Halloween III (1982)

Vivi: it’s gonna be Rusty. No,

Erick: I’m gonna have so much fun with this movie that I don’t like.

Vivi: You know, ironically, the movie you have been super vocal about hating has been our number one downloaded episode. Sin.

Erick: Yeah. And I was thinking about it yesterday when we were driving.

Remember? I was like, I have an idea for the drink video. Yeah. Weird that that movie would be the one I care about to make a video for.

Vivi: You’re just fueled by spite.

Erick: I think it’s how cringe our original idea was gonna be . Yeah, that was bad. That got scrapped. Yeah, no, that video was gonna suck so hard.

I’m glad we didn’t post it and we haven’t posted in months. You know what? I’m

Vivi: glad we don’t post. You know

Erick: what? Let’s stop this show right now. It’s too much work.

Erick: Welcome back to the Shake Out Scared podcast here with you, as always, your host, Eric and Bebe. Today we’re talking about the 1982 film, Halloween three, directed by Tommy Lee Wallace. But before we get into that, how are you baby?

Vivi: Seven days still Halloween. Halloween as a recording.

Seven days. It

Erick: is seven days. , Silver Shamrock.

Vivi: Yeah. I didn’t know whether to sing that song or must be the season of the Witch, but I think both are copywritten. So ,

Erick: is it copyright infringement if it’s sung horribly? I think we’ve covered this before. He sort, it almost sounded like you said he sorted it.

It .

Vivi: That’s not what I was going for .

Erick: But so many things have happened since the last episode, right? The last one was posted on August 24th, I think. Oh, for filter guys. Yeah. We’ve done so much and it’s not because we’re slacking. We’ve been doing a lot and I’m sure people are like, What the fuck? I thought you were busy.

Tired of your excuses. Yeah, We saw. Wicked. Which was cool.

Vivi: It was awesome. Always wanted to see it. Ever since I was

Erick: a kid. Curtis, Connor alive. We saw him. I’ve mentioned him in the past as my comfort content. Funny dude.

Vivi: It was a good show. I had

Erick: a fun time. There was going to Pittsburgh and I’m not playing this up as like a funny thing, but we did ca well I caught Covid and it was fucking annoying cuz by

Vivi: some miracle I didn’t get

Erick: it.

Vivi: Luckily your symptoms were super

Erick: mild. Yeah, it was like a just congestion luckily. just be safe still a thing. We also went to a boozy coldron cocktail experience that was a lot different than what I expected, but we went with our friends Francisco and.

Uh, There was a lot of stripping, which is not what you would expect. .

Vivi: That’s exactly what I expect

Erick: when you’re drinking. Oh yeah. Jack’s pumpkin popup in Chicago is going on right now too, so if you’re in Chicago, make sure to check it out. It’s expensive. Don’t check it out. Actually, I was gonna say, I would

Vivi: actually

Erick: not recommend it. Yeah, no, it was fucking packed and I did not like it.

It’s one of those things that has gotten more and more popular because of the social medias, and now it’s just fucking packed and it takes like an hour to get a drink and

Vivi: it’s like $200 per

Erick: person. It used to be cute and dead, which is how we like things , and now it’s not. we officially moved in.

Fucking finally.

Vivi: This is a laundry list of things. I know. We’re trying

Erick: to go fast. This is what you’re here for. You’re not here for the movies. You’re here to hear what we’re doing. . And because we hate ourselves obviously, because our lives

Vivi: aren’t crazy enough.

Erick: We got another puppy. Ooh. No, she’s cute.

her name is Ripley. Cute, I guess. Yeah. Her name’s Ripley after our hero and Queen Ellen Ripley from Alien , if you haven’t guessed. We’ll have her say hi later with Loki maybe. She’s also skittish and scared of everything. But she’s cute. She’s really fun.

 Oh, alright. Well what do you have for crypto

Vivi: content? I feel like it’s a ton. I couldn’t remember all of it, but we were having a Halloween marathon for a while there. That

Erick: ended quickly as soon as we got to the H two O stuff

Vivi: because you can’t find it anywhere. So we had to go out and buy H two O Resurrection and the curse of Michael Myers to continue this

Erick: marathon.

And the Curse is the fifth one or the fourth one? I believe

Vivi: that is B seven. Nope, I don’t, I couldn’t tell

Erick: you. Yeah, I mean neither. When you were saying like, there’s the seventh and the eighth one and then there’s

Vivi: like the ninth one. So I Curse is six then Resurrection is seven and I think H two oh is eight.


Erick: I could be wrong. No, H two came first before Resurrection did it. Okay. Right. I don’t know, correct us if we’re wrong, but I know that Jimmy Lee Curtis apparently wasn’t gonna be on like the only way she could do the first one was that in her contract she had to do the other one. . Damn.

What else you got?

Vivi: That’s all I can think of. Yeah, take it away.

Erick: Well we watched Hokas Posi, Fun remake the first one.

Obviously we love it. Called Classic wasn’t the successful movie when it first came out. So when people were on the internet being like, What the fuck? Is this shit. It was like, Dude, it’s a kid’s

Vivi: movie. Yeah. It’s just a fun kids movie. Just throw it on and shut your brain

Erick: off. Yeah. There are things that like, Yeah, personally I wouldn’t have agreed with like all the singing that was super un so much singing

Yeah. At least the first one was like, oh, they’re at a party and they sing cuz they’re putting a spell on you. But this one was like, they’re singing in the forest. I think they even were like, who is this for ? But the ending was alright. That’s all. I’ll say. What else? The Dumber series is out as of like weeks ago.

I’m late to it, but I watched like the first 10 minutes cuz we’ve just been running around I like Evan Peters, . But I don’t know.

Vivi: It’s just odd from what I’ve heard people reviewing it, it’s.

Like trying to paint sympathy for Dahmer and I’m like, he killed people. Why glorify them in a way? I understand documentaries, but a miniseries where he is like everything is from his perspective. That’s odd to

Erick: me. It is because, so I watched, like I said, the first 10 minutes and it’s too romanticized the way that they play ’em out.

Like I, No there’s victims that fall to Dahmer. Like imagine being the family of these people. Exactly. And watching this and being like, What the fuck is this?

Vivi: Knowing Netflix is making millions of dollars off your family member’s murder.

Erick: Yeah. I don’t know if I’ll finish it. It’s different when it’s fictional and another one, you know, it’s real.

Vivi: I was gonna say, it’s a funny stance to take being a horror podcast, but these are fictional slashers, you

Erick: know?

Right. and last but not least, we watched Host of Wax with our friends over at Dinkin. Deadly. It was a great time Their episodes already out, so make sure to go check it out.

It’s on their feed. Listen to it.

It’s a good time. They’re always a good time.

Vivi: And how’s the wax? Holds up in the gore category,

Erick: I would say it really did. The ending I think is kind of funny.

Vivi: The effects, Oh, it’s cheesy, but it’s a fun

Erick: time. It’s also fucked

The getting your face peeled while not dead. That’s

Vivi: why I chose the movie cuz their theme for the month was Face Your Fears. And I saw that movie growing up and I remember that particular scene scarred me for life. like it stuck with me more than any other part of that

Erick: movie.

You know what scene I thought was kind of like that. The where we’ve seen from trick or treat. I completely forgot about the skin ripping. Really? I love that . I thought that because the house of Wax, you would be freaked out with that one too.

But you love it. You’re masochist.

Vivi: I don’t Makes sense. We’re gonna watch Terrier after this. I’m afraid.

Erick: Oh, we’re gonna eat and things. Have you seen all the reports of people like puking in theaters about the second one? Marketing? Well, and yeah. I dunno if you saw me and Christina talking about it in Discord, but I was like, I could see that for the general public if they don’t know what the fuck they’re going in and watch watching.

Yeah. But like for us weirdos, it’s like, Oh, well it’s fine.

Vivi: Yeah. I mean, if you don’t know that Terrier one is just a Gore fest and you just suddenly decide to watch the sequel

Erick: of something, hey, some people are like, Let’s go in and watch a cute little Sunday movie called Terrier. Obviously it’s not scary, so what do you have for a comfort content?

Vivi: I actually really enjoyed watching Tka and Birdie. I’d seen the first season when it had come out on Netflix and it got canceled like immediately, which I was really sad about cause it was a pretty good show. It is from the same animators that do BoJack Horseman, but I believe the artist who created BoJack Horseman is the director in this and She’s a woman.

So it’s definitely more geared towards a female audience. So if you like BoJack Horseman, but would like topics more about women and women’s struggles and also just not as depressing and nihilistic as Boje Horseman. There’s still like hopefulness in this show. Go watch it. The first season’s on Netflix and I did not know.

They renewed it on hbo. So there is two more seasons that you could watch on HBO Max.

Erick: Oh, so it was picked back up and not canceled?

Vivi: Yeah, because fans were like, Why did you cancel it? Save this show. That’s good. And it’s just really sweet and comforting and I recommend people to watch

Erick: it. .

What about you? I have just been watching a bunch of commentary videos on YouTube, bunch different channels. Curtis Connor obviously was one of them, but then it led me to watch others like Danny Gonzalez, Jarvis Johnson, Jordan Luka, Chad, Chad.

Not really. She’s funny, She’s funny. I like her . They’re all funny. I mean, honestly, I think some of the videos are like hit or miss if you don’t know what the topic that they’re talking about is, cuz don’t really follow like internet drama, but sometimes they’ll like make me aware of stuff and I’m like, did you hear about this person who like makes food on a countertop and doesn’t use utensils and shit?

Did you hear about this lady who like just goes around fake breaking her husband and wasting a lot of time, but also still gets like 6 million views per video? Yeah. Love exposure. And the internet

Vivi: that’s not depressing at all. Yeah.

Erick: But it brings you comfort. So

Vivi: enraging comfort.

Erick: Tell us about to taste drink.

Vivi: Okay. we landed on a Apple teen basically. Mostly because that song, Tennessee Whiskey has been stuck in my head for like the last two days,

Erick: I was gonna say the one that’s in on my mind is the Pull me. You fucking up . Oh, the TikTok one? Yeah.

Vivi: Basically your standard apple teen recipe. Except swap out the vodka cuz you know, we’re not vodka people really for jack’s apple whiskey.

I did to tie it into a season of the witch was make ice molds that I did with just some black dye and water of skulls. So when you pour your apple tea over them, they start to melt and slowly dilute like the melting faces in season of the witch.

Erick: What about the maggots? Just

Vivi: kidding. I thought about adding like fake bugs

Erick: and stuff.

if in your mind you’re like, what do I think of when I think of apples? You think of a

Vivi: worm. True. It would’ve worked on so many levels.

Erick: close enough,

Vivi: but do you wanna try it?

Erick: Yes.

Vivi: What’s fun about this is it starts to look like an ombre effect. Ombre. Ombre just look like a man effect. Yeah. ombre.

Because the black dye starts to dilute and there’s, It’s cool, it’s cold. Just drink it.

Erick: So I personally am not like a huge fan of apple flavored things like at all. No, not really. I think just apple cider. I think it’s because when I was a kid, I ate a lot of apple things and then it started to just become a, No.

I hate this actually Like I don’t like apple candies and anything like

Vivi: that, but really, I love apple flavored

Erick: things. you know, like the laughy tapps, they had the apple flavor. Mm-hmm. . I was always like the banana flavor, which is everyone’s, I hate the banana flavor. Everyone hates the flavor.

I like the banana flavor. Its wrong with you. Yeah. So don’t trust me, I would give this personally a two. Okay. That’s fair. , what about

Vivi: you? I really enjoy this. I think swapping out the vodka for some whiskey gives it a good kick to me. I feel like whiskey’s a very fall, like

liquor .

I’m gonna give it a 3.5 out of five. Hmm. So

Erick: you like it? I do like it. As much as you said you like Apple, it’s still pretty low.

Vivi: Because it’s, it is a little stronger. You just need one of these.

Erick: To be honest,

Vivi: did I mention that I’m calling it Season of the Witch?

Erick: No,

Vivi: well, I’m calling this one the season of the witch. Very creative, very innovative. I know.

Erick: You know, it’s called Season of the Witch, but it should have been called Season of the Robots Silver Shamrock or some shit.

Oh, we’ll get into

Vivi: that .

are you ready for some fun facts?

Erick: All right.

Vivi: So this might be part of the reason why it didn’t know what it wanted to do.

originally for the second Halloween, John Carpenter and Deborah Hill didn’t wanna make it about Michael Myers. They wanted to create sort of an anthology, think the Twilight Zone style, where every year around Halloween there would be a new story. The only thing tying them all together is that they would take place around Halloween.

The reason we have Halloween too with Michael is because the studio pushed for it. People loved it. People were demanding to see more of the shape, which Deborah and John gave us, but it’s very clear when you watch the second one that they were like, We’re done. We’re ending the story. It’s very clear that Michael’s dead at the end of this film, allowing them to create season of the witch, which is probably what led to it, having the horrible reception that it did.

People at this point had already fallen in love with Michael. Were expecting to see him, even though you see him for like two seconds, and they just did not appreciate this movie. There’s a lot of people out there that say if this had been the second movie and they had been able to make their anthologies the way they wanted, it would be more praised.

But I think it’s found, it’s like cult following now in later years.

Erick: You know, I used to agree to give it a chance knowing that that was the case. because I used to be like, Yeah, I guess on its own it could work. but no, I think this movie’s really annoying actually.

What is it, an hour 38, I think. Mm-hmm. , this movie felt like it was four hours long. She’s described,

Vivi: it feels so much longer than it is . And I think part of it is that it doesn’t know what it wants to be.

Even though we do not see Michael Myers, there is plenty of Easter eggs referring to the first two films in the franchise.

One of the first being that Tom Atkins ex-wife played any bracket in the original Halloween just aged her up a little bit. Oh damn.

One of the henchmen, I can’t even remember the guy’s name. What’s the owner’s name? Cochran. Cochran. One of Cochran’s Henchmen is actually played by, Dick Warlock. Oh. Who plays the shape in Halloween too. I love Dick Warlock. Love a good dick. And finally you can hear Jamie Lee Curtis’s voice.

on the intercom announcing the curfew of the small Town. I

Erick: thought that voice sounded familiar and I thought I was crazy. No, it’s Jamie Lee Curtis. Yeah. Okay. And

Vivi: I saved this fact because I found it so awkward. I remember Tom Atkins talking about it on the In Search of Darkness documentary that we reference all the fucking time, but his actual wife at the time played Marge Gutman, which ends up being one of the women killed.

In the hotel room next to him while he’s making out and doing the dirty with a 23 year old . So imagine being an act tour and you’re acting in a love scene and your wife is next door acting in a getting murdered scene.

Erick: Now, I don’t know any actors is myself, but do you think that some of these people in Hollywood get off on this?

It’s like an indirect way to be like uh, what do you call it, A voyeur? Is that the word voyeurism? Yeah.

Vivi: It’s an indirect way of cheating on your wife without, without cheating on your wife. .

Erick: is it Tim Burton that like seeing his wife with Johnny Deb , Yes.

Constantly. Is that all you got for? That’s all

Vivi: I got for you.

Erick: Okay. Okay. Okay. Kudos to Tom Atkins. I do like him.

 I am gonna hate on a lot of characters, nothing to do with the actors themselves cuz Tom Atkins is fun. I just really hate his character. .

Vivi: Oh yeah. The character he plays

Erick: is not likable. actually you know what, Tom Atkins plays a lot of unlikable characters cause the dad and creep show

Yes. Also hateable.

Vivi: Are you

Erick: avoiding the speed run? No. The speed run’s about to be quick and dirty. All.

Vivi: Ready?

Erick: Sit, go.

Erick: All right. So there’s this guy with a mask. He ends up being a worker for the Silver Shem rep, but we don’t find out until later, he’s holding a mask, running from some dudes in suits. They’re like murderous men in black. But uh, long story short, he ends up in the hospital. Tom Atkins is a doctor.

He’s got Loomis Syndrome because he thinks he’s a fucking cop. So he starts investigating everything like it’s his job. Uh, Long story short, he gets a bunch of people killed because he’s an asshole and likes pussy. And um, he ends up finding out that the whole Silver SHA marketing is a facade for world domination in Sowe and protection against the dark arts.

Uh, And at the end it’s like a whole factory explosion and there’s this super annoying song that keeps going off. And then, Trying to broadcast to kill all the kids that they put these masks on and it’s like almost too late. And Tomakin, it’s like it’s on the third channel. Change it. Change it. Stop it, stop it, stop it.

And that’s how it ends.

Vivi: That is how it ends. .

Erick: Yeah. 10 seconds left. There you go. Honestly, the speed run could’ve been some dude doesn’t mind his damn business ends ruining cod’s plans. Okay,

Vivi: I wasn’t gonna bring it up this soon, but since you brought it up, his motives as a character for being there do not

Erick: make sense.

No, Not even a little bit. At least Lumis is like, this guy was my patient and I’m trying to get him back. This guy is just like .

Vivi: I want posts someplace, so I’m gonna follow this chick. It has nothing to do with me. This man wasn’t even really my patient. I treated him in an emergency

Erick: and. Even the pus scenes are like,

Vivi: they come outta nowhere, Like, no pun intended, just does not make sense to me. But we can get into it.

Erick: Okay. The movie starts on October 23rd in Southern California where we see a man running for his life. While a car gives chase, sneaks around a junkyard until he’s finally confronted by a man in a suit.

The suit starts choking him to the ground, but the man pulls a cement block out of under a car nearby using a chain causing the car to roll towards them and smash the suit into another car. But it’s like the slowest smashing. The suit kind of collapses like a robot, the man takes his chance to run while holding what looks like an orange.

We got to a gas station one hour later where a television broadcast says one of the stones at Stonehenge were stolen. I hadn’t noticed this the first time, but since I hadn’t noticed this the first time, I was like, Where the fuck did Stonehenge come out of?

Vivi: No, where? It’s a blink and you miss it moment, and I don’t know why it needs to be in here.

Erick: like Stonehenge, the stone. Why? Because aliens .

Vivi: Not even cuz witchcraft, but like . Does it make

Erick: sense? It’s alien robot witchcraft. That’s what this movie should have been called. Halloween Three Alien Robot, Witchcraft . A man named Walter reads a newspaper while the Silver Shamrock commercial plays promoting three masks while playing the super fucking annoying music.

It’s basically London Bridge is falling down, but it counts down the days until Halloween. Halloween. Halloween. Can you be copy written for?

Vivi: That song. Fun fact. The reason why it was used is because London Bridges is in the public domain and they don’t have to pay to use the jingle.

Erick: Yeah, but did they make the Silver Shamrock song?

Vivi: Copywritten. Copywritten. That’d be some . That’d be some

Erick: shit. Anyway, I hate it. The man hears the noise outside and looks around until he gets startled by the man being chased earlier who collapses in front of him saying they’re coming while clenching the mask.

He was looking into the future at Tom Atkins with his daughter . Ew. Walter takes the man in his tow truck as one of the other suits watches. I just call them suits cuz they never get names. Nope. They’re just dudes in robot Hangmen suits robots. Hey viewers, this is spoiler alert, but you don’t know their robots yet.

You think they’re just weird ass men. We meet Daniel showing up at his ex-wife’s house to see his kids. He gives them masks as a gift, but they’re like, These are trash. My.

Vivi: It’s such a dad move where like he kind of knows what they wanted but did not get them the

Erick: right thing. It’s cuz he’s cheap. He has no money.

He’s just a doctor. How is he supposed to find? Cause he’s drunk off

Vivi: his ass all the

Erick: time. Mom already gave us the good masks. Silver Shamrock good. The kids put the masks on and started seeing the damn song.

When Daniel gets a call to go into work, Linda, his ex-wife is like, Wow. Drinking and doctoring. Huh? Amazing. Daniel’s at the hospital though afterward and Walter explains what happened. Walter’s like, I’m happy to help, but I also don’t want anything to do with this.

Like, I’m good. Right. , on a TV nearby. The Silver Shamrock music plays and the man with the mask wakes up to tell them that they’re going to kill us. All of us, Daniel and the others just think he’s delusional and they, and they debate him.

they debate him right there on the table. What do you mean? Daniel and the others just think he’s delusional and they sedate him.

Vivi: I think at the scene, one of the nurses mentions Dr. Castle had to go home early, which is a reference to Nick Castle .

Erick: Daniel is a sketchy ass dude, though. He is not great. Daniel being the doctor, Tom

Vivi: Atkins’s character, You mean his name is not Tom Atkins in the movie .

Erick: Tom Atkin just playing himself, saying Tom Atkins playing Daniel the doctor slash detective. I think they were going for the feel bad for the divorce husband trope, which you see in a lot of movies.

You and I have talked about this before, that a lot of movies try to make you feel bad for the divorce dad who has to be on the phone with his nagging ex-wife, But like Daniel is a piece of shit. there’s nothing nagging about his ex-wife. She’s doing her job as a mom and anytime she’s like, It’s your turn to have the kids be here for the kids.

Daniel’s like, Oh, I got this like, other thing to do. I got like this other woman to do, do to do. I got yeah, .

Vivi: I wonder if, cuz you’ve said we’ve seen a lot of these in movies. These were written by kids that were coming up as children of divorce

it’s possible because it wasn’t divorced, not legal until like the fifties.

Erick: Oh, I didn’t know that. Is it

Vivi: I could totally be making that up.

Erick: Law was like, God said you gotta stay together.

Vivi: yeah, so divorce was like technically legal, but it seems like there was a big reform in 1969. So a lot of people that probably weren’t able to get divorced before started to be able to get divorces more easily. Thus, those children went on to write a lot of media about divorce parents.

So sad

Erick: Agnes, one of the nurses is like, You must be tired.

Go take a nap. In the break room, Daniel tells her to join him and grabs her butt. He’s slimy as shit. Agnes shov him off, but hey, fucking chill. Daniel. if this is how he acts at work, I don’t blame Linda, like they’re probably divorced because this guy’s always been this way.

Didn’t just start being slimy after the divorce. No, and I

Vivi: think he’s banged everyone in this hospital as we will see later.

Erick: while it’s happening, a suit watches and goes into the man’s room to finish the job. We get a close up as the suit covers the man’s mouth and shoves his two fingers over his eyes and nose.

I thought he was gonna like squeeze his eye holes in. I did too. But he ends up twisting the fuck out of his like nose bridge and kills. Instantly. It’s disgusting. He like pulls it out and then you can see the snap agonist walks in on him as he cleans his hands asking what he’s doing. But the suit just walks past her without saying

Vivi: a word.

Why do we get like a 10 minute shot of this man wiping his hands? . It lasts forever.

Erick: Every shot in this is 10 minutes. . Daniel hears her scream and runs over to find out what Agonist points him in the direction of the suit, and when Daniel finds the man getting in his car, he watches as the dude just pours gasoline all over himself and blows the car up.

Vivi: no emotion, Not a thought behind those eyes.

Erick: He’s said before I get gas lit by everyone in this hospital. I’m a gas light myself. Got him . Cops are all over the hospitals. Daniel calls Linda to tell her he won’t be able to pick up the kids because of what happened.

She goes off on him and he plays the annoying ex-wife card with a cop standing nearby. He’s like, Oh, that’s my ex-wife. Come on buddy.

Vivi: The thing that bothers me about this is that he could easily say there’s been a murder. He says, Not an accident. I’ll call you later.

No, no, no. She’s like screaming at him. Rightfully So.

Erick: So I think this movie has a little bit of a the boy whore wolf story going for it. the whole reason that no one believes him at the end is because he has been a shitty liar all his life.

So I think that even if he was telling her the truth, she doesn’t believe him because he’s always been a slimy lion ass dude. Could be. Yeah. It’s the next morning, and we meet Ellie who enters the room to confirm her father is the one who was killed.

Daniel watches, as the cops try to explain what happened and makes eye contact with her as he leaves, You know, Hint, Hint. That nudge. We have our love interest. Why? Why are you in the room? Oh wait, Doctor, this is a crime scene, . It’s October 27th and Daniel asks Teddy, the coroner to give him more info on what happened.

He doesn’t believe what happened was because of drugs. Seeing as the man looked like a business man, bro, if there’s anyone I would think is on drugs, it’s a man in a suit.

Vivi: Statistically, they’re the most likely to be on drugs.

Erick: I can’t tell you how many times people in suits would ask me for an eight ball when I used to work at the hotel

Vivi: and

Erick: I wasn’t Sharon.

No, She says she can’t help him, but he presses her. She’s like, Damn, you’re really letting this get to you. And I agree, you’re a doctor, not a detective Daniel, mind your business. she decides she’s gonna help him, and before he leaves, he’s also pretty handsy with her.

Vivi: This relationship also is gross. He’s manipulated this woman into doing something that’s outside her job because, I don’t know, I guess in this universe, Tom Atkins is like the ultimate

Erick: man piece. It’s like in Nobel’s one, dude with his shirt open and he’s got the hair, half the time it’s like a really old man.

And the woman who’s like the main character is a very young girl. is like

Vivi: 18. Yeah. . And already considered too old.

Erick: Yes. the amount of time it takes him to be like, Wait, how old are you anyway? Oh my God. Yeah. I thought the same thing. It’s October 29th and Daniel is at a bar where we see the original Halloween being promoted on a TV as the Immortal Classic before the Silver Shamrock ad plays.

I thought it was fun. My favorite part in the entire movie. It really was. I was like, Wow, gimme more of that. Actually, you know what? Keep the camera on the TV and don’t go anywhere else. Let the rest of the world burn around the camera, but keep the feed on this movie. I’ve never seen it before Daniel yells for the bartender to change it When Ellie walks in to talk to him, we find out that Ellie asked the nurses to find out where he was. Why? Because she wants to know more about what her dad said before he died. Could have asked the nurses. They were there too. . He strictly tells her about the mask that he said they’re gonna kill us all.

So she takes him to his store. She talks about how his store wasn’t doing too great because of the malls, but he stayed open for the kids. So he was a great guy. She started investigating his journal and found that between picking up more masks and a date with someone, he stopped showing up. So something had to have happened.

Between the two different times, Daniel looks over to the Silver Shamrock masks realizes they’re the same kind he was holding in his hand. Ellie says, The people from Santa Mira might know what happened to him since it’s near Silver Shamrock. We get another scene of Daniel being a shitty father and telling Linda he can’t get the kids before we’re getting into Ellie’s car to head to Santa Mira.

Vivi: You don’t have to go with this woman there. You have no business

Erick: going. Your coroner friend has no business. Looking into this, looking into this, I

Vivi: mean, she could have asked him that question.

Sure, but then why have him tag along everywhere else? I don’t think I would’ve

Erick: gone to look for him at

Vivi: the bar though. Well, if everyone knows you’re day drinking, go look for him.

Erick: is it that serious? I don’t know. I would’ve asked him there when he was in the room.

Tell me what he said. You’re right here, yeah. . we get a long driving scene where all we get is some exposition about an Irish man named Connell Cochran converting a large dairy farm into a toy factory that’s dedicated to making Halloween masks.


Vivi: get this very odd comment the Irish and Halloween. It just felt like a really out of pocket comment to make .

Erick: it wasn’t until you told me about we originally wanted to make a shot that was the colors of the mask that I realized the colors of the mask are the Irish.

Colors. Yeah. White, orange, green . I didn’t put the two and two together and I was like, Oh my God,

As they drive through the town, the people just stare at them like robots. So they decide they need to come up with a plan and stay at a motel down the road.

You have to have to. Wait, how far did they even drive? I don’t even know. Five minutes. Cause that’s how long that scene took. Their plan is to pretend they’re buyers, so people aren’t suspicious. Daniel goes to the front desk and confirms that Ellie’s dad stayed at the motel on the 20th While the motel owner helps Ellie with her bag, he points out that Mr. Cochran is passing by so he stops to wave. Ellie watches is a black car, just ominously cruises past. We meet a goofy family, buddy and Betty, who recklessly show up in an RV and introduce themselves to Daniel for Daniel can get back to his room.

He almost gets hit by a parking car, but he can’t get a word out because a lady gets off complaining that she has to stay at the motel again since they got her orders all wrong. This scene seems so inorganic, right? It seems like a fucking circus Oh, family outta nowhere.

And then he almost gets run over. And if you watch Tom Atkins the entire time, he’s just like, But not saying though, , Well, he’s just like shuffling to the side and like almost saying something every single time. almost reminds me like Charlie Chaplin.

Vivi: I don’t know. I feel like this happens to me often where I go somewhere and there’s just like people running at you all the fricking time and you’re just like, Let

Erick: me go.

And the whole time you’re just like, And people pointing and holding your sides like a angry old man. Yes.

Okay. Well, I guess it’s organic for you. How many hotels or motels are you staying

Vivi: at? It’s usually when you leave me alone and you’re like, I’m gonna go check us in. And I’m just like holding everything. And then people start trying to talk to me. Oh

Erick: no, sounds dangerous. Don’t have to be. He finds Zoe in the room and she tells him she saw Cochran.

She gets riled up and says she wants to go confront him right now. But Daniel’s like, Yo, let’s take our time. Let’s get a drink. Oh no. He’s

Vivi: like, It’s getting late and I need a drink. .

Erick: Yes it is. . Too bad still daylight. . But he is like, these clothes could use a wash.

Oh, I should get outta the room. Right? don’t wanna inconvenience you with my presence. Stands in the bathroom doorway. Like when you do that, you would be like in the door you don’t question it. You’re just like, All right, well bye. that’s not what we’re here for

Vivi: so many things one, it is so clear that that is what he is there for. .

Erick: Yeah. El He’s like, well like won’t people get suspicious? And he’s like, I can sleep in the car. Why’s he rolling my shed . I can sleep in the car. .

Vivi: It also bothers me that they decide to pose as a couple when it’s very believable that he’s her father.

Father .

Erick: Which would’ve been more believable. Yes. She’s like, do you want to sleep? The whole dynamic doesn’t make any sense cuz there’s been no chemistry other than a car

Vivi: drive, no ride to chemistry at all.

Erick: Where do you wanna sleep? And he’s like, you know, dance. Well that’s a stupid question, Miss whatever her last name is. Ellie, Miss Ellie . Well that’s a dumb ass, stupid ass Question

Vivi: aggressively makes out with her.

Erick: obviously they do make out. Yeah, it’s

Vivi: so odd because there is no buildup to it.

But you know, that’s why he’s there. So you’re like, yeah, what else is gonna happen? But also nothing has like insinuated that. both

Erick: parties are into each outside an alarm rings with a voice saying curfew has commenced while we see people shutting all their doors in windows.

Vivi: I like how she says, Do your business and you’re out in home.

Erick: I see you. I see what you’re doing over there. Daniel’s out in the middle of the night getting a bottle. When he gets startled by a man standing in the shadows, the man looks beat up and asks him for a swig. Daniel hands the bottle over and asks about Cochran.

The man explains none of the locals were hired, so all the people who work in the factory are outsiders. He says they’re probably watching them and listening to their conversation. So he says it’s the last Halloween for his factory. Daniel tries to calm him down, but the man doesn’t care and says he’s heard rumors.

He says he’s going to burn the whole place down and just walks away.

 I don’t know if this was normal in the eighties. This is why, there’s so many viruses and breakouts and shit because people back in the day just were so willing to trust everyone.

Say what you will about it. Yeah. We don’t trust anyone these days, but is that really a bad thing? Letting him take a swig from his bottle? You don’t know where this man has been

Vivi: I wonder if he does it

because he’s trying to get information out of him, but I also thought that was disgusting. You’re just letting this man drink out of your

Erick: things. Daniel continues back to the motel and we see the man drinking in a junk yard when he is confronted by two suits. He says he was kidding, but they just rip his head off right out of his shoulders with their bears. . This

Vivi: scene. . It’s so

Erick: suggestive. . When one man stands behind him, the other man sends in front in front of him.

He gets on his knees, He’s on his knees,

Vivi: grabs him by the head. They slightly wiggled. They’re not really moving. ,

Erick: he gets, it’s very suggestive. The most dome he’s ever had in his life. With that death grip . Yes. at the motel, Ellie runs In the lady from earlier named Marge, who tells her that ever since they’ve started doing big volume business, little shops aren’t getting as much attention anymore.

She says quality of the mask is also going down. She shows Ellie a mask says, The trademark just fell right off. Just uh, flashing this thick ass silver Shamrock coin at Ellie, which I think is funny because it isn’t until later that she realizes is a chip on the back. Mm-hmm. . But this lady had this thing in her purse the whole time.

She didn’t notice this when she left the house

Vivi: You just throw things in your purse sometimes. It’s not my biggest gripe with this movie.

Erick: Marge goes off to her room where we see her put the coin down.

The coin falls to the ground after she brushes it with her purse and we notice it’s got a chip on the other side. meanwhile Daniel calls Teddy to see if she’s found anything, but she says the sample she was given must have gotten mixed up since they’re just ashes from car parts.

Your first hint that

Vivi: something is wrong,

Erick: Daniel says he’ll call tomorrow and walks in on Ellie. Who has this sexy linger on? Aren’t we here to investigate the death of your father? Why wouldn’t he have packed this?

Vivi: Literally what I was about to say. Why did she pack this

You gotta, she’s trying to work through her daddy

Erick: issues. Apparently. You there’s always emergency lingerie that’s needed. Okay. Anyway, we cut to them being done with the sex, but Oh,

Vivi: not before. We have a way too long scene of him sucking on her nipple

Erick: For real. Why do we need to see that? We were talking about this yesterday cuz we watched How of the Dragon? Yeah. Right. And they were just full on fucking forever. And I was like, what part of Hollywood was like, we need to full on to show the entirety of the sexy and like

Vivi: Is it for people who just like refuse to watch porn and this is the only way they’re getting it through TV shows. and no season

Erick: of the weight. Maybe. I mean, gratuitous sex scenes have ’em all day. I just, sometimes I’m like, What’s next, Daniel?

What else you got in your holster of weird things that you do, but Ellie starts trying to go at it again when Daniel’s like, Wait, aren’t you tired? you came with a plan and you weren’t ready for it. Where’s the Viagra? ?

Vivi: Oh my God. He’s like 50 years old, and she’s like 20 something . Of course he’s tired.

Erick: So he’s like, How old are you? She’s like, It’s cool. I’m older than I Look. How old are you?

Vivi: This, This is too late to ask this question, ,

Erick: but also still answer the question, what is happening marge is gonna die next door, but take us to March. Let us go. We get it. They’re fucking all right. they have them still have sex so that Marge dies in the back and then they hear the noise of Marge dying so they could still be having sex and be like, What was that?

And he’s like, Who that book cares? Where are you tired? Where are you? Tired bitch. Anyway I wrote down

Vivi: here, this is such a like just male fantasy to write that just 20 year old women are out there looking for

Erick: 50 year old men. ,

Vivi: Not to yuck people’s yum, but I do believe that when you are in your early twenties, you still got a lot of figuring out to do, and you could still be groomed by an older person.

Yeah, that is all I will say about

Erick: that next door. Marge notices the chip on the floor and starts picking at it with her hair pin.

The chip shoots a laser at her face, and we get this awesome face melting scene with a little bee that crawls around her face, onto her like forehead, and it goes into her hair, I think.

Vivi: This is for me, the best scene in the entire movie. it’s great makeup. It’s creepy. It’s gross.

Erick: Nothing else crazier happens after that, right? I think it’s like the most, Graphic.

Vivi: I mean, there’s some like ripping out robot guts, but it’s just gross. it’s just gross.

Oh, and you know, then the kid that gets its face melted off, but whatever.

Erick: Oh, yeah, yeah. Pumpkin head. Daniel and Ellie noticed paramedics going into Marge’s room and go out to check Daniel’s like, I’m a doctor and everyone just ignores him.

Yes, bitch. Go back in your room. You’re not doctor here, Doctor. Go to work The motel owner says she’ll be fine. And Daniel asks, Who’s in charge of her care?

The owner says, Mr. Cochran takes care of it. As Cochran arrives in his car, he introduces himself to Daniel and Elliot telling the Marge will be just fine. He says She’ll be treated at the silver Shamrock state of the art medical facility. So there’s nothing to worry about. What? Why take her to a actual hospital?

Why are you taking another

Vivi: factory? Yeah. I think famously factories that have medical facilities and them are not. Good.

Erick: says his book, As Cochran walks away, he asks one of the suits We ave here and he’s like, Just misfire. Daniel and Elliot heard the misfire and don’t know what to make of it.

He asks if they should leave, but Ellie says they still need to find out what happened the next day. Daniel calls Teddy again and she makes the point that someone might be tampering with evidence because she hasn’t found a single fragment of human remains. Daniel asks her to find out everything she can about Connell Cochran.

When Daniel hangs up, we notice there’s a phone tap on the other side of the table.

Vivi: This subplot. Wait. Teddy could be completely scrapped. It’s unnecessary. you already are suspecting something. Also, she’s not like your private secretary. She has an actual job. Like I don’t care how good the dick is and how she’s trying to have dinner again, Why would you do all this for this man? It doesn’t make sense.

Erick: She dies for nothing. Mm. Daniel and Ellie go to the silver Shamrock, where a lady tells them. Her dad did pick up his order on the 21st. One of the workers there even confirms he saw him drive off.

They’re about to leave him. Buddy and Betty cut for enter with their kid to meet Cochran. Cochran comes out and mentions the cut for family has sold the most masks in the entire country.

He notices Daniel and Ellie standing there, so he reassures them again that Marge is okay. Cochran invites the family to get a tour of the factory, but Buddy asks him to invite Daniel and Ellie. So Cochran agrees.

They all go through the tour, which feels like Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory, kind of, but also not because it’s way more boring, boring, . They all go through the tour, which ends with the kid trying to grab a mask for himself.

I thought this was gonna go like the Charlie in the chocolate factory direction with the kid getting Umum bud. You know why someone random bring a mask on his head and pulling him into those shadows? Cochran tells him to grab a packaged mask because the ones on display haven’t been through final processing.

The one he puts on the kid clearly has a silver Shamrock coin on it already. But asks Betty what final processing could he mean? But Betty’s like whatever. I Do end up feeling bad for these people cuz they probably work their ass off and are like, Mar said earlier, the little business.

Obviously Buddy I don’t know if he is a little business cuz they said he sold the most masks in the whole country. But either way, they end up getting fogged by Cochran. Buddy catches up to Cochran and asks him this time, what final processing is.

Cochran beats around the bush saying they’ve got trade secrets, but Daniel steps in asking if they wouldn’t show the person who sold the most masks. Cochran stops them and just says the final inspection involves dangerous and volatile chemicals.

Vivi: So your masks include dangerous and volatile chemicals, and children are putting this on their face. Like as a parent, ,

Erick: But what do you do? Even if he is like, Yeah, no, there’s very dangerous chemicals

Vivi: on it. to be completely honest, I am just selling a product. I don’t. Particularly care what goes on through production. Give him my check.

Yeah, whatever. ,

Erick: While Buddy stays talking to Cochran, Daniel notices the men in suits just standing around and watching.

He goes over to Elliot and they leave slowly as he explains. The men watching look like the ones who killed her father. Some men open a garage door and Ellie notices. There’s a car that looks just like her dad’s. She runs over, but the men get in her way, causing her to back down. Daniel and Ellie decide to leave, but when Daniel decides to go call the police, he leaves Ellie in the room to pack with the door open.

He tries the front desk’s phone and keeps getting a failed call message while the silver sham rap music plays and repeat on a TV nearby. Daniel runs back to the room and notices the door is wide open. She’s nowhere to be found, and when he tries walking out, there’s a line of men in suits waiting for him.

He slams the door and hides in the bathroom while the men just smash through at the door, knocking it in off of its hinges. Daniel makes it out the bathroom window and runs for it. We watch Daniel just sneak around for a solid five minutes before he makes it into the factory to find Elliot.

 tell me that these couldn’t have been deleted. I’m not even joking. Five minutes. And it’s not the first time that we see him sneak around endlessly. This is the part where I was telling you that it felt like the key and peel skit where the guy snaps next,

Vivi: your movie’s an hour 30 something. Why is this a five minute scene?

Erick: Because it’s the Golan He’s the one who’s gotta be the action hero. It’s Tom Atkins. He’s gotta like do a barrel roll and hide from everyone and save

Vivi: the girl. Right? Everyone knows that Drunk doctors make the best action

Erick: heroes, right? He’s got the hair and the jacket and the khaki. He runs into a lady knitting and asks her where Ellie is.

But when she doesn’t respond, he shakes her causing her head to fall off. He gets startled, but he notices it’s a fake in that the body has a bunch of gears moving around. Suddenly a suit grabs him from behind and throws him into another room.

Vivi: This old lady very much looks like an animatronic from Disney World.


Erick: does . The other thing I have a problem with is these robots they quickly dispatch if everyone that has like gotten in their way. Right? Like they destroyed at Leasts dad’s face, they fucking ripped the man’s head out his shoulders. But then they fight Daniel and suddenly they don’t know how to fight.

Yeah. Daniel tries punching him several times, but the suit is unaffected and just grabs Daniel by his head. We’re like, Okay, he’s done for, But no, Daniel punches him in the gut so hard he goes through him causing the suit to spit up yellow goop. Daniel pulls wiring up from inside the man and looks at his hand before another suit shows up, grabbing him from behind. I think it’s funny cuz Daniel’s just like looking at his hand and the goop, and then just gets touched in the shoulder softly

Vivi: Also, is this supposed to be the big reveal because it falls

Erick: flat? It does cuz Then Cochran’s like, Oh, this was an old puppet thingy. Fuck it’s German or something like that. a third suit shows up and they lift him on his feet while Cochran approaches holding the old lady’s head. Daniel asks where Ellie is, and Cochran just says she’s resting. Now he reveals he knows his true identity and points out it’s Halloween day. They take Daniels with the doors labeled final processing, where Cochran explains, he made all the suits.

I think it’s funny that it’s like , it’s like in a video game when it’s like the final boss room is clearly that door earlier when they were walking around with Buddy and stuff, there’s like not even men standing in front of it.

they take Daniel to the door as labeled final processing, where Cochran explains, he made all the suits. They go down an elevator and Cochran continues. They’ve used new and ancient technology. Daniel’s just confused until we see a room full of scientists with the missing stone of Stonehenge in the middle, Cochran calls it an ancient sacrificial circle.

A scientist nearby is placing pieces of the stone on the silver Shamrock coins, and Cochran explains that the stone has power somewhere so that even a particle can be devastating. He’s like you asked about the girl, right, and shows him a video feed of Ellie strapped to a bed.

Daniel thinks he’s killed her, but Cochran denies it and says he wants to show him a demonstration. This feels like an action movie now. It doesn’t feel like a horror movie anymore,

Vivi: but we have robots that are relying on supernatural elements.

Erick: It doesn’t work. This feels like a James Bond. Let me reveal my. , Big master plan. Mm-hmm. We see the buddy family walking through the halls of the factory still, so we can only assume something’s about to happen to them. The men take them to a room that looks like a living room and leave them behind where we can see the doors labeled Test room. A buddy says he keeps trying to talk to them about next year’s sales and Betty jokes about there not being a Halloween next year.

hilarious, The Silver Shamrock commercial starts playing on the TV in the room only this time. It’s different. A voice fills the kids together around the TV and put on their masks to watch the pumpkin on the screen. Betty laughs about the place being a joke while their kid’s mask starts melting over his head.

The kid collapses and bugs and snakes and worms just start oozing at the kid’s head. Betty passes out while Buddy tries to get outta the room, but it’s too late when a snake bites buddy’s leg.

Vivi: I like how he just leaves his wife and child there.

Erick: It takes ‘ em too long too, to notice that this kid’s just dying in front of them.

Vivi: I also don’t understand Cochran’s plan at this point, because the children would be the ones that die, right? Like the parents aren’t wearing the mask. Maybe some adults are, but is just watching your child die gonna make you die immediately from shock. It feels like that’s what

Erick: he’s banking on. In this case, it’s like the bugs and all that stuff are also gonna take care of some people, right?

But I also didn’t know, like, okay, you kill the kids in the whole country. the biggest trick of them all.

Vivi: I also feel like this movie’s ignoring that time zones over a thing, because it’s all like at 9:00 PM at 9:00 PM the giveaway, ,

Erick: kids just start dying early, right? , they? Shut the music off and Carrie Daniel away cutting into a montage of televisions, playing the broadcasts. Kids all over the country are getting ready for Halloween, buying their masks while a broadcast tells them to make sure they watch the horror on that night.

Vivi: So what parents are letting their kids watch Halloween?

Erick: Yeah. Kids watch Theon. get home early, have your parents watch a bunch of teenagers get married and. married and fuck A guess of married . Sounded like you said married, murdered, Sorry. I still say And don’t forget the raffle at 9:00 PM They also don’t explain what the raffle is exactly. What is it? More masks how do you know you’re the winner? Do they say her

Vivi: name, like your full name

Erick: You have a very common name. You don’t even know John Smith.

Yeah, it’s you , back at the coroners, Teddy tries calling Daniel and Santa Mira, but the call can’t be completed. She’s holding a circular device and calls another guy named Roger, who she wants to show the part to as she doesn’t think it’s a car part in the background.

We notice a suit approaching and his murder’s weird. He pulls the drill out from the drawer. then puts it on the counter, then knocks her down, then grabs the drill again to drill her face it.

Vivi: You could have just held onto there. There Buddy .

Erick: Maybe for horror fact, they’re like, Ooh, she’s got the drill. He puts the drill on the table and you’re like, Oh no. What’s he gonna do with that drill? What’s

Vivi: he gonna do? They mean I think, you know, it’s not a good building suspense scene.

Erick: Uh,

But he drills through skull.

At seven 30 on Halloween night, we cut back to Daniel tied to a chair, as Cochran tells him to enjoy the Han. Daniel asks him why he’s doing this, and Cochran says he does love a good joke. He says, This is the best one ever. And it’s a joke on the children. He continues those saying the real reason is around the real custom of Halloween.

So he explains that back in the old Celtic lands, the people would wait for that moment where the line was thinnest between the land of the real and unreal. They had the Festival of Salwen and the last great one took place 3000 years ago where the hills ran red with the blood of animals and children.

Daniel says it was witchcraft, but Cochran says it was their way of controlling their environment. He says the world’s going to change tonight and puts a mask over his head. He puts Halloween on the tv, and says, Happy Halloween before leaving the room.


Vivi: motive makes no sets. So you’re saying your motives are this magical ritual, but what do you get out of it? Why do all this work? Why do you gain?

Erick: Yeah, cuz he is like, we do it to control our environment. Like, is it just implied that he has all he has because of this?

Like he’s got power through huge sacrifices. Then say that . I have all this money cuz we did this 3000 years ago and now I’m here to do it again cause it’s been too long. Right.

Vivi: If you said I like renewed my deal with the devil, that would’ve made more sense to me.

 This is one of my biggest problems with this movie, it could have elements of being a fun story, but they just overcomplicate it and don’t explain their plot points.

Erick: they could have said like, Oh, the suits are sentient because they’re made from the magic at the stone. And that’s why they’re like horrifying.

Vivi: Yeah. Just tie it all together for me.

Erick: Yeah.

Daniel manages to kick the TV in and uses a piece of the glass to cut himself free. He takes the mask off and manages to cover the security camera in one try.

Vivi: his entire escape is just, It would not happen. ?

Erick: No, They have a camera feed on him the entire time. The one guy I think like turns to the left, and he turns back and he’s. Mo, what the fuck? the suits are just dumb . Cause when he goes to tele Cochran and that something happened, Cochran’s on a call

Vivi: he waits politely. Waits politely. He’s just a good employee.

Erick: Oh man. Meanwhile, anyone just takes his time getting out through some vents. Cochran finally hangs up and they go investigate, but it’s too late. Daniel’s out of there. Not without another five minute run of Daniel just sneaking around again. Daniel tries calling Linda to tell her to take the masks away from the kids, but Linda’s like, Fuck you bitch.

The ones I gave him, You just jealous. Go to hell. Fuck you. And clicks on. Fair enough, Linda. He finds Ellie, it manages to get her free, so we get another five minutes of them sneaking out, including using a cart of masks to walk past the entire staff of scientists in this giant open room.

It’s so cartoony. They also aren’t trying that hard to find them. With an operation this big, You would think he’d have like security armed guards like budget, but don’t make it that he’s got this whole empire Right. Like make it so that it’s just like a very isolated operation that’s just happening in California. Daniel sneaks over to the console and just starts hitting a bunch of buttons, causing things to go hay.

Again, no one sees them. Daniel and Ellie then climb above and pour a bunch of shamrock coins over the scientists causing them to get fried . It’s so

Vivi: ridiculous. In what world would this work? Well, there’s no sense in this

Erick: world.

Misfires everywhere.

Vivi: And I, I wanna give this movie like a chance, but this is the most action packed portion of this film so far and I’m just bored watching

Erick: this. Well, cuz no one is stopping anybody. They were allowed to just run past with a box of chips and they’re just like, Wow. I wonder what they’re doing now. , we, we found them, but what do we do?

Vivi: Let’s see how this plays out.

Let’s see what they’re gonna do.

Erick: Cochran just watches. As the music gets faster and faster, he turns to see the stone rumbling and claps in Daniel’s direction. the TV screen starts worrying with a light and a circle and a beam of light from the stone hits Cochran in the back, turning him into this white clay looking figure.

He disappears and the stone just starts exploding, causing the whole place they go up in flames. You’re telling me Cochran was a force ghost this whole time.

Vivi: This is also just so abrupt and like, Oh, bad guy’s. Dead .

Erick: Doesn’t make sense. No, Daniel and Ellie drive off into the night. Daniel tries finding a station that isn’t playing that damn song and turns to Ellie to ask her if she’s okay. She hasn’t said a word at this point, and suddenly starts squeezing and clawing his face.

She forces his hand causing him to crash into a tree nearby, but he’s able to make it

Vivi: out alive. This is another thing that makes no sense to me. If she’s been a robot the entire time, wouldn’t she have tried to stop him before He threw all those shamrock pins all over the place. . Right. Why wait until everyone’s dead and you’re away in safety to suddenly attack this man if you are a minion of

Erick: Cochran?

Yeah. thought the same thing. I was like, why would she be fighting? Was she gonna go back if she does kill Daniel? Well, I guess is it like the last ditch effort that the magic is still in her and no. To stop the plot? No, it makes no sense. They need to kill Daniel so that the whole thing can go through.

It doesn’t make sense. don’t

Vivi: try to justify this

Erick: decision. Also, assuming that like that place was a broadcasting place for all these suits to know what they needed to do,

Vivi: Wouldn’t they all malfunction as soon as it blew

Erick: up? Yeah. goes around the car to see if she’s still there, but her arm was ripped off holding the door.

she surprises him and starts choking him with her other arm. But he grabs her crowbar and knocks her head off. We get this view of her head on the ground, still looking around while Daniel gets back in the car. It’s a cool scene. Yeah.

He tries closing the passenger door, but the arm comes to life and starts choking him again. Evil Dead style. He manages to get it off. Throws it into the forest. He looks at his watch noticing it’s supposed to be 9:00 PM but get surprised one last time by the headless body reaching out to him.

This time it doesn’t have enough life left in it to fight and just collapses.

Vivi: This drags out way too long.

Erick: Oh yeah. Daniel runs and finds the gas owner, Walter, from the start of the movie. He runs to the phone and is talking to someone, telling them they need to get the broadcasts off the air. They Don’t believe him, but he frantically keeps trying to convince them. Walter’s watches in Happily Hands Candy to kids in the middle of fucking nowhere. Walter’s shop looks like it’s like on the mountain side in the middle of nowhere, right?

Vivi: Do you think they’re from Santa Mirror or whatever? The little town.

Erick: Oh, the kids? Yeah. Like they walked all the way out there. I don’t know.

Vivi: There’s nowhere to trick or treat. You’re gonna go where you can.

Erick: Walton’s watches in Happily Hands Candy to Kids in the Silver Shamrock Masks For a second, there’s a glimmer of hope as the channel on the TV goes on standby, a kid changes the channel where the commercial is still playing. But that channel also goes on the standby. The kid changes it one last time, and this time the commercial continues. Daniel frantically tells them to stop it on the third channel, and we never find out if they do because he’s just left screaming.

Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it until the credits roll.

Vivi: What would make. A TV broadcasting center. Listen, stop their broadcast just because a crazy man is yelling at them on the phone. No way. No way. All

Erick: those kids are dead. That’s how this movie ends. Everyone dies. Na,

kids of people who have money, cuz I doubt if I was a kid in this universe, I would’ve gotten this mask, . So you’d be safe. I’d be safe.

But that’s it. that is it? Would you be murdered?

Vivi: No. I don’t know. Do you wear masks as a kid? No, I didn’t. I would do makeup And a fucking jacket because I grew up in the Midwest. didn’t even matter if you wore a

Erick: costume. Yeah.

You had your like little Cinderella dress on, but you had a fucking winter jacket.

Vivi: Yeah. I remember one year it was like a, like a fairy princess thing and I had to put on a giant jacket in my appear, like duct tape strapped the wings, my coat, and it was just like stiff as hell walking around

 Think more of like a Christmas story where the kids like, I can’t

Erick: move All right, What did you think of it? Oh my God.

Vivi: I need to collect my thoughts. So when I first originally watched this film, I found it extremely boring.

It did not keep my attention. Even though there are crazy things that happen, I don’t feel like they are executed in an interesting way that keeps you engaged. It’s just boring, boring, boring. That’s weird. Boring, boring, boring. That’s supposed to be actiony and fun. But I don’t care. I know this film has found its fan base and I can respect that.

It’s ridiculous. The story does not make sense and that’s what some people love. And sometimes I love it too, but I kind of need the story to tie together a little bit. And this just does not do it for me I think Tom Atkins is good. , I think some of the actors here are not that great, it’s just not for me at

Erick: all.

I think the actors okay. I think it’s the characters that suck.

Vivi: It could be the lack of chemistry or the lack of important dialogue happening. The

Erick: lack of writing characters to organically behave with each other. Cause everything is like forced. Let’s make Daniel the man guy who hits on everybody and everyone wants a second date with him. Like, don’t force it on me. It feels like they didn’t know what they wanted to do most of the time.

It’s really boring. There’s a lot of shit that’s just like, Why though? Thanks. Okie. I wanted to like this. I told you that when we watched In Search of Darkness, we hadn’t seen Halloween three. And then we watched it afterward and I was like, Okay, like I see what people mean by if this movie was a standalone film, it could be good.

think back then I was like, on first watch, yeah, I like this. And then well, watching it again, I was doing the floor and just not even paying attention to, I was like, When is this movie over? Why is it you did not like it on the first watch I said that I agree that okay, on its own it’s fine, but I’m also a Michael Meyer’s stand.

Yeah. So I was like, no, yeah, I don’t like this as a Halloween film, but I see how On on its own, could be fine.

Vivi: So to give this movie some props where props are due, I think the math designs are awesome.

They’re great masks.

I don’t know if they were this great quality in the eighties, cuz masks don’t look like that now. ? The kills. I think three of them I found very entertaining. It was all of them that we mentioned. , Where Marge gets her face blown off.

Great makeup where Ellie’s head is decapitated from her and she’s still moving around. Great special effects. And when the kids face melt off, but those are the things that are good about this film, just to give it some positive feedback.

Erick: sure. . But hey, again, this is our opinion. If you love this film, by all means watch. Watch it. Every year.

Vivi: that being said, what would

Erick: you rate it? I would give this a

two and a half. Ooh

Vivi: yeah. I’m gonna go with a four. Again, the credit is gonna go mostly to the makeup, but I would not like, I could go the rest of my life without watching this movie again and I’d be okay.

Erick: Same. I don’t think it would matter if I saw this again. I can’t wait to see us put the rating on socials and people would be like, No.

In the comments, , I know people have done that to us before. I think, What movie was it that we rated high and people were like uh, fuck no. What the fuck are you Tama? I think

Vivi: I’ve said it on the show before, but I will stand by this cuz it’s my fucking podcast and I can say what I want. I really love Jennifer’s body.

Part of it is a nostalgic reason and part of it is that I think the film was underappreciated and it’s time. And I think that there is a lot of subtext there that is woman-centered and that’s why people hate it. . So when I rated it a nine outta 10 people were like, It wrong. An idiot. Yeah.

Which is fine, but I’m the one, I’m the idiot with the microphone. So, you know, go start your own podcast

Erick: Uh,

We haven’t seen Halloween nuns yet. And I’m annoyed by everyone who’s like, this movie fucking blows honestly fucking shittiest Halloween movie ever. And I was like, have you seen Halloween three

we all like what we like. Okay. Yeah. ,

Vivi: that’s all we’re trying to say.

 did anything about this movie Scare

Erick: Lokey? I didn’t watch it with Lokey Round. You watched the tape with him He slept the entire time. Oh, he said, fuck this movie. This is boring. Yeah. Yeah. I do wanna say that Walking Lokey around and Ripley, now that we have her, I think it’s fun that we’re in suburbia because walking around very much feels like we’re in a had in field like town. and there’s a Michael Myers decoration, like a block over.

Yes. And Logan growls at it all the time. . But he’s happy. He’s happy when I’m wearing the Michael Myers suit.

Vivi: I don’t think he growls at that one. He growls at the one that makes noise. The Freddy. Because he will approach the Michael one willingly. like, Oh yeah, this is familiar.

But yeah, the other ones that make noise, he’s not a fan of. Yeah. And Ripley’s just terrified of

Erick: all of them, Lucky at least is like we are used to this. We live in fear. That’s what we do. , Ripley’s still learning. Ripley, introduce yourself. Loki, tell us how this is going. I guess

Vivi: Welcome to this nightmare of a family. Ripley .

Erick: Alvira, what do you have to say about Ripley?

 Thank you, Val Beta.

Vivi: but does that pretty much wrap it up here

Erick: for us? It does.

I can’t wait not to talk about the movie ever again. .

Vivi: All right, As ways we hope you guys had a good time here with us.

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Vivi: Be sure to like rate, review, all that good stuff and okay, thanks. Bye.

Erick: Seven is a Halloween.

Halloween. Halloween seven is a Halloween

Vivi: Silver Shamrock.

Erick: Bye.

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