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The House on Skull Mountain (1974)

Erick: Welcome back to the chicken, that scared podcast here with you as always your hosts, Eric and VB. Today, we’re going to be talking about the 1974 film, the hustle and skull mountain directed by Ron hunt thinner. Before we get into that, how are you, baby?

Vivi: I’m good. I’m pretty excited. Cause we have guests again.

Erick: Whew,

Vivi: We are actually joined by the dank and deadly podcast. If you guys want to introduce yourself.

Rih: Hi, I am red, so good to be here.

Ace: I’m so excited.

Erick: what’s going on over on.

Rih: We are actually in our TV hormones right now. So we’re about to do channel zero, like at the time of this recording. So we’ll be dropping that on Thursday. I don’t know when you’re dropping, so whenever that is this week, and then we’re just going to have maybe some bonus episodes just cause we saw Batman and yes, there’s a lot of, not a spoiler, but there’s a lot of hoard teas in this iteration

Ace: of Batman’s

Erick: I’ve heard about

Vivi: Yeah, we haven’t seen it yet, but we’re trying to get out there to see it soon.

Ace: Yes, definitely.

Erick: We’ve just been putting it aside cause we’ve got some pretty crazy stuff going on and what’s going on.

Vivi: We’ve been house hunting and I don’t want to jinx anything yet, but things are getting pretty serious.

Erick: Yeah. Maybe we’ll have updated news by the time this comes out. But yeah, it’s just been crazy because of the housing market’s been boring and stuff aside. Pretty crazy.

Ace: ridiculous.

Erick: So what could we content, do you guys.

Rih: Creepy content. I actually just watched the mother, the 2017 film. That’s my agree with content. And we just watched some courage, the cowardly dog I sent to you.

Ace: I mean, just rewatching, you’re watching channel zero, really? Especially like a season three with all of the like, like cannibalism. really good.

Vivi: Yeah, I’m still in season two, the house one.

Ace: Such a good

Vivi: And that one’s interesting. Can’t wait to get to season three by the sound of it.

Erick: This is the one with the creepy pastas, right?

Rih: Yes is the one based on the creepy pastas. Um, The first one is based on candle co I’m not really sure what the one, no, in house. The second one is the butcher’s block, which is a third one is based on the search and rescue woods. And I’m, I have to figure out which the last one is based on to the pretzel.

Jack. I don’t know what the actual name of the creepy

Ace: boxes.

Vivi: Yeah. I watch it. And I’m like, I kind of remember reading this on the internet, but they add so much to make it a series. You’re like, ah, I kind of remember.

Erick: I was never like on creepypasta. I remember the stories and reading them and finding out later, like this was a creamy pasta. So I feel like I have a really blurred memory of what is, or

Vivi: No, I loved that shit.

Erick: what about you or do you have.

Vivi: Well, at the time of recording, it’s still a few days before St. Patrick’s day. So we’re working on something was Sharay from nightmare fears.

Ace: Ooh.

Vivi: So I’ve been watching a ton of Irish horror movies. That’ll give you a hint of what we’re working on. I watched the cured on Hulu RA had racks on shutter and caveat on shutter as well.

If you saw the image, you’d probably know what I’m talking about. It’s that like demonic looking rabbit that you see every time you open the app, if you saw the image, I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking

Rih: Yeah, it’s probably recognize

Ace: it. That sounds like something I would like to watch

Erick: All rabbit being held up to the camera.

Vivi: looks creepy.

Erick: I’m watching him, his cell. We picked it back up, but we were upset to find out that it’s continuing. Not because we don’t like this. But because we were like, oh, we’re on the last season. All right, cool. Let’s just kill it. And then we read that there’s two more seasons coming.

Ace: got a binge. It.

Erick: Yeah. do you guys have any comfort content when you take a break from a horror or anything that makes you feel comfortable

Rih: Well, I personally don’t really ever take a break from work, but uh, my comfort concert content, or be pushing daisies or just so like horror, Jason, that’s pretty much what I watch in between 11 little, you know, the way that it’s done is just so interesting. Like the dialogues on my lungs are so poetic and it’s just bright and happy, but it’s also nice cause it’s kind of like a crime show,

Erick: and nothing wrong with that?

Ace: right?

Um, Well I definitely take breaks. But um, my um, ultimate comfort is I like the 97 Hercules monsters, Inc. You know what I’m saying? Things

Erick: Yes.

Ace: Friday, I love Friday nights. I would watch that all day.

Erick: What about UVB?

Vivi: I don’t think I have comfort content. I mean, other than what I watch every week, which is Daria and as told by ginger.

Ace: Nice.

Erick: turning right is pretty comfortable.

Vivi: Yeah, it was pretty cute.

Erick: Cool. Well, now that we know what’s creepy and what brings comfort, do you all want to try this shot? That.

Ace: Yeah.

Vivi: this was our first time watching it for both of us, I think. I noticed there’s a lot of snakes in this movie. Lot of snake imagery, there was also a lot of wine, but I felt that was harder to make a cocktail with. So I went with a snake venom shot. Now there is a lot of snake venom shot recipes out there.

I think I saw that the original Jace has whiskey on lime juice, which sounds very bitter. So I kept that, but I added melon the core cause I wanted it to be this kind of cool green color. you guys want to give it a try,

Ace: of course we do.

Vivi: cheers.

Ace: The second one

Rih: smells.

Erick: cheers

Ace: Yeah, that’s it. That’s really good.

Erick: to try this earlier. He was sipping and I was like, this is not a sipping shot.

Vivi: No, it’s definitely one. You got to take in all at once.

Ace: Oh yeah. You get that lime at the end. Oh, you have

Erick: Yeah, I like it. What do you guys rate it?

Ace: at a 1,

Rih: 5,

Ace: 5.

Rih: I would take this. I wouldn’t take like, if this was just a shot at the bar, I would definitely take that. Like that’s really good.

Erick: that’s dangerous.

Ace: Oh yeah. Amazing. I’m sure like one more of those, this podcast might go a little off the road.

Erick: That’s totally fine. Let’s do it.

Ace: That’s a really good

Erick: So what do you give AEs? Oh, okay. So fives. What about UVB?

Vivi: Uh, As far as shots go is pretty easy to take, which is how I like my shots. So I’ll give it a four to five.

Erick: I give it a four. It’s our own. We took two. We tried it right before this, just to see if it worked out, because we didn’t want to throw you off with a bad shot, but yeah, I’ll give it a four. It’s really.

Vivi: else are you guys drinking?

Rih: My new favorite brunch drink and Aperol spritz

Erick: Ooh, it’s a nice color.

Rih: yeah, it is. That’s a really pretty color. And I think it’s orange, the core. I think that’s what, no, I think Aperol is like rhubarb orange and like all these it’s similar to a gin, but it’s more like fruity flavor. And

Ace: so

Erick: Oh, okay. Yeah. We like trying new stuff. So maybe we’ll ask you for the name after this. Oh, you’re both drinking it. Cool. We’re drinking a hazy beer hug. I dunno if you could see that.

Ace: The bear.

Erick: Yeah. Like hazy beers. Do you like this one?

Vivi: I like Casey bears.

Erick: So listeners take the shot of snake venom while you prepare yourself for these fun facts. Finding fun facts for this movie was hard. So I kind of went off of some trivia and then history, just because of when this movie came. In the 1970s as the American civil rights movement kicked in cinemas, joined him by including black actors in lead roles, creating the genre known as blaxploitation.

Several original films were made, but several reimaginings of horror classics were also made with black actors. That house on skull mountain is a retelling of the haunting on Hillhouse of 1959.

Vivi: Is that the one with Vincent Price?

Ace: Yes.

Rih: I think he is in that. I do believe he is in the hell. Like I was, I was thinking of the remake from The 1990s, which is not, not one I think he is in

Ace: that.

Erick: The one from the nineties is that the one with Owen Wilson.

Vivi: I believe so

Ace: Yeah, It is. Yeah.

Erick: It used to give

Vivi: where he gets his head taken off as a child, I gave me

Erick: one

Rih: Yeah. The house is Vincent Price. They originally.

Erick: I would dream of the lion cutting my head off.

Ace: But I’m sorry, just, just the main thing, like why I picked this moving the cover art

Erick: Oh, yeah,

Ace: seriously labeled cover ours. Like that always draws me.

Erick: yeah, yeah. That’s one way to catch attention. That’s usually how I choose anything. I do anything. I eat anything I drink.

Vivi: All life choices.

Erick: So it’s funny that you bring that up about the cover art, because the next fun facts about an art piece, there’s an illusion where Lorraina is seen sitting at a vanity that when the camera pulls back, it creates a skull.

This is an illusion to an art piece called Allah’s vanity by illustrators. See Alan Gilbert, while the original art piece can be interpreted to represent beauty fading, while death still remains beneath it, all this, the eviction can represent Lorena’s unknown past coming to haunt her and posing a threat.

That could mean death.

Rih: That’s her family

Ace: lineage. You

See, I see like a lot of reviews thinking like there’s nothing in this movie. I mean, you’re just not looking at, you just don’t know.

Erick: But that was the last phone. In fact, I don’t know if you guys saw, but I attached the picture of the art piece in the notes for today. It looks basically the same as that scene, which is kind of cool.

Vivi: Where she’s at the vanity. Yeah.

Erick: Only here. I don’t know. I was reading up a whole interpretation on what this art piece means. And it was like her looking at the viewer is like her looking at you being like, please help.

Ace: Yeah.

Rih: I’ve seen this. Like, this is so weird, but I’ve definitely seen this on Tumblr before, like awaken to Tumblr memory.

Erick: Yeah. That being said, who’s ready to do a speed run again. If we fail,

if we fail, we have to take a shot. It has to be done under a minute. Well, only take a shot if you want to.

Ace: you heard what I said though?

Erick: Right. All right. The timer is ready. Let me know when you’re ready.

Ace: Um, As ready as I’m going to be, I can do it in like 10 seconds.

Erick: Hey, that works.

Ace: you have

Rih: go in like detailed description? Say like, yeah, the house they go to the house.

Erick: And that’s the VBRO she’s like, yeah. A bunch of people showed up and then like everyone died except for this one person.

Vivi: That’s all my speed runs.

Erick: All right. Ready? 1, 2, 3.

Ace: All right. So the house and school of mountain. So it starts with like people driving, you know what I’m saying? Things like that. And like some dude just, just, just, just starts being crazy. You know what I’m saying? Trying to push her off the mountain and it comes because this guy’s an alcoholic. The thing about it is he’s.

Out of his mind drunk. That’s why he’s flirting with his cousins and stuff. That’s a side note. Don’t worry about that. Anyway. So to get into the house, we’re just kind of like, I don’t think it’s like haunted, but you know, it’s like, it’s a little spooky and all that stuff. And uh, there’s like a Butler that, oh yeah, somebody died.

So uh, the, the reason that they all came is because the grandmother died and then, you know, all the cousins and everything is coming together into the house. And then they’re like, yeah, we’re all cousins and we’re all cousins. And then, you know um, how long has it been

Rih: and

Ace: then um, dude died.

Erick: That’s all right.

Ace: So finish the drink or.

Erick: Yeah. If you want, or you can take a big sip

that wasn’t bad, though.

Ace: A minute flies.

Erick: It really does. You started off like a really long time on the beginning, and then you just flew to the end.

Ace: Yeah. Cause I was like, I wanted to get to like the snake drink, but I didn’t know how to like put that in there. So I just like was stolen for time and I was like, I’m on a limited.

Vivi: Okay. Well, even though you did a great job, I’m a go ahead and read the IMDV summary. Sometimes these are terrible with everyone trying to use every vocabulary word in their vocabulary bank ever. just before dying voodoo queen Pauline Christoph, instructs her Butler to mail a handful of letters.

The various recipients learned that they’re related to Christophe and are requested to travel to skull mountain in Georgia. For the reading of her will no sooner do they arrive. However, then a mysterious robe creature begins killing them off one by one, unable to leave the house, the survivors band together to fight what they fear is a voodoo curse.

And I am DB rates. This movie, a 4.7.

Erick: Wow.

Ace: um,

Rih: I feel like that’s a little low, but okay.

Erick: Yeah. I guess what you guys think about it before we started having.

Rih: I enjoyed it. anyone who knows me and my favorite genre is blaxploitation. So I like taking that deep dive into anything that stars a senior now. So I’m always going to love it just for, have the same, well, we watch so much white mediocrity that we should be cool seeing me angiography for black and brown people do not saying that this is mediocre because like for this time period, it does do a lot of great things.

But I think it’s pretty cool,

Ace: especially for the, like the low budget too. You know what I’m saying? If that feel, eat, definitely get the toady all the time. You know, I love a mentioned the horror and like real voodoo pure Buddha, like the last. Minutes like the ritual and all they’re dancing in the rhythm rhythm of the drunk.

Like that was pretty cool. I like that. So it was pretty good. Feel if you’re like voodoo, like horror, like comes from like child’s play and that’s like your only voodoo

Erick: Yeah,

Ace: where it comes from a little bit more, you know, whatever.

Erick: that’s a good point.

Rih: Oh my God, please. Charles Lee, where I can’t do video, I

Ace: don’t care.

Erick: What about you?

Vivi: So I was pretty surprised to learn that it is based on that Vincent Price, film house on haunted hill while I was watching it, I was like, huh, this is pretty similar, but it has a different storyline. I think it’s a bunch of friends who get invited by their creepy friend to this house. I liked that it seemed like it had a made for TV budget and worked really well with it.

I mean, some effects can be cheesy, but that’s what I love about these like made for TV, horror movies. I love the cheese.

Erick: Yeah, I definitely liked it going into it. I knew nothing. So I was like, I don’t know if people liked this film or if they hate it, but there is one scene in the middle that I was like, why is this here? And I’m sure you guys know which one I’m talking about. It went from zero to a hundred with two characters that I was like, they had like, no buildup, but now they’re doing this.

But other than that, yeah,


Ace: Uh,

Rih: We can get into

Erick: All right, well, I’m ready to dive into it. How about you?

Vivi: Let’s do this.

Erick: We get an intro with people playing on some bongos lightning strikes, and we see a house on top of a mountain with a skull on it. The mansion looks cool and has a scold door knocker. I looked this up and apparently the production team thought that this was one way they can make the house look scary.

I was like, what?

Vivi: I mean, yeah, I guess.

Erick: How do we make this banquet hall creepy? I think it’s supposed to be a banquet hall in real life.

Vivi: Is it really, it looks like a man.

Ace: Yeah, it does.

Erick: Next. We see an old woman getting her last rights, read to her and her deathbed by a priest. As a younger man watches, the woman says the father needs to help her. The younger man tries to stop her, but she tells him to bring her her letter case. She gives some letters to the priest and tells him to mail them for her.

A woman listens at the door as the priest and younger man, leave the room. The priest leaves and the woman asks about the letters and whether she sent for them, quote, unquote, the man says they might not come, but that if they do Pauline will die. Happy in the room. The old woman pulls a voodoo doll out of a box.

We assume she dies while looking at it and see lightning strike. We get the name of the film bursting into flames. As people play the bongos and we get a view of a skull with black candle wax getting lit the opening credits end as the candles put out. This interesting is pretty.

Ace: Yeah.

Rih: I love the title card and the way that It just goes

Ace: into flames.

Vivi: It was pretty cool. I want one.

Ace: Yes.

Erick: So when the movie started, I thought maybe these two characters related, it didn’t really hit me, that they were servants to her because it doesn’t really imply that at first,

Ace: Yeah.

Vivi: also kind of thought they were her children. I thought it was like her son not wanting the mother’s will to be read to the rest of the family. When I first watched it,

Erick: I could see that a woman is driving on the mountain site and gets haunted by a guy who has, nor near her efforts to do notice that he’s nowhere near her car and he’s

already honking,

Rih: From miles away.

Ace: That was the thing that popped out of my brain the most

Rih: it’s like, what is he doing? Ready once you’re out of the way. Like no other car is loud

Erick: but he starts riding her until he hits her bumper and causes her to swerve. The guy then decides to floor it and go around

Vivi: you

could have done that in the first place, dude. There was no traffic.

Ace: on a cliff though. So dangerous.

Erick: She pulls over pissed at what just happened and gets out of her car. She looks across the valley and notices the house on school mountain. It’s really cool. Cause it looks like they made a miniature and then just scaled it up.

Vivi: This gave me such Scooby doo vibes, like,

Rih: that literally in my notes.

Vivi: like the Scooby doo intros. I’m here for it

Erick: I’d like to point out that Ray is wearing a Scooby-Doo shirt,

Vivi: as we speak.

Erick: got to keep striving and looks happy about what he just did when he notices a red skull, it keeps flashing in front of him and he starts to panic and pulls over to look around the woman, passes him and mean mugs him while he just smiles at her.

Vivi: So this character, I mean,

Ace: on somebody.

Vivi: we’ll get to it later, but just the fact that he keeps trying to fuck his cousin, like.

Erick: All of them, not even just her he’s trying with Harriet later

Vivi: Everyone in this

Ace: single one?

Erick: with Louette.

Rih: And there were different things killing what’d he say, I’m going to

Ace: go buckle up.

Erick: She drives up to the house. It’s beautiful house and tries knocking, but no one answers. She walks around the back and notices. The priest is reading prayers while the man and woman from earlier, watch the greatest smoke coming from it. And there’s a bunch of broken glass. She also notices a Raven watches from above holding beads with a stick and feather, which we later learn is called a Wonga.

The man and woman looked at her and seemed disappointed. She’s there. The woman grabs a handful of dirt to throw in, but the bird flies in squawks in her direction while dropping the Walnut into the grave. The other woman smiles as the priest stops praying and grease her. She says her name is Lee. Okay.

So I kept thinking her name was Lorina, but it’s Lorraina, right?

Rih: some people say that like, yeah, like Labrina but then some people say

Ace: Lorraina, right?

Vivi: I even heard marina and like the way one of them pronounced it. I don’t know. I was like, what is her name? The whole movie,

Erick: It also doesn’t help that we watched this on YouTube and I tried to put the auto captions on and they were just so

Ace: We do.

Vivi: terrible subtitles.

Rih: They are horrible. It wasn’t

Ace: me. Right.

Rih: it was laughable when they were trying to translate like the, whatever the priest was saying. I’m positive pasta and marinara like popped up in the subtitle. I was like, not

Ace: the pasta is here.

Vivi: Anytime that Thomas was trying to do his ritual, I would try to predict what he was saying. And it was just all kinds of garbage.

Erick: She says her name is Lorena, Christoph and hopes. She’s not intruding. The priest says he didn’t know more relatives would be showing up. And she wonders about the local customs saying she’s never seen glass on graves before the priest says glass is supposed to ward off evil spirits and keep them from stealing the soul of the departed.

I guess we saw that it doesn’t work later,

Ace: Yeah.

Erick: but maybe Thomas has like glass passing, magic glass passing magic. Yeah.

The other woman looks down at the grave and notices blood coming from the wan guys at burst into flames and burns a hole into the coffin. The hole disappears in the woman yells for them to cover it. As two men started shoveling dirt into the. The priest leaves. And the man from earlier introduces himself as Thomas.

He asks for her luggage while she asks who’s car is there. He says, it belongs to her cousin, Phillip, and she says she wants to meet him. She goes inside to look around while he watches her suspiciously, a man hits the keys on a piano and startles her. She isn’t impressed, but he asks her what brings her into town.

She says it was the funeral of their great, great grandmother. She brings up a stupid driving and he starts hitting on her saying he hates funerals because he doesn’t like seeing fine women cry.

Vivi: Sure. She’s pissed because he’s acting like it’s all a joke. He says, it all means nothing to him. And she’s like, why are you even here? Then he says the ticket was free, but he didn’t even know her. She says she didn’t either. I hate him.

So did they give him a script? Because it felt like he was ad-libbing a lot of his lines.

Ace: yeah, this is like, he annoys me. ‘

Rih: cause like, I’m like it. Some of it wasn’t funny, like at, it didn’t seem to fit really. That’s why I have, sometimes it felt like, yeah, it felt outlived a little bit, but isn’t He a comedian? So I guess that gave him that freedom.

Erick: He wasn’t even subtle in the way that he was hitting on them. He’d go from Lorena and be like, oh man. All right. I struck out here. What about you? Louette you good? You got some time.

Ace: Uh, Hey second cousin, because

Rih: immediately as she walks in Chile, who’s like, we’re all in cousins, right? Like that’s already been established. Like everyone here is related. This is a funeral.

Erick: I’m surprised he didn’t go out there. Andrew, at that point

in the kitchen, Thomas asks you the woman what’s wrong. And she looks out the window worried. She tells him what she saw earlier in the grave and says a Wonga means someone will die. She says it was meant for her and he doesn’t believe it to be anything. She says, Pauline had more power than they thought.

He just says the dead have no power. And it seems to be in charge because he tells her to go tend to their guests. He’s like uh, does she have something better to do instead of asking all these questions, that’s how you know that he’s suspicious. Like automatically at first I thought maybe him and Louette were in on it as like brother and sister.

Yeah. In the living room, Phillip plays with decorations on the wall, as it tells them, she’ll see them to their rooms. Phillip asks when the will is going to be read because they usually are after funerals. She says it won’t be until Mr. LeDoux, the family lawyer shows up this house has an elevator. That was apparently for Pauline Fancy.

Vivi: Yeah, she is so rich. If you look at this house,

Erick: This one lady just lives on her own here. Yeah. In a mansion. I wonder how she got all this money. Oh yeah. Well I guess they’re Kristoff’s

Rih: I mean, it’s the seven years and we know like half of her, like she, we know there’s some white people in her family, so we got to wonder

Ace: question, mark customer

Erick: yeah.

Ace: reparations.

Erick: Oh yeah. The scene just exists to emphasize that the elevator exists in the first place because when they go to it, it just looks like a regular door, but later it becomes Phillips death bed subtle. Very subtle. Yeah. He’s also pissed because they don’t let him use it.

Ace: And he got like snappy at her because she told him what’s wrong with this drunk. Right.

Erick: We see a plane at me, Ms. Johnson. She notices a hooded figure, a few seats ahead of her who looks back at her with no face. This thing looks kind of like the sand people from star wars.

Ace: Wow. I didn’t even like,

Erick: She screams and we see the figure is gone. Everyone on the plane is like, are you good? I thought this was hilarious.

Rih: scream the one tone.

Erick: Yeah. It was like,

it’s storing them back at the house. But we see the Raven from earlier is in a cage. Phillip messes with it as he goes downstairs and notices room door open. He tries to look inside, but Thomas comes up from behind and startles him. Thomas is like really creepy with Phillip because he’s always just like on his ear.

Ace: It doesn’t say anything.

Erick: No, and I think Phillip’s snaps back at them on the second time, I think. And he’s like, why are you always doing that?

I like to make sure Thomas just doing this to Pauline all the time,

Vivi: Just everyone. That’s how he enters rooms.

Ace: as close to as possible.

Erick: Phillip just moves on and finds a little wet tending to a fire. He decides the best way to greet her is to pinch her butt. And she also gets startled.

Rih: And he also gets way too close here. I’m like,

Erick: Yeah. It’s real uncomfortable because this is obviously a time where we depict these kinds of interactions as

like fine or not fine, but like, she doesn’t say anything to be like, you know, fuck off.

Vivi: She doesn’t punch him in the face immediately. Like she showed up.

Ace: know you touched me first. Punch you in the face.

Erick: He starts hitting on her while Thomas watches and asks what people do around there. She stares at him and comfortably, as he tells her a man likes smiling faces around his house. So he also starts acting like he owns the place,

Ace: Yeah, as drunks usually do you know.

Erick: Phillip box off and finds Thomas greeting, Harriet Johnson, introducing them as cousins. Thomas takes her to her room and she meets Lorraina. Upstairs later, everyone meets downstairs and we meet Mr. Luddu, the lawyer he asks. If they’ve met Dr. Cunningham, who’s the fourth person who needs to be there.

Phillips pissed. They have to wait for Mr. LeDoux to read a letter. And just curious to hear the will. Mr. LeDoux reads the letter out loud from Pauline saying their family history is strong. She says the Christoph legacy is a treasure beyond price. And can’t be given her enemies are defeated, but there’s my lie.

Dormant. This enemies piece just reminds me of the 10 litter swindler when he’s like my enemies.

Vivi: Oh, yeah. Have you guys seen that done?

Erick: Watch it for just that the guys, like my enemies are after me. I’m lying to you because my enemies are after me. I need 300 bucks. So I could fly to wherever because my enemy is

Vivi: He called women out of like thousands of dollars on Tinder.

Ace: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Erick: even when they would like catch him in his act, he’d be like, oh, it’s my enemies who were lying to you? Who told you this?

Ace: You’re buying your desk.

Erick: It’s all I, yeah, she says there are many dangers. It will not be in vain for blood calls to blood and will not be denied. It’s obviously all cryptic to, all right, that’s cool. Andrew is trying to piece it all together later, but it still doesn’t make sense.

Ace: Deanna.

Vivi: I am also going to write my wildest cryptic.

Rih: the scavenger hunt. Will it be land? Give me something to do on this big ass property.

Erick: The lawyer says, he’ll come back when Mr. Cunningham gets there and Phillip is not happy. Lorena joins him politely because Phillip’s like, what the fuck? And Lorraine is like, what he’s trying to say is we all have jobs and can’t wait, but says will return in a week. And if Cunningham isn’t there, he’ll read the will.

Thomas comes in saying dinner is ready while the group asks who Dr. Cunningham is since he probably knows the family more than anyone, he says, he’s been there for 20 years. And that the family was like his own. He points out a room that was Pauline’s favorite. As it has the portraits of every Christophe in the family.

He points out Henry Christoph who led his people out of slavery and let a nation, Phillip tries to joke around about this, but Thomas isn’t having any of it. He says he was a great man and king king Henry. The first of Haiti, Lorena says she read about him and how he led the rebellion against France. The women want to know more and Phillip just X board, he’s not impressed with the king of Haiti.

Vivi: I think he made a joke about. Lorena mansplaining everything back to Thomas about what he just said,

Erick: She does. Yeah, because Thomas was like, he was the king of Haiti and led the rebellion against France. And she’s like, oh, I think I read about him. He was the king of Haiti and let her a billion. Right.

Vivi: like, yes. Good job. Thank you for listening.

Erick: Thomas explains that Louis Tambala and again, this was a for YouTube, so titles. So if you’re a listener and you know what the true pronunciation is, let us know, but a little at the ball up possessed Henry and assigned beads to remind him of everything. He owed Lou at the Paula, when he became king Phillip jokes around saying beads aren’t anything special.

And Thomas says he shouldn’t joke around about Lilith and Paula as it’s a very powerful spirit. You don’t fuck with spirits, dude, not even in store.

Vivi: Nope.

Ace: You don’t even have to tell me that it’s powerful, like spirit.

Erick: Phillips like you don’t really believe that stuff to you as another man enters the room saying millions of people do. So why not? This is Andrew Cunningham, a white man who Phillip has a problem with because he’s white and is confused about them being related Loraina and Harriet introduced themselves and ask him what he’s a doctor of.

He says, he’s an anthropologist at the university of Maine. They all decided they were hungry and ready for dinner. They exchange casual dinner words, but Philip asks how Cunningham might be related. He’s really interested in why this white guy is at the table and also has a hand in the will.

Ace: the thing is, he’s just so ready to cut somebody out of the money or we’ll like, he’s like, Yeah.

that’s a red flag right there. Like you’re not, he was

Erick: Yeah.

Ace: so ready.

Vivi: I don’t know if I’d find it that odd because people do marry other races.

Ace: Yeah.

Rih: Adoption exists. There’s lots of

Vivi: Yeah, exactly. I get that. This was the seventies, right? When this came out. So maybe it was less common. But now it’d be like, oh yeah, we probably are related.

Erick: Cunningham says he doesn’t really know because he was left on the doorstep at an orphanage. He says he’s there for information not inheritance.

Vivi: The issue I do kind of have with this character though, is that he plays like this white savior.

Ace: Yeah.

Erick: I think that’s why I don’t like his character because he plays this role. Like he knows more than everyone.

Rih: Yeah,

It’s giving me like kill bill, like the over in age versus the I’m like, that’s not realistic. Like you’re not going to as a white man who just read a few pages about voodoo takeout and someone who’s been doing voodoo for God knows, has helped me,

Erick: Yeah,

I wanted to bring this up. I feel like sometimes when we watch films with Fooda, we talked about this kind of with , which doctors are seen as the bad guy. I was worried that this would do the same thing to Buddha and it kind of does in a way, but also Buddha ends up saving them. So it doesn’t villainize it to the full.

Vivi: Yeah, I think it’s saving them is what makes the movie good as well as, and I like this point that. When they make the point about Pauline studying voodoo and they’re like, no, she was Catholic. They’re like, no, you could do both. They’re not mutually exclusive. And I liked

Rih: A lot of magic is intertwined with Catholicism and I don’t think people realize,

Vivi: It’s super pagan. And we talk about this on the show a lot. When movies with religious themes come up religion, super pagan in origin.

Ace: it is.

Erick: Lightning strikes and everyone’s a little startled, but they start talking about Paulie and how she didn’t really tell them much to figure out what’s next. Andrew says it’s probably because she believed in voodoo. Lorraine is confused because Pauline was Catholic. But Andrew says that doesn’t mean she can be into both.

He explains that in Haiti, the Virgin Mary is another version of the voodoo goddess earthly. He says he knows all this because he’s always been drawn to learn about voodoo more lightning strikes causing the lights to go out, Thomas hands, everyone candles. And they all decided to go to bed. Phillips stays awake, looking around, seeing what might be a little longer in a case as we see the wet wall.

Through event. We see these little Wanda’s and signs of threats throughout the house.

Vivi: Oh, so I just love that had to creep and just watching everyone through the vents.

Erick: That’s why I heard death kind of doesn’t make sense later.

Vivi: Her character confuses me a little bit.

Erick: It makes me think that maybe she was in a Thomas and with Thomas being into Lorraina. She might’ve.

Vivi: got pushed aside.

Erick: Yeah. And she might’ve been vengeful and that’s why she helps out Andrew later, he notices the cemetery outside and it’s startled by Thomas Phillips starts making fun of the place. And Thomas saying it’s all full of spooks.

He asks him if he really believes in all that voodoo stuff. And Thomas says, he’s seen very many strange things, lightning strikes, and we see people playing bongos. Again, they really like their lightning strike view of the house with the skull mountain. Cause I guess that’s the only way that you would really emphasize that this house sounds skull mountain.

Vivi: It rains every night at this place.

Erick: Do you think it rains every night that they’re there because they’re at the house and it just rains on that mountain.

Ace: yes,

Rih: no, because even when she pulls out, like the only place that’s foggy is gone mountain and like the whole, like the clouds clear and then you see it and then it goes back to being dark.

Erick: True. I wouldn’t mind if it rain all the time. I kind of like it when it rains.

Vivi: Not if your power goes out every night, that sucks.

Erick: Sure. If your power of the house goes out, but if your voodoo power gets stronger,

Vivi: Fair enough,

Erick: I’d like it.

Yeah. And just get struck. Yeah. Every night I get my Buddha powers by getting struck by lightning. That’s your opening conversation at Starbucks? Here’s your.

Vivi: Please leave

Through the dinner. I don’t know if you guys notice this, but Philip just keeps refilling his wine cup

Ace: come on. He’s drunk.

Vivi: at that point. Just drink out of the decanter.

Erick: again. People are playing bongos and Lorena’s is in her room, looking in the mirror. As we get the flash of a skull, it uses her head and reflection as a skull’s eyes. Suddenly the window opens and she sees a hooded figure with the skeleton hand pointing at her. She screams and runs out of her room, running into Phillip who tries to hit on her.

Dr. Cunningham comes out to tell Philip he’s drunk and to leave her alone. And Phillip, isn’t happy about it, but Lorraina calms him down and tells him to go to bed. I like how Lorraina takes this opportunity to forget what just happened. She’s like, oh shit. This guy is here to hit on me again. Uh, Let me just go back to.

Vivi: I would say that this scene is the first time Phillip goes from being like an annoying comedy figure to like concerning.

Ace: yeah. A little, a little too aggressive, like.

Vivi: and we need the other man to step in. Cause you know, when she says, no, it’s not enough, but side note, she goes to bed in a very fancy outfit and I do not do this.

Erick: That sounds like you want to do this.

Vivi: I mean, I wish I was this extra.

She’s got that fluttery robe. Her hair is all down. She has so much hair. Yeah.

Ace: in bed,

Erick: We get shots of the cemetery in here. And incantation Thomas is holding a skull with a black candle on its forehead, moving it back and forth across his face. Phillip is in bed restless and gets up to investigate. Thomas grabs the food of doll in a coffin on the table. He flashes a needle while we see Phillip approaching a door, that needle is gigantic like bro, it’s a tiny doll.

You didn’t need a one foot needle to stab the whole doll. That tiny one would have done fine.

Vivi: He was about to grab a kitchen knife.

Erick: Basically,

Ace: dude,

Rih: all slashing. And

Ace: this is what.

Vivi: He’s like, I really hate Philip

Erick: that actually makes for a good horror movie idea. Like the person’s chopping up a, a doll and then the person in real lives getting chopped up and body parts

Ace: Yo

that will be like chunks

Rih: of a person falling

Ace: off of them.

Rih: Chunks of

Erick: Yeah,

Rih: it would be movie with them. They got her arborist flasher. We got a whole lot.

Erick: C it sounds like we’ve got the makings of a good movie, actually. So while we were watching, I was asking BB, like, what do you think this movie would look like if it were done? Now,

Rih: It could definitely be interesting, especially with like the racial dichotomy within it, like brought into now it, I mean, it could go knives out ish, like that kind of thing.

Erick: we’re thinking the same thing. I was going to say that too,

Vivi: I’d watch that.

Erick: Phillip opens that door and finds the Lorina and this dreamlike Hayes, Thomas stabs the needle into the doll, Phillip reaches for Lorina, and we hear him scream. Everyone wakes up to investigate and they find the door to the elevator shaft open. Dr. Cunningham says there’s something at the bottom. And they all go down to find out.

Thomas appears and says he heard a scream. He’s like, what, what happened? And he’s all sweaty. The elevator chef goes all the way down to the sellers. So they go down and find the Phillips body. Dr. Cunningham finds a Wonga next to Philip’s body and seems to know what it might be. The part that I think doesn’t work is that if one goes, are being left behind at each death scene, you’re leaving clues behind is the killer.

Ace: Yeah, that is, yeah, that’s

Erick: And at dinner you already heard of that. Andrew has been setting up on voodoo.

Vivi: That’s true. You need to cover your tracks a little better, Thomas.

Rih: I’m trying to frame Andrew.

Erick: Oh yeah. They can do that too. Also wonder how the voodoo killings actually happened. Do they tap into a part of the person without Thomas knowing? So like his thing is just create this ritual that will cause them to die. But what happens actually to them is completely unknown to the person conducting the ritual.

So like he wouldn’t know that Philip would have seen Lorraine at the shaft. He just knows it’s going to be something that kills Philip.

Vivi: It’s like very personal, but the voodoo master wouldn’t know what kills them,

Erick: Yeah. Or like Harriet seen the stuff on the plane. Like Thomas wouldn’t know anything about that, but that’s what ends up getting.

Vivi: man. Poor Harriet.

Erick: I know she’s like the one that least deserved anything.

Vivi: She didn’t.

Ace: She didn’t do anything.

Erick: She also almost got away.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: Honestly, Thomas could have just been like, Hey guys, can you let me some power? So I can restore my people. Like they’re not the original Christoph who allegedly took their power. Like, if he’d just asked, like, Hey, can I have some, they’d be like, well, we really don’t give a shit. We just found out we have these.

So go for it.

Rih: That’s it. So it.

was Henry Kristoff, the white one. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Where does Andrew come into this? Because I feel like that’s the only way. Does that make sense? If they’re trying to make it like the whole sins of the lineage,

Ace: but

Rih: because who is

Ace: like, I don’t know.

Erick: They showed a portrait of them. But do you remember if he was a white guy?

Vivi: No, I kept waiting for the whole explanation of Andrew. Cause it was just a weird discussion later.

Erick: just. When Lorraine is like, let’s go. And he’s like, no, I need to find out, let’s go back to the house.

Vivi: You really are a white dude. Do you want to go back to the haunted house?

Erick: They call the sheriff who shows up, asking what all happened. The cop is also confused as to why Dr. Cunningham is white. And Dr. Gundam just says he’s related to Pauline. Lorina says Phillip had been drinking and they conclude that. That’s probably why he fell. The sheriff says they all can’t leave until it all gets cleared up though, the cop leaves and they all decide to go to bed while we get an ominous shot of Thomas staring off into the distance.

I think if I walked away from being like, all right, guys, well have a good night. And all of us showed off except for one who’s just like staring off at nothing.

Ace: It’s just like

Erick: The next day, everyone is upset about not being able to leave. Dr. Cunningham says that there’s something there that they’re not seeing yet. Lorena says, he sounds just like Pauline. He’s like, we’re not just here for a funeral. Yes you are. You just missed it. Lorena is like, why would it even matter? Andrew says it’s important to him.

Thomas is outside working in a shed. His lawyer comes out to ask him why the sheriff was there. He says, don’t worry about it. But she says, he’s an outsider. Just like their guests and outsiders always mean trouble. She says, she’s also noticed how he’s been looking at Lorraina, but he says, it’s because she’s a Christoph.

And she’s like, so was Phillip, but he’s not having any of it. And he sends her back into the house.

Vivi: Yeah. Well, you checking out Phillip like that.

Erick: Yeah, seriously,

Rih: trying to say that she was the most power.

Ace: And she just did not know it.

Erick: Lorena, I think they were trying to say that she was the most connected to the lineage. Right.

Vivi: I think so. And I think it also has to do with Thomas, wanting to pick who to merge the bloodlines with, like, why didn’t he pick Harriet? She might’ve gone for it.

Erick: And he just went for who he thought was hotter.

Ace: Yeah.

Erick: Yeah,

Rih: She’s hot. That’s a matter of power

Ace: level.

Vivi: just wanted all the cousins there to see who was the hottest.

Erick: it’s the bachelor for voting.

Rih: funeral as a bachelor. Damn.

Erick: And if you lose, you get poked with the giant needle.

Rih: I mean,

Vivi: This was that show love is blind before the show existed.

Ace: Nice and Alabama.

Erick: Thomas is like, I don’t know who Phillip and Andrew are, but they might be women as well.

Vivi: Can’t rule them out.

Erick: Lorena and Andrew decided to go to Atlanta and fight Harriet, but she says, she’s just going to stay at the house. She should’ve gone.

Vivi: Yeah. I wouldn’t say at a house where someone literally just died,

Erick: I’m wondering if the powers only work, if you’re within a certain vicinity, because if she had gone, would they have worked on her in Atlanta?

Vivi: it seems like because they’re doing all the rituals in the underground.

Ace: Yeah,

Vivi: area of the house.

Ace: like that’s a big energy source light down there. You know,

Rih: that’s probably like,

Ace: that’s probably where most of the energy is

Erick: Yeah. There’s an invisible force field that once they pass the camp.

Vivi: Yeah. It’s all the fog and the intro

Ace: Well, where’s the

Rih: plane. Where does she come from? Well, not like that. We would know where any of this people. Okay.

Erick: Yeah. I’m wondering if the reason that she was seeing stuff was because maybe Harriet was the strongest and Thomas just missed the dart.

Vivi: he just went with who was hottest.

Erick: Who knows. Maybe Harriet would have been in there.

Vivi: I don’t know if he was like charming and maybe played his cards. Right.

Ace: But when you can possess somebody

Vivi: Listen, if we’re going for easiest, Phillip was right for anyone. And any thing.

Rih: maybe we get a little more

Fixed Dank n Deadly Original File: alcohol

Ace: and

Erick: That’s the real reason that Thomas was getting close to Phillip was he was just getting close to them to see if he’d pinch his.

Ace: yeah,

Erick: yeah, when he got rejected, he was to say, all right, well he’s first Harriet back at the house, notices a glass case with a snake and get spooked. But the camera zooms out when we see no snake upstairs, Loreena is scared by a hooded figure in the reflection of the medicine cabinet. She looks around to see if it’s really there, but she just hurries up.

In Atlanta, we get a date montage of Dr. Cunningham and Loreena out of nowhere, doing all kinds of stuff, holding hands, shopping in a museum

Vivi: You are,

Rih: exactly I was like, is this pertinent to the mystery? Like, are they trying to figure out what’s going on in the town? Anything now? Okay.

Ace: They’re

Vivi: it’s just, yeah, they’re holding hands and shopping and.

Rih: I guess, because he’s white, they’re less related.

Vivi: He did say he was adopted, but still.

Erick: at the end, they don’t really like say that he found his answer. He’s like, I’m going to stick around and find my answers and cover the whole house until I find out it’s like, dude, you’re probably adopted. Just.

Rih: so is he adopted. by the Kristoff’s or was he Just.

or was it like a Texas chainsaw, three needs situation where he finds out he’s adopted and it was like, oh, this is my lineage. That’s what I didn’t get.

Ace: Like, he’s trying to figure it out.

Erick: So when I was doing fun facts, I found that there was apparently going to be like a spinoff show. Like the director for the movie here was going to produce the series. But when I looked up pictures and casts, I couldn’t find anything related to it,

Vivi: Oh, so like it was in production, but it never came about

Erick: but it’s weird because I had a year range, like it actually happened, but I couldn’t find anything if you’re a listener and, you know, let us know. But I’m wondering if the movie was supposed to trail off into the show.

Vivi: would have made more

Ace: see,

that would have been lit

Rih: and it made a lot more sense.

Ace: Like,

Erick: Yeah, but I would have hated it if it followed Andrew.

Ace: and it

Rih: probably did. I mean, it probably then

Erick: That’s why I got cancer. do we make a movie with an all black cast and then end up with a TV show about Andrew,

Rih: can see it’s the white safe here.

Erick: even with Lorena being the closest one to the Christoph lineage, they gave Andrew the more interesting story and kind of just put her to the side as a damsel in distress.

Vivi: I would have loved, well, I guess I could save this for the end, but I don’t want to forget if this soak some power in her. And she was able to fight off Thomas that would have made a much more interesting story than like Andrews. Who am I story?

Erick: Yeah. That who am I story should have gone to Loraina.

Ace: exactly.

Erick: We could have had like a Scarlet, which cell story we’re learning is just figuring out her powers.

Rih: And then it could’ve just been, the mysterious white man was adopted by their family. He gets nothing like by

Erick: Even Lorraina didn’t want them we’ll get to it. But I thought the ending was just so funny when he’s like, stay with me and she’s like, no, this was a fling bro.

Cause this isn’t all romantic, dude. He’s like this journey. Wouldn’t be anything without you. Please stay with me. And she’s like, Moran’s here credits.

Ace: that’s

Rih: staying in the haunted house. Brown.

Ace: I don’t know if I’m black or white.

Erick: Oh my God. That line was ridiculous.

Rih: look in the mirror like it’s right there.

Vivi: When he said. You are white, sir?

Erick: Where was I? All right. We’re still on Harriet died.

 Lightning strikes back at the house and we see Harriet walking past Pauline’s room. The door has a lock on it, but it falls as the door opens. Harriet goes into the room and notices the shrine with the Virgin Mary and a Wonga. I cheer in front of the fireplace rocks back and forth behind her. And she approaches.

Vivi: Nope.

Erick: said this before, and I’ll say it again. I hate the whole slow approach. I’d see this. And I’d go up to that chair who is here.

Rih: I love a good rocking chair scene though. I love alone rocking chair in the room. I don’t know why it’s always good. Always

Ace: a URI.

Vivi: I think I would see that. And I’d be like, that’s none of my business. You do. You

Erick: Kick the fucking chair into the fireplace.

Vivi: that’s probably already dead. It’s not going to

Rih: then something’s

going to like scream in the flames and you don’t want to see that like

Ace: yeah,

Erick: She does the chair and a snake lunges at her. She screams and offscreen dies, Andrew and Loreena. Hear her and run upstairs to help they find Harriet on the ground. And Andrew notices another one go by her body. They run to the car with her body, take her to a hospital and Thomas on the way it washed and just laugh from the door.

They don’t even wait for them to drive off and are just like.

Ace: love it.

Erick: At the house, Thomas commences, another ritual as they drive through this storm. Thomas has two coffins in front of him, but only opens one and grabs only one doll. He puts it in the coffin. Well, back in the car, we see Harriet waking up and Lorraine, his arms, Thomas grabs a long needle. While Harry in the car looks at Dr.

Cunningham driving and sees a sad person, a hooded figure. Instead, a skull flies at her wall. Thomas drives the needle into the doll. They pull over in front of some cops who confirm her dead. They go to the hospital where they’re told a heart attack is what killed her Andrew and Lorraina talk. After everyone leaves the room and he tells her, he’ll get her a hotel room and bring her luggage in the morning.

She’s confused and surprised that he doesn’t believe what happened, where accidents he says they couldn’t be and shows her the Wonga. She’s like, so you’re trying to say, this is all because of voodoo and he confirms, but she asks why, like, she’s really going in. She’s like why everyone’s dying at the house.

Let’s just go. He repeats the line from Pauline’s letter that their enemies are coming to life because they’re Kristoff’s and Lorena isn’t having any of it. She’s like, if this is true with let’s just go. And Andrew says he has to go back to find out who he is. He says an awkward line saying he doesn’t even know what color he is.

Ace: No I’m saying

Erick: And Lorena’s like,

but then he makes it even weirder comment. And he’s like, it’s not about the color. It’s about the knowing you just made it about color.

Vivi: Let me tell you how you know what you are, sir. You drove a car with the dead body in the back and the cops immediately believed you. You know what color you are.

Ace: Yeah. She died of a heart attack.

Erick: Back at the house. Lorena sleeps while Andrew reads a book about performing Buddha and starts falling asleep too. We hear the music start and see a snake approaching Lorraina. This thing is huge and it climbs her bodies. She wakes up, but falls back to sleep. As the stink starts making its way toward Andrew.

Did you guys notice that she like opens her eyes and then it goes back to

Ace: I think she

Rih: fainted

I think it should have been more dramatic, but I think it was supposed to be her fainting, like being like, oh shit,

Ace: It’s rubbing me.

Erick: It’s probably me.

Vivi: I’m not dealing with this.

Erick: I was also thinking about the actress because it looks like she actually did the stunt.

Ace: So she was probably like, this is all I got. Now it’s a friendly snake, but stay really say.

Erick: We see Thomas doing another ritual and Lorena spirit leave her body. Her body follows her spirit right after, and she walks out the room going downstairs in a trans it’s kind of weird because it’s like, she stands up and then her after image follows afterward, it walks into her.


Vivi: Yeah, I thought it was supposed to be like an Astro projection thing, but her body follows like immediately afterwards.

Rih: yeah. Stealing her spirit or something to put like Pauline in her. That’s what I thought at first, but then she just got up.

Ace: So really he was just like taking her freewill well and like demanded her spirit to do what he want and like our body just follow it.

Erick: right there. We’re like, how do we show her being possessed? Let’s just have her walk into herself.

Ace: I mean, look at her. She was just like dancing down there. Great time.

Erick: Yeah. She’s like Andrew, I wanted this Schindler’s room downstairs. As the music stops. When we see Andrew wake up upstairs, he notices she’s gone and runs up to look for her and finds the, in a room downstairs asking her where Thomas is because he has Lorraina. It’s like she didn’t get invited to her own party.

Vivi: This confused me so much. One minute, she’s walking Andrew down and the next. She’s like tied to the totem pole being sacrificed.

Erick: you think maybe it was like, her spirit was also separated from her

Vivi: Oh, possibly.

Erick: and that was her spirit helping Andrew.

Vivi: Or did we miss something?

Ace: Maybe.

Erick: Louis. Like, it’s not that simple, but she’ll show him only if they leave tonight. She takes him to the ladder from earlier where Philip fell and died. He opens the door at the bottom and calls it to lawyer, but she’s gone. We see a crowd of people dancing and start screaming. There’s a man in the middle of who they surround and touch all over.

Andrew hides and watches. The ritual from the door. Lord is tied to a pillar. Somehow the man from earlier carries a figure with a skull at the top. Thomas appears and takes it from the man as the grass, Hans and spin in the center of the room. He’s wearing a yellow garb that they removed so he can join the ritual.

While Andrew watches, he notices the snake from earlier approach and enters the room full of people. He’s just like out in the open and no one says anything.

Vivi: No one notices him.

Erick: No one notices the only white man.

Rih: The Buddha ritual in the basement.

Ace: I’m just noticing these perfect. they’re rolling the hell out them. Hips. I’m telling you.

Erick: The other man appears again, holding the snake as everyone screams, the snake goes around LeWitt’s feet and up to her neck, Thomas and the other man approached her. He pulls a knife and flashes it past her face before, handing it back to the other man who also fleshes the knife. Pastor Thomas takes the knife again, and then they do it all over again.

They’ve fleshed the knife past her face, pretend to stab her. And they do this like over and over again until they finally establish

Ace: in some

Rih: part of the whole ass name fakes.

Erick: though, it’s like, just do it already.

Ace: And at first I would have been like the second time I worried about

Erick: We’re doing this or not. I’m ready. Thomas scream something. And finally stabs her. The music stops and everyone stops dancing, but Thomas makes a signal to start the music again. He’s like what happened? The party was just getting started. Let’s keep going and pulls Lorene out from the crowd who joins the dancing.

I want to point out that this whole scene is actually really cool. Like everyone’s really into the music. The music is good.

Ace: and unison, like straight up the rhythm, the beat, like

Rih: the ad-libs it makes it, I mean, this whole thing kind of reminded me. Parts of like Dario Argento. Like it gave me a little tease, like, especially with the window and home, like the finger pointing in her, mind, me of this a Spirio window. And like, even that, like the voices that he uses in like the, which is the which score and all that kind of stuff.

Like, I like it. I mean, that’s whole seventies.

Ace: Like,

Vivi: Yeah, the whole seventies vibe.

Erick: And where did these people come from?

Vivi: Have they been here the whole time?

Rih: I mean, it’s a call, does it not? Does this count as a Colt? I feel like this, like I’m doing like secret rituals on The ground and we don’t really know where people came from. Like in they’re trying to get their power back,

Ace: keeping a constant rain cloud over the school Mount. Like how did they do that?

Erick: The people disappear. So I still wasn’t sure, like, are they real or not? Like, do they get someone to, with the ritual?

Ace: spirits.

Erick: That’s true. Maybe like their lineage or something. Andrew calls out to Loraina and Thomas yells back seeing Lorraina, obeys, only him, Andrew grabs a torch off the wall and approaches them the fight between Andrew and this younger man.

Once he grabs the torch is hilarious because he kind of just flashes it at them. And the other man comes out of nowhere and just drop kicks. The torch out of his hand,

Ace: He’s so agile

Erick: Thomas also kicks Andrew and Andrew grabs a machete off the ground. While Thomas chants something causing a machete to appear in his hand, they have a sword fight that results in Thomas getting the upper hand and knocking the machete out of Andrew’s hand. Andrew grabs the figure with a skull top from earlier and blocks Thomas’ machete with it.

The skull is destroyed and Lorraina screams. Thomas also screams in the screen turns blue.

Vivi: Our choice.

Erick: I told you this. When we see Andrew holding it, everyone is gone except for Louis. Who’s still tied to the pillar. Andrew runs upstairs and sees Pauline’s door. Open. Lorraina is laying in the bed and he tries to wake her up. But Thomas says he can’t because she’s his he’s surprised. He was able to figure out what was going on.

But he goes on to explain that the powers of his people have been a weekend by the Kristoff’s and that through marriage to Loraina, there’ll be able to get their power back. He says that while Pauline was alive, Andrew was able to stay alive, but now he can kill him. He wakes Lorraina up to witness his triumph quote, unquote, and starts chanting as storm starts up outside.

And we see a headstone burst in the flames. This scene is really cool too. It’s kind of like night of living dead hand reaching out of the grave. Lightning strikes. The tombstone is on fire. Yeah. It’s kind of fun.

Ace: See that nice cliche, like shit like that. Just like the cover art, like it fits perfectly.

Erick: Right. A hand comes out of the grave. Andrew and Lorraine, I just watched, this is the room door opens and Plains corpse enters. Thomas says he has summoned her to do his will clearly Thomas isn’t as strong as he thought he was because his powers didn’t keep Pauline under his spell. He says, Loreena is his, but he wants her to take care of Andrew because he is cursed.

He tells her to touch him and she approaches them. Andrew tries talking to Paulie and starts to prayer, to earthly, to restore her soul. Pauline turns to Thomas who starts yelling. She must obey him. Her face turns to a skull and she points at him saying something, causing him to scream and fall back out the window, Andrew and Lorraina look out, but they hear the door closed behind them.

As they see Pauline’s or Aleve, it’s like the underside of the doors glowing. And then it just dims out. This death was kind of anticlimax.

Ace: Yeah,

Erick: Cause they’re like, no, stop it. And he’s like, just do it. And she’s like, no, all right.

Vivi: I do what I want.

Erick: It didn’t take much convincing. I didn’t like Thomas in real life anyway.

Ace: I mean, even

Rih: that Holsey and it reminds me of Scooby-Doo like in the witches ghost and how doing things that like Sarah, Raymond Croft is going to be on his side and she’s like, no,

Erick: Yeah. What would make him think that bullying would listen?

Vivi: Right. If his family has been under her family’s control for generations, even though she’s dead. I think I’d still be like, I don’t know. She still might know something.

Erick: They’re not in charge for generations for nothing. Cause they also kind of touch on how there’s voodoo after death. So why wouldn’t he assume that she did something to protect her?

Vivi: Yeah. It would have been cooler of her corpse, like said something.

Erick: Fuck you Thomas. I didn’t even like you

Vivi: Yeah. Like banished him or explained to Andrew situation too. I don’t know.

Ace: Just sat down and

Erick: you’re actually adopted. You’re not supposed to be here.

Ace: who are you? That’s what I’m saying for him

Rih: to be able to do video. I need Paul. I needed like his history. You’ve never done anything racist or like the kindest white land on earth, like Pauline to give you the blessing to do like voodoo. Now,

Ace: sir.

Erick: Andrew was an experiment gone

Ace: what he was doing.

Erick: We tried to see if we could give white offspring in the powers and it didn’t work. You’re a failed experiment, Andrew. That’s all you are. There’s no more truth to that.

Ace: Damn.

Rih: What’s my purpose.

Ace: How the straw would you be? Somebody just walked them that you were a failed experiment, like pan out hurt my feelings.

Erick: That’s basically the whole story behind Prometheus’s

Rih: that was a human

Vivi: That’s what we all are.

Rih: all of us are.

great, but

Ace: others, I don’t know.

Erick: cue the X-Files music.

Ace: We’re not evolving. Right. Like

Rih: seriously, I literally saw this thing about how spines are like evolutionarily incorrect. Like we’re not supposed to have this many pressure points mine. Wow. What are we doing?

Erick: Yeah. We’re supposed to be like horizontal or something. Now finally, the most awkward ending for Andrew the morning after Lorena tells Andrew, he knows now that he really is a Kristoff. He says he still has to be sure and needs proof in front of him. He’s going to explore the house and see if he can find some answers to his questions.

Like who. Tell him up Perry on, was he named drop somebody that I was like, who the fuck is this?

Ace: We don’t know.

Vivi: Did he name the God from earlier that they were discussing?

Erick: No, that was Lula dumb. Paula.

Ace: It doesn’t matter. He’s gone through some mental

Erick: He’s the true end of the movie. He’s just been trying to get the Vudu power this whole time.

Vivi: I mean, I think he did it. Everyone else is dead. He’s the only one left to inherit.

Erick: Oh, what if that’s what the TV show was supposed to be about? It’s like Andrew going around and collecting all the power and then Lorena comes back to regain her position on the throne.

Vivi: I’m rooting for her.

Erick: Yeah,

Ace: Yeah,

We don’t want to spin off and it’d be like all in.

Erick: no, no.

Ace: Fuck that shit.

Erick: Although it’d be cool if it was like, the whole show was 10 episodes and nine episodes was just Andrew going around trying to collect the power. And then he finds out at the end of the, and is in charge.

And that’s why I said, no asshole. I had to let you do all the work. Lorena says she wouldn’t want to. And just wants to forget skull button ever existed. He asks her to stay with him and she says, she can’t. He says he understands and we get some summer music, a final view of the hustle and skull button and credits.

It’s really anti-climactic. It’s like, I can’t,

Vivi: Oh, okay.

Erick: we paid a lot for this dire styrofoam, or we need to put it again at the end.

Vivi: They do use it quite a few times.

Erick: How will you know? It sounds cold mountain. If we don’t show it a hundred times.

Rih: You’ll never know, not all this skull imagery throughout the,

Ace: uh, Candles

Rih: skeletons

Ace: coming to them.

Erick: If we had Andrew continue to talk about how white or not, what he thinks he is. They might’ve thought that the movie was white man on school button, Mount Rushmore,

Ace: look at them. Changing the history.

Erick: as they always have. I breweries. All right. Well, that was the end of it.

Ace: Like

Rih: I said, I, it was like fun. The ending. It was definitely I’m mad. Nothing happened maybe again, like I’ll mention the show. I didn’t even know. That was a thing like I did not know was supposed to be a show. Maybe that goes more in depth

Erick: If it even existed. Yeah.

Ace: Right.

Rih: I hope it’s a brick wall and not, I want to see him Pauline’s live.

Like, what did she

Ace: do?

Erick: Yeah. Like did she actually surprised Thomas’ whole family? It’d be kind of like game of Thrones, but for.

Vivi: Oh, yeah, that would be cool.

Ace: this was a very fun movie, like towards the, especially towards like the end and love music. So like when they started doing. Rhythmic stuff. I was zoned in, you know what I’m saying? The hip movement, I was like, it’s worth it. It’s really worth it. And seeing Philip die first and I felt like that should have happened. It’s a good, it’s really good. Fun. Really good. Boudou fine.

Erick: Yeah, I agree with the music. It really made the scenes that much more impactful. Like when Thomas is doing his ritual and when the music started, you knew that someone was dying soon.

Vivi: Yeah, I never heard about this movie. So I’m glad you guys suggested it because it was a fun watch. I just mentioned that I love. In the seventies, there was mostly practical effects, which I feel always aged better than CGI. It’s just fun. The story is both funny and has its creepy bits. And I just love that.

Ace: Yeah, I

Rih: can never leave. See my house on haunted hill now in it. And

Ace: it’s very,

Rih: very good, nice span. And I love seeing black people in anything just saying my people do anything so I’ll watch it.

Ace: It was really a fun.

Erick: it was good in a phone watch. Some of the desks I thought were unfair. Like Harriet, she should have. There’s going to be parts to it. I’ll always love a voodoo story or anything that has to do with minority history where it’s not all about white people. It’s part of the reason I liked Kevin from American horror story, just because it went into the voodoo queen.

Like she was my favorite character from that whole season. So yeah. Another FUBU horror movie is cool.

Vivi: I will say, I just wish there was a little bit more of a dramatic ending.

Erick: Yeah.

Rih: we kind of had, I don’t know, even another death or a clipping or something like that. Like not like a cliffhanger, like I’m going to figure out what I’m doing. Like, I don’t care. Like something

Erick: Maybe we could have had an ending, like the witch where Lorraina just owns that she’s a voodoo queen and maybe Andrew dies. And then she has to figure out how to fight Thomas like that would have given her that final girl.

Vivi: Some autonomy over herself. Yeah.

Ace: Yeah,

It was very

Rih: damsel in distress, but I feel like that’s also this Scooby doo aspect of it too. Cause you definitely see, like you can put in who’s who? For the school buddy, for me, like here, like

Erick: Yeah,

Vivi: I just imagine them unmasking Thomas and they’re like, oh man, Thomas.

Erick: and it’s Andrew and they turned to Andrew and they’re like, who’s this? And they take his mask off. And he’s actually a black guy.

 Oh man. Well, what are you rate it?

Rih: I was say 7, 11, 10. Like, I love the effects just because, like I said, they’re practical. They’re fun. I did like the homeless machete materializing out of nowhere. That was, I, like I said, I love a rocking chair moment and all of that. Like, it has very eerie parts to it. The cinematography is honestly great. Like there’s nothing. And I want a mini inch. I want that miniature of school mountain,

Ace: like,

Erick: Oh, that’s cool.

Rih: like on a shelf or something. So

Ace: is it a miniature or is It a backdrop or

Erick: It looks like a miniature, right? Like they just got a small model and just two 50.

Vivi: That’s what I thought it was and that they just tried to literate into the scenes.

Ace: No, but yeah, like I said, I picked this movie just from the cover by itself. So it drew me to it. it’s like top 10 covers, like what I take, but that. My honestly, I did not have another voodoo movie other than play. So this took place on Buddha mat, you know, shed.

So this took its place. So I felt this is a very necessary watch you learn a lot of food too.

Erick: know, you need a giant needle.

Ace: I don’t know much about voodoo, but if they’re doing like that stuff they did in the basement, like, like I’m always down, I’m down for

Rih: human sacrifice to a B.

Erick: I mean, they weren’t smashing babies together. They were just dancing.

Vivi: Could be worse.

Ace: I really liked this movie. I would say like, 7.5, seven point fast. No doubt.

Vivi: I’m also going to give it a seven again, just cause I wanted more drama at the end, but I think that’s its major flaw because again, I just enjoyed how fun all the effects were and I feel we don’t see a lot of black people in movies from the seventies and I’m glad we got to see one finally.

Erick: Yeah. The movie didn’t end up being as problematic as I expected it to be. Like a lot of movies at the time that were misrepresenting a lot of minorities specifically in this case, black people.

Ace: Nah, I

Vivi: My biggest problem was the white

Rih: Yes.

That’s that’s what I’m saying. The lights saved Uranus of Andrew’s character in the whole. Just the fact that he was like, it’s like the whole, I don’t the color aspect of it. Like that was the only issue. And I do wish we got to see, like you said, Lorraina, be a final girl, So we’re going to, but I feel like this was not as someone who, like, I can’t speak for like voodoo community because I’m, that’s not my religion.

I don’t practice that or anything like that, but I feel like this overall representation of black people is not bad I’ve been in. And I don’t know. I think it’s just funny and like Philly being just a weird ass, like

Ace: it’s cool.

Vivi: So why did you give it at a time?

Erick: I give it a seven. Like when I saw MDB gave it a four, I was like, there’s no way this movie’s like way better than that.

Ace: Mm.

Erick: Sweet. So we all basically thought it was pretty good.

Vivi: do we want to talk about what scared low-key about this movie?

Erick: Yeah, he hated the squawking bird. So he’s on your side with

the hating birds

Vivi: here,

Erick: He’s like, don’t let that thing near me with a Wonga. Not only do I have to be scared of birds had to be scared of them throwing sticks at me.

Rih: It’ll burn the bleed

Ace: in burn.

Vivi: do you want to tell us about it? Low-key

Erick: We’re going to have to just teach him how to catch the sticks so that he could just play with the birds. When we get a new house,

Vivi: I want no birds by our house. Loki,

especially voodoo birds.

Erick: That could go both ways though. That can be protecting us

Vivi: I feel like they’re usually like bad omens in superstition,

Erick: if you want them to be.

Vivi: but do you guys want to tell everyone where they can find you or they can listen to your podcast?

Rih: Of course. So you can definitely to our podcasts and I’m thinking deadly Spotify, apple podcasts, Google and you can find us on Instagram at dank, deadly underscore pod and on Twitter at dank in like the letter in deadly underscore pod. And we have new episodes every Thursday minus the first week of the month, because why not?

Thank you all so much for having us. This is so fun and I’m definitely going to be drinking well

Ace: shooting.

Erick: Yeah, thanks for being


Vivi: Yeah, this was really fun. You guys picked a really fun movie too. So this was.

Erick: Yeah, can’t wait for the next


Ace: you.

Vivi: All right. As always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaking, not scared pod except Twitter, Twitter shaken, scared pod. You could send us an

Erick: the show on patron, you can get early access to episodes or bonus episode and theme drink idea every month. Listen to wherever you get your podcasts. Give us a follow Chikara drink videos. Make sure to like them. We work hard on them.

Ace: They’re amazing.

Vivi: Oh, Thank you.

Be sure to like rate, review all that good stuff. And Kay. Thanks. Bye.

Erick: But.

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