Poltergeist (1982)

Erick: Hey, what does it sound like?

Vivi: Well, I don’t hear that like low echoy thing that was happening last time. Remember?

Erick: I mean, it looks good.

Vivi: Chrissy

Erick: wake up.

all right. Ready? How do you sound?

I think you knew adjust your mic so you could sit naturally like me naturally, actually. I’m I’m gonna rotate mine more so I can fit. I can sit more naturally like this that’s natural. This is how I sit naturally.

Vivi: I can’t turn it one away or the other. There you go. Jesus.

Erick: Do you know? Not know how to work

Vivi: it? I would never know how to work it. Put my thing down, flip it, or reversive

Erick: Does that feel natural to you? it’s

Vivi: still a little far. Isn’t

Erick: it? You can rotate it. Isn’t it from the bottom. Does that sound okay? Yeah, it sounds right. That sounds about right. Cool. All ready? Uh, You read day then.

oh, am I too loud? I’m sorry, just the bat.

Erick: Welcome back to the shake out. Scared podcast here with you is always your hosts and Bebe. Today. We’re gonna be talking about the 82 film. Polter guys directed by Toby Hooper. But before we get into that, how are you done BV? I dunno if that’s the right use of that word.


Vivi: we been recording this entire time? Yeah, but I’ve been fidgeting with the mic. Well now I’m

Erick: upset. . Take it out on the mic bars. Let’s go. No, no, this is when you create the disc track against me or the mic.

Vivi: Yeah, I am exhausted. How are you?

Erick: tired?

Vivi: Yeah, we mentioned on the last episode that we’ve been renovating before we move in and we’re probably not done

Erick: by the time.

This is out. No, absolutely not. But it’s around the corner and lowkey and Elvira will be in the house. Wreaking havoc. Yay. Well I have stuff that’d be happy about. Oh yeah. This is episode 69 noise. Ah,

Vivi: I think as of today recording this, there are 69 days to Halloween. Oh,

Erick: I could be wrong.

It’s like it was fate

Vivi: fate that we took much longer than we

Erick: meant to. It feels like something should happen today with all the 60 nines that are in the air.

anyway, we should have done like a stripper movie or something. Oh, he should have, we didn’t plan. All right guys. You know what? It’s hard to try to create content. We’re late. We were late last week. We’re sorry. We’re trying bear with us. Things will go back to normal. Eventually. I’ve been saying that for months.

If you’re still here. You probably care about us. So we appreciate you, but if you’re new here and you’re like, what the fuck is this stick around? Cuz it’s not gonna get any better. just stick around for it. No, but things to be happy about spirit Halloween’s back. Yes.

Vivi: We’ve already spent way

Erick: too much money.

We have, you know what else is back? What’s back. Pumpkin flavored things, everything, beer, coffee. That’s it. That’s all we need. That’s all we need. Cookies. Donuts. What else is pumpkin flavored? Literally everything. Yeah. Our soap is pumpkin flavored because we eat it yeah. Now that we’re in spooky season around the corner, what do you have for creepy content?

Vivi: because we haven’t recorded in like what a month,

Erick: month and a half. Fully like a full episode. Yeah. Yeah.

Vivi: We’re very late to this, but we saw Nope.

Erick: We did.

Vivi: Do you wanna say what you

Erick: thought about it? Nope. Nope. I don’t want anybody to hate me.

Oh. And I preface this by saying like, I liked it, but I also don’t think it was the most amazing thing. Like everyone else is making it seem. And I mean that truthfully, just like, it was good, but I definitely would put it as like third in the Jordan peel trilogy of movies that he’s put out, I still think get outs first us is second.

And I think nopes last and I like alien movies. And again, I, I still like the movie. It was great. There’s some fun stuff in there. Definitely go check it out if you haven’t already. I just don’t know that. I would say it was a masterpiece, like most people . What about you?

Vivi: What a hot take. I agree with your ranking.

I think for me get out and I have to rewatch us cuz I might actually not be sure between those two, which I prefer Nope. Would be last for me. I enjoyed it. It was super fun to watch. That’s all I say about anything is that it’s super fun. So fun. It’s fun. People are literally dying. It’s so

Erick: fun. Oh, I love the monkey.


Vivi: so fun. That was terrifying for sure.

Erick: I felt so bad. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions

Vivi: so many things that you’re just there’s acts that are named after the horses and Gordy it’s if you haven’t seen it, everything I’m saying is probably like, what are they talking about? I’ve said before that aliens just terrify me, but this alien was so bizarre and not in a scary way, like it almost a beautiful way.

right. I will say that probably my favorite scene was when it rained blood on that house. That was really cool. I guess this is a, a vague, spoiled review,

Erick: right? There’s blood on a house in aliens. Yes. In case you didn’t know that

Vivi: In case you haven’t seen it a

Erick: month later. Are you ready for my crypto content? Yes. So, because I’ve been renovating this place with VV, I’ve been doing a lot of flooring, so it’s mindless work. I put on Halloween town. Mom’s got a date with the vampire Huby, Halloween.

The Phantom of the Megaplex. Hi is Pius. I dunno how to say like that and twitches all. If not, most of them are old Disney, like Halloween slash like scary. If you wanna call ’em that movies. That I grew up with hue. Halloween is a newer one. I think that was from like what? 20, 20? I believe so. they’re all good.

I think they’re all like good fun. They’re not like actually scary, but when I was growing up, definitely like got spooked by some of these, like Megaplex I remember I was like, oh my God, it’s the old man. He’s the one doing it. Halloween town was always fun. It’s classic. I think we brought it up as scripty content in the past too.

Yes. Mom’s got a date with the vampire also a classic. It’s got that one guy. I forgot van Helsing was in it

Vivi: that’s so funny. I forgot that too. I didn’t watch these with you. So I haven’t seen, mom’s got a date with the vampires in years.

Erick: I think we need to watch them cuz there are some fun things about these like fan of the Megaplex there’s a part at the end where the little old guy is like, oh, you know everyone, wasn’t really too scared about the F of the Megaplex, but the wear Wolf of the Megaplex now that’s a story to be afraid of.

And it ends with the Helling. And I thought it was gonna be a series.

Vivi: Maybe it was planned to be a series, but never got the audience

Erick: or the funding. Yeah, it would’ve been so cool. I remember being so excited when I was younger, cuz it did SP me, but I was like, I want more. Twitch is obviously got some sequels hook, SPUs sequels coming around the corner.

Halloween town had so many sequels. I

Vivi: kind of wanna do a Paton episode on all the Halloween

Erick: towns. Yeah. I do

Vivi: not acknowledge the fourth one. It doesn’t have Marni in it.

Erick: Is that the one after high? Yes. Well let’s do it. Stay tuned for that eventually. All right. Well what do you have for comfort content comfort.

Vivi: I’ve got

Erick: nothing mean neither

which brings us to today’s drink. What are we drinking?

Vivi: How would you pronounce this ULA

Erick: goo GU blah. I can’t even see it GU GU it’s G H U L E H GU

Vivi: all that

Erick: sounds wrong. I don’t know how you say it. Pine Tangerine. Grapefru Is it

Vivi: just ghoul and it’s spelled different

Erick: Maybe? Probably.

Vivi: Okay. So then we are drinking ghoul by metal monkey.

It is a double dry hopped Citra IPA. Do you wanna taste it and guess what’s in it. You already saw

Erick: all things that don’t look like what the can shows it’s about.

Vivi: Do you wanna describe

Erick: the can? Yeah. So the reason we chose this is because if you can guess there is a like undead person coming out of under a grave in a cemetery with a headstone that says GH on it and it’s black and white, it then says on the side, grapefru take your pal hostage before an impending wave of a spicy evergreen bitterness washes the citrus away with the force of the river sticks.

clearly if you’ve seen the movie, you know why we chose this? Yes.

Vivi: Shall we? Yep. Last time I couldn’t open up this time. Similar. Sorry. I have nails on . I didn’t open at all

Erick: at all. Oh no.

 there we go.

Stink This is also a local beer. It’s from Romeoville, Illinois. support your local breweries. If you don’t already

him, what do you think?

Vivi: I like this. This is the type of beer I usually order when we

Erick: go out. Yeah. It’s got a full taste, definitely great foody. I tend to like

Vivi: the more citrusy, fruity beers.

Erick: It’s pretty good. What do you rate this? I’m gonna give it a four outta five. Wow. But it’s quite high. I think I’ll give it a three and a half.

Vivi: I’m giving it an extra point for the pretty cool.

Erick: It is pretty cool artwork. I like it. I didn’t even notice the zombie. The first time I had literally just grabbed it and I was like, oh yeah, let’s get this. Cause it’s got the headstone and the cemetery in the background, but I didn’t notice the zombie or undead person on the right. Well if you wanna try Google, make sure that you keep an eye for a zombie or undid thing coming out of under a headstone, popping out at us. Just like these fun facts. You’re about to give us was a very long segue. It was. Hold on.

before I can think of a segue. I’m probably gonna have a headstone, just like the ones in this movie and on this beer. So before I die, can you give me some fun facts please, babe?

Vivi: I like how you’re just workshoping

Erick: it here. is that good?

Vivi: I don’t know. Please help me.

Erick: Chuck’s entire beer.


Vivi: how about um, oh, I lost it. Something about chilling in your backyard cemetery while drinking this beer and enjoying these fun facts.


So for these fun facts, I’m going to run through them fairly quickly because I think we all know the fun facts already, that they are the super sad ones. They are the super sad ones that make this film.

One of the most cursed films out there. Allegedly. Now most of these fun facts could be found on the shutter curse films, documentary series. I definitely recommend watching it. I enjoy that series last season. Wasn’t as good, but their episode on poultry guys is pretty interesting. just after the release of the movie in 1982, the actress who played the older sister, Dana Dominic Dunn was murdered by her abusive.


Erick: John Sweeney. Fuck. She was so young. How old is she? I think she

Vivi: was in her early twenties when

Erick: it happened. Yeah. Yeah. And she doesn’t even have like that many roles in this. I think we were talking if it was because he was like jealous it seemed

Vivi: like their relationship was just not.

Ideal from the beginning..

This was her breakout role too. So with the success that it was, I imagine her career was only gonna go places and he possibly could not handle that.

Erick: That’s fucked up. Fuck that guy, John Sweeney.

Vivi: I also find it eerie that his last name’s Sweeney, like

Erick: Sweeney Todd. I was just thinking that,

Vivi: another one of the main actresses in the film that passed away was the actress who played Carol Anne. The little girl, her death is also very tragic because it happened during the filming of Poulter guys. Three, she had been misdiagnosed with having Crohn’s disease. But what she really had was a bowel obstruction that eventually caused her to go into cardiac arrest.

Erick: why wouldn’t they have like noticed that,

Vivi: Crohn’s disease now in this beautiful year is hard to diagnose. So having it misdiagnosed. Seems like a possibility in the eighties, but wouldn’t

Erick: they have done like x-rays, I don’t know what the scans are and all that stuff, isn’t there CT scans.

Is that the one where they make you drink a liquid and then they can see inside you and stuff like that? Yes it is.

Vivi: But I just don’t know if the technology wasn’t there yet or because it is so difficult to diagnose these type of things. It just slipped through the radar. I don’t know if our family sued for like malpractice or

Erick: something like that.

Vivi: That’s so sad. It is really sad. Now the main reason that people believe this film to be so cursed is the rumor that real skeletons were actually used in the filming of that pool scene in the end.

But apparently this was a common practice in old Hollywood. Getting prop skeletons was more expensive than using actual cadavers that were like donated

Erick: to science. That’s what I was gonna ask. Where did these skeletons come from or do we know it all like, were they donors? Were they from like the local cemetery?

Vivi: I would imagine they are donated to science or used in classroom. Things like that. And they’re just used on movie

Erick: sets because the classroom skeletons were also real skeletons, right? Yes. Back in the day. I wonder what stopped, cuz like I understand it’s inhumane, but is it? I think that’s

Vivi: a personal choice.

If you choose to donate your body to science, Hey, if, if someone was like, do you want your skeleton to be used in a horror movie after you’re dead? I’d probably be like, hell yeah dude. Yeah. Don’t

Erick: cremate me. Put me in a horror movie. Put me in a horror movie. just, this is my legacy. Put my skull between my legs and make a joke about it.

Where did his head go? His other head. That’s what?

Vivi: Eric wants. You heard it here

Erick: first folks? do it. You’re heard it here. Now it’s fucked up. Okay. I didn’t know that my question was gonna be, cause I’d never seen this before the movies style and the horror aspect of it.

Doesn’t give me inklings of a movie that would bring bad luck and a curse. Like it’s so camp it’s so like fun. I’m sure it’s scary at the time eighties. Right. But I kept watching it. I was like, what is curse about this? Like they didn’t even do like a seance. They didn’t do like a oui board thing.

There’s no Demonn involved. Like why would this be curse? But the real, skeleton’s a. whose skeleton did they use fucking Madam Lebo of new Orleans. I can’t imagine that using the average person’s skeleton is like cursed enough.

Vivi: So you’re saying it has to be like a really shitty person skeleton to then curse

Erick: a film.

It’s multi-layered no, okay. Did they use skeletons that they had no permission to use then? Okay. That could be the curse, but if they were like, literally donated, like my card says, Hey yeah, use my skeleton for whatever the fuck you want. That’s me giving you permission. Why would my soul and ghost attach itself and curse a film if I gave permission?


Vivi: So I think it’s people just trying to make sense of two tragedies by accrediting it to something supernatural. Yeah. Just cuz we want

Erick: answers

Vivi: the later installments Oso had many of the actors and people that worked on the movie die suddenly of like cancer and things like that.

but I know what you mean. Usually these types of curse films are centered around demonic entities, like the Exorcist

Erick: and the omen. This was very reminiscent after watching it for the verse end to like Ghostbusters in the style of film.

Vivi: Interesting. Yeah. Cause I don’t think it was intended as that at the time. I think this was legit,

Erick: a scary movie. It’s a hundred percent Spielberg too. I know he didn’t direct it, but he helped, I think he wrote it right or produced it, something like that.

Vivi: So there is a lot of rumors about whether or not Spielberg was a hands on director or if, Toby Hooper did or did not direct a lot of the people who worked on the film say, it’s disrespectful to say that Toby Hooper did not have a hand on it because he was very much the director.

So I think it’s just something that fans want to believe.

Erick: Toby Hooper was Texas chainsaw. Yes. And you could definitely tell like the Toby Hooper aspect of this film, but you also just it’s everything that Spielberg has ever touched. You know, I

Vivi: definitely see a little Texas in here because it has that like odd ball sense of humor where, you know, it’s not supposed to be funny, but it comes off as funny.

Erick: Right. do you want me to do this speed run even though it’s my least favorite part of this show, let’s do it. I’m gonna do it fast. Cause I want to get outta the way. I

actually can’t remember

Vivi: anything. You literally just did the whole write up.

Erick: I didn’t. I did like the last hour and it’s been like two weeks since I did the first hour. I know.

Vivi: Are you

Erick: ready?

Mm. Yeah, I’ll just do my best. Are you ready for this 1,

Vivi: 2, 3,

Erick: go. This is gonna be so wrong in an out of order, but so there’s this family, like every other movie they’re moving in. They’re a thing. The dad works for this like development company where they make neighborhoods and stuff like that.

And they’re like, yeah, it’s great. Amazing. We got money. We’re moving in. Weird stuff starts to happen at night. Uh, The daughter like notices that there’s voices coming from the TV. The dog’s like doing tricks for ghosts and stuff like that. And they’re like, oh my God, it’s flashy. They’re like, look, there’s burning my activity in our house.

And it’s kind of camping in the beginning cuz they’re like, oh, it’s fun. It’s amazing. There’s music. And it’s like, oh look, it’s so great. But then stuff starts to get too weird. Caroline gets sucked. Caroline’s a daughter gets sucked into the closet and is like, oh no, she’s disembodied. Mom’s like, oh no, we gotta do it.

We gotta do something. And then like, Steve’s like so distraught and like just brought down and you can see it on his face. He goes and talks to like the local paranormal paranormal people. And they like come in and investigate. And then they’re like, oh no, we, we don’t know what to do. And then they investigate more and then they end up inviting Zelda Rubenstein who plays Tanina.

And she’s amazing. I love her. And then she helps get Caroline back and it’s so cool. But then the movies still got like 20 minutes left and then, you know, someone’s about to go down. So then, oh no stop. They save her. They save her. You didn’t make it. I felt I wasn’t going so fast. This movie’s two hours long.

you added quite a few details. I did. I was just trying to do my best and we have to take a shot or what does that mean? We’re doing the shots to LaCroix. What’s going on?

Vivi: Yeah, we’re doing a shot of beer cuz we gotta drive home. Okay. Yeah,

Erick: we, we do. We don’t live here yet. Well, as

Vivi: you wanna do hypnotic, but then I will not wake up for work

Erick: tomorrow.

This is not a hypnotic or I guess, pulled guys could be hypnotic. It matches the color of the lights at the end. That’s true.

Drink of the week hypnotic

Vivi: brought to you by hypnotic.

Erick: We, I do like drinks of the week. Like what helps us get through this week? Mm. People would just be disappointed about this. Yeah. Yeah, they would. All right. I did my best. Okay. I’m sorry, do you wanna tell us what the Internet’s about?

What the Internet’s about? Do you wanna tell us what the internet says this movie’s about?

Vivi: Can you briefly summarize what the entire internet is about?

Erick: I recently watched something where somebody today in 2022 was just like, I saw it on the internet, the internet, you know, that thing, that people like look on for information.

And I was like, who asks that question today?

Vivi: the informational super highway

Erick: of webs, the worldwide webs. Yep. Brought to you by the world.

Vivi: Okay. I might look up another one because this is IM DB’s entire review of this film. If family’s home is haunted by a host of demonic ghosts, are they demonic though? I mean, they’re pretty sketch,

Erick: but there’s no outright mention of it’s demonic. Angina’s just like, there is a angry force in there I kind of assume it’s just like a rogue angry dead person, who had just got so alone and angry and forgotten cocoa style that they became evil, well

Vivi: they’re

entire premise is that it is built on an Indian burial

Erick: ground or It’s not, it’s not

Vivi: mentioned. I thought that was the entire bit of this film.

Erick: Mr. Teague literally is like, it’s not an ancient burial ground. It’s just people.

Vivi: Oh, they differentiated.


Erick: They’re just people. It’s not a native bar ground. It’s just people that is a

Vivi: legit line in this movie. Yes. Oh my God.

Erick: Cause those are the ones you gotta worry about.

Vivi: Wow. I feel like my entire perception of this movie is a lie, cuz I thought the bit was always that it was on top of an ancient

Erick: Indian burial. Oh, are you serious? oh my God. Yeah, you should watch it again then. the flashbacks where they could see the spirits of the people, it’s like people with top hats and like old clothes and stuff like that.


Vivi: thing that doesn’t make sense. If the development is new, the plots of land, they just recently moved it. they were only recently disturbed.

And I remember those parts now that you’re saying them, because I kept thinking, this sounds so much like insidious the way they described the demons and the realm of the further

Erick: right. But the cemetery, we don’t know how old the cemetery is. I know that they just moved in just disturbed it, but the dead could be from however long America, I guess us has been here or years me could be an old American gangster.

Who’s just so angry with everyone forgetting. That’s why I said cocoa style. Like he’s just been dead so long and forgotten. they’re just so angry and jealous that they became this like skeletal monster, like the boogeyman from don’t look under the bed.

Should we

Vivi: get into it? Otherwise we’re just gonna keep comparing this movie to a bunch of other

Erick: movies.

Vivi: You can tell this movie because IMDV gives it a 7.3 and I would not give this movie a 7.3, but I feel like it’s just the nostalgia

Erick: factor.

Yeah. I mean, it’s fun.

Vivi: I don’t think it was intended to be fun though. Like when we watched it, this was my second or third rewatch. This was your first watch, correct? Yeah. So it was funny to us in some parts I don’t in think were intended to be funny at all in 82

Erick: with it being to AER though.

Vivi: Again, that like dark sense of

Erick: humor. Yeah. Cuz there reports. I was like what? . Yeah, this is hilarious. I love Tanina though. I’m just gonna say that front. I fucking love Tanina. I live and breathe Tanina in Polaris, but then on a t-shirt. Okay. It’s just her with her sunglasses on and she’s like, you’re right.

You go I want that on a show. That is a hilarious line. Let’s dive into it. The intro credit start as we hear the star mingled banner and get a super zoomed in view on a state of the art four ADP television I forgot that TVs look this horrible, but when you see it in TV, you’re like, oh fuck.

Yeah. How did we survive? You can see literally every pixel, which is a lovely throwback. I didn’t

Vivi: focus that much on the TV. I’m going to be honest

Erick: with you. the song ends and the TV falls on white noise. As a man, Steve passes out in his chair from drinking. He drops a beer. The film goes yearly selling.

As we watch a dog go on an adventure throughout the house, stealing everyone’s late night snacks. While also introducing us to the rest of the family. He stops at Caroline who wakes up and heads downstairs to see the TV flashing. She approaches it in a trans like state, before calling out to someone and asking what they look like, she started screaming that she can’t hear them causing everyone else to wake up.

They also just watch her as she cripply says five. Yes. And I don’t know, multiple times before grabbing the screen. I

Vivi: truly wanna know what they’re asking her. I’m guessing five means how many people are in the house. Yes. Yes. Who knows? And I don’t know. I don’t know. I was like, what are they asking about?

Are you

Erick: religiou. Is God on your side, do we gotta

Vivi: worry about a priest coming in?

Erick: how Devant are you? Those could be the questions. Yes, yes, indeed.

Point. Yes. Oh, five of us. Yes. Oh yes. We have very devout. Oh no, no, not that devout. We don’t go to church. It’s not only she has a British accent.

I do wish though, like, I, I agree that we could see what the other side looked like. It’s of its time in the budget and whatever. Yes. But I do wish we could like see the beings and like, see what that in between further slash upside down, looked like

Vivi: have you seen the remake?

Erick: I haven’t seen any pist.

Vivi: Okay. That Poulter guys probably did have the budget and it was not good. So I don’t know if budget would’ve helped.

Erick: Wow. Does she do so good at playing creepy Caroline? She’s amazing. She’s CRI fuck. . She really is also, why are they just like, Hmm. Should we stop her? No, let’s just see where this goes.

They’re just standing at the stairs, watching her talk to herself with her hand on the TV.

Vivi: Well, you’re half asleep and your kid’s just talking to the TV. I’d be like, dude, just go back to sleep. Exactly.

Erick: You would say something you wouldn’t just be like, Hmm. I wonder what this is. brings coffee. Just stands there with hands crossed like, oh yes.

the creep Inness ends with the intro credits. Continuing as we see people enjoying their lives in a quiet suburban town, which helps drive in a later plot that the town might not be what it seems to those who live. The guys are super into their game. When the channel changes the Mr. Rogers on its own, they go off on Steve, but he explains their neighbor has the same remote.

So he goes to talk to the neighbor when he hears one of the guys pissed this fuck that he bet his life on this game, that’s your fucking fault? What the fuck are you talking? That how’s that my problem also go buy your own game if you’re that pissed.

Vivi: Also what a sign of the time that your neighbor with the same remote could change your TV.

Erick: Oh my God. Yeah, that would’ve been how bizarre within the, same house. I remember that, but I didn’t know that it could go across neighbor’s houses. Because that’d be in like the bedroom, changing the TV to cartoons or whatever. And my dad would always get pissed cuz we’d change a soccer in the living room that never happened in my household.

We then get a pissing match between Steve and Ben, the neighbor where they flip the channels on each other back and forth. Meanwhile, Diane is about the flush Tweety down the toilet as Caroline walks in. Why are you flushing a bird down the toilet?

Vivi: I thought like with goldfish, you just flush ’em down the toilet. A bird’s kind of a

Erick: lot though. Yeah. It’s got bones. Got feathers. It’s thick. Th how’s traumatizing. yeah. outside. Robby tries climbing this O tree in their yard while inside Caroline and Diane put Tweetie in a box to bury him.

We get another illusion to the point later when a Caroline asks to put a flower with Tweetie because he doesn’t like the smell. Diane is disinterested saying it doesn’t matter because he is dead. But Caroline takes care of him by putting a photo and a napkin in the box too. For when he gets cold.

Vivi: This is what just said sweet scene.

It’s like a little kid’s first introduction to

Erick: death. It is, but Caroline, She’s just like flips instantly. But I did think it was an interesting commentary cuz you know, the movie doesn’t really tell you that. The reason things are going on is because of the mistreatment of the dead. but this is sort of like showing how people are like don’t really care about the dead, even if it’s a bird, they’re kind of just like, yeah, but they’re dead already. Like who cares? when they go to bury it. Carol Anne says a prayer while Dana watches annoyed and Robbie asks, if they can dig it up to look at the bones, clearly the message is we don’t care about the dead because Caroline is like, okay, cool.

Like, can I go get a goldfish two seconds later?

Vivi: Which is such a little kid

Erick: thing to do. Yeah. And then it just cuts two goldfish in a bowl. There’s a storm brewing. Robbery’s reading a book nearby when he notices and gets really spooked by the lightning around the creepy tree, outside Diane comes in to tuck them in and give their good nights.

But we see that Robbie is not okay. Diane and Steve are smoking blonde swallow. Diane reads a book about sleepwalk because Caroline’s been doing it a lot lately.

Vivi: Do you think that scene was controversial?

Erick: Someone belongs his parents in the eighties, in, in the eighties.

Vivi: Wasn’t that like peak of the war on drugs?

Erick: Probably. Right. I wonder how much backlash they got. Yeah. I also don’t like, Steve, do you really?

Vivi: Oh, Steve, the dad. Yeah, you do. I think he’s way better than so many dads we see in horror movies because he like loves his wife, which we never see.

Does he though? Yes. They even do the creepy. I love you. Mouthing thing that we made fun of for like 20 minutes. Anyone loves her though. They’re definitely a better couple than most we’ve seen in horror movies.

Erick: Don’t disagree with that, but I don’t think he’s the best because he doesn’t listen to the bar is low.

It is, it is very low. Yeah. Like if you’re talking like everyone else is under 10 pounds of shit, he’s under five, you know? Ooh, that would be

Vivi: a good, like ranking of the worst dads, worst husbands in horror movies that never believe that anything’s

Erick: happening.

Worst partners. We could do that. Cuz it could go both ways. True.

Vivi: Unfortunately, there is not a lot. It’s getting better now, but it’s mostly hetero couples right? In horror

Erick: films and the dudes are usually horrible. Yeah. What’s wrong with this?

Vivi: Just once I’d like to see a horrible

Erick: wife I’d like to see. No, but I, I do truly think he’s horrible.

Cuz if you see him, he’s not really like there he’s not present. And I understand. Yeah. He’s the one who makes the money or whatever mm-hmm but like he could still be a little better. I do see why you say like they’re okay with each other cuz they joke around. But if you pay attention, his jokes and the way he plays around with Diane.

He’s very, self-centered, he’s very, in his own mind, the only time he starts to carry it, I’ll explain it right now when I’m reading it is when he starts to kind of brag about himself.

Vivi: that just sounds like a very eighties. I’m the breadwinner. You don’t have real

Erick: problems thing. Yeah. Steve doesn’t really seem to be into the conversation. As Diane brings up how she used to sleepwalk and worries that Caroline could fall into the pit they’re making for their pool.

Vivi: That a rich person problem.

Erick: Steve only now seems to care when he starts joking about Olympic diving and shows off in the mirror, like flexing and shit. That’s the only time. That’s the only time that he really starts to pay attention to.

Diane’s saying like, Diane’s literally saying Caroline could fucking fall into the pit and die. She’s sleepwalk. I used to sleepwalk, like, I don’t know what’s going on with her. I’m worried. And he is like, oh, pool. I used to be an Olympic diver and starts getting on the bed and fucking around. And yeah, he makes Diane laugh, but he’s not really paying attention to her concerns.

So I don’t think he’s the best. Robert just can’t fall asleep and gets spooked by this clown sitting in a chair at the end of his bed.

He covers it in a sweater. Why do you

Vivi: have this toy? he clearly hates it. Who gave this to you? They

Erick: hate you. If my kid, if we ever have one was like, dad, I really hate this shit. I’d be like, willing to get rid of it.

Vivi: You know, that’s funny because my mom would keep creepy dolls in the house, but I never felt like I could be like, mom, I hate these.

Please get rid of them. Cuz they wouldn’t have listened to me. So maybe that’s how Robbie. feels.

Erick: oh yeah. yell at him like you’re ungrateful. Great. Grandpa’s cousin’s dad gave that to you.

Vivi: I also cannot see this clown without thinking of a scary movie.

Erick: Yeah. He covers it in a sweater and heads to his parents’ room while they’re messing around to tell them the storms getting closer. Steve takes him back to his room. When Robbie says he doesn’t like the tree, Steve says the tree’s been around since, before his company built the neighborhood. And if you look closely in the shots of the town earlier, you’ll notice there’s dead, ominous trees all over the town.

That’s a good sign. Yeah, you

Vivi: should definitely build property there.

Erick: Robbie keeps was saying that the tree knows he lives there. And Steve says, it’s trying to protect the family, but Rob’s like, nah, you ain’t fooling anybody that thing’s out to get me. Steve tells him the storm is passing and teaches him to count between when he sees the lightning and hears the thunder to figure it out.

Robbie’s in the room counting and seems really when he notices the counts are getting longer, but they still end up in their parents’.

Vivi: Which is funny, which is very true to what little kids

Erick: do. They’re like, yeah. I don’t give a shit. I’m coming to your bed. Yeah. actually.

Vivi: Have you noticed that their bedroom looks like our bedroom? Isn’t like a vaulted. Okay.

Erick: Ooh. Are we gonna have some Balter gas activity here? We need to look at what was here before.

Vivi: That’s true. What if there was cemeteries here before it’s probably corn.

Erick: I’ve heard noise in this house already.

Vivi: That just reminds me of one of the scenes from the Adams family, the show where they’re talking about when they first came to the house and they’re like, oh, it was creepy decrepit.

We thought it was haunted. And then Morticia was like, well, you can’t have everything.

Erick: The TV is on and goes back to white noise again. When Caroline wakes up and stare at it, we hear whispers as she reaches her hand out and a ghostly hand reaches back out to her. It hovers over their bed in a smoky manner, until it turns into a straight up beam, hitting the wall and shaking up the entire house.

The family wakes up when it suddenly stops. And they see Caroline sitting at the bed sitting there, here

Vivi: one of the most iconic lines in horror films. And it just

Erick: cut. So the next day everyone was just like going about their life. Like, dude, no, , I’d be like, what the fuck was that? What are you talking about?

That’s why I’m saying that Steve is absent. Cause if my kids started doing that and my wife was like, Hey, yeah, I don’t know what’s going on with her. She’s like sleepwalking and saying all this weird. I would wanna find out what’s going on with my kid. Well,

Vivi: yes, but this is the eighties.

No one cares what’s going on with their kids.

Erick: just put ’em in therapy.

Vivi: Oh, definitely not. In the

Erick: eighties. The next day, construction workers are working in the pool. As Steve talks to his boss about a earthquake that no one else felt the kids are eating breakfast. When Diane asked Carolyn what she meant by their here, Caroline’s like, it was just the TV people.

When Robbie’s like this bitch is highest. Look , the kid starts messing around with each other. Again, when Robbie’s glass of milk explodes all over Dana’s homework, Robbie says it wasn’t his fault and notices his spoon and pork or bent as Caroline stares into the kitchen TV.

, I just wanted to point this out. Diane walks past and she’s like, Carolyn, you’re so close to the TV. Your vision’s gonna get messed up and changes the channel

Vivi: because she’s just watching static.

Erick: yeah. Like that’s not any better.

Another scene that really didn’t have to be in this movie.

Dana starts heading to the school when these grown ass workers outside who are doing the pool, notice her and start hitting on her, grown as fuck. Like we assume Dana is a teenager, Yeah. She’s in high school. She obviously blows them off, but we see Diane inside laughing at the situation.

Vivi: I would’ve immediately fired them.

Get off my property. Like don’t look at my teenage

Erick: daughter. Yeah. the follow up after this is when. Like sticking their head through her house and taking her food from the kitchen window and shit. And she’s like, haha, you skitters or whatever you Rascals.

Vivi: Yeah. I think we’re supposed to gather that these construction workers work for Steve.

Like they’re all part of the same company building this, but that would make me even more sketched out. Like your coworkers or your friends are not coming here. Mm-hmm if they did that,

Erick: there’s a literal mark on the wall that EBAs, the dog is barking at and Diane’s like, haha, what you up to? He even starts doing tricks for it and she’s still like, huh? Until EBUS goes and brings a toy to the mark on the wall. She goes back to the kitchen to find the chairs and table have all been rearranged.

 She startled by Carolyn who grabs her by the back. As we just see her little hand reach up, she asks Carolyn if she did it and puts them all back telling her she asks them not to pull out the chairs. She goes to get spray and a rag. When she turns back to find the chairs all stacked neatly on the table in a pyramid. She’s startled. And Caroline just looks at her smiling. She asks if it was the TV people. And Caroline’s like, yeah, she asks if she can see them. And Caroline says she can’t, but then asks if she can.

And Dan’s like, no, This is

Vivi: one of those rare instances of the parent immediately believing the kid,

Erick: Which I think should happen immediately. Right? Like how would Caroline be the one doing this? She’s five kids are creepy. in two seconds, while you turn around and grab Pablo there’s like stack chairs.

You’re gonna be like, oh, why’d you do this?

Vivi: Obviously the kid did that. Yeah. I don’t think she’s strong enough to lift those

Erick: chairs. no. But don’t have a Mexican pairing. Fuck.

The second

Vivi: you start sleepwalking. They’re gonna leave that

Erick: household. beat your ass. Get back in bed. It’s your fault. Why are you talking to the dead? What’d you do?

 Steve gets home from work. When he’s rushed in by Diane to come look at something, she brings him to the kitchen and talks a mile a minute saying she has something to show him. He notices markings on the floor and tries to calm her down.

But she says no. And brings a chair over to his circle on the floor. She’s like, stay calm and try to remember when you used to have an open mind. That is depressing. See what I’m saying? Like he’s terrible.

Vivi: I still say on a scale of one to 10, 10 being Jack from the shiny. Okay. and one being who’s the best dead in horror. PS that you’ve seen

Erick: Patrick Wilson?

Vivi: No, he, the actor, he was avoiding the actor. Well, yeah, cuz he’s daddy Wilson, but,

Erick: Oh dude from stranger things. The one who dies in the beginning. The stepdad. Oh,

Vivi: his name? Um, I mean, I know the actor because he’s in Lord of the rings, but I don’t remember what Bob

Erick: was he in Lord of the rings? Yes he, yeah, that’s for. Oh my God.

Was he the one in 51st dates too? Oh, he was? Yes. Oh my God. Wow. I didn’t realize that they were the same guy.

Vivi: and that’s range.

Erick: Sam was never my favorite character. I thought Sam was annoying.

Vivi: Oh man. Sam and proto are very uh, queer coded. Mm

Erick: Sam’s still annoying though.

I thought he was the worst. No, he’s just in love with proto.

Vivi: They are clearly in a dumb sub relationship. Oh, okay. because he’s

Erick: Mr. Proto. Yeah. You’re right. He doesn’t refer to him as Mr.

Vivi: Sam. Yeah. This took a turn I was talking about the least worst dad in horror movies,

Erick: him and stranger things. but he’s not really a dad.

Okay. Fine hopper.

Vivi: Okay. We’ll do. Hopper is number one is the best. And Jack is the worst. I say this guy lands at like a three or four.

Erick: Okay. Four. Okay. I see. He’s like a little better than the worst, but he is not great. Caroline comes in the snitch that Diane didn’t cook yeah, she snitches.

And she’s like, she didn’t cook anything. I’m starving. Yeah. But Diane’s like, look, just watch this chair a few seconds baths before the chair just slides across the kitchen to the other side, Diane celebrates. But Steve can’t believe it. While Steve looks at the chair, Diane puts a helmet on Carol Anne and centers her in the circle.

Carol Anne also gets slid across the floor to get caught by Steve. Who’s not said a word the entire time. We then get along scene of Diane and Steve trying to ask the neighbors if they notice anything weird in their house, but are also kind of judgy about the neighbors at the same time. Do you remember that?

They’re like there to be like, Hey, have you noticed anything weird going on? But there’s flies and shit. And the guy’s like, do the flies not bother you? And Ben, the neighbor’s like, they’ve never bit at me in my fucking entire life. My guy what a weird neighbor. He turns to his kid. He’s like you ever been bit by bugs?

He’s like, no dad never my life. And he is like, yeah, cause I’m not trash. meanwhile, Diana and Steve are being judgey of them cuz of the flies. But they’re there to ask if they’ve seen ghosts.

Vivi: Yeah. It’s weird. Okay. There’s so many scenes in this movie that I’m like I could have done without it. That whole weird fight with the neighbors.

Yeah. Could have done without

Erick: it. Didn’t need it. Yeah. There’s a lot of like world building that doesn’t need it. That doesn’t do anything.

Vivi: Build the world. No everyone

Erick: has neighbors. We get it. Back home, the two tend to their mosquito bites.

When Steve says they’re gonna keep what’s going on in the family and is going to call someone in the morning. Meanwhile, Robbie is counting between lightning strikes in his room and notices the counts are getting smaller. Suddenly the tree outside attacks, breaking through the window and dragging him out.

Carolyn screams as Steven, Diane, come in to see what’s going on. They run outside to help, but Caroline stays behind. Imagine a world where you have two kids and you forget about the other one. Listen,

Vivi: I think that happens often. I’m not gonna judge

Erick: parents. I don’t know cuz we don’t have kids. Right. But we have lo Elvira.

And if something was going on, I’d be like, where’s Lowe. Where’s Avira You’re not just gonna, ah, fuck. Robby’s outside. Getting attacked by a tree. Ah, they don’t even say like, Hey, stay here. they just run. And Caroline’s like staring at her bed.

Vivi: I don’t know a tree attacking you is a pretty big deal. I think I’d forget everything and be like, what the fuck is happening. So you would forget our child

Erick: probably. Oh no. I don’t know that we should have children. I don’t know either. she sees her close the door, open wide with a glowing white light. As she hears whispers saying, let’s go play Caroline yells for help with the family.

I like how Caroline’s like help. Someone’s asking me to play no stranger nature. Good for you, Caroline. But the family’s outside trying to get to Rob there’s a black tornado in the background when she’s kind of cool. We come back to the kids’ room and see that everything is being vacuumed into the. Carol Anne holds onto her headboard for dear life. As outside Robbie gets sucked into an opening at the top of the tree, the piece of headboard Caroline was holding onto breaks off, , causing her to fly into the light.

Meanwhile, Robbie is saved by Steve outside. The way she flies into the light is great though. obviously a doll, but I just love how it’s like, she looks so funny. The way Steve and Robbie fall outta the tree is also great. Did you notice that they’re just like rag dolls falling and I think it’s them. I don’t think it’s props. It’s actually Robbie and Steve, like just tumbling across these branches. It’s not over yet when the tree grabs Robby’s leg, but it lets go right away. As the black tornado pulls the tree up into the sky, they watches the tornado pulls away and remember that Caroline is a thing and run up to see if she’s okay.

Vivi: They’ve also completely forgotten about their teenage daughter.

Erick: she wasn’t there that day. Was she? I think she went with friends. Friends. Yeah. She’s an absent lot actually.

Vivi: Yeah. She’s supposed to be the teenager. That’s always with her friends.

Erick: Yeah. They search the closet and come up on what looks like someone wearing a blanket over them. But when they pull it off, it’s just the clown toy. They laugh it off thinking she might be somewhere else.

But Robbie stares in fear, knowing things are not okay. Yeah. They’re looking all over the house. And reality starts to set in when Diane screams, she might be in the pool. Steve goes out to the mud field ditch to look for her while Robbie’s back in his parents’ room, where the TV is on with white noise, Robbie notices, Caroline yelling, mommy in a disembodied voice causing him Def frantically yell out for Diane.

 Diane comes in and thinks the voice is coming from inside the room, but Robbie keeps screaming, as Caroline says, she can’t see her.

That’s when Diane realizes the voice is coming from the TV, Diane slowly and ominously reaches her hand out to touch. Cut to see who looks like he’s been through it speaking to a team from the department of popular beliefs, superstitions in parapsychology at a local university. what a

Vivi: title for a

Erick: department.

Dr. Lesh, the one in charge asks to make sure this isn’t something they’re doing for publicity. And whether they’re open to someone investigating the disturbances first hand, we finally get a glance at Steve who says they don’t care about the disturbances and all the chaos that’s been happening to them.

They just want their daughter back. He’s like, bitch, it’s not a show. It’s a kidnapping.

Vivi: I just heard the SVU theme song playing.

Erick: No. Oh,

intro credits. Yeah. At the house. Steve gives the tour and says that no one is allowed to enter the room and that Robbie sleeps with them.

Now, as they approach the room, the team decides it’s a good time to brag about some of the breakthroughs they’ve made in the past, including a small toy. They notice moving seven feet on its own over seven hours.

Vivi: I love that they can measure their career accomplishment.

Erick: Steve’s just like unimpressed.

He’s like, oh yeah. Oh, that’s crazy. That, yeah. Oh, damn. That’s crazy, man. Let just, we have real shit going on here. Yeah. The one guy Ryan’s like, I recorded it. I’m my handy dandy time laps camera. And then he opens the door. team is immediately in shock at the sight of everything in the room, flying around, along with this embodied.

Laughter. It’s like You have to see it. Cuz it’s just like nonsense is happening in the entire room. It’s a great scene. The effects are not great. No, it’s definitely eighties, you know,

Vivi: but yeah, the effects definitely date this film, but it gave me such a like haunted mansion vibe of the room of instruments.


Erick: flying around. Yeah. With Madam Leo. Yes. Diane says they’ve been trying to keep it together as a family and asks the team how long they’ve been investigating haunted houses.

Dr. Lash is like, well, it’s hard to figure out if your house is haunted as a coffee pot slides across the table. And she corrects herself by saying it can be a Poltergeist rather than a haunting. They ask the difference. And Dr. Lush explains Poltergeist are associated with an individual, whereas hauntings are connected to an area.

Marty explains Poltergeist only lasts for a short period of time causing Diane to question how long they have before they can get Caroline back.

Vivi: So I dunno if this is the accurate definition of a Poulter guys versus a haunting.

Erick: Neither do. I thought Poulter guys were like an angry spirit and I

Vivi: often thought they were associated with teenagers, like the energy around puberty and teenagers manifests in

Erick: Poulter guys.

Oh, did the conjuring tell us that it did the second one? Okay. I was like, I know that. I’ve just learned what I know through TV.

Vivi: all I know is through horror movies.

Okay. So residual hauntings occur when something traumatic stress or stressful occurs in the location. So think like a murder. And then poultry guys activity is the other type of haunting, It is German word for noisy spirit.

Erick: Oh, I would say that this was a very annoying spirit. just moving shit just a bit inconvenient. Yeah.

Vivi: Another website says it’s intelligent haunting.

Erick: It’s got a reason versus just random.

Vivi: Yes. So residual is something traumatic happened in the area and intelligent hauntings are these ghosts or spirits choose to interact with living beings. Hmm. And they have the ability to respond to things. This film

Erick: has a little of both. They move on to the living room where Diane attempts to demonstrate communication with Caroline to the team using the TV.

Meanwhile, EBU is being the EST boy. And doing tricks for the ghosts in the background. They all notice and start hearing Caroline calling out for Diane. The moment turns dark when Carol Anne starts saying she can’t see her and is afraid of the light. Dr. Lesh says she needs to stay away from the light causing Diane to go in a panic.

Suddenly a bunch of jewelry starts falling from a portal in the ceiling when Carol Anne starts yelling in fear that someone’s coming, we can hear Carol Anne running through the house towards the bedroom of the closet from earlier. Diane makes her way up the stairs. When something comes through her But she’s like, I felt her. I can smell her. I understand when she goes with this, Steven is like, look, I could smell her. But she goes with the Dr. Les and is like, look, it smells like her. Dr. Lesh is like, oh great. I guess I’ve never, I’ve never met Carolina.

Vivi: Don’t like to smell children.

That is creepy.

Erick: It’s this real heartfelt moment. That’s cut short by a beast growling and blasting them all back.

This scene is so fucking funny. I made you

Vivi: rewind this scene just so you can watch every individual reacting to this.

Erick: the funniest one to me is Dana.

Vivi: Absolutely. Right. Just throws herself on the ground.

Erick: oh my God. You guys need to watch that scene over and over. Cause it’s just like, I wonder if it’s even her cuz she just throws herself at the ground so hard.

Vivi: It has to be a stunt

Erick: double . We need a stunt to throw themselves at the ground. Dana can’t do it herself. Just cause just go with it.

Vivi: But I don’t think someone should fall. No, she needs to fucking collapse. Don, you throw

Erick: herself understand so hard at the TV Yeah. She doesn’t even put her hands in the way. She really

Vivi: doesn’t. She face

Erick: plans dot Del decided she needs to go to the closet where Caroline was last seen. But Marty comes running down the stairs saying he was bitten by something. The bite is huge.

Vivi: what would bite you that crazy?

It’s supposed to be a human

Erick: It’s his throat. That’s on the closet. That’s true. Made his mouth small for Marty they decide to spend the night and while everyone sleeps the team regroups, trying to make sense of what’s happening in the house.

Ryan deduces that if the portal in the ceiling, his way out, there’s gotta be a way in, within the house while Dr. Les and Diane talk about how embarrassed they are about what’s going on. Robbie gets real dark and starts asking if they kill him, can he visit his sister as a ghost?

Or maybe if you kill me, can I hang out with her?

Vivi: What I’m trying to say here is. I’d rather fucking die than deal with this shit.

Erick: yeah, Robbie’s really fucked up.

He makes jokes earlier, too, that I’m like, whoa, Robbie, you need help,

Vivi: bro. It’s truly like the younger sister getting all the attention and Robbie as the middle child is like, I also have problems. yeah. Nobody asked me about my problems.

Erick: Dr. Lesh explains that when people die, they see a bright light that contains all the answers to all the questions you could think of. But that if you go into the light, you become part of it forever. She says that some people don’t know they’re dead and hang out until they get so unhappy.

They become violent. Robbie gets dark again and says that some kids who beat him up might have gotten run over by a truck and are in the room upstairs before Diane’s like, Hey, Hey, Hey, you wanna shut the fuck up real quick. I’m sending you to grandma’s this isn’t about

Vivi: you.

middle child.

Erick: Is that what he thought he did literally say that he’s like the three kids who beat me up not too long ago might have gotten run over by a truck. And what if it’s them?

Vivi: these people need to pay attention

Erick: to Robbie. I know. That’s what I’m saying. Like Robbie, you okay, dude. You’re six years old. Everyone’s asleep except for Marty and Ryan who are monitoring their equipment. Marty gets hungry and looks through the kitchen for something to eat.

When he sees a piece of meat sliding across the kitchen counter. I think this is probably the creepiest scene of all the scenes in this movie.

Vivi: hear? Oh yeah, it’s totally my like when I first watched it, this was the scene that

Erick: I remembered. He sees the piece of meat. It’s like a steak or something sliding across the counter. It starts to come apart, causing him to drop a chicken leg. That’s in his mouth in shock. He looks down at the leg though and sees it’s covered in maggots.

He goes to the washroom to puke. And when he looks in the mirror, his skin just starts sliding off of his skull. These like melting

Vivi: these scenes. I think why I enjoy them so much. Remind me so much of the evil dead. just the kind of use of like, it might not be Claymation, but it’s definitely like the prosthetics the way that he rips off his own face, he

Erick: starts like, and you can see it’s the dummy, but it’s like, oh, the practical effects of it all like makes it that much nastier.

And his face is just coming into pieces and he’s like peeling. I don’t know that I would even do that. Right. If my face started just falling apart, I wouldn’t be like, this just started like ripping at my skin.

Vivi: It’s like, when you have those like hangnail things and you start peeling it off until it goes all the way over your

Erick: hand and it unzips you like a, yeah, skin suit. Yeah. It’s so gross though. Suddenly there’s a flash and he realizes it wasn’t real. Meanwhile, Ryan is too distracted listening to music. When we see light shining from the bedroom, surrounded by smoke, marty comes back and they both look at the ghostly figure. Standing at the top of the stairs, shouted in light. The figure makes its way to the center of the room and just goes through the ceiling. They review the recordings and notice several figures walking around the house that are also shouted in light.

The next morning they see Robbie off and Dr. Lesh notes that some of the jewelry that fell is over a hundred years old. She says, she’ll be back with some help. When we cut to Steve talking to his boss, Mr.

Teague, Steve gets ’em outta the house quick. So he doesn’t notice the Pearl activity. There’s like a moving piano and a super bright lamp. He’s like, oh, you’ve got some of them. New Willie D lights.

Vivi: Could you imagine living in just a constant, fun house?

Erick: yeah. Things movingly moving around. MRT asks Steve he’s planning on leaving coast of air then, but Steve gets a little existential when Mr. Te says they’re starting phase five of construction at the top of the hill, looking over the nearby homes.

He offers to make Steve a full partner, because he’s responsible for all the sales they’ve made. But Steve just laughs it off the Cameron pans. And we notice the area he’s talking about is a cemetery, which he says they’ve already made plans for. Relocating seems like, wait, what? Mr. TE’s like, it’s not ancient tribal burial ground.

It’s just people. He says, they’ve done it before and request air that Steve’s like, wait, what realizing why everything’s been happening?

Vivi: I don’t feel like this is when he realizes though that realization comes later.

Erick: why wouldn’t Steve be like, oh fuck. Like, that might be why things are going on,

Vivi: but it’s not until the end where he’s like, you move the heads down, but he didn’t move the

Erick: bodies.

 That evening Dr. Lash and the team show up with Anina. She’s so great. I fucking love her. I can’t not just say great things about her.

I love her so much.

Vivi: Tanina has such an iconic voice.

Erick: Yeah. I love the way she says stuff. It’s great. I think she’s so awesome as this character,

Vivi: it reminds me so much of like.

What’s her name? The voice actor. Who does Louise in Bob burger’s yeah, that’s

Erick: her voice. It can only be her mm-hmm

Vivi: like she doesn’t change

Erick: it at all. I was surprised when I was looking up tan, Gina and Zelda Rubin sys. I was trying to see, like, what else has she been in since PTA guys? She was in all three, Mm-hmm and these were her biggest roles. Like she did do some, and I, I, I say this as someone who’s never seen the other things that she was listed on, but it’s kinda sad, right. That she didn’t really do much afterward,

Vivi: I think when you place such J recognizable character, that’s all you’re

Erick: known for.

It’s a setting though, Tanina feels something in heads of stairs while Steve mocks, Dr.

Lush for bringing her kind of stupid on Steve’s part. Not believing that someone like Tanina could exist given all the paranormal stuff going on. Yeah.

Vivi: That’s the one I’ll strike against him.

 You have shit flying around your house and you don’t believe in mediums.

Erick: Oh, what psychics. Yeah.

Right. Tanina asks why the room’s locked, but Steve doesn’t answer. Diane tells him to answer and he says he is Tanina comes back out to say, she’s addressing the living. And Dr. Lesh says, they think it’s the heart of the house.

Tan’s like this house has many hearts and walks back away. Dan is like, what the fuck is wrong with you to Steve? And he says, if she were really psychic, she’d know what I’m thinking and starts hounding Dr.

Lush about it. Tan, Gina comes out and is like, bitch, I didn’t answer. Cuz I don’t like you playing games with me

Vivi: also. Isn’t there other types of psychics. It doesn’t all mean that they can read your mind.

Erick: Right? Tanina confirms Caroline is alive and tells Diane she needs to be strong and do everything.

She says, even if it contradicts everything she believes in, she explains the reason the other dead folks are attracted to her is because of the one thing she has that they don’t her life force.


Vivi: these were the scenes that reminded me so much of insidious. The way that she spoke about these ghosts were the way that what’s her name in insidious, the medium and insidious.

Erick: I can’t remember, but I know it’s almost like shot for

Vivi: shot. It’s almost word for word. When she says being that they’re attracted to his life force,

Erick: She says the dead are distracted from the real light. That’s there for them. And that they’re living in a dream. They can’t wake up from, she says, Caroline has to help them across into the light, but needs Diane to be the one to guide her.

So suddenly tan Gina’s like, we gotta save Carolyn. But first we have to take the dead spirits to where they need to go using Caroline, which I think is scary. If you’re a parent to be like, why though? I want my kid back. We don’t need to save these dead spirits. We need my daughter back.

Vivi: Yeah. That’s not her responsibility.

Erick: The music gets ominous and ting says there’s a terrible presence of Caroline. That’s been using her to keep the others away from the spectral light, the lipstick demon. Yes. They ready a plan to get Caroline back where Tanina has Diane call out for her Tanina says she can’t hear her because she’s being held back by several arms and feels safe.

 She asks, who she’s most afraid of between her and Steven. They argue about who punishes the kids real quick tan. Gina’s like Steve yell at Caroline. And he’s like, I’ve never laid a hand on them. she’s like, yeah, yell at them though, yell at her. And he says, he’s gonna spank her.

And they hear her yelling out for help. Tanina tells Diane to tell her to go toward the light and Diane snaps. There’s this weird snapping back and forth where Diane. And Tanina or Dr. Le or like go towards the light, don’t go towards the light, go towards the light. How dare you? Why would you make me do this?

 It’s weird.

Vivi: I don’t think it’s fully fleshed out. Like I understand what they’re trying to do, but they just try to argue it so quickly. Yeah. It’s not reasonable. How upset Diane gets by saying like, I hate you for making me do

Erick: this.

Right? Like you ask me for help. Yeah. And I know what I’m doing clearly. You haven’t done shit Tan’s like, they have to follow her there. Just lie to her and say, you’re in the light. And she’s like, how dare you make me lie to my child?

Why I like, you’ve never lied to her before. She goes through with it while Tanina says they have to clear their minds because the monster can use their fears against them. They open the door and Tanina walks in like, wow,

Vivi: you live like

Erick: this it’s trash. She puts her shades on.

As she stares at a blue portal in the closet, they test the portal by throwing balls into the closet and confirm, it goes all the way through. She calls out to Diane and tells her to tell Carolyn not to go into the light anymore. As Steve prepped, some rope, Tanina says she’s going in, but Dan’s like, she won’t come to you.

Tan’s like, but you’ve never done this before. And Dan’s like, neither have you. Tan’s like, you’re right.

Vivi: Funniest line in this entire film, you go,

Erick: yeah, you do it. So is like, no me. And Dan’s like, nah, you gotta hold the rope. They see there. I love you. And she goes in, Steve asks how they’ll know she’s got Carol Ann, but 10, you just backs up against the ball and starts calling to the dead to walk into the light, Steve panic, because she said not to go into the light earlier.

He starts pulling at the rope and wall 10 Gina yells, not to pole yet a Beast’s head, the size of the door, pokes through scaring the shit out of all of them. He lets go of the rope. And on the other side, Caroline and Diane fall from the ceiling covered in red goop. Steve puts them both into the tub and cleans them up, frantically, asking them to breathe and wake up.

That is just watch until finally Diana gas for air followed by Caroline, who just says, hi daddy, everyone else leaves the room to give them a moment. And Ryan puts the camera on Tanina who says this house is clean, very proudly. Another iconic line. And then that’s end of the tan, I think for the rest of the movie, I believe.


Vivi: seed also cuz at the time that we were watching this, we were watching stranger things. But the scene with the rope and them falling from another dimension reminded us so much of

Erick: the upside down. It, It was too reminiscent. And it’s funny to watch this for the first time, because I’m like, whoa, it’s like this it’s like this.

It’s like all these modern things, but yeah. Yeah, you can

Vivi: see that it inspired everything that we watch.

Erick: We cut with the family, packing their things to move out. Dana is planning on hanging out with her friends and she points out a new gray streak of hair that Diane has she’s rogue, you know, from mixed men.

Vivi: No, she’s Nancy. Yes. No, not Nancy. Yeah. Nancy. Nancy. Yeah. From nightmare now

Erick: not stranger thing. right. you went through strifes. So you were so stressed. Your hair turned great. It turned

Vivi: great. In one particular stylish strand

Erick: Steve comes back out to ask her how she’s feeling. And Diane says she feels good for once and points out that Caroline can’t remember any of what happened.

Steve says that they’re not staying anymore. And while Diana is trying to point out how many memories they have in the house and ES and stuff like that, Steve’s like I got work to do.

Yeah. see what I’m saying? He’s trash. What do you wanna say? that night Diane plans to dye her hair back to normal and preps for a bath. there’s still like 20 minutes left. So we know that something’s about to go down. Why is there 20 minutes left? she tells the kids to go to bed while she baths and finally relaxes suddenly in the kid’s room.

Robbie hears a rustling noise and notices that the clown at the end of his bed is missing from its chair. He looks under the bed and finds nothing, but when he comes back up, the clown wraps its stretchy arm around his throat and pulls him under the bed. Then can’t hear any of it because she’s blow, drying her hair.

She lays back in her bed to hang out. When she finally hears Robbie yelling for. Before she can react though. Something starts dragging her around the room walls, robbie does manage to fight the clown back though.

Cuz he grabs it and starts ripping it apart in front of Caroline, who just sister’s like, oh my God,


Vivi: hate dolls. so good for Robbie

Erick: he’s ripping the clown apart while the closet door opens and starts sucking things in Diane tries running in, but it slams in her face and is shroud up by a cloudy and skeletal monster. That’s won’t let her in. She gets thrown down the stairs at any time she tries touching any part of the house, she gets shocked and thrown back.

There’s that one scene where she tries to grab the front door and she’s thrown all the way to the kitchen. Meanwhile, Robbie and Caroline just stare at the claw that implodes on itself while shrouded in the orange and yellow group, all Caroline can say is no more. While outside Diane cries for help.

 It’s pouring. And she falls into the pool pit from earlier. When she comes up for air skeletons, surround her floating in the water, causing her to freak out. Suddenly a coffin comes up from the ground and opens up, letting out a skeleton

Vivi: it’s very. Haunted house

Erick: prop the tombs just come up and it’s like, boo skeleton just falls up. She struggles to get out of this pit the skeletons aren’t like alive. They just fall around, but she’s acting like, oh my God, they’ve got me. They finally got me. I would

Vivi: freak out if I was in my soon to be pool.

And suddenly skeletons started floating to the surface.

Erick: I think I’d freak out without the skeletons. I’d be like, oh my God, I’m in a muddy pit. And I can’t get . That is a valid point. She struggles to get outta the pit and keeps sliding back among the floating skeletons until she’s finally helped by the neighbors.

They hear the kids yelling inside the house and they’re like, what the fuck is happening? Diane runs into the house and we get this cool shot of the hallway seeming longer than it is when Diane tries running toward the door. It just seems eternal. It’s like that Mario staircase from super Mario 64, when you try to run up the stairs and don’t have enough stars, you know what I’m thought, how fucking stressful , She’s able to make it however, when she opens the door, she’s immediately sucked up by the pulling force of the closet and holds on for dear life.

As the kids do the same from Caroline’s bed, they look into the mouth of the closet and li literally looks like they’re staring down, like the fiery throat of a monster. You can see. Tongue and shit, Diane reaches out to Carol Anne and Robbie and manages to pull them out with all of her strength into the hallway.

Vivi: And this is another one of those scenes that I would say, pause it and look at Carol and acting. Yeah, because she is not doing her best here at physical acting. She’s like slightly kicking. It’s very clear that there’s no force pulling her. She’s just laying on the bed, kicking her feet a little bit. Do you

Erick: think it’s actually her or a doll?

I think it’s her because it’s so stiff. It’s moving its legs

steve makes it to the home and notices all the flashing around the house. While Mr. Teig who dropped him off notices, what’s going on too. And freaks out, Steve tries running in, but the ground starts coming up in all directions, pulling up more and more coffins, stopping him from getting in the house. The family is trapped.

And Steve turns to Mr. Teig hysterically yelling that he left the bodies and only moved the head. This is

Vivi: the big reveal of this film.

Erick: Yep. This beautiful town that uh, we thought was amazing and great and built on a great foundation was actually built on the bodies of many, many, many people.

Vivi: And I feel like so many horror films take place in suburban settings.

And it that’s just a theme that you never know what’s going on in

Erick: suburbia. It could be anything. At least it’s not ancient, tribal brutal grounds now.

Vivi: Right, right. You know, they’re just, it’s fine. People. Yeah. Whatever that means.

Erick: the family somehow makes it out to the house with EBUS and yells, not to Steve to get in the car.

The whole family is yelling while Steve frantically tries putting his key in the car before another body is thrown through the house while onto the hood of the car, they back up and crash into a car. Meanwhile, Dana shows up like, what the fuck is happening? There’s so many times that Dana, like when she is actually in the movie is just like having a panic attack the entire time.

Like earlier when they’re talking to Caroline’s embodied body, Dana’s just like, oh my God, thank God. Oh my God. Yes. So well, just

Vivi: imagine being hurt. You’re coming home from like staying at a friend’s house and the entire house is like losing its shit.

Erick: Do you think she goes with her friends so much? Cuz she’s just like, my family’s kind of crazy. And I’m here to unwind. Absolutely.

Vivi: She’s avoiding her traumatic home life.

Erick: if you want to call this your average teenage traumatic home life. It’s her trauma

but yeah, so Dana shows up like what the fuck is going on?

They yell at her to get in the car. Robby’s like just floor it. Just go, just go dad, dad, just go. Dana’s still outside the car. Like yelling. Robby’s like, fuck that girl. Let’s go

Vivi: she doesn’t even live here.

Erick: They yell at her to get in the car and floor it while more and more neighbors come out to see the commotion. The entire neighborhood starts falling apart and ends with the implosion of the family’s house , Mr. Teague and the rest of the community.

Just watch as it literally vanishes into the portal from the closet, like it goes in up to where you assume that room. The family drives away from quest. Laverde all traumatized. They make it to a motel, a holiday Inn. If you will. They all go into the room. Steve comes back out, tossing the TV, out into the hallway, And I seen the movie, very lighthearted, ending credits music.

Vivi: it is. I’d like that. It ends on this weird sense of humor. Joke of the TV was to blame. Yeah. It was the TV all

Erick: along. Is that a commentary on like television taking over family homes?

Of course

Vivi: it is. It’s always. Cause what else do you worry about? But new

Erick: technologies, my home. Wouldn’t be so fucking traumatized by spirits. If my family didn’t get ideas from television

Vivi: yes. Right. That is one of the messages of this movie.

Erick: My family wouldn’t be so crazy if my daughter’s eyeballs.

Weren’t just so attached to the white noise of tunnel vision.

That was the end. That is Poltergeist 1982.

What are your thoughts?

Vivi: This film is. A little difficult to critique because you can see how it was so influential to the horror genre. Moving forward is unfortunately aged by the effects, all the smokey arms coming out of the TV and the skeletons in the closet look comical at this point.

But I don’t agree that it needed a remake, especially the remake that we got years later. I couldn’t tell you one thing that happens in that remake. It’s not like the

Erick: same story.

Vivi: Not really it. I just remember it not being good, not keeping my attention. And then they decide to show the realm that Caroline gets sucked into.

And it seems to just be a bunch of skeletons, like glued to a wall. Oh, and that’s the realm. But as for the original, it’s funny. And I don’t think that’s the intention of the film. I can see how it was scary in 82. I don’t

Erick: know that I can

Vivi: I feel like the tearing of the flash is a scary scene in that time.

The mother finding all the skeletal remains in the pool is definitely a scary reveal. The rest is just comical to

Erick: me. I think it’s just not done in a very scary way. Now. Right. Like I think because it’s just skeletons floating. I’m like, oh it’s fucked up. But I wouldn’t say that it’s like a moment of nail biting.

You already know that there’s a cemetery under these houses. It was bound to happen. But yeah, I think it’s very dated. I think it’s hard to watch this film with current expectations, but if you, I guess, take yourself away from that. It’s a fun film. It’s definitely a Spielberg production. I think it’s still a necessary watch and I wanna watch the rest Tangen is a great character.

A lot of the characters I think are worth sticking around. Like there’s not one character, even with Steve being like a dad who doesn’t care. I do like all the characters, you know,

Vivi: which is rare in a horror movie. There’s often that character, you’re just like, oh, you have to hate them.

What other horror movies were around at this time to compare it to, they were mostly all slashers.

Erick: Weren’t they? Yeah. 82. Isn’t that? The year after, nightmares out already. So was, I don’t know

Vivi: if nightmares out.

I thought nightmare was 81

Erick: or was it Friday? Friday might be Friday was 81 and nightmare was 84. Yes. Okay. And then Texas was 74, I

Vivi: believe so. I know for sure black Christmas was out at this point.

 So I think most of the horror movies of this time were not necessarily haunted house films. The Amityville horror was out at this time,

You kind of know our opinions on that one already.

Yeah. For the most part. It was like Halloween, Carrie, Texas, black Christmas, you know,

Definitely not this kind of haunted house film before.

Erick: No. And I wanna say that this is like a lighthearted haunted film, you know what I mean?

Vivi: Yes. Because they pushed for it to not have like an R rating. They wanted younger audiences to be able to see it.

Erick: So what would you rate it? I think I would give this a seven. You.

Vivi: I’m gonna give it an eight just because it inspired so much. And I don’t think we would have horror the way we have it now, without this film,

Erick: I could see that there’s a lot of inspiration seen in so much.

So, I mean, honestly, you could probably make a giant list of movies that were inspired by Boulder guys or shows that were inspired by

Vivi: guys. Cause I do feel like there is so much there that if it was more explored what the ghost actually wanted versus all the crazy things they could do for me, that would be a better haunting story, but I understand what they were going for.

What made it so

Erick: vengeful.

Vivi: Yes. Cuz we don’t really know. And I think that’s why like again, comparing this movie to a bunch of movies that we’ve already seen makes insidious work so well for me is that we get to know the villain and what they want here. It’s very vague. There’s multiple ghosts. You see them physically for like a minute, but you don’t know anything beyond the simple explanation of, oh, it’s on top of a graveyard and I’m not saying that can’t be enough because there are stories that could definitely be fun with that promise.

I’m just saying that there was more that could have been explored here and they went for more of the practical, special effects and, and scare

Erick: factors here. Yeah. Like the, Ooh, the, ah, of what if your house was Haun. Yeah.

Vivi: Like I could use a little more story. Right. It’s so funny because there are films that I feel like I say I could use less story and I could use more story.

There’s very rarely one that I was like, that was the perfect amount of

Erick: story we did a couple weeks ago. Didn’t we

Vivi: I would say the black phone for me is the perfect amount of

Erick: story. That’s a movie we should talk about too. Cause I feel like there were people who hated it and there were people who loved it.

Oh. Like

Vivi: with anyone in yeah. Like any horror movie lately, Like do horror fans like horror. I don’t know.

Erick: So let’s talk about what scared Loki real quick. Loki didn’t react to this movie cuz I think he was just hanging out somewhere else, but. What do you think he would do if he were to do tricks for a Poltergeist or would he listen at all? He wouldn’t. No, he doesn’t listen to anybody.

We wouldn’t even notice whether there was a PGE or not. Cause he’s always crying. He’s always growling. He’s always on edge. He just wouldn’t do tricks for them. He’s like PGE, there’s PGE all around me at all times. Okay. That’s what I’ve been trying to like,

Vivi: do you wanna tell

Erick: us about it? Loki?

We should just connect a EDP to like his collar. Oh God. And following him around when we’re not around and then hear the voices and electro magnetometer, maybe, potentially. What do you think, Loki, do you want that giant box around your neck? no, I don’t think it’d look cute either

Vivi: Yeah. Does that pretty much wrap it up here for us? It does.

Erick: I apologize again, guys. We’re trying to figure it out key soon enough. I think I said that every time

Vivi: one day it’s been a rough second year of podcasting too

Erick: much going on. Mm-hmm don’t forget about us though. We’re still here. Hey, we have so much planned for when we do, but until then, bear with us.

Vivi: As always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You could follow us pretty much anywhere at shake out scared pod except Twitter, Twitter, or shaken, scared pod. You could send us an email at shake out scared pod,

Erick: gmail.com. So for the show on bait trail, you can get early access to episodes.

All right. Bonus episode and theme drink idea. Every month listen, whenever you get your podcast, give us a follow check out our drink videos. If you listen on YouTube, make sure to comment like subscribe, let us know what you like, let us know what you don’t like.

What did you think of Poltergeist? Be sure to like

Vivi: write, review all that good stuff and Kay, think spike. Bye.

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