Freaky (2020)

Vivi: I have mentioned on I

Erick: yeah.

Vivi: Britney Spears. Yeah.


Welcome back to the shake and not scared podcast here with you is always your host, Eric. And Vivy today. We’re gonna be talking about the 20, 20 film freaky directed by Christopher Landon. But before we get into that, how are you? Vivy

Vivi: I just had a million thoughts rushed through my head. Why? Because I realized we watched a lot more creepy content that’s on this list.

Oh, did we? We saw the black phone and then we saw

Erick: Norman. We did, but I wrote this


Vivi: that okay. Okay. Well, I am on my period and I am craving violence. Oh fuck. That’s why this movie was a good pick for this week. it’s pretty violent, not the sadness violent,

Erick: but would you get to this 0.1 day, if you were just thrown off the edge in moon time

Vivi: thrown off the edge and turned into a giant man, maybe yeah.

Erick: That’s just One really bad period. Putting you into the body of a

Vivi: man. Could you imagine if women turned into men during their period, like werewolves legit? that’d be crazy. That’d be

Erick: great. Can we make that movie? I

Vivi: think it is ginger snaps.

Erick: Oh, is ginger snaps women turning into wear worlds when they’re on their period? I think so.

Vivi: Yes. Oh, I’ve never seen it. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of it. I do really want to watch it.

Erick: That’s cool. Damn. So I’ve done it.

Vivi: thought you had

Erick: a great idea. How are you? I’m okay. I’m finally not sick. You guys probably noticed that I was a little Fleming on the last nasty yeah. On the last one, but it’s finally hot out too. So I’m glad that I’m not sick anymore.

Cuz getting sick in the summer. Fucking sucks. Go out there, get on a beach, get you some drinks and make sure that you play this podcast while you’re there. Sweet. that sounded like an ad. But what have you been watching? Reading creepy contenting

Vivi: I’ve mentioned on the podcast before that I used to watch this show called paranormal witness all the time. I don’t know if I had it for creepy content in the past, but it is available on peacock. So I’ve just been re-watching it. And it’s been very nostalgic for me cause I watched this like my eighth grade year, my freshman year of high school and it’s like some stories are great.

Some stories are cheesy. It’s funny to go back and watch things and realize how bad or good it is.

Erick: Yeah. I was gonna ask does it still hold up

Vivi: some do and some don’t

Erick: was this remade? No. Okay. I thought that was like the previous version to that one paranormal show. on Netflix, Oh. With the people who aren’t believable at all.

Vivi: Yeah. I know which one you’re talking about. I did watch all of those too.

I like it better than the one on Netflix. The thing about this one is it covers a lot of very famous hauntings from like their perspective of the actual people who lived it.

So like the haunting in Connecticut is one of the episodes.

Erick: Oh, cool. Yeah. Which one’s your favorite?

Vivi: I don’t know yet. I have to, I keep falling asleep watching it, but oh no, I’ll

Erick: get back to

Vivi: boring. No, I just, try to fall parallel to something comforting. Okay.

Erick: to the haunting of many, many people.

Vivi: Yeah.

It’s comforting. It’s great. That it’s not me. although I will say with us constantly looking for a home, I will take a haunted house. Now. I think I’ve said in the past that I wouldn’t, I am taking that statement

Erick: back. Yeah. I’ve been looking at creepy houses and I’m like, Hmm. This one is literally falling apart, but it’ll

Vivi: do, it’s literally falling apart and it’s still a million dollars.

Yeah. It’s

Erick: fucking stupid, dude. At this

Vivi: point, I think they would charge extra for a haunting. You think so? Because I wouldn’t

Erick: be surprised. Yeah. Someone’s in there. Like, all right. Let’s exploit this. It’s not even haunted. It just smells really bad.

Vivi: we’re gonna say it’s demons. Yeah. Demon. Farts. That’s what they say. Demons smell like sulfur.

So what have you been watching?

Erick: I’ve been on a little bit of a zombie kick. I did watch zombie with a shotgun. Finally. I think I had mentioned it months back, watched it, regretted it. This movie was not good. It, it was not good. I’m sorry. Harsh. Yeah. But if you wanna go watch something good.

That’s zombies. blood. Quantum was mentioned to us by Christina, from miss spooky tales and others. Who’ve also said like, it’s really good. So I watched it it’s on shutter. Okay. it’s pretty cool. It’s like, imagine if in a world where white people were, the ones who became zombies and native Americans were immune to the zombie virus.

Vivi: This reminds me of that sketch from key and P yeah. Where the zombies are

Erick: racist yeah. I, I thought about that. Exactly. uh, But it was cool cuz it’s like they’re immune, obviously they’re not immune to death, so they still can die if they get eaten up too much. But good. Oh, that sounds interesting.

I think it takes place in Canada cuz you could, tell that they have a Canadian accent too. Oh, cool.

Vivi: I was listening to something, I think an audio book and clearly the person reading, it had an accent because it, when they would say Ws, it was always very exaggerated. Oh, was it while like a while

Erick: was it me were they British? I don’t know. That’s like that dude from that show that you were watching, do you remember?

It was like Mo molest station every time. What was I watching? It was

Vivi: in a crime

Erick: documentary. every time he would say. And then they were investigating for Mo molestation. Like I think it was like had no accent the entire time, but from molestation you’re like Mo molestation.

Vivi: Yeah. I think it was like, one of those shows like 48 hours or something.

Erick: yeah, he sounds a lot like the guy from the ankylosing spondylitis commercials, you seen those, he says it like 50 times in the one. Did we not

Vivi: look this up and realize that it’s not a real thing? it is real. Okay. I feel like we’ve looked this up

Erick: before. Yeah. Cause he is like, if you have ankylosing spondylitis, make sure to call this number so that you could tell them that you have ankylosing spondylitis check for this symptom, that symptom, this symptom.

I swear, we looked it up the symptom. It may be ankylosing spondylitis.

Vivi: I swear, we looked it up and it was not a thing. I think

Erick: it’s real. Now I wanna

Vivi: look it up. Okay. Go for it.

Erick: autoimmune condition type of arthritis in the spine causing inflammation in gradual fusing of the Verta brain.

Vivi: You read that really fast. Yeah.

You sound like you could do those ads actually side effects might include .

Erick: turning a, into a vampire.

Vivi: that’s a great

Erick: side of hug being on your period and turning to a LOL. Mm. Both at the same time, at the same time. Yeah. when I first wrote the notes, we hadn’t watched this yet cause we weren’t sure, but we did go watch the black phone and we watched Northman at home because it’s on peacock. Which one do you wanna help out first?

Vivi: I guess spoiler free review for the black phone. Definitely recommend going to watch it. I really liked it. I really like a good story. I don’t wanna ruin anything. Just go watch it.

Erick: Yeah, it’s really cool.

There were a lot of themes that I really loved. It takes place in the seventies, eighties. I always love a movie in that time period. And the ending is satisfying. I know that some people maybe had mixed reviews, but I put this probably around four.

Vivi: You, yeah, I’d give it a four outta five. It’s really

Erick: good.

Classic Ethan Hawk. Ethan Hawk is great in it. Yep. He’s also in Northman, which was funny. Cause it turned out that we were watching just Ethan Hawk movies all weekend yeah, but Northern’s been out for a while. I don’t wanna say that it’s fully horror, but it doesn’t have horror themes.

Vivi: for sure.

Some talking zombie heads and whatnot. Yeah. A lot of

Erick: murder. Lots of murder. Lot of raging Berking hulking, sweaty, dirty men and women.

Vivi: mostly men.

Erick: But cheeks. Without end. Whoa. We get butt cheeks, like six times. I didn’t even

Vivi: notice

Erick: that. This is just the north butt cheeks. That’s what the movies should be called. I didn’t notice that the whitest butt cheeks you’ve seen in your life. Well, they’re from the north, so yeah. There’s not enough sun. No,

Vivi: there is not. What did you think of it?

Erick: I thought it was pretty cool. I did think it was the lion king though.

Vivi: Oh, it’s definitely the lion king storyline. Yeah.

I think visually it’s very beautiful pacing was good up until a certain point where I was just kind of like, okay, like where are we going with this?

And it was all right. Like I would just give it an all right.

So I would give that one, a 2.5 out of five, just cuz like it looks really good.

Erick: Yeah. I’d probably give it a three for the action, but it is hard not to watch and think it’s the lion like, like endless illusions to the, to the lion king.

Yeah. It’s just like, okay. That’s Rafiki. All right. That’s Timone and PBA. all

Vivi: right. Thanks. Final battle and fire. Yep. Yep. Yep.

Erick: You could tell which ones are their hyenas,

Well what do you have for comfort content?

Vivi: Uh,

I guess prayer, normal witness is also my comfort content. It’s really all I’ve been watching,

Erick: really LUS you to sleep.


Vivi: It does. I do love a good haunting.

Erick: What about you? I have continued my Curtis Connor kick and started listening to the very, really good podcast, which he has. It’s also been opening packs with VB Pokemon packs. It’s been fun. I feel like she’s had more fun. It’s like gambling though.

Vivi: Yeah, it is. We make bets.

Erick: keep an eye for that. I think once we have a space and a house to do that kind of thing, we’re probably gonna stream some on Twitch and she’s gonna help me.

We’re gonna bet each

Vivi: other. Yeah. I’m only in it if there’s betting involved. Yeah. What are we betting we usually bet who has to buy beer. Cuz what else do you bet

Erick: I’ve been losing alright, well, what drink do we have for today,

Vivi: then for today I made a drink. I’m calling it Lala after the dagger in the film. Cuz it’s gonna make you wanna switch bodies after drinking it.

Oh no, just kidding. It’s not that bad. I hope so. It’s basically a raspberry sour. The only difference is that I wanted to put two shots on top of each other inside the drink.

But it didn’t really work with what I wanted to do.

So instead I just flipped a shot glass upside down in a regular glass, filled it with MIS God and then made the regular raspberry sour poured over it. And the idea is you get two types of liquors switch ’em up when it mixes in the drink because Lola is an Aztec drink. So we went with MIS God

and then I believe in the movie, the kids are all drinking whiskey out of a bottle. So I just figured. We’d combine those two. Did

Erick: you taste test this?

Vivi: I messed up. So one, it already mixed prematurely and one, it might have mixed now because we’ve been talking for a really long time. So

Erick: the only reason I ask is cuz I know we were like, do we mix both?

I don’t know. How will it taste? I think it’s gonna taste fine.

Vivi: cause they’re both smokey leurs are both smoky LaCores If it’s nasty we’ll say it

Erick: Do you wanna try the failed or the

Vivi: real? Try the real and then we’ll try the failed. Don’t pull it out. You gotta drink it like that.

And it’s supposed to slowly disperse the Misco as you go.

Erick: Oh, that’s interesting.

Vivi: That is really delicious actually.

Erick: I like this. It’s really sweet and sour. And I know that I’ve said I don’t like sweet stuff, but the smokiness just saves every drink for me.

Vivi: So I could just put myco and everything and it’ll save it for you. Yeah, I think so. , I’m gonna put this theory to the test.

Erick: I just really like that flavor of MACU.

I’ve heard some people say like, Ms, go too. Like burnt tires. Like your mom takes like burnt tires too.

Vivi: all right. What would you rate it?

Erick: I would rate this a four and a half. I give

Vivi: it at five out of five. It’s really delicious. Still high.

Erick: I could see too, like running around for my life from somebody while, while drinking, while this at a party, it’s like, hold up, hold up, hold up.

This is good though. all right. Let’s keep you running. While you’re in the process of switching bons, would you like to hear some freaky fun facts?


Vivi: that was a good segue. Okay, good.

Erick: So I didn’t find too many but the film was originally supposed to be called freaky Friday the 13th.

Vivi: And let me guess Disney said, NA nae does Disney own Disney owns freaky Friday.

Erick: Oh, Disney owns Friday the 13th. Yeah. Disney owns Friday. The 13th actually Disney owns all the murder movies. Disney owns everything. know, the Friday, the 13th and freaky Friday, very obvious that this would be called that.

Vivi: Good name.

Erick: Honestly, I think freaky Friday the 13th. Would’ve been fun though. It would’ve been funny. Yeah. But freaky is fine. Christopher Landon. The director wrote happy death day to you and proposed a crossover to the first happy death day with this film titled freaky death day.

Vivi: So you switch bodies and you have to live it over and over again. You


Erick: Or like every time you wake up, you’re in another body. Oh my God. Every time I would totally watch that, christopher Landon’s actually done a lot. He’s like written and directed and screen played for a lot of other horror movies.

Vivi: So good friend is any part of like the paranormal

Erick: yeah, he did por activity two, three for next to kin. He did viral Disturbia.

But on top of that, this movie was clearly inspired by a ton of other horror films. Landon has come out and said that he included inspiration from Jennifer’s body. Clearly scream one and two. Yeah. Friday night. The blob urban legend in cherry falls. I haven’t seen some of these, so I’m sure they’re there.

Vivi: yeah, I don’t think I caught all of them. I did catch some references, but also haven’t seen some of these.

Erick: there are so many Easter eggs in here though that we can get into when we talk about it. But some include the mask at the beginning that resembles Jason’s hockey mask, the Aaron Rogers mask, that sort of alludes to the William Shatner mask from Halloween. Okay. St.

Strode is the last name on Booker’s Jersey, alluding to Lori road. the hook weapon Millie carries could allude to the killer from, I know what you did last summer. That’s what I thought it was. And Millie’s last name? KES. Could allude to David Kessler from an American WOL in London.

Vivi: So Booker’s first name is Booker.

I thought that was his last name the entire time.

Erick: Yeah. It’s Booker Strode. Ah, interesting. That’s a, it’s a, that’s a choice. Weird name. Yeah.

That’s all I have.

Vivi: I I’m stuck on Booker being an actual

Erick: name. Booker Strode.

Vivi: I mean, it’s not the war.

Erick: we could get into the east rags, but first I guess it’s my turn again for a speed room.

Vivi: I mean, don’t sound so happy about it.

Erick: I feel like I just did one.

Was it for patron? It

Vivi: was because I did the last one for death drop gorgeous.

Erick: Oh, did you? I feel like I did that one.

Vivi: No. you say that about all them and you haven’t done a single

Erick: one. Uh, What do you mean I’ve done speed runs forever. This is gonna be hard. Cause I haven’t seen freaky in like a week now.

Vivi: Ready

Erick: this gonna be hard.

Vivi: Ready? Set.

Erick: Okay. So this is gonna be a lot of order, but we get introduced to a bunch of friends hanging out at some rich person’s house.

They all get killed. This one guy comes in outta nowhere with a mask and he’s like, killing them. There’s this knife. That’s calling him. He takes it. The family finds everybody dead cut to this girl. Who’s like clearly pretty, but they’re like, oh, she’s a fucking loser. So she’s obviously picked on by everybody.

And she’s got her friends. They have a handshake. It’s fun. She’s the mascot at the football games. Killer comes outta. Nowhere is about to kill her, stabs her with the knife. Doesn’t actually kill her. They switch bodies, freaking Friday style. They wake up in each other’s bodies. The killer has to figure out how to be a girl.

And he is actually really good at it. You know, who knows? And the shes in the guy’s body. So then she’s like, oh my God, I have to find my friend. So then the whole movie is basically a bunch of shenanigans while Millie in, you know, the killer in Millie’s body starts killing a bunch of people who are assholes anyway.

And then at the end, they have to figure out how to get the knife, to kill the killer, to switch bodies back before midnight Cinderella style. And then they do it. The cops shoot him down, moves over. They’re all friends and really gets your confidence.

Vivi: Wow. You’ve literally made it with two seconds to spare

Erick: I thought I was taking too long.

No, you did really well. Was that spot on? It was pretty good. I missed some

Vivi: details. I mean, it’s a minute. You’re fine.

Erick: it’s fine. Beautiful. This movie’s fun.

Vivi: I really enjoyed

Erick: this movie. There’s so much just like this happens kind of like this other movie, this happens kind of like this other movie, which is fine.

I think. Yeah.

Vivi: I would say shout out to tr from nightmare fierce for recommending this movie for us this month. Yeah. We also have some more recommendations coming up in the next couple weeks.

Erick: so keep sending ’em in.

Vivi: Yeah, We’re gonna get to them. We’re just really slow at


Erick: two episodes a month guys until we find the haunted

Vivi: house for us, the haunted house of our dreams, Mees

Erick: send us hundred

Vivi: houses. Oh yeah. I wanna take a look at those

Erick: like that one with the

Vivi: prison in the basement. I mean, I don’t want a prison in the basement.

Erick: I mean, we could turn it into like a daycare like that one


Vivi: Oh my God.

We did see a house with a very creepy daycare in the basement

Erick: that was like riding on the wall. there was like,

Vivi: it was not a happy daycare.

Erick: We couldn’t tell if it was for dogs or kids because it looked like it could be for both

Vivi: if that gives you an idea.


Erick: All right. What does the internet see this movies about?

Vivi: Do you wanna go ahead and give us the review since I’ll be talking for the rest of the episode?

Erick: after swapping bodies with a deranged serial killer, a young girl in high school discovers she has less than 24 hours before the change becomes permanent

Vivi: short, sweet to the point.

Erick: Yeah. I mean, that’s basically the movie.

Vivi: What does it rate it?

Erick: 6.3. Which

Vivi: fair? I guess I feel like IMDB does not give anything more than a

Erick: seven actually, I feel like everything’s been a six lately, right? The promo work for this is pretty good too. It’s a girl shaving with a giant knife,

Vivi: which we posted on our socials.

Erick: Yeah. You could see the butcher’s reflection in it.

Butcher gets no name, just butcher, ready to jump into it? Yeah. Let’s do it. I’m ready. Are you I’m feeling a little freaky? Let’s go.

Vivi: okay. I also say that I didn’t hear a lot of hype about this in 2020.

Erick: Well, we were all dying, so

Vivi: yeah. That’s fair. wonder if it hurt the movie because it’s very fun.

Erick: Was it straight to stream? Yeah. Right. Yeah. Most things

Vivi: were okay. at that point,

Erick: most things were well, everyone was too busy watching pandemic films. Remember It was like the top 10 films on Netflix were all pandemic and breakup

Vivi: films.

Yeah. Um, Contagion was one of them.

Erick: I always thought that was strange. Cause I was like, don’t what do we want to like, not

Vivi: wouldn’t we wanna forget. Yeah.

Erick: But apparently the world taught the opposite. Like we’re dying right now. Let’s go watch some movies that basically remind us of what’s happening outside.

Let’s get

Vivi: more scared. I

Erick: don’t wanna watch the news cuz that’s all they’re talking about. Let me go watch Netflix and watch exactly what they’re talking about.

Vivi: good point. All right. We open on Wednesday. The 11th with text that looks pretty similar to the Friday, the 13th title card, Evan narrates the urban legend of the BLIS field butcher who began killing in 1977.

As we get introduced to four teenagers drinking by a bonfire in front of a very huge rich looking house

Erick: Why are kids always rich in movies like this?

Vivi: They really are. . Isaac is not buying the story. And Jenny corrects him saying the killings actually started around the nineties and that the butcher has not been seen or heard of in the last 20 years.

His urban legend is the only thing that resurfaces every year. Sandra ask, if he didn’t come back to kill a bunch of kids at prom a couple years ago. But Jenny says that it’s the homecoming that the butcher story revolves around.

Erick: If this was 20 years ago, do we assume that the butcher was maybe in his twenties when he killed a bunch of kids in high school?

Vivi: Probably

Erick: I’m wondering if this is inspired too, by like my bloody Valentine.

Vivi: it does have that vibe and the whole. Story of when they say they thought it happened in the seventies, reminds me of the golden state killer case where they found him in his seventies, years later.

Cuz they make a joke like, oh, there isn’t a geriatric serial killer out there.

Erick: There’s also just this reoccurring thing in horror right now too, to bring back old movies from seventies, eighties, right? Yeah. Where the killers are like in their sixties, seventies. And they’re still out here murdering people.

They’re just murdering everybody. Honestly, I think if it was real, it’d be like, unless they’re supernatural. right. Yeah. You could probably like take ’em out

Vivi: pretty easily, but they’ve been killing for years. So you know, they’re in shape. There’s some in shape six year olds, year olds.

Erick: How much are they killing though to be in shape? At least

Vivi: every year, five to six kids for a movie.

There’s gotta be a workout out there. That’s like train like a serial

Erick: killer. Oh, it’s gonna be like the, like, get that Chris Hemsworth, Thor body.

It’s gonna be like, get that Vince Vaughn butcher body. top 10 workouts to get that Vince Vaughn butcher

Vivi: body. I thought it was so funny when he appears on the screen. You’re like, yeah, that looks like a Chicagoan’s body.

Erick: His body does seem like a Vince spa and body.

Vivi: I don’t know if you’re complimenting him or insulting him.

Erick: no body shaming. It is what it is.

Vivi: This is a very body heavy movie. Isaac makes a joke about what this year’s homecoming will bring while scaring Sandra, by saying boo and jumping at her.

This is so weird. It’s like a Dick move. you’re right next to the person. Why’d

Erick: she get scared though. it’s like my brother mark. It’s like, you’re standing and talking to him in front of him. You’re like, and he is like, oh shit, making eye

Vivi: contact. Yeah. Well she spills her beer everywhere and gets annoyed.

She storms off to clean herself. And Evan looks at Isaac hinting that he should go with her. Isaac follows her, but looks visibly annoyed. This leaves Evan and Jean to start making out immediately . Inside the home. Isaac is super impressed with all the artifacts Jenny seems to have in her home. And Sandra explains that Jenny’s dad is an art collector. What a douche hobby to collect art like this, it feels like you’re collecting it.

So museums can’t have it the way he has it set up. You know, they’re cultural artifacts.

 It takes about 0.1 seconds before Isaac finds a scary looking dagger that is admitting creepy voices and whispers.

He asks what the fuck is Lola and tries to open the dagger case.

Erick: Idiot. I wouldn’t go around touching anybody’s shit. Nope. Especially if it looks this fancy it’s in a box, it’s expensive.

It’s in a case

Vivi: I would not touch anything in this person’s house. Cuz I cannot afford to break it. But teenagers in horror movies think differently, I

Erick: guess. Yeah. Well entitled

Vivi: teenagers, but Sandra’s not impressed. She has Isaac for help, but he says he doesn’t like her attitude and goes off to explore more of the house.

He passes a wall of masks and the audience can see that one is missing. He wanders into the basement, where there are ton more freaky artifacts, but also super old fancy wine. The door slams behind Isaac and he drops the wine. He gets mad at Sandra. Once more thinking she’s behind it.

He starts to clean up the wine. When the butcher suddenly appears behind him, he’s wearing the mask from the mask wall and it looks a lot like a Jason mask.

Erick: I honestly thought it looked like the mask from the mask with Jim Carey, really the wood mask, because it’s kind of wood like it is. It’s so creepy though.

Vivi: I’m surprised I got away with this.

He grabs Isaac by the hair and proceeds to shove a wine bottle. Yes. An entire wine bottle down his throat.

Until it eventually shatters in his

Erick: throat, does it shatter or does he, I thought he punched him in the throat and causes its

Vivi: shatter.

I thought the so much pushing it down, like caused it to shatter in his windpipe.

Erick: I have to watch it again. Cause I swear he like punched it. Ugh. Causing it to break

Vivi: either way. We get tons of shards of glass and wine and blood pouring out.

This kid’s neck.

Erick: This has apparently been done in two other movies too. And I haven’t seen him

Vivi: I thought it was unique. That was the first time I’ve seen it, Tim. We cut back to Sandra in the bathroom when she hears someone pounding on the bathroom door. . She says I’ll be there in a minute, but the butcher does not wanna wait and kicks his way in. He grabs Sandra who has fallen to the ground screaming. He puts her head on the toilet and uses a little bit to repeatedly bash Sandra’s head in.

This is the worst way to

Erick: go. Those is probably like the most lazy mm-hmm. like you, you go from like breaking wine glasses in people’s throats to just hitting their head on the toilet. Come on, man. No,

Vivi: I mean, he grabs the lid and smashes it. That’s still, it’s pretty involved.

Erick: It’s brutal. I’m not saying it’s not but it’s also just less intricate than a wine bottle down the throat.

Vivi: You’re saying he went too hard on the first hill. He needs to keep that consistency.

Erick: Yeah, you can’t go hard as fuck. And then just go boring for the rest of it.

Vivi: well, back outside, Jenny and Isaac are doing the classic teenage slasher thing of getting it on. Jenny’s done and starts walking away from Evan who is asking for only three more minutes of her time.

Erick: you say very, chilled, but should I be

Vivi: like getting it

Erick: on? No, she’s like, I’m done.

And he’s like, what about me? And she’s like, bitch, I’m not a, what did she say? She’s

Vivi: like, I’m not a, it’s a vagina. Not a all night drive through. Yes. it is a

Erick: good line. It is a good line.

Vivi: but he’s only asking for three more minutes of her time. When she turns around to face him, we see the butcher standing right behind him. He breaks a tennis racket in half and sticks. Both ends into Evan’s head. Pretty cool. I was gonna say, do you have a problem with

Erick: this kill? No. It’s like one of those costume things with the

Vivi: arrow.

Yeah. With an arrow coming through your head. Ju scream and Jenny screams and runs back into the house, locking the doors behind her, which proves to do nothing because the killer simply crashes through it. He picks up a spear and throws it at her, but it misses getting stuck on the wall. Instead, we get a scene that really upsets me because Jenny runs into a closet that has a trapped door in it.

So when the killer goes to search for her, he can’t find her, but she leaves this hiding space. Why would you leave

Erick: to escape? Horror movie rules. You gotta get out. You can’t stay in the one spot. Also. He probably would’ve found her,

Vivi: but her parents were coming,

Erick: but would’ve killed her parents.

Vivi: I think he only killed teenagers.

Erick: That’s true. Cause then you didn’t stick around to kill her parents. Yeah. Afterward.

Vivi: She has tiptoeing around until she hears her parents pull up in the driveway. She whispers daddy similar to and scream and runs to meet her parents. Instead she meets with the butcher who hoist her up and shoves her body onto the spear from earlier.

Erick: Just like in.

Vivi: So

Erick: many other movies. Oh, fuck, Just like in uh, Santa

Vivi: Claus uh, silent night, deadly night, just

Erick: like in silent night, deadly that’s at least what I thought of like when um, quickly gets poked onto that deer.

Vivi: Yeah. It’s also similar to Halloween where he stabs them with a knife and they’re like just hanging there.

And I only say Halloween because right after this, the killer tilt his head like Michael to admire his handiwork, is that

Erick: what tilting your head implies? in my head it’s always like a, huh?

Vivi: Yeah.

That’s what he does. He’s like,

Erick: but is that admiring or is that more like, whoa, I didn’t, I did that. I didn’t expect that.

so that’s what that looks like.

Vivi: However, he is distracted by the eerie dagger that is making even more creepy whispered noises. The butcher removes his mask to stare at the dagger and it’s been spawn. We cut back to Jenny’s parents entering the home. They make some comment about her having boys over only to discover her hanging from the wall and lado missing.

And that’s just the whole cold open . Yeah, it was a very long cold

Erick: open I mean, it goes on for a minute. Horror movies, love their intro to the murder.

It’s kinda like supernatural, where you get introduced to whatever is killing people. And then it starts with the episode.

Vivi: Yeah. That’s super common. That’s in like SVU shows.

They always show the kill first. And then the people coming in to investigate,

we get a title card saying freaky and our introduced to Millie and the whole Kesler Kesler

Erick: Kesler, the whole casserole

Vivi: family, the whole casserole family, the whole Kesler family, which includes her mom, coral, which really coral, which really pissed me off because the entire time I wanted to say her name was Carol.

It is coral.

Erick: It’s coral. Wow. Booker

Vivi: coral. I’ll give it to them. They went with U unique names here instead of stealing names from slashers.

Erick: oh my guess I could have gone with Billy, Sally, Bobby, like all of them. Yeah. Billy, Sally, max, Sam. We should probably do like a

Vivi: most common names in horror movies.

We totally should. Billy was the biggest one. Billy’s number one. And he’s the

Erick: killer. We did like five movies where Billy was the

Vivi: killer. Billy was the killer in a row. We didn’t even plan that shit. It just happened.

Erick: this is just a PSA. Don’t name? Your kids, Billy. Cuz he may be a murder in a horror movie.

Yep. Yep.

Vivi: But cool.

And older sister, Charlene, who is a cop. They sit down to breakfast and you can tell it’s a little bit tense. Millie’s mom notices some college application in Millie’s books, but doesn’t comment on them instead. She brings up how they don’t eat like a family anymore since the passing of their father. But sure quickly changes the subject asking Millie.

If she has a date to the homecoming dance that’s happening on Friday.

 Okay. I don’t like her character. I thought she was supposed to be like a spoof on Dewey on Dewey, but also in scream for Judy. Oh, okay. Like a combination of the characters, but at least those characters eventually were good.

Cops. Her sisters never a good cop. She’s fucking so trigger. Happy.

Erick: Yes and we will talk about that scene later. You’re talking about it later. Cause. She’s doing her thing, but then she really flips. She’s really not good. Yeah.

Vivi: But coral quickly, her BOR quickly interjects and says that they have a date together to go see wicked char teases them about this, but gets a message from her Sergeant saying that there is an emergency. She gets up to leave and throw her breakfast out, noticing an empty bottle of Chardonnay in the garbage Charlene looks disappointed at her mother and leaves, visibly upset.

I hate when characters just throw away their breakfast.

Erick: You could eat it in the car on the way to work. It’s one pancake

Vivi: ma’am I will have it. I’ll eat the food, roll it up and take it

Erick: with you. Roll it up and smoke it.

fuck just don’t waste it. Yeah.

Vivi: We cut to Millie being picked up by her friends, Josh and Nyla for school. They’re grilling her about why she won’t be going to the dance. And she admits that her mom made her feel so guilty about not hanging out with her, that she agreed to miss the dance mainly asked why they even want to go. And Josh says that he’s in it for all the drunk straight boys that suddenly realized they’re fluid.

Nyla points out that this sounds rapey. And Josh simply says good, which I don’t think is a joke that aged well

Erick: at all. This is only two years old.

Vivi: yeah, they should have known better. Yeah, it’s true.

 They focus their attention back on Millie saying that her crush Booker will be there. When Millie says he doesn’t even know she exists. Josh says that she’s a fucking piece and Nyla agrees with her that she just needs to own it.

And I hate this trope in movies. It’s the very clearly the shy girl. Who’s very obviously beautiful, but doesn’t have confidence. So she’s ugly.

Erick: You had a really big problem with Millie let’s just say guys that VV really resonated with Millie’s character and was really, really harsh on her because she felt like she was this cuz she’s the pretty girl with the nerdy face.

thank you. the glasses make her ugly. She wasn’t even

Vivi: wearing glasses. No, I know. that’s the only thing that she needed, that she was wearing glasses to be like the total

Erick: cliche. I’m also kidding. I think Vi’s glasses make her hotter.

Vivi: You could just delete all of that cause no one needs to know

Erick: how hot you are.

Vivi: Did I wear glasses after this exchange, Nyla pulls Millie over for a quick heart to heart. She tells Millie that it’s been over a year and she needs to start living her life for herself. Not for others. Millie knows what she’s talking about. Her mom and explains how it’s not easy for her since her father was coral’s whole world.

Natalie’s very understanding, but tells her that she doesn’t want milli to wake up one morning and realize that her life passed her by because she was busy being what everybody else needed and not what she needed.

Erick: I feel this, like this movie hit me on a specific note and I didn’t really expect this freaky, what the fuck. But when my dad passed, I became like the man of the house or whatever, and in Millie’s case, she’s like, very, like, I’m not gonna do anything with anybody because have to be here for my mom.

Mm-hmm but I feel that right. Like, you are probably like one of, if not the last light for the person who’s been widowed. Mm-hmm you feel that responsibility of like, I feel shitty cuz they’re at home and I want to go out and have good time. But yeah, it’s unfair I guess, to expect that of your kid when, Especially in her case, right. Where she’s a teenager still going through, like she’s growing up things. She go to college. Yeah. I feel it. Even when I was 23, my dad passed. I was like a kid mm-hmm you know, a kid you’re growing up. You’re becoming an adult. There are other responsibilities and other things that you’re thinking about,

You’re also grieving, If you wanna get over it sooner, some people grieve different. Some people like to forget about it. Some people like to act like it didn’t happen.

Vivi: Yeah. It’s all very personal. And that’s why I find her friends to be really good friends for high school. Cuz this is a difficult conversation that I feel like adults sometimes don’t even wanna have with other adults.

Erick: I feel like high schoolers would be like, fucking get over it.

Vivi: You piece of shit. it reminds me of scream when Billy’s like it’s been over a year. Sid

Erick: yeah. Fuck you really another

Vivi: that’s literally what she says. Yeah.

the part, ways in milli is making her way to class. When she gets stopped by a parade of bullies. First, she gets barked at, by a kid with very early two thousands hair are

Like seriously, this dude just gets all up in her personal space and barks at.


Then she gets harassed by RYR the obviously rich mean girl of the school and her girl gang.

I say rich, because she just starts making fun of Millie’s clothes. And the fact that her mother is working class, which T he that’s. That’s so funny. Ry,

Erick: I think it would be so fucking funny where the one person who’s obviously the leader goes and does all the picking and everyone else is like, ha well, good one.

And they all like stand around, like, dude, do you not have your own personality? Do you not have your own things you give a fuck about?

Vivi: Yeah. I don’t remember if this was a thing in high school, like an actual

Erick: thing, you know, we see it in movies and shows, but it’s like, I don’t think that people actually do.

I mean, if they do, I mean, fuck you. gay of life, you know, don’t follow them. Follow yourself. That’s what

Vivi: I always say. Be the bully. Yeah. Not the bully’s assistant milli size and leans up against some lockers. And a few lockers down. We see her crush Booker, who is smiling at her and she gives a little awkward wave.

The bell rings, and we cut to Millie running late to her wood shop class. She apologizes to our teacher. Mr. Bernardi, Who’s Cameron from Ferris. Bueller’s day off. Oh,

Erick: fuck him still. weird.

Vivi: But he is not impressed. She takes her seat next to Booker who offers her some advice? Just say your watch is five minutes ahead.

Works for me every time Mr. Bernardi then calls on Millie to present her project. She argues that her project isn’t actually due and man, oh man, does this guy just go in on her? Like unnecessarily harsh? Like it feels personal.

Erick: What do you think drives a teacher to be this fucking mad?

Vivi: I think jealousy that they have their whole lives ahead of them. And you, I don’t think being a teacher is a waste of a profession, but this teacher felt like it was a waste of a profession. The way he’s treating these students.

Like he regrets his life choices and that’s why he is going after

Erick: people. If you hate your fucking job, that deals with other people and you treat other people like shit, get a different job I would be so pissed if a teacher treated me like this.

Vivi: Yeah. I told you a story while we were watching this. I had a teacher legit talk to me this way and basically tell me that I needed to get it together because a man wasn’t gonna take care of me the rest of my life. Cuz I was pretty, that seems like a very inappropriate thing to say to a student.

the thing that bothers me is I was a kid. Cuz if I would go back now, I’d be like, why are you talking to me? Like this? You are supposed to be a professional. We are getting everybody involved. Like, because I didn’t tell anybody. I just took the, the verbal abuse also.

Erick: Wait, you did tell me like what’s going on in your life. Yeah.

Vivi: I mean just cuz you can’t doesn’t mean I can’t and guess what I did so jokes on her. Oh, I’m not good looking, but you take care of me. That’s all. I mean,

Erick: oh she didn’t say good looking man. Sorry.

Vivi: Yeah. listen, if you failed it be a gold Digger.

That’s not my probably it also felt very personal yeah. We could take up that. You take care of me part. I don’t want anyone thinking that you take care of people.

Erick: I just take care of you.


Vivi: just tell everyone you’re mean.

So no one will want you

Erick: Who do you tell I’m mean everyone.

Vivi: Booker calls the teacher, a Dick under his breath, but Mr. Bernardi only says you say something Booker this scene reminds me a lot of Carrie where Tommy tells the teacher, you suck under his breath and then he’s like, what’d you say, tell me he’s like, Aw sucks. Yeah. Like he was kind of defending Carrie very similar vibes to me.

Erick: I think I would’ve told him, but I also had like a weird relationship with my teachers.

Vivi: So at least no one did this to you in front of a whole class.


Erick: I was a kid in element school, I had that happen. I wasn’t paying attention. Why

Vivi: do people

Erick: do this to children to teach you a lesson? Make sure you’re paying attention. Cause one time I got called out. I was talking to some kid. I had a really big problem with talking school. School ADHD. Yeah. No. Oh, now you

Vivi: have a podcast.

Erick: I don’t say anything. Good. I just talk. Yeah, I wasn’t paying attention. And they’re like, can you go up to the board and figure out the problem? And we were barely learning multiplication. I remember standing at the board and feeling so angry because humble brag. knew I was smart. And I knew that if I knew I would know but I didn’t know in the moment I was so angry because they were putting me in the spot,

Vivi: that’s so cruel to me. Like why fucking do that? I had a teacher in my senior year who knew I had troubles with math, like hated math, always been bad at it. And he knew this and he would call on me every single class and make me stand there until I figured it out in front of everyone. What waste the time wasting everyone else’s time.

Who already knew how to do this, but two, you could pull me to the side and be like, you need tutoring instead of fucking doing that shit. Yeah.

Erick: I hope this has been like fixed

Vivi: and that people aren’t still doing this stuff. No, I think people still do this. I hope kids now whip out their phones and record when you’re being a Dick.

So maybe it has been changed.

But Mr. Bernardi is only interrupted when everyone’s phone starts to go off in class.

A warning appears on everyone’s phone. That reads four bliss field teens found brutally murdered suspect at large we cut to Nyla and Millie hanging out in the school auditorium talking about how shocking the murders are. Josh comes in and jokes about it being a slaughter house.

He shows them a video of Ryer crying, claiming that Jenny was one of her best friends, which we learned is not true. Since Ryer started a rumor about Jenny getting a carrot stuck in her pussy.

Erick: Of course, Ry does this. Of course, Ryer would do this. you can’t have other people have attention without you.

Vivi: Nyla, chastises him Millie comments that they are going to have to cancel the homecoming dance. Josh says that this isn’t likely to happen as homecoming is like Christmas to this small town. We jump cut to a football game in full swing, screaming and excited teenagers.

We focus on Josh and Nyla, as Josh says, told ya, we get a shot of the school mascot, which is a beaver, a gopher, a chipmunk. I couldn’t tell you. I don’t know. It’s just got

Erick: a big butt and teeth.

Vivi: The school mascot is being bullied by some of the jocks. We learned that the mascot is Millie and the jocks are throwing soda cans at her oh, it is a beaver calling her one beaver. They would never touch Booker is with them. And he doesn’t say anything and just walks away. I don’t think he’s a good crush to have.

Cause he doesn’t defend her. No, he doesn’t say fucking stop it. He just walks away and disgusted. But like they’re still gonna pick on her. Yeah.

Erick: I guess you get like weird dude dynamics

Vivi: there. Yeah. Cause it’s your friends or whatever, but yeah. More reason to be like, dude, just fucking stop.

Erick: Guys are shitty. As a guy, guys are, guys are shitty

Vivi: after the game, Nyla tells Millie to just quit being the mascot, but Millie reminds her that this sort of thing looks good on a college application. She notes that her mother is late to pick her up and her friends offer her a ride home since there’s a cycle on the loose, but Millie refuses thinking her mom will be there any minute.

She assures her best to use that she will be fine. And with their secret handshake, they part


Erick: I didn’t have a secret handshake with friends. Did you?

Vivi: I didn’t but two of my friends did have a secret handshake that the only they knew how to do with each other. Wow. Have a video of it.

So how niche? Yeah.

Erick: Me and mark have one. But sometimes I’m like worried that he and I do it because we’re Mexican and I think people are gonna think we’re doing gang sciences. I always get this weird, nervous feeling when me and mark do

Vivi: I’m always stressed about it. Yeah. I don’t know why she insists her friends.

Leave her alone with the cycle on the loose. It’s just not a good idea. I’d be like, yeah. Gimme the ride. If my mom shows up pissed, I’ll be like, where were you?

Erick: especially if you’re out and about, and you see that like, oh, everyone’s kind of gone though. Especially

Vivi: since it’s a small town, I don’t even think I would wait half an hour. I’d wait like 10, 15 minutes and be like, all right, they’re not coming.

Unfortunately for Millie, it’s getting pretty late and everyone has left the stadium and her mom has passed out wine drunk on the sofa.

Millie tries calling her mom one more time before her phone dies. And luckily her sister SHA is home. She calls her back and tells Millie that her mom is passed out. Drunk. Millie is barely able to ask her to come get her. When her phone dies, the stadium lights shut off and Millie is visibly afraid. She notices a tall man in the distance standing under a light post she starts whispering, please. Don’t be the butcher, please. Don’t be the butcher under her breath. She yells at the man saying that her sister is a cop and will be here any second with her gun. The butcher seems unimpressed and starts walking towards her. Milia is running towards the stadium in a beaver costume, which is really unfortunate.

she’s able to break into the stadium and hide under the bleachers with the butcher hot on her trail. When she thinks she’s safe, she tries to leave her hiding spot, but immediately comes face to face with the butcher. She starts to run, but the butcher simply speed walks and catches up with her, tackling her to the ground who raises Lola to stab her.

Neither seem to notice that all of a sudden there’s a thunderstorm that appears, and that we’re suddenly on top of an Aztec temple.

Erick: Yeah. I wonder if this is actually happening or if it’s just the vision of the viewer, but it’s pretty cool. it happens pretty seamlessly

what purpose would this type of dagger have historically for them, yeah, for the Aztecs, you know what I mean? I have no idea the priest or whatever who’s gonna like stab the Virgin.

Cause that’s, I’m sure who it was that they were killing with this thing. It’s like, I wanna be a Virgin.

Vivi: I wanna experience that again. Or is it, I don’t think anyone

Erick: would want to experience metaphoric. guess that went dark.

Vivi: This is clearly just for storytelling purposes. I don’t think anyone actually did this. He brings what? This is a lie. How dare they, he brings the knife down on her shoulder, but he is also injured in the exact same spot.

This freaks out the butcher enough to stop and check his wound. We then hear sh yelling at them to leave Millie alone. As she fires off two warning shots, the butcher fleas as sh reaches Millie explains that help is on the way, but Millie seems very confused as to why the weapon also hurt the butcher.

Erick: Wouldn’t the butcher, like just stabbed her in the heart.

Vivi: Would it have mattered? Like would he have also gotten stabbed in the heart? Yeah. If you kill

Erick: the person, when you stab them with the LA, do they die? Like if you actually mortally kill them, does the magic just not happen? You wake up into dead body,

Vivi: you don’t wake up then

we cut to million, the police station. She is very much in shock as events just seem to unfold around her. her mother arrives at the police station and is very upset as Millie consoles, her mother, I thought that was very odd. Like ma’am I almost died and I have to comfort you. Ma’am we get a shot of Lala being taken into evidence, but back home Millie is taking a bath as she hears her mother and sister arguing through the walls.

SHA is very much upset and blaming her mother for what happened as coral, coral, coral claims that none of this is her fault and she only fell asleep after having one glass of wine. That

Erick: whole ass bottle of wine. That’s one glass. It’s one glass. Yeah, one solid glass of wine.

Vivi: At night, we can see Millie tossing and turning in her bed.

She’s having nightmares of the attack as creepy chanting can be heard, getting louder and louder. As her clock strikes midnight, it is the next morning. And we see Millie waking up. Okay. Pause. Before I get into that, obviously they switch bodies. So to kind of avoid confusion because I’m a visual person. I will keep referring to Millie as like Millie, like her body Vince Vaughn.

It’s Vince Vaughn in it, but I’m just gonna keep saying Millie. Yeah. And every time I say the butcher. I mean, Millie, but it’s the butcher’s body. Yes. I apologize. It’s just visually is what made sense to me.

Erick: Butcher Millie

Vivi: butcher. I’ve gotten confusing to me to type out it is the next morning we see Millie wake up and she seems very confused. She’s looking around her room when her mom comes in asking how she feels. Millie’s only response is to spit out her retainer. Her mom keeps asking if she’s all right, but she doesn’t respond. She’s taking in her surroundings and looks at her hands.

Erick: I really like this idea of a killer being put into like a young teenager’s body. yeah.

Vivi: It’s a really fun idea.

Erick: the actress who plays Millie.

Catherine Newton. I feel like she does really good to reenact the killer butcher. She does, Vince Vaughn too. Vince Vaughn does great. Does a really good job at playing Millie. Yeah.

Vivi: He even has her nervous tick of playing with his hair and biting his nails. Coral tells her to calm down for breakfast when she is ready.

When she leaves Millie finally takes a look at herself in the mirror.

She looks herself over and gives her boobs a squeeze course. It’s you got to, of course, yeah. , it’s clear that the butcher is in Millie’s body and he seems to accept his fate very quickly. we cut to the butcher hideout.

Erick: does that say something about the butcher? He’s just going with it, man,

Vivi: think about it.

You’re on the run. You’re very recognizable now you’re in the perfect sheep’s clothing.

Erick: Yeah. But also do you think this has something to say about the butcher’s sexuality the entire time? Milli even makes a comment later. He’s like, he’s really good at being a girl more than I am.

yeah, he’s got style

Vivi: It could be, it could be that whole thing alluded to in Texas chainsaw where Bubba is kind of fem and masculine at the same time. I mean, in case you haven’t guessed. There’s a lot about gender roles in this movie. Mm-hmm so, yeah, that could totally be one of them.

We got to the butcher’s hideout where he is waking up as well. The butcher asks, where am I then freaks out at the sound of their own voice. He further freaks out when he looks around at the hideout. Now this hideout is amazingly gross and well done.

Erick: It’s clearly headquarters for a murderer because he’s got like practice traps set up.

It’s very murdery. Yeah. It’s like saw like where jigsaw sets up his practice traps, you know,

Vivi: like go watch it and go examine this room. I think the people who did the set design just really had a good time

Erick: with it.

Vivi: The butcher backs away from everything in the hideout and turns to see himself in the mirror. He lets out to scream and we get a date stamp letting us know it’s Friday the 13th, Don

Erick: dun.

Vivi: The butcher now, obviously Millie just tells himself that he’s hallucinating. when he is interrupted by a man looking for drugs, he tells the man that he doesn’t have any, but then asks him if he looks like a small blonde teenage. The man now fully believes the butcher is on drugs and insists on having some saying he wants to feel like a girl.

The butcher just leaves the hideout very freaked out. I’ll suck your Dick. All of it.

Back at the counselor home, milli has made her way down for breakfast. She’s very fascinated by a knife that coral is using to cook breakfast and even manages to take it from her. When her mother is distracted answering the door, Charlene makes her way downstairs complaining that it smells like a fucking Denny’s who complains about this?

Charlene really fucking hates breakfast.

Erick: surely does also bitch make your own breakfast. Then you are a grown ass woman. Yeah. You’re a fucking cop. You could go kill people. You can make your own breakfast.

Vivi: Obviously. They’re the same thing.

Well, Charlene’s back has turned. Millie starts approaching her with the knife, but it is taken from her as her mother enters the room.

Again, she tells Millie to go back and get some more rest as Millie just stares. She tells her that her friends must be worried, but that she should stay home. Millie simply repeats the word friends. Very creepily. these are like the first words she said as the butcher.

Erick: Fuck. Yeah, I got friends. Easy targets.

Yes. Always wanted friends.

Vivi: It’s a Marda. We got to a view of the town where the butcher’s face is plastered all over the news cycle in TV, shop windows. Unfortunately, the butcher does not know that. And he is walking around town. Like he’s not a wanted man. He crashes into a woman who immediately recognizes him as the killer and starts screaming.

The butcher also screams and runs off


Vivi: at the counselor. Home. Milli is looking for an outfit for school, but is not impressed, by what’s in her closet, she goes to Charlene’s closet and She finds a nice red leather jacket. That seems to please her. We then cut to Millie at school, making her way through a pep rally to enter

Erick: yeah. The butcher suddenly knows how to put mega on. He got his hair done. He’s got this jacket on.

Vivi: He’s feeling himself walking into school.

Yeah, he’s

Erick: fucking kicking ass visibly. Everyone’s really in her.

Vivi: As the song kiss Sara rara plays and the students and event around her take place in slow motion. Once she actually enters the school, the song record scratches and don’t trust anyone by the suicide boys starts blur.

it’s a funny transition. starts to go into metal and they’re like, TA like screaming it. Say it again. I’m not gonna say it again. it’s the very classic walking down the hallway. Like it’s a runway.

cuz you’re hot scene Nyla and Josh stop her. And Josh is surprised that she looks cute. they tried to talk to Millie, but Ryer shows up outta nowhere between them.

She’s taking pictures of Millie, calling her a victim, Josh and Nyla. Tell her to leave Millie alone. But Millie actually tells her friends to fuck off. Riley finds this funny and keeps following and talking to Millie. She tells her that. Of course the guy is a killer based on the police sketch alone.

He’s UGLi as fuck and only ugly people are killers.

Erick: fuck.

Vivi: Millie cuts her off and tells her to take her somewhere. Private Ryer does so happily thinking. Millie’s gonna share some more information about her case back in town.

The police are searching for the butcher. As he makes his clumsy escape. I mean, clumsy, cuz he is bumping into everything cuz he’s not used to being

Erick: tall. No, not used to being so big. I think this dynamic is so fun. Cuz she’s literally just walking out in the open

Vivi: and she’s like, oh my God, I’m gross.

I’m a giant.

Erick: But the people in the town clearly recognize her. Like I thought that a film like this would take a while before Millie in the butcher’s body, was ever discovered, but because she’s just really adamant about switching bodies ASAP because she doesn’t know what’s going on. She’s kind of just out and the Mountain’s like, let’s get to the point.

People are gonna recognize me regardless. So I think that it’s fun that the film just goes for it yeah.

Vivi: I do appreciate the pacing of this movie cuz it’s just fast and you know what you’re here for and it’s just about having fun with it.

He is able to sneak into the school, milli and reer are in a locker room as reer grills. Her about what happened to her. It’s clear that milli is looking for some sort of weapon as Ryer keeps insisting. That she spill the tea, Millie approaches her.

And careses her hair, which makes re think Millie is a lesbian. Riley seems kind of into it for a minute. but then she insults her and says that she’s going to the bathroom and Millie better. Tell her everything. When she gets back in the stall, we can Seery sending a group, text out, basically outing, Millie, saying she’s a lesbian to a whole bunch of kids, which is a huge Dick move.

Erick: Especially since we were just showing that you were in it like two seconds. Yeah.

Vivi: When she hears a strange noise, she follows it only to discover the butcher is in the school shower.

She runs off and bumps into Millie and forming her that the butcher is here. Millie tells her to find a safe hiding spot and then puts her in a cryo freezer,

Erick: which is clearly an illusion to Halloween too. Like I know that wasn’t one of the, inspirations or whatever, but do you remember Halloween too?

We were like, why the fuck does the boiling sauna thing have a danger zone?

Vivi: Why does the school have a cryo freezer? Okay. I get the athletes need it for their muscles, but like how rich is the school?

Erick: There’s ice bath. And then there’s cryo freezers where it looks like the thing went to like negative 300.

It did or something.

Vivi: Railer asks if this is safe, but Millie says no idea and locks her in there, turning the machine on full blast. The butcher leaves the shower and comes across the cryo freezer. He opens it to find reer frozen to death. When he taps her, she falls and shatters into a million pieces. perfect. I feel like I’ve seen this death in another movie as well, but I can’t remember.

 In the hall there’s an announcement that the homecoming dance will be canceled and all the students complain and protest milli is walking along.

When Mr. Bernardi stops her and calls her into class. She takes her seat next to Booker, who looks surprised to see her and asks if she’s okay. He accidentally cuts himself on his woodworking project and starts to bleed. Millie notices the blood on his finger and puts it in her mouth to suck the blood

Bernardi notices and goes in on Millie again, saying if she put as much effort into school, as she did sucking boy’s hands as she did into blurting, she would actually make something out of herself.

If I was a teacher and I saw these kids doing this thing, I would not acknowledge it. What you horny people do on your own? Dem is your business.

Erick: you’re gonna go home and be like, I literally saw a girl, suck the blood off some dude in the middle of my shop class. And I don’t know what to think about

Vivi: it.

I don’t even think I would comment on that. I’m be like, those kids just need to wait till they’re outta

Erick: class while your wife sucks. Your blood finger

Vivi: why do you need a blood finger? Are you like sacrificing stuff all the time

Erick: in a world like this?

Why not?

Vivi: I guess milli gives Bernardi a look that, you know, she’s planning to kill him right after this,

in the school auditorium, Josh and Nyla are waiting for Millie commenting on how weird she’s acting. When the butcher runs in screaming, telling Nyla not to freak out,

Erick: this would be so hard. Like how likely in real life would it be to, to be like, Hey, I’m not this.

And I switched bodies.

Vivi: I would just immediately start saying secrets that I know about my friends. She takes too long. She takes way too long.

They of course freak out and run away. The butcher catches up to Nyla and tries to talk to her.

But Nyla just kicks him square in the balls. and this is where the butcher’s like, oh, I have balls he continues to chase them as Josh yells out that Nyla is black and he is gay and they are so screwed.

Erick: this whole sequence is

Vivi: so fun. It is so funny. They run into the school’s kitchen where a lunch lady sees the butcher and just runs leaving the kids behind

She said, fuck them kids a hilarious battle in sues where Josh and Nyla use everything in sight to fight the butcher and him just trying to reason with them, the butcher’s

Erick: just like standing there, not feeling any of it. And she’s like, oh yeah, I’m strong.

Vivi: They throw plates, tater tots, and even beat him with giant spoons.

He’s like, really? Yeah. But in the end, the butcher is pretty strong and able to knock them both down until they can’t fight anymore. As Nyla and Josh lay on the ground, the butcher starts doing the beaver mascot dance, and they start to believe him

Erick: how’d you learn it?

how’d you learn it? How long you been watching our games? Yeah.

Vivi: They start to believe him after a few lines of questioning and one secret handshake to confirm it.

Erick: how long have you, how long have you been watching the secret handshake?

Vivi: Nyla and Josh finally believe that he is Millie and freak out even more in the boy’s bathroom.

The butcher explains everything that happened the night before about the matching loon and the strange nightmares where he kept hearing the name, Lala being repeated. Josh does a quick search on his phone and finds it, explaining that it’s an Aztec dagger and was used for ritual sacrifice.

He notices that there is Spanish writing on it, but none of them can read it. The butcher suggests that they go to Mrs.

Erick: What do they call her?

Cayenne. Yeah. I’ve never

Vivi: seen that name before, before. No, it sounds like a spice. Yeah. Cayenne Caen pepper. is that the joke? I don’t

Erick: know.

They’re like she’s Hispanic. She’s a spice name.

Vivi: She’s a pepper. We cut to the Spanish teacher translating the daggers inscription and when we first saw this movie. I’ve said it’s an Aztec dagger, but there’s Spanish writing on it. That doesn’t make sense. It would be native writing. yeah. And I don’t think that’s like super common to be able to translate, but the teacher literally says this, but in Spanish so It feels like a joke to people who speak Spanish, who are like, we know, we know it doesn’t make sense, but just

Erick: go with it. Yeah.

Vivi: She explains that if the sacrifice is not successful, the sills of the two body switched will become permanent after 24 hours.

And they’re like 24 hours. There’s dramatic music. It zooms into her face and she’s like, see . Yeah. And then we cut back to the butcher who waits for them in the bathroom as the bully who always barks at Millie barges in on the stall, the butcher takes this moment to get a little payback barking at the kid and lifting him up by the collar.

He warns him to never mess with Millie again. And the kid begins to pee his pants.

Erick: Yes. Fuck. The bully.

Vivi: What I really like about this movie is that Millie’s gaining confidence in the butcher’s body and I’ve pointed the and I pointed this out to you. I would love to be huge and tall to feel like this, because I know what it’s like to be five one, and people just kind of walk all over you, literally, they like don’t even see you.

And suddenly you’re commanding space and you’re super strong.

Erick: Yeah. You say that. That’s why you like, try to move me sometimes and this makes me sound like a Dick, but I don’t move for people, especially if they’re like clearly not moving for me. So I’m also not gonna move probably sounds like a toxic masculinity thing, but it’s not, it’s not like that.

It’s not, I think it’s about being a douche bag and being like, look, I’m here too.

Vivi: Being a girl. People expect you to move out of their way. And there’s been times where I’ve tried to be like, I’m not gonna move out of anyone’s way today.

And I’ve had literal men stare at me, like, why didn’t you move outta my way? Fuck them. And you could say I’m being dramatic and exaggerating. No, the shit happens. Just look at the way people interact with each other.

Erick: In the city, especially cause that’s where we run into the most people who are walking in the street. It’s like, people just don’t move. And you’ve always like shoved me or pulled me and I’m like, why are you pulling me?

I’m not a child. And then you’re like, cause that person’s passing. I’m like, they can see, they can say, excuse me too.

Vivi: Yeah. It’s just the habit of like, if I don’t get outta the way people push me outta the way. I won’t fucking shove people. Yeah. But you’re five one. And you can’t. So that’s why I want Vince bond body yes.

Erick: Yes.

Vivi: The butchers grossed out and just drops the kid and leaves to meet Nyla. And Josh, they explain that he’s gonna have to stab Millie with the Dola before midnight, if he wants his body back the butcher panics, because that means there’s only nine hours left to accomplish this. They realized that Lala is in the police station, in the evidence locker, and they should head over to get it

Erick: ASAP.

The stakes are so high cuz when they said nine hours, it was like, oh my God, they still have the prom. They’re still gonna go get it from the cops. They so might do so much. They still gotta find the Millie butcher. I

Vivi: go to the grocery store and my whole day is over.

But the butcher thinks they should capture Millie first because she can kill or harm anyone in her body.

We cut to Bernardi grading papers as Millie walks in and puts on what looks like a lab coat and Goggle. She turns on the table saw as Bernardi gets more and more upset by her presence

Erick: cuz he is yelling at her and she’s not even acknowledging him.

No. Yeah. I know what I’m about. Son, look at what I’m wearing

Vivi: professional.

Erick: also funny that the butcher would just put the gear on.

Vivi: Do you know what I mean? You gotta protect your cool red leather coat. True. He gets up to tell her to shut off the saw and she lunges at him with a screwdriver Bernardi quickly overpowers her and claims self defense.

Erick: He looks like he knows karate or something. Right. Cuz he’s like putting himself in a fighting pose or judo or some bullshit.

Vivi: Yeah. Millie however does not give up as she continues to try to attack him. But once again, Bernardi overpowers her and enjoys way too much. Just kicking the shit outta her. Like she’s already done and out and he continues to kick her. Clearly he has issues. He has a personal vendetta against this child.

It’s gross. Yeah. I think this is funny because it’s the first time we also see the butcher realizing that Millie’s frame is a problem when it comes to attacking people. Yeah.

He thinks she is down and out, but Millie grabs the screwdriver and jams it into his neck. He pulls it out and oozes out a ton of blood. I don’t think you should have pulled it out, man. Millie uses this opportunity to kick him onto the saw table and saws him from the top of his head down. It’s a pretty cool kill.

Yeah. It’s a sandwich kill sandwich. Kill. Yeah. It’s like meats. Oh yeah. Like um, one and a half, like in fear street, the bread machine kill that. One’s worse

Erick: though. That one was way worse. Right? Cause it like chops it. That was so gross. This one’s just like one slice

Vivi: down the middle.

Millie leaves the wood shop room and runs into the cops who don’t find her suspicious at all. Just then Nile Josh and the butcher. Turn the corner and see Millie. The butcher is impressed by the outfit choice, but tells Millie she needs to stay where she is instead.

Millie screams for the cops. The gang is forced to make a break for it. As the cops chase them down,

Erick: the butcher does a really good impression. oh my God, I need this right

Vivi: here. Yeah. And then as soon as they’re gone, she goes straight faced again. Yeah.

Pretty good. They get into Josh’s car and speed off. They’re trying to figure out what to do in the car. But the butcher is more worried about leg room He keeps selling Nyla to scooch up a bit, to scooch up a bit.

Erick: I don’t ride in the back very often anymore.

Cuz I don’t, I’m always driving. He’s always the driver, but historically I’ve always run into the guy thing where it’s like, you need ball space. Oh, is that what this is? I don’t know that this is it.

I think this is just purely like the leg room thing, but I’ve been in cars with dude. where it’s one bad to be in the bitch seat. The middle seat, cuz you don’t get ball space. Cuz the two dudes on the side. Cause my balls

Vivi: are huge, man. They need their own space.

Erick: I put my balls in the microwave and now they’re too big.

why the microwave there’s a south park episode. Okay. Where they’re all riding their balls. Cause I do remember saying that. Yes. So does it get medical marijuana? They needed to get

Vivi: cancer. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I do remember

Erick: those anyway south. Park’s ridiculous. But yeah like the two dudes on the side have to have ball space and they like spread their legs open and the guy in the middle gets left out because he’s gotta be like this.

That’s why bitch. Seat’s not like a thing for guys cuz they’re like I can’t spread my balls guys are fucking weird.

Vivi: Dude. Being a man is just fascinating. cause you know that that’s your guy code. That’s your bro language. Like that’s something, all men know your balls need space. And then there’s like women who are like, we can’t go to the bathroom alone cause we’ll get murdered kill.

But my balls who need space balls. Balls.

Erick: Yeah. I need to spread my legs as open as possible. Y’all are so

Vivi: dramatic.

Erick: I didn’t say I do this I could sit on my balls.


Erick: sitting on the right

Vivi: They decide they need to get the butcher at disguise, but just then they pass a police car that happens to be chars. She starts to pursue them and they decide that hiding in a parking lot would be their best option. Unfortunately, for them, it’s the parking lot of the store where Millie’s mom works.

They run into the store to avoid shower and decide to hide the butcher in the dressing room while they get him something to hide in. While in the dressing room, Millie’s mother almost enters his dressing room, but the butcher shoves her out. She tries to ask him if he needs help. And he says, no, he’s just trying on polos.

Very specific. She confesses that she’s really good at helping men pick out polos and tries to help him. She starts telling a story about her husband and how she picked out the best polo for him.

Erick: I feel so bad for coral, cuz you feel that although we see the interaction, obviously with the butcher, she’s probably been doing this with everybody, every customer, you know, it’s really sad.

Vivi: I don’t know if her mom is doing this with everyone. She says later on that she feels like they have a connection. So she feels like she overshared accidentally, but yeah, she could be doing this to everyone in a dressing room, but the butcher didn’t really do anything.

Erick: No, he really didn’t like we have a connection.

No, there really wasn’t anything other than just listening.

Vivi: Yeah. another unexpected heart to heart in this movie. She starts telling a story about her husband and how she picked out the best polo for him. And it quickly makes her share that he passed away a year ago. Carol is shocked that she shared so much with a stranger, but the butcher reassures her that it’s okay.

That he just lost his father. They have a touching moment where coral continues to express her, worry over her daughters. She worries that Millie will leave her college and leave her behind. But the butcher assures her that that will never happen because she is her mother after all. And Millie won’t just forget her.

This touching moment turns awkward when Carol tries to ask this man out on a date,

Erick: good for her for trying to get back out there, get back out there. Right? Like I know that some people are weird about it. I say good for coral. Cuz if that’s what she wants to do, like just putting

Vivi: herself out there. Good for her. Yeah. The butcher says, Ew, and then quickly corrects his statement. saying he’d love to go get coffee with her dinner even, but he’s married.

They’re interrupted by SHA who informs Carol? That Millie is in danger and they run off Nyla and Josh are back with a mask for him. Apparently the face of Aaron Rogers.

Erick: Apparently this is funny because fuck sports. But Vince, Vaughn’s a huge Chicago bears fan Aaron Rogers is from the green bay

Vivi: Packers. So it is funny because Millie’s like, who is this? And they’re like, it’s Aaron Rogers. Josh is like, I’m gay. And even I know that she’s like, Ew, I hate sports,

they head back to the car with the butcher crashing into everything because he can’t see out of that mask.

Josh tells Nyla to drive because he needs to troll Instagram to find where Millie’s body is they find milli mini golfing with a bunch of jocks and race to meet her there.

We see Millie talking with the jocks about how upsetting it is that homecoming is canceled and how they should throw a party to retaliate. They just don’t know where they would hold it.

Millie suggests they use the old mill so that no one will think to look for them there. One of the Jos tries to put the moves on Millie, because they’re really excited by this idea. But Millie quickly shuts it down saying that his touch makes her pussy drier than sandpaper and that she can’t wait to kill him.

This guy does not find that line suspicious at all. I know Millie walks away grabbing a box cutter, but not before turning back and making eyes at Booker Booker follows after her, just as the gang makes it to the minigolf place. I thought Booker was gonna die. I thought he was gonna die in the scene

Erick: too.

Vivi: They see Booker follow Millie through the security cameras and the butcher grabs a golf club, telling them to divide and survive, which I feel like is the exact opposite of what you should do in horror movies. That’s how you die. That’s how you

Erick: die. Although, I guess Texas changed all the new one taught us that all being together just gets you

Vivi: massacred mass murdered.

Yeah. Ne sneaking around the golf course. When Millie sneaks up behind Booker, she’s about to attack him when they run into the butcher who pushes Booker out of the way and knocks Millie out with a golf club.

It’s a pretty brutal hit. Yeah. Like her head spins around and everything

Booker tries to run away, but Josh yells don’t let him go. He’ll call the police by using his brute strength, the butcher crashes through a wall, and then crashes into Booker, knocking him out immediately.

Yeah. I just love how Millie just clearly does not know how to work the body. And she’s just like flinging it everywhere. Knocking everyone out.

Erick: We see this in a lot of movies where like the big. Bulky character get everything right. Accidentally because of how clumsy they are.

Vivi: Yeah. They like move their hand and they knock out the bad guy. Yeah. Yeah. Slap

Erick: comedy.

Vivi: They take milli and Booker back to Josh’s place where they tie up Millie and tend to a knocked out Booker who starts to wake up. The first person he sees is the butcher and he freaks out the butcher tries to explain that he’s actually milli, but milli to rubs. Asking Booker for help. They try to tell her to shut up. As the butcher tries to explain what happened to them.

Booker tries to just leave because he can’t understand what’s going on, but the butcher stops him by reciting a love poem. This gets Booker to believe him and Nyla asked what the hell they just heard I’m with Nyla because there was no explanation of a love letter in this entire movie.

Erick: Booker reveals that he knew was Milly the whole time right. He’s like, I figured it was you about the

Vivi: poem, about the poem. Yeah. Yeah. Or that he had hoped that it was

Erick: her.

Vivi: Booker explains that he found a poem in his locker, but didn’t know who it was from. Millie laughs and calls the butcher a bunch of not nice things. And they stuff, a sock in her mouth, It’s also funny when she’s trying to like get Booker to believe that she is Millie. She’s like Booker Booker.

Erick: The other thing that I think is cool about the film is that Booker, although Millie is in the butcher’s body is still open to like, he still likes be into her. Yeah. Cause I feel like a very masculine piece of shit, dude, would be

Vivi: like, Ugh. Yeah, no, their romance, like still very much plays out for the rest of the film.

Yeah. Well,

Erick: Billy, fuck you, dude. You’re in a band’s body gross. Get away from me.

Vivi: Call me when you’re hot. Again, my balls are squished actually. I have to go. now with the help of Booker, the four of them put together a plan. They realize they need to go seal Lala from the station.

Booker informs them that the cops may be busy with a party that’s just been thrown at the old mill. The butcher realizes that that’s where he woke up this morning and that Millie has probably set them there as a trap.

 They decide that someone needs to stay with Millie’s body and that it should be Josh since it’s his home. Josh is not thrilled to be left alone with murder Barbie, but the rest of the group heads out, murder.

Barbie’s fun. I’d love a murder. Barbie.

Erick: can we get a murder Barbie line? Just like a Barbie line of horror, classic monsters, like the old ones and like the


Vivi: um,

that might exist. I’m pretty sure there’s a Barbie. That’s like the bride.

Erick: Is there a Barbie?

Michael? Is there a Barbie? Jason, is there a Barbie Carrie? Get on it.

Vivi: get

Erick: on it? Mattel? Oh, it could be

Vivi: like all the Barbie final girls.

Erick: Ooh, Yes,

Vivi: They arrive at the police station to find it pretty much empty, like Booker said, except for SHA char

Erick: Char’s the only cop in this entire

Vivi: town left there. No cuz there’s the other cops in the hall from earlier. Oh true. Yeah. I’m guessing she was left there because she is not good at her job.

and they don’t need her help, but

Erick: well, all the lights are off.

Vivi: It’s a small town. They can’t afford to keep the lights on

Erick: all the time. So police just work in the dark yes. In this place. Okay. Um, That’s why she’s pissed all the time. He’s always working. She can’t fucking see

Vivi: Nyla tells the butcher and Booker to wait in the car while she figures out how to get Lola out of the station.

She marches in acting afraid telling Charlotte they were kidnapped by the butcher, but she was able to escape. She believes the butcher has followed her here and she needs Shara’s help Sharon strucks, Nyla to hide under her desk while she scopes out the area in the car, the butcher and Booker have a heart to heart where the butcher explains that this experience has been oddly empowering that as someone who is bullied often, it is nice to have the strength to stand up for yourself.

Booker tells the butcher that real strength doesn’t come from size, but from within I get what he’s trying to say, but I’m, I’m gonna call bullshit on this one. Booker my heart and mind cannot beat up a grown man.

I wish it could. They can,

Erick: if you tell them how little their.

Vivi: emotionally, not physically.

Erick: Yeah. You tell them that they’re not tall

Vivi: enough. Oh, that’s true. If you tell ’em they’re

Erick: balding, You could probably mind fuck a lot of guys.

Vivi: Yeah. But then they just kill you cuz they’re angry.

Hmm. And my heart and mind cannot defend me from that. I, you get both. just a little tiny muscle person, hamster little muscle hamster. just an angry, small girl walking around, punching people

Beck at Josh’s home. Millie is staring him down. As he tries to ignore her and watch TV, he goes to get a snack. When he hears his mom announce that she is home. Josh banns as his mom finds Millie all tied up.

He tries to explain to his mom that Millie tied up cuz they’re role playing and he tries to play it off as a sex game, gone wrong kind of thing. He’s like, mom, I didn’t want you to find out this way, but I am straight and they both just look at him. Not amused

Erick: I think it’s funny that she’s like, dude, you’ve been gay as fuck, like forever.

No, you’re

Vivi: a lot of things, but straight isn’t one of them. Yeah. His mom is not buying this. She grabs a knife trying to free Millie, but Josh is yelling at her to stop because it’s actually the bliss field butcher it’s too late. However, because Millie has pulled free and stomped on Josh’s mom’s foot causing her to drop the knife right in front of her.

Josh grabs his mom and starts to run for it. As Millie picks up the knife and chases them, they lock themselves in a room and we get a very, the shining reference as Millie stabs through the door and starts banging on it. Like crazy. I

Erick: will say this again, and I’ve said it before. I don’t understand staying by the door, knowing that the killer is like putting things into the door.

That’s how you fucking die. I thought Josh was gonna die here cuz he keeps like standing by the door and at one point Millie pulls the knife out and I was like, fucking move, move. She’s

Vivi: going for it again. She just leaving though. Yeah. She’s like, you know what? You’re not worth it. You’re not my real target.

back at the police station. Neither has grabbed Lala when Josh calls her to inform her that Millie has escaped and is probably heading to the police station just then shark comes in and catches Nyla and immediately pulls a gun on her.

Her little sister’s best friend,

Erick: her friend, who we were talking about was like probably her friend for a long time. Yeah. So SHA should know her. and she’s very insensitive in listening to Nyla. Like Nala’s trying to be like, Hey dude, like this is happening, listen. Yeah, you wouldn’t believe us, but, and char is very aggressively holding the gun up to her and won’t

Vivi: listen to a single word.

She keeps saying like, fuck you drop that, put your fucking hands up. Like very aggressively angrily speaking to a person. Who’s her kid sister’s childhood friend. Right.

Erick: Her kid’s, sister’s probably not that much younger than her. Like she’s probably in her twenties. Yeah. And her sister’s in high school.

Her teen. Yeah. Like Shara was probably in her teens when, you know, milli became friends with Nyla.

Vivi: So I’m gonna say racist. Yeah. Very racist. You should really look into yourself, char. Also you need to not be a cop. You, you really shouldn’t.

Erick: if you got anger management issues, you should do not be a cop. Yeah. If you got issues in general, just don’t be a cop.

Vivi: Meanwhile, in the car, Booker goes to the backseat to talk to the butcher. He wants to talk about the love poem and confesses that he read it over a hundred times.

Once he got over how creepy it was and that he had hoped it was from Millie. He chooses this moment to put the moves on her.

Erick: Can I, can I sit in the back seat with you?

Vivi: Yeah. he’s very sly about

Erick: it. All right. No shame on the point of this movie.

Good for the film to show that like, you could still like the person for who they are, because clearly he likes Millie and he’s like making a move on her. But I think it’s hilarious that Vince Vaughn had to kiss a kid

Vivi: that is literally in my nose.

did Vince Vaughn have to kiss this kid? he chooses this moment to put the moves on the butcher and they kiss, but the butcher puts his hands up saying they should try it again when his hand isn’t the size of his face. we’re just, we’re just gonna try this again later. Yeah.

In the police station, Shas just way too angry and ready to shoot Nyla. When Millie runs into the station, Nyla tries to explain that this is not really Millie, but shark just wants to shoot Nyla. There’s like no other way to

Erick: put it now like there’s everything against her having to do this anymore.

And she’s still just holding her gun up

Vivi: to Nyla. They’re interrupted by the butcher, running in who sh just shoots at, on site. Millie is able to grab LA and run out of the station. She runs into a car just as Josh arrives on the scene. He tries to flag down the car thinking it’s Charlene, but almost gets run over in the process in the police station, char instructs, the butcher to get inside the holding cell.

The butcher tries to talk to SHA, but she’s just trigger happy. And this is one of those moments where Nyla’s also trying to explain and defend the butcher. And she like is telling Nyla to shut the fuck up. Or she’s also gonna shoot her practically taking the gun away from the butcher and aiming it and Nyla again.

Erick: , I get char being like, fuck, like we found the butcher, this is dangerous, but Nyla’s not your enemy, dude.

Vivi: No. And she’s still trading her like the enemy.

Erick: Like you could be calm and be like, Hey, Nyla, put the knife back

Vivi: and I need you to get out of the yeah.

Line of fire. It’s a

Erick: normal way to do that.

No, she’s like, fuck you. I’m a, you, you step at bitch. I’ll fucking kill you. That’s swear. I gotta fucking kill you. And

Vivi: the butcher just walks away.

The butcher makes his way into the cell. As Booker comes in, screaming, distracting, char the butcher uses this to shove the gun outta Shara’s hand, wrapped his arms around her and carry her into the holding cell and lock her in there. He explains that he’s sorry. He killed her hamster. That one time he really thought he could swim.

And this will all make sense later. And

Erick: char kind of looks away like, like what, what, how, how

Vivi: would you know, how do you know? Yeah. Back outside the gang is reunited with Josh who thinks SHA tried to run him over. They explained that it was Millie who got away with Lala. We cut to Millie at the dance.

She runs into one of the jocks she was hanging out with earlier. I feel like I didn’t get his name until way later. Uh, Asshole who dies. Number one, asshole. Number one, honestly, should just be his name. Rapey asshole. Number one. Brett? His name was Brett. Of course. His name was Brett.

It was a very classic douchey name. Yep. Sorry if your name’s Brett, I was just gonna name him Chad, as a joke, but that wouldn’t have been far off. Millie acts like she’s suddenly interested in him and he leads her away from the party. The gang also arrives at the party with only 13 minutes, spare 13 minutes before midnight.

Haha. before Millie is turned into the butcher forever. I just wanna take a moment to point out that they decided to have this party here like an hour ago and it is fully fucking decorated with a DJ. Everyone’s got solo

Erick: cups. There’s decorations everywhere.

Vivi: Man. You wanna plan a party? Just get a bunch of teenagers on it.

Erick: No one noticed the murder house full of

Vivi: beforehand traps. Yeah, I’d be like um, I am not coming to this party. This is clearly a crime scene.

Erick: also where’s the sucker Dick guy.

Vivi: oh no, he should not be there. No. Booker gives the butcher a watch, counting down the minutes as they go look for Millie. Millie is actually being led to the back of the old mill where two other jocks are waiting.

it’s kind of gross, but it’s an implied like gang rape

Erick: thing. Yeah. Fuck. These guys

Vivi: Millie does not seem worried. She grabs the whiskey bottle that one of the boys is drinking and pours it out. They obviously get annoyed.

They’re like, oh my God.

Erick: We had to ask our brother. Did I ask that

Vivi: bottle? Is that she smacks one guy across the head breaking the bottle and using the broken bottle. She slits the other guy’s throat in one fluid movement. It’s quite impressive. Actually.

Erick: She doesn’t need science to

Vivi: do that. I, I was gonna say Millie in the butcher’s body is very clumsy, but the butcher just is very agile, confident in whatever body he’s in.

The third guy breath tackles her down, yelling. What did you do to my friends? As he throws her into some trash murder, look at them. They’re fucking, you were about to rape me. Like what are the rules here? Unfortunately for him. There was a working chainsaw in the trash. He’s no longer tough and is begging for his life.

He falls over saying, he’s sorry, but Millie just chainsaws him in the

Erick: balls. Don’t forget. Millie’s at home. He just is like, oh, I know where everything’s at here. Yeah.

Vivi: Millie as the butcher Millie as

Erick: the butcher. Yeah. Yeah.

Vivi: While this is happening, the gang is inside searching for Millie. The butcher has his Aaron Rogers mask on again, they decide to break up to search for her. And Josh gets stopped by one of the jocks who we learn is Phil. And he says he saw Millie and leads. Josh outside the butcher and Booker are searching outside and come across the three dead jocks.

One of whom has been decapitated. So I think the guy that she first just knocked out with the bottle, she finished the job. Booker runs to get Nyla and tell her Millie has killed Brett and the others. I love how they’re just the others. just some groupies. jock one in jock two they notice that at that moment, the cops have walked in back outside.

Josh is confused as to why Phil has led him outside because he clearly does not know where milli is. Phil takes this moment to put the moves on Josh, who is surprised because he just does not have time for all this. Josh pushes him off, pushing him so hard that he crashes into a wall. Phil does not take reduction well.

and tells Josh that if he tells anyone, he will kill him along with calling him a slur. Josh is like, oh, wait to be. So self-aware when at that moment a hook punches through the wall and grabs Phil in the eye. It’s pretty funny because Millie is suddenly very, very strong because she just fucking Ys his body through that wall.

Yeah. Like

Erick: nothing gets pulled away. Yeah. Full weight. it

Vivi: kind of reminds me of the pulling the mannequin through the door in nightmare. Yeah. That’s how strong she suddenly is.

Erick: Maybe the, thing with Millie being stronger too, has something to do with it being closer to midnight. Does some of that strength and original ability come back to the person

Vivi: I don’t think so. Because then wouldn’t that make her more weak?

Like she’s more settling into the body cuz it’s about to become more permanent. Yeah. The butcher has heard Josh screams and is able to find them. He tells Josh to leave because this is his fight. Josh finds the rest of the gang and tells them they need to go help just as the cops shoot the air to clear out the party. That seems very irresponsible, just like gunshots in the air, get the fuck out.

Don’t those come

Erick: down. It’d be better than them just running in and shooting at people at people. Yeah. We don’t know where the butcher is. So we’re just gonna spray bullets until

Vivi: we find them. I imagine if you are like cops that just show up at this party, you’re like doing sirens and that’s enough to make the kids fucking scatter.

Erick: Yeah. We’re doing an illegal party. We

Vivi: need to get the fuck outta here. Oh shit. The cops are here. Not like, oh, the cops are here and you’re still like vibing partying. You’re so on drugs that you don’t even notice. Yeah. Yeah.

The butcher and Millie face off.

And the butcher very much has the upper hand with his strength. He manages to grab Lola and is about to stab Millie. When the cops find them Millie plays to her strengths and tells the cops to shoot him, which they do. They manage to shoot Lala out of his hands and Millie grabs it and makes a run for it.

The butcher just body slams the cop and starts chasing after Millie. But very quickly gets tired. Josh and ILA come in for the assist, catching up to million. Tackling her my oh yeah. They

Erick: run just like in captain America. the winter soldier. Yeah. When they’re running faster than the cars that’s how Nyla and Josh run

Vivi: Swan. Are they on the track team? Because they’re impressive. I get that. It’s like he’s old and his body’s giving out sooner than the kids.

Erick: I think the effect though, that the movie does is just so exaggerated cuz it’s like, ,

Vivi: it’s funny.

It’s so fast. Josh grabs Lala and tosses it to the butcher. They hold Millie down as the butcher prepares to stab her just then the timer on her watch goes off and it’s too late. Millie begins to laugh saying they didn’t make it, but then the butcher remembers that Booker has set his watch five minutes ahead.

Of course this is how it ends. Of course they hold her steady as the butcher stabs her. And we once again see the thunder, the flashing lights and the top of the Aztec temple Millie gas asked her friends, ask her one question to make sure it’s still her. Who’s your favorite sports team? And she’s like, Ew, I hate sports.

yeah. The butcher looks menacing, ready to attack again, but the cops have finally caught up with Booker right behind them. Josh yells shoot that motherfucker and the cops just do, as he says, cause they’re just so ready to shoot everybody. Yep.

Erick: Finally cause the cops, the

Vivi: fuck, I’ve been waiting for someone to say that all day we cut to the aftermath, the cops and the ambulances are surrounding the scene.

And Millie is in the back of one of the ambulances with Josh and Nyla who are still in shock over everything that has just happened. Booker interrupts to see how she’s doing and get in that kiss that was promised earlier. We even hear Nyla and Josh cheering them on in the background. char and coral, sh and coral sh and coral arrive on the scene.

And you think you get a happy ending, but we cut to the butcher being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

Erick: Of course we do. Can’t can’t have a scene like this and not have us be like, oh, oh,

Vivi: I guess we know what’s happening.

 He is not doing well. And he begins to flatline. One of the paramedics says that it’s for the best, but we pan down to see that the heart monitor is not even attached to anything. these people are great at their job. Yeah. They’re

Erick: just like, oh fuck.

Finally, don’t look at anything. They don’t even try. I get it though. I get it. You don’t want the killer to go on and do

Vivi: more. Yeah. One of the paramedics even says, if you would’ve seen the blood shed, you’d hope this guy would die too. Back at the counselor home, the women are settling in for the night.

Coral is cuddling Millie and takes this moment to encourage her to go to college in Boston. Like she wants, it’s a sweet moment where she tells her that she needs to live her own life. And Millie’s very grateful for it. Later in the night, Millie makes her way downstairs and notices that the door has been left, open.

She yells at char for this, but hears strange noises coming from her living room.

Erick: She’s too chilled. I feel like if you had just gone through everything, you just went through immediately grab away the door was open. Yeah. I you like, fuck because you get traumatized by it, you know, for sure.

 I think people in horror movies are too fucking ready to just get over it. Trust. Yeah. Yeah. They’re not like Sydney who learns self-defense of course I

Vivi: have a gun. Yeah. She goes to investigate. And surprise, surprise. The butcher is right behind her. He gets a hold of her by holding a knife to her throat.

Shar walks in on the scene and prepares to shoot him. But he thought ahead and removed the bullets from her gun. What he didn’t remove was coral’s wine bottles. However, because she uses one of them to smash him over the head. This causes him to let go of Millie as both coral and sharp attack him the best they can.

This is cool.

Erick: I like that. all three of them join forces and fight back. I do like the

Vivi: scene. the butcher quickly gets the upper hand on the situation, taking them both down in a matter of seconds, he takes a moment to catch his breath. As Millie tries to sneak up behind him with a knife in her hand, he tells her not to stop, but grabs the knife from her and just insults her like her entire existence, telling her he understands why she’s so weak.

The loss of her father, the not living up to her sister and taking orders from a drunk mom. Not to mention all that anxiety, yo

Erick: butcher you’re you’re supposed to be like somebody who just doesn’t talk or think you’re supposed to just kill people. And that’s, that’s your whole personality.

Vivi: You didn’t have to get this philosophical and read me like this.


 He head buds her and she falls to the ground. Millie tells him that she learned something being in his body too. That having balls sucks as she kicks him square in the nuts. It really do be sucking though. Yeah. You need all that ball space.

Erick: Yeah. Balls be sucking. .

Vivi: This distraction allows coral and char to get back in on the fight.

Coral smashes him with a vase and helps milli up as char breaks a wooden chair over him. Coral tries to get Millie to run away, but Millie has another plan. She grabs one of the broken leg chairs and stabs the butcher in the back. He falls to his knees and Millie kicks the wooden stake deeper into his body.

She likes straight up, goes Buffy on him. Yep. British hip . The butcher finally falls over and is finally dead. Char only says, damn mill, gotta get me some of those stakes

Erick: mill is like, damn sh what is your issue? I’m surprised it wasn’t you so fucking anger management

Vivi: issues.


They all look over the butcher’s body and Millie admires her work saying I am a fucking peace roll credits. it’s a fun last moment where you realize Millie is in like full confidence now, she had some of it before, but this final face off gave her all the confidence you will ever

Erick: need. yeah.

This is fun. I like the way that it ends. I always like to see the killer,

Vivi: get killed, get what they deserve. Yeah. Yeah. Me too. You

Erick: know, get that revenge Still too much from the butcher. Just going in on Millie. Like, dude, I, I didn’t ask for this. you’re supposed to be just a mindless killer.

Vivi: Yeah. Well, he says all this because he says we can fix that. It’s clear that he intends to be in Millie’s body again, cuz it gives him the opportunity to just kill again and again, that being caught.

Erick: only helps him hide, but it also resets his

Vivi: life to young again. Yeah. You get back like 20 years of your life.

Erick: Maybe more like 40 .

Vivi: Well, I would assume that Vince Vaughn’s like 40 and she’s like 18

Erick: He did the two.

Vivi: Okay. So yes. More than 20 years. yeah.

Erick: But so what did you think of the movie.

Vivi: I really enjoyed it. It is a really fun idea, even though you could say, oh, body switching movies have been done before they haven’t been used in this gory way.

Kills are awesome. So many nods to other horror movies that it knows it’s like slash your origins, but doesn’t like just rip them off.

Not sure if I mentioned that the kills on their own are pretty great. And I like the, just the story in general, it has a very similar vibe to I know you haven’t seen this movie, but like the tragedy girls and in knowing that Christopher Landon worked on happy death day too, it also has vibes of those films, which I like

and I like all the messages around gender. and that Booker was not a fucking toxic man. Who’s like, I’m not gonna make out with you because you’re in the body of a 50 year old man. , , it’s very specific, but it’s a nice message. I

Erick: think I would’ve been like, no, but simply because they fucking stink if it was Hugh Jackman, I would

Vivi: definitely make out with you.

Erick: there’s very specific men

Vivi: that I would make out with. And Vince Vaughn is not one of them.

Erick: yeah. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Viz. Vaughn.

Vivi: Shallow.

Erick: No, I’m kidding.

Vivi: What do you think you got anything to add? You kind of gave a little review.

Erick: Yeah, I think it’s cool. I loved freaky Friday growing up too. And uh, all the horror movies that they played homage to, I feel like are movies that I’ve enjoyed in the past, the kills are brutal.

Like you said, it’s still fun as fuck. It’s not cheesy. The jokes are funny. Josh is a great character. Nile is a cool character. I think you really get the, friendship view where sometimes I feel like it’s forced on you

Vivi: yeah. Cuz I think good friends are really rare, especially in high school. And you can tell that these are good friends, just from the difficult conversations they were willing to have with Millie.

Erick: Yeah, I do like the message sometimes it felt more normal to be in a girl’s body than to be in own, like the butcher,


Vivi: there’s also like the other side of it, where there is obviously something empowering about being in a man’s body there’s privilege that when you’re in a woman’s body you would not get, so it explores it from both ends.

Erick: I feel,

Vivi: Like being one specific gender over, and this is very much just they don’t really touch on non-binary. But it’s saying that there are perks and pros and cons to being both. And that maybe fluidity would be the best option. Right. or at least that’s what I got. If I’m reading too much into it, I don’t care. I like this movie.

Yeah. And that’s what I

Erick: got out of. It. That’s a good time. What do you rate it?

Vivi: I’m gonna give it an eight outta 10.

Erick: Sweet. I give it a seven and a half. Yeah.

Vivi: Like honestly I would watch this on Halloween just cuz it gives me that good slasher vibe.

Erick: Yeah. It’s a new classic.

Vivi: Do you wanna talk about what scared Loki about this

Erick: movie? I don’t think anything scared him, but I did want to ask you. What do you think swapping bodies with Lokey would be like?

Vivi: I think um, I think it’d be full of anxiety and Prozac. So would it be any different? I don’t have Prozac, so yeah. it might be better actually. Also you could just like sleep all day and don’t have to work,

Erick: but then it’s gonna be Lokey in your body. Like, ah,

Vivi: I dunno what to do. I mean, that’s me in my body.

It wouldn’t be that suspicious or far

Erick: off. how would you feel about it? I think he and I would be probably the same Cuz he’s always like so awake. And so like, I don’t want to do anything yeah. that you might not be able to notice a difference on my side either.

you would have the anxiety side and I’d have the,

Vivi: we got the constant need to do something. Yeah.

Erick: I’d run it a lot though. I think I’d run a lot if I was in his body. Cause I’ve always wondered what it’s like to run with four legs to be super fast. Yeah. I would have zoomies all the time. Just for funsies. Loki would make me so fat and oh my God,

Vivi: he would, he’d just eat nonstop. Oh,

Erick: this is what popcorn tastes like.

He just eat all the bad things.

Vivi: do you wanna tell us what it’d be like Lokey

Erick: it’s okay. Lokey. We’re

Vivi: not that great. sounds like you would run our lives into the ground. It’s fine. It’s

Erick: fine. He’d deserve it

Vivi: does that pretty much wrap it up for us here today? I think it does.

Erick: it’s a freaky Saturday, so I don’t know what we’re doing after this, but it was a

Vivi: good time.

It was as always. We hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken out scared pod except Twitter, Twitter shake, scared pod. You could send us an email at shaken out scared pod,

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Our drink videos, the episodes

Vivi: that we will eventually post one day, we’re getting to it. I promise.

Erick: Yeah. We’re trying to figure out our bar situation. Okay. Relaxed. But for those of you two who listen on YouTube, I know that some of you, do make sure to like subscribe comment on the videos.

Vivi: be sure to like great review, like Eric just.

on all the other things. And K thanks. Bye. Bye.

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