharai: right.

Erick & Vivi: loves that movie. I

Sharai: Everybody does. I’m definitely not in the majority on Midsummer. Cause everybody’s like, oh my God, I love it. And this and that. And I’m like, it was four hours. I got sobered, a movie theater and I’ll never forget eight to four more.

Erick & Vivi: What about you

Trent: trends?

 Well of course I have been obsessed with the new screen movie. I’m already planning to see it for a second time. Bravely with theaters. Again, I hope it all needs to be people there cause like it’s been out for awhile now. But yeah, other than that, I’ve just been watching stuff for the podcast and yeah, I’ve done lots of exorcisms lecturer.

I said,

Erick & Vivi: Doing them or watching the

Trent: well, you know uh, Right, right. I don’t feel like I’ve well, I don’t feel like I’m religious enough to perform one. I think God may be like, try not

 trying to have to hook.

Erick & Vivi: Hey, if the exercise taught me anything, you don’t have to be that religious to do an exorcism.

Trent: That is true because he was struggling.

Erick & Vivi: What about you? I’ve been watching? I think it’s been out for a while, but I, I think I saw someone tweet about it. Channel zero. It was a show on Spotify, I think. And it’s basically like creepy pastas turned into like series. Like each season is a different creepy pasta. Is that the one that had mark from parks and rec?

Yes, he’s in the first season and a candle Cove is the one I’m watching right now. I remember asking you, like, did you read creepy pastas religiously in high school? Because I did. one’s your favorite? Oh, my God. I will have to get back to you. There was some that, like, just stand out that you remember right away is like the Russian sleep experiment slander. Man’s obviously the most well-known one that has the total issue. shameless plug again on Patrion. We covered a classic horror story. We won’t go too deep into detail. go hear the episode, but quick take what’d you think of it? It was fun. You think, you know, what’s going to happen and it flips it on you. Yeah. I’d definitely say watch till the end.

I think the end is what makes the rest of it worth it. Cause the whole time we were just trashed talking to it and then once you see what happens, you’re like, oh, okay. That kind of makes sense.

Sharai: Same. So it’s one of the movies I am with hit stop on because sometimes you’re like, you know what, I’m not going to do waste a full hour and a half, but I was like, I’m going to keep going. Cause I’m drinking. It’s fine. And then the ending happened. I’m like, I’m so happy. I stayed.

Erick & Vivi: It makes it all worth it

Sharai: Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: time. We were just like what? In the Midsummer rip off you get to the end.

 Yeah. So go check it out. But what do you guys have for comfort content? Something that’s making you feel good, even if it’s whore

Sharai: I’ve been playing on the checky series to go to sleep too. Cause we did deep dives in it already. And the playlist sparks joy. I put the playlist on like maybe four times this week. Cause it’s just, it’s all bankers. It’s like, here’s the music you wish you was two when you were this age. Sharay and like, I hear you done me and see me.

I hear you.

Trent: So my creepy and my comfort kind of similar with screen, but also anyone that knows me knows I love trashy reality. television. So I’ve been rewatching, all of survivor. So that’s been fun, especially going back to like some, two thousands BS, but uh, but yeah, and I also, I love a good medical drama, so I’ll be watching a bunch of those on Netflix and Hulu as well.

Erick & Vivi: That’s awesome. Yeah. Survivor has such a huge following, right. And people are like almost.

That’s almost a Colt

Trent: it’s almost a, and I haven’t joined into the call yet, but I’m sitting in my Forbes now

Sharai: Well, look up next week and try to be mid in it.

Trent: I’ll be on the island. Like I vote you out.

Sharai: Tree. Is that a bear behind, you know, it’s a


Erick & Vivi: it.

Trent: worry

about it. Saray just,

yeah, It’s just a Bernie triangle house. Don’t worry about it. You don’t know who’s in there. You’d probably agree with me whether it was in there. So it’s fine. Don’t ask questions.

Erick & Vivi: Wouldn’t it be the opposite of survivor?

Trent: Yeah. When you get voted out, you just die.

Sharai: That’s kind of every horror movie. I think we’re onto something.

Erick & Vivi: What about you? What do you have for comfort content? Well, I guess we have the same one because you were sick. We just stayed up watching narrow toe. Yeah. We’ve been talking about Nard. So for a couple weeks now, long show, very long we’re on like episode one 70 something. I think there’s like 500 in this,

Sharai: Oh,

Erick & Vivi: to be awhile.

Sharai: that’s a


Erick & Vivi: Yeah. Yeah.

Sharai: We can never agree, but we’ve got to use commitment today. Really? You’re going to get

Trent: It’s

because we both have commitment issues. We’re like, can we handle 500 episodes? I don’t know about

this. We’ve got to re

Erick & Vivi: right. We were complaining about four hour movies. Talk about 500 episodes in 20 minutes.

Comfort concept for us. By the time this episode comes out, I think we’ll be in the middle of our bartending class. We haven’t said anything on the show yet, but we’re going for two weeks. Every day. From Monday to Thursday, we’ll be licensed by the we’re going to professionally get people drunk.


Trent: Oh, then you can really open up

the shaken, not scared bar. I

love it.

Erick & Vivi: it’s coming.

Sharai: I have always said Alamo draft house, as there’ll be opening needs to just go ahead and hire you to help them come up with cocktails for these movies. Because sometimes I tried them. I’m just like, Hmm. Shaking that scare. I could have done better.

Erick & Vivi: Thanks. Thanks so much. Hey, there’s like some pretty big gatekeepers in the drinking community, so we hope we don’t get trashed. We just need the horror community behind us. That’s

all we

Sharai: Yeah.

We’re louder. And we can spell our hashtags because some of us are sober. so it’s great.

Erick & Vivi: It’s a good time. you want to tell us about the drink for today? I do. I’m excited for this one. So I just went with a variation of a sex on the beach. Did Hannibal on the beach because I think that’s where he is in the end of the movie. It’s very tropical looking. It’s very fun. So a typical sex on the beach has vodka.

We don’t really like vodka here, so I substituted it for a dark rum, which I think gives it more flavor. I’m okay. With vodka, Eric hates vodka.

Sharai: Y who

hurt you?

Erick & Vivi: can sell a handle of Smirnoff.

Trent: Oh, okay. that makes

sense. See, I’m worried about the origin is because like last time I had a screwdriver was an interesting evening.

Erick & Vivi: I think I saw you tweet about that.

Trent: Yes. It was about, we use cameras for it to detect pictures, not as her phone and like feature, they would like stop the camera when it’s moving or whatever to take. The picture Got turned off somehow. And so every picture for the night, it looks like it’s from L like bowlers everywhere.

Erick & Vivi: looks like it’s from hell or maybe you went and you don’t remember.

Trent: Oh,

Sharai: Right?

Trent: that could be true.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. We’re

talking about exorcisms, are you guys ready to try it?

Sharai: Yeah.

Trent: excited.

Erick & Vivi: Cheers.

Sharai: I like


Trent: I like it.

 gray Barry handles the orange a lot better than I thought it would.

Sharai: people don’t know that makes orange and cranberry. So I was really happy to see these ingredients because people are like one or the other. And I was like out of the box. So I type of see both. And also like, I, yeah, it’s refreshing. It’s a new favorite beverage drink. I think that I could like slam these while we’re like bragging about it and talking about it and they’d be like, oh yeah, I forgot to eat this food.

Microwave it with



Trent: I’m wasted. Shoot.

Erick & Vivi: slamming. These might be a little dangerous.

Sharai: We all have hobbies. It’s fine.

Trent: I really liked it. And I was nervous about the orange, but the cranberry mix as well with it. So it’s not too orangy. And I I’m a vodka person, so, but I don’t, I don’t miss it. The, the, the dark

rum works for this. It does kind of give it a fuller, taste than a normal sex on the beach would be

Erick & Vivi: I actually really liked it. I think we’ve said before, we don’t taste these before we come on here. So they’re always a gamble, but I would drink this on the beach while trying to hunt down my therapist. That was awful.

Trent: the EDU people.

Erick & Vivi: It

Sharai: No, it’s the perfect drink for that. It’s yeah.

Erick & Vivi: a medium rare steak, extra right.

Sharai: Some five of beans. It’s great.

Erick & Vivi: Learn about you. actually get worried when I see juices multiple juices at that. but no, this is good. I would definitely drink this on the beach while hunting down and eating some raw steak.

Trent: Sushi state.

Erick & Vivi: Right.

Sharai: I think it’s good for that. Cause you’re getting so many vitamins from the cranberry and the orange juice

Trent: It’s a healthy dream

Sharai: it is. It’s basically a fruit salad,

Erick & Vivi: Right. but what would you guys rate it out of five?

Trent: I’m going to get it for,

Sharai: I’m

going to give it a five, but also I did mess it up because

a recipe is not my friend.

Trent: what did you mess up? What do you have in there? That’s different.

Sharai: So I thought that many machines would have cranberry and orange juice, but they only have cranberry. So I had to rely on this seltzer water, which is blood orange and orange juice.

Trent: Oh,

Sharai: can’t even see it. Boom


Joe’s. so

it’s a little bit

different, but like, I want to get like actual orange juice to try it with it.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. And then you’ll have to let us know what your updated status

Sharai: Oh, I’m going to Tarjay either today or tomorrow. So you’ll get a full report.

Erick & Vivi: right up in the morning. First thing, slam that drink. Let us know.

Sharai: I’m on deadline.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. Don’t let us know who you ate though.

Sharai: I have a list of enemies. I’m a Gemini. So like,

Erick & Vivi: All right. Well, while you sip on that drink, are you guys ready for some fun facts?

Sharai: I’m ready.

Trent: it.

Erick & Vivi: So after the film man hunter in 1986, did horribly at the box office, the rights to use Hannibal electors character from the book red dragon by Thomas Harris were given away for free, oh shit. Martha and Dino de Laurentiis SIS. I’m assuming that’s how you say it. Who owned the rights quickly? Regretted it. According to the numbers, I saw that film made $8.7 million. man on her, this film made $131 million And one five Oscars, best picture actor, actress, director in screenplay, fumbled the bag,

Trent: Truly.

Erick & Vivi: Director, Jonathan Demme wanted Michelle Pfeiffer to play the role of Clarice Starling. And apparently it didn’t like Jodie Foster’s Boston accent.

Trent: Jodie foster is perfect in this role. Her and Anthony Hopkins

are perfect. I love them both.

Sharai: Hear me out. I liked Jody, but also know that no, Michelle was on the table. I wonder what it would have would have been like, cause Michelle can also deliver what she wants to.

Erick & Vivi: That’s true.

Trent: No. Yeah.

no shade to Michelle. I just, I it’s probably because I’ve just seen Jody in this role. So it’s hard for me to like, it’s kinda like envisioning someone other than Dan

Campbell as to Prescott, you know, it’s like, no,

that is


Sharai: you’re a standard cause you’re a tourist. And so you’re like, that’s the way it is. And you’re like, but also we’re just saying

hypothetically now,

Trent: do feel like Michelle Pfeiffer could have brought a sweeter vibe to her. I think, I don’t know.

Sharai: did you not see her by CAD

woman? What are you going to chat with the


Trent: a gay man. Have I seen her play Catwoman?

I’ve seen every performance of travel whenever made,

Sharai: do not disrespect. Michelle Pfeiffer on this podcast,

Trent: like I said, no shade to her. I just feel like I love Jody foster. She’s my lesbian sisters. I have to give it to her

Erick & Vivi: I haven’t seen the SQL’s, but I heard she gets switched.

Right. She doesn’t come back.

Sharai: I forgot her name. I might got she’s the red head. She’s like Meryl Streep with Jason almost.


Erick & Vivi: Uh,


Sharai: No, who’s an amazing actor, but like those sequels were not great. I, I think I told you when we were watching this, like on clubhouse, I watched the first one and a half of the Hannibal assignable and movies. I went to sleep in the middle of the second one and it’s not Julianne’s fault.

Sharai: It’s just that I was like, oh, we’re getting dryer, not we’re getting spicier.

And that’s why I put up watching Hannibal for so long. also, I was a child. So like before people like find me, I was a kid and I was like, signs of a Lambo was fine. Let’s see what the next one’s going to do. It was like, oh, oh, I’m going to take a nap. And so maybe as an adult, I’ll be like, okay, I see things that were subtle.

But I think that size of a lambs and this skip to the series of Hannibal is probably for the best. Cause it’s a prequel anyways. The serious.

Erick & Vivi: oh, gotcha. So Apparently Michelle Pfeiffer didn’t want the roles, so they did consider her, but she thought that the film was too dark. Other actors who thought the film was too dark and rejected roles where Meg Ryan Sean Connery and Daniel Day Lewis.


Sharai: Daniel Day Lewis

Daniel Day Lewis office was too dark.

Erick & Vivi: Yep.

Sharai: Sorry,

Erick & Vivi: when I saw Sean Connery, I was kind of like, I can’t imagine Hannibal being like with that

Trent: I’m having a friend for lunch today.

Sharai: them screaming, flurries.

Trent: Now I do. I do think movie got the casting right with Anthony Hopkins and Jodie foster and their chemistry together is just dynamic element.

Sharai: Anthony’s the creepy uncle. And like he understands that assignment. I would be interested in seeing how other people were read the role, especially now that I’ve seen like the show. And I could see Hannibal could be hot. but also I’m fine with the way my uncle did it. Yeah,

Erick & Vivi: He definitely takes in the role that I’m a psychiatrist that I can analyze you and make you like me. And you won’t even know it. The show you don’t even give a fuck about Buffalo Villa at some point. Cause you’re

Trent: Right?

Erick & Vivi: This movie is like, what, two hours and something long. And he’s

Sharai: yeah.

Erick & Vivi: 20 minutes in there.

Sharai: I forgot a Buffalo bill every time. And like one of my friends will bring it next to like that movie in the way creepy portrayed treated. I’m like, oh

Trent: yeah,

Sharai: I forgot

about that whole plot. What was the main story you are, right?

Trent: really interesting because the series is very queer potent, and I’m just like, are you trying to make up for this?

Sharai: Yeah, they are. They were like, nobody wants to procedural anymore. Let’s got to make it. We gotta make it queer. running around eating these like weird people dinners.

Trent: And will they, or won’t they?

Sharai: Well, they want that if the only romance I’m involved in,

Erick & Vivi: Jodie Foster’s involvement in the film runs a little deeper than you’d think before the film rights for the book were taken. Jodie tried to buy the rights herself and had to settle for playing Clarice. She also made sure that the portrayal of the FBI was accurate after being helped deal with some death threats made against her.

FBI loved this to seeing it as a way to recruit more female agents.

I did notice,

Trent: I love that. She’s not the only female agent there are other, like, you know what I mean? She’s not like the token, there are other women in their class and in her friend group.

Erick & Vivi: I will say they need to give maps more credit though.

Sharai: yes.

Erick & Vivi: a way more than they let on.

Sharai: Yes, no, because speaking of tokens, I saw Cassie lemons. He went on to direct and right. He’s by you as the standard. I have a black friend who has three scenes

Trent: True.

Sharai: I was like, really, really, but whatever it was the nineties. And so I have to like pick my battles with today’s people.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. This movie is weird. Cause when you watch it from that lens, yeah, it shows how weird it is to be a woman in the FBI. But also, I don’t know if you guys noticed, I don’t know if this is on purpose, but every time they sent a FBI agent into open a door, the most dangerous thing, it was a black guy.

Sharai: yeah, yeah. It was, yeah, it was,

Erick & Vivi: I was like, it’s gotta

be This is too obvious. Can’t be

Sharai: Right. I, I had admitted thoughts.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. Tell me how you’re really feeling.

Sharai: were like, well, we’re doing better by casting. Right. And I’m like, are

Erick & Vivi: We have one agenda at a time we’re

saying that women can be in the FBI.

Sharai: right? were focusing on women this time. We’ll do black people next

Erick & Vivi: We’ll get to you in the other one.

Sharai: wait your turn, everybody wait your turn.

Erick & Vivi: The scene where Buffalo bill dances is in the book, but was not originally going to be in the film and was included after actor, Ted Levine insisted it would help the viewers understand the quote pain and twisted psychology of the character,

Trent: No, no, just disagreeing.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. we’ve always pointed out in horror movies. That’s weird that you would use this as a, gimmick to say, this is what makes them scary.

Trent: or crazy, or like off hinge or whatever. And it’s like, clearly this meant the character was slightly based off Eddie. Right? Ed Dean had no queer tendencies that I know of. Anyways, I’m going to intervene ologist correctly. Let me know. But like, he didn’t want to be, he wasn’t trans identified or anything.

So why add that to it? Like why not just have him make skin suits? Like that’s creepy enough.

Sharai: one of my issues is that we all know that like usually the hit list for the FBI for serial killers is what people are matching with on Bumble. It’s your straight CIS white man. Um, and so I was like, I don’t buy that. He would be a serial killer and you haven’t earned it. You haven’t given me why I’m like, as a kid, I remember having questions.

Cause I was


where is his joke? cause nobody in my house knew how to tuck. And so they were like, don’t ask questions, stop being weird. Maybe you should watch my but that’s, I think away from that dance. And so that dance doesn’t really do a whole lot other than give him some weird shit to be quoted for.

Erick & Vivi: yeah. And it becomes like one of the iconic scenes of this film that people remember most, unfortunately,

Sharai: Yeah.

It’s awkward. It’s very

Trent: It’s very

Erick & Vivi: awkward.

Sharai: the nineties were an awkward,

Erick & Vivi: I think I saw an interview with Ted Levine saying that it was to show he was this like glitter rock character who was a lot like I think he said David Bowie Iggy pop and wasn’t a judge in his character that had both female and male energy that gave them power. And I was like, look, I could see why Ted Levine was saying this.

I don’t know if it’s necessarily the right way to explain it. There was other ways that you could have done that.


Sharai: so


Trent: yeah,

Erick & Vivi: One of, if not, the most memorable characters of this film was Hannibal Lecter, winning Anthony Hopkins, best actor at the Oscars, making this real iconic though, took some research. He asked to wear white, so that viewers would feel that same unsettling feeling.

When they see a doctor or a dentist, he took inspiration from a friend who never blinked. Oh my God. even went to a few prisons and sat in on court hearings related to serious. Other actors who did the same thing included Scott, Glenn, who plays Crawford. He listened to tapes of women being tortured and killed.

And that’s actually one of the reasons he didn’t return because he said he’s still haunted to this day. By those tapes. You want a little hard in the method

Trent: Yeah. Beth and acting is not dead. Y’all as, not

Sharai: Now

you hear us walking Phoenix. Do you hear us?

Trent: please. Ooh.

Sharai: Jared

Leto stop.


Erick & Vivi: The first one that it’s the stop.

Sharai: well, Viola Davis is like, he’s an asshole, you know, you’ve crossed a line. Cause I was like, I’m fine with everybody. It’s just like everybody, but him.

Trent: Good.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah.

Trent: Truly.

Erick & Vivi: And then the other one was Ted Levine. who read profiles of serial killers. I feel like we trash talk to him in the last one. So it’s kind of less impressive.

Trent: I mean, yeah, it’s not, it’s not his performance and haven’t you just do it. It’s just the character. It’s like, why, why, why? I don’t know.

Sharai: think that, yeah, it was written away and yeah, it was directed away. But I also think that, and again, I don’t know where he was in his career because I was an infant, but I think that as actors, you sometimes have to be like, is this offensive?

Trent: Yeah. Yeah. Totally.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah.


Trent: especially if you’re like established, like, you know,

when you can say no to things,

Erick & Vivi: right. If he can suggest let’s include the dance, I’m sure he could have suggested some other things.

Sharai: Right. Like, I I’m sure he could have been like, what if we don’t

Trent: right. Well, and if you want it, to be kind of like a David Bowie, glam rock, serial killer. Okay. That’s fine. But don’t have him like talk his job, get them. I try to be like Ali, Ali attack women. Like, I don’t know. There are ways to do it that are this, and that could have been successful, but this is just all. Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: nineties view.

Sharai: yeah.

Trent: about

ask a queer person? Hey, if you were

going to be a serial killer, how would you do this?

Erick & Vivi: you could listen to women being tortured and killed, you could ask a queer person how

Sharai: Right,

Erick & Vivi: would be

Sharai: right. think, again, that this movie had, he just been in your regular degular straight CIS white man, it would be scared because it would be more accurate. Cause again, like if you’re going to Bumble those, your serial killers, let’s be honest. Y’all like, it’s a reason why when we got on dates were like, here’s what I meant.

Here’s what he looks like. Here’s the last time I used my phone because like, we’ve always in this criminal minds, like usually it’s the reeds who are hot, but it’s the reeds that are doing the murdering. Like nine out of 10. I will not be murdered by a person who is queer.

None of 10. It’s gonna be, it’s going to be his brother who is unpacking. A lot of things, needs women.

Speed Run

Erick & Vivi: Well, we’re avoiding the inevitable. Trent. Are you ready for a speed run?


Trent: I’m going to

Sharai: luck.

Trent: best. Hopefully I don’t leave anything out.

Erick & Vivi: 3, 2, 1 go.

Trent: Okay. So the top of The movie, Clary Starley and she’s training. she gets called into her supervisor’s office. He tells her that he needs to, needs to go meet with Hannibal Lecter, to try and solve this murder, this serial killer murder case. So she goes and meets him. It’s really uncomfortable. She didn’t talk about her vagina, which is weird.

And he tells her that he basically knows who the killer is, but he won’t tell her. He gives her this hint that she goes to the storage locker, She gets in there. and she finds this dead head in a jar She goes back and then she’s talking to him again. And I figure out. he says, if You give me a new cell, a new place with a view, I will tell you uh, who the killer is until I uh, they transfer him.

He kills some cops. She escapes, she, uh, finds, she goes back to the original but she goes back to the original murder case and finds out that she knew him

Erick & Vivi: Uh,

Trent: Dang. I was, I

Erick & Vivi: doing really good.

Trent: I wasn’t the final acts.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. Seeing those last 20 seconds definitely was like, oh, that’s all right.

Trent: Oh yeah. I’m just going to take a big goal.

Erick & Vivi: Bottoms up.

Trent: Cheers.

Erick & Vivi: I just put more drink in a shot glass, honestly.

Sharai: I get shit done. Never change.


Trent: was mostly rum. So that helps.

Erick & Vivi: what does the internet say? This movie’s about? this is what I am DB has to say for it. It’s rated pretty high actually at an 8.6, probably the highest we’ve seen for the thriller horror genre. Jodie foster stars as Clarice Starling, a top student at the FBI training at academy. Jack Crawford wants Clarice to interview Dr.

Hannibal Lecter. Psychiatrist who is also a violent psychopath serving life behind bars for various acts of murder and cannibalism Crawford believes that Lecter may have some insight into a case. And that Starling as an attractive young woman may be able to beat it out of him. No mention of Buffalo bail.

The entire synopsis is about Annabelle.

Sharai: I think that’s what people remember, which is why they’re like, oh, it’s a great movie. That, and I feel like a lot of people just don’t like to talk about the problematic things that they like, what you have to cause everything’s pretty much problematic. So you have to be like, I live for Buffy, but Wieden’s the garbage ban.

Erick & Vivi: yeah.

Sharai: he’s so garbage. He did a whole

Erick & Vivi: How

garbage he was.

Sharai: He was like, in case you missed

it, I’m trash.

Trent: he

said, y’all think, you know, but you have no idea. That’d be write you a whole essay


Sharai: Right?

told you I was a problem, but let me tell you, cause nobody speaks for me.

Erick & Vivi: So on first watch, because we watched it last week with jazz and. I had missed a shit ton of stuff. So even with the comment on bill, not even being mentioned in the synopsis, I watched it and was asking questions like isn’t anyone going to ask where Hannibal is while they’re still talking about Buffalo bill? I’m like, I don’t give a shit about that. Where’s Handel, no one going and looking for Hannibal. fun fact on the side, apparently they got inspiration from something that happened with Ted Bundy in real life.

There was some officer who was investigating a murder and they asked Ted bunny for help to find the killer. And they did. Isn’t that? What, like the show mind hunter is about

Trent: it’s about, the beginning of serial killer laptop, the term serial killers, and like how they catch the wind stuff.

Sharai: I will say that every time I see another FBI movie show where they have to ask a serial killer or cannibal to help them solve a crime. I wonder what the tax payer dollars are really doing. We’re not training them. Apparently have to turn to criminals for help to find criminals because as a criminal stop paying the FBI, just be like, Hey, you’re still in shit.

Erick & Vivi: I feel like at this point in time, you could just ask a white woman with a true crime podcast and she might be able to help you find them faster.

 right. Well then let’s dive into it we started off in the woods in Virginia. Clarice Starling is out for a dog running through an obstacle course. She stopped and told that Crawford wants to see her in his office. She’s still in the FBI academy. When she gets to his office, there’s a board covered in newspaper clippings and evidence related to killings done by Buffalo.

Bill Crawford shows up and says, he’s got a job for her. He wants her to work in behavioral science with them. And the subject is handled Lecter. It’s all right. If he doesn’t cooperate, but they just want to know what he’s up to. What’s he drawing? What’s he painting? What’s he talking about? What’s he reading?

Give him a dossier and give them a survey. Clarice asks why the sudden urgencies since lecturer has been locked up for years Crawford just tells her to be careful follow procedure and don’t let him get in your head. This first scene where she’s running through the woods. It’s like a 10 minute open credits.

I know we paused and it was like 15 minutes in. I was like, we haven’t done anything.

Sharai: And she lobbied for that. Cause like Jody was like, I don’t like this original opening where I’m busting up, like people doing crime in a house. We’ve seen this so many times that’s a bit different. And so now we have a white woman running through the woods, which also we’ve seen 90 billion times.

Erick & Vivi: Kind of makes me rethink her whole. I want to make the FBI look good in this movie because it’s like, let’s make the FBI look good. Look them training. If anything, I would be like, mm that’s a lot of work. I’m not joining the FBI. That’s too much physical.

Sharai: Right. I was like, I don’t believe in writing. That’s not my ministry, so I can’t do it.

Erick & Vivi: She’s super smart though. Cause she’s like why the sudden urgency to interview him? she’s kinda not believing Carl. Crawford’s like shit about, oh, we just want to


Sharai: she is a student. Now you are saying her to talk to a cannibal.

Like it don’t feel right. And I’m happy that, that we get back to why it’s not right. Because he was like gaslighting. He’s like, I couldn’t see you in there with the truth. He would know. And I’m like, but you should send her in there with a drink.

And she was like, cannibal,

Trent: Yeah. Oh, love that. His response when she says, why are we doing this? Just make sure you follow the rules and don’t let him in your head. Okay. Thanks. I guess.

Sharai: I didn’t like it. I’m like, he’s the real villain here.

Erick & Vivi: I don’t like their relationship. It’s super weird. That awkward little, your dad would be proud of you at the end of the film.


Trent: talked. about her dad at all?


Sharai: but I’m sure that her boss knows just the FBI.

Trent: Yeah.

Sharai: asked some other criminal to help figure out what her story is. He’s using that against her. And I’m just like, don’t use her dead dad to get into her pants. I know. No.

Erick & Vivi: It’s like this whole weird balance of power thing, right? Like essentially, he’s our boss.

Sharai: yeah,

Erick & Vivi: be doing that. Sexual harassment seriously

talking about quid pro quo. like, I know we’re solving a murder, but also

Sharai: We have time for everything here. We’re the FBI, the criminal solved the comms for us step into my office.

Erick & Vivi: the taxpayers would want me to hit on you.

They’re paying for this actually.

Sharai: Mary, Josh, Wheaton energy. I have to do it. I had to, I had

Erick & Vivi: Oh my God. The next thing we get is her arriving at the prison where we are introduced to Dr. Chilton. who says the elector is his most prized asset. He also makes some creepy comments and hits on Clarice. Cause everyone that she interacts with hits on her.

He says that they sent a pretty girl because that’s what is into, they walked through the prison as they give Clarice all the precautions and tell her some stories about how elector has acted in the past. He wants fake chest pains to eat a nurse’s face and his heart rate never rose above. 85, including when he ate her tongue, Clarice sells Chilton.

I hate this name she’s going in alone and annoyed Chilton leaves, Barney, the orderly, who was very sweet actually. And I find funny that lecture is like really polite to him, tells Clarice that a chair set up for her at the end of the hall. And that lecture is the last one But to ignore all the other prisoners and stay to the right as she makes her way over, I guess this is foreshadowing for MIGS.

Yeah. I wonder if he’s done this before and

that’s where they’re just like probably just stayed by the wall. Cause he just likes throwing it like a monkey with their poop,


Sharai: Aye. Aye.

Aye. I’ve quit jobs for less. I said this when we were watching it and I’m going to say it again. I’ve quit jobs for less,


Erick & Vivi: I hate how accurate they made it look like

Sharai: yeah,

Erick & Vivi: many other things look so shitty and fake, but they were like, no, we need to really go

hard on how this looks. We really need to make it as real as possible. We might as well have someone actually do it.

Sharai: I look this way, you go all out. Like Buffalo bill has a basement that never ends. And we all talk about like believability and down there, but like, this one, we’re going to focus on, we’re going to get all eyes on this to make sure it’s right.

Erick & Vivi: You focused on what you know. Clarice is nervous. As she walks through and gets harassed by the other inmates. One named MIGS tells her he can smell her con. We come upon Hannibal Lecter. Who’s standing in the center of a cell behind glass, not bars, lector asks what makes told her. And she tells him, he says he can’t smell it.

he sniffed the air and tells her he can smell what she’s wearing though. Clarice asks about his paintings on the wall. And if he was able to do it from memory, He says he has no view. Memory is all he has. She takes this opportunity to ask him to lend his view for the survey.

And he’s immediately disappointed. And it’s like, no, no, no, no, no. We were doing so well. He asks about Buffalo bill and why they call him that saying that he genuinely wants to know the newspapers. Aren’t saying why? She says it started as a joke in Kansas city because he likes to skin his humps.

Lecter asks why he skins them. And Clarice says maybe he likes to keep trophies. Like the response I didn’t. And she quickly says, well, that’s because you fucking hate them. I like how like snappy they are, where they do. The interactions are


They’re so passive, aggressive, but polite at the same time.

It’s fucking weird.

Sharai: I don’t think that’s how they interacted at like the craft service table. Just like,

Erick & Vivi: stayed in character the whole time,

Sharai: yeah.

Erick & Vivi: each other.

Sharai: Like even today, when I called you with her projects, it’s just like, hello, Anthony. Hello, Clarice. You are your cheap bag. night shift, your bitch, just like, damn.

Erick & Vivi: Why should I eat another person? You asshole,

Trent: There was a moment in that scene where Anthony Hopkins at the beginning, he’s kind of standing away from the glass. and he steps forward at one point and he goes through a shadow and comes out the other side. It’s genuinely creepy as fuck just the way the light hits his face.

And like, woo. I was like, this is creepy. I don’t like this.

Erick & Vivi: He feels like a character that was pulled out of time. Right? Like he

seems like a very old school type of villain from those old movies. even the way he talks.


It adds so much to his character. it’s something that I really like about him. I think something don’t know if this was done on purpose, but I noticed a lot is whenever he spoke, the camera was right on his face.

I don’t know if it was to make the viewer feel uncomfortable. Like this killer is staring at you all the time. But

I noticed that a lot. I think I saw that the director wanted to give the effect that he knows everything. I think when you do get the first view of him, he’s actually looking directly at the camera, which adds that, like, I know you’re there,

Sharai: he’s sort of the kind of villain that like is unsettling because like he’s pretty right into your soul and that’s nothing to lose. So he’s going to tell the branch that she has like a nice bag and cheap shoes. Like I thought you would pay less in my mind just before you walked in there. and he reminds me of like strung this injury.

I forgot the name of the character, but ends up being Legion, but he’s here like staff, the kid and like, cause of his habit. But I felt like that man was on the sides of the lamb was like, Anthony happens to this taking notes before they started recording that whole mini series because it’s the same kind of creepy, you’re just dropping truth and a weird cadence. What

Erick & Vivi: so catty,

Sharai: Yeah. As a child. I did not know. That was my first time truly experiencing a shade on TV. not as an adult. I’m like, that’s what it happened. That was it.

Erick & Vivi: That was my villain origin story.

Sharai: That’s my whole personality. Thank you, Mr. Hopkins.

Erick & Vivi: but he is visibly angry about being handed the. Survey. And he mentioned declare east that a census taker once tried to test him and he ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Shanti. We actually looked up this drink and thought about making it for today, but it was very similar to stuff we’ve done in the past

Sharai: I was a census taker once. That’s all I’m

going to say

about that.

Erick & Vivi: Did you ever meet a lector type character?

Sharai: People wouldn’t answer their doors because I did it again to the city and they were like, send her into the lower income houses as the people are like, no, I have a dog go the fuck away bitch. And I’m like, I’ll make it happen. Thank you.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. White male

Sharai: Wait a minute.


least four of them don’t trust.

Erick & Vivi: You then is that Clarice and she walks off angrily as she’s walking off. The other inmate are going wild. MIGS is jerking off and throws calm directly in her face. Hannibal is discussed. This sounds like an insult.

Sharai: I have cool jobs for less. I just want to keep saying that

Erick & Vivi: She’s only a student. Oh my God. The worst parts. It hits her right in the face right in the eye.

Sharai: I wouldn’t graduate. I wouldn’t be like he straight up through, come in my face. I’m done.

Erick & Vivi: am suing the FBI.

Sharai: Right. I’m going to start arts and crafting. I’m going to do how many credits would transfer,

Erick & Vivi: Hannibal is equally disgusted by this and calls her back. He decides to help her out, giving her what she wants most advancement and tells her to talk to Ms. Moffitt and old patient of his. He then tells her to leave before MIGS finishes.

Again, he might be crazy, but he can’t do it fast enough. Thanks man. We’ll have you counted before?

He’s got nothing else to do.

Trent: three Mississippi.

Sharai: was like, I put in this river movie today, you should run Clarice.

Erick & Vivi: Clarice is distraught by what happened and we see her failing in different fields of the academy. Was this imply that like it affected her. I think all of this, the interaction with Hannibal, the thing being thrown at her just like threw her off her game.

Sharai: I

also would tap

out. How do you want a coffee with that shit? It’s just like, oh yeah, I got a D on my paper. Oh, I failed this one training. He threw a semen in my face and a cannibal told me that my shoes were cheap.

Erick & Vivi: That’s a lot to unpack.

Sharai: Right. It’s just like, give her an a and let her go.

Erick & Vivi: I don’t know if they have the right thesis is, but if the teacher had to read these and everyone else’s papers pretty, spot on with what’s going on. And then they had to read hers and they don’t know what’s happening in the background. Oh my gosh.

Sharai: I would go straight to her boss and be like, you are aware what happened. I’m shutting this operation.

Erick & Vivi: Listen, I know you have a creepy crush on her, but that’s still not. Okay.

Sharai: There are other ways the flirt,

Erick & Vivi: give her the batch.

Sharai: how is this flirty? I’m going to send you to a cannibal, right? You’ll thank me.

Trent: He’s gonna tell you what you smell

Sharai: I,

on the best

girl for the cannibal.

Erick & Vivi: That’s true. Cause Crawford has sent people here before, so he has to know that this has happened possibly.

Sharai: And he’s like, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. They all come back ready.

Erick & Vivi: right later

when he makes that comment, like if I had told you, he would have known and he would have turned to stone and he was talking about the semen throwing, not even about,

Sharai: If I told you, you wouldn’t have gone. And now you went so we can take out some more. That’s what I really want.

Erick & Vivi: oh my God, Clarice is distraught and we see her failing in different fields at the academy and she gets a call and finds out that MIGS died, swelling. His own tongue after Lecter was seen, whispering things into his cell. What the hell did he whisper to him? Seriously? Clarice mentioned she had no luck finding a Moffitt since selector destroyed all of his patient history when he was convicted.

But she took a clue that led her to look into a storage unit. She goes to the unit and after struggling to open the door. She slides underneath cutting herself on a nail in the process, and she finds a hearse with a dress, but also a jar with a head inside wearing makeup. This is the most goth storage unit I’ve ever seen.

Trent: it’s also huge. It has a hearse in it. Sweet and set. I think like jars of things. I don’t know.

Sharai: I’m going to start asking, where are these storage units where you can park a car on it? Cause I’m always like his, his little cute cubicle was like a dorm size shit. I could put four boxes in it and hope for the best. And these bitches have cars and they have whole living rooms. I’m just like, I’m not in the right cities for storage units.


Erick & Vivi: I’m waiting for the day that those shows where they open up the storage units, what’s called oh, storage wars, storage wars, where they open one up and find something like this and that

Sharai: you know, it’s the episodes that they have not eared. They’re like, oh, you have really gained here. And oh

Erick & Vivi: we got to stop filming

Sharai: Send the crew home. Nobody saw anything.

Erick & Vivi: But after this discovery, Clarice goes back to Lecter kind of upset that he sent her off saying that Hester Moffitt was an anagram. Meaning the rest of me, he comments on the cut that she had saying that, oh, you’ve stopped bleeding. And she’s like, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it. lecture then tells her who the victim was, Benjamin Raspail, who had romantic attachment to figure that he believes is Buffalo bill.

He says that his attachments are rather exotic. is weird.

Trent: It

didn’t age. Well,

Erick & Vivi: yeah. Yeah.

Trent: there are two men. They must be very exotic,

Erick & Vivi: It’s so exotic Yeah. I think we mentioned it on other shows.

We’re tired of the queer, the abnormal being the scary. This was like 91. So

Trent: right?

Sharai: It was not a great decade for representation.

Trent: Yeah. Well, and the people that were scared of this, I w I would hate to see them.

Erick & Vivi: right.

Sharai: Cause Clarice and handable have a very willing and grace, the back and forth one line situation I’m like, is this jacket

Trent: Yeah, this thing does he, she comes in, does it raining and she’s like soggy wet and he shoves a towel at her or whatever.

Erick & Vivi: He’s so polite, but not at the same.

Sharai: right?

Erick & Vivi: He’s like the Sheldon of murder,

Sharai: eating people. I’m going to rot here or I’m going to break out. Those are my options. What we do in the meantime cable here.

Trent: right.

Erick & Vivi: but Hannibal swears that he did not kill this victim. she asked if he was a transvestite because the corpse was covered in makeup. And he says, no, the killer did that. It was like his first attempt at a transformation. then she notes how all his paintings are gone. And he says that Chilton has this weird form of punishing him because the gospel TV is being played at full volume as soon as she’d leave. Interesting punishment.

Trent: Right. I actually like that. And during the scene, I had to pause and like I’m prying it. You know how it

Erick & Vivi: Yes.

Trent: to the televangelist, all the TV.

Erick & Vivi: I was like, I didn’t notice this character. Same thing. he asked if Buffalo bell has killed Ken and tells her that he’ll help her catch him. he says he’s probably already searching for his next victim. Yeah. He also comments on how he wants to view this is the first inkling that we get from Clarice thinking about, well, what can I use to get Hannibal to talk to us?

Trent: Yeah. And like do, I do like this movie overall, but I think that one of the, weakest points as a plot and as just overall film Is that you forget about the main plot line, like who are at who? Our Buffalo bills victims besides the one we’re obviously he could have them as We haven’t gotten there yet, but we see her and then We kind of get a glimpse into his first victim it just, you don’t ever get invested into the main storyline.

I want a different movie,

Sharai: I feel like it fails and the way a lot of the older horror movies we love fails and that it is just so focused on catering to like suburban white people that it forgets about the rest of us, which is why we forget about Buffalo bill. Cause like we were babies and we’re just like, Hannibal’s fun. And he like reads Clarice and the library’s fucking open and it’s like, oh yeah, there were women in Wales.

Oh shit. I forgot about that. Let me go unpack that again.

Trent: right?

Sharai: and like you have Casey lemons again as like the black best friend who has like three scenes and it’s underutilized. It’s like Rachel true. And the craft. And so I think that if we could just like. Remodel this and like disinter white, straight, CIS suburbanites.

There’s a lot of fun to be had with this kind of a plot. And I think that like the handle, the series gets closer. Cause I mean, like we do have one space Berg who was doing things and we do have like some queerness, but like it also still be much more better about nothing dream, mostly white people. Um, As most TV could be, but we keep not doing that because Hollywood is three white dudes in a trench coat. we keep, we keep failing from even start.

Erick & Vivi: do you think that the same way that they were trying to make Hannibal cunning? They were trying to be cunning in the way that they presented the information to the viewer and say like, it’s all super choppy. Cause that’s how this case is. It’s all

Sharai: Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: So let’s confuse the viewer too and put them in Clarissa shoes.

It just doesn’t add the value because it does keep you out of everything you’re suddenly

thrown into something again. You’re like, oh shit. they don’t fledge him out

as a


Sharai: going to put me in no cheap shoes, let me know cheap shoes, but also give her more and them go off up because there’s so many people are lying to her and not giving her the truth. And she’s again like a

student. And so you don’t expect her to know everything, but also like she is, Jodie foster.

And so it’s hard to be like, oh yeah, I’m fine with Jodie foster.

Trent: Well, and you know, like it’s sad that the most intense part of this film for me anyway, is when Hannibal escapes

Erick & Vivi: Yes.

That is the


Trent: scene. It’s scary to the climax with glories in the basement with Buffalo


Sharai: What’s handable escapes. The movie’s really over for me. Everything else is just like, oh, we

have to finish this. And that’s right.

Where’s he Annabelle?

Erick & Vivi: yeah, you’re right. It’s, obviously one of the movie about Hannibal Lecter and just through this other story on there,

Sharai: Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: the way they kill Buffalo bill even is like, oh yeah, it happened.

And that’s it.

Sharai: That’s when my biggest issues with the way that some people adapt things is because they know what drew them to this book or this comic book or whatever it is they want to adapt. They knew what drew them in and this idea of them going I’m here because of this one character. They’re like, let me try and stay true to this source material.

And so we have like an eight hour movie and nobody wants it for their 15 minutes where we’re all like, yeah. And then that’s, what’s happening. Just go ahead and be like, we don’t need most of this shit. Like I’m over this schedule. This call is scheduled against character more to do. Let’s have the, just focus here as opposed to being like, well, the book did this, I have to honor that.

Just don’t if you’re going to adapt, adapt, don’t be like, I don’t want to upset him. He sold the rights or he gave them away in this, like, which is petty. And I felt like it was more than that story. And I want it because it’s like, you’ll just give your rights away. Like, who does that? Like, this was co-branded with a partner or something.

And it’s like, you know what, fuck this divorce. Fuck your story. That’s what I’m picking up from that story

Erick & Vivi: Over the next thing we get is a girl driving well, jamming to the radio. She gets home to her apartment complex and sees a man struggling, audibly, trying to get a couch into his huge band. So many red flags in this scene.

Sharai: can

Erick & Vivi: He,

he has a broken arm, quote unquote, and she kind of hesitates at first, but decides to help him out mistake. The other mistakes she makes is being the one that grabs the end of the couch. That’s being pushed into the van this scene is like, fine. You think she’s going to be okay? But then Buffalo bill asked her if she’s a size 14, what? This film is a very fat phobic, by the way.

Sharai: It is

Erick & Vivi: Yeah.

Again, we had to be nice to women, but everyone else, good luck.

Well, shouldn’t, they

weren’t nice to women here.

Sharai: Nice to women up to size 10, everybody else obese. Well, and it’s like, why, why would you say that to her?

Erick & Vivi: He ends up beating her up and pushing her further into his van while she’s knocked out. He cuts her clothes and examines her skin while making sure that she is a size 14. I told Eric like, oh, that was a signature Ted Bundy movie. He would pretend to have a broken arm, a broken leg so that people would feel the need to help him and then attack them.

Sharai: And that’s why people think I’m a bitch because I’m trusting anybody I’m from Missouri. So I’m like, oh yeah. Broken leg my ass. No, no, no. I’m not helping you.

Trent: I would say, wait, I’m like, well, you probably broke that leg, doing something you. weren’t supposed to be doing in the first place. So

Sharai: don’t pretend to be on my phone to avoid helping people. I don’t know. I’m

Trent: Yeah.

Sharai: a couch.

Trent: it also where’s she at? Okay. Like she acted like as soon as you picked up that side of the couch.

well, this is the only side of the calves that go into the band. That way we couldn’t let you could have easily just like, no, sir, you’re going to go in. I’m not going into your van.

Sharai: Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: waiting for me upstairs. I got to


Sharai: She’s waiting to trust it in the middle of the night with a man with a supposedly broken arm.

Trent: Right.

Sharai: as a nineties kid,

stranger danger was drilled into me also from Missouri people who like me go missing all the fucking time. helping anybody. literally, if I don’t know you, if some people I do know, I still wouldn’t help him.

Cause I’m just like, you seem shady,

Erick & Vivi: I trust you. But it’s nighttime. So suddenly I

don’t trust anyone at nighttime

Sharai: if it was the daylight and they have four witnesses fine.

Trent: get my roommate to come down and there’ll be two of us to one of you and then we’ll be okay.

Erick & Vivi: actually. So this scene reminded me of something that I did when I first moved in here, I could have died. So Eric did this. He helped a neighbor move in. I did, but,

and I’d never, I’d never met her in my life. It was just like skinny, tiny lady. I was like, there’s no way she could do it.

Sharai: Have you nothing bride of Chucky? You don’t touch your neighbor ladies?

Erick & Vivi: when I look, back on it, I’m like, this shit didn’t make sense, but you know, I didn’t die.

Obviously I was outside fixing something on my truck and she’s with a U haul truck with this giant, like three seat couch, like those bulky ass grandma ones on the back of the U-Haul by herself. Like she didn’t come with anybody. So she drives it to the back door I think she lived on the fifth floor. Oh Jesus. She was going to take this off the U hall and take it out to the fifth floor herself. Like, why wouldn’t she have brought help? Ma’am hire movers. So she comes out to me in the parking lot and is like, Hey, can you help me bring this couch upstairs? And I’m like, between you and me.

She’s tiny. Like

this lady was really


Trent: mean, you want me to do this for you, right?

Erick & Vivi: So I’m like, I mean, okay. She’s older too. So I think that’s probably why I trusted her more. And there’s this

like weird neighbor we have, who we have suspicious neighbors, always looking out for the cops. he comes out and is asking me like, what are you doing?

And I was like, well, this lady needs help. So he’s like, I’ll help you murdered by these two people. He’s a white guy too. So

yeah, the two of us, he’s a single white male. He came in like on cue when I was about to help this lady. So it didn’t seem all suspicious, but we ended up taking him. We walked all the way into her place and put the couch down.

And then, yeah, I could have died

Sharai: no, I would never, she would still be there if it was up to me,

Trent: She ain’t put it up to me and say, Hey, can you

help me do this? I would have been like, ma’am you. should’ve planned better.

Erick & Vivi: I

think what’s worse

is I’ve seen her in the hall since then. And she never says hi. I said hi to her. Like the first time I saw her after that thinking, maybe she was gonna remember, I helped her. she act like I didn’t exist. she wears Yeah.

Sharai: I

just forget their copper in Chicago and the old wealthier people are trash. Oh yeah. No, I would definitely not be helping her for various reasons.

Erick & Vivi: I, listen, I am five one, no one better. Be asking me for help. I’m gonna be like, what the fuck do you want me to do? I could encourage you, but I’m not helping you with it.

Sharai: I don’t have, everybody’s strange. No,

Erick & Vivi: suddenly my arm hurts. Fuck again. Sorry.

Sharai: I’m drunk and I paper cuts. No, I would’ve maced her for coming up to me in my truck. honest,

Erick & Vivi: I would loved to see that. Clarice is with Crawford on their way to examine the latest victim found in a river. the water doesn’t allow for evidence, but the first victim was found third because she was, the only one weighed down by stones. They look at a map of the killings and see that there’s no obvious pattern.

Clarice takes a guess that the killer is a white male and is in his thirties or forties. she then asks Crawford if he’s reviewed lectors offer. And he just says, they’re thinking about it. Just kind of giving her like the yay. I don’t worry about it.

Erick & Vivi: They show up at the morgue and there are cops all over making weird eye contact with Clarice, like she’s in fucking alien. She gets a flashback of her own dad’s funeral and tells the cops they have to go. They continue to look at her, discuss it, but eventually leave.

They entered the room with the body and place ointment on their noses to avoid the smell they examined the body and after they take some photos of the mouth, Clarice says there’s something lodged in her throat, just from looking at her tongue.

Trent: It’s so hard. So weird. Like the funeral part, I was like, what, what is cool? What is happening? Why is she having this traumatic flashback? is she dealing with big trauma right now? I’m so



Erick & Vivi: until I watched it again. Last night, I was like, who’s this little girl it had done without the flashback, Sarah childhood. I feel like she talks about it enough with Hannibal that we get it.

Sharai: listen, listen, I didn’t need the flashback. And also I was questioning this mortician who didn’t notice the bug in her throat, the student did. And I’m just like, so you’re asking the professional Yardi this stuff, so you could smell it anymore, but you don’t see a giant bug in somebody’s fucking

Trent: Oh, she doesn’t sell fast. She’s like, oh, there’s something here. And the

Sharai: Right?

Trent: looked at the body was like, oh, there it is at it.

Sharai: And this movie is how many of you concerned about my taxpayer dollars? I don’t think it’s, supporting what I thought it was supporting.

Erick & Vivi: I think this was the equivalent of going to the doctor. You know, when they see you have to go get checked up every year they just weigh you, they check your ears and then they’re like, you’re good. All right, cool. Well, the fuck out of my office, they don’t actually check you for things that could matter.

You know, the

stuff that’s inside.

Sharai: Yeah,

Trent: and your throat, like


Erick & Vivi: Nobody noticed that

he’s like, it’s just mud and leaves. It’s cool.

Sharai: let me take cat to the vet. And it’s like, ah, probably allergies. It’s like, I, I’m going to need you to be more specific.

Erick & Vivi: They pull a cocoon out of her throat and say that it had been done on purpose. you guys know that this was made out of a bunch of Tootsie rolls and gummy bears squished together?

Sharai: Are you


Trent: not know that.

Erick & Vivi: They flipped the body over and find diamond shaped patches of skin missing. Uh, again, they don’t notice a lot.

Sharai: What was the mortician doing?

Trent: And I never, so that never clicked with me for some reason later on when she finds the dress with the diamonds cut out, I was Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: She realized it’s a sewing pattern.

Trent: at big



Sharai: know I met a sower and I failed that whole costume thing um, fabulously, but I don’t remember the diamond pattern

shapes, but

I’m a let it happen.

Trent: I felt that was a very late eighties, like mob.

Erick & Vivi: who did the consult about finding out how to nicely dice some skin and it has to be in the human skin together. Yeah.

Sharai: It’s a very specific skillset.

Trent: I mean, handle knows him. So maybe Hannibal’s, this is how you do it. Cause I know how it tastes. I know how to skin a human to eat them all the time.

Erick & Vivi: I didn’t kill him, but I gave him ideas.

Trent: Right. And at one point Hannibal where’s that dude space. So like

Sharai: It’s the best defense. Like I’ve seen so many like white men and women that difference. It’s like, I didn’t touch anybody, but I yelled at them and I’ve used them in other ways. I’m fine.

Erick & Vivi: I think it’s more sad that we’re laughing about it. Cause we have to laugh through the bane. Clarice then takes this evidence of the cocoon to her friends at a museum who are playing chess with bugs gross. They find out that this is a dead head moth that is not native to the U S at all. It’s only found in Asia. So they say that whoever had this had to raise it, loved it and grew it here in the United States.

 We then cut to Buffalo Bill’s place where we see it is covered in bugs. Catherine from earlier is screaming for help while the man is just sewing together. What looks like human


Trent: girl must, they must have given her many, a throat loss EJ for this film because she screams 95% of every scene she’s in.

Erick & Vivi: the lines are screaming. Same with the dog. They gave the

dog a loss. Interesting.

Sharai: I told me on record and save if the actor in place, Catherine, I mostly know her from Grey’s anatomy as that doctor that they had come in and nobody liked.

And then she was all for the lesbian and then she was gone

Trent: also love that she like gets the dog down there, whether this is later on, of course. But then at the end of the movie, she’s like, they’re trying to get a dog

Sharai: my, no,

Erick & Vivi: my emotional support,

Trent: trauma

Sharai: trauma bond

trauma. Yeah, no, but I only know Brooke Smith from this and that Grey’s anatomy. Like the last time I remember seeing her, she was talking to Kelly after they just had sex. She was like, I’ve never done this before. I didn’t know. I haven’t even been into women. That’s magical. And then she was gone.

Trent: Lucy probably lost her voice because it finally caught up to her.

Erick & Vivi: I heard that she plays a cop in Bates motel. Oh,

I have not seen Bates

Sharai: motel. I


to finish it. Cause you think you’d

Erick & Vivi: be a horror icon in like a lot of stuff, but I haven’t seen

Sharai: her. No.

 she comes and she goes,

she’s just like, I’m going to do this. Oh, they got rid of me. I’m going back to the genre.

Erick & Vivi: If they called me fat for an entire fricking movie,

Trent: And she’s,

and She’s absolutely


Sharai: I was a chubby kid. I’m in a fat, young woman. She’s not fat. I’m going to say it. A bullshit. 14 is not fat.

Erick & Vivi: There’s always talking about women in this. They were roomy. They found every adjective possible to describe possible.

Sharai: Even the way Jody said she was a big girl had layers. I’m like, Jody,

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. She was a big girl that big, large, massive

mountainous calm down.

Sharai: large Marge is that you’re looking for,

Trent: When She comes to the door? Buffalo. Bill’s like, yeah, wouldn’t she? What, what are they called? They’re like


Erick & Vivi:

a great big fat person.



Sharai: judges. Like she was a large girl. Yes.

Erick & Vivi: Clarice was like, it’s him.

Trent: oh,

Sharai: phobic and a murderer. You got to pick her. Choose.

Erick & Vivi: Clarice notices. The news that shows the woman is named Katherine and is related to Senator Martin from Memphis. Senator Martin goes on and repeats her name showing baby pictures of her. Clara says this is smart so that he no longer sees her as an object. Clarice goes back to Lecter and makes him an offer.

She says, if he helps, they’ll take him to plum island one week out of the year where he can do whatever he wants under SWAT supervision. Of course like there agrees, but wants information on Clarice’s past, in return. He asks her to start to tell him about the death of her father. She says her father was everything.

She was 10. When he died. She asks about the cocoon. This is when they kind of go back and forth quickly. He says, Billy wants to change clear. He says, no transsexuals are historically passive, but lector says, she’s so close. He asks what happened after her father dies and talks shit about her shoes. Again, for some reason, she said, throw that in with your trauma.

Trent: those shoes

Erick & Vivi: I would stop wearing those shoes to go see

Sharai: Right.

Trent: just go barefoot girl,

Sharai: I hear your dad died, but your shoes are taking focus. Can you not

Trent: back to Payless.

Sharai: this is your only pair. Have you heard um, uh, Tarjay

Erick & Vivi: he was original, what are those? What are those?

Sharai: what’s going on your Hemi. What’s going on again? Willem grace. This is,

Erick & Vivi: And later on, when he’s talking to the Senator and he’s like, love the year. Oh man. Hannibal’s character is so great. I love him. He’s creepy, but I love him.

Sharai: he’s such a good character.

The best characters are creepy. Um, Yeah, no, I love him. He’s the reason

Erick & Vivi: She says she lived with her aunt on a ranch, but ran away. He then says, Billy is not a transsexual, but he tries to be, he was probably rejected several times when he tried to get a sex change and is a victim of systematic abuse. This makes him question his identity while they have this conversation.

Chilton has been listening the whole time.

Trent: this conversation about trans identities did not age well, because just because you haven’t had surgery does not mean you’re not trans.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah.

I feel like Hannibal is actually like a little closer to being accurate than Jody. Cause he’s saying like, no, no, no. just because he’s trans, he’s not a villain. He doesn’t even really identify as trace saying you’re mis-gendering here. Ma’am

Trent: Right.

Erick & Vivi: she doesn’t

get it.

Sharai: because our cheap shoes are hurting her feet and she’s not


Erick & Vivi: thinking right. Again, it’s not like totally accurate, but it’s like the nineties that’s

the best we could do, I


Sharai: If it happens was like, I’m going to be less offensive than the rest of you.

because I’m

Erick & Vivi: an actor.

Yeah. This was all improv.

Sharai: studied.

Right? He’s like, I will not be as canceled in 20 years from now.

Trent: I will say, I think this is very indicative of like how much change has happened since 91. I mean, it’s been what, 30 years. And like, I heard someone today say transvestite, I’m like,

Erick & Vivi: yeah. Even hearing that was weird. And I was like, oh, why are they saying it like that?

Sharai: right.

Trent: do you live under a rock?

Erick & Vivi: We’re back at Billy’s house. And Catherine is in a pit. Billy tells her to put on lotion, but keeps talking to her like she’s an object. She cries and sees the blood and the nails from the women that were there earlier. I think earlier, Clarice pointed out that the woman who came out of the water nails were missing, So this is what Catherine is looking at. Billy mocks her and screams back at her and is pissed. Cause she’s not listening and he’s struggling to continue to call her an object. as she screams, he screams with her, but also kind of looks like he’s sort of in pain and struggling with what he’s doing.

Yeah. I think it’s a very iconic line when he’s like, it puts the lotion on the skin. Like it,

Sharai: Yeah.

Trent: we don’t spend enough time with him or, or like there’s intention put on, the writing of that character for me to really understand, like, why is he feeling remorse or is he struggling? Like, I, I just don’t get that character at all.

Sharai: feel like the eighties and the nineties specifically had that issue because it’s sort of the same thing as what we watched the Exorcist in which they thought we wanted to know about the priest journey and the priest home life. I don’t give a



want to know about the possessed girl in her family.

Cause her mother and her having a moment.

Erick & Vivi: She’s doing some crazy shit. I don’t give

a shit about.

Sharai: She is levitating and she is with the demon. Let’s follow her. And I feel like this is sort of the same thing and that they’re like, we were giving you Hannibal, and we’re going to give you all this FBI training and bullshit and red tape. I don’t care what the FBI does.

They’re not doing it well, if they’re turning to criminals for help, I want to know what the, what, I know what the person who is abducting women is doing. And so he gets sort of like the short straw. Cause we have like, what three scenes.

Trent: Yeah. Yeah. That he has

Sharai: That’s

why we forget about him. He gets a couple of scenes, mostly offensive scenes.

And then it’s like, oh, we’re supposed to know something from that. And it’s like, no, I would much rather know what is going on here. And that makes him a villain because right now you were saying, he’s the villain. And you’re saying, he’s a white man. And I assume he’s a white man too, but we’re not getting into the like, why is he doing this office?

He’d been doing it. Like

Trent: right. We don’t even

know how many victims he has, We know he has he has to have three,

Erick & Vivi: five, right? Cause

I think at the beginning there’s that news clipping that

says he skins his fifth

victim. Yeah. So we don’t even hear about two of them to

your point,

Trent: Right.

Sharai: how am I supposed to fear somebody? I don’t know.

for sure.

Trent: If you got to do a serial killer thriller, you have to know the victims to like, get the tension. Even if

it’s FBI trying to find them. I mean like law and order, they don’t skip over like the third and fourth victims. You got to know all of

Sharai: Right


And that’s how you build that tension as you’re seeing and the killer do the things. And you’re seeing like the FBI just miss him or you’re seeing the FBI completely miss look, it looks like I’m smarter than you bitches.

Trent: Right.

Sharai: I even know what he did for a living. Was he a cop? Was he not a

Trent: Was he a seamstress? Did he kill

the old lady that lived there in the first place? Like

Erick & Vivi: That was my question at the

end as well.

Trent: What was in that bathtub

Sharai: construction worker. Cause it basically went on forever.

Erick & Vivi: I think when we find out who he actually is, it almost seems like they should have figured it out sooner. Right?

Sharai: Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: so many things that happen that should have been more obvious to


not even the cops, but just people involved like the old lady, if he did kill her, someone would have asked, can’t just take over the bills at this house.

Trent: right. And

was he close to the first data? And also why does she have naked pictures of herself in a box?

Erick & Vivi: Y Clarice put back her nudes. That’s the least you could do for the dead.

Sharai: listen,

Trent: Just

Sharai: don’t make those for a dad to



Erick & Vivi: oh my God, how embarrassing.

Sharai: And then they were awkward news. They weren’t like I’m doing this to be sexy. They were like, I feel ashamed. I’m like, oh, why are you don’t that? Maybe just don’t.

Trent: Yeah, it felt ooky.

Erick & Vivi: I didn’t get reveal of her character, when they go through her stuff and the pattern of the skin is on the back of her dress, Clarice immediately figures out, oh, he’s making a skin suit, but like, why would it be in her stuff?

Sharai: Listen,

Erick & Vivi: So I think it’s because she sees the same pattern that was seen on the victim. And then Hannibal has told her, it’s what he covets. It’s what he sees. So if he sees,

yeah. If he sees this woman being a seam stress and like wants that, he’s going to mimic the kind of things. Is he in the room with her when she’s doing it?

That’s what I’m saying.

That’s what I’m asking. Like, why would he immediately know what pattern

exactly to do on this

Trent: of the old lady who like, has lived at his momma’s house, his whole life, and then like snaps, because like one foot Clarice goes to the coffee shop and meets with first victim’s friend to find out, Oh yeah. We worked together as a seamstress for misses. And that’s how she finds the house.

I don’t know.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. It’s very blurred. Yeah.

Sharai: concerns.

Erick & Vivi: All

we’re saying is they could have done Buffalo bill a little better.

Trent: you just got to pick a thought, like I would going to spend a lot more time with Hannibal or we’re you going to like, tell me the story about flow bill can’t have both,

Sharai: Yeah. when you adapt a novel, you got to make some choices.

Trent: right? No, totally. Because unless you’re going to do a three hour movie, which God,

Erick & Vivi: We’re going to take this character from your movie that sucked, but we’re going to make them a side character, but make people love him by making him a sack here.

Trent: right, exactly.

Erick & Vivi: Lectors wrapped up by Chilton and his men and says he struck his own deal with Senator Martin while it shouldn’t, gloats lector steals a pen from the table he’s transferred to Memphis where he meets Senator Martin.

He tells everyone that killer’s name is Louis friend in 1980. Rest, bile and friend were lovers, but rest bell was afraid of friend who killed the transient and did things to her skin. He then goes on to make comments about Senator Martins, nipples, and breastfeeding, Catherine, while everyone’s discussed that he tells them a full description of the killer and Martin tells them to send them back to Baltimore.

He’s like, here’s all this stuff. Also, your nipples are hard, aren’t they? But also here’s what the guy looks like.

Sharai: He’s such a shady bitch. I love

Trent: as much in this spill as women’s bodies are talked about. I I’m good. we got I can smell your uh, your nipples are hard for breastfeeding. Put the lotion on the body I’m just like, what size are you like?

Sharai: To be fair though. And they talk about women’s bodies, but it’s not, I’m like an overtly male gazy

way because it’s, you don’t

leave this going sexy time. You made this going

Erick & Vivi: Yeah.

Trent: exactly.

Sharai: is take your shower. And Ms. You smell it kind of cheap shit. We’re in bitch. Like where do you go? After that? I went to, I remember tire I’d like, you know what? I got insulted a lot in this

Trent: Liz that Reed would have one RuPaul’s drag race, the live, the real, the reading

Sharai: got library was wide open that library,

Trent: cheap shoes where it smelly.

Sharai: that tag team, the tag team of it all, because like, I can smell your cut. You’ve got cheap shoes, your bitch. What is you do to anybody? This,

Erick & Vivi: It was like our first day

Trent: just walk through the damn room and they’re like loud rise up, but let’s go welcome trial by fire.

Sharai: I leave with somebody talking about it right here. Like you

Erick & Vivi: hair in this


Sharai: split ends. Clarice. You’ll split. It’s like a PSA on bullying. Like she went to the cry in the bathroom stall somewhere like in high school.

Erick & Vivi: They just haze every new agent that walks into the cell.

Sharai: Right. You think you FBI, you think you’re better than me?

Erick & Vivi: But the hair in this movie is not great as well.

I don’t know what they do to Jodie Foster’s hair. I hate it.

Sharai: it felt fuck a personal attack. Like somebody done, like

Erick & Vivi: They’re really mad at her

Trent: how

boring can we make the way this woman looks like hair, shoulder, leg? No of it barely make up. I don’t remember any of her

costumes. Cause like they were all like,

Sharai: they were brown.

They were all


Trent: suits.

Sharai: I know like a good brown cause there were some Browns. I was like, oh yeah, this is cute. And they were like with Samsung, the thrift store and thought of you.

Erick & Vivi: damn. That’s what they said about his suit at the end, his suit at the end,

Trent: Oh,

Erick & Vivi: is,

was the

Trent: was he in a wig? Was that just me that way? It was like

Erick & Vivi: wig

Trent: Why did that wig

that make your jazz list of forced?

Sharai: We haven’t do a second list because of that wig. Like we talked about it.

Erick & Vivi: as stylish as he is. it was not on par with Hannibal.

Sharai: No, they don’t mask the bathroom math. I was like, yo, she was a champion person, expensive. Here’s my cheap wig. What does that, what does that Ms. Party store a wig out of the roof? I had, he put a hat on it. Like it’s going to make it better.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah, they really misread him in that last


Trent: do not help. right. Your head’s not going to help soup. Just take it off.

Sharai: He like a stone Hamburglar. And I was like, what the fuck are we doing?

Erick & Vivi: But we have children like relishing in the media coverage of this story saying, he’s the one who’s going to break the case and get Catherine back. And that Clarice and Crawford are actually going to be booted off the case for all the mistakes they made with lector over Clarice takes this moment to kind of sneak in, to see Lecter one last time who is being held in the middle of, I can only guess it’s like a hotel ballroom,

but it was like a government building. Yeah. Yeah. It’s not clear. She gives him his drawings back and lector immediately brings up about how she presented this fake offer to him. She’s trying to make the most of this conversation cause she snuck in there and before they realized what’s going on, she wants to know more about Buffalo bill.

However, he keeps asking her about the worst experience of her childhood and why she left that ranch. This is where we find out about the title of the movie. she explains that one night she heard screaming coming from the barn and it was the lamps who were being slaughtered. She tried to let them out, but they just stood there screaming.

She grabbed one and tried to run away, but didn’t make it that far before she was spotted by the sheriff. The farmer was so mad that they sent her to an orphanage immediately and they still ended up killing the lands.

Sharai: It’s not funny.

Erick & Vivi: It’s not money, but it’s kind of what lector says that she’s probably hoping that closing this case will make the lamp stop screaming because she’s still having nightmares about it. But before she can get any information out of lector, Shelton arrives with the rest of the police force and drags her away, not before lecture then gives her back her case file.

And does this creepy kind of like finger touch thing with


Trent: You know what, instead of that weird flashback scene, I wish we would have had a dream sequence with her dreaming about the screaming of the lands. That would have been more interesting than that weird funeral scene. If we’ve got to have it, we’ve got to have something I’d rather have that

Sharai: I’m not gonna lie. The lamb story felt like, oh shit, we forgot to justify the title the way it was handled. And maybe in the book, it has a better, like in an outro by like here, it was like, oh shit, we gotta talk about the Liam’s. Oh,

um, get the file folder out. It’s like, wow. Don’t

it felt very much like timber, the limbs Currys. Don’t forget the Liam’s. Oh yeah. Liam’s

um, so

Trent: you’re like, oh shit, we missed this. I’m going to go


Sharai: Yes.

Trent: the labs.

Sharai: guess they’re not just lamb chops, but when I was a small child

on the ranch

yes. And I need to silence them so I can silence the limbs.

Erick & Vivi: We have a movie

Sharai: It’s like put my bags in the refrigerator,

Erick & Vivi: stream of consciousness just

Sharai: nightgowns, Halloween globe go. Um,

Erick & Vivi: honestly, they did that with this whole movie

Sharai: it felt very much like that. Like, I’m, don’t get be wrong. It deserves some of the Oscars for the moment. Um,

Trent: the acting is


Erick & Vivi: acting

Sharai: is be great.

the agonist, like most of my issues with the movie are like things that were like technical things. I had to be that way because of the nineties, didn’t have all the stuff we have now.

Like we’re spoiled bitches going back to these movies. I’m just like, why is this a choppy like, cause we had two cameras, but shut up. It’s like you, right you right.

Erick & Vivi: one thing to note from that conversation with lectures, he also says let me know when the lamps stopped screaming. You see Catherine as one of the screaming lambs

Trent: Uh, yeah, cause she does not want you to read me the whole damn time. Look at you. Let me give you,

Erick & Vivi: together. let’s talk about the best seat in this fucking movie. Fucking love it. This movie needed way more horror. Like you said, Trent, what? The flashback to the lambs, like they could have even thrown in the slaughter and Clarissa watching as a kid,

Sharai: Livestock is terrifying.

Trent: of that 10 minute running scene, opening the movie, we could have had like a weird like black and then you just hear screaming and like she wakes up and was like, yeah, that would have been bright, but

Erick & Vivi: or she’s a lamb.

Trent: oh,

Erick & Vivi: That’s another movie. we get two police that walk in and say that Hannibal’s basically an asshole for asking for a second dinner. He asked for some extra rare lamps. However, a Hannibal is just not bothered by this. He’s enjoying his music and ask them to hold on a minute, because he’s really into this song that will have the hand waves.

Yeah. The head wave is very


Trent: some white privilege right there that be like, hold on a minute. I’m got to finish this on before I eat. I know I’m a prisoner, but

Sharai: but I also

Erick & Vivi: demanded

a second dinner.

Sharai: he has 100% bad bitch. 100%.

Erick & Vivi: was like, they treat him so respectfully. Like I don’t get that.

Sharai: Well, what do you do with the cannibal? Like, I think about that. Cause like, I mean, I’m not a security guy, but like if I was given a cannibal

Erick & Vivi: I

am not

touching him.

Sharai: out

Erick & Vivi: VV, you made a good point while we were watching it. Why wouldn’t they have traveled with him asleep if he’s that dangerous? Yes.

Sharai: or have more security guards. Cause you got two fools in the whole building Two idiots. he eats them and it’s like, oh no, he’s out. Of course he’s out. He gave them to people to eat.

Erick & Vivi: These are,

these are cops who say they know everything. They rubbed the file they don’t know about the eating liver with fava beans.

Trent: right. Eating the

Sharai: let’s skip that part.

Erick & Vivi: Exactly.

But they instruct him to sit down and put his hands around the bar so they can cuff him. obviously don’t know that he stole a pen earlier from his awful therapist. He’s able to break free and immediately cuffs. One of the cops to the bars as well. He eats the nose of the other cop and starts smashing his head into the bars.

He does this so effortlessly too. It’s like, he’s not even trying. He does

it to the rhythm

of the music here. He’s very

elegant. And his beating.

Trent: and he was, I mean, he was beyond like super drive because like he has to do a lot of work within like what, five minutes of streets.

Sharai: listen, what does, why we remember him and that Buffalo bill,

Erick & Vivi: Exactly. He reads these cops like a book though. Cause he orchestrates said it quickly how he beats them. But like, he’s like mine, the drawings and they put the food on the floor right in front of him. Right by his face. You, think he’s going to eat at their face right there, but no, he waits a second.

They moved, the drawings, rolled them up. He’s very calm sitting next to the bars. They go back to grab the food and that’s when he texts. It’s just like, dude, read the room. You’ve got a cannibal, like

a foot away

Sharai: you haven’t actual cannibal in your presence and you are not acting that way. You are just like, oh, it’s your random like

Erick & Vivi: everyday.

Sharai: fine. Yeah. This is a criminal.

Erick & Vivi: Oh. He also uses the mace from one of them after having bit his face off Macy’s him on the

Sharai: That was the root is shit. It’s like, I ate your nose, but also I don’t want you to see things anymore.

Erick & Vivi: that’s like grabbing, alcohol and just

pouring juice, hand sanitizer.

Trent: would mace do to an open wound?

Sharai: Right. It’s like you ain’t his face. Leave him in peace. And he’s like, no, I want to make sure I’m

winning. He needs to know who did it.

Right? Double tap.

Erick & Vivi: and

he really doesn’t leave him in peace because he then grabs a carving knife from the other cop and begins to go to work. Now you, as the audience, think he’s just going to kill him with this knife, but downstairs, the cops are starting to notice that something weird is going on. They’ve heard shots fired.

They’re all staring at the elevator and not doing anything. They all just keep screaming about how the elevator is going up and down. Okay? Sure. Thanks for your dollars.

Trent: Right, right, right,

Sharai: listen.

Erick & Vivi: But when they finally enter the ballroom weird hotel room, they find Boyle strong up in this weirdly butterfly like pose with his guts spewing out of him. Now they notice that Pembrey the other officer is still breathing and they immediately call for an ambulance. he jigsaws them. Oh, he does. He pulls a saw move. Yeah. That’s in plain sight. You know, I, saw it coming cause I, didn’t know what happened here. And I was like, dude, he’s the one on the floor. you obvious,

Trent: But he is getting that man stays off real quick. Like it was like,

Sharai: He’s at

Erick & Vivi: real precise the pro

Sharai: Is that the first time I got a pair of knife to a person like Annabelle?

Erick & Vivi: Pembrey is rushed out into an elevator and they immediately noticed that there is blood leaking from the roof of it. They just rushed Pembrey out of there to get him to safety and begin this whole open the elevator. See who’s up there. They find a man dressed all in white on the top of the elevator, shoot his leg and find he’s unresponsive.

They signed one of the black cops to him in the elevator hatchet, because they’re not going to risk their own lives. And this man just flops downward cut back to the ambulance where Hannibal has ripped off Pembrey his face and attacks the EMT. I wanted to comment on Hannibal being put in the ambulance.

They go through this full procedure. Like I’m not a medical person, but they connect them to all these machines. He starts convulsing. They put oxygen on his face. Like they do a lot of things that I don’t know the logistics here, but if you’re a alive and fine person, wouldn’t this be damaging. I wonder if they started just doing like clear, I don’t know what it’s called.

What’s that called? The fibrillation? That’d

be later

Trent: defibrillator.

Sharai: yes,

Erick & Vivi: I’m just thinking a screen for when they,

Trent: Yeah.

So you don’t fuck with the original.

Erick & Vivi: So we get map getting the call, notifying her of what happened with Hannibal. Again, I feel like they use her to just kind of inform Clarice of stuff. And in this next scene, she’s actually helping her go through the case file. And is the one that it kind of tells


Trent: that like dawns on her. Oh, it’s someone that he knows. He knows

the first victim.

Erick & Vivi: the movie then says, okay, cool. We’ve done pretty much everything we can with Hannibal Lecter. Let’s do a quick U-turn and then just throw the last 30 minutes about,

Trent: Right, right.

Erick & Vivi: I will say that this scene though, with Hannibal was the one where I was like, oh my God, he’s crazy. And like the most thrilling part of this movie,

Trent: Yes.

Sharai: Yeah, no. I was like, yes, this is what we came here

for. And then it was like, oh, well there’s still more movie to go. I’m like, what else do we have to do? Oh yeah, there, there was a serial


Trent: Yeah, we had to say this girl awhile and this poor puppy dog,

Sharai: I forgot about her. I forgot about her.



Trent: screaming. Right? We didn’t save her. She’d still be screaming today.

Sharai: I love them when we meet her. She’s thinking a long time American girl, like it’s a bop.

Erick & Vivi: She’s going hard

Sharai: Yeah. Oh yeah.

Trent: Oh, 91 91.

Sharai: I got this. Like, what was she going through where this is the song she reached for? Cause I mean, like, even if you’re not Tom petty fan, there are other songs to be had.

Erick & Vivi: to be fair.

In the nineties, you only had cassettes and CDs, the radio wasn’t playing what you wanted to hear.

Trent: That’s true.

Erick & Vivi: you could get.

Sharai: Cause she was like, this is my Anthem. And I was like, oh, okay. I

That’s a choice.

Trent: The radio is playing bass or something like

Sharai: listen, I would’ve saw the sign. Cause like

Trent: just wasn’t her vibe.

Sharai: it wasn’t miss was it though.

Trent: going back just for a second. For a funny moment. I did like when she got kid, dad rolls away the cats just to sit in the window, like, bye. I guess they’re not coming back. I

Sharai: That’s cat energy. It’s like, I see you just got kidnapped, but who’s going to give me my treats.

Like I can find out right now and Louisa be like, who’s feeding me.

Trent: guess I’ve got to get you.

Sharai: Right. I’m like, well, it’s just a nap, but just like, I didn’t know how about a no.

Erick & Vivi: we kind of touched on it, but yeah, she ends up at Mrs. Bemmels. She finds, like we said, music box with the nose, check the back of the music box for the nudes.

Trent: That’s

Sharai: was that a thing in the nineties?

Trent: It’s Rocky mine. My new Polaroids,

Erick & Vivi: I can’t cause VB hates music boxes. I do. It’s a

surefire way to get haunted

Sharai: But yes, the sad ballerina with a leg up.

Erick & Vivi: haunted. She ends up going into the room and finds a dress in the wardrobe that has the patterns in the back. Like the body we saw earlier that was recovered from the river. She immediately calls Crawford and says, he’s taking the women’s skin and making a suit. Crawford says that they already know, and that they’re already flying on their way to Callum at city And I think she’s in Ohio. Right? she’s like, it’s cool. It’s cool. I’ll drive there. I’ll meet you there. No, it’s not cool. that’s like five hours,

Trent: It’s 400 miles. I’ll be there soon. He’s like, no, we’re already here. Like

Sharai: She stayed doing the most. She was like, let me roll under this like door, the end of this storage unit. Let me drive six, a hundred miles. Let me go interrogate people on my own with no weapons. And I’m like, why do you have a death? Wish

Erick & Vivi: right? It’s Clarice going to get an A-plus because of this

or, you know?

Sharai: no,

there has to be better ways of getting extra credit than putting your life on the line.

Trent: but I will say I do love that he likes so easily, brushes her. Oh, we know we fear now. You’re good. Thank you done a lot by but really they didn’t have any day. And she was the one on the right path the whole time.

Erick & Vivi: at this point we see the inside of Buffalo Bill’s actual place. We hear Catherine continued to scream. The dog is barking, and Catherine is trying to get the dog to come to the pit. She uses a bucket and puts like a bone. while she’s doing this Buffalo bill or Jame, I guess who we now know. Right. Do we know his name yet? It’s Gordon. I don’t remember his first name was James gum. No, that was the fake. Oh, was it? I don’t know if they changed his name so much in this

Trent: Yeah,

Erick & Vivi: give him a real name. That’s how much they didn’t care. But this is when we get the scene of him doing his own makeup and he’s telling himself like, would you fuck me? I’d fuck me. And then he does that dance where he tucks The cops are showing up around this house and it’s kind of happening simultaneously. Clarice is also headed to a house. goes to ring the bell.

They send this officer dresses, like a delivery guy to ring the bell as well. And when they ring the bell, the door opens because Buffalo Bill’s like, all right, all right, I’m going, he’s got this like bell that rings downstairs to let them know there’s someone at the door. He opens the door and it’s Clarice.

Meanwhile, in the other house,


Trent: another.

Erick & Vivi: crashed through the, the crash through all the windows. I just love how Crawford’s like Clarice. Like

Sharai: yeah. She figured it out

Trent: I will say the entity of that scene is is actually really it’s choppy. It’s choppy, like the rest of them, but the way that it could, it, it chops back to, the guy with the flowers back to Buffalo. You think they’re at that? house until Buffalo bill opens the door and it’s Clarice. And you’re like, oh


Sharai: Even as a kid, I seen this done too many times. I’m like, no, there are the different houses.

Erick & Vivi: yeah,

Sharai: I was always a ruiner as we met. I’m like, this is the editor of this movie. Fuck you. I don’t six senses.

Trent: oh, I, it got me. And I was like, okay, this is good. Oh shit damn.

Erick & Vivi: she fucked up

Trent: Get

out, bro.

Sharai: had never fallen for it.

even as a

kid, I was like, more Hannibal, less this, Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: Because even though this is like the closing of this film, you’re kind of just like, okay, get on with


It feels like,

all right, cool, come on, get it along,

Trent: Because also we don’t see Buffalo bill ever being missing. So I’m never, I’m never really afraid for Clarice. I mean, in the, in that first like, oh gosh, she’s there by herself, But other than that, he’s never medicine. You never see him kill him. seen him beat the girl up, but that’s, that’s the only amount of violence you see for Buffalo bill

Sharai: if you don’t help randos with their furniture into vans, you’re safe.

Trent: agreed. Co-sign

Erick & Vivi: But as Clarice is interacting with who we find out is Gordon, she’s just kind of talking to him, asking for information on the previous owners of the house. When she notices one of the death head moths fly across the room. And in that moment, she realizes she’s in deep shit. She tries to act like everything’s normal.

Gordon’s asking a lot about this case saying why they don’t have leads. Why don’t they know anything in Claris is like, yay. Can I use your phone?

Trent: yeah. He’s way too interested to not be involved.

Erick & Vivi: absolutely.

Cause if someone showed up at my house, it was the cops for one, that’d be scared cause I’m brown, but, but I’d be like, all right, just take whatever you want. Just go, please. I don’t want anything to do with this.

this guy’s like, so, huh.


very cunning

Trent: What do you have for

Sharai: Yeah. Well,

Erick & Vivi: in.

Sharai: lady,

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. sir, we’re talking about a woman, not Clifford, the big fat red


But once Clarice realizes that she is standing there with the actual killer, he sort of laughs maniacally and runs downstairs. And Clarice decides to chase after him.

Trent: This was the perfect, like Batman animated series up moment of like,

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. He Dodges the stove, almost like he’s dancing. Right? He’s waving.

Sharai: It was big joker energy and cause she was like fumble with her gun. Clarice. I know you graduate next week she had up your gun and she

Erick & Vivi: Got it together.

Sharai: got too much coat. I can’t find it in the coat bitch. And then she was like, I’m gonna go downstairs. Like why what’s down there for you.

Erick & Vivi: You should’ve called for

Trent: right.

Erick & Vivi: her


Trent: then She.

hears cat and the girl screaming and I’m like, and she’s like, get me out of here. And I’m like, listen, bitch. I got something to handle before I can get you out of there. Like calm down.

Erick & Vivi: She said, bitch, don’t leave me. Get me. outta here.

Sharai: wait. Clarice is literally like, listen to me. I’m going to go. I’ll be right back for you. I was like, no, listen to yourself, listen to me. I’m going to leave you here. Why did you say, listen to me? You, why does just left

my ass? Cause you’re not calming me. You’re not saving me.

Trent: moment, I think she’s trying to lure bill into that room by, cause you never leaves that room. She’s never like, Hey, I’m leaving now, but never be quiet to like hide.

Erick & Vivi: I was triggered when she said, shut that dog up. Like, dude, it’s not that


Trent: Don’t truly, truly, I’m like I’m trying.

Sharai: weren’t like punch a dog real quick. We kind of movie is this your D Jim’s wife.

Erick & Vivi: I know we skin some people, but we draw the line.

Sharai: Right? You

leave pressures alone.

Trent: Then we go to all the questions I have, but who was that in the bathtub? What thought about that?

Erick & Vivi: It was a you who said it might be miss muffin? No. the original owner of the house that they keep talking about, oh,

Sharai: it’s never explored. This basement goes on forever. So there can be so many more dead people.

Erick & Vivi: There’s so many rooms.

Sharai: Right? It’s a whole of a house.

 I’m just like, this basement never is, was like a skywalks Minneapolis,

Erick & Vivi: What did you pay for this house? There’s so much room.

Sharai: right? Because up top it’s so tiny. It’s like your living room, your entry and your kitchen. And then downstairs. It’s like the tartest it’s bigger on the inside. I’m like bitches.

Nobody else, miss any, he gets a basement. Nobody else there’s so much real that you have rims of just darkness, just because, it reminded me of my, from desktop, Don we’re at the end, they like pull out and you see the back of it, like club and the gun goes off wherever. And like, and I’m just like uh, how did we not know that was there the whole time,

Erick & Vivi: but eventually Gordon slash Buffalo bill gets the upper hand and shuts down all the lights in the basement. He’s wearing this kind of night vision goggles set up that should have immediately helped him kill Clarice, but doesn’t, he kind of hesitates and lingers. He almost wants to strangle her, but when he finally decides to shoot her, he cocks his gun that lets Clarice know he’s right behind me.

And she just shoots him multiple times.

Trent: there were so many times in his hand is like right here. I’m like, how do you not feel that? How do you not know that there is a hand right by your face?

Sharai: because she hadn’t graduated. She would learn that the last week of training.

Erick & Vivi: You don’t get the common sense course till you

Trent: Well,

there was that

training seed where she like over your dead because you didn’t check a quarter. It’s not like she ain’t got reporters, I guess.

Sharai: She can’t see her corners. Cause this is the dark room. this is a dark room in the basement.

Erick & Vivi: I like how they added this weird tech-y vibe to him, to where he’s got these night vision goggles. They’re like, how do we make them iconic? We give them something weird. Oh, goggles. He can see at

Trent: they show him outside of the goggles and you can clearly see it. Like there’s enough light, glorious girl.


Erick & Vivi: She would’ve been dead

Sharai: right

Erick & Vivi: and relax. She would not have

Trent: this has been Hannibal Lecter. He would’ve killed her. He’d have been like, you disappointed me.

Sharai: Right?

He wouldn’t eat her face from many different angles. She know what happened.

Trent: I didn’t check my angles.

Sharai: I forgot the coroner. No.

Erick & Vivi: If she had learned from Hannibal, he’d have been like, I could smell his gun,

Trent: like ABI

Sharai: Right.

Erick & Vivi: The next scene we get is the rescue team finally coming in and taking out Catherine. She is visibly traumatized and won’t release precious because that’s her pet. Now

Trent: Precious in her trouble about it. They’re best friends. Then that’s the sequel.

Sharai: Right.

Erick & Vivi: is not

going to like this. no.

Trent: She is now a dog person.

Erick & Vivi: Clarice is being escorted out by Crawford, weirdly hugging her and the press is trying to ask her questions. Crawford, defense her again in this weird daddy boss relationship they got going on.

Trent: Daddy, boss, whoop.

Sharai: Daddy, boss boss was the hashtag

Erick & Vivi: It’s daddy bond.

Trent: Sorry.

Erick & Vivi: No, it’s bad.

Sharai: it’s so wrong.

Erick & Vivi: We first word to Clarice’s graduation, where we assume she graduated the top of her class. They’re having an after party where Matt informs her that she has a call waiting for her. We have another awkward scene between her and Crawford that I’m just like,

not okay

Sharai: with.

Trent: She could just go to the boat.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah.

He says your dad would be proud of you. Go get that phone call though. Zoom in on them. Shaking hands too. Like so much tension. That’s like gross.

Trent: I don’t think they continue

that storyline to the next movie. Thank God.

Sharai: I hope not. And I know that like, Jody wasn’t out yet back then, but I think that I always assumed her character was that intimate. So like watch it as an adult and seeing Crawford be into her. I’m like, I don’t like it,

Trent: are very close. David had

that moment where she’s walking across the stage. She looks out in the audience and sees her,

Erick & Vivi: the graduations like Clarice Starling for catching and Hannibal Lecter, getting semen thrown at her face. Cashing they’ll kill her. The best

Sharai: Right.

Erick & Vivi: top of the

Trent: Great hearings. You can hear triggers from a mile away,

Sharai: Best sperm toss.

Erick & Vivi: goes to

Trent: but she has no feelings in her face.

Sharai: Most likely to go into a dark basement

Erick & Vivi: wears shoes in the entire academy.

Sharai: where shoes better, the best bag.

Trent: Most likely to Jill, a victim. There’s shut The fuck up

Erick & Vivi: The FBI academy doesn’t even do an annual yearbook, but they started this year just cause of clarity’s

Sharai: Right. Most gullible agents, Starling.

Erick & Vivi: most likely to fumble with a gun.

Sharai: Again, it was caught up in all of her layers. Cause they were like, we don’t know if it’s cold in the Midwest, just put layers on her. where’s my gun. she could have been murdered in 90 different times. He just not danced away. said that like,

father, it would have been over.

Trent: the stove. Like he could have just grabbed that,

Sharai: Right.

Erick & Vivi: God.

Sharai: like, oh, stay right there. Don’t move. And I was like, you need to have your gun ready? get this coder. I’m like, you should’ve done that first because the coat

almost killed you.

Trent: in the car. I know it may be cold, but like we all have little survive

Erick & Vivi: We find out that the call is actually from Dr. Lecter who tells Clarice don’t bother with the trace. I won’t be on long enough. I’ve just called to ask if the lamps have stopped screaming,

Trent: It’s so rude. So rude. let me just bring up your trauma on your graduation day. Here you


Erick & Vivi: ruin it

Sharai: Right. In case you forgot,

Trent: out.

Trent: You’ve been to

Erick & Vivi: Did you get rid of them?

Sharai: Right. Have a lamb stop screaming. And did you get my box of shoes? You pay less bitch.

Erick & Vivi: I like to think of a Hannibal Lecter having like a subscription box, just to send a Clarice.

Sharai: That was really marketing. He’s like, whatever got in here, I’m going to sell

shoes and I need you to be one of the first customers.

Trent: this is the nineties when painless was like the thing. And so he’s on every Payless commercial. He’s like, do you want good shoes or do you want to be


Erick & Vivi: don’t ask what the leather is made of

Sharai: right. Multiple colors.

Trent: uh,

Erick & Vivi: all shapes and sizes

Sharai: Right. You either chunky heel, Clarice. You did a chunky


Trent: even if you’re a big fat, terrible human.

Erick & Vivi: you need to choose.

Sharai: Right.

You can choose the column with that good purse who gave me the purse. I know you can’t afford it. You poor bitch. Like

Erick & Vivi: Is the FBI not pay you?

Sharai: I

Trent: Around to read me when I was in college, because I would’ve been like,

Sharai: I still be, I still be cry.

Erick & Vivi: I’m surprised you didn’t call her from a Payless, just like

Trent: well, shit, what size you got?

Erick & Vivi: I’m not even hiding. This is a priority.

Sharai: Right.

Trent: be no return address, but I’m

going to send You some suits.

Sharai: And that’s my goal to be like your cheap shoes, you beneath me, my wigs that run my shoes are tight. priorities. Right.

Erick & Vivi: He closes out the call by saying, he’s having an old friend for dinner. We pan to where he is. And we realize he’s looking at Dr. Chilton, who is, we assume going into witness protection. He hangs up Clarice panics and tries to go for help. But the final scene we get is Hannibal following Chilton to wherever he is staying, wearing the worst wig and the worst outfit he can think of really cool walk though.

He’s holding his head, walking like that forever. If you watch the credits, he’s still walking until this day.

Sharai: He’s trying to keep his wig secure.

Erick & Vivi: I can’t walk too

Trent: Yeah,


Sharai: Right.

Trent: really wouldn’t Clarice to have a good, like bad-ass they would’ve said she shouldn’t how’s your weight doing,

Erick & Vivi: I know you ain’t talk about my shoes.

Trent: right? Oh, no, but it says, she goes Hannibal Hannibal,

Erick & Vivi: He’s

definitely gone by

Trent: right?

The dial tone is coupling. The call has ended

Sharai: the lamb screaming at me, replace my Hannibal, reading her.

Erick & Vivi: It’s my new trauma,

Trent: only added more than the edges

Sharai: I wanted a sensible shoe that day.

Erick & Vivi: but

that is it. That is silence of the lambs.

Trent: there. Silent. Now

Erick & Vivi: They are silent.

 What is your guys’ final thoughts on the film?

Trent: this conversation has been really funny, but, uh, I will say, I think that this film showed audiences that thrillers could be interesting with all of its issues, which we’ve discussed at nauseum, but like today, is it, is it one of my favorites? No, but I don’t hate it. And I, it, I do give it some respect and I do think that Jodie foster and Anthony Hopkins have incredible performances in the south.

Sharai: No, I got a, B minus C plus. So like an 80%, like a four

Trent: I’m at like a three

Sharai: maybe or an eight out of 10.

Trent: four or

five sleep on it.

Sharai: Yeah,

Trent: that would be like a 7.5,

Sharai: that’s where I’m at, because I think that there are some stuff that I get why it was like an Oscar winning moment to watch, but also so much of it was never meant to age well, because you have, again, it re written by like CIS white people. And so that’s always inherently wrong. And so it was like, this is offensive.

It’s offensive is Cassie limits really only getting four scenes in his pitch. And so I have questions and concerns, but like, I feel like Hannibal was such a fun character to where you want to like it more than you actually do. Like if you’re both Hannibal Lecter, I would ever be watch this.

Erick & Vivi: no true.

Totally true.

Trent: yeah. Jodie Foster’s performances are like the highlight of this still for me.

Erick & Vivi: I forgot to say this, but actually when, they double-cross them. Right. And Chilton is like throwing it in his face.

I honestly

felt bad for Hannibal. Cause you see it in his face. It’s kind of like,


You know, he has just that level of charm that makes you like him so much that you’re like, oh man, what fuck Chilton.

Like, no, let handle, we’ll get what he wants.

Sharai: I also love that like, Hannibal is not being played by like some hot young

actor, which we are wanting to do now. Cause we’re all like make David Tennant, the serial killer, make Matt Smith a serial killer. And I’m like, whatever color is not a hot person who was white right on. What if it’s a random Joe blow let’s do that.

And not like, sort of like idealized serial killers cause that’s boogie. And we end up with a lot of people specifically like young women thinking against

Erick & Vivi: oh my God. Yeah, I do like that too, because I will never forgive people for thinking Ted Bundy’s attractive. And I liked that this film doesn’t do that.

Sharai: And if it happens, it’s definitely big uncle energy, like B U E. And so like, we’re not like right on him. We’re like, I, I might’ve been nice to him once or twice, but I’m not gonna like get into his van so he can like bite my face


Erick & Vivi: I might’ve,

Sharai: I’m worried for you. You’re too nice to be in Chicago now.

I’m like,

Erick & Vivi: that’s really odd. if the rock suddenly decided to start killing people, I’d be like, but it’s the rock though.

Sharai: oh my God. But he has the best tag on already. Can you smell what the rock is? Cooking

done? Give us that movie. Give us that movie. Whereas Dwayne, the rock Johnson, I have a pitch,

Erick & Vivi: well what are your final

dots? Yeah, no, I loved it. I thought it was definitely not on the horror level. It’s hard to rate it as a horror

versus like a really good movie because the acting is great. Like you guys have said, I think I would give it like a seven and a half. It’s definitely not horrifying though.

Other than like a select few scenes, which are very limited, like we said, cause Hannibal is very limited in the movie entirely. He’s the best part. And we don’t get enough of him. We don’t really care about this killer. Yeah. I feel like you guys pretty much summed it up. Well, I do have to appreciate how iconic this film was. It has so many references in pop culture. You can escape it. Is it like super scary? No, the scariest parts are Hannibal.

And I think this movie would age different now in this like true crime obsessed community. I’m going to give it a seven out of 10, but yeah, definitely. Jodie foster Anthony Hopkins. Best part. Don’t give a shit about the rest.

Sharai: literally. literally.

Trent: I think

one thing that this movie missed is that what makes those like crime serial killer thrillers scary is that it could happen to anyone like scream could happen anywhere. the strangers fatal attraction, like those could happen to anyone’s anyone’s family and like they didn’t spend enough time making the killer scary.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. Do you think this could have something to do with Jodie foster saying like, let’s emphasize the, role of the FBI in this Yeah,

Trent: I can see that.

Sharai: it does what the blueprint for most of the procedural shows we have on the air now. Cause there’s like 90 different CSI’s and many different law and orders. And it’s just like, we only needed one of each, if that, and it was supposed to the blueprint. Cause again like the eighties and the nineties were so stuck on these people have jobs that we should admire. And so you’re spending all this time with like these lawyers and these doctors and these priests, as opposed to the actual subject, which is the person that’s being highlighted or being terrorized. And so like you don’t feel fear for these people. Like the Exorcist. Again, I watched it late in life, like last year, but we spent way too much time on these like preachers, who are coming from other countries.

And like when the family unit and the mother, and I’m like, I don’t care and I feel bad. I don’t care, but I don’t care. This girl is possessed. That’s where the story is. Let’s start there and shave some of this off. Cause she’s doing wild ass shit. That’s the movie that every time Reagan was possessed, I was like, this is a movie. And then you let go away for like 40 minutes stretches God. They didn’t know what to do back then. Because again, they were like, well, we’re coming off the fifties and sixties. So like men in suits is what you want. It’s like, no, not really. I’m here to get creeped out. Can you get to that? but my theory is that the person who adapted that particular novel fell into that trope of, I don’t know what to cut because I like this novel when deep down, do you know what you want? Like if you picked up a book today, you’re like, I want to adapt this. You know, why you want to adapt it?

Don’t give us all this other bullshit. Like I did not like the fierce street trilogy because I grew up reading first street. That’s part of our name. That’s part of what? And I was like, yeah,

fierce street. Yeah. And so like, when you just slap fair share on something and you don’t like give her the justice and give her what would draw you to it, whatever it is, where there’s something different, otherwise I’m there. Then it feels false because like I know fierce street, I know there was always the shiny boyfriends. I know the cheerleaders were like bullshit. And she was also counting people. I know these things. And so when you’re just like, let’s just do random monsters on this street.

Trent: I agree. I think that when people try to adapt, cause we see this play for them all the time. When they try to adapt like a little weapon or a classic piece of literature that’s super dense or whatever, need to figure out what is your core of the story and focus on that. As opposed to, in a novel, you can have two or three chapters about this side story and readers will go with you, but in a movie, in a play, in a TV series, you need to have a core something pushing you forward.

Sharai: It’s why so many Stephen King and a patients fail Yeah. King will give you a Tapper on the drapes. He just will. And you’ll go with it. Cause you’ve been with uncle Steven for decades, but like in the real world, if you’re going to next Stephen King, you’re not going to go in there and be like, I like the part about the

drapes. You’re

Erick & Vivi: Yeah,

Sharai: this family moved into the overlook hotel and the checkout spicy let’s go there.

Erick & Vivi: yeah.

Trent: Yeah. They have to know what is the heart of

this fill?

The heart of silence of the lambs is animal Lecter.

The heart of the extra cyst is.

Linda Blair Reagan, the exorcism,

Erick & Vivi: Yeah,

Do we want to talk about what scared low-key about this movie? Yeah. He was actually just barking or intrigued by precious and her being stuck in the pit.

Trent: He was like, I’m coming to get you.

Erick & Vivi: Well, him being sick right now, I’m sure. He’s just like, yeah, you get that bone. I can’t eat bones right now.

Sharai: Was he sick before you saw Clarice issues

Erick & Vivi: to think about.

But do you want to tell us about it? Low-key sounds good. were sorry. You had to see Clarissa shoes,

Sharai: for a baby?

Erick & Vivi: I think that pretty much wraps it up for us here. Do you guys want to tell everyone where they can find you.

Sharai: Yes. you can check us out on Twitter at a nightmare fears or a Facebook and Instagram and a nightmare on first street. Cause we’re like sticky that way. We also have an, all my links, if you were like, I need more and I need everything. And that’s just like all my backslash at night, we were on fierce street. Sounds

Erick & Vivi: good. Thanks so much for being on. It was well overdue. We’ve been on, you guys thirsty Thursdays and we plan this out fast enough, but we need to do another one. I

can’t wait.

Trent: Yes, Yes,

yes, yes. We


to thank you


Sharai: I love when y’all come on. Cause I’m just like we’re getting frames and cocktails. Yes.

Trent: to learn about

Sharai: Right. Listen, the Turner. That is real. Cause we’ve been like, Halloween’s coming. You want to do something like, yeah. I’m like, oh my God. Yes.

Erick & Vivi: Thanks so much. Yeah, as always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaking that scared pod except Twitter. Twitter is shaken, scared pod. You could send us an Support the show on patron. You can get early access to episodes or a bonus episode and 3m drinked idea every month.

Listen, wherever you get your podcasts, give us a follow check. Our drink videos, go give them a like throw lochia tree. His birthday is literally next week from when this comes out. Be sure to like rate, review all that good stuff. And K thanks. Bye.

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