Blade (1998)

Erick: Hit me with these fun facts while I sip on this day. Walker, is that good? No,

Vivi: there’s gotta be a pun in there somewhere.

Erick: It’s gotta be a pun in there somewhere and talking about suck heads. Can, you

Vivi: know, don’t finish that sentence

Erick: We’ll come back to the chicken and scared podcast here with you as always your hosts, Eric and VB. Today, we’re gonna be talking about the 1998 film. Belayed directed by Steven Norrington. But before we get into that, how are you BV?

Vivi: I wax my mustache.

I’m pumped.

Erick: I saw that it was scary scarier than this movie.

Vivi: You know, you’re the one who said I needed to take care of that. You said my mustache was bigger than yours. So

Erick: that’s not the only thing that you have. That’s bigger than mine. My Dick.

Vivi: This movie is super fun. I had a lot of fun researching the facts.

Erick: do we consider this whore? I feel like because it’s an action movie. Some people would probably disagree, but it’s vampires.

Vivi: It’s vampires and it’s our first vampire movie ever.

Erick: Let it be action. Always could have been this or underworld or run Helsing. I mean, a lot of vampire movies have action. I

Vivi: think we were between this and the lost boys. Action. The lost boys seems very like glam to me, like eighties.

Erick: That’s what Twilight should have been. But Twilight ended up being what it was.

It could’ve been

Vivi: the lost boys. We will talk about Twilight because there’s a scene in here We’ll get to it. We’ll get

Erick: to it. but how are you doing? Good. Yeah. Good things are happening. Bad things are happening. It’s all good though.

It’s balanced. It’s just how nature is. We’ll let you guys know eventually. Vague. But what could be content? Do you have

Vivi: me and you have the same creepy content as always because we lived together and watch the

Erick: same stuff.

Vivi: We watched a ton of Joe Bob specials on

Erick: shutter. This is my first time watching actually like anything

Vivi: drove up. Really? It is like my second. Okay. So I mentioned to you that I tried to watch the changeling with his special, because everyone talks about how great the changeling is and how it was like the first haunted house, go story type movie.

I find it so difficult to get into

Erick: worse than Salem’s lot.

Vivi: Salem’s lot. I feel like if you broke it up and like episodes, you could get through it.

Erick: If you broke it up in episodes, you could skip the first fucking nine and get to episode 10. We’ll talk

Vivi: about it when we cover Salem block, if we ever get to it, because people love that movie.

We’re not people, we’re not people. Yeah, but we watched the town of his specials. I watched one on my own, on the love, which, you know, get in the mood for Valentine’s day. And then together we watched,

Erick: sleepaway camp and we watched black Christmas.

only wanted to watch movies that we’ve seen already, just because I didn’t want to see fun facts about things that we haven’t covered yet.

Vivi: Yeah. And I’m just going to add that we are recording on the 11th tonight he is releasing his Valentine’s day special for this year. So we’re probably going to watch that tonight.

Erick: because again, we’re recording this ahead of time. If you watched it, let us know which one was your.

Vivi: Yeah. Is that all your creepy content?

Erick: is not. I watched, don’t think a lot of people would consider this horror. I watched the blade episodes of the old Spider-Man series from the nineties and wow. Jesus Christ. I remember these episodes being cool and blade is still pretty cool, but there are some things in there that I’m like, wow, cool.

there’s a scene in here. That’s kind of like one of the scenes in the movie, the cop literally just met blade and starts making out with him and it’s like, you can feel love again. And I was like,

Vivi: lady,

Erick: I just met you. It did not make sense, but If you’re interested in going and seeing the blade episodes, this is in season two. I think there’s another season where he appears and he finally finds his mom and than. But when he first makes his appearance Morbius is mutated by Peter Parker using his blood on accident.

And that’s when he becomes a vampire. blade shows up to help Spiderman, defeat Morbius, but Spider-Man wants to save Morbius blades. Like now fuck him. I want to kill him.

Vivi: You ready? For a fun fact before we even start? Sure. Morbius was going to be in these films, but they could not get the rights for him from Sony being that he is a Spiderman character.

He was meant to be the villain of the second and third.

Erick: Interesting. There’ve been cool.

Vivi: So I know I’m not excited for that Morbius film.


Erick: no, no, no. I was going to say that if Jared little showed up and was getting killed by him at her Sharla Lee, I mean, I wouldn’t mind it. mean, as long as

Vivi: he doesn’t come back, cause a lot of these vampires tend to come back.

Erick: But anyway, it was a good time.

If you didn’t watch that, go watch it. It’s like a nineties cartoon. take it with a grain of salt.

Vivi: Is it on Disney plus? Yes.

Erick: Cool. That’ll be season two, episode nine is the first appearance blade in that show fun. You did some research. I did. Maybe I’ll do this for the SQL, but I wanted to watch the ones where he finds his mom because their backstory is actually very different in the show. they said that blade’s mom had a relationship with a vampire who got her pregnant.

blade was left at the doorsteps of some people because his mom didn’t want him to experience the love of. So then he was brought up an orphan and he grew up kind of with this resentment against his mom for abandoning him. But his mom, this universe is live it’s a different story entirely.

Vivi: Yeah. We can talk about this because that was a plot point that confused me in the movie and this might’ve made more sense.

Erick: Right.

Where do you ever come from

Vivi: We are still just watching what we do in the shadows. We have like a couple episodes left and I can already tell you, I am going to be referencing that show a lot in this movie.

Erick: Totally, totally. You said we haven’t covered a single vampire movie, but we’ve been watching so much vampire content unintentionally.

Vivi: I love vampire content.

Erick: So do I, it’s just so broad range. You could do a lot with it,

Vivi: but what do you have comfort content?

Erick: I’ve also been collecting more cards. Things are getting out of hand. Okay. I can attest to that. Francisco and I are doing this thing. It’s called Yuki Poku. So go follow us on the socials. If you like cards and shit. we’re probably gonna be doing other stuff, not just cards, that new Pokemon game came out.

So I was thinking like, maybe we’ll leave it, stream but yeah. Keeping an eye out for it. Shameless plug on this other show.

Vivi: He just full of shameless plugs. Yeah,

Erick: that’s me getting plugged up one giant plug.

Do you want someone to drink now?

Vivi: Do you want to talk about it because you made the

Erick: drink? Sure. I immediately thought let’s make it a day Walker the serum at the end is blue. The one that he uses to kill the vampires. we made a variation of a blue Hawaiian This one’s made with an ounce and a half, a blue Curacao ounce and a half of Malibu pineapple juice to the top, a little bit of Bernadine It’ll sink to the bottom of it looks really cool as, it sinks to the bottom

Vivi: she is, she is. It’s very pretty.

Erick: I’ll be honest with you. I’ve never had a blue Hawaiian real life.

Vivi: I will tell you that I wanted to try one because we made hundreds of practice blue Hawaiians in bartending class. And I just kept thinking, I want to try this. We have all the

Erick: ingredients at home.

Vivi: What do you think of it?

Erick: actually really like it, it tastes tropical,

Vivi: even though it looks very colorful. It just straight up tastes like a pina colada.

Erick: It does. I mean, taste-wise, it has nothing to do with blade but Blake can go to the beach and drink this and not die.

Vivi: you know, that was one of the questions I had about vampires because what we do in the shadows, they’re always like, I’ll have one human alcohol bleach, and then they’re like, Ooh, yay. wonder if blade could drink this

Erick: we’re really good.

Cause he has all the positives and none of the negatives remember,

Vivi: I mean, there’s one negative that he’s dealing

Erick: with

Vivi: Being old. I would say that wanting to drink human blood pumped. Oh,

Erick: I mean, he’s a vampire. Don’t tell him what to do. Okay. has a right to be free when you rate it.

Vivi: I like it. I’m going to give it 3.5 out of five only because if I drank a lot of these, I would have a nasty

Erick: hangover. This is the highest rate of drink that I’ve ever made on the show that I liked. You liked it first time for everything guys. Yay, Joey. I give it a four.

Vivi: Wow. That’s really high for

Erick: you. You would expect it to be way sweeter and it’s not It’s good.

Vivi: It’s good. It’s fine. Give it a

Erick: try. Yeah. On a beach. Don’t turn into a vampire though. You might die. Might, It’s a day. Walker drink only no sock heads. I like that line. On the topic of subheads.

melt our faces with some fun facts about blade. I’m sure there’s a million since it’s a comic book. So

Vivi: there actually was a ton I tried to scale it down a bit. Blade is often referred to as the film responsible for the comic book movie. Boom. Not only was it Marvel’s first critical and financial success in cinema, the studio was best known for Howard the duck at the time. we had to think about now.

Erick: that’s the movie that Johnny throws my way always.

And I’m like, but did Howard the duck paved the way? I don’t know.

Vivi: I should have looked up how successful financial aid that one was. It was also the first black superhero featured on the big screen paving the way for 20 years later for black Panther to take the screen. Why do I bring a black Panther?

Well, when Marvel first approached Wesley Snipes for a film, it was actually to play the role of the challah. Oh, cool. The studio wanted to make this film way, way before it had Disney’s backing way before it even had success because they were in bankruptcy at this point. Marvel, Marvel, wesley Snipes love the character and the idea of a film showcasing African royalty and empires. However, the project could never really get off the ground. They could never get the right director or the right script behind it. A lot of directors wanted to change things about it, including making it set in like the civil rights movement.

Wesley Snipes, wasn’t a fan of this. He was a fan of the character and he wanted to stay true to it. So the project eventually fell through. However, he didn’t have much time to dwell on it because all these talks of making a Marvel movie paved the way to make blade.

He has been interviewed before and says that in retrospect, the movie was not ready. Like it was too ahead of its time. And the technology wasn’t there to showcase the way Wakanda is portrayed in the comic books, which I could definitely see

kind of agree with Wesley Snipes here. The technology was not there to make the effects as crazy as they are now. I don’t know, but then I’m also like we had a million spider mans, like we could have black Panther back then he could have been the black Panther that everyone grew up with and then he ends up cameo and the future

Erick: ones,

Vivi: real quick. Before we move on back to the first one, fact, I forgot to add this before DC fans come from me saying this movie is responsible for the comic book, boom.

This film had come about after DC had a major flop with Batman and Robin, which is like universally hate. And I think is it because of the nipples? I just always love nipples. It’s Hayden and it’s love. I think it definitely has a cult following now. But blade’s financial success is what actually allowed films like the X-Men and Spider-Man to come later. So without blade, we do not have

Erick: a lot, a lot new Jacqueline, Toby.

Vivi: Speaking of Stanley. His cameo was actually cut from the final version of the movie, but He was actually going to play a security guard that found the charred bodies of the vampires after the opening sequence. Cute as hell. It would have. There’s no explanation that I could find as to why his cameo was cut, maybe runtime, this won’t be as long.

it is a two hour film, but it’s Stanley. You got to have his cameo subsetting. Okay. Last one for now, everyone knows the iconic line. Some mother fuckers are always trying to escape uphill. Apparently this line was quote unquote written by Wesley Snipes in the early stages of production while brainstorming the character frost wisely threw out this description of him, the directors and writers loved it so much.

It made it to the final script.

Erick: I wonder if Wesley had a lot to do with just any line that is said by blade. Cause he has a lot of one hitters here

Vivi: in searching for this. I found that he was like super involved. I think he went on to produce the other films. I’m trying not to talk about the other films, but in the second one Delta.

Directed it. Yeah, I did not know that cause I was a kid and I didn’t pay attention to that kind of stuff. But Deltoro was quoted as saying Wesley Snipes knows the character better than anyone. He like embodies him perfectly. And he’s the expert Wesley Snipes also only had good things to say about Guillermo Del Toro animal.

 Because his experience with the third film was very, very bad. Wesley’s yeah, a lot of racism within the own production that he was producing, he ended up suing them you literally have a main character producing this film the expert on the topic expert on the topic.

And he was completely like disregarded. But he actually advocated for a mixed race production company, which he had done in the first two movies. apparently the director just ignored him and use a mostly white production company.

That’s fucking stupid. And there was like allegations of like racism. Treatment making it a very hostile work environment, which is disheartening. And I guess you can kind of see it because blade Trinity is considered like the

Erick: worst one. apparently

Vivi: he let his stunt double do most of the acting in that movie because he hated it so much.

He was only there for the closeups. Oh shit. That’s how much he hated it. He ended up selling the company for like $5 million

And that’s it. That’s all I have for fun

Erick: facts. aside

Vivi: on and on.

Erick: I’m not sure if he has any involvement with the new blade that’s supposed to come out, I mean, Marsha. Ali’s like great

Vivi: too. Yeah. I’m excited for his casting.

I think it’s

Erick: pretty good.

Yeah, he’s a really good actor.

Vivi: But you knew that you didn’t need us to tell

Erick: you that well, now that you’ve spoken all day about fun facts. I don’t want to talk anymore.

Are you ready for the speed run?

Vivi: Hold on.

Erick: This is a two hour movie guys.

Vivi: It’s not going to be summarized.

Erick: There’s this guy, he’s a vampire. He goes around killing this dude. This guy is like, you’re pure and I’m not. but we’re better than them. And then blade’s like, no, you’re not. And then he kills him.

Vivi: There you go. There’s a speed run.

I don’t have to do it. I

Erick: already

Vivi: cool. Okay. So we opened on this woman giving birth, but she’s also bitten in the next she gives birth. And then that’s all we see. We cut to the next scene, which is like a rave going on. Um, This couple is entering it and the dude is kind of like weirded out.

Cause the woman leaves him behind blood starts raining from the ceiling. Cause it’s a blood bath rave and we run into blade and he murders everybody in this club and he tries to kill like this leader named Quinn and he kind of gets away. So the next scene is the queen at the hospital being like autopsy op top seed, but he’s a little.

And he’s attacking everybody blade goes in there to just like finish his assault. I finished him off, but he bites another woman and he tries to save her and takes her to Whistler. And we learned, she likes study’s blood. And through this, we learn who blade is, fuck me. Um, They go on an adventure together and kill a bunch of vampires.

There’s this dude named frost. He like is trying to get the vampire canceled council together.

Erick: That was so bad.

Vivi: What were you doing? Summarizing? The whole

Erick: movie. You’re like, there’s a blood bath and it was 45 seconds in

Vivi: That was bad.

Erick: I’m sorry. That’s okay. Do you wanna do it again? No. Every time you fail, we’re taking the shot by the way. No,

Vivi: that’s it. That’s all there is. Okay.

Erick: All right. Well, since you failed epically, we’re going to have some creme Dimon skull brought to you by it doesn’t matter. Cheers.

Vivi: The older I get, the worse I get at taking

Erick: shots that actually wasn’t as smooth as I thought it was going to be.

Vivi: It wasn’t bad with the pineapple juice, but I also still have half of it

Erick: in the, oh yeah, you do. You really do. I drink my whole thing.

Let me tell you what the internet says blade is about.


Vivi: I hope they do a better job than

Erick: me.

Oh no, it’s not searching for blade swords. Hold on.

Vivi: Eric’s just going to buy a sword real quick.

Erick: Here we go. I have vampire half mortal man becomes a protector of the mortal race while slang, evil vampires,


Vivi: people are going to hate us for constantly talking about we do

Erick: in the shadows. I’m to be rated at 7.5 out of 10,  ready to slice into this movie and like a blade. got them like that

Vivi: It works.

Erick:  Love that. It’s 1967 and we get a woman named Vanessa Brooks being rushed to the hospital covered in blood she’s pregnant, and the doctors decided they need to do an emergency C-section It’s a pretty big baby. It is massive. they just get the wrong size baby for the scene? Or was it just cause he’s a vampire baby? Don’t

Vivi: know. That’s a good question

Erick: This thing that looks like it’s at least a year old

She reaches her hand out and we get the intro credits showing us the beautiful streets of New York city. A woman and man are driving at night. She’s being very mysterious and doesn’t tell the guy where they’re going as they enter a meat market or butcher shop. at the back of the shop, a man stands guard as they enter a nightclub and he looks at them creepily.

This guy looks like they didn’t have to edit him much to make him look like a vampire. Oh my God,

Vivi: Is it like in the Grinch where they didn’t have to put a prosthetic nose, Martha?

Erick: Yes. This guy just looks like he would be a vampire. enter the late nineties, early two thousands clubs scene that we all know and love.

I know I was there I was there and that was just what, six years old. flashing lights, tons of people make it out. and not knowing what’s happening.

Just like the nineties. The guy gets separated from the woman, but eventually finds her dancing with another woman, dressed in white and gets pushed aside dazing and views. The guy starts noticing blood falling from the ceiling.

It looks around and starts to notice the people at the clubs staring at him while dancing and flashing their Frank. Behind the DJ booth, the words blood bath are written in blood and the Raven sends advises. The sprinklers start spraying blood, and everyone gets extra excited. The guy gets knocked down and as he tries to crawl away, he makes it to someone’s boots.

Everyone is visibly unhappy to see this person. as we pan up, we see that its blade wearing all black in a long coat and a Bulletproof vest with the

Vivi: coolest classes.

Erick: Totally, totally. The vampires yell. It’s the day Walker as he starts unleashing gunfire on everybody.

Vivi: I don’t think they say it that happily.

Erick: It’s the day Walker. So you sounded like vampires are disintegrating left and right. Brutal hand-to-hand combat Quinn appears and is clearly the leader telling his men to go get him. Blade uses a sword, multiple kinds of guns. And the blade boomerang one guy gets caught up in the ceiling as his face smashes, another guy gets kicked into a wall.

At one point blade uses the boomerang blade to kill like five guys in a circle at once. Blade vinyl uses stakes to pin Quinn’s shoulders to a wall blades run into Quinn before because he tells him he’s tired of cutting him up. The guy from earlier is cowering in a corner.

As he watches blade light Quinn on fire, telling him to give frost. His regards blade notices the guy cowering as he tries to run and checks the guy’s neck. As we hear the paramedics show up, they enter the room and only the guys there with Quinn on fire in the background. Can you imagine being normal?

just like human and your night turns into this?

Vivi: No, I wouldn’t be in a nightclub in the first place then. It’s also police, not paramedics.

Erick: Play paramedics, go to stop the violence. Yes. This beginning is just crazy.

it sets the bar for how intense this movie is going to be, blade is just fucking people up. there’s probably vampires in here that have nothing to do with anything.  

Vivi: I think it’s a really fun scene. I love the music going. I love that it’s in like this secret dirty nightclub.

Erick: Yeah. think some people have, gone on and said their rave life started because of this film

Vivi: Is the blood included?

Erick: Yes, I

Vivi: did ask that night. Okay, good, good, good, good.

We are now at a hospital. The paramedics are checking the charred body and we meet Karen who is studying Quinn’s blood. She points out that it’s

Erick: by convex?

Vivi: which is impossible. she thinks they’re pulling a prank on her.

Curtis, the other doctor says, he’ll show her. and they go to examine it. She notices that the face structure has some oddly strong muscles around the canines and the doctor with her takes this opportunity to talk about their past relationships. And it’s super,

Erick: nothing gets you hotter than the person on fire with giant face muscles. I think I

Vivi: wrote that in my notes too.

Like, this is totally the time to bring up your hot relationship

Erick: lead all these muscles in this guy’s head. I want to know how many muscles are in my head. Yeah.

Vivi: Suddenly Quinn shoots up and bites the guy on the neck while Karen tries to run out, she gets bit by Quinn in the hall, noticing that blade is entering the hospital.

He yells to Quinn saying that he came to finish him off. And after a few blows, he cuts Quinn’s arm off the cops suddenly decide to show up and start just shooting at blade. Blade is clearly annoyed. Like what the fuck? good thing.

He’s wearing a Bulletproof

Erick: vest. So here’s

Vivi: one of my questions since he’s half vampire, unless these bullets are made of straight silver, would it even affect

Erick: him?

I don’t think so. That’s true.

Vivi: But like how human is he? You know, he

Erick: just ages, that’s it. Remember? They said he’s got all the strengths, but none of the weaknesses

Vivi: Aging is kind of a weakness, I guess your knees started to hurt at 30.

Quinn escapes out the window, landing on an ambulance and running off blade notices the woman holding her bloody neck and fear, getting a flashback to his mother. He decides to help her. The cops continue to shoot at him while he throws her across the street to another rooftop

Erick: book.

Vivi: This scene was wild and laughs at the cuffs. As he jumps over to the cops, continue to fire at both of them with unnecessary fire power as blade notices, Karen’s arm is out of place and helps her put it back. They finally escaped through the building’s roof entrance.

Erick: I think that this scenario doesn’t merit, the cops using as many guns as they have in this entire scene. They’re like pulling out everything Also. Why were they on deck with all this firebox?

Vivi: Seriously, granted, he is kidnapping a doctor, but I think in any hostage situation, this is not what you do.

You’re gonna shoot the hostage.

Erick: I’m just saying that like ghost faces out here, getting away with all kinds of shit. And these guys show up with every weapon possible to kill this guy.

Who’s trying to save what lady

Vivi: We cut too. Blade hide out. where we meet Whistler, He’s clearly upset that blade brought Karen here. Karen whimpers, as Whistler goes to inject her with, I can not pronounce this.

Erick: Alliums said to him,

Vivi: which is just a fancy way to say

Erick: garlic. It is. I’m going to keep referring to the show throughout this, just because it’s so funny to see the parallels, he keeps talking about different versions of allium sativa. So it’s like different kinds of garlic, I guess. Oh, we getting fancy. Yeah. They’re like different strains of allium and I’m like, oh, what are we talking about? Weeder, garlic, what’s happening.

Vivi: That’s just level of spices. We

Erick: use also, this is a children’s TV show. Why are we talking about different strains that allium sets even like a kids out here, like, Hmm. Yes. The allium sativa, sativa or indica.

Vivi: Honestly, I prefer him to come as a kid. Just knock me out. I’m a hybrid person actually.

It’s just a fancy word for garlic, which should help slow down the turning process. He walks away as he tells blade, he expects that she has about a 50, 50 chance of survival.

Next scene there’s a bunch of people dressed in suits as a man named Gitano flips through photos of the club. Incident. Caetano yells about blades, still being on his crusade and calls deacon frost in every one starts roasting for us immediately for his nightclub incident for bringing attention to the

Erick: vampires.

he’s like we’ve been doing this for thousands of years like this, you can’t change it. And he’s like, no, we got to start from the bottom up. We got to get on socials,

Vivi: I guess. So there isn’t socials at the time. I don’t know if the lore of being seen in mirrors and video exists in this little

Erick: is that we all got to get a Twitch account.

Wait a gig on discord. We all got to be on tick-tock.

Vivi: some even starts to belittle him for being not appear. Vampire frost takes it all in. And finally collapsed back claps back, telling them to forget about

discretions and the rules for the humans.

He says there are food Gitano, yells back and says, they’ve done this for thousands of years. And that he wouldn’t know this since he was not born of an empire. He was made of empire frost leaves pretty pissed off about this. And we get this running theme of like pure vampire versus not pure.

It’s very like muggle mud

Erick: bloods. find it hard to believe that later spoiler alert, frost kills Gitano.

It’s like, there’s really this huge difference between the pure and the maid, why wouldn’t it get tunnel in his other leaders? The 12 be stronger than this made vampire.

Vivi: That was my question too.

Erick: because in this universe, two Morbius exists, right? let’s pretend that Morbius exists.

He’s like a full vampire this, like other worldly being like, why wouldn’t these pure bred like, Morbius blade enters an apothecary where he gives the owner a bag full of jewelry, telling him that Whistler says he’s building resistance to his serum. This is the only time we meet this owner ever. And I’m assuming he makes a reappearance in the next ones,

Vivi: no, but it seems like they’re very close friends and his background story with him is not

Erick: explored.

Vivi: what I will say about this movie, we were just talking about the whole pier, not pure vampire thing. There’s so many plot points going on here that I think if they knew it was going to be a trilogy off the bat, I don’t know if they did actually it could have been explored with time.

Cause there’s like a lot of good themes going on here.

Erick: Yeah. told you that. I think the constellation for this is because maybe with it being the first after Howard, the duck, I mean, think about it. Like how much pressure there is around a superhero movie, They’re probably like if it’s not successful, let’s just try to throw in as much story as we can, because this is our one shot. let’s just try to get as much as, as we can out there. like something’s going to stick, right? Like if we throw in 30 plot points and 10 of them make it because people are like, oh, I really loved that about the movie you want to see SQL.

It doesn’t matter that the other 20 disappear.

Vivi: now. I have to do that because we know if a Marvel movie is coming out, that character is going to come out in another one. And then you get to explore all the backstory that you want. This one, I think it tried to do everything because it wasn’t sure if it was going to be a success or not.

And like you said, wanted to get everyone interested

Erick: in. Right. the owner says he figured that would happen and hands him, another vile of it back into hideout. Karen wakes up looking around the room and notices a plant that’s very heavily emphasized here and a little bit later, but it doesn’t really make it where your parents, until the end of the movie,

Vivi: I haven’t asked you about this. I’m like, what? What’s this plant about?

Erick: Other than later, when he cuts the roots, it doesn’t really even get explained what it is. I think he uses it for the serum, but that’s not even fully

Vivi: clear. Is it like deadly night shade that can kill creatures of the night?

Erick: I’m indicum allium, sativa. Oh, gotcha.

Gotcha. But she also sees blade sword. She touches it. And the dial on the handle starts to turn when it finally opens up with three smaller blades, a defense mechanism for anyone who’s not blade holding the sword is pretty fucking. I’m glad it makes an appearance later. He overhears Whistler telling blade.

Karen can help since she’s a hematologist. For those who don’t know, that’s a blood doctor, Angela knows don’t do that. Okay.

Vivi: fun facts. When you have crowns, they check your hemoglobin.

Erick: They checked to see if it’s by complex.

Yes. Whistler is administering the next dose of serum into blade’s arm. And it looks like it’s a painful process. It even requires that blade use a mouth guard, intense Whistler points out that the serum is getting dangerous. When they noticed she’s been watching and runs, Whistler cuts her off and she’s like, am I a prisoner? He just says, they need to take precautions before they let her go. He explains that they hunt vampires and goes into detail about how vampires in real life are different from the movies crosses don’t work against them.

Only silver sunlight and violet rays. Garlic makes them go into anaphylactic shock. blade is in the background, getting his car a black 1968 Dodge charger. I felt it was important to him to note that it’s a pretty fucking cool car. I noticed

Vivi: you put that down in the notes. I looked

Erick: it up.

He’s getting the car ready. As Whistler tells Karen, she needs to be out of town by nightfall because there’s a war out there and innocent people like her who get turned, just get caught in the crossfire. you never really think about that part of vampirism. Right. But there’s like the orgs and then there’s the people who are just innocent and didn’t ask for it.

I feel like that’s what we do in the shadows kind of explores

Vivi: Is it though? They’re just like really ridiculous.

Erick: that’s the kind of empire I’d be he and blade are only a few of many people who are trying to keep the fight off the streets.

Karen says she can go to the police and Whistler says it won’t help because they own the police. Dang, this type of world building, I feel like is really difficult in a world where superheros exist. Because when I wrote this down in my notes, I was like, okay, but let’s pretend that this is a world where Spider-Man the Avengers.

X-Men all live Daredevil Luca, like, there’s so many other heroes in this world. why wouldn’t they know that the vampire is on the cops? Like, that they own every. How many vampires are out here, even in the shows, like, Why the fuck is Spiderman? Acting like vampires are impossible, bro. Like you were bitten by a spider and now you’re running around in spandex dude. Like why is it impossible?

Vivi: Yeah. That’s something that’s always bothered me about these movies where they’re like a talking raccoon when they have like magical powers,

Erick: like okay.

We can stop with the shock.

Vivi: Yeah. I definitely think world building here, you had a lot of liberties because there was no superhero

Erick: Boomi. Right? You were expecting this to be an isolated incident. But so yeah, what sort of says that they’re everywhere, overwhelmed with everything she asks, if they’re really just going to send her off and what’s her hands, her some vampire base which he says is silver nitrate and garlic.

 he hands her gun and says, if she turns, she should just offer herself, it would be better that way. Anyway, you audibly were like, No

Vivi: No, I’m going to be a fucking vampire. I’m not going to off myself. I’m gonna be fucking awesome.

Erick: elsewhere. While

Vivi: we should just use comic book transitions

Erick: We should, elsewhere, for us is listening to music on blast while the computer sifts through an old document with images and writing Gitano enters the room and says that the archives are restricted to members of the house of Airbus for us ignores him and annoyed, Gitano says it’s no use.

This is like talking kid who has her headphones in

Vivi: the conflict between them is not explored that. Well, it’s just thrown out there and they just like scream at each other. They just hate each other. And you’re like, all right. Yeah, I’m here for it.

Erick: What got deacon frost to the point where he was able to just walk into this room, like nobody’s business, right?

Like the other counsel, no, what I’m saying is like the local council, the other lower level vampires, aren’t just walking into this room. Like nothing. This guy is allowed in. So what makes him. if they’re really that adamant about being like, you’re not even pure, it’s like, well, the why is he in the room?


Vivi: it seems that he has quite a following social media followings. So even though they want to ignore him, I think he has so much power at this point that they can’t, if he’s the one orchestrating all these raves and parties that are getting human’s attention, you’re going to have to acknowledge this person, even if you don’t want to.


Erick: Gaetano says it’s no use it’s so old that it can’t be translated. I thought this was hilarious. Whistler later sees a parchment that survives an explosion from the book of Airbus.

And he’s like, oh yeah, this talks about the blood gut. Nothing. Meanwhile, the Gitanos over here, like it’s been thousands of years. No one’s ever been able to read it. No, one’s going to decipher it. There’s no way you’re going to figure it out.

Vivi: is it implied that he’s been spending all his time, like researching this and fros needed a whole fricking duo lingo app to

Erick: translate it. I dunno. plot holes, frost finally stops listening to music and pissed to get title slaps and frigging.

Vivi: Again, escalated quickly. Nothing builds to this, but okay.

Erick: For all souls is ground asking, what are you going to do about it? And Gitanos like, and walks off suspiciously. in the city blade drops Karen off at her apartment building she’s frustrated and yells it’s daytime. It makes sense. Given. They just said she could die from sunlight A little rude. Yeah, blade just tells her to remember they’re everywhere and drives off. Fuck it. Good luck. Good luck. Karen goes into her building and while she waits for the elevator, she notices people standing in front of her have matching tattoos that look like glyphs on the back of their necks,

Vivi: got to watch out for people with matching tattoos.

Oh no.

Erick: Are people are gonna look at us and think that a little pumpkin’s are gonna be like, mm, obviously vampires, obviously. Pumpkin’s,

that’s cute. Let’s cap in the elevator, she stands nervously as one of them’s like, you good.

Vivi: How you doing? Hey, how’s it going?

Erick: She gets off on her floor and feels a man and a woman following her as she pulls her vampire mace out to follow her. And when she finally turns around, there’s no one in the hall.

What did they go?

Vivi: The only thing I can think of is they live there. No, they weren’t invited into her place.

Oh. And they’re tailing her. That’s fine. But again, that part of the vampire, Laura is not clear in this one,

she entered her apartment and it gets startled by a cop who says he’s only there because he noticed that the door was open the

Erick: fuck.

Yeah. Suspicious.

Vivi: Do not enter my house she’s suspicious of him as she should be. As he says, his name is officer Krieger and was just doing a routine check. That doesn’t mean you can come into my house, dude.

He tells her that the other doctor from earlier Curtis died and pulls a gun on her and says, just like you smooth, very intense delivery She mazes him immediately. And he laughs asking her if it’s garlic, he’s like, I’m not a vampire. As he raises his gun, he suddenly gets beat up by blade explains that Krieger. Isn’t a vampire, he’s a familiar, he’s good animal. If you don’t watch what we do in the shower, I was fix it. But also we’re sorry.

He’s lower than a vampire, just a low life who hopes they’ll turn him into a vampire one day. If they do all their bidding,

Erick: But it’s like, there’s 10 pounds of shit and vampires are underneath and there’s like 50 more fetus shit.

And that’s where familiars are.

Vivi: Is that what blade says?

Erick: That is word for word? No, but one of them went out there. I think it’s funny that this is what is explained to familiars in this universe because. It seems like they’re just turning people into vampires left and right.

Like nobody’s business. So for there to be familiars in this universe, kind of, doesn’t make sense

Vivi: And I said,

I disagreed with that because they literally just by anyone, but they drain them. They don’t turn them. I think Karen gets accidentally turned because they weren’t able to finish the job before blade comes in.

Erick: Why would a vampire just kill them? Like, if I drain this person a blood and I kill them, then that’s one less person I can eat. So

Vivi: you want them to like replenish, right? I don’t know if vampires are sustainable like that. I’m sorry.

Erick: Um,

Vampires are the ones who were hosting blood drives conspiracy

Vivi: que X-Files music.

Erick:  Just getting good, donate blood. I do it every time they literally sell my blood every time I’m there. And by there, I mean,

Vivi: as blade continues to beat the crap out of Craiger, Karen yells at blade asking if she was used as bait, he says, yeah,

Erick: Yeah. You want to

Vivi: fight about it? He shows her the back of Krieger’s neck and that it has a glyph, just like the others blade explains their brands, belonging to different vampire organizations.

And that this one belongs to fros. He starts staking Krieger stuff, and Karen is thrown back by this asking, oh, you Rob people too. He brushes this aside, asking how else they would fund any of the work they do. That’s funny. Cause I did not think of that.

Erick: I’m gonna go to the bank and be like, Hey, I’m a vampire Andre, can you give me. Can you just like

Vivi: pay me an annual salary.

Erick: It’s cool. He’s going to go on shark tank and be like, look so I kill people, right? here’s my blades. Here’s my allium sativa.

Vivi: I mean, if he sells his sativa, he makes some money.

He finally knocks Krieger out and says that the jewelry is fake. Anyway,


They go to Krieger’s cop car and open the trunk, finding a set-up with three blood bags, blade S Krieger, where he was taking them. The quote unquote cop tells him to fuck off and gets loose, Blade, pulls a gun to shoot at him, but Karen stops him and Krieger gets away.

Blade’s pissed She responds by saying she’s coming with him so that she could stay alive long enough to come up with a cure. He angrily tells her that there’s just no cure that night blade. And Karen are on a stakeout by Krieger’s cop car. He comes back to the car and blade laughs saying they always come back.

They follow him. As he frantically drives, calling to what we assume is for us people to drop off the blood bags. He finally parks as blade points out that there is vampire glyphs all over, which usually means that this is a safe house. He points out the people outside of the club and says, they’re all vampires.

Karen asks how he knows. And he explains it’s the way they move and smell. but there are worse things out there than vampires. Karen asks him what? And he says me what a bad-ass line

Erick: puts on the sunglasses,

Vivi: another pair of sunglasses. Cause he already has someone They start to make their way towards the club. He explains the logistics of vampires. Again, He hands her a gun and says that the bullets are silver hollow points filled with garlic. You know, a double tap in one,

And for the head or the heart.

Anything else is your ass,

Erick: Goshen, blade. Anything else? Is your ass? Say it milk and eggs bitch

Vivi: they make their way to the club and the bouncer tries to stop him from entering

Erick: I think he just does such a good job at playing everything.

cool. Cause a bouncer is like, no, sorry, I can’t let you in. And he’s just like, Hmm, smiles. the next scene is him getting thrown through the

Vivi: wall and he just eats him through the wall.

blade kicks more vampires and finally stops Krieger. He beats his ass into the kitchen. He beat his ass into the kitchen, where he asked where the entrance to the safe house is Krieger cowers and says it’s in the freezer. But it doesn’t believe him, but he opens it and sees a full hallway leading to the safe house. He tells Krieger to give frost a message for him and gives him one of the best lines from the film.

it’s open season on all suck heads. They go into the safe house and don’t find anyone around. They find a room with a lot of wiring and computers

Erick: they’re techie

Vivi: super tacky for 1998. They

Erick: have internet AOL online, all two kilobits per second.

We cut to a party on a rooftop. That’s being thrown by a frost, but he isn’t there.

He’s in a room, staring at a computer, showing a simulation of a chamber with 12 symbols in a circle. And one in the middle. A girl tells him that the people at the party are waiting for him and he shows up Quinn’s they’re partially healed from his burns. And with his hand grown back Krieger, shows up telling frost what happened and how he’s going to make it up to him.

Frost is like, fuck it. And just kills Krieger. Throwing him into the pool while making out with a woman in white from earlier in the film with their blood all over their faces.

Vivi: Hot. I mean, they bite him first.

Erick: I always think it’s funny when vampires are super sexualized with their blood.

Cause it’s like, They’re biting into a neck. There’s blood everywhere. And they start making out with the blood in their mouth, but it’s like, you don’t do this as a regular human. You don’t just like start eating spaghetti and to start like making out with your partner with spaghetti in your mouth.

Good point.

Vivi: you said spaghetti. And I just thought lady in the tramp, but then I was like, you’re right. there might be like people with food fetishes. I don’t know. Yeah. Like the

Erick: girl who apparently likes broken bread on her face.

I mean

Vivi: good for her. Yeah. A couple of things here. Quinn has that like Deadpool, baby arm, growing back thing going And the simulation that the software that he’s looking at is so bad. No. Early 2000. It is,

Erick: did not age. Well, it looks the same as like what resident evil one shows though. It does. So it is of the arrow. Okay. It was state-of-the-art first then goes on and tells Quinn.

He wants blade, but he wants blade alive. And Quinn’s like, what? Wait,

Vivi: what? Literally almost killed me a million times.

Erick: Quinn is a weird character because he has his own personality, but anytime frost says anything to him, that’s like affectionate. Quinn’s like, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, dude.

I’ll do whatever. Frost is the only level of validation that Quinn needs to exist.

Vivi: His love language is words of affirmation.

Erick: That’s all he needs. I feel that, mm mm mm. Mm. Blatant, Karen gets to a room with a large vampire named Pearl. That seems to be on watch for the data in the safe house. Pearl tries calling frost to say they need him. And Frosta says, oh, you’re done. Sorry. Die with dignity. blade hands that UV lamp to Karen and says, they’re gonna play 20 questions.

If he answers, then he won’t leave with anything worse than a tan. He asks what the Chamber’s simulation is. Pearl says it’s a video game. And Karen turns the UV lamp on burning the fuck out of him. Heals the spirits of the 12 will bring the blood. God blade takes a hard drive from the computer and notices a room in the distance tells Karen he’ll be back and to burn him.

If he moves Pearl yells at him not to go over there. And Karen just goes relentless with the UV lamp. I thought this was fucking weird because just two seconds ago, she’s like telling blade not to shoot at CRI. And she’s over here, just unleashing everything she has on this guy with a UV lamp.


Vivi: I think her logic is that Krieger still a human and Pearl is a vampire, a very strange vampire Jabba the Hutt kind of

Erick: Yeah. Kind of like Java, the hut, the burning of this character. If anyone remembers the Halloween towns scene where they turn the sauna all the way up on that character, ghost he yells exactly like that character. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t the same guy,

Vivi: same actor, very specific roles.

Erick: But blade uses explosive goo to blow the door open and they enter a chamber with old script hanging from the ceiling behind glass blade explains that there pages from the book of Airbus, the vampire Bible

Vivi: why are they hanging from the ceiling?

What are they printed on? Is it human skin?

Erick: I was hoping it was, I was really hoping. It was, it seems like a vampire thing to do, also, why is it just here completely unguarded, if it’s that important? Yeah. they hear footsteps and blade looks around to see who’s there.

He finds a young girl who looks scared, crouched down, blade kind of gives into this Quinn appears with his crew. And as blade turns to look at them, the girl starts kicking his ass. This little five foot girl starts beating the shit out of Wesley Snipes, martial arts expert. She’s doing some multiple Kikis They all gang up on him. And finally tie him up. One of Quinn’s men takes his sword and jokes around before the handle pops open and explodes. The guys in the gore effects in this are pretty intense. I really like it.

Vivi: Yeah. scenes later on with some heads blowing up our nest,

Erick: they all just laugh it off.

As Quinn says, blade owes him. He takes two of blade stakes and stabs them with them. Blade starts laughing and confused. Quinn asks what the fuck. So funny blade says he’s expecting company. When an explosion behind him goes off and Whistler comes through firing a gun at everybody insight, the exit through the tunnel and end up in a subway explosions, go off in the safe house, behind them.

As the vampires, chase Whistler gets knocked over by the train and blade to says, yeah, you can take care of himself, bro. He got hit by a train. The fucking Delma is

Vivi: human. This whole scene’s crazy.

Erick: Karen falls onto the tracks and nearly hits the third rail. When Quinn finally catches up and fights blade a train passes as Karen has stuck blow watching blade fight Quintex blade sword, but blade makes them drop it below to Karen. Karen takes the sword stabs. Gwen has blade takes advantage and smashes. Quinn’s face against the passing train. I know this is like for movie effect, but also if they’re both vampires and blade is a trained fighter, I think he should be able to easily get rid of Quinn.

He does later. I mean, honestly later it’s just like no competition. Blade takes the sword and chops. Quinn’s other handoff causing him to run away. He finally lifts Karen up and they run as more vampires approach. Blade gets a crazy idea to grab the back of the train and nearly rips his arm off, throwing himself and carrying onto it.

Vivi: And no, one’s there. They’re just so lucky that no one’s on this trade.

Erick: Are they though? I mean, honestly, I feel like crazy shit happens on the CTA all the time. And people were just like, well, I didn’t see that.

Vivi: Don’t I fucking know it.

Erick: Yeah. Some stories

Vivi: Once inside the train, Karen helps him pop his arm back into place, which I thought was super odd. Is that like sound can’t we help each other with our dislocating

Erick: shoulders. That sounds so busy, but it’s true.

Vivi: It’s supposed to be cute.

Erick: I don’t know. no judgment to people who need their dislocated arms popped back in.

Okay. There’s a romantic market for that. Clearly

Vivi: very specific to the plane movies.

she’s doing this blade pulls out a vile of blood, Is it a file blood or is it serum

Erick: I’m assuming it’s like an emergency in case. Yeah. In case I don’t have actual serum nearby it’s a way for him to kind of like get there in the meantime without actually sucking some.

Vivi: This only poses more questions for me. While she does that, he pulls out a vial of blood.

Karen tries to help him, but he tells her to get away. As he injects himself in the neck, she says, he’s one of them. he says, he’s not, he’s something else.

This is, I know what you are. Say it from Twilight. This is literally the dialogue into my life. When it happened, I was like, this is Twilight.

if you loved rabbi your movies and you loved the blade, this literal dialogue happens in Twilight.

Becca. The hideout Whistler is telling Karen he found blade when he was 13 years old, his mother was bitten by a vampire while she was pregnant.

he went through some genetic changes and can withstand garlic and sunlight. He has their strength and will heal quickly.

But he still ages like a human. He didn’t just get their powers though. He also inherited their thirst and his body is starting to reject the serum.

Karen asks why Whistler helps him. Whistler explains that he had a family. Once when one day a vampire drifter came by, he says the vampire made him decide, which ordered to kill his family.

Erick: In that story. Doesn’t really go further than that. He like explains the story and it cuts to Karen going in and finding blade.

I’m like, what does that mean? That doesn’t even answer the question on why you decided to help blade.

Vivi: And I think this is another one of those examples of this movie, trying to give you everything at once. Not knowing that there was going to be a SQL because you kind of get that.

He also is seeking revenge. He found this 13 year old kid who’s half empire have human and they joined forces. it could make sense, but his backstory is not explored that

Erick: much.

Vivi: we find out that he has cancer and it’s not really explore it again. It’s just so

Erick: much. I think that’s why If I remember correctly he comes back And that’s why he’s off screen killed here.

Vivi: I got to watch the second one after this. Yeah. She finds blade in a room. As she says, she knows about his past. He just says she doesn’t know anything about him. He isn’t human and is just hunting. That thing that took his name. He says every time he kills a vampire, he gets a piece of himself back,

At frost tide out when his complaining about how confronting blade went and frost tells him he still wants blade alive.

Quinn goes off. When frost goes up to him, telling him that he needs him, I need you, baby. Baby Quinn likes this. He’s super into it and feels better about it. The whole thing

cut to this super sexual sunscreen application seen between for us,

Erick: this isn’t how you

apply sunscreen. It’s always a super sexual incident.

Vivi: No, I always forget to put onto the screen.

Erick: So you had a more like Gitano, good tunnel.

Now in this next scene.

Vivi: Right. This is where they have taken Gitano hostage. Frost makes fun of him for never being able to see a sunrise. Since he’s pier frost takes some pliers and rips out Gitanos canines. The sun starts to come up and Gitano just explodes like crazy bad

Erick: specialist.

Yeah. But yeah, not, I mean, it’s come on. It’s the nineties.

Vivi: They’re literally sitting there in their biker helmets. Like we’re too cool for this

And this is a plot point that bothers me. The motorcycle helmets block the sun.

Erick: That wasn’t even the part that bothered me when he puts his visor down. His wrist is visible.

Vivi: So that would have burned. No, he put sunscreen on and he’s fine. Oh,

Erick: that’s true. But he didn’t put them on his wrist. They just made out and put sunscreen on their faces, We didn’t get a super central wrist application.

Vivi: Who is this putting on sunscreen? It’s just the

Erick: one we make out. When we eat blood, we make out, when we apply sunscreen, we make out, we make. We make out,

Vivi: is there a point where they’re not making out

Erick: when blade kills them maybe they’re just like making out to when that happens

Vivi: and this scene again, I need a little more explanation for, I think what we’re supposed to gather is that Gitano is, I hate saying Gitano Kitano he’s supposed to be the leader of this vampire council. Where are his men? He was just easily kidnapped again. They just hate each other and have this conflict for no reason.

Erick: Why is any stronger? I’m thinking like Nosferatu the Baron type character from what we do in the shit

Vivi: again, what we do in the shadows. Speaking of the helmet scene, there is a point where the vampires in what we do in the shadows, try to use that same tactic and it doesn’t work for them

Erick: eating up under the thing, right?

Vivi: no, it worked in blade. It’s fine. And it does not

After this whole crazy murder scene, frost goes to the next meeting and sits in Gitanos spot. he throws Gitanos canines at the rest of the council. And he simply says that he needs 12 volunteers. just a straight up power move. This was

Erick: these are supposed to be the leaders of these 12 vampire organizations.

Vivi: I think it’s just 12. I don’t think it’s 12 organizations, is it?

Erick: I thought it was, yeah. Blade earlier says that these are the organization glyphs. And so like each of them is in charge of one.

I thought

Vivi: that would make more sense. And I would have liked that explained a little better

Erick: correct me if I’m wrong, but at least what I took away. That being the case, though, if these are leaders of organizations wouldn’t they have more security.

Vivi: blade shows a piece of the book of Airbus to Whistler who reads it, saying that it has to do with the blood God immediately. He

Erick: just knows. Unlike the vampires whose Bible this is,

Vivi: again. Is Whistler just studying this lore nonstop. He’s a man on a mission for revenge. Whistler has

Erick: the internet. He might,

Vivi: but so did frost,

Erick: no frost had a computer app. He had a decoding app, Honestly,

Vivi: it would have been like what a floppy disc at that time.

Karen is in the background, working on something, as she explained.

if she adds E D T a to vampire blood, there’s a reaction she tells blade to stand back and it explodes right in front of him. he’s like, that’s some cure. She says, it’s not a cure. It’s something that he can use against the vampires. She wants a sample of his blood to work on an actual care.

However, as she takes a sample, Whistler’s in the background and she mentions to blade how much he really cares about him.

Blade says they simply have mutual interests. He makes weapons. And I use them later. Karen is checking on her neck bites. I have such an issue with the makeup

Erick: of this,

it looks like those pimple patches. kind of does put on.

Vivi: I mean, yeah, he’s been pulled badges. You should use some dude.

Whistler notice her checking on her bite marks and he tells her that she’s turning. And just says that he, sorry, she responds angrily saying he makes it seem like she’s already dead.

Erick: bitch. You might as well be.

Vivi: He tells her that she basically has like a day, two days at

Erick: most

Vivi: again. I would just be like, cool.

I’m going to be a vampire now.

Erick: we’ve already learned that sunscreen works.

Vivi: Cause you could also become a vampire and kill the bad guys,

Erick: Blade is walking in the streets when he noticed his frost across the street in a park, holding a little girl blade approaches and notices. Frost is wearing sunscreen for us as he wants to be like him with all of the strengths and none of the weaknesses.

He tries to manipulate blade, telling him to accept what he is because the humans will never accept him. He asks blade to help him make a new race of vampires when blades just like, yeah. Mascara is running. Okay.

Vivi: This, this bothers me so much. If sunscreen worked on vampires, don’t you think they’d all be just walking around in the, the time with

Erick: it, right?

For us as in, out here, just breaking the internet about sunscreen. Imampa

Vivi: 100

Erick: SPS possible to ask, like what SPF would this even require?

Some setting spray on that sunscreen

Vivi:  with SPF in it

Erick: as well. See, I know a little bit about some makeups

Vivi: because you steal my stuff. Sometimes

Erick: I don’t steal your setting spray. You don’t steal your nipple pastries frosts, the snowman. I mean, he looks like a snowman. Frost and talking about humans like they’re cattle.

Vivi: He’s very much a character who’s like these peer vampires are shitting on me, but vampires in general are top of the food chain. Humans are cattle. It reminds me so much of the pure blood mud blood thing and

Erick: Harry Potter.

Yeah. especially when it doesn’t make a power difference. It’s like, why even fight? Like, unless you’re obviously stronger than me, and because your period, you have this additional ability.

Hmm. This is the difference.

Vivi: blade then being half vampire, have human ends up being this chosen one, a storyline that’s completely thrown at you out of nowhere. he’s half of these things. Is he more powerful than the peer vampires

Erick: now? Right. If anything, you’d think it’d be a more watered down version, right?

Yeah. But a story will be what a story is I’m already sold poetic frost asks, played to work for him and blade just says he doesn’t give a shit about them. is like, bro, mining his own damn business and processes in this park, across the

Vivi: street, I was going to ask it was blade doing that.

He just read

Erick: into France. Groceries groceries. I think we missed a step here. the scene just starts with blade, just walking and frost is like, Hey, I’m here. Listen to me. Blake could have easily been like, fuck, sorry, I don’t have any, I don’t want any but yeah.

So frost gets pissed and his blade pulls his gun out. Frost lifts the little girl by the neck, blade says he doesn’t care about her. She’s just cattle. Right?

For us deals. He’s going to make play wish they didn’t cut him out of his mother. As blade shoots at him, causing frost to Dodge and throw the little girl through a bus stop into the street. This is a very

Vivi: casual scene and it’s not casual

Erick: for us gets away when blade notices, a little girl is about to get run over by a truck or bus and saves her right at the last minute, I had a problem with this because this little girl was like thrown through a bus stop and just sits in the middle of the street.

Like what the fuck happened hate this in movies because it implies that the drivers just like, yeah, fuck it. I’m taking it.

Vivi: That’s not super unrealistic to me because I literally told you the other day.

 In our parking lot, someone almost ran me over.

People I’ve literally seen flora in parking lot. So that doesn’t surprise me. I’m more like, where are these chicks parents?


Erick: all the blood. She literally got thrown through a glass bus, stop Oh, she’s totally fine. This kid’s also a vampire. I don’t know. back at the hideout. Karen tells Whistler they should treat their rampers them like anemia with genetic therapy and a little bit of pretty hot Cheetos in Carlo. She says the cure will definitely work on her, but she’s not so sure about blade since he was born with it. Quinn laughs in the background as frost and his thugs show up Karen and Whistler put up a pretty good fight before the vampires. Take them down and start being the literal shit out of Whistler who tells them just to get it over with,

Vivi: whistler is saying just fucking kill. And he’s like, no, we’re not going to make it that easy on you. Cause what do you hate more than anything vampires. So we’re gonna turn you into one. It’s sad.

Erick: Blade shows up later and sees all the chaos and bodies on the ground. He finds a body in the chair with a blood covered sheet over it.

And there’s a tape on the table. It says, play me, blade removes the sheet blade is very like, oh fuck, like sadly disgusted. But also like, upset, right? Like he’s not being emotional and visible about it, but in his own way, he’s like, you know, like, fuck

Vivi: Definitely his fuel to get him through the last half of the movie.

Erick: Yeah. he’s sadly disgusted by the sight of Whistler badly, beaten Whistler is alive and tells him that they took Karen want to start the vampire apocalypse blade wipes Whistler’s wounds. As he continues to say that they want his blood, the blood of the day Walker, he’s the chosen one.

He tells blade not to go after them and asks him to finish them off. So he doesn’t turn into a vampire blade, says no. And Whistler asks him for his gun. Then blade says, no again. And with certain SIS violently taking the gun and telling him, walk away, you stupid son of a bitch. It said you know, it’s said, it’s

Vivi: sad, but also I like how it plays on these tough characters, inability ability to share It’s also probably the most emotional. You see his character in the entire film until he sees his

Erick: mother. Yeah. you know what? So it’s like his standing dead. And he picked him up off the streets.

So it’s pretty sad scene. And then like the wiping them off while, you know, he’s kinda dying in front of you. Yeah,

blade walks way as he hears the gunshot behind him and plays the tape that shows frost saying Whistler put up a good fight and where to meet them.

 We get blade meditating and suiting up for the battle of the com. He also slashes the plant that was heavily emphasized earlier in the film, which he uses with his arsenal. What is the meaning

Vivi: of this plan

Erick: at Ross’ place?

Karen gets hit on by frost who tells him he can bite her all he wants. She’ll just turn back with her cure. Fraught says there is no cure. she also makes fun of him for not being purist. She notices his bite marks. Everyone’s just going in on frost, not being pure.

Vivi: I think it’s just like knowing what upsets him in like going in on it, go

Erick: for the throat.

Fuck it. put on boom Russ gets pissed and asks her how she plans secure the whole world,

Vivi: Fun fact. Apparently an alternate ending was that the blood God does come back, turning the entire world into vampires.

the sequels were planned to be a kind of like mad max blade fighting his way through everything.

Erick: That would have been cool as fuck. I want that. That’s kind of like the later movies of resident evil, where Alice is just in this post-apocalyptic world is kicking ass, chewing, bubblegum, and being all a lot of gum,

Vivi: but she still has a red dress.


Erick: He says, blades. Blood is the key to this whole plan. When they get noticed that there’s an intruder, Quinn starts freaking the hell out and somewhere else in the hide out, guards are looking for blade.

When he crashes through on a motorcycle, killing everyone at once with vials of blue liquid, which we assume is what Karen showed him, how to make when hit with this, the vampires balloon up

and explode. exploded like nasty

Vivi: it’s insane makeup. Like their faces turn into giant pimples.

Erick: He enters a room and finds his mother on a bed. She says his name, Eric me

Vivi: We don’t realize it’s his mother. She was like hidden in a previous scene where she’s telling frost to go to his party. Honestly, if she didn’t look at him and say, Eric. I would have been like, who

Erick: is this lady?

I mean, yes, earlier she’s like dying in a

Vivi: hospital, but yeah. Yeah. I think that’s what it is. She’s like covered in blood and makeup and she looks like she’s about to die in here. She’s like very glamorous. And I’m like, who’s this lady, Until she was like, Eric. And then we learned that blade’s name was Eric

Erick: Brooks. I did not know. while distracted for us, men take advantage and tase him down.

It turns out fros was the one who beat his mother and for us rebels in this saying that they can now be one big happy family. He just really goes in on this part of blades trauma, blade is not only being tased down, but he’s like, what the fuck?

This is like a world exploding situation for blades.

Vivi: This is entire motive for killing vampires. Were they killed my mother?

Erick: Karen and blade to get locked up. As blade says he needs this room and that when they get out of there, he’ll take the cure.

Karen says, but there’s a catch. He’ll be completely human and won’t have any of his powers. So he won’t be able to continue the war against the vampire world.

Vivi: No,

Erick: All right. I decided to be cool as fuck forever.

Vivi: I’d rather be cool in Houston.

Karen and blade are brought to the top of the chamber that we saw earlier in that horrible early two thousands simulation, as frost says, it’s the temple of eternal light frost plays around with blade sword. Who’s surprised it’s not opening up on him.

Quinn has stolen his glasses at this point. Like the asshole he is

frost jokes around saying he knows everything there is to know about him. He grabs some of the blue vials thinking its blade serum and asked him how it feels to be thirsty and takes the serum. Instead it tells him to find out for himself, he might like it.

Erick: I like this part what if he had, and then it’s like the end of the movie, that’s it. You’re right. Dead.

Vivi: How

Erick: anticline I want to say that alternate ending or blades like, oh, he dumber than I thought that was much

Vivi: easier than I

Erick: anticipated.

And the mom’s just like, what?

Vivi: Frost throws the vials into the chamber.

As he says, the humans have made him weak

Blade threatens him saying, he’ll be dead by Dawn. They split up and send Karen off to a room to meet an old friend of hers. It’s kinda like this booby trap in the basement situation. They just throw her down there.

And we see Curtis, doctor from the beginning who had this weird relationship with her,

Erick: the vampires who are leading her to this room, kind of mentioned that the reaction he had to the. Awkward rate because they’re like, he’s not vampire, but he’s also not a human he’s kind of like a zombie.

Vivi: this is something I would like to see explored further.

is there humans that have like really bad reactions and they just become zombies. That’d be

Erick: me. It’s actually really allergic to buy convex blood. So I might be a zombie if you bite me,

Vivi: Like I wish this was explored.

Cause that could be a whole other story. Is

Erick: this bike gluten free?

Vivi: I’m vegan. So like you have to baby.

Curtis calls her name and ask if she’s ever had second thoughts about them before deciding to run at her, she beats the shit out of him and crawls her way out using a bone dagger.

Erick: I

Vivi: just liked that. Now she’s like, I’ve spent enough time around blade that I know how to defend myself,

Erick: give her, I

Vivi: mean, yeah.

and another room blade is tied up to a human shaped hole in a pillar. The best way I can describe this is like those old torture device.

Erick: What is it called? An iron maiden.

Vivi: His mother approaches trying to be a little too nice. He tells her not to touch him. she says that the vampires are her people now and that his mother died a long time ago. She caresses his face with hers, being extra central, for some reason.

Erick: rubbing her face near his and like lips near lips.

And it’s like, I’m not your mother anymore. But you are in my eyes. So fucking get away from me. It’s so

Vivi: gross. She says she killed And she knows he has to, to sooner or later, the thirst always wins. She steps on a button on the ground to close the iron maiden and blade, which kicks off the blood collection process.

I feel like they cast it an actress that Wesley Snipes had more chemistry with. Then Karen, it kind of would have worked more if Karen played his mother and this actress played his love interest. they had more chemistry in the scene than him and Karen and the

Erick: entire movie that wasn’t chemistry.

That was incest.

Vivi: That was disgusting. Why is she so sexy? Why is she so hot with her son? Like

the way she’s walking and everything, I’m like, dude, that’s

Erick: okay. I’m telling you, she’s like caressing her face up against his

Vivi: and his, I felt unconscious.

Erick: That’s your son.

Vivi: Jesus Christ. What in the game of Thrones is going on here,

Erick: Not only is my mom alive, but she’s also trying to fuck me with so many emotions

Vivi: to process. And we are not like being perverts. Go watch.

Erick: Yes. it’s not subtle. Isn’t it?

She’s like, I’m not your mother anymore. Just in case you were thinking about it, the options out there and putting the cards on the table. If you were interested, I hate it. Well, not your mom,

Vivi: There are blade’s  at the wrist that cut him, making the blood pulled down into the temple of eternal light, where the 12 vampire leaders are positioned the entire time. They’re being kidnapped by frost and his crew Could they fight him though?

Erick: I doubt that the vampires themselves are carrying silver bullets to shoot each other.

Vivi: Okay. But then blade, literally ripped someone’s neck off

Erick: I mean, I thought about that, but I I’ll say that guy’s probably not dead.

Vivi: But it’s a fight, you know,

Erick: But here I was thinking like, the vampires who were holding these 12 carrying like regular guns and also silver guns.

two holsters. One’s like, this is the human gun. This is the band park. Although I guess the vampire going one also,

Vivi: you could just carry one and it would work on both of

Erick: them. But what if you accidentally shoot a fellow vampire your vampire gun,

Vivi: shooting them. It’s probably for a reason

please stop moving like that. You’re making me nauseous.

Erick: I’m moving to send to Eric swaying back and forth motioning between my human and my vampire gun

Oh my God.

Vivi: I felt like Bob one of the 12 fights back saying that the blood God is just a fairy tale and that it won’t work mercury. Tells them it’s time. They play their part. As he tells her, it doesn’t matter since she’ll also be dead. She takes blade sword and kills him, which I didn’t get because don’t you need 12 people for this to

Erick: work.

Yeah. It was like, who filled that toll spot?

Vivi: Is there an extra, they brought extra people for this bonus just in case. Meanwhile, Karen has found blade in this iron maiden.

He is bleeding to death, but she is able to release him. He says he needs a serum. And she just tells him that there’s no time for that to take her blood. Instead. He says no, but she insists the 12 were being held against their will down below as the blood drops onto them. Since the iron maiden seems to have collected enough blood for this ritual to happen for us stands in the middle as the blood meets and drops all over them Wow. This is happening. We get a really intense scene of blade, sucking Karen’s blood and

Erick: other things

Vivi: as she moans more and don’t stop

Erick: more. Yeah. I kept looking up to the subtitles cause I was like, is she saying stop or don’t stop.

And then I was like, why is she saying don’t stop. She ended this

Vivi: well, because I think he tries to, and she’s like, you’re not strong enough yet, but also this is not a new theme and vampire films like sucking blood is always used as like a substitute for like a sexy. And

Erick: where are your hands?


Vivi: just see your hands at all times. It is very intense. It is very like, don’t stop

Erick: suggestive. Don’t stop. And there’s a lot of jerking and flailing and convulsing and moaning, more anyway, go watch it. It’s pretty hot.

Bleed. Finally, let’s go and yells in climax. His mother shows up and asks him how it was climaxing. Just kidding. How sucking blood was.

Vivi: What in the Oedipus Rex happening in this

Erick: movie, how was it more?

They start fighting on the temple, the stones on the walls, open and start electrocuting. Everybody insight blade pins, his mother down, as she says, I’m your mother.

Vivi: Oh, now you’re his mother.

His mother died forever ago.

Erick: Determined blade says he has to release her and stabs her to death. Just kidding. He says her once she does

back in the temple wing, skeleton monsters start crawling out of the mouths of the 12 and fly through frost, body frost. I start turning completely red as the flying skeletons, enter his body completely and gets blasted. Well, it enters the temple be heads Quinn immediately. Just no hesitation and takes his sunglasses back.

We get more ass kicking. He literally rips the throat off of one of them and throws it at the next guy. Karen fights America. One-on-one when she finally sprays her with the maze from earlier, it makes her head explode This mace lasts like forever.

She’s used it like three times now back to blade, we get a lot of kicks, spin, kicks, flips, knee breaking, more kicks, some kicks don’t even hit anybody. It’s just him and another dude, literally doing spin kicks at each other without ever touching for like 10 seconds before blade squishes, some more heads.

Vivi: It was very well choreographed.

Erick: for us, shows up with his own sword and sword fights, blade blade finally cuts Frost’s arm off and cuts them in half at the waist frost. However, uses his blood to stay intact. And blade is like the fuck

Vivi: I just couldn’t get over the terrible blood effects that bring him back together. I was like, what

Erick: is happening? frost gets faster and starts beating blades ass even starts using the force.

At one point, Frost seems invincible at this point and calls blade a little bitch. You fucked up, but

Vivi: add insult

Erick: to injury. Played notices the serum lodge in some rocks in the wall and frost tells him it’s no use blade throws his sword of the rocks and prostitute laughs it off the handle opens and makes the serum fall.

When blade catches them behind his back, like a ninja. He throws a ton of them at frost, covering him all over with vials. for Frost. Just stands there. As blade says, some of the fuckers are always trying to ice skate a pill as he kicks some serum, straighten that for us forehead, for us, turns into a giant balloon and blows up

Vivi: The makeup on frost it’s really gross. Just like giant pimples. Explore.

Erick: Yes. blade and care and make it up to the roof where blade tells her he doesn’t want the cure anymore.

He just wants a better serum because there’s still a war out there. Cut to Russia, a couple walking in the middle of the night while it snows. They approach a doorway with a vampire glyph on it. When the man tries to attack the girl and blade deals in the distance in Russian and comes to attack the guy credits.

Vivi: He calls him comrade,

Erick: comrade. I think it’s cool. That blade knows Russian he’s worldwide. He’s miserable.

Vivi: Don’t insult blade like that.

I felt like the ending here was super abrupt. Like he defeats frost and they escape. And they’re like, now what it’s got to Russia,

Erick: it is. But I mean, honestly, it’s two hours. We tried to shove as much as possible down the viewers throat.

And that’s what it is. And it all works out. It all works out. It’s fucking bad ass movie. I love this movie.

Vivi: So what you think of it?

Erick: I give it. What do you give it?

Vivi: I am going to deduct some points for the terrible CGI that did not hold up

Erick: over time. Really? I think so. And it’s the nineties.

Vivi: Yeah, just, I could put up with some of it, but when like frost comes back and his hand is like completely CGI back together, I was like, oh no,

Erick: you know what?

It looks like. It looks like those windows 98 screen saver.

Vivi: See, that’s part of the reason why I’m detecting points. ah, it’s so hard because obviously you cannot compare this to the Marvel movies that exist now where, you know, you’re going to get sequels and more backstory and other movies.

They tried to pack so much into this movie and it just didn’t get explored. That being said, it is still a super fun

Erick: movie picture this like Netflix style Daredevil, this has the vibe of more like a street level character where a TV series I think would do the character more justice. Cause you could do that exploration of the character.

think this is just going to happen with any kind of comic book character. You’re trying to shove too much into a two hours or an hour now. you lose a lot of that color. And the creators have that, struggle where it’s like, well, I want to advance the story, but also I have to explain things, a TV show, I think for a character like this would be better because he

Vivi: can do all this

Erick: dig into it.

Yeah. You’re doing an episode about the mom. You do an episode about his upbringing. You do an episode about how Whistler found him. but think the movie did what it could. I think it’s great. It’s an action movie. It’s a Marvel movie. It’s a horror movie. It’s a vampire movie. It’s all fun.

Vivi: Yeah, that being said, because it’s just fun. I want to give it an eight. It’s not scary.

 It’s got some gross of addicts, which I would say put it more in the horror genre,

Erick: but

Vivi: yeah,

I’m just gonna leave it at an eight out of 10,

just cause it’s fun.

Erick: Yeah. I

Vivi: feel like you got to give credit to Wesley Snipes being the one that saved Marvel basically from bankruptcy at this point.

Erick: Yeah.

I want to get off of this. I don’t want to like, do more research and see how involved he is in the new blade. pretty sure he did have some involvement if he doesn’t y’all need to start

Vivi: because you all need to consult him more.

Erick: this guy’s bad-ass.

Vivi: Moral of this episode is go watch, blade, go watch what we do in the shadows, I would suggest doing a month of vampires, but then after we did a month of zombies, we were like burnt out.

So we might know. Yeah.

Erick: The same thing over and over. It gets boring

Vivi: Once you start to notice all the themes, but I feel like vampire films can be very different.

Erick: yeah. Maybe if you’re watching Twilight and blade, you’re not like comparing the same things. You’re just like these sparkle and these get murdered murdered with sativa.

Vivi: I just liked that vampires are always like the tragic romantics of their stories. I’ve been

Erick: alive for a thousand years, but suddenly I love this human 16 year old.

Vivi: Okay. We can save that for when we cover Twilight. Do you want to tell me what scared low-key about it?

Erick: I don’t think he was actually scared, but he did get intrigued by all the bad-ass kick-ass thing.

 He’s like what? All these like, whoosh sounds all these like blops these blue blops. Cause everyone’s getting, cause everyone’s getting impaled. Do you want to tell us about it? Low-key

Vivi: sounds good. We’re glad you liked blade,

Erick: bro. I will fight you right now. Me and Loki really be throwing hands, like all day, every day, anytime I come outside, he’s just ready to just throw hands at me.

Vivi: But does that pretty much wrap it up for us here?

Erick: Yeah, it does.

Vivi: As always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken, not scared pod except Twitter, Twitter shaken, scared pod. You can send us an

Erick: So we did the show on patron and get early access to episodes or a bonus episode in thing, drink idea every month, this month we’re covering a Valentine movies. So keep an eye out for it. Sign up, go get that bonus episode. Listen, wherever you get your podcasts, give us a follow check out our drink videos.

Give them a like give them a listen, Be

Vivi: sure to like rate, review all that good stuff. 18. K thanks. Spike.

Vivi: his mother was bitten by a vampire while she was pregnant.

Erick: You bought his merchandise.

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