The Birch, The Captured Bird, Mira Mira, & Mistress of Bones | Shorts of Horror Pt 1

Erick: Welcome back to the shaken, not scared podcast here with you as always your hosts, Eric and Bebe. today. We’re gonna be talking about a bunch of horror shorts, but before we get into that, how are you viewing?

Vivi: I’m all right. We’ve had kind of a chaotic week here.

So we decided to do horror shorts instead of a full movie. Cause we still wanted to put out an episode, but didn’t exactly have time to do a full movie. Yeah.

Erick: Gerald’s game got released earlier in the week. So if you aren’t a part of earth Patrion, you’re missing out on what is it?

Three episodes already. We’ve done classic horror history Gerald’s game and. Incident in a goat’s land. Yes. go check them out. We’ve done like mostly depressing movies on Patrion. They’re pretty intense. But yeah, this week has been depressing. This is going to be fun. I can’t wait. Let’s dive into it.

What could be content? Do you have

Vivi: We watched the new Texas chainsaw massacre on Netflix.

Erick: We did.

Vivi: spoilers, I guess if you haven’t seen it, I think we’re at the two week mark, by the time this is released,

Erick: we didn’t even know how to feel because so many people online were like, it sucks for this.

And it’s great for that. I think between you and myself, we were kind of like a little on opposite ends.

Vivi: Yeah, I was not a fan of it. It just didn’t work for me on some levels.

Erick: I was like, sure, whatever I didn’t think it was great, but it wasn’t bad either. The internet is always on opposite ends.

Vivi: actually, I’m so much not a fan of it.

I don’t care to cover it ever. Oh shit. Yeah. There was just a lot that didn’t work for me.

the political messages did not work for me. It, they were trying to do something and they didn’t even know what they were trying to do. And the messages, like

Erick: what? Oh, well, okay. So I said it was mostly fine, but I did say that the big caveat was, get rid of the entire story and it’s fine.

So, you know, throw out the whole movie, just put leather phase, killing a bunch of people the way he does. And that’s basically good. That’s good for me. That’s all I need. It’s a slasher. I think, the hard part is that probably creators these days and I don’t give a shit what point they were trying to make, because I have my opinions on that too.

But I think that because of, like I said, the story is what sucks about it. Creators today are probably trying their best to compete with movies. Like, you know, Arie, Aster and Mike Flanagan, where they’re deeply seated in this whole like psychological thing. when you go from that slasher and it’s just like killing for killing sake, they’re like, how do we make this meaningful?

It’s like, well, you don’t need to, it’s just a dude killing people or a woman killing people. Like it doesn’t matter.

Vivi: Right. I would say that scream five did it way better.

Erick: But I think that you can’t compare it to scream because screaming already exists as this like Metta, slasher.

It’s like its whole point is to do that. But with an actual slasher, it doesn’t matter the reason that like Halloween is cause it’s like, he’s a being that no one can kill it. He’s just killing. Like how do we stop them? That is a slasher I think if you were to discern, eliminate everything about the story and just like these kids came into the small town to put gas and this guy was here

Vivi: that would worked because that was the original storyline.

I think it also doesn’t work for me because I was a fan of the insane family dynamic that the soils have. But they completely scrubbed not from the movie.

Erick: Yeah. I want to know why the fuck he’s in an orphanage.

What happened to, flattop? What happened to is his grandpa still around him and that guy looked ancient that guy’s totally still around. Yeah. they said it was a direct sequel to the first one, but there’s no real connection to it. Other than that, for some reason, Sally shows up and they referenced what happened before and other faces here.

Yeah. Whatever

Vivi: Do you have any other creepy

Erick: content? I do, I’m taking forever on this, but I’m going to start doing walking dead episodes.

 I’ve started putting out like tweets and stuff like that to see if people would be interested if we did live like watch alongs But yeah, I started walking dead season one. I really, really loved it. The walking dead in the past. And I still do. I I love Rick Grimes Glenn and Maggie Darrell fucking Daryl Dixon. Love that guy. But I remember hearing about certain things that happened.

Then I was like, oh man, I don’t even want to jump back in. But the hype is back. I can’t wait to keep watching, watching. The first episode was kind of interesting because this was like, what? 20 10, 20 12. I can’t remember. I believe so. Yeah. I was in college. I remember I would like watch every Sunday new episode every week.

It was cool.

Vivi: I remember when, and it was like everyone was watching it Sunday night. I feel like HBO kind of has. Uh, Show that always fills that Sunday night gap after. Well, it wasn’t HBO, right? That’s something else.

Now it’s like euphoria that everyone’s watching Sunday. I have no idea what the fuck you for you is about.

I just know it’s all over my timeline all the fucking time. So

Erick: didn’t you say you wanted to watch that? I’ll

Vivi: do just to know what’s going on

Erick: in the world. Yeah,

so this is non-creepy content, but we were on coffee and cheese mez show, like a week or two ago from this. So Go check them out.

they’re real cool. They talk about everything and anything, coffee and cheese. Maybe you don’t know what she’s meant means. It means like gossip,

Vivi: do you have comfort content?

Erick: I think I do. Do you have compounded?

Vivi: I’ve just been watching a ton of Daria and as told by gender.

Erick: Oh, you have been doing a lot of puzzles. Yeah. Yeah, we did one and we can’t find three pieces. We think Elvira may have messed with them cause she does not leave the puzzle pieces alone.

She also wants to puzzle. what you should see if there’s like cat puzzles, probably not.

Vivi: Their whole lives is a puzzle. Figuring out how to destroy it.

Erick: like when she’s in a box and she looks at us like, where am I? But also I love it here. She’s like, this is my full power.

She looks like she’s driving. If you look at her, just from like her face up, I want to get it like a box car or something. my comfort gone down has been playing Pokemon on the legends. Arcus finally started playing it. It’s pretty fun. everyone in the mom’s like planet. if you want to watch me I’m going to be streaming it on Twitch. So check us out. Shameless plug. Yes. Since we have shorts, I thought maybe warrant, but you pulled something up last minute.

Vivi: Because I’m all about being prepared. One of the shorts we are covering, covering covering today is mistress of bones. And we had seen it before I think

Erick: we even mentioned that as group of content.

Vivi: Oh, did we? I enjoy it. I think it’s fun. So I did a mistress of bones drink. It is a black margarita, but I use jalapeno simple syrup instead of regular simple syrup to make it a little spicy. instead of the typical two ounces of lime juice, I did one ounce lime and one ounce orange juice.

So it’s a little different. Give it a try limey. And again, anytime you add charcoal to your drinks, guys, just remember that it is used to remove toxins. So if you are taking medication, it may wash the medication out of your system.

Erick: We are a more podcasts and it’s hard to make black drinks. we’re looking at you.

I don’t know why it’s seasonal, but we can’t get it Blackbaud.

Vivi: I can never find it. Black food dye would work as well.

Erick: Yeah. So I guess it’s not that. She is. Jeez.

I’m sorry. I was, just, I like talking, so I was talking to

Vivi: gin. Yeah. I rammed the cup with the Hayne. Yeah,

Erick: it’s good. I like it. I like it a lot. you said you used tequila. Okay. I

Vivi: used Cincinnati again. I think we recently used Cincinnati on another. I think it’s decent, cheap tequila.

I like it better than a lot of. Brands out there

Erick: premium top shelf, best of the best. Give me all your money. Any, not even that good tequilas. Yeah.

 I just like it. I just like it. I have no thing to say other than it’s good.

Vivi: Yeah. Basically. No, I’ve Tequila drinks are kind of my favorite type of drinks.

Erick: you know, the more and more I drink this more it’s kind of tasting like the, like the watermelon one with the.

Vivi: So this is the second margarita I give you today that you’re like, it tastes like .

Erick: Oh yeah, it is. Today’s date is Sunday. I dunno. I see those on Sundays. That was when the potato would actually come by my mom’s neighborhood and then it would chase him down like two blocks.

Vivi: That does give me an idea though. We should make up.

Erick: Yeah. you know what I mean? Like, it tastes like those watermelon, but it does with the chiller on them. They’re completely covered in

Vivi: the only thing that is the same is the jalapeno simple syrup. So I wonder if that on its own is what’s tasting like about it that’s

Erick: you know?

Hmm. Well, Hmm. I dunno. I think it may just be like jalapeno sugary taste of the drink. And then also the rim is the heat.

Yeah. Cause that’s freedom, things like I don’t know what they’re called. I’ll see if I can find the name so that if you haven’t tried those you’re missing out. You can go get them. I give it a four.

Vivi: Nice. That’s pretty high. What about you? I am going to give it a four out of five, just because I feel like I can never master a jalapeno syrup.

It’s always not spicy enough for me.

Erick: I’ll make you a jalopy. No what was the thing I made with your family? That was a

Vivi: jalapeno margarita. I think the difference is that you muddled it and I’m trying to make it in the syrup and all that sugar is gonna dilute the spicy or I’m not getting spicy enough jalapenos. Um,

Erick: Maybe we should do like that.

Vivi: Yeah, if I had prepared. Would have done a cocktail like that, but this is a last minute. One next

Erick: time.

Next time. We’ll try it again. It’s good. Go try it. It’s not that spicy actually. So if you get hot jalapenos, jalapenos, if you get hot jalapenos, if you get hot jalapenos, Halla, Pinos, jalapenos, How many different ways can we say jalapenos? You will probably either be spicy or not. cheers. That totally made sense. Yes. so, because these are shorts, we’re not going to have any fun facts. don’t have any, we could probably get some, maybe we can talk to GG cell Guerrero or some of these other directors, Gigi cell Guerrero.

But he likes to say that I’m a fan girl. You really are. I’m not, she’s probably like the most prominent one that I’ve seen on a lot of socials. and she puts out content pretty often. She just came out with being a hell. We should check that out too.

I think he wanted to cover it for an episode. maybe we’ll do that soon. Then you can do your fixed up jalopy. Nossa root drink. We’ll try again. But so we’re not gonna have fun facts. We’re not gonna do speed runs. Cause these are already pretty quick. Some of these shorts were even like two, three

Vivi: minutes.

In case you haven’t noticed guys, this is a more relaxed episode.

Erick: also no briefs because again, the shorts are so short. Got them. So that basically leaves us with just going into it. Let’s get into it. So the first one we have is, my fangirl situation, Mr. Sam bones with Digi cell Guerrero.

Vivi: this short can be found on YouTube um, Crip TV’s channel,

Erick: We opened on two grave diggers to falling a grave. A skeleton is unearth and around its neck is a beautiful Ruby, red antique necklace.

One of the grave diggers named Sandhill whispers in shock. I want to take a second here cause I tried to read them and he, says it kind of fast, he whispers in shock that it’s God, we’d see the booklet I

Vivi: gave Eric this one to cover because I can not say the name of the gods as much as I want to.

Erick: The other grave Digger is also surprised and says that when sit he’ll brought up the idea, he thought he was crazy, but it paid. He asks that he’ll how he heard about the spot. And he answers, they whispered it to me. He’s really weird. This guy he’s like very creepy. and Anessa also kind of implies that Sergio is just always been this like weird dude that everyone thinks is just out of his mind.

we also get this hint that they’ve worked together in the past. So

Vivi: they seem like

Erick: frenemies to me, friends. Yeah. That mean you talk about jobs. So they might be like, you know, robbers in general. It

Vivi: seems like they cross each other in a job, like betrayed each other.

There’s like some history between them

Erick: also as an imply that they’re like in a gang.

The only place that I would hear that, or assume that’s happening is an organized crime, like a gang or a mafia or something like that.

So They have some history together because of NESA brings up a previous job that went wrong. Causing said, he’ll to creepily, say, he’s happy to edit.

Nesta was here with him. I’m happy you’re here, bro. Oh, my hand,

Vivi: it is weird.

Erick: We see that set. He was covered in it’s under carvings and some sort of Relic on his wrists that glows and might be part of a ritual earnest. he kept writing Ernest, And I was like, there was the Ernest Ernest.

Vivi: It wasn’t Nesto but I think you know, how it gives you, like you misspelled this, I was just clicking, like, yeah, yeah, yeah. So I think it changed it to Ernest because Google docs is racist. Yes.

Erick: Google docs learn another language of fuck Ernesto tries to betray said he’ll by knocking him out with a shovel, but said he would just falls on effected and texting.

And I still said he always starts reciting the lore of the king of the underworld saying that the king was meant to rule over us all, but was betrayed by his own queen who ripped away the sources of his power and hit them amongst the dead.

Vivi: I found it pretty funny that he is just MCing him with a shovel and it just breaks in his hand instead of doing anything to

Erick: [Sound] [Sound] using like the stump at least, cause it becomes like a.

Vivi: You got to Buffy it through the heart.

Erick: useless, still a weapon, impale them But yeah, this guy’s basically unaffected it isn’t until all the relics are found and brought together that he can regain his power to rule over man bringing on their extinction.

It’s like very dramatic, super villain speak. I don’t know if you got that

Vivi: vibe. It’s definitely lower. I felt like it was very similar to like, Haiti’s the underworld themes going on here I’m pretty sure this is a real legend I think I’ve seen some tick talks on it, actually explaining the history of this, of this specific short of these gods in Aztec lore.

But again, I can’t pronounce the names I should do more research.

Erick: Yeah. Actually. So this kind of made me think that someone should make a video game off of this, I say this as like a fan of God of war. If people have seen that video game, it’s a game that originally was being done with Greek mythology credos.

The main character is the offspring of the God of war areas. And he like has to fight the gods and the Titans, but the recent ones that were coming out for the new God of war is that he got exiled or whatever from the Greek mythology. and has to fight the Norse gods.

And I was like, dude, there’s so much potential here. And I would love to see something like this, either have credos come to the south America Aztec or Mayan, gods, but it’d be interestingly, Everyone kind of focuses on God’s from Europe. And we’ve talked about this

Vivi: before. Yeah, we have

Erick: that length. Yeah. Like a depression gods it be kind of cool to see too, but even those are, I think, a little more popular than south American, God’s from the cultures down here.

So I think it’d be awesome to see something like this. I’m not saying go do God of war. I’m saying let’s make a mistress of bones, Lord game GG. You hear that? That’d be cool.

Vivi: Also, I feel like a lot of the fighting style that the mistress of bone has reminds me of video games.

Erick: Yeah. Because like every time she slashes at the deer, the blood’s like coming off stylish.

back to what’s happening. And this starts freaking out and tries to just hand the necklace on the corpse to him asking if that’s what he wants.

He could just take it since it’s right there. He’s like, what do you need me for at Anesto notices? He can’t touch the necklace. When said, he’ll explains you, can’t just steal from the dead. You need to make a trade and give them the only thing they want life.

Vivi: I’ve heard this theme a lot in like so many movies and films, and I’m a fan of it,

Erick: of what, like the dead wanting life, the dead

Vivi: something.

And you must trade something for the dead. It’s like a respect for those who have passed. I don’t know.

Erick: I think it’s cool. Yeah. The ground shakes as a creature erupts from the grave stabbing at a nest or the creature looks like a cross between a tree demon and a space alien. I thought he

Vivi: looked a little like psycho Gorman.

Erick: Yeah, he does. Yeah. He kind of looks like something out of mortal combat.

Vivi: Yeah. I could totally see that.

Erick: I’m thinking like Baraka vibes, Baraka is the one with the teeth and I could show you a picture later.

Okay. he has like sorts of her hands. He’s also wearing a Jaguar mask, which might be symbolic. I think this is why I’m like, if we remove that and it looks like Baraka it’d be even creepier.

Vivi: I don’t know.

Erick: Said he’ll continues to carve ruins into his skin as a though is getting killed by the creature Strange whispers or heard from the forest and Sergio stares off when a woman appears holding a thick sword and spear, I say thick sword. Cause it’s not really like a sword. it’s not machete either. It’s this like super thick, very artistic ritualistic painting or carving.

Vivi: It’s hard to, oh my God. When I was writing this down spear, that’s what it’s fucking called. I put down what is this called in my notes.

Erick: You’re like really

Vivi: long arrows. It’s like really long arrow crossbow. Like I couldn’t remember what this is called my bed. I saw fucking sphere. I’m like, Eric will know when he reads my

Erick: notes.

I was confused. Like, wow. It’s an idiot now. she’s holding on a super thick soar with all these like carvings and engravings on them. it almost looks like what you would imagine. Like a chainsaw looks like what’s the chain, right? Where it’s jagged along the edges.

Vivi: I get evil. Dead to vibes. When Ash is, just putting the chainsaw in his hand and using it

Erick: Steady. Go. Sees her and recognizes her as goddess. I think that sounds about right. She’s wearing a crown of flowers and a black sugar skull mask. She starts fighting the tree demon creature using the thick sword and defeats it quickly with lots of quick flashy, sore moves. I don’t

Vivi: like that. We settled on thick sword. It sounds odd.

Erick: She started slashing at the creature with her large Dick sword.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: Her thorn set here tries to take in her too, but she quickly throws her spear through him before he can get any closer pinning him to a tree. As she gets closer, she notices that the creature gets up and cuts him down in just like two seconds. It’s pretty quick work.

Vivi: She’s not impressed by this guy.

Erick: she turns back to said he’ll, but he’s talking in a disembodied voice, calling her his love. He says she belongs at his side, ruling over the dam, then that no matter how many times she tries to stop him, she’ll never rid the world of the darkness in the hearts of humans.

Vivi: Couple of things in the scene. One, it’s not a perfect translation because he calls her, meet the Soto, which is my treasure and not my love. And that bothered me.

Erick: Yeah. I hate that. about English subtitles,

Vivi: and again, I like this legend. I like the queen fighting the king. Maybe this is me reading too much into it, but in Latino culture, it’s like, if you’re married, you do what the male counterpart says, no matter what.

So being like a post to them, I think it’s interesting.

Erick: Yeah. It’s interesting when you look into our specific Mexican culture, because that’s all we know about [Sound] I’ve always told you, that’s weird that we’re really heavy on the machismo, but everyone cowers before, like that motherly had to figure, right.

You can talk to the, like the most manly man with the gun on his fucking bell and the some burrito on the Botox. And then he’s scared of his mom. Yeah. That’s very true. So, know, do what you will with that. I think it’s a little conflicting y’all don’t know what you want. Y’all as in us, y’all as in me.


Vivi: you’re scared of your mom.

Erick: She might hear this but I do have a problem with. Mick day, I’m going to call the goddess and make that for short, just so it’s easier. I have a problem with the coming in, like having all this power and being like kick ass and then suddenly being like, dropped from that.

Vivi: Kind of, I would say that when she is fighting said heel, she murders him. The king is possessing sit here. And I feel like she does away with him easily.

The problem is when the king then uses that as the sacrifice that he needed to obtain all his.

Erick: it makes me want more. And I know this is a short, but like, this is from how long ago. I don’t know what year this came out in. I don’t sure there’s anything coming from this.

And it’s like, give me a video game, a full fledged, maybe even like an hour episode or something. a TV show, honestly.

Vivi: Yeah, because I interpreted this as she lost the battle, but not the war. he still has to find other artifacts to be in his full power.

And she’s still gonna stop him along the way.

Erick: Yeah. after he tells her all of that, she’s not a fan tells him not to call her my love and that he doesn’t deserve to rule over the living room, the bed. She says she’ll always be there to make sure he’s never king and delivers a final book.

Vivi: It’s fun. I feel like the action in this shore is very exaggerated. The acting is very exaggerated and it makes it really camp for me. Like it works.

Erick: I think that’s why I’d be cool as a TV show too. Cause it’s got like power Rangers vibes. You know what I mean? I could see that meanwhile Ernesto is still alive and while trying to escape, he gets in trance by the necklace and reaches for it.

It seems like the king of the underworld. You said he has a sacrifice and transferred into a Nestle’s body and an nest still the king uses the necklaces power to trap the queen in the air and pulls her mask off.

He then slaps her across the face, sending her flying. She has a hard time fighting back while that Nessel puts on the bracelets well on that still puts on the bracelets that he was wearing in declares. He’ll black out the sun disappearing into a cloud. The goddess dramatically puts her mass back on and she stands tall, grabs her weapons in time to hear sounds coming from the forest and swings her blade.

Very, very fashionably at the camera. That’s the end,

Vivi: fashionably

Erick: pure. And you get killed as the viewer because

Vivi: you’re a demon.

Erick: Yeah. With the darkness in your heart.

Vivi: This is really fun. We’ve seen a couple other shorts from Gigi and this one’s probably my favorites.

Erick: I think so too. But I think it has to do with the fact that you and I are truly interested in more of this lore and I’ve mentioned it before. I love mythology, but I’ve failed at doing my own research on our own also think this is probably one of my favorites a better game would be so cool. Like you upgrade her thorn, you upgrade her spear. Like could

Vivi: just planning a whole video game around this short

Erick: already. Yeah. You get to customize like what masks she’s wearing. Right? Like you get to like design the Cadena mask the flowers.

could picture it right now. Like GD hit me up. Let’s go. I will help come up with logistics. Have you designed video games? No, but I can, I have ideas.

Vivi: Okay.

Erick: I just have ideas. I can learn things. I’m good at computers and designing.

Vivi: Well, learning how to do a whole video game

Erick: is something else too.

I will drop everything right now and do it. This would be cool though. I really do think it would be cool. I’d buy that immediately. Pre-order give me another third. I would buy it.

Vivi: What I was like about this is it feels very full core to me. It’s a very. Old world meets new worlds kind of story. And I actually feel like a few shorts we’re going to cover today. Could classify under a full core.

Erick: Bringing it back to the classics, which is the world and nature are the ones that are here to kill us.

Absolutely. What do you rate it?

Vivi: I really find this fun.

I’m going to give it an 8.5.

Erick: Ooh, that’s really good. Yes, yes, yes. I agree. if anything, I give it less because I didn’t get more. Uh Huh.

Vivi: Interesting way to rate a short, because I feel like if it makes you want more than it’s successful.


Erick: Yeah. That’s such a like tease, you know, like you can’t have a short cause, like, okay. Just sidetracking, but crypt TV seems to have taken some shorts and created an entire series of shorts where, people were like, oh, this is a favorite. I don’t know why Mr.

To the bones hasn’t gotten that treatment, but I would love to see it it’s

Vivi: possible that they could only get the director on for one. I don’t know. Again, we didn’t research fun facts for this, so we sound

Erick: no. And if you’re listening and know, let us know, are you ready to move on to the next one?

Vivi: So the next shirt we have is the captured bird by director. And I apologize for butchering this in advance.

Jovanka Vukovich. She is a Canadian director. this shirt can be found on the YouTube channel, cranked up films. it is produced by year modal, Toro. Oh, is it? Yeah. It’s produced by .

Erick: I feel that with the giant castle,

Vivi: it is very much his vibe. Yeah. We opened it an idealic family afternoon.

We have mom, dad, baby boy, and daughter. They’re all enjoying a trip to the park. The daughter is drawing with chalk on the sidewalk, drawing an image of the family. When a pool of water starts to bubble in the center of her drawing, she follows the stream of water up a cobblestone path. She’s also dressed very Alison Wonderland, like, like in a very, very girly dress and pigtails and lace and fancy shoes,

Erick: super fluttery. Every time she takes a step, the dress bounces.

Vivi: My mom used to dress us like this as children and I hated it, hated it.

I would fight her like me and her would fight because I just wanted to wear jeans.

Erick: How long did you wear this?

Vivi: So, oh, she wanted to dress me like this up until I was like 14 up until I was 24 up until last year.

We get a lingering shot of her chalk drawing, where the drawing version of her is being erased by the puddle of water, separating her from the rest of the family and the drawing. But she follows this water path up to an incredible looking castle. It’s very creepy, yet.

Beautiful at the same time. It’s so

Erick: big. And because this is a short, obviously that happens within seconds, but it’s like, okay, people are just at this super happy sunny And this giant, deadly looking castle does exists next to it.

Vivi: So I wonder if this is just like life in Europe, maybe because they do have castles there from when they were built.

Erick: It’s either that, or we have a time-lapse that isn’t apparent and she’s just walking forever and her family just never notices.

Vivi: True. And again, because feels very Alison Wonderland for me. I wonder if this isn’t some type of like down the rabbit hole, this mysterious castle that adults maybe can’t see, but only children can see.

It doesn’t look like your typical castle. I think the good thing about covering shorts is like, everyone has access to these on YouTube. Like go watch it. And it’s somewhat industrial looking as well. It

Erick: looks very sad. right?

Like all the windows are blown out, but then it’s still kind of nice inside. Yeah.

Vivi: It’s weird.

 She explores the grounds and we see how abandoned the castle is. There is Moss growing all over the grounds and an obscene amount of magnets falling out of piping.

[Sound] [Sound]

Erick: They really focus on the magnets. They said, we need all the maggots in this entire city and we need them for at least a minute.

So let’s film half of this short on the magazine.

Vivi: Seven minutes short, at least one minute is focused on those maggots.

Erick: It’s a nasty though for people read this, right? You don’t mind it

Vivi: we had bugs on our trashcan for like a day. And you almost like

Erick: we look, I can grab a nugget and squish it, but those were mites.

Okay. Mites are microscopic to some extent also they were everywhere. Again, you can get rid of maggots and you know why maggots happened? The mites. I had no idea why they were happening humidity, just so

Vivi: you know how gross we are listeners. Despite all this, she still enters the castle. It is lit with bright blue and red hues that give me a lot of like Suspiria vibes.

And there are many odd artifacts hanging from the wall, kind of like deer heads, strange paintings, things of that nature

Erick: Once she gets real deep into this place that looks like shit on the outside, it’s got like nice carpeting and there’s a curtain like a really nice fresh curtain that rabbit hole idea I think is kind of cool. Comparing it to Alice in Wonderland.

Vivi: From one of the corners in the room, a squid like creature reaches out. the way this is shot is interesting because right where she is standing is where the light hits. But that corner of the room is very dark and she can’t see it that well, the creature reaches up to the corner of the darkness and produces a Daisy.

And the girl finds this super cute. She giggles, but the Daisy immediately disintegrates and it scares her a little bit. She even drops the chalk that she’s holding

Erick: but

Vivi: it doesn’t scare her enough because she reaches out and tries to touch the technical. Like she tries to eat tea.

It did not like that. She further explores the castle and reaches what appears to be a ballroom with a fireplace in it. A black blob appears from the center of the ground and five creatures that Eric said looked like the heartless from kingdom

Erick: hearts. Yeah. So I had a couple of different thoughts on how this kind of looked.

So if you ever played Bioshock, I even said like, let’s play Bioshock right now when she’s here, she kind of reminds me of like a little sister. I think that’s what they’re called little sisters. I haven’t played by her shotgun a while. So don’t yell at me if you’re a fan.

 are the ones that look like they’re dead. They’ve got like the pink dress with a ribbon and their eyes are kind of whited out and they have a needle with them and they walk around with the big daddies,

Vivi: big, explain this to me before, but I’ve never played

Erick: Bioshock.

No. When she’s walking around this place, it’s kind of like that. It’s like what would have happened before they turned into little sisters?

Vivi: Oh, so that’s what you imagined this story. Yes. Yeah.

Erick: But yes, these creatures look like heartless, which is another thing that I thought of. they’re entirely black looking and they kind of levitate.

They look like snails because their backs are super hunched and their heads are right in front. We see their full body and a little bit, but their feet are super tiny. Their hands are long and Linky, but their fingers are really long. So tentacles. Imagine the heartless just without the heartless symbol on them,

Vivi: God, you’re just like full of video game references today.

And I’m just like, I

Erick: don’t know if you want me to show you pictures. we will turn this into a

Vivi: slide show. Kingdom hearts, like I’ve watched you play it. the little girl freaks out and tries to escape from the room, but she can’t because these beautiful red curtains are blocking her way out.

For some reason who put these curtains here,

Erick: they weren’t there a minute ago. She’s not very convincing with her screaming.

She looks like they just said scream as loud as you can. She’s like, well, she looks more like that than actually afraid.

Vivi: I mean, I’m not going to judge her though. Cause you could probably give me that direction and I wouldn’t do it as good. Maybe

Erick: sweaty though. That’d be sweaty. Right?

Vivi: Convincing unable to escape the room.

She just covers her eyes. But this does nothing because the creatures do not go away. This isn’t normal. It’s not totally clear what happens to her. The final scene we get is her screaming reflection in the creatures eye. And then the creature blinks. We assume that they devoured her. the five alien looking creatures, then venture outside of the castle.

We’re free.

It’s almost like they didn’t realize that there was a food source out there for them. And then this kid wandered in and they’re like, oh, there’s more out there. Because as they are floating over the castle grounds, we assume they are making their way to the playground.

The sound of children’s laughter can be heard turning into screams.

Erick: the ground is also decaying as they approach.

Vivi: Yeah. wonder what these creatures. That is my question for this short, there are lists. I mean, that would work because they take the souls of children, the happiness

Erick: of children. Oh, oh, oh.

Whatever. This is a kingdom hearts, short whore crossover, because this is an Alison Wonderland alluding horror. And Alison Wonderland is in kingdom hearts. You’re looking at me like, no, no,

Vivi: it’s possible. This is like very heavy Alice in Wonderland vibes.

Erick: Yeah.

And like the darkness of Wonderland is escaping or Wonderland was taken over by whatever this is. And now they’re like, oh, we can come out the rabbit hole. And

Vivi: which kingdom hearts is the Ellis storyline.

Erick: The first one ever. I couldn’t get the fuck out the number. I kept like drinking and not drinking that water.

Cause I couldn’t figure it out. I thought

Vivi: you were gonna say I kept drinking because I couldn’t pass this level. I

Erick: didn’t say in the game.

Vivi: What do you think about this one?

Erick: This one didn’t hit as hard for me as mistress. Regardless of that, I think I would give this like a two.

Vivi: That’s really low.

Erick: Well, cause I mean, it was like, okay, that’s kind of cool, Alice in Wonderland, scary story. But like these creatures, aren’t very creepy. You don’t really know what they are, what they are. Yeah. This is one of those things.

That’s probably like you would benefit from a couple more minutes maybe

Vivi: Well, I enjoyed it. For one I love Alice in Wonderland. You can tell that Guillermo Del Toro has his hand in it because there’s that sense of like magical realism almost. I think the creatures are creepy. the special effects on this are almost, they’re like a little more effort and they would have been like really good for a short, [Sound] look like

Erick: two thousands power Rangers.

CGI is the second time I mentioned that you just want to watch power

Vivi: Rangers today.

Erick: Yeah. I think what would have added more color is cause it’s called the captured bird. Okay. Yeah. The capture bird is obviously a little girl, but then we also get this hint that her family doesn’t give a shit about her.

Vivi: I completely forgot. They like had a baby and completely forgot they had another kid.

Erick: what does that mean? like, assuming these are like heartless or shadow creatures and it’s like, oh, we take, kids who people don’t. Like, is that what this means could be she’s forgotten.

And if you forget your kids, they can end up on the dark side. Like, what does that mean?

Vivi: Yes and no, because then they make their way out to the playground and it seems like nobody’s safe. I enjoyed it. I like a good kind of fantasy horror, so I would give it a 6.5.

Erick: Oh fuck. I forgot. We were out of, 10

 I would give it a four.

Vivi: Okay. That’s still really

Erick: low. I mean, double

Vivi: wow. You really knocked it out of the park

Erick: there. Math.

Vivi: You did it. You nailed it.

Erick: the next one is also from crypt TV. YouTube. It’s called meta meta. I chose it because I thought I was gonna be like a Spanish or it’s not. my even mean mirror mirror.

I think it does because as to do it mirrors, but it’s directed by Ivan singer off. We start in a woman in a pile of dead bodies. Her face is all scarred. As she wakes up screaming, cut. Two of you have a city skyline where a couple is on the balcony and the boyfriend tells his girlfriend.

He told her he’d get them the best view of the city. The girl stays on her phone and agrees. It’s nice for you, but never looks up from her phone. He goes inside disappointed and says, fucking millennials and says, he’s going to go take a shower. She notices he’s upset, but still stays behind and take selfies on the balcony.

She gets spooked by a mannequin in the hotel apartment, whatever it is and laughs at herself, taking another selfie with it and posting it on social media. she gets spooked by it because it’s behind like a sheet and there’s a light behind it. So it looks like someone’s sitting

Vivi: there.

It’s one of those, those old changing dividers in a room like they used to be really popular in like movies. Can we still see that? you do in like vintage homes or people who are really into that stuff.

Erick: or a hotel room

Vivi: in a hotel, it would be odd, maybe an Airbnb,

Erick: right? Yeah, because it’s not even like clear if this is their apartment.

Vivi: I didn’t know if they were on vacation or they had just moved into this place.

Erick: she grabs her things and sits down at a vanity. Her appearance in the mirror slowly starts looking weirder and weirder though. She looks gaunt and her eyes appear very red. The longer sisters is the worst for reflection looks.

She eventually starts looking like a corpse when she freaks out and goes to touch the mirror. I wouldn’t touch it. Yeah. I was like, why does she decide to do that? Anyway? I think I’d be more freaked out in this. Then it’d be like, why mirror?

Vivi: I think I would go directly to my boyfriend and be like, what the fuck is going on with my face?

Erick: And you look normal and I’m like,

Vivi: bitch, I don’t know what to tell you what you look like. That is literally a conversation. Me and Eric habit every day. Stop

Erick: it is though. . Suddenly she’s pulled into another realm and wakes up in a pile of dead bodies, screaming. She makes her way back to the mirror where she can see through it, like a window into the apartment she can see the Corpus version of herself. I don’t even know that it was herself. It felt like this was another, cause it didn’t look like her completely.

it could have been, but it looked unlike her. You know what I mean? She looked very like cutesy, but dead.

Vivi: No you’re saying the corpse was cuter than her. Yes. Okay. How I kind of interpreted it is that these creatures exist behind the mirror and they kind of like the doppelganger is try to take on the appearance of the person in the mirror, but not completely successfully.

Erick: Hmm. I thought something else. Yeah. Cause like they always say that the person who we see in the mirror could be like us from another dimension.

Vivi: They also say, we don’t look like what our brains tell us.

Erick: We look like isn’t that why they have the whole tick-tock trend?

Where if you flip the camera, everyone’s like, ah, that’s how I look. Yeah. But I think there’s also a symbolic meaning to this. So with it being that she didn’t get off her phone, her boyfriend’s like, Hey, look, I got the best view for you. He’s like doing his thing, trying to impress her. She doesn’t care is really into her phone and her selfies I thought it was to show her, this is the ugly side of her own personality, where the reflection was, what she really looks like on the inside. I could see that,

Vivi: But like also. We’re shallow generation. Just fucking deal with it. Stop trying to teach us a lesson.

Erick: So he comes down and yelling Sandra. So now know that her name is Sandra, the Corpus version of Sandra covers herself in a blanket and motions for the real Sandra to be quiet.

She’s like shh. With their finger to her mouth. That’s creepy. Yeah. real Sandra is yelling and trying to get his attention. But obviously she can’t be heard when the boyfriend reaches Corp, Sandra, she turns around to reveal herself to him.

He gets freaked out and her face opens up split four ways, in like quadrants. and looks kind of like a Demi Gorgon from stranger things.

Vivi: That’s exactly what, and I thought she looked like

Erick: and

suddenly it takes a huge bite out of his neck, corporate Sandra then walks away leaving the real Sandra in the mirror who hasn’t realized that bodies in the mirror have woken up and are right behind her. I didn’t think that they were dead bodies.

They also kind of looked like mannequins. They

Vivi: do.

Erick: because I was like, maybe this is like something to do with the mannequin head in the background definitely don’t look alive these creatures may be absorbed the reflections of the people who look into their world.

That’s my theory that they’re just like a template and then they get, Yeah, the film ends just as one of the mirror people reaches for Sandra

Vivi: So I think the short was pretty successful because it spawn a TV series on their channel. Because when I was trying to find the name of the directors for the short and I was looking it up, I kept getting trailers for the TV series. Interesting similar to the next story we’re going to cover The Birch was super successful for crypt TV. I think it was the one that launched their channel or made it possible for them to continue to make all these monster features.

And they’re about to do season two of the bird.

Erick: Oh cool. Are they all shirts? Like they’re all at four or

Vivi: five minutes. The episodes are like 15 minutes. So one season could take you like three hours to probably watch. Ooh,

what would you rate

Erick: this one? I would rate this a seven.

Vivi: Well, it’s you like this? More than the captured bird? Yeah. Character brewer

Erick: was boring. Okay. We had made, I made a, fact that there’s a show makes sense, I would want to know more about like, what are these creatures in the mirror? does my metaphor for your inner ugly have something to do with it?

because I think Mira, Mira showed up in the like Laura section of that. I

Vivi: can’t remember. They had like a fable category it feels

Erick: very bloody.

Oh yeah. What about you?

Vivi: I thought it was fun. The more we talked about it and discussing what this realm is, what these creatures are made me more curious than when we first watched it. I would give this one also a 6.5. It was entertaining.

Erick: yeah, let’s go watch more.

I want to watch more. Again, shorts are just so, especially when they’re good, it’s just like, I want to see what’s happening.

Vivi: C a short is successful when you want more. And I think, yeah, I agree. All right. last one we’re covering for today. We have the Birch directed by and written by Ben Frank. Oh, Ben Franklin, Benjamin, Benjamin Franklin, and Anthony Melton. Once again, this can be found on Crip

Erick: TV.

Vivi: It seems like crypt, TV likes to do this thing where they show you like a preview of the middle of the short at the beginning, even though it’s like a five minute clip. Oh yeah. Like, hold on. It’s going to get interesting.

We promise. I mean, I get it. You have a YouTube algorithm where you have to like entice your audience way faster than a movie. I just noticed that when watching some of their shorts

A boy is standing in the woods, holding a knife covered in blood. That’s it cut to black. And we cut to a boy walking in the forest, holding a book that looks like it’s made of tree bark. He is recreating some sort of Relic. From the book with twigs and twine looking like

Erick: the Blair witch project.

Oh yeah, absolutely. I was also thinking about like the artwork when you had to come up with these shorts, even though they’re short, like we talked about res or a few weeks ago, creating a whole last Bible for Midsummer. you have to create a short in five minutes and you create this a lower, you have to do some artwork.

You have to, make sure that the story makes sense. It’s a lot of work, even though it’s only four or five minutes, It is.

I think one of these shorts even had like five minutes of credits. Do you remember that?

Vivi: Yeah, we put one of them on and we’re like, oh, it’s a 12 minute short. And it ended at seven minutes. And we were like, oh, a lot of,

Erick: yeah.

Vivi: All this while a woman narrates some believe that the forest cares for nothing but itself, but that’s not true. If you listen carefully, you can hear its voice. Its tortured. Heart can feel our pain too.

Erick: you could hear the crowns of the forest.

They just take the form of tree people. Ants, if you will, boiler alert. don’t answer. No, if I remember correctly, if you’re a Lord of the rings fan, the ants were like the trivial ENT ants, BLTs

Vivi: where the sandwiches. those I know.

Erick: Those, I know

Vivi: We cut to the same boy, walking to school, trying to avoid a bully, the bully chases after him calling him pig boy and punches him.

Erick: The heck is up with this dude, piggy boy, Peggy boy. like, okay, got a problem, bro. I mean, this kid, like no offense at all, but it doesn’t look like a big hurdle.

oh, where are you offending in that statement? Like, I don’t know what origin this is in. Like, is it UK?

Is it like, is that a common thing to say?

Vivi: I thought it was either a reference to Lord of the flies piggy as a character there. Or maybe, I don’t know if this is something. Popular in the UK, maybe his family’s pig farmers or something like, you know, when they’re poor farmers, this is a lot of assumptions to make off one insult.

But this is

Erick: where my mind was going. I mean, he has to be like, oh, what’s going on, buddy? Where are you going? Oh, what do you, what are you looking so sad for her? Oh, fuck your pink boy throws him in the middle of the street. This kids got an issue. Oh,

Vivi: he’s definitely got issues. Which wheat wheat, which we will see later.

But he chases after him calling him pig boy and punches him in the face. We get weird flashes of entrails and a body in the woods. But we’re back to the boy again, who is sporting a black eye. And it seems like he is now in a room with either his mother or grandmother. It’s not clear. Who’s his caretaker. Did you think it was the mom or the grandma? I thought it was mom did. Okay. I wasn’t sure mom, grandma.

Erick: it could be like he’s an orphan or something, I’m just trying to figure out why he’s like being picked on

by this random

Vivi: kid. I mean, I think it’s just like bullies, target kids who they know they can get away with picking on for long periods of time. it reminds me of abusive relationships where people pick the person, they are more likely to be able to control Yeah.

We cut to him at home with either his mother or his grandmother who appears to be on her death bed. She hands him. The book that we saw earlier made of tree bark and says that when she is gone, she quote unquote, will look after him.

The way that she has looked after her, his mother or grandmother says that she will protect him as she has always done This is confusing because she’s basically telling him this creature this queen chill

Erick: creature will help protect

Vivi: you. This creature will protect you, Harry

Erick: I’m laughing because my mind went to, she will protect you with the way she protected me.

I’m picturing some dude in the street, also punching her and being like, What are you looking at? Video? And it’s the same.

Vivi: Traveling through time,

Erick: it’s a never-ending story. And they just live in this world where the offspring exists to get. But, you know, by this kid who just says Peggy to them,

Vivi: that sounds very small town.

Okay. That was all confusing. Did you Hansen? The book that we saw earlier, that’s made of tree bark and says when she is gone, she emphasized heavily we’ll look after him.

The way that she looked after her, her whole life she refers to this entity as a protector

and instructs him to look for her mark in the forest. The next scene is the boy discovering her mark on a tree while he is also being followed by this bully. He is reading an incantation that says the following four. He who makes me, I shall come for he who breaks me shall come on.

His bully decides to charge at him in this moment, calling him Peggy the whole time. No, there’s a lot of

Erick: work.

Vivi: He hunted this kid down. Yeah.

Erick: oh, it’s kind of like antlers Spoiler, you haven’t seen any of this, but it’s kind of like that bully who like runs after this kid looking for him forever.

And it’s like, dude, leave the

Vivi: kid alone. That’s a lot of effort into

Erick: bullying, ends up getting killed.

Vivi: I don’t remember a lot of that movie now that you bring it up. I’m just like, yeah, the

Erick: Windigo yeah, the Wolverine origin movie.

Vivi: Why

did you not want to talk about

Erick: that movie? no, we couldn’t ever.

Oh, oh really? Yeah. We couldn’t because it was a private screening.

Vivi: Yeah,

Erick: it’s out now.

Vivi: I mean, I feel. I didn’t like that movie as well. I just don’t like movies. I guess

Erick: we kind of mentioned on Twitter and we’re just like, it’s like every other movie that talks about Laura and the people who are supposed to be in it, aren’t in it.

Vivi: Exactly. It’s exactly like Lego now where it’s a Mexican folk lore. And for some reason it centers around white people, antlers. It’s a native folklore that centers around white people again anyway. different movie.

Erick: Yeah. On a fun note, we played spooky tales is promo at the beginning of this, but we do have a special treat for people in April.

We’re gonna be watching layout on that with them, the shutter one,

Vivi: and we really hope it’s better.

Erick: Yeah. They said it’s

Vivi: good. It has to be

Erick: right. It has,

Vivi: I guess we’ll find out. the boy is holding this offering sigil that he has created from twine and twigs. When the bully grabs him, he is able to push the bully off of him enough to hold this sigil up to him, kind of like a vampire Slayer holding across up to a vampire style. the bully just takes it and mocks him for having toys and breaks it in half.

And then he pulls a knife on him.

Erick: What much work I’m telling you?

Vivi: This kid was literally going to be a serial killer who bullies someone so passionately like that. Like,

Erick: Again, we don’t know why this is happening. It seems like this kid’s like bothered him for a long time, but like, You don’t want to take my compliments for the day. Fuck you. I’m going to kill you with this knife.

Vivi: in the background, we can see a very tall figure in the trees and a woman’s voice repeating. He who breaks me will come undone the wind and leaves start to go crazy. And suddenly we’re back with the two boys, but they are not alone. A woman that appears to be made of trees now stands before them.

She’s pretty hot. She’s

Erick: very dull. Yeah. I like the way she looks. It is a very

Vivi: cool monster to see.

Erick: it’s like, she’s wearing one of those. Like which hats, you know, like the really, what are they called? Sunhats with the giant brim. Yeah. Like Carmen San Diego, but it’s made it

Vivi: branches their sunhats I think is the name.

It looks kind of cool. It also somewhat reminds me of the head dress that what’s her name? Ragnarok. Your tattoo. Hello? Hello wears.

Erick: She wears hello branches on her head. She does I was waiting all my life.

Vivi: As she appears, we flashed back to the boy and his mother or grandmother having that conversation from earlier, she says good children with love in their hearts will be helped by her. The Birch back in present time, we see that the bully has been murdered. The boy himself is covered in blood holding the knife, but he is also holding the hand of the bird.

Erick: And the Birch is like, we are a group We are Birch

Vivi: so many Marvel references in this one short story.

The last scene we get is a good look at the tree. Creature’s face growling.

Erick: He flashes scary grin.

I’d like to mention that I was thinking that it’s cool when magical iterations include the fact that magic is ugly because when it’s very fair telling everything’s cute and nice and beautiful, it’s not realistic.

Vivi: I think that’s why I like Pan’s labyrinth so much the fairies, the fawn, all those creatures are ugly and kind of scary.

Like they were in.

Erick: Yeah. It was like, yeah, this is my which friend but she looks like this. So just uh, don’t be mean or she’ll kill you.

Vivi: She’s not really a witch though.

Erick: She’s the Birch, she’s the bitch. The word I was trying to combine the, your face. So rude Erin I was trying to say the witch and Birch together, but it was the big,

Vivi: I don’t think.

Erick: Okay. she’s the source of is the source, the Ridge, the bursts of Russ. I can’t do it. No, none of those work.

Okay, fine. But you bet my arm, right.

Vivi: I think the makeup on this is pretty great considering that it’s for a YouTube channel.

And I can see why so many people really enjoyed this and went on to Like I mentioned earlier with meta meta, we say meta meta, but again, it might be Mira Mira.

and it works because meta in Spanish is like, look, look yeah, look at this

Erick: reflection real quick. She did.

Vivi: Yep. The whole movie summarized by Eric. Thank you. But similar to that short, this also got its own TV series and they are currently on season two.

I believe the only thing is that I think it’s on their Facebook, not on their YouTube. Facebook

Erick: TV.

Vivi: but

What would you rate this one?

Erick: This one is great. I would rate this an eight. I do like folklore based stories. I do like a nature creature horror. So I’m glad that this one has some follow-ups. I could go find out more. What about you?

Vivi: I really enjoyed this one.

Pretty much all the things that you already said, I enjoy a good folk. Horror. The makeup design. I’m really impressed by And uh, I think it’s affectively creepy.

yeah. If I saw this monster in the forest, I would be terrified, but she’s a friend. I don’t think I have goodness in my heart. Like these children. I do. Oh, you’d be fine. I

Erick: bullies, I wasn’t called the piggy though. I was, called the Dumbo cause my ears were big. Mm mm mm mm. Yeah.


Vivi: On that positive note, I would also give this. Innate I’m trying to think if I would give it higher,

Erick: it’s hard to grade shorts with the same scale. Cause like, oh, I gave Midsummer I think a seven and it’s like, oh, so you’re saying that this is better than Midsummer. No, look at why.

Vivi: Yeah. I think when we sometimes cover movies, we’re like, so caught up in that it’s fresh in our minds. We’re reviewing it. Cause there’s been movies where like I would revisit and rate higher or rate lower, honestly, for Marsha,

Erick: professional critics and our mind can change.

I think one time you made fun of me and were like, you can’t change your mind. I was like, no, I can. I think it’s because we make these points and they’re like, oh yeah, you’re not you’re right. It’s like, oh, it changed your mind on the, conjuring.

So I was like, it’s basically like Bible of vendors.

Vivi: It was upsetting. That was upsetting to hear because he really loved that. I did really love those. Ruined them for me. That was not a positive day. I would rate it an eight because I think they did a lot. Cause I imagine they don’t have a huge budget to create a YouTube short and it was pretty creepy.


Erick: are all really good. I mean, honestly, haven’t talked about a bunch that we watched, but I can’t wait to cover more of these. I think we might start doing this once a month, if not once every other month, there’s a lot of really good ones

Vivi: on here.

Let us know if you like. Covering shorts that are not. So well-known this time around, we kind of stuck to ones that were easily found on YouTube, but I really wanted to find some international ones

We also briefly discussed some stuff we watch for like the Salem horror Fest. There’s always like virtual movie Fest going on now, since this is our lives that we could cover as well.

Erick: What scared low-key about all these shorts.

Vivi: He’s not a fan of like whispering in

Erick: the woods. Nope. also doesn’t like just hearing voices in clusters. Yeah. Like when he hears a lot of different voices, because he does it here in the house too.

When we hear voices like behind the door or in the neighbors, he gets really on edge. I mean, good for him, because that means that if anyone’s approaching the door, we’re going to know now. So just a warranty you guys, if if you’re trying to kill us, he’s gonna let us know.

Vivi: And that’s all he’s going to do.

Erick: Cause he’s a chicken and I’ll probably be on you. We said it last time. I’ll say it again.

Vivi: You want to tell us about.

Uh, Sorry, but I guess you never got used to Boise.

Erick: And here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to go to all the parks in the world. We’re going to take him with us and we’re quitting our jobs. And then we’re just gonna come back and then let them know that he’s still has the same problem.

So, I mean, he

Vivi: probably

Erick: would I was going to say something. Oh,

Vivi: there’s something I want it to say. Hmm. This would be our 54th episode. So a couple of episodes back. We had one year on the podcast.

Erick: Yeah. What? This is crazy.

Who knew we’d be here still not you I’m sure. He didn’t think I’m sure you didn’t think so.

Vivi: We didn’t really mention it on previous episodes because we kind of recorded ahead. We lost track of some things, but want to thank you guys for a pretty cool first year of podcasting, we’ve met amazing people in the podcasting community, also horror fans, also drinking fans.

Um, So just

Erick: friends in general, like it doesn’t even have to be whore. I feel like some of the people we’ve met too are just like good old fashioned friends.

Vivi: so thanks for listening. We hope you continue to listen

But does that pretty much wrap it up for us here?

Erick: Let’s go.

Vivi: All right. As always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken that scared pod except Twitter, Twitter shaken, scared pod. You could send us an

Erick: So where the show I’m Hey John, you can get early access to episodes or a bonus episode and thinking drink idea every month. Listen everywhere you get your podcasts. Give us a follow Chica or drink videos. Throw low-key a treat them all the treats.

Vivi: be sure to like rate, review all that good stuff.

And K thanks. Bye.

Erick: Wow. I wonder if you’re Mexican.

No. What,

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