My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Vivi: Someone’s banging on our door. Let’s hope we don’t get

Erick: murdered. We will. That’s fine. It’s almost all the time. Say it’s about time

Vivi: and then they’re going to cut out or deaths for being too gruesome from the mobile.

Erick: Welcome back to the chicken. Not scared podcast here with you as always your host, Eric and VB. Today, we’re gonna be talking about the 1981 film, my bloody Valentine directed by George May Halakha but before we get into that, how are you doing? Okay.

Vivi: Why this drink is very sticky and then we spilled like half of it before starting it’s a great start.

Erick: It’s a good time here. How are

Vivi: you though? I’m fine. It’s like two days after Valentine’s day. So happy Valentine’s day

Erick: listeners. Happy Valentine’s day. I was actually going to say it’s locus birthday, but yes,

Vivi: Yes. As of recording that it’s Loki’s second birthday.

Erick: Yeah. He’s two years old. Now. He’s a grown old man.

Vivi: He is still insane.

Erick: He will be for a long time. If not forever. We’re also officially licensed bartenders.

We had to do 20 drinks under nine minutes. VB beat me,

Vivi: We should get a competition going, we should do a live and do a contest,

Erick: we should do like a taste and speed. That’d be fun. fuck it. just yelling. Yeah. And then just have people in the comments say not make this, that’s not how you

Vivi: make that.

Erick: what did you watch for, could be content this week,

Vivi: I finally watched revenge. I think I’ve mentioned a million times on the show that I don’t really like rape revenge, horror And I had heard super great things about this one. So I was like, okay, let me check it out. Some pretty good things, some crazy gore effects that are pretty good. storyline was may, it was okay. It was just okay.

Erick: Every time I came outside, it looked like Michael bay filmed it like transformers.

The first one, just huge emphasis on the sweaty people and dirty people.

Vivi: Yeah. Like the sun in the desert type of vibe

Erick: glistening skin. Yeah. Everyone’s got.

Vivi: Yep. it was interesting.

Erick: Should I watch it?

Vivi: I think it’s a good watch. I did say that the part that I thought was super funny was that there’s a point where the woman is in the desert and she has a terrible wound and she has to cauterize her own wound and she uses a beer bottle the logo of the beer bottle is like imprinted on her stomach, like a tattoo.

And I was like, I don’t think that would have,

Erick: you know, this makes more sense. Now I think the day that we were talking about it, I pictured a beer can and I was like, why the fuck would the logo here? Oh, was it? You said bottle. Cause it was like, if it was a bottle that makes sense. If it’s engraved, you know, some bottles have that texture to them.

If it’s a can, that shit doesn’t make any sense. It was again, fucking stupid for that reason alone. I will not watch it. Okay. Just get it. I’m going to watch it for that reason alone. Got to check out that scene. Yes.

Vivi: What do you have a creepy content?

Erick: We watched fun and nation three with what’s your least favorite, scary movie and fly over state of fear. Yeah, Joe Travis, and just joined us Last week, we were trying to watch mid summer the director’s cut, but we couldn’t find it. We also underestimated the fact that it’s only available either through apple TV or pre-order on eight 20 fours website. So we bought it. We will have that Midsummer director’s cut live, but in the meantime and watch final destination three, which is fun.

I fucking love those movies. Yeah.

Vivi: I had not seen those in a very long time. I don’t remember a lot. Eric kept remembering the kills before they would come on and spoiling them for the rest of us. Just kidding. We’ve all seen

Erick: this because there’s just so many of them. And I was like, is this the one where this happens?

And they’re like, yeah, that’s this one. And I was like, what about this one? They’re like, yeah, that’s this one. I was like, what about this death? And they’re like, no, actually that’s, the fourth one. You that

Vivi: one? you keep saying that the is available for pre-order, but I think it’s just order.

So if you want to get a copy, you can just get it now.

Erick: What am I pre-order. It was just like, you have to order it. Oh yeah. Sorry.

Vivi: I thought you meant like it’s not out yet. You have to get on a pre-order.

Erick: Yeah. There’s just a giant wait list for

Vivi: everyone wants

Erick: more. Pre-ordering the post order of the order of a movie that came out three years ago.


Vivi: Good. Three years ago, I feel like 2019 was like last

Erick: year. I feel like that movie is still playing right now because it’s just that long.

Vivi: You’re not wrong.

Erick: Final destination though. It’s good. Yeah,

Vivi: we skipped straight to the third one because

Erick: it’s the earliest one available on streaming before having to like rent the other two it’s on Netflix. I think four or five are on there too.

Vivi: Yeah. But it also seems to be a fan favorite I believe everyone in the group was like, this is my favorite one.

Erick: Yeah. I told you my traumatic story. I’ll save it for when we cover final destinations. I just live my day to day. Just thinking about how death could kill me with everything.

Vivi: Yeah. I think those films traumatize the whole generation.

So we should cover them. Eventually.

Erick: I’m looking at the mouse on my computer right now and I’m like, Hmm. Battery flies out of nowhere because it’s old and explodes. And then the battery cover just lodges in my throat,

Vivi: which is about as crazy as those movies are

Erick: the most impossible things. Yeah.

What do you ever come for? Content?

Vivi: I finally got to season three of what we do in the shadows. I just really love that show.

It’s just so fun to have on. We were talking about how Guillermo is like one of the best Latino, Mexican characters we’ve seen in like the horror genre. Like we don’t see a lot of them first off.

Erick: I know we’re always like the cleaning lady or good in the middle. Who’s weird. Cause he cracks eggs on people’s faces, that’s it.

Vivi: he’s just there to help the white people. That’s all

Erick: they literally can’t function without them.

Vivi: Yeah. Well that is also here. Most role. He has his own story and it’s not just like a joke that he’s Latino.

He just is. And again, we just haven’t seen that in anything really kind of sad if you know of a show or movie that has that, please recommend it to us. Yeah.

Erick: I was talking about Lisa spooky is with some folks online that’s also another one that, because it’s in Spanish, maybe it doesn’t get as much hype as it should That’s another one that I think you should check out. It’s pretty funny. Fred Armisen is in it. If you like him, fucking love Fred Armisen. He’s so weird. a such weird guy. what drink do you have for us today?

Vivi: Okay. I’m excited about this one. It looks very bloody. I like

Erick: it. It looks really cool. It’s melting

Vivi: I think I’m going to call this one, the heart shaped box for obvious reasons. There’s a lot of heart shaped box in this

I did this like candy coating on the rim of the glass it looks super cool, but I don’t recommend because it’s super sticky. There is Canadian whiskey. I would recommend if you want to be super Canadian to go with crown apple Canadian whiskey, dark rum.

pomegranate juice. Pomegranate liqour apple juice, lime juice among other little things that we will all list

Erick: this drink’s not even that big.

Vivi: Oh yeah. It’s very small measurements of, oh,

Erick: Just killing them. Yeah. I was like, wow, this drink’s not even that much.

It’s also very hyper red. Like, it looks like a melted candy.

Vivi: Yay. There is going for it. I’m just disappointed that the coding is supposed to harden and it looks like it’s still running so cool for the gram. Not practical in real life.

Erick: You could serve this at a pop-up like a horror pop-up and then people are just gonna be chewing on the cups

Vivi: Chis can link stuck together.

Erick: That tastes like a candy. It does

Vivi: taste like a candy. I wonder if it’s the rim

I need a straw to get past the room I’ve created.

Erick: It is heavy on the pomegranate,

Vivi: you know what? This tastes like. It’s a popular drink. I don’t know the name of, but literally like that apple whiskey and cranberry juice that like is really popular in bars. I’m pretty sure it goes by like several names, Apple cran

Erick: please. Apple cram.

Vivi: I would say this work it’s pretty tart, like a sour tart heart candy.

Erick: Yeah. It definitely hits the vibe of Valentine’s day. you’re looking at drink on Valentine’s day and be a little romantic and sweet, this is the drink for you, mainly sweet.

What do you

Vivi: rate it? I thought I was going to love it. So I’m kind of disappointed that it’s really sweet. I’m going to give it a three out of five.

Erick: That’s still pretty high. I’d give it a two, but it’s not nasty. for Valentine’s day, I think a fitting.

It’s also a good looking drink. Just

Vivi: statically, pleasing, but sticky

Erick: set the mood on Valentine’s day.

Vivi: Exactly.

Erick: Are you ready for, Fun, bloody backs, very excited.


Vivi: that. There’s a whole movie around Valentine’s day. That’s horror. There’s actually a few of them.

Erick: I think this was the first one though. Yes,

Vivi: Give me the bloody Valentines facts

Erick: According to Neil Affleck who plays axle, the cats had no idea who the killer was during filming. He says he figured it out though. When he was fitted for a fake arm.

Vivi: That’s hilarious. He’s getting fitted for a fake arm and he’s like, huh?

Suspicious. And

Erick: I read that though. I was like, what would make you think that you’re the killer and not just someone getting amputated.

Vivi: Right. Cause there’s a lot of kills in here where Howard gets his neck snapped and stuff like that.

And he didn’t automatically think, oh, I’m the killer, my next snap.

Erick: The movie was filmed that Sydney mines Nova Scotia and was chosen because the town had a rustic atmosphere.

But when the locals found out a movie was going to be filmed there, this is so sad. I think it’s like cute. You know, like for people when they found out I was going to get filmed there, they spent 50,000 bucks to spruce the place up. The production company was like, what the fuck we were choosing it to be ugly.

So they ended up paying $75,000 to make the place look rustic.

Vivi: First of all, what a waste of money. Second of all, this screams, like we’re having company, you got to clean up and then the company being like, no, we want it. Cause your place is dirty as

Erick: fuck. yeah, I think what makes it sadder is this place at the time in the eighties, allegedly wasn’t a downfall, like they’re mining and things like that was going through a lot of problems and the town was kind of going to shit. they even thought that filming here was going to bring tourism to help them improve the city again.

And it ended up not helping much either.

Vivi: It didn’t bring like any tourism or anything. Cause I feel like this is a cult classic from what

Erick: I read, not, like what they would have expected

Vivi: that is just sad all

Erick: around in as you know, cause I can’t imagine being like, People are going to come and it’s going to be awesome. We’re going to be popular. And then know that like actually we wanted your city to be shitty because

Vivi: it’s the dirtiest shittiest place we can think

Erick: of.

Tiniest pollutant is dirty and the people are just sitting there like, okay, you could have stopped that. Rustic

Vivi: rustic was Q okay.

Erick: Malika has come out and said he purposely wanted this film to break the teen slasher stereotype and make it about working class people with quote, no hope of a better future, except working in that shit hole again.

You so faced ass, fucking dirty ass small-town ass people. That’s what the production company basically

Vivi: said. That’s what the directors

Erick: then damn. These people just went in here, roasts in this whole town. So

Vivi: I would say they did not do a good job of it not being just another teen slasher because we figured it out.

Right. We’re like, wait, they have to be 25, 27 years old about, and they’re acting like straight up 16 year olds.

Erick: Yeah. They’re still acting like teenagers. So sure. They’re working class folks, but they’re portrayed like idiots.

Vivi: Yeah, yeah.

Erick: It’s been going shit holes. The film was shot in an actual mine. And in order to avoid a methane explosion, they were only able to use specific types of lighting. Oh really? Yeah. So the blades could have blown up, This one’s just fun. The film starts on Thursday, February 12th, which means that the next day Friday is the 13th.

Vivi: Oh. So cut to camp, crystal lake going through their shit show and then Saturday over here, their own shit.

Erick: Yeah. Yeah. Jason, miss war. He’s axle. in the same universe, because this was in 1981, Friday the 13th was released the year before John Lennon had also just recently died when this movie was released.

because of all that backlash for Friday, the 13th, John Lennon dying, they were like, now is not the time for violent movies. cut a lot. So the MP AA was like, we’re going to get rid of nine minute. I was looking at an interview from Hulka who was like, they didn’t even remove any gory shit.

Like six of the nine minutes was like more exposition and storyline about the people’s backgrounds. They really only got rid of like three minutes of gore and it wasn’t even like the worst score. They were like, they just got rid of Michael and Harriet’s graphic deaths.

Vivi: right, because you don’t see them die. Yeah. Which reminds me so much of what is it?

Erick: 32.

Vivi: And I was like, I wonder if they went the same route. Whoops.

The actress was underage. We got to kill them

Erick: off screen. that actress is definitely not under-aged catty. She’s not She does not look like a kid. The other one did. Yeah. that’s all I got

Vivi: Well I’m still sad.

Erick: . still feel bad for those people.

Vivi: Yeah. I think I saw recently that the actor who plays TJ passed away like last week. Oh

Erick: shit. That’s not good.

Vivi: That’s a sad fact. I thought it was interesting. Cause I feel like every time, you know, when you’re covering a movie and you’re like focused on it, you’re getting information for it is when like these stories about it just seemed to pop up and it’s only cause you’re like noticing it more

Erick: because that’s right.

I think when we covered evil bong with always room for more. I remember when we were talking about bill Moseley and they were like, it was his birthday, like a couple of days ago. But before that episode, yeah, it’s funny.

Vivi: It’s just like little coincidences that happen when you know, they’re

Erick: not coincidence we’re manifesting, Cool. well, it’s my turn to do a speed run and I am not ready for it.

Vivi: I can’t grab my phone for a speech

Erick: I covered in,

Vivi: Okay. I think I can do it with this hand. Ready?

Speed Run

Erick: So we’re introduced to down times bluff. We see two minors right away. They’re going into a mine. They both get naked.

One of them is like, Hey, start smoking, smoking. So stroking, the mask is really into it. Gets impaled. We are introduced to these miners are all friends there hasn’t been a dance for Valentine’s day. Since 20 years ago, after one guy went around, killing everybody. He’s warning everybody with chocolate boxes puts hearts in them.

And the town is like, no, let’s have the dance anyway. And one by one people get picked off one, there’s two characters who are fighting over a girl. It’s really stupid. The one guy ends up. The, the two of them are like confusing because you think one or the other is a killer. And again, people keep getting cut off or uh, keep getting killed off.

And then in the mine, we find out that axle is the killer that he gets his arm chopped off. And yeah, the cities or the cities like, fuck he’s back. And then he’s like, I’m going to get you guys and runs off of maniacally.

Vivi: You had 10

Erick: seconds left. Okay. Sorry. I was like, I’m going to run out of time. I’m already tripping all over myself.

Just like axle

Vivi: at the end of this. that was pretty good.

Erick: Yes I did. But that’s basically what happens. I could have gone into detail about excellent TJ being shitty and Sarah being in the middle of it all. Oh, we will

Vivi: go into detail about that. It’s a big plot

Erick: point. Apparently we could have had nine minutes more of plot points, but less score, less score, more teenage people in their twenties, this is a small town though. I can’t imagine that there’s anything else to do other than just pat fun Especially with everybody being like about the same age, they probably all went to school together and they’re just friends all the way through.


Vivi: I think that’s like implied when they’re like fighting over Sarah.

Okay. friends defy the rules of a legendary murderer and discover he is real when they start celebrating Valentine’s day.

Nice. Finally got a short one. but I am to gives it a 6.3 out of 10, just for

Erick: it should have been a 6.9 beyond brand guys. It’s

Vivi: Valentine’s day,

Erick: missed opportunity.

are you ready to dive into this mind worth of murder?

Vivi: Yes, I like that. This is a Canadian horror. it’s the first time we’ve covered. One

Erick: is Nova Scotia and Canada Nova Scotia sounds European for some reason.

I think

Vivi: Nova Scotia is in Wisconsin,

Erick: Canada I don’t know. Geography know that

Vivi: teacher has a very thick Canadian

Erick: accent teaches annoying.

Vivi: We open on two people, dressed as miners, walking through a set of dark tunnels, the two eventually stop, and one begins to strip. It’s a woman with a heart tattoo over her titty. It looks, and this

Erick: just reminded me of Moxy from borderlands.

Vivi: I think Tiffany from Chucky. Cause she also has like that.

Erick: It’s a hot girl thing. Okay. I’ll let you have one. I’m not a hot girl. You are calling Alex tomorrow

Vivi: for context. Alex is a tattoo artist. It looks very fake, very Sharpie bit.

Erick: Yeah. It’s meant to get impaled in, which I think is kind of cool.

Vivi: Speaking of inbuilt, the minor stabs a pickax into the wall as the, to start messing around The woman is deductively playing with the other miners mask, rubbing it when he suddenly picks her up and pushes her through the pickax that stuck in the wall.

Erick: We have enough time through these intro credits to have her telling this guy like, let’s go, let’s get naked. And he’s like, no, no, no.

I’m good. It’s all about stroking the mask, the thing, his specific cake. Yup. Cause she’s moaning and he’s like, yes. And then he kills her.

Vivi: you can see the fake skin poking before she’s even like impaled out through her Teddy Hart. Yeah. They really emphasized it when they shouldn’t have also, her makeup looks like Christmas.

It’s like bread and green wrong holiday guys. Get it together. we get a title card that says my bloody Valentine. We got to a crew of men working in the mines. They seem to be hazing a new crew member because they mentioned leaving him behind alone to find his way out. The crew hits the showers where we get introduced to axle and TJ and the crew keeps giving TJ shit about leaving their small town and coming back, TJ is not exactly happy, especially since he’s found out that Axel has gotten with his ex-girlfriend Sarah while he was away.

Erick: should’ve never left home. TJ, do you went to California for what? Silicon valley isn’t even a thing yet.

Vivi: He was trying to get in on it

Erick: 20 years before the ground level.

Vivi: he has this very weird possessive mentality, him and axle over Sarah,

Erick: After the showers, the crew pals in the cars to raise to the bar in town as some pretty intense banjo music plays, we pass it down sign that tells us the town is named Valentine Bluffs, a small town with a very big heart.

It’s cute. We also see a bunch of signs everywhere that say that the Ballantine’s dance is approaching, but the crew stops at the town union hall to to pick up their girlfriends for drinks. the girls have been decorating the hall for a big Valentine’s dance.

That is happening that Saturday. We learned it’s the first one taking place in 20 years. Axel greet Sarah awkwardly as TJ is broody and moody in the background. Like bro, go somewhere else. like, why are you here? Everyone’s here to see their girlfriend. You have your own car.

You could have just been like, I’ll meet y’all at the bar at the bar.

Vivi: one of the other dudes is like super tall and his girlfriend short Hollis. No, no

Erick: Hollis. Isn’t the one that chokes slams her. No

Vivi: picks her up by the head and kisses her.

Erick: That’s not how I should be kissing, you know? Oh, I think

Vivi: it was John and Sylvia who did this,

Erick: but the

Vivi: tall dude, right? Tall dude.

Erick: Very tall man.


Vivi: until Delmon picks up his tiny girlfriend by the head, like a doll, it kisses her and puts her back down. I mean, yeah. She like jumps up greet him. But like as a couple, how do you coordinate this? How does this become a

Erick: thing jumps up to get her head caught by her giant husband, boyfriend.

Vivi: Good. Me, her husband.

They’re fucking 30. We could to Mabel who seems to be in charge of decorating and putting together this entire dance for the town. She is speaking to the town mayor. He mentioned he wants the stance to be perfect so that people forget the nonsense of the past.

Again, alluding to the town, having some like mysterious history, as he says this, one of the miners bursts through the door covered in fake blood. It’s Howard, right? I believe it’s Howard close friend, the jokester, the mayor and Mabel, brush him off and enter the union hall.

We get an awkward exchange between the mayor and TJ, where we learned that TJ is actually. He storms out and the mayor tells the rest of the crew that it’s not his fault that TJ couldn’t cut it in California. And that, as long as he’s back in his town, he’s going to be working in the mines way to put him on blast with everyone there.

Erick: Yeah, for real, I actually hadn’t put two and two together that the mayor and this man were the same person. I was like, who is this man? And why did he never show up ever again? didn’t realize it was his dad

Vivi: it does suck to be TJ. Like you left your hometown and you couldn’t cut it and you have to come back.

Erick: They never even explained why it’s just very mysterious as to

Vivi: why he left. He literally just says he couldn’t cut it. Or like he made a lot of mistakes. It’s very big. It’s for the drama. Okay.

Erick: There’s no SQL to this, right? I think there is like my bloody Valentine to, yes, I think.

I wonder if we find out why

Vivi: I know there’s the remake and 2009,

Erick: there’s also the 3d remastered or some shit. the 3d one I thought was this one again, but just in 3d. Oh,

Vivi: interesting.

Erick: 3d. Because they tell us about teacher’s background to take us to California and they immerse us into his failure. Yes.

Vivi: You know, I really don’t care about his background story. I’m here for murder.

Erick: I’m just here to hate him more. I

Vivi: mean, yeah, he’s not great

yet. Another bashing, the boyfriend’s episode here on shaken up scared.

Erick: We’re not great. Okay.

Vivi: Men are just, they’re not doing so great. Some men the chief of police is also there to meet with the mayor and they were about to leave. When one of the mining crew workers, hands them a heart shaped box of chocolate saying it was left for the mayor upon opening the box.

He discovers a human heart with an ominous note from the heart comes a warning filled with bloody good cheer. Remember what happens as the 14th draws near, he panics a little bit, but it’s still way too calm for

Erick: my taste. Him and the chief together, like, oh, it’s so sweet. Smiles all around. And then they’re like, oh fuck.

It’s a heart brings them down a notch,

Vivi: I mean, yeah. It’d kill my mood too. If I found a human heart, what did it

Erick: smell

Vivi: And wouldn’t it be dripping blood like all over. when the dude handed it to the questions, it would smell not like chocolate.

Erick: Cut to the Tombarra named the cage and axle Hollis or playing the knife game or five finger filet as Sarah watch.

Vivi: just imagine being in a small town, and this is like your entertainment, your boyfriend almost cutting his finger off.

Erick: also the eighties.

You can’t even just sit there and be on your phone the whole way. Hollis and axle are also just smiling and staring at each other heavily while doing it

Vivi: kind of romantic. It is romantic, except Hollis is like way more calm and axle immediately gets to,

Erick: The bartender is being super creepy and ominous and immediately gives up the dark backstory of the town.

20 years ago, the town was known for their Valentine dance. It was a tradition going back over a hundred years, everyone in town was at the dance with the exception of five minors and two supervisors excited to make it to the dance. The two supervisors leave early, but they forget to check methane gas levels and the mining tunnels causing an explosion that trapped the miners that down ignored their screams.

As they partied all night the town searched the mines for the men for six weeks. And when they finally found them only one survived by eating the choruses of the others.

Harry warden was then institutionalized. The next year. He escaped and got revenge on the two supervisors He cut out their hearts and put them in heart-shaped boxes, leaving them at the dance warning, the towns, and never have a Valentine’s dance. Again, every February 14th, Harry returns to town to terrorize anyone celebrating Valentine’s day, the bartender then warns against the Saturday party and the crew nor is his warnings.

Vivi: Yeah. We didn’t have to wait long to get that backstory.

It was like immediately, like, we’ll tell you why this,

Erick: you say creepy bartender, but I thought this guy had all the common sense. He later he ends up being insane. But at this point I was just like, he’s telling them like, yo y’all are being fucking idiots. Stop heed my warning. He is really aggressive though.

He’s like, fuck you, you stupid ass.

Vivi: Yeah. I think in my notes, I put down, he’s like really rude to his patrons.

Erick: I mean, that’s the only bar

Vivi: in town. Yeah, that’s true. But I like how you’re like, he seemed very reasonable until later on. This is what I mean.

Erick: I mean, he wasn’t trying to kill them though. He was just trying to scare them.

Vivi: I don’t know. He seemed very unhinged to me

Erick: again, he wasn’t trying to kill them. He was just like, I’m going to show them that they shouldn’t be stupid, which is a reasonable response because they are being stupid.

Vivi: Alright, good. Mind your business. I’m going to get murdered anyways. And now you got murdered for being nosy.

Erick: Yeah. Yeah. I guess he did.

Vivi: Instead the crew starts singing a song to Harriet, the barmaid saying that she’s forever over. I thought this was like super awkward, but it seems like they’re all actually friends.

So it just seems like your friends, like making fun of you, like inside joke

Erick: type of thing. Yeah. I think if she was just a stranger and these people were from out of town, this is not okay.

Vivi: Not appropriate. Well, this is going on. There’s a ton of tension between axle, Sarah and TJ, so many stairs. So many moody looks Sarah even has to pretend to want to go play music, to talk to TJ because Axel is like super jealous and possessive, literally

Erick: like five feet away from axle.

They’re not even hiding. It’s like right there.

Vivi: I’m going to start bugging, making out five feet from you, dude.

 She tries to get up and he’s like, where the fuck are you going? Like, what have I got a shit, bro? Oh,

Erick: I was talking about TJ.

They’re both fucking weird. because TJ is also like got no damn business coming back to town. I then like, Sarah’s

Vivi: his, Sarah tells TJ that it’s his fault. That things are the way they are and that he needs to accept it. TJ leaves angrily saying he doesn’t like things the way they are like an angry toddler.

Like it he’s so brooding, but it doesn’t work. It’s like just asshole brooding.

Erick: it’s awkward. I think if I was Sarah, I’d be like, fuck, y’all both. She does later, but she does it

Vivi: her a minute. A lot happens between then to have her be like, fuck mostly.

Erick: Right.

Vivi: the next thing we get is the mayor and the chief calling up the mental institution to see where Harry is while a medical examiner looks over the human heart that was delivered to the mayor.

I like to point out that this examiner is straight up, like touching the heart with his hands. No gloves. Just making out with it a little bit. I can

Erick: tell though that it’s human,

Vivi: okay. I know there probably wasn’t like fingerprints and DNA evidence at that time, but it still just feels gross to touch a human heart with your bare

Erick: hand.

I’m picturing the tests here for whether it’s human or not is like him. Like you said, making out with it, throwing it at a wall, seeing how high it bounces, kicking it a little bit, throwing it in dirt. And he’s like, yeah, that’s pretty damn human. Um,

Vivi: Those are the tests we have to run. But after running his extensive tests, he explains that the heart really belongs to a woman in her thirties. So it’s not fake. It’s not a prop. We cut to Mabel at a laundry mat, which apparently she owns

As a man breathing heavily behind a mask. We assume leaves a heart-shaped box. And every time there’s like heart shaped box, anywhere my mind automatically thinks of that Nirvana song.

Erick: heart-shaped box. Yeah. Apparently there’s a band named my bloody Valentine too.

That took the name because of this movement.

Vivi: Do they sing about the movie?

Erick: I don’t know, but bloody Valentine’s also a soundbite MGK

Vivi: Fox because every time I was trying to search something for this movie, that was the first thing that popped up. And I was like, I don’t

Erick: want fun facts about my bloody Valentine.

It’s like Making foxes in my bloody Valentine. 1981.

Vivi: How old is she now?

Erick: She’s a vampire damn Jennifer’s Bonnie really do be doing good stuff and make it fun.

Vivi: Mabel opens the box.

Erick: What’s in the fucking

Vivi: box. I don’t know if they show it really, is it another human heart?

Erick: I think she just as shocked and

Vivi: gets an ominous note in there as well. That reads roses are red. Violets are blue. One is dead. And so are you the lights then cut off in the laundry mat Mabel is attacked with a pickax.

We get them kind of struggling for a minute, but it’s not too long before Mabel is uh, she’s gone. She’s no more.

Erick: She’s the only character aside from the mayor, the chief and the crew that we ever meet in this entire town. It’s just them. And these three people, the crew, the chief, the mayor, and Ms.

Osborne. Those are the only people that live in town

Vivi: until later when they need a rescue corral. And there’s suddenly way more townspeople. They

Erick: came from out of town,

Vivi: fuck. I’d leave too. If I were today, there’s

Erick: three people

We cut to the mining crew, hanging out in a car junkyard.

They’re heating up meat or sandwiches on a car engine as excellent jamming on a harmonic. We get a point of view, shot of the group to make us think that the killer is watching them. But it’s TJ who joins excellent is harmonica jam session

Vivi: is that just what’s in Canada?

Like no one plays guitar or anything. It’s just harmonica.

Erick: Axel is doing his armonica thing. TJ comes in with the octave lower and they start Melton faces with their harmonica singing. they heat up the sandwich with their melty ass tunes.

Vivi: Milltown axle does not seem thrilled, but TJ is coming

Erick: in and well, he did just scare the fuck out of him.

So, and he doesn’t like him. He’s back for his girl.

Vivi: Is it implied they used to be best friends before this happened? I think

Erick: so. think how it says

Vivi: it. Okay. I like Hollis, Hollis and Patty are like a way

Erick: cooler.

They should have been the main characters all is he could have put up a big ass white

Vivi: earlier. He single handedly breaks up a fight between axle and TJ. No struggle, no struggle

Erick: at all. And everyone’s like, okay.

Vivi: Yes, sir.

Erick: TJ mentions that they have a problem. And Axel says that there is no problem. TJ left and can’t expect to just have Sarah back. TJ says it’s obvious who Sarah wants to be with an actual storms off upset,


 don’t understand. DJ’s willingness to come back and be like, I’m the one who decides what’s happening in this building. I’m the leader. I’m the one who gets to say who Sarah is into and who was not.

Vivi: Yeah, I really don’t like his character. I get that.

He’s supposed to be here.

Erick: I didn’t see him as a hero at all. At any point in this movie

Vivi: that we’re supposed to be guessing if him or axle is the killer throughout

Erick: the entire and you know what that means that because he’s so suspicious. There’s no point. Even after we find out who the real killer is to trust him either way, because he’s just that suspicious.

why is he so shady about everything? The movie does it on purpose to be like, we don’t want the viewer to see who the killer is. So let’s confuse them with weird in the shady behavior, but that weird and shady behavior, even when you.

He’s not the killer is still like, but why are you shady the whole time, bro? Like,

Vivi: off-putting I just love that these people are supposed to be in their twenties and they’re just having this very high school drama about like you stole my girlfriend

we’ll get into it in another scene, but yeah. Teaches the worst.

Erick: So it was excellent. up to this point. Axel. Hasn’t been shady himself. He has a reason to be defensive it’s like, I mean, I’m with Sarah.

Nah, dude. like today’s to be a homewrecker.

Vivi: Yeah. But he is just too possessive. grabbing someone by the fucking arm and being like, where the fuck are you going?


Erick: I told you that this was also a piece of shit. I’m just saying that up to this point, he hasn’t necessarily been. Positioned to be like the weirder suss character TJ is here now trying to like, tell him, Hey, give me my girl back. And he’s like, what the fuck does that mean, bro? You were gone for years. You’re not my boss.

Vivi: that is one of the questions I had later on in the film, TJ is dead, owns the mines. Axel tries to like tell TJ what to do or tries to give him an order while at work.

And I get that. He’s probably like grounded by his dad. Like, oh, you don’t get to take over the mines yet. Cause you went away or whatever. And Axel’s trying to like have that, like I’m a boss over you kind of


Erick: outside of this place, TJ wants to act like he can tell XL what to do.

This is the position where axle has the upper hand where he’s like, fuck, you you do what I say or you get fired.

Vivi: It doesn’t because then a supervisor comes in is like, fuck.

Erick: You weren’t even his boss. Why are you telling them what to do

Vivi: at the back? Are you I

Erick: just want to make it clear. I wasn’t differently. Axle.

Vivi: Okay. Okay.

Meanwhile, while they’re having their teen drama, the mayor and the chief are trying to do some fucking work.

they’re still calling to figure out where Harry warden is. The woman in charge of the institution does not give a fuck. And I’m like so surprised by her responses in this. Cause she’s like, eh, his records are kind of missing. He could be dead. He could be in another institution, like

Erick: take your pick.

She’s the April Ludgate of this institution. She really is. She’s like this isn’t the institution. And Ron Swanson’s behind her. High-fiving cause they didn’t do any work.

Vivi: Seriously. I think it’s super illegal to not know where your patient is. No, but the chief rightfully is upset and he’s like, no, that’s not good enough.

Call me back when you have some actual info

Erick: and she’s like, yeah.


Vivi: sure. This movie is pretty fast paced. So there’s a lot of like, no we’re talking with these characters. No, we’re talking with these characters because now we’re here with Sarah and Patty talking about the dance Sarah is upset about both TJ and Axel’s behavior, but petty is like trying to cheer her up telling her, Hey, the dance is coming up, put on your best dress just have a good time. Don’t let either of them bother you. Fuck the boys. Yeah. She said, I got my whole dress on. I’m gonna have a good time.

Yes. And her dress is like very conservative actually thought it was really funny. That’s her whole dress pin. That’s her whole dress in a small town. That’s a whole dress.

Erick: Did you see how much angle she was showing God? I mean, I’m surprised the mayor is still alive.

Vivi: The next scene we get is the mayor looking for Mabel at the laundry mat to discuss, possibly canceling the dance. He can’t find her, but finds it odd that all the heart decor has been turned upside down in the laundry

Erick: mat. the killer went around, leaving clues.

Vivi: She’s over

Erick: here. The easiest of deciphering. He’s like, I’m sit down hard on this dryer, offset down hard on this wall. What does that mean? Opens the dry underneath nothing. And it’s the one next to it?

Vivi: Yes, Something clearly not sit right with him. As soon as he enters the laundry mat right after we get Mabel’s fried dead body plopping out of the dryer, this was an interesting kill.

Erick: I’m also confused why she couldn’t just push herself up Bush stutter

Vivi: and get out of the dryers.

Erick: Well, cause I was like, we were in Disney a few years back and the shoe put shoes in the dryer the door would open like every five seconds because the shoes were just pushing the door

Vivi: out. Disney has precautions. So you don’t put dead bodies in there?

Erick: Yes, because I had, see, I think the doors locked on the dryers.

Yeah. Don’t get any ideas students. I know some of y’all listen. Maybe they don’t lock anymore for that reason.

Vivi: I mean, they shouldn’t,

Erick: they should because then your fucking shoes, aren’t drawing.

Vivi: This is some pretty decent makeup too,

Erick: on her being murdered on her being crispy. Yeah. Do you think when bringing that much? don’t know. This is kind of dumb, but I was like, I wonder it was that hot, you can open it and touch the clothes and it’s not like I’m fire.

Vivi: I don’t know. But if it’s like just the dryer going off all night and

Erick: heat, also, this is a small lady.

If she fit in a dryer, cause I can’t fit in that dryer. my whole upper torso. It didn’t fit when I was trying to fix it.

Vivi: I definitely, definitely don’t fit in a dryer husband.

Erick: How have you tested this?

Vivi: I’m

Erick: too big. I’m surprised you’re not in the dry right now.

Vivi: Well, you heard it here first.

You know where to find me

Erick: target with some Starbucks and the dryer. The dryer is Starbucks.

Vivi: That’s what you’re going to tell police

Erick: she’s in the dryer, Starbucks,

Vivi: Starbucks, that dress cut to police with Starbucks cups. What were we here for?

Erick: I don’t know, but this mint chocolate chip latte is great.

This cop, I don’t know if he was problematic. Please tell me if he was, but he gives me like, very like genuinely happy, positive vibes.

 Yeah. You don’t, feel that from him. He walks in there and he’s like, yeah. And he’s got a smile. He’s read chipper. Like if I knew him, I feel like I’d be in a good mood all the time. I’d feel

Vivi: safe and no, not safe. Just having everyone gets smarter. He gives me Loomis vibes.

Erick: So no, The mayor gives me a Loomis. Bob’s this guy is fine, but

Vivi: while this crime scene is being investigated, the mining crew is back at work. XO is being a total jerk to TJ, almost causing a fight to break out between them.

When a supervisor comes in and just kind of sends TJ off, we already kind of talked about this scene. Some weird power dynamics going on here. I think this has when TJ goes off to then steal his girlfriend for the day. Yep.

Erick: That’s what to do. That’s what you do when you get the day off, say, fuck you not fuck you.

I’m going to take your girlfriend.

Vivi: Yeah, just some more like alpha male

Erick: bullshit.

Vivi: Girl. Mind, no girl mine, no

Erick: This is a lot of fuck use.

Vivi: I feel like that’s your go-to when you’re explaining like conflicts in movies.

Erick: I mean, how else? of the actual fighting matters. It’s just fuck you. And that’s it. Is that all you hear when you hear fighting? Yeah. I don’t hear anybody. I just hear, I know I’m against you.

Vivi: Therefore, I hate you back at the crime scene. However, the mayor and the chief are being a little shady and trying to hide everything from the town.

They’re instructing the ambulance to take Maple’s body out back. So no one will see it. it’s at this moment that the chief finds a note in Mabel’s body saying it happened once it happened twice, cancel the dance or it will have been

Erick: thrice. this guy used that Clarice Starling logic and was like, hold up, let me check the crevice in the body real quick, where everyone else didn’t.

This is where

Vivi: Hannibal left me a note.

I like this Valentine’s day rhymes as a calling card. I think it’s funny. I love that. It’s cheesy I don’t know, it works for me. It’s funny. It’s pending

Erick: dark.

Vivi: The mayor immediately goes into crisis mode. He is shutting it down, shutting it down all of it, but don’t tell anybody, take down all the decorations,

Erick: but don’t say why it happened.

Vivi: He closes up the union hall where wearing informs the rest of the dance committee that he is canceling everything in honor of Mabel’s death. These kids are super disrespectful. They’re like, fuck, no, I just want a party.

I was

Erick: born would want it to happen. I’m thinking of Tammy and her friend. What’s her friend’s name? Joscelyn. She wants it to happen right now in her grave. I heard her say it herself.

Vivi: Yeah, but they just don’t give a fuck. Beckwith, TJ, we find out he’s shown up at Sarah’s job and kidnapped her.

Erick: I saw this and I was like,

oh, what? She’s like, no, I don’t want to go with you. Like she’s clearly and visibly upset that you’re forcing her and he still does it.

Vivi: He takes her somewhere that has meaning to the both of them.

Erick: look at this romantic site. And there’s all these factories in the backer.

Vivi: I think what makes it worse is that he takes her somewhere that. Significant to the both of them. It’s like a layer of like

Erick: emotional

Vivi: manipulation as well, they have like a super vague conversation that honestly does not tell us anything. And maybe didn’t even need to be

Erick: in this mood.

Vivi: She kind of tells him off in the scene saying like

Erick: the shit wasn’t romantic five years ago, the fuck makes you think is romantic. Now

Vivi: we are literally in a sea of factories.

Erick: I’m getting cancer as we

Vivi: speak, they do kind of have a moment where she says, you never wrote to me, you never called me. What was I supposed to do? She has the right to move on. and they do. think that’s what, like pisses me off so much about TJ is he expected time to stop in this small town for him.

And when he came back, he could just have everything that used to be his, like, that’s not how life works.

Erick: Earlier his sentence of being like, I just don’t like how, the way things are. It’s like, okay, leave again, then grow up, dude.

Vivi: You were 30. There is some like, kind of bullshit apology from TJ where he’s like, I couldn’t cut it.

I fell on my ass out there. I’m sorry. I made a lot of mistakes.

Erick: Sounds like a personal problem.

Vivi: However, this does lead to them having a kiss.

Sarah still definitely has feelings for him, but him leaving and then coming back and being a giant asshole is

Erick: not helping his case.

Vivi: Later at the bar, Axel is looking for Sarah and questions, TJ about it. He says that Sarah is no longer his responsibility and he doesn’t have to keep track of where she is, which is so shady because he literally just kidnapped,

cut to Sarah walking home alone. So you couldn’t even drop her off at her house. What a Dick

Erick: Like, did he just show up at the bar? And he’s like, okay, bye.

Vivi: It would be too suspicious. If we walk in together, go home.

Erick: That’s where I’m parking. I’m not stopping at your house so you can walk home. I’ve got what I wanted. I got the kiss asshole.

Vivi: she’s really upset about the kiss that happened with TJ. And she’s asking herself how she’s going to tell Axel.

 We get another fake out jump scare of her running into the chief. he just tells her to go home safely.

Erick: Back at the bar, the crew is planning to throw their own Valentine’s day party at the mines. They’re all just like, yeah, you know what? Let’s do it. Nobody has a fucking house to go through a house party instead of doing it in the month

Vivi: or 25 in the eighties,

Erick: the town is just them and the chief and mayor.

Now, Ms. Osborne done,

Vivi: it’s just a bunch of empty houses. You can just go claim

Erick: one. Honestly, they’re already at the bar. Why are they going anywhere else? You got what you need. The bartender is having none of it and warns against it.

The bartender had actually planned a prank to play on the crew that night and sets up a dummy that looks like the miner, he said, Across from the mines and some like utility closet. it’s like a dummy that has a pickax that goes up and down when you open the door.

So he opens and closes it so many times. So many. He reminds me of the weird character from Friday the 13th,

Vivi: having watched so much Halloween and so much Friday the 13th. This is exactly those movies. Just

Erick: Valentine’s day being too busy, having fun though, he goes back to check one last time.

And the dummy this time is the real Harry warring quote unquote. He kills the bartender with a pickax straight through the face and he gets dragged away.

Vivi: And again, he would have survived if he just minded his own business. He’s out here warning against Valentine’s day.

And he’s trying to like sabotage a Valentine’s day party. Like just

Erick: come on, even where he sets up the dummy, I’m like, where they going to go to this store?

Vivi: Obviously they’re going to go there to make out, oh, that’s another thing that bothers me about this movie. portraying them all is just like a bunch of horny teenagers that have nowhere to bang.

And that’s why they need to have this party. Like you said, they’re like all almost

Erick: 30. Yeah. I don’t know. Like I said, it’s a small town. There’s nothing else to do. We get a title card explaining that it’s Valentine’s day and the crew is setting up for the party and the mines.

The chief is back at the police station. After what seems like a quiet night, he’s received another Valentine and he’s worried that it’s another human heart. it’s a gift from Mabel before she passed away. And he kind of is like, oh yeah,

Vivi: it’s sad.

Erick: I’m telling you, this guy is like a good dude.

He comes off that way. At least to me, I trust him back at the mines, the crews partying and having a good time. One of the newbies goes to get a hot dog from the kitchen. When he gets attacked by someone dressed like a miner, he gets his face, just pushed into the boiling hot dog water. I

Vivi: asked her

not a way I want to go boiling hot dog water. Yeah, that’s pretty gross.

Erick: Can I eat a hot dog while I’m getting my Facebook

Vivi: like difficult to do? It seems like it only kill you faster.

Erick: No, no, no, no. I’m not. I’m going to die. I’m going to die. Eating the chiefs about to leave for the night. When he hears a bunch of dogs barking right outside the station, he goes outside and sees that they’re eating something bloody out of a Valentine’s box. one of the dogs is like, no, I’m not leaving there’s blood in this.

 He finds a note in the box saying you didn’t start the party. And we get a dramatic scene of him yelling. What party

Vivi: I just love this like, like screaming into the, like

Erick: back at the parties. Tensions are getting too high with excellent TJ axles, getting very possessive. And Sarah doesn’t like it when TJ tells him to back off Axel is pissed,

But Sarah says she can speak for herself. TJ tells her to then use her mouth to speak the truth. The truth TJ informs axle that Sarah wants to get back with TJ. She wants me back axle. And he’s like, the fuck you talking about Sarah was like, y’all are both acting like children. And then I

Vivi: think Axel says something. It’s like, well, you love it. you love the attention. And part of me feels like she does kind of like the two men being into her, but not all of the awful male bullshit that’s going on here.


Erick: A fight breaks out and Sarah is visibly upset. HoloLens is able to break up the fight single-handedly and sends axle away. TJ tries to apologize to Sarah, but she’s over it.

Vivi: Very high school drama

Erick: On his way out. Axle pissed and drunk grabs another beer as he kicks the door open, flailing around and then just cries outside behind the mine dramatically

Vivi: I just loved that Hollis literally grabbed some boat and it was like, oh, you guys think you’re so fucking. And just breaks up the mouth

Erick: sleeper hold. That’s what he should’ve done. Just knocked

Vivi: them all out. Yeah. Not until you figure this shit out or you’re allowed to wake up, we leave that couples drama behind and go follow John and Sylvia who have decided to go off somewhere in the minds to make out things are getting pretty hot and heavy. When Sylvia asked John to go get some more beers, they’re also messing with like the equipment in the minds.

Ha T he is this

Erick: button, do, what does that button do? it’s not even like they’re in the most exciting part of the mine. She’s like, oh my God, this is your clothes.

Vivi: . trying to get laid. Okay. She’s gonna act impressed by everything.

Erick: Honestly. I think he would’ve been in whether she was impressed or not.

I think so. Do

Vivi: John makes his way to the kitchen to go get them some more beers. When he’s interacting with the girls, making the hot dogs, one of them actually finds a boiled heart. She doesn’t know this, but it’s actually a human heart.

It looks disgusting. It looks boiled. It looks like a piece of chicken let’s

Erick: boil it. It really does.

Vivi: John is distracted by this and laughing saying that it’s probably a prank that Howard or one of the guys try to play. He doesn’t notice that Dave’s body is right in the fridge as he’s reaching for beers

Erick: through, for the beer

Vivi: and to get laid.

Erick: Yes. I don’t think I’ve ever not looked in the fridge cause this happens too often in horror movies where it’s like open the fridge, grab whatever you’re looking for. Don’t look inside. There’s a dead body closed door by something else. unaware of where anything I’m looking for is I’m going to look all the way around and still act like I can’t find it.

And that call out to BB and be like, where’d you put the pot of chicken. That’s in the middle of the fridge, a little

Vivi: behind the scenes. This drink was supposed to have bull chicken in it. blood orange juice, And. saw the label and just grabbed the first thing that was there. And he brought back extra apple juice.

Erick: very fancy. It was organic.

Vivi: It was, it was freshly squeezed.

Erick: It was a late night. the thing said blood orange. And it was right next to it. It was like, apple was one. And then right next to it was blood orange So I was like, oh perfect. It’s like, they knew I was coming

Vivi: yeah. Yeah. I have one job. That’s okay. The drink is still pretty tart.

Erick: I dunno that blood orange juice would have helped it.

Vivi: We’ll never know. Back in the mind, Sylvia is having not a great time because she’s starting to hear like strange noises getting freaked out a little bit. The uniforms that are hanging from the ceiling start falling all around her. It’s kind of cool. It’s creepy for sure.

The uniforms keep falling until the corpse of the bartender falls over her. And here he is like, was surprised shotty,

Erick: and he’s still yelling about them fucking thrown a party. He’s like, I fucking told you,

Vivi: look what happened to me.

Erick: And then he dies.


Vivi: was just waiting to say, I told you though, she has been attacked by the miner and her head is lifted up and onto a hook or a shower head.

Erick: It’s a shower head. This is one of those things that I thought was going to be in the deleted scenes when I’m like that the nine minutes it’s really not because we only get a backside view. With the mouth and the shower had coming out. I thought it would look cool to see this show. Cause it’s fucked up. In one filming of it, they made it so that the water turned red,

Vivi: that would have been cool to see, but

Erick: there’s still shots of the full frontal view and it just looks like a dummy.

Apparently it doesn’t look

Vivi: good. That’s probably why they did this then. Yeah, I like it’s awkward. But unfortunately for John, he makes his way back to find Sylvia. He is. Excited by hearing the showers turn on.

Erick: Yeah. Oh yeah. That’s exactly how it sounds.

Vivi: So it was like, did they not give him a life?

And they’re like excited. That’s all he said,

Erick: just be horny and excited. And he’s like, oh yeah. Oh my God. Oh yeah. I hate that so much. All right. All right.

Vivi: You said Matthew McConaughey. Got it. Unfortunately, he does not find a sexy surprise. He finds Sylvia’s head attached to the shower and he totally freaks out.


Erick: His reaction is actually pretty different than what I would expect usually it’s like the boyfriend’s like I’m going to kill him. And this guy is like visibly sad and upset by what happened. He’s crying and everything to the people in the party.

Vivi: Yeah. Better acting than the uh, horny acting for sure.

Erick: All right. All right. All right. They killed there.

Vivi: I’ll never get laid crocodile

Erick: tears

Vivi: back at the party hall. Listen, Patty are trying to cheer Sarah up by taking her down to the mines. This would not Jeremy up.

Erick: You know what? We should do go into his job

Vivi: to a dark depressing, dirty.

Erick: I think it’s Patty. Who’s like, oh my God. How Las gamble do you work here? he’s like giving them the tour.

How this is such a cool character. I love hollows. He’s like the big bro for them. All

Vivi: Again, I’d like to move way better than our protagonist but they’re also a really small town. And if you’ve never been to the mines where everyone works, you’re like, oh, this is what everyone talks about.

Erick: It’s also surprising that they would have waited this long to actually do something like this.

Vivi: Well, as they’re trying to leave, TJ is like, Hey, where are you going? And they’re like, oh, we’re just going to go check out the mines real quick. And he’s like, you know the rules, there’s no women allowed in the mines. This is like a

Erick: beat your ass, bro. Again,

Vivi: citrus, Dan,

Erick: you don’t even go here. Who are you

Vivi: Hollis, Patty and Sarah are followed by Howard Mike or great value Aston Kutcher. As I like to call him and Harriet, I

Erick: took that feedback and I, as it continued to watch it, I was like, no, I didn’t look in the weeds.

Vivi: I looked as, no. Yeah. If he had a nose job, he would look just like him in that seventies show.

Erick: I mean, he doesn’t last long enough to care. I mean

Vivi: now, cause he dies like right away. Spoiler. Good anatomy. Everyone dies at the end.

Erick: All

Vivi: right. All right. they get into service train and they’re treating it like a mini rollercoaster. Like it’s super fun to go down there

Erick: to be fair when I was a kid and we would go on downhills in the car, I’d be like, woo.

To put my hands up. So this is probably more fun than that.

Vivi: Small town fun. Once down there, Hollis decides to give the crew a tour as Harry and Mike sneak off together, back at the party, someone has finally found Dave’s body in the fridge. It took them way too long. John has also burst into the room to tell everyone what happened to Sylvia. TJ and axle are now both at the party again, and instruct everyone to leave until one of the guys to go get the chiefs.

Since there is a problem with the phone lines,

Erick: sobers the fuck up real fast, stops crying.

Vivi: TJ informs axle that Sarah is down in the mines and they have to go search for her. Fuck everybody else. We gotta go get Sarah or else.

What are we going to find about later?

Erick: Patty Hollis and Sarah are goofing off in the mines when Howard scares them by hanging upside down, Harriet and Mike are making out in the engine room. As the rest of the group runs into Harry who begins chasing them through the mines, smashing light bulbs.

Along the way back in town, the rest of the kids have run into the chief. They tell him that Harry showed up to their party and just started murdering everybody. Left and right tJ is running to the group and informing them that David and Sylvia were murdered. instructs, Hollis to find Harriet and Mike and for Howard to stay with the girls was like, what the fuck? What am I supposed to do? Halas finds area and Mike, and the engine room with a giant I think this is one of those rigs like a giant drill

Vivi: bit. Okay. I have no idea what this was, but I thought, you know, they were gonna screw how funny wouldn’t be up. There were impaled with that giant scrap. They were literally screwed to each other. Also, I hope Harriet wasn’t like a Virgin for real cause that would suck

Erick: as he backs away in horror, he runs straight into Harry who proceeds the nail gun and Hollis in the head. So sad. I know. I think had he not dropped his helmet? Cause I think he was wearing one. as he’s trying to put it on is when Harry takes advantage hollis is able to stumble back to the group, but dies at their feet.

Howard bales, as he sees Hollis and Harry approaching the distance, sarah tries to get petty to run with her, but she’s too upset about Hollis to run. Axel finally appears and drags the girls away from Hollis in order to leave the minds.

Vivi: I feel so bad for Patty. They like actually liked each other and everyone was just about the drama. She has to see her boyfriend

Erick: die in the mines. It was the best person in this whole place. The whole

Vivi: world

also. Fuck. How are we going to just ditches?

Erick: you knew that was going to happen. Howard is clearly the clown and I’m surprised he’s lasted this long.

Vivi: Yeah. That’s what you get for tagging along, I guess,

 As excellent. The girls are sneaking through the mines.

They hear someone approaching X will just grab something to defend himself with and accidentally jams it into TJ. He’s fine though. He’s just heard. the two dudes decide to go get help for the others they believe Howard is fine and he’s still running.

since Hollis was the one that found Harriet and Mike, they might not even be aware that they’re dead yet. This point, it’s all kind of like go back and look for this person.

Oh no, I don’t know where this person

Erick: is. It’s really confusing because I think at one point, TJ is with the girls he’s like, all right, go that way. I’m going to go this way. Sarah was like, why?

Vivi: Y I literally wrote down for some fucking reason. He tells them to go off

Erick: on their, he doesn’t even say why we were winded it twice because we thought we missed it.

And he’s just like, I’m going to go this way. they’re like, why though?

Vivi: They gotta make you think I might be the killer does. The chief has finally arrived on the scene and is calling for backup.

But the group in the minds have made their way up to the elevators. However, the control panel has been smashed by Harry and there is no other way out except for this super tall ladder, which I would also hate. I don’t blame Patty for them freaking out about the height of this thing. Really. I mean, she’s been through a lot.

She literally just saw her boyfriend die.

Erick: She says she’s scared of Heights. And I think that’s the biggest reason, but like honestly, if she hadn’t been scared, they’d have been fun. They would have all just went upstairs.

Vivi: They wouldn’t have been fine the group is climbing Sarah keeps yelling at axle to slow down because they’re way behind him. She is then instructed to help Patty because she’s just freaking out way too much since Xcel is the first one up the ladder, he’s the first one to see Howard’s body drop off the side. His body drops so hard that his neck snaps on a rope and the rest of his body drops down to the floor. Yeah. It’s pretty

Erick: fucking

Vivi: gruesome. It is because it’s Sputters blood at the girls. And they’re like, Nope, going back down,

breaking out the group decides they need to find another exit in the panic Axel volunteers to stay behind and keep an eye out for Harry as the others, try to escape. Literally two seconds later, we hear what sounds like an altercation or a fight. When the group runs back, it appears as if Axel’s body has fallen into this pool of water.

When the girls are freaking out and telling TJ to go help them to days like it’s deep, that’s 60 feet deep. He’s dead. He doesn’t try that hard grads. He’s like, he’s dead. He’s fucking dead. Let’s just keep going. If he has just fallen in, you could literally like stick your hand in and probably still fine.

I just don’t like him. If I’m totally honest,

Erick: The group continues to search for an exit. For some reason, he just sends the girls off alone. As a bunch of rebels starts to fall around and The girls have even worse luck as they run straight into Harry who’s stabbed Patty in the gut. As they rounded the corner.

Sarah is alone and has no time to react that she runs from Harry. get a jump scare as Sarah runs straight into TJ. Who’s injured from the falling rebel

 outside. The rescue party is finally making their way into the minds. And this is of no help to Sarah and TJ, because they’re now face to face with Harry. They tried to ride the service train out of the mines, but Harry’s right behind them climbing.

TJ and Sarah are acting like the trains moving like nobody’s business. And Harry’s just walking upright.

Vivi: It’s very cartoony feeling to me. Like, I feel like I’ve seen this bit and

Erick: old cartoons. high-speed train. Chase.

Harry finally attacks TJ with the pickax when Sarah things quickly and hands him a shovel. So he’s blocking what the shovel, they fight off of the surface train and roll to the side

Vivi: I would say she does not think quickly. Cause she’s just like, oh my God here, take that.

You take care of it.

Keep fighting. I’ll be over here.

Thanks. Let me know when this is all

Erick: over the service chain has made its way back out of the mines and the search party season sees it. No, one’s on it. And they’re like, oh shit, someone is down here.

So they hurry up Take them away too long

Vivi: to go down there.

Erick: did the best they could because they could have been like every other horror movie. And just showing up after that.

Vivi: They did, they did nothing

Erick: but more after the fact

Vivi: they could have been 20 minutes later.

Erick: Yeah. It Cause they still got a chance to see the killer. I’m talking about like when it’s just everyone’s dead and then the cops show up and they’re like, oh, what happened?

Killer’s gone. Yeah.

Vivi: Harry corners, TJ and Sarah into a mind that looks like it has no apparent exit Harry and his rage is destroying everything and rebel is crushing down around them. Harry has finally gotten the upper hand on TJ and is about to finish him off when Sarah decides to unmask him just for the hell of it to distract him, I

Erick: guess.


Vivi: This is just like Halloween. This is just like Friday where the final girl just like unmasked the killer. I’m trying to distract him. Surprise.

Xcel’s the killer and he’s alive. What crazy. Didn’t see it coming

Erick: yeah, it’s weird that we’ve suddenly get this whole flashback of trauma from axle.

Cause he’s like frozen in place when she finally does this he’s staring off and we get flashes to when he’s a kid under a bed covered in blood. When Harry, the original killer kills his dad in front of him

It’s like silent night. Deadly night. he’s got this whole traumatic child thing. But this is the only time we have any inkling of axle being mentally unstable.

Vivi: Yeah. There’s no like no hint of. At all. Revealing his true identity, distracts Axel so much that TJ is able to get the jump on him using a giant rock to push axle back axle falls.

And because he’s been tearing away at all the rebel around him, the mind, crashes around him, TJ and Sarah are able to escape and are immediately met with the way too late rescue party. The chief informs the mayor, TJ and Sarah that Harry Wharton died five years ago.

The mayor is super confused and is like, well then who was murdering everybody, TJ informs him that it was excellent. And the mayor is like, oh, you know what? That makes a lot of sense. He did. Witness’s dad’s brutal murder 20 years ago.

 They come and into investigate the mind because they believe they’ve found Axel’s body. Sarah insist on seeing him, but we discovered that only Axel’s hand was trapped in the rubble and the rest of him got away the whole excellent minus

He escapes through the mind saying some crazy shit Harry, wait for me, I’m going to join you. He’s also singing a song with lyrics that say daddy’s gone. And he ends it by saying, Sara, be my bloody Valentine.

He’s cackling, totally unhinged as we get the end credits and a very campy, 1950 song about Valentine’s.

Erick: I think it’s weird to, Axel’s completely unhinged from this point on it. Like has he just been hiding it this whole time? Or was this the breaking point?

Like what

Vivi: Yeah. Was DJ coming back and trying to take his girlfriend the breaking point or was that he was just going through the motions of that to distract from the fact that he was murdering.

Does he just attack anyone with celebrating Valentine’s day? Like if you’re a couple and you’re trying to bang, like he’s just gonna murder you. Cause it’s Valentine’s day, he

Erick: shows up behind your car automatically summoned by the sexy times on Valentine’s day, aren’t

Vivi: all killers. Just summoned by the sexy time. I don’t know. I

Erick: like it though. Oh It’s probably one of the best holiday whores Yes.

Vivi: you brought it up earlier, but it has very similar vibes to silent night. Deadly night

Erick: yeah, so, and I did when I came out three years later in 84, but still maybe even selling, I definitely took inspiration from this.

Vivi: Yeah. I think it’s just really fun. It’s not anything groundbreaking. They literally took the format for Halloween and Friday and just applied it to Valentine’s day. But I appreciate it.

Erick: What would you rate it?

Vivi: I am going to give it a 7.5 affects a pretty decent I enjoy the killers calling cards. Yeah. Hate axle and TJ. So even though their drama is so petty, I’m like here for it. It’s just, I do enjoy me. Some Patti drama.

Erick: I give it a seven. I don’t like either of the two main characters, XL being one of them but I also don’t like the way that Sarah ends up with TJ anyway, like they walk off. like they ended up together due to trauma bonding, but I don’t think that Sarah is better off with TJ either way.

Sarah should go somewhere else. Sarah should go to California. She needs to go

Vivi: and try to make it on her

Erick: own. Fuck. Yeah. She needs to get away from the small town,

Vivi: do you want to tell me what scared low-key about this?

Erick: Yeah, so he was jealous because some dogs in the movie got to eat raw heart and he has not been able to do that. He

Vivi: loves him some good raw heart.

Erick: Oh yeah.

Vivi: Low-key can’t be bougie.

Erick: Again. It’s his birthday. He’s going to get some treats today. Not raw heart like these dogs, but do you want to tell us about a low-key

Vivi: it’s okay. It’s your birthday? We’ll get you something to eat too. And we’ll cook it.

Erick: Maybe. Cause you’re bougie. you’re two years old. You’re a whole 20, whatever old man we were trying to do, like calculation that doctors Google was like, he’s nine. I was like, no, I’m pretty sure he’s in his twenties.

Vivi: I know my dad. And he’s in his twenties. He has that aura of being lost and

Erick: confused in life. He’s literally working in the mines right now.

Vivi: That’s another thing that bothered me about this and I think we’ve talked about it quite a bit, but if the murders happened 20 years ago, we figured that excellent.

This group is about like 25, 27 acting

Erick: like this. That’s true. the kid being 6, 7 years old. Dan he’s like in his late

Vivi: twenties and they’re all still like, worried about where they’re going to get their next beer where they’re going to fuck. Like

Erick: I do that. You don’t sit around worrying about where you’re gonna get your next beer because

Vivi: I have a home and I know that that’s

Erick: coming from, well, this is a family podcast.

I don’t know what I’m talking about. We’re just friends. Just

Vivi: friends. Yeah. That’s all I have to say. The director was trying to get away from that whole like teen slasher, but it definitely felt like a teen

Erick: slasher. In fact, at the end, look at that. I was reading on an interview with the director Allegedly, they wanted a SQL to happen, but the SQL was denied because the director was like, yeah, the person who wants to pick it up 10 years after the first one, wanted the SQL to be teenagers and like sex and like the typical stereotypes of slashers. And he was like, no, fuck you.

Vivi: But this is like

Erick: typical.

nah, because they’re teenagers. I wanted them to be adults and doing that stuff. it’s different. Okay. When they’re old and depressed that they work there, if anything, the next one should be seniors, senior citizens, senior citizens is doing it on Valentine’s day. And one of them is the killer.

Vivi: Interesting.

Erick: Have we seen that nor

Vivi: moving that was going to say, is there a horror movie centered around senior citizens?

Erick: That seems like untapped potential?

Vivi: Oh the taking of Deborah, Logan is, a play on like an older protagonist,

Erick: he isn’t

Vivi: really. She’s like a character that’s going through.

Alzheimer’s that? One’s pretty good. It’s got some decent.

Erick: Interesting. I should watch that

Vivi: does that pretty much wrap it up here for us? Yeah.

Erick: Have you Ballantine’s day happy Valentine’s day. I hope you all get rare. Romantic don’t murder. No, Bonnie don’t get pulled in by your ex’s toxic ass maxi. Max masculinity or their mass can do Just don’t let anybody be toxic to you. Have a best Valentine’s day. Even if it’s just you by yourself. Enjoy your day off from people drink

Vivi: it’ll help. Yeah. But as always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken, not scared pod except Twitter.

Twitter is shaken, scared pod. You could send us an

Erick: So we did the show on Patrion. You can get early access to episodes or a bonus episode and theme drink idea every month. Listen, wherever you get your podcasts, give us a follow ticker, our drink videos on Patrion.

Right now. We’re trying to pick which movie to do for February. So if you want to get in there and tell us what to watch, do it now,

Vivi: like right now, because it’s the middle of

Erick: February. What’s on the slate.

Vivi: Oh. So we’re choosing between Gerald’s game, my bloody Valentine, the 2009 remake and Valentine, which is a, another Valentine horror that I’ve never seen.

Erick: Yeah. Go out there and vote.

Vivi: Be sure to like rate, review all that good stuff.

And Kate. Thanks. Bye. Bye. Bye.

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