Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 (1987) | Ep 72 Silent Dark Knight

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Vivi: still said two K Y.

Erick: Two k y. Why two K? Okay. All right. I was not, I was eight when it happened.

Welcome back to the Shake Out Scared podcast here with you as always, Eric and bb. Today we’re talking about 1980 sevens filmed Silent Night. Deadly Night Two, directed by Lee Harry. But before we get into that, how are you Viv? It’s the holidays. It really is.

And if you are stressed out about it or happy We are too. Why not both? [00:01:00] It sucks. . But but it’s fun. We’re not at Christmas yet, the closer we get to it, the more excited I get about it. Cuz lately things have just been more stressful than happy,

Vivi: Oh, you mean how like Ripley pooped in her crate an hour before we started recording piles of poop too.

It it was so

Erick: much. needs help. . She’s a baby. We’re doing the best we can. And, And look at us one minute in already talking about poop and pee .

Vivi: It wouldn’t be

Erick: our podcast if we didn’t.

Vivi: And a reminder that we’re on YouTube. , if you like. Visual podcasts.

Erick: Yeah. Seriously. you have anything for crypto content? We have a couple

Vivi: things. We finally watched some of the year’s biggest horror movies that we missed, which include Smile Barbarian and Pearl.

Erick: we watched them all at like the same time. Right? Yeah. And like one night.

Vivi: Do you wanna rapid fire your opinions of each?

Erick: Yeah. So I liked Pearl, but I was confused the whole time. It wasn’t until we finished it that I was like, oh, I thought it was the origin story for Mia, God’s character in x. But it was actually for the older lady Pearl. Yes. Who?

Vivi: Mia

Erick: Goth also plays,

Vivi: I would say it [00:02:00] was enjoyable. Mia Goth does so well as that character. I liked X better. . I think it’s a fun origin story, in terms of more gore and fun X is what does it for me. However, Pearl is definitely more like psychological, get behind the viewpoint of the killer.

Erick: Yeah. Every time I see a farm now I’m like, oh, that’s Pearl.

People are getting murdered. , we watched Thanks Killing afterward and there’s like a scene in front of a farm, I was like, oh, in the background pearl’s killing somebody. I do like the cartoony like old style of the movie Pearl though. like how it’s got like the old time ETV show transitions and stuff like that.

Mm-hmm. , it feels like I love Lucy on a farm. and murder, and I

Vivi: wonder if, It has something to do with like her mental break and how she views the world as like cartoony and a TV show and a movie and,

Erick: perfect. Barbarian, every time that I mentioned it to somebody, I’m like, oh, it’s like, Airbnb gone wrong. Don’t look in the basement if you go to an Airbnb kind of thing. Yep. I think it was good, I was left wanting more because the threat, once it was revealed, felt kind of like, all right, we know what the threat is. Was a phrase in the middle that made [00:03:00] me think there was more to it, and then when more didn’t come, I was like, oh. So when it ended, I was kind of like left with that.

Vivi: So it’s not Less is more. You

Erick: wanted more? Yeah. Because the guy’s like, that’s not the only thing that’s in the basement. And I was like, oh, great.

There’s more. when nothing crazier happens, I was like, oh, all right. Well, like, okay.

Vivi: I think I enjoyed it. . I don’t know if this is like, okay. I’m gonna try not to compare the two, but since we saw Smile and Barbarian literally back to back, I enjoyed both.

I think I did enjoy Barbarian a little more just for its framing and storytelling and smile. There was times where it like lulled a little bit for me, but I think I enjoyed Barbarian a little more than you did.

Erick: Smile I think was good for me because I cringe every time anyone smiles in the street.

I don’t trust anyone’s smile, so, fair enough. , there are a lot of like metaphors that send you for a loop. And then there’s a joke at the end that literally goes for the, she’s being gas lit. Yeah.

Vivi: let us know if you want us to cover any of these soon, because they’re kind of fresh in our brain right now. Yeah. So I think it’d be good , what do you have for creepy

Erick: content? So we watched Wednesday on [00:04:00] Netflix and it’s got Jenna Ortega love her and everything that she does. I don’t think I’ve seen anything that I didn’t like I thought it was good.

We are obviously big fans of Adams family. We have pictures from Halloween, many Halloween ago. I liked everything. I’m not fully convinced not to say that I hate it. I’m not saying that I don’t like it. the portrayal of Morticia and Gomez It’s not anything to do with the way that they look or anything like that. It’s just the way that they’re written brings them down a notch from how high I hold them. So like, I’ve always thought that they’re like fearless, can’t be funny characters that are just like, yeah, danger, death, murder, horror, macab, et cetera.

Everything. A, okay. These characters seem more like skittish or it seemed more like they were less invincible than some other portrayals but other than that, the whole show was great. It was cool to see Wednesday and thing and without spoilers, I can’t say much, but it was good. Yeah.

Vivi: I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed seeing the Adams family be Latino,

Erick: which much to people’s dismay.

Vivi: Yeah. I understand your point, but I feel like they were going for a much more cartoony vibe for this, which you [00:05:00] can enjoy different adaptations of each.

Erick: Yeah, the show’s not about them anyway. That’s why it’s not like it ruined the show for me or anything like that. The focus is obviously Wednesday, It’s literally just phrases. Yeah. and like characteristics that are like, oh, that doesn’t really seem like them.

You know?

Vivi: So I think it falls under that cartoon category where the adults aren’t really adults and the kids are the ones that know more than the adults. And again, the center of the show is Wednesday and not them, but I truly loved it. I hope season two is coming.

Erick: Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. Go watch it if you haven’t already. I

Vivi: mean, it’d be kind of dumb if it didn’t, cuz I think it got great ratings. I’d

Erick: say that about a lot of shows that have been canceled.

Vivi: That’s true. Everything

Erick: gets canceled . They’re like, oh, everyone loved this. Fuck everybody.

Fuck you. Yeah. Before we move on to comfort content, we also release things. Killing. Not gonna say anything on this. Go watch on Patreon. Support us, love us, be us by going to Patreon and listening to us talk. A horrible movie called Thanks Killing.

It was fun. It was fun. , what do you have for

Vivi: comfort content? I’ve just been recently listening to this podcast. I don’t think it’s new. It’s been out for a while.[00:06:00]

It’s called Someplace Underneath and it’s from the last Podcast Network. it’s not exactly true crime, it’s more of the study of like cults and social media and things like that. And it is woman led to female podcasters. So if you like less podcasts on the left, but you like more stories centered around like, Religious trauma.

Not like you like that stuff, but like you find it interesting to study those kinds of things. They go into detail about that and do like multiple episodes on like the Dugger family and cases like that. So I’ve been listening to that

Erick: recently because you love your religious trauma.

Vivi: I was raised Catholic and that’s all I will say about that

Erick: Hmm. I did hear you listening to a little bit, and I even thought it was another podcast, but when I heard the ad for last podcast on the left, I was like, oh, they got a network Now.

Vivi: They do. They have a lot of

Erick: shows. Okay.

Vivi: I love them and listened to them religiously, but sometimes they cover subjects that I’m just like, eh, I don’t particularly care about that subject. Mafia stories and things like that don’t [00:07:00] really interest me. I was recently listening to one of their episodes.

I talked about like mommy v bloggers and the repercussions that that’s gonna have in the future, which I think it’s really messed up and interesting. So, yeah. Mine

Erick: went straight to one particular video that I showed you. Yes. And I’ve seen so many YouTubers cover it. Mm-hmm. . But it’s just so insane that people do that.

Vivi: It’s a thing. It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens to these poor kids as they get older.

Erick: What about you? We finally finished What if the Marvel Show from like last year, we were on the last two episodes. It was a good time, if you like, the Marvel movies. The mc was obviously not too far away from the what if universe. The what if universe explores alternate universes and It’s kind of a dark side to the Marvel universe, Because there’s the zombies storyline, which I love so much. The comic, and then on top of that, just watching Darin Bingo videos put together by Jarvis Johnson on YouTube. So if you like horrible life lesson videos and then wanna play Bingo along with them, go check ’em out.

They’re pretty funny. It’s just like for our Hispanic audience Rosa Guadalupe, where each episode is trying to teach you a fucking like moral story put on by religion. , it’s [00:08:00] kinda like that. It’s just like, treat the everyday sister mary worker horribly and something bad’s gonna happen to you.

And then the whole thing’s like you spit in a worker’s face and then like you become poor and then now the sister mary worker’s rich and then they spit in your face To be honest,

Vivi: in a perfect world that sounds just, I don’t think you should be mean to sister mary workers.

Erick: point they’re trying to make, I feel like in theory is supposed to be good, but it’s just ridiculous the way they do it. It is ridiculous. And then just commentary that they make on certain topics is also just not Okay.


Vivi: I mean, it just, it does sound like Rosa de Guadalupe.

Erick: It’s funny to just have on in the background and listen to the ridiculousness of it. Darman bingo is one of them, but I also listened to his factor fiction ones, which are also funny It’s like dude pulls over and sees a girl on the bus stop and there’s like a broken down, exploding bus in the background.

And he’s like, do you need a ride? She’s like, I’m waiting for my bus. He’s like, oh, it’s broken down back there. And then he’s like, all right, cool. And then he drops her off and then she’s like, all right, thanks for the ride. I’ll see you around. And then he’s like, okay, cool. And then he comes back cuz his buddy’s like, yo, she wanted to go on a date [00:09:00] with you.

And then he’s like, all right, you’re right. So then he goes to her house and he is like, Hey, you wanna go on a date? And then this girl’s like, nah, she’s not here. She died. I’m not even following this story anymore. She’s like, nah, she died. And then he’s like, wait, what? And then he looks at the pictures and it’s like her niece.

So she died forever ago. It was her ghost.

Vivi: Oh, that’s like a super common ghost


Erick: Yeah. And they’re like fact fiction. And they’re like, it was fact. And they’re like, oh, what?

Vivi: it. That was quite the story.

Erick: I’m sorry. I have to live through it, so now you do too. . Before we go into the fun facts of this show, let’s talk about this drink, future US transition. It might not be garbage day, but it is drinking day, so go sip that drink while we jump outta this. Fun facts.

Vivi: All right. Are you ready for some ridiculous fun

Erick: facts if they’re as ridiculous as this movie? Yes, I am.


Vivi: So I found these mostly on I M D B, so take these as you. But I am so glad that someone noted down this fact because it was something that I was wondering while watching this movie, Ricky’s Eyebrows move up and down 130 times , [00:10:00]

Erick: the fact that they count it is,

Vivi: I was gonna say, did someone collect this by watching it and counting it?

Because how else would you know?

Erick: And how accurate? Now I want to go watch and count. Let’s do this . Yeah, Also, are we cutting each individual eyebrow? Cuz he does switch. He does the Oh yeah, he does. I

Vivi: can’t do it, but Eric can do it. There you go. Yeah. It, it was something that I noticed immediately watching this film.

I could not focus on anything other than his eyebrow acting.

Erick: This movie is so full of camp that it’s like, this guy probably didn’t do anything else after this. Did he? Deliciously

Vivi: camp. And I don’t think that was their intention.

Erick: Oh, is it not? Oh, no.

Vivi: Yeah. I think the actor made it as campy as

Erick: it was oh, was it one of those situations where he thinks he’s doing good and he is not it comes off as camp not serious.

Vivi: I wasn’t gonna mention these fun facts, but it seems like he got conflicting direction The director wanted him to be like very wit. and creepy while one of the producers wanted him to be like stoic.

And I think what we got was something in between that does not work well. amazing. No, you gotta [00:11:00] move your

Erick: eyebrows. That’s when I’m talking.

Vivi: Another fun fact, I didn’t know this, apparently him yelling garbage day before he shoots a man was a meme in the early two thousands. I had never seen it before. And you said you

Erick: had I had seen it online, but I never knew what it was. I never knew what it was from.

I was like a child.

Vivi: So if you’ve actually seen this movie, spoiler alert, if you haven’t, the majority of it is the first movie, 40 minutes

Erick: we counted. No, yeah. Solidly like it’s at 42, 18, I think Ish.


Vivi: stops ,the movie’s like an hour. 28. 20 . So originally the producers just wanted Lee Harry to cut together a movie using the majority of the first movie, but as Ricky being a mental patient and the first movie was just like this bizarre dream hallucination that he was having.

The director thought that the audience deserved a little more than that, and that’s when he wrote in Ricky being Billy’s little brother and gave the story a little more [00:12:00] context. Even though I would say it’s not that much

Erick: more context. . Was Lee Harry the director for the first one? No. Right? I don’t know. Let’s look that up. Because if they wrote him to be Billy’s little brother, I thought it was already revealed at the end of the first one that Ricky picks up the thing and looks at mother spirit and is like nodding.


Vivi: But for the second one, they didn’t even want it to be Ricky. It wasn’t gonna originally be him. It was just gonna be some mental patient.

Erick: Oh, just dreaming of

Vivi: Billy. Just dreaming of Billy. Just dreaming of the first one. Which is so lazy. It is lazy for a sequel. I know sequels are known for not being the best, but this is just

Erick: lazy

No, I honestly thought it was gonna be like Friday the 13th too, and I already kind of started three. They’d do it again there, but it’s like it’s the last five minutes. You see the last. you know, You’re introducing new audiences, so they’re like, oh, let’s put the last five minutes in so they’re not just like completely caught off guard.

But this one was like, bitch, you didn’t see the first one. So here it is again. Again, I wonder how they got away with it. This is the same production company, I need you to

Vivi: stop asking me questions.

Erick: This is like . This is like when we do our commentary videos and I show the [00:13:00] whole last movie. Honestly, the movie was a commentary video for the first 40 minutes. It’s Ricky being like, this crazy kid was like, fuck you, your brother sucks. and then it shows his some kid being like, your brother sucks.

Vivi: subscribe to our pre

The rest of these fun facts, again, they’re from I M D B, so take ‘ em as you will The film was shot within 10 days. And that love scene was dramatically cut down, which is hilarious to me in a movie that doesn’t have a lot of original material or

Erick: run time. with?

The fact that they kept just the stoic static holding and nothing else. Lack of chemistry. What did they, oh, was it chemistry? ,

Vivi: they cut out all the chemistry, all the romantic tension

Erick: just had to go . All nine days were shot of that sex scene.

The 10th day

Vivi: was the rest of the movie. Yeah, I would believe you if you told me that was true.

Erick: There were two settings, the park and the inside of that insane asylum, which is also where they shot the sex scene.

Did they just turn the lights off?


Vivi: mean, I wouldn’t put it past them, cuz I’m sure they didn’t have a huge budget

Erick: for this [00:14:00] film. Did they even have a budget? ? That is a good question. They’re like, how much movie can we make with $2, $2 ?

Vivi: I think they patted the runtime of the movie with 10 minutes of credit. So you’re not

Erick: that far off. True. Yeah. The beginning is like five, six minutes of him just smoking with the intro credits plan.

It’s a very long intro. Yeah. An hour and 28. We’ve already listed like 50 minutes of it. That is not actual movie. Shall we get into it then? , we’ll have to do a speed run. Oh my speed run’s longer than this movie.

Vivi: Set.

Erick: go.

So Ricky’s in an Saint Asylum and he gets visited by some doctor and his name is Bloom. And he is like, I know what you did. And he is like, yeah, or whatever. I got brazed by these people who got killed and they got killed by Santa and they were, we were sent to an orphanage and Billy was Santa and he killed everybody.

And so I’ve got contact trauma off of that. And so uh, bloom is like, well what else happened? He is, I’m gonna tell you some secrets that not everybody knows cuz I have no reason to tell you, but I am gonna cuz you’re gonna die in a few seconds. And he [00:15:00] tells ’em about a bunch of other killings that he did and then finally the one that actually put him in there, which was killing a bunch of people in a neighborhood.

And he is like, yeah. So that’s my story. And then we pan over to Bloom. And Bloom is. And then he escapes. He goes to kill some Santa outside a store. He steals his suit. He goes to look for Mother Superior who he blames for everything. It’s like a, it’s kinda like an anti hero story cuz he is like, she’s the reason that we became fucked up.

She’s the reason. And so he goes and then tries to kill her. He does kill her. Cops find him, they shoot him out the window and he’s not dead because he smiles at the end.

Vivi: You literally came in at 59

Erick: seconds. I tried to fluff it up a little bit. Okay.

Vivi: Contact trauma. Wow. That is my favorite phrase now.

Erick:  I will say

Vivi: Ricky’s not wrong. Mother Superior is to blame for this

I just would like to say that for being the holiday season and us picking this film, there is very little Christmas in this movie.

Erick: If it weren’t, because in the beginning it’s like, it’s December 24th and there’s a Santa suit at the end, 90% of it is in summer. The only thing that happens in Christmas is the last five minutes,

Vivi: So that’s our bad. [00:16:00] We could have chosen a film that had more holiday spirit, but we

Erick: didn’t know. Oh, this says holiday spirit. It’s got something. Yeah, I’d say that uh, Ricky’s actor puts enough spirit into all of us.

Oh, he really does. Yeah. He makes this movie worth watching. the overacting that he does. Oh, completely. And he’s like, ha ha

 So the movie starts with Ricky, Billy’s little brother smoking a cigarette and what looks like a prison. We get the longest scene of an orderly suspiciously setting up some recording equipment while every little noise in tick from Ricky keeps him on edge. The literal tension between this orderly and Ricky is like,

Vivi: there’s more chemistry between him and this orderly than him and Jennifer ,

Erick:  they both look like they’ve seen some shit with each other.

Yes. Dr. Henry Bloom enters the room and forcibly asks the orderly to leave before starting his session. looking back at this now, and given what we find out Ricky’s done in the past, it’s odd that the doctor would just be like, fuck no.

I don’t want any protection. I’ve got

Vivi: this. is incredibly mean to this orderly. It feels a little bit racist. It does. [00:17:00] He yells at him in a way that’s incredibly rude. And I think if an orderly has spent the most time with a patient that is criminally insane, you’re, you’re gonna trust his judgment on this patient.

Erick: Later we find out that Ricky tells him stories that aren’t even in the reports of some killings that he did in The Secret, but the one that put him in the insane asylum in the first place is the killing spree in the neighborhood. He’s dangerous.

That’s dangerous off the bat. He doesn’t even have like glass separating him. he’s just free. No cuffs. He’s

Vivi: allowed to smoke cigarettes.

Erick: and this doctor’s just like, I’ve got this.

And he is like a twig of a man. Meanwhile, Ricky’s over there double his size, this guy’s full, the guy playing Ricky is sw like Billy. He’s a tiny head, giant body.

Vivi: like Billy the family genetics here are just s sw dudes.

Erick: Billy looked s sw. But this guy looks like he’s been in prison for 20 years.

but skipped

Vivi: leg day every day.

Erick: Yeah. His legs are fragile. They should’ve just sweeped a leg and they would’ve, he would’ve been good. Yeah. Dr. Bloom reveals he’s Ricky’s last chance, an act real tough.

Even when Ricky starts [00:18:00] screaming and getting closer, that Orderly knows damn well what Ricky’s capable of because he enters the room again with these piercing eyes. The actor who’s the orderly, he’s got these eyes that are like, I almost worse than Ricky. . But he just gets yelled at by bloom to leave the date, then appears at the bottom of the screen and shows that it’s December 24th. Bloom asks Ricky who killed his parents, and Ricky completely self-aware, just says, you really want to know,

Santa Claus ?

Vivi: Is that self-aware or just a flair for the

Erick: dramatics? that’s what I don’t know, is that Ricky’s character is so just unreadable, that you can’t tell if it’s just how insane he is or if he himself knows how over the top he is.

 Santa Claus killed my parents. I don’t know if it’s the real one, but he did. It sounds insane, but, but that’s what happened.

Vivi: But he’s an adult. Shouldn’t he be like cognizant of the fact that it was a man dressed

Erick: to Santa ? Do kids, well, do kids in the orphanage go around being like Santa Claus isn’t real when they are literally being like abused by nuns? I think the last thing they’re talking about that is a [00:19:00] question for the first movie,

I think the last thing that they’re learning is how unreal Santa Claus is. How Unreal . He says Santa Claus and commences the entire first movie. And when we say the entire first movie, we already said it in phone facts, it’s literally 40 minutes with a little bit of inter introduction between Bloom and Ricky. There are things that happen in the flashbacks that I’m like, Ricky would’ve not even known this happened.

Vivi: I wanted to give this movie the benefit of the Doubt. I thought we were just gonna see maybe like the killing of their parents and we were gonna go from there. And

Erick: the mother superior part where it picks up, right? He watches his brother get killed in front. He’s like, it’s because of Santa Claus that he died.

And people being naughty. I would’ve

Vivi: excused those two scenes cuz they do seem fundamentally traumatic for Ricky. But no, we get the entire first


Erick: Even the stuff at the toy store, the stuff in the sledding where things that Ricky would not know. No, the one that gets me is like, okay.

 Even if we’re like, all right, 20 minutes of flashback with Billy killing people, we even get that one [00:20:00] scene that’s like a sendoff of the dad entering the little daughter’s house and the cops thinking he’s the killer.

Vivi: Like a throwaway joke in the first film Makes it into the

Erick: second.

Anyway, in the flashbacks at one point, blue Masks Ricky, how he could remember Santa killing his parents if he was just the baby. Good point. I’m not a person who’s gone through this and I’ve heard of studies of like this where it’s like, even as a baby there are traumatic things that you can pick up and continue to Yeah.

Feel throughout your life.

Vivi: You’re just a sponge at that age. You pick up

Erick: everything.

 Blue masks him to describe his time at the orphanage. But other than one scene where a kid makes fun of Ricky for having a psycho brother, the entire flashback is Billy’s the orphanage. Flashback ends with Ricky saying he’s the only one who heard Billy’s screaming when Mother Superior punished him for being naughty.

This is after he punched the fuck out of Sand Glass.

Vivi:  That’s still my favorite scene in the

Erick: first movie. Ricky’s entire point is obviously that because he’s being naughty, people get punished. Bloom implies that Billy left him behind trying to say that like, you know, your brother didn’t even care about you.

Why do you care about everything that happened to him? But Ricky’s [00:21:00] like it was because Billy was 18 and not because he left me behind, We then flashed to older Billy working at the toy store and killing people. Ricky says, it’s Mother Superior’s fault for teaching him to punish people who are naughty.

This underlying story does make sense and I did like this about the first one until obviously Billy Kills and Ricky does the same thing, but like, until they kill innocent people, they’re almost like a anti-hero,

Vivi: that’s one thing I will give this film credit for. It wants to say that Ricky’s just a mental patient, he’s mentally ill, but he realizes that Mother Superior is the one that ingrained all these horrible things into Billy and blames her. It’s almost like he saw the first movie .

Erick: The way he describes how determined Billy was shows how much this older Ricky idolized his brother. Like he truly had a close relationship that we don’t ever see on screen, but it seems like they were closer than we thought. Ricky continues the flashbacks and Dr.

Bloom says that it was obvious where Billy was headed. This is Ricky off leading him to threaten Bloom. But when Bloom says he’s [00:22:00] not scared, Ricky keeps his cool and just says, not yet. Eyebrows. Eyebrows, eyebrows. . We finally end at Ricky as a kid watching Billy shot dead in the Santa suit when we get more flashbacks as to how he ended up here.

Turns out Sister Mary found him a family after the orphanage closed. The family knew of his background, but they already didn’t really care for Christmas. So he was able to live a fairly normal childhood from then on.

This isn’t until we see him completely triggered by some nuns while out with his mom. To be fair, these are the most goth looking nuns they could have chosen for this scene. the one girl’s got like sunken eyes. they’ve got the most creepy quote unquote looking nuns that they could have chosen for this scene.

Vivi: I truly think it’s the way this scene is shot because they make them very dramatic and scary.

Erick: They look like vampires.

I think that’s what it is. They look like they could suck your blood at any moment.

Vivi: Do nuns not suck your blood body of Christ? That’s Yeah. I was gonna say, isn’t that what the blood is?

Erick: of Christ. Not children Christ. Oh, sister Mary looks young, they [00:23:00] recasted her. Right. And obviously Mother Superior.

Vivi: I was gonna say, I wonder if it’s because those actresses were at least Mother Superior. I don’t know if she was still alive during

Erick: the filming of this. I thought the same thing.

It’s kind of funny to have Mother Superior flashbacks for like 20, 30 minutes of the movie and then still recast her completely. They’re not gonna notice. It’s fine.

So these nu scared the hell outta him and he tries to tell his mom about it, but they keep going in and outta stores making his mom think he’s losing it.

Cuz every time she looks, they’re gone and they come out, they come in and a piece of artwork that’s in the background gets covered with this like red blanket that has nothing to do with the nuns.

It’s just like nuns and red blanket. And that triggers Ricky even further putting him into a panic with flashes to when his parents were killed.

Vivi: So I think this is an interesting take that just the color red is gonna set Ricky off from now on.

Cuz can you imagine that in your day-to-day life, like a bull , any Yes, you’re a bull . just the fact that he’s essentially a human bull. Yeah.

Erick: is what’s ridiculous. I mean he’s got the body of a bull.

He’s got the head of a baby though

Vivi: I will say, I’m gonna cast my vote for Billy [00:24:00] being the hotter brother. Hmm.

Erick: When he starts to go into panic, this causes his foster parents to go back to Sister Mary to discuss what’s been going on with him.

And although things aren’t really looking that good for Ricky in the flashback, they’re encouraged by Sister Mary to keep giving him a stable home life so he can get over his trauma.

Vivi: I don’t know what it’s like to adopt a child, much less a child that’s already a little older than like newborn stage or a lot older.

But Are people not coached through adoptions? Because I feel like trauma, home life, things like that, are to be expected. Like it’s not gonna be a super smooth transition into having a kid and keeping that kid, like, you’re gonna have to work with them. This was, I would say, Not that bad of a freak out from Ricky

Erick: And then they’re like, he saw nuns in and he lost it. He lost it. Now we want to return him . He’s not the perfect child we thought he was. Yeah.

Vivi: They’re treating him like he’s something to be returned. I hope that’s not how adoption works. I know it’s the eighties, so probably like therapy and [00:25:00] family coaching and stuff like that is not a

Erick: thing.

or These people couldn’t handle the heat because if they already knew his background, why they adopted him, I’d be like, okay, this is one of those That makes sense. That makes sense. We need to help him through it. Yeah. Instead of being like, we need to go back to the nuns, we don’t know what we got ourselves into.

Yeah. I don’t know. cut to five years later and his stepdad died, which Ricky says took its toll on him. Lemme just say they’d done goofed on the actor. They chose to play young adult Ricky.

simply because they’re like, he’s 17 and then at 18 they show him as

Vivi: completely different .

Erick: honestly, they look, they’re about the same age.

Vivi: Ricky as a character has had 25 actors play him

Erick: in the span of 18 years.

Vivi: Yes, the little baby’s different. The kid in the orphanage is different. And then when Billy’s shot in front of him, that’s a different actor.

When he has his freak out in the street, that’s a different actor. And then it’s five years later, and that’s a different actor. I would also like to point out these actors go from blonde to brunette to blonde, to brunette, to blonde, to brunette.

Erick: I don’t know.[00:26:00] ,

anyway, Ricky says he started feeling like running away. And we get this odd face-to-face between him and Bloom, where he’s like, I’ve never told anyone this before.

Bloom’s like, let it out. And Ricky’s like, here it comes. That sounds very sexual . It does. Ricky watches from a distance as a couple is out on a picnic. The guy ends up trying to assault the girl in almost the same shot for shot way. His mother was attacked before she was killed. Ricky Angrily says, naughty while the woman puts up enough fight to cause the dude to walk off piss for another beer.

I see that she put up a good fight, but this dude just ends up being frustrated. He hits her he kind of just gives up. So she puts up in a fight in that like, he’s like, I’m over this, but I’ll be back. He says he’ll be back. But we all know that’s not true.

Vivi: So many things with this scene make me upset.

The first one being that he says something is gonna happen

Erick: to her shirt uh, everything she’s. . I know that it’s okay when you’re with your friends, but it’s not okay right now, girl. It’s never okay.

Vivi: And I don’t think that’s something that was like well known in the eighties. I feel like this is [00:27:00] awful to say, but like discussions about what’s consensual are unfortunately fairly modern.

And back then it was just pushed under the rug, makes the scene that much more horrible.

Erick: Yeah,

Ricky watches all of this and he is like naughty, and this scene goes differently than what we see with Billy. This is what makes me think that Ricky could have been a. A good person. He was more like a vigilante,

Vivi: it’s interesting that both their episodes were triggered by something very similar to what their mother experienced, and they were trying to intervene and protect difference, being that with Billy, the woman that he was protecting also freaked out justifiably because he killed a person.

Erick: Yeah. this girl has no regrets. , she

Vivi: said, thank you.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: And he said, oh, no worries. Oh yeah. Cool. It’s great. Completely different take on this thing, but it, it’s interesting. I’ll, okay, I’ll give this movie one point for that one.

Erick: he is technically an anti-hero up two way point.

Vivi: And again, I think it’s interesting that both these movies [00:28:00] frame it the way that their mother was killed is what triggered their killing sprays. It feels almost. You accidentally got something right about the way trauma works. You know,

Erick: I’m about to make a controversial statement, but what’s the difference between this guy and Batman?

Batman Entire . Yes. Okay. My point is that like we’re saying that, oh, well this kicks off their trauma and they’re saving people because it reminds them of the trauma that happened with their mother. And it’s like, that’s exactly the Batman story my parents were killed as a kid. I’m never gonna ha let that happen again. It kind of gives that same energy until he obviously goes unhinged.

It’s Batman. I mean, it’s like, he’s definitely . He’s Batman. Okay. Ricky. Ricky is Batman. . To wrap this whole thing up. When he gets to his car, Ricky is already waiting in the driver’s seat.

He runs the guy over, just back and forth, back and forth finishing the job. He notices the woman standing nearby and she’s completely calm and is just like, thanks. and they just go their separate ways.

Vivi: This woman did not like this

Erick: man. Beck in prison. Ricky takes note that Dr. [00:29:00] Bloom wrote down. The car was red, further proving it’s the trigger. He’s like, Hmm, red car. Good point. .

Vivi: You know what?

You just unlocked my entire trauma, my entire psyche. I’m done with therapy. I don’t need it anymore. .

Erick: I’ve always wondered why I did that one. , you solved my life. Doc , Ricky says his mom couldn’t afford sending him to college. So he got a job at 18 we flashed to Ricky as he looks in current day one year apart from the last one that looked nothing like.

Vivi: He was just in the gym every day. with his face

Erick: changed his face . Anyway, he’s throwing the trash out at night. When he overhears a guy beating someone up for not having his money, the guy wipes his face with a red towel, which is so specific for someone trying to avoid any unwanted attention.

You disagreed. I disagree. But if you’re beating someone up in an alley, the last thing you’re doing is flashing a giant red towel to wipe your face that calls attention. I

Vivi: just said I disagreed because it seems very like mafia storytelling to be like this. Mobster had a specific calling. He’s [00:30:00] the red hanky guy, , he’s this type of guy, you know, like this movie is ridiculous.

So that doesn’t seem far off to

Erick: me honestly. Before he showed the red hanky, the guy who he’s beating up has red pants and I thought that was what was gonna be Ricky’s trigger,

Ricky notices causing him to basically obliterate this man with the umbrella from Resident Evil. It’s just the like white red pattern from umbrella.

It’s such a crazy kill. And Ricky looks insane doing it the whole time. He’s just like, he gets punched in the face by the guy is like, I can’t wait

Vivi: to see this playback in your

Erick: face. I, I’m sure I look ugly. Don’t look at it , but so does Ricky. He looks intense. He looks at this guy, stabs him straight through the stomach and says, naughty with the umbrella, opening it up behind him, making for an insane visual, which is so cool.

If you like crazy visual kills, the man falls to the floor and as it starts to rain, we zoom in onto the bloodied umbrella and it faces back to him talking to Dr. Bloom.

Vivi: I vote this as the best

Erick: kill of the movie. [00:31:00] they went hard on this one for sure. They really did. , I don’t even think the car battery one is as intense as this one

Vivi: is. The car battery one doesn’t make sense to me , but it’s funny. What are the odds that you’re. Again, he’s very vigilant to you. I agree with you.

What are the odds that you’re on your break from work and you see someone harassing another person and you’re just likey psycho killer. Yeah. Yeah. I I do appreciate that they keep the naughty and punish in this. I wonder if it’s kept throughout the rest of the franchise.

Erick: I, it seems like these derail at some point, right?

Cause there’s even like a toy maker one,

Vivi: some I’ve heard That’s a very

Erick: good one.

Okay. Can’t wait to get to him then, I do like Ricky, I don’t know if he comes back for the third one.

We’ll see if that for when we get there, I guess. I dunno. Dr. Bloom is sweating bullets as he realizes the killings Ricky’s described aren’t in his reports. you saw that he’s killed so many people, unapologetically gives no fucks or regrets that he did it.

But these two kills, these like hero kills are the ones that have you sweating bullets.

Vivi: And I said, I disagreed with you just because the doctor knew about [00:32:00] Ricky’s like spree killing. So I think these killings kind of make him a little more complex, like the ones they didn’t know about cuz they.

Somewhat in defense of others, but it also lets you know that he’s not someone who just had a psychotic break. He’s kind of more calculated. And then I was like, well, maybe I’m just reading too much into this movie .

Erick: He also killed his ex-girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend. there’s more there than would, make me think. He’s just suddenly broken down and killed a bunch of people in a neighborhood. And knowing the, the background of his brother and his parents were killed and he killed his, you know, it’s, there’s just too much there that the doctor would’ve already known about

Vivi: again, I just thought it meant that he is a more complicated, complex killer than the doctor anticipated him to be. True.

Erick: but as he wipes away his sweat with a handkerchief, there’s a big red bee on it, and Ricky’s like, bitch , he looks over his shoulder. He doesn’t actually see the bee, but bloom is like, I think uh, I think I’m [00:33:00] good for today. I definitely over unanticipated whatever.

And Ricky’s like, no, no, no, no. We’re gonna keep doing this. You’re in a hurry now. he insists that bloom stay and bloom slides a picture of a woman over to Ricky asking who she is, and Ricky says, her name is Jennifer. The only thing that I ever cared about, they met in a parking lot after she knocks him off his motorcycle with her car.

I only pointed out because the way he falls is so cartoonish. She like falls, sideway is just like,

Vivi: he looks so mad in the process.

Erick: She just smiles at him flirtatious instead of being like, oh my fucking God. Are you okay?

Vivi: This just goes to show you lovely people of the internet. If you’re hot, you can get away with running someone over

Erick: That is not okay, .

Vivi: It’s not okay, but

Erick: that’s how he acts. we are not encouraging you to go do that. Absolutely not. Please don’t do that. . I don’t care how hot you think you

Vivi: are, , okay? If you give someone a love tap and you get out of the vehicle and you’re hot, you can get away with it.

Erick: Don’t do that. . There’s this awkward love montage where they’re just like laying on top of each other naked, but it ends with two of them at the movies.

Vivi: Just [00:34:00] no buildup, no romantic chemistry, just the. vanilla looking sucks you’ve ever seen in your

Erick: life. There’s one point where his hand’s floating over her

Vivi: back.

I will give it to this actor though. It seemed like he was like, I am trying to be very respectful of you.

Erick: they end the montage at the movies and Ricky’s completely in awe, a commercial about violence and death. And Jennifer’s like, you actually like this stuff while they’re waiting for the movie to start, we see some obnoxious dude in the background yelling and throwing popcorn around.

Jennifer’s annoyed that they’re gonna have to deal with it, but Ricky’s like, it’s fine. The movie’s starting. The guy keeps yelling, so Ricky turns around to mean mug him, causing the guy to notice and heckle him. Ricky’s pissed. But Jennifer distracts him by saying she really likes him and feels he’s different.

They’re about to kiss when the dude in the back makes kissy noises and keeps making fun of them. He even calls ’em the F word And Jennifer is like, you know, we all know that’s not true. .

Vivi: it’s very odd in like so many films from this time into the like early to mid two thousands where You like a woman so you’re gay, it makes no sense to me. You are making [00:35:00] out with a woman, so you’re gay. You

Erick: actually like your girlfriend or your wife.

Vivi: No, this is something that just does not make sense to me in these movies. It’s just like showing affection to a woman as a man makes you

Erick: gay. Yeah. Can’t like your wife cuz that’s not straight enough.

Vivi: This is like so layered. I won’t get into it on this very ridiculous movie, but just the whole men don’t like women.

They just like the woman form. And actually showing affection towards women is seen as a negative thing is incredibly interesting to me. .

Erick: Mm. . even amongst men, it’s, it’s just so stupid. It really is. You can’t be a better man because men will put you down for it. so you get a lot of this same misogyny and teaching and, and avoidance, right? Like, people will avoid masculinity, speaking up because they’re like, well I wanna be roasted by like literally everyone else.

So why? But it takes like a special person to be like, Hey, no, I’m not gonna do what you say. Just cuz you think that, and you and your buddies are laughing about it. I’m not gonna fucking do it.

I don’t give a fuck about you, dude. I give a fuck about my girlfriend [00:36:00] and or wife. Or wife and or husband or boyfriend. I’m gonna do what I want and it has nothing to do with you, so fuck off.

Vivi: Yeah. It’s just insecure

Erick: people. But the guy keeps yelling. I sound like a Ricky Stan. You really do . But I do commend him because like, as pissed and chaotic and triggered as he is until he kills the dude.

He holds his ground. He’s just like pissed, turns back at him and Jennifer’s like, Hey, like, Fuck that guy. And he’s like, okay, fine. Like, I love you. he had potential to be good, aside from the killings that he did, but he had potential,

Vivi: Aside from the two people, he’s already murdered at this point.

Murdered had potential to save people. He was on his vigil anti shit.

Erick: Jennifer is able to calm him down again. So Ricky asks what the movie’s about anyway, and Jennifer says it’s about a guy who dresses up as Santa Claus and kills people.

Ricky’s like, what? . It’s just so what? His voice completely goes up on Octa

Vivi: I need to sue this production company, . It’s literally for stealing my life

Erick: story. . Yes. It’s footage literally from the first movie that’s up onscreen

Vivi: We’ve already recapped this movie in the first [00:37:00] 40 minutes. You know what? You need more of the first movie.

Erick: Ricky says, punish and gets up leaving Jennifer in her seat long enough for some dude named Chip to come talk to her.

Chip is her ex-boyfriend who it sounds like cheated on her and sit her up. He wants to know if she’ll get back with him, but she’s clearly uncomfortable and doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Vivi: Chip looks like he did not finish dyeing his hair blonde.

Erick: No, he’s got like brown patches right here.

Mm-hmm. . And then he is got full ass platinum later. They

Vivi: really should have just waited till he finished dye his hair to shoot all

Erick: these scenes. They were like, he’s 18 and then 19. This man looks

Vivi: 42.

Erick: He really does. he looks like if Harry styles. completely did all the drugs on the planet. Don’t

Vivi: insult Harry styles like that. Don’t

Erick: tell me he doesn’t look like Harry Styles if he was completely off as fucking Rockaway drugs. No

fucking . Turn your hat, battle

Vivi: you

Erick: in the background. The douche starts predicting the movie out loud to his friend. He keeps leaning over until on one camera [00:38:00] pan. It’s actually Ricky who just whispers naughty before cutting back to Jennifer and Chip when we hear groaning in the background. It’s funny cuz he’s like, and so like, the dude’s gonna kill somebody in the basement and it’s fucking so predictable.

Like, look at this, look at this. He’s, look at him, he’s going to the basement, and then down in the basement there’s gonna be like no lights on. And then Ricky’s like, put his tits in the dude’s face.

Vivi: If this were 2022, this guy would have a movie critique podcast, Whaty. he really would also you said the douche. And that just made me think

Erick: of Parks and Rock . He might as well be the douche Nick Kroll. Jennifer and Chip turn around to notice that the guy’s feet are just flailing around, but they pay no mind to it.

chip’s date is waiting for him. So he finally walks off saying he’ll be home all summer waiting for her. Meanwhile, Ricky is already sitting in the next seat next to Jen. she wants to leave. But Ricky’s like, nah, I’m starting to like this movie. And he smiles ominously at the camera.

Vivi: So that kill is so

Erick: cartoony. Yeah. It’s just feet

Vivi: flailing, flailing. You don’t know how he’s [00:39:00] killed or what happens to him. You just assume he’s killed. You don’t even know if he is killed. Right. What if he just knocked him out? I also feel very bad for Chip’s Date, who’s just waiting on the sidelines while he hits on another girl, his ex,

Erick: I don’t understand that conversation because at one point Chip tells Jennifer, your dad hasn’t seen you around the club anymore.

Where have you been? And then later she. it looks like your time is running out. Or are you using a credit card? I’m like, are do they work at a strip club or something? Is that where he knows her

Vivi: so I think the writers tried to create like a backstory for this couple and it just didn’t work out. Unless you actually know what happened between them.

You’re just supposed to infer that they have history. Yeah,

Erick: ricky also makes like some insensitive slut Shay comments cuz he’s, oh yes he does. it was my first time and I also thought it was hers

Vivi: I really didn’t like that comment. I think of all the things that Ricky’s got going on, he shouldn’t add slut shaming to

Erick: it. Naughty Ricky naughty. Later. The two of them are out for a walk. And . He is like very soft spoken when he is not [00:40:00] murdering people. He’s like, Hey um, how cute. I was thinking about, you know, what time do you get outta work? Cuz there’s a spot I really want to show you.

He, he’s very soft spoken when they’re out just for a stroll in the neighborhood. But they run in the chip who’s working on his car. Jennifer tries to avoid him, but he starts making fun of her for ending up with Ricky and tells her he wants her back. Ricky intervenes saying that’s enough But Chip brags about how he had sex with her in his red car. Jennifer tries stopping him, but he brushes her aside, causing her to fall. This drives Ricky over the edge. So he pushes chip down over the car and shoves a jumper cable into his mouth. It’s connected to a car battery charger.

So Ricky just ramps all the dials up to maximum this fries. Chip’s head to the point that his eyes explode right out of his skull. Would this happen? I don’t know. That’s fine. I just no, I don’t know. I don’t think your tongue is connected to your eyeballs, but no, I, I don’t know.

I really dunno.

Vivi: This kill is ridiculous. Not to say that Chip didn’t deserve. this cuz he seems like a very slimy dude. There’s just like so many things I hate about [00:41:00] this scene. who cares if Jennifer has had other partners? This guy’s clearly a douche and I’m sure she regrets this being partner.

Erick: Jennifer starts yelling at him, freaked out, but Ricky gets flashes of Mother Superior yelling at him, so he yells, punish. It isn’t until he yells punish, though. She’s like, Uh oh. , very goly. Ricky grabs the car and antenna off the car and strangles her right then and there a silly Ace man tour looking cop yells at at him asking him to freeze.

But Ricky just twists the cop’s hand, causing him to shoot himself in the head. Ricky picks the gun up and starts laughing. he’s just like, ha ha.

You won’t laugh too. Lowkey ha .

Vivi: So, I feel like this is where most of the film’s camp comes in. these next couple minutes are gonna be

Erick: ridiculous. . Yeah. He goes on a rampage through the neighborhood, pretty much killing everyone in sight, except for a little girl that bumps into him on her bike. . She didn’t see him just shoot somebody not five seconds before.

Vivi: So I think this is reminiscent of the first film where the babysitter is killed and the little girl is like [00:42:00] polite too Billy and Billy gives her a knife.

Do you remember that

Erick: scene? Yes. But that scene was more creepy than this one was in that one, you weren’t sure if Billy was about to kill a little girl. That there’s so much that true. Spence spilled up on that scene and this one is just like she bumps into him and he is just like, that’s okay, .

Vivi: I argue that you don’t know if Ricky’s gonna kill this little girl, but because she’s polite and says, excuse me, he’s like, you’re

Erick: good.

Not naughty. Yeah, One person’s ticking their trash out and he is like, garbage day . What? We even get a whole car explosion after Ricky shoots someone driving, causing them to spin outta control.

Vivi: This movie did not have the budget for an original screenplay, but had the budget to blow up a car is what blew my mind.

Erick: if you look at this scene with the car, winter Soldier in the Captain America. Do you remember when he like puts a bomb underneath and Nick Fury’s car flips, and the winters soldier just steps aside. It’s that close. If you watch Ricky, his body’s like right here and the car just goes aside from him. I did not notice that.

A bunch of cops are waiting for him at an intersection asking him to drop his weapon, but Ricky turns the gun on himself [00:43:00] while laughing hysterically. The cops are like, no, don’t do it. One of them is funny. He’s like, don’t do it. Drop it. Well, turning into his cop buddies. He just killed a bunch of innocent people. Anyway, the gun ends up being empty, but Ricky did try pulling the trigger.

We go back to present day and Ricky’s got the finger guns up to his head and he says it’s a shame that the gun was empty, but he was stopped before he went to do what he really wanted to do. He puts a cigarette down over the picture of Jennifer and we pan over to see Bloom is actually already dead and strangled over the table.

Ricky leaves the room saying he knows who’s to blame. As we hear people scream for help in the hallway while zooming into the recording device and the table.

Vivi: Do you wish we got to see Bloom die on screen or do you think it’s effective that he was killed offscreen?

Erick: It’s effective in both ways. I think it’s effective to be like you already knew he was gonna die. It doesn’t matter how he died. But to see him die would’ve been satisfying because this guy gave off this whole like, I’m hard.

I don’t need to worry about you energy. you sure you don’t want the order. Lee’s

Vivi: help.

I know. I mean I, as soon as I saw him walk in and be rude to the orderly, I [00:44:00] told you I can’t wait for this doctor to die. .

Erick: Yes, and I think what’s more upsetting is not watching the orderly beat Ricky’s ass the way you knew at the beginning.

He wanted to because that orderly was. . Give me one reason. He really was . Give me one reason and I will fucking O obliterate you right now. And then actually I think you do hear the orderly outside. Be like, what? You know? And I think he probably kills him, but that was unsatisfying.

So the cops show up to the crime scene with Sister Mary. I wonder where he’d be headed Since the orphanage is closed, he’d have no way to find hers since she lives on her own after having a stroke.

And Sister Mary’s like, oh, . it’s like they’ve got this feeling of comfort where like, oh, the orphanage is closed. There’s no way he’d find her. But the Yellow pages exist in this era. It’s the eighties. Cuts are Ricky killing a man for his Santa costume. Ricky rips through the Yellow Pages and manages to get Mother Superior’s phone number. I also wondered, what did he look up?

Vivi: I was about to ask. This is, she listed in the Yellow Pages as Mother

Erick: Superior, Superior, last name Mother [00:45:00] Kama. Mother . He calls her to say, Santa’s back and hangs up on her leaving the phone booth while maniacally laughing. , this is the first time we see the modern day Mother Superior. I will say they went with the same logic as they did with the first one.

How do we make an older person look older? You give them a wheelchair, was the solution on the first one? Because obviously the lady who plays Mother Superior is the same age. And both when Billy’s young and older. So they were just like, well put her in a wheelchair. And then she looks older in this one, they said, let’s scar half her face and make it look like something else cuz she has a stroke.

forgive me if I don’t know this, but I don’t think that the scarring would be the result of a stroke like this. it looks more like a cancer. It looks more like cancer than a

Vivi: stroke. So I think, again, I could be wrong, but strokes lead people to have paralysis. What is done to Mother Superior is terrible.

Special effects makeup. It’s so bad that I kind of couldn’t focus on anything else throughout the rest of the scenes when she was in [00:46:00] them, just on how bad that makeup looked.

Erick: that’s what leads me to believe that the only reason they did it was cuz like, we need to make her look even older.

She’s already in a wheelchair. How do we mess her up

Vivi: more or distract from the fact that it’s not the same actress. Right. That we’ve been showing in all these flashbacks.

Because Mother Superior was already 96 when Billy was a kid, and somehow Ricky’s now 45 and she’s still 96.

Erick: She’s mother superior man. The power of God has let her live

Vivi: this. The power of Christ

Erick: propels her . Yeah. Kids are playing outside Monte the superiors place until one of their toys is destroyed by Ricky. Who approaches. She’s a little spook. So she pulls out a bottle of wine, but she drops her glass.

When Ricky goes to the door with an

Vivi: ax, is it wine? It looks like brandy or cognac. I thought

Erick: it was the Blood of Christ. It’s some dark liquor. It’s in a decon. It’s in a decanter. It’s a decon. It’s in a decon. It’s . What’s a deta? It’s in a DeConto. Uh, It’s in a decanter though. And like one that you have that I got you for [00:47:00] Christmas.

Vivi: No, that looks like a cognac or brandy decant.

Erick: Oh, did Italy? Yeah. Okay. Whatever. What she’s drinking though. It’s that hard. Liquor . That’s . I wanna wanna point out that when Ricky goes at the door with the ax, we noticed that her apartment is room 6 66. Why would someone who’s religious not be like, I don’t wanna live there.

Let me live somewhere

Vivi: else. It does not make sense. Yeah. It’s actually in the movie poster that he enters through a door that says 6

Erick: 66. Only for that reason doesn’t make sense for the poster, but don’t put that in the movie, as in Mother Superior chose to live. Yeah. I don’t

Vivi: think she’d be willingly

Erick: there.

Yeah. Or they’re like mother superior’s the devil. Cuz she’s the reason that these kids went to hell because she dropped the gun. Yeah.

Superior tries barricading herself in upstairs. But the ax Ricky has pretty much helps him get through anything that she throws at him. I even think it’s funny cause at one point it’s just like a back and forth with her smashing the door in with her wheelchair. He opens it up, she smashes the door in again with her wheelchair and then she grabs the keys and then she locks the door.

Like, bro, she, he has an ax [00:48:00] this whole time he got in with the ax

Vivi: so why did we go through that whole bit?

Erick: For funs. For funnies. For funs? Yeah. For it’s just jokes. He uses the act to pretty much go through everything. And while Mother Superior sneaks back downstairs, Ricky goes on a rampage squeaking at everything in sight. finally finds her at the top of the stairs trying to make her way down.

but when he swings at her, she throws herself down the. She makes it to the kitchen and grabs a knife before she starts taunting him, that he’s trashed like his brother and needs to be punished. She kind of sounds like the little old lady from Halloween town where she’s just like, you are bad.

You have to be punished. Take your punishment. Halloween Town. Yeah, the little grandma

Vivi: oh, when they’re like confronting

Erick: the caliber, caliber you are raised by me.

You have to be punished. Take your

Vivi: punishment. She really buckles down on the fact that she just traumatized everyone. , this person is now an adult and she’s like, I raised you, therefore you should respect me. Such a old way of thinking, [00:49:00] but good God. Yeah.

Erick: Right. This man is literally here to kill you, about to murder you.

And she’s like, no,

Vivi: you Ben over. I will not be afraid of you grown man who’s at the gym every day and I am 125 in a wheelchair.

Erick: she’s doing something that’s making her live this long. It’s killing children. Think she has a packed with saying, yeah, traumatizing children is scheduled alive this long . Is that the key to a long life?

that’s what’s in that bottle. Fuck we, we said brandy and wine. It’s the blood of children. He’s had it and is like naughty. This before bringing the ax down in that instant, the cops show up outside, but it’s too late. They go inside with Sister Mary and find mother superiors seated at her dining table.

Sister Mary approaches and her head just rolls off. Sister Mary collapses, revealing Ricky standing behind her. He raises his ax, but the lieutenant and another cop fire at him several times, blasting him out the window. He lays on the ground with his eyes shut as the cop goes over to Sister Mary saying it’s all over.

She turns around and literally right here, like next to her face, she sees mother [00:50:00] superiors head just decapitated and she starts screaming. In that instant, Ricky opens his eyes and smiles leading us to the, that’s

Vivi: I don’t think that chopping off mother’s superiors head would be that clean where he could then stage the body. He would’ve had to be very careful about it.

It wouldn’t be like a violent kill cuz there’s no blood on her clothes.

Erick: That’s just how old she is. She ain’t got no blood.

Vivi: She’s got no blood in her left. That’s that’s a good point.

Erick: The blood is in her feet cuz she ain’t gotten off that wheelchair and age. . That’s fucked up. She got bunions, . So that’s the end of the movie. There’s like a faint swing of an ax and then the credits roll What do you think of this ridiculous movie

Vivi: I feel like I need a minute to collect my thoughts. I think on the first watch I was just so angry that the first 40 minutes were the first

Erick: movie. We truly brought our phones out. I was playing this app, you were watching tos

Vivi: which is not cool when we’re trying to cover a movie and trying to think of jokes and like cover it in a way that does it justice.

But they [00:51:00] didn’t even have the patience to make a new movie or the budget more likely. I think talking about it now and making fun of how ridiculous it is, makes me appreciate it a little more and realize that there’s some things that this film accidentally did correctly that were fun. Not exactly a very Christmasy movie, which I said at the beginning,

Erick: yes, the only literal thing it has to do with Christmas is the day it’s on, he steals the Santa suit, which also doesn’t even like fit the Ricky vibe. Right? Like Ricky has been killing regardless of the Santa suit. Billy’s whole bit was like, Santa Sucks .

Vivi: Uh,

I think for him it was some sort of poetic justice for his brother.

Erick: He’s like, I need to wear the same thing. It’s a super, super,

Vivi: it’s his super suit. . I think you should not take a shot every time Mother Superiors said in this movie, , because I can’t tell you how many times we started singing that song. this is ridiculously campy. I don’t think it was their intention to make it this campy, but Eric Freeman’s acting was just accidentally perfect for this film and [00:52:00] makes this film.

Erick: He’s so good. I, again, I don’t know if it was another stuff, but I hope that this was his vibe in anything he did.

Vivi: Just over the top like crazy . So I’m gonna give this movie a Five Outta 10. I don’t know if it’s something that I would throw on every Christmas, but it was very funny to watch for at least the last couple of

Erick: minutes.

I would throw this on as a double feature. I’d be like, okay, let’s watch the whole ass first movie and then throw on the last 30 of the . Same

Vivi: one, right? Skip the first 40

Erick: of this. Yeah. I’m gonna be more generous. I think I’d give this a seven.

Oh, so you actually really enjoyed those. I had fun with it. I wasn’t bored even doing the writeup. Like there’s been movies that are like critically acclaimed and I’m just like, oh fuck, I have to watch this a third time now. We talk shit about a lot of movies.

We talk great things about a lot of movies, but I think it takes a lot of effort and work to just do anything. And I say this because I’ve been just riding the line of sanity editing, even just our show and Suffolk Patreon. So like, I commend everybody who does anything. And this movie is an [00:53:00] example of like a project that maybe didn’t have the most effort, but the people who were in it did what they had to do.

Ricky Eric Freeman specifically killed it. killed everyone in this movie. And yeah, I think seven for me is a solid

Vivi: So I believe that someone tracked him down and made him do a commentary on this film. Let’s go. I’m gonna watch that , see if

Erick: we can find it. Yeah,

Vivi: it’s fun. Do not take this movie seriously. It’s just fun.

Erick: Okay, so Loki’s waiting for his closeup. But what scared him.

Vivi: So both Ripley and Loki watched this movie with us and they had no reaction to anything. But you know what? They did react to a Roomba that we just bought .

Erick: They said, oh, it was garbage day. They really did . I didn’t know that we were buying garbage. this shit’s kind of su Elvira’s. Like, is this my new bff? it has a little light on the front and Avira still loves chasing shadows.

Vivi: that or one day she’s gonna kill it. I don’t know.

Erick: She already tried. cuz upstairs it was mapping and she was like diving over it and landed on it and it was like, oh, obstruction,

Vivi: No, I did not know that. do you [00:54:00] wanna tell us about it?

Erick: Loki,

Vivi: I’m just laughing at the fact that he’s in Ripley’s Spot and it’s very tiny

Erick: for him. If I lay here, the Roomba will get me. This is the only room, the Roomba I can’t access.

Vivi: Well we had to get it cuz you guys are

Erick: so messy. Yeah. Okay, that was selling night, deadly night.

And I think we’re pretty much good to go for the holidays.

Vivi: Again, this movie’s not real heavy with the holiday spirit, but

Erick: you know what is heavy with the holiday spirit, this drink that we’ve made for today. So, chug along, shoot us a message. Let us know what you thought of Silent Night. Deadly night too. And

Vivi: as always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us.

You can follow us pretty much anywhere at Shake Not Scared Pod except Twitter. Twitter Shaken Scared Pod. You could send us an email at Shake not scared pod So

Erick: for the show on Paton, we have a bunch of bonus episodes over there, so make sure not to miss them. Like I said, we just released Thanks Killing. It’s another commentary video, so we had fun with it. I think we’re funny. Go watch . listen wherever we get your podcast, give us a follow, check out our [00:55:00] drink videos.

If you’re watching this on YouTube, comment, subscribe.

Vivi: Be sure to like, great review, all that good stuff. And Kay, thanks. Bye bye.

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