The Funhouse Massacre (2015)

Joe: Hashtag shaken, shaken, not scared recordings. Hashtag

Erick: hashtag.

hashtag you know, laws clause.

Erick: Welcome back to the chicken out scared podcast. See with you as always your hosts, Eric and VB. Today, we’re gonna be talking about the 2015 film, the Funhouse massacre directed by Andy Palmer. But before we get into that, how are you being? I am super excited. Cause once again, we have a guest. Yay, Joe.

Finally on.

Joe: Hey, what’s up guys?

Erick: Hey, do you want to tell us a little bit about your podcast and what you’re doing over there?

Joe: Definitely. No, I’m so excited to be on this. Uh, I feel like a long time in the making. But I have a podcast five or state of fear. I actually have two podcasts, five receipt of film and fear. And Eric and VV have been on fiber state of fear and it’s kind of like all other part far podcasts in that sense I have guests on and I like to learn about the guests her interests and origin stories.

And then we dive deep into whatever movie they have picked typically hope or hopefully something they’ve uh, it means something to them or they’ve wanted to revisit and just have like a fun chat. It’s a very loose, very organic chat and uh, really enjoy it. And then you can check out our other podcasts where it’s just four best friends kind of goofing around for an hour and a half and generally around a movie and some fun games and topics.

Erick: Yeah. That’s a grand old time. I like listen to your show.

Joe: Oh, thank you so much. Yeah. I’m a fan of your show. So I’m a really happy, this is fun,

Erick: Yeah, we were actually just talking about earlier. I was like, it’s so fun, when we meet other people who are in the space there’s people who are, I feel like intimidating. Like when I think about certain podcasts, I’m like, oh man, like, it’d be so tough to go on there because they know so many names and like a ton about horror.

And then there are people who are just like, they know a ton like yourself. I feel like, you know, so many different facts about horror, but then it’s also like a good time. Cause it’s just chilled and like, you know?

you don’t really feel that, intimidation

Joe: Oh, I appreciate it. And I feel the same way in the hardest space. Cause I’m like, or at least I guess like, yeah, I know what, I’m a movies and I dove into this podcasting because they interest me and I think horror movies are the most interesting to talk about, but I know, I know nothing. I know like the surface level where people like, oh yeah you know, extremist impressionism, horrors.

And I’m like, yeah, I don’t Krueger, you know? So no, it’s always a blast. And yeah, it, it can be intimidating, but I have found that most people, like, at least the guests I’ve had a wide variety of like, once you break the barriers, hopefully everyone has a fun time. But yeah, it’s going to happen.

I keep saying I’m like 27 episodes into my show. I’m like one day I’m going to have a

bad guest.

I mean, it hasn’t happened yet.

Erick: That’s good. That’s good. Yeah.

Same here. I feel like everyone we’ve had on has been super pretty fun. yeah, Let’s keep it that way. you want to talk about creepy content. What do you have? What have you been watching? What have you been

Joe: Yeah. So I actually weirdly enough, I just watched the movie we originally picked for this podcast, the Poughkeepsie tapes and a little too intense. Wasn’t like my favorite and I’m glad we pivoted we talked about that kind of in the pre show and I feel like it’s the last hard movie watch to watch by like a week ago.

And other than that you know, haven’t picked anything up too creepy recently. Oh, wait I have a note I did recently resume evil to the remaster for peace for,

Erick: yes.

Joe: really fun.

Erick: Does it live up to the old hype?

Joe: Yeah. I, I played it like once on my, in 60 for like, years and years ago But no, I had a good time playing. I was looking for a hard game that wasn’t like too hard and that was like the perfect level. And I’d probably take a break. And then I recently got I was at Goodwill and I found this perfect eight inch monitor. That is like perfect LCD screen.

It was $15. Now when I have TV on, I have that up and I’ve been playing a lot of game cube and I think I’m going to start up resume before the two disc, because that’s like my favorite game of all time. But especially when it was on GameCube. So I think I’m going to put that up again. But I’m terrible with video games where I like, you know, I start like two missions and then I move on to something else.

Erick: So my, Yeah. we picked up the first one a few months back and we’d even said that maybe we’d stream it. but yeah, it’s one of those things, especially residential it’s like, you can’t really walk away because there’s so many puzzles that if you do forget what happens and you’re like, oh, I’m going to have to start all over.

I’ll play again. Blader when I have the time.

Joe: in save points.

 So you’re not like, oh, okay. I’ll just save now and pick it up later. Like I have to go to the next spot and saved for that typewriter and I don’t have health.

Erick: I don’t have enough floppy disks

Joe: Yeah, what about creepy content for you guys?

Do you have creepy

Erick: content? I don’t. I feel like if you’ve just been so all over the place, that every time we’ve gotten to like creepy and comfort, we just skip it lately. Cause we’re like the creepiness is how long it’s taking us to get a house.

Joe: Cool. I told her this scarce. I got you. Oh, you know what for creepy content. I’ll add that the Mets bullpen seems very creepy and that’s my comfort content right now. Baseball started. So

Erick: the creepiness for us is that we don’t even like sports and everyone’s talking about it.

Joe: yeah. Well, Mute me on Twitter right now. Prompt like it’s

Erick: any I’ve just been trying to squeeze in season two of cursed films.

That’s now on shutter. I don’t know if

you’ve heard of

Joe: it.

Yeah, no, I’ve been meaning to dive into that. it’s been like a little too late at night for me to start anything creepy when I wanted to get to that. season one, do you ever check out when they did the same documentaries, but on E

Erick: No, I haven’t seen the ones

Joe: I only bring the subs. I’ve been wanting to talk about this, like on podcasts at some point. So when we were around high school error probably around they did all of those cursed films, at least exercise pulled their guys. they had like a three or four hour doc. I thought it was better than the cursed ones, but it was on Eve of all places so I want to to out season two, also VVI to Yeah. Has it been good?

Erick: So I definitely think they got a production boost from season one to season two. The episodes are longer now and they’re doing the thing that I hate that streaming services do where they released one episode a week. Give me the whole thing. Exactly.

Joe: Mostly shutter.

Erick: but it’s a good

Joe: time.

I want to watch is specifically my, um, my brother-in-law, I don’t know if you guys are fans of like Tim and Eric stuff they have a show called on cinema and there’s a guy doing a bit It’s like a goofy, like weird movie comedy thing.

The guy who runs it got hired to be one of the talking heads on cursed films and as a wizard of Oz expert. And apparently he’s just playing a character doing this, and he was hired in curse films. They didn’t realize it when they hired him. Yeah. It’s really funny, but I’m like, I want to see it because I’ll know, I don’t know the show as well as my brother-in-law, but I don’t wanna watch it.

Erick: so you’re saying that we all have a chance to be on Chris Jones. Just

Joe: Yeah.

Yeah. Just listen, you need a podcast. You need a couple of podcasts. There’s for your show. Just to just fake it. I mean, I’ve been doing this whole time.

Erick: I’m surprised we’re not faking it right now. So what do you have for comfort content? Do we have any, I just watch Bob’s burgers all day, every day in preparation for the movie coming out in may you really do. It’s like to the point where I just associate lunch and eating with Las burgers, cause she always puts it on the side with her phone.

Joe: Oh yeah. My mother is window.

Erick: Oh my God. That’s


Joe: was her, she was her for Halloween and she looks and sounds like Linda

and acts like Linda.


I’ll text you the photo. yeah, I love Bob’s burgers. They have a great Halloween episodes too.

Erick: they have great holiday episode. I wish they would pocket them. Like a playlist.

Joe: that’d be great.

Erick: kind of like how Disney plus puts all the, a Treehouse of horror in one for Halloween. Yeah.


Joe: That’d be great. Yeah. I’d love that.

Erick: you have any comfort content

Joe: to,

Uh, Just like a baseball started. It’s my wife and I is just come home. There’s always something on to watch, you know, and play on your phone or video games and just background. So that’s comfort for me. And then that’s around and then anger when, when the inevitable happens, but Yeah.

 but yeah, definitely. Um, You know, definitely comfort con it’s just that. And then uh, actually weirdly enough, my speaking to the, the movies I’ve been making a conscious effort to actually watch the physical media I have instead of just streaming.

So I’ve been like randomly going to wall and going great. Let’s watch Halloween, you know, on physical instead of searching for streaming. So that’s actually been comforting. I’ve been doing that last couple months.

Erick: I feel that. Yeah.

Cause we recently started to do that too, like physical medium, because I feel like there’s more magic and just being like, let’s pick up The actual movie, we picked up vinyl records recently too. and it’s kind of cool to like have the music on and we’re like just sitting there like drinking our wine and we’re like, Hmm, I really feel the fire when

the scene happens.

Joe: go together really nicely.

Erick: Meanwhile, our cat Elvira is just like zoning out because of the sounds are weird. I have to share that video.

I tried on discord, but it was too big. The file she’s insane. She is. But she buys with the music a little bit. The only comfort content I have lately is I really like anime and I finished hunter hunter finally. And I started a new one called Torah. Dora. It’s not as intense and sexually more like a romantic slice of life, comedy type anime.

I love anime like that, where it’s super dramatic, super dramatic.

Joe: You’re going to have to give me some recommendations. I’m terrible with anime.

Erick: Oh, there’s plenty of horror enemy out there. If you

Joe: Yeah.


Erick: when they come immediately

Joe: Hell yeah. I think the only anime, but it’s not even, I know it’s not anatomy to the purists, but as I’ve ever delved into is the uh, his avatar.

Erick: Oh, Hey, we love,

Joe: Yeah. Okay, good. I have

a friend who’s like, it’s not, but it’s the best show ever. I’m like, okay. It’s how to made a me.

Erick: All right. we didn’t come up with a drink for today, but it’s also a pretty hard movie to come up with a drink for. It’s kind of like those anthology styles where there’s a lot of just different themes in the film, and sure. Maybe we could have made like a clown or like fun house drink, but given how chaotic things are.

I think we all kind of came to the consensus that a beer is. Okay. We don’t have a theme beer either. So we’re all just drinking, whatever

Joe: Yeah. I mean, I think I thought about it today and it’s definitely hard to find. So this movie reminds me a lot of like the fields around Halloween and like those perfect. So maybe just a pumpkin, like Oktoberfest beer would have sufficed it’s April. I don’t know. I mean, I have a white color and a Guinness in my fridge.

I don’t got that, but

Erick: Yeah.

I’d agree with that,

Joe: I actually, the one Guinness bottle in there I bought from when we originally recorded on St. Patrick’s day. I mean, she’s been there. I didn’t feel like that right now.

Erick: Yeah, we’re drinking just regular stuff. I think we’ve brought everyday IPA revolution on the show before, right? don’t know, they are very popular in Chicago.

Both these beers, Lagunitas. and revolution.

Joe: Love Lagunitas

Erick: Oh, no. You’ve had it.

Joe: yeah, That’s a good beer.

Erick: Cool. So we won’t read them. I’m sorry, listeners, if you were just so excited for a fun house, massacre, beer or drink, but just find something else.

Get ready for the wild ride. That is the rest of this movie. is wild. All right. So let’s get into fun facts, Joe, you had a ton of knowledge on this movies.

Joe: Yeah. I do love this movie. I actually have the poster signed by the, the cast or the writer and the two writers, which are bumblebee girl and the deputy are married and they wrote the movie. Yeah. I like kinda followed this movie and it’s like, I don’t want to say inception, but I followed the guy who wrote it. The guy who wrote it had a podcast and like 2014 or 15 or so I was watching listened to his podcasts a lot. him and his wife, the bumblebee uh, Laurie and, uh, deputy uh, always want to see Dewey, but it’s, it’s a Doyle.

Yeah. Doyle, they’re husband and wife. And they wrote the movie together and it’s like their love letter to this genre of filmmaking with all the references and over the top. So I kind of came in with like a heavy knowledge of it. And actually I like have the poster up behind me. I actually didn’t have it in this room. And then when I went recently in my parents’ house, because we’re talking about it, I was like, I have that. And it’s signed because the promoted, he was like, oh, like, if you send me your tickets. I’ll send you guys the first 15 a mailer. And I was fortunate where the screened in 20 screens and it was near my house.

I still felt really bad on my Twitter exchange because I tweeted about it. And the guys really nice Ben Begley and Renee Dory. And, and I was like, do you love the movie? Like went to the screening? And he was like, oh, how many people were at the screening? And it was like a Tuesday night, I mean, like real late.

And I think there was maybe five and I was like, oh, like 13, because I didn’t feel like, I felt like it was like, didn’t, you know, I didn’t want to, but didn’t want to say five. said 13, and then he was like, oh, okay. I was like, oh yeah, you that’s. I get it. Probably not what you want it to hear. But um, so I

do, yeah, just

me private theater.

Erick: I

rented it out.

Joe: yeah, so I definitely really enjoy this movie. But some fun facts. What do we got? um, this was shot at a real haunted, uh, theme park in Ohio called a land of illusion. And Ohio. Yeah. And they did the whole set on that plot.

Like the police station was filmed in their production office. almost every scene, except for like one or two of them even think the where we start with the insane asylum Like they filmed that there. So a really cool, and like neat for like, especially coming into you.

Like, it sounds like they really maximize their budget. They use as little CGI as possible when I feel like that shows like just a few things that were enhanced by CG.

Erick: Yeah. I was going to ask just CG in this, other than like that giant moon by the police

Joe: Yeah.

Erick: shit. It’s so

Joe: Yeah.

Erick: like fake.

Joe: That, yeah, I think when the, these getting burned by the steam rollers, the CGS coming off of that

I did listen to the they did like a watch a long commentary. So I did that today while I was working. And I did pick up on, do you remember the face is getting smushed into the chain link fence and the eyeball pops, the eyeball was added in, Oh, okay. is practical.

Oh, cool. um, Robert Kurtzman did practical effects, which I did not know and thought was really, really neat because he did the original Freddy Kruger design

Erick: yeah. All of the, uh,

practical effects I feel like, or as much as like this movie feels like.

it’s what BC, whatever you want

Joe: Yeah, it’s a, it’s

a B movie, I would

say in the Harvey movie.

Erick: All of the special effects are so gruesome and good.

Joe: And I think for the most part, like what I really liked about it too, is like none of the actors seem like like all the actors are doing a really good job in a lot of the movies that have this level. Like there’s always like one or two that are like, I’m like not, not in, they’re not great. Even I liked the movie, so I was good props that, and then, my other fun fact is, uh, a lot of the villains and like how they set it up, where you’ve mentioned earlier comic book, they’re inspired by Batman and like Arkham,

Erick: Oh, yeah. You can

Joe: like yeah.

Erick: subtle like Quinn Quinn.

Joe: yeah. cause they, yeah, the Dollface is literally supposed to be Harley Quinn.

Erick: Yeah. Yeah.

Joe: But in like

Rocco yeah. Is Bain


Erick: There’s literally, literally uh, yeah, I in my notes, but like he gets Batman.

Joe: Oh yeah, he does. Um, And uh, they, cause they mentioned it a lot. In that commentary too, of like Ben Bagley, who like was the one who had the podcast and stuff at the time was like, he’s written as the, what’s his name? The doctor who kid, like that’s Doyle’s voice in real life. And I, I thought it was really funny.

I don’t know if it’s under fun facts or not, but like when the, to the when Lori and him, the doctor who like gets a taste like that’s his wife in real life. And apparently she was very like, oh, finally, I get to like kiss someone on camera. Like, cause he’s just been more of a working actor or like in movies and shows, I should say that um, did you have to make out with women?

And she was like my turn.

Erick: yeah, you might as well get back, right.

Joe: Yeah. And he was, apparently he was the one being like, no, give me more passion. So uh, it seemed like from what I understood of like everything, it seemed like a really like a fun set. And to me that always like comes off on this movie.

Erick: Yeah. there are movies that are, I feel like, are like, of this caliber that seemed to Forrest it’s like he did, they were trying to do way too much. Or there’s like, it’s like, there’s things in here that are like, oh yeah, you could tell it was 2015.

Joe: Yeah. I don’t think everything works, you know, or age great. But overall, like, I would put this in like a comfort horror for me over like, I look forward to Halloween time and I get like that mood. Like, it was weird today watching it uh, and having like the windows open and it’s spring and I’m like, Ooh, do we have the pumpkin like alcohol out?

And we want to dress up in costumes.

Erick: yeah. I was talking about it comparing it to like, be subway road. I don’t know if you’ve ever watched

that. That’s the one I’m like.

Joe: that one.

Erick: Yeah. there would be movies that are like, oh man, this is. definitely not a rewatch Hubble movie.

Joe: No.

Erick: movie twice, I wasn’t bored the second time.

Joe: Yeah. Like I said, it’s not, I know it’s not a, we’ll get into every aspect of it, but I’m glad that that’s the vibe. It was because I’m like, it’s a good movie. And what I like about it too, is. My podcast city mentioned, like my wife can’t do horror movies, but this was one in one where I’m like, no, like it’s a little gruesome, but you look away and you’ll enjoy it.

Like the humor and everything else blends itself. Well as a good horror comedy. And,


Erick: a little gruesome. I feel like there’ll be movies that don’t do well with the, like the special

Joe: it’s not a little gruesome.

Erick: this movie, it goes like the

Joe: I meant like you could look away and be like turn around. yeah. I guess I always find like the cartoon violence. I’m like, it’s not too bad. And I rewatched them. Like, this is fucking tough.

Erick: All right. Cool. to get us into it, are you ready, Joe? For the one minute speed run?

Joe: I’ve been practicing this in the


Erick: man.

Joe: kind of in my head at least. So it’s going to come out completely just gone dog

shit, but let’s do it.

Erick: On 3, 1, 2, 3, go.

Joe: All right. So we need a stitch face, a girl walking up to the St. Asylum and we could see Robert England and he introduces all these crazy criminals. And then he dies. Then we see a bunch of diner kids, and they’re like, we’re shutting down. We get really grow scene with some steaks and then juxtaposition to uh, these insane uh, inmates or uh, serial killers taking over a Funhouse attraction while these diner kids are going to the fun house and they’re walking through and there’s kids walking around, not paying attention to phones, there’s a bunch of disgusting shit.

And then they all realize it’s real. And then they get back to the diner. I’m not thinking, go back to the diner, the diner kids then realize it’s real and they fight back. But there’s also at the same time, there’s a cop and a deputy going around and the cop is a very tough as nails and she’s kind of figuring it out and we turn out there’s some, some more deaths.

And then we turn out that actually the cop is related to the cult leader and uh, and uh, uh, uh, and then uh, and then there’s a showdown and then we think everyone’s dead, but then stitch face comes back. Who’s the killer clown. And, uh, oh Man, that’s hard. I, uh, yeah, that’s.

Erick: one where you done, he totally won

Joe: I don’t know. I think that was jibberish.

Erick: suddenly such face came back. I didn’t even know she was dead. They faked her death. They totally did.

Joe: Well, did you uh, there’s an after credit, like a Yeah. post credit? One, two.

Yeah. Like at the end of the credits.

Erick: saw where she comes out of the

Joe: Yeah.

There’s a little tag at the end of the movie too.

Erick: Well, we missed it. We have to watch it right after

Joe: Yeah.

Yeah. It’s

what’s his name? Uh, the clown, the big guy uh, Rocco. He uh, the body bags are all, there’s a ton of body bags lined up and it just kinda like there’s one extra large one in the bed.

Just kind of like shimmies and then like, it, it ends, but yeah, the stitch phase kind of tag on it. So yeah, no, that was like looking for the speed run. Like I said, I’m a fan. I, I listen to generally every episode of your show. So I was like, yeah, I’m going to nail this speed run.

Or I should rephrase that. I was hoping to nail the speed run.

Erick: I’d say he won, right? I would say, sir,

Joe: We win.

Erick: anyway.

Joe: I don’t know. Let me go get it. I’ll take a shot.

Erick: Okay.


Joe: Okay. Perfectly themed. I got punking whiskey.

Erick: I think I’ve seen that bottle before. Is it good?

Joe: Yeah. It’s sweet. you put it on ice and it’s mixed as well with like sodas and stuff

Erick: baby’s not taking the shot because she’s taking Zyrtec cause it’s allergy season.

Joe: uh, Yeah, totally get that.


Erick: oh, just

Joe: sit my beer.

 Yeah. Allergies have been terrible. All right. even if I want it doing a shot with you guys is winning so down for me.

Erick: yeah, You did great though. You did way better than I could ever dream to do, because I’m surprised I have a podcast thoughts and

Joe: I think that all the time.


Erick: But now that you’re done with the speed run, do you want to talk about what the internet says, movies about?

Sure. Do you have a phone because mine is charging. I don’t have a phone ever. Just kidding. Funhouse Masako Masaka sounds so much more intense than Spanish, then massacre my suck. Alright, here we go. Six of the world’s scariest psychopaths escaped from the local asylum and proceed to unleash terror on the unsuspecting crowd of a Halloween fund house whose themed Mays are inspired by their various reigns of terror.

And it is rated a 5.2. That was surprising when I saw that it was ready. A 5.2. I was like, we have seen literally like critically acclaimed movies get a three or four.

Joe: Really

Erick: Yeah.

Joe: maybe it got, didn’t get like review bombed. Like I feel like those critically acclaimed movies get reviewed by I’m DB, right?

Erick: that’s true. Yeah.

Joe: I don’t trust IMDBs ratings. They’re like too, like you could go in, and manipulate them.

Erick: It’s plus minus like three, right.

Joe: Yeah.

Erick: But yeah, only 3,800 reviews. So I see that. I feel that like, if not enough, people watch dozens of thousands of reviews. Yeah. We just mentioned it on a discord and I think people were like, oh yeah, just barely heard about this from you. Yeah,

Joe: yeah.

It, uh, it definitely is under the radar. It’s definitely become my, like one of like recommendations of like, are you looking for something? And you know, and it’s in that like, list it’s like this and say tonic, panic,

which has also has the same tone. I feel like.

Erick: yeah.

So diving into the fun house mask. It’s Halloween night and we see a mysterious woman approaching the Statesville mental hospital. She brings the doorbell and the security guard inside says it’s too late for visitors. But she says she had an appointment with boarding cane and missed it because of traffic. I feel that the security guard zooms in on her chest. And we hear another man recognized her as Mrs. Quinn and lets her in it’s Robert England playing warding cane. And he yells to the security guard saying they’ve already got a close eye on them and he’s making it worse by sexually harassing the journalist.

What a surprise not expect him to be in this movie. I thought he was going to have more prominent role though. Yeah.

Joe: Yeah, I think they got them for like two days or some shit,

Erick: Yeah. I love him so, much

Joe: oh yeah. He owns it.

Erick: Oh

Joe: yeah. I covered a movie on a fear where he was like, they like played like a guy who could let loose who wasn’t Fred. He was called Jack Brooks and reminded me of this movie where like he owned what he was in.

Erick: yeah. And I wonder if that. comes from pressure of like, we watched a documentary and where he talks about like, I’m not just Freddy Krueger. Like I have. Yeah. He’s like, I am an actor and I think he’s getting a documentary on shutter.

Joe: oh, I can’t wait for that.

Erick: I could be wrong. It could be another network, but he

is getting a documentary.

Joe: Good.

Erick: They replay his audio. Don’t they? At The end, do? They, I don’t

remember. I don’t know.

Joe: this movie ton and I haven’t, if they do, I haven’t noticed.

Erick: Or maybe I’m thinking of Jawbreaker because honestly they showed up. They should have put

Joe: Judy. Now that’s an idea when they remake Freddy, we bring back Judy Greer and she’s Freddy Krueger though.

Erick: And


Robert England running from Judy Greer. I love that. I’ve watched that

Joe: better. than a Halloween movie. She’s in.

Erick: what’s is that now? So she can, she can jump franchises.

Joe: God, Judy, Greer’s, Friday’s so much better than anything. Anyone’s going to come up with.

Erick: Mrs. Quinn enters in the two of them just stare at her, but she’s like, y’all okay. I don’t bite Cain says they’re fine. And she asks if she can record their walkthrough, but Cain is definitely like a shady character. He was like, yeah.

Yeah. Like all the bells and whistles let’s do it. But also, can we get off the record and let me tell you some fucked up shit. Can’t ask. Cause if anyone’s warned her about the place before they get started and she says she doesn’t scare you. He responds saying there are people in there that even God is afraid of.

Like yo chill, that it was a very good dramatic light though. It was, it is a good line. But when we met the people, I was like, all right, well, fucked up people out there.

Joe: it’s like this um, this asylum just like con air, but just for horror, you know,

that like, these are all the killers and this is what they’re doing and then we get the exposition.

Erick: They start the walkthrough and she says, she’s surprised they’ve managed to keep the place a secret for so long. Kane says it’s because most of the jobs left the area. And so did the people said no one is looking for it in the middle of nowhere.

She asks why the secrecy and says other facilities for the criminally insane exists and let them go on trial. She questions, their rights and Keynes Just says they’re monsters and terrorists. He says that Dahmer and Gacy might’ve gotten all the press, but these are the ones people whisper about around the campfire. I do like that. He tries to say these aren’t your run of the mill, like true crime psychopaths. And then they literally are like ed gain.

And like every serial killer

Joe: just transplants. And I, I noticed this time, like taking notes for it, I was like, oh, everyone’s story is like their work. Put them in here.

Erick: relatable, it’s almost more depressing when they go into those Mays. And they’re just like, this isn’t even like the right tool set. What the fuck

Joe: Yeah. I love that. I love that joke.

Erick: she responds? So what killing them be the answer Kane says off the record and she turns off her record. Cain says if he didn’t have people looking over his shoulder, He put a bullet in each of their heads for shadowing. They enter a room that they call supermax.

Supermax is not impressive.

Joe: Psycho syndrome. That’s not a word

Erick: But it doesn’t look very Supermaxi when they start the tour of all the people they’ve been talking about, he opens the first door window and introduces Jeffrey Ramsey’s or animal the cannibal. We see a man eating out of a can of soup with a scar on his eye. As Kane continues saying he was a famous chef whose flank steak was to die for, but it turned out he was serving customers to customers.

Is this a joke on Gordon Ramsey? Oh, possibly his last

Joe: probably.

Erick: We see Jeffrey in the kitchen cutting up fingers and putting them into a soup. He says the scars from one of the meals that fall back and we see a woman scream for her life. I thought that’s the next scene is hilarious because she’s trapped to the table with saran wrap. like saran wrap is not restricting how much

Joe: Well, it’s like Dexter uses saran wrap, but this was so loose that they broke free.

Erick: looks like just one layer of saran wrap. And he’s just

like, it’s it. It’s fun. she’s completely covered in saran wrap on the table and gets a hold of a fork stabbing Jeffrey in the eye. He says the board of directors from the restaurant. They don’t want people to find out he was serving people.

So they arranged for him to disappear. Every situation of these two is just like a, they didn’t want anybody to know. So they just made them disappear. Yeah, they go to the next door and we meet Bradford. A young Cain says he was a dentist that believed on every tooth could be saved. And we see Bradford with the patient forcing a drill straight through the guy’s mouth and out the back of his head, Quinn goes to a third door and we meet Walter here is, or the taxidermist, we get shots of Walter putting the head of a woman onto a prop.

The body’s saying she’s going to make someone a real nice wife that the first time I didn’t really like get that joke. And then the second time I was like, oh my God, like you’re saying, he’s going to have a sex doll.

Joe: Yeah.

Erick: That’s disgusting.

Joe: by Clem Howard too,

Erick: Oh yeah.

Joe: which is funny. Cause he has played a, or like I would say D movie icon in the isolated.

Erick: Oh yeah. Cain opens the fourth door and we meet Rocco. The clown Quinn says he’s a big boy. As cane explains. He broke three of his guards arms and that he was an underground wrestler and was accidentally killing people in the ring.

I was like accidentally cause we get views of him killing people. And I was like,

Joe: yeah.

Erick: definitely noticed that.

Joe: I love that. The, after they, whoever they got for that is so like imposing and like perfect for

that, That role.

it’s brutal. I think the um, commentary, the director said why he has those scars in his eyes, like in his face, the diamonds, his idea backstory was like, he’d cut them in.

And there’s a scarred over time before matches. Cause some wrestlers, those will like use little razorblades to Nick themselves. Yeah. So I was like, oh, like that will make knowledge. Now

Erick: Yeah.

we see? Rocco breaking next and literally punch a guy’s face off onto a woman’s lap. As she screams and people in the background are cheering. I love how much the comments are about this movie is just like, people are so fucked up.

They don’t give a shit about if people are actually dying.

Joe: Yeah,

Erick: he says his manager is spun. It, that he was retiring. So he could go out undefeated. Like it matters. Like he was literally killing people. I don’t think this career still matters. Okay. They could have decided two deaths ago or at the first death.

Maybe the first one. Yeah. Last we meet mammal Dyer or Manny. The prophet Quintin says he’s responsible for the largest mass suicide in history and says they tried to cover it up as a.

giant building fire gains. Like Yeah,

sure. A fire that no one tried to escape from. We get shots of people in white cloaks manual stands at the front with a little girl and says that Jesus told him that this was the way to sit beside God and asks for him to burn away their sins.

They light a match and watch as a woman, burns Quinn stares at him while he stares back smiling. And she almost faints Cain catches her and she says she needs a break and walk off to Cain’s office. And she apologizes that she got a little overwhelmed.

He says she shouldn’t feel ashamed, but stop Smith’s speech. As she starts to take her blazer off and says, it’s getting hot. It’s funny because Cain was like, don’t sexually harass the reporter, but he’s also like the reporter sexually harassed you.

Joe: And then, yeah. And then like, it seemed easy to just like, oh, you’re such a tease. And I’m like, I don’t even know if she’s teasing.

Erick: No, she literally walked away after kissing me and went and grabbed her keys. She stands up and says, it must be horrible.

Working with them and starts climbing on top of him. Seductively. He’s like Ms. Quinn, what’s going on. She shuts him up and says she has a fetish for memo. That’s a specific one, but okay.

Joe: Is that a doctor who wrote another doctor who reference?


um, I do want to call it one thing. We haven’t mentioned that stitch face or what’s her name queen in there? The wig is

Erick: Oh my

goodness. I was waiting until we got to her pulling off

the wig.

Joe: I was like, oh, I hope the wigs. Cause It’s

It’s like,

cause if I’m

Erick: Yeah.

Joe: England, I’m going,

Erick: So

what’s with


Joe: pretty lady.

But like, eh, she’s

barely putting on a wig.

Erick: It’s so bad. It is bad. And then she takes it off just to have an even bigger wig underneath it. Like, okay. She kisses him. As she walks off, pulling a, wire out of her bra, as Kane says,

she’s a tease.

She grabs a small metal bar with a chain from her bag and hooks it to the wire. I thought she like hooked a key or something like that to the wire. And that’s how it stabbed because the way his neck explodes

Joe: it’s


Erick: Yeah.

Joe: I think they said it was supposed to be like a slower one. and the prosthetic just kind of like

burst and

yeah. And they’re like, fine. That’s the vibe they’re going for.

Erick: Yeah. it like immediately burst blood everywhere, but definitely sets the tone for the rest of this movie. yeah.

She goes around the back of his chair and puts the wire, run his neck, suddenly pulling back and ripping at King’s neck.

He reaches back for her as blood spills out and she asks if it’s too tight, she twists the battle bar, putting more and more pressure on the wire. So he’s dead. And she screams for help waiting by the door. A guard comes in as she stabs him in the leg and neck before taking his gun and walking out to the lobby to shoot the guard at the front desk from earlier, she goes around the desk and starts beating his head in with a nightstick while saying some Chan about a baby, like liking to pound pound pound.

She gets more aggressive by the end and takes her wig off the wig falls onto the desk. And we painted the security cams that she releases all the doors, letting the prisoners out.

We’ve had back to Quinn putting on white makeup and using blood for the red on her nose. She took her wig off to put on an even bigger wig. And now it looks more like Harley Quinn, ESC.

Joe: Yeah. You mentioned that she has a bigger wig because it’s, it’s like week to wig and that one’s a better, like, it looks like hair.

Erick: Yeah, she says, daddy. As we see manual, enter the room, they hug and walk off together.

We get the title card for the film and start at a crime scene at a motel. The sheriff shows up and gets briefed by a cop who says the victim was found by the cleaning staff 30 minutes before they arrived. we just played hunter killer the motel one over at the motels or something like, that.

And that was like, okay. So this is just like that. That’s how he’s treating the crime scene. they enter the crime scene and we watched the cop doing everything, not to do at a crime scene. As he tries to explain what he thinks happened. Even ending up on top of the victim with what’s possibly the murder weapon as he finishes his story, the sheriff tells him to dismount the victim asks why he’s contaminated in the crime scene and holding the possible murder weapon without gloves.

she says this all way too. Commonly the way to casually, you would have been fired immediately if this was real life. Yeah. She’s like, guess who was the first victim when we go back to send this to the lab? Yeah.

Joe: he’s like, oh, well, what kind of shoes you wear? It was a different pair of shoes. Cause he steps in the blood.

Erick: yeah.

Joe: yeah, no, We set a write up that, uh, Doyle was just a complete doofus and uh, sheriff? Kate? Yeah. is just like, it’s all serious

Erick: Yeah. I don’t even know how dwell has this job. Cause she looks

Joe: No,

because he wrote the movie.

Erick: right.

Joe: No,


yeah. How does he have the job? Like know, he does something later on that literally is the only reason why all this should happens anyway.

Erick: Yeah. He’s really problematic. Everything he has done throughout the whole film is really bad

Actually, now that you mentioned it, I feel like a lot of B movies have this trope of a cop character, this was the one dopey one.

Doesn’t know what

Joe: Yeah.

I mean, it clearly has to be a plan where it’s like Dewey and scream in that first movie is the inexperienced like cop.

Erick: Yeah. we recently watched a scary movie for Patrion and doofy is literally,

Joe: I was convinced not too long ago, salient that I thought it was David Arquette for both roles because he looks so doofy looks so much like Dewey.

Erick: I always thought that in scream eventually do the killer, but because scary movie was so like ingrained into the early two thousands, I feel like you always saw it.

She takes her turn to guess what happened and says there was only one attacker. It was already in the room since there’s no sign of forced entry or struggle, they review her face and notice it’s all slashed up.

And the deputy asks, if it’s a Halloween thing she says possibly and asks for an ID, he says they didn’t find one. And she follows up if he asked the front desk, but the deputy is like, oh, he speaks another dialect that I don’t understand, but I’ll try it again. She stays behind and she says she hates Halloween in a very dramatic way.

She’s like, ah, I hate Halloween. I love just what they were going for in the dramatic parts of it. I don’t like how the music kind of like takes you out of each moment though. Like, I feel like if the music had been kind of selected a little different, this could have worked a little more than, than it.


Joe: yeah. I hit the beat of like, knowing that like she’s important to this and like these aren’t just cops, we get, you know, so

I get that.

Erick: Yeah, The use of music is so weird. Like even in the montage of here are the killers and this is what they do. It’s like the super upbeat metal, like

Joe: Yeah,

Erick: And it’s just like, boom, you could do it. Makes them feel more like an action movie than a horror.

Joe: yeah. bet I do like the choice of songs for the intro credit. Like as a, just the, why love when movies do the, like the type roll up like that, like kind of like the type of, here’s kind of like the conjuring, but it’s that like that heavy bass song pops, so that works there, but yeah, there’s, there’s some odd choices here.

Like I always thought the, with the, killers revealed at least that metal type music or where they were going for was more to me just set that tone of like, don’t take this like too seriously with the guys, like we’re setting things up. So you want to watch. kills, the people, but I totally get that because like the tone shifts are a little,

Erick: Yeah.

Joe: the peaks

and valleys.

Erick: it’ll be like someone literally just got murdered. And then it’s just like the super melancholy, like TV show music when Morgan and Lori are like, oh, I hope we get the third date. But then like two seconds later, it’s super dramatic music again.

Joe: Yeah.

Erick: We meet Morgan eating a hot dog, outside a restaurant. And as he walks back and forth talking to himself through asking a girl out, meanwhile, we hear a couple having the loudest sex, like banging on the walls. It’s like when he’s asking himself questions and answering it, don’t stop.

Joe: Has sex in a diner, especially like where you work.

Erick: It’s a small town. I feel

like they’re

just like,

we know everybody

Joe: I think I figured it out. Finally. I think they’re supposed to be like, post-grad like where like right in, in college at minimum or post-college and like, at that point too, like, who’s that like? Yeah. Especially with like, assumably like they’re boyfriend, girlfriend for like a decent amount of time.

Erick: Yeah.

It plays into their characters though. I like these characters, like they’re crazy. And they’re

Joe: Yeah.

Erick: Like they’re the worst personalities ever, but I like them because they match



Joe: the, actors play great. And I know that all their sex scenes were all supposed to be like, make it more crazy and dramatic. than the, the pool scene in Showgirls. I don’t know if you guys have ever seen that, where it’s like, super like Dom and wild.

And I think every time we heard them, they were supposed to be like that ramped up.

Erick: the screaming though, my tits, my like my Ted’s like, does anyone actually say that? Oh man, we’ll get through it too. But the sexy and later when it’s like, they’re already doing it, but when you could see them, she’s like

Joe: Yeah,

Erick: of his shoulders.

Joe: I uh, I hate that. I’m like, I have a fun fact cause like I listened to the thing. That’s all I could remember now that one, like yeah, she, Christina, the sexually Hillary Clinton, which is horribly. She, she like choreograph that whole thing for them because the director was like, it was my first sex scene to shoot.

and I was just very like timid and nervous, you know, in trying to be respectful and all this, but it’s in the script and apparently she was like the one to be like, no, no, no, no, this is how we want it. This is, and it was like, okay. So like I get the overdramatic and that makes


Erick: fun though, because if she’s like, I mean, it almost sounds like Christina told the director, like, no fucking get out of here. You idiot. I’m going to do it.

Joe: Uh, the quote,

Erick: sex.

Joe: the quote he said was, she said the guy, the jock kept the blocking, like the boob shots and stuff. And the quote she said to him was, oh, just say like tits out, if that’s what you want. I guess that actress was just like Damon used to it. And I was like, oh, that is an interesting fact of like, cause it, if it’s the movie, but it doesn’t.

It’s just like, oh, okay, we’re doing this now. And it foreshadows. her depths to

Erick: Yeah,

 awkward. When you hear that, like these scenes are forced on people.

Joe: Yeah.

Erick: other side where she’s like, no, no, no, you weren’t, you didn’t want to out, but I’m going to give him.

Joe: Yeah. That’s why that was like cool. Like it, yeah. I’d always hate hearing stories of like, yeah. So we just, yeah, we were cast it

for this reason. It’s like, oh, that’s gross.

Erick: He can’t even get through his own thoughts and goes inside to find the couple of Christina and Jason coming out of the storage closet. We meet Lori dressed in a bumblebee costume who says his favorite customer is waiting. as she hands him, the food to serve.

Joe: I think I heard that Bumble bee, they were like originally written for her to be in one of those corny or bigger, or like ones that are more like for children,

Erick: oh, that’s funny.

Joe: but they’re like, oh, you have to do action stunts. So this is going to be really impractical,

Erick: She stays behind and watches with Christina who tells her she needs to give it up against. She says she should do it with Morgan since he seems like he’d be gentle and even be down for cuddling after

we see an old man talking shit about the food and S Morgan. Who’s supposed to be anyway. He says he’s doctor who? And we get a tired doctor. What joke?

Joe: I’ve done that. Who’s on first joke. It’s a classic who’s on first joke. unfortunately I’ve had that con like years ago with my dad. Uh, Cause my wife used to be a big doctor who fan was like a, she likes doctor who and he’s like doctor what? And I was like, no, it’s the name? And it only lasted to that, but it was like a, it’s such an easy joke, but it

does happen.

Erick: We’re going to says, he’s going to take it back to the kitchen and we meet a Hispanic guy, Gerardo, who says he’s my chit that Jason says he looks like Pedro from Napoleon dynamite. If he was at the bondage. Yeah. It’s just so racist. This is what I was saying is like, there are drugs in here and it’s like,

Joe: Yeah. And I think they the actor who played my shadow, who I’ve seen in a ton of things, he was in eastbound and down. I think he ad-libbed a lot of

his lines.

Like a lot of people did that, but that one you don’t need the Pedro reference in there. He could just be machete.

Erick: Yeah. Gerardo asks him what he’s supposed to be.

Jason has a Letterman jacket on and says he’s dressed like a real superhero himself. Yeah. What a freaking asshole.

Joe: because the guy, the doctor who makes the joke about uh, About yeah. And intermural like football, and then we go here. They’re like post-college, but I was like, I’m sorry, anyone listening? Sorry. If you do that, anyone wears a Letterman jacket posts, like high school. You’re like, come on, man. It’s you don’t play anymore.

Erick: Yeah. Morgan says he has a peace offering and brings the old man’s plate saying it needs the Charlie special.

We get a waiting joke here. Do you ever seen the movie waiting with

Joe: Oh yeah. This is definitely they do, they do dangerous and shit in


Erick: It’s off screen. They don’t show it. but like when Charlie is eating later, you see like goo in his food,

Joe: This is the grossest scene of the movie.

Erick: the entire film.

Joe: Yeah,

Erick: I feel like in this movie a lot, I felt like there was references and jokes to things that I was missing and

Joe: definitely,

Erick: was one of them.

Joe: I don’t think he was a joke to anything. I think he was just like, here’s this gross scene? Like I said, that’s my brain working back connection.

Erick: The alternate to the news is the reporter mentions the Macon county. Funhouse is opening tonight and has caused some controversy. As some of the mazes are based on local urban legends. Laurie says the families of the victims could still be around.

And Christina gets excited at the thought of the ghost of the cult being in the halls of the Funhouse.

Joe: I dunno, I guess that like news thing was like fine insight, right.

Erick: It sets the permits for the town being like, well, is it the tasteless?

Joe: the one that gives me the vibe of like, when you go to those fun houses, like, or those haunted mazes, like when a group of friends, like it does have that fuel and it’s a very vibe movie for me.

Erick: Yeah, It reminds me a lot of the scene in house of a thousand corpses where he’s taking them through the attractions of like the local

floor and ends at, um,

Dr. Satan. Yeah. So it gives me that vibe. If you’re interested in violence, they have the hospital that was in corpses on wax worker. If you want to relive your trauma,

Joe: Yeah. Um, I’ll buy some other records.

Erick: We got an awkward exchange between Lori and Morgan, who keeps trying to say they can go together. Laurie walks off awkwardly to take out the trash and everyone makes fun of Morgan. Laurie is being washed out back and gets jumped scared by two dudes.

The guys are friends, Mikey and Randall addresses zombies. And let the group know that Gerardo is taking them to the Funhouse. So they should come with Gerardo was like, I don’t have enough room, but they’re like, no, like you drive a pickup, dude.

It’s fine. He’s like, all right, fine, fine. I’ll do it. But they have to ride in the back because he has to keep the inside clean for Rosalina with a starry-eyed look on his face.

Joe: Yeah,

Erick: The character of him is just so conflicting to me. I love him because I told BB, Yeah, like, okay, we’re Hispanic. Right.

And I

was like, I find the jokes that are made about him problematic I love that a,

Hispanic was at least chosen to be in this. Jokes and jokes back. You’re like he fights back and

isn’t letting letting himself be treated. Just like he’s just the token side character. His comic relief has also his own. Yeah, do hate however that every time, every time he’s on screen, we get this like stereotypical, like music, music,

Joe: yeah. There’s a weird needle drops of like yeah, there I get ya.


Erick: I couldn’t decide if I loved or hated what they were doing with this character, but I did end up really liking him. Cause he was always just like these white people. Crazy.

Joe: Yeah. That was a great line. Um, it’s funny too. Cause he was like, apparently that in the pickup apparently was asking the director, like, why is no one sitting up front with me? This is weird. You know, like why? And apparently it was just so they could get that exposition in the back. So he, they put that girl, he was like, you want to save it for your, like for Rosalita?

yeah, no, he’s a complete, I totally get what you’re fucking tired because I always forget those. If the guitar needle drops for him in there, it would make it a little less like, you know, we get the jokes. He’s he’s he’s he’s he’s Mexican.

Erick: yeah. They’re all convinced to go and write off while we see the old man waiting for his check, he was like, where is anybody going to give me my check?

But they already know in there. The, inmates from earlier are at the Funhouse. His manual says he’s going to give them a tour of their new playground. We meet the two guys in charge of the fun house. While one says, maybe the news is right about it being in poor taste. The owner is like the customers. Aren’t going to give a shit and that the bad press is only hyping their place. That more, he even says that hashtag get killed in making them. It’s going wild on the socials. They walk out and the guy starts sniffing until he’s like weed and walks off angrily. Okay.

We see some actors dresses. Every one of the inmates smoking a blunt until the last guy has taken it from him by Rocco who tosses it? The guy complains about it being expensive shit, but Rocco grabs his head and the guy just says he was done with it. Anyway. I thought he was going to kill the dude right away. I thought

Vivi: it was going to make out with him the way he grabbed his head.

very passionate.

Joe: Uh, Yeah. It’s you’re expecting that first kill and then Nope.

Erick: Rocco. Let’s go and walks away while the remaining actors are pissing. They were double booked. Bradford goes into the dental office remake and isn’t impressed with the fake patients being. Jeffrey walks into the kitchen and is offended that the portions are all wrong and compares it to cheesecake factory.

Walter enters a bar and says the tools they put out aren’t even texted her miss tools. He’s like so sad about it. He’s so disappointed. Manwell walks into the fire remake and says he has a new flock. Now, Dennis, the boss shows up and yells at the cast. When they hear Manwell over the Intercom, Dennis runs to find who’s on his Mike.

While manual says all they wanted was their art to be seen by the world, but they were shunned and now they want to profit off of what they fear the actor who was supposed to play Quinn, walks in on her. And so she’s supposed to be the stitch face killer tonight. And that her makeup, looks terrible Bradford and Walter already have victim strapped down as they get to work.

While Manwell says they’ll never be forgotten and become fuel for their nightmares forever. The clown who’s supposed to be Rocco goes around looking for the actual Rocco, but he’s surprised and gets his face grabbed and ripped off with his bare hands. This

is a cool Cal.

Joe: off.


Erick: around still alive.

The actors take a really long time to get killed. like Quinn obviously is about to come. The actor who was supposed to be stitch phase. And we see Rocco rip the face off. of this clown, but we see them killed way later after they’re already doing other things.

Dennis walks in.

on a manual yelling, but He realizes he didn’t hire him. Manual, says he doesn’t know him, but he’s sure he knows her and points at a photo of Dennis with Quinn. Then it says they were just fuck buddies when men

Joe: a photo of her.

Erick: Yeah. I keep all my photos as my foot buddies

Joe: Yeah.

Vivi: at the office,

Joe: This is one thing to, do you want to think that was a little clever of the writing is to kind of layer in that like this long game, this whole place was set up for the killers by stitch face

Vivi: It is

a very elaborate plan.

Joe: yeah.

Erick: manual has very prominent joker vibes, in the way

Joe: Yeah,

yeah. Is, uh,

yeah, that, that actor

Vivi: Yeah. I made a comment before he right now confirms that that’s his daughter. I was like, I don’t know if she means like daddy in a sexual

way or just,

or her

actual death.

Erick: I


Joe: like, Harley Quinn would have said,

Erick: yeah.

Joe: Mr. J.

Erick: Uh, What does the shirt say now says daddy’s bad girl, daddy’s monster

Joe: Yeah.

Erick: that is get spooked and says he might be mad that he couldn’t keep his daughter under control, but that it’s a big night for him. He gets interrupted by manual, who says the idea was never his and that he and Quinn had been planning it for a long time.

He was just a puppet to help them create the perfect place for their return. Rockwell appears behind Dennis wearing the clown space and slams the top of his head. Dennis gets up and says, he’s going to Sue the shit out of that. So even in like being murdered, he’s like my business,

Joe: Uh, the businessman, I mean, no, one’s running these background checks on these fun house, these uh, you know, Halloween like pop-up Funhouse places.

Erick: Yeah. I actually, I had a chance to be an actor at fright Fest at six flags, but like, even just the application process was an experience because I’ve never had to act. And I had to like get in front of somebody in a room and they were like, okay, now act like a zombie. And I was like, okay.

Joe: Uh, I love six likes very fast. I

would like to be an actor there.

Erick: I remember being a kid and there. was a specific Wolf man act they had trampolines everywhere or something because this guy was jumping over walls.

Vivi: Oh,

Joe: Oh, we went last winter last fall. And it was weird. It was like different from when I went as a kid, it was, but he was like section different haunted houses, like attracts like this. You could go walk to, or enjoy the park maybe because of COVID they didn’t have as many like actors walking


scaring us,



like nice


the chickens

in the group.

Erick: And the police office, we see sheriff, Kate reviewed news clippings of the stitch face killer and notices all the victims photos, or like what they saw at the motel. Meanwhile, the group is in the back of Gerardo’s car, talking about the sh shit-faced scaler talking about the stitch face killer saying she stitched their eyeballs and mouth shut.

Mikey says, they’ve gone look over at Statesville and know there are still prisoners there. The group’s like, ah, you’re full of shit. The entire time we get introduced to Bob and Dave who are talking about how annoying Halloween is because they get sent to cheesy haunted houses. They’re talking about getting into podcasts because radio was dead before they’re interrupted by Jeffrey dressed as a security guard, they notice he has skin hanging out of his mouth and watch him eat it.

Disgustedly they ask for where they need to bring their equipment and just walk off awkwardly and like get. We get a quick montage of everything at the fun house. It’s more and more people start showing up. Jeffery is taking all their tickets and we see a guy on his phone walking, never taking a second to look up.

So he’s just, this is important. We see groups of people going through the mazes when a kid gets killed by Walter, the group gets scared, but then starts laughing saying, they’re totally Instagramming.

This totally.

Joe: one of the few lines that I’m like, it didn’t even work in 2015. Like people just don’t talk like, but I do like the sentiment because. I do think like if we’re going to expect kills are fun. Like, I don’t think I’d pick up on that immediate, like the violence immediately,

Vivi: I did point out um, because the effects are so great in this film, the fun house like affects are as good as the actual kills. And I

Joe: or

Vivi: they should have maybe like

Joe: are you talking about

the things spinning?

Erick: No, just like in general, the

Joe: Oh,

Erick: the dentist like goes and hits that button

Joe: oh


Erick: starts spewing blood.

Like that’s the same type of effect. And they went all out for the dummies even.

Joe: I was wondering, no, I was wondering that I was like, is it what’s the difference? Was there a conversation of yeah. Was there a difference between like, well, we gotta make the Funhouse effects


and these ones like, yeah, great

great point.

Vivi: consistent. You’re like, is that a real kill? Is it not?

Erick: I’d love it. If I went to a fun house like this,

Joe: yeah, I think they got Robert Kurtzman and were the film crew was just like, we’re going all out.

there was, one funny thing I did hear speaking of that, apparently that you were saying whatever you want to do Kurtzman was like, oh, can my

sons, like the people who get killed, I already have, it will save you money. Like, uh, I already have molds of their heads and they were like, yeah,

Erick: Absolutely. I

love that he already has the molds of their


Joe: So That’s where we allowed to probably do what he wanted or make suggestions.

Erick: That’s awesome. They take a selfie with this dead kid’s body while Walter watches and walks away and disbelief. I, I hadn’t caught that the first time, but Walter looks at them taking a selfie and he’s just like, And walks away like the end of the classroom, where sit faces until the kid to go first.

He says, he’s not scared when the lights shut off and in flashes, we see stitch face kill him, but let’s come back on as they wonder where the kid went, but say he’s probably waiting outside and start yelling out more hashtags. It’s like hashtag hashtag hashtag is way too long. I remember when that was a joke.

I do remember when it was

like funny to do hashtag hashtag hashtag

Vivi: it’s like you wouldn’t write your caption. You would write your caption in the hashtags.

Joe: Yeah.

Erick: The main group is in line to get in. When Dharana walks off on his phone, it looks like Rosalina will be off in 40 minutes. And the group asks where he’s going. He says the place is too scary for him. And the only way people like this shit.

Joe: As a resident and white person, I do like when the guy looks behind and goes, there are a lot of white people and they are in Ohio

Erick: Back at the police station?

The deputy’s playing a shooting game on an NES and gets pranked called by someone acting like their friend was killed at the Funhouse. The deputy gets made fun of when he tries to go off on them and decides he’s just not going to answer the phone anymore for the rest of the night. He even takes the phone off the

Vivi: hook, great cop work.

Joe: yeah. And that’s the catalyst for why all this shit it was on for so long.

Erick: The group of friends, walk through amaze and see the clown missing his face. They just watch as Rocco breaks his neck and laugh it off saying they suck at acting. They see a ton of bodies leading up to Bradford’s dental office and are like, I feel like they might be real. Jason starts recording every time someone gets murdered and I think this is where he

Vivi: says, I’m going to make a vine.


Joe: I feel like they were like resident, like stoner movie nerds. And I’m like, I get those two guys. Like, I’d be like, oh, cool, cool effects.

Erick: Yeah. Waltz was literally ripping a person apart and pulling intestines out and Randall even tells Mikey to go grab some of it. I was like, why, you go grab stuff? They make it into the high school section and notice a window leading into the classroom Randall. And like you stay behind and noticed Quinn slitting the throat of the actor as she screams for help.

They’re like, it looks so real while Jason comes back saying. They all make it out. And Jason and Christina decided it’s time to find a bathroom to

Vivi: book because you know, it’s been an

Erick: hour.

Joe: Yeah. That’s it. So again for the movie, but it’s one of those things. I’m just like,

I mean, I got, I

Erick: Yeah.

Joe: get pretty horny, but like not that horny.

Erick: Yeah. There’s a recovery period.

Joe: Yeah. Where it’s like, ah, we got, we got, we, we share a house. Like they must have homes they’re just so horny these two characters.

Erick: for them though. I guess it’s good. If

it works out, they’re both into it.

Joe: Heavy appetite.

Erick: Heavy appetite.

 Laurie and Morgan are left behind alone and walk off together. let’s just set the premise that the entire movie it’s like, they’re trying to push the Lori Morgan relationship. And Laura keeps being like, I’m not a Virgin, you fucking assholes, I

Vivi: don’t know.

Joe: definitely,

Laurie’s just kind of very feels like make a move. Like she has that, like, I’m a sweet girl, but like make a move. And Morgan’s like, I don’t know, man. Like

he just, um,


Erick: he gives missing because he’s trying so hard where Laura is like, literally like sending signals, like dude, like.

you really don’t have to try that.

Joe: Because before this, there was the banter. They were like, well, stay here at the diner. and she’s like, okay, like, we can hang out alone. And Morgan’s like, oh, we should go with you. Like, I don’t know. Like,




what would be so wrong about hanging out together?

Erick: Yeah, She’s like, I didn’t, I didn’t say no,

Vivi: And this would make sense if they were high schoolers, but like Erin


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Joe: you know, I guess everyone

Vivi: Blossoms. Yeah.

Joe: And I like really do like like I do think these characters would all make sense if they were in high school and we just did


schoolers or like freshmen in college. But I do like, like, Renee Dorian playing, like who wrote the movie? Like she does really well as Lori and I do like her character. So I’m like, cool. I


you in this role. Instead of it just being like, you know, the kids playing like teenagers.

Erick: right. Yeah. Morgan. I feel like maybe it took a lot of inspiration, even from Nick, from new girl. If you look at him and you’re like, Oh this is, so this is totally like,

Vivi: yeah,

Joe: similar vibes, sand minus the



Erick: even looks like him. Uh, I believe that the guy’s name is something angel, Matt angel. Is that his


Joe: he don’t have a liquor. I have the thing to my right. You don’t have a Wikipedia.

Joe: okay. So they would have been around our, or at least Matt angel would have been our age.

Erick: a couple of executives are in a bunch of other stuff. The guy plays, Jason was in pretty little liars.

Vivi: They’re all in like a ton of projects. Yeah.

Joe: I think one of the two stoners was a Disney channel

Vivi: Yes, yes. He was in victorious. I pointed

Erick: him out.


I recognized them immediately. I was, this guy looks too familiar.

Vivi: Yeah. He’s a child actor.

Joe: yeah, no, there’s, it has a really good cast of characters, but you’re right. This set up everyone with context. There’s this like, not even a will they won’t, they it’s just like through the love interests where centered.

Erick: Yeah. and we just get several scattered scenes of them being awkward with each other across the whole.

Joe: At least it’s a tight, like 90.

Erick: Next we see Rocco go into the front closing and locking the gates to the park so that no one escapes in the car, Gerardo is on the phone with Rosalina, tells him she’s going to get out late. They have this very like super central, like, oh, I love you. What time are you going to get out, baby? They even talk in Spanish.

It’s so romantic. They end up, they end the call angrily. He pulls out a flask and listens to music. I was surprised. Okay. With the guitar music that they keep playing every time he’s in the camera, I’m surprised they didn’t have him listening to Rhonda. Yeah.

Vivi: that’s what I mean about his character being like he’s accurate, but then like the people around him make jokes that are offensive.

Erick: in the bathroom.

Christina and Jason craziest sex. That’s all I wrote what I mean? Yeah. That’s all that In the bathroom, Christina and Jason have crazy ass sex, but are particular about the bathroom being gross. Her bra falls to the floor. So she’s like, I’m not putting that back on. So Jason throws it over the stall and we see that Quinn was waiting for them.

He was watching the whole time.

Joe: Yeah. It was like a little kid, like watching, like keeping timing,

Vivi: Yeah,


Erick: vibe.

Joe: and she’s dirt. Like she’s a dirty fucking car. I get it.

Erick: Yeah.

And she’s like, all right, I’m going to kill the ambulance. Just watch this. She watched us through the stall door and we cut back to the deputy getting a real call from the fun house back in the bathroom. Christina stays behind to fresh enough while we pan back to Lori and Morgan being awkward while they’re talking, Amanda, the background runs around screaming as he’s missing an arm and screaming in pain.

Laurie is just like, wait, but then they go back to talking. Yeah. Everyone meets back up with them. Except for Christina. Who’s confronted by Quinn. Christina starts making fun of her for holding a knife, asking if the bathroom is in the safe zone from the freak show, she tries walking away when Quinn slashes are faced and they have an all out battle.

Christina almost drowns Quintin the toilet until finally Quinn pushes Christine up against the hook in the bathroom stall that comes out the front of her neck.

Vivi: So I love this. I love that. Christina’s just as fucking crazy as queen. She’s very casual about that. Cut

Erick: on her face though. No, she’s like you cut my face and that’s what makes her

Vivi: attack.

It was so deep though. I think it would be like, oh my God, I’m already dead. But she like deserve to kill her. She deserved to kill her. It was like a fluke that

Erick: she didn’t win. It had been cool if Christina like stayed till the end and was like the one just murdering everybody. Cause she’s just like inconvenience.

She was like, I’m waiting to have sex again. And you’ve ruined,

Vivi: you’ve ruined my schedule of sex three times a night, at least

Joe: They do a fake out and like Mo and Morgan and Lori are the ones that die in those scenarios. And then the others are going to make it to the end.

Erick: yeah, right. Quintin watches her suffer and then just kisses her on the lips.

Vivi: Yeah. And again, it was like heavily foreshadow that someone was going to die by That like

Erick: bathroom hug. Yeah. At the motel, sheriff, Kate shows back up and notices the sticky notes and newspaper clippings on the wall.

She gets a call from the news saying that Quinn was a freelancer and was interested in the asylum in town. Kate calls the deputy and he doesn’t have. Meanwhile, the group of friends realize Christine has been gone for a while and notice Quinn walking away, carrying Christina’s body.

They all split up. When I enter the maze again and Morgan’s left alone in the dark projector room until Lori finds him, they enter the classroom and more bodies are sitting at the desks. Christina has propped up at a desk with a dunce hat and Jason loses it. They hear someone mumbling as a person, rips the wire on their mouth and tries to scream. But it’s cut short. When Quinn comes out of nowhere and throws a knife at the back of her head,

Vivi: this was a cool scene. I do like the, yeah. The effect, of it, like ripping her lip just for her to die.

Erick: Anyway. Yeah. oh, it is. Jason tries to run at her, but they drag him away. As Quinn says, there’s no talking in class when they make it outside. They see Mikey and Randall eating, as they say, they were looking for Christina, Jason gets pissed because he’s like, no, your warrant and Morgan yells that things are seriously fucked up.

Were confused. When I noticed Rocco come around the corner, Ronald says this weird thing about the fear of clowns being the subverting of what used to be a happy childhood memory and is about to say this clown is pretty cool when Rocco just lifts them up and throws them at the ground so hard. He dies

Vivi: way to get

Erick: really deep.

I don’t know. Yeah, it doesn’t match anything.

Joe: It’s the the stoner mentality of

Erick: is. Yeah. They all run and make it around Rocco at the police station. Kate walks in on deputy Doyle. Who’s handcuffed himself to his chair because he’s just so bored. She’s confused why he hasn’t been answering why the phone is off the hook, but tells him to gear up because they’re going to the fun house at the Funhouse.

We watched the group run from Rocco, Mikey stupidly. This death is so stupid. Mikey stupidly trips on a random person’s foot. It doesn’t even look like the person would have caused him to trip. He like purposely

Vivi: went out of his way to trip on this

Erick: person. Rocko, for some reason, also chooses to ignore every other person in sight and just go straight for Mikey.

He even bumps into the guy from earlier who said, doesn’t look up from his phone. Did you notice that it’s the same guy, Mike he’s acting like he broke his ankle on lasers had perfectly centered on one of those test, your strength, hammer games.

Vivi: He just sets up his own death,

Erick: perfectly

Joe: like, they haven’t ready for a kale. And it’s like, we just got to get that head on that thing no matter what.

Erick: Rocco grabs the mail and destroys his head. It’s like one hit split, head open.

Joe: So that’s a really cool effect where they combined CG and practical. So they, they smashed you know, a fake head and then they imposed his face over it to make it that seamless. Cause it’s like, it’s gnarly.

Erick: Oh, it looks crazy. Yeah.

When they

assume out and you could see his head laying on that thing, his head is in two halves,

Joe: So Eric, you’ve been mentioning though a few times, like with editing, being a little, like to leave in some parts on this and that’s one of this watch. Cause you know, when we walked through podcasts, I feel like when you take notes, you like see a little things more intently than I have last dozen times I’ve seen this is his head.

He like really positions it to be on that. It’s like, it’s just their little second too long where it’s like, you got a rolled out.

Erick: Yeah.

it’s too on purpose.

Yeah. They make it to the back fence and try to jump over. When they realize it’s electric, they decided to go under, and Morgan’s the only one who makes it pass because Rocco gets a hold of Jason and starts pushing his face into it. Laurie jumps on Rocco to try and help Jason, but Rocco just pushes Jason’s face so hard into it that it basically like presses into the lines because it’s a chain link fence. It rips his face, a Bart like his

eyes falling out and everything.

Joe: like Swiss cheese.

Erick: Laurie yells from Oregon to go get help. As we see Rocco, follow her back into the fun house at his car. Gerardo is asleep when suddenly a girl jumps into his car, covered in blood and wakes him up. He screams for such a long time and lowers his window. And he’s like, are you dead?

Joe: So that was the improv uh, they said was

Erick: I love it.

Joe: he should have been this star.

Erick: Oh my God. Yeah. Yeah. I’d say he was on the show.

Joe: Yeah. Oh, so show, I meant like about him. Like I would just, I kind of want to see his character walk through a whole movie.

Erick: a spinoff film where he’s just like saving people at random points in his life that didn’t expect it, but He just is surrounded by white people who

Joe: Yeah. He is like, yeah. That’s the John McClean ion. That’s the diehard I want.

Erick: But Liberty and Kate are at the asylum. I noticed all the dead bodies while Doyle keeps slipping around and falling off.

K asks him about the prank calls. When he says all they were saying was that people were being murdered at the Funhouse, whatever that means. Kate’s like, you’re a fucking idiot and starts running as he finally gets it.

Joe: he’s just a dope.

Erick: Morgan makes it over a hill and sees the cops show up. He’s happy to see them and starts running it then. But deputy doll pulls his gun on him immediately and shoots him in the arm. Kate yells at Doyle and Morgan tells him it’s dangerous in the fun house, but he didn’t realize it was more dangerous out here.

Doyle says independence though says in his defense, he told him to stop running and he just kept running. Morgan’s like, I don’t have a weapon while Kate tends to his wound, which is only a graze. Kate asks how many killers are in there? When Morgan says five or six, she says, wow, we’re going to need backup and hands Morgan, a gun like a civilian, gun. they hear a truck and all point their guns at it. When drew Ardo gets off dramatically, he says, he thought these widows could use some help after all much at that does the cutting. As he pulls out a knife, the oil asks if this is the real much at day, as Morgan looks back disappointed.

And Bill’s like I, I’ve never seen those films, the too violent for me. So,

Vivi: He just shot him in for

Erick: no reason. But then later

hesitates so many times. yeah,

Vivi: Yeah.

Joe: I do love um, the machete costume has like, cause he’s a chef Hydra says the kitchen where, where it’s like the ma the wooden Mount, the

meat tenderizer, and like the smallest kitchen knife.

Erick: Laurie walks in on Bradford, the dentist trying to kill Dennis’s assistant. She hits him over the back of the head with a gesink and he turns around quickly pushing her against the wall and analyzing her teeth, which I think is cool. It’s like spot on for the character.

The guy comes out of nowhere and stabs him in the ear with one of his tools. But Bradford isn’t impressed and starts choking him. He’s like one patient at a time. This is when Laurie thinks quickly and hits him in the side of the head with a tray, causing the tool to go further into his head and killing him.

She walks off with the guy, as we cut back to the main stage,

Vivi: I made this joke while we were watching it. But if Teton has taught us anything, it’s that an injury to the ear is a very fast

Erick: way to kill someone. Just don’t get yourself thrown up on. Yeah.

Joe: I got hit in the year when I paint balled once and it, wouldn’t pass the mask. Oh. It was like the worst pain

Erick: Oh my God.

Yeah. Oh dude, that sucks,

Joe: Yeah, one one and done. Sorry.

Erick: Never again. It’s like

one of those things. A lot more fun when you’re younger and don’t give a shit. But the only way you get when you’re old and everything hurts, I don’t want to choose pain.

Joe: no, I’m good. I got

Erick: Yeah. Bob and Dave were talking well manual approaches from behind Bob and breaks his neck.

The crowd. Cheers. While Dave tries to joke about it, manual takes the mic and says he hates radio DJs and shoves them like in a Dave’s mouth, killing him as well. The crowd cheers, as manual says, they’re at the special portion of the evening. We see more and more dead bodies. As the deputy tries to joke around until Kate tells him if he says one more thing, she’ll shoot him herself.

She should have shot him. When he started shooting at civilians, she waits way too alone. Lori. And the assistant turned the corner in amaze and get scared by a clown. She reacts quickly and kicks him in the balls. He screams and as to why she would do that.

And she asks him if he has any idea, what’s even going on, they walk off together. As males continue saying that the crowd is full of sick individuals, the crowd cheers. As he says, it’s all been real. And they’ve really been killing people all evening. He ramps them up asking if they don’t believe him.

And the people are like, nah, no way. Kate sees manual and Quinn and gets flashbacks to the fire. We see Quinn as a young girl, but also Kate as manual tells her to rely on. Manual says it’s time for their final act and releases the killers on the crowd. They all start killing a bunch of people. Keep tells the group to help as many people as they can and goes off on her own.

Vivi: Watch the scene over again and pay attention to the people in the crowd. These actors are literally laughing

Erick: as they are running. maybe pointed that. out and I stopped listening to anything that was being said. Cause I was just like staring at the people in the back end.

It’s true. It’s just

Joe: Oh, I love that. I love it. I love funny background actors because they’re probably all the crew members.

Vivi: yeah.

Erick: Yeah. There’s a lady in the background who has like a fuzzy hat and she’s just kinda like walking around aimlessly looking like,

Joe: I don’t think anything ever will be in. I was at Halloween. The last Halloween kills the woman with the iron

Erick: yes, I got,

Joe: background actor, prop of like grab something you have and showed up and was like, I’m ready.

 Oh God. Next time I give this some, a watch. I’m going to pay you specifically attention to that car. Cause I believe that 100%.

Erick: Oh Yeah. The deputy says he guesses, this is just us three Amigos, Gerardo, and Morgan just stare at him. But then he says, he didn’t say that because he’s racist. He said it because there’s just three of them. And that he has plenty of Mexican friends and a couple of black friends too.

Joe: Yeah. It’s it’s so unnecessary.

Erick: yeah. like only white people would make these jokes.

Joe: yeah. I, I,

Erick: I’m

sorry, Joe.

Joe: make, I hope I wouldn’t make them, but you guys could judge me on your own accord.

Erick: We see more killings in the crowd, including a scene of a kid getting his head pulled off by Rocco, Laurie and the other two, make it out of the maze. When the clown decides to leave him behind. After washing Quinn saw a girl’s neck off with a knife.

Vivi: I think it would also leave them behind, like, you’re good.

Joe: I just love the amount of kills they cram in.

Erick: Yeah. you’re not watching it for the acting and like the story, it doesn’t watch it purely for like the fun they had with all the special effects. I would also leave though, because Quinn uses two people’s heads is like pom-poms and like runs around and dances with them. It’s chaotic. Yeah. this is probably like the version of Harley Quinn that we’ve never seen on screen that we should


Vivi: go.

Joe: is the



That would be a real life. Harley Quinn, the amount of like way she’s supposed to be like on hinged.

Erick: Yeah. This is scary. Like, this is probably more scary than

anything we’ll ever get in DC for

Joe: it’s white and this movie was, you know, it’s not popular at all. Right. Like we had to tell people what it is, But if it was popular, like stitch face would be like a popular con costume.

Vivi: she would, Yeah.

She might be at like horror

Erick: conventions.

Joe: Maybe. But it seems like so perfect to like wear to con

just like white face core set with a little,

uh, run on your nose.

Erick: I feel like this is one of those things where there’s a character, that’s a fan favorite. Cause I think queen is probably my favorite of all these people. we had a half of with VHS where siren was a result of VHS because people loved that first character so much in the first VHS where if Quinn had a spinoff film, I think that’d be cool.

Vivi: It’s it reminds me of a, and I haven’t seen these movies, so I may be wrong. But how all Hala Z brought about terrifying. Yes.


Erick: So let’s get some more sitch phase. Whoever’s listening. Morgan and the others are helping people get out from under the fence. When they see Rocco with a mallet approaching Dole fires at him and misses until his gun is out of ammo Morgan says he’s so bad at shooting and pulls the gun out to Rocco before he can shoot. Lori comes around the corner with the injured guy and screams causing Morgan to turn and shoot the guy bad, Laurie and Morgan are like, holy shit. As Rocco hits Doyle in the side of the mallet causing him and Morgan to fall.

 reco is about to bring them down on them. When Gerardo saves them by stabbing him in the back, they all run off and make it away. They walked through a graveyard area and make it to Walter’s Texans or shed Deloitte points his gun at him. But Walter tries talking him out of it. Like, he’s like, oh, it’s my friend, a good position to die in. And Dole puts his gun down. But Laura is like, you can shoot him.

Vivi: I like how now he needs

Erick: permission.

Joe: Yeah. Can you shot quick guys? That’s the real heart of this movie.

Erick: Dora shoots him. And we get a few moments of him just puking afterward. It’s that’s the longest scene of them just watching him. Phew. Cause he’s like, yes, you have your shot. Morgan doses, doesn’t need to give him a minute. When Laura says they can be selfish and save themselves or fight back and help the people who are still left. You were like,

Vivi: fuck now. Oh fuck. Now, as soon as she said that, I was like, what is wrong with you?

Get out

Erick: of there

Joe: Yeah, her, get out of there.

Erick: doses.

It’s a good plan. And it takes a head count of which killers are left. they all split up to take a killer on themselves.

But before they do, Morgan takes a chance to kiss Lori and says they need to survive to go on a third date. I skipped the second one entirely this whole third day jug happens because earlier they’re talking about sex so much because of Christina and Jason, that Laura is like, I don’t really start talking about sex til the third date.

Morgan’s like, so when are we getting to that third


Joe: they should have banged in honor of Morgan and

Erick: They really should have, right? Yeah. I’m sure that the writer would have loved that too. And would

have talked them through it.

Joe: Christina and Jason. Sorry. Yeah, they should have like, offscreen. were like, oh, that was great. We got it out of the


And then continue

with the killing

Erick: Yeah. They make it out to the courtyard. See Jeffrey running by and chase. After meanwhile, Kate comes out to manual from behind with a gun to his head, Quinn yells for him in panic. But manual says the guns just for show.

He says, they go way back. And that she’s just pissed about her mother keeps shoots in immediately and grin throws a knife, but it just hits Dave in the chest. Dave, the DJ guy manual fights back causing kids to let go. And they go on the chase Quinn chases. After followed by Lori Dawn was left on his own and phases off with Bronco.

He’s like I knew it was going to be me who had to face him Gerardo and Morgan fight Jeffrey in the kitchen while keep confronts manual in the fire portion of the maze. He says, he thought they lost her in the fire. She looks so much like her mother, she starts putting her gun down, but tells him to relax as it’s only death and shoots him in the head.

This is something that he said to her when she watched her mother burst into flames,

Vivi: I also get the dramatic reveal of like, dad. It’s only done, which like we


Joe: we figured it

Erick: Yeah.

Joe: it’s a good tie-in for, like you said earlier, it feels like a lot of like filling to like get to the kills and like, it’s like, okay. Yeah, you tied it in a little bit what out, but she doesn’t line. And then that, that end scene refresh my memory happens in the tunnel.

Right? The

spin tunnel.

Erick: it’s supposed to

be like the reenactment of the fire in the building.

Joe: Yeah. the one thing I

thought was neat was that spin tunnel, that neon, that was all just at that fun house at the, it was already there. And, um, it made a lot of people like, feel pretty sick.

Erick: not just with all the murderous skills, just

Joe: Yeah.

Erick: she shoots him in the head and it’s like super dramatic. The music even changes and it’s like, boom. And then like slow motion. And there’s a lot of like orchestra.

Vivi: I appreciate this though, because it doesn’t drag out the kill of the main villain.

Erick: I don’t know where it Quinn comes out and stabs her in the back. Just out of nowhere, back in the kitchen drawer to a Jeffrey, continued the fight until finally they team up and shoved Jeffrey’s face onto a stove actually works. I think Morgan, even it’s like, why is this on, why does it work, Morgan and Gerardo scream, but then celebrate as they pull Jeffrey’s face off the stove, they’re disgusted and freak out.

And then this is the part where I was saying That Gerardo was just like, fuck motherfucker, son of a bitch.

Joe: That was the most realistic part of the movie of the reaction of

Vivi: Oh yeah. We just killed someone.

Joe: yeah. Like what the fuck?

Erick: ‘ cause they’re celebrating. And they’re just like, Yeah.

Joe: Yeah. Cause usually like horror movies, like it’s like, they’ve never done anything. They’re a 17 year old kids. And then they’re like, yeah. I knew how to shoot a shotgun. I killed that person. I was like, I’d be like the fuck

Erick: You just blew this person’s face off in front of me.

Joe: Freddy Krueger. Did it look like this?

Erick: doll faces off of Rocco and tries talking him out of it. He’s like for someone who would wear someone else’s face on their own face, you seem like a reasonable guy. Rocco’s about to swing though. And Del shoots him. Lori joins the fight between Kate and Quinn, but is easily thrown aside as Kate and Quinn just stab each other while Kate says they’ll have a family reunion and hell,

Vivi: I thought it was a good line.

Oh, did you? I mean, this whole vibe of the movie

Erick: is that it’s better than the Kate. Beckinsale like, it’s better that you don’t murder somebody and tell them the whole plan.

Joe: Oh yeah. You guys covered van Helsing and

I’ve been meaning to watch it since I’ve listened to your episode. Yeah. That’s a corn. That’s a corn ball movie. Yeah, it’s, it’s a good cheesy line. Like I feel like it fits the moment.

Erick: Don’t make it to see Kate die and runs up pissed. And suddenly the drama factor in this whole movie just like gets put to a 10,

Vivi: right? Like suddenly Doyle’s like a

Erick: hero and is like so upset about everything. And he’s just like, I’m pissed about Kate’s murder and is done with all the jokingness.

Joe: Yeah, but the thing with Doyle is either dead. Like he still shouldn’t get her job, but he’s,

 he’s really bad at his job. Like really bad.

Erick: I’m also surprised that they’re the only two cops in the entire town. Cause that

Joe: Yeah. For

those say yeah.

For a town that also like is hosting a fun house that like that size, like, that has to have more than as a full police department.

Vivi: of peoples. There are no security.

Erick: This place. No security was Jeffrey. Remember? Oh yes, it’s the next morning. So they waited till the next morning for all these other cops to show up. Or at least it was that late is what we’re supposed to get more cops show up.

They’re just like coming in with all their cars and guns. There’s not a single minority in the cop forest either. It’s just all bald white men.

Joe: you, so I chalked it up to like Ohio. I don’t know. This is what I imagined people from on.

Erick: Yeah.

The group makes it out as the cops point their guns at them. But Durrell tells them to put their guns down. Morgan jokes about them surviving saying, what are the odds? As Rocco shows up behind him, lifts him up and kills him, breaking his back Batman style. We

Vivi: did mention

Erick: this earlier. Dola yells out, get down. And they dropped to the floor while Rocco yells. The cops just stare at him when those like, shoo him, you fucking idiots. We got a super slow-mo of these cops shooting Rocco dramatically. It’s like, it’s all just a bunch of men just like unloading clips. We even see a guy reload don’t takes a shotgun and goes up to Rocko still dramatically and shoots him at point blank. We even see the blood Splashback no like comedy at all. Just serious face from door.

Joe: He’s matured.

Erick: Yes. Took one murder of the only other person in the police

Joe: Shooting at a civilian murder of your police officer and a dozen murders around you to mature you.

Erick: I mean, that will do it. I mean,

Joe: Yeah.

Erick: dead people though. Earlier they pass that carnival area. There’s a bunch of dead people over the counters and he’s just like, oh, I love this game.

Joe: Yeah.

Erick: the dead bodies

is the worst. Next we see Gerardo on his phone explaining where he was to Rosalina the whole time.

And the guy who was on his phone also walks out of the park, still looking down at his phone, just walking around like, oh, that was cool. Yeah.

It was like, what the fuck?

Vivi: I left too hard at


Joe: gag. And uh, this is the one piece of trivia I wanted to save for now is, cause like I said, I listened to this fucking talk about this movie all day today. it was a, the screenwriters, the married couple Doyle and Laurie I think her like brother or something like that, she said suggested that joke be in the movie that there should just be a guy walking around. on his, phone.

And I was like, it wasn’t in their script. It was like a family friend or something like that. Or a brother.

Erick: Totally. What happened though? It

Vivi: would, this is what happens when you mind your own business, you


Joe: my phone, blah, blah blah today, maybe a couple of tick talks flop around just, you


Erick: tweets.

Joe: Yeah,

Erick: You’re just on the discourse on my, how lame this place.

Joe: well, listen, I’m downloading the discord on my phone right now. Okay.

Erick: We see Lori being treated in an ambulance as paramedics, bringing Kate’s body. It’s also not subtle at all. Barely that a face has been put onto the body.

Vivi: It is so silence of the lambs. Obvious.

Joe: it’s a clear reference.

Erick: The ambulance drives off and we see a knife coming out of the sleeve as Lori screams credits roll, and we see a mid cred scene of Quinn coming out and ripping Kate’s face off.

She walks off happily and the credits continue.

Joe: It’s funny too. like, I think when I first saw it, I wasn’t expecting the end tag. Right. Not, not the Rocco at the end, like

the mid credit. Um, I was like, oh, they survived that it happened. And I don’t know why maybe it was naive, but I was like, and then I was like, oh, she’s still out there.

Like she killed her. I mean, whenever I like a character, like considerably, like I liked her character a lot. I was like, oh, she’s dead now. But like, this is the movie I went to go see. So

Erick: that’s true. It would have been cool to see like Lori come above it. And then maybe like at the end, the end credit scene would be like, no, Laurie just survived

Joe: yeah. Nope. Stitch face definitely killed her and everyone

Erick: or

Joe: in her path.

Erick: like whole ass other turn, have Christina

Vivi: come out and be the one that she’s crazy now because of everything she went

Erick: through. Yeah.

Yeah. That’s what

always fun though. This movie is fun. It is fun. Do you want

to talk

about what you thought about it, Joe?

Joe: yeah.

So yeah, I think I’ve revealed my hand a lot. I really, I really um, I loved our conversation, but I really love this movie. Even with all its warts and all it sets that perfect vibe for me in tone

of Halloween. Like it’s becoming that rotation of like, you know, the, like the October time of like, okay, let’s put Halloween on, let’s put trick or treat on.

And I’ve last several years started including this anyway. So uh, yeah, I just really love this movie.

Vivi: I think this is just a good, fun, dumb B movie.

that you

Joe: Yeah.

Vivi: throw on and make fun of and enjoy some good kills. It’s not groundbreaking. the characters are fun and stereotypical, but it it’s just a fun

Erick: time.

Joe: I, yeah, the way I guess I put it, it’s a great why to do like it a lot too is because you said the fundus of it and not take seriously, it’s one of it’s called good beer movie.

Like it’s a movie where like, if you guys were over or whatever, we’re hanging out and be like, oh, this is a good one to put on with, put it on the background, hang out, have

a couple of

drinks, maybe, you know, talk to whatever, but like, I don’t need to pay attention. And uh, sometimes it was the most fun.

Erick: Right. Yeah. And I think that the kills are all super fun. Like if you liked that stuff and you’re just like, I feel like that’s why people like the new Texas chainsaw. It’s not that the movie was like crazy good or like groundbreaking yet. It was just like, yeah. If you’re here for a slasher sake, come


Joe: I



if this is a, a hot take or anything. I wish the new Texas chainsaw massacre, just maybe not so much of the comedy of the smoothie, but just took the tone of this movie through him through,

Vivi: Similar to this.

Erick: yeah.

Joe: yeah.

Erick: you were in this like, oh shit. People are getting killed out of nowhere, but there’s still Some like dark comedy

Joe: Yeah.

Some levity.

Vivi: yeah, I feel like we’ve ended a lot of reviews lately with, it’s just a fun movie, but we’ve just been watching kind of like B roll movies, not so much for the content. Just a good

Erick: time. Yeah.

Those are the best ones to review.

Joe: Yeah.

I know, I like, I’ve like


podcast. I like what I’ve done and when we could good dive deep into, like, it was fun and we’ve talked about it and like, so yeah. I’m glad you guys enjoyed it. Especially today when uh, Eric replied in his, just the discord of like, and we have thoughts and I was like, oh no,


Erick: I thought that might scare you out. Like, you’re going to be like, oh, now we’re going to go on and Eric’s going to just, BB two are going to rip it apart and

see what book and hated this

Joe: if you ripped it apart, that would be a blast too, because like, I love different opinions,

Erick: ripping apart of B movie is kind of hard. Right? Cause it’s kinda just like, well, what did you expect?

Joe: actually. I just did that with friends least favorite, scary movie. What’s your least favorite scary movie on. And they picked this movie called among friends and

it was like this. It was, lower budget B movie of this.

I didn’t like it that much. Jesse loved it and me and Travis completely did not like, you know, and, um, so I did my best recording to not rip it apart, but also let my feelings known.

Erick: Yeah. It’s, it’s almost like too easy to rip up a B movie. Cause you’re just kind of like, it’s like what we did would be subway road. We went on there just being like, yo, like this is the stupidest movie we’ve ever seen,

Joe: I gotta watch that

Vivi: cover sometimes.

Oh, it’s ridiculously bad.

Erick: It’s so bad. Yeah. Just check it out. beast of Bray road. Yeah.

Joe: Brae row. Yeah. I’ve I’ve watched so many low budget, bad, like movies for fun you know, just to rip on, but I don’t talk about them on camera. So it’s different.

Vivi: Gerardo and the dude on the phone, but as characters still the show scared too. Yeah, absolutely.

Erick: Yeah, no, this is great. This is a great time.

Vivi: but what would you guys rate it,

Joe: oh yeah, I would I’m so I’m going to be high on this. Just it’s uh, like I said, it’s, fan favorite of mine. I’m going to put it, I put 8.4. I put on our notes 8.3, but at 8.4 after really talking about it, it’s it’s, it’s truly like a top, a Halloween movie for me.

Vivi: I’m not going to be as nice as Joe.

Joe: No,

please. Don’t.

Vivi: So it is fun, but it is a B movie affects, definitely bring it up for me. So I’ll give it a six out of 10. It’s not the worst B movie I’ve

Erick: seen for sure. Yeah. Yeah. I’d give it a 6.5. It’s definitely better. It’s better than I expected with movies of this style.

It’s just like all corn, this is being, what it was and like Yeah. There’s things that like steal the show for sure. It makes it fun.

You have to give it a 6.5. Cool. So I think that averages around like a seven something I’ll do the math later.

Joe: Yeah. I feel like that’s where it really lies. Like I said, like I’m bringing a lot of uh, uh, baggage to my rating. Uh, So I get it,

Vivi: do you want to talk about what scared low-key about this

Erick: film? He was

Vivi: scared by something. I think he didn’t like the fun house type noises.

Erick: Yeah.

It’s any kind of screaming and laughter he just hates everything and he’s like, everything has to be sad unless I’m getting a treat then it’s all happy, fun and games.

Vivi: You want to tell us about it? Low-key

Erick: Do you think he would like Harley Quinn? I don’t know. He’s insane. He’d probably be like I don’t know that you’re busy over there cutting heads off, but uh, where are my treats? Yeah, Do I get some of that Oh, you know, no, you know who he’d like is, Jeffrey.

Vivi: Oh. Cause

Erick: he’s cutting people. I mean, look, you wouldn’t know that. Look it just engulfs anything.

Vivi: That’s very Gerald’s game. Have you seen Gerald’s game?


Where the dog just eats


Erick: Yeah.

Joe: little Joe’s name.

Erick: We don’t let him get ideas from those cuts.

Joe: No, no, you guys are safe with your dog with lucky.

Erick: He’s not allowed to see,

Vivi: but

thanks so much for being on with us. I know it’s been chaotic trying to schedule this for both of us. Do you want to tell people where they can find you?

Joe: yeah. Thank you so much. And uh, so happy we were to do this. You can find me at a, trending, a one on Twitter or fly over state of fear and you catch her podcast. Um, uh, fibers did a film, a YouTube channel, and on all podcast services.

Erick: Yeah. Thanks so much for jumping on. This is like awesome. I can’t wait to have you back. If you think of another film too, that you want to watch. And then one that we can actually come up with a cocktail for when we’re not like scrambling,

Vivi: we owe you a cocktail.

Joe: Okay. Absolutely. You guys a ton of drinks, so um, yeah, definitely. Can’t wait.

Vivi: But as always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken out scared pod, except Twitter, Twitter shaken, scared pod. You can send us an

Erick: It’s for the show on Patrion, you can get early access to episodes or a bonus episode and theme drink idea.

Every month. Every time we do this episode, I’m just going to keep pushing the discord because it’s so much fun. We have everyone who we’ve ever had guests on the show over there, even Joe here, he’s going to figure it out. Maybe he’s also gonna figure it out. I’m gonna figure it out. People keep adding her and she’s like, hello, one word, and it’s all I can manage right now. but coming out consoles, what you’re watching, what you’re drinking, what you are just doing. That’s creepy and listen, wherever you get your podcasts. Give us a follow up, check out our drink videos. Give them a like be sure to

Vivi: like rate, review all that good stuff. And K thanks. Bye.

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