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Van Helsing (2004)

Vivi: How long is your throat that takes that long to

Erick: travel? I’m bigger than you. We know this. This is what happens when your bigger,

Erick: welcome back to the shaken.

Not scared podcast here with you as always your host, Eric and BB. Today, we’re gonna be talking about the 2004 film van Helsing directed by Steven Summers. But before we get into that, how are you viewing?

Vivi: I am straight up not having a good time, bro.

Erick: Watch.

Vivi: I had a bad day. So I’m ready to talk some or let’s go.

Did you do a

Erick: shot before this?

Vivi: Should I have?

Erick: I don’t know. Do you want to know? Okay, well, let’s get started. Do you ever celebrate St. Patrick’s day?

Vivi: Me and you go get Guinness and drink at the house. I think the one time we tried to go out for St. Patty’s day, we were both sick as fuck and stayed in bed

Erick: It was the only time we’ve ever tried to. I don’t know a bad sign. we just not do it anymore?

Is that the thing?

Vivi: I don’t know. I guess it ruined it for us

Erick: But awesome. What do you have for group of content other than feeling crappy?

Vivi: I finally read things have gotten worse since we last spoke. I was trying to find a physical copy for a while.

And it’s I guess, out of print or

Erick: something, did it work? The

Vivi: audio book? Yeah, it was fine. I’m actually glad I didn’t buy a physical copy because while it is an okay book and there are definitely some creepy elements, it definitely feels like it’s a victim of over-hyped ness. If that makes

Erick: I get you, it’s kinda how I felt about the subtle art of not giving a fuck because that book didn’t feel like a book about not giving a fuck. It felt like the dude was bragging the whole time and definitely gave a fuck. Cause he wrote a book.

Vivi: Yeah. I also did not really enjoy that book.

But yeah, the book was all right. It was just like, I constantly heard about how great it is, how great it is. And it was just like, this is just, oh,

Erick: that’s unfortunate because you were really excited to open that.

Vivi: It’s okay. We’re reading new

Erick: things. How about you? I didn’t really consume any grippy content, but I did start reading the walking dead comic book, which surprised me. It’s actually really, really accurate to at least the first few episodes of the show. A lot of what happens in episode one across 45 minutes happens in like the first three pages, man.

I’m assuming it’s gonna change at some point, but yeah, it’s kinda interesting. So I can’t wait to get through the rest of it. But that’s all I got. Do you have any comfort? Gunton

Vivi: same as always as told by ginger and Daria.

Erick: Yes. Mine is 3d printing.

I actually just got a shit ton, more filament. So I can’t wait to start posting more about it because If you’ve noticed as a viewer on our videos, we print a lot of the things that we put in there. So I’m going to start making videos of the prints.

Keep an eye out for that. All right. Well, since we don’t have a lot of creepy or comfort content, give us some liquid comfort, as you’ve said in the past.

Vivi: Have I said that you have, oh, no

Erick: wonder what that says about

Vivi: you? Oh no. I actually do find drinks. Very comforting. Not just like the cocktails we make, but I love just like at night drinking, like tea or hot chocolate or stuff like that.

I find it so comforting at night.

Erick: What’s the dream for today.

Vivi: So as you said, we’re covering van Helsing from 2004, I believe. I didn’t realize this when I first watched the movie, but there is quite a few references to absent.

Erick: There are hundreds of bottles, especially in the beginning that helped burst the place into flames.

Vivi: Yes. And we tried absent before, and I don’t know if it’s the brand that we have, but we were not really big fans of it. But anyway, here is a classic absent cocktail. It’s called the corpse reviver we didn’t really change anything to it. The only differences that I used, Empress Jane, which makes it like a purple pinkish

Erick: color

Vivi: There is something I do want to see if we can find, slogan which is. That I think would look cooler with this, but it’s a pretty easy drink. It’s all equal parts. Point TRO gin, lemon juice. And dry removed. you rinse your coop glass with absent, which is just spraying it a couple of times or doing a little bit of the liquid and swishing it around in there.

Do you want to dry it? Yeah. Sticky. Cheers.

Erick: Well, that definitely revived me.

Vivi: I think the point of it is that it’s supposed to be super

Erick: strong. Yeah. My face felt warm that could be me personally though. Cause it’s soured things in general. Make me warm. And this is very sour.

Vivi: I thought I was really going to hate this because just smelling the absence. When I sprayed it, I was like, absent is a nice liqour and I just don’t like an EAs. So that being said, I think all the other flavors kind of wash it out.

Erick: yeah. Other absence drinks that we’ve tried are very prominent on the absence taste.

And this one is subtle. I wouldn’t even say that I could taste it.

Vivi: I think I’m going to give it a 2.5 because I imagine if I drank more than one of these, I would hate my life

Erick: dye and maybe be re-upped possibly. Oh, so what happens if you drink too many of these? Cause like one’s the corpse reviver but then if you pass out, do you take another one and then get up again?

Vivi: I should have looked up the history of the drink because I think it’s meant to revive you from a hangover. You know, that whole hair of the dog, that bit, you.

Erick: if you drink too many of these, you get hung over, but then you drink another and you get on all over. We should test this theory. I do

Vivi: not want to what’d you think of it?

Erick: I would give it three because it is very sour and sweet, but it’s not horrible.

Vivi: Is burning the roof of my mouth as we speak.

Erick: Is it? Yeah, it is really sour. Yeah. It’s like eating a very sour candy, biting into

Vivi: a lemon drop.

Erick: My face really does feel warm.

Vivi: does that is on the air,

Erick: are you going to leave the name corporate

Vivi: Rover? Yeah. Cause I think it really fits with what’s going on in this film.

Erick: Amazing. Love it. Well,

Vivi: are you going to revive me with some facts?

Erick: Yes, let’s do this. No, you already got revived. I’m going to kill you with some facts and then you’re gonna drink more.

We’re going to have this officials cycle happening the entire episode. Cool.

Vivi: You lost me? How many times am I going to die and live from this episode?

Erick: Many. Okay. so this movie is really long, but I didn’t get too many fun facts. I did watch some behind the scenes videos that just showed how the movie was made. It didn’t really give anything fun, some fun, I guess, way

Vivi: to

Erick: sell it. It was like, we use the flying camera and we had this like two football field sized rig that had cables.

And he Jackman was just charismatic while he said it. So you don’t

Vivi: listen to anything about the cables. And you’re just looking at Hugh

Erick: Jackman. I just stared at him. And I was like, wow, this man really makes me wish I was him. But anyway, so the town van Helsing shows up too and fights off the brides with the help of Anna is called the court of miracles and is the same place where Frankenstein from 1931 Dracula from 1931.

And the Wolf man from 1941 more shot

Vivi: core of miracles. Isn’t that also referenced in the hunchback of Notre Dame.

Erick: when I looked up the place, there is literally a little billboard that says a hunchback of Notre Dame. So I dunno, you’re talking 100 Reagan north done like the movie law of action.


Vivi: yeah. It’s when causing Modo is trying to like, get as Marelda somewhere safe.

They’re like you go to the core of miracles and it’s the whole underground place where the gypsies are.

Erick: Oh no. It’s like a prop town

Vivi: So it’s solely exist just to make monster movies,

Erick: I guess. So

Vivi: what a vibe I would like to go there.

Erick: You can apparently it’s one of the tour spots for universal studios, Hollywood. Oh, that’s funny. We went to that one it does kind of look familiar when you look at the pictures what it looks like without the spooky town, it looks like a Spanish village with like a fountain in the center.

Maybe we did see it.

Vivi: It’s not as spooky in this movie and I don’t want any,

Erick: what?

Vivi: I want it to look as spooky as it looks in these movies.

Erick: It doesn’t,

Vivi: that’s why I’m saying I don’t want any,

Erick: you do want some, no.

Vivi: What are we

Erick: talking about?

The role of Anna almost ended up going to someone else after director Steven Summers thought it was probably a bad idea to contact her, seeing as she was already in the process of filming another fan pirate film called under.

From 2003, But her agent got a hold of the script and she jumped at the opportunity

Vivi: literally because she does a bunch of jumps in this movie. But it’s hard not to watch this and not compare it to underworld for me.

 Towards the end, it’s all about the original vampire fighting the original werewolf, which is like a huge plot point in

Erick: underworld. Well, I think I jokingly was like, this is the origin of underworld 18 hundreds, but I think there is an origin movie for runner world.

Right? I think there is. Yeah. Okay. Well it better have a crossover cause I don’t think I’ve seen that. I know it doesn’t but it should. And they fucked up if they didn’t put Hugh Jackman in it. Yeah. Why else would you watch a movie?

Vivi: We get it. You have a man crush on Hugh Jackman

Erick: is not a man crush. It’s just a crush director. Steven Summers purposely avoided a world of transformation that involved a character growing hair. And instead chose for them to rip their skin off to insinuate that the beast comes from with it.

Vivi: I actually wrote down in my notes that I liked this transformation, because I feel like if you do one, you’re automatically going to get compared to American werewolf in London, the howling like, who did it better. So to go to a completely different direction, I think is the

Erick: good call. it’s funny.

You mentioned American werewolf in London because the first word Wolf is great and was meant to look close to the one from that movie. Oh, nice. Yeah. Just as in the marsh, which is fun, but that was my last fun fact. I’m ready to hear you fail at the speed. Run I’m just getting, you’re gonna define this. Movie’s only two hours. It’s fine. You got this.

Vivi: A lot happens in this movie. That is not fair. I should at least

Erick: get two minutes. Nope.

You can just resort to what you usually do, which is just like the movie starts and everyone dies. The end

Vivi: love these movies.

Erick: 1, 2, 3, go.

Vivi: We opened on the scene of basically all the classic monsters. Victor Frankenstein is making his monster and we realized that the count is behind it, funding it. And he wants that monster for something. But Victor Frankenstein’s like, no, that’s like way too evil. Um, He tries to run away with his monster, but an angry mob chases them.

And they end up dying in a huge fire explosion cut to one year later and we meet van Helsing who is tracking down um, Mr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, whatever his name is. And he belongs to like this religious order that hunts a bunch of monsters. They’re sending him to Romania Transylvania or something to fight with account.

Uh, We find out that he doesn’t really know who he is and he takes along this guy named Carl with him because he’s like making gadgets for him. We meet this like princess and prince who are like part of a curse family. We learned they’re actually descendants of Dracula. And Dracula has a plan to like have three brides and make like a million babies, but he can’t get them to live.

So he’s trying to like suck the life out of Frankenstein. Um, He does kind of do that, but we find out that. Hello, Ben housing is Gabriel and he killed him

Erick: yet. I shouldn’t have turned the phone. No,

Vivi: I did exactly what you said. I was going to do it. You’re mad that you

Erick: made me take a shot last week for saying, and then he kills him and he actually did. They actually did kill him at the end, the leprechaun. And this time you missed a lot. You even said that Dr. Frankenstein took the monster to the windmill and The monster

Vivi: took her, whatever. You know what I mean? They went to the windmill

Erick: on a vacation,

Vivi: a hot fiery vacation. Hmm.

Erick: So I have an Ana,

Vivi: she died. Everybody

Erick: died. including Carl and van Helsing. Carl gaberdine

Vivi: Carl Gabrielle

Erick: coral. I’m thinking of the teacher from Jimmy neutron, the bird lady. Why would they make her do that?

Vivi: That was a weird choice. I was actually thinking of that.

YouTube short, the llamas.

Erick: coral role, or I’m also thinking of like the walking dead memes. Oh yes. When Laurie dies and Ricks is like, cool.

Vivi: Why is everyone saying the name Carl? Like, this is the real question.

Erick: Do you want to know what the internet says about it?

Yeah. The famed monster hunter is sent to Transylvania and to stop count Dracula, who is using Dr. Frickin son’s research. And where will for nefarious purposes?

Vivi: Yeah, they did a better job at summing it up.

Erick: No, you could find, What was it rated? Six?

Vivi: Okay. I was expecting worse. I feel like this movie has a reputation of not being great.

Do you want to give your general vibe of the movie?

Erick: I love this movie and always have, and it has some of my favorite people on the planet, including Hugh Jackman. You Jackman Hugh Jackman. Did you know that he took a break from filming this to go film the last scene of XPLAN two and then came back for work the next day that’s

Vivi: cool. I appreciate SIM

Erick: me too. I wanna watch the greatest showman because he is the great, great showman.

Yeah. I mean, honestly, I’ll just watch videos of Hugh Jackman talk for like ever and not even realize how much time has passed when he talked about bread. think I mentioned this in the past. He was like growing up on bread and you’re like,

Vivi: This is the most fascinating thing anyone has ever

Erick: said.

made me want to go grow bread.

Vivi: He made me want to be bread so he could need me,

 And then watch me rise. Oh,

Erick: Uh, Keep making sales in this,

Vivi: just an FYI.

Erick: Yeah. That’s all pretty much have to know. That’s

Vivi: it? That’s the only people that matter in this movie. Yes. Yes. And before anyone comes at us saying this is not a horror movie, it is classified as a horror slash

Erick: thriller. It literally has every classic or monster ever, oh, so another fun fact, apparently this was supposed to be the first of many films, but it did so bad that they were like, mm. I guess, I guess nevermind. I would have loved to have so many. This gives the vibe of this is a world building movie.


Vivi: does. You can tell just the amount of monsters they pump into

Erick: it.

Vivi: Weren’t we supposed to get a whole dark universe after the invisible man and the mummy with Tom cruise to cough. But particularly the mummy with Tom cruise did pretty bad and kind of shut down the whole process.

Scientology. This is one of those movies that I would just classify as I thought it was fun. it’s not one that I took super seriously.

Erick: It really just hits on anything you could possibly like in this genre. Thriller or action. Kate Beckinsale Hugh Jackman. Those are honors, obviously. Are you ready to dive into this? An angry mob purchase through the woods in black and white with a log they’re storming a castle in Transylvania in 1887,

Vivi: the entire time they were storming the castle. I couldn’t help but think killed a beast from beauty and the beast because they’re literally doing the same type of method to

Erick: try and get in there. Just not in sing the song and more like angry.

Vivi: Oh, you mean they weren’t singing,

Erick: singing screams of terror and hatred. lightning strikes as a creature screams. And Dr. Frankincense says the classic it’s alive, it’s alive. He looks out and sees the people storming the castle, Dracula startles Dr.

Frankenstein and tells him his experiment was this success, but Dr. Frankenstein is in a hurry and says he has to leave before the mob gets in. Dracula says the civilized world won’t accept his methods. He’s going to take the monster.

Instead He gave him the castle and everything he needed for this experiment. Dracula says, it’s a symbol of triumph for science over God

 I’ve always thought the story of Frankenstein is just tragic. One, some iterations over others are like sad. Learning how to be human created by the sky, sad. And you get that version of the monster in this a monster that just wants to live. And it’s like, I didn’t ask for this,

Vivi: a very sympathetic set character. I feel like he always kind of falls in like that trope.

Erick: Draco says that the monster must serve his purpose. And Dr. Frankenstein confused asks what purpose? We don’t hear it as we cut back to the mob and cut back again to the lab where Dr. Franklin. So I was like, oh shit, no, I’ll never let you use him.

Dracula says he doesn’t need him too, because the monster is the key. Dr. Frankenstein calls Igor, but Igor betrays him immediately. He’s like, you know, you’ve shown me kindness, but this guy pays me. He’s the one who has the direct deposit. So, sorry. I mean, I

Vivi: get that.

Erick: Fricking samples of the sword on Dracula who says he can’t kill him and walks in the sword purposely.

Vivi: It’s a real power move.

Erick: he does this a lot too. He does this later with the housing, Dracula takes a bite out of Dr.

Frankenstein though, killing him the monster escapes and throws a generator at Dracula’s sending him into the fireplace. It’s really dramatic. The monster grabs Dr. Frankenstein and leaves while Igor watches back in the lab, Dracula throws the generator back and we see his shadow transform into a large wing to beast.

The monster is headed to the windmill and the mob follows the monster locks himself inside and climbs to the top. As the mob starts throwing torches at the windmill, the monster stands at the top with Dr. Frankenstein’s body and screams. Why as the mob stares back in shock, don’t understand their shock. Is it? Oh shit. This thing is alive. And it’s human like, or is it, oh shit. It’s holding Dr. Frankenstein.

Vivi: I think it’s that they haven’t seen the creature.

They assumed it to be Victor Frankenstein.

Erick: We hear a screech and see a black wing beast along with three other white ones flying toward them. The people run in fear, screaming, vampires, the monster cries, looking at Dr. Frankenstein saying father and falls into the fire. I think this is one of those things that is different from typical iterations the monster actually likes Dr. Frankenstein. It’s not like a fuck you for making me

Vivi: well, in the very few seconds we get of him. He is actually defending him against the count.

So I could see why he would like him.

Erick: The four-wing beasts land it’s Dracula. And it’s three brides who watched the fire burn.

The brides cry at the fire.

Vivi: Could you imagine being in this town? And you’re like, all right, we’re angry. Mobbing it up over here because of a monster, but oh shit, vampires.

Erick: This is the life of a Transylvanian what’s next. We will never find out cause there’s no sequence.

And that makes me sad. We get a type of car to that. It’s one year later in Paris and see a man wearing a hat, pull a wanted sign off a wall.

Vivi: I like how it was only one year later and we can now afford. Like, oh, no, no. We are no longer in ye old times over a year ago we’re in modern.

Erick: I don’t remember it being just one year later. I thought that the whole black and white point was to be like it’s 1800.

Okay, great. It’s old times. And the new one was going to be like 1950s or something. I also thought that,

Vivi: but no,

Erick: he hears a scream and runs toward it. He does the sign of the cross and examines a used cigar. He hears a laugh coming from the cathedral nearby and investigates. Suddenly a large man comes down from the ceiling and says, the man will be hard to digest we learned at the man’s van Helsing and he says that Dr. Jekyll is responsible for the murder of many different children, women, men,

Vivi: goats, chickens,

Erick: van Helsing says he has to bring him in alive, but would rather bring him in dead. Dr. Jekyll hits them and launches Helsing across the room. Pulls out these circular blades kind of like blade had those disks with blades on them Dodgers Dr.

Jekyll, right? As he’s about to hit him, causing him to hit the bell behind. And slashes his belly as he passes.

The ringing of the bell hurts Dr. Jekyll’s ears and angrily. He lifts the bell and puts it over Helsing, Helsing escapes into the floor. And Dr. Jekyll is confused and lifts the bell, but van Helsing is on the ceiling and cuts his arm off.

He throws van Helsing through the ceiling onto the roof, holds then Helsing over the side of the building, but right as he falls in, Helsing uses a grappling hook to shoot Dr. Jekyll. It goes straight through his gut and van Helsing pulls at him, causing him to get near the ledge.

Jekyll pulls back, but trips off the other side of the building causing him to fall through the cathedral, pool van Helsing under the roof safely snap the line from his gut, fall out the window. On the other side, Dr. Jiggle goes flying and turns back to Mr.

Hyde in midair so that when he lands, he dies in his human form. So the people just go around crowding this dead man. They look up to the top of the building and see van Helsing, just standing there. And they’re like, you’re a murderer. But he just says rest in peace in Latin and walks away.

Vivi: I don’t know why my mind went into this whole debate on why it’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Why? When he becomes the monster, the monster has a doctorate, but not his human form.

And I just couldn’t get off that detail. Have you

Erick: ever seen the old Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde?

Vivi: No, I also haven’t read the

Erick: book. I’d like to it’s like the classic HOLC story. It is. I also, can’t not think about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde whenever that’s from. I think it’s from the old movie. I always hear it in my head.

Vivi: I always hear the Arthur song that we were talking about. Not that long ago.

Erick: There’s a Dr. Jim with head from Arthur.

Vivi: Then when we were singing, it was like Mr. Mr. Hi, Mr. Hyde, Jekyll.

Erick: I don’t remember. I will show you this clip.

Vivi: Erica’s rich and didn’t have to watch PBS

Erick: as again, I was not rich. I just chosen not to watch that. Not to be

Vivi: boring.

Erick: We’re not in Vatican city, Rome, van Helsing interest to confess and talks to a priest.

The priest clearly sent him on the mission and mentioned that Mr. High was around for over 600 years.

Timelines in this also are confusing because if you don’t catch them, you’re like, wait, what? So Mr. High was around for 600 years. How long was van Helsing hunting him? later they’re like, I’ve known you for years and housing. Like, I don’t remember

Vivi: timelines are all over the place.

Erick: The priest continues and says that he’s great at his job, but he attracts too much attention. Helsing asks why the order doesn’t just do something about it

but the priest says it’s because they don’t exist housing. He says he doesn’t exist either.

Vivi: I guess that’s a cool job. I don’t know. He’s like,

Erick: well, neither do I.

Vivi: It’s like cool dude. Way to be

Erick: angsty. Yeah. Well, we don’t know how old he is. He might be in his teenage hundreds of years. Right? the priest says that when they found him, they knew he was sent to do God’s work.

Helsing asks why he doesn’t do it himself. honestly just saying,

Vivi: he’s not wrong.

Erick: The priest opened the door and together, they enter an area full of people at work. He explains to the last defense against evil threat that mankind doesn’t even know exists. Van Helsing questions. This because to the order, these are evil creatures, but he’s the one who has to stand there and watch them die.

The priest just says, it’s a test of his faith. He then tells him that he’s going to send them on a mission to the east, to the far side of Romania to fight count Dracula 150 years ago, a Transylvanian night promise God, his family would never rest nor enter heaven until they kill Dracula.

They haven’t been successful on a running out of family. I thought that was funny

Vivi: way he says it. It’s very

Erick: like, It’s a real blunt

Vivi: it’s a real bitchy.

Erick: Told months ago, Boris, one of his descendants disappeared and all he has left our son.

You have the two dime before killing Dracula. That will be nine generations dead. That will never go to heaven and see the gates of Pater.

Vivi: I’d be pissed if I was born into this family.

Erick: What the fuck does grandpa’s whole vendetta have to do with me though?

Vivi: Seriously? You inherit like the worst assignment

Erick: also.

What does he mean? Nine generations. He says 150 years ago. A Transylvanian promised God, that’s not even nine generations. It’s like what? Two, three max. Oh,

Vivi: I mean, it is the 18 hundreds.

People live like 20 years. So maybe it is nine generations.

Erick: let’s assume 40, because I think later Dracula says that he was born in like 1922 and died in 1962. So 40 let’s assume 40 is the generation. That’s still four generations.

Vivi: 41, 14 62,.

Erick: whatever.

I’m just saying that he says 22 and 62 it’s 40 years.

Let’s just assume that by Dracula years, when he was alive as a human, everyone lived between 30 and 40, 150 is still four to five generations. Not nine generations.

Vivi: Yeah, it wasn’t until you said 150 years ago, I’m like really? But then Dracula is supposed to be 400, 600 years though. Like how many centuries

Erick: is he.

I wouldn’t understand it. If he said like, the moment that Dracula was born, this guy Boris Valerius

Vivi: do. We just sound like idiots. Did we not pay attention? No, we

Erick: did. I wrote down the years. I’m perfectly. Okay. But anyway, he pulls the scroll out saying blurriness, the older left, it, it translates to in the name of God opened this door. There’s an insignia of the match has been housing’s ring and the priest says he might find the answer he’s seeking in trends.

Albania didn’t consider to be in. Yeah. Can you say a different? No.

Vivi: I was going to do a transplant mania. No, well, yeah, kind of. I was thinking Southern, like T excesses,

Erick: transplant, Texas

Vivi: Tuckey fry, techie fry, Turkey fry, a

Erick: techie fry. Oh,

Vivi: Sorry, I can’t get over. Tuck you from

Erick: I Kentucky fry from Transylvania.

Vivi: We meet a techie friar named Carl who suits van Helsing up with a bunch of gadgets. Carl jokes about van Helsing. Never really fighting vampires. Helsing says it can’t be any different than gargoyles, but Carl insisted is now I just keep thinking of car this scene of him walking around and showing him weapons reminds me so much of like a spy movie where they go to get equipped before their

Erick: mission.

it’s kind of like that, spies from all over the world with different cultures and backgrounds.

Vivi: He shows Helsing his last invention, it rapid arrow, crossbow housing grabs a bomb looking device. And as Carl what’s it for? He says he’s been working on it for 12 years, but doesn’t know.

He says the possibilities are endless though.

Erick: It has the power of the sun. It’s like really flashy shows a lot of light. I don’t understand why he’s not like, oh, we’re going to go fight vampires. I don’t know what this is for though. It’s got like a lot of sunlight on it. I know that vampire is dying.

He’s the one telling me, man, Helsing, how killing vampires, is difficult, but I don’t know what this light bomb does.

Vivi: It’s very heavily emphasized. And you know, it’s going to come back later.

How’s things. As Carl has been ordered to go with him, which spooks him and says he doesn’t want to go.

Same dude, cut to some dark woods where a man is tied to a wood pillar. We hear growling as a creature approaches. The man says Dracula unleashed it for a reason. A werewolf runs at him, but he Dodges it at the last minute. He’s apparently not tied to this pillar at all. No. And he backflips up the pillar. They’re just baiting him.

Another man pulls him up by a rope, but it gets stuck. A woman in red pulls the sword out and runs at it. The werewolf tries to run at her, but it gets caught in a trap in the ground.

The drop is triggered, pulling the werewolf into a sack, surrounded by a cage that lifts up at the man on the rope. He manages to jump off and the trapped werewolf is shot at, from down below There is a moment before the trap goes off where like the tip of her toe is near the trap and she backflips into the air to get out of the. When she could have literally just scooched her toe, a centimeter back.

Erick: Oh, well we know though, how will we know she’s acrobatic and agile, but

Vivi: then make it consistent because she’s not throughout the rest of the film.

There are scenes where she should have pulled that little trick out and she did not,

Erick: So what you’re saying is that she should have dramatically moved her toe out the way

Vivi: she could have just stepped back a little bit dramatically though, drastically because everything in this movie has done super mellow dramatically.

How else

Erick: would you make a dramatic, like the toe move other than the back lip?

Vivi: It doesn’t need to be that dramatic. Belkin is the man’s name.

And he yells down saying they need his gun Anna yells, because it has silver bullets thank you, Anna. Thank you for letting us know that

, the rope holding the trap breaks, and the word will falls below escaping and running after Ana and only makes it to a cliff and is about to get tackled by the werewolf. When Vulcan pushes her aside, shoots the werewolf and gets tackled himself into the water.

I like how they named her brother or something. Very, I think it’s on Gary and that they’re speaking. And they named her Anna like easy to pronounce it’s

Erick: Ana Ana, Her name could have been Valeria, malaria. So it can match a Belkin

Vivi: Belkin mean that would’ve made more

Erick: sense to me.

Vivi: back in the cave of wonders, when that housing’s getting his mission, they show him a photograph of the two siblings. Did photographs exist in 1888?

How did they get these

Erick: people are advanced. Okay. I have bombs full of light and drops of liquid that blow up. Okay. it’s the order. They don’t even know it exists. Humanity doesn’t even know equals a thing.

Vivi: They don’t know that they have photography

Erick: yet. Nope. Not even the people using it, getting their picture.

It is magic photos, nothing to do with the brand in the walls.

Vivi: Nothing.

Erick: No.

Vivi: Can you imagine that? Just imagining that picture of on, on, and like the little bubbles around.

Erick: Yes. I went to filters and the super shiny skin for some fucking reason. It was like the exposure

Vivi: for Instagram was a thing also came back. And so in this era did not escape the tiny eyebrow. Because they bothered me the entire film. They were just one

Erick: arch it’s like a half moon. Yeah.

Vivi: She just had some half moons over her eyes. I’m not talking shit. There’s literally pictures of me having those exact same eyebrows.

I’m saying, why did we do this to

Erick: ourselves? Let’s bring that trim back. I want to see this. I want to see it. You met me

Vivi: when I had those eyebrows and I still buried it.

I will show you a picture where I have no fucking eyebrows. I kind of remember. Yeah. I didn’t. If you look at my freshmen photo, first of all, I did not know it was picture day.

Is that going to wall? I have those ever

Erick: it’s because you had all the hair everywhere else. Couldn’t spare any for the eyebrows.

Vivi: That’s because I over plucked the shit out of them. Anyway. Not about that.

We got back to van Helsing who is writing about through a storm in the night and

Erick: the night it’s very dramatic, He’s on the boat and it’s like stairs, off dramatically.

Vivi: All I wrote down while watching this movie was the dramatic acting. Cause it’s just

Erick: so cheesy. Yeah. I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s just so funny. It’s

Vivi: funny. And when you’re trying to get into a horror movie though, it’s like, okay, we got it. We get that. The stakes are high.

You don’t have to

Erick: yell.

Vivi: Like so many scenes, actors are just yelling at each other.

Erick: You’re talking about the Dracula bride scenes too.

Vivi: Oh my God.

All of those. Okay. We cut back to this montage event. Housing finally making it to Transylvania it’s funny because Carl’s there too, but he’s like wearing this hood the whole time being dorky. It’s not about him.

Erick: There’s a lot of talking about what we need to do. There’s a point later where Anna and van Helsing, her arguing and their whole argument.

If you pay the instrument makes no sense And she’s like, I need to save my brother and he’s like, don’t go. And she’s like, I need to, all about my family or nothing.

And he’s like, I need to kill Dracula. And she. You can stop me

Vivi: just a real disconnect between the two

Erick: of them. Yeah. Because I don’t know how those things are the opposite from each other. Those things can be done at the same time.

Vivi: You’re on the same team guys.

Erick: And then Carl Brene, like shit’s cold,

Vivi: Amen. From the village. That is the same man from the mob earlier welcomes them.

Erick: This guy is like the mayor or something. he clearly stands out. Cause he’s got long white hair he looks like

Vivi: This is going to be a confusing reference because this character is a crypt keeper, but he looks like the crypt keeper. If it was alive, like the one from the TV shows, that’s what he would look like. And.

And I don’t know if he’s the mayor. He’s like the self appointed busy body of this town. Cause clearly Anna and her family, or like the Royals in this town.

Erick: But does that mean they’re in charge?

Vivi: everyone listened to her when she gave commands, that’s

Erick: true.

But then you’re just like worried about getting their ass kicked. Cause clearly she’s the only one who knows how to work color and only people who work color are main

Vivi: characters

Erick: and ready to kick your ass.

Vivi: Ben housings turns around and notices. Everyone is holding up pens. Anna appears telling them to show their faces because they don’t trust strangers here. And it tells the people to kill them. And housing says they’re there to help them. She says she doesn’t need any help. And immediately van housing pulls out his crossbow, aiming it in her direction.

She gets out of the way just as the three brides of Dracula fly straight at them. Then Helsing fires quickly at them making holes in one of their wings. One of the brides picks Anna up, but van Helsing jumps at her feet, weighing her down and causing the bride to drop her.

How strong are these brides and just the vampires in general? Cause they fling everybody like crazy.

Erick: I don’t know, but I guess they can’t carry two people at a time.

Vivi: flawed logic. Because one of them’s about to throw a cow at a house

Erick: in cows are like what? 500 rounds. I’m pretty

Vivi: sure heavier than these two people.

Erick: 900 to 1600 pounds.

Sandra yes. Flooded logic,

Vivi: I can’t decide if I loved this bride monster design or not.

 I liked that their costumes, their very flowy sleeves become their wings when they transform, but there was kind of a weird disconnect between the face of the monsters and the body of the monsters, especially when one of the brides dies.

Carl tells van Helsing to aim at the hearts as they chase Anna through the village. the sun comes out and the brides disappear.

Uh, Miss all the chaos, the villagers all come out and watch Ben Helsing and Anna approach a well with their weapons drawn. There’s nothing there.

I like the idea that Dracula and his brides would pick a very dark, desolate place to live. Cause then you got to just wait until it’s nighttime all the time. How,

Erick: yeah. What do you do all day?

Vivi: the sun gets hidden by some clouds and a bride flies out of the, well, the bride grabs Ana and flies away with her and a slashes at the bride’s foot causing her to drop.

But she’s caught by another bride. Ben housing shoots her in the wing, causing her to drop Anna yet again, she enters a building to hide while van Helsing shoots a third bride, causing her to crash into another building inside and a startled by a bride, hanging from the ceiling.

They greet each other and we find out that the bride’s name is Alida. Ben Helsing approaches the building, but the bride flies out knocking van Helsing to the ground. She takes all the arrows out of her body. As she converts to her human form inside Anna talks to Elyria, Elyria, Alita, Elyria, malaria and it talks to a leader. Who’s teasing her about knowing what’s in her heart and pisses her off, causing her to knock her out of a window

Erick: back outside

Vivi: carl, Carl. Coral Carl’s tries throwing holy water at van Helsing, but the black haired bride catches it to stop toying with,

carl yells at van Helsing to use the church and points at the water, dripping from the faucet and it runs back into the building to fight a leader. She gets around it by the black haired bride too, and they close in on her.

Erick: it’s very sexy. It’s like, keep back in the cell. We’re going to get bitten by two women and it’s super sexualized.

Vivi: I mentioned this before, but everything about vampires is like over-sexualized.

 The brides, argue about who gets to buy Anna first while outside van Helsing dips the crossbow in the holy water and shoots the bride.

And slow-mo weird random slow-mo think it’s like the only one in the movie

Erick: now there’s plenty of slow-mo it’s

Vivi: okay. Most of blocks it all out. the brides inside scream and fly away yelling. Marty. She goes, name Mariska disintegrates and dies and pale to the top of the.

And this is where I made that point of not liking the monster design. It seems like they tried to do like a practical effect with her face still there and her body disintegrating, but it is very awkwardly angled.

And you can tell it’s like,

Erick: her neck looks too long on the body? Yeah.

Vivi: Go back and watch

Erick: the scene.

The people are pissed that a vampire was killed.

Carlos confused with the white haired village leader says it’s because the vampires only kill to survive, killing one or two people a

Vivi: month, one or two people for four vampires, seams unrealistic. You

Erick: get 10 pints per person, 10 pints. That’s 20 pints. I don’t know how many calories. I think it’s crazy that this time would be like, it’s cool.

Like we were fine just losing one or two people. The guy who continues and says that. Now they’re going to kill it for revenge. The leader asks his name and Andy comes out, announcing it saying, he’s the first one to kill a vampire in over a hundred years in the castle, Dracula comes out of a nice coffin yelling, Maneesh guy’s name.

These vampires are interesting because they live in ice, which is not a thing that I’ve seen before, but I’m assuming it comes from some sort of lore.

Vivi: It’s not something I’ve seen in other movies. Either

Erick: the coffin is filled with us too. They just like their eyes. It’s good for circulation. Yeah, he’s angry asking why they would kill my . If they had an understanding. Now he has to find a new bride. The remaining brides argue whether they mean so little of him and if he even has a heart, as all three of them hang upside down, they wanted to emphasize that their bats

Vivi: yeah, this is a fact is used a lot. Also, this entire conversation is happening while they’re yelling at each other.

Erick: He says he doesn’t have a heart and feels no love or fear or joy or sorrow. He says he’s hollow of a live forever. The bread say, it’s not so bad. He’s not so bad. But he says, he’s at war with the world. And that the final battle will begin.

Vivi: We mentioned when we watched the movie last night, how the brides are very beautiful, their makeup their costumes. Great. But I thought the actor who played the count was ugly. And that was always my issue. When I had grown up watching this, I was like, oh, the breads are so beautiful, but Dracula, not so much.

Why would they get with him?

Erick: Yeah. I’ve never really cared about Dracula. I thought he looked great. I looked great. But that was because I was busy. You were looking at, I was thinking that the brides were great. didn’t care what he looked like. I’ve never seen dragons Brad’s before.

Vivi: Oh, you haven’t seen no Dracula from 93?

Erick: from

Vivi: stroker. Yeah. want to cover that one

Erick: Or his wife’s beautiful in that.

Vivi: Yes. Oh, specifically thinking of one scene where he turned a character and she looks crazy decked out.

Erick: Like her transformation is getting decked out.

Vivi: Yeah. Like she has this crazy like bride costume

Erick: on. No. Oh, okay. I was picturing like, he bites her and like does bedazzled, as clothes comes out of her, know,

Vivi: not that we just got to watch it. I think we’re going to cover it soon because I’ve been mentioning it like every, the other

Erick: week.

The world’s shadows in the background and we see it’s chained up. Dracula says he has to conduct another experiment and they’d tell him not to. He says no and growls at them and they cower backwards, but he tells them not to be afraid of him or else he will be alone.

They come back to him and caress him all over. And we see that Igor is shocking. The crap out of the world. And Drexel is like, yo, what are you doing? He’s like, what I do asked in Dracula is like, what did I tell you about doing unto others? And before he can finish, Igor’s like before they can do until.

I’m going to do it to them before they can even try to do it to

Vivi: me. I know Igor’s a villain, but he’s got some points sometime

Erick: At the end of that exchange Drexler then tells them all to go to castle Frankenstein as he, and to Brian’s hover away, sexually into the wall and freeze,

Vivi: is this how vampires do it?

Erick: I mean, I guess it’s one way to do it without people knowing, I don’t know. How do you even learn to do this? how do you realize, oh yeah, we can go into the wall and do it I

Vivi: mean, through trial and error, I’m assuming

Erick: van Helsing wants to know where Dracula lives, but Anna says they don’t know. She says her father was looking for answers for most of his life. she needs to be the one who kills him. But Ben Helsing says they need to do it together.

She insists that she’s going to do it alone. He says, he’s sorry about her father and brother. And she says, she’ll see them again on the brightest side of death.

Vivi: Yeah. She’s not really broken up about her brother. Just dying.

Erick: I wonder if this is because she’s so use to so many family members dying to this story that at this point it’s like, yeah, I guess he’s dead, but I need to go get her back.

I don’t have time to like feel

Vivi: yes. I could see if that was her thought process, but she really was like another day, another dead relative.

Erick: I mean, it is 1888 dual

Vivi: live in a village of vampires and werewolves. I mean,

Erick: and you live till you’re what? 30, 40, what do we say? And she’s probably like in her thirties, she’s lived a full life. he asks there’s a brighter side of death. But while She says it’s just harder to see,

Vivi: if

you’re alive all the time,

Erick: He hits her with sleeping gas and knocked her out. She wakes up in a room and angrily looks for rent housing, but she walks through the corridors of the castle in the dark and hears banging. She grabs a weapon and get startled by an open window.

She notices that there are footsteps in the ground and we get a POV view of a monster watching her. She grabs a gun nearby and searches for it and suddenly see drops of water falling behind her. And can only assume it’s drool.

She looks up and sees a brown werewolf. There’s a full moon outside.

And Anna turns a corner and finds her brother Vulcan. He’s all sweaty. And in a panic, he tries to tell her something, but he starts turning into the werewolf again.

Vivi: And it was at this point where he’s turning into a werewolf again, that he spins for no fucking reason that I dubbed this movie dramatic, spins the movie.

Erick: Oh. And he’s flailing around. And he’s like, ah,

Vivi: twirls. for the rest of the movie, I couldn’t help. But notice anytime the brides moved, they had to spin.

Erick: How else do you make them sexy? but spinning is sexy. Sounds like you’re going to throw up. Apparently Kate Beckinsale and the actor who plays blood is lost duck. Richard Boxborough had to go take like dancing classes to go do the ball correctly.

Oh, the ballroom scene. Yeah. I’m like, well, that’s cool. I guess

Vivi: I wouldn’t say it was

Erick: something not intricate, But maybe they said, we took you to those dance classes. Dammit. We’re going to make you use the twirling. You learned

Vivi: every fucking time. You can, every time

Erick: you spend, we get $5 back from the dance class.

Belkin flails in pain, swimming backward up the wall. It looks like he’s breast stroking. He stares at the moon outside and calls her name. He tears his skin off and transforms.

It’s a cool transformation. I like this too

Vivi: well transformation, but I don’t love the actual werewolf design. They look like Dobermans with their ears way too close to

Erick: um,

the top of their head. Yeah. I like design.

Vivi: Yeah. Cause he’s supposed to be a big daddy werewolf, but like all the babies, they don’t look that intimidating.

Erick: I’d say it’s better than some other worlds

Vivi: designs. Oh, for sure. We can definitely do a episode where we just rank the best and worse

Erick: We

Vivi: actually haven’t covered anywhere. Wolf movie.

Right? There’s been werewolves in movies. We’ve covered, but not,

Erick: no. I like where we’ll have movies where it was from my vibe. prefer werewolves over vampires.

Vivi: I’m a vampire girl through and through.

Erick: I’m too chaotic could be a vampire.

Vivi: Yeah. I could see that

Erick: The world tries to jump at her, but van Helsing appears out of nowhere and it jumps out the window. He’s like, oh shit, he’s here

Vivi: a man. I can’t find a

Erick: man. Carl shows up asking why it smells like wet dog. He ends van Helsing, silver bullets. And he goes on the chase. Helsing is in town and here’s dogs barking. He runs into the town leader who says, he’s sees the Wolf, man. Hasn’t killed him yet. But now things like aren’t you scared? And he’s like, oh, I don’t have to worry about the Wolf, man. He’s not looking for me. I just mind my own damn business. And

Vivi: I’ll tell you survive in this town.

Erick: The man starts digging the grave and Helsing says it’s a little late to be digging graves. When the man tries to tagging him with the shovel out of fucking nowhere and housing blocks him and points a gun straight at his face.

The man’s like, oh, I was just kidding.

Vivi: Just kidding. I wasn’t going to do it. It’s it’s I couldn’t help myself.

Erick: Apparently this character’s name is just top hat.

Vivi: What if you don’t wear the top hat one day?

Erick: He’s tough. Hatless

Vivi: it’s like being topless

Erick: right as top hats, like I was just getting Helsing Dodges out of nowhere. And the Wolf man jumps at the man, the man falls into a grave comedically. It’s like falls into the grave. The shovel lands perfectly as like a headstone and then his head just twirls on the top of the handle

Vivi: and again, this is like one of those comedic relief moments where I don’t know what kind of vibe this movie was going for.

Erick: I dunno where Anna comes up and stops then Helsing from shooting at the Wolf man, She’s mad because he knew already and asks, if he knows nothing about forgiveness, he says he asks for it all the time. She says, they say, dranken has a cure and can save her brother. Who the fuck is this. Who knows, drank a lot like this. And they’re like, yo saw, I heard that dragged out here. he was at the pub the other day and he’s like, yo, I got a cure for the Wolf, man.

Vivi: It seems like this whole towns like upset with him. Um, I’m not surprised,

Erick: but none of them worked for him. So I wouldn’t know. No one’s out here just like chilling with Dracula. Drexel’s not like I’m out of work at five. You want to go get a beer? I’ll tell you everything about my castle.

Vivi: You don’t know that.

What if Igor is out here doing that? I could see him doing that. He’s done working for the day and he’s got to go get a drink. tells everybody in town, his

Erick: business he’s like that snake on the outside. He’s just like dragging this such a bitch and inside he’s like dragon. Oh my God.

I love you as her. Yeah.

Vivi: Could see it.

Erick: He tries to stop her saying he needs to find Franklin. And she says she needs to find her brother. She despises Dracula. Who’s taken everything from her and leaving her alone in this world. He agrees to look for her brother after understanding her pain.

He looks at her about to tear up and he’s like, you know what? You’re right. I’ll help you.

Vivi: It didn’t take that much convincing. No,

Erick: he’s like, I’m here for a job. And she’s like my brother. And he’s like, okay, you’re right. Back at the castle. We see a Liverpool does minions. I think they call them the workers put a machine to work. Dracula asks how much longer before his experiment works. And Igor just says soon back with Anna and van Helsing, they follow the Wolf man’s hair to bring in signs. Castle.

Anna says the man who lived there was a grave robber and died a year ago. Ben Helsing points out that around that time her father went missing. She says it was when he was looking for Dracula and on his way to the sea, we then get this weird pensive moment of Anna being like, I wish I knew what the sea looked like.

I bet it’s beautiful.

Vivi: I know why this is here, but it’s just so awkward.

Erick: It is because it doesn’t fit the moment.

Vivi: No. Okay.

Erick: He smiles at her kinda. It’s not even like a full smile. He’s just like staring at her in his eye. That’s nice, dear. That’s weird. Inside the Wolf man jumps around the worrying machine lands near Dracula, who says worlds are a nuisance during their first full moon and hard to control the Wolf.

Man turns back to human and Dracula’s pissed saying he was supposed to see who the new visitor was. And instead he stopped to talk to his sister. Belkin tells him to leave his sister out of it. And Dracula says he needs him for his experiment. Belkin says he would rather die than help him. And Drexel is like, bro.

That’s like so cliche, everyone who says that dies.

Vivi: He’s like, that can be arranged.

Erick: He says that I’d been night and he’ll have no choice, but to obey him, the minions are pulling a corpse off of a table and throw it aside. Dracula asks Belkin. If it looks familiar, as it’s wearing a unique necklace, Belkin recognizes it.

And it’s his father’s. He screams trying to untag Dracula, but Dracula grabs him with two fingers by the chin, which apparently disarms him

Vivi: later on in the movie. It’s explained that he gets everywhere Wolf under his control. Somehow. I wonder if it’s like part of this weird mind control

Erick: thingy. he hits him with the, what do you call this?

Vivi: He fingers them

Erick: in the face.

Vivi: That’ll get your

Erick: attention. He just touches them with two fingers what

Vivi: the fuck is that? go up to a person and do that and see what they tell them. I

Erick: they’ll probably freeze to like what the fuck is wrong. I would also phrase I’d be like, wait, what’s happening? What are we doing here?

Vivi: Do I love you? Are we about to

Erick: make out? So Dracula grabs him with those two fingers by the neck and says, he’ll do his bidding, the minions, grab him and tie him to the table while Dracula does a twirl. Like he’s dancing. I don’t know how to describe this to an audio medium, but he’s like kind of one arm up and he’s got the other one to his chest

Vivi: yeah.

It’s like when you’re fake ballroom dancing

Erick: alone, Dracula’s very dramatic. Which is good. I like that about them.

Vivi: Yeah. I can’t imagine a subtle Dracula.

Erick: One who like took himself too seriously.

Vivi: every iteration of Dracula I’ve seen is very dramatic.

Erick: If you got one that was like real boring, it wouldn’t be very

Vivi: Dracula.

I want to be bearing dramatic,

Erick: dramatic ULA.

Vivi: If you

Erick: will. Matt Helsing, an NR in the McCastle and see the minions and understands them and hears their experimenting on her brother at the lab. They pull a bunch of levers. Electricity is everywhere and Vulcan is raised to the roof van Helsing and Anna walk around and notice eggs hanging from the ceiling.

When helsley realizes that if Dracula brings all those eggs to life, the town will be a feeding ground. A shockwave is sent through Belkin and passes through wires to all the eggs, the eggs start moving. So van Helsing tries touching one, but it shocks both of them. But Nelson starts ripping through an egg to see what they look like while an egg behind Anna starts hatching.

This is kind of like alien.

Vivi: Oh, they definitely look like there’s even more of us here

Erick: because while van Helsing is trying to rip the other egg open, there’s a little vampire arm coming out towards Anna’s face. But the one that actually ends up giving us a jump scares, the one they’ve been Helsing, try searching.

And then we get a bunch of screaming flying, baby vampires.

The baby vampires, meet the parents because they’re all just standing there watching it all. Dracula tells the brides to teach them how to feed and back of the devil that they stay alive this time, with a

Vivi: dramatic zoom in, on his face,

Erick: they all fly toward the town. Van Helsing jumps out and starts shooting.

Baby vampires. Dracula sees him and jumps at him like a flying squirrel. He uses his clothes to glide towards him, he looks like a spider. It transforms causing sparks to fly all over with falling machinery back in town, Carl watches, the vampires approach, and one hits the window, causing him to panic back at the castle.

Dracula says, you can tell the character of a man by the sound of his heartbeat. he says he can dance to the beat usually. But Ben hill sings is so steady and enters the lab area and sees Igor saying Belkin isn’t sufficient. She looks up and sees him getting electrocuted in town. The people are picked off one by one by the baby vampires. The brides help show them how to feed by throwing people into swarms of them.

Vivi: These are some strong ass baby vampires.

That’s it. That’s all I got.

Well, so do you think that this is where the movie lost audiences like baby vampires?

Maybe it’s

Erick: too cheesy. It was too fantastical. Yeah, I guess so this being like the full intent of Dracula, It’s like a weird take, I guess when you’ve got such a serious dramatic film to have baby vampires be the goal,

Vivi: all the classic horror movie monsters in it,

Erick: I think had they not been baby vampires and maybe you’ve been like, they’re turning humans into an army of vampires that also look scary and dramatic.

Maybe that could be it. Back of the castle van Helsing puts a stake into Dracula who dramatically acts like he’s dying. he breaks the act and says, hello, Gabriel, Gabriel.

Vivi: It’s always Gabriel.

Erick: these like fake outs from Dracula with van Helsing, I think are essential for showing how little van Helsing can do against him.

Because we have this hero who to this point has been shown to be like invincible. He knows how to handle every monster. He gets her shore, but he knows how to handle every situation. in this case, it’s like van Helsing is pulling out everything he’s got. And Dracula is like, all right, whatever, pushes it aside.

It doesn’t matter across burns it. Steak who gives a shit, in the lab, Anna is spotted by the minions. She jumps onto some rope, over a tink of unknown liquid. she fights them off with a sword, dropping them into the bat. Igor notices her as she climbs up the rope to Belkin.

Dracula says it’s been three to 400 years since they last met. Ben Helsing has confused how he knows him, but Dracula says they have a lot of history. He asks van Helsing. If he’s ever wondered why he has such horrible nightmares of scenes from battles of the past, Still don’t know if it’s that Ben housing has been reincarnated over and over.

And that Dracula has also been reincarnated over and over. And that this battle just goes on forever Drake has been alive since 14 something, but Ben housing has been reincarnated or rent. Housing has also lived since 1400. I think that’s the one. who makes him lose his memories?

God. So he’s that

Vivi: Gabriel? He’s an angel. He’s the left hand of God.

Erick: What is he though?

Vivi: Yeah, there’s a script part later on. That’s like God sent his left hand to kill Dracula. And then later on while they’re in their final battle, Dracula’s like, isn’t it exhausting being in the left hand of God.

Erick: Thought that was dragging. Like I just being dramatic

Vivi: again, nothing is given about van health. Story. I understand that they probably thought there was going to be a lot of sequels to unleash a story on us later on, but that didn’t

Erick: happen.

And it makes it to Vulcan who tries to stop her from unstrapping him. He starts turning into a world Wolf and grabs her by the face. Dracula asks Ben Helsing. If he wants him to refresh his memory, when housing tries putting across with the drag his face, but Dracula grabs it, screaming and melts it in his arm.

He introduces himself dramatically as count relied does loss drug. I don’t know why he says it like that, but that’s one thing that sticks in my head ever since I first saw this movie. He’s like, why does he call himself that? Like Julia I mean, it’s

Vivi: fancy. I mean, that’s probably why it wasn’t dramatic

Erick: enough cone to Roger’s last

born in 1422 and murdered in 1462 at the ripe old age 40, I

Vivi: mean, that’s a long life for then.

Erick: Yeah. It’s a long life for now, but

Vivi: I’m exhausted. Not even 30.

Erick: Back in town, Carl saves a lady by hitting a baby Ram power with a bucket. That sounds like a crazy sentence,

Vivi: but it is literally

Erick: what happens the baby vampire flies back at him, But right. As it’s about to attack them again, the baby vampires all started bubbling up and exploding directly. Here’s the screams of the bride and gets distracted. But Nelson takes his chance to escape using an elevator shaft that makes it up to Anna. He uses his grappling hook to latch onto a building across the forest.

But the line snaps when the world will try and chasing after them with the robe begging town, Carl and the woman who saved wonder what happened. She asks how she can never repay him. He whispers something in her ear and she’s like, whoa, but you’re a monk. And he’s like, actually I’m just a fryer.

She’s like and smiles at him. And that’s the end of that scene.

Vivi: wonder what he asks for

Erick: Carling. If you will. My name is Carl and my last name is Lingus and he was like, bro, what did you say, Carl or Carl Lingus? What did you hear?

Vivi: I heard that. He’s not a monk. He’s just a fryer. So he can do all that.

At the castle. Eager explains what happened to Dracula saying they’re not as smart as Dr. Frankenstein. It’s a dramatic scene with the brides crying in the background.

And I could not focus on anything other than these ladies crying in the background. They’re swaying. They are crying with their bodies. The Wolf man appears and Dracula tells him to kill them.

Both Anna and van Helsing.

We cut to Anna and van Helsing arguing about how everything went wrong. NSS. He was right about it being too late for her brother. She asked him if he has any family. And he says, he’d like to find out he pulls a bottle of absence out of his pocket. And right as they’re about to drink it, they fall through the ground

he just needs some absent the

Erick: right now. carries around essentially what would be like a flask, but it’s in glass and he’s been fighting monsters and running around. But it’s safe.

Vivi: Carl wakes up from a nightmare and turns to see the woman from the village in his makeshift bed they’re on a sofa, he leans up against the wall, proud of himself and moves a secret lever, causing the wall to turn showing a portrait of two warriors fighting in front of a castle. One turns into a werewolf and the other into a vampire. This scares the Karl causing him to fall onto the woman on the sofa. He flips the entire couch back in the ditch, Anna and van Helsing wake up, Ben Helsing says there’s something carnivorous down there with them.

He finds a Bible and says it’s probably human.

Erick: Cause that’s what humanity is represented by. I think he

Vivi: means like vampires and werewolves. Probably can’t touch Bibles. Can’t read and can’t read.

He can guess it’s a size 17, 360 pounds, nine feet tall. And has copper teeth. She’s like, how would you know that?

And he says, because it’s standing right behind her. He moves her aside. And the Frankenstein monster attacks, he says all of their kind, just want him dead. Ben housing, shoves him into a wall and his head comes apart.

This is an interesting Frankenstein design.

Erick: And inside, when you look into him, there’s electricity. That seems to be keeping him together and failing.

Vivi: And I asked him what he wants and he says he just wants to exist.

But Helsing uses blow darts to calm him down and as about to shoot the monster, when van Helsing stops her to take a look, the monster says, if they value their lives, they should kill him.

Dracula needs him for his experiments. And he’s the key to life and the life of Dracula’s children.

Ben, Helsinki’s convinced they were taken care of, but the monster says they were only from one bride. How do these vampires reproduced? They

Erick: lay eggs. I don’t know, through what their butts

Vivi: how they’re dead.

This is one of those. You can’t look too

Erick: closely at it. They will hatch them through their mouth. And then just like on a hundred third draws, which we see later they can do

Vivi: that would make more sense

Erick: to me. But also there’s thousands of them.

Vivi: Yeah. They’re not spiders.

They don’t just lay millions

Erick: of bags. I’m just picturing a vampire, acting like a chicken instance. Like got its hands through its side. It’s like, wow. moves two feet later. And he’s like, wow, until they have a thousand eggs each

Vivi: what a visual,

Erick: but he’s got, are you done yet now? The

Vivi: Only with the monster. Can Dracula give them lasting life? He says there are thousands more of the baby vampires. He passes out and uh, tries to kill him. But Ben housing stop

Erick: cert, this is weird too. Cause Anna is the one stopping VIN housing from killing it two seconds ago.

And then now Anna is trying to kill it and mental housing stopping her from killing it. It’s like, can y’all make up your mind the monsters, like I’m just trying to pass out guys. Leave me alone.

Vivi: He says his job is to stop evil, but he doesn’t sense evil from the monster.

So he can’t kill it. She says that she can, and he says not well I’m

Erick: around.

Vivi: He says maybe the monster can help them find a way to kill Dracula. They spot the Wolf man in the distance and shoot, but now it knows where they are and it’ll come for the monster. And housing says you’ll have to send it to Rome to protect.

The next day, Carl and van Helsing. Talk about sending the monster back and put it in a carriage. The monster is convinced this plan won’t work, but Carl and van Helsing carry on. we get a map montage of their journey. It’s getting dark and we hear a bride flying, van Helsing readies himself with a crossbow, but gets attacked anyway and thrown onto the horses.

the bridge is out ahead of them. And the horse has tried to make the leap, but the carriage doesn’t make it and falls into the ditch. The brides are like, fuck,

Erick: Verona is the one that manages to get the door open, but Alita is. I can’t do it. And she’s like holding the wheel and it’s really funny cause she’s just spinning with the wheel.

And she was like, I can’t, I’m sorry. You’re going to do by herself. You’re

Vivi: on your own here. Verona opens the door and sees no monster, only a bomb full of steaks. The bomb explodes and hits her as she tries to fly away. And it comes out of the forest and has the actual carriage van Helsing is still riding the horses and jumps over to the carriage

they’re being chased by a werewolf who lands on top of the carriage causing the entire top of it to catch fire.

Obviously werewolves are a fire hazard

and I had van Helsing were also flung off the side in the process and hangs out of the cliff facing side. While van Helsing tries to avoid getting his crotch run over by the wheels of the carriage. The monster tells Carl that he can help. So he lets the monster loose and it helps both Anna and van Helsing get pulled onto the front of the carriage. The victory is short-lived because the werewolf shows up behind them and jumps to the roof.

It’s lashes the ceiling scaring the hell out of the monster who hates fire for obvious reasons. but housing fights the werewolf off jumping backwards and firing at it. The carriage crashes. And the next scene we get is the morning and uh, finds her brother with shots in his chest. She holds them as he dies and here’s van housing approaching. She yells at him for killing him and he just says, now, you know why they call me a murderer?

Do not that time.

They both noticed van Helsing has been bitten by the werewolf and a backs away. And Alita appears out of nowhere, slapping and kidnapping. Anna. She says to throw a slap in there,

Carl van Helsing and the monster are walking through town. When Alita appears to them saying Dracula wants to trade the monster for Anna van Helsing says it has to be in a public place where Dracula will be less likely to make a scene. It’s like a breakup where you got to go to a public place, not make a scene.

A leader, says it’s going to be all Hallows’ Eve tomorrow night. And there’s going to be a masquerade ball here in Budapest, Budapest tutorials, and flies away laughing. Cause she has to, the monster is. Because he knows van Helsing has been been, he says, now he’s become what he, so passionately hunted, then housing pulls the blow darts out and just says, sorry.

As the monster says, he hopes there are other so passionate about hunting him. He shoots a blow dart into the monster and they lock him up in a mausoleum,

we see Carl dress as a gesture and rent housing in a fancy masquerade costume The ball is quite fancy.

Erick: It is,

Vivi: there are performers everywhere. In the crowd. We find Anna and Dracula dancing.

Dracula tries making out with her saying he has no intention of trading her and knows van Helsing won’t trade the monster for her either. Meanwhile, above. Van Helsing notices. There are trapeze artists and has an idea for Carl while dancing in front of a mirror. And a notice is that no one in the entire place has a reflection except

Erick: for her.

It’s kind of crazy. Cause there’s tons of people

Vivi: there. The scene reminds me so much of fright night. We’re there in the club and the neighbor’s dancing with his girlfriend. And I think the same thing happens where they pass in front of a mirror and she’s like,

Erick: fuck.

Vivi: This scene. Isn’t like every vampire movie.

and hosting attacks. One of the trapeze artists and switches with him Dracula is about to take a bite out of Anna. When Ben Helsing swings down to save her right, as Carl pushes a fire breather to burn Dracula, Dracula reveals that they’ve captured the monster and announces to everyone that he is van Helsing, all the vampires splash their fangs and attack. It’s not even a flash they’re Fang situation and like the draw on hinges.

Yeah, Running away, Anna and van Helsing fine. Carl, who says he knows what the bomb is for. Finally, he leaves the bomb behind as they all jumped out of a window. The vampires enter the room and the bomb goes off in a flash of light killing all of them. In an a, very funny CGI scene where all their skeletons are revealed in the light.

the three of them land in the water outside and see Dracula with the monster, riding a boat,

Erick: run away happily. I’ll see you guys later. Keeping

Vivi: spine van Helsing tries to swim after, but a drug gate closes on them and he yells to the monster saying, he’ll save him.

Erick: Carl takes his moment to tell van Helsing that Rome responded about saving the monster and that they want him to kill it too, even if he manages to kill Dracula. But Nelson is pissed saying he is. Carl says, yeah, but using human either van Helsing asks, how would they even know if they haven’t talked to him?

Do they know what he is

Vivi: now is not the time to bring this up Carl?

Erick: but one of the things I do, they know what I am and will they also plan to kill me, but how’s things growing angry. As he’s saying all of this and starts lifting Carl up by the neck, it makes me feel bad for girl.

Cause his car was just like, obviously his friend. And this is the moment where we’re realizing, oh man, like the creature inside them is taken over Rent housing obviously notices this and backs away and pulls himself up against the Drawbridge and kind of growls.

When housing turns to Carl and says, sorry, put that it’s starting there, make it a frankincense castle and find that everything has been taken apart. They must’ve taken everything to Drexel his layer, but Carl says he might be able to figure out where it is.

He gives a whole explanation about how Dracula was banished to an IC fortress van Helsing thinks the giant map on the wall is a door and that possibly, and his father also knew, but just didn’t know how to open it. Carl notices, there’s a piece missing in the bottom left corner and van hustling pulls out the scroll that just so happens to fit the exact piece that’s missing from the map.

Vivi: It’s one of those, this was obviously going to come back later moments. Cause the scroll was given to him by the order early on

Erick: in the, the problem I have with things like this though, is that like it’s obvious, it’s very, the map was there and they were looking at it earlier.

And if I was given this piece that looks like a triangle or parchment,

Vivi: I’d be like, oh, it goes

Erick: there. They would have just like solved it. There kind of

Vivi: ended movie

Erick: hour, earlier 30 minutes in the film,

Vivi: They also take this time to explain the reason Anna’s family is tied to Dracula is because it is the son of her ancestor and they just reveal this to the audience. But she’s like, yeah, everybody knows that.

Erick: wait.

That Dracula is an ancestor of hers. Yes. Oh, I didn’t catch that.

Vivi: Okay. Nevermind. Not even when she said it. Not even when she said that.

Erick: the peace that they put up against the bottom left again, translates to in the name of God opened this door, it reveals a mirror. And Carl says, maybe it’s not a mirror at all to Dracula. van Helsing sticks his hand into it and pulls it back out saying it’s cold and snowing. On the other side, he grabs the torch and walks through and I in Carl followed, but Carl was the last one to come through and he’s scared and tries to run back, but he just runs into the wall.

Vivi: I mean, same. If I walked through a mirror and saw it was just fucking freezing, I’d be like,

Erick: going back. You wouldn’t even have walk through. When he pulled his hand back out with

Vivi: snow, it’d be like, no, sorry.

Erick: A giant door blocks their way. But van Helsing uses his newfound power to grab both of them and jump up to the top of the door to the other side, just

Vivi: naturally so easy,

Erick: not a hassle.

We don’t need a 20 minute training montage of him finding his power Carson that they run into Igor. Who’s shocked. They’re even there, but in housing uses a spinning blade to pin them to the wall. We hear screams from the monster and see the creatures trapped in a block of one. When Nelson tries to muscle his way through the iron bars, but the monster gets raised up and tells them to save themselves and find the cure.

But Nelson wonders why Dracula would even have a cure Carl pieces together that it’s probably in case of where we’ll have ever turned on him. Since the only thing that can kill him is werewolf.

Vivi: What bothers me about this entire situation is that van Helsing is the only one that bothers to ask questions, the entire film.

And I was like, who gives a shit? Let’s go fight. I’m like, girl, that has not worked out for your family so far. I think you need to start asking some questions to

Erick: that’s true. ‘

Vivi: he’s always like, why now? Why is Dracula trying to do this? Why would he have it here?

He’s very like private detective about it. And she’s like, who gives

Erick: a shit?

maybe it’s that same drive. That’s like nine generations have failed and I guess I’m just going to also try my best. but not learn from their

Vivi: mistakes. We don’t learn from mistakes here. We just repeat them for nine

Erick: generations.

Run seemed threatens Igor to help them find the antidote. Carl tells me in Helsing, he needs to kill Dracula while he’s in werewolf form while the bells ring at midnight, but the need to put the antidote into him before the last bell rings, men housing gives them a silver stake and tells them they need to kill him, if he’s not cured and I’ve been Helsing make out with so much buildup before he tells them to just go, they just stare at each other and they’re like, all right, we’ll walk away. And then they’re like, no. And he grabs her and they just stare at each other again.

Vivi: And then it’s like, oh, I’m going to walk away.

Now they do this like two times before they finally start making out.

Erick: Do we have time? No.


Vivi: Oh, that’s not what you sound like when you’re making a also killing a vampire in one fucking minute of before the last stroke of midnight is very stressful.

Erick: But it makes sense.

Vivi: He’s a minute,

Erick: man. Yeah. Dracula walks in and here’s the monster screaming. He asks it. Why it’s complaining. If that was the whole reason it was made to prove that God isn’t the only one that can give life. I’m pretty sure women figured that out a long time

Vivi: ago.

Yeah, bro. here’s the thing just mate, with a woman that’s alive and I’m sure she could give you a child. It’s the whole premise of twine.

Erick: Yeah. He says, it’s time for him to give life to his children. Has the monster lifted up. Meanwhile, Anna, Carl, and Igor find the antidote in a little orb in the center of a room.

Igor tries to go first, but Anna says she will. She approaches the, or, but Igor knocks Carl into the room and pulls the lever, trapping them both. What would have happened if she had let Gordon,

Vivi: he couldn’t have trapped them.

Erick: So Anna fucked up again, back within and Carla leader shows up, but anything’s fast and knocks the orb off its pedestal. Carl guessed it was acid and it burns a leader’s face. The grab the antidote and. Anna uses acid to burn the iron bars, Alita attacks, Anna, as they try to escape and she tells Carlton, just keep running a Lita Nana face off all Carl has to face Igor Igor attacks him with an electric rod and at the tower of announcing it helps the monster escape.

This is all happening, just like back to back to back-to-back-to-back cuts into cuts, into cuts in the cutting. The monster is surprised. And my Helsing says, you have to save your friends. The monster has a moment of hope and just stares at announcing. And it’s just like, oh,

Vivi: friends,

Erick: get lightning strikes out of nowhere and gets shocked. Causing the experiment to go through and create a pulse down to the eggs. The eggs all start moving, but Dracula says they need one more bolt for the experiment to be complete.

But Nelson manages to get a few more restraints off, but it gets knocked over by Dracula who sees him releasing the monster renouncing falls down into the lab while the monster tries to escape, He still has a restraint on his foot though, and gets hit.

One more time with a bowl of lightening causing the last post. The monster gets blown off the tower onto the wires nearby and starts swinging over to where Carla is getting attacked, convenient.

Vivi: The next couple scenes, the monster conveniently just saves everybody by crashing into everything.


Erick: the power of friendship. It really is. The rope acts like a clothesline on the bridge and drags Igor off. After Carl ducks eager falls to his death while Carl faces the monster who asks for him to help Carl says, but he’s supposed to die though, in the monster on it, but I want to live. And he’s like, that’s a good point.

Vivi: valid argument. It changed my mind.

Erick: The wire that the monster is holding on to is stuck onto one of these like torch things. And so Carl’s like, I’m just going to shove this thing and you’ll fly in another direction and he does it. And the monster just goes flying and swings across this giant gap between the castle and the mountains nearby

Vivi: meaningly crashes where Anna and Alita are fighting.

Erick: Yeah. A leader is about to take a bite out of Anna when the window behind her crashes with a monster drop kicking her,

when Nelson gets up and Dracula shows up behind him saying it’s too late. And housing says the only way to kill them is to kill him. Dracula says that’s right. And when Helsinki turns to the clock, that strikes midnight, he started starting into a werewolf and Dracula is in shock.

Dracula tries to tell him they can work together. But seeing the van Helsing is in backing down. He turns into his vampire form, commencing an epic battled. Meanwhile, the monster fights off a leader while saving Anna and tells her to go help. Ben Helsing. Anna says thank you. Once again, giving the monster a moment of pause and hope again. I think it’s cool for the monster because he’s just like, oh cool. So people are actually like thinking I’m a person. No, that’s so sad though.

And a swings from the tower from rope to rope past Carl who throws the antidote to her. She catches it in air, but gets attacked by a leader, causing her to go flying and tumble off the side of the building. The

Vivi: likelihood of this working Nope, is zero to none.

Erick: Do you know how much Armstrong she would.

Vivi: Hand-eye coordination. Timing just so much.

Erick: It does. No, it would not happen. Where are these ropes hanging from? In the middle of the crevice to Jesus. Oh, okay. Nuts.

Vivi: It’s from Jesus’s left hand. So they hanging from Hugh Jackman. Oh,

Erick: The vampire and where will fight continues. And clearly even housing is winning. The world will have flashes his shiny new nails and Dracula. Meanwhile, Elida corners, Anna saying her blood will keep her beautiful. SIG is randomly thrown in the direction though. And Anna stabs Alita, we get this really, really long punchline that I thought was way too long. You said it was fine. It’s too long. it’s not like a line that’s quick enough that you can be like, fuck you, bitch stabs. It was like, before you decided to kill somebody, just make sure that you don’t tell them that your whole plan beforehand, because then you’re going to die.


Vivi: doesn’t say

Erick: that’s how it felt. It was so long.

Vivi: She said, If you’re going to kill someone, just do it. Don’t stand there talking

Erick: about it. It’s really long. That’s basically everything I just said. I

Vivi: mean, she waited until she heard all that today. Politely

also do Carl and Anna just practiced throwing things at each other and their spare time. And we just don’t see that.

Erick: Mm there’s a relationship there. Hmm, Hmm,

Vivi: Hmm.

Erick: Back of the fight dragon.

It says they could be friends and partners and van Helsing just chokes him. I like how this entire time. Dracula’s not even talking about the fucking plan. He’s just like, yo bro, can you just back down? Like I was just kidding. It’s all right. We can be friends. We can just work together. Has nothing to do with what the master plan was anymore.

He’s just like, please stop.

Vivi: I need you to stop what you’re doing. Well, yeah, it’s the first werewolf that he doesn’t have under his control. So it’s scary.

Erick: Yeah. But it’s kind of diminishing for Jacqueline’s character. That’s been this dramatic masterplan decisive

Vivi: person. I get what he’s trying to do.

Cause he’s still trying to manipulate him in some sense, but

Erick: he’s losing very badly.

Vivi: Well, when that’s all you’ve got, you’re going to try.

Erick: It’s still diminishing for drag gala because I can’t imagine like Dracula from Castlevania acting this way against the werewolf.

Vivi: I guess I, I could see that. It’s kind of the final pleas of a desperate man.

Erick: Ben Helsing suddenly turns back to his human form though and backs away. directly reveals that it was Ben Helsing who murdered him. He says it must have been a burden and curse to be the left hand of God. He says he just wants the return of his kind and that he can given Helsing his life and memory back. But van Helsing says some things are just best left, forgotten. See, that’s a good punchline. And then the moon strikes his body. The moon

Vivi: strikes his body. Yes. He says he just wants the return of his kind.

And also maybe the return of his ring that rent housing has stolen.

Erick: Yeah. And it shows the missing finger. Do we know why that.

Vivi: That he stole that ring.

Erick: The finger too.

Vivi: Oh, I didn’t, maybe I missed the,

Erick: yeah. He’s like, and the return, my ring

Vivi: Oh, I’m assuming that van Helsing cut it off to get his ring.

Bitch. Give me back. My jewelry. I’d be mad too. Buck rings are expensive, especially I’m imagining in 1460

Erick: with your family and Signia on it.

Vivi: Yeah, it’s biggest. But

Erick: van Helsing says some things are best left, forgotten, and turns back into a world war he jumps to Dracula and takes a big bite out of his neck. Dracula, just oozes black and turns into a skeleton, which is kinda cool because it still has the fangs and the big acid

Vivi: it’s still looks like him, which is a way better kill than we saw earlier.

Erick: All the baby vampires explode Anna fines, van Helsing, and runs at him with the antidote, but he tackles her into another room. Carl finds them and pulls the steak out, saying, God forgive me. Because obviously he thinks he just attacked Anna, which he did when he tries to attack her announcing, he reveals he was hit with the antidote, but also that he killed Anna where we’ll van Helsing looks sad and Carl moves back into.

It turns back human holding, Anna and his arms with a howl that turns into a scream I remember watching this the first time back in 2004, I was like, what? 12? I was like, no, Anna, Kate.

Vivi: I love you.


Erick: please. Now. And then seeing Hugh Jackman cry, I was like, oh,

Vivi: you do. It was final pose that they do though is very romance novel cover.

Erick: Yeah. He’s holding her while her head hangs over

Vivi: light. Yeah. Yeah.

Erick: Kate, outside this, say prayers and get ready to burn her body. Frankenstein’s monster rose away in the distance It looks back to see them light it right now saying has a moment of enlightenment and looks up to the sky.

As the wind blows through him. He sees Anna’s face with those of her family members in the sky. She looks back at him as a tear, runs down her face. Carla just grabs his shoulder. As he continues to look up to the sky and smile, he sniffles puts his hat back on and they ride into the sunset.

Vivi: Yep. And that’s it bro.


Erick: you could tell about this ending, that they were planning on making more.

Vivi: Oh, so it was not a fan of all this, like faces in the sky thing. It was kind of creepy. It was the scariest part of this. Maybe

Erick: it’s just meant to be like now Anna is back with her family, which was her plan all along which is what she always wanted.

And sure. It’s sad for van Helsing. Cause he was starting to like her and she was starting to like him and they barely made out just once after five minutes of buildup, but I’m sure that’s telling of like the times too,

Vivi: you made out with a woman and she died during those times. Yeah.

Erick: She got malaria.

Malaria. What do you think?

Vivi: I think so many things starting with this movie is cheesy. It is cheesy film, but there’s some things I love about it. I’m a sucker for classic monsters. I’m a sucker for vampires, huh? And there’s some thing just fun about this. It’s just charming and its own weird little way.

It’s not scary at all, but I definitely feel like it’s just a comfort movie that you could throw on and it’s just like fun to watch and shut off your brain and not think about anything.

Erick: And boy, did they throw it on? This movie was on Netflix every day,

Vivi: all day.

Erick: What’d you think I love this movie.

I’ve always thought that van hostings character is cool. It was also at the time where all these action packed, he removes were coming out and also like underworld and the X-Men right.

Hugh Jacqueline was in there. Hugh Jackman was in his peak during these movies. Yeah. it’s always gonna hold a special place in my heart, but yeah, I like the gallery of classic monsters too.

it’s not scary.

Vivi: It is not scary. I am going to give this one a for all the reasons I’ve already said. Just fun. It’s cheesy there. Isn’t like a dull moment in this movie though. It’s like action. Action. Action. Action. It’s cheesy action. It’s flips for no reason, but it’s fun.

Erick: I would give it a seven

Vivi: I was expecting you to give this movie at a time, just for a stele

Erick: Dick reasons. no, I’d give it a seven. Yeah. There’s flaws here and there. But this is a time where these movies were disliked, how flashy come and make it and not make it make sense.

Vivi: what scared located

Erick: anytime that there was werewolf crawling and hauling, which is just automatic.

Vivi: He’s going to hate it. Yeah. I wonder

Erick: what Loki would look like as a world Wolf

Vivi: is really funny because he has an underbite. He’d

Erick: have like the giant chest and the skinny legs. That’s what he looks like now for standing. That’d be creepy actually.

Vivi: Why don’t you tell us about it? Low-key

yeah, I don’t think you’d look great as a werewolf either.

Erick: he looks a little more like a werewolf from prisoner of Azkaban.

 Yeah. Remiss. that word Wolf has long Lakey legs in like a big chest.

Vivi: So dorky. Yeah, that would be low-key

It’s Harry Potter horror because it has wearable

Erick: Harry Potter is horror because it’s got witches.

Vivi: Yes. There was that whole thing about how you couldn’t read Harry Potter because it was witchcraft in schools and

Erick: stuff.

Yeah. Then we start getting into like blurred lines of. Is hoard. Just anything that has to do with that, with this supernatural, because I wouldn’t consider Twilight or even those vampires.

Vivi: Oh, it’s definitely a romance. Not, I mean, it’s horror because it’s a relationship full of red flags. Okay. But yeah, it’s vampires.

I’ve seen other horror movie podcasts cover it.

Erick: Yeah. you remember that movie back in the nineties? Two thousands? I can’t remember. Do you remember the movie Stuart little?

Yeah. That’s a weird follow-up question. Do you remember the little kid? Yes. Is that the movie was called? Is that a horror?

Vivi: Yes. I love that movie.

 But is that pretty much it for us here today?

Erick: Yes, please.

Vivi: Dear God. We’ve been at this for hours. Yeah, it’s three

Erick: in the morning.

Vivi: As always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken and scared pod except Twitter, Twitter shaken, scared pod. you can send us an

Erick: It’s the show showing, Hey John, you can get early access to episodes of our bonus episode and theme drink idea every month listen, wherever you get your podcasts, give us a follow, check out our drink videos

Vivi: Be sure to like rate, review all that good stuff.

And K thanks. Bye. Bye.

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