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Blair Witch (2016)

Erick: Welcome back to the chicken that scared podcast. See with you as always your hosts, Eric and VB. Today, we’re gonna be talking about the 2016 film Blair witch directed by Adam Winguard. But before we get into that, how are

Vivi: you viewing? I am super excited because we are actually joined by the bloody broads podcast.

Woo. If you guys want to introduce yourselves,

Jamie: We just pointed at each other and I’m Jamie.

Vivi: awesome. We’re super excited to have you guys here. Do you guys want to tell us a little bit about what’s going on over at bloody broads?

Jamie: Yeah. So we are coming close to our 20th episode, which we have a very special guest lined up for. We’re super excited. It’s top secret. We just released the vigil and coming out next. We have evil eye. And then after that, we’re going to start some slasher summer things after we get through our next month.

So I’m super excited.

Vivi: Oh, that’s exciting. Well, that sounds fun. Yeah, we’ve been trying to watch the vigil. I keep putting it on at night and then falling asleep. That’s my mistake.

Erick: It’s part of my Kirby content. Because we tried to watch it and explain this later, I love you guys just show.

I was listening to the first few episodes last week and I’ve been meaning to catch up, but you know, that’s awesome. 20 episodes.

Jamie: Well, Bob and I were looking at each other like, oh no, they’re on the first episodes to be fair. We have a massive, massive jump in audio quality, thanks to our editor and boffin his brother on It

Bhavna: yeah, it pays to have somebody in the family.

Jamie: It does. And I just wait until it’s, what is it? Like episode six or seven when we like really settle into the new setup? I feel like,

Vivi: Oh, I know what you guys mean. Our first episodes that you’re like cringe every time I hear them, I’m like uh,

Jamie: that’s the one everyone always starts listening to and I’m like, skip ahead and then go back, like go to like number 10 and then go backwards

Erick: Hey, we have the curse of the Jennifer’s body episode being our most listened to. And it’s the one with the worst audio, audio. Yeah. Halfway through the episode, not even halfway, like 10 minutes in the Mike’s on our side, shut off. It worked out, but it’s also our most listened to episodes. So if you’re one of those people who made it through that and still came back. Thanks.

Jamie: Yeah.

Erick: Do you have any other be content that you’re watching reading?

Bhavna: Oh my

goodness. I saw X recently. That’s the latest one

I’ve seen and oh my God. I could talk about it for days. Oh, I did. I liked it a lot. Cause I kinda went in kind of, I mean, I went in blind, but I went in

kind of understanding what they were going for instead of expecting something different, which is a few of my friends expected that and they were like, what is this?

This isn’t, this isn’t scary at all. I’m like, if you lean into it, just lean into it, lean into the vibe. No, but I, I loved it. I can’t suggest it enough if you like the 70 style slasher, you know, if you love Texas chainsaw massacre, you will probably like this.

Vivi: Oh sure. We recently saw it in theaters like a week ago

Bhavna: Nice. What’d you guys think?

Vivi: I enjoyed it. I thought it was a good time. Like you said, if you’re expecting something crazy deep or something, but it’s like a slasher you’re there for the gore, the fun. And it delivers, I think.

Bhavna: Yeah, exactly.

Jamie: I got to see Scott

naked. So

Bhavna: I mean, didn’t we all

Jamie: so, cause the last thing that I saw in theaters was X as well. And I went into it kind of expecting the camp and fund of a 70 slasher. So I had a good time. I think what Bob and I were talking about too off pod was that people that hype it up and they’re like, it’s so groundbreaking.

And I’m like, well, no, it’s not. But that’s the fun part is that it’s, to me, scream is my favorite or a franchise. So I love Mehta and it literally is one of the most meta things I’ve ever seen. So I had a good time otherwise creepy content.

I’ve been consuming. I was cracking up today because, I was listening to Jawbreakers from you guys.

Cause it just came out today and I was just cracking up. Cause it’s one of my favorite movies and I quote it all the time

when she’s like, I killed Liz, I killed the teen dream. And so when you guys were the team dream drink, I lost it. I was like, alright, I have to make this next time.

And then I’ve been watching pretty much anything that charade jazz and I, so Jasmine girl, that’s scary.

And then Sharay from nightmare on fierce and I they’ll text me and be like, do you want to watch blah, blah, blah tonight? And sometimes it’s something I’ve never heard of. And I’m like, Sure. Why not?

And it’s usually the wildest thing you can think of. Recently, and I talked about this on the pod too jazz, tried to get me to watch irreversible gas bar note film.

I would say that I was sick from like the gore, but it’s not even that they film it in reverse, but they play it forward. So it’s like the opposite of that old trick of filming something forward, then playing it reverse. They literally do the opposite. And so you’re spinning in a circle, the whole movie and it caught up with me and I was like jazz.

I’m I’m going to get sick if I like drink and watch this movie. So,

I did not make it to that film, but I watched X and I’m about to start Brandy cherry for.

Vivi: nice. Yeah. I started it, but did not finish it. I am. That’s my problem. I start things and don’t finish them.

Erick: Yeah.

And then there’s just so much good content out there. Like you just said, I always keep an eye out to, to see like the now watching on Twitter and it’s like, I’ve never even heard of this one right now.

You just described it reversible. I’m like, that sounds cool.

Vivi: That sounds like I would throw

Erick: up. Yeah,

you don’t really like gore.

Jamie: It’s a new IX, a French extreme film. So yeah, I saw a lot of things that I’ve only seen in um, movies. They don’t show a movie theaters. Uh, It was


good time until it wasn’t,

Vivi: I feel like that John Rose, like seeing a real popularity right now.

Jamie: it is there’s this weird resurgence. And I don’t, you know, I’ve been thinking about this a lot, cause you know, last boffin and I spent a lot of our show talking about kind of the more academic side of horror, huge eye roll. But I think there’s this weird resurgence in that. And then in slashers because 20, 20 and 2021 were such a horror, like a real life horror.

And I think

there’s that escapism of okay, the worst has already happened. What next kind of thing. Cause the same, you know, French extremism really became popular in like the late sixties, early seventies, right around Vietnam. So Yeah.

I have a lot of theories around that kind of stuff.

Erick: Interesting. Yeah. I’d like to hear them.

Vivi: Yeah. Are you covering any French extremist film soon?

Bhavna: I

mean, we should


watch it for us. I’ll

Jamie: I’m going to have to watch


like this.

So here’s the thing because slashers are my favorite subject. Sarah will love them to pieces, pun intended, but I cannot do the gore. That’s like so, so real that I, I almost passed out when I saw a bar and the head scene, I was Audi. I was like, I can’t do this.

Bhavna: Which is why I was going to suggest the show to you. But then I watched it and I was like,

no, I’m not suggesting this to Jamie. It was

it’s Marianne, if You guys have

heard of it, it’s a French whore mini series or like limited series. I don’t know the term, but it’s about this,

writer and she right tour and

she’s left her small little town.

And then somebody from her small town

comes up to her at like a book signing

and is talking to her about their town

and all this kind of

stuff. And

then she kills herself like

right in front. And like ropes or back into coming back into

town and

it goes insane. Cause her book is basically coming to life, but it’s that French extremist horror,

but also cute in a weird way.

Jamie: I say I can’t handle it. Like I didn’t just watch the last season of slasher live on clubhouse with Ian every week. So, but it’s guts versus like a head injury anyways. Yeah. We all have our


Vivi: yeah, we were talking about this with Denken Dudley a couple of weeks about,

 how everyone has their, like one thing that they cannot stand. Yeah. It’s face trauma, face trauma is one

Jamie: Same.

That’s what it is an irreversible. This guy gets hit in the head repeatedly with a fire extinguisher until he’s not there anymore. And I was like, that’s what I told jazz. I was like, I love you. I can’t she’s done. And then I think I went and watch like Paddington or something.

Bhavna: yes.

Vivi: What about you? Do you have

Erick: groupie content? yeah, I was going to say that I watched the vigil with Sheree and Anthony we started it off and we were doing pretty good, And then I guess we started drinking more and then by the end we were just like, so what happened in this movie?

Jamie: that sounds like watching a movie with me and Sheree, to be honest,


we watched a what’s the new Nicholas cage. It’s not a horror, but then your Nicholas cage where he’s like, no, not pig, not a horror. It’s when he’s doing karate through like that, hellscape it’s on Netflix or like a super long title.

Anyways. We were like, literally, what the hell is going on? And we actually paid attention and was just like, I don’t know what’s going on, but anyways, Yeah, if we’ve seen something before, we’ll talk through it and then just like comment and we’re like, okay, wait, this is my favorite part. Oh, wait, no, no, no.

This is my favorite part, but anyways, yeah. They’re a good time.

Erick: yeah, yeah. So we have to rewatch it, we were watching it because you guys just released the vigil episode. So we’ll get there.

Vivi: We just need to

Bhavna: was literally waiting since like September 20, 19 to talk about the fish.

Jamie: Yeah.

Bhavna: happy to finally do

Jamie: Well, because it didn’t get the huge release that we thought it was going to get. Thanks to COVID. And so I saw it, Bob, I saw it at a film festival. I saw it at a film festival and we had to wait until it was on like video on

demand and like, yeah. Hulu.

of all places. I was like, well, I’m Hulu, I guess. Anyways,

Vivi: was upset because this film was on Hulu for the longest time.

Jamie: time

Vivi: And when we went to go watch it, it was no

Erick: longer there.

Jamie: I paid $3 on Amazon prime y’all and I’ll pay it


Erick: It’s funny you bring up the vigil was on a film festival though. Cause I was going to say that with mentioning shorts and gore and things like that, I do love just attending those and seeing all the stuff that’s out there because sometimes those movies catch you off guard.

It’ll be like completely tame horror the whole way. And you’re like, okay, I don’t really know what’s happening here, but I like it like what’s happening. And at the end there’s a sudden gore and you’re like, what? Where did this come from?

Jamie: That’s a 8 24 movie in a nutshell.

Erick: yeah, exactly.


I actually watched today’s movie at a film festival.

Jamie: Did you,

Bhavna: Yeah. I watched it at midnight madness.

Jamie: Oh,

a girl. I watched

Bhavna: Yeah.

Jamie: a budget theater in Atlanta.

Bhavna: I watched this at midnight with everybody there and it was the first time and this was an experience.

Jamie: Listen, I say this all the time, but until you’ve seen the original Blair witch in a theater with a group of people, That’s the

one thing that I’m like a snob about. I’m like, listen that, and like seeing the shining in, you know, huge, huge 35 millimeter, like those are the two things that I’m always telling people to go see, because seeing this with a crowd is just a completely different experience.

Erick: Yeah,

I can imagine were thinking the same thing. When we watched paranormal activity, we didn’t go see it in theaters back then, but it’s like you see the images and the ads and it was like the people in the crowds going

Vivi: wild makes you

Erick: want to be there. Yeah.

Jamie: I tell this story all the time, but it’s genuinely one of my favorite film. The first one is one of my favorite film footage, movies found footage, air quotes, because I saw it like a couple of weeks after I turned 16, so my birthday is the end of September. So it was released to like, you know, right around Halloween and stuff.

And I drove the entire way home. Would that backseat light on? Because I was so scared. I was like, it’s going to get me. She’s going to come from me. And I went to a super strict private Christian school. So I was like in chapel the next day saying like 14 hail Mary’s like eight, our fathers

just no, no, it was super good.

I love the first paranormal activity a lot.

Erick: Yeah.

 All right. So what do you have for comfort content

Jamie: oh


Bhavna: oh gosh.

Jamie: I’m rewatching better call Saul. Because the final season is coming out and I have a massive creative crush on Bob ode. Kirk, I think he’s a genius. And his second book just came out and this has been more it’s called comedy comedy, comedy drama. Cause it’s basically talking about his career.

How like, you know, when he started writing for SNL and like doing sketch comedy and then doing Mr. Show, and then he took a hard left into drama, but it’s been really inspiring cause you guys know I’m an actor and it’s really inspiring to read actors who. We’re

known in their own circles for many years, but didn’t quote unquote, make it big until they were a little older, because I think there’s so much pressure to make it, you know, when you’re in your twenties and I’m freshly exited out of my twenties.

And so it’s been a fun ride.

Erick: What about you Boda?

Bhavna: So I power through in two days, I powered through our flag means a death and peacemaker,

Erick: Oh

Bhavna: and

both of them are just so much fun in two completely different ways, but so much fun. And I didn’t expect to love both of them as much as I do. but I would definitely suggest those if anyone’s looking for

like, just fun, fluff,



Our flag means

death. If you’re looking for

like some violence






with peacemaker

also just John Siena.

Jamie: always.

Erick: It’s funny. You guys bring up better call Saul peacemaker because I feel like everyone is talking about those shows right now. I didn’t realize that better call Saul was because it’s on its last season, but peacemaker obviously has gotten popularity because of suicide squad and people couldn’t handle enough of John’s.

Vivi: Well, yeah, he was a fun

Erick: character.

Bhavna: Oh yeah.

Erick: It was a brutal too. It’s like these superhero films and shows are starting to get like a dark side, but they’re doing it in a fun way versus like the boring Superman way.

Jamie: That’s what I tell Bob now I couldn’t finish this new season of the boys because it got a little too gory. And so I had to space out the episodes and I still haven’t finished it. But we went and saw, you know, when the new screen came out, back in January and Jack Quaid, isn’t that obviously. And I was like, that’s the nerd from the boys. good. And I like it. I like um, you know, it’s funny you brought that up, Eric, about the new suicide squad, because this version is the one that I like, I actually did not enjoy the first one whatsoever. And,

well, listen, I got like ripped to pieces for saying that on Twitter one day

and you know, all the DC fan boys were like five.

You’re not a true fan girl back. And I’m just

like, okay.

Meanwhile, I’ve been reading Batman comics since I was like seven, but, uh, that’s the other movie that I have become a hundred percent obsessed with.

I saw it once in theaters having to go see it again. Soon as the Batman Robert Pattinson it was phenomenal.

It was the only movie since Wolf of wall street that I feel really earned. It’s like almost three hour time limit. And that’s saying something, cause I’m y’all know I’m constantly like, even on the pod, I’m like 90 minute movies, like make more of the anyways, Yeah. it’s a, it’s a real comfort film and kind of a fucked up way.

Bhavna: no, I agree on the Batman and it was the movie I chose to see on

Erick: on my


Bhavna: that like coveted. Like I will, I’ve already seen it. I will see it

again on my birthday.

Erick: What’d you go see it again? A third time.

Bhavna: I saw it three times actually already. So I might go see it if I

Jamie: I

was like,

Bhavna: see it a fourth time yesterday,

Jamie: I was like, let me spoil it for you guys. She’s already agreed.

Bhavna: I may

Jamie: uh,

Bhavna: by now.

Jamie: it’s all means that it spawned that tick-tock of like, it’s a girl. And it, the caption is like, when the Batman sees the best signal and it’s like her running into her bathroom and she took her the makeup on and she’s like, just, it cracks me up.

Cause I it’s so accurate. And like everyone being like, oh, this is not how Batman’s supposed to be. Blah, blah, blah. It’s the most true to real life. I think Bruce Wayne we’ve had cause we, so we went and saw that. And then when we came home, we rewatched not the dark Knight

rises, but the first one, just the dark night and I forgot how cheesy it is.

He spends like 30 minutes in a dojo in the mountains. I was like, but why? Like, why is he here?

Bhavna: but

also how clean Gotham is. not clean guys.

Jamie: I know, meanwhile, like I’m being Ooma, Thurman, poison, Ivy, you know, last Halloween and I’m like, all right, listen, there’s one true Batman. And he has about nipples in his suit.

Erick: We said the same thing really? Where it’s worn is that the one with, or without nipples? That’s

Vivi: how we classify the Batman.

Jamie: Yes.

Erick: All right. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. is the drink cocktail. So what do you have for us today?

Vivi: So I went with inspiration based on the movie poster for this film, because I do like the all red movie poster.

I’m going to name this, drink the ankle twister, because I know she technically cuts her foot, but like every time she steps, it sounds like she twisted her ankle. It is actually a variation of a drink that’s called the woo-hoo. But instead of gin, we use whiskey because I don’t know if you guys noticed they drink the same type of scotch whiskey that they do in the original Blair witch, which is red label, Johnny Walker.

But you could do this with any scotch or whiskey. You prefer If you guys want to give it a try.

Erick: Yeah.

Jamie: I’ve been drinking it this whole time, so it’s good.

Erick: I like

the scotch part.

Vivi: Yeah. I knew you would

Jamie: And the

words of Kristen wig, shit,

Bhavna: Yeah,

Erick: So

what do you all think about it?

Jamie: I’m a whiskey girl. So it’s delicious.

Bhavna: same. I’m a whiskey bourbon scotch girl, so,

Also a gen person.

Jamie: Yeah. I’m really a tequila person.

But if I, yeah, Vivi the seed, this is why I know where I I’m the first year that we were dating my partner got me whiskey glasses that were gold around the top and then had my initials etched in them. cause I would always order whiskey on dates and stuff, but this is delicious.

I may have gone heavy on the whiskey and lied on everything else. Uh, It’s really good though.

Erick: That’s the right way to do it.

Jamie: Yeah.

Listen, I saw cranberry and peach and you know, I’m in Georgia. I’m from Alabama. So I was like, yes. Peach like this. Absolutely.

Bhavna: I had to at, to Frankenstein, man. I told Eric and Vivi off pod that


juice was sold


Apparently everywhere.


went to


convenience stores to

drug stores, to


stores. And they only came in like the,

in the rain. That’s why I looked like caught garbage. Thank God. This is an audio platform. so I basically just topped it off with a sparkling rosacea and we’re living our best life.

Erick: Yeah. Sounds

Vivi: like a good switch. That also sounds like a good combination. Yeah.

Bhavna: and alcohol and


Vivi: I support it.

Erick: What do you rate it out of five?

Bhavna: I give it a solid four actually, because




myself drinking this all night. And even with the cranberry, even if I don’t have it in here, I could see myself drinking it and it not being that dangerous. So I mean dangerous in the sense that




Erick: wrecked

Bhavna: I would just keep drinking them, but not dangerous in that I could


combat a hangover if I used to cranberry juice instead of the full sugar.

Jamie: Oh, I’m a fitness bitch. So I already was using sugar-free everything. It’s delicious. This is a five out of five. Again, anything with whiskey plus fruit. I’m going to be like, yes, I’m secretly an 80 year old country club member. You guys just push me around in my golf card.

Erick: Shades on which hat on.

Jamie: Hey, Hey. Hey, don’t be boy. Am I cover Eric?

Erick: I think I’ve seen you,

Bhavna: I’m just picturing Jessica lanch from a season

Jamie: Yep.

Vivi: American story. Yes. My

favorite aesthetic.

Jamie: That’s like all I want to be when I grow up, it’s just like old, which Richard

Vivi: Well, I do like the smokiness that the whiskey gives the drink. It kind of like combats the sweet. So I’m going to go out four out of five.

Erick: Yeah. I’m going to give it a four out of five as well. I do like it when that scotch smokiness comes up, us, so it’s pretty, highly rated. If you’re listening, go try it. Perfect. if y’all are ready, I’m going to give some fun facts while you all sip on the rest of this twisted ankle twisted ankle. the scene where Kelly Hernandez gets stuck in a tunnel near the end was shot in a 50 foot tunnel, purposely made to have tight spots. There were two people in there with her as one of them holds her feet.

So she can’t move. And the other is obviously the person holding the camera during the filming a camera person even had to be replaced because of a panic attack.

Vivi: I completely understand the person having a panic attack. This sounds awful.

Erick: Why did the tunnel have to be 50 feet? I’m sure that with 20 or even 10, you’d be okay.

Vivi: You could just put her head in like small portion of it. You didn’t have to do all of that. I don’t know unless you wanted a realistic field, but that is terrifying.

Jamie: The amount of money, I would have to get paid as an actor to do. I’m like, excuse me.

Erick: It’s kind of like that scene in dissent, right? Yeah.

Vivi: Actually

I think when I wrote it down, I was like in a scene reminiscent of the descent, because it’s like the panic of being trapped into small

Erick: space. Adam Winguard was motivated to direct this film because he was disappointed with his parts in the VHS series. And didn’t like the way the second Blair witch film book of shadows was missing found footage

Vivi: Wow.

I think I tried to watch book of shadows and turned it off after like the first 10 minutes.

Cause I thought it was dumb. I couldn’t even tell you what happened. Honestly, I

Erick: haven’t even tried, but while I was looking up fun facts for this, I was like, oh, so I probably should have watched that before this. I could hate that. Like everyone else.

Jamie: it’s not grade.

Bhavna: No,

Erick: The intent for the producers of this film was for it to be a complete surprise. So several measures were taken, including filming in Vancouver rather than Patapsco state park, which is where the first one was filmed working under the project, named the woods and not even letting the actors know what they were auditioning for the first trailer wasn’t even released until two weeks before it’s released at the San Diego Comic-Con of 20 16,

Jamie: This was like super under lock and key until I came out.

Erick: do you think it had the effect it was looking for by

being so secretive?

Jamie: No,

Erick: Okay.

Jamie: I think they kind of shot themselves in the foot, so to speak,

on theme here.

Erick: because I read that and I was like, I don’t even remember this movie coming out. Like the only time I ever heard of it was when it was on streaming. And I was like, oh, look, there’s another blue. Which another one?

Bhavna: Well, I mean, I

saw it on the, film list

for final international film festival. Cause you kind of have to put it on the list if you’re going to show it there.

But basically I’d filter my note to midnight madness and I went like looking for them and I was

like, there’s a player. Wait, what the fuck? And I’m I hit like the smash button so Just like, give me this ticket, give me this ticket and Worth it for the audience reaction.

Jamie: Well, and I’m such a huge fan of the original, not so much book of shadows, but I remember this coming out and I couldn’t convince anyone to go see it with me. And so I saw it by myself, which was such a huge mistake.

Vivi: This film will get into it, but oh my God, it is heavy on the jump scares. Heavy on the jump scares.

Erick: Yeah, that was my last one fact. But I saw that Adam was like where the first one was more about being lost. This one’s more about running from something I could see that vibe. that’s

all I got. Are you ready, Jamie? For a speed run under a minute. Otherwise we’ll take a shot.

Jamie: Okay. Let’s go.

Erick: On 3, 1, 2, 3, go.

Jamie: All right. So James, who is the little brother of Heather from the O G Blair, which finds a tape that has someone in a window of the house and the original Blair witch woods that he thinks has Heather. And he’s so convinced that he gets a team of friends to come out into the woods and search with him along the way they run into a meth head.

Couple that had been investigating this. Uh, I don’t know if they actually do meth. They just look like an act like they do. Uh, And the couple insists. Hey, if we show you where we found that tape, we have to camp with you and all hell breaks loose when they camp, because all of the original sigils from the first Blair, which show up around camp and slowly one by one, everyone starts getting picked off, including one of the main girls who breaks her foot.

And we find out is infected with a feather. Uh, the other goes crazy, I guess, is a lack of better term. Uh, Until originally it’s just down to James and I’m blanking on her name. The final girl right now. Question mark. Lisa. Yeah, I think, but they originally find the actual Blair witch house and die at the end.

Vivi: That’s how I end all my speed runs.

Jamie: I waited too. I was wasting too much time trying to remember everyone’s names.

Erick: it happens. Well, I’d say you lost.

Jamie: Dammit.

Erick: should still put that on the street.

Vivi: Yeah. I do want to make a shirt that says everyone died yet.

Bhavna: to answer your question from a few episodes to go, yes, I would buy that shirt.

Jamie: Same. Cause you, every time you say it, I bust out laughing and I’m like, that’s literally how all the movies we


Vivi: cover horror. It’s how they all end

Erick: up. So know that it’s not like a joke that’s dying. Maybe, maybe next year. We’ll

Bhavna: They all die asterisks. Sometimes there’s a final girl.

Erick: yeah. I like a movie where everyone does.

Jamie: Yeah.

Bhavna: That’s the name for a movie right there too. everyone dies.


follow up to love, actually.

Jamie: Oh,

Erick: Ah, All right. Well, we’re going to take a shot,

Vivi: cheers to use

Jamie: That was like all alcohol at the bottom.

Erick: So the internet says, I want to be specifically says that after discovering a video, showing what he believes to be his vanish sister, Heather James, and a group of friends, head to the forest, believe to be inhibited by the Blair witch. And it gives it a five just right down the middle split audiences. What?

Vivi: Yeah. That’s average. So Ready to get into this.

The Blair witch 2016, we get a title card explaining that the following footage was collected near Burkittsville Maryland. Every time I see this name, I want to say, but Seville, Maryland.

Erick: And we had a debate right before this because I said, I think the torque Advil, yes,

Vivi: acceptable as well,

But that the footage was collected near the black Hills forest on May 15th, 2014. We see someone running through the iconic home from the first Blair witch film, the footage is paused and someone asks, did you see her? The footage is then played back in slow-mo and it turns out that the footage is from a YouTube video.

The viewer says I missed it too. The first time pauses the video to reveal a witch, like figure in a mirror or window caught on camera.

Erick: This footage that we’re seeing, isn’t footage that we actually saw in the first film. Right.

Bhavna: No.

Vivi: I guess, spoiler, if you haven’t seen this film this movie is taking place in what seems like a circular timeline. This is actually Lisa running through the home, in the final scene.

Erick: Okay. That kind of makes sense with another fun fact that I saw, which was that the flashes, if you notice that when they turn the camera off or the drop it, or they switch, they’re like images that you can see in like the glitchiness of the camera.

Apparently those, if you pause them, those are images from the first film. it’s also taking into account that the first film is happening simultaneously

Jamie: Yeah, I don’t want to get too far ahead, but

like, that’s why I loved this movie so much because the house is a lot like, you know, season one of where he says time is a flat circle, true detective. I think there was, a layer to this movie that a lot of people missed and that’s why they were like, oh, it’s just a rehash of the first one.

And I’m like, that’s kind of the point, like part of it. And again, scream is one of my favorite movies and it’s definitely my favorite horror franchise. So for me, for it. to be so meta, that’s why I fell in love with this movie. Cause I’m such a huge fan of the first one. And there was that what you were talking about, Eric, and then the fact that this is actually footage that they found on a tape that was in the woods and it was on an old school VHS tape.

It wasn’t on a digital recorder

Erick: Right.

Bhavna: one would then argue that this was everything

everywhere all


Erick: the time.

Bhavna: We’re just coming up with a great anthology series here, guys.

Jamie: Yeah.

Vivi: I cannot hear the title of that movie without thinking of the bow burn. I’m special. I don’t know if you guys watched it, the connect interest you in everything all the time is all that plays in my

head. When I

read a

Jamie: everything all at the time? A little bit of everything. Yeah. He’s

Vivi: love that,

the viewer says that’s her to someone off screen, who we later learned his name. Lisa, when Lisa asked who he’s referring to, he says, it’s his sister. Lisa is in disbelief. She asked if he has a search alert, set up for this kind of thing. And James, we as his name says that he usually doesn’t get hits, but this one seems legit.

The person who uploaded the video claims he found the tape in the black Hills woods. Lisa doesn’t seem so convinced, but they are then interrupted by two more friends who we later learn are Peter and Ashley entering with shopping bags, asking them what they are up to James Vaughn’s that he is going to be the subject of Lisa’s documentary project.

And they say that is pretty boring. They just are like old friends and are honest with

Erick: each other, I guess.

Jamie: the shade of it all.

Vivi: We then cut to James and Lisa trying out eight bunch of filming equipment, which include earpieces, that record everything that the person wearing them is seeing these earpieces come into play a lot

Erick: So we were joking about this yesterday because we were like, we get that the old one was a handheld camera, right?

Old school, VHS it’s over your shoulder or whatever it is, but it’s not very maneuverable These are on the sides of their heads. And the way that the camera is shaking, kind of doesn’t make sense with the way that these recordings are happening. Like wondered behind the scenes too, like if they actually used footage from those, or if they said, that that’s what was happening.

But really they were holding a camera because of the way that it’s shaking. I was picturing like they’re behind the scenes, like shaking their heads, like crazy. And Bebe was like, well, maybe they’re like running. And so they’re like this. I was

Jamie: Johnny.

Erick: the, Bob would be, you know, side to side.

I don’t know.

Jamie: The only time that it made sense was when they were cutting back and forth between that your piece camera and then the handheld one that Lisa has. Other than that, I was like, what’s actually going on right now.

Bhavna: Oh, and they also point out that, that your piece has GPS. They say this at least five times in like two

Jamie: Yeah, yeah,

Erick: do.

Bhavna: I’m like, this might be important.

Vivi: Lisa then sets up an audio recording where she explains the intro to her film. She tells the story of James, his sister who disappeared near the town of Burkittsville Maryland. When James was only four years old clips of the documentary she was shooting are shown.

As Lisa describes the final moments caught on film in a strange home in the woods. She explains that the footage was found near the black Hills forest, and that a large search party went in to try and find some evidence of the crew. But when nothing was found, investigators concluded that they must have disappeared somewhere else, despite their equipment and things being found in the black Hills forest.

Erick: So the blur, which is power only, or whatever is happening here is power only works on small groups because if that’s the case, then there were tons of people

Vivi: here. And this is something Peter later mentions that when he was a kid, he was in the forest looking for her. And then I think lane, one of the townies says you have to sleep in the woods for the like, effect to happen to you, which is like just a way to plug up a plot hole, but

Jamie: he’s the meth head boyfriend.

Bhavna: kind


fun fact kind of leads into if you guys are aware of a game called hunter killer,

Jamie: Yeah.

Erick: Yeah. We actually just played our first time last


Jamie: you really.

Bhavna: the whole, wow. Isn’t it fun?


Erick: straight for medium. I didn’t even

Bhavna: nice.

Well, they have a Blair witch one, so my friends and I opted for that. That was our first one. And yeah, it, her power does work on only small groups of people

from like the way we had to play the game.

Jamie: and friend of the pod will from guides to unknown helped write the Blair witch hunter killer.

Erick: Well that’s cool.

Bhavna: Then I’m counting all of that as cannon then because friend of the pod will vote it.

Jamie: We’ll have to shout them out when this episode gets released.


they give you a letter. It’s like, hi, I’m so-and-so’s mom, my son’s missing.

And the last time we saw him, he ran into the Burkittsville woods. Like please

Erick: I’m sorry, he’s

Vivi: dead.

Bhavna: Yeah.

pretty much. I was just like, he’s dead next.

Erick: It’s still running around in circles in the forest.

Jamie: Spoiler.

Vivi: We get a few shots of James as Lisa explains that as long as she’s known him, he’s been searching for clues and evidence pertaining to his sister’s disappearance. And that his search for closure is the subject of this documentary. Lisa then interviews, Peter, who seems to be James’ childhood best friend.

He explains to Elisa that their parents have always been friends. So they’ve known each other all their lives. He said he recalls that his sister went missing, but doesn’t remember her all that. Well.

Erick: If I went missing, my kids, siblings would be like, all right, well that was his dumb ass fault.

Vivi: Well, there’s some brutal siblings, but

Jamie: Yeah. And like my brother and I are six years apart, but we’re still very close, but I can’t imagine being like 12 to 14 years apart. Cause I think they were 19 and 20 in the first one. So cause they’re college students. So I’m just like, I don’t know. I did love this aspect of it, of like the sibling, you know, never forgetting the older sibling that got to me. but other than that I was like, yeah, the stuff I remember from being four years old was like getting gum stuck in my hair at pre-K and then like going to Disney world for the first time.

Erick: Dennis was being ugly upside down. There’s a video of me telling the

camera, like these dinosaurs are ugly and they’re all upside down. That’s hilarious.

Jamie: Somewhere out there. There’s a video of me explaining how volcanoes interrupt instead of erupt.

Erick: They do be interrupt in nature though, since I was,

Jamie: I mean, was, I wrong?

Vivi: The friends are hanging out playing video games. When Lisa asked Peter to explain what they are going to be doing that day, Peter explains that they are going to go search for the home that is seen in Heather’s documentary. In order to search for clues about her disappearance informs Lisa, that James has been messaging with the YouTuber who uploaded the video that we saw earlier.

Yeah. And that he is going to show them exactly where he found the missing footage. Lisa then presses them about whether or not they believe the legend of the Blair witch, but both men just remain silent and stare at each other. Ominous.

Erick: Do you believe the legend of

Vivi: the Ridge? I believe I would not go into that.


Erick: is someone when I said camping, you’d be like, well, no,

Bhavna: No, I’m a city girl. So anything involving camping? I’m like, man, I dunno. I dunno.

Jamie: Oh, no, I’m the adventurous, one of our, of our duo. This summer I’m hiking. The Austin got a mountain range in Peru

Erick: Ooh, sick. That’s awesome.

Bhavna: See if that Kevin was in a city, I’d be fine.

Vivi: Oh yeah. We can check it

Bhavna: But I’m not

in a city. It’d be fine. I’ve been to many haunted houses in the city, but I’m not going out in the middle of the forest where there’s no cell service.


GPS nothing


Nowhere for me to take refuge

in case something

is haunted in the


Jamie: of that mattered in fresh either about pests. So

Bhavna: Listen, I

I’ve already told you

this. I would gladly be kidnapped by Sebastian, Stan,

Jamie: same.

Bhavna: but that’s it

Erick: I

want to see version of the blur, which where Tom Haverford. where his Roomba DJ


Jamie: DJ Roomba.

Erick: save me.

Jamie: he’s

he’s grilling some, uh,

what does he call the snap peas? The snap dogs, the Snoop dogs.

Erick: I remember.

Vivi: we got to the group of friends at a nightclub, Lisa showing Peter and Ashley, how to use these ear pieces to record a weird thing to do in a nightclub. But okay. We got a conversation between the three of them, and this is the only time I will give them like the credit of the ear pieces. It allows us to look at each character when they are talking as opposed to like traditional found footage where it’s just like shaky back and forth. Peter is being very protective of James saying that he’s going up into those woods based on some grainy footage that someone posted only because he believes that he may be able to find his sister or solve her case.

Peter feels that Lisa is exploiting James and Begged her not to actually show the footage to anyone. She says that she can’t promise that. as he storms off Lisa then defense herself to Ashley saying that just because she hasn’t been friends with James, as long as they have doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about him.

Erick: sure.


Jan. Yeah.

Bhavna: Yeah.

Erick: Makes it shittier that she’s the one who survives at the end. Well,

Vivi: survives

Jamie: cool air quotes in that.

Erick: could have survived, but she, yeah,

Vivi: I got the vibe that she was too caring of James. Like she was trying to yeah,

Bhavna: yeah,

I thought she was like

Vivi: yeah. She like jumped in his tent really quick. And another

Jamie: She did.

To be fair.

She was like, oh no, we’re going to have to snuggle.

Erick: Yeah. I don’t know. Where did you hear that? Why are you completely naked?

Vivi: Well, your clothes at

Jamie: Then take talk. Why your clothes?

Vivi: it is the next morning. And we get a shot of Peter, very hung over, but he says he does not regret his night of drinking before going camping in the woods. Don’t

Erick: feel you, dude,

Vivi: I’m too old.

Erick: hangovers

last three days, I’m not doing that.

Vivi: We get a few more shots of the crew testing equipment. They test out a drone and get a couple of aerial shots as well as test out their walkie talkies.

Finally, the group sets out and we get shots of them road tripping and even footage of them staying at it seems the exact same hotel that Heather stayed at with her crew the night before entering the town.

Jamie: have you guys seen a hill house, LLC?

 Okay. That’s

one of my favorite movies of all like favorite horror movies of all time. I actually love that whole trilogy that when they’re in the car is literally almost like shot for shot from the first hill house. And I was like, Adam did do This on purpose.


Erick: This movie does feel like a lot of different movies in

Vivi: one, I feel like there’s a lot of tributes going on in this

Jamie: Yeah. Again, I think that’s why I liked it so much is that it’s so meta and I’m a

Bhavna: Yeah.

Jamie: So I was like, all right, this is my


Bhavna: Like in The

Q and a,

at the


too, he did mention that he had a lot of different influences. Like it wasn’t just like a purely Blair witch themed,


sequel or



term is he was

like, I took influences from sequel. I don’t know. Number two, like, oh God, I didn’t even mean it that way.

Erick: number two was number two. right?

Vivi: Yes. From whatever it is terrible.

Bhavna: Yeah.

Erick: the lion king rod just one and a half.

Jamie: Yeah,

Bhavna: Right.

Erick: Yeah,

Jamie: is literally wine king one and a half, but it’s Blair witch one and a half.

Bhavna: I forgot that too existed. To be honest.

Jamie: It’s not great.

Vivi: there’s even footage of them staying at a hotel that looks identical to the one that Heather and her crew stayed at. And the first Blair, which they even are drinking the same type of scotch. We get a few more establishing shots of them as they enter the town of Burkittsville. As James gives a little of the towns lore saying that they used to be a town named Blair established in the 17 hundreds.

But it was discovered abandoned. So Burkittsville was founded nearby. The friends arrive at the house of the YouTuber that they were messaging with earlier. His name seems to be lane and his partner is named Talia. They invite them in and we get this like really awkward scene where the friends noticed that they have a Confederate flag hanging on

Erick: the wall.

I was like, well, I know. And then they, when they decided to hang out with them, I was like, it’s weird because like flag aside that doesn’t ever come back into their personalities.

Bhavna: No. So

it might’ve belonged to somebody else in the house.

Erick: Oh, there were squatters

Jamie: yeah, they have rural squatter vibes this couple Taulia and lane reminded me so much of every single YouTube, a couple that got big on like trauma porn, where they were like, we’re

going to go to the world’s most haunted plantation. And I’m like, why, why?

And I

Erick: live next to it.

Jamie: we like to taste the sadness. listen, uh, shots fired. I love the paranormal. Baba knows that I watch all the ghost shows and like, I love anything spooky, but like, Yeah.

we’re big on the paranormal. But like, anytime there’s a YouTube couple and they’re like, we are going to go to the penitentiary. I’m like, you just want to go somewhere that someone really suffered, which is incredibly fucked up.

If I think about it, like, I’m like why?

Bhavna: so you just watch graven counters and be done with it.

Jamie: Or kindred spirits. Kindred spirits is another good one.

Erick: When I watched graven Connors for the first time I legit thought it was legit.

Jamie: Did you really?

Erick: was so gullible.

Bhavna: It cause

it all, the first thing I thought of was just like the, was it ghost adventures?

Is that the actual

show where it’s like, dude, bro, dude, did you see that ghost?

Erick: Screaming. Oh my God. Did You hear it?

Jamie: come at me

Erick: Oh my God.

Jamie: be like

Bhavna: all, I think of a shade my day.

Jamie: Oh,

we do love

you. Boy.

We do love a rip Buzzfeed unsolved. We

do love

Bhavna: they’re coming back with a new show on

watcher called ghost

Erick: Ooh.

Vivi: I think

Erick: they own it. We

Jamie: Yeah.

Bhavna: Yeah.

Erick: that.

Vivi: We just put it

Jamie: I love

Vivi: go to bed

Jamie: love it. I love what he’s like goat man. I’m stepping on your bridge.

kills me every time.

Vivi: so much better than Zack

Erick: bagel bites. Yeah.

Bhavna: Yes.

Erick: liked Reagan so much.

Jamie: If you guys haven’t seen it, the episode where they go to the omen house, not omen, but like O M a N house it’s owned by David Omenn in California. It’s down the street from where the Sharon Tate murder happened. And uh, it’s across the street actually in uh, CLO drive.

And Bridget mark, who has her own podcast goes by and get with Bridget has been there a couple of times. And she talks about how badly it gives her the creeks, but Zach went there and he was like, they did this whole ghost of interest episode. And there’s a whole thing where they just put the camera on this like row of figurines that the owner of the house keeps on top of his, like very expensive salting aquarium, rich people, hobbies.

And they like fall over one by one. And I was like, has anyone considered that? Maybe like there’s cars driving past this house that was built in the fifties. And you have figurine standing on like a fucking aquarium,

And one falls over and Zack is like, bro, bro, bro. He like goes up the scale.

Vivi: I hate

Erick: them so much wifi signal.

Jamie: Yeah.

Vivi: yeah, we got that super awkward scene where Peter notices the Confederate flag. He looks at the camera like mockumentary style looking at Lisa, like this seems about white.

And doesn’t say anything


The group sits in the living room to chat and lane and Lisa start to record each other. Only lane is using a cam quarter. It’s like a weird, like power exchange thing here where she is like,

I need to sign a release. And he’s like, yeah, yeah. I probably need one too. And he’s recording like a camera from like the early two thousands.

Erick: He’s like you big city folks. I can do the same thing.

Jamie: Do you

see what I’m saying about like the YouTube couple thing though?

Erick: yeah. Yeah. They’re probably on tour going on like all these websites that no

one cares about.

Jamie: Rip.

Erick: back when like early to late two thousands, I was a kid, but like my older brother

is nine years older than me.

So he had a computer when I was a kid. So I was on the internet like way earlier than I should have been.

Jamie: same

Erick: I was on a lot of like, really dark sides of the internet. But when

Vivi: you were on this side of the internet, Blair, witch internet

Jamie: bombs world.

I don’t, yeah. I don’t want to search it out, but like I vividly remember during the Iraq war, like someone leaking a video of a city getting bombed and I was like, I should, I’m nine years old. I should

not be seeing. This

Vivi: That’s enough internet

Jamie: Yeah.

it’s fucked up

Erick: like disturbed as a, maybe that’s

Vivi: why we like horror. Cause we’re just desensitized to

Erick: everything.

Jamie: Barbara. And I’ve

talked about this so many. times how, like our generation was the first one to grow up with the internet. And so like we saw things away before we should have, and also, like, I was in fourth grade when nine 11 happened and I remember them like turning the TV on and like seeing the towers go down.

And I was like, maybe we shouldn’t have watched that

Vivi: I’m friend of children.

Erick: Yeah.

Jamie: Anyways,

Vivi: Anyways.

Erick: we’re all good. We’re fine. We’re fine.

Jamie: we’re all fine.

Bhavna: we all turned out. Okay.

Vivi: James gets straight to the point and he asks lane where they found this footage lane and Talia seem very excited about that and ask if they can tag along. It’s apparent from the group’s reaction that this is not a part of their plan lane says the only way they are willing to show them where they found the tapes is if they are brought with them, otherwise there is no deal.

James asked for a minute to talk with the group and they discuss this outside. Peter is like immediately, no should sound the idea, but actually points out that it seems like they don’t really have any options and they agreed to let them

Erick: tag along. I think I would have just still gone

Vivi: without them, without them.

Yeah. They definitely have weird

Erick: vibes. they’re not part of the plan. And they’re like a complete outsider to what we’re trying to do. You know what I mean? Like, it’d be one thing. If it was like, oh, some friends who I used to know when I was a kid are here, let’s bring them along.

But these are complete strangers. And some dude that he met on YouTube, like that’s not

Vivi: uh,

that is literally everything. They warn you against

Erick: stranger danger.

Jamie: with a hippie to a second location. Like that’s.

Erick: Exactly.

Vivi: The group arrives at the black Hills forest and unpacks the cars. We get one long almond, a shot of them leaving the cars as they enter the woods. Peter decides that it’s a good idea to mess with lane and Talia by mocking them for some of their YouTube videos. Lane seems annoyed and goes on to explain that he grew up in that.

And that all his life, people always warned against going into those woods. But as soon as Heather and her crew disappeared, the town just wanted to forget about the woods altogether.

Talia begins to tell the legend of Rustin Parr who kidnapped eight children and killed seven, how he would take them in pairs to his attic or basement and make one of them turn around as he killed the other. If you have seen the original Blair witch, you know, this legend. It was mentioned in there.


Erick: I think we had a bunch of like speculations on what the story actually meant from the first, I think that’s why the first never needed a SQL even at the end of that episode, when we talked about it, it was like, what if it was that this entire time the man is still around. Right.

And the man is the one killing people and he’s just like some serial killer or I think thought that one of the guys was mind controlled by the witch.

Vivi: Yeah. Cause that’s what Talia goes on to explain how par claimed he heard the voice of a woman telling him to kill what I liked about the first Blair witch and worked for me is that it’s all just so, so many theories and it’s kind of like, you figure it out.

What do you

Jamie: Yeah.

Vivi: And you can just like talk about

it for hours.

Jamie: Well, and also like with that, with the rest in part narrative, I’ve always thought of it. Like, of course a small town would rather put a supernatural blame on something than deal with the fact that they probably have a child predator because it can never happen in their small

town, you know, like,

Bhavna: Oh, it never happened here.

What are you talking about?

Vivi: literally only happens in small towns.

Jamie: right. Like.

Bhavna: There’s a reason. I’m a city person, guys. You can’t go in with this amount of melanin. No, thank you.

Vivi: The group eventually reaches the site where lane claims to have found the tape, they search around it for a minute, but don’t seem to find anything of note. They continue their hike. Following a Creek of water. Tolley informs them that a little girl once drowned there when the town was first founded, but that her body was never found.

Her mother claimed that she saw a black hand shoot out from the water and drag her down. Lisa looks very dismayed to learn that they are about to cross this stream. The group is making their way through it. When Talia turns to lane kind of in secret and says, are you sure this is a good idea? The crew is halfway through the stream.

When Ashley lets out a Yelp of pain, they turned to help her. As she explains that she cut her foot on a sharp rock, they sit her down on some nearby rocks and James instructs, Lisa to get the first aid kit. But her and lane are busy being douchebags, worried about getting a good shot of the injury.

they keep telling her that the cut is not that bad, but it looks pretty bad.

Erick: Yeah. I was surprised. I mean, I’ve gone on my handful of hikes like this and through water and everything. And I’ve never even thought that a rock like this could just

Vivi: destroy my leg. This would happen to me 100%. Like, I was surprised that I have, I’m surprised it isn’t happening right now. Like I twist my ankle all the time.

Bhavna: I


Erick: like

Bhavna: ankles all the time. Like ask any of my friends. Like we go out, it’s like, if there’s like uneven

sidewalks, everyone’s like,

are you okay, Bob? Are you all right? I mean, maybe it’s the cursive having large feet.

Jamie: I’m going to give you these guys some like ankle mobility drills. That’s like the ex trainer in me. I’m like, oh my God stretch, please.

Erick: I need that.

Bhavna: like what I felt like speaking of her, cutting her foot, like, I feel like what this film did

really well

was the





opposed to


straight up

looking like, you know,

closeup of it being

cut. you know what I mean?

Jamie: there was some actual body.

Bhavna: yeah, like the sound they use later on, like, just to go back to her

foot, which

apparently now obsessed with her feet.

Um, that’s a

whole different


only fans you could probably visit. But, but the sound,

when I think later on, I know we’ll get to it, but like later on when she makes that

sound and she just crumbles to the

ground, but



crack, you hear and it’s her foot and I’m just

like, whew, that gets

me. So I can watch somebody being like

flayed open.

I can

watch somebody be burnt to death

the most realistic

way I

can watch

all this shit. But the

moment you


Erick: that

Bhavna: that like a

bone is



not seeing the

bone get broken, implying, would the sound and like the correct acting. I just recoil like to retain made me cringe

Jamie: Oh

Bhavna: in the theater.

Like not cringes

and like,

this is gross, but more like, I can’t work this, but I want to watch this squirm.

Erick: what you mean, use it so often too. Right. It’s like,

Jamie: yeah.

Erick: walking right after this. They’ll just be walking. And it’s like, and you’re like, who is breaking? Because

Jamie: Well, part of that was like,


Bhavna: Same

Vivi will stay home.

Vivi: This is

why we stay.

Jamie: part of it was like, is it her foot or is it someone stalking them in the. And

Bhavna: Yeah.

Jamie: fucked with me. The first time I saw this, I was completely alone in a huge dark theater. And I was like, I’ve made a big mistake. I’ve made a big mistake.

Vivi: After this, the group decides to set up camp, we got a comical scene of Peter not being able to put a tent together and then throwing a tantrum. The crew sets up the drone when Peter informs them that he is going to look for firewood. Anytime. One of them says, they’re going to go do something. I’m like, they’re dead.

They’re dead. We’ll never, we’ll see them again.

Bhavna: What’s that line from scream.

Vivi: I’ll be right


Jamie: I’ll

be right back.

Vivi: What was the

Erick: intent for the drone

Vivi: though? I think they were just trying to assure that they wouldn’t get lost so they could see like where the road is.

Erick: Oh. So we need to buy this $400 drone real quick to break it in the woods.

Just for the woods.

Jamie: yeah. I thought it was such a good like time setting device as in like, this was a very 2016 movie to me. I was like, yeah, this vibes with six years ago. Got it. Like,

Vivi: Yeah. I got the feeling that they were trying to, cause I know when I watched the original Blair witch, I’m like, well now you have a phone and that wouldn’t happen to you or

now you have this and it wouldn’t happen to you, but you have a drone now you have a drone. Yeah. And they’re saying, no, no, no, no.

That shit’s getting fucked up and you’re still


Bhavna: I remember the

first time

I watched the original, like maybe it’s because I’m older than you guys. I wasn’t old enough to see it in

theaters. I’m

not that


Erick: but I’m

Bhavna: I’m sorry



any older millennials or gen X-ers out there uh, listening. But um, I was old enough that

I still rented it from blockbuster

and I’m older than


my siblings.

So I had to watch it.

My grandmother and grandfather lived with us at the time, so I had to go watch it. And my grandma there’s rooms that the kids wouldn’t like walk in on us or walking on me, basically watching it by myself, my grandma’s room

 And in an Indian household. So that’s a no, you, my mom did rent it for me.

So she was


you’re old enough to

wash this since

you’ve seen




you know, like I was in middle school or

something by the time I washed it.

So maybe like a year



after it

came out and I

remember. Watching it

going like, cause we

didn’t have





time and

we didn’t

have all stuff. VHS was still the height of


DVDs had just come


Basically, if you want to put a timeline on like DVD players were still 500 bucks, if

you really want to put like a timeline on things.


like I’m

watching it

in the not


distant future from

when it came


So I was really scared.

Like I may not

have seen it

in a theater, but I was very


this could happen to me. So when 2016 came

out and they have the drones and

stuff. I



well the sinner provement. Okay, cool. Cool,

cool. But how is the GPS

going to fail? How is

this going to fail? It


not so

much like,


we’ve got

technology now. So we’ll be fine.

It’s more like, how is the player, which going to fuck with this and how is it going to


Erick: picturing the Blair witch in her house. Like she’s on tour she has

internet. And then she has an electromagnet traumatized.

Bhavna: she’s got a, she’s got a giant server behind her.

Vivi: She had to become a hacker to keep with the times, throw

Erick: EMPS into the forest. She’s a



Bhavna: works on small groups guys. She had to evolve with the


she has like a side job as like the AOL support rep.

But with the

drones though, I got a




Erick: bro vibe

Bhavna: off of it too.


you know, just as like tech being listed, like, cause Lisa was a

Erick: and


Bhavna: for lack of a better word. Like, you know, like everybody knows somebody that’s been to school for film or something like that, at least in our, in our small industry.

so you know, everyone’s so super overexcited about every little bit piece of tech, even though they never get to.

Jamie: And she takes the place of the guy in the first movie who was super

into tech. So it, to me, it tracked. I was like, Yeah.

I get

Bhavna: Yeah.

Jamie: makes sense.

Vivi: yeah, I see her as like a combination of Heather and the tech guy as

Bhavna: Hmm.

Jamie: Yeah,

Vivi: stop filming up until the last moments. It’s like the only thing that

Jamie: girl.

Erick: her, but you need that

character for this type of movie, because if he had somebody who had any common sense, they were left a long time

Vivi: ago.

It’s like hell house where uh, he films way beyond the point of needing to fill,

Bhavna: Yeah. Hello house. Or even Cloverfield.

Vivi: oh my God.

Jamie: Sharon.

Erick: stopped the moment it started.

Jamie: Yes Trey. And I talk about hell house all the time. Cause it’s one of my favorites and it’s Jazz’s too. And so like, we’ll just be like, Oh,

it was just like there in the background. The moment I saw that clown move by y’all would have

Erick: Oh my God.

Jamie: But instead he’s like, we’re going to keep the security cameras on, sir. No.

Bhavna: That’s why Griffin counters

Erick: Because they were already set up for

Bhavna: up as a

Erick: So they already had




It’s not like somebody around being

like, all right, let me

get the

Bhavna: this footage.

Jamie: I’m just going to watch grieving counters when we get done recording.

Bhavna: Hell yeah.

Vivi: The crew’s settling in for the night and enjoying a campfire. When Lisa asked Talia and lane who the Blair, which really was Talia is the one who responds saying Ellie seems to be. What the town agrees upon. She is someone who was accused of witchcraft. After children in town said she took their blood.

She didn’t get a proper trial and was sentenced to die by exposure being tied to a tree in the woods. When the town went to retrieve her body in the spring, there was no trace of it. They assumed her remains were eaten by animals, but soon after people began disappearing first, the children that accused her and their families than others, those who were left just abandoned their homes and flood the town LN butts in to say that the death was more gruesome than that.

Basically describing a form of torture where someone is stretched out. this is only important because it seems to come into play later.

But they believe that the woods have been cursed ever since he says, there’s an old legend that says, if you look at the, which you’ll die directly from the sight of her, Peter shuts down these stories, reminding them that he was there in the woods as a kid with a giant search party and nothing ever happened to him.

Lane says maybe it did otherwise. Why would he return? He also states that he read a legend online that claims that you have to spend the night in the woods for anything to happen to you. Lisa asked them how they’re still alive then. And lane makes a joke about how the witch is using them to lore the whole group in. They all laugh. And actually declares that it’s time for bed.

Erick: This movie, you felt like it was going in a couple of different directions, right? Like towards the end, I was even thinking like aliens

Jamie: yeah, I

have that in my notes, Eric.

Erick: I was like, is it like a thing that’s in the forest?

Jamie: Well the lights.

Bhavna: I was getting like the fourth kind vibes from


Jamie: fucked me up so bad. Yes,

Vivi: I saw that

Bhavna: Yes,


Jamie: I saw it on a first date. Vivi.

Vivi: I think I’ve told this story on the pod before, but I went with a boyfriend at the time who then immediately was like, this is all fake. This is all bullshit. But I’m like, that was terrifying. And it was so fun. This relationship is not going to work.

Jamie: Yeah. No

Bhavna: I went to see it with like one of my best friends and like, we don’t normally do alien movies. Like there’s

certain alien movies we’ll do, but we don’t normally do alien movies. We were, we were fans of it mainly your vicious in

Jamie: Yeah.

Emilio. Mitch.

Bhavna: We’re

fans of her.

So we’re like, fuck it. She’s



horror. Let’s do it. And so we were like, well. We

went in pretty blind. So we’re sitting there like this

the entire time just going like, Nope, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Uh, For those of you, can’t obviously, if everyone that can’t see me, I’m like leaning way back in my chair. I’m just like, ah,

Erick: movie is fun because it’s a good mix of, like dramatize film, but also found

Vivi: footage. It is,

Bhavna: to the point where you’re like, is this a recreation?

Jamie: yeah. Where it’s on our film footage list for the fall.

Erick: I

also left that one thinking

Vivi: maybe it was yeah.

Jamie: yeah, listen, but the lights at the end of the movie, this is in my notes. the only thing that I nitpicked truly about this movie is the thunder and lightening effect at the end, because it lights up so much that I was like,

is that a goddamn alien?


Bhavna: Yeah.

That’s it.

Erick: I love alien movies. That’s like a side of me that I probably haven’t brought up too much on the, show

Vivi: because my whole thing,

Erick: I have a whole theory about like the creation of life,

Vivi: I also thought it was aliens because they keep talking about last time.

Erick: Yes.

Jamie: Yeah.

Bhavna: Yeah.

Jamie: big theme in abduction stories and I, Eric, you and I could probably talk about aliens for a

while. They’re there. The only thing that like truly scares me, because I’m

like, what if they’re real? Like,

Vivi: Yeah. That’s the one where you’re like, it could be real.

Bhavna: You guys are gonna laugh with the first thought I had was obviously after my thought of like aliens with the law, with like the

bright lights and everything. The last time was the Simpsons episode

Erick: Was it

how to

cook 40 people.

How to cook

Bhavna: people

working in kudos. They’re trying to eat them.

Erick: yes.

Bhavna: It’s the first weekend.

no, but back to the Blair witch for a second, like one of the legends you brought up like, oh, eaten by


Have matures amateurs. Of course she wasn’t going to be eaten by animals.

Come on guys. If she’s a

witch, you think she’s really going to let

some animals

eat her?

Jamie: right.

Vivi: Just the fact that they left her out there, the entire winter is like, y’all deserved everything you got. Come to me.

Jamie: Oh a hundred percent go straight to hell. Straight to hell

Erick: Yeah.

Bhavna: And isn’t it. Isn’t Burkittsville is it, where is it again? What state

Maryland. Oh, well, so it gets cold

Jamie: Yes. It’s snows.

Bhavna: again. Isn’t that? Technically the north. So like don’t they get cold

Jamie: above the Mason-Dixon line. Yeah,

Bhavna: Canadian.

Erick: get away with

Bhavna: with

not knowing your geography.

Vivi: fair enough. I don’t even know our geography.

Erick: Where are we? Nope.

Vivi: I’m

like, yeah,

I live here. That is all I know.

Bhavna: just swim across the lake. We’ll get you.

Jamie: yeah.

Vivi: In the middle of the night, James wakes up and starts recording. As he hears something outside his tent, we hear strange noises get louder and louder. This shakes Jame up enough to open the tent, to call for Lisa. I would not open my tent.

Jamie: Immediately. No,

Vivi: That

Erick: is

none of my business

as advanced as they’ve been.

Time to pick more stuff apart as advanced as they’ve been, they got a drone they’ve got over the ear cameras. Why wouldn’t they bring like a ring? I

Vivi: was going to say, are you going to say, put a ring outside your ring on the top of the

Erick: deck?

Jamie: I trail

Bhavna: Did ringing

Jamie: cam

Bhavna: in 2014?

Erick: 16. Yes.



Bhavna: No, but they said the footage was from

Erick: They did say, oh,

Jamie: Oh, I don’t know.

But there was trail

Erick: I just imagine they put like one of those ear cams Just

put one on the tent.


Bhavna: Just get some duct tape

Erick: yeah. And then you check your iPad

Vivi: Lisa does do later on in a

different scene. So

Jamie: cheeses, the drone controller to like see where just how fucked they are.

Erick: They also already had a camera on a tree didn’t they? Yeah, the webcam.

Vivi: So why didn’t they check that? They did that later on. I don’t think they did it the first night because they are idiots.

Bhavna: Yeah.

I wasn’t going to say it.

Vivi: will say it. First of all, they went out there. Just it it’s where they wearing just

Erick: underwear.

Isn’t that? When Liz goes out to James camp.

Vivi: Oh, this is, yeah. It’s the scene because James calls out to Lisa who immediately jumps into his tent. She was so ready.

Erick: also, we pointed this out when we were watching it, but just the, like the need to run at people

Jamie: Yeah.

Vivi: the woods when it’s dark.

Erick: So many,

Bhavna: there was no need

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: They both get startled by static, but it turns out to be Peter calling them on the walkie, asking them if they also heard the commotion Talia calls out to see if everyone is okay, but she also informs them. That lane has wandered off to go to the bathroom. Talia and James set off to search for lane as the rest of the crew waits by the camp site.

I’d be so mad if some people I didn’t even want to come, go missing.

Jamie: lost.

Bhavna: I

Jamie: I’d

Bhavna: would’ve been like

fuck them.


Vivi: here.


Bhavna: finding mass in the forest.

Vivi: Lane jumps out of the woods to provide yet another jump scare and the three head back to camp. It’s the next morning. And James is waking up just as we hear someone calling for them to come out outside of the tent. We see a bunch of twig figures wrapped together to create symbols that are very familiar to the one scene in the original Blair witch actually immediately wants to leave because she has common sense. lane is excited and he begins to take photos and footage of the symbols. James is not as thrilled. He says, it’s a good idea for them to head back home. The symbols match those found on his sister’s camera years ago. And he thinks this is enough for the cops to reopen the case. crew also notes that the time seems to have leaped forward, even though they just woke up and it’s morning, their watches are saying it’s 2:00 PM.

As they speak Talia is taking down one of the symbols. And I said this in the first player, which, why would you touch it?

Jamie: Yeah,

Bhavna: Also me. I’m Ashley, get, get the fuck out of

Erick: yeah,

Jamie: Well, and something I like that they pull in from the first one that really scared me in the first one that I think a lot of people who are like, oh, that movie wasn’t scary. Didn’t realize is the pile of twigs and things they find later in the movie is Eric’s Eric and the first movies like hair and tore it up and tied her on the sticks.

And the fact that they kind of had to spell that out in this one, I was like, Hmm. Maybe we’re not

 you know? Yeah,

Vivi: yeah. They are very in your face with the voodoo and this one.

Jamie: Yeah.

Bhavna: It’s like, Hey guys, would you like some voter with your voodoo? heard you like some video with your Buddhists. We put some voodoo in your voodoo while you voodoo through the woods,

Jamie: My voodoo.

Bhavna: while you video your voodoo throughout the woods. Listen, the meth is extra

Jamie: Spicy.

Bhavna: meth, like walk extra.

Vivi: Late is just too excited about getting shots, but Peter and Ashley just want to leave. We get footage of them hiking down, back to the cars as Lisa S. Lane questions about his camera. He says that it’s a camera that still uses tape and there are difficult to find, but more trustworthy than modern cameras.

I feel like this is when Lisa is like suspicious of lane. She’s asking like, oh, isn’t that similar to like the tape you found?

Erick: Yeah. This also seems like it could have gone that route where maybe they are a part of a larger group.

That’s like trying to keep other people away.

Vivi: Or bring them in to sacrifice like a cult.

Jamie: that’s what I was thinking. Is that like, all right, they’re going to bring people in to sacrifice, but also when

Bhavna: Yeah.

Jamie: that about the video, it reminded me of in real life paranormal groups with investigations, a lot of people that use voice recorders to get ABPs will not use digital.

They will only use a very specific kind of tape because it’s supposed to be unquote, most accurate. It’s like something you can’t digitally manipulate

Vivi: Makes sense.

Bhavna: And with the cult aspect, I was getting paranormal three vibes off of that one. I’m like, that could make sense. I was like, expecting that kind of twist and turn like, all right.

Like if someone taken up the mantle of the, which

here, like that’d

Erick: Yeah

Bhavna: Like

Erick: old man died.

Bhavna: that aspect.

Jamie: Yeah.

Vivi: I guess I could talk about it at the end, but there was like so many ways that they could have completely twisted this story to be aliens called alien Colt, but they

Bhavna: an alien Colt with a no cult twist.

Erick: have the ankle with

Vivi: the twist of the

Bhavna: God. Oh my own ankles just cracked.

Vivi: speaking of which I had of them actually seems to be injured again, her foot makes that crackling sound and as everyone stops to help her Lisa notices twine in Lane’s backpack and quickly recognizes it as the twine used on the symbols lane gets like way too angry, way too quickly, like extremely defensive.

Erick: Well,

Bhavna: It was

Erick: if you were trying to tell us it wasn’t you, it

probably wasn’t the best actor,

Jamie: it’s like

Bhavna: It was the meth.

Jamie: It wasn’t me.

Vivi: the crew demands to see the symbol that they know Talia has stored in her backpack. But lane is just trying to guess like them and say that they’re all crazy. Dalia is not as good of an actress because she then just admits to the whole thing. She says they meant no harm. That strange things really do happen in these woods.

And they just wanted someone to see them. I

Erick: don’t feel bad for Talia because she does seem like the girlfriend was just kind of like following her boyfriend’s lead he’s obsessed with this one thing.

And she’s kind of just like there for him. Not really for them what they’re doing.

Vivi: She seems obsessed with the lore. I feel like she does really find it interesting, but then the whole going out to the actual woods part is worth that’s Lane’s idea.

Jamie: It gave like big animated Harley joker

Erick: yes,

Jamie: a compliment.

Erick: no. Right.

Bhavna: No, definitely not.

Vivi: she’s hands the symbol to James and he asked them if they faked all of this, they repeat that something is going on in these woods. They did not fake all the noises from last night, nor the whole watches, messing up situation. Ashley accuses them of drugging them to possibly cause the loss of time y’all are

Erick: the ones who got drunk as fuck.

Like the night before y’all showed up

Jamie: Hello?

Erick: cause you were hung over.

Bhavna: no one made you go to that club. No one means you don’t put a gun to your head to be like Shaq chat chats, like, come on.

Vivi: This is the final straw for lane. He storms off PIs, but like two seconds later is like, actually, you know what, guys, we don’t have a GPS. We might get lost. Peter who has hated him from the beginning is just pissed and wants him to leave when Talia informs them that no one has ever been past the Creek and it’s dangerous.

Peter’s even more pissed saying they’ve been following them the entire time. Lisa accuses them of faking the footage that brought them there in the first place. And James has had it. He tells them that they should part ways, but lane returns like 10 times.

Jamie: Yeah.

Erick: What if I give you meth? He’s

Vivi: like, we can

Erick: talk about it.

Jamie: like

Bhavna: anybody like some mesh

Jamie: Yeah. He’s like the weed dealer that wants to be your friend to.

Bhavna: spoke up together?

Erick: feel less lost if we’re all just high

Bhavna: C’mon let’s go the same wave. Come on guys. I’ll be

fine. I promise.

Erick: from Midsummer. And he’s just like, if we don’t take the shrooms together, we’re all in.

Vivi: Lane does not leave until Peter legit chases him off. James is devastated saying he actually thought Heather could still be out there in the woods. Lisa states that knowing now that lane and Talia probably faked everything, makes her feel less afraid in the woods.

The crew hikes on with Ashley’s still having issues walking due to her foot. They traveled for a while and it’s getting darker and darker. And finally they end back at the campground classic Blair witch.

Bhavna: dun.


dun. that’s the type of thing. That’s a triptan horror that like fucks me up. It’s like, did we just end up back where we


Jamie: does scare me really bad as someone with ADHD, like

Bhavna: same. Yeah. And it’s like, then you start gaslighting yourself. Like, did, did this

Erick: this

is real?

Bhavna: did I

did I go the wrong way? Did I just did it


Jamie: like,

Bhavna: yep.

Vivi: would

freak me the fuck out.

Bhavna: Not to mention this movie for like the fifth time on pod, but that’s why grieving counters freaked me

out so much.

Erick: Yeah.

from this point on

Vivi: it’s night the

rest of The


Bhavna: Perpetual night

yet. Which,

at that point, I’m not someone that is suicidal at all, but at that point I’d be like not bad,

Jamie: Yeah.

Erick: Not a bad way to

Vivi: die. Yeah. I’m just going to lay here and wait,

Bhavna: Animals come get me

Erick: I wonder what would happen if you just laid

Vivi: there?

because it seems to thrive on fear. Yeah.

Erick: Yeah. Like if you’re just like,

Bhavna: Yeah,

Erick: it.

Jamie: Which is like the theme of all, you know, of all Hottings is that like, if you don’t acknowledge it and I’m like, well, that’s bullshit.

Bhavna: no, I’m going to acknowledge the fuck out of it. Come on demons. I got space right

Jamie: Yeah.

Bhavna: I made it out of


Jamie: always said that if something’s haunted it better be helping pay red.

Erick: No though. If you’re going to grade my

Bhavna: my


Erick: veteran pinching in for


Jamie: Hello?

Bhavna: that’s just how it goes.

Vivi: They are pissed when they realize they’ve only been walking around in a circle. They decide to use the drone to see where they are when Ashley’s ankle just seems to get worse and worse. She’s literally standing there and it just like collapses on her.

Erick: Same

Jamie: She turns 30.

Vivi: at that moment.

it literally cracks.

Every time she moves. Peter insists that Ashley can’t walk on it anymore. And she just has to stay the night. Ashley is not having it though. She’s like, I really do not want to be here. However, James thinks it’s best that they stay the night and figure it all out in the morning. Is James like a nurse or something? Because the way he’s mansplaining, it could


Bhavna: think

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: Gotcha. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I


Vivi: how to do it.

The confidence

Bhavna: Well, let me explain to you, even though I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking


Erick: a bunch of YouTube videos about it. I’m an expert. I listen to a podcast.

Vivi: I’m on Reddit.

They set up camp and Peter decides they need to take a look at Ashley’s cut. It looks way worse. And Peter is about to get more first aid equipment when her foot twitches, like underneath her skin. And she screams in pain. He calm down saying it’s nothing bad.

And oh my God, I don’t think I could lie to a person like this.

Jamie: I be like, bitch, your foot just twitched.

Erick: if it’s


Bhavna: your foot just switched and it’s like a

giant gash. It’s not even just like, oh, here’s a little, it’s like

Vivi: I understand. Maybe you’re like not flexible, but like I could see the bottom of my foot right now. If I looked at like, you

can’t lie to me, it tries to calm her down and tells her just to get some breasts while he panics and goes to tell James and Lisa exactly what is happening.

Bhavna: guys aliens foot.

Vivi: They tell him it was probably just the muscle spasm and he leaves to go find her firewood to keep her warm for the night because he believes it’s just a bad infection. Lisa and James are messing with the drone, trying to get a pinpoint of their location when it completely malfunctions and crashes.

Later that night, James informs Lisa that Ashley’s foot is infected and they need to get her to an E R ASAP in the woods. Peter is gathering all the fire, what he can when he gets a strange call from the walkie. And no one seems to answer his flashlight starts to go out. As he hears strange noises from the forest, he is fighting with his flashlight when he spots a figure, watching him from behind the trees and begins to run.

Erick: Yeah, he’s too chilled. Like the entire time everything is going wrong. I think I’d

started being like,

yeah, I’m gonna go back right after this, we see that Liz and James got firewood anyway. they’re kind of like, Hmm. I wonder, I wonder where Peter is. It’s like he told you was going to go get firewood to the point where you had to get your own, start your own fire.

And you’re

barely asking the question.

Vivi: They are not the best friends.

Bhavna: no, there’s a whole bunch of other things we could probably unpack on that one, but we don’t have time for that.

Vivi: the forest almost sounds like it’s closing in on him. As trees appear to fall all around him. Eventually one of the larger trees falls on top of him, James and Lisa, hear the noise and go to search for him. We get this POV shot of Peter pan down by the tree. And James trying to call him over the walkie.

James is actually able to find the collapsed tree, but sees no sign of Peter. Back at the campsite. Lisa is watching over Ashley who provides us with yet another jump scare when she asks for Peter. Once Lisa gets her settled back at the tent, James provides another jump scare. It’s like two seconds apart.

Jamie: they literally just like pop up, like


Erick: Yeah.

Bhavna: How am I giving my heart a minute?

Jamie: it’s enough

Erick: Even then I’d be like, can you stop?

Bhavna: At that point I can share during the midnight madness screening, everybody was

going fucking nuts. Cause it was just like, I don’t think you guys have ever been, but it’s one of those like where like Hooten Holleran is very encouraged. Like it’s one of those ones where they pass a beach ball around before the movie starts, like it’s a whole thing.

but like the

theater was not

silent. It was the opposite of silent. Cause it was just like to the point where you’re like, am I at a concert or a

Erick: that sounds so fun.

Bhavna: tell.

Erick: movie to be like, well, horror movie at least to be like

Vivi: that, like the

opening of a scream too.

Erick: Yes.

Just, just not the point where if I get stabbed

Bhavna: yeah,

no, no, no.

Erick: will notice.

Bhavna: out. But the uh, but the Hooten holler and just, especially as we mentioned, like the whack-a-mole amount of dumb scares, nobody was silent.

Even me included. give my heart a bit.

Vivi: He tells Lisa that he found all of Peter’s equipment, but no, Peter tries to leave to search for him again. But Lisa says they need to stay together. They agreed to just keep the fire going that way. Peter can find his way back to them, James and Lisa settled in for the night, but suddenly hear snapping twigs around the campsite.

They think it’s Peter. But instead we see lane and Talia approaching their campsite only, they looked completely deranged.

Lane believes that the group is just another trick and they’re not really seeing them. But Talia asked when the last time they saw them was when James and Lisa respond that they saw them this afternoon lane and Taleo freak out saying they’ve been in the woods for five or six days.



And you could

Erick: see it. They’re like

visibly exhausted and tired.

Jamie: He’s got

Erick: Yeah.

Jamie: o’clock shadow. Yeah.


Bhavna: this is when you need like doctor who to just pop in with the tartest or something at

that point

to just explain it all.

Vivi: Les notices that only Lisa and James are at the campsite and asks for the others. When they explain what happened. Lane freaks out saying that it’s starting for them too. And that they have to leave. Lisa doesn’t believe their act and says, they’re not falling for it again. LN tries to leave, but Talia asked the group for food. Talia seems to want to stay with them. But lane is convinced that they are going to die and he is not staying with them. He marches on leaving Taulia with them. What a fucking douche,

Jamie: It’s truly,

Vivi: James and Lisa tried to comfort, Talia and set up a tent for her for the night.

It still appears to be night when Lisa’s alarm rings saying it’s 7:00 AM. When they leave to investigate, they once again find those twigs symbols all over the camp site.

Erick: This is my phone on daylight savings my phone switched to like three or four times. Oh

Jamie: no, that would really, oh my

Bhavna: that’s creepy.

Erick: yeah. It went back like three hours because it switched mid day, the day before. And then it switched again at night and yeah, like the next day I like didn’t even know what time it was. And we had to look at your phone and I restarted it in front of me fixed itself. But it was like,

Bhavna: You need to like smudge your phone.

Jamie: Yeah. Eric, I feel like what if you’re in alternate timeline? Like what if you like jumped

timelines when that happened?

Erick: and this is where my mind melts, like I’m in the forest somewhere,

Jamie: Yeah.

Bhavna: Is


phone’s name Annabel by any chance?

Vivi: Talia is freaking out and keeps yelling at them that they need to leave. Ashley has woken up to and keeps asking for Peter. She is pissed to see Talia there. And James and Lisa explained just how bad the situation is. Talia notices that one of the symbols has her hair on it. Pissed. Ashley grabs it and yells, of course it does.

You made it and snaps it in half. This causes Talia to snap in half I was not expecting this one.

Bhavna: Guys, my back actually cracked at that point.

Vivi: It’s normal. It’s normal.

Bhavna: It happens. It’s cool. Just chill

Vivi: Everyone freaks out, realizing the symbol has worked as some sort of Buddha doll killing Taulia, but it’s not a clean death because Talia seems to still be conscious and bleeding from the mouth. Well, she

Erick: did was get snapped in half.

Jamie: Yeah, it was, uh, it was like the dad and uh, boys Christ. You are the first segment of tales from the hood?

Bhavna: some of the

Erick: Yeah.

Jamie: no. no.

Bhavna: I forgot what it was.

Jamie: bruises too.

Bhavna: Oh, yes. That’s it.

Vivi: There’s no time to react. However, because something appears to attack the campground and they run off. The three gets separated, but Lisa and James find each other quickly actually appears loss while trying to find the group. She notices the injury on her foot has spread to her leg with either pus or like a snake, like creature oozing out of it.


Erick: saw the, apparently just a branch.

Vivi: It looks way grosser than a branch.

Jamie: Is it a branch.

or is it it, when she pulled it out, it

looked like a feather

and I was like, what the fuck?

Erick: when I was reading trivia, it was like, oh, it’s just a branch. And I was like, I don’t, I don’t really know what it was. Have you seen, I wanted to know more about what this was.

Jamie: That’s why

Bhavna: regardless,

it’s a foreign object who,

Vivi: It should not be in there.

Jamie: it’s

Erick: centipede

Jamie: yanks it. And that’s the, honestly, this is one of the best uses of body horror I’ve seen in the. Like seven to 10 years because it’s so visceral and so real, I could feel what that would feel like to like pull something out of your skin. I was like, whew.

And also when the campsite gets attacked in the tent, just got to get

it into the air,

Erick: Yeah.

Oh my God.

Bhavna: a whole different sub-sect of only fans.

Erick: Wait, getting heated.

Bhavna: Yes, exactly. for, you know, foreign objects being pulled out of your


Erick: tents are heated in the back.

Bhavna: in the background. That’s an extremely specific niche. You’ll have like five people, but they’re probably the 1% of the

Vivi: will probably pay millions.

Bhavna: you’ll be set for life.

Jamie: follow the newest, a bloody broadside venture buddy brought broads only fans.

Bhavna: That’s all you Jamie.

all, you eat the tents for you

Erick: with your feet.

Bhavna: all get a pedicure just for that.

Vivi: Lisa and James returned to the camp ground to find Ashley. But instead they find a walkie and hear Peter’s voice coming from it saying, help me, the words appear to attack them again. And they bunker down

and this is where we get a closeup Elisa, which I felt was just a callback to Heather’s like last minutes. However, my problem with this is that Lisa still looks good and Heather looked like she was going through it.

Like you

believed it with Heather.

Jamie: Lisa had

on some urban decay. All nighter


Vivi: really did

Bhavna: Listen, that’s just


Jamie: is.

Erick: do some nasal spray in there. So she was in dripping.

Vivi: Yeah, she learned from the first


Bhavna: She took her anti-histamines she, she was hopped up on cocaine, probably like she got


Jamie: how she ran

Vivi: ready.

Actually it’s still lost by has come upon the drone that crashed into a tree. She tries to retrieve it. I don’t really know why.

Jamie: This bitch, your foot is fucked up and you are climbing a tree

Erick: I need

Jamie: meth,

Erick: gonna need it.

Bhavna: meth. there’s your ultimate title for the episode?


Erick: of this even happened. They were all just, this is

Vivi: just a bad trip.

Jamie: They were on


salts in the woods.

Bhavna: it’s like the ending of that Simpsons. Halloween of horror where like it’s a gas, it turns them inside out, but it’s meth.

Vivi: to retrieve it, but ultimately falls from a very tall tree, which saw that coming. She hits the ground, but we see someone drag her body off screen. That was style. Yeah. This film has similar vibes to wreck, especially in the last few sequences

Bhavna: Oh, for sure.

Vivi: James and Lisa continued to search for her.

I forgot to mention this earlier, but the footage is becoming more and more distorted as the evening is going on. We hear a scream and follow it, but this only leads them to an abandoned house. James recognizes it immediately as the home where Heather was last seen. Lisa does not want to go in, but James swears, he hears his sister screaming, coming from the home.

He tells Lisa she knows that this is the house that he’s been looking for. His whole reason for being there. And he goes into search for Heather. Instead. He finds Peter standing in a room, staring at the wall. He doesn’t even go to see if his friends okay. He’s like, oh, you’re there. Okay, cool.

I’m going to go look over there. he gets distracted by some more sounds and a woman screaming. And follows a figure through the house who he believes to be Heather, his flashlight gives out and through flashes of thunder and lightning. We see the figure of a woman standing in front of him.

It just Would not go in there, like I’m with Lisa, it’s pouring, but I’m gonna stay out here.

Jamie: Yeah.

Bhavna: And I would be remiss if I did not mention the iconic lyrics, Thunderbolt and lightning.





Erick: you get past it with a thunder buddy’s song from Ted, from

Vivi: This finally scares him enough to finally try to leave the house. Lisa who waited outside the home is now scared enough to go in, to search for James. She is calling James’ name throughout the house, but who she finds his lane who looks much older. He’s got a full beard going at this point. And yeah, I don’t know how long he’s been in here.

84 years he says that Lisa looks just the same as he remembered and that the, which is never going to let him go. had to find people that remembered. He yells at Lisa that she has to do with the, which tells her and shoves her back against a brick wall. She is. Unconscious for like a minute and Layne throws her into the basement, locking her in there.

Fuck this guy,

Bhavna: Fuck. Lane meth or no meth.

Jamie: I would become the


Erick: perkier.

Jamie: fighter. If a motherfucker did that to me, my hands are rated E for everyone and he would absolutely get it. I cannot, I cannot deal with that.

Vivi: Like I

hated him,

Bhavna: hands.

Vivi: hated him the whole movie, but this like final moments. I’m like, ah, you’re still the worst

in a scene, very reminiscent of the descent. Lisa manages to crawl out of the basement because she sees what appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Jamie: so stressful.

Vivi: is a very, it’s very long. It was like a

five minute scene.

Jamie: and the movie is only like 98 minutes long. And so I’m like

Bhavna: It’s like

this is what you chose to focus

Erick: They made

that 50 foot tunnel for a reason.

Jamie: they

Vivi: was like

I was like, okay, we get it. We get it. We

get it.

Oh my God.

Jamie: Yeah.

Vivi: She was following the light that we discovered to be Lane’s camera.

And we realized that something is chasing her through the tunnel. She finally escapes and she tries to barricade the exit she has just created, but she is once again, attacked by lane. Still hate apply.

Bhavna: motherfucker. Won’t

Vivi: Yes.

This time. However, she is able to fight them off with a weapon and she appears to kill him in the struggle.

I think she finally gets him in the throat or something.

Jamie: Yeah.

Vivi: She picks up his camera and records. I mean,


Bhavna: you. I


you by the fuck.

Jamie: now. Mother fucker.

Bhavna: Extreme penguin voice. I got you.

Jamie: Yeah.

Vivi: she continues to run as though something is still chasing her through the house. We finally get a glimpse of what this may be. And it is a very long lanky woman, which reminds me so much of that final scene in Breck. The footage of her running is now identical to the YouTube video that is shown in the beginning of the movie, complete with a woman appearing in a window slash mirror, Lisa and James finally run into each other and realize they are in the attic.

Erick: The rest of this movie. you literally just gave the advice and then you forgot about it.

Two seconds immediately. That’s the

Jamie: Well, that’s what broke my heart. Yeah. Because like, he’s like, you can’t look at it and she’s like, yeah, I’m not, I’m not gonna, you know, he’s like, look at the corner and then they’re, so there they look quite those creepy. Um, And this might be telling on myself with how much into antiques I am, but the timeout dolls, like dolls that face the corner

that like grandmas have.

Okay. I’m so glad. Y’all know what I’m talking about, because I was like, this is going to be real weird. They they’re like standing there. And then she grabbed his hand, which I understand, but was also like really heavy breathing and the camera’s like facing the floor he says, that it sounds like his sister, because I was like, oh, like I love my

very much.

And If I

thought that

he was there after I thought he was dead, I, I



why he would turn around. But also

I’m very pragmatic. So I’d


like, bitch, I know you’re lion like over my shoulder.

Erick: while you always


Bhavna: lying? Why you fucking lie? Same brainwave.


Erick: they needed was a mirror turned to stone, maybe

Vivi: Yeah. It kind of does feel like Medusa vies, where they’re like, oh, don’t look her directly in the eyes. You turn to death,

Bhavna: You know, for a titular character, she doesn’t get much

Vivi: She

really doesn’t.

Jamie: But the times that she does is cry, who should be

my skin curl.


Vivi: A weird light time warp thing seems to happen. And James suddenly yells at Lisa to face the wall, telling her not to look

Erick: the whole house like

Vivi: rumbles too. it doesn’t even seem like lightening. It legit feels like this is where I thought like, oh, aliens are

coming in and

Jamie: Yeah.

Vivi: I would have enjoyed a twist.

Bhavna: where are you at?

Erick: people have just been getting abducted this whole time

Jamie: That

would fuck me

up that will legitimately have fucked me up.

Erick: And the, which is the captain of the ship here for it.

Bhavna: But can we have Kang and kudos his voice instead?

Jamie: it’s just, it’s just a Sarah Sanderson singing come little children.

Vivi: He reminds her that the, which only takes sacrifices that look directly at her James apologizes saying that everything is his fault. He says, Heather, is that really you? I also found it sad that he said everything is my fault because that’s literally what Heather says in the camera. And like her final moments he says, Heather, is that really?

You? Lisa asks him who he’s talking to when suddenly he is yanked from her side, Lisa screams his name and salves asking where he is. She uses the cam quarter or the reflection of the camera to look behind her. And once again, we see the long link, key figure, Hey, what’s up? And she screams. She keeps telling yourself not to look at the witch and uses the camera to kind of navigate herself backwards out of the room.

We hear James’s voice say, he’s so sorry. Once more. And Lisa turns around very quickly to look for him, not having

Erick: just seen him

Vivi: do the same thing. I know

Bhavna: Girl. Don’t the D ain’t worth it

Vivi: he never paid attention to you. Okay. I’m sorry.

Jamie: Never

Vivi: she was also snatched up and the camera is dropped to the ground recording only the floor and the rain. And that is the last scene we get.

Jamie: Layne reminded me so much


Paul dinos Riddler and this whole thing, like his conspiracies and his, like, we have to all band together and being obsessed with,

like videotapes that I just the whole


Bhavna: flavor aid he drank?

Jamie: Right girl also like, a lot of people got mad, this movie that they showed the Blair witch. Cause that was the whole thing in the first one is that you don’t see it technically. But to me, this felt like, well, they had to show her because if we’re going to go with what the townspeople did, we have to see someone with like a long game.

You know, limbs, which grossed me out so bad when I realized




long. I was like, why is she slender, man? Oh

Bhavna: She Slenderman his

Jamie: yeah. I was like, oh,

Bhavna: right?

Erick: Slenderman.

Jamie: yeah.

Slender woman.

Bhavna: Blair, which had to be exposed to the elements so that slender man could walk.

Jamie: Oh Yeah.

There was a lot of moments in this movie. That, again, I loved because it was so self-referential but the critics like massacred it on rotten tomatoes. They were like, this was so unnecessary because it just references the first one to get it again. And I’m like, you guys ever seen SQL,

Erick: Yeah.

Bhavna: Yeah.

one would argue scream five. Did that weigh more than this? Did,

Jamie: Oh


hundred percent,


Bhavna: like, even with the characters and everything and like James being a sibling and all that kind of stuff. Like,

I mean, I liked, I liked green five, so I’m not shitting on

Erick: all,

Bhavna: all, but just the meta thing. I’m

like, that’s tired. Give me a review that

I actually

make sense.

Vivi: because then if they didn’t reference the original a ton, the critics

would come for it as well.

Bhavna: They would be

like, oh, this

is just plagiarism. Yeah.

Jamie: with the first one?

Bhavna: I’m sorry. Halloween three,

Jamie: Yeah.

Vivi: Listen, we don’t talk about it.

Bhavna: Alyssa and I have to record a whole podcast episode on it for another pod

Jamie: Yeah, I know. There’s people that like love it and it has like a cult following, but outside of the masks, I’m like, eh,

Erick: Yeah, so I liked, the fact that it is almost like a reprint of the first right, where it’s modernized. that’s always going to come in with its own stigma. where people will just always going to hate anything that seems too much like the original, but it’s like, dude, I mean, it’s been 30 years.

Right. we need the new generation to kind of get a hint of what the old one was. And it’s

always going to be

Bhavna: Yeah.

Erick: to be hard to try to redo that

Bhavna: the thing that was sad for me on that part was just that, the actress that plays Talia, like she’s an established actress. So like they’re

never going to recreate that, like a band of

four on recognize

people like making

this movie, like, Yeah, they

were all people in the industry that wanted to cut their teeth on something and it happened to be Blair witch.

but valley Curry, like her


I knew right away, like yes, I

was lucky that I went into it blind with the film festival, but like at the same time, as soon as I saw

her face, not

that it took

me out because

I mean,

the film, I think stood up on its own legs enough for me to be into it. But like, you can never recreate that initial marketing that

initial, like, you know, it was one of the first

movies to have a web.

To market it, you know? And like at that point you don’t know whether it’s real or not. You’re like, oh shit, are these kids actually missing? Is this like a milk carton thing, gone

digital, like what’s going

on here? but I mean, it did a good job cause the rest of the

actors, I

don’t think have done much.

I think

since either, like, I think

James, his face seems


Jamie: Brandon Scott, that plays Peter is

in several



and I know he’s currently doing a play in LA, but he’s from Tuscaloosa, which is where I went to school. So I’m always like, yeah, I’ll be at my pupil, like

Bhavna: Oh,

awesome. I thought he was one of the stronger performances of the entire movie, to be

honest. And didn’t get as much screen time. Like he was the one you could tell was like in it to win it

Vivi: Yeah.

James, despite being the one, the story is focused on fell a little flat to me. He doesn’t have too much personality.

Erick: Yeah. I looked up the

Bhavna: No,

Erick: this to see like who wasn’t something



the guy who

plays James was in the walking dead.

Jamie: Yes.

Bhavna: Yes, he definitely

Erick: So they, you

know, you recognize these people from somewhere and it’s not going to give the same vibe the way I think maybe

blur, which would work is maybe not even in like a feature film setting, but maybe like a online kind of viral things are popping up everywhere kind of thing.

Right. Where it’s like

subscribe to find

Vivi: out more


Jamie: I would love that. And that’s um, oh God, that was, that would capture some of the magic of the original. And that’s kinda what they did with the followup marketing, with the Batman. They released the Riddler’s website and every day for five days after the movie, it counted down and like a new password leaked.

And then eventually it was a extra clip that wasn’t part of the film, but that hinted at a SQL. I love that kind of marketing. When I’m not an actor, my day job is in social media. So I, I love that kind of stuff. And it’s so funny because even with hosts, like. Yes, those girls weren’t like huge stars, but they’ve been in things if you are in the

acting community. And the thing with hosts though, and I’ve said this before, is that zoom even two years out from the first case of COVID is already dated. You

know, like if someone references zoom, we automatically think the first couple of weeks of lockdown, it’s like the

whole joke about like banana bread. Like everybody was baking it or

Erick: Yeah.

Jamie: And so like, that’s why when I saw the drone, I was like, oh, this is 2016 because everybody was obsessed. Everybody was like, oh, my brother got a drone or whatever. Like, it’s just like all shitty horror movies from the mid two thousands started with like a drone shot, either pulling away or landing in, including the one that I was in of like a drone dropping over a car, like a group of 20 somethings driving through the woods, you know?


Bhavna: Could you imagine if Kubrick had a drought,

Jamie: bitch people ask me that all the time about, about specifically that opening shot of the shining. And I’m like, don’t get me started on this right now. Like,

Vivi: you guys want to give your final ratings of the movie?

Bhavna: Well,

I mean,


a little biased

because I love.

Adam wyngarden. Most of the things that he does, like the guest automatically catapulted into like my top five after my first viewing at midnight madness, I literally went up to Simon Barrett and I was just like, this movie just catapulted itself into my top five.

And he was just like, what are your other four? But I would give this a

solid, I’m going to

say 8.5.

Erick: little

bit of room for like all those types of widgets

Bhavna: and like, you know, things aren’t making that

Erick: and all the different directors, different


Bhavna: hearing us into,

Erick: us all

Bhavna: it

a solid, eight and a half out of 10 only because they can’t recreate the magic.

Like, it’s almost impossible to recreate the magic of the first, even many years down the line. Like people still were like, oh my God was this. You know,

Erick: it was,

Bhavna: when it was quote unquote debunk. So I’m going to give it, yeah, I’ll stick with 8.5 out of 10, Jamie.

Jamie: I’m going to give this a solid seven and a half out of 10. I’m a huge fan of the original and I love all the lore surrounding the Blair witch. Like I said, it seems very allegorical for the actual sins of a small town and wanting to cover that up with a legend. And I’m very into the idea of trauma being a cycle that you can’t escape unless you confront it.

And so for me, this movie felt a lot like losing a part of yourself that you feel like you’ll never be able to get back. So you go and you do all these things that you feel like are going to give you that piece of yourself back when in the end, what has to happen is we have to die to that old idea of ourself and just accept that we’re no longer going to be the same.

And I know that’s a really heavy allegory for such a fun movie or funny in some cases by accident movie. But, even just on the surface, it’s just fun. And I love found footage and I love people running around screaming, being scared. That’s probably why I like paranormal shows. It was chaotic, which I love.

And yeah, the only reason it’s not higher is I think there were some loosens, like we all said that they

Erick: I’m tied

up a


Jamie: or we could have had a little

less of her in the tunnel and a little less at the beginning them. w I understand it was

Erick: tiny

Jamie: the original, but a little less at the beginning with the

Erick: house

with them

Jamie: Taulia.

That was, I was like, all right, cool. We’re all filming each other. Got it.

Erick: Yeah.

Jamie: think it’s like a solid seven and a half or eight out of 10. It just depends on how I’m feeling that day.

Vivi: On first watch of this movie, I was not super impressed. I did feel, I was like, this is just very, very similar to the first film. And then I had to rewatch it to do the script. And I agree with the so many red herrings trying to pull us in different directions where we might be different, but we’re actually not different.

I was okay with seeing the Blair witch because definitely when I saw the original, I was like, what is she, where is she? I want more I could take and leave some of the characters. A lot of them are not likable. And I agree that it’s, it’s just a good time. It’s something you could definitely throw on and make fun of and just have a drink while watching.

So I’ll give it a 6.5 out of 10.

Erick: It’s still my reading. Oh. So I was going to give it a 6.5. I think it’s definitely a higher than normal. I didn’t hate it and I didn’t like, love it, I think it’s a fun take modernize the film a little bit. I’m a huge fan of the first one too.

like we said, we have our theories and to not see those theories kind of come to fruition, that doesn’t make sense and just kind of be like, well, yeah, she’s just a witch and that’s it. And if you turn around and see her, she kills you. It’s like, all right, well then they just went, the Medusa route but yeah, Jamie kind of laying it out. the trauma piece of it where, if you’re looking for it is a great take because it gives more meaning to this than just being like, eh, it’s silly.

It’s a remake it’s whatever, when you see it that way, I think it, definitely gets

Vivi: a higher rating. Like if he could have just left the trauma. Of what happened to his family. He wouldn’t have literally gotten all his friends murdered,

Jamie: Well, and on top of that too, like on a more esoteric level, when you’re in therapy and when you’re, especially in like any kind of therapy that dives deep into trauma experiences, and when you maybe are discussing things like complex PTSD, so see PTSD, it’s not just like one singular thing that happened that fucks you up,

right. Like

it’s these

little things

that add up. And sometimes they’re not so little things, that add up. And so for me, all I can think of is James probably grew up in the shadow of a sister who was lost and who then became famous for being lost. And his parents probably spent a good chunk of his childhood, like searching for an answer for her and what that must feel like to go through,


also to have to grow up, knowing


your parents

love someone who’s not even there.


that’s heavy. Like I was just like,

oh my heart, like poor James. That’s why in the beginning, I was

like, Sorry, towards the end too, when he’s in the corner. And he says, he thinks he hears her when he’s like, Heather, is that you? I was like, oh my heart. It just kills me. And the same way, like.

Maybe leaving your idea of what your self is supposed to look like now that you’ve had that trauma. So dying to that idea and that expectation and just being able to live with not having an answer, like why did it

happen? Well,

shit happens like,

Erick: Yeah. it makes me wish that the film would have focused maybe more on that then, and

Jamie: yeah,

Erick: those other things that didn’t really matter. And just kind of focus more on James and like show us what.

Bhavna: yeah,

Erick: led him to this because we were kind of just like, oh, he’s looking for his sister that’s it.

Jamie: Yeah. And even Peter talking about like, I helped search for his sister in these woods, like how That, would feel as a child, you know, as like an eight year

old. I think he says he is at that point, like that’s wild to me, but anyways, this is been therapy hour with Jamie.

Bhavna: yeah, but like, just speaking on that, note of like the guilt you must feel, or like the heaviness, you must feel like, I feel like a good double feature. If you were playing on watching this film would be to watch the ritual as

Vivi: Yes. Yes.

Bhavna: different kinds of guilt, different kind

of woodsy, feel? Different kind of


but at its heart the same

kind of thing where it’s like, you’re doing, you’re going on this journey, you’re doing this thing because of this guilt or this heaviness, you feel for the loss of another, whether it’s your fault or not different stories.

Jamie: Bray or fucks up an ankle and a foot

Vivi: Yes.

Jamie: Woodland, like sigils everywhere and then there’s a tree involved. So

Bhavna: And there’s a liquor store involved or liquor

involves in some way, shape or form.

Vivi: It’s kind of like survivor’s guilt,

but in different ways. Yeah.

Bhavna: that’s it? That was what I was looking for. Thank you for me. It’s the survivor’s guilt on there where it’s like, it should have been me or

Erick: Y Y

Bhavna: you, why wasn’t it

me or

Erick: could

Bhavna: wish it could have been, yeah, all that kind of stuff. And


two very different scenarios. One where it’s definitely someone’s fucking fault and one where it’s

Vivi: yeah. what scared low-key about this movie? He

Erick: just didn’t like all the glitching or the

Vivi: forest noises.

Erick: He just doesn’t like nature. Same. He does like nature. Cause when we’re out there, he’s having a grand old time.

It’s when we’re not in nature. And you hear it’s when someone

Vivi: sounds like they’re snapping their ankles constantly that he’s like, no.

Jamie: he’s

Bhavna: Is he like oh no, I’m home. I’m safe. What is this?

Erick: And he looks at VV every time

Vivi: he hears it. He’s like, is that you? I legit twisted my ankle. Like the first week we got him and he was so happy

about it. He thought I was playing. Yeah.

Jamie: Oh,

Erick: cause she

fell to the ground and he was like, Ooh.

Vivi: It was like, no, no, no

I’m dying.


Bhavna: is actual death.

Vivi: do you want to tell us about it?

Low-key All right. Sounds good. I agree. The woods are terrible. They’re not,

Erick: they’re terrible. He and I are just going to go get lost and we’ll call you from our walkie-talkie and you don’t see us for 84 years. You know what happened? Okay. I just

Vivi: won’t look at


Bhavna: It’s okay. Jamie and Eric can go.

Vivi: Yeah.

Erick: We’ll have company we’ll bring Elvira in our backpack,

Jamie: Yeah.

Erick: whole trip out of it. Yeah.

Vivi: Well, thank you guys so much for joining us. I know we went a little over, we went on like a ton of tangents, a

Jamie: Okay.

Vivi: a little, but it was fun. We’re sorry,

Jamie: No,

Bhavna: No, we’re sorry.

Jamie: No, please. I, this was so fun when you guys ask us to be on, I was like, hell yes. And then when you were like

Bhavna: Kiss.

Jamie: I was like, I’m going to be very chaotic,

Erick: I can’t wait for the next one. What did we say? We’re going to do next. We

Vivi: were going to trash some ghost adventurers. Raven

Erick: counters.

Bhavna: Yes. It’s

Jamie: counters.

Bhavna: Please ask us

Erick: Yes, we will.


just have to get our shit together

Bhavna: It’s a real scary.

Vivi: a real

Jamie: Listen

us to us too. Don’t ask us about anything right now. Cause we’re

Bhavna: we’re both. We’re both sinked up in our

Erick: Okay.

Vivi: do you guys want to tell the people where they can find you?

Jamie: you can find the bloody broads as at bloody broads pod on Instagram, Twitter, and Gmail. If you want to drop us a line, we are also on anchor is And we just launched our Patrion under the same name.

We’re going to have some exclusive clips, some exclusive newsletters and things you can vote on, including future.

Erick: Awesome.

Vivi: Can I take it home?

Erick: No. Okay. We’re going to stay on here for another three hours and talk shit about grave counters and Zack bagel bites.

Vivi: Just

film it all in one. Go.

Erick: welcome back to the


that scared podcast. This is,

Jamie: You just slowly see me get lower in my chair

Vivi: oh my God.

Jamie: like, I’m like, all right guys.

Erick: It’s the map.

Jamie: Oh, I meant to say it. I was like at the end, they all wake up and it’s just been an UNO tournament while they’re all strung out on meth, somewhere in North Carolina,

Erick: Not even on the forest.

Bhavna: not even in Maryland anymore.

Erick: Love it.

The in the car passed out in the parking lot.

Vivi: Love that ending, but as always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaky nuts, scared pod, except Twitter, Twitter shaken, scared pod. You can send us an

Erick: So what the show on Patriot, you can get early access to episodes or a bonus episode and theme drink idea every month.

Go join the discord. It’s open to everyone now. So come hang out. Consoles. What you’re drinking, what you’re watching, what you’re playing, what you’re reading. We have a witchy vibes channel now, and charade from a nightmare on fierce street has been given out tarot card readings. So come hang out and let her know that you want yours read. But listen, wherever you get your podcasts, give us a follow up. Check our drink videos. They’re fun. They’re exciting. Cool.

Vivi: be sure to like rate, review all that good stuff. And K thanks. Bye. Bye. You guys can say bye to if you want.

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