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You’re Next (2011)

Erick: [00:00:00] You’re so cute. Watch a little hair

Vivi: glasses. Leave me

Erick: alone. Yo, big old headphones, big, old head. He’ll be going. Oh yeah.

Vivi: I’m you never noticed that before

Erick: welcome back to the shake and that scared podcast. See with you as always your hosts, Eric and VB. Today, we’re going to be talking about the 2011 film, your next directed by Adam Winguard. But before we get into that, how are you, baby?

Vivi: I am super excited to talk about this

Erick: movie. Ooh, you’ve been talking about it for a while.

It took me a long time to watch it and you just kept pushing me and pushing me.

Vivi: I really did. As soon as I watched out, I was like, can you please just watch it so we can record? And we can finally talk about

Erick: it while it was worth it, because.

Vivi: Spoiler for our opinions of her later on.

Erick: Yeah. Well, clearly we liked it and it could change because I think on the stigma and at the beginning, I was like, fuck this movie.

And at the end, I was like, I mean, it’s fine,

Vivi: but that’s a Patrion

Erick: episode. True. That true that. So if you want to find out what I’m talking about, go do that. what else is going on this week before we jumped into creepy

Vivi: content? I guess we should mention right off the bat that we are no longer in our home.

We are officially in my parents’ basement and moving was the [00:01:00] worst thing ever.

Erick: All the things that could have gone bad, went bad, like getting towed folks,

Vivi: those people, some legal things that we probably can’t

Erick: mention. Somebody stole my brake screws and my truck was about to fall apart, made move,

Vivi: you know, all part of moving.

Erick: Right? Obviously we survived it

Vivi: and we’re just going to talk about horror instead. So we don’t have to think about it.

Erick: Yeah. It’s also Mark’s birthday this weekend. When this episode comes out.

Happy birthday, mark. Just one of the Jewish shout out. I hope you’re listening.

Vivi: is he? He

Erick: hates whore. He does, but he likes it when we’d talk about it. Cause we make it fun and boozy. Well what do you have for

Vivi: creepy content? So I actually just watched this new documentary on shutter. I think it’s titled the phenomenon phenomenon, phenomenon of found footage something along those lines, but it goes over the history of found footage, film.

And it’s been really interesting because they mentioned a ton that I have never even heard of. I thought that found footage always started with like, you know, cannibal Holocaust and things like that.

Erick: did they show like top found footage, films versus like lesser known, really cool found footage films.

Vivi: So it seems like they’re going in terms of chronological order. [00:02:00] So they even talk about snuff films at one point being considered part of the genre, even though people don’t want to talk about it.

I think at a couple of international ones, that’s what I do like about shutter is they, even though the majority is like, Euro-centric, they do try to get a little international opinion in there, but it’s been just a fun

Erick: watch. Yeah. So you tweeted about it and a lot of people were like, yeah, I want to check that out.

I’ll probably pick it up at some point. Yeah. So I got,

Vivi: yeah. What have you been doing, Watching, playing

Erick: all those things. Yeah. I’ve been doing all those things. It should be about three weeks after Dr. Strange came out when this episode gets really, so spoiler, spoiler, spoiler, spoiler, spoiler alert, but we did see Dr. Strange in the multi-verse of madness. And it was grand old time. If you’re a Sam Ramey fan and you’re a fan of people dead drag me to hell classic Sam, Raimi, horror. This was

Vivi: all of that. I did not know that that’s what we had signed up for, but man was, I glad that we were there.


Erick: completely forgot that same army directed it. And I was like, what the fuck is happening? This is so Sam Ramey. And I was like, oh yeah, I know he does Bruce Campbell.

Vivi: And you’re like, oh yeah, I remember.

Erick: Yeah. We [00:03:00] don’t have to say a whole book just boilers. But I did hate that they went the evil Scarlet witch route right away.

And I was like to see it over time because she does kind of have like her dark arcs in the comics, but you know, oh, she’s not dead. I want to see her more. Maybe we’ll see alternate universe here. But

Vivi: yeah. I don’t know if they would release her from her contract that soon. Yeah,

Erick: no, it’s, it’s Elizabeth Olsen.

They’re going to

Vivi: want to hold on

Erick: to her. They’ve been building her up for a long time just to like throw her in the trash. Although I wouldn’t put it past them. Cause hella was such a cool character. Obviously one of my favorites and they left her in just one film when got rid of her. I still don’t think she’s dead either.

actually scarily, which dies in this quote unquote, similar to how hella does, where she kind of off-screen dies. You see her from a distance gets smashed by something. So, I don’t know. Hell. It could be out there too. I’d love to see a hello, Scarlet, witch.

It’s not a thing, but I’d love to see that

Vivi: this is, Eric’s just like fantasy movie of what he wants to

Erick: see. Yeah. But another thing that I was watching recently was Russian doll. I wasn’t sure if this fell into comfort content, but Russian doll, the first season at least was kind of horror because spoiler alert. She goes Diane, over and over and over again. I feel like that puts it into like a horror. True. Crimey kind of like [00:04:00] Saifai boat. I don’t know that it’s horror necessarily. Cause she’s not like getting killed by anybody. She just can’t avoid dying. Which I guess. Yeah. So season two was less of that and more time traveling.

So comfort content more than horror content. She’s not dying as much or at all. but yeah, Russian doll is fun. you should check it out. I told you it’s probably your gym. The other thing I’m doing is evil. Dad. I didn’t get to play a lot of it because our internet is bad down here. So we have to figure out that situation. But. It does have some single-player offline stuff. So I’m going to be picking that up, wanting to record it, see if maybe you want to join me and we just have on killings.

Yep. What do they even call that? I had CS. So I was going to say evil, dead diets.

Vivi: I mean, you’re not wrong.

Erick: last but not least, I’ve been listening to bloody massacre and my horror confessional while at work.

So go check out. Those podcasts are really cool My, our confessional has Anthony, who is a supporter of our show and Miguel Myers, love some fellow whore, Hispanics, Sharay zero gravity for the ghoulish is on blurred massacre yet really fun topics, similar to us, but they go into like way more intelligent [00:05:00] speak than we do. We’re just here

Vivi: for the laughs.

We’re not

Erick: smart people. No, we just here to talk all the things, but uh, all the non things too. Cool. Beautiful. Yes, we do great at that. That’s all I got for creepy content. What do you have for comfort

Vivi: content? I don’t think I have anything for

Erick: comfort content. Nothing has brought you comfort over the last three weeks.


Vivi: that I have not mentioned on this a million times already.

Erick: Yup. Oh, I do have comfort content that you and I both have. Oh, that’s true. Do you want to talk about it? We’ve been watching Curtis Conner on YouTube so much. He’s got this like humor style that I just really, really like. And you were the one who showed it to me?

Vivi: Yeah.

I didn’t think it was something that Eric was going to get into. Just started putting it on before I went to bed. And then he like would slowly put his phone down and start watching it with me. So it’s been fun.

Erick: So every time we would go to bed was like, though, you would put something on TV. And then I ended up being the one telling in the morning, like, so I learned all these things and I’m fan though.

So like when I became a Satanist. Yeah. Right now I’m going to Curtis Connor trust.

Vivi: I guess we should also mention that your [00:06:00] brother Johnny got married. Yes,

Erick: yes, yes. Yeah. Happy wedding.

How do you say marry wedding? Congratulations. Oh, adulation. Congratulations to them. They got married on Friday the 13th, which was cool. Somebody else saw the pictures on the socials where I brought the mask. We did the, after the fact, obviously I didn’t do the ceremony with it cause he couldn’t hear shit.

I would say. Yeah. Congrats to them. Thousands of years. Do you guys have

Vivi: happy marriage? Cool. Are we all caught up now?

Erick: Yes. Yes, yes. Yes we are.

Vivi: Okay, are we talking about a drink now? No.

Erick: Oh, okay. That’s not what this show’s about. Anyway.

What do you have for a drink today?

Vivi: I’m really excited about this drink because a while back we bought final girl wine company that you actually showed me and we found out is Latino owned. So we love to support that Latina owned specifically. Yes, it’s a woman business owner.

Woo. this film, if you have not watched it has an awesome final girl. So I wanted to use that wine and make it the ultimate final girl drink. I made essentially a wine spritzer and we just used orange decor. This final girl’s wine, which is on the dry [00:07:00] side, not so sweet. I’m sure they definitely have sweet options, but the one we selected was not.

And um, grape fruit soda to top it with, it’s a super simple drink. I don’t know if you want to give it a try. Yeah. What kind of wine

Erick: is it?

Vivi: How would you say that?

Erick: I’ve never seen this before, but it says Grenache or , or

Vivi: my mind wants to think the Spanish way to say it, but I could totally be wrong.

This is a Spanish way to say that. How you said it the second time

Erick: and not you. Yeah. Oh, possibly or grown off. Cause it’s from California, I like that. I like the taste of one. you tasted it before this, the wine itself? Yeah. The wine

Vivi: itself is not a sweet one.

Erick: I like it. I like flavor mixes. It is a refreshing style of drink. Spritz is usually are. I give this three and a half, even four let’s let’s go for,

Vivi: yeah, I really enjoy this. It’s like a less sweet sangria. I love wine drinks. So for me, this is a four to five.

Erick: Yeah. There you go. Fours, fours all around.

Check out final girl. They have several more on their socials. We’ll probably tag them in here somewhere.

Vivi: Yeah. So you guys can find them.

Erick: So sip on your ultimate final girl, while we [00:08:00] finally get to the fun facts for this movie, there weren’t that many, I’ll be honest. the facts that I saw were kind of boring actually. Okay. So I made my own phone facts.

Vivi: So you just made them up out of thin air.

Erick: No, it’s just that I caught a pattern and I was like, wait, how many other people are involved in this that are related. before I jump into that a lot of the film was shot with handheld cameras to help increase the feeling of tension in every scene.

And you can kind of feel that. although it’s not a found footage style film, you do see the shakiness of the camera a lot, and a lot of POV shots.

Vivi: Oh yeah. And it definitely builds this fence. There was also a lot of random slow-mo up close shots.

It’s interesting stylistically. And I don’t hate it at me there. It’s not cheesy, you know, it’s not used like so much that you’re like, oh, it takes me out of the film.

Erick: Yeah. there’s a fuck ton of people in this who were involved with VHS. And I’m not talking about the ones that are maybe, you know, actually the face you’re giving me makes me think you would know who all is.

Vivi: But give them all to me.

Erick: Tell me your numbers.

Vivi: Like which one? Like how many people, how many people? Isn’t it. Quite a few of them.

Erick: How many? Oh, I don’t know. It made me think you knew [00:09:00] exactly. I

Vivi: knew that a couple were involved, but I didn’t know.

Erick: I want

Vivi: to say like four people.

Am I right? Am I wrong? I didn’t

Erick: count actually, but I know it’s not. Well, I thought you were going to say the two from the dinner, but you said four. So maybe you caught someone else. Oh, let’s see which ones you knew. Ready? again, the cast is full of people from VHS that were all sprinkled on the film for fun, including Adam Winguard, who was the one involved with tape 56 in VHS.

That was the over lying story in that film. Ty west, obviously who plays to wreak and Joe Swanberg who plays Drake are both directors in VHS. And they’re just directors in general. Ty west recently did X. Yeah. Simon Barrett was the writer for this film and was also a writer for tape 56. And VHS. Is he any of those four?

So I think we’re up to four. Okay, cool. He also played the topography is killer. Oh, okay. the last two, Caitlin Scheel who plays Talia, also plays the lover in second honeymoon from VHS. Now I can’t confirm that for a fact that. She was just called the girl in the IMDP for VHS in the second honeymoon story.

Gotcha. But when you look up [00:10:00] stills of her, it’s the one with the mask, which is the lover. She never shows her face. and then the last one, our favorite character from VHS, the piece of shit himself, not Kelvin reader, but his character, the douche from tape 56.

He’s the cop at the end of this. Really?

Vivi: Yeah. I didn’t recognize him.

Erick: I recognized him right away. I was like, it looks too

Vivi: familiar. Hate

Erick: his face already. The mustache okay. So

Vivi: I’d only guess for that.

It was like six, seven people. There’s

Erick: probably more honestly, like, I just tried to find as many as I could, but like, Hey, if you’re listening and you know, more shoot us a message, I’d be happy to see who all else is involved with this. This came out in 2011 and was actually in Lionsgates hands for like two years before it was released officially in 2013.

This movie. Yeah.

Vivi: So why does it say 2011 when you search it?

Erick: It was released at a film festival and then 2013 was when it had its mass release. Gotcha.

Vivi: I actually thought and I could be wrong.

 I thought that they were unsatisfied with some of the ways things turned out and VHS. So they did this movie together. But now that timeline doesn’t make sense.

Erick: I

Vivi: mean, if you guys [00:11:00] know,

Erick: VHS came out in 2012.

This came out in 2011. Wasn’t released until two years later meaning that they did this possibly in tandem. If not before VHS, No, no, no. VHS was like a quick turnaround member. They almost didn’t make it. So this had to have been done like way before VHS was even a thought.

And I don’t recall if we brought up your next in VHS even,

Vivi: no, we didn’t talk about it at all.

Erick: Do you want to know some other weird and silly facts about the cast? Sure.

I have just one. Okay. So shiny. Vincent who plays Aaron? Aaron is our ultimate final girl. She plays the main girl in step up 3d, which I had no idea existed one,

but why is it? Why is it 3d? Different genre.

Did you know that Adam Winguard directed. God delivers his Kong.

It’s guys moving up in the world.

Vivi: He’s having a great

Erick: time. Yeah. Good for him. Anyway, that was, all my fun facts about this movie and others brain. Yeah.

Vivi: It was a little all over the place, but it was still fun.

You know what I’m excited about? What the speed run that you’re about

Erick: to do? I’m actually excited to, you know, why, because there’s not much to this movie I saw my name was on there and I was like, she’s gonna be so happy.

Vivi: [00:12:00] I can’t remember if it was on the Patrion episode or one of the main feed episodes, but we legit argued for like two minutes about how Eric has made me do three speed runs in a row that


Erick: on stigmata. Again, y’all need to go check out Sigma. It was fun. We did a video. It was really cool. I had a really good time editing it but also we were doing that in the middle of packing and panicking and chaos is not a good time. but I did it.

Vivi: It’s worth it. one, two.

Erick: Cool. All right. So there is a killing at the beginning of this movie and we were like, what? This is a person with a mask. He’s just killing somebody. That’s crazy. And then we get interested this to this couple, and they’re going to have this dinner. They’re going to get together. Everyone gets introduced.

There’s a bunch of people. It’s a brothers and sisters who bring their partners. We meet the parents, including Barbara Crampton. It’s kind of fun. She’s cool. I hate that. She passes away so fast, but they’re all getting picked off out of nowhere. It’s crazy. And then people start going into chaos and they’re all rich.

And it’s like, oh no, we don’t know what to do in survival mode. Suddenly Aaron, who’s the main character hasn’t told her boyfriend that she’s actually like really [00:13:00] good at surviving starts just handling it. She’s like going into survival mode, killing everybody, finds out that the family is actually in on it kills the family, her boyfriend who ran away earlier is like, oh, it’s okay.

We can take the money. She’s like, nah, fuck you kills him. Cop comes. She, he thinks that she killed everybody. Movie ends.

Vivi: Wow. You had five seconds left. How bad or good that I was a little worried because you were still kind of at the beginning for like 20 seconds

Erick: had time to pause between words. You really did.

But I love it because it really goes into what you and I have always talked about, especially you you have no fucking idea who you’re messing with. I really

Vivi: don’t. And I love that there is a movie that finally shows that.

Erick: and I was surprised to see there was 2011 because I never really heard of it before.

And then you feel like a movie like this that really shows feminism would be more exalted, I guess, in current day.

Vivi: so what I was mad about is that this movie literally lived on Netflix for like years. I would see it advertised to me every year of my life, since Netflix came into existence.

[00:14:00] And then we decided to finally cover it and it was like no longer available and we had to get it on. I think we had to buy it, but I don’t mind it because I ended up loving it so much. And I guess we should just get into it because I feel like we’re giving away our end review already. Yeah.

Erick: Yeah. But what does the internet say?

This is rated and about real quick, when the Davidson family comes under a tech during their wedding anniversary, get away the gang of mysterious killers soon learns that one of the victims harbors a secret talent for fighting back.

Vivi: Here for it

Erick: rated a 6.5. That’s too low. Fuck you. I’m bullshit. 97,000 people. You need to do better. You need better opinions. Although popularity, I don’t know what that means. Oh, it moved up 856 spots. Apparently I don’t what the fuck? That means I’ve never seen that before. What is that? It doesn’t matter.

Vivi: I feel like this film has probably gathered a cult following because even though at the time, I don’t think I heard a lot of people talking about it. When I posted that we were covering this movie, everyone was like, this is super fun and great. So I think it definitely has its cult following.

Erick: Before we jump in there, this movie is categorized as something that kept coming up. It [00:15:00] was like cottage core, mimic core. did you see, hold on. Not cottage court. That’s obviously wrong.

It’s like something else. That’s like Interior design cottage score.

Vivi: Yeah. That’s what we’re trying to get in a house

Erick: this house that they filmed, that apparently wasn’t lived in for like more than 12 years before they started filming in it.

That’s depressing. because we can’t even fucking find a house. Yeah,

Vivi: exactly.

Erick: Everywhere that I saw was like Ty west and Joe Swanberg are like famous directors for mumblecore movies, which this movie also falls into. I’m like, what the fuck is Dumbledore?

And they’re like, oh, it’s like mumble core. But like gore, I was like, what is Ave? Thanks

Vivi: for the explanation. I have not heard this term.

Sub genre of independent films, categorized by naturalistic acting and dialogue, low budget, film, production, and emphasis on dialogue, over plot, and a focus on a personal relationship with people in their twenties and thirties. That is incredibly

Erick: specific. And also not how I would ever categorize this movie.


Vivi: Sure. There is like genuine believable dialogue between characters, but I think we’re here for the kills in this movie,

[00:16:00] so just to clarify, it’s not specific to whore, it just seems to independent films, so, Hmm. Well, yeah. I have seen indie films that are focused completely on dialogue and relationships, I guess. I don’t know.

Erick: And what mumble bore is the horror version of that. That’s cute.

Vivi: Yeah. I guess I won’t give it to you.

Erick: Well, let’s do it. baby.

Vivi: We opened on a couple being watched through a slightly open door as they are going at it. The dude finishes and excuses himself to shower. The woman looking very unsatisfied, gets dressed and goes to the kitchen to get herself a drink.

She hears strange noises. I noticed the glass door open, but chooses to close it and just turn on some music. Instead, we get a very Instagram where the drink video. As she prepares her drink and then heads back upstairs, back in the bedroom, she notices something or someone through the mirror. We cut to the man getting out of the shower. And this is when I noticed that he is much older.

He’s much older and he’s not attractive. Like I would get it if he was like a hot older dude, he’s not, he’s like very much a man going through a midlife [00:17:00] crisis with his little earring.

Erick: Maybe eerie. Yeah.

Vivi: He enters the bedroom and notices the words your next painted in blood on the window, through the glass. We see that the young woman has been murdered and he is about to scream and run.

When you run straight into a man wearing a sheet mask, holding a machete, we get classic blood splatter on the wall behind him, and then we cut to black.

Erick: So the, your next thing I know, it’s the name of the movie

Vivi: by Y so funsies because of what we later find out, I feel like this is all staging. They want to make it convincing that this is a serial killer with a calling card.

Erick: That’s it? Yeah. Okay.

Vivi: Make it a believable crime scene.

Erick: My thought process went the opposite and I was like, if they’re not trying to be found, why the fuck are they leaving? Calling

Vivi: truly these guys are not the best team to hire.

Erick: They’re really not.

Vivi: We then see a car driving down. What appears to be a deserted road and get introduced to the husband and wife.

The wife is Barbara Crampton. And I had no idea. She was in this movie when I saw her. I was like, oh shit.

Erick: Yeah. I loved it. I love her and everything she does. I want to see more of her.

Vivi: I think we saw all of [00:18:00] her in ReAnimator. I can’t

Erick: say that I’m a man

Vivi: what’s funny is we posted about this movie in our discord and Shirae was like, Barbara is shitting on all these younger actors. Cause she looks way better. I’m like, she looks fantastic.

Erick: You know, when she was in search of darkness and rights, I told you, I was like, well, she looks so good.

Vivi: We learned that her name is Aubrey and she points out that Eric Harson, I believe that’s. His name is also visiting his vacation home. When the husband mentions that he probably lives there full time. Now, since he left his wife for college student, which explains the opening scene, just grass. Wow. They pull up to a huge home in the woods and upon entering realized that the front door is open.

The husband explains this away by saying that the work men probably just left the door open already a bad call already bad. Decision-making

Erick: we don’t have to check it.

It’s fine. We’re rich. Nothing happens to us.

Vivi: It’s a massive home that you have not visited.

Erick: check everything. Yeah. not even just for like murder, just check. Does the water work? Does the heating work? Does AC

Vivi: work? This has been house maintenance with area

Erick: you’re going to get killed by the [00:19:00] literal house. Not even people who are trying to intrude

Vivi: it is now night.

And we get a young couple driving to the huge home in the woods. We learned that this is Erin and what the fuck is this? This crispy

Erick: treats, crispy,

Vivi: crispy creams, crispy cream. Who names their child? This. Crispin crispian Chris pain. Every time I saw his name come up because I’m old and I have to watch this with subtitles on, I was like, who names their child is?

Erick: I was so mad. Yeah.

Vivi: But this is where we get introduced to Erin and Crispin and Crispin is explaining about how his family makes a lot of money.

Erick: He’s a shady piece of shit from day one.

Vivi: He is sketchy.

Erick: Yeah. You know what, Aaron? I don’t know how you got here, If she’s a survivalist, why would she not read his sketchiness? Cause he’s sketchy. The moment you meet him. Same thing with his brother. Like I saw them coming from a mile away.

Vivi: Did you? I, I thought it was, it was kind of fun. It’s funner to watch this film twice because you realize all the little like side interactions between Crispin and Felix and you’re like,

Erick: oh but I’ve told you I’m a pretty good judge of [00:20:00] character.

And I watched people a lot. that comes from me not being a psychopath that comes from me, always having been picked on and noticing that people are shitty

Vivi: kind of sounds like you’re a psychopath reading out other psychopaths.

Erick: So,

Vivi: He explains that his father used to work for a company that is considered a very fascist company.

Erick: We just learned what that means. Bebe and I drive two hours to work in two hours from work everyday.

So we just look for things to talk about. I had to go down the history route and was like, so what’s fascism. So what’s socialism. To be fair. It’s because Hamilton was on

Vivi: When

Erick: he brought up fascist, I was like, oh, I

Vivi: know some of these words,

Yeah, but we learned that his father has recently retired and has gotten a pretty nice chunk of change for it. He asked Erin if this makes her uncomfortable, but she says no, but they better have some really good booze. Then when he replies that they probably won’t, Aaron suggests that they make a stop.

Erick: She’s just like joking around trying to like work through her nerves to meet his family. And he isn’t reading her at all.

He’s very like, what do you mean booze? My mom doesn’t drink your fucking ass.

Vivi: I don’t think it’s that. I think it’s [00:21:00] that he’s probably shielded her from his family. And now he’s kind of feeling like, fuck, I have to introduce her to my family. If you’re watching this the first time through and don’t realize what’s hap.

Erick: Fuck. I have to introduce her to my family and their dead bodies. Yeah.

Vivi: It’s going to be an awkward night,

Erick: but also my mom doesn’t drink. So

Vivi: back at the home opera is cleaning up. When she hears a thud coming from upstairs, her husband, Paul appears on the first floor and she freaks out believing that there is someone in the house. She says we have to get out of here and tries to get him to run outside with her. And she is absolutely fucking right.

But he tries to convince her that there is no one there and that he should go up to investigate and she should just wait outside. What a dumb

Erick: idea. Okay. Look, I got this little Baton thing. I’ll be fine. I’d

Vivi: probably go. I know you would. And that’s what pisses me off because men,

Erick: no, hold on.

Vivi: I was right in this situation.

What’s us. I would be right.

Erick: Uh,

You wouldn’t be right. And I’m not saying it’s not, stupid to do this, but I also hate horror movies. We’ll do slow approach. I’d be fucking kicking doors [00:22:00] in running in, at full force at everything. Whether someone’s there or not, Well,

Vivi: running at full force, didn’t work out for a character later on as we will

Erick: find out. Does that make any sense though? Okay,

Vivi: so you just said you would run in at full force. Now. It doesn’t make sense

Erick: to run outside at full force, leaving in general that it makes sense.

No, that was a bad idea. Talking about running into the house, which has small quarters.

 If I’m going to open a door, I’m opening it because that’s the last thing they’re going to expect. They’re going to be like, oh, they’re gonna open it slow and I’m going to get them. No, you fucking take it.

And that’s what Erin does later. She’s not waiting for him to open the curtain. She’s straight up hits him. straight to the neck, she does

Vivi: kind of wait for him to open the car, to

Erick: get clothes. She’s not gonna just stick her hand out and not reach him.

Vivi: I’ll be like, where are you?

Erick: You’re either going to take care of it or you’re not. And if you’re not, why are you here, sir? But this

Vivi: falls into the trope of never believing the wife that something sketchy is going on and it biting you in the ass later because Paul just grabs something to defend himself with and makes his way upstairs. He is slowly making his way through all the rooms and about to check the closet. When we get it classic [00:23:00] jump scare of Crispin, grabbing him to check on him.

I hate crisp. Anytime I’m going to mention crispy cream. I won’t be upset.

Erick: And he’s already inside the house. Yeah. Which is also suspicious because one of this happened. When did you get in the house, sir?

Vivi: with Paul, just sneaking around, trying to get whatever thing might be in the house.

And it turns out to be a sun, but

Erick: Aaron was already in the house or no? No, no. So how the fuck is Chris Payne in the house already again? Suspicious. I don’t like Chris Payne

Vivi: now. I’m just thinking T-Pain.

Erick: Let’s think about, cause it’s pain, TB from the beginning actually.

Erick: Now I’m picturing Chris pain. Anytime he talks, this is it’s got the auto tech and he’s like, what’s up, babe? I don’t even know if I can edit the audio, but it’s been like, what’s up baby. We were supposed to take the money. You weren’t even supposed to be here. You were supposed to be the victim, but I’m gonna see if I could do it.

If not, this isn’t going to be funny.

Vivi: Crispin informs him that mom is outside in the driveway crying and they leave, but we get a lingering shot of the closet, which suddenly creeks open outside. Paul reassures, his wife, [00:24:00] that everything is fine. And Aubrey is like really embarrassed by this whole situation.

She even turns to her son like, sorry, I’m embarrassing. You like, he’s a fricking teenager or

Erick: something. These men are like 40 years old.

Vivi: Yeah. Get over it. After Aubrey is calmed down, everyone makes their way back in for the night. And we get a scene of Aaron and Crispin settling in Aaron talks about how lucky he is that a lot of people would love to have parents like his, but his demeanor is very standoffish.

He explains that his family is odd and has been a strain for many years. This is the first time they have gotten together in a while. And it’s bound to be. You know

Erick: how this movie kind of starts off and I mentioned this to you while you were watching it, but it starts off feeling a lot, like what?

Ready or not feels like when the family is getting together, they all, haven’t seen each other in a while. They’re like, we’re getting together to do these things because it’s tradition and everyone’s kind of got their own personality. They’re very obviously different. Yeah. I was thinking maybe it was something like that, even

Vivi: ready or not is another one that I want to cover because I also really

Erick: enjoy,

she just goes all out [00:25:00] too. But this girl at least is prepared for exactly

Vivi: the difference being that ready or not. She had no idea what was coming to her.

This chick, she was ready to go. in the kitchen of the home. We see Opry getting a pill for the night and she has amazing hair for going to bed. I was like, damn my hair. Doesn’t even look this good during the

Erick: day. That’s how rich people sleep. They sleep ready to go because they’re going to be dreaming about money.

Vivi: You got to look good when you’re

Erick: dreaming about money.

Money, money, money.

Vivi: There was someone with an animal mask on watching her and we can see them through the reflection of the window, which is something we’re going to see. Use a lot in this film.

Erick: So these like the pet cemetery kids all grown up or what?

Vivi: With the mass, we didn’t even finish that remake. You turned it

Erick: off. One of the actresses and this is actually in that one. I think one of the sisters is, yeah, I saw pet cemetery. It was one of them. Yeah. When he Glenn the sister, the one who gets her neck cut it. Wasn’t pet cemetery.

When you look at that, we’ll piece that together we did it. We figured it out. We could hang up the headphones guys. We’ll see you next year. Just kidding.

You’re not getting rid of us.

Vivi: It is the next morning. And Crispin has woken up to [00:26:00] find that Aaron is not in bed with him. He makes his way downstairs to find her and his brother Drake and his wife, Kelly right off the bat. His brother Drake is weird, fighting him and telling him not to kiss his wife.

He plays the obnoxious big brother, like perfectly, but like who never grew out of being the big brother?

Erick: Yeah. Yeah. He’s like, oh, I’m professional. And he’s like, what’d you, what’d you say Well, I would fight him. Yeah. Your brothers just throw hands,

Vivi: fucking tell each other the truth. I don’t know beer man.

Despite your brother. Cause he immediately begins to talk about when Crispin was fat and it’s just an awkward tense conversation.

Erick: Then they start to be like, I’m not fat. My head is just round. I just

Vivi: have a round face.

Erick: It’s clearly siblings growing up

Vivi: and it’s a believable dynamic. I will give it to the characters.

Certainly a lot of this was ad-libbed I guess that’s why it’s considered mumble gore, which is why I was like, I’ll give it to them.

we have a moment where Aaron goes off and she discovers a family portrait. And in this portrait, every [00:27:00] single family member looks like they hate each other.

Erick: They really do mom and dad aren’t even sitting near each other. I think Aubrey is the only one smiling kinda. She looks worried more than smiling.

Vivi: I will at least say that aubrey. And Paul do look like they love each other and they’ve been together for a long time, celebrating their 30th anniversary. Their kids

Erick: all suck, but why are they all sitting so far apart from each other? ‘

Vivi: cause you got to take an awkward family portrait. This is going to be our next Christmas card where we show we don’t love each other.

Yeah. We’re just going to put me in you six feet apart is this a family

Erick: photo or a COVID photo? No,

Vivi: it’s our Christmas card.

Erick: Christmas COVID card. Cause we’re all six feet apart.

Vivi: Yeah,

 I hit my tooth really hard.

Erick: We’re going to take you back to the dentist.

Vivi: yeah, we went to the dentist today And it was very cute because my hygienist said she listens to her podcasts.

Erick: Shout out to

Vivi: Sandra.

And this is what I like about this movie that it depicts each character and the family dynamics and what they truly want because Aaron from the beginning talks about valuing family a lot and we later find out why. That’s the case because seeing this photo, [00:28:00] she’s very focused in, on Opry so much so that she goes to the kitchen and asks her if she needs help with anything.

Abra is a little awkward, kind of brushing her off at first, but then has a moment where she says that they ran out of milk. And if Aaron could go ask the neighbor for some, she would just have to walk up the road a little bit.

Erick: No, there’s a car.

Vivi: You could go to the grocery store. I

Erick: don’t know these houses are not that close to each other. It’s one thing you brought up Denver where we were staying in their cabins were kinda close, but like, you could see those. This is like you’re in a forest and then your house is a walkaway, not next door. I don’t know where I’m going.

know, I’m gonna tell crispy cream to go get the milk and I’m going to shut it. Your mom says she wants milk by,

Vivi: but I get Erin. She’s trying to get in. Good with the mom. It’s the first time that she’s met the family. She’s making an effort. Between this interaction.

I feel like it’s clear that Aubrey is uneasy and wants to let the neighbors know that they’re there with the events that had happened the night before.

Erin makes her way outside, where she finds Paul Krispy Kreme and Drake, all working on something.

She finds this [00:29:00] interaction very cute and steps to take a picture of the men. One of them invites her to stay and join them for a drink, but she explains that she has to go find milk for Barbara. She leaves giving Paul and Crispin a moment to themselves. As Drake has also excused himself to go check on his wife.

This is where you see the kind of awkward tension between father and son. Paul asks Crispin about a fellowship that he was applying for. And Crispin kind of awkwardly tells him that he didn’t get it because he hasn’t been published in awhile. And Paul’s not impressed. He does the very typical dad thing of like, well, other people got it without being published.

Erick: Yeah. It’s also that thing that we see often where it’s like the one kid who. Sun to some rich man who got his money through like being a lawyer or something. Like he’s a writer, right? He’s a professor. Yeah. I mean he know Ethan Hawke in sinister making millions off of dead people.

Right, right, right. So just saying, Chris Payne is a fucking suspicious. I’d be suspicious if I was rich as buck and my kid was [00:30:00] poor and like telling me, Hey, I’ve failed. But also I got a girlfriend and I’m like, try my best. I’d still be a little suspicious. I dunno. I dunno.

 If I had money, I’d be suspicious that everyone was trying to kill me. Not just my kids. So just say,

Vivi: thank God we’re bored.

Erick: I’d be like, someone’s trying to kill me for my money. All $2 of it. And it’s a $2 bill, not one it’s together.

Vivi: Yeah. Your kids are going to kill you for that. With this economy. Yes, they might. We cut to Drake who has gone upstairs to talk to his wife who has just gotten out of the shower. They’re talking shit about Erin and her accent.


Erick: What a piece of shit. These people, they

Vivi: are not the best. The entire time Drake is trying to seduce his wife and she is just not here for it.

Instead, he walks off pissed and asks her if she has any Vicodin, you ever been so mad that your wife turned you down, you need to start doing drugs.

Erick: It’s funny that these people are involved with VHS because this is literally the scene from the motel.

Vivi: Are these men okay? Do they keep getting turned down for sex from their wives and suspect they’re lesbians because wit, oh,

Erick: did we just find out what’s happening with these people?

Vivi: Is this man. Okay.

Erick: [00:31:00] And I’m wondering, are you okay? You’re all right. Let us know.

Vivi: We got to Erin making her way up the road to the neighbor.

She makes it to the house and knocks for awhile. But loud music is blaring from the home. The song is kind of the Anthem for this movie. It’s called looking for the magic and it plays on loop the entire time inside. We can see that someone has propped up the body of Eric on the sofa, but since no one answers, Aaron just decides to leave. I mean, what are you going to do?

They’re clearly having a party. I mean, can’t hear you

Erick: over the loud music. I wouldn’t have been there in the first place. So you want gone to the store, going to the store

Vivi: So this is a very millennial comment to. But milk is such a like very personal decision because not everyone drinks milk.

Some people are into Allmand milk. Some people are into, oh, yes. Like it’s a very personal choice. You can’t expect people to accommodate for you.

Erick: How old are you? You still aren’t lactose and all that. That’s amazing

Vivi: milk is what’s keeping her hair looking

Erick: amazing. And we’re not saying drinking it. She’s just pouring, pouring it on

Vivi: her hair.


Erick: that’s what [00:32:00] rich people do. pour milk on their heads instead of shower.

Aaron’s like, here’s your gallon of milk? And she’s like, oh, thank you. And she takes it,

Vivi: pours it on her head right immediately.

It’s later than night and the rest of Krispy Kreme siblings have arrived. We get introduced to Amy and Felix, along with their partners, Z enter week

Erick: She looks like Olivia Wilde in Tron. The, she really does

Vivi: Tariq is played by Ty west, which we mentioned earlier. Everyone makes their way inside.

Erick: What do think it was acting?

Vivi: So he plays a douche and he plays them. Well, he’s even got the pretentious mid 2000 scarf on infinity scarf, hipster, scarf. Yeah.

Erick: I didn’t realize it was him. But you were like, Hey, it’s tie wise. I was like, oh shit. Okay. If you look at him in every scene where he’s in the background, he’s kind of just like making them so small, you know, like that socially awkward thing that you do. And you’re like, just in the way.

So you just try to make yourself small, you bring your shoulders together, your hands are touching your crotch. You’re kind of just like, is that what

Vivi: you do in awkward situations? You’ve just touched your crotch,

Erick: making myself small. Okay.

Vivi: I got to cover the [00:33:00] biggest part of me, obviously.

Erick: Yes. I might knock their doors off the table.

Okay. The horrible wars, the Hordy res.

Vivi: Eric’s always had an issue without that word is spelled,

Erick: why the fuck is it or DARS it’s literally spelled dories or divorce

Vivi: when our wedding was supposed to be a big party on actual Halloween, we thought about serving horror divorce. That didn’t happen.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: Everyone gets ushered inside and we see that Amy she seems to be like the baby of the family. And she’s the only girl, you know, she looks depart. Once they make their way inside and wine has been poured, Aubrey, thanks them all for being there on their anniversary and tells them that it really means a lot to them.

And this is when I felt so bad for these parents

Erick: because they’re trying, and this is the reason that we’ve talked about in the bias that like having kids is like

Vivi: scary. They might plan to murder you for your money. One day I literally

Erick: just said that they’re going to still buy a fucking shit for $2. And I take

Vivi: my $2.

Erick: People have been murdered for less. They

Vivi: really have. Erin finds this very cute and just gushes about how much she loves [00:34:00] Krispy Kreme. Small. When you first watch this, you get the impression that she is just trying to get in good with Crispin and his family. But when you find out how she was raised and stuff, it’s like a sad comment to watch later on.

Cause you never

Erick: felt that. Yeah,

she got the worst side of someone who is paranoid about the end of the world, but

Vivi: he ended up being right a little bit.

Erick: I’m just saying, I saw an email where it was like, you could buy a doomsday bunker. So we’re looking for a house. Mm

Vivi: Hmm. Oh, you mean we’re not raising our kids in survivalist compounds

Erick: and raise them in a doomsday bunker.

That’s like 12 stories deep into the ground that works. Then they’ll never get sunlight and then there’ll be vampire. I’ll be straight up the descendant

Vivi: creatures from

Erick: the descendants kids of villains from Disney movies.

Vivi: That would be interesting.

Erick: One

Vivi: They sit down to dinner and it takes 0.1 seconds before Drake starts being a Dick to everyone. He picks on Tariq for being an indie filmmaker,

which is really funny when you watch it and know who Todd was,[00:35:00] when he’s done messing with him. He turns his attention to Erin and Chris Payne. ‘ cause I kind of get the sense that he’s a little jealous of their dynamic and their relationship because he’s watching them joke around and be cute. His wife literally was like, oh, you’re gross. I don’t want you around me like an hour earlier.

He starts making comments about how Crispin and Aaron’s relationship is kind of inappropriate. Since we learned that Aaron used to be his TA, but once they discovered that they had feelings for each other, they stop that immediately

Erick: Doesn’t make sense to be with him though, she seems like someone who would not have ended up here.

Vivi: You think like her instincts should have been better about.

Hey, men are deceiving

Erick: Other than that they like get along. We don’t get much of their relationship and how he would have ended up with her.

Vivi: I feel like this dinner scene is the most we out of their relationship. They’re very jokey and just laughing. Possibly. They just have a good time with each other and it hasn’t gone to anything beyond that. The honeymoon phase, I don’t know because it seems like they live together.

Erick: I guess you have to assume that Erin is just like [00:36:00] wishful thinking. she’s like he comes from a money with family, but he seems different.

Vivi: Well, it seems like he is kind of cut off, right? Because again, we later learned that errands bartending while she’s in school and they’re both working class people,

this is enough to get everyone screaming at each other, the table erupts and everyone accusing each other of the most ridiculous things.

And if you actually pay attention to the scene, Drake is saying that everyone is jealous of him. He plays the typical like firstborn, where he kisses up to his parents all the time, but he’s a Dick to his siblings. And as this goes on, everyone’s like true feelings come out about each other to Rico ever looks incredibly bored to the point where he’s staring out the window and he has seemed to notice something strange would not happen.

I don’t know. You don’t tune out when you’re at your spouse’s party

Erick: and look out the window. And now. What is that someone was a crossbow out of fucking nowhere in the middle of the night in the forest. No light is outside. Go

Vivi: to the [00:37:00] window and check this out better.

Erick: Wow.

Vivi: But he makes his way to the window. he can’t even get a word out before he gets an arrow through the head one by one, the party guests start to realize exactly what has happened and start panicking. It takes crispy cream the longest to notice, because he’s just going in on his older brother

in the chaos. Everyone is screaming and Aaron is immediately telling everyone to get down, get away from the windows. She goes into straight like logic mode. Drake is trying to protect his mom who seems to just be in the middle of the room, screaming and in reaching her gets shot in the back with an arrow,

Erick: which good for him, because like, he’s a piece of shit, like older brother, but he’s the only one who thought of his mom.

Yeah. at least that redeems a little bit. And I, told you, I had a concern with Drake’s character surviving as long as he did, because I was like, he, doesn’t die early on just to die anyway, later in a really like dumb fashion.

And it’s [00:38:00] just, it’s a present, obviously that Felix is going to show that he’s betraying his family, but like, okay, you could have had him do it sooner. I dunno. It makes me care less about Drake because I thought Drake at some point, either one was going to be in on it. And that’s why he was acting the way he was and kept surviving quote unquote, or maybe that’s it.

Maybe it’s a red herring. It’s like, you think Drake’s in on that. it was either that, or he was gonna end up helping Aaron, which I guess would have taken away from Erin. So, no, take that back, I guess. It’s fine. I just do yourself out of it. Well, cause I just, hate how long he lasts if he’s going to die anyway,

Vivi: Everyone begins to try to call nine one one, but no one’s phone is working. Felix says that they might be using a jammer or a cell phone blocker. He says that they are illegal, but you could get it for 30 bucks on the internet. Who said that again? Felix?

Erick: Another piece of shit that I said is sketchy from day one

Vivi: interesting thing to note, Felix and Z are immediately separated from the rest of the group. When the arrow is shot, Felix grabs the, and runs to an area that is safe while everyone is still near the windows.

Erick: How do you know that, Felix?

How do you know? How do you know it’s $30.

Why do you know if he looks,

Vivi: they’re going to know, why do you know great calls Felix, a low [00:39:00] life saying he’s not surprised that he’s into sketchy shit.

 Erin brings everyone back to reality, telling them to grab a chair, to cover themselves and leave the room with all the windows.

Everyone makes their way across the room to a safe location. Grabbing the chairs. As Erin has instructed, leaving Aaron to be the last one. She grabs a fire poker to protect herself and a chair. And as she makes her way across the room, the chair is shot. She throws the chair immediately and dives to the safest room.

Erick: The interesting part on that is that the arrow still went through. none of those people were actually safe and it’s just by a hair literally that she doesn’t hit with it. Cause it had, she held it a little higher or lower. It could have gone through her face.

Vivi: Listen, I am not smart. I do not understand weaponry.

I think the idea is that the chairs are so padded that it would catch the arrow. And even if it did do damage, it would be minimal damage

Erick: that heroine pretty far into that chair.

Vivi: The family is trying to pull the arrow from Drake’s back as an argument breaks out, whether it’s safer to leave it in or take it out

Erick: like Stewie. Yeah.

Vivi: That’s all I can think about during the [00:40:00] scene. They start discussing what they should do next.

When Felix suggests that someone should make a run for it to get help.

Erick: Felix is the one who just that, that fucking makes sense. He would,

Vivi: if you, again, on second watch, notice all the things that Felix suggests, it’s setting a lot of things into motion, the siblings are arguing about who is faster and who didn’t get enough of mommy and daddy’s love.

Erick: And then Amy is like, y’all never consider me for anything,

Vivi: But Amy is determined to prove herself. Felix hypes her up as she prepares to make a run for it.

Erick: We’re afraid of the windows then suddenly we’re not afraid of the windows because she like goes all the way to the opposite side of the room where Tariq got shot That’s where she gets through headstart. I would just open the door and run and then I’d probably see the wire because it’s right there. I don’t

Vivi: know. I dunno if I would see the wire, it’s nighttime. It’s a pretty thick wire. It’s not, it’s a very thin like fishing wire.

Erick: It’s metal

Vivi: and it’s shiny. Okay. Well it’s not daylight.

Erick: It’s also not the track. So you shouldn’t get a headstart.

Vivi: Okay. But who tells her to get a headstart? Felix? Yeah. He’s like, they’re not going to, I suspect if you come out running This scene is so drawn out and dramatic that you keep waiting for the bad thing to happen.

Amy [00:41:00] runs out at full force and runs straight into a wire that cuts her throat open. She bleeds to death on the floor as everyone watches and crowds, her screaming helpless. It is actually very heartbreaking because I feel like Barbara gives a really good performance of yelling. My baby. I’m just like, oh my God, Erin has no time to process this.

She just runs upstairs. And she is in crisis mode. Krispy Kreme follows her and asked her, what is she doing? She is locking all the doors and windows and is even trying to text 9 1, 1 saying that in some places they will receive it as a voicemail. She just needs to get a signal to get it out.

They go back downstairs with the rest of the family where Aaron continues to lock everything up. Chris Payne comments that he’s never seen her act like this before. And she says, well, it’s kind of a unique situation, which is fair.

Felix keeps insisting that someone run out and get help. But Aaron thinks that the best plan is to stay inside. Paul is helping Aubrey get into bed, but [00:42:00] she is just devastated from the loss of Amy. She gets into bed and asked him to stay with her, but he insists that he needs to help the kids.

Erick: Why wouldn’t everyone sit together? mom wants to go lay down. We’re all going to the room. Felix was like, we need to leave. No, we really don’t. We really don’t feel like You go,

Vivi: you can go. You keep insisting someone

Erick: run.

Vivi: She’s alone in the room crying. And we get this shot of the entire room simply. So we can see a hand crawl out from under the bed and make its way out.

We see one of the intruders pop-up wearing a Wolf mask. She only realizes this at the last minute, as the stranger lifts his machete to her, she screams and we cut to everyone downstairs. Having heard the scream, they rush upstairs, but Aaron is left alone in the kitchen.

Erick: , honestly thought that she was going to last longer.

Vivi: I didn’t because she is a well-recognized actor. They probably only had her for like a week.

 They’re rush upstairs. But Aaron is left alone in the kitchen. She is searching for weapons and locking windows.

When one of the masks, strangers [00:43:00] punches through the window and grabs her by the hair. They struggle for a second. When Erin plunges, one of the kitchen knives into the attacker’s arm and is able to escape plunges, plunges love that for her. She reaches for another weapon, but realizes that the attacker has left back upstairs, everyone has rushed up to discover Aubrey’s body with your next written in blood, on the wall.

Paul doesn’t take it well and has to escape the room

Erick: really sad for Paul because they clearly loved each

Vivi: other. That’s what I mean is said about these parents. Their kids are just shit. He has to be escorted out by his son’s leaving Kelly to be the only one in the room. She observes the crime scene and tries to cover the body with a blanket.

But as she tries to leave, she realizes that she hears something strange in the room. I would not investigate because she is looking at the window, looking everywhere. Here’s the sound and goes to look under the bed. That’s none of my business.

Erick: again slow approach, slow approach is not [00:44:00] in your way to go.

No. If you’re looking to see, is there someone under the bed you’re going to do it from a distance You’re going to do a fast And if there’s something there you’re going to fucking kill him.

Vivi: So this is how, I guess you can tell this entire family has had privilege all their lives. They hear someone scream upstairs and they don’t immediately grab a weapon to make their way upstairs.

Erick: There’s a lot of things wrong. Why don’t you have a weapon? I don’t care how privileged you are. You have to be prepared.

Vivi: You need to carry a weapon in old times.

Erick: Especially if you got money. I don’t know. It’s like literally having money 1 0 1 is protect yourself because someone’s going to take it.

Vivi: I mean, I would say not having money one-on-one is also protecting yourself. It’s just basic human instinct.

Erick: We’ve made it this far because of that

Vivi: hearing the strange sound, she looks under the bed to investigate and comes face to face with one of the killers. This causes her to run from the room, screaming. Not even just the room. She completely passes. Felix Crispin and Drake consoling their father and just runs completely out of that.

I don’t blame her.

Erick: Fuck

Vivi: these people and your issues. This is not my fight

Drake chases after her,[00:45:00] but when he makes his way out the door, he snakes his shoulder on the arrow, on the wire that his sister has killed herself on what? A complicated sentence,

frustrated. And in a lot of pain from this, he pulls it out from his bag, causing him to bleed a ton and pass out the group, pulls him back into the house.

When Z suggests they all try to run like heli.

Erick: If Drake had acted dead the entire time, do you think they’d have killed them? No, he would

Vivi: have survived. There would have been like, he already has a wound. He’s dead.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: That’s another survival strategy Chris Payne decides he will try to make a run for it since the rest of the family is in no condition to make a run for it. He convinces Aaron that this is the right move. And for her to bunker down with the rest of them until he can make it back,

Erick: no,

Vivi: you would’ve told me no.

Oh bitch. I would’ve told you to stay your ass inside

Erick: We just saw your sister die by trying to run

Vivi: outside.

Erick: you Mean made

Vivi: it to the cars, which was his plan and you pointed out immediately when we were watching this, why wouldn’t you suspect that the killer has cut your brake line?

Cut the end, [00:46:00] like done something to the car to not make you be able to

Erick: escape. They put a fucking line out for me to get my face cut. If I ran out, they’re going to cut my lines in the car.

Vivi: Meanwhile, Kelly has made it to the neighbor’s house screaming and just running. And she is begging to be let in. She sees Eric’s body propped up on the couch, but can’t see any of his actual wounds. She is screaming at him to let her in. When she sees the mass figure, walking up behind her through the glass window, the attacker punches her so hard that she crashes through the glass door.

She is crawling her way to the neighbor. When she realizes that he has been murdered, she is caught and pushed through a glass table just because she hasn’t been put through enough before the attacker drives an ax through her face. Even like preps for it. Like he’s golfing

Erick: fucking

Vivi: handcuffs, by the way.

Especially if you do it like this

Erick: murdering people, whereas people would

Vivi: you know, isn’t there that whole, like, I don’t know if it’s an urban legend, but that rich people hunt other people for sport. That’s

Erick: what the purge is. [00:47:00]

Vivi: Yeah. I mean, it basically is Exhausted. The killer takes a seat next to the propped up dead neighbor’s body.

As the record starts to play from the beginning, the killer in the masks tilt his head like Michael Myers, looking at his handiwork,

Erick: confused

Vivi: or proud.

Erick: At this point we haven’t seen what the actual killers look like

Vivi: or are know what their motives actually are.

Becca, the home Crispin has made his way back after realizing that his car has been messed with he informs the others, but says that he didn’t see anyone and he is going to try and make a break for it for help.

Since it seems like Kelly has made it, he is either going to try to get signal or reach the neighbors. Once again, Aaron is not happy about this plan and doesn’t want him to go. She hands him a butcher knife when deliver a Cleaver, a

Erick: meat Cleaver, she hands him a meat Cleaver. And so he can go out and meet plenty of as a way out

Vivi: meat Cleaver your way through life.

Erick: That’s how I do it. I don’t think I’ve ever actually held him. He Cleaver brother.

Vivi: Yeah. I feel like those are like for butchers very [00:48:00] specifically for butchers the circle for, yeah. What is it? Four If you’re a butcher, let us know.

Once you leave.

 Aaron takes charge of the situation, asking what the best room for them to hide in is when Felix had just the basement.

She responds saying that that is the worst place you want to be. Someone could literally light a match, throw some gasoline down there and they’d be done, which is,

Erick: I didn’t know that, Felix,

Vivi: why are you suggesting that Felix

Explaining this. She then realizes that she left a pot boiling water on, she goes to turn it off and collect a bunch of weapons from the kitchen and returns to the living room as she’s making her way back. One of the mass attackers breaks through the window by throwing Kelly’s dead body at it, which is just pretty hardcore step on her to go in kind of right.

Or her body like moves because he’s just making his way inside.

Erick: Also what

Vivi: way to make an entrance? This is a very, again, Michael Myers type move.

Erick: Well, because if they’re just like random killer dudes for money. Yeah. the house wasn’t that close. So you not only had to [00:49:00] follow her to kill her, you chose to bring her body back with you for funsies

Vivi: dramatics?

The shock of this causes Aaron to fall in slow Mo dropping everything as the attacker is getting ready to take a swing at her with an ax. She rolls to her side of boiling. As the attacker brings it down, axes

Erick: are just not reasonable weapons for fighting. It

Vivi: seems like a lot of muscle strength that you

Erick: need.

Well, then the area of attack is very tiny.

Vivi: She rolls back over to kick the attacker square in the nuts. She grabs a meat tenderizer, which she just dropped and proceeds to beat the living shit out of the attacker. Like I’m talking double, triple taps. Good.

She knows the rules of horror movies. Good

Erick: for her.

Vivi: She makes sure that he is dead XE and feelings cower in the corner of the room, watching this unfold. Aaron takes off the attacker’s mask and asked them if they recognize him,

Erick: she lifts his head and he’s like, you know, this guy

Vivi: and Felix says, [00:50:00] it’s kind of hard to tell.

Now that’s really judgey, Felix. She just saved your life.

Erick: Good. Cause if it was recognizable, I keep going.

Vivi: I feel like this is the moment that we realized this isn’t your typical home invasion movie. This is when it shifts. Like you get hints of Aaron being very competent, but this is when you’re like, oh shit.

She is like trained in combat. She was ready to go. After Erin beats the living shit out of this guy, she’s like, Hey, where’s your dad just casual. His next Paul is upstairs where he has discovered that the killer has been camping out in their closet all night. Hey, finds a bottle of pee and it’s gross. But if you would’ve listened to Opry, you, would’ve known that already.

Just saying, listen to Barbara, Barbara knows what’s happening. She’s been in enough horror movies.

Erick: Look, she knows how to take care of her skin. She knows how to look young. She knows what she’s doing.

Vivi: That’s all you need to know. Apparently

as soon as he discovers this, the power goes out. Aaron has sent downstairs to look for the power box while Z and Felix go look for Paul. When they find him Paul confesses, what he just found saying that this [00:51:00] isn’t a random attack, but it’s too late.

An attacker has snuck up behind him and slit his throat. He reaches for Felix for help, but then him just looks startled. They

Erick: don’t look startled. Just staring.

Vivi: He is very grossed out, at least that his father has reached out for him with his own blood and touches him. His father then dies in one of the worst ways where he literally crashes into everything before finally dying His death is very dramatic with a closeup on his face. It almost seemed like he realized what was going on in the last minutes of his life or just based off his son. Yeah. Like it’d be better if he died without knowing.

That’s just so sad.

The killer casually comes up to Felix and Z and Felix is annoyed. He turns to him and says, really you had to do that in front of me. This is when the killer takes out one of his earbuds and says, you

Erick: said something, I’m sorry.

Vivi: And he’s like, forget about it. I just have to go wash up

Erick: It also removes the menacing side of the killers

 They’re just some dudes for [00:52:00] hire. I that’s it, but it still leaves you wanting more for Aaron. Cause you’re like, all right, these are just regular dudes. They’re not Michael Myers.

Invincible. They’re not like some people with some crazy motive. It’s just regular dudes who ended up fucking with the wrong person.

Vivi: Downstairs, Aaron is searching the basement for more weapons. When an attacker enters the living room and discovers the body of the other attacker, he completely freaks out and flips a table, alerting Aaron to his location. This gives her enough time to grab another weapon as the attacker Greaves.

Unfortunately for her, he seems to hear her and goes all hears Johnny on the basement door. Luckily for her Drake has woken up.

 And walked in on the attack, distracting the attacker long enough for Aaron to plunge a screwdriver into his back. The attacker decides that two against one just isn’t fair and runs out of the house.

Erick: Fucking leaves.

Vivi: Yeah. He just assessed the situation is like no Drake asked for Kelly and Aaron lies to him about where his wife is just then Felix and Z run [00:53:00] downstairs saying that Paul is fine, but they stayed upstairs because they heard the commotion.

Aaron instructs them to grab weapons from the basement, but tells them to not take too long. She then begins to show Z how to create a booby trap, which is just hammering some nails through a board and leaving the board face up. Once he asked her basically what we all want to know.

Where did you learn all this? Erin explains that she grew up on a survival. This compound. She says that her dad was a real paranoid man that thought that all of the world’s resources would be gone in a matter of years. And he just wanted to be sure that his daughter growing up would know how to take care of herself.

XE gave her this look. That’s like, that’s great. That’s real fucking great. Good for you. Yeah.

Erick: I hope you’re happy and healthy bitch

Vivi: damn socio in the basement. Felix and Drake are collecting weapons as Drake S for Krispy Kremes whereabouts Felix informed him that he ran out after Kelly and Drake tells him that he needs to go search for his wife, confused by the statement. [00:54:00] Felix informed him that Kelly is dead and her body is laying upstairs on the floor

Erick: Right before this. Erin also takes a moment to cover her body and it’s like, we don’t want to drink to see it. And then downstairs Felix is like, she’s dead though.

She’s fucking dead.

Vivi: Drake has shocked and Felix tries to apologize for giving him this horrible news, but Drake is pissed yelling at Felix to just shut up. Felix annoyed by this just stabs him and apologizes, but continues to grab more weapons, to just stab him.

Erick: How many screwdrivers are gonna have? I only have one. They have like seven that they drive into Drake.

Vivi: So we learned that the father is like remodeling this house and he’s actually hired people to do it. So I imagine the people who were working on the house just left all their tools laying around.

Erick: I don’t know. ate screwdrivers is suspicious. If these people didn’t do it, the workers were going to do it with money screwdrivers.

Vivi: He stabbed him multiple times, but Drake just doesn’t go down that easily. Not until Felix seals. Would you just die already? This is hard [00:55:00] enough for me. This is so hard for me. Poor baby, that kind of person. And it’s not until that, that he collapses to the ground back upstairs. Aaron is setting up the booby traps outside the windows.

Well, inside the windows, I guess

XE picks one. And kind of contemplates just attacking Erin, but she thinks about it way too long because Aaron turns around in time to grab the booby trap from her. Oh, thanks. Thanks for passing it over. Oh yeah. Yeah. Thanks. I needed that. And she’s like, yeah, I’m sure it’s cool. It’s cool.

Erin decides to go check on Paul and leave XE to set up more traps in the living room. Aaron makes her way upstairs and discovers the body of Paul as she was taking in the scene. One of the mass attackers makes his way into the room. She hears him however, and quickly throws a meat tenderizer at him.

And without hesitation, straight up Sally from Texas chainsaw, massacre style rose herself from a second story window. She went to final girl’s survival school.

Erick: does she need to do that? I think she could have [00:56:00] taken care of the guy right then and there. And I think they needed to do this because otherwise Aaron would seem to OPI,

Vivi: possibly shared a wound

Erick: herself.

Yeah, because had she not done this? They stood out trans ain’t nothing gonna stop. No, honestly, what were they going to do? What were they going to do?

Vivi: She crashes to the ground. And we noticed that she has a shard of glass stuck in her thigh, but she has no time to think about this as the attacker looks from the window to see where she has escaped to the fact

Erick: it’s creepy Cause it’s just the house. And then this is like

Vivi: very Michael Myers.

We’ve already said this, but the shape he is looking for where she landed and is on his way to her. When she is running through the woods, trying to hide. Once you kind of gets to a good secluded area, she pulls out the biggest shard of glass I’ve ever seen in my life. So

Erick: buggy and big, why the fuck is this so big?

Vivi: She has no time to recover because another attacker has spotted her in the woods and is aiming his crossbow at her. She is able to run slash limp [00:57:00] back into the house and lock the doors behind her and grab a piece of fabric to bind her injured leg. She hides as the attacker in the woods makes his way back into the house.

He sees the booby traps and kind of laughs them off as silly and childish. And he doesn’t see the one place directly under the window. He confidently jumps down full body weight onto a nail.

Erick: This is one of those home alone moments. , ha fucking stupid kid. I’m going to get you anyway.

poopy truck goes off

Vivi: very much. So he screams and Zee and Felix are able to hear him from upstairs in their parents’ bedroom. Well, not their parents’ bedroom. Felix’s parents where they have decided to hide out. One of the attackers is with them. And Felix instructs him to go check out the noise since that’s what they’re paying him for.

Felix laments, that this night has been a disaster. XE tries to comfort him with some sexy time, but he says he’s not really in the mood. But she’s really into the idea of doing it on [00:58:00] the bed next to the body of his dead mom. He’s a fucking freak. I mean, she’s got her kinks.

Erick: Do me in front of your dad, mom, bro, you down, or what

How did he meet Z?

Because Z seems more into killing his family than he is. Well, I understand being like, all right, look, we’re going to kill your family and we’re getting all this money, but it’s different when it’s like, we’re going to kill your family and we’re gonna get all this money, but also do me in every shape, form and fashion on top of your dead family’s bodies.

Vivi: However, Felix is not having it. She literally says, God, you never want to do anything fun or spontaneous. And he’s like, I don’t think that’s a fair criticism. I kind of agree with Felix on that one. So instead she just steals jewelry off of his mom’s corpse.

Erick: She pretends to hold the ring.

Vivi: It’s an engagement ring. It’s cute. Downstairs. The two attackers are. With the booby trap when Felix comes down and yells at them for getting their DNA everywhere.

Erick: The one dude takes his shoe off and it’s like spilling blood

Vivi: Listen, Aaron has literally butchered one of these people already and has their DNA everywhere. [00:59:00] They’re going to get caught. Especially since we find out that that attacker was brother to this attacker

Erick: and Felix is like, I didn’t, I didn’t know how to email to you. I’m just paying you the fucking money.

I don’t give a shit about y’all.

Vivi: So I apologize if it’s confusing that we keep saying attackers, but literally they are not named until the last two were left. Could we have done a better job? Yes. Is that why you’re here? No.

The attacker with the lamb mask says he’ll clean it. Just like how he has to clean up the whole mess. This comment makes Felix pretty upset. He says that none of this is his fault and that he had to stab his own brother multiple times because they kept getting beat up by some girl. All right, Felix,

They aren’t aware that Erin is still in hiding and can hear this whole conversation. The attacker with the landmass is pissed saying that that is his brother, the one lying dead in the living room.

And he actually liked his brother. Unlike feeling

Erick: you should have been better at your job. And then maybe one of y’all wouldn’t be dead.

Vivi: Felix is a jerk about this and the attacker lunges at him saying he should just kill [01:00:00] him,

Felix, as he will pay him double what he was originally paying him, giving him his brother’s cut as well, 400,000 instead of 200,200,000 is not enough to kill someone for 400,000 is not enough

Erick: to kill someone. So that begs the question that begs the question, how much is it?

I don’t know. On the live podcast TV,

Vivi: let us know, tweet us,

Erick: VB. How much is enough to

Vivi: kill a person? Not enough, cause I’m not active enough to be able to do this. That would mean I would have to lose like 40 pounds. Get really good at it and then be able to kill someone. ‘ cause you gotta be in shape.

These guys did not train enough clearly.

Erick: That’s what a murderer would say. Is

Vivi: it? I’m just saying you got to pay me for all that time.

He goes on to say that he’s going to offer them an extra hundred K if they finished the job just right now, the attackers agreed to these terms. And at that moment, Aaron’s phone goes off notifying her, that her emergency texts was finally sent the attacker with the Wolf mask, goes off to find her to [01:01:00] finally finish the job he closes in on her.

But Erin is on the other side of her hiding place, ready to strike. She’s like, Nope. As he pulls back the curtains, she Palm strikes him right in the throat, knocking him back.

Felix XE and the attacker chase after her, as she runs outside. But she has snuck her way right back into the home, through the kitchen window. The land mess, attacker catches wind of her plan and searches for her by sticking his head through that window. This proves to be the wrong move as Aaron is ready for them.

And she plunges a kitchen knife right into his head. He tumbles backwards before finally collapsing. It’s a very dramatic way to pass out as

Erick: well. This guy was all talk. He was like, I’m the boss, but also I’m going to die right away.

Vivi: As he collapses, Aaron picks up the acts that he just had with him. And this is where we get the titular shot of the movie of Aaron in the window, holding the ex the ultimate final girl pose.

Love it. Aaron continues to limp through the house, collecting [01:02:00] more supplies as some stranger things, as music starts to play in the house.

 In the house, someone’s watching stranger things. All of a sudden in 2011,

Erick: Aaron puts the record on and it’s like, this is my fucking

Vivi: murder soundtrack, bitch.

Erick: I will fucking end you

Vivi: some stranger things. Music starts to play as she home alone, a deadly trap for the front door outside. Felix, the, and the remaining attacker are searching for her.

Felix is freaking out thinking that the cops are already on their way. And that they could find Erin before they do. We learned that the attacker’s name is Tom, and he tells everyone to calm down that she is injured and can’t make it that far. If they don’t see her down the road, they should make their way back to the house.

He says, he’s returning to the home to look for Craig, which we learned as the lamb, mast attacker, but Felix demands, Tom, leave him with a weapon. He gives him his crossbow and informs him that there are only two bows left and to make them count. Aaron is admiring her handiwork when Tom sneaks [01:03:00] back into the house, but not through the front door, like she had hoped she runs into the basement, making sure to knock all the lights out as she goes.

This scene reminds me so much of my bloody Valentine.

Erick: The school is really cool. Aaron went come at me,

Vivi: bro. Yeah, it’s my second favorite killer. This movie Tom follows after her setting off a bunch of camera flashes as he goes

in between the camera flashes. We see Tom approach. Aaron. Aaron uses the lights and confusion to attack him. And we see her bash his head in with a brick. I think we need to take a pause to talk about that flashing cameras kill because it is drawn out, but it is worth it.

I hate when movies draw out scenes that are not worth it

She has used the camera earlier on in the movie, but you didn’t know that that was going to come back later because I feel like when things come back later in movies, they’re super heavily emphasized, but this was like very subtle.

Erick: Now that the killers have kind of revealed, like shit’s going wrong, they continue to wear the mask. And it’s like, the masks don’t make sense anymore. She knows you’re [01:04:00] all in on it. Yeah I can’t imagine the mask is helping with the Carolina machine.

Cause at one point he like reaches for his face, but he doesn’t take the mask off at any point.

Vivi: I just love that we see this kill between flashes because this grade goes dark on our end as well. That’s good stuff. Good stuff. She slowly makes her way back upstairs and goes to pick up a weapon. When Felix shoots at her through the window, Z goes after her with the crossbow.

As Felix goes to turn off the scrambler that he has left in his car and grab a pocket knife.

Erick: I thought he was pulling out like an actual

Vivi: weapon. I was going to say, let your girlfriend go after this woman who is very clearly good at murdering other people by herself.


Erick: are you saying that XE can’t handle herself?

Vivi: No. I’m saying that Erin has proven that she is too much for everybody and they need to be smarter. XE makes her way into the home and enters the kitchen. Aaron knocks the crossbow out of her hands and begins to take her down. As Felix walks in on the girls fighting and sees that Aaron is still alive.

He yells fuck.

Erick: He’s clearly an amateur. Cause [01:05:00] he’s getting taken down like an average person. She kicks the door in his face and he’s like,

Vivi: oh yeah. Well she throws a pot of no longer boiling water at him. but it’s been hours since she turned the stove off. Felix yells. It’s not even hot. You don’t bitch.

And immediately slips and falls in the water.

Z takes this distraction and bites Aaron in the hand to get away from her. But Aaron, doesn’t miss a beat and grabs a pan off the stove to bash XE across the head.

Erick: This is all stuff that I always think about in horror movies that like people don’t ever think about just use everything insight.


Vivi: while she is down, Felix tries to lunge at Aaron, but she stops him by kicking the kitchen door into him as he goes down the jumps up onto Aaron’s back. But Aaron slams her against the wall to get her off. She turns around and starts strangling Z. But Felix has gotten up and grabbed his pocket knife and used it to stab Aaron in the back.

Like the little bitch he is, this causes her to let go of Z and turn her attention to Felix. She grabs [01:06:00] a blender and smashes it over his head causing glass to shatter everywhere.

Erick: This kill is awesome.

Vivi: I fucking love this. Felix is knocked down and Aaron proceeds to jam the blades of the blender into Felix’s head

and turns it on the first time I saw this, I knew it was coming, but I still watched it through my fingers. Like, oh my God, she’s going to do it. She’s going to do it. But I have to watch it,

She blends Felix’s brains. The watches, the whole thing, and tries to get up to attack. Erin

Erick: fucking randomly.

Vivi: No, like I’m done. Clearly you win. It’s not even worth it anymore. She tries to attack Erin, but Erin simply pulls the knife out of her back, rotates it and stabs the straight in the head with both now dead.

Aaron takes a minute to catch her breath slumping down between the two bodies. It’s a pretty good scene,

Erick: I want to point out this entire time. I did not stop thinking about the front door. , I was like, I know something’s happening with that.

 [01:07:00] Either Krispy Kreme comes back with help and then gets killed and she gets framed because she’s too good at what she does. Or the cops get killed and then something happens.

Vivi: And the entire time you’re like, well, Krispy Kreme hasn’t come back. There’s no way he survived. If he’s not in on it or

Erick: he’s going to come back and get killed by Aaron and then me this whole tragic thing.

Vivi: But as she is sitting there catching her breath,

Erick: we’re sorry if your name was Crispian we’re not talking shit about you. We’re talking shit about this guy

Vivi: to be sure.

We hear Felix’s phone ring and Erin decides to answer. She doesn’t say anything and

we hear Crispin’s voice ask Felix, if it’s all over, he said his signal went back on and he’s assuming that it’s all done. Aaron only listens as Krispy Kreme explains that he just couldn’t go through with it because he’s a pacifist, obviously, especially after seeing what had happened to their mother, you had to have known dude.

 He says he just can’t deal with that violence stuff. He tells Felix he’s coming inside because it’s cold and enters through the window. He takes in the crazy scene in the living [01:08:00] room.

He says, Felix, his name on the phone. One more time.

Erick: I can hear you breathing. You’re breathing kind of heavy, actually. You

Vivi: good? But he turns around to see Erin holding Felix is found. He looks surprised to see her. She’s holding a knife and Crispin asks her where Felix

Erick: is. It takes a minute to realize that she was the one listening to it.

Cause full-time phone down and he’s just like, oh good. You’re here. Where is everybody? Where’s Felix. Yeah. Why do you have oh,

Vivi: crisp Inez where Felix is. And she explains that she stuck a blender in his head and killed him just casually, you know,

Erick: Krispy Kremes act this entire time.

Vivi: Oh. Oh, that makes sense. So what’s cool. What about

Erick: uh,

what about C

Vivi: he seems a little surprised, but just as. She tells him that she can’t believe that he was in on it and that she could have died. He explains that that was never part of their plan that she was supposed to survive to be a witness, her and Z he’s like, oh yeah, by the way, where is he? And she explains that she kills her as well. He apologizes for things getting out of control. But how are they [01:09:00] supposed to know that she was really good at killing people?

Erick: we were supposed to be the craziest pieces of shit, but you were actually crazier than us pieces of shit.

Vivi: So what the fuck? You never know this is. So gaslighting, like it’s actually your fault for surviving. You just shouldn’t have survived in the first place.

He says if she reacted, normally she would have been untouched. And they would have had been rich batch.

He even goes on to explain that she could have quit her job and they could have traveled possibly even in engagement, like all women

Erick: want,

Vivi: he says there is a silver lining. He is now the sole inheritor of his parents’ estate. He tells her that the logical thing to do would be to continue on with the plan for them to have a better life and not waste all the death that has happened that night, the entire time he has been walking towards her slowly

Erick: don’t move.

Even if I wasn’t,

Vivi: no. She’s literally the only person standing alive and you hired someone to kill everybody and it wasn’t her passivist though. Yeah. Yeah.

Erick: I don’t believe in violence. So she’s not gonna kill me. So like she loves me. Yeah. Obviously I’ve [01:10:00] got the world’s biggest D that’s why I’m here.

Vivi: she, ain’t going to murder me if I’m murdering that pussy every night, you know, he doesn’t seem like it’d be good at that. Actually

Erick: his hair alliances at all.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Like, is I’m sure you’re fine.

If you’re listening to our show, you’re probably not a piece of shit. we determined that a couple of days ago when I was like, we haven’t gotten any hate mail about massage

Vivi: dentists. It would be some shit. If this is the episode that we get the hate mail,

Erick: that’d be fun. Fucking send it.

Vivi: We’ll read it on the show.

The entire time, then he’s saying this, he has been walking towards her slowly, an anti speech by saying he promised he’d come back. And here he is. Aaron is not impressed by this and straight up, just stabs him in the neck. As he is bleeding out. He asks her why? She just looks at him dead pan and says, why the fuck not fuck?

Do you mean bro? She stabs him in the eye and he goes down just then she has shot in the shoulder and collapses on top of crispy cream. I don’t know where a cop is in the windows. Shocked[01:11:00] and taking in the scene. He, so

Erick: holy holy shit. Oh, oh fuck. Oh. Oh, this is so stressful for me. So out of breath,

Vivi: Erin is getting up slowly as the cop goes back to his cop car to call for backup.

She was crawling her way to the front door when the cop makes his way back inside through that front door setting off the trap that Erin has rigged up earlier. She yells no don’t, but it’s too late. The ex comes down on the cop and with the squish down, we get the final title card. Your next in blood, if that wasn’t clear.


Erick: And then the credits are like evidence and yeah, actually don’t like that. It ends like this. I love it. love that it ends like this, but I hate that Erin

Vivi: might go to jail for all this. Yes.

Erick: Because it’s like, it implies that if you know how to defend yourself and I think that’s how things go in real life.

Right. There have been times where people have won cases against their victims because the victim knew how to defend themselves. And that’s fucking disgusting. I hate the system.

Vivi: So I think [01:12:00] there’s a couple of things that could save her one. She’s not married to crispy cream. So she would not get any money out of murdering all these peoples or any donuts.

She also has like that last phone call from him to the brother on the phone records.

Erick: Cause they could

Vivi: play it back. Yes. Or they could. Confirmed that that call had happened. And why else would he call Felix if they weren’t in on it together

Erick: and the jammer and Felix’s car?

Vivi: Yes. And then cause Felix and crispy cream don’t strike me as smart people.

There had to be a paper trail between the people they hired

Erick: and them. And the neighbor is dead.

Vivi: I get that. The neighbor was like to throw them off to be like, oh, it wasn’t just for this family’s money.

It was also for, they were just killing people in the area. They were just crazy. But

Erick: I don’t know. And then you find out that the two killers are brothers. They probably worked together.

Vivi: And that’s your next.

What’d you think about

Erick: it? I love it. Awesome kills super great for all the reasons that I loved ready or not, which I saw before this. So I hate to compare it because it is its own movie. Awesome. To see a girl kicking [01:13:00] ass. isn’t even about her being a girl, right? it is a feminist movie and I love that.

I just love seeing movie where the victim in general, like defends themselves and then it’s awesome that it’s a girl, let’s see more of it. I love this. We’ve talked about it enough times where it’s like, you don’t know who you’re messing with. Imagine Erin versus the strangers.

Vivi: Yeah. Cause when you search this movie, the strangers comes up as well as another home invasion type movie.

Erick: Aaron would have wrecked them right away. A couple hours. Not even, especially with the shotgun.

No. Oh yeah. Aaron had been like, boom, boom, boom, boom. Done.

Vivi: Seriously. Don’t care if I killed your best friend, he was in the line of fire.

Erick: I’m a survivalist. What are you going to do? What about you?

Vivi: I. I love this movie. You knew. I love this movie cause I kept being like, just watch it, just watch it, just watch it.

I think one of the things that unsettles people about horror in terms of these home invasion movies is it’s random. It could happen to anyone, but we’ve always talked about though, what have you messed with the wrong fucking person? And this is that movie that I’ve always wanted. I can’t believe I didn’t see it until now.

It is [01:14:00] quickly one of my favorites, one of my tops. I’m giving this a 10 out of 10. The pacing’s great. The kills are amazing. And it’s just so fucking fun.

Erick: I’d say it’s a 10 to,

Vivi: wow. Is this the first time we both given a movie at 10 out

Erick: of 10? I don’t know. We’ve been doing this for way too long.

Yeah. I

Vivi: don’t remember

Erick: anymore. Let us know if you remember. No, I think it’s good. I think it’s a 10 out of 10. I also wanted to say Erin, when she’s killing them is like rage mode.

Vivi: This is just, and we kind of talked about it a little bit.

If Erin really is a final girl, cause this isn’t a slasher in the traditional sense with the killer being so supernatural and overpowered, do

Erick: slashers have to be supernatural. That is a, I don’t think so. Cause my bloody Valentine is a slasher

Vivi: and natural. No, I think they have definitely become more towards that supernatural element of the killer never dies over the years over the legends.

Erick: The classics have become that. Yeah. I don’t think it has to be that I think as long as it’s like just it’s a mask killer or mass killers. And just because it’s revealed to their just average, [01:15:00] Joe’s, doesn’t remove the fact that you have a lot of brutal kills, which I think is what makes a slasher with some sort of like, I mean, yes, you can then put it in the home invasion category, which I don’t think takes it away from slasher.

you have a final girl. You have mast killers.

Vivi: Why not? Because then by that logic screams, not a slasher because the killer always dies. It just becomes a new killer every movie. Right? I was just saying it for the sticklers out there who want to say that slashers or a specific thing?

Did we care? No, to me, she’s an awesome final girl. Love her. This is just super fun. I would watch it over and over again.

Erick: I can’t wait till we do ready or not. Oh yeah. I

Vivi: love that movie as well. Spoiler.

Erick: So do you know if anything was scared, low, key to day or yesterday with this movie?

We didn’t [Sound]

Vivi: him. We did, but he was asleep.

Erick: it has been harder to watch anything here. We don’t have a TV, we’ll figure it out. But I do want to say that low-key with his new home has been growing at anything and everything that’s audible through the walls. And I’d say that he would help us figure out if we’re [01:16:00] getting home invaded or not.

Vivi: I don’t think so.

Erick: What do you mean? He would growl anytime. Anybody would approach our front door at the condo and here he sees people outside and he’s like, and he says he was in the backyard and he’s like,

Vivi: but he growls so much that we just ignore him because we don’t actually think it’s a threat.

Erick: I don’t ignore him cause it’s not okay either. We’re supposed to calm him down. He does look at us though for comfort. We are his comfort content, which is actually pretty blame. I was going to say wholesome, and that

Vivi: boy needs help.

He needs fucking help, but

Erick: I mean, y’all know you’re 63 episodes in.

 Y’all know that Loki is a reactive dog and we try our best to snap them out of it.

Vivi: So do you think anything scared him about this movie?

Erick: Home invasions aren’t his thing.

I don’t think there are any ones thing, but low-key specifically 10 out of 10 fear.

Vivi: want to tell us about it? Lucky.

Fuck you, dad. Get me a house so I can protect it from home invasions.

Erick: Yeah, I will. I’ll try. I’m sorry. Okay. We’ll do it eventually

Vivi: at some point, but is that pretty much it first year today? It is. As always, you can find us pretty much anywhere at shaken that scared pod except Twitter, Twitter [01:17:00] shaken, scared pod.

You could send us an

Erick: It’s for the show on patron, you can get early access in episodes or a bonus episode and theme drink idea every month. Listen, wherever you get your podcast, give us a follow check out our drink videos. We’re doing the sadness for

Vivi: may for Patrion. Yep. Very excited about that. Let’s do it. I’ve heard nothing but crazy things about that movie.


Erick: but sad things. Hmm.

Vivi: No,

Erick: just crazy.

Vivi: Be sure to like rate, review all that good stuff and keeping spike.

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