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Death Drop Gorgeous (2021)

Erick: Hashtag I swallow.

I small. I don’t know how to, oh, that sounds like a goose.

Erick: Welcome back to the chicken. Not scared podcast here with you as always your hosts, Eric and VB. Today, we’re gonna be talking about the 2021 film death drop gorgeous, directed by a Michael J Hern, Christopher DELP and Brandon Paris.

I apologize if I mispronounced those, but before we get into that, how are you doing?

Vivi: I am good. Happy pride month. Happy pride month. Super excited to cover this movie.

Erick: I watched it twice, because I took the notes, but I was like, I need to get this done. I need to talk about it. Yeah.

How are you? I’m sick. If you could tell from my voice. So I hope I can keep up the good energy because this movie deserves it. It really does. Yeah. Did you know that the three directors are in it? Yeah. I was also surprised to see who they are.

Vivi: I think I knew that before I watched it,

Erick: How’d you know,

Vivi: When people were suggesting what movie to cover, I had kind of looked up each one of them and see the director’s name? They’re in the acting credits as well. Yeah,

Erick: Tony O’Hara and Brian. Yep.

Vivi: But before we get into the movie, should we talk about creepy

Erick: content?

Yes, I have nothing. What do you have?

Vivi: I have just been listening to the slasher podcasts. A lot. People probably know about it already. They’ve been around for, I think a few more years than we have, but they are a super fun podcast about horror. Casey didn’t know. So check them out. If you haven’t already,

Erick: what are they recently covered?

Vivi: Oh God. X and then scream. I feel like I mentioned this every time I mentioned a podcast, but I try to listen to movies that we’ve already covered, so I don’t get influenced. So mainly I’ve been going back through their backlog.

Erick: Oh, I love listening to shows like there’s two, just because they pull out these horror movies that I’ve never even heard of.

I’m like, well, we have to add that to the list.

Yeah. We did the sadness for patrons to go check it out. Oh, that’s creepy content.

I guess if you haven’t listened to our Patrion, then that’s technically creepy content for us. Cause we did that last week.

Vivi: Oh my God. That movie.

Erick: Yeah. go and find out why it’s a mess. We weren’t sure whether we hated her. Loved it. It’s a, it’s a ride to

Vivi: say the

Erick: very least, a lot of really bad things happened in that way.

It’s not the sadness for nothing.

Do you have any cover content on that set note

Vivi: to Juris up? We went to see the Bob’s burgers. Maybe that I’ve been talking about since, I don’t know, it was announced that it was finally going to be released

Erick: this year. That movie was so good.

Vivi: It was so comforting and I would totally go watch it again a million times.

Erick: I even like wanting to cry at one point, you,

Vivi: I did tear up because I love that show. I’ve been here two years

Erick: away.

Vivi: It’s so wholesome. It is just so wholesome. I think that’s why I just love watching

Erick: it. Yeah. Yeah, no spoilers.

But I’m wondering if it’s going to go into the Canon of the main show. Cause it kind of changes a couple of.

Vivi: Again, I don’t know, because I feel like cartoons do that thing of ignore the movie. We’re just going to go back to what we

Erick: were doing. Um, Do you think they’ll do that though? Because they did lead up to the movie in the show with the Pitt forming in front of the restaurant

and the movie feels like it’s kind of a, like a chapter ending and a new one beginning.

Vivi: Yeah. We’ll see what they do with the new season. Cause I think the new season just got announced.

Erick: I can’t wait. All right. So to dive into today’s movie, obviously we came up with a drink called the death drop of Janet fitness.

it’s a fun drink. It’s kind of like a mimosa and we edit a car bomb twist to it just by getting a moonshine cherry that’s obviously in red liquid and pouring it into the mimosa, making it look like a drop in blood

Vivi: Yeah. It kind of works out because it turns the drink pink like the movie poster.

Erick: We were going for a Janet fitness planet, fitness color scheme, yellow and purple. So we’re probably going to garnish it with some purple flower, maybe lavender. Yes.

Vivi: Do you want to dry it? Yup.

 you’re about to put it down and picked it up suspiciously.

Erick: Yeah, because I don’t taste the moonshine. It doesn’t mean trying to have a particular cherry taste. Do you think

Vivi: I don’t want it to try the cherry on its own to see if it has, do you want to,

Erick: we can, if you fail your speed round, we’ll try the cherry that’ll be our shot.

But yeah, the guy at the liquor store was like, have you ever had these before? Cause they’re pretty fucking strong. Yeah.

Vivi: So the jury is just floating around in there waiting

Erick: to kill us. Right at the end,

what do you think though?

Vivi: I love a mimosa. So I’m good with this. You say it doesn’t really add flavor, but I definitely taste the sweetness of the cherry juice mixture in there. Does give it a bit of a different

Erick: taste. I want to blame it on the sickness. Cause I really can’t. I it’s not COVID if anyone was thinking that I can’t taste or smell certain things, but I could, I can taste and smell.

This sounds like, oh God, no, I’m just really congested with bookies. Mm mm delicious. Yeah. I like it too though. I have recently said that. I think I like Aperol. Spritz is more, but most of they’re always fun to drink and I like this. I think it’s worth checking out while you experienced the diva and glamour.


Vivi: I was looking for words,

Erick: it was a very long book, but deepness, well, cause I was like, is the diva a thing? Experienced the diva

Vivi: within you?

Erick: There you go. While you experienced the diva and glamour of VBS fun facts. What do you got for me today?

Vivi: So it was actually kind of difficult to find any info on this movie. I don’t know if you had that issue when you were trying to do like the character names and writeup difficult to find since it’s such an indie production, I’m assuming. So I had to find some interviews that were done with the directors.

And I found out that this movie was actually filmed over the course of two years. I was, I know it was a passion project for the three directors and they had to film it on weekends and nights because they all work day jobs.

Erick: Wow. That’s crazy. So do you think that’s why I am to be chosen for 2020, like it took two years to come out maybe, and they were kind of releasing it ahead of time.

It could be,

Vivi: it could also be that it made its way through the festival circuit for a while before getting released to shutter, which is where we watched it. It is also available on Tubi

Erick: Yeah. We had originally heard of this movie. Salem horror Fest

Vivi: Yes. And we had saved it to watch it and we just didn’t make it on time because Halloween is our busiest time.

Whereas, all right. Obviously we want


Erick: to,

Vivi: but we

Erick: got around to it. Yeah. But that’s cool. I love it. I love it. When a project is passionate and you can tell us everybody who was in this really cared about which characters were involved, how they acted. There’s a lot of camp, so much camp.

, Like, I don’t know much about the drag queen community, but we’re a lot of these drag Queens also like actual Queens who are known for this.

Vivi: Yeah. So I believe the directors really want it to give it that authentic feels.

So they hired real drag Queens. I think it shows.

Erick: Right. You could tell that they didn’t just make this up for the movie

Vivi: another fun fact again, take everything I’m saying with a grain of salt, because it was difficult to find info on this movie, but the budget for this movie was, do you want to take a guess

Erick: a little more than that, 25 K no less than that. 20 K

Vivi: 20 K and right off the bat, I guess we will say this. Watch this movie as an indecent. Do not judge it against big Hollywood productions. We mentioned right off the bat, this is clearly a labor of love movie.

Erick: There are things in this that they really have a ton of potential, but because it’s an indie film, low budget, 20 K it doesn’t have that same grand, just like a fact, but it is the same when you give it a chance

Vivi: and how many times do we talk about horror films that have a minuscule budget and end up just doing crazy at the box office, because there’s just so much room to grow,

Erick: Yeah. mean, I saw the MDB gives it a pretty low.

Vivi: There’s a lot of other reasons for why

Erick: that would be yeah, fuck people. But like, I’d love to see more, it could be the start of many other things for these directors. Even these actors,

Vivi: I actually heard that they are working, I guess this is my other fun fact.

They are working on another film. It plans to be more of a slow burn, psychological thriller instead of this very camp flasher that we have here. So kind of a shift, but I’m excited to see what these directors do.

Erick: That’d be cool. I’m ready for it.

Vivi: I don’t want to. Yeah. And again, we’re saying it’s a knee, but once you get used to the style of this film, you don’t even realize it.

You don’t even pay attention to that aspect anymore. You’re like in it with these characters

Erick: I’d watch this twice, I think it’s worse when you watch it the first time, but when you watch it the second time, there is so much to this movie then when you know how it ends and I’ll tell you why?

Because like, when I was taking notes, I was like, oh my God, like these guys knew what they were doing. From the get-go it’s like so much is connected so much is told to you so much for shadowing so much that it’s not even apparently it’s movies where we’ve seen where.

Obviously that’s foreshadowing, obviously that’s whatever. And there are some moments like that, but here one piece of dialogue means so much more to the film. Then you get, I think the first watch all right. Sorry. You ready to fail the speed run so we can try those cherries? Yes, you can do it on purpose.

Aren’t you? Yes. How dare you?

If you’re going to have two faces, you might as well make one of them worth looking at

Vivi: Dean. Thanks.

Erick: Thanks. So that, thanks

Vivi: for that.

Just kidding. The insults in this movie are what make it worth watching alone are so good. They really are so good. The one-liners in this. Well, 10

Erick: out of 10. I can’t even capture him in my write-up because otherwise I’d have been sitting here forever. Like, and then she said, and then she was like, what?

And then clap back that’s the whole ride. I was just them just going at each other.

Vivi: It is a good chunk of the movie. All right. You got on timey? Yup.

Were pretty terrible, pretty terrible at segways on the pod. If you’ve worked at durable, if you haven’t noticed there, bud

Erick: ready?

Vivi: Oh God.

Erick: 1, 2, 3,

Vivi: go. Okay. So we pretty much followed Dwayne. I think his name is, and he is coming back to his hometown after a bad relationship and just like reentering his job at a bar. It’s a drag bar and he’s kind of finding his footing. He’s rooming with his bestie and uh, basically immediately game and start to get murdered at this drag spot.

And you don’t know who it is. Who’s the killer classic slasher type of movie. And uh, we find out that it’s actually this older drag queen. Who’s been treated terrible in the club scene and she’s like murdering them for blood so she could stay young and gorgeous. And then she kind of like murders everyone until Duane, for some reason is the only one left with the bar and he just becomes the owner and she runs away with the best character in the movie named tragedy.

Erick: You beat it by 15 seconds. So you don’t get to try these cherries.

Vivi: I had failed.

Erick: You were like panicking, you had 35 cent. Like I was talking way too bad, right. second 25 and you were like, oh my God.

Vivi: I mean, I was in my ride. I was like, I’ve already failed. I do want to try this shirt though.

Should we try the whole,

Erick: whole,

Vivi: the whole shebang?

All the glitter. I love the glitter. Oh, I think we forgot to mention that we added edible glitter to this because. It wouldn’t be a gorgeous death drop without glitter,

Erick: Without some shiny glitter.

Vivi: Do what do I try? The moonshine first or all in

Erick: one? Go cheers. All in one go.

Vivi: Oh, I got worse. The more you chewed

Erick: there’s a lot.

Vivi: It literally just tasted like cherries at first.

Erick: mind went straight to moonshine. Oh

Vivi: no. I’ve been into the cherry and that’s when it went bad. Oh, who eats these for fun

Erick: and there’s others, right?

Vivi: I think they have like pickled moonshine or something like that.

I haven’t seen on yen, but they definitely have like desserty flavors.

Erick: Well,

Vivi: These chairs are going to last us awhile.

unless we track every.

Erick: Oh, they’re fine. They’re just,

Vivi: just kidding. That’s an asshole move. Don’t do that. It has done to them

Erick: to be a Dick.

Vivi: Okay. Oh, just say one more thing. And then I guess we can get into this discussion because I feel like we’re just like raving about it. This movie on first watch feels superficial. Like it’s just for the kills. It’s just for the Queens and the camp, doing research for it. You had to watch it again.

I was just listening to interviews and reading interviews by the directors. And you realize there is themes of like age-ism sexism and racism in this film that it’s kind of lost on you at first,

Erick: Cause it just feels like they’re just throwing it in there. with Dwayne’s character, at one point someone calls them like I don’t like blacks And then later Gloria Hall keeps calling him Tito and

Vivi: understand why she kept calling him that.

And I was like, oh. Racism I’ve

Erick: read. older drag queen.

Vivi: Oh my God. Okay. But Gloria hole, she’s amazing. let’s get to do this because I just love that she literally threw a cigarette butt at a fucking,

Erick: you know, that when I was taking the notes it was before that scene that you told me that I just hit play and it was that scene. And I was like, no, I’m not going to summer just because I have to add these little bitchy things that people do, but it is

Vivi: part of the character.

That would be my one critique of the film, I guess. The pacing of this film is a bit long. Yeah. Some scenes could be shorter.

So I guess a quick disclaimer, we are obviously not part of the drag community and there is some phrases and some jokes that are probably lost on us. But if we get anything wrong, please just let us know. We are not trying to be insensitive. We’re sorry.

We’re sorry. We’re an educated.

Erick: you want to know what am to be says about it real quick?

Vivi: Do you why

Erick: though? No, but we’re going to say it anyway. a dejected bartender and an aging drag queen, try to survive the eccentric and hostile night life of a corrupt city as a mass maniac, slaughters, young gay men and drains them of blood.

Still a better movie than fucking midnight mass.

Vivi: Is that your base for comparison?

Erick: Well, anything with vampires, it’s only midnight mass made vampires fucking boring, and this makes me empire is fun. They are vampires.

Vivi: Are they though?


Erick: is definitely a vampire. I mean, yeah. Tragedies for sure. Like Dracula,

Vivi: she even looks like lady Gaga in American horror story as the Countess.

Oh, do you know what tragedy’s name is?

Erick: Like her running

Vivi: like their drag name?

Erick: What is it?

Vivi: Does it say it there? I don’t want to get it wrong, but it’s something like complete destruction.

Oh yeah. It is

Erick: Complete destruction, complete destruction. That’s awesome. Love it. I love it.

Vivi: All right. Let’s get into it

Erick: Also, I don’t, if he gives us a 3.8, fuck them based on 220 ratings Can we rate bomb this good ratings?

Vivi: Yes.

Especially on shutter, because there is always those few disappointing reviews that you see on there. I love, and I hate that shutter allows you to review films because. Very gatekeepery people.

Erick: let’s do it for pride month. this only has 220 people who have rated on I am to be in, it’s got a 3.8 and I think it deserves way better.

At least


Vivi: not just on pride month, every day. Let’s go and write this

Erick: movie. Yeah. Don’t be a shitty person and you don’t do this right now. Pause the episode, go do it. And then come back and then write

Vivi: us because we also need ratings.

Erick: Are you back? Did you do it awesome. You’re great. All right. we start on a guy walking in the street, checking his poner at profile pounder, app pounder up being this movie’s grinder. I’ve never used the app. And obviously, I don’t know what it’s about. I just have heard people say that, like you could position yourself within feet of another person who uses it kind of like Tinder and these other apps that are for dating.

Vivi: But I think Tinder, it just shows you people in your community Grindr literally shows you this person’s two feet away from me,

Erick: but it doesn’t show you the person. Right? where you still have to kind of like find out who it is.

Vivi: You know, who we should have asked to comment on this movie is your

Erick: brother.

Yeah. We should have brought them in. We could bring them in for the next one. If he’s got time, he’s got. Shannon Johnny, if you, probably don’t listen to this, but you should

Vivi: shout out to Johnny. He doesn’t have a job.

Erick: Yeah. Good for him living the grand old life.

Vivi: That’s the fucking dream to not have a job

Erick: and still have money.

Yeah. He’s got daddy, Ryan taking care of him. And he really does shout out to daddy, Ryan.

Vivi: I’m sure your brother-in-law’s going to be thrilled that you just called

Erick: him that But yeah, so Grindr app is a pounder app here and they basically get fucking murdered through it because this is the reason that a lot of people get pulled into a random corner and murdered.

It really is. His name is Candyman though, this guy that we see on an app and he gets a message from someone anonymous asking if he’s PMP, you had to tell him what this was going to know,

Vivi: I had to look it up. I am not cultured. I am sorry.

Erick: He said it’s partying, play party and play.

Vivi: It usually means hookup and drugs. Oh, okay. As the inter webs have

Erick: told me, he doesn’t respond and goes into a bar, but he gets kicked out the anonymous person, messages him again, and Candyman asks where they are.

It goes around looking for them until he finds the car. In the back alley, we switched to the point of view of the driver is Candyman gets on the car and gets handed a tray, a Coke. Candyman does a line and notices some tubes in the backseat coming out of a barrel. As his nose starts to bleed while he tries to start a conversation, the driver wipes the blood away causing Candyman to notice and get out of the car in a panic. It doesn’t make it that far and collapses in front of the car, allowing for the killer to come over and stab him on the ground. Several times with the screwdriver, we only see a gloved hand as they dig and wiggle the screwdriver around into candy.

Man’s back. The killer turns him over as he compulsive is he’s got like spit and stuff coming out of his face. and we get the death drop gorgeous in neon introduction card,

Vivi: death drop Gorge that killed. Was pretty decent. It

Erick: is luck the effects in this movie I do too.

Vivi: And just wiggling, anytime you wiggle a weapon in someone’s body, I’m going to be like,

Erick: and it lingers.

He was like, yeah, he’s like playing with it. Oh God. Yeah. It’s a pretty brutal, like he’s already, he’s already

Vivi: compulsive. He’s already

Erick: dead, but the killer enjoys it. The intro credits roll. As we see Dwayne looking to get a job and checking pounder only to get rejected by someone random he’s like, of course he walks in on tragedy, cleaning the place and suddenly she bowels in front of him, but he just stares weirdly at her.

It makes his way, pastor,

Vivi: the way this character is only in this movie for like seven minutes and has my whole heart. I love her. Just everything about her is what I love.

Erick: She just stares

Vivi: and she’s just there. Almond is creepy.

Erick: We end up finding out who the killer is. It’s not tragedy, but I was like, I think I’d have been more surprised if they went with tragedy and you’re like, no, she is innocent. I

Vivi: will defend her in court.

Erick: She’s a great tragedy with an eye by the way.

Keep it mysterious. Yeah. Tony, two fingers is the guy in charge and he’s clearly a fucking douche bag. It sounds like Duane used to work here, but left town to start a business with an ex-boyfriend.

Nobody wants his job back. And we also see that Tony has a guy in a dog, a gimp suit who acts literally like a dog, dog bowl. There’s a dog bed. They got a leash on their growling.

Vivi: I think they’re only referred to as pub for the entire film. Yep.

Erick: So, but moves is liable and hands. Dwayne, a bag of Coke is Tony explains he needs him to move it for him, but he’s like, what the fuck? Nah, I’m good. And Tony says he doesn’t need any bartenders, but ends up squeezing him in on Tuesdays.

Vivi: apparently this whole bit again, I’m not educated and I’m sorry is an actual thing in the gay community.

Erick: Moving Coke. No, being a dog for

Vivi: somebody. Yes. Called like pup play or something of that nature. I want to look it up, but I’m afraid

Erick: the more, you know, I want to add like a sounder. That’s like the more, you know, the more, you

Vivi: know, You should really add one that says we don’t know anything. Cause I feel like we say that every

Erick: episode, like getting sad or as we say it,

We don’t know anything. Dwayne asks if Tuesdays are still karaoke nights though, and Tony goes off saying the club gets a younger and faster crowd. Now dwayne leaves, after asking if they still call him Tony two fingers, because he’s missing three fingers on one hand, anytime it comes to the running joke for the rest of the week, it is not

Vivi: obvious the entire time I was like, why do they keep referring to him as like lobster hand Tony two fingers?

And he’s literally just holding back two fingers to make it look like they were cut off.

Erick: I kept trying to look for his name because he hides him. He does. Yeah. It’s his hand, like most of the movie and I thought he was hiding it because I was like, he’s just literally got like a giant claw for our hand.

There’s a movie like that. Isn’t there

Vivi: are you thinking of American horror story? The circus Oh yeah. Susan.

Erick: Yeah. I was expecting that. the way they keep talking about it, yeah, he’s just missing fingers.

No big deal. Yeah. No nothing. That’s cool. He’s still smoke cigarettes.

All you need is two fingers. And I think that’s the joke for a lot of things. back at Dwayne’s apartment, we meet Brian. Brian is a great character. And I was said to see what happens later.

Vivi: Oh, wait to give it away.

Erick: Nope. He leaves town. See, they won’t, they won’t know what happened. That’s a red herring. Brian is excited that Dwayne is back and working at the club on Tuesdays.

Brian clearly loves the queen, Janet fitness. And can’t wait for Dwayne to see her perform tonight. Dwayne doesn’t seem as excited, but Brian convinces him saying he has to live his life. It’s nighttime. And Brian mentioned, oh yeah, I’m going, wouldn’t be meeting a guy there.

Kay. Kay noise. Like shit. So I’m third wheeling. And Brian’s like, no, he’s a grad student handsome. And he’s a top. Good for Brian. Yeah.

We meet this grad student. Who’s clearly disgusted at the sight of Brian, but Brian makes the best of it and is happy. This guy looks just like his profile picture.

Vivi: Oh,

Erick: poor Brian. Yeah. I know you fucked this guy though. While Brian tells the grad dude about when he was Snoopy and the Charlie brown production, Dwayne notices a queen having a drink by the bar.

Dwayne turns to Brian to ask what happened in Gloria hole, Brian lapsing Lauria troll, which is what the other Queens call her do whiskey gravity, and basic songs happened there,

Vivi: which is devastating. But I mean, yeah, but we’re about to come onto one of the biggest themes of this film and it is the ageism happening in this community.

Erick: He says that Janet fitness is the future of drag. As she gets announced to the stage, as she performs a death drop, gorgeous song plays, and people tip her, especially Brian who runs to the front, happily shoving everyone out of his way to get to her.

Vivi: So we mentioned at the beginning that Brian is one of the directors of the film and I love the way he plays this

Erick: character.

Oh, it’s so great. everyone calls him annoyed. Berlin know, he’s just like having a good time. It’s his own this way because it’s what gets them in trouble later to move towns later. If towns were life and death.

Vivi: So I think this film has actually received criticism for the way it plays on gay stereotypes. But I think the directors have mentioned that every character they portray is supposed to be satirical and meant to kind of point fingers at things that are maybe a little problematic in the gay community.

Again, this is from the directors. I don’t know. I am not saying this. Go check out their interviews. They’re pretty fun. I’m

Erick: only going add my 2 cents. I’d rather hear that from directors who are a part of this community, then lightly white, straight dudes. Absolutely. Or like, yeah, I have a friend ‘

Vivi: cause that was like we were debating whether or not to bring it up on this episode because we did go see men.

And I was one of my biggest issues with that movie is that it is written directed, produced by men. And it felt like men mansplaining

Erick: misogyny to you. They literally called the movie men though. Sorry, just FYI. This is a movie about men, not women Forman

Vivi: by men. Yeah.

Erick: Once the performance is over, Brian is so excited about how great Janet is when the grad douche says he isn’t feeling this and likes dudes who act like dudes. He turns the Dwayne and says, he also doesn’t like blacks. Just the use of the word. Blacks, not black people alone increases the racism. Oh,

Vivi: I mean, yeah.

He is the worst type of character.

Erick: walks off leaving Bryan and Dwayne like what the fuck just happened? Oh,

Vivi: they are mad. Yeah. Like, fuck you.

Erick: We get a bit of a montage of the club that night, including Janet signing something for Brian who’s excitedly explaining something to her, but she walks away while Brian is still talking, giving us a hint at what’s to come later she looks interested, but she’s kind of just like walks away with her.

Vivi: Where can I get a straw that has my name on it? I could probably find it online. I am going to look for one

Erick: and then we’ll put them in our drinks. Oh, absolutely. However that doesn’t burst Brian’s bubble. This is why I love Brian. Cause he’s just like so positive and again, he’s too gullible, but he’s just so like yeah, fuck it.

Dude. Look at school. It’s a good time. I love Janet and he’s happy to tell he talked to her, they decided to leave and Dwayne shoulders, the shit out of the grad dude saying, fuck you, before walking out,

Vivi: Dwayne has some baggage and some anger. What did you keep

Erick: saying?

Like, I love

Vivi: an email girl. He is very emo. Yeah. He actually later on in the movie ends up at kind of like a metal

Erick: bar. He has this whole other fucking side story. It’s like, well, okay.

Vivi: And it’s kind of unfortunate because Dwayne is kind of like our final boy. Right. But he’s definitely not the most interesting character in this film,

Erick: And maybe that’s what they try to do with this. They try to make him hearing. Yeah. And I think there’s better ways to do it. Oh, he’s in a metal. So clearly he’s the killer.

Vivi: Obviously, if you’re into metal, you’re a bad person.

Erick: Thanks. Thanks. Thanks for that.

Vivi: I think one of the directors of the film said that he actually came from the gay metal scene. So I wonder if this character is his interpretation of

Erick: himself.

Oh, okay. we could’ve left the metal scene though. And not left in that like under the bridge fire barrels

Vivi: seen that scene seemed a little out of place for me. Yeah. We could have just left him in the club getting into fights.

Erick: Elsewhere. We see a queen from behind sitting in the dark on her phone, exchanging messages with someone talking shit about the other Queens and saying the club as a joke, we see that it’s Janet.

When another queen comes in to tell her she was great and Janet just responds, bitch. I know it’s Audrey Harbor and who walks in. And I didn’t know, till later she continues making these passive aggressive comments to the other queen. And while we cut to the grad dude getting texts, asking if he wants his Dick suck now or never now, or never

Vivi: now, or never,

Erick: he’s like, let me, let me see them pics.

And the guy’s like, nah, come see when. Which is weird because the dudes real fucking picky with Bryan and Dwayne, but he’s like, yeah, fuck it. I’ll just go. I think

Vivi: it’s that thing of as the night is going on, he’s realizing he’s not going to get lucky. So he’s got to just go for what he can

Erick: fuck this guy.

Vivi: Oh my God.

Erick: It’s death though. Yeah, I know. He follows the pounder out to the backyard of some house and finds a cellar door open. He’s stupid as fuck and makes the great decision to go down and finds the walls covered in plastic.

Vivi: I think when this film was originally in the stages of like workshopping and scripting, they commented on how unsafe the gay dating scene can be. And I think in general with dating apps now it’s very unsafe. There’s always like those urban legends of, they went on a Tinder day and there was plastic all over the

Erick: place, if a girl was like, I’m around the corner and then there’s a cellar door open, I’d be like, nah, I’m good.


Vivi: But again, I think that’s why it’s like, it’s commenting on how unsafe it is.

Erick: Gotcha. We’ll be safe out there, guys,

Vivi: guys, girls and non-binary

Erick: folks. Yeah. Across the room. A hand comes out of a hole and he’s like nice. And it takes his Dick out.

Vivi: Okay. Okay. But the gloved hand is very fabulous. It is

Erick: it’s beckoning.

Yeah. It’s glistening in the light too. It’s like early, right? No, I think it has. I’m like lube.

Vivi: I only watched this floods. I just remember it. Glistening. I can’t remember the glitter out of

Erick: nails. Oh, but it was

Vivi: gloved though. Yeah. They had um, rings on the gloves. Oh gosh. I think I might have some of those that I kind of want to use for the drink video.

If we can ever get our lives together to make a drink video.

Erick: He pulls out his fake Dick DelDOT to put it in the hole. I say that because like, it’s obviously a dildo that he sticks into there or his Dick, and he just has a really fake looking Dick.

Vivi: So this is an interesting debate, right? I think at some point he might’ve been real, but when they actually show it like the whole thing, that is definitely a deal.

Erick: Okay. Well, it looks fake from the get-go and I apologize,

Vivi: actor surf, if that is your real package. Yeah.

Erick: He puts his fake Dick into the hole and starts moaning until we see someone approaching on the other side with a meat grinder.

And I was like, oh fuck. Oh my God. Yeah. He’s like wash the teeth. And he says, wash the teeth for so long. But I’m like, no, I think the moment that these things that work instead of a meat grinder, so they’re just pinching at your fucking Dick tip. I’m sorry. Ahead of time, too. This is a very graphic episode

Vivi: okay. But when I saw that meat grinder, I was laughing. I was like, oh no, but I was laughing.

Erick: I mean, yes I was talking to, but it, goes very into detail. You see the meat coming out, the other side, getting grinded and he’s like, don’t use your teeth. Oh, there’s there’s screaming, literally getting his meat ground.

 He falls back as blood just keeps squirting out his ripped of Dick. And I asked you what did stay hard because the base is so hard. This is a fucked up question. I’m sorry. But his base is still hard. And you were like, yeah, cause it’s blood, but yeah, it’s leaving. Like the reason boners happen is because it’s full of blood and it was leaving.

It’d be flacid. What did he, let me, let us know. Let us know.

 We should ask the guy who got his Dick cut off in the nineties. Oh my

Vivi: God.

There is a documentary about how that entire case was handled and it is bad. Yeah, because they make it into a huge joke. But at the end of the day, that woman was very abused by her husband, but it was a huge

Erick: joke everywhere.

Yeah. He literally did porn after he touched Dick and he got famous

Vivi: he did. And then in recent years he was like a huge Trump supporter and she was trying to like rebuild her life. And her names Lorena Bobbitt. I don’t know if that was like her married name, but. Years later when it was all over and she was remaking her life with her new husband, he kept trying to contact her saying like they could do things to make money together because their case was so infamous

Erick: for that guy.

Vivi: because

It was a joke for so long. And I don’t think I was old enough to remember the case. Exactly.

Erick: I was a kid and I remember a kid at school being like, you can get your Dakota off by a girl while you’re sleeping. I was a bitch.

I’m eight. Why do you know about this?

Cut to some cooking sausages. Kolesnik subtle. Bryan and Dwayne are talking about how crappy that grad dude was when Brian switches to ask Duane what happened with his ex Dwayne ends up explaining there was someone else and gets really deep in thought.

But when the camera zooms out, we see that Brian’s just on his phone. Like, damn, that’s crazy,

Vivi: Brian May not be the best

Erick: friend. No, I mean, but Brian later, like is also funny about it. Yeah. He makes a comment to Dwayne is like, you have a really funny way of making things about you.

Oh my

Vivi: God. I loved that line.

Erick: So he’s self-aware I think but Dwayne’s like, it’s fine. I’ll get over it this whole time. There’s this feeling that Dwayne has some shit he needs to figure out, like we said earlier, there’s this whole undertone of him having demons inside. Yeah. He gets this whole face. Your demons arch back of the club, one of the go-go dancers and tragedy are taking the trash out.

The go-go dancer is selling her a story about some dude from last night when she opens the dumpster and it was like, oh, and close, this, love, this react, walking away, they go good answers. Like what opens the dumpster and screams, finding the body of Candyman from earlier, cut to some detectives, Barry and O’Hara who will get a call from Tony, asking them to come to the club. Detective O’Hara is an old friend of Tony. And you can tell they’ve worked in the shady shit together.

Before we cut to the detectives at Tony’s office, who questioned him about the body. Every time we get scenes like this, it’s like a whole bit all right, Tony. All right, whatever you say, Tony. All right. All right, Tony. Yeah. Yeah. We’ll take care of it, Tony.

Let’s just, you know what, the city’s real big now. So uh, it’s not like it used to be anymore and he ends up another way to cash and he’s like, all right, well, Tony we’ll uh, we’ll just dump the body over at the Chinese restaurant.

Vivi: Also the dynamic with his partner is like, they like each other, like there until they’re like, they’re not into each other.

I don’t know.

Erick: These guys are bears.

Right? I know that term. They’re kind of thin. Well, Johnny always tells me that bearded, hairy men.

Vivi: Bearded Harry and I think thick

Erick: O’Hara’s thick bearded and Harry. So it was Tony.

Vivi: Okay. Tony is not. And we’ll talk about that. Terrible.

Erick: Hello, his fat suit or whatever.

Tony says that if he killed him, he wouldn’t put him in his own dumpster. And that, because he was a drug addict, it was only a matter of time before he showed up in a dumpster

Vivi: little insensitive. But

Erick: okay. Again, Tony is a piece of shit. Tony ends up getting mad though with the whole situation and pays them to get rid of the body all while Barry’s like, what the fuck O’Hara obviously has a relationship with Tony. He’s like, aren’t we cops?

Vivi: Yeah. He’s just like, how much do I have to pay to make this go away? And then hands on that bag of cocaine. And he’s like, this’ll do

Erick: all back while they’re bagging it up.

Barry notices the body was drained of its blood, but our hero doesn’t give a shit and just says, they’re going to dump it at the Chinese restaurant around the corner. When he gets a call saying a college student’s gone missing, we see tragedy on stage, really into playing some sort of electronic instrument to the club.

That’s basically empty. It’s like some like electronic, like, oh, I should’ve looked this up. Let us know if you know what that is. Dwayne watches from behind the bar and is joined by Gloria hole who watches the disgustedly. She’s disappointed that after giving so many years to the club, she has been left to Tuesdays when it’s dead.

She reminisces about the glamour and the glory of the old days while taking a shot with Dwayne before she goes up to. She’s got an older style, but it’s still very glamorous and elegant. She stops halfway is the lyrics of the song. Say, I’m not someone you forget. I told you ahead of time, I noticed a lot of things throughout this that were like hints for shadowing so yeah, when she stopped singing, the song literally says, I’m not someone you forget and says, fuck this. While walking off stage, she goes into Tony’s office while he’s snorting a line and tells him she can’t be reduced to this.

Vivi: He’s a line, but he is not snowing.

Erick: No. Yeah, he completely misses. But they recorded that. Tony goes off and says, they’ve argued about this before Gloria says she’ll do something modern that people know. And Tony gives her a chance sing Audrey Harper.

And won’t be an on Saturday because she’s on house arrest for public indecency. Love that. Like always, apparently, but tells her not to mess it up or she’s out.

Vivi: I kind of already brought this up earlier, but I love the character of Gloria home. First of all. Great name. Second of all, this actor is a very mouth heavy.

Actor, like all the acting has done in the way they talk and emphasize.

Erick: I just love that. Yeah. really liked Gloria hole’s character. And again, spoiler alert. I was actually sad to see that she was the killer and Brian’s who Brian’s death and Gloria being the killer.

I thought maybe Brian was going to have his moment where Gloria maybe took him under her wing. And Gloria was like reliving her youth through Brian like, okay, maybe I’m not old. And I can like show someone else the ropes and still have like a fresh person on stage with my legacy. I thought that’s what Gloria, his whole story was, but this is a horror movie and we don’t get wholesome stories like that.

Vivi: So every character seems to be a red herring in this film. And I really wanted it to be Janet

Erick: fitness. Oh yeah. Fuck Janet. The scene is really sad though. When Gloria walks off confident saying like, she’s not gonna mess it up. Tony throws money at her face saying she needs a new wig because it looks like a comradery. And it’s like really degrading.

 People are so fucking trash. Cause this happens to people. You know, also wigs are very expensive. Also. Fuck Tony gloria sticks up for herself though and says she’ll always be the first lady of Providence ominously

Vivi: also Providence seems to be a character within this film itself. I actually found out that. Because the budget for this film was so small, a lot of the local businesses just let them film there. And a lot of the music featured in this. Cause as you know, copy-written music is very expensive, is actually from people in the music scene of Providence.

Erick: Yeah. I love this.

 It sounds like not only a passion project for the creators and the directors, but also the people in the community who were like, yeah, fuck it. Let’s help our friends up.

Vivi: And that whole music scene makes sense because there are times for sure, where it seems like the Queens are lip sinking to probably music that can’t be used.

And it’s like, they dubbed over that music.

Erick: Yeah. Yeah. Elsewhere. Jen is drinking from a swirly straw. That’s shaped to say Janet, when Brian walks in the same place, completely surprised and happy to see her.

He tries to greet her, but she Dodges him. He tries reminding her. She said she would sign his headshots and she acts like, she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s also

Vivi: wearing a Janet

Erick: shirt. Yeah. It’s literally got her face on it and she roasts him for it.

Like what a bitch, dude. There’s someone wore my shirt. I’m embarrassed. First of all, I would be like humbled. Yeah. And she’s like fucking nice shirt. You piece of shit, dude. It’s your merge? It’s your face, dude? What are you talking shit about yourself? I don’t know what’s happening right now. He’s like, it’s cool.

I’m also a performer. And I’d love for you to come to one of my shows. I’ll even try to get you like tickets. It’s just, I don’t know when they are yet, but Janet is like, you couldn’t pay me enough.

This shatters Brian, because he’s like, oh, so you’re actually horrible.

Vivi: She says he’s a restraining order waiting to happen.

Erick: And Brian’s like, what

Vivi: the fuck? Don’t meet your heroes. Kids.

Erick: met Stan Lee. He’s my hero. And he was great. I actually felt bad cause he was like actively dying in front of me. Oh, was this old? I felt bad. I was like, you don’t have to sign it literally being here is enough. Yeah.

Vivi: people I admired have just turned terrible with time. Like JK, Rowling guys. Great. I ain’t gonna go still. Great. We’re going to go see here. Taylor is great. I mean she a white feminist, but I still do enjoy her music.

Erick: Okay. So she’s not great. I mean,

Vivi: she’s getting better. She’s fine. She’s trying. And I will defend

Erick: her. Aren’t we all, meanwhile, Gloria, is that a place miserably calling up, being on numbers as older folks play, we find out later too, that this is actually her place. She owns the bingo hall. Okay.

Vivi: Okay. I was confused by this bingo hall scene. I thought it was part of the club, but then we find out it’s like next to her house or in her basement or something.

Erick: She looks across the room with the photo of a woman with the name kitty litter. And so she left her and that her legacy is an embarrassment before an old man gets angry with her that he’s been yelling bingo. And she reads out that he won an appetizer at a restaurant nearby.

Vivi: Oh, so kitty litter is a great drag

Erick: queen name. Yeah, one thing I wanna point out is that except for those bachelorettes at the end, and then like a handful of women, like the reporter, most of the women who play in this, even like the dead grad student’s mom are played by Queens.

Yes. Dwayne and Brian are going for a walk when Dwayne asks, why Brian is wearing this black hat with a black veil Brian explains what happened with Janet and how she’s a monster when Dwayne says they all are and asks why the worst people are always in power. Dwayne gets really worked up to the point of saying he might slice someone’s throat because he’s tired of the gigs and being treated like a pet.

Vivi: Again, red herring, but also just love how dramatic Brian is. I’m just going to start wearing a black veil when things don’t go my way, do it


Erick: wear one every day. You’re not wearing one right now. You know what? Let me go find one. Okay? Okay. While we wait for BB to get back, Brian’s like, there’s nothing wrong with being working.

did you get your mail? I

Vivi: only have our wedding veil. My wedding belt. Not your wedding though.

Erick: It’s white. It really is. You’ve got married in white. Brian’s like, there’s nothing wrong with being working class when Dwayne’s like, wish me luck at work. And Brian tells him to try not to kill anyone

demons inside Duane Ark. What a tongue twister.

Vivi: You didn’t eat your moonshine. Harry saw that on one. Me

Erick: I’m sick.

I’m already wasted

Vivi: from popping that cherry

Erick: plugging. That tree

looks away in fear

At the club. Audrey answers to the dressing room where Janet’s doing her makeup. Janet asks what happened, her house arrests.

And Audrey says the judge changed his mind after she found him on Bounder. That is hilarious. Janet tells her, her spots been given to Gloria though. And Audrey just says, it’s fine because she’d rather not be seen on the same flyers. Or we get a little bit of foreshadowing here because Audrey asks to use Janet’s mirror.

When Janet slams a little mirror into Audrey’s chest knocking her into her seat and saying, if she’s going to have two faces, she should at least make one of them pretty. Yeah, We get a montage with the club and cuts a Lindsey and Rosebud doing their makeup and talking about who could be the killer.

Lindsay is the one that’s like, oh my God, I don’t know if I could work here anymore. They don’t even like talk about her. And she’s just in that one scene. And at the end a little bit, she’s even the one in the artwork for the movie, but she has like the most minimal role, except for this really glamorous performance at the end.

Vivi: Our makeup’s just on point. And they wanted her in the movie poster. Apparently they decided on that movie poster because they saw that in terms of streaming movie posters with faces tend to get more clicks.

Erick: Interesting. Yeah, because attention it’s a good movie Moser. I really like it. Rosewood says it couldn’t be Tony because there’s too much science to draining the blood. Lindsay’s like, I think I got to go and ask stragedy what the body she found, looked like as tragedy digs into a pomegranate with a knife stoically.

She was just like,

 And it goes back to eating her pomegranate. We get another montage of the club and cut to the end of the night. As a bartender asks Audrey to close up for the night. Audrey goes upstairs to count her tips and lets tragedy know they’re closing. We just see tragedy twirling while holding up a duster to a disco ball.

She’s got like this scarf that goes around her face and you can only see her eyes. And she says, oh well, I’m on, on me.

auditors counting her money. When someone with a mirror mask comes up behind her, Audrey gets to start a little, but she thinks it’s tragedy and finds the whole get cute. She goes up to her and starts licking and kissing the mask until she finally takes his seat again, holding a mirror up and mocking Janet from earlier saying she’s a bitch when suddenly the figure grabs Audrey by the back of the head and smashes her face into the little mirror that’s under the table.

Her face gets smashed over and over and we can see her face covered in glass shards, completely ripped up to spewing blood. It’s cool because you could see like the mirrors point of view of her face with the shards, just sticking out from her cheeks and chin and shit. The finger smashes her head one last time and leaves as we get a zoom away shot of Audrey’s face.

I asked you if you would die from this. And I guess from the loss of bloody

Vivi: wood, I think you would eventually it’d be a long painful

Erick: death. Yeah. I just don’t think she would have died immediately. Like she does. I can understand if you were like, oh, she dies from like the head trauma, but she’s not, she’s not beat up.

Like her face is, oh my God.

Vivi: Get it together. Don’t die.

Erick: Right. He just has glass in her face. It’s not beat up.

Vivi: Her face is not beat. Would you say that’s a make-up term unit? I’m sorry.

Erick: I’m sorry. I’m sorry

Vivi: for not knowing.

Erick: Dwayne’s at the apartment of set. He’s got to be a shot boy for the mask for mask ball. As Brian just hypes them up saying he looks good. We got a shirtless view of Dwayne is nipple.

Piercings has got this like feather outfit in this like mask. His

Vivi: very unhappy

Erick: with this costume. Yeah. He hates it. Brian likes the whole idea of the masquerade. Well, Dwayne thinks it’s going to be a disaster. Brian then does a little more foreshadowing by saying he.

Or like Elphaba and Glenda, do you know who Elphaba and Glenda are? Yeah.

Vivi: Alphabet is the bad witch and Glenda’s the good

Erick: witch. Yep. He says that Dwayne is Elphaba for being pessimistic. And Glenda is cheerful. Dwayne asks if he dies in the end and Brian says her death is a ruse to trick her enemies and literally yells out spoiler alert.

Sorry, not sorry. I think my God, I think that Elphaba and Glenda aren’t Dwayne and Brian, I think that they are tragedy and Gloria, because Gloria is like the cheer for one of the two and tragedy is the pessimistic one.

Vivi: But it is talking about Dwayne because you think he dies at one point and he comes back to defeat.

Erick: I don’t think it works because Dwayne doesn’t die. Quote, unquote, one time he, that ending scene is probably like my other gripe with this movie it’s like the Peter Griffin chicken fight with them at the end that I’m like, this doesn’t work. It keeps

Vivi: going. Yeah.

Erick: so I think this is talking about Dwayne. I think it’s talking about

Vivi: tragedy and it could be applied to

Erick: both Fisher.

Vivi: That is really funny with this movie, because I guess they’re not suspecting you to be paying attention to the dialogue that much and it totally gives away the ending.

Erick: Wow. Yeah. At the cloud, the mask for mask ball has started and Tony can’t get a hold of Audrey.

while Janet says she can’t believe he’s letting Gloria ruined their biggest night of the year. Some more for shedding happens when Janet complaints to Sony about how he hasn’t updated the place and needs to fix the floorboards.

The floorboards, because her heel keeps getting caught. Tony’s like, nah, those floorboards have held the biggest stars than you.

got her. Lindsay goes up on stage and introduces Rosebud as the first performer of the night. While Janet runs into Gloria getting ready in the dressing room. Janet makes fun of her. But Gloria says it’s time. They gave the people, something of substance. Janet makes a comment about the people needing something newer and fresher and Gloria laughs hysterically asking if she thinks she’s going to live forever.

Janet, just scoffs and walks off. That’s what I fucking ain’t about all this bullshit about millennials. Just going to throw my 2 cents in here real quick. Cause motherfuckers out here, just trying to talk shit about millennials. First of all, I’m not a white millennial, so I don’t feel like those stereotypes apply to me in the first place.

But second of all, gen Z out here acting like they’re not also going to get old and get made fun of by whatever the fuck is next. Where you get a bunch of alpha male gen, literally alpha, bro.

Grow up.

Vivi: That’s a whole nother

Erick: podcast episode. Anyway. Point is that? You should just be nice to people regardless of how newer fucking young you think you are. So

Vivi: I think that’s one of the ways this film is actually pretty fun. It’s talking about ageism and sexism and racism within the queer community.

But I feel like anytime there’s a community, there’s always issues within it. Like the horror community definitely has its issues with accepting other races, other sexualities. And even though you want to say, oh, this is a queer movie. I feel like that message is kind of universal.

Like no matter what community you try to belong to, that you feel like it’s full of your peers. There’s always going to be pockets of it that are not that understanding like society in general. Yeah. We live in a society

Erick: People fucking suck.

just be fucking good people, dude. Just do it. it’s really not even that hard.

Vivi: This has been advice with Eric.

Erick: Rosebud, finishes her performance and introduces Gloria getting only a clap or two from the crowd.

Gloria comes out wearing something that looks like it was put together by Sally from the nightmare before Christmas and starts playing a song that just repeats hashtag I swallow in Auto-Tune well, she just dances really awkwardly.

Vivi: First of all, this song is great.

Erick: She’s like it’s hip as young. That’s what the kids say, right?


Vivi: can’t believe this. Isn’t a sounder on Tik TOK. That’s viral. To be honest

Erick: Make the song or a song for the, for the desktop video.

Oh my

Vivi: God. This should totally be the song for our video that we should one day record.

Erick: Yeah, we should do that. Everyone clearly gets awkward about her performance and do it even calls her grandma when she’s done getting a laugh out of the entire crowd, Gloria runs off the stage, crying his glasses, throwing her.

She’s crying in the dressing room. When Dwayne walks in trying to cheer her up saying she’s a great queen, but Gloria tells him she doesn’t need his pity and tells him to get the fuck out. Dwayne leaves calling her a bitter old queen and we cut to the detectives, finding the grad student washed up on the shore.


Vivi: you feel a little sad for Dwayne because he is just trying to be a good person. But I also understand Gloria who just went through something very embarrassing and she assumes that everyone that’s in the crowd is just out to get her.

You know what I’m calling it. I’m classifying this as a good for

Erick: her. Yeah, the detectives wonder if the purpose of the same, given that his blood is also drained, we get a random scene of Gloria throwing a cigarette at a baby before the detectives go to Tony.

Vivi: I’ve literally guessed. I was

Erick: like, oh, oh God, this lady’s like running with the stroller. And she’s like, oh no, she just waves at her and is like, oh, Hey, what’s going on? And she ties her shoe. I think

Vivi: she links it into the baby’s

Erick: stroller at first isn’t even like, mean to the baby. She just looks in and is like, oh, let’s baby.

Fuck you. And it like, fuck you Providence.

We cut back to the detectives, going back to Tony to tell him there are too many deaths connected to the club and that they need to stick the place up before it gets out to the papers.

Vivi: Sometimes I forget that these detectives are even in this film,

Erick: I told you every time that they’re in the movie, it’s like a bit, it does feel like a bit.

It doesn’t feel like they’re actually doing anything.

Vivi: You’re literally hiding a cry.

Erick: we get this out of nowhere. Montage of Dwayne at some underground street festival. While we cut back to the detectives, reviewing security footage of the night, Duane shoved the grad student.

This is also one of those scenes where Barry’s like massaging O’Hara’s shoulders. They wonder whether he’s the killer and given the dark arc, he’s been getting it very well. Could be but we cut to the other go-go dancer, familiar getting messages over pounder, inviting him to get a massage.

He shows up to this massage place and lays naked facing down in the massage bed. The mass Ang love figure shows up and climbs on top of him while massaging him, but pulls a knife out and slit his throat over a bucket under the massage. But what did he have noticed that the bucket was under?

Cause it’s literally under where you could see.

Vivi: Yeah. I can’t imagine like getting a massage and not looking to see what they’re doing. If they place a bucket

Erick: under me. And then he’s like, what’s the bucket for? He’s like, oh, the fucking seaman.

Vivi: This is not a legit massage.

Erick: No, it never was throw the lube pulls out gallon loo.

Vivi: Yeah. He really asked no questions. No.

Erick: Cut to a forest where the detectives review the dump, the body of the shot boy, and wonder what the killer could be doing with all the blood or heroin wonders.

If it’s more than one person and we cut to them questioning the tragedy, which is foreshadowing again,

Vivi: it’s lost on me. Explain it to me again.

Erick: Oh, Hara literally says for no reason, there’s no evidence in the scene.

That says there’s two killers. Like literally it’s just Barry being like, why are they draining the blood? And Harrah’s like, who says, it’s just one person, that’s not even a follow-up answer to that.

Vivi: You’re right. Oh my God. I need to watch this moving on.

Erick: through, I know

Vivi: why it hinted at two killers straight

Erick: to drag. I think you’ve asking her her name and she just keeps saying tragedy and a hair is life. All right. All right. Well, all, you know, we gotta, we gotta get, we gotta get your true name. Cause we can’t take that to the police station.

And she’s like it’s tragedy.

Vivi: Should we name our kid tragedy

Erick: with an eye? That’s fantastic. tragedy, Eileen.

Vivi: No, it might just be

Erick: tragedy.

Vivi: I leaned into tragedy that poor child child services come get

Erick: them. Now the Spiderman point in everyday, they continue to question Duane, Janet and Gloria are getting basically no answers from anyone.

The montage ends with Janet confronting Tony in his office saying word’s getting out of what’s going on at this. And then with bartenders quitting and the Queen’s afraid he’s not going to have a club for much longer cut to a reporter on the news reporting on the vampire of Providence wreaking havoc.

Vivi: So this is interesting because I don’t know if you know this notion in true crime of the less dead, where if you pray as a serial killer prey on marginalized communities, it will take a while before investigators, media catches on. If they even care to catch on, because you are preying on

Erick: people who society doesn’t give a fuck about

Vivi: exactly the queer, the nonwhite, you know?

So I wonder if this film is trying to comment

Erick: on that. That makes sense. We took what four kills before the media got involved. Quite

Vivi: a bit.

Erick: Yeah. Brain turns the news off and says he’s really freaked out, but Dwayne brushes it off. even making a joke about killing the go-go dancer for rejecting him when. Brian changes the subject and says, he’s working on a new role. That would be like an alcoholic has been character.

So he wants to get tips from a whole. Dwayne makes one of them though. And he’s like, what’s the role? And he’s like flight attendant. Number two. He’s

Vivi: really assigned a lot to this character.

Erick: We cut to another news report where they show the grad student’s mom addressing the murder of her son. And she’s so dramatic. You know, who, she kind of reminds me of the mother from sleep-away camp, the very dramatic one at the beginning. Oh my

Vivi: God. We need to cover sleepaway camp. Cause it is wild.

Erick: Yeah, but she kind of reminds

Vivi: very like ditzy,

Erick: flighty, theatrical, and she speaks. Yeah, I was Aloha. She’s like really dramatic. And she just keeps saying that she’s gonna use her blog until justice is served.

Vivi: You do that girl

Erick: as she closes the door halfway and just stares at the camera. I do

Vivi: love this interview.

Erick: She waves around a handkerchief, a handkerchief.

Vivi: And if it’s not obvious, this is character. I think you mentioned it in the beginning. It was played by

Erick: yeah. Another drag queen,

They interview another guy. Who’s so funny because he gets so awkward with the camera. He’s like, what was the point of getting marriage rights? If there’s someone out here just killing us and he looks at the camera like, right. I wish this was a video.

I wish you could see the face go watch, dude.

Vivi: I love his logic. I love this logic cause I’m like, yes, I get

Erick: what you mean.

I know what you mean. Yeah. I’m with you 100%.

Vivi: Just to be clear. We’re not being condescending. We actually get his

Erick: logic. No, we’re not. You can’t see our faces. That makes us the only we we’re being,

Vivi: we then damn it. Edit it. So we don’t sell like assholes.

Erick: We didn’t cut to Dwayne at a metal show where he hooks up with a dude in the bathroom. And does Coke.

It’s a very aggressive hookup. Meanwhile, Gloria is at her place, chilling, cutting up some fruit. When Brian shows up and gets the door shut on him. When he knocks again and shows her a bottle of whiskey.

Vivi: I like how she’s just chilling at home and drag. And she’s very confused on how to cut this melon.

 If you wear that much makeup all the time, your skin would be fucked.

Erick: Well I think her skin is pretty rude already. Cause she’s cause she’s just old hold hold. Yes, because she’s old.

What is she holding onto dear life? Fuck it.

Vivi: Aren’t we all,

Someone who does wear makeup. If I wear it for too long, my skin hates me. So I don’t imagine you’re just chilling at home and drag for no one, unless you’re

Erick: headed to the bingo. I

Vivi: was going to say, unless you’re headed somewhere

otherwise sitting at home and drag all the time would ruin your skin. Yeah.

Erick: She lets Brian in. And Brian starts to go over his character, which he says is old Hollywood and all about the glamour, which he seems to really love about Gloria.

Brian means well in the way that he’s describing her, does he, even though he’s like going in at the same time, he means, well, he’s being rude in the way he describes her, but he’s also oblivious to Gloria’s.

She says she has to get ready for bingo and leaves him at the dining table with his notes back at the show. Dwayne gets pissed when he sees the dude, he was messing around with making out with another dude and starts a fist fight until he gets kicked out back at Gloria’s house.

Brian walks around and grabs a Komono and wig from her closet. Happily. Gloria is in the bathroom and yells out to him saying that she has to finish the fruit salad for Brngal before she walks out and is stunned at the sight of Brian wearing her shit.

Vivi: This is very rude. I barely know you. And you’re putting on all my

Erick: clothes.

I think Brian wouldn’t have died. Had he not done this to

Vivi: you? He was very obnoxious about this

Erick: he explains that he’s been wanting to get into drag.

How he hates Janet and says Gloria can be his drag mother further driving the steak into Gloria. That was the final straw for her. Gloria grabs a knife off the table and just stabs him. She sits at her piano and laughs hysterically while she smokes a cigarette, but she hears her front door open. Brian makes it done to the basement and goes out to the cellar door before running into Gloria, who hovers over him, smiling while holding this black lace umbrella.

Brian’s like, how do you even move so fast? When she kicks him in the face, leaving her heel, stuck in his eye.

Vivi: Line is you’re so old. How do you move so fast? It just made me crack up

Erick: blood splatters to her face and she laughs looking the blood from her lips. This is when we realized that Gloria is probably the killer

Vivi: shock probably.

Erick: Well, because it’s not clear if she is the killer or if she’s just gone rogue because of how shitty people have treated her.

Vivi: But they have revealed their killer very early on. There is still like 45 minutes of

Erick: movie. There is still, yeah, the movie’s long at the apartment. Dwayne wakes up, completely bruised up and calls out for Brian, finding his remembering.

we then cut back to Gloria, looking in the fridge, holding up a jug and saying she needs one or at the club. Janet complaints about the place being empty because of the news getting out and Tony gets pissed going back to his office and kicking pop-out outside.

Gloria is driving to the club when pup walks out in front of her car and gets run over in like the slowest way possible. just stands in front and he’s like, And it lingers on her just driving and then it’s like dog Yelp. Yes. There’s a dog yell. Laura smiles and finds the body with all its guts all over the place.

Vivi: Again. Pretty good effects.

Erick: There’s a lot of intestine use in this. Yes, there is. Cut to the detectives meeting with Tony. Who’s crying over pub going missing.

And Barry’s like, I don’t know whether to call them missing persons or the pound. Oh my God. That’s when I hear, I mentioned Tony hasn’t chipped and suggests calling to get his coordinates. After calling, they find that the coordinates lead to Gloria hole’s house and find it odd.

He’d be with her Tony doesn’t care and just wants them to bring pup back. We’ll sing a bunch of offensive stuff about Gloria. At the club, we see that Dwayne is distraught while searching for Brian. Before we could switch joker, like scene of Gloria hole in the dressing room.

This is literally the Joaquin Phoenix looking at himself, pulling his cheeks back, seen from the joker,

Vivi: the very unhinged moment where the character is. Becoming the villain. Right. And I pointed this out to you because I am DB did give it such low ratings.

I’m like movie bros would be the first one to say, like that scene in the Joker’s amazing. But then we’re watching a movie like this and not get that scene. Yeah.

Erick: People are weird.

It’s got the same energy.

Gloria whole looks at herself, pulling the skin of her face back and opening a music box to get a cigarette. She stares intently at herself and she lights it with a candle and just smiles aggressively. She drinks her entire glass of wine and will go and slowly gets into a tub of blood. As Lindsay performs back at the club.

Leslie’s performance is like really good too, because it goes in tandem with Gloria’s transformation. And is this really glamorous and go watch it. It’s good. Simultaneously the detectives show up to her house, entering the seller with their guns, drawn Gloria, fully submerged herself in the blood until finally a hand comes out the side with very long.

She’s reborn a completely different person and caresses her new body. While we still see shots of Lindsay performing, Barry comes upon the tub of blood. As we see Gloria pickup, a sledgehammer in the background, she kills Barry first, hitting him across the face and knocking part of his face off.

It looks like O’Hara finds him and holds him in his arms before Gloria lodges, the sledgehammer into the top of his head, Gloria tastes the blood on her middle finger before walking off while holding it up to them.

Vivi: So a couple of things we get a reference here to the blood Countess, right? Is it battery? Elizabeth battery could be wrong, but if you haven’t heard the story, she is a figure in history that allegedly bathed in the blood of Virgin, keep herself young. This is that whole rebirth scene.

And two, she kills these cops with so much ease that sometimes I wonder if their characters weren’t necessary, but then I get that. You’d be watching this and you’d be like, well, where are the cops?

Erick: I don’t know. went as simple as the music that we hear is at the club, not the basement. And when you see her grabbing the sledgehammer, she’s dragging it on the ground and they don’t know where she is when she killed.

Vivi: Is this happening in the club or in her bingo hall home.

Erick: It’s happening in the cellar in her home. Okay. Gotcha. no music. Movie magic, they didn’t know.

They’re going to know.

Vivi: And the cleaning lady comes on Monday.

Erick: No, she turns into a vampire Monday and it kills the cops.

Vivi: I feel like we were talking about do very different, like things that we didn’t find realistic for you. It was the dragging the hammer. And for me, it was like, why were these cops even appoint?

Erick: But there’s a bachelorette party going on at the club as a bunch of angry women yell at the bartenders for the drinks.

They’re kind of being rude if you paid attention to them, they’re not actually asking for drinks. There’s

Vivi: so drunk. They don’t know what they’re asking for.

Erick: Cause Dwayne’s like, what do you want in it?

Do you want vodka? What do you want? What do you want? They’re just screaming. Meanwhile, a tragedy is playing with a glass cup on the bar counter. when Dwayne asks her, if she’s seen Tony, because he found pups vest outside and thinks something might be wrong.

Now I’d like to know what that tragedy is doing this. And isn’t listening to Dwayne but it seems like tragedy has got something to do with what’s going on with Gloria, because it isn’t until Gloria appears that that’s when she starts to listen to Dwayne, but then looks to the door and is like, she’s.

So she knows that Gloria is already coming before Gloria even gets there. She does. So I feel like whatever she’s doing with that cup has something to do with whatever that ceremony is

Vivi: or that cup is making her ominous. Cause we later find out that potentially tragedy is the one who informed her of this ritual.


Erick: Tragedy. Isn’t answering the Wayne though. When we see Janet in the dressing room, hyping herself up before her performance, tragedy, then turns and points to the door. Singing’s beautiful. As new Gloria interests of the club, Rosebud introduces Janet to the stage. As we see Gloria going underneath it, Janet just starts telling everybody they’re fat.

As Gloria pulls a knife out and licks it before, placing it up to the floorboards.

Vivi: just love that she’s calling everyone fat. I get that her character is a fitness group, but

Erick: she’s not even performing or lip singing. She’s like you’re fat. Your fat, your fat. Oh, you’re especially fat.

Thanks Janet. Janet does her death drop and falls on the glorious knife, splashing blood at the bachelorette party.

Vivi: We finally get our titular moment where it’s literally, she does a death drop and is killed, which was required of this film.

Erick: Gloria at the beginning. Also told her, make sure to nail your death drop.

Vivi: She did.

Erick: They cheer though, as Gloria comes up on stage wearing a veil and starts her own performance over Jane it’s dead box.

Her performance though. It feels like she’s putting the crowd under a trance until Dwayne snaps out of it and realizes that it’s Gloria, which doesn’t make any sense at all, because why would it be Gloria? to Dwayne,

Vivi: This is one of those moments where the editing of the film confuses me a little bit, because I don’t know if this is like a daydream sequence for her or if it’s like actually happened.

I’m assuming she actually kills Jennifer fitness.

Erick: It seems like it’s a trance because she’s singing and the people are venerating. Her Gloria is getting what she was looking for, which was validation. Yeah. From the crowds. Now that she’s got.

I also like the point out that the bachelorette parties like covered in blood and they’re just like, oh yeah, love,

Vivi: fucking love. It. Love

Erick: being covered in blood. The one that’s like the most horny is the bride to be, if you look at the video, she’s like,


Vivi: They’re just like, so into the performances that they don’t care what’s happening. Bathe me and blood,

Erick: whatever. Tony’s at his apartment eating when Dwayne calls telling him, Jen is dead. Tony, doesn’t give a shit though. And he’s like, how’s the night going? How’s business. Dwayne tries to tell him, like, you need to call over here.

Where are you? And just hangs up before bursting into tears over pup. He even like drinks wine out of pups dog bowl. When he hears a Doug whimper and goes outside to find the giant package, he opens it up to find pups. It’s really creepy. You can do it shakes. And it’s like, he screams and tries to call the cops, but Gloria comes up behind him and knocks him out with this electric knife, electric knife.

Is that what those are called? I don’t fucking know what they’re no, it’s a knife. knife. Yeah.

Vivi: So is this a reference to seven? What’s the

Erick: fucking, I don’t know, maybe is it that easy to make a reference to seven? I feel like heads are shipped to people a lot in movies

Vivi: in general, just to clarify

Erick: at the club Dwayne’s on his phone. When tragedy comes out from behind a door and says, boom, it’s the vampire.

Dwayne’s like not now when she hands him a bingo ball with the number 69 on it. Nice, Cut to the bingo hall. This is how Dwayne also realizes go to the bingo hall.

Vivi: 69.

Erick: It’s a bingo ball. It’s a bingo. Yeah. I didn’t realize that the first time was where the fucking animal Baltimore was like how to do anything, but we cut to Dwayne taking an Uber and we see that the driver is linear.

Vivi: Oh my God. What a random

Erick: cameo favorites for so many, many horror movies, obviously, but I love her because she’s so Spacey. Cause she’s like, where are we going? And he’s like the bingo hall And she’s like, ah, okay. And turns around.

Vivi: It’s such a quick moment. Like if you’re not paying attention, you won’t catch it.

But what film did we see her in recently?

Erick: Oh returning to the living dead. Yes. She’s the one who dances naked on top of the graves. Very iconic. Yup. Love her. Not because she’s naked just in general, just in general. But also if we just

cut to the bingo hall where Gloria drops bingo balls down the stairs before making her entrance to tries performing. But at one point the record skips ruining her moment. Tony is tied up to a chair and wakes up from being knocked out. When he starts yelling at her before she slaps him and shoves a cloth into his mouth.

Also, how does he know if she’s Gloria? Yes.

Vivi: Cause I don’t think you’ve mentioned at this point. This is a different

Erick: actor. Yeah. completely different.

Vivi: They do a good job though, because I feel like they nailed Gloria’s

Erick: mannerisms. Yeah. Gloria brings up how the club was rated every night in 1984.

And she brings up some trauma saying that. she was even bumrushed on the stage by the cops, but still finished her number bloodied and cuffed.

Vivi: This is sad because it just tells you how long Gloria has been in the scene. she was in the scene when being gay was very dangerous.

And now there’s all these new comers and they’re kind of forgetting the trailblazers that allowed these movements to happen.

Erick: Yeah, that’s exactly what the sixth position in the scene kind of explains, right? she grabs an electric kitchen knife and says the community used to have integrity. And she had to bust her ass to get to the top while he got fat, lazy.

He spoiled these so-called drag Queens who have no regard for the real Queens who sacrificed at all. She says she built the place from the ground up and he thought she expired. She says, she’s forever. And that her tuck has everlasting

Vivi: best fucking line in this movie, but loved it Did we talk about Tony’s fake pillow? No, it’s it’s coming up. there’s one scene where we finally see him sitting down. He has a literal. In his stomach, but the entire film they’re calling him fat and you don’t understand why they keep bringing this up until the

Erick: scene.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: He tried to saying something and she gives him a chance to say his last words while he apologizes to her very convincingly, I might add. He’s like, yeah, well, you know, I’m really sorry for you, Gloria. You know, you know, I always fucking loved you, Gloria.

It’s just, you know, I, I played with the hands that I was dealt, you know? I mean, what do you expect from me? I mean, I, I just did what I could. No, You could have been better.

You were piece of shit,

Vivi: dude. his character is meant to be a piece of

Erick: shit though. Yeah. While he apologizes to her.

Dwayne sticks around in the background, Gloria thinks he’s full of shit and cuts his remaining fingers off Dwayne yells at her to stop and scares the shit out of her. He tries to convince her not to kill him and says she looks young and beautiful. So she doesn’t have to, but she just tells him not to interrupt and goes at Tony’s stomach with the electric knife.

Vivi: No, no, no, no. She says thank you, which I found

Erick: hilarious. Yeah. It’s funny because it’s a change of pace from her earlier being like, I don’t fucking need your pity and now she’s like, ah, thanks.

Yeah. But she tells him not to interrupt and it goes at Tony’s stomach with the electric knife.

Vivi: And this is the only payoff we get of Tony being fat.

Erick: She goes in on his stomach, completely ripping him up. Covered in blood. Rips has guts out, starts playing with the intestines until the Wayne’s like, what the hell people loved you?

My friend Brian looked up to you. That’s when Lauria tells him she killed Bryan and did the acting community. Oh, Dwayne tries to attack her, but gets raised by the neck with one hand. And has some of Tony’s intestines shoved into his mouth?

Vivi: she’s as you love kissing ass so much.

Why don’t you eat it? And there’s something along those lines. And she shoves the intestines in Israel.

Erick: She throws Dwayne to the ground and goes upstairs to her. Mom’s trying to let her know. She’s glad she’s dead. She’s like, look at you, look at your legacy. I’m glad you’re it. Before she can leave though.

Duane throws a bottle at her and they start a whole last fist fight complete with bottles being smashed on heads, Mingo cards being shoved in a mouse when he grabs the three or four bingo cards and it shoves it in a relationship it’s like comedic. know. It’s a great final battle.

There’s also a bunch of fights over fake outs. Yes. I think she knocks Dwayne out like three or four times She lights a cigarette. It takes it from baby Jesus rebels and then Dwayne comes back and then she knocks him out again and then she grabs the champagne bottle and like pours it in her mouth, but doesn’t drink it.

It just pours over to the side and she caresses herself. And then when he comes back

Vivi: just to clarify it, there is a whole nativity scene in this bingo hall. Eric just didn’t throw a baby Jesus in there out of nowhere in the scene, holding a cigarette. Yeah.

Erick: Finally, Dwayne smashes her mother’s ashes on her face and knocks a wood decoration with a star on top, over on her causing the star to impale her. Why is this a star that can impale people?

Vivi: Have you seen those nativity scenes with the star that the wise may follow and someone they’re pointing?

Erick: Duane takes the baby Jesus statue and stands over her saying her career’s in the only thing that’s dead. Gloria just says to tell them, Gloria said to fuck themselves.

Dwayne’s like, you’re a monster. But Gloria says they all were Janet, Audrey, Tony, even deep down inside. So. She finishes telling him to finish the number and we get a card that says six months later,

Dwayne it’s completely redesigned the club.

And one of the other bartenders calls him boss. I don’t think this is actually how that shit works. Right? Like a bunch of people died inside of your club and it doesn’t just go to your employees. It’s not like an inheritance

Vivi: unless you put it in your will, that the remaining employees must fight to the death.

I don’t know. Even then, I don’t think that’s legal

Erick: now. Anyway, this is not how business works. Who is in charge of the clubs. Somehow when the bartender asks him what the plan is since customers haven’t been there since that night, he just says things will be different. As he reviews a postcard it’s like a dude riding a bike and it’s his province.

And he just walks off question mark. That’s the that’s the last week he had went elsewhere. Gloria is driving saying, she’s going to miss the city. While tragedy sits in the passenger seat, holding a map. We don’t see tragedy first. It’s just a figure, holding a map up while Gloria talks and says, what do we do now?

Laurie asks if it’s just going to be them together forever on the run. When tragedy says they’re going to need blood again, eventually she pulls out Janet swirly straw. After telling Gloria to think of the kills is And Gloria is like, well, if we’re hanging out forever, I’m gonna need you to lighten up.

They laugh and you see the sign that says province until the screen goes black and zooms in on their Domino’s hanging in the middle of the car.

Vivi: Love this.

Erick: Okay. The town is not just province. It’s province town. Okay.

So I’m assuming that they’re going to take the blood of gay men at some club in Provincetown now.

Vivi: And I asked you while watching this, is this a reference to Thelma and Louise? When they drive off into the sunset, all glamorously, I, I’d

Erick: never seen that. We watched the video and they killed themselves something.


Vivi: But there’s another scene where they’re literally, one of them wears like a headscarf like that. And they’re like laughing in the convertible.

Erick: I feel like I’ve seen this seen in a lot of movies

Vivi: I think lady Gaga and Beyonce replicate the scene and their telephone music video.

Erick: This scene is used a lot. Yes. So maybe it is from that.

Vivi: now. Do you think that Dwayne is confused when he gets the postcard or he purposely let

Erick: Gloria live pours Dwayne, a vampire? Is he in on it? And that’s the dark under arc that he has. That’s how things are going to be different now.

And they’re like, we’re going to leave him in charge here and we’ll just go to the town over and yeah, he’s going to make it a little different Cause they’re too old school. He’s even new Adrian Pyre. and then we end up with a bleed story where he becomes, I spoke it. What the fuck was his name?

Frostbite was And then that’s how Dwayne’s story. Actually. I continue. But what did you think of this movie?

Vivi: This was just so fun to cover. We have been covering films that were a little heavy, so it’s great to get into some horror comedy lately.

If you take a minute and do not judge it based on its Indy roots, there are some scenes that are really well thought out. Really amazing.

There are some scenes that have blurry camera work, but you have to kind of suspend that and just realize that this is a labor of love. And I think you should watch it more than once.

Erick: It’s so subtle. It’s so like, oh shit. that’s why this happens. Oh shit. That’s so funny. Cause of this is not corny. And I liked the movie that much more because of it, like you said, it’s obviously a labor of love. a grand old time. I liked it. The horror scenes were great too.

Like the kills are brutal. The screwdriver being squished around in someone’s back the sledgehammer to the head someone’s face getting ripped off.

Vivi: So when I first watch it, so when we first watched it, I thought I was going to give this movie maybe like a five or a six, but researching it, talking about it now again, it’s made me appreciate it more tragedy in Gloria steal the show.

I don’t care about any other character on this what did you

Erick: think? Look, I think that it is an indie film. I’ve made fun of a couple of things. There’s like a scene where literal background is in focus and not the characters talking, but who gives a shit right. Watch it for what it is. Like I said, I watched it the second time piecing things together, noticing things that I was like, oh my God, like these writers, didn’t just write a funny campy, whatever movie.

Like they really cared about everything that was said every little detail. The horror is great. The characters are amazing. I love performances. This movie is fucking fun. And if you don’t think so, like fuck off, no, like seriously go watch this movie and give it a rating because I think it deserves more attention.

only has 220 reviews, it needs more,

Vivi: I think it’s amazing when people just do things out of their own pocket, out of their old love for something There is tons of mediocre horror films about white cis-gendered people, we can have mediocre horror about other communities and still love it and

Erick: enjoy it.

Vivi: So what would you rate it?

Erick: I’d read this as a one and a half. I

Vivi: used all my rating. I was going to give it a 7.5.

Erick: Yep. I already said it fucking still better than midnight mess. You really hate midnight, man. I hate how boring that show is. And this made vampires funner than I did. Yeah.

 I want to say that we say this on a happy note that it’s pride month.

This is a really good movie to go fucking check out. And it’s put together by an entire community of people who are queer. So like, go check it out, support them. Like I said, review it, go on letterbox, review it, go on. INDB review it. Go and shut it. Review it, watch it twice. Do watch it.

If you have to. I’m usually stupid. And can’t catch it. Watch it a second time. If you have to one time it was good though.

Vivi: Do we want to talk about what scared low-key about this

Erick: film? I don’t think that anything is scared low-key but hearing pups, whimpering and dog barking and growling definitely was like, wait, is that a bug or not? Cause you could tell. He was like, I don’t, I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s a dog. That’s hilarious.

I will say that it is like real dog noises. They really did. Cause like the wind brings definitely a dog. I was like, no human can actually make that. No. Yeah. So look, he was confused. He likes masks. I wonder if he’d get thrown off by a dog mask.

Vivi: Do you want to tell us about it? Low-key

Erick: look, he’s like, I don’t need your fucking pity. Mom and dad be a fucking tree. Get the fuck out of my face.

Vivi: I am so lost. I don’t even know what you said last about him,

Erick: about how he was like, I don’t know if that’s a dog or not. another note though, I got an idea today. Why does it know? But I kind of want to make a plushy out of low-key out of him. Literally not. But I saw that this other creator, Curtis Connor from comfort content a few weeks ago has a dog.

And he got like, plus she’s made of his dog. And given that Lucky’s the mascot and star of our show, I figured it’d be a great idea to do the same. So let us know if you’d like to, I’m going to get, I think I’m just going to fucking do it. And if you want to support our show and get a plushy of low-key and his teeth is.

Make sure to check it out and keep an eye out for it.

Vivi: But does that pretty much wrap it up for us

Erick: here tonight? Yeah. Yeah. If you want to be death job, gorgeous. Go check out this fucking movie.

 Otherwise you’re going to get old and bitter like Gloria troll.

Vivi: is that the message of this movie? You’re going to stay young because you’re going to kill

Erick: a bunch of people.

True. True. True. But you can’t do it unless tragedies there. So, and if tragedy is there, honestly, you’re living the dream your

Vivi: best life. Yeah. But as always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaking out scared pod except Twitter, Twitter shaken, scared pod.

You could send us an

Erick: So, what does the show on Patrion? You can get early access to episodes or a bonus episode in theme, drink idea. Every month we just covered, like I said, the sadness. It’s so sad. Watch this for fun. And then watch that for sadness. And then watch this again.

Cause it’s fun. You’re going to need a cheer up. Yeah. listen, where you get your podcasts? Give us a follow a ticket or a drink videos. They’re low-key lochia treat by him as a plushy.

Vivi: If we do that, be sure to like rate, review all that good stuff and key.

Thanks. Bye. Bye.

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  1. Thanks for this. When I first saw the title, you guessed it, I thought it was “Drop Dead Gorgeous, the film that gave the world Kirstie Alley’s performance of a lifetime. No matter, this morsel of brilliance will surely be worth the time it takes to watch it. I’m going to be going through your earlier material,. My wife and I are both yooge fans of horror in almost all its iterations so I’m sure we will find something new and interesting. Ahl be Bach.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Kenny! Drop Dead Gorgeous is definitely another great film! We hope you enjoy going through our episodes! Hopefully we’ve evolved a bit after 60+ episodes! Haha Cheers!


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