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Sinister (2012)

Vivi: We really were just paying attention to that movie in that

Erick: restaurant. We really were. at work. I was telling somebody like we went to that whiskey bar though. Oh my God. Just see the wall with the berberine. I said no. Well, we were watching Scott Pilgrim. My dude.

I don’t give a fuck about the wall. Have you seen Scott Pilgrim?

Vivi: It’s


Erick: good.

Erick: Welcome back to the chicken, that scared podcast. He was, he was always your host, Eric and VB. Today. We’re gonna be talking about the 2012 films, sinister directed buys Scott to Derrickson. But before we get into that, how are you moving?

Vivi: I don’t have anything funny to prepare or say other than the shit we’ve been complaining about for weeks.

Beautiful. That’s how I am.

Erick: How are you? As of the recording, we are still in the office back at our old home, that old home. but we’re not, in a basement when this gets released. So hopefully we’re

Vivi: doing okay. That makes it sound like we were kidnapped against our will, in a

Erick: basement.

Yeah. But Google came out of nowhere and realized that we were moving houses.

Loki’s the one who’s going to be standing at the end of the ax and Elvira is going to be like, yeah,

Vivi: just stop. He took two. Hmm. I was going to say he usually takes one, which have an issue with, but we’ll get into that. Oh, do you? Yes, okay. He’s supposed to devour children. There are multiple children in these families that he could take.

Why does he only take

Erick: one? So you’re saying, is that efficient? No, he’s really not. Maybe one. This doesn’t taste as good.

Vivi: you mean

Erick: more than one? it’s usually families with two kids for some reason. And he leaves one. Maybe he’s like, this is the better one. Okay. This one is taller.

It’s just this.

Vivi: Does he go for the youngest one? Is that the creepiest effect? The younger, the better?

Erick: I don’t know. Are you ready for, it could be content. What do you have?

Vivi: I was going to say nothing. And then I forgot that we watched a bunch of found footage. For some reason

Erick: we watch graven counters, hell house, LLC. Two and parallel activity too. I was on a phone footage kick for some reason, maybe it was like why? And I was like, I don’t know. It just reminds me of better times

Vivi: people being found murdered haunted.

It just reminds me of better time while holding

Erick: a camera. It’s like home movies, but when murder

Vivi: and it’s a tagline for this

Erick: movie, I think they traced it back to the family in the sixties, but was there a period where was like, man, I don’t know how to transfer my photos to the new medium.

Oh shit. Super eight film. Amazing. Thanks technology.

Vivi: I think there’s a part where the historian explains that he would live in like frescoes frescoes. Yes. What’s that it’s a form of painting that was really popular. Oh, throughout history. specifically, I think around the Renaissance.

Erick: interesting. I didn’t catch the exact medium, but I remember that when he’s like flipping through and he’s like, he just likes capturing children, especially when they look at the pictures.

Vivi: Yeah. So weird way to capture children,

Erick: but okay. Yeah. They like pretty pictures and that’s how I get them.

Vivi: You know? I know we’re talking like if we’re goal here, but we sound like predators, we really

Erick: do. And we should please don’t think we are, we’re talking about Nicole. Yes.

Vivi: Are we going to talk about the found footage films we saw? Are we going to cover them or should we just,

Erick: I figured we’re going to eventually cover them, like especially criminal activity too.

Since we did the first scraping counters, I’d like to cover because that movie’s insane. I remember watching it and I told you that I was so gullible. I thought it was like real. Cause it. Ghost hunter shows, you know? Yeah. And I was like, oh, this is clearly a joke on Zack bagels.

And it’s just so fun. And then we watched some like deleted scenes, which were kind of cool. Cause you get to see like what happened when they found them. I

Vivi: would honestly take those deleted scenes over the very stretched out ending of that one.

I fell asleep during paranormal activity too. I remember it being, not one of my favorites. The third one is way better.

Erick: It came out at a time. That was like, everyone was so hyped because of the first one. I remember it being okay the third one I thought was the most

Vivi: boring. Yeah. I think it’s more interesting because we get the background story of the sisters, sisters, the shitters.

Yeah. We haven’t even covered hell house one yet. No, we

Erick: haven’t put it like Hillhouse one hill house, LLC. Two was not a good time.

Vivi: It was fun. We were laughing.

Erick: It’s fun. And like, what the fuck is this kind of way?

it’s hard to watch horror movies and be like, literally this one decision could have stopped all of it from happening. Yeah. Cause the guy’s like, oh, the house drew me back to it. After literally being on an interview where he’s like, I’ll never go back there.

Vivi: Did it make

Erick: any sense? And the girl’s like, I’m gonna stay behind because I’m too creeped out by that house.

I got a call from you. You told me to come into the house and I came, it’s like, bitch, you literally didn’t want to come. Why would you come? So she said, yeah. me. He looked at me like that. Okay. Merited though. That’s what she said,

Vivi: are we going to be watching more found footage?

Erick: Yes. need to find more. Please send us your suggestions.

Vivi: Oh, I think Ray commented a crazy phone footage, film.

She sent it on Twitter. I’ve never heard of it before, but she said it was on YouTube, but let’s go look it.

Erick: Yeah we’ll do that then. Thank you, Sherry, for suggesting something do you have any comfort content? No. Okay. Because there’s nothing comforting about being in the basement.

Vivi: What are we drinking today?

Erick: So clearly Ellison is drinking a shit ton of bourbon right?

Vivi: Right. It’s a whole personality trait for him.


Erick: Everyone just like he has a problem judging his drinking habits.

Yeah. Yeah. I figured it’d be good to do a old-fashioned. So we used Woodford reserve bourbon, we used black Walnut bitters, and then I added a Gavi nectar instead of simple syrup. do you want to give it a try? I’m calling them.

Vivi: Cool sleepy time tea.

I took a big gulp and I really shouldn’t have. Was it all whiskey. Yeah. Yeah.

Erick: do like it when my old fashions are mostly mostly whiskey.

Yes. This is kind of cool when it sinks to the bottom, because then you start to get the hint at the end. It’s kind of like a bittersweet thing.

Vivi: I really just taste Woodford Woodford.

Erick: I mean, I was ready to just say, we’re going to drink whiskey on the rocks. You really

Vivi: did. You want to, just to Chuck out of the bottle, like he does every time he sees something

Erick: bad. I did, but I was like, no, we have to make a cocktail.

Vivi: No, we can’t be alcoholics like

Erick: him. I like it. What do you think? I think Ellison

Vivi: would have liked it to,

Erick: I’m getting like all the flavors really. You just need to drink more. Okay.


Vivi: Well, yours is mines to water down.

Erick: Wait, is this it’s different for some reason,

Vivi: There’s more flavor in yours than in this one.

No, I feel like I just have a pure whiskey taste in my mouth. I need a palate cleanser.

I think when you add like Walnut to like a smokey whisky, it’s a good flavor.

Cause it’s kind of like a roasted flavor. No joke intended. I’m not a huge fan of old fashions, but I know a lot of people love them. I’m just not an old fashioned girl. I’ll give it a 2.5.

Erick: I was looking for a job

Vivi: fair. I’m not an old fashion girl. I’m a slut.

Erick: I give this whole fashion a four It’s not, superly over bitter and it’s also not superly over sweet. I think it’s a nice balance.

Vivi: Old fashioned or something that people are really particular about. And like, gatekeeping about like, if you change it or make your own version of it, people get mad. I don’t get it.

Erick: Even before this, I was like pulling out a lime to garnish it. And it was like what lime in the old fashion.

And I was like, that wouldn’t even be an old fashioned anymore

that sounds good to keep you too. But it’s like, with any drink oh, once you change that though, it makes it this other thing. And it’s kind of like weird because unless you know what that other thing is kind of just like, no, I didn’t old fashioned with cherries instead.

And they’re like, no, I don’t fashion with cherries makes it this. It’s like, I get it. All right. Cool. But now there’s this guy who was like 60 ingredients basically. And he’s like, it’s an old fashion. And I was like, that’s not an old fashioned.


Vivi: is a very complicated old

Erick: fashion. Yeah. It was like jellies and jams and cherries and shit.

Vivi: just tastes Whiskey. Now that’s the flavor that will live in my mouth forever.

Erick: And that’s the flavor that lives in Ellison’s mouth

Vivi: even when he was being murdered.

Erick: Oh, is it?

I thought it was coffee.

Vivi: I’m sure there was whiskey in that coffee. That’s what knocked him out.

Erick: When I was writing the notes, I was like, wait, was that coffee or whiskey? I don’t, I don’t know. It wasn’t a mug. I can’t tell also why was her poison green as fuck?

Vivi: Yeah, I had an

Erick: issue with that. Is it ectoplasm?

Do you want to tell us about fun facts

Vivi: yeah. I don’t know how I feel about these fun facts. Just like, I don’t know how I feel about this movie. One of them, I included that I am not 100% sure is true.

I try to do some more research on it, but some sources said yes. Some didn’t say anything at all. It’s my last fact. So we will get into it. Was there a lot

Erick: on this?

Vivi: There was like not fun ones, like all depressing or something. Yeah I didn’t even write this one down, you know, that first opening scene where the family’s being hung, apparently a stunt coordinator like botched that scene and the actual stunt doubles got hung for real.

And luckily they all survived, but they had to fire that coordinator immediately. Yeah. What the fuck? That’s not fun. That’s just,

 But actual facts that I picked, despite having no nudity, minimal blood and little to no cursing, the film still received an R rating for the content alone.

The filmmakers were hoping to obtain a PG 13.

Erick: Is it because of all the, like the gruesome murders of families and kids?

Vivi: a lot of people say that this film is very disturbing and it is the premise of kids killing their whole families. But in terms of actual, like gore, you don’t see a lot of it.

You kind of turn away a lot when the murders are about to happen

Erick: and it’s blurred. And I mean, it’s implied.

Vivi: Yeah. It’s very implied, but it’s still received in RA. That’s so

Erick: weird. I don’t think this is an R,

Vivi: I think anytime kids are the murderers, it like unsettles people.

Erick: It’s also probably the people visibly being like hung over and over and over again, you know? Cause that’s tree hanging and happens so many times, many times the lawnmower one I think is probably the one that gets me the most. That

Vivi: one definitely is the most creepy might be the one that earned this film are

Erick: writing.

Person’s literally looking at the camera like, Hey, what’s up?

Vivi: But you don’t actually see anything. I mean, you see the Walmart over,

Erick: that’s it. but you

Vivi: don’t see blood guts and you don’t get like a really gnarly visual

Okay. The script for sinister is inspired by the ring and a nightmare that co-writer C Robert had after watching it, which once you know that, I feel like you could tell it’s a very

Erick: heavy influence on the oh yeah. I mean, it’s literally a monster in a film, cursed

Vivi: videos

Erick: based on some old, beat.

And mythology.

It’s like the ring on steroids, like it’s not just one video it’s many, but you still feel that same fear factor from the being in the video coming out at you. Although I’d say it’s more cheesy

Vivi: here. Yeah. I was going to say, I think I prefer the ring ready for the last back. This is the one where I couldn’t confirm if this was accurate.

But goal is said to be inspired by Moloch the dad of child sacrifice found in the Hebrew Bible. It said that Moses warned the Jewish people not to worship the God Moloch and not to sacrifice their children by fire in his name.

Erick: Moloch sounds familiar.

Vivi: I think even in the film he’s like mentioned as a brother of Milwaukee.

Erick: So you said that you couldn’t confirm whether this was true or not. Yeah.

Vivi: Because some sources that it was some don’t specifically state, that goal has an origin story. He’s just meant to be a boogeyman.

Erick: Oh, I get it. Boogie, but Google. Yeah.

Vivi: They call him

Erick: Mr. Buggy. A lot Jonas, the professor’s like there’s little to no riding on this character. I feel like that’s kind of a cop out on a lot of these movies. The American gods book.

Do you remember? There was that one guy who’s like, I’m an old God that no one really remembers. And so they kind of rewrite him and they say he has like a twin brother I was looking into that God. turns out it really is one of the oldest gods and there’s like little to no story on them.

And some people have even seen him as like two different people, because one of them is night, the other one’s day. Oh. But it’s also written down that he’s both, but this book took the Liberty to be like, we’re twins, you know? you can write basically whatever you want for this type of historical figure, but also it’s a cop out because then you’re not really basing it on anything, you know?

Yeah. You’re just throwing a name that if someone looks at up, they can find something or

Vivi: not find something like that in this case. Yeah. But that’s all I have for fun facts. Wow. That

Erick: was fun. That was so fun. You said they weren’t fun. That was fun. Okay. I like historical things.

Vivi: Well, that’s the one I couldn’t confirm or deny,

Erick: which I like.

Okay. I like not knowing things.

Vivi: So I wrote down that it was my turn to do the speed run, but if this is being released after.

I know what you’re trying to do,

Erick: but listen,

Vivi: now.

real convenient.

Erick: It’s not my fault. We’re recording out of order.

Well I feel like there was a weird introduction. I didn’t even think that we clarified who started

Vivi: as yeah. Cause he kept trying to fight me and say, that was my turn. And you just changed the rules on us. I

Erick: wasn’t fighting you. I was saying it’s your son. Cause it is fine. Are you ready for the speed run?


1, 2, 3. Okay.

Vivi: We see a family being hung on a tree and it’s like a vintage and dramatic. We meet uh, this author. Who’s a fucking douche bag. He only cares about writing his book and reliving his glory days.

He’s a true crime author. He like moves his family to this haunted house where a family was murdered, but he doesn’t tell his wife about it. Um, His wife finds out eventually because his kids start acting creepy as fuck he’s being affected by all this found footage, stuff that he found in his attic that pertained to the Mo to the murders he’s literally writing about.

Um, The house gets more and more haunted. We learned that it’s Pugel who like eats children. A cop gets involved to help him. He’s finally scared enough by the haunted house that he moved, but that was the wrong move because Google is going to fall him and kill him. And that’s exactly what his daughter does because the goal is like the eater of children and makes children murder for some reason.

Erick: 40 seconds. Yeah, you did good. Thank you. Done. Good. I know. Where are you ready for this? You were to ready.

Vivi: It’s just not like A lot of it is him watching the videos over and over again. And that takes up like a lot of the movie.

Erick: A lot of it is him doing that douche and being a douche and lying to his wife and walking around the halls with a bat.


Vivi: my God. That whole sub story I could do without the whole, every night he walks around and something’s crepey. This is based

Erick: on the book. I don’t think so. Gave me a Stephen

Vivi: King bed. So I got the vibe that his character is based on Stephen King. Okay.

 But Stephen King was like cocaine fields and alcohol. And there’s a scene where I’m like, are we sure this dude is only on alcohol because he is sweating

Erick: like crazy cocaine fueled alcohol cocaine fueled alcohol. Yeah. That was the poison at the end. his daughter found his cocaine and put it in damn too much of it.

Apparently. All right. Well, let’s see what the interwebs say about this movie. washed up true crime writer, Ellison Oz, Walt finds a box of super eight home movies in his new home that suggests the murder that he is currently researching as the work of a serial killer, whose legacy dates back to the 1960s.

Yeah, it works pretty cool for this. I do like. Oh ahead of time before we jump into it, I don’t like this movie. And I’ve, I think

Vivi: we’ve stated that on the show

Erick: before never liked it. And I know that this is like critically acclaimed by many. It only has a 6.89 I am to be, so I don’t want to even say that that’s that great, shout at the Brennan Francisco.

Cause they love it. I still don’t like it after watching it two more times. But I will be fair to it and say that I do like the creepy, writing style, the artwork even looking on INDB there’s like a scene of Ashley walking past the wall and like in the blood, but Google’s face appears like I do like the style of it.

I just hate Ellison. So just ruins it for you. Yeah. like how much I hated Mika and paranormal

Vivi: activity. Oh, they are very much the same breed. There’s

Erick: nothing to feel bad about. bro. You like asked for it that you were associated with your family.

Vivi: That being said, Eric completely tainted any chance I had of liking this. He saw it before I did.

And just like shit talked it to health to the point where I sat down one day, I was like, do you want to watch it since you hate it so much? And you said no. And let me sit there, watching it alone and decided to do chores all around me. I think at one point you started vacuuming while I was watching this movie.

So I don’t ever think I had a fair chance of liking it. when I sat down to watch it this time, I tried really hard to like, just like push that out of my brain and just watch it. And I think there are things that work about this movie, but there is a lot of things that don’t work about this movie and that outweighs the good for me,

Erick: for sure.

Should we get into it? Yes. Ready? A video starts, then we see four people standing with their heads covered with sex and their hands tied behind their backs. They have ropes around their throats, tied to a tree, a tree branch falls causing the four people to be raised and hung the people kick and flail until they’re clearly dead.

The projector cuts with the words sinister in it. It looks in that like old type style kind of gives me like resident evil, save point fives. Like a typewriter? Yeah. There’s also noticed that in the film, when the tree branch hangs, cause there’s a rope, obviously holding it like a spear comes out of nowhere and cuts the rope and is like flailing around.

I didn’t notice it. And I was like, what the fuck was that? It was a

Vivi: rake, like a garden rakers. And so I just throw it away. I don’t know if it was used in the mechanics of making this thing work. Oh, okay.

Erick: I thought someone just like said, all right, we’ve got to cut the rope through a spear. But it was like, that’s

Vivi: enough.

That’s some like real accurate throwing.

Erick: He’s a spirit from another world. So you just got the power. You can do what he wants, including the spirits wrong. We see a family moving in. As the husband Ellison brings a box into his office, cut to a group of police officers waiting outside of the house.

The sheriff is pissed because one of the cops wants an autograph. He approaches the wife, Tracy asking for her husband inside. We see Ellison asking his daughter Ashley to help bring in boxes. She says she shouldn’t have to carry boxes. And she didn’t ask to move there while she paints a girl with black paint, holding a bulletin, Ellison says they had to move because of his new story and then if they don’t like it there they’ll move back.

Once he’s done with his book.

Vivi: Just a good establishing the creepy kid right off the bat.

Erick: They go outside and Tracy tells him to be nice to the sheriff. This time Ellison asks if there’s a problem and introduces himself, but the sheriff isn’t a fan and tells him he wants him to leave. Ellison says no, and that he can sign a book to give them.

But the sheriff says he doesn’t like how he writes cops. Ellison says it’s because not every cop does their job, right? The cop is like, well, I’ve read your books and you don’t either got them. Damn. The sheriff continues and says that some of his books are actually okay.

but he mentioned the book that helped the killer go free and ruined a lot of people’s lives. He says this time just needs to forget and heal. And Ellison says, there’s a missing girl that needs to be found. The sheriff says she’s dead. But Ellison says, they don’t know for sure.

The sheriff says, it’d be a miracle. If she was still alive. And Ellison says, oh, well, then we should give up. Is that right? The sheriff says this case can’t be explained. And that once he looks into it, he’ll see they did what they could. And that he’s just wasting his time. Like he did with his last two books.

Got him again.

Vivi: He really came in strong here to

Erick: just roast the shit out of him. The sheriff of Rosetown.

Vivi: He’s not wrong though. I feel like, again, true crime is like one of those things that I have conflicting feelings about, but this writer could potentially be ruining people’s lives or he’s bringing up horrible memories for the loved ones of these victims.

And they don’t care because they’re about the glory in it

Erick: for them. The movie does well to. Imply that Ellison is a shitty person.

Vivi: Oh yeah. He’s like narcissistic as fuck. He doesn’t care about anyone except chasing his next big books. Since he hasn’t written a successful book in 10

Erick: years. It’s also just so weird to see someone successful, want more and be like, well, where’s my legacy though.

And it’s like, his kid literally is standing at the door. Like, Here’s your coffee dad. And he’s like, oh wait, hold up, bitch. I got a call.

Vivi: I thought the same thing. I was like, any argument this man had with his wife, I was just like, none of the points you

Erick: are making me. I didn’t want to hear it.

Ellison. As soon as the cuffs aren’t going to help him. And the sheriff confirms passive aggressively, Tracy asked what happened and he gets suspicious of Ellison. She asks if they didn’t move a couple of houses down from a crime scene again, but as Ellison tries to respond, she’s like, you know what?

Nevermind don’t even tell me. He’s like, oh, I promise we didn’t move a couple houses down line ass, bitch

Vivi: semantics. But also what life is this. Honestly, I’d be like, where are we moving? I fucking know you were probably moving into a murder house again.

Erick: And also you cause we’re currently going through this, right.

Like finding a new place. It’s like, we’re so involved together in the choice of house. Although maybe because they move so often, it sounds like, because it kind of is done with it. Yeah. I understand when military families, right. Have to move around because of where their parents are based but like a job where I’m a writer and I have to move all the time.

Like how much do you get paid? are book authors really like that. Well-paid these houses are not small. Like this house, definitely. Like I said, it’s probably half a mil minimum.

Vivi: I don’t know how much authors make

Erick: bestselling authors. Right. Because I mean 10 years ago. Right. And they’re not choosing like tiny houses when they move out of this house at the end, they choose a fucking mansion.

Vivi: Well, I think they move back home. So this might’ve been their original home.

Erick: Why do they want all that house?

It’s like a four floors. It’s got a gate. So

Vivi: they don’t see their demon son flee balking.

Erick: Where’s Trevor. Oh, I’m fucking out west Sanuk somewhere.

Vivi: He kept escaping from the last one. So we had to get a bigger one.

Erick: The made, find them in the dryer. Damn, that’s fucked up. Anyway. Ellison’s as bitch, but they go inside and Ellison looks out the back window to a tree with a broken branch in the backyard.

Vivi: In case you didn’t get it to confirm that they moved into the murder house.

Erick: Yeah. Alison takes a box up into the attic and notices a box, just sitting in the center of the room. He gets scared by a scorpion and kills it by dropping the crate. He’s carrying like aggressively.

Vivi: I mean, I get it. A scorpion is scary.

I mean,

Erick: it’s a dome. Yes. I think we’ve talked about

Vivi: this. I think we have, we’ve had this day before

Erick: scorpions are fine. Like they’re poisonous. Yeah. But you’re, I mean, he’s not like

Vivi: they’re poisonous.

Erick: They can, but he knows where it is. It’s not like he crawled up onto the attic and was like surprised by it.

Vivi: He wa that’s literally what happened.

Erick: I don’t think I’d kill it. I think it’d be like looking at, oh my

Vivi: God, we’re going to die. Look at this scorpion. It literally just killed me,

Erick: but look at it. So I was sad for the scorpion opens the box and finds a projector with old film reels. The first one he reads says family hanging out 11, and I thought this was important taste. Cause I’m pretty sure this is the video of the family being

Vivi: hung. If you notice all of them are labeled in poor taste.

Erick: What was the other

Vivi: one? lawn work.

Erick: Oh

Vivi: yeah. And then I think the one where his family gets killed is called painting the living room or something. That’s cute. It’s real

Erick: fucking, and it’s fucking cute.

He brings the box downstairs to his office and joins the family for dinner. They start talking about how they can’t afford much because they still haven’t sold their old house. And they’re carrying two mortgages because the market’s terrible.

Vivi: So poor. They can’t afford to turn on more than one light. This is the darkest scene in the entire movies.

Erick: His son. Trevor asked if his story is good this time, and whether Ellison will take him to go see where it happened.

Tracy tells him to stop because he’s too young for all that. But Trevor continues saying he’s old enough. And then he’s going to find out from the kids at school. Anyway, Tracy keeps telling them to stop talking about Ellison’s work. And they recite the rule that none of them are allowed in his office.

This rule never really comes back. I thought it was gonna be like the kids keep going in his office and then finding the films And that the kids were like creepy because they were the ones watching the movies.

Vivi: I mean, one of the kids is watching the movie, but I don’t know if it’s because she’s going into his office,

Erick: Tracy is laying in bed and asks Ellison. If he’s not coming to bed, he says, he’s going to set up his office. And she asks how long they’re going to live there. He says it might be a long while. And she says she liked it better. When he wrote fiction, he sees this as her being against him and his work. And she apologizes saying she just wants to see him enjoying his work.

He says he just needs one more hit. And Tracy just looks away upset. She says that Kentucky blood was 10 years ago and could have been his 15 minutes. She says the years are going by with the kids and he’s missing it. Ellison doubles down though and says, he just feels really good about this one.

She looks away and says that if this time goes the way last time did, she’s going to take the kids and leave to her sisters. Ellison says it’s not and kisses her good night. What happened last time?

Vivi: Yeah. This is a real loaded conversation.

Erick: The last time you made us move into a murdered family’s house, I almost fucking died.

Didn’t make

Vivi: millions. That was the worst part.

Erick: We had to call a Ghostbusters and the fucking Morin’s. Okay. If that happens again, this time I’m leaving with my sister,

Vivi: this woman is very tolerant, like too tolerant of a lot.

Erick: She is, especially like later when they have the really, really big fight and she finally finds out, she still like goes and tucks him in.

Vivi: She’s still like tries to go make amends with him

Erick: do deserve better, Tracy? You do. in his office. He has a whole evidence room set up with photos from the crime scene.

He includes a picture of the attic, wondering where the box came from. Our people are just allowed to have.

Vivi: He asks no questions as to why. Just literally the thing he’s investigating was dropped in his

Erick: attic. He’s like, oh, Hmm. Who left this here? Oh, it makes sense that the

Vivi: murderer would leave literal evidence in this house.

That was probably searched for evidence.

Erick: He sets the projector up and watch his film. Number one, he gets too comfy and cozy for it, but it just shows a family hanging out and then dramatically cuts the family hanging. He pours himself a glass of whiskey and plays the video again, this time, writing the questions who recorded and where’s Stephanie, he goes outside to look at the tree that Russell’s ominously.

When he goes back inside a year as a door creaking and looks around, we see a shadowy figure run by any follows. It’s just Ashley in the laundry room who can’t find the bathroom. He puts her to bed and points out how good she’s getting at painting.

Vivi: This is so sad if you move so often that your kid doesn’t even know where the bathroom is in their own house.

Erick: But do you think it’s her asleep walking or do you think it’s her being possessed already? Like, I don’t know how early on the movie Ashley’s already being taken over.

Vivi: Not sure. Cause it could be this early. This is just meant to show you how often they move or she saw the whole bit with him.

She also had her a cup of whiskey ready. She’s like I

Erick: had to pee after watching all that hanging. Since you put it on so many times. Yeah. He goes back downstairs and puts in another film. We have an entirely different family hanging out and camping until it cuts to someone filming the family inside of a car, tied up and covered in gasoline tanks, the person holding the camera, throws a torch light in the car on fire until the film cuts.

Ellison calls the cows, but hangs up after staring at copies of Kentucky. Hey, I’ve found evidence that could help us find out what’s going on and get help. No, my dignity is more important

Vivi: and he chooses to withhold it. It’s not even as dignity. It’s this book.

Erick: Well, it’s that? And also just the fact that he already had this fight with the sheriff. I’m sure he’s like, no, I’m not going to like put myself at his level and ask for help. Anyway, he wonders why someone came back and left the box and puts a third film on before it gets started, though.

He hears a loud thud and thinks it’s Ashley. Again, he goes to her room though and notices she’s still in bed. The creaking and rattling continues along with footsteps. That sound like a kid running. He investigates until he sees a box at the end of the hallway, start to move. This is actually a pretty creepy scene.

It starts to open and he sees Trevor pop out of the backwards while screaming with his disembodied voice. Tracy runs down to help as Ellison carries him outside. Trevor finally snaps out of it and is confused as to why they’re outside. Ellison thinks it’s a good time to tell her something and she’s like, oh, cool, cool, cool.

What is it? And he’s like uh, uh, no, I just wanted to say I’m sorry.

Vivi: Listen, if your kid does this, I’m gonna need you to pack him back in that box and just throw the whole kid

Erick: away, ship it back to where it came, where it came.

Vivi: Because why, why, why, why do people do

Erick: Alexa, please send me a new kid. Tracy says it’s not his fault. And we cut to the next morning. So he’s already making Tracy feel bad for nothing. Yup. While he’s being induced, Jervis says he doesn’t remember ending up in the box as they joke about the time he woke up in the dryer.

Vivi: That is not okay. You could die. If someone turned on the dryer.

Erick: Wake up in the morning to start shoving the clothes in there. Don’t even look inside

Vivi: my bloody Valentine style.

Erick: Yup. The kids are getting ready for their first day of school. And as Tracy heads out to take them, she’s like have a nice evening, which a murder victims. Huh?

Vivi: They just leaving for school.

Erick: They haven’t been taking out of school and leaving

the cleaning lady

Vivi: comes up Monday. Do you delete every time we make that joke in every single episode because it’s in every single episode. Is it? Do I delete

Erick: it?

Vivi: I have to listen back now and see if it’s an, every single one of our episodes

Erick: suddenly it’s dark.

We see people tied to some beach chairs getting pulled one by one into the pool to drown. Right at the end though, we see Morbius standing at the bottom of the pool, staring back at the camera. But Google looks like Morbius.

Vivi: It is not a scary design, especially this scene. It looks like a carved out

Erick: pumpkin. He looks like one of the vampires from what we do in the shadows. The one with the thick mustache and the goatee.

Vivi: That’s a lot to guess because the goal doesn’t actually have like facial

Erick: features. Sure. But that’s what he looks like in this scene under the pool.

Interesting. It’s either Morbius or this guy. So you

Vivi: just think he’s

Erick: a vampire. It isn’t until the end that I see, he doesn’t even have a mouth. I was like, oh, that’s what it looks like, because it’s mostly blurry. It’s like implied facial features. Yeah. Ellison gets spooked, but he restarts it to see the figure again and walks up to the screen to get a closer look. It sounded like the protector burst into flames and he Googles how to edit super eight film.

This is a scene that takes forever. He’s like a super eight film created by blah, blah, blah, blah, Kodak in blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, 19 something.

Vivi: Cool. Thanks for the fun fact,

Erick: dude, like a, did a Google sponsored this because every time he’s about to search anything, it’s like Google biggest fucking the screen.


Vivi: funny. Cause usually in movies when people Google something, it’s like bubal

Erick: bubal, that’s the thing. Hugel Hugo who go, this is where you ask questions in Spanish.

We get a whole montage and how super eight film was invented and him piecing it together. We do. You didn’t notice that I must’ve

Vivi: tuned it out. Cause it was boring.

Erick: He does a whole like Ikea tutorial with the instructions on how to like load the film onto the projector.

Great. Really adds value. He records the film using his own camera and it saves it to his computer. He tries to rewatch the film and manages to get a view of the figure. Again, it looks like at this point too, he’s lost the second half of the. So you can’t finish the videos.

They all end abruptly, which is weird because the only one burned.

Vivi: Yeah. That doesn’t really make sense with

Erick: later on. He hears Tracy and the kids get home and goes to find Tracy yelling at Trevor Ellison asks what he did.

And they send him to his room. She says he drew four people hanging from a tree in permanent marker on the classroom board. And that the kids have told him, his book is about the family. Ellison’s like, oh, that’s it. Tracy is pissed that he’s so chilled about it. And he explains these people deserve to have their story told.

Vivi: That’s not why you’re doing it though. Dude.

He really doesn’t give a fuck what these kids do. Cause later on the, mom’s yelling at the daughter for drawing on the walls and he’s like, that’s just what kids do.

Erick: But early in the film, he tells her rule number two is the drawing stay inside her room right outside.

Vivi: in case it wasn’t clear. Alison is the award winner of the true villain of this story. Whew. Insert clapping

Erick: here.

That night, Tracy asks if he’s going to help her put the kids to bed, but he’s like not school. And she leaves, he takes a sip of his drink and watches another film. Like he doesn’t take his eyes off the screen when she opens the door behind him.

And when she leaves is when he’s like, oh, okay, you’re gone now. SIF finally.

Vivi: we have kids. What were you basically

Erick: this time, it goes straight to the person holding the camera, walking through a house at night, they enter a bedroom and we see a Chihuahua barking at the camera. As someone slits, the throats of the people tied down in the bed. They go to the kid’s room and Ellison drinks more as the background is blurred out, but implies the kids were.

Ellison watches on his computer and notices and insignia on the wall. From that film, he prints it out and adds it to his evidence board. He rewashes the film again, and changes the contrast, revealing a sign that says science for kids, St. Louis. He searches for a murder in 1998 in St. Louis and finds a news report of a family that was murdered.

And a boy that was subducted. What a fucking reach again? It’s like, oh shit. St. Louis murder family. Let me the search murdered family in St. Louis in 1998. First result,

Vivi: Google is great and sponsored

Erick: this movie. Google was listening the entire time, bro. I got you. While we’re at it.

Vivi: It’s fucking rule just saved

Erick: you, dude.

Do you want an ad on how to get more stuff on Google and more films of these

Vivi: we’ve already ordered him for you on

Erick: Amazon

Vivi: you know, with as much research as he’s doing, if he really cared about these people, why didn’t he go into like forensics or being a detective?

Erick: Because being a detective doesn’t allow him to have a legacy. Now that’s true. It makes him a cop who he hates, suddenly we hear a creak and Ellison gets spooked, but he continues to search on the computer. The lights shut off and we hear more creaking and small.

Alison goes out to investigate and we see him check out all the rooms. There’s a moment of silence. Before we get a lot of thud, Ellison goes to grab a knife from the kitchen and makes his way up to the attic. Ellison looks around and gets started again by a loud thud, these thuds or jump scares.

Vivi: Oh, there’s so many jump scares in this movie.


Erick: just like nothing actually scary. It’s just BA box He finds a box on the floor and lifts the lid with a fire Boger only to find a snake See like a snake is like scary, you know? Cause a snake can slither at you fast and bite you and they are poisonous.

But a scorpion is as scary as like an ant. It’s not going to run at you at full speed.

Vivi: Yes it is. But I’ve already said I’m not having this debate with you anymore.

Erick: So you’re more mad about the scorpion, the snake. I’m not happy about either of them.

Vivi: Being in the attic.

He’s got a pest problem that he really needs to deal

Erick: with. He really does scorpions and

Vivi: snakes and

Erick: his children inside their kids’ drawings of all the ways people have died in the films he hears noise and tries to leave the addict, but he suddenly falls through the ceiling and gets knocked out a paramedic patches.

Ellison’s leg up while the cop from earlier as to see what happened, the cop wonder is why he thought there was an intruder and they argue about whether or not it could have been a squirrel. The squirrel fighting also lasts forever.

Vivi: Yeah. This cop is like dead pan does not understand, but Ellison’s like trying to joke around with him.

And he’s like, nah, dude, you

Erick: got squirrel.

The cup asks if Alison can sign this copy of Kentucky blood and Ellison offers him one of his own copies, they enter his office and the cops impress saying, it looks like one of those FBI profiler rooms.

Ellison’s like get out of my private office and starts yelling at the cop. Did he just

Vivi: invite him in there? Yeah. Okay, dude.

Erick: Everyone obviously fucking hates him, including his family. What did he suddenly be like?

Oh, somebody who’s a fan and he’s like more annoyed by his own fans, but it keeps talking about his legacy. what do you want? Do you want people to take care about you or not?

Vivi: He sucks

Erick: before he gets out. The cop is like, you mind acknowledging me and your book Ellison takes this opportunity to ask the cop, to look into the murders he’s seen on the films as the cop leaves, Tracy waits at the door and tells him, she’s sorry for lashing out at him.

He’s like, I just need you here with me. And she’s like, I always am. She is she really always is. You don’t want, he doesn’t

Vivi: deserve it. This cop is not named throughout the film. He’s just referred to as cop so-and-so as a joke that they spoke about this actor.

Is he the same actor who plays Eddie? Grown-up Eddie in it? Chapter

Erick: two. Yeah. So I hadn’t even noticed until I was watching this, that I was like, oh dude, I love him. , he was

Vivi: Exactly.

Erick: Like him

Vivi: You know what? Let’s follow cops open. So instead of honestly,

Erick: Ellison, he ends up being like a pretty cool dude the whole time. Even as like, yo dude, you fucked up didn’t you understand the pattern?

you’re a fucking idiot. Seriously. the other thing I want to point out too, is that if anyone recognizes her, the daughter, Ashley is actually played by Claire Foley, who is poison Ivy in Gotham. Oh yeah. She does pretty good too. As far as an IB cut to Ellison, drinking some more and watching an interview of himself from 10 years ago. We hear him say a bunch about his work and how the mistakes cops make can ruin people’s lives. He says that good crime writing can set things, right? The interviewer asks him, which feels better. The fame from his book or the justice and Ellison, douchebag Dudley says that justice, the justice, oh, the justice all day and present day. Ellison’s like disgusting.

Vivi: How into yourself do you have to be to rewatch videos from your glory

Erick: days? I cringed at anything that has to do with me two days ago, let alone 10 years ago, we record these

Vivi: episodes and never want to hear them again.

Erick: No. When y’all bring up stuff that we said, I’m like,

Vivi: I am so sorry.

Erick: Thank you for listening. And I apologize. Here are some flowers.

Vivi: I recently saw that some people had checked out our first episode and I was like, God, no. Why we

Erick: should redo those though. I think I’ve said that before, is that we should revisit like the first three again, just to be like, Hey, we’ve figured it out

Vivi: or not, not really.


Erick: could still change. Ellison reviews. The kids drawing with the videos. Side-by-side noticing the drawings show a person standing nearby labeled Mr. Boogie. He notices the same figure from the pool in the family, hanging and car fire videos. He prints a picture of the figure and puts it on his evidence wall. Meanwhile, Ashley’s drawing in the kitchen and offers to bring Ellis in his coffee. This scene made me sad because she’s just coloring and she’s like, I want to bring him his coffee today.

Tracy’s like, okay, she goes to his door, knocks on it and he’s like, oh, thanks so much, sweetheart. He’s getting a phone call, slams the door on her face. And she just stands there. I feel so shitty.

And I brought up how, like, sometimes it close the door when Loki’s trying to get my attention. And I was like, am I Ellison? But Loki’s just like needy all the time. No matter what, I could literally hang out with him all day. And then he’ll still be at the door Well.

Yes. That’s the magic of dogs. I love low-key though. Don’t think I’m mean to him.

Vivi: Yeah. This scene really. Affected you you’ve been talking about it for like two days. Just how much of an asshole

Erick: he is, because I don’t want to be that parent. You know, if I have kids, I don’t want to be the one who’s like, dad’s always working and he never pays attention and my kids are trying to be sweet Yeah.

Vivi: You could also wait a second to answer the phone. You’d be like, oh, thanks, hun. Take the coffee and answer the

Erick: call. It’s literally the same cop who calls him later and who he chooses to ignore twice later.

Vivi: But that’s when he’s

Erick: oh, when he’s shitting his fucking pants. Yeah.

That’s when his life shut.

Vivi: So I feel like we are definitely like ragging a lot on Ethan Hawke’s character, but not talking enough about how creepy, effectively creepy these videos are. they are very edited, very stylized. I don’t agree with the zooming in on the goal that we saw earlier, I feel like it cheapens it and that’s going to be my problem with a lot of these scenes going forward.

A lot of these

Erick: scary scenes, right? Yeah. I guess if you want to talk in detail about the murder videos we already mentioned the hanging one, but yeah, the later ones are a little more gruesome, like the pool.

that people are in beach chairs and there are ropes tied to the back. And then one by one, they pull the beach chairs in with the people, tie it to their drowning.

Vivi: I don’t know why I find that one just more disturbing than the others because

Erick: of the prolonged

Vivi: death. I think. So I think it’s the whole knowing it’s coming.


Erick: there’s a couple more that we haven’t gotten to yet two that I thought were actually more gruesome than the first three that we’ve seen. There is the one with the family being murdered in bed. Cause you see them literally like sliced the throats and that feels more like a snuff film. It does well the Chihuahua

Vivi: barks, but you always just trying to protect its family. It, so

Erick: So the phone call that Ellison got though is from the deputy who tells him why he found confirming a family was killed in California in their garage. And that there some was never found. He also confirms the murders in St. Louis, but the address the deputy reads off is familiar to Ellison.

He hangs up and opens a file, making him realize that the family that was murdered out back used to live at the same address while I was looking at the file, that laptop is in the background, zoomed in on Mr. Bookies. [Sound] and it turns around to look at Ellison, which is kind of cool every time that his face is on in the background.

I always thought he was gonna turn around.

Vivi: I don’t

Erick: like this It’s cheesy

Vivi: it takes so long. You see it for so long. And I always think like a scene like this would benefit from less is more.

Erick: Ellison turns back around though, just in time for Bugel to turn around, back to where he was at, like, huh? He didn’t see me.

Alison continues the video on his screen of the drawings from the attic and makes it to the part where he fell through the ceiling. He zooms in and notices that once he fell through, there were tiny hands, all around him, over your shoulders. And in front of his chest, he gets freaked out and closes the laptop.

Vivi: This one is scary. I’ll give them this one. It is creepy. And that would have been the final straw for me

Erick: tiny hands on

Vivi: me. What the fuck. Fuck. No goodbye. Cause how do you explain that it isn’t tiny scorpions.

Erick: I’d brought the cop in then and there and been like, Hey, like I know this is going to sound crazy, but would you mind taking a look at this video real quick? Is this hands? Cause it’s not like a hint of hands. It’s all hands that night. They’re all in bed. And when Ellison gets woken up by the projector, suddenly turning on, he goes to investigate and calls out to Ashley and Trevor.

He enters his office and notices the family hanging videos playing there’s no one in the room, but he shuts off the projector. He grabs the printed closeup of the figure in the woods. In the background, it looks outside. He holds the photo up to the same general area. But when he brings the photo down, Mr.

Boogie is actually standing there. It’s a cool idea. But I did think it was cheesy the way the It’s almost like they put a giant spotlight on them. It’d be cool if like the contrast or brightness was the same as in the photo so that he didn’t look so cheesy and imprinted it’s like dark ass background.

When he puts the photo up, it brings the photo down, spotlight on Google,

Vivi: just a flair for the dramatic.

Erick: It goes in the backyard. Like I’m ready for my closeup. It’s exactly what he’s saying alison and get spooked by this though and rubs his face. But when he looks back out to the figure, isn’t there, Ellison, grabs a bat and goes outside to look around. He looks in the bushes and finds Trevor peeking back cowering and cold. Every time Trevor appears anywhere in any kind of group or form or fashion, I can’t tell if it’s Trevor or a dedicated,

Vivi: his kid is almost creepier than Bugel.

Erick: Cause he’s just looking at him

Vivi: in the bushes. Oh fuck

Erick: no all. Fuck. Nah.

Vivi: Did you hear that?

Erick: Like something fell in here. Yeah, it’s the squirrel’s back before we leave, it’s like buy a bitches. You thought you

Vivi: saw the last

Erick: than me. Can’t wait to meet the next family.

Vivi: It doesn’t matter. Not our problem. Hopefully they don’t listen to

Erick: this podcast. It’s going to hide into one of our bins.

I was worried that when we took the shelves apart, I was going to find it back there somewhere. I’m sure it would have

Vivi: stunk. Oh yeah.

Erick: At that point, Tracy and Ellison and bring him into his bed saying his sleepwalking has gotten worse. Ellison goes back out to get the flashlight from the floor, when he’s about to grab it a Rottweiler it starts to growling at him.

He tries sweet talking it and saying, he’s gonna grab his bat so that if he runs at him, he can bash his head in the dog, keeps growling. And we see that behind Ellison, there are a group of five kids. Wow. The dog turns around and all of a sudden runs back inside.

Vivi: This dog is like, nah, dude, I was trying to warn you.

But if you’re going to be an asshole about it, you can fuck it die.

Erick: Yeah. Ellison goes in thinking he like triumph. Yeah. Tracy sees how spooked he is and asks what happened. But Ellison brushes it off. She continues and says, Trevor’s too old for what’s happening. She tells him to drop the book so they can leave town and never look back.

but Ellison keeps trying to brush her off too. She’s like, you never crack another whiskey this early end. This often I thought

Vivi: that line was hilarious as a wife. I think I’d be like, you need to quit this job. It’s driving you to drink a lot.

Erick: You didn’t drink this much before. I remember when you used to be happy.

Vivi: I remember when you started drinking towards the end of the book. that’s when it’s okay.

Erick: In celebration. And then we let ourselves to two kids.

Vivi: Gross making children

Erick: with whisky, Dicky and make no kids on that.

Vivi: Seriously. He drank a lot of whiskey.

Erick: She says this and Ellison gets pissed that she’s calling him a drunk. Tracy’s like, something’s different this time. And Alison’s like, yeah, I’m on to something bigger than Kentucky blood. No, you’re on top of a bunch of dead bodies.

Vivi: Is he on top of them are they on top of him pushing him down with their tiny

Erick: hands, tiny murder hands. it could mean money awards and maybe even a movie deal and bitches, he’s such a piece of shit. Tracy’s like, look, our family is suffering.

And he was like, We’re going to have a whole Marvel cinematic universe of murdered families.

Vivi: Oh, he was thinking Warren verse, for

Erick: sure. Yeah. And he was going to write himself as like God or something. Cause that’s what Warren’s done.

Vivi: I hate

Erick: this. Tracy is like, I’m just worried about you. And he’s like, nothing’s wrong? She’s like, well then why were you so white? Like a ghost when you came in? And he says, it was just the dog.

They laugh it off. And he says, every minute they’re there, they’re closer to their dream

Vivi: in house. Yeah. Way to oversell it just a bit, dude.

Erick: The next day, the deputy shows up with files and asks to come in. He explains that just because he’s a small town cop doesn’t mean he’s an idiot. He says he has a degree in criminology and knows a series of connected murders when he sees one.

Yes. To be kept in the loop and explains he’s been affected by these murders. Just like every. Alison agrees to bring him in and shows him everything he’s put together, including that the first murders happened in the sixties, putting the potential killer between 60 and 70 years old. He notes that in every murder, the killer ducks, a child and kills the rest of the family.

While also leaving behind the symbol at each crime scene, deputy says it looks like something from the occult and tells Ellison to get in contact with professor Jonas at the university who is in a Colt crime expert.

Vivi: This cop could have

Erick: solved this on his own. Honestly, he knew more than Ellison ever could

Vivi: have thought he did. Alison does seem to have a habit of looking down at the towns. People he’s quote unquote, trying to

Erick: help do you think that in some point of his life he did actually care and he’s just kind of turned into this douche bag of a person

Vivi: it’s possible, but we’d never see that side of him.

Even when he’s doing his interview from his success 10 years ago, he seems like a douche.

Erick: That sucks. Tracy. Tracy, what happened? He couldn’t have always been this battery.

Vivi: He had money.

Erick: Hmm. That night. Ellison watches another film. We see someone approaching a home where a family gathers to watch TV. They turn on a lawnmower and we see them run around with it until suddenly they run someone over. This one was crazy. Like, this is probably the one that I thought was the most messed

Vivi: up

Erick: it doesn’t really transition.

It’s like the person looking at the family from outside and then he turned left and there’s a lawnmower. And then there’s just like going through the grass and it’s so blurry and rainy that you’re like me what’s happening. And then suddenly there’s a fucking body. And you’re like, oh, cause they’re looking at the camera right before the lawnmower goes over

Vivi: them.

The scene is already scary. But then they cut to Ellison like full dump scare. Cause the music blares and he jumps out of his seat. I think you didn’t need to add that. I think the scene would have been just as effective with him. Just jumping up. You kind of cheap in the moment with that. Like blaring jump scare.

Erick: Ellison video calls, professor Jonas, who says he’s a big fan. He explains that the symbol isn’t just any symbol that regular people know about. He says it’s a symbol associated to be Gould. Either have children. He needs the souls of the children’s to survive and has different ways to trap their souls in his world.

Professor Jordan says these crimes might be the result of a cult rather than one person dramatically. Jonas asks to be told everything and we get Ellison putting in another. Phil, it cuts the nighttime and the projector is on again, playing the tree hanging Ellison walks in determined this time, but finds no one he walks around the house, holding a bat and we get jump scared by a little dead girl who he obviously can’t see, we hear footsteps and see a little boy watching him as he continues looking around.

So we get a montage of all these little kids that are dead kinda messing around with him, behind him. We see a little girl at the end of the hallway, wearing a raincoat, followed by Ellison, walking into another hallway.

That’s creepy because a boy watches from the distance and starts running at him in slow motion. I thought this was going to end in some sort of like jump scared too.

Vivi: I found this entire scene extremely cheesy.

Erick: I thought it was gonna end with something good, but it just ends up with the kid turning the corner and just the floor creaking and Ellison. Doesn’t see

Vivi: anything.

Something running at you will always be terrifying.

Erick: Yeah. Ellison. Here’s the creaking of the floor and turns to see nothing. But the projector starts up again and he goes to turn it off. He looks around the rooms again, seeing that everyone’s asleep, but we zoom in on Ashley.

Who’s awake, looking at the corner of her room, the camera zooms away. And we see she’s drawn the family being hung on the wall as a little dead girl tells her to shush. I would scream. She’s like, okay,

This whole time Ashley’s been like getting chilled out with Stephanie, right? Like Stephanie’s is like, Hey, go turn on the projector. I’ll show you the, like your favorite new movie. It’s not frozen. It’s more like hanging with the family.

Vivi: She’s getting chilled

Erick: out with Stephanie. She’s just like, Hey, let’s go have a popcorn night in the middle of the night and fuck what your dead.

Vivi: Okay. Getting chilled out.

Erick: Sounds like she’s smoking, smoking a blunt with Stephanie just doing

Vivi: that. But yeah, they’re definitely

Erick: becoming friends. she’s using the butt of the blunt to draw the hanging family on the wall.

Vivi: Fun fact. It’s four 20 when we’re

Erick: recording this. It is there it is.

Vivi: the blood

Welcome to Disney channel with their blood.

Yes. At the end of the blunt

Erick: people can’t see, but I was like waving my hand around.

Vivi: And you’re watching Disney

Erick: channel and you’re watching families being murdered Ellison runs around the house, freaked out, locking all the doors and windows and falls asleep on the couch. I just hate how long all of these scenes, like I get it. It’s the build suspense because he’s looking around the house around every corner.

It’s dark. There’s no lights. I don’t understand this in movies either. I’m looking around the house. Someone’s fucking in it. I’m turning on every single light possible.

Vivi: If someone’s fucking in it.

Erick: I don’t know. So I’m going to light. Oh my God.

Yeah. I’m pulling out flashlights. Flashlights. I’m turning everything on, including my wife.

Vivi: That’s true. I hate what it horror movies. No one turns on. Especially if it’s your own fucking house, dude,

Erick: walking around with a bat, like I can’t hit what I can’t see, dude, I don’t get it.

Vivi: Yeah. I don’t like these nights scenes of him just wandering the house.

I get that. They’re meant to build the supernatural element of the film, but that go on way too long. And honestly, I think you could have the film without them. And they happened

Erick: like four or five times and each time it’s the same length. Like we get it. Third, fourth time, fifth time. It’s like, and nothing’s happening.

Vivi: Just go to sleep dude and ignore it.

Erick: He has the cop come over and jokes about being able to trust him. The Cop gets awkward. His Ellison asks if the Stephenson’s reported anything strange. And whether the cops found anything in explicable, the cop asks if something’s going on and whether his wife knows about it, Ellison says no. And the cop follows up asking if she even knows whose house this was.

Ellison’s like, nah, and the cops like you dumb bitch. The cop asks what’s got them freaked out. Nelson says he doesn’t believe in anything supernatural. The cops, like, of course you don’t, otherwise you wouldn’t have moved into a crime scene and we wouldn’t even be talking about this.

He confirms though that nothing weird came out in the investigation and that perhaps Ellison was in over his head trying to put himself in the family’s shoes and has also noticed a whiskey bottle in his office. Every time he’s visited, he’s like, whoa,

Vivi: whoa,

Erick: whoa. Calling me a drunk. Well, I mean, stop pulling out a new bottle of whiskey every day. Dude, stop being drunk. Every time I come here, you’re drunk right now. Yeah. Ellison tries to argue back, but the cop is like, look, I’m not saying you’re a drunk.

I’m just saying, you’re putting yourself under a lot of stress. Ellison’s like, okay, cool. So you don’t believe in this weird stuff. Right? And like, I was like, bro, of course I do. four people were hung here in the backyard and the little girl is missing.

He tells him to get out and clear his head, but Ellison tells him, he thought something was in the house and the cops, it just says if he was putting himself through what he has, he’d go a little crazy to

Vivi: this cop is very nice to Ellison and he

Erick: doesn’t deserve no, I feel like another academy, like it looks, are you going crazy?

And you’re affecting your family. You either need to drop it or I’m gonna have to drop you

Vivi: professionally.

Erick: Yes.

Cuts Ellison on his laptop when suddenly Tracy starts yelling for him. Tracy is yelling about Ashley painting on the walls, outside her room as Ellison notices. The drawing is of a little girl on a swinging tire. Ashley says, Stephanie told her she didn’t want the drawing in her room because it was her brothers. Tracy is like, who the fuck is Stephanie? And Ashley explains the girl who used to live there from the family Ellison’s writing about.

Vivi: I’ve also seen creepy kids done more effectively than this. It feels like it’s kind of just thrown in there.

Erick: And look at this kid on the tire and it’s not even a creepy drawing.

It’s just like a little girl, nicely on a tire hanging out. She just looks at Tracy’s like what the fuck? And sends Ashley into her. She goes off on Ellison, who tries to say it’s her fault. He didn’t tell her because she didn’t want to know. She’s like, don’t fucking turn this on me.

Vivi: Seriously. It’s trying to fucking manipulate

Erick: her.

Yeah. He brings up how he didn’t lie when he said they didn’t move a few houses away and is like, it’s not like the murder was in the house. Tracy is like, oh wait. Oh, she’s just like a relief for a second. She said, oh, so it wasn’t, it wasn’t here then. And he’s like, it happened in the backyard and she’s like, what the fuck is the difference?

I think

Vivi: I would have punched him at that point.

Erick: She’s like, why would you make us move here? And he explained it was a steel Tracey pieces. What happened together with what Trevor drew and what Ashley’s talking about and tells him she can’t believe he’s putting his family at risk. He fights back and his like, what do you mean?

What do you mean at risk? What, what do you mean, bro? Like you literally saw children’s hands on your body. In the attic,

Vivi: literally chasing monster children all night

Erick: long. You found all these like weird films with murder evidence in the attic.

Vivi: Just no type of sense in his head.

Erick: He fights back saying there’s no risk and that their kids are able to enjoy a father who’s always around.

Yeah. Okay, bro, I literally watched you close the door on your daughter who brought you coffee.

Vivi: Okay. I mean, he’s like physically, always around, but not emotionally.

Erick: He’s like the worst they can ever say happen to them is that they moved into a house where a family was killed and Tracy’s like pretty bad.

And she says like, can we live somewhere normal for ones where people aren’t looking at us like assholes everywhere. She

Vivi: puts up with so much, this whole argument. I was just like, tell him to shut the fuck up, tell him to shut the fuck up because he has no leg to stand

Erick: on. Not one, not even one,

Vivi: but he doesn’t stop.

Erick: Tracy continues making good points, but Ellison is like, sure, sure, sure, sure. Sure. Once I finished my book traces, like you can find another way to provide for this family and Ellison yells doing what teaching. he says the books, given his life of meaning and are his legacy. Tracy just takes a seat and says the meaning of his life has their marriage.

And his legacy is his kids.

Vivi: He also makes it sound like teaching and like editing journals is the worst job you could have. I would totally take either of those.

Erick: You know what teaching and editing journals doesn’t do put you in the center of a fucking murder slash demon takeover. I mean,

Vivi: not

Erick: usually if you’ve ever been a journalist or a teacher and been put in the middle of a murdered demon, it’s free.

Let us

Vivi: know. I mean, in Candyman Helen’s, husband’s just a teacher and he literally gets put in the middle of that situation.

Erick: He literally gets put in the ground. Well, he deserved it. Yeah. So

tracy goes to tuck Ashlyn, who asks if she got him in trouble and Tracy just says it was his fault, not hers. Tracy goes into the living room to find Ellison asleep. Well, one of his old interviews plays where they ask him if he wants a family and he explains that at first he didn’t.

but that as he’s gotten older and met someone, he cares about he’s realized his career doesn’t matter so much and wants kids. She looks at him lovingly and asks him to come to bed.

Vivi: I would be more pissed off if I saw this, look at you, you fucking lying ass.

Erick: Yeah. Cut to a point of view of someone holding a flashlight at Alison and Tracy and bed, the projector starts waking Ellison up. It turns on the lights in his office and notices the is missing entirely. Even like waves his hand over where it’s supposed to be.

And it’s like, it’s going to magically appear the noise stops. He looks around the house. As we get flashes of the ladder leading to the attic, He asks himself what’s happening. As the hallway leads to the ladder. He climbs up as the light, flashes it down and we see a projector turned on upstairs while the dead children watch, They turn and look at him and make a sign to be quiet while Bugel is on the screen. Suddenly Bigelow’s face appears scaring Ellison to the bottom of the ladder, a box and predictor fall onto the floor from the attic, scaring the hell out of him. But he musters up the courage and jumps up, taking the projector and the box of film outside to burn.

Vivi: I pointed out that he made an effort to hit every step on his way down with his head. Like if you go watch that scene, he’s just like, dude, dude, dude, on

Erick: every single one, maybe none of this is actually happening. And it’s just all the alcohol and the head drama. I thought

Vivi: that like, what if these are like alcohol fueled, like

Erick: dreams and the head trauma and the head trauma

Vivi: that he’s causing himself.

Cause he’s always falling off that roof for some reason. Yeah.

Erick: Tracy asks him what the hell he’s doing.

And Ellison says they have to leave and that they should have never come here.

Vivi: Finally scared some sense. And do

Erick: but Google at this point, what was kind of like, what will it take to get this fucking family to

Vivi: leave this out? Cause that’s how I can kill them.

He’s like, all right. Invite them to the next cult meeting. I don’t fucking know anymore, man.

Erick: He’s like good. The kids pack the car. Let’s go. Tracy’s like, what are you talking about? Half asleep. And he was like, oh, and starts screaming at her. Like she deserves it. Oh no, like she’s the one on the line. Yeah.

Anyway, like she’s

Vivi: the one that dragged them to a murder house. Yeah. I know.

Erick: We’ve watched the family pack all their things and take the kids. Ellison’s flooring it, but falling asleep. Tracy’s worried as he explains, he just wants to get as far from the town as possible. Ashley’s like, are we going home?

Like you promised. He says, yes. And they get pulled over by a cop. It’s the sheriff who asks why they’re in such a rush at that time of night, this whole time that the Sheriff’s like standing there and it’s still got 20 minutes to movie left.

I was waiting for the sheriff to get run over by something.

Vivi: Yeah. It’s at this point where you’re like, where’s this going?

Erick: Yeah. I thought maybe the Sheriff’s going to get killed. And then like, but Google was going to be an embodied person, which would have been lame.

Vivi: I thought the sheriff was going to force them to go home for some reason.

You’re drunk. Go home.

Erick: Yeah. And then they put them in jail and then Bugel finds him in jail. It makes him watch his family get murdered at home and then kills him. And then it’s Ashley and Ashley kills the sheriff at the cop station. I feel like you’re just adding an extra scene.

Never been crazy. That would have been one. I’ve been like malignant meets children, I guess. it was just Ashley taken down a whole cops thing. Shit. Oh my God. That’d be hilarious, but also scary.

Vivi: But it was a dare, but

Erick: Ellison says, he’s just trying to take his advice by leaving town and never looking back.

The Sheriff’s like you weren’t bullied. Were you? I don’t want to find out while I’m reading your book. Ellison says there isn’t going to be a book. And the sheriff is like, oh, good. Just go the speed limit then.

Vivi: Yeah. Like how he’s worried about the publicity of the town.


Erick: good for him. If he cares about the town. Yeah. Tracy is like, did you really mean that? And he’s like, yeah. They make out. And they drive off happily ever after. Cut to, we see them moving into a new house, which is huge.

Vivi: You know, one of your fucking broke, you said this was their old house though.

Yeah. They couldn’t sell it. Remember they were paying to

Erick: true, true, true at night, a storm brews while Ellison tends to the fire and he hears an email come through. It’s from Jonas with more information on Google. He calls Jonas who explains there isn’t much about beagle, but that early Christians destroyed a lot of the images because they believed the images were gateways into his realm.

He would possess those who saw the images and children especially were vulnerable to Pagos abductions into his. Allison’s like, well, what if you destroy the images? This seems so funny. Cause like he hasn’t obviously told Jonas what’s happening and Jonas is like, what, what do you mean? Like if you’re disturbed that if I, if you just stood the image, I just said that that just destroyed them.

And he’s like, yeah, like if I burn it and Jonas is like, wait, what you want, where you burnt? What? And he’s like, like, you know, if those people like burn them, would that stop puggle? And during this is like a, What kind of book are you writing? And Allison’s like, Ugh, I don’t really, I don’t really know anymore, but they hang up

when he hangs up, though, he does delete all the images, like a scared little facile. It’s like when you got caught watching porn and then you just delete all the history

Vivi: except the porn could kill you. Yes, no, I think he’s actually being smart for once

Erick: It’s too

Vivi: late

Erick: though. I was also thinking what about Jonas? You know? Cause he found those images. Someone uploaded those, how does big rule latch on to somebody

Vivi: he’s let go of like paper he’s strictly working in film now he’s going to move on to the internet later.

Erick: deletes all the images that were sent over and gets a call from the deputy. But he doesn’t answer. He takes the box to the attic and notices the same box from the old house that he burned. Continuing to predict her in the film inside, he finds a little real as a film and puts them together to watch.

I didn’t understand what was happening here. Was it like, oh, now we’re not in super eight. We’re in like little camera, film style.

Vivi: Not sure. I just know that it was meant to complete the film so he could finally see

Erick: what’s happened. We got another montage for him putting cameras together. It was just another

Vivi: little hobby, a little gift for him from the goal.

Erick: So he puts the little rails filling together and he gets another call from the deputy. But he answered to this time that everybody says it’s a problem that the moved Allison’s like, ah, what do you mean? He says that all the families lived in the home where the previous family had been murdered. He says he just moved.

So you not only sped up the timeline, but you just put yourself in the middle of it.

Vivi: Because they’re not murdered until they

Erick: move. Ellison’s like, oh fuck. And hangs up. Ellison plays the film. Ah, fuck. Fuck.

Vivi: What was it like the whole thing of this cop. Just being way better at researching and investigating than Ellison is he solved the crime for

Erick: you.

You idiot. He studied criminology. Yeah. Ellison plays the film of the hanging again, okay, I don’t get it right. He’s freaked the fuck out. He literally left the house because it freaked him out. He finds the box of films upstairs and is like, fuck it.

Let me put it together. I thought you already got scared. So shitless you left. I think it’s

Vivi: just a Testament to his character of how he just cannot let things

Erick: go.

Yeah. Ellison plays the film with the hanging again, but notices at this time, there’s a little girl coming out from behind the tree and hanging around, playing with one of the hanging bodies. That’s fucked. As he says, Stephanie, she looks at the camera and motions to shush the car burning plays and we see a boy do the same in the pool, we see a kid do the same and say shish before jumping into the pool in a house bedroom, we see another kid and outside by a lawnmower, we see the little girl Ellison is unsettled and goes to his desk to get a drink of coffee. He notices something green, glowing, and his mug and note on the table that says, good night, daddy, sweet dreams.

Vivi: Again, all the little kids motioning to the camera. Shushing was cheesy for me. It’s not creepy. No, it’s not. And we get it. We get that. All the kids did it after like the first one, but

Erick: . He passes out and starts foaming at the mouth while Ashley says she likes it.

The movies are longer. Now as lightning strikes, this ending scene happens so quickly. It’s kind of. There you go. It thought you were safe. Ellison wakes up, tied with duct tape over his mouth in front of the fireplace. Ashley brings an accent is like, don’t worry, daddy I’ll make you famous again.

Got them.

Vivi: Dang. Damn.

Erick: She puts a camera to her face and places it on the ground in front of him. As she raises the ax, we flashed to the camera view, looking down a hallway covered in blood lightning strikes is actually enters the hallway with the acts covered in blood and approaching the camera in the distance.

We see Google’s symbol and other drawings and blood all over the walls. But ghoul approaches the door with the symbol and turns to see the kids following the camera zooms out. And we see it’s the film on the projector is Ashley sits at Ellison’s desks with her hands covered in blood. She adds another drawing to the paper from earlier and stands up to look at the kids.

The kids tilt their head and Ashley does the same, letting us see the Buggles behind her. The kids start to run as the ghoul picks up Ashley and disappears. We see the film again and watch Google walking down the hallway, carrying Ashley. We get a final view of the box with the projector and film in an attic and get jump scared by the goal right in front of the camera.

Cue the credits. I still don’t understand the dynamic with the kids in Google. He’s the child eater is having them just in his realm enough or does he actually eat them? Because all five were there it’d be creepier. I think if it was like, there’s only three now, cause he’s eaten two or

Vivi: something. I got the impression that they’re dead.

So. He’s taking their souls. He’s taking their souls. This last jump scare. Totally unnecessary, cheesy, cheesy as fuck.

Erick: It’s literally the same thing that happens to him. When the kids say shish earlier in the headache that scares them to fall downstairs, the face does appears again, same exact way. Yeah.

Vivi: I’m not sure why he has the kids write a confessional drawing with every crime scene.

Erick: I almost want to see this movie played out from the perspective of someone who isn’t investigating it.

Like, do they just happen to get murdered one day? There

Vivi: was a bar too, and I think they aren’t investigating it. They’re just trying to live their lives. And it goes broad is a better, I don’t know. I don’t know if it was as

Erick: beloved. Oh, we should check it out.

Vivi: Yeah. This ending feels very abrupt. I remember watching it the first time and being like, oh, the kids are the ones doing it. That’s a twist. His daughter’s literally going to kill him for being a shitty dad. Good. I don’t know. I like it. Something about it. Just the suddenness doesn’t work for me.

Like it takes him too fucking long to figure out that it’s the kids.

Erick: Yeah. It had been cool to see the end played out more because we also don’t see Tracy, but it’s implied. She’s dead too. Cause the kids killed the whole family. We don’t see Trevor.

Vivi: in her little drawing, you see that the mom and brother also are chopped up into pieces.

Erick: It’s like the actual gruesomeness of the film and murder of this family, was wasted. It’s just implied, like there’s blood all over the walls. Ooh, horrifying

Vivi: again. I think it’s part of that where the director is wanting to get that PG 13 rating. So it’s not as gory as you think it would be as bloody, but still a lot of people find this film disturbing.

Erick: Do you want to see what you rate it and what you thought?

Vivi: Sure. So they definitely made Ellison like hateable on purpose.

I think it’s so you don’t feel too sorry when he is killed, but you, you should feel sorry for his wife and kid. There is some good potential in this movie. I think that’s why I find like really frustrating about it. Some scenes are effectively creepy, but then a lot of them, a lot of them go on for too long, become cheesy.

I think a lot of times these movies would benefit from a less is more perspective. And this one literally lingers on the scary parts until you notice that the creature’s actually not that scary wanted to give it a fair shot going in. And especially since Eric likes swayed my opinion so much, it’s hard to find something scary when your husband’s literally vacuuming in the background while the killer is being revealed.

I’m going to give it a 6.5.

Erick: That’s what I would give it. So this was like one of those films that everyone was like, oh my God, I love sinister. And I was like, yeah, no, I remember sitting there not being that.


Vivi: Do you think it’s victim of being overhyped?

Erick: Yeah. I think so. Cause I definitely get why people love this. Like I said, there are definitely a lot of good things about it. A lot of good scares, it’s fucked up to see these families killed the hanging over and over and over is disturbing the lawnmower to the face, like it’s all disturbing. It is horrifying, but it’s too cheesy.

Vivi: The music also takes me out of this film a lot. There’s literally a point. I don’t know. It’s probably one of the times where he’s running through his house in the dark for some fucking reason where it’s music, but there’s like moaning and humming in it. Did you notice that hated it? I

Erick: thought you were maybe going to like it because of that.

No, it

Vivi: couldn’t focus on anything else.

Do you want to talk about what scared low-key

Erick: about this film? Yeah, so I actually didn’t watch it with him in the room. You did what? Scared him.

Vivi: Um,

He is really not a fan of the sounds that projecting films makes.

Erick: He’s like I’m too used to this new wage projected that we have in the living room that only hums a little bit and kicks off a little bit of dust. Fuck all this old noise. Yeah.

Vivi: He was growling so much throughout the entire film. He almost hated it as much as you do you want to tell us about it? Low-key

Erick: all right. Well, if there’s a murdering demon in the next house, you better let us know first and growl and, and make sure that we don’t get taken off.

Vivi: Yeah. Like that Rottweiler, lucky is part Weiler.

Erick: The moment I start fighting you for no reason about nothing. And I’m like, this is for my legacy.

Let’s go find a half million dollar house and write a book about it. Cool.

Vivi: All right. Does that pretty much wrap it up for us here tonight?

Erick: Yeah, but not wake up in the middle of the night and see Loki run around shadows,

Vivi: Chasing children.

You can’t see. Yeah.

Erick: When we think there are callers off, it’s like ghosts are walking around because I cannot hear them. They’re like so silent.

Vivi: And then he’s like standing right behind you. And you’re like, what the

Erick: fuck? And you wouldn’t think that that would be the case because look, he’s so big. Like I just can’t hear him,

Vivi: especially when he walks in the kitchen.

Cause I hear like the,

Erick: At least that helps, but because we have so much carpet. Yeah. You can’t hear him. Yeah, look, he’s creepy. When he’s going to have color on.

Vivi: As always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken and scared pod, except Twitter, Twitter shaken, scared pod.

You can send us an

Erick: That’s where the show on may drown and you can get early access to episodes or a bonus episode in theme, drink idea every month. Listen, wherever you get your podcasts, give us a follow check out our drink videos. Give them a like we’ll post them.

Eventually we will.

Vivi: If Eric doesn’t buy more slime to put in our dream,

Erick: do you want to see what happened?

Vivi: Yeah. We’ve been trying to get out the Jawbreaker drink for a while now. Hopefully by the time this episode comes out, it’s posted, but I asked Eric to go buy cotton candy to make it. And Eric brought home cotton candy

Erick: slime.

To be fair. You didn’t notice until we both opened it up and then, okay, look guys, if you go out and find this cotton candy that looks like it’s on a lollipop, make sure that you read the tiny print, the tiniest print on the right of the label. It says, this is not food. Please do not eat, but it’s in such tiny writing and it says cotton candy on it.

And then underneath in tiny writing, it says stretchy slime.

Vivi: So clearly we couldn’t use that to make our drink,

Erick: but here. Yeah, maybe it’s like, how do I make this grow? Cause it’s like a tiny thick ass ball. Yeah. I was going to be out of water and it expands or something, which would it make sense? We’ve gotten now

Vivi: it would dissolve.

Cut and kidney immediately.

But we should have like rate reviewers, all that good stuff. Kate, thanks. Bye. Bye.

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