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Jawbreaker (1999)

Erick: That’s

Vivi: the depressive pep-talk you have to give yourself to get through the Workday drama.

Erick: Okay. Whatever the emotion. I love it cuts. It’s a rep. Okay. We don’t need the film, the rest of this movie. That was perfect. Anything right there too bad. It’s

Vivi: an audio medium. Yeah.


Welcome back to the chicken. Not scared podcast. He was, he was always your host. Sarah can BB today. We’re gonna be talking about the 1990 film Berger directed by Darren stain. But before we get into that, how are you, baby?

Vivi: I don’t even know.

Erick: Yeah. For a second. You spaced out there. Do you know what we’re doing right now? Do you know what the ADA is? No. What do you do? You know your name’s Beebee? Yes. Oh, okay. So you’re good. It doesn’t matter what day it is. Oh, they’re all. They’re all

Vivi: set. How are you?

Erick: I’m doing good. Yeah. Hey, the discord is getting a lot more active.

Not like crazy, like some of these other discords, but we’re getting more people on there. Sherry has been in there. We have Anthony too. Who’s been pretty active on there. They started battling out who can get levels faster. So that’s pretty fun.

But yeah. Get over there. Hang out with us. We’re doing a giveaway. Once we reach 50 people in the discord, the prize is a copy of the first Halloween movie from 1978. So get on it, get over there. Hang out. Show us what you’re playing. What you’re reading. What you’re watching.


Vivi: what you’re drinking too.

Erick: Yeah. There’s a non-alcoholic channel in there.

And people were like, what? Shaking that sober. before we get into the drink though, for today, I just want to give a shout out to Travis for suggesting this film. Thanks again. And as always for others who are listening here, we love suggestions. So send us more. we’re making a list, so get on it

Vivi: Travis did mention when he suggested it, that this film is not technically considered horror, but has horror elements. And I don’t know what I would classify this movie, honestly,

Erick: when I looked it up, it does say it’s kind of like

Vivi: a horror, would say

Erick: thriller.


Vivi: thriller psychological.

Erick: Yeah. I mean, girls with murder, that’s

Vivi: pretty horrific. Yeah.

Erick: And fun facts. I saw that Darren stain was like, but mine’s better like

Vivi: a true Minger wood. It’s very different. Very different.

Erick: Yeah.

So what do you have for us to drink today?

Vivi: Okay. I went with a drink. I’m going to call the teenage dream, since he keeps saying I killed the teenage dream big deal.

Erick: Ah, yes, yes, yes.

Vivi: For this drink, I went more with like a visually Jawbreaker theme than an actual taste. Cause I have no idea what a job breaker tastes like to

Erick: you. I’ve also never had one. There was a store in this place that I used to go to as a kid, some like small town that had giant ones, like the ones from ed Nettie and the window, but never bought them.

I was like, how do I unhinge my jaw?

Vivi: You don’t, that’s how you choke and die. Do you? You’re supposed to hold it. And

Erick: it wonder how it got the name.

Vivi: Cause they’re hardest book and you can break your job if you try to bite into it. I was just

Erick: picturing that like the first person who tried it, it broke their jaw and they’re like, that’s probably a job wrecker.

Yeah. Let’s call it that and put it in the books and they don’t even give a shit about the kid that died.

Vivi: And you said they just broke their jaw. You didn’t say they died.

Erick: You can survive. We’re talking about like historically people were dying and just existing.

Vivi: You know, how old do you think child breakers are

Erick: old?

Yeah. Yeah. America

it’s been around for awhile.

Vivi: America town. I’m going to end every debate over,

but for this drink, I wanted to create a cotton candy garnish on top that hopefully for the video, it turns out I want to splatter with color. The same way they do in the opening scene. The actual drink itself is kind of a rum Chata. Collada it has three ingredients. So it’s pretty simple. You have rum, Chata, banana liqour and coconut rum

Erick: sounds very tropical.

Vivi: Yeah. Do you want to give it a try?

Erick: Sure. When you said splashing colors at it, I’m picturing like color run. We’re just going to like throw paint at it while it goes through the camera.

Vivi: we’re going to go into shit and then spray it. And hopefully it looks how I want it.

Erick: It is quite desserty. And I don’t know that it tastes like a job breaker, but it is good. This is definitely like a post dinner drink.

Vivi: Yes. That’s what I was going for

Erick: when they come by your table. And they’re like, do you want anything else after you just stuff your face with the entire bowl of pasta. And you’re like, no, this is fine.

Vivi: This dessert drink is fine. Yeah. I was afraid that the banana was going to be like really overpowering, but it’s, it’s the first flavor you get for sure. But once you let it sit, it tastes more like a pinion colada.

Erick: You still get the hint of banana, but it’s not horrible because I think that banana with core kind of tastes like the Laffy taffy flavor.

Right. So it’s their artificial banana. And if that’s your jam, then like, this is all great and dandy, but it’s not overpowering if you don’t like that. When I was a kid, I would like stuff those in my face, like nobody’s business.

Vivi: I never liked the banana Laffy

Erick: taffy. Those are my favorite. I hated the grape ones.

Yeah. Wow.

Vivi: What would you rate this drink then?

Erick: well, I said they were my favorite and that’s because I got tired of them stuffing them in your face. So, no, I give this a 3.5 because it does taste good. Like it is on the sweeter side, but like I said, it’s a dessert.

I would definitely get this if I wasn’t trying to eat a pie, but I was still wanting to get boozy.

Vivi: I agree. I really like this. I’m going to give it a four out of five. It’s just a good dessert cocktail. Just don’t drink more than one of these because oh my God. Your head will hit you in

Erick: the morning. Oh, is yours

Vivi: already hurting?

Mine’s is already hurting. I need more. Are you serious? the older I’ve gotten sweeter stuff. Just immediate headache. It doesn’t even have to be alcohol, sometimes just a soda and I’m like headache. Water.

Erick: And I’m like headache. Headache. Yeah. Breathing air had a headache. I’m fine. am I 30?

Are you?

Vivi: I feel like I act way older than you do

Erick: you, do

well, would you like some fun facts now that you’re eating your, or try to banana coconut dessert pie? What are we calling this teenage dream teenage dream. Do you think teenagers is a dream of this?

Vivi: It’s a drink that a teenager would like, if they don’t know how to drink, it’s just very sweet. Um,

Erick: They would like Snapchat themselves.

Oh yeah, yeah. Although that’s not what

Vivi: the kids do now. That was us.

Erick: Yeah. What did teenagers do now? Let us know. Twitter. Okay. I don’t think anyone

Vivi: under the age of 18 listens to this. I don’t think anyone under the age of 21 should listen

Erick: to that. I but are you ready for some fun job Reagan facts.

Vivi: Yeah, because you were having a really good time putting these together.

Was that being

Erick: a mean girl?

Vivi: No. You were just gasping every like five minutes, like, oh my God. So these better be good.

Erick: What? don’t know. I didn’t keep a lot in here because I didn’t want to go forever. There was like 30 something when I was looking from, to start off, there’s so many iconic actors in this, including PJ soles, famous for Carrie and Halloween, Judy Greer, famous for the Carrie remake and the latest Halloween franchise, obviously. And Carol Kane famous for the Mafu cage.

And when a stranger calls or you ever seen any of those. When a stranger

Vivi: calls sounds familiar, there’s

Erick: a roommate for that too.

Isn’t there

Vivi: we’re horror podcasters. And we don’t know.

Erick: I mean, Carol, Kane’s the main actress in that and she’s the one who is a principal in this and she’s in commitment. Yeah, she is. I love her so much. She’s so great. But Rebecca Gayheart and Rose McGowan were also in horror movies, including scream.

They weren’t in the same ones though.

Vivi: Yeah. When I was watching this, I recognized so many faces and I will talk about this a lot, but I am so surprised that this movie doesn’t have a crazy following or recognition. It’s probably a cult classic now,

but I’m surprised that at its time, it wasn’t the success that you would think it would be.

Cause I didn’t discover it until recently.

Erick: I like it. I do see why maybe people wouldn’t really take it seriously. Cause it has like a made for TV feeling, especially with all like the crazy transitions. I felt like I felt like I was watching Lizzie McGuire. Really?

Vivi: Yeah. I disagree. I really thought the transitions were funny and weird

Erick: and that’s what makes them TV, not movie. Do you know what I mean? Like the weirdness of it is what’s like, oh, this is kind of quirky and fun.

Yeah. Yeah.

Vivi: But I don’t

Erick: agree. Okay. this next one, I didn’t really give a shit to include because who gives a fuck, but Marilyn Manson was in this and maybe thought it was important to say that, but at the time he was dating Rose McGowan who plays Courtney.

Vivi: And I felt it was important to say this because one to acknowledge that he’s even in this movie, but to, to say that we do not support Marilyn Manson and obviously the allegations against him are pretty horrific.

And I think ongoing investigations. So there is that.

Erick: Yeah. Darren sane was obviously inspired by well-known horror films at the time, including writing Fern, Mayo to be like Carrie Cici’s basics carrier specifically, but apparently Daniel Waters, the screenwriter for Heather’s thought he was ripping his film off.

Vivi: Yes. I absolutely read the description for this movie and thought Heathers, but it’s totally not Heather’s it is a different vibe. Completely. Baby is similar premise in that it’s just mean girls driven to murder,

Erick: but not really because Heather’s is about winnowing a writer and that kid’s like love story basically.

I mean, there’s like mean girls in it who are kind of there, but the focus of the film is not really them. It’s more this relationship This is just these girls who are mean girls murder, one of them. And one of them is like the evil leader, And finally the scene where they have to carry Liz’s dead body was apparently so horrible. It was nearly a hundred degrees and they had to carry her a long way. She was dropped at least once. And in this scene, rose is supposed to pretend to help. So it’s really just Rebecca Gayheart and Julie Benz doing all the caring

Vivi: that sucks. Then they have like, that snide comment where they’re like, this doesn’t feel like 105 pounds.

I wonder if they really felt that like carrying it,

Erick: makes me think about how these types of things are done now, because I always thought these weren’t always like the actual actor and maybe like a dummy.

Vivi: Yeah. I mean, it makes sense. You want to get the shot of them being the ones that carry.

Erick: I think I read somewhere that Rebecca Gayheart was like, my knees have never been the same ever since.

Dang. And she wasn’t even that old

Vivi: also. She couldn’t have been that heavy.

Erick: I don’t know. Are they trying to talk shit to rose? Are there like, actually mean girls in real life? I don’t know. I saw that Natalie Portman was supposed to be Rose’s character.

Vivi: That’s hard to imagine just cause I feel like Rose McGowan just is perfect in this role.

She was

Erick: in everything at the time too. Yeah. She was really prominent. Yeah. I think I, like I said, I saw like 30 fun facts. I didn’t include all of them, but I think I saw that in a music video, someone included her to offer Jawbreakers to the band.

Vivi: Oh, that’s funny. I

Erick: wonder what music video.

Yeah, but she was like in everything. Everybody loves her. I guess it’s my turn to do

Vivi: is speed. Yeah. You would try to trick me and say it

Erick: was my turn. I can’t even read my own phone facts. You want me to tell this movie in one minute

Vivi: you had a hard time, but that’s okay. Because I’m probably going to have a hard time reading my notes.

Erick: Well, ISER.

All right. Ready? Sec. Give me what

Vivi: my phone’s charging.

Erick: oh, it’s not locking

Vivi: Oh, can’t

Erick: do the speed room. Oops. Sorry. What does the internet say? Doesn’t it?

Okay. Fine. I want to give a disclaimer at the beginning that I was watching this while working today. So if I don’t remember specific details like that, Marilyn Manson, wasn’t it. Because didn’t even catch that I was in the coffee shop and they’re literally fucking, and it’s not graphic, but it was like weird to have

Vivi: that on the screen with my

Erick: back to people.

Vivi: So it was kind of like,

Erick: you got to show my notifications real quick. Oh. Someone texted me for 10 minutes. That seemed so long lawfully. It really

Vivi: isn’t. You just felt like it was cause you went in a coffee

Erick: shop. Ready? It’s that? Yep. Okay. We get, Hey, how you make the job breakers? It’s the kind that you watch on channel 11.

And it’s like how things were made. And we see Jawbreaker, these friends are like, it’s your birthday? And then they like shove a job right here in your mouth, but they’re completely covered. They have like masks like that one horror movie. And they put her in the back of their car. They’re like, it’s going to be great.

And they just like repeatedly say that someone’s going to die. And then they go to the back of her life. Let’s take a picture and they opened the trunk and she’s dead. And then the whole movie, they’re like, no, we can’t tell anybody you tell anybody you’re in. You’re dead. And then one of them is like, I have a moral thing and I can’t lie, but I’m not going to be a part of this anymore.

Long story short, they get like this very timid girl to join them. And she becomes like a monster because she’s way better than them. So they try to like sabotage her. It turns out that they like worked together at the end with the other girl, who’s got a moral dilemma and they’re like, we got to expose them.

They do. We have a Carrie moment at the end where the girls name prom queen. And then they’re like, you killed her and they play her audio on the phone. Cause they had like a birthday card. They recorded it. The end. Well you made it. Yes that I miss stuff.

Vivi: I mean, they definitely didn’t record it on a phone because I don’t think phone card.


Erick: think you said, I said birthday card. Isn’t it I’ll have to listen back, play it back, play it back. Play the recap, play the recap.

Vivi: I don’t know. I don’t want to say anything in case I was wrong now,

Erick: I was pretty sure that it was a birthday card. Cause I was trying to like be careful on how I said I was like, I went like this too.

that I say birthday phone. I don’t know. I but I beat it.

Vivi: you had like

Erick: three seconds left. Oh, okay, cool. I felt like I was right there. Cause you kept looking up and down in the nervously smiling. And I was like, I don’t know what this means, but I’m going to finish it now.

I did. Okay. It’s not too much in terms of like plot, it’s just being, girls are mean girls.

Vivi: Yeah. There’s like so much more getting to know these characters and instead of plot, which is an interesting way to do this movie, I don’t think I’ve seen a movie like this ever.

Erick: There’s like several different plots happening at the same time But it’s cool. It works. I’m going to end the same. Like I liked it. I really loved it. And it was short too. It was like an hour and 25 minutes. 20 minutes. Yeah.

Vivi: what does the internet say about it?

Erick: It’s your turn? I

Vivi: don’t have a phone I don’t have a birthday card. Birthday phone. I birthday phone.

Erick: Three of the most popular girls at Reagan high school accidentally killed a prom queen with a job breaker. When a kidnapping goes horribly wrong prom queen. She wasn’t even prom queen yet. She was to be right? Yeah. This is misleading DB. I don’t like you. What is it? Rate it. It is rated a hot and heavy 5.6 boo

Vivi: I have a theory why this movie is rated very

Erick: low because there’s heavy women, actors and little to no men. Yes. Which I think is not on purpose. I saw that Darien was like, no, the men don’t really take this spotlight in any kind of way.

They’re seen as like arm candy,

Vivi: they are actually wrote that in my notes that anytime men are featured, they are ponds or boyfriends the same way that women are usually featured in other films, which is cool. Yeah. That’s one of the things I like about it, but you know, people on the internet ruin the party once again, fucking grow up.

Erick: Honestly,

Vivi: for some reason, I don’t know where this started, but me and Eric say, grow up and suck a Dick. Like the rest of us. We do remember, I don’t know. It was like, maybe I want to episodes. And we deleted it two days ago.

it was your birthday. And I told one of your friends grow up and take it up the ass, like the rest of us, because I am just inappropriate. But,

Erick: well, I think it was because we were talking about this, like the massage, anything, and guys just being so fucking butthurt about it’s like, they’re worse than what they’re making fun of.

Like we can, we can debate it all day, but it’s like, dudes will be. Um, Fucking women will do this and it’s like, bro, you’re equally as bought her as what you’re describing. Yeah.

Vivi: Yeah. Yeah.

Erick: So it was like, shut the fuck up and suck a Dick. Like the rest of us. Yes. Just saying, just

Vivi: saying, well, are you ready?

Erick: I am, let’s do this. I’m excited. Maybe you’re going to give me some details that I didn’t notice. Like I said, I was working. That’s my fault. I apologize, listeners. If I’m not there, you’re supposed

Vivi: to be giving great a content.

Erick: Oh, I can. I can give you great content without netting, without nutty netting. I isn’t only fans.

I can give you great content without knowing what happened. No, I watched most of it. I was just like doing a spreadsheet. It was kind of like brainless work, so. Okay. No worries. I’m just saying like tiny detail. You catch tiny details regardless of whether I’m watching the movie or not.

Vivi: Well, then let’s get into these tiny details.

I’ll be like,

Erick: look, they shot a rabbit. And you’re like that rabbit represents the trauma and the discrimination and trauma instilled upon the Mexican people. And I’m like, this is a rabbit. This is a movie with all white people.

But yes, I agree with you.

Vivi: I was a liberal arts major. Leave me alone. We open on an aeration by Judy Greer’s character about the flawless for as four girls walked down a high school hallway. We get introduced to Courtney who is described as Satan in heels. Marci Fox was described as a legend in her own mind and who refers to herself as Foxy.

We have Julie who was doomed to be popular because of her pretty face. And finally, Liz pur, who is described as special as they walked down the hall, they ignore a brown haired girl who has dropped her things except for Liz who stops to help. The narrator says that everyone loved Liz because she was actually sweet.

She explains that Courtney ruled with fear, but everyone saw Julie as the princess di of the high school, which really pissed off Courtney, just like this princess Diana reference.

Erick: Is it implied then that maybe she did on purpose.

Vivi: That is a question I had throughout this because she really is lacking in any type of

Erick: remorse.

Yeah. Like she was the competition and she got her killed. And as much as she’s like, oh, I got, and she looks like she’s sad in that moment where they realize she’s

Vivi: dead, but she’s probably more sad for herself having to figure out what to do. Not that she’s

Erick: gone. Right. Interesting. So the true villain, which was the main months it’s

Vivi: spot on this time.

The narrator admits that she used to dream about what it would be like to be her. As we pan over to Liz’s bedroom, where she is asleep, suddenly she is being kidnapped and a job breaker is stuffed in her mouth. As three mass figures tie her up and stuff her in the trunk of a car,

Erick: they have the masks, like the strangers,

Vivi: these masks are used in like so many things like the purge

Erick: maybe.

Yeah. I mean, that’s one thing I because it’s used so much, I can never pinpoint what it’s

Vivi: from. It was also used in VHS. Yeah. And that one short it’s a creepy mask.

Erick: I understand why people use it all the time.

Vivi: We need to get one of these. Cause I feel like it’s just in so many horror movies.

Erick: When the spirit Halloween pops back up nearby, we’ll be there to get one.

Vivi: Can’t wait. We realized that it’s her friends who are talking about how great the prank is. It’s so

Erick: fucking funny because they just use endless amounts of like murder, death and die.

And she’s going to die when she sees this. Oh my God. I’m surprised. She’s not dead already, but they’re talking about like, I love how aware it is.

Vivi: I would also like to point out. Why do teens always drive convertibles and movies? It was to the point where I was growing up. I was like, yeah, you just drive around in a convertible with your friends when you’re a teenager, that’s just what you

Erick: do.

And when you’re the cool kid, he drive a car. That’s falling apart.

Vivi: Obviously. Who is the cool kid that has the car? That’s only your mark.

Erick: I don’t know. I’m just thinking about every high school movie. It’s like the grunge kid in the background. Who’s like the hot kid that drives like a muscle car, but it’s like all beat

Vivi: up.

If you had a car in high school, even if it was a hunk of junk, you were rich.

Erick: You were hot shit. Yeah.

Vivi: Cause nobody drove

Erick: I know. And you were the person who people would go to, to ditch school.

Vivi: Oh yeah. All the time. Just kidding. I never ditched school.

Erick: Oh, I did many a time. And look, I’m still here in school

Vivi: They discuss the birthday plans they have for Liz, which include feeding her pancakes and tying her to a flag pole and nothing but her bra and underwear.

They park and go to release their friend from the. Having a Polaroid camera ready to take a picture of her reaction.

Erick: Courtney this entire time is like saying what the plan is, is this normal? When they’re like, we’re going to take her to a flagpole and put her up there naked, I’m like, well, why is this the way that you’re going to celebrate

Vivi: your birthday?

So I think it’s implied that this group of friends does this, even with the birthday card that comes into play later, it’s just their tradition. And I think it also is just a commentary on female relationships and how at times they can seem too faced, especially in high school. Gotcha. I definitely did not do this with my friends in high school,

Erick: but that’s all I’m going to say to the polls naked.


Vivi: They yell surprise as they throw up the trunk. But there is something obviously wrong.

Liz’s eyes are wide open as they pull the duct tape off her mouth. This is something I found interesting in the style of filming, they exaggerate all the like bodily movement. So even when they shoved the job recurrent in her mouth and pulling this tape off, it’s all like, yeah.

Erick: I do like that.

They later show her body decayed because actually, yeah, because they still go to school and they’re like, oh my God, what the body in the car? I was like, they better not pull her out hours later. And she’s just like, fine. So

Vivi: that was my question for when later on Courtney stages, the crime scene with Marilyn Manson’s character, wouldn’t it smell

Erick: terrible.

Yeah. And don’t police have a way to tell like how old the body is the time of death. I

Vivi: don’t know how accurate it was level in the nineties

Erick: it looks like her body’s already rotting my thought wouldn’t be like, oh, we showed up at 8:00 PM when her body was found and she died at 3:00 PM.

Vivi: I think timeline wise, she has found a couple of days later because her parents are on a trip. Oh yeah. Okay. So it still shows that she died that day. ‘ cause I thought that too, I was like, no way that the cops would fall for this, but you know, I don’t know if this is correct, but DNA evidence has not been around as long as we think.

I think even as like the OJ case, they didn’t want to use DNA evidence because they didn’t consider it reliable Which was not true. It’s just that people did not trust it because it was the new technology of the time.

Erick: Yeah. Can we stop that? Cause there’s like technology that’s bad-ass and then people were like, no, it doesn’t make any

Vivi: sense.

Let’s go back to Ratko like the Flintstones, someone at work made that joke tonight. You brought cars. Yeah.

Erick: Oh, cars made of Dwayne Johnson

Vivi: cars. The new pedals with your foot.

Erick: Oh,

Vivi: They start to freak out as Courtney explains that she just didn’t want her to scream, but she thought gagging her with a job breaker.

Would it be funny

Erick: because other girls were like, what’s why did you do that?

Vivi: Yeah. Julie looks pissed. As she yells you gags her with a jaw breaker and we get a title card. This title card is literally the whole process of making a

Erick: job breaker. it’s like channel 11. Do you ever watch that show?

Like how does

Vivi: this get mean? Yeah.

Erick: It wasn’t the same thing. I don’t know. It was, it was kinda like that though. And it shows you like, the crayons are made from this point on, and there’s a giant VAT and then it shows you like the conveyor belts and it’s really boring, but it’s cool when you’re a kid,

Vivi: I think that’s still watch those and watch that to go to sleep or

Erick: something your dad makes cups and sometimes I’ll sit down and just think about that. Like, how does he make

Vivi: cups? Oh, he’ll show you. He has

Erick: videos of him making, oh man. We’re about to live with him, to him, with the sit upstairs and just watch videos.

Vivi: They drive away as they say, they need to call someone Courtney refuses saying that she isn’t getting fucked over a prank that went wrong.

It was kind of a big, went wrong situation.

Erick: Uh,

Prank that she made go wrong. Everybody else didn’t even know this was happening. She was like, it’s not my fault. Don’t worry about. Let’s just forget it.

Vivi: Julia and Marcy are freaking out, but Courtney is composed enough to call the school pretending to be Liz’s mother informing them that she is sick and won’t be in today.

They pull up to the school where they have VIP parking apparently and Courtney instructs them to act cool. Walk down the halls, like nothing is happening. We get another shot of them, strutting their stuff in the hallway. How many scenes of this do we need

Erick: in this movie? It happens so often. It’s like every other, I saw that Roseburg Allen was like, I’d fucking do that scene again.

We own that shit.

Vivi: It’s just so funny to treat high school, like a runway.

Erick: The problem I always have in movies, like this is that we don’t exist in like California where rich kids

Vivi: go to school. Yeah.

We didn’t go to like a suburban

Erick: high school There was a lot of other things happening, but not this

Vivi: well, we got another scene of them starting their stuff in the hallway high-schoolers love to wear heels and movies. Don’t they? Yeah, I did wear high heels in high school occasionally.

cause we also went to a school that had. True. Never in high school

Erick: movies. True. True.

Vivi: Yeah, it’s just funny. Cause I would rather fucking die than wear heels right now. And I used to do that in high school. I roll my ankle, just wearing Crocs.

Erick: What the fuck I’m surprised you’re not rolling your ankle right now. And you’re sitting.

Vivi: That might happen to me one day

they enter the girl’s bathroom and kick everyone out, including Bern, the brunette from earlier, she says hi to Julie, but gets hurried out like the rest of the girls. The fellas for fix their makeup in the mirror. When a teacher comes in.

To kick them out. I had put down teacher, this is actually the principal, Ms. Sherwood. She informs them that someone must pick up Liz’s assignments as she is out sick. As they walk out. Courtney reminds them again to act as though everything is peachy fucking king. She looks repeating that a lot. It’s peachy keen.

It’s peachy

Erick: fucking cane. Yeah. You got to keep composure. How else will everyone think? You’re bad-ass if you’re not keeping

Vivi: it together, which I think is like a big theme in this movie of just like composure and your image. We’ll get to it in a later scene.

You mentioned in your fun facts about how a lot of these actresses were horror icons while the actress who plays Marcy also plays Darla in Buffy, who I would say Buffy is definitely a horror TV.

Erick: I’ll tell you one another to add onto that fun fact. All right. Where the problem happens was also where the problem happened in Buffy.

Vivi: Oh, that’s fun. Love that.

Erick: Love that path. Yeah. Apparently this high school was also where Lizzie McGuire was filmed.

Vivi: Is that why you remember Lizzie

Erick: McGuire? No. I’m telling you, this gives me like so many vibes of just like television movie.

 There’s a very specific aesthetic here. And I like it.

Vivi: We could to Julian class, as the teacher lectures about disillusion, derangement and descent into madness. And I feel like this is where you could argue it has horror movie elements, because that is a classic trope in horror movies where what’s going on in the classroom for shadows, everything in the main characters,

Erick: we can’t have a horror movie without it,

Vivi: courtney is in biology as the teacher lectures about how study of the female anatomy was done through studying corpses. Marci is in, home-ec being taught how to crack an egg. As she cracks hers, it’s filled with blood. Even one of the goth girls goes into play

Erick: with it yet. Okay. Does it? One of them yell, that’s a bad omen.

Vivi: It’s still born or something like that. Yeah. After class, the three girls discuss what they should do about Liz. One suggests they just put her back in bed, but Julie shuts this down saying, they’ll find the job break her in her throat when Marcy makes a joke saying, so what we’ll say she was practicing giving blow jobs and accidentally swallowed.

They really are like, not as upset at

Erick: station B. No. I don’t think that blowing practice would be like, oh, I accidentally just inhaled this two inch ball.

Yeah, it’s fucking massive. I’m not going to accidentally swallow that

Vivi: This, however, it gives Courtney an idea and just quick trigger warning here.

She says that they will check the corpse to see if it was raped. They can blame the whole incident on a sex game, gone wrong. When Julie says, no one will believe this. Courtney says they will, because it confirms their worst fears. The high school sweetheart, murdered by perversion. And I completely agree.

People love this in their like true crime stories as messed up as it is. I feel like this is a commentary on that. She’s not wrong. Society’s obsessed with the like perfect white woman in suburban setting, murdered stories.

Erick: This story that she keeps coming up with too, seems to well-thought out. And obviously it comes into play later when they revealed that she’s kind of like putting her story on top of Liz’s death because she’s doing what she’s saying.

She did. It’s so fucked up.

Vivi: Do you think she’s doing what she’s saying Liz did, or she did it to cover up the crime because she’s messing with the high school or

Erick: I dunno. I think the willingness to be like, I’m going to make up this fake story and then I’m going to do it.

Vivi: Oh, I think it’s just to show how far she’ll go to cover her own skin.

Julie says that Courtney is sick as the bell rings, which reminds her that she was supposed to pick up Liz as homework from Ms. Sherwood in Ms. Sherwood’s office burn enters to ask her a question. She is very awkward and just looks down when she talks all the time. Mr. Would ask her if she knows Liz to which she responds, the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard, where she’s like, you mean the Meow?

I was like,

Erick: what? Her LOTO kitty

Vivi: she’s the cat’s Meow is their explanation. What

Erick: the cat’s pajamas, the bee’s knees.

Vivi: It was just the weirdest way to phrase that fran’s character is very odd in the way she chooses to

Erick: express herself. It’s an exaggerated version of clearly since these basics carry, but in a different way.

Right. It’s almost like she loves Liz.

Vivi: Yes. I know we could talk about that later, where she’s getting investigated. That’s what I’m referring to. Really. She has a very odd way of speaking.

Erick: Maybe he lives in her head up like secret relationship and in a world where she’s got bitches, like Courtney judging her, she couldn’t come out and say it.

Vivi: I don’t know if so much. They had a secret relationship as Fern was obsessed with her. It seems like she had a crush on her and Liz just didn’t know that’s possible. We don’t know anything about Liz. Liz is literally just the corpse in the room other than, you know, her being Julie’s best friend.

Right. Ms. Shareware asked her to deliver list as homework as Courtney is late. Fern leaves to go do this excitedly and miss Sherwood realized that she never gave her Liz’s address creepy out in the parking lot. The now flawless three S Ms. Sherwood for Liz’s homework, but she informed them that she gave it to Fern Mayo, because Courtney was late and unreliable.

And this is where we get the whole, the world could do with more for an Mayo’s

Erick: common. Yeah. But Courtney doesn’t really give a fuck. No. What the

Vivi: fuck does that even mean? She is more worried about racing back to Liz’s house. The three race to be far into Liz’s home to stage the body, the three are carrying her across the backyard and really struggling as Fern is kind of taking her time, literally smelling the roses when a centipede just crawls out of one and freaks her out.

I felt like this was just like one of those obvious metaphors of in beauty. There is something ugly.

They finally get Liz to her bedroom and make comments about how she definitely doesn’t feel like she was 105 pounds.

Doesn’t dead weight always feel like much heavier.

Erick: Yeah. It’s supposed to be that the center of gravity, like distributes or something like that. I don’t know. There’s ways to do this when you’re alive too. Right. I dunno how gravity works.

Vivi: Gravity works.

Erick: Yeah. Because why the fuck does this happen? I don’t know. I know that there’s a science and things that happen.

Yeah. But I don’t get it.

Vivi: And that is the engineer of the podcast.

Erick: Ladies and gentlemen, I didn’t engineer dead bodies. That’s

Vivi: good. That’s actually really good. Courtney and Marcy began staging Liz his body by ripping up her panties and deciding whether or not they should rip up her sheets while they’re doing this.

Julia is looking around the room. She is obviously the most upset about what’s going on. She notices a ton of pictures of the four of them. She picks up a birthday card that says, why are you doing this to me? And they freak out immediately dropping list his body.

The girls freak out and Julia apologizes for opening it downstairs. Fern is practicing what she’s going to say to Liz when she sees her. And this is one those moments where I was like, oh, she has a crush on her. Cause that’s something you do when you have a crush. You’re like, okay, what am I going to say?

And it’s weird to think about crushes. Cause then I was like, I like that. It’s hard to think that there was ever a time where I was going to practice what I was going to say to you. And now we just like fart in the same room all day.

Erick: Did you when I met you yet? Yeah. Did you like stand there?

And you’re like, I wonder how long I need to talk to him before I could just naturally fart. I’ve

Vivi: read a room, married in a house.

Erick: I just landed on top of you on a bus.

Vivi: And now we’re married as the logos. Varun has made her way into the house and here’s the three girls arguing upstairs. Courtney wants Julie to approve the staging of the crime scene. And Julie wants none of this. She says they won’t believe the crime scene and they need to go to the police and say it was an accident.

As they argue this burn hears everything from outside the door. There’s a point where Courtney even grabs the birthday card. Frustrated with Julie’s saying she killed the teenage dream. Get over it.

Erick: Do we know why Courtney is so adamant about not going to the cops?

Vivi: she seems to be the one mainly responsible for this.

Erick: This is why I’m saying that I feel like Courtney did it on purpose, as much as she’s acting like it wasn’t and nothing really tells us that she did, but the way that she’s acting and is like, get over it, whatever. And she was the one behind the job wrecker idea.

Yeah. Her main competition for being a prom queen at the end would have been Liz makes me think, they probably would have found that she was at fault from the get go. And that’s why she’s so adamant Nazi, because otherwise, mean, you say, oh, we were going to do this like birthday plan and she fucking died.

Vivi: I think you still go to jail. I think it’s still like accidental death.

Erick: Right?

Vivi: I think it’s that she’s so in control over everything that she couldn’t let this one thing go as it being out of her hands.

As they argue this burn hears everything from outside the door. When the three go to leave Liz’s room, they open it to find ferns standing there. Courtney doesn’t seem to miss a beat or panic. She simply asks Bern. If she overheard their conversation and tells her, there is no point in lying. Julia seems to try to protect Fern from Courtney saying that she doesn’t have to answer any other question.

Fern just. And looks over Courtney shoulder to see Liz’s stage body burn, lets out a scream and runs the three girls chase after her and Marcy eventually catches her. Nobody here tried to run that hard. No

Erick: because they’re all still wearing. They’re all

Vivi: wearing heels. Courtney talks for an out of saying anything to the cops, by saying they can give her something that she was never meant to have, which is beauty and popularity. Courtney says all of this in a very eloquent and elaborate way.

She tends to do this a lot with what seems to be superficial things, but she’s very clever. And this is where her character reminds me a lot of Jennifer check in Jennifer’s body where Jennifer’s character would sort of act to kind of appease the person she was interacting with. But it was all very calculated.

 Because the way she insults her is like bizarre. She’s like, you’re the nerd in the corner of the dance room. And not even all the nerdy dudes want to ask you to dance. Cause they’re too busy, fucking perverts online who they think are women. Like it’s a very elaborate way to think. Julie objects saying that she can’t hide the truth with a make-over FairPoint.

They say that now that Liz has gone, they need someone to take her place. We then get the strangest make-over montage. I think I’ve ever seen in a movie.

It looks like a fever dream. It’s all done in like spinning and weird camera angles.

It’s narrated by Courtney in a poem fashion, which I’ve never seen before. The things she’s actually saying are odd. If you go back and watch it, I can’t describe this scene in justice. The thing that is happening here though, is Liz is being buried while Fern is having your hair dyed blonde.

They’re both kind of laid out by the stylist one by the morgue owner.

Erick: One mean girl has had to die to have this other one born. That’s why in the speed run. I also mentioned that violet is like a monster, Courtney is the mad scientist who’s through like some fucked up act now made this monster and it comes back to bite her in the ass.


Vivi: She’s even referred to as Courtney’s creation throughout the film, but furnace having her hair dyed blonde by stylists that look like they’re from the hunger games, but also mixed with steam punk elements. Again, go watch this scene. It’s wild. The next day at school it’s Bern’s turn to strap her stuff in the school hallways next to Courtney and Marcy back at Liz’s home.

We see her parents have finally arrived to discover the crime scene. They opened her bedroom door and we are immediately thrown into an active crime scene investigation. I think it’s a pretty cool jump cut. We opened the door and we’re straight in the cops already in her room, Back at school, Courtney and Marcy are coaching for an on how to act as they walk into the cafeteria. They noticed that Julia is sitting with who they describe as the body art rejects. They looked like the goth kids on any high school.

Erick: What would make Julie choose to sit there other than by herself?

Vivi: I get the vibe, especially with Julie’s relationship with Fern, that she used to be friends with a lot more girls before she hooked up with Courtney and her gang.

Erick: So maybe there’s some friend in that group too, that she’s cool with.

Vivi: Possibly don’t know, she looks rather uncomfortable and she gets up when she sees Courtney and she

Erick: like, oh, I didn’t have to sit there for too long.

Vivi: Courtney accredits herself with Julie’s downfall because apparently sitting with different people means you’ve had a downfall, but Julia approaches them first.

She compliments Bern on looking great, but then she speaks to Courtney alone telling her that Liz’s parents have come home today and they should still come clean. Courtney says that, no, one’s going to find out that they were involved, that she made cocksure of that. I like pause, rewind and made sure I heard what she said.

What is cocksure well, that is literally what Juliet, what do you mean by that later? You realize what she did to stage a crime scene. So

Erick: cocksure she made cock? Sure. Yeah.

Vivi: We’re like S E M E N. Yeah. I don’t know why I smelled it, but

Erick: seven

Vivi: can we have one episode, but that’s seeming Instead Courtney threatens her saying that if Julie speaks, she will have Marcy and Fern. Tell the cops that the death was all Julie’s fault.

Courtney returns to the lunch table with Marcy and Fern. burn, takes out a lunch bag. And the other girls immediately freak

Erick: out. This would’ve been no for me. We were like, what the fuck? Well, I have lunch here. Fuck off fucking hungry. We don’t eat in front of people.

Vivi: This leads Courtney into one of those monologues that I mentioned earlier. It’s the speech about how eating around people takes away power from them, but not eating gives them power. For some reason, she then explains that eating around people, associates, all these negative things with.

Again, in a very elaborate

Erick: way. So this is a perfect example of what I’ve gone ahead and told my loved ones who are of this age, teenage age, if the minerals are treating you like shit.

If somebody comes up to you and is like donate lunch, cause people think you’re weak for it, bro. Shut the fuck up. Nobody’s looking at what you’re eating and if they are, they probably don’t matter.

Vivi: Or even a step further. I think people are way more concerned about themselves than they

Erick: are with you. Yeah. So get yourself through your teenage years, being happy and young and enjoy it before you turn older and just work for the rest of your

Vivi: life. Well, that took a turn. Yeah, inspiring, inspiring. She was very calculated and everything seems to be about preserving their image.

 They are interrupted by a boy named Dane who asked to be introduced to Fern, Courtney interjects and introduces her as violet, a new transfer student. She then quickly dismisses Dane, but tells him to come back to her place later because she’s in the mood for some kink. She has this habit of referring to sex is like kink all the time.

I mean, isn’t it

Erick: always, I don’t, she was like, we about to do everything, but missionary

Vivi: kinda that’s the scene we got later. I thought this was also funny because for an ass, why she gave her the name by lead, and then she goes into this whole speech about how like Fern is a plant.

Right. So I thought flower can’t go with rose. Rose is boring and obvious and that’s her real name. So I thought that was funny. The next scene we get is the introduction of detective bear Cruz who enters Ms. Sherwood’s office saying that she has news about one of her students. She is this very like bad-ass hardened cop

Erick: figure.

Oh yeah. I think she’s an action movie hero. yeah, The actress’s name is Pam Greer Judy Greer went up to her and was like, look, my name is Greer too.

 I don’t know how legit this is, but Pam Greer was like, Hmm. I looked at her up and down and was like, I don’t think we’re related.

Vivi: I mean, I don’t think they

Erick: are either. well, no, but I think it’s funny because in real life, this action hero person probably was just like, who the fuck are you?

First of all, I’m a legendary actress Pampers.

Vivi: And now everyone knows Judy Greer and I, this is the first time I’ve seen this actress.

Foxy brown. Oh, she was in the L word

Erick: coffee, Foxy brown. Jackie brown.

Vivi: She’s been in quite a lot of people from LA. She was in Mars attacks,

Erick: iron

Vivi: fists. Okay. So I just haven’t seen enough movies. This actress has been in a lot of stuff.

Erick: Yeah. It has been a lot of like well-known stuff too. Apparently described by Quintin Tarantino as cinema’s first female action star. Oh, interesting.

Vivi: Yeah. I mean, if she was Foxy brown was a pretty uh, iconic role. Cool. It seems to be the end of the school day. And Julia is about to get on the school bus.

When a dude named Zach asked her if she wants a ride, I found this scene really funny because a lot of other kids are getting on the bus and he’s singled her out. Like, what’s a girl like you doing on a school bus. They get too good for one the

Erick: fuck out of my way, kids. And

Vivi: literally like millions of other girls are getting on the bus.

Like, fuck you,

Erick: you don’t even go here.

That was how you and me met.

Vivi: You didn’t give me a ride home. No, the bus. Well, if someone would have picked me up, we would have had a different,

Erick: oh no. I was sitting inside the bus line. I come in here and I’m gonna wait for her to say this what’s the girl like you don’t on a bus like this.

Vivi: I think I would have been so thrown aback by that comment.

Erick: And I’m in the driver’s seat, sir.

Vivi: He drops her off at home. The two don’t seem to say much to each other, but Julie still writes her phone number down on his hand and exits his car. Not amazing chemistry going on between these two later in her room.

Julie is looking at pictures from what seems to be grammar school. She picks up the phone and calls Bern. It’s clear that the two girls used to get along, but as they grew older. They grew apart. They reminisce about old times and it seems. Julie was the one that outgrew the friendship and Fern is reminding her of this.

When Courtney calls,

Erick: do you think that Liz was probably part of this trio of friends

Vivi: it’s possible or she used to be Julie’s best friend until Liz came into the picture. And instead of being upset, she just kind of more idolized her.

Erick: she’s probably better than me. That’s why she left me

Vivi: possibly.

Erick: That’s such a messed up way to think about relationships in high school. I think

Vivi: it happens a lot. Even in mean girls, right Regina, George, and Janice used to be BFFs until they got to high school and then they fucking hate each other. It’s a common trope. It’s a thing that happens.

Erick: Do you have anybody like that? I don’t.

Vivi: I was someone who left behind an abusive friend. Good.

Erick: Good for you. Yeah. Yeah. I’m proud of you. Thanks for

Vivi: fern is reminding her of this. When Courtney calls, she tells Fern that she is always her priority and she doesn’t care. Who’s on the other line. Julie just hangs up after waiting for a while.

Erick: Oh my God. I know. I saw that it sucks because being in high school, I didn’t have obviously relationships like this, and what I was trying to say earlier is that like you care about things in high school that are never going to matter again.

Yeah. But there are things that happen to you that obviously like shift your personality and the way that you think about the world. And when things like this happen as much as to us now that we’re older, it seems like, eh, what the fuck? Why’d she sit there for so long? Like, fuck that bitch at this time in your life, you’re still molding and learning about what do relationships really mean.

And what does caring a lot about a person really mean when they don’t return that same, feeling that. Care, When you get older, you’re kind of like, oh, that person doesn’t really give a fuck to hang out with me. Like fuck them. Then I’m not going to try, because if they’re not trying to wash it, I try.

And that time you’re saying like, I’m going to try my best. like in Julie’s case, trying to talk to Fern and be like, Hey, be careful with what’s going on with Courtney. Yeah. But Fern is letting herself be manipulated by Courtney. And doesn’t realize that in this moment of being given an opportunity to be something else that she, you know, didn’t figure out on her own is ignoring the nice side of her while Julie is realizing, oh man, I was a bitch for so long.

it’s just crazy how these transformations happen at this age where you’re like, still realizing how the world works. Yeah.

Vivi: Isn’t it like the worst your formative years, but you’re also the most insane you’ll ever fucking be.

It’s this weird dynamic going on right now where Fern now has the opportunity to turn her back on Julie and she’s taking it, not being the bigger person, which you’re kind of like, yeah, I get it. But then Julie is now on the other side of this and realizing like, oh, I was shitty. We cut to Dane in Courtney’s room.

Getting ready for some kink again. I don’t just say sex.

Erick: She’s this like super cocky, girl, who’s willing to hide a murder, I mean, don’t even say sex, just say straight up.

Fuck. And I own it. Like everything else you own. Well, I

Vivi: think her in her mind, kink sounds edgier than just saying sex or somewhere like a landing. It’s an interesting scene to include in this movie because you know, this movie is pretty short and you’re wondering what the scene is doing here.

Courtney is basically making Dame, simulate, giving a blow job so that she gives one. And I was like, is this a commentary on demasculate him again, her issue with power. She has to put her partner in the position of someone’s submissive, I guess.

Erick: Why not? Right. Like, if we’re talking about this film, that’s really pushing, women’s power. Why not also go the full mile and be like, yeah, she also does this shit to her. guys,

Vivi: I thought you were going to say go the whole mile and just fucking peg him.

Erick: I mean, why not? That’s what she means by kink. Right? That was what was going on next. Had the cops not visited probably, but yeah.

I mean, why not fucking have her do this? Not just with her friends, but also with her boy toys.

Vivi: Yeah. It makes sense for her character, for sure.

And again, boys are like accessories in this film. They don’t really matter.

Erick: because if she was like submissive to a boyfriend that would make me think he’s abusing her. And that’s why she’s like this where her friends

Vivi: and that’s a completely different story then.

Yeah. When the cops knock on her door, we got to Marcy at home with her dead and they’re having this weird conversation about her growing up. When the cops show up to question her, we then cut to Julie who was in her backyard, staring at her swimming pool where she is imagining Liz swimming in it and emerging from it.

She seems to be haunted by the memory of her when her mother comes out to give her the news of Liz’s death. It’s like a very dreamy scene. Music is playing their spa over the pool. I feel like there is some, and we kind of mentioned it with Fern’s character being in love with Liz. But I wonder if maybe there was also some underlying thing going on here with Julie and Liz or not, or they’re just showing a woman in friendship that can be deep and she’s mourning her loss.

Erick: Why not also, although maybe not directly explore like the fact that maybe they had deeper relationships than just like what’s on the outside.

Vivi: And again, this is where it would remind me of Jennifer’s body because needy and Jennifer kind of had this also similar dynamic going on.

I would like to say, I don’t want to give movies credit for implying that people might be queer. I would like to give movies credit when they make queer characters, but this was the early two thousands and the nineties where it wasn’t as acceptable to have those very clear out of the closet

Erick: characters.

Maybe not as woke as

Vivi: we’d like it to be it wasn’t because then there is some serious homophobic comments later on in this movie.

 I think he’s trying to like point that out. Right? Cause it’s directed towards two characters who are female friends

Erick: yes. I remember that. And I was like, oh my God, what the fuck?

Vivi: I was like, oh

Erick: my word chill. They’re just friends. And even if they’re not fuck you,

Vivi: the character that says that I think is really funny is the actress who plays that’s 70 show Eric Foreman, sister.

Oh Laurie. Yeah.

The next day, Vera Cruz is interviewing all three girls. It’s that scene where the detective asks the question and then we cut to who’s being asked the question and it always alternates between the three of them.

They started off with easy questions, asking if they’re upset about their friend’s death. And then it starts to escalate

Erick: like quickly. yeah. This lady is very intimidating. She’s very

Vivi: intense. She goes on to ask them who Liz was fucking. And if they’ve ever seen what a job breaker is,

Erick: she straight up goes from like, so What’d you have for lunch today? Who the fuck was she? Fuck. Yeah.

Vivi: Once she pulls out that Jawbreaker and ask them, do you know what that is? And I think it’s funny that two of the girls are like, no, I’ve never seen one in my fucking life. And then Courtney is like, yeah, I know what a fucking job. We get another super weird montage of children on a playground, just eating Jawbreaker.

And then starting to cry and hold their stomachs because so much sweet. I heard them because

Erick: they all swallowed whole ass Jawbreakers.

Vivi: That would be tragic.

Erick: Cue the SQL job, rigors of the corn,

Vivi: which all burgers on the corner.

That scene is then followed by another odd scene of Julie walking down the hall as miss Sherwood, announces Liz’s death and funeral arrangements. But everyone else in the hall is frozen as she walks on.

It’s like an eerie silence with only Ms. Sherwood’s announcement playing again. This movie has so many interesting cuts and uses of cinematography.

Erick: I do want to point out that all those seen as Erie, Carol Kane’s acting is just her being her in anything that she’s in.

I want to watch when a stranger calls, because I’m wondering if she like carries this, but this is the same character. As in commission French,

Vivi: she also has such a distinct. That it just feels like she’s joking. It does

Erick: suck. That’s why we were like, it’s eerie, but I’m like, but it doesn’t feel that way.

Cause, cause she’s talking and she’s like, oh, okay. And she says some joke and nobody laughs although it’s awkward. You’re like, I love Carol gins so much.

Vivi: She falls under the same category for me as the voice actor who does Louise, where she just sounds like that every character she boys she just sounds like that.

Even what we do in the shadows, she plays like a vampire assistant to them. And she just has a joke.

Erick: They’re these unique voices that you can’t forget?

Vivi: Very Cruz is questioning Ms. Sherwood, who informs her, that she sent from Mayo to deliver Liz his homework. The day the body was discovered, or the days she was called in absent. It is at this moment that she realizes that she hasn’t seen for an Mayo and she has been absent for a few days. This is my only gripe with this movie.

You really are telling me that she looks so different. You don’t recognize her

Erick: in this case. I’d say she does, because this isn’t one of those tick off the glasses on my guide here. Beautiful moments. they like completely make her over. They put her hair up and it’s blonde and she’s very vibrant.

 it’s a significant enough transformation that if nobody was looking at, Fern face to face, throughout the whole film, she’s kind of written off as this unnoticeable character. That’s kind of just like what lurked in the shadows. And no one really ever gave a fuck about it’s I get this one.

But it’s the ones with the glasses. That’s like, bro, what the fuck you talking about? Yeah,

Vivi: but the whole, like being absent thing, wouldn’t someone check in on her. Yes. We cut to violet being the new it girl at school, making friends and people just gushing over her. It’s very reminiscent of That scene in mean girls where like, everyone’s just talking about what Regina has done. Like she punched me in the face and it was awesome.

Like similar vibe going on here for violet.

Erick: Oh my God. You see by alleged came in on a purple Justin of limbo. She opened for Madonna. Right. and then later I think when they revealed that she’s not her, they’re like, oh my God. So you didn’t open

Vivi: the deception,

courtney says it’s about time that violet finds herself a boy. She wants her to seduce Zach, who is part of the drama department here. They have more homophobic comments about Zach, possibly not being straight because he’s in the drama department. The three run into Julie who says hi to Fern, but she corrects her saying that her name is violet. Julie seems shaken up by this, but goes to meet with Zach in the school auditorium. She got no time for this. He says, he understands if she wants to be alone, but she says, no, she talks about her friendship with the girls. And Zach says that maybe things happen for a reason. I really don’t like

Erick: Zach, even though he’s like the good

Vivi: one, he’s not good. He is a walking red flag. Yeah. He literally says, maybe it’s a good thing that your best friend died because then you stopped hanging out with those mean girls and I would have never approached you if you were still friends with those mean girls, which is small Dick energy, you are afraid of your love, interests, friends, big red flag.

He then asks if she wants to see the roof of the school, where he goes to be alone, she goes with him saying she knows where to find him. Now, these people don’t have chemistry. Now

Erick: why on the roof bro?

Vivi: Cause he’s so misunderstood. He has to go to the school roof. Cause he’s so deep back in the school, very cruises interviewing Fern, asking her if she knew Liz Fern goes into this strange monologue about Liz saying that she was very kind to her once and that she will remember it for the rest of her life is very sad. She says, other than that, she only had one class with her and she sat behind her in algebra. She said that she knows this is going to sound weird. And it is where she delivers on the weird,

Erick: yeah. This is the part where goes from being like maybe they had a love interest thing to like fucking crazy.

Maybe she right.

Vivi: And to her, she said her hair was always so shiny and smelled like apples. And she was fascinated by the set of birth marks that she had on the back of her neck and that she would stare at them all throughout class. She said she would imagine little drawings on them, such as salmon spiderwebs, and even sea monkeys.

This is where I find the style of the film really funny, because then they like CGI, all the things that she’s talking about on the back of his characters, neck, and even the little seem like he says, I’m like, what is happening? Ms. Cruz just looks at her and to her credit, she’s like pretty composed.

She’s like, okay. She asked Fern if it wouldn’t hurt to lose a friend so important for incise and tells her this is high school, what’s a true friend. Anyway. Ms. Cruz answers that a true friend is someone who tells the truth, no matter what this seems to shake for an up, because later that night, she has a nightmare.

That’s narrated by those exact same words. And it’s a nightmare of everything that’s happened to her since allying with the flawless for,

Erick: The film is odd because like we said, the animation is funny and it’s like cutesy in a way, but it’s why it’s weird. It makes the viewer feel weird because this whole time we know where talking about a girl was murdered and her supposed friend has now framed her to have been murdered by someone who’s sexually assaulted her. This is all fucking dark, but we’re laughing at these like really tiny jokes at the same time.

And it’s like, but we should all feel uncomfortable. Right?

Vivi: Yeah. Oh man. Fern was totally in love with this chick

and yeah. Just what is happening. You’re like, again, you’re like laughing at this silly CGI and you’re also like, wait, this girl’s supposed to be dead in this storyline with the

Erick: fuck. She talks about it, like in this very sweet voice and it’s like, she’s mesmerized and she ends it.

Like even when she would get up in class was over, she was the first one out the room and I’d stay behind still mesmerized, picturing the sea monkeys in the salmon, just swimming around in front of me not realizing that she was gone a long time ago. It’s like, what is happening to Fern?

Vivi: She has a very like dream sing song, your voice too.

When she’s like, she would just leave me there with all these visions in my head. I was like, oh girl, you got a bad.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: The next day, Courtney calls detective Cruz to meet up with her in the police department. Courtney admits that Liz had a secret life that she was really into having sex with strangers Specifically older men, a white man.

Erick: That’s all we get. That’s a bar full of white men,

Vivi: old white man, old white men.

We get a flash of a woman entering a bar and picking up an older man who we’ve already mentioned is Marilyn Manson,

Erick: not the older white man that we get flashes of. For some reason. I

Vivi: don’t know. He doesn’t look that young either without his makeup.

Picking up an older man, then taking him back to Liz’s place. We see Liz’s body under the bed as Courtney is having sex with a stranger. Again, my question was, wouldn’t the body smell at this point? It’s been in a trunk all day.

Erick: Yes.

Vivi: She finishes giving detective Cruz her statement by saying that she can provide a list of bars that Liz like to frequent in the classroom. Julia is being bullied by Fern and other classmates around the school. We see that all the students are going crazy over. Violet. This is kind of like the scene from earlier.

Only more ramped up the drama department is talking about her. When she shows up to introduce herself to Zach, she starts hitting on him. And he’s not really into her. Actually. He sounds like a pretentious asshole when he’s talking to her the entire time

Erick: he’s basically like, you’re the type of girl that sports people like, and I’m like in the art department and those things don’t mix.

Vivi: Gotcha. What a douchey way to talk, dude, people can have multiple interests, not everyone’s a one dimensional character like

Erick: you, right?

Like you’re doing exactly what you’re saying is shitty about that other demographic.

Vivi: But violet, doesn’t miss a beat and keeps her cool while talking to him the entire time she is having her moment when she even gets a red convertible from making out with the mechanic and gets a better parking spot than Courtney.

Oh Lord. Not the parking spot.

Erick: that part where they drive up. Right. And file outside. Hello ladies. And she drives behind them. And Courtney is like, what the fuck is wrong with this person?

Vivi: We could to Julian Zack who have snuck off to some junk yard to have a moment when Zach tells her about the girl, violet, who he finds very odd.

Julie informs him that Fern is violet and she is Courtney’s little creation. He’s very confused about this. And Julie confesses, everything, instead of being supportive and understanding, he freaks out and tells her she needs to fix this. And she needs to go to the cops immediately. He’s like very condescending of her.

Like, dude,

Erick: this is a lot going on. Right? Like she’s already been dealing with it for a minute. You just found out, relax, keep your

Vivi: composure. Okay. Got it together.

Erick: maybe that was his drama coming out. That’s the drama. It was leaking.

Vivi: back at the high school. Courtney and Marcy, are discussing prom. Marcy mentions that she thinks by law is getting a little too powerful, but Courtney doesn’t seem worried about this. She compares it to when people come into money the first time and don’t know how to act or spend it.

She says she’s finally having her moment after her pathetic little life in the shadows.

Erick: Again, Courtney is like thinking and acting way older than a teenager at this time. But I don’t know, maybe it’s like a money thing when you have rich parents and you see this kind of thing.

That’s possible. You have visibility to stuff that we just said, like, we didn’t grow up in a high school like this. No. So maybe

Vivi: that’s I didn’t have a convertible. No,

Erick: I couldn’t even drive. I didn’t even know what people want. I still can’t.

Vivi: I make this joke every episode, but I really can’t drive people.

Erick: She really can’t. She’s gonna start driving next week. Wish her luck. I’m not

Vivi: actually,

Erick: she’s not excellent. Good, good, good, good for the world.

Vivi: That’s better for everyone else. There seems to be a commotion going on in the school courtyard as violet has pulled up to the school and is blessing music.

She’s being the center of intention and just sitting on top of her comfortable jamming

Erick: she’s loving it. She’s reveling in the attention. good for good for Fern.

Vivi: She needs her moment. Yeah. Courtney grabs her and drags her to the girl’s bathroom where she shoves her against the mirror twice.

Very hard. Actually, when she walks away from it later, there is a crack.

Erick: Yeah, we’ll get for Fern. Fern stands her ground.

Vivi: Yes. She asks her what the fuck she thinks she’s doing? And violet confronts her saying that she’s doing what she told her to do. She says that she has the upper hand because she knows the truth about Liz.

Courtney says that she made violet and she can just as easily break her. apparently

Erick: that’s a line from

Vivi: car. It is by let smirks and leaves asking if she’s going to kill her too.

Erick: Damn got her.

Vivi: Yeah. Apparently in the scene, Rose McGowan didn’t know that Judy Greer was going to blow cigarette smoke in her face.

So that reaction that she has is her real reaction. She’s like, you bet. Yeah. And that’s when she takes it, flicks the cigarette and says the line from Rocky horror. What? True. A watch May 1st. That’s what we’re covering. Cause we already have April set up.

Erick: No, we can’t May 1st, May 1st has gotta be Mexican film.

Got the Maya. Oh, even though that’s not the one.

Vivi: Meanwhile, Zach and Julie are searching for evidence to use against Courtney. They remember the Polaroid they took when they first threw open the trunk on Liz, they try to search for it, but can’t find it. They don’t search very

Erick: hard. Well, there’s no way, dude. Like I wouldn’t even have wasted. Yeah. They cleaned the parking lot.

They were going to find it that day.

Vivi: Apparently they didn’t clean it that well, because we zoom out and see that the photo is trapped between the cracks of the sidewalk or something that

Erick: the wind. Yeah.

Vivi: They drive away and as the camera pans out, we see the photo of Liz left on the side of the road. decided to go to the cops anyway, but before they can get a word out, detective Cruz informs them that they already have a man in custody and excuses herself for a moment to go deal with something.

This is when Julie realizes the extent of what Courtney has done, taking a man back to Liz’s room to frame him for murder back at the high school, Courtney and Marcy. Cover the school and posters affirm with the caption who is violet for N pulls up to the school, sees the photos, plastered everywhere, and just immediately passes out.

She just can’t deal with it.

She wakes up in the nurse’s office and the nurse informs her of what happened when the nurse calls her burn. She freaks out, says she’s violet and runs out into the hallway

Erick: again, too much happening here that I don’t think I actually would happen. The school would be like, there’s no violet here. I don’t know what the fuck game you’re playing, which a little teenage friends, but this is serious business.

Literally on a fucking nurse. I have a job to do. Just fuck it up.

I don’t give a shit if you’re Madonna,

Vivi: or if you open for her, she runs out of the nurse’s office and begins to tear down the posters. When she runs a D Courtney and Marcy, just the side of them is enough to make her pass out again. Hello, Judy Greer. I love her to Julian Zack, pull up to the school and notice all the posters.

When they get inside, they find burns, still passed out on the floor. No one checked on her. They just covered her in more posters.

Erick: Yeah, not even the nurse whose room she’s like outside

Vivi: while she ran out on me. There’s nothing I can do. I don’t know who that is. Actually. My jurisdiction ends up this door.

They help her up and ask her if she’s okay, but she only corrects them when they refer to her as Fern. And it’s very sad. She very much did not like the person that she used to be no and prefers this new identity.

It’s a sad moment. When Bern keeps referring to herself as a, nobody, she seems to regret her involvement with everything saying she wasn’t much before, but at least she was better than the person she became Courtney and Marcy come up to taunt them all. But Julie, isn’t having it. she confronts her about her scheme and tells her that it’s all over.

And that she’s going down. Courtney simply laughs and says that she’ll see her tonight at the prom, Zach, Julie and Fern are all driving home, talking about how they can stop Courtney. But Zach only suggests that they go to the prom. Fern says my favorite line in this entire movie. Yes. Where she’s like, that’s a great idea.

We can just stop at the slaughter house and pick up a bucket of pig’s blood while we’re at it.

Erick: She’s not wrong. Yeah. I mean, it’s moving basically. And similar to that, other than.

Schools not burst into flame that everyone dies.

Vivi: Yeah. Same play Monday. Yeah. frustrated. Julie just asked Zach to drop her off at home.

They cut to the prom and all girl band is playing. And it was at this point when I realized just how little men are in this movie, like they only serve as accessories as I mentioned before.

But like the detective is usually a man. The principal is usually a man. The bands are usually all dude bands. it wasn’t until this scene that it clicked in my house. Like, oh yeah. There’s like, no mat.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: Marcy makes comments about Julie not making it’s a prom, the girls she’s speaking. Are only there to show up to make super homophobic comments for the rest of this movie. That’s it? That’s like all the purpose they serve. It’s

Erick: also just so stupid okay. So friends can just go with friends that

Vivi: they don’t have dates.

And even before the girls get there, they’re talking about how Zach and Julie probably couldn’t decide who was supposed to wear the dress to prom. It’s like, oh, that’s so

Erick: funny. Wow. You’re all are so edgy.

Vivi: Cellar retinol at home. Julie seems to be getting ready for a night in when her mom knocks on her door.

Apparently Liz’s mom has dropped off a bunch of photos that she thought Julie would like to have among them is the card that has the recording of Liz’s voice. But when she goes to open it, she hears Courtney’s voice saying she killed Liz. She killed the teenage dream, get over it. She jumps out of bed.

And the next scene is her arriving to prom with Zach in Fern, which is all fine and dandy. But like, how did you get a limo? So fast.

When they enter. Zach has snuck off to the back, leaving only Julian Fern together. This is where those girls start making those homophobic comments that we’ve already mentioned. Finally, it’s time to announce the prom queen and surprise, surprise.

Carrie Dan and Courtney are announced as winners. We see that at the same time, Zach is in the back messing with the DJs equipment sound system. As Courtney gives her acceptance speech, Zach cuts the mic and begins to play Courtney’s confession from the birthday card on loop. The crowd slowly realizes what is happening?

Oh my

Erick: God. It’s

Vivi: her bus. And they all turn on her.

Erick: That’s her. Oh my God. It’s her voice. I don’t know that I would have recognized it because she doesn’t have like a very unique voice. Like if it was Judy Greer, obviously, you know, Judy Greer’s audio plan, I’d be like, oh my God, it’s her immediately. Don’t even know let’s not pause.

It’s her. Definitely her. I know who it is

Vivi: immediately. The mic is cut. So it’s a very interesting scene here. It’s all hush, hush. You just hear the crowds, like kind of hushed whispers.

Courtney makes eye contact with Julie, who simply blows her a kiss and tells her to eat shit. The crowd begins to throw flowers at her as a dream. The song begins to play Marcy hides under a table, and the crowd continues to attack Courtney. Who’s looking worse by the minute at the end of the crowd, we see Julie was holding a Polaroid camera.

She takes several unflattering pictures of Courtney with a flash. We see the final shot. Courtney’s ugly pictures are featured on the yearbook. As we get the final words from Fern who says it’s high school detective. What’s a real friend. Anyways, this last scene I feel is loaded. It’s like once they realize who it is, I don’t know if you notice, one of the first comments that’s made is like you skank you whore because apparently being called a skank and a whore is still worse than being called a murder.

Erick: It’s a dude voice dude. It’s like the only guy in the background, like everyone else is like, oh, you bitch, blah, blah, blah. And the guy’s like use voice is so emphasized over everybody

Vivi: else. It is when her kind of facade is shattered, that she starts to look worse and worse and worse.

When the people she sought to control turn against her, that she actually shows the most emotion. Not even when she murdered

Erick: her friend. Yeah. She’s being torn down.

Vivi: And her worst nightmare is being photographed in that moment. Not even going to jail

Erick: and going into the yearbook.

You imagine that yearbook it’s like, look murderer. Yeah. You don’t even

Vivi: think you put her in it. If you pause it. Like I did, when I was taking notes, it says prom brought about a lot of unusual like memories or something like that. I’m paraphrasing, but it was a, it’s a, it’s a bitchy comment in the yearbook.


Erick: I feel like it’d be tasteless to include her in an actual yearbook. What did that, because it’d be a reminder that she murdered someone at the school.

Vivi: Yeah. I mean, there’s a lot of tasteless scenes in this

Erick: movie though.

Vivi: That being said, what do you think of the movie?

Erick: I told you at the beginning, I liked this movie. It’s fun. when I said it’s like a movie that belong on TV, it’s just the vibes and transitions that I think comes from it being like playful it’s a comedy. So it gives me like movies that come up on VH1 vibes.

You know what I mean? Van Wilder

Vivi: like those, but those are also like big movies they weren’t made for TV.

Erick: Were they, I don’t know. I really don’t know if they were like in theaters. Maybe they were, who knows, but it’s a good time, but also don’t forget someone was murdered. So it’s just this really weird feeling that you feel as a viewer.

And that’s probably done on purpose because if it’s been explicitly described as a black comedy, that means that the director knew what he was doing. And I think he did it well. So yeah, I give this pretty good praise. What about you?

Vivi: I loved this. I went in thinking that it was going to be a rip off of Heathers and I was wrong.

Maybe we’ll cover Heather soon because that’s another film that I do love.

So many things that just work for this film, the weird transitions, the weird cuts.

 Like you said, you feel uncomfortable the entire time. And that would make me classify this film as horror because there’s a lot of horror like that now.

Erick: We’ve seen movies are like, oh look, someone’s dead.

And it’s a comedy and whatever. But I think it’s because of the, like very deep themes that are happening here too. you’re kind of like confused as a viewer of how serious you’re supposed to take this because there are really like fucked up things happening while you’re also laughing at some of the things that are happening.

So you’re like, oh, what the fuck. I was laughing two seconds ago and now they’re like talking about essay, like what the fuck that I need to solve laughing. Right? It’s fucked up.

Vivi: It is very odd. I feel like it’s criminally underrated. I feel like every actor here did an amazing job in the role they had. I’m only going to give it minus two for Marilyn Manson. So I’d give it an eight out of 10. They didn’t know.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: Did you give

Erick: a rating? No, I give it a 7.5.

Okay. Yeah. I

Vivi: liked it. It’s a good time. I can’t believe I didn’t watch

Erick: it sooner. Yeah. Thanks so much, Travis, for recommending it to us. Yeah. Yeah. It was great. I’ve never seen it. Never even heard

Vivi: of it. I had heard of it, but just, you know, it was one of those it’s on my watch list. I’ll get

Erick: to it eventually.

So we appreciate it. This is a good watch. If you haven’t seen it to listeners, go check it out. It’s on Tubi for free.

Vivi: So go watch it a million times. Yeah.

Erick: Do you want to talk about what scared low-key

Vivi: I don’t think anything scared low-key

Erick: about this movie. No, but you know, who has been a mean girl?

Elvira Elvira. I don’t know why she’s attacking me. She’s inviting my legs. She’s just, I mean, she’s not like actually fighting me, but he were saying earlier that you think the reason she had texted me is because she sees that’s how I play with Loki. And maybe she’s trying to like get along. So she’s becoming a mean girl with us.

Vivi: Do you want to tell us about it all? Vajra hopefully we can get him yell at you. We will cause you fucking scream all

Erick: day. Oh my God. I can literally just walk out with her bowl and she’s like

Vivi: screaming. She’s hilarious.

Erick: We can’t even ask each other questions without her being like, nah,

Vivi: screaming at us. She’s the most vocal cat I’ve

Erick: ever met. Oh my God. Yeah. I thought cats were only vocal in certain circumstances, but she’s just all day yelling. Yes. this was

Vivi: fun.

Yeah. Such a good time with this movie. Just go watch it. Just go.

Erick: I mean, I don’t know. Tell us if we’re wrong. Tell us you hate it. If you hate it.

Vivi: Mm. I will fight you. I will debate this video. I want to know why you hate this

Erick: because

Vivi: there’s not enough men in it. There’s enough men everywhere else.

Okay. But is that pretty much it for us here today?

Erick: Yeah, let’s go.

Vivi: As always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken out scared pod except Twitter, Twitter shaken, scared pod.

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Vivi: We should have like rate, review, all that good stuff. And Keith expects. But

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