The Crow (1994)

Erick: Maybe we were getting straight A’s

Vivi: is this school of rock?

Erick: Yeah, pop was my neck.

Vivi: Jesus Christ. Are you dying? Because you’re 30 now. Okay.

Erick: Starts crying.

Erick: Looking back to the chicken, that scared podcast here with you as always your hosts, Eric and Bebe today, we’re gonna be talking about the 1994 film the Crow directed by Alex pro.

Yes, I assume. But before we get into that, how are you leaving? Our lives are still on fire. The search continues, but we’ve already been talking about that for so many weeks. It’s going to keep going. I, I hope I hope it doesn’t, but it’s gonna, we


Vivi: be homeless. It’s cool. We’ll figure

Erick: it out. Yeah, it’s fine.

It happens sometimes.

Do you have any creepy content? I think we

Vivi: do. Did we talk about last night and Soho?

Erick: No, we did not. I actually forgot about that. Cause I was going to talk about oddities and curiosities expo.

Vivi: We also saw Batman. Did we talk about that?

Erick: We did not. Okay. Where are we? How long has it been since the last episode

Vivi: we also had your dirty nerdy 30.

Did we talk about.

Erick: I don’t know we recorded it done before. Yeah, I think so. Oh, okay. So no, no, we did not. Nope. So there’s more than I thought there was. There’s a lot to catch up on. Oh man. What do you want to talk about first?

Vivi: I think your party was super fun. I think it was a success all around.

Erick: It was everybody who came in costume, all nerdy, all awesome.


Vivi: dirty. I copped out and did a horror nerd costume and I was

Erick: the may queen. Yeah. She looked pretty good in it. I’d go to that. Mid-summer although I’m Mexican, so I’d probably die first. I probably would. Yeah. But thank you for that. I appreciate it.

Vivi: And then we watched last night and Soho, do you want to do rapid fire thoughts?

Yeah. Would you think I enjoyed it? Might want to cover it on a future episode?

Erick: And if not, we’ll do it on patriotic because it’s just fun sometimes. It’s also a really popular movie. And so maybe we will stick to the main,

Vivi: let us know if you want it to be a Patrion exclusive or if you would like us to cover it on the main feed.

Erick: Yeah. I liked it. I like Anya Taylor, joy love her. I thought she was going to be a more prominent character, but she’s, you know, without spoilers, not that in the forefront, in the forefront. Just not really.

Vivi: Yeah. I, I get what you mean. Cause you see the trailers and she’s featured like so heavily.

I thought the story was going to be a different type of story and it ended up being something else completely.

Erick: If you look at it too, you can tell what’s going to happen at the end. if you really pay attention, you’re just going, oh, I saw that coming,

Vivi: but again,

Erick: without spoilers.

yeah, yeah. What

Vivi: else? What else we saw Batman?

Erick: We did. Edward Cullen playing Bruce Wayne, playing emo Batman a

Vivi: year two. Oh man. Just your email, little heart will explode if you watch that movie much like the movie we’re covering

Erick: today.

Oh, it is. Yeah. It’s got the same vibe,

Vivi: very similar vibe.

Erick: If you look at the Funko pop for Batman from this one, have you seen it? No, I don’t think so. What it looks like without the helmet, it’s just like crying makeup. So it looked like the Crow. Yeah. Yeah. It was just like runny eye makeup down.

Like pop

Vivi: we’ll get into it. But there are so many things from this movie that I think inspired like a lot

Erick: of Batman. Oh, possibly. The Batman movie like re from Dinkin deli mentioned is very heavy on the horror themes. Agreed. Go watch it. If you have it, I’m sure you have. Cause everybody, everybody has super late at this point.

What I do want to say is I don’t like or care for the joker by what’s his name? Hot take the racist guy from the internals. Yes, that guy.

Vivi: I don’t

Erick: remember his name. He’s that one kid. I don’t know what the fuck he’s trying to do, but I don’t like it.

And B we’re like, oh, oh my God, it’s so eerie. Oh my God. It’s said crazy. What? It’s like bone chilling no, I watched it twice and I both times it was like, no, this, this, this, this just doesn’t work. That’s like, if I was trying to be joker, I don’t have a voice. That’s menacing enough to be the joke, you know?

Vivi: Oh man, we could get into a whole discussion on my opinions of the joker, but that’s not what we’re

Erick: here for. We’re here for crying. Yeah like me right now, but we were also at the oddities and curiosities. I expelled. That was awesome. Everyone who’s in our discord has already heard me talk about the draft that we saw for $3,500 from the neck up.

Taxidermy. You hated it.

Vivi: It was also very expensive.

Erick: Someone asked also Anthony, shout out to him. He asked how much the hyena was. I didn’t see the price, but someone bought a hyena and that was pretty fucking cool.

Vivi: There was so many cool things there. A lot of taxidermy animals, like you would imagine

Erick: there’s so many jar.

One specimens. So sad trigger warning. There were a lot of puppies in jars

Vivi: and that made me so sad. I did not like that kittens

Erick: too. Yeah. It was not a, I think when it’s pets, it’s like weird when you see like frog. It’s an X, which I guess is also pets.

It’s kind of like, man, but when you see weird shit like scorpions, which is also probably

Vivi: who’s keeping a scorpion as a pet, I’ve seen people who


Erick: pet scorpions. Interesting. I had to keep a pet scorpion. You never know who’s going to Rob you accidentally smash your scorpion jar, not knowing what it is.

And then the square is going to save your life or kill you on accident. I mean, it’s a 50, 50 chance, right? You’re you’re willing to take it,

Oh, I have more, could be okay. We got these Carrie and creep show records from Waxwork records, which is really cool.

And we’re waiting on like four more that were pre-orders. But they have so many with such cool artwork. You’ve guys have probably already seen them on the socials. Yep. The Kerry one is cool. Cause it comes with two records. the fire gets more intense on the disc.

So it’s like kind of orange, yellow on the first side. And then the last side is like blood red. The cream show is kind of cool too. Cause it kind of looks like you’re going through a portal screen. See-through I can’t wait to see the rest.

That’s all I got. That’s all you got. What? Comfort content that you have? Nothing. Okay. Meaning there, there is no comfort.

Vivi: Send,

Erick: help or say hi, maybe that’ll bring discomfort

so since nothing is comforting, let’s bring some comfort with what you’ve made today.

Vivi: Yes, we make that joke a lot.

Erick: Well, let’s just pick up. Unfortunately, this is a drinking podcast. No.

Vivi: So for today I went with a drink. I am calling devil’s night, which is talked about heavily in this whole film.

It is the night before Halloween kind of like a purge type situation. So I wanted to make something spicy. I feel like I always just want to make something

Erick: spicy. We are Mexican. That’s the default. If it’s not spicy, is it even worth trying

Vivi: good point. So for this one, I went with a weird syrup. It’s actually Chile, YPO and honey syrup mixed together.

You boil that and it makes this spicy sweet syrup and you basically build a. Margarita with it. So I added pineapple juice and lime juice to it. obviously your choice of tequila or mezcal topped it with a little squirt and then shook it again with some chamois, just cause I wanted it really spicy.

Erick: Boy. Love me some spicy syrup.

Vivi: Just more and more spicy syrup in this drink. Yes. Do you want to try it?

Erick: I’m ready for it.

This is good. I love this drink. Yeah. Like the hint of spice at the back of your throat. Do you think the devil would drink this on his night?

Vivi: I would hope so. It’s

Erick: delicious. Would you drink this while blighting a bunch of buildings on fire?

Vivi: I mean, I probably wouldn’t be outside letting a bunch of

Erick: buildings on fire.

You probably would be inside drinking this and you’d be like, well, hold up, hold up, hold up. I’ll be there in a minute. And I’ll make some cocktails.

Vivi: Yeah. Oh, so in case we forgot to mention this was Eric’s pick for his birthday episode.

Erick: Yeah, that’d be cool to do a comic book movie that is also inspired by horror. This one’s the Crow created by James Obar, which was produced or published by caliber comics. We were both thinking that maybe it was put together by someone else, but it sounds like in 2004 or six image comics, which is the walk-in. Famous and invincible, they made like their own run of a couple of different series But I brought up to you that there’s also another comment. That’s kind of like this that’s based on a love story. And someone dying called the darkness, which also was done by image. And apparently the creators were like, it’s kind of like the Crow when they were trying to make a movie out of it, that’s how you sell it.

Vivi: I suggested this movie because you actually showed me this film a couple of years ago. I hadn’t seen it, which is so surprising because it is exactly my cup of tea. And so

Erick: I Connick too

Vivi: for a lot of

Erick: sad reasons.

Yeah. I love that one for the front of my fun facts, because. Let’s just get out of the way everybody knows this fact,

Vivi: it’s the obvious one that you just have to include, but before we get to that part, what would you rate this?

I would

Erick: rate it a four by five. What about you? Five

Vivi: out of five for me.

Erick: Yeah, the spice is good. I

Vivi: am a spicy over sweet kind of person. And this is delayed,

Erick: you know, would be good to put in it. one of those like spicy watermelon, but lettuce.

Vivi: Yes, yes. Tamarindo

Erick: candies.

Yes. Yes. So if you have those available or even like a, a little thing and twist it, put it in there. Actually,

Vivi: we should get one of those for the video.

Erick: Yeah. A little behind the scenes there.

Vivi: Love it. Go try it. Do you have fun facts for me? I

Erick: have plenty of fun facts for you.

Like I said before, I want to get the horrible stuff out the way, just because that’s what everyone knows about this movie, which is how much stuff happened, including the unfortunate death of Brandon Lee who plays Eric Draven just to elicit a couple, if not a bunch of what happened.

carpenter. Jim Artishia is his face chest and arms were severely burned after his crane hit live power lines, a publicist Jason de Scott got in a minor car accident. One of the equipment trucks randomly caught fire, a sculptor who was quote, impossible to work with, drove his car through the blaster shop.

A construction worker accidentally drove a screwdriver through his hand. After slipping a storm destroyed several different sets. This was all throughout like the production of the. And yeah, people say that the sets curse, there’s like so many documentaries about cursed films and this one always pops up on there because people think like, what the fuck was going on?


Vivi: I actually watched, I think a year ago when we started the podcast there’s a series on shutter called curse films. And this is obviously one of the ones that is talked about It’s very interesting watching that series because throughout a lot of them, they kind of play a little more into the lore, you know, of like poultry guys and the Exorcist being like really curse.

But when they get to the Crow, it’s just a very sad somber episode. There’s no like belief in a curse or anything. It’s just kind of like this terrible thing

Erick: happened. Which is obviously the biggest one. It’s eerie because I read an article to get a bunch of these from 1992.

Of entertainment weekly, which I assume happened before this, because there’s no mention of that. And they’re like, other than that and all this crazy shit that’s happened, no one has been like severely harmed obviously this next thing happened. So in the scene where Funboy pulls out his gun to shoot Eric.

The dummy bullets were quote hastily fabricated by taking out the gunpowder from real bullets because of the time pressure crew members were under the lead tip of the Demi bullet became lodged in the barrel of the gun and pushed out by the blink charge.

Scratch the bottom of the shopping bag before perforating Lee’s navel and manage the bunker, the stem of the aorta, where it branches to provide blood supply to the legs. No one knew he was dead until the cut was called and he wouldn’t get up.

 He died that afternoon at the age of 28.

Vivi: Damn. So

Erick: young. It’s unfortunate for Brandon Lee, but also for those who don’t know, Brandon Lee’s Bruce Lee son, who is also a famous actor that died. it just sucks. Like father and son both gone powerful figures in Hollywood, you know, even Brandon Lee, this was probably his breakout role at 28.

Bruce, you know, everybody knows Bruce.

Vivi: Yeah. It’s, very eerie because Bruce Lee’s last film was actually playing an actor who is shot and killed while filming a movie when a prop gun goes wrong. And just knowing that that’s how his son died. Many years later, there is like talks of there being a Lee curse where the firstborn sons are killed from each family.

And this kind of makes people believe that it’s true. That’s

Erick: so weird. Yeah. He, I mean, he did an awesome job. You did great. I’ve seen some of the other films he’s been in. I can’t recall the exact name, obviously the Crow is the biggest one. He was in only a couple of other films before this, but this was like the biggest one.

This movie won the box office that opening weekend and got like $51 million gross in the U S

Vivi: I think it was meant to be his breakout role kind of away from the shadow of his father and propel him to his own stardom. But it just didn’t work out that way.

Erick: Apparently the directors even just like straight up knew they wanted him to be in this role because they were like, we need someone who is like metal.

They originally were thinking about maybe getting like a musician. But that would be weird because he’d have to be athletic and they’re like, Brandon leans like a perfect mix of athletic and like a rocker guy. It’s just sucks Fun facts are supposed to be fun. I’m sorry. This is not fun. This is not fun. So I figured I’d just kind of rip the band-aid here. but moving on the CRO comic book, creator, James Obar based the story on the death of his fiance. These are just so sad, who was killed by a drunk driver and a story he heard of a couple that was killed in order to steal their engagement ring, which was only $30 people

Vivi: suck.

Yeah. That’s not good. It’s also very ironic that then Brandon Lee passed away and his fiance never got to get

Erick: married either. Yeah. It’s just a little unfortunate again, adding to the, what people say is cursed about this film. I wonder if that comes even from the comic book, true that James Lebar put his grief into this story and it’s kind of like a meeting, something

Vivi: extremely depressing. Do you have a funner fun fact

Erick: Raymond’s were used instead of crows, there were five crows that were trained to be awake at night and flying in the rain and through wind tunnels, one of them was even trained to land on Brandon

Vivi: scare me as everyone knows, but that’s cool.

Erick: I wonder if they did that scene on purpose to where he quotes at a ground PO and he does the.

The dialogue. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe it’s just like a, Hey, these are Raven. Actually the last one is the makeup was apparently his source of disagreement. Apparently people argue that, oh, bar based Eric’s makeup on Alice Cooper or kiss, but he denies that and says it was based on a marionette mask.

He saw in London director, Alex broil says, and Brandon Lee didn’t like it either because they felt, it looked too cheesy and forced when freshly applied. So like the better when it looked messy and sweaty,

Vivi: this is very interesting because I don’t know if you guys have seen the recent news, they are rebooting this

Erick: movie.

Yeah. And I was afraid you were going to tell me, Jared Leto is going to play the crows. So likely for Hollywood lately. They’re just like, dude with long hair and crave a Ash dirt lotto.

Vivi: However, we didn’t get that. We are getting bill Skarsgard. I like bill Skarsgard for one, I like saying his last name. I think it’s fun.

But his makeup design as Pennywise is actually very similar to the makeup design that’s used in the CRO. It is

Erick: you think he’s going to do like the slobbering thing? Like he didn’t it. Well,

Vivi: when I saw that scene in the crows, like, huh, I could see why they saw that scene and thought, you know, who could slobber it up?

Like the best of them. We’re

Erick: just seeing it. You saw, I didn’t see cross law. He did,

Vivi: He comes up out of the shadows, like pissed and like slobber comes off his mouth and it looks very much like that scene in the sewer with Pennywise.

Erick: All right. Well, I’m going to talk a lot on this episode. So I think it’s only fair that you do the speed run, even though it’s my turn again. Okay.

Vivi: I had asked you before recording, if you wanted me to do it and you said no, so you didn’t let me mentally prepare. Well, I’m going to talk too

Erick: much though.

It is your birthday episode. Ain’t nobody liked me. Ain’t nobody want to hear me talk for the next hour,

Vivi: then they shouldn’t have clicked on this podcast.

Erick: I don’t know what we’ve been talking for the last 10 minutes. I’m sure they already left. And those of you who are here, I appreciate you.

Vivi: Ready? I think so. I don’t know. I

Erick: wasn’t prepared for this.

Vivi: I can already tell you too.

Erick: No one does everyone dies

Vivi: the main character, even

Erick: though he died at the beginning, he’s already done. Yeah. He literally says that he’s like, they’re all dead already.

Vivi: Okay. Okay. We open on a crime scene and it’s pretty brutal. Um, The man is dead and the woman’s being taken to the hospital and she dies in the hospital. A little girl is on the scene with the cop and they’re kind of talking when the city like bursts into flames. It’s a year later though. I don’t remember.

I didn’t see the time jump. Anyway, we get the man coming up out of the grave. He’s actually alive to enact revenge because the Crow is so sad for him. So he has super powers where he’s kind of invincible and he’s hunting down the men that had murdered his fiance and him on devil’s night. Um, He tracks them down one by one by one, but there’s this man in charge called top dollar.

With his cool security guard. And he’s fucking a sister for some reason, not the security guard, top dollar. And they’re like the head of this criminal enterprise. And he’s kind of making his way up to kill all of them in revenge. He gets to him last and they kill his Crow, which is a super power. And they battle out and top dollar still dies.

And so,

Erick: no, it’s not, it’s not, no, it’s not. No, it’s not. It’s nothing. And that’s it. That’s the end. The guy dies. And that’s not the end though. More happens. the girl was still alive. According to your story,

Vivi: I said they killed the grow, right? When you said,

Erick: you said

Vivi: the guy is still alive.

I literally said before the speeder and that

Erick: he dies. You said that the Crow dies not Eric Draven. So what do we do?

Vivi: Uh, Yeah, we did not lose jug. doing you a favor and you made me lose.

Erick: I didn’t make you

Vivi: Okay. What does IMDV say about this movie?

Erick: I am be says a man brutally murdered comes back to life as an undead Avenger of his and his fiance’s murder. I am debate gives it a 7.5. That’s good. Yes.

Vivi: So do you want to give your first thoughts of when you first saw this movie?

Erick: Well, when I was a kid, I’m going to go way back and it’s like,

mean, it’s baby watching the Crow. That was two years old. Now we’ve got the running makeup and it stuck with me forever. Cause you said that for the longest, you thought I had eye makeup because my eyelashes are so I should do some Crow makeup for the video on this, Oh,

Vivi: are you gonna wear a skin tight leather


Erick: too?

Yeah, let’s go. I’m going to get one. It’s already in my cart. I was just waiting for you to say it, but no, I liked this movie. I thought it was cool. love, and I have always loved a love revenge story because I feel that like, I feel like if your loved ones get murdered by people, it’s your duty to go avenge them.

Vivi: You obviously have to go. What? No murder.

Erick: As a vigilante. Yes. You need to save your loved ones. That’s how Deadpool did it. That’s how the Crow did it. And it’s worked out pretty well. So far What about you?

Vivi: I mentioned earlier, you were the one who showed me this film and I’m so surprised. I didn’t know it existed because it was like everything I loved when I was a teenager and I was super emo. The makeup is great. I think it was only filmed at night.

So it has that very dark vibe and. It’s just like something about it works so well. Like I think everyone’s really well costed the story is just good. Even like the effects I think are pretty great. Nothing was like cheesy years later. I just like it.

Erick: Yeah. Apparently they used some pretty new technology to obviously edit Brandon Lee.

Cause there was so some scenes that he didn’t get to finish filming. So they had to use some sort of like, computer imaging to do that. they use something kind of like Claymation where they said that they use like actual prosthetics to pretend that the hand was blown through.

It was like a prosthetic version of Brandon’s arm. And then it was like, stop motion will be used to show the hand like healing and things like that. So were using a lot of different kinds of tech in this to make it work. And it’s not horrible. The effects are pretty good. when you were saying it’s everything I loved in high school

Vivi: I like

Erick: changed. Like you change, right? I love the sudden breaks into music. It’s like murder story, blah, blah, blah. And it’s like, boom dude, metal music that crows is like gay.

Yeah. And he starts breaking the fuck out of the speaker and the crow’s like, oh shit, bro. The Crow is shook or Raven Evermore quote the Raven Eleanor

Vivi: You ready to get into it? Yes.

Erick: Oh, I said there was no comfort content for me, but I do want to say shout out to all my friends and family who wished me happy birthday. I love y’all Never forget it. Friends on the socials.

Yeah. As friends in the socials socials. I appreciate everybody who has become a friend because of this show. Those of you who tweeted at us and said her birthday, I appreciate y’all eat. Yeah. Makes the birthday that much more special. Cheesy. No, I just want people to know because people would just be acting like people don’t matter out here and shit’s just going too crazy.

We need to let each other. We start on devil’s night, October 30th would a city in chaos, several buildings on fire. As a voice says that people once believed that when someone dies, a Crow carries their soul to the land of the dead.

But sometimes when something terrible happens and the sadness is unbearable, the soul can’t rest and the Crow brings the soul back to make things right. We zoom in on a crime scene at the apartment of Shelley Webster and Eric Draven whose wedding was going to be on Halloween night. One cop literally says, who the fuck gets married on Halloween?

Anyhow, the main cop says no

Vivi: poured taste in jokes.

Erick: Yeah, fuck you guys. Honestly,

 It looks like Shelly is hanging on to life. As she’s carried away in cops investigate a body on the pavement that looks like it was thrown out the window.

As Shelley’s pulled into an ambulance, a younger girl approaches asking about Eric and Shelly just tells the cop to tell him to take care of Sarah. It turns out the younger girl is Sarah and it’s taken care of by Shelley and Eric. The cop tells him Shelly and Eric will be fine, but the girl tears up and says, he’s lying a CRO watches as this all unfolds.

Vivi: And you don’t know anything at this point. I kind of remember the first scene being the actual crime scene. I didn’t realize that we jumped right into after they’ve been murdered.

Erick: Oh, you thought that the first sequence is going to be like a Watchman style murder of the comedian. Hmm. I mean, kinda, you just don’t know who’s under the blanket.

you don’t know who’s who and they say Sarah and Eric and Shelley, who are these people? Yeah. One year later, Shelley narrates that she used to believe families, friends and feelings were like a building that gets burned down.

All that’s left are ashes. Now she knows if love proves real, nothing can keep two people apart.

Vivi: Not even

Erick: death, not even death. Sarah leaves flowers at Shelly and Eric’s grave as a Crow watches and lands on Eric’s headstone.

The crows starts pecking at Eric Stone while she rides her skateboard away. The cop eats at a local hotdog shop where Sarah shows up to join him. The cuffs name is Albrecht, which is such a unique, last name, even driving is a like a weird name.

Vivi: Another thing that I find fascinating about this movie is we have some horror icons here.

We have Tony Todd playing one of the henchmen for top dollar. And the cop is played by Ernie Hudson who is in Ghostbusters.

Erick: Yeah. Both of them looked so familiar. There was also Michael Winka. Apparently

Vivi: he’s going to be a note that comes out in a few months and I’m excited for that.

Erick: You know, I like top dollars character. He doesn’t seem like a cheesy guy.

Vivi: No, I think while I was watching him and this is what I mean by, it was like so well cast it, it was like a very believable villain and I was also thinking like he would have been a good Dracula

Erick: and he would, he’s got the long hair.

He probably would have been a better Dracula then who that guy was in ventilation housing. Yeah. A bunch of hooligans at a shop nearby, start destroying a place. And we flashed to the Crow at the cemetery watching as Eric’s grave rips, open, Eric climbs out screaming while the Crow cause , the guys yell, fire it up.

This is their whole thing. The entire movie they’re like talking to each other, literally like, yo bro. So what are you going to eat for lunch today? He’s like a fucking sandwich might run up and then I’ll start just slapping each other and yelling, fire it up. It’s very

Vivi: annoying. It is all they do throughout the whole movie.


Erick: all dead. And the one who’s left alive is like, well man, he’s going to go kill me, fire it up. Weird. maybe he brings them comfort. That’s their comfort content. Just screaming, fire it up. I guess the guys yellow, fire it up and send a bomb as they drive off.

While Eric like in Batman sees the Crow flying at them. Did you get that vibe? He’s just standing there and the crow’s like in slow motion. I can’t remember which Batman movie it is, but then at the end, Jim Carrey sees the bat flying and it’s the same scene that Bruce Wayne has been seeing the whole. Oh, God, which one is that one?

The one with Jim Carrey in it? Yeah. Is that the one with the nipples? The can’t

Vivi: there. There’s so many fucking Batman. There’s so many nipples. There’s so many nipples

Erick: out there. The Crow leads Eric to some boots in a dumpster and confused. He takes them. That’s kind of cool. Like the crow’s like, here you go.

Get a little naked there. Yeah. I see your, a little booties that dirty. He need to put your booties on. Like, we’re talking about somebody else. I said you’re a little booty, but these booties in some tight

Vivi: pants, the tightest bands you can find, oh my God, this outfit is it’s very like hell to me. I like it.

I very BD is some community.

Erick: I wish that I Like I could pull this kind of clothes off. I feel like I just looked cheesy.

Vivi: He is Kenny. Cause he’s wearing like a corset type

Erick: deal. Yeah. Also I was confused. I thought he had a leather jacket from the get-go I was like, what the fuck does he get the jacket? He gets him from Tinton later. The dudes drive past the hot dog stand. And the conscious says some bad people are out tonight while the building explodes, the cop runs over and we cut back to Eric who sees the CRO, lead him to climb to a building rooftop.

 It leads him into the building, which turns out to be his old apartment and still has police tape all over a white cat comes out that he recognizes as Gabriel. But when he tries to touch it, the cat hisses at him, he gets a flash of the cat hissing in red light, which has the flashback. and falls to his knees.

Why the fuck is this cat still here at this crime scene? Who taking care of this cat? Don’t know. Sarah comes back later that night too, and is like, Hey Gabriel, what’s up? Yeah. And Gabriel checked on you. And he was like, no, bitch, nobody’s fed me.

Where have you been? it’s been one year.

 In the flash. Uh, Pumpkin drops to the floor.

Shelly approaches the door that crashes open as the hooligans from earlier, enter the apartment and hold her down while they destroy the place, they start beating her and addressing her. We get a POV of Eric entering the apartment, but a guy immediately throws a knife at his chest trigger warning. There is some essay in the scenery and there’s, it’s obviously referenced throughout the film.

But current Eric in present time seems to be reliving everything from that night because as the flashes continue, his current body follows the movements of visible. The assholes, continue their assault, but take Eric aside, shoot him and throw him out the window. Present time, Eric swings himself out the window, grabbing onto the broken glass, but falls back into the apartment.

 He looks at his hands and notices. He heals immediately.

Vivi: This scene is pretty brutal.

Erick: It’s a interesting way to show trauma on a character reliving, like what happened?

Vivi: it’s one of those like elements that comes into play later, where he can touch things and remember the feelings that that person had, or get his flashbacks from his time alive.

This totally makes you root for him. Makes you want him to have like the craziest revenge because fuck those guys.

Erick: Yeah. Seriously hooked on his power is also are a little interesting in that it’s not clear what they fully are. It makes me want to go read the books, the kind of books. As far as sort of reminded me of like ghost writer I don’t know if you’re familiar with ghost writers power, but he’s basically like looking for him. People are gonna, it’s been a while since I’ve heard ghost writers, so don’t kill me, but his powers are kind of like, if there’s evil in a person’s heart, then he does this thing. I forgot what it’s called, but it basically like looks into a person’s soul and says like, is there or evil in you?

And depending on if there is, or isn’t, he can kill you or harm you in some type of way. And he can also like, see your memories.

Vivi: Was this in the Nicholas cage movie?

Erick: I think so. Yeah. But it’s been awhile.

Vivi: That’s another movie I want to see rebooted.

Erick: Yeah. I actually didn’t hate the second one. People were like, oh, that’s so garbage. But I thought, honestly, that it was probably like the most close to the comics in terms of just ridiculousness, which is, I feel like what comic book movies should be ridiculous.

Vivi: We were having this conversation about the Batman.

Erick: Yeah. But anyway, back to the Crow. Yeah. He just reminds me a lot of the ghost rider too. Who’s also a, like a leather wearing guy,

Vivi: just all leather daddies are the same name. Let’s go

Erick: flash to the douche bags at a bar. I just didn’t know what to call them.

I was just like douche bags, hooligans, thugs

Vivi: to

Erick: throw at them flash, to the douchebags at a bar playing a classic deuce game of whose Dick is bigger by eating bullets, eating cigarettes and taking shots.

Vivi: Yeah. They’re literally drinking bullets like pills and just using shooters to

Erick: chase them. And then one guy’s like, I got what you will and better and puts his cigar on his tongue. And he’s like, you’re fucking crazy. And other guys. We’ll leave the pussy for less. And then the guy’s like, fuck you.

And he pulls his gun out on him. And then they all started pulling guns on each other.

Vivi: Male friendship is weird.

Erick: This kind of male friend it’s like that toxic masculinity we were talking about recently. They all quickly turn on each other and pull knives and guns out. When one of them gets to butthurt and the leader makes them all calmed down by pointing his gun at them. You got to just whip your dicks out. And then the leader pulls his Dick out and everybody just chills out.

Cause there’s this beggar. Yeah. For some reason.

Vivi: Well, that’s why he’s the leader

Erick: at the apartment. Eric looks at himself in a mirror and sees a mask he’d use to joke around with Shelly. He gets flashes of good times or Shelley is showing their love for each other. As he looks through some photos, he punches the mirror and puts makeup on just like the mask kick on the music as the scene unfolds, he puts his black shirt on and stands at the window in darkness until we finally see him while lightning strikes I’m away from the window as a music’s like burned or drink grunge. It’s cool. It’s a pretty good reveal.

You know, this movie is like heavily appreciated if you’d like this kind of music too, If metal and grunge and like punk music, isn’t like your thing. I could see how the music isn’t like elevating for you

Vivi: It’s definitely an element in it though.

Especially considering that this film was made around the grunge era. So

Erick: I think I saw an interview where they were like, we’re trying to go for like a goth Terminator vibe with the grill I kind of feel that he’s got a shotgun. He’s got makeup, goth ripping cigarettes. Like nobody’s business At a local punch shop. Tintin tries to cash in, on all of his Rob items. And doesn’t get as much as he was expecting. He leaves.

And we see Eric going from rooftop to rooftop. As the Crow flies, along with him, this is one of those like Spiderman found his powers moments.

The Crow stops and notices, Tinton walking through an alley, lighting his cigarette on a fire and a barrel Eric dives down and laughs maniacally. He falls into like some garbage and his dive is actually kind of cool. He like straight back. All the way down. Tintin notices him and starts laughing, calling him a painted up crack head.

Is that PC? I don’t know. I don’t think so. Well, that’s what he says. Just saying, just saying what he says. . He says Halloween ain’t until tomorrow and pulls his knife on him. Eric throws himself at him and they battle it out. Anytime Eric gets hit, he continues as if he doesn’t feel any of it.

And finally pins, Tinton down, calling him a murderer. Fintan says he didn’t kill anyone. And Eric says he wants him to tell him a story and brings up the murder of Shelley and Eric last year, Tintin just says whatever, while Eric says they assaulted her, but Tintin just responds saying she loved it.

And headbutts. Tinton grabs the pipe and beats Eric to the ground saying, he’s going to teach him something about murder. He takes his jacket off and pulls out knives saying he never misses as he proceeds to miss all three times every single one, including a third where it catches the knife and throws it back.

Never in a movie say you never missed. Cause you always fucking mess bulls. I did it. This guy did it.

Vivi: It’s the equivalent of saying you’ll be right back.

Erick: The knife hits Tinton in the shoulder. Eric pops up in front of him saying victims, aren’t we all? And then it’s just like Tintin and fear flash to the next scene. It’s horror.

Vivi: It’s horror action. And I think Brandon Lee has such a voice. I don’t know if he’d live. I think he’d be great at voice acting for cartoons.

Cause he has such a like robust voice that when he laughed maniacally, I’m like, yeah, I believe you’re this character.

Erick: Yeah. It would’ve been awesome to see him in future stuff

Vivi: he was also very hot. So that’s also sad.

Erick: He was hot. flashed to a club where the hooligans are trying to make their way upstairs to talk to someone inside a man with two women, hold something in his hand saying his dad gave it to him on his fifth birthday. We never ever see what this thing is.

Vivi: . I think it’s like a snow globe type crystal ball thing. It’s

Erick: emphasized here. Like it’s going to make an impact later and it doesn’t matter. He’s talking about his dad, but we don’t ever find out who his dad was and what white

Vivi: matters mean. He’s got some severe daddy issue.

Erick: He also has like a Southern accent out of nowhere on and off, right?

 His dad said childhoods over the moment, you know, you’re going to die.

The one woman which we found out was Micah or Micah,

Vivi: Micah. Her, name’s not really sad

Erick: throughout this film. No, not once. And I wrote the woman, the whole movie because they don’t have. But the woman here we find out is Micah asks if the other woman is asleep and he turns her body to reveal, she’s dead.

The woman says her eyes are pretty and goes at them with a knife flashed to the bar from earlier called the pit Sarah. Okay. Wanting to right the tip. Cause that’s what, I would imagine. A bunch of douchebags measuring dicks would be at

Vivi: the tip. That’s a good one,

Erick: but they’re at the PDF. Sarah goes inside to talk to her mom.

Who’s one of the waitresses named Darla. Darla tells her to go home. And Sarah was like, oh, so you’re not coming home early tonight. Huh? Darla. But the guy who we find out his name Funboy is making out with Darla and tells her to go away, Darla hands, her money for dinner. And Sarah says the police already gave her dinner.

She leaves with the money as Funboy Moxie. And it’s like, I already got dinner. I left my last

dish man. Eric approaches the pawn shop as the owner yells at him saying they’re close, but still pulls out his gun.

Another note I want to say is that the Andrew plays Funboy apparently wasn’t even supposed to originally do that shot. It was supposed to be a stunt double, and he didn’t find out until that day, he was actually gonna be the one who did it because of like direction, so many bad things.

Yeah. And the point like you’re like, who do you blame? But apparently no one was sued. I

Vivi: think it’s already a tragedy enough and you don’t want to ruin other people’s lives

Erick: as well. And it’s kind of weird, right? It’s like, how do we honor his memory? Like, do we stop filming and not release it? And then he died for nothing.

Vivi: Apparently his fiance and his mother actually called the director, and said that this was a project that he was very passionate about. It was supposed to be his starring role. And it would just honor his memory if he finished the movie because he didn’t want to finish the movie, but they wanted him to release it in his

Erick: memory.

Eric approaches the pawn shop as the owner yells at him saying they’re close, but still pulls out his gun. Eric crashes through the door and startles the owner, causing him to drop his gun. Eric enters quoting Edgar Allen. Poe’s the Raven. just like how much poetry in his dialogue he uses. And it seems like T-Bird earlier in the film, when the flashbacks are happening was reading from one of his books, he’s a musician. So it’s kind of cool to incorporate that part of his personality into how he killed people. Eric says he’s looking for a ring, but the shop owner tells him he’s looking for a coroner and shoots him in the chest.

Eric laughs. And the guy repeatedly says shit on me. And he’s like, shit, man, shit on shit on. I have

Vivi: never been so afraid that I just yelled at all the time.

Erick: Eric throws the owner over the front desk and stabs his hand into the desk, reminding him he’s only there for the ring. He says, Tintin told him he took it there before he ran out of breath.

flush to the cops, wheeling away, his body completely shredded and covered in knives.

 Albright is there and has an argument with a detective who keeps saying he’s a beat cop and keeps contradicting the detective.

The detective is just trying to say it’s regular gang violence, but Albrecht thinks it’s very intentional. They notice a Crow made with blood painted on the walls. The detective says, what do you call that? And I’ll break his leg. It’s blood. But I’m sure you’ll write that as graffiti I get the vibe that the point of this interaction between Albrecht and.

The detective is maybe a commentary on like, how little people pay attention to the violence that happens on marginalized people, low income communities.

So this guys being like they’re thugs, they’re gangsters, it’s graffiti. It’s

Vivi: whatever. It’s an easy way for them to write off their

Erick: job. Yeah. So I’m on all breaks side, obviously.

Vivi: And that’s also because he’s a Ghostbuster. Yeah.

Erick: You’ve gotta be on his side. It’s kinda funny when he’s like, are you a ghost?

Vivi: Pulls out

Erick: the crows like, yes,

Vivi: I starts playing

Erick: cigarettes, got ankle plasm on it. The detective gets pissed when I’ll break says this and tells him to get the fuck off his crime scene. But this guy back at the shop, Eric tears, the place apart looking for the ring and finally finds it.

 He gets a flashback of himself, guiding her up to the attic, lit up with candles, where she finds the ring. He knocks over some lighter fluid containers and drops them all over the shop. He threatens the shop owner with a shotgun and asks him to give him more information.

The shop owner says all of the seabirds men hang out at the pit and that fun boy lives upstairs. This upsets Eric who starts breaking more things in the shop, but holds the gun up to the owner. Again, he throws rings at the owner saying each of them represents people who he helped get killed, which is such a strong statement with just so little word.

You know,

eric says he’s not going to kill him, but that he has to go and tell them that death is coming tonight. He puts the rest of the rings into the gun and leaves with a guitar. The owner tells him off saying he won’t make it out alive with T-Bird and his gang.

And Eric just turns around saying, is that Gasolina smell? The owner’s like, fuck and starts running as Eric points his gun at the shop, shooting the rings, causing the shot to explode and knock the owner out the back door.

Vivi: He crashes into a wall in the back of the alley, pretty comical

Erick: or baldhead let’s get reminded me of like super Mario the actor.


. Sarah gets a root beer. As she watches Darla, go upstairs with fun.

Boy, Albrecht finds Eric and sticks him up thinking he might be high because he’s not afraid of the gun. Eric says he should remember him. And whether he remembers Shelly Albrecht is confused, saying she’s dead and tells him to sit on the curb while they wait for backup. Eric brings up T-Bird and his friend who liked playing with knives.

He asks if he recognizes his coat, and Albert realizes he murdered Tinton. Eric says he was already dead. The moment he touched Shelly a year ago, they all are. And just don’t know it yet. In the background.

Some people go to steal stuff from the shop, distracting Albrecht and giving Eric a chance to run.

Vivi: That’s a pretty metal line. They’re all dead. They just don’t know it yet.

Erick: Yeah. It’s just fucking, it’s just the Crow. Like just like, I’m invincible. I’m here for revenge. I don’t, I don’t need anything else.

I’m just here for these guys. Let me do my job and I’ll be out of your hair. It’s cool.

Vivi: He says it a little more metal than that. Yours is

Erick: very casual, very chilled. What’s more metal. It just being chilled about revenge.

I don’t know,

Vivi: Isn’t there a saying revenge is a dish best served cold.

Erick: So chilled At the club top dollar and Micah talk, as she lights an eyeball on fire in a challenge, she says forces are lining against them. still, also don’t know what the fuck they were getting at. Like, cause they don’t end up being like magical themselves.

I thought he was like, you’re going to have a whole, you know, frost moment where he’s like, I’m going to unlock the blood God thing. she

Vivi: seems to be the one that’s like aware of spiritual things. She might have some supernatural abilities, but it’s not ever really explained

Erick: She just

Vivi: dies.

She just has a fascination with

Erick: eyeballs. And he’s inhaling eyeball smoke. Yeah. I thought this was going to go somewhere. Like maybe he was going to be like the opposite of a Crow

Vivi: because he then says something about. Seeing right. Like seeing as the source of all power.

Erick: Yeah. I think he’s talking about eyes and stuff, but it never really does anything other than like, serve the purpose of being like, oh, awesome way to die.

Vivi: I do get that. There is a lot of the eyes being a theme in this film because it seems like Eric can see through the eyes of the Crow and vice-versa, but I don’t get the clear message of it.

Erick: Men enter telling him that the pawn shop was blown up and he says, no one cleared that with them. Clearly this guy had top dollar is the one who decides everything that happens on devil’s night.

What explodes what’s burned down. Who does what, when they do it, T-Bird says it wasn’t him. And that Tintin was killed. The man that says he wants to know why the shop was blown up as he does drugs on the table. He’s just snorting up all kinds of sugar.

Vivi: I wonder if they actually made him snort something.

Erick: I don’t know, movie magic. They CGI powder or

Vivi: he’s actually doing cocaine on the

Erick: bill. I mean, rules. I’m sure that didn’t go into play until sometime later on. I don’t know, 94. I don’t know what Hollywood’s rules are. It’s like when you see characters, smoke cigarettes or blunts, like, are they actually smoking or do they hold smoke in their mouth?

Vivi: I think. And a documentary. I can’t remember which one, or it’s just actors talking about the way that things used to be onset, where they would freely do cocaine on set.

Erick: Oh, on camera. I’m just like, yeah.

Vivi: And like directors and, and studio people would just offer it to them to like give them that boost to be able to act the crazy hours that they did.

Erick: That’s weird. Cause that’s how accidents happen. Mm Hmm.

Vivi: Imagine that. Yeah.

Erick: It’s like the food one, right? When they do eating scenes, they’re not supposed to actually eat the food or all the foods

Vivi: fake.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: I think one of my favorite things that I learned was how they have to make not only food, that’s not a recognizable brand, but I can’t remember.

I think it was when I was listening to, and that’s why we drink, em, talked about how in new girl, Zooey, Deschanel, like wouldn’t eat Cheeto puffs. So they had to carve Cheeto puffs out of carrot sticks and put them in a bag for her to eat while she was doing the scene.

That’s so weird. It’s super weird. Eat a Cheeto puff once in a while. Unless you’re vegan that might’ve been why she couldn’t eat them.

Erick: Oh yeah. In baby care is bad for you because they’re blanched. I don’t know. I’ve read

Vivi: that everything is bad for you eat a Cheeto,

Erick: an ad brought to you by

speaking of which we went to a sushi conveyor belt thing and they had a hot one that had Cheetos on it. It was delicious and Bebe eyeballed it from Walway. I did. I

Vivi: saw it before we even sat down. I’m like, I want that

Erick: one in the streets. Sarah is about to ride out into the street.

When Eric saves her from getting hit by a car, she asks if he’s a clown or something, but doesn’t let her get a good look at him. As he gets flashes of memories with her, he says something that causes her to ask if he’s Eric. But when she turns around, he’s gone. the Phrase that we find out later is prominent is it can’t rain all the time. We find out why shortly at the police station, I’ll break to investigates the Shelley and Eric Case with the help of one of the other cops noticing that they were battling eviction from their apart.

He starts drawing the crow’s makeup on Eric’s face on a band photo they have in their case file, making them realize it might be him. He draws this

Vivi: so poorly. It’s like squares,

Erick: scribble, scribble. Oh shit.

You look at him. And it’s just doodle. Bob

 FM boy’s apartment Darla shoots up while Eric watches outside the Crow flies into their window and dollar just says there’s a big fucking bird phone.

Boy starts calling out to it while Eric enters the window calling out to farm boy, cause he’s lying here. Birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie. And Eric’s like here, if I’m boy one boy, one boy, one boy here. Douchebag, douchebag, douchebag. They’re shocked. As Eric approaches scraping a guitar fumble or points a gun at him, but Eric just pulls a chair and tells him to shoot.

FOMO is like, you’re crazy. I like you. But shit crazy and says. Issues and Eric screams, but it turns into laughter and fun, fun boys like Jesus Christ, cussing Eric to tell a joke saying Jesus Christ walks into a hotel from what shoots again, Eric continues saying he hands the innkeeper three nails asking if I’m bull shoots again.

Eric says, can you put me up for the night? Ha ha ha. Good joke.

Vivi: It’s a pretty, it’s

Erick: a joke. I was still waiting for the punchline. It didn’t hit me. That that was the punchline here. I was, it put me up for the night and then I was waiting for like the end But Eric slaps one boy causing him to shoot himself in the leg.

Darla hides in the bathroom and fumble is concerned with his bed sheets before passing out. He’s that much cheats man. But Eric drags him into the bathroom and puts him into the tub while Darla watches. He turns the water on and grabs Darla, forcing her to look at herself in the mirror saying that mother is the name of God on the lips and hearts of.

He says, morphine is bad for you. And we get a view of her arm being drained of the drugs. She just took again, not knowing fully the extent of his powers. It’s like he has some other abilities other than just being invincible, some

Vivi: supernatural entity, or he can regenerate and possibly can

pass that on to

Erick: others. Maybe. kind of cool. It’s a cool effect. Cause it comes out of her rain.

Vivi: Yeah. And it doesn’t look bad. It was a pretty good looking effect.

Erick: I wonder how they did it. She looks at Eric and shock as he says, her daughter is out on the streets, waiting for her. The shop owners at the pit drinking heavily and is approached by Grange from earlier who asks what happened at the shop.

 Everyone is surprised to see Darla running downstairs and fear while Grange decides to see what happened. Eric grabs her needle and puts a ton of them in fun. Boys, chest Grange enters the room, sees his body on the ground and notices Eric in the window saying sh as he jumps out,

Vivi: he’s a little funny.

Yeah. He’s like, Hey, he’s having a little fun with us here.

Erick: I’m just thinking of bill and Ted’s excellent adventure when they just break out until boom. That would have been cool. A little riff happens every time that he kills somebody. That’d be hilarious to turn it over now. Yeah. Grange looks out the window and sees no one on fanboys.

Chest is another Crow marked with blood. He leaves these little crows throughout. So obviously earlier we saw the one on the wall, smeared in blood. This one’s on his chest later. We see a pretty cool one. I don’t think we see one at the end and. I don’t recall. No. Albrecht is at home and notices his window open.

When Eric yells freeze from inside his apartment, Albrecht is confused because he saw him die and asks if he’s some kind of ghost Dunedin, Dean. It exactly as Eric, hands him a beer and says, Eric asks him to tell him what happened to them. He tells him everything in that Shelley was in the hospital for 30 hours before passing

Vivi: brutal.

Erick: Eric grabs all breaks head and gets a flash of her final hours. He falls back sadly and says he saw her through his eyes. And then he stayed with her the whole time. Eric asks why he didn’t do anything about it, but Ahlberg says that after what happened to him, no one was going to ask.

He asked questions, but was the motive for getting too involved? Eric notices a photo with Albert. Aubrey says they’re getting a divorce, but Eric says he used to find some things Shelly would do trivial and says that nothing is too trivial. He takes Albrecht cigarette, takes a hit and tells him he shouldn’t smoke.

Cause it’ll kill him. Albrecht says, he’s sorry for what happened to them as Eric leaves and just says, yeah, it’s kind of sad. Cause he’s kind of like I lost my fiance And you have an opportunity to fix things like do it if you can. Yeah.

Vivi: I always find that so sad when there is people who are robbed of their opportunity to be together.

And then there’s people who just get divorced. But I will say sometimes divorce is necessary. I’m just saying it’s sad all around it is.

Like I get the message they were trying to go

Erick: for here.

At the club, the shop owner Till’s top dollar would happen. Grange says he saw him vantage to top dollar throws an eye on him saying that all the power in the world lies in the eyes and goes to a volt with swords. The shop owner says he lost everything. And that the guy is out of his mind. Top dollar says that Micah is his sister and that she taught him what he knows.

He points the sword at the owner, telling him to tell him. The owner does. And south dollar asks, if he’s not just making it all up, the owner says he isn’t and isn’t as fucked up as them. top dollar points, the sword down and says a boy and his bird, huh? the shop owner laughs.

Top dollar, it kind of chuckles and then just stands up fuck out of him in the neck. Grange says, Fumbo also said he saw Blackbird before choking on his own blood.

Vivi: Okay. We need to not just glaze over the fact that this dude might be banging his sister.

Erick: It’s implied that they had a threesome with this girl who they killed. And they have the same dad.

Vivi: he says it like casually, the way he describes it. Like they’re not actually related, but they are, she’s

Erick: my sister. We’re not related. We just have the same day.

Vivi: It’s just my father’s daughter.

Erick: What? Right. It’s still you in her. That’s the way you want it though.

Vivi: Unsure of their relationship because he then makes a joke afterwards saying, can’t you see the resemblance and they clearly do not look like,

Erick: on a rooftop. Eric plays his guitar while sirens sound in the background.

It’s very metal. Melody like no other. Sarah goes into an apartment and plays one of our expand records. the Crow lands in her window. As the record skipped, sing it. Can’t rain all the time over and over the Crow flies away and lands on a power line watching T-Bird and another guy yell fire.

What was the other guy’s name? Do you remember? Skank? What a name? They noticed film. Boy, hasn’t shown up and joke about Darla T-Bird waits in the car while skank enters a store for smokes and snackies in the car.

Eric appears in the backseat, scaring Teper with a gun against his head. He tells him he’s his passenger and tells him to drive. Meanwhile, the guy inside skank thinks he’s leaving him behind skiing runs out into the street screaming. When a car hits him from behind, I thought the guy ran him over was going to be one of those.

Just desserts things where he just gets run over and killed randomly. And maybe that was like a CRO power too. It was like, he’s just able to bring bad luck to people who deserve it. But no, the guy gets off his car and he’s like, what the fuck? You fucking asshole kind of tries to beat up skank, but skank ends up beating him up and then takes this class.

Vivi: This is what I mean by there is crazier than you out there.

Erick: T-Bird asks if he wants drugs or money, but Eric just tells him to floor it. Some cops see them drive by and start to chase. skank is trying to catch up with them, but every possible inconvenience keeps having them.

He gets like cut off by a truck that throws a mud on his windshield. I think some shit breaks the glass and he’s like, I can’t see. This is again what made me think maybe the Crow has this kind of power. He finally sees them pass by when driving through an alley. But doesn’t realize that the cops are chasing them and gets hit by the cops.

He doesn’t die though. Like the cops get the airbags hit on their face and like tumble around. But scan guys are just flying out the door onto the ground safely. See that it’s kinda just like,

Vivi: Ugh, there are so many times where I thought skank was going to die in the scene and he doesn’t

Erick: Eric and T-Bird finally pull over and we see Eric tying him up to the driver’s seat with duct tape while T-Bird says some dude and some girl made their tenant relocation program, a mess.

T-Bird keeps trying to get Eric to talk. But finally he gets a good look at him and realizes, I know you, I know you, I knew you, but I, but I can’t. No, you can’t be you. He can’t believe it and starts going and craze about how there’s no coming back after death. He just keeps repeating it.

There’s no coming back after that, like he goes insane. And these last moments,

Vivi: Don’t blame.

Erick: Erik puts a grenade in his crotch and pushes the lever that makes the car drive itself. The car goes off a pier and explodes as Eric waves. He lights a lighter and we see the other guy watching the explosion from far away.

Eric throws the light into the ground and it Crow in flames appears, which is really cool. It’s like a Batman thing.

Vivi: And this is what I mean by, I think this film was a heavy influence on the Batman films later on.

Erick: Totally, totally agree.

Vivi: Like the visuals that are shown

Erick: there was literally a bat fire in one of the dark Knight movies wasn’t there, there was.

Yeah. Grange investigates Eric’s grave and realizes it’s just the pit. As Sarah wakes up in an apartment, she notices Darla is making breakfast, which confuses Sarah making her ask what suddenly made her want to be mothered.

Yeah, this is kind of sad. She asks so many questions that Darla ends up being like, you know what? Fuck it. This was a bad idea. I’m sorry. I even tried. And she’s like, oh no, no, no, no. It’s cool. I like them. Over-easy

Vivi: yeah. It’s like one of those, Eric’s scared her so much that she’s going to be a good mom now, but like she, wasn’t a good mom to begin

Erick: with.

Yeah. It will be over by like next week. It’s like, when you say you’re going to work out and then you don’t and you work out for like that first week and then you give up and then you just say, I’m the gym, like your money for years to come.

At the police station. The detective tells all break that there’s a lot going on in his district and shows him the pictures from the explosion. Albrecht says the case is closed, but the detective gets pissed and says, Albrecht is covering up for some of them.

All of it. Joel, auntie is out. he asks who the CRO is. And Albert tells him he’s a detective. So he should figure

Vivi: it out. Honestly, I feel like this detectives only purpose is to piss off Albert and kind of be mad at him for not doing his job where he can then just go in and take credit for it.

Yeah. I

Erick: don’t like this guy’s character at all. I mean, it it’s written to be hated.

Vivi: Yeah. He’s only there to remind him that he used to be a detective and he isn’t any longer, but he should still do all the work and he should take

Erick: credit for, I like Albrecht’s attitude on it though. Cause he could be like, fuck you too.

But he doesn’t break down to the detectives level. He’s kind of just like, eh, whatever. You’re going to talk all the shit in the world. I was like, no matter what I say,

Vivi: There’s a killer out there. Go do your job, man.

Erick: Yeah. stop worrying about what I’m doing

Vivi: I could’ve seen where top dollar was maybe paying off. And was just kind of getting in the way of Albert’s actual investor

Erick: and that’s why he keeps getting him demoted. Yeah. Maybe this guy was like a lower cop. Didn’t like all Breck took his spot when he got demoted. Sarah goes to Eric’s department where we see him burning photos from when he was alive and letters from Shelley.

I didn’t get this because I thought he wanted the photos because they were memories of when they were together in the live.

Vivi: So the scene I think, was added after his death because there was supposed to be more speaking roles for Shelly and they had to go the montage route and said where you can’t really see his face.

Sadly. even when Sarah says, I miss you, Eric, and he goes to hug her, you don’t see his face at all.

Erick: Apparently the mirror smash scene was also CGI type thing where they had to like put his face on some actor in the mirror.

Vivi: Yeah. Apparently when they put the makeup on the stunt double, who looked a lot like Brandon, it was very difficult for the cast and crew. I can’t imagine.

Erick: Yeah, it sucks again. We’re going to keep just saying it sucks. It’s just sad. It is Sarah calls out for Eric and notices. Gabriel, the cat. Why is this cat still here?

Honestly, she notices all the burnup photos and starts talking to Eric. She said she knew it was him. Even with the makeup, especially when he said it can’t rain all the time.

When he saved her. since it’s a lyric in his song, she says she misses them and has felt lonely. Since they’ve been gone. She’s about to leave saying she thought he cared. When he calls out saying he does. And they hug at the club, skiing tells top dollar what happened.

He ingrained talk about the grave while skiing says the ghost is going to kill his ass. Next Mika says they have all arrived. While top dollar says there’s no ghost, Sarah and Albrecht meet at the hotdog stand and talk about Eric. I’ll break says he might be her fairy godfather, but she says he didn’t come back for her because they’re both like, not really telling each other. Hey, is things happening? Yeah. Eric plays the guitar while the Crow watches until he smashes it. And a speaker. At the club, a band plays well guys in the back room, ready, guns and count money. top dollar says devil’s night is upon us, but it’s all been done before. He says he has an idea. And that greed is for amateurs, but disorder, chaos and anarchy is fun.

the people there are like, what about devil’s night though? He says he wants to light a fire. So big. The gods will notice them again. He’s basically saying that like, devil’s night it’s been done before. We need to come up with something new because everyone just expects it now.

So it’s not as fun. We need to do some better.

Vivi: Yeah. And this is where his character reminds me a little of like the joker in terms of, they just want chaos. At this point, they don’t care about money. Motive wise, not actual like character at all.

Erick: Okay. I was looking at the Joker’s cooler though, because the joker never cared about any of that other stuff.

He’s kind of just always been about the chaos and this guy’s like, I just want to be flashy and noticed. I want daddy to notice me. Maybe that’s the daddy issues. Yeah. Yeah.

Vivi: Also the makeup design on Micah, I really did not like, I don’t know if this is how her character is designed in the comic, but they overline her lips quite a lot and then give her a very dark eye shadow.

Look that it’s just, it’s just a lot,

Erick: maybe every character here was supposed to be designed to send like a very dismayed, smudged sweaty look.

Vivi: Yeah. Maybe this was a look at the time, but I couldn’t get over the very, very over lined lips.

Erick: The Crow lands on the table though, suddenly.

And everyone’s confused. They’re like, what the fuck is the Netflix thing? Eric walks in and all of them lift their guns. he kicks a chair and stands on the table.

While top dollar recognizes him as the one causing all the trouble. Eric says he just wants the fourth guy from the game with top dollar says he can’t have him. Eric tries to say something else. He’s like, kind of like try me. You made the wrong decision and the top dollars, just like this is boring.

He tells his men to kill him. And they all fired their guns on him. He falls off the table and one guy goes to check. He notices, he’s gone, looks back at everybody in his life. I don’t know where he is and suddenly gets shot a whole gunfight ensues. Eric fires back at everybody. He kills them all. Awful, trying to get to the skank some by hand some with swords on the wall, it’s basically like one sided. He’s murdering everybody.

He knocks a guy down into the club at one point, causing him to land on the band’s equipment in the club downstairs and everybody starts panicking and.


Vivi: scenes of the club, remind me so much of Buffy where they would go to that teen

Erick: nightclub. Yeah, the zone that was in our neighborhood, skinny cowers under a table. As Eric stabs a sword into it, causing him to come out. Eric grabs skank saying it’s a bad time to be a bad guy, but skank says he’s not him.

He’s like, I’m not skank. Skank was killed. Look at him. He’s over there. I mean, good try

Vivi: dude.

Erick: He tried it. Eric just says, yeah. And throws him out the window onto a cop car. The cup’s enter and start firing Eric, but he runs off and tries to escape using the rooftops, Albrecht notices what’s going on and picks Eric up in his own car. They almost hit a cop car. We’ll I’ll break is trying to talk to. But when he’s like shocked about almost crashing, he turns to the right and notices that Eric just ran out and leaves blood on his seat.

Vivi: Rude a little bit Batman style. That’s what I mean. They have a very Batman and commissioner Gordon relationship going.

Erick: That’s true. Top dollar Grange and Micah drive off talking about Eric Micah specifically says his power can be taken from him as the Crow is, is linked between the land of the living and the dead.

And she just knows this

Vivi: from looking at them

Erick: well, while they were doing the gunfight, she kept trying to catch the grow. But yeah, I don’t know how she just, no,

Vivi: again, she might have some super natural abilities, but we don’t

Erick: know. We don’t see any of it. If they can kill the Crow, they can destroy the man.

Eric takes a break from running and says, he’s coming home in reference to Shelly. He sees kids in masks, laughing and yelling while trick or treating.

And laughs I think it’s kind of cool. It’s like my dad has done and look Halloween. It’s a reminder of when we were supposed to get married. Yeah. cut to the cemetery where Sarah sleeps near Shelley’s grave. And Eric approaches, Eric says it’s the safest place to be.

And she says it’s because everyone’s dead. Sarah says he wasn’t going to say bye. And it’s never coming back. but he says, he’s sorry. And gives her a necklace that belonged to Shelley. So she can always remember the necklace

Vivi: is actually the wedding ring. Isn’t that playing out?

Isn’t it all said, it’s all so

Erick: sad. They hug and say goodbye. But as Sarah approaches, the building Grange kidnaps her, bring her into the church Top dollar steals the necklace from her neck and says, he’ll keep it for good luck.

Micah says her eyes are innocent while holding a knife, the Crow watches and notices Sarah yelling Eric’s name from outside. It’s like it keeps getting flashes, which obviously alerts Eric. He goes into the church with the Crow, The Crow lands on a bench nearby and grain shoots it from above top dollar approaches.

And Eric tells him he’ll let him live. If he hands her over top dollar says, he’ll think about it, but just turns around and shoots him. Eric notices. He’s not healing and collapses. He’s like, oh fuck

Vivi: Dante, duh. The stakes are very high now.

Erick: But at the way he says, oh fuck. It’s like, he’s like I was done, man.

Vivi: I was done with this and I had to come back.

Erick: The Crow is still alive by whim. And right as Grange is about to shoot it. Albright comes in firing at all of them. Micah captures the Crow. Well I’ll break manages to kill Grange. Albrecht meets up with Eric who says he can handle it, but he points out that he can’t heal. Abra says, he’s going to need his help. Then as they follow Micah and top dollar Albert gets shot and Eric continues, he

Vivi: offers his help and get shot a second later,

Erick: I’m going to have to help you then be a distraction.

He runs into Mica holding the crows, saying his power is hers. Now the grow goes crazy out of nowhere and picks her eyes out right before she shoots at him. Poetic justice. Apparently this Crow was like a little robot. Oh, that could move. It’s like wings and legs.

Vivi: Yeah. I don’t think you want to train an actual Raven to Peck someone’s eyes.

Erick: it’s pretty gory too. As she calls, you can see her eye holes.

Vivi: This final scene probably has the most gory kills. Oh yeah. Or more horror element kills. Top dollars kills definitely is glorious book. Yeah.

Erick: It’s getting metal prizing and surprising.

Vivi: You’re like, oh shit. Okay man. All right.

Erick: That’s a gargle too. Top dollars on the roof, holding Sarah and Eric approaches saying he can save her, but he needs to let her go. Top dollar drops her, but she manages to hold on. Meanwhile, top dollar swings is sorta Eric, Eric defends himself using a piece of metal from the roof of the church.

Vivi: Which was. Interesting thing just to add, they’re like, oh yeah, this piece of metal Stripe by lightning. It’s super hot. How cool is it that he grabs it to fight with? Okay.

That’s why

Erick: I asked, because I thought maybe it was a cross and that he screamed because it was like, God,

Vivi: well, he’s not demonic. He’s just back from the dad

Erick: that, well, that’s why I asked. I was like, what does

Vivi: that mean? He was able to enter the church, you know?

Erick: would’ve been funny if he just entered, it was like, that’s how you kill the girl.

You sit in the church and see if he comes in

Vivi: pretty anti-climactic.

Erick: The fight continues and eventually that piece of metal gets knocked out of Eric’s hands and top dollar finally corners him, stabbing him in the back while Eric tries to go save Sarah, top dollar says his dad used to say every man’s got a devil and you can’t rest till you find him. So he’s

Vivi: basically saying enough with your daddy. Yeah.

Erick: it’s because of him, that they cleared the building and his, sorry, he spoiled his wedding plans. He says, he’s got a lot of spirit and it’s going to miss him again.

I don’t get it. Like, he’s like, you got a lot of spunk kid, but I’m going to have to kill you. I’m sorry. Yeah,

Vivi: I guess it’s just that thing of respecting your opponent when no one’s challenged you that hard before

Erick: Eric says he has something to give him because he doesn’t want it anymore. And grabs top dollars, face 30 hours of pain all at once. As he, we get flashes of Shelley and her last moments of life, top dollar falls back off the rooftop and gets him pale through the mouth on a spike from a gargoyle is the horns of a

Vivi: gargoyle.

And it is. Gory. I love it. I love this. Kill. It

Erick: drives blood

Vivi: all the way down. It looks like the gargoyle is spewing

Erick: blood. that’s really cool.

Vivi: I just love that this is how it ends because I’m a petty person. So I love the, an eye for an eye. Maybe that’s the, all the emphasis on the eyeballs is that saying in this film, but I would love if this was a real thing, like if you murdered someone and someone could give you that feeling of being murdered, I think is like the perfect revenge.

Erick: This is the part where I was telling you kinda reminds me like ghost writer.

Eric helped Sarah up and they go inside Sarah checks on all break. While Eric sits down nearby, he says, thanks to Albrecht. Well, he kept it in his memory, saved him because obviously he pulled that from Albright, Eric, hands, him a cigarette and lights it. But I’ll break says he’s quitting.

Now, if he lifts Eric disappears. And Albert says he does it a lot to Sarah because there was like,

Vivi: what the fuck? And again, it wasn’t as a joke in the dark night, the entire time. Yeah. You’re not slick for server Nolan. I see what you did here. I would say even that scene where he enters the big boss meeting, the way he enters all like comical.

Yes. It’s exactly the way the joker enters.

Erick: Cut to the cemetery where Eric collapses in front of Shelly’s grave, paramedics and cops show up at the church and all break says, at least it stopped raining. Sarah says it can’t rain all the time. As the detective shows up to be a fucking asshole to Albrecht asking if it’s his fault that all this is happening, he says the vigilantes on the roof, and then he missed it.

Meanwhile, Eric is passing out by the grave as Shelley approaches and touches his head. The kiss as the wind blows, she’s dressed completely in white cut to a scene of the graves, filled the Crow lands on Eric’s headstone with a ring and hands it to Sarah who says, thanks.

She says that the people we love are stolen from us, the only way to keep them alive is to never stop loving them. Buildings, burn people die, but real love is forever. As we black out from the city.

Vivi: This movie is just great.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: It is heartbreaking that it comes from grief and it is something that ended in grief itself.

Erick: It’s kind of like a rated R Gokul.

Vivi: Not at all. I would say because the dude doesn’t come back and start murdering everybody.

Erick: But the message is like, as long as you keep the memory of your loved ones alive then they can never

Vivi: really die.

I just love that in your brain. You’re like that’s Coco, all the murder and blood.

Erick: It’s the Crow Crow.

Vivi: all right. On that note, we have to go forever. Now

Erick: Coco’s a horror movie. It’s about a kid who sees dead people. It’s literally the 6 cents.

Vivi: Now you’re just listing movies. I don’t know what’s happening anymore.

Erick: But I liked this movie. Its message is really cool. Like I said, I like revenge stories. What are your thoughts? Where do you rate it?

Vivi: I love the aesthetic of this movie. I love the coloring of it. Love the makeup, the look of Brandon Lee’s superhero form vigilante form more like it. And I’m going to give it an eight out of 10.

It is just so sad knowing the actual story behind it. It feels like horror to me. I know some people might say this is more thriller, but there are some gory bits in here.

Erick: Yeah, I’d say that this movie is a nine It is really cool. Aesthetically. I think it’s cool to have a character that doesn’t immediately get like thrown into the ground, by the way.

 I hate her event story where it’s like the whole movie is spent building up enough power to actually fulfill your goal. And then from this one, he’s like, now I’m invincible.

I’m going to take care of everybody. I don’t really give a shit about anything else. This is my job. Yeah.

Vivi: And that’s what I like about in the beginning. We just jumped straight into it, like they’re dead. And you’re kind of like getting a little bit of a background, but the reason we’re here is the revenge.

Erick: It doesn’t really linger too much on anything that doesn’t matter. Yes.

Vivi: The only thing I would like explain a little more is the villains I get that they’re just like crime Lords, but I want to know if they have powers.

Erick: yeah. Maybe that was explored more in like other versions of the script. Cause it seems like this just went through so many changes But that’s fine. Maybe it’s just that, that they’re crazy. Cause they’re crime Lords and they’re like, we have a tombstone that lets us live forever and it’s through the power of eyes and we never see that because the Crow comes along the way and stops them halfway through their plan.

Yeah. Cause we always have a superhero versus a villain. That’s like the villain is almost ready at the door to make his plan go through. Maybe this is like the Crow at his full potential showing up to a villain. Who’s barely thinking about what he even wants to do. I

Vivi: think he is at his full potential because he’s talking about making devil’s night, even crazier than it is for the sake of case.

So he does kind of come in and ruin his master plan,

Erick: he doesn’t even know what he wants to do. You know,

Vivi: it’s like he has the money, he has the power already. He’s just doing it to ruin

Erick: and everybody’s aligned. But what about this thing though? Like we were hyped up, bro. Why are you trying to change things?

Fucking millennials,

Vivi: fucking their sisters. Yeah,

Erick: fuck.

Vivi: Yeah. I feel like even though the subject matter is pretty dark, I would just watch this as like a comfort movie.

Erick: Like if this was just on, in the background, I would be like,

Vivi: cool. I just really like it. I have like no negative feedback, honestly.

Erick: And neither do I 7.5. It means a lot of people like it. very limited haters. It helps

Vivi: that Brandon Lee was super hot to look at the entire movie.

Erick: You’re saying his whole personality is that he’s hot. Yeah. I mean,

Vivi: isn’t it. Any quotes? Edgar Allen Poe.

Erick: And he says it doesn’t rain all the time.

Yeah. This is

Vivi: a super hot to email checks. The same way. Robert pattens is now the emo Batman. We don’t mean to keep comparing this film to Batman, but we think it definitely influenced the style of those movies going forward. Yeah. Is all we’re trying to say, don’t come for us. Okay. We know they’re different movies,

Erick: characters. I don’t even like Batman like that.

Vivi: You don’t think RPA is hot?

Erick: No, no.

Vivi: I will say, I think Brandon Lee’s hotter. Hmm. Hm.

Do you want to talk about what scared

Erick: low-key? Yeah, he wasn’t actually scared by anything, but he wasn’t triaged by the Ravens. I wonder if they use Crow sounds or Raven sounds or if they sound the same and if it even matters, I’m sure that’s an idiot thing to say, but I just don’t know the difference.

Vivi: I just like that flocks of Ravens and crows have crazy names, a murder

Erick: like, whoa.

Is it murder? Ravens? No right murder of crows. And is it a cornucopia of Ravens? I don’t think it’s going to be a Raven. Loki. Do you want to tell us what a cornucopia of Ravens is?

I’m pretty sure it’s not that

Vivi: I have no idea what my mom just texted me. How much you pay for your fuck cake?

Erick: About three 50.

Vivi: I gotta call her back. I don’t know what she’s talking about. I’m sorry. I completely miss what low-key said. I went to go look at what the name of a body of

Erick: crows. He was trying to guess what a cornucopia of Raven and it was completely wrong. he just cared too much about licking peanut butter off our spoon.

Vivi: We had peanut

Erick: butter. And unkindness.

Vivi: What is the name given to black birds?

Erick: They’re just so long and unkindness of Ravens of what? Why is it so mean?

Vivi: So a group of Ravens is called a murder. Let’s see what a group of crows

Erick: is it. There was also a murder murder of crows

quote, the Raven Murda MOA, I guess

Vivi: it’s the same. They’re both called a murder

Erick: we do not condone murder. Just to be clear here. We do like this movie though. We just like the movie

Vivi: but is that pretty

Erick: much it for us here today? It is. I want it to make an announcement here that I think we’re going to release our discord to just anybody who listens to this.

Vivi: Yeah. So if you want to come and talk to us all day, every day about horror and drinking, we’ve got

Erick: so many channels on there. We got like shots, we got drinks, we got beer, we got cocktails.

We got previous books, podcast, creators. Just share all the things that you like that are horror. We’ve got a pet channel. We’ve got low-key pictures. We’ve got pets. Yeah. Yeah. We want to see all the pets. But for patrons who are like, what the fuck I was getting my exclusive discord axis.

We’ll have a patron only channel on there. So turn to this cord. We’ll put a link in here and we’ll start just tagging it everywhere. We

Vivi: are also going to start giving out some goodies in the mail for our patrons. So keep an eye out for them. We don’t know when,

Erick: but it’s coming.

Vivi: But as always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaking, that scared pod except Twitter, Twitter shaken, scared pod.

You could send us an So we’re at

Erick: the show on Patrion. You can get early access to episodes or bonus episode and theme drink idea every month. Listen, wherever you get your podcasts, give us a follow check, our drinks during the discord. Come tell us what you’re doing

Vivi: geek out about this movie.

It’s so good. Be sure to like rate, review all that good stuff and keep thanks. Bye. Bye.

Erick: That sounded

Vivi: aggressive.

Erick: The tip.

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