The Love Witch (2016) | Ep 75: She Will Never Be Satisfied!

Erick: [00:00:00] Falling apart? I’m dying. You’re melting like the real witch

Vivi: of the West

Erick: Welcome back to the Shake Out Scared podcast here with you as always, Eric and bbb. Today we’re talking about the 2016 film, the Love Witch, directed by Anna Biller. Before we get into that, how are you

Vivi: Bebe?

I am super excited to talk about this

Erick: movie. It’s been a long time of coming. I always see it promoted on Hulu. Was it Hulu? Shutter. Shutter it looks fun. I even was surprised it is from 2016 cuz of how good his, as far as like shooting it, like an old

Vivi: style movie. Yeah, it’s very seventies style.

I’ve wanted to cover this since like last Valentine’s Day, so I’m excited. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day horror. It

Erick: is. And I think it’s a good Valentine’s Day movie for anyone involved, cuz sometimes I feel like at least as a dude guys will be like uh, Valentine’s Day movie.

It’s not for me. But I think this is good for whoever is watching it.

Vivi: Spoiler alert for our opinions at the

Erick: end. Yeah,

Vivi: What’s up

Erick: with you ? I’ve been okay. It’s fine. Yeah, it is fine.

time is like this existential [00:01:00] crisis. Yep. And that’s all it is all around . what do you have for Cub content?

Vivi: I randomly decided to watch the happening last night. Honestly, I wanted to watch Piggy, but I was doing other things and Piggy is in another language, so I would have to sit there and read subtitles.


Erick: said that it was in Spain, Spanish, but of the Lankin. I think that’s what

Vivi: it’s called. Yeah, I think that’s what it’s called. And I could understand like every other word, but I was like, oh no, I actually have to pay attention. So I threw on the happening because I remember you saying that it reminded you so much of Bird Box, vice versa and vice versa.

So I gave it a shot. I was not a fan though.

Erick: You like Sandra better?

Vivi: I did. Hmm. could be the acting in this one. A lot of it did not work for me. .

Erick: I only think that I was against Bur Box because when watching it, everyone was like, well, greatest film on the planet. And yeah, I sound like a hater, but I was like, I mean, this is basically the happening and it’s not like a holy new concept.

It felt like the happening mix with Quiet Place is what Bird Box felt like. Okay. Yeah, it had been a long time since I’d seen the happening, so [00:02:00] I agree. I think that Mark Wahlberg and Zoe Desel were not the best acting

Vivi: choices, not at this point in their careers. At least. Zoe Desel, I feel like plays herself.

She’s one of those actresses.

Erick: So does Mark Wahlberg, I feel like plays the same dude and everything he’s in. Yeah.

Vivi: But other than that, I also watched this documentary, it’s not new I think it came out last year, but it just got released to Hulu. The Secrets of Playboy are so fucked

Erick: up . It is. I only watched it a little bit cuz you fell asleep with it on and I was trying to tell you about it.

The next day you

Vivi: finally finished it, right? I did and then I kept telling you all the horrible things that they said in that documentary. No spoilers for if you wanna go check it out again, it came out last year, but it just became available. It’s just fucked man. . That’s all

Erick: I can say. I haven’t finished it either, but when you told me what happened and just all the really messed up stories, I went onto Twitter and I was like, so has anyone checked it out? Cuz from the sounds of it, it’s basically a horror movie.

Vivi: a horror documentary. Yes.

Erick: And it’s really messed up cuz your real stories obviously.

Vivi: Yeah. on that depressing note. What do you have for creepy content? [00:03:00] So I

Erick: had a lot of fun actually a few weeks ago I was on with Anthony from Fuck You, Hext. We talked a lot about just different scary things. I think we had a grand old time and we could have been talking forever.

was probably one of the first times that he and I had like kind of left the conversation to our conscious streams But we focused in on , the Backrooms and Illa. So it was a good time. Go check it out. Fuck you. Hex is the name of his show. the rest of his show is also really good.

You don’t have to go cause I’m there. I also played Prognostic, You’re a cop who has a history with this like witch who helped cops in the past solve murders.

And in order to find out what happened to her and the cop who was working with her, you have to step backwards in her path, but also use her magic to help ongoing murders. So while you’re trying to solve the ongoing murders, the grandma’s like haunting you. Mm-hmm. and you have to try to solve the murders before she kills you.

It’s really fun. Yeah. I got through I think seven days. Seven days . Yeah. And there’s still a lot to go I think. Cause I didn’t. what’s going on? The [00:04:00] last one that I thought was really hard was I had to figure out someone’s birthday using zodiac signs and fire signs and stuff.

I told you it was really complicated. I’m really bad at reading comprehension as, you know, . So I was sitting there like, wait, what? To these like three pages of instructions? It’s too much, it’s too much work. Well, in the end I was like, oh, it has the birthday right here. I I know. They’re like, how do you know what

Vivi: Zodiac said?

They’re . That’s funny. I could have helped you with that probably. But as we know, I can’t watch you play those like games cuz I get sick.

Erick: well if they’re darker, I wonder if you would if I just close my eyes. . you know, reach into your witch psyche and just, you know, tap, read the energies into the game.

If you uh, listen to the budge part of Fuck You Hext, you’ll know that I was saying that the internet and witchcraft are the same thing. Oh, interesting. vibes and auras are just waves. welcome to my Ted Talk, about witchcraft, witch crack and wifi.

What do you have for a comfort content?

Vivi: Nothing. No? No comfort.


Erick: comfort. What about you? I’ve found comfort in Ripley. having accidents in Oh, you jinxed it. [00:05:00] Damnit. You’re right.

just have one thing. Vox Mak was suggested to us by one of our friends, Daryl, shout out to Daryl. And it’s like an animated and messed up version of what you would think is the Witcher and Lord of the Rings. it’s created by critical role, which is like a d and d thing. I thought it was fun.

It’s really messed up. It’s on Amazon Prime. So if you do have time to go watch fantasy stories and Murder, go check it out. While we gather our fun facts, let’s talk about this drink.

Vivi: You got a segue to bring us back? No, we never do.

Erick:  Put a spell on your loved one with that drink.

If it works, let us know. , send your loved one who has a spell on them to send us a message.

Vivi: Sounds like they’re gonna sue

Erick: us. if the spell works, they don’t even know they’re

Vivi: under a spell. That’s true. That’s not good.

So you ready to give me fun

Erick: facts? I am. I only have two. Wow. the first one I have is that Anna Biller, who’s obviously the director, created Elaine’s character after [00:06:00] reading some relationship self-help books. One book in particular though suggested that a woman should love a man more than a man loves her. Which reminded her of the way women were portrayed in classic cinemas, sometimes loving men to literal death.


Vivi: I could see where that inspiration came in.

Erick: Fem fatal, fem fatel for nothing.

Vivi: definitely. I feel like she wasn’t inspired by the fem fatel era. With

Erick: Elaine. Plenty. It’s kind of funny how the movie ends too, and I feel like it really leans into the whole message of the movie, but also like the books that are out there suggesting all kinds of radical shit for

Vivi: relationships.

Yeah. I, I haven’t read one. I can’t .

Erick:  You’ve never read a book though. That is like, hate yourself. Love you, man.

Vivi: Twilight .

Erick: True, true, true. David Mullen had shot a film for a Anna Biller in the past on a 16 millimeter, and was approached once more with the vision of bringing the classic cinematic feel to life in modern day. I read a whole snippet.

It was actually kind of funny. It was from David Mullen on, like Reddit style, like a forum, like, Hey [00:07:00] guys, guess what I’m doing, I’m working on this film called The Love Witch for Anna Biller, and it’s kind of cool cause like back in the day I filmed the 60 millimeter thing for her now she wants me to do this.

And it’s all this like cinema and photography speak, like I shot it on a f 2.8 shutter speed. It’s probably all wrong. Come at me . But it’s a whole thing. So if you are interested in finding out how David Mullen filmed this, you can probably go find it on and he’s got like three paragraphs worth of detail on how he filmed it.

point is that he ended up shooting this in the 35 millimeter, which let him get closer to technical or than anything else allegedly, take his word for it, he could have

Vivi: possibly used. Visually. You can tell that this film is very different. any modern film.

Like again, I think when I told you I wanna cover this, you’re like, oh, is it that movie from the seventies? I was like, it’s not , but it’s shocked to feel that very like dreamy quality technicolor.

Erick:  Which means that it worked right? As someone who was looking at it from outside in.

It was so close to an old movie look that I was like, oh yeah, it isn’t an old movie. It’s an old movie. If this was done [00:08:00] a different way, they would’ve just put a filter on it and called it a day.

Vivi: Yeah. And a biller like is incredibly involved with this movie. This is, I would probably say her like, baby, not only did she direct, right, she did like set design, produce music, like everything she did, like she had a hand

Erick: in.

Vivi: I actually recommend watching the Joe Bobs Briggs Les Drive-in special on this because he interviews the director and she gives insight into the movie and it’s, it’s pretty fun.

are you stalling because I’m making you do the speed run again? No.

Erick: Hold on. What happens in this then?

Vivi: All right. Ready, set,

Erick: go.

 Elaine is a person who’s coming in from out of town. She has a mysterious pass, but she shows up to town, introduce herself to all the other women. Turns out that witches are a natural thing in this community.

There’s a already existing witch craft community that is protected apparently. , these rules that are kind of openly spoken about. They’re like, oh yeah, those are just the witches. Like, they’re just any other group that hangs out there. So little by little we find out that Elaine has these powers to [00:09:00] make whoever she wants fall in love with her.

She kills this dude Wayne, who’s like madly feeling for her. There’s uh, her neighbor’s husband who also is like into her, but he’s more into the concept of her, not actually into her than there’s this cup who’s square, John? And he’s like, yeah, I’m here to save the days. She also tries for magic on him.

Doesn’t work. Everything ends up tragically, but not really for Elaine, more for everyone else. And uh, it’s this, it’s this real like push and pull thing of how she loves more the concept of power, not men.

Vivi: Wow. You had one second left. Yes.

Erick: Did it, was it good though? Did I do all

Vivi: right? You spent like the first 20 seconds talking about the witch community

Erick: Well, cuz it’s a pretty prominent piece in the film. I thought you weren’t gonna make it . this is what’s there and everything else kind of just follows. It is a lot of world building. I think it’s

Vivi: also a long movie. It is. It is a two hour film. And would you say it lags at some point?

Erick: But isn’t that what those old movies were like?

Vivi: It, it is how those old movies felt. I [00:10:00] really enjoyed this movie. .

Erick: Yeah. I wouldn’t say I was bored at any point. Yeah, exactly.


Vivi: is beautiful and stunning and honestly you could throw it on if you don’t like any single plot point in this movie, just throw it on because it is just beautiful to look at .

Erick: Mm-hmm . And the music is good. I even took a bath while I watched this. That sounds weird. . Given the vibe of this movie, it’s also very sexual and I was not doing anything. I was just chilling. Anyway, Shall we get started? Yeah,

Hit me with the love witch.

Vivi: I’d like to say I tried to do the, the blue eyeshadow. It’s coming off very uh, navy blue in this camera. Would you like me to adjust the lighting? It’s okay. But that’s, that’s the goal of what I was going for here today.

Erick: How cool would it be if I could like, just switch this to look technical or like in the movie?

Vivi: We gotta get a 35 millimeter

Erick: film. All right.

Vivi: I’ll be back. All right,

we open on a lane driving a red car down an open road. She has the coolest blue eyeshadow and is saying that she’s starting a new life for herself.

she reaches for another cigarette from her purse and outfalls a tarot deck with the three of swords triggering Elaine [00:11:00] to have a flashback of a man being poison. And saying, poor Jerry explaining that she had a nervous breakdown when he left her.

There’s a really funny bit here from her therapist because she’s like, I’m all cured now. My therapist says that everyone suffers some more than me. .  we talked a little bit about this, but we kept saying this had like a lot of comedic elements.

Erick: Oh. The whole movie is pretty much a comedy, at least for any part, then doesn’t involve murder

Vivi: Yeah. I wouldn’t call this exactly a horror comedy, but there is definitely some funny parts

Erick: into it. This may just be because I recently have gotten into Poppy but her voice is a lot like what Poppy sounds like.

Vivi: She’s very sing-songy. Yeah. Apparently the actress, Samantha Robinson and Anna Biller, like really worked close together to create the character of Elaine. They wanted to make her believable. And I feel like you could tell when a director and an actor like on the same page,

Erick: she doesn’t miss a beat.

I don’t think that there’s any time in the film where you disbelieve Elaine is a character from this era. I told you that it tricked me. she looks the [00:12:00] part when she moves her hair and puts it on her, I was like, oh, that’s, so that’s how they did it. I even learned some things . I didn’t know that that’s how they made their hair look like that.

Vivi: It’s definitely not the like early two thousands bump it that women used to wear.

Do you, do you remember that? Awful? Mm. Also, I feel like time in this movie is not exactly a factor because I don’t think it’s from the seventies. There’s a point where Trish pulls out a cell phone. Okay. I was gonna ask you. Only cell phone

Erick: we ever see. Oh my God. I was gonna ask you cause I was, prepping the bath when this scene happened and I was like, sounds like you had a little ritual . Did she just pull the cell phone out? The phone? Yes. Wait, hold on. And I was gonna ask, but I completely forgot. So I’m glad you brought it up yeah, it is kind of in limbo, this world,

Vivi: It’s the one time you’re kind of like pulled out of it, like, oh. Still modern times? Possibly. Or is it all

Erick: a dream?

Vivi: Definitely. Elaine is not the reliable narrator, I would

Erick: say. Mm-hmm. ,

Vivi: I also mentioned the color of her car, because this woman is decked, outted red

Erick: She’s doing the classic like, driving and then there’s the moving background. Oh, it’s so bad. Yeah. Yeah. [00:13:00] again, you’re trying to catch the essence of this time, of that time,

Vivi: So a police car pulls up behind her and pulls her over. She looks pretty nervous about this. The cop simply informs her that her taillight is out and she looks pretty relieved. lets her off with a warning and she drives

Erick: off, fuck this cop mind’s your business. It’s daytime.

What do you mean by tail is out?

Vivi: You realize this is Griff, right? Griff Who pulls her over? Oh, it’s him.

It’s Griff from the end. Yes. Oh. So when she’s like, I feel like I’ve seen you before, and he’s like, me too. It’s because he’s pulled her over before .

Erick: I thought she was alluding to the painting.

Vivi: No. Well, yes, but that’s part of it. They actually have seen each other before. Interesting. Also, Griff, he, like you mentioned in your speed run, very squared jaw, like classic handsome dude modeled for romance, novel cover.

Oh no, that’s how he got this role because he was just so like classically beautiful ,

Erick: no shame to Guillon keys. But I do want to tell you that his acting style is exactly like the main guy from Nick Gilling. to his [00:14:00] voice. I even double took cuz I was like, that sounds exactly like the football guy.

Vivi: Oh, his acting is not good. I think the point is that he’s handsome and it could be seen on as a commentary of like female characters in time.

Erick: There’re just looks not anything else. Not substance, no personality.

Vivi: Yeah.

I will say that you need a probably second watch of this film because if you just watched it one time, you would think, oh, this is like a stupid take on like women and how they should treat men.

Or like, I don’t really know what this movie’s trying to say. It’s clever. It’s all underlined. Like, I hope we can get into it, but. .

Erick: There’s like some, but I keep getting in the way, but I keep an idiot, man. No,


Vivi: I keep getting distracted I’m sweating. , which is apparently also fitting because all the lights they had to do for this film to shoot on 35 only, it was like hot.

Erick: Yeah. When you look at the pictures, it’s just a bunch of people standing over. Elaine on a bed. ,

Vivi: they’re sweating. Probably

Erick: on tour. . Ooh, gross. Glistening with other people’s sweat.

Vivi: Stunning. Elaine’s in her monologue is funny to me. She talks about how [00:15:00] when Jerry left, she studied everything possible and how to get your man back, and that all the experts agree that men are very fragile and that you have to be tricky.

You cannot assert yourself in any other way, or they get crushed.

Erick: Egos are tiny .

Vivi: Elaine pulls up on a beautiful Victorian home where Trish, the interior designer, is giving her the keys to her new apartment. The apartment is designed to be a very Wicca designed from the tarot card deck. Pretty cool looking

Erick: apartment.

Your friend was like, this is her vibe. And she was like, that’s weird as hell. I didn’t think you were gonna like it. You were gonna wanna leave. And she’s like, no, that’s, this is totally my vibe’s.

Vivi: Perfect. Trisha’s a funny character to me because every time she sees Elaine, and I’ve mentioned this to you, she’s like, oh my God, you’re really pretty.

Oh, I don’t mean it that way. I’m married. . It’s like Trish, nobody thought it was weird that you said that until you made it weird. .

Erick: Hey, Trish. And uh, Elaine could be shipped.

Vivi: don’t think so. No. I don’t think they have a good friendship or relationship.

I mean,

Erick: no. Yeah, Elaine ends up screwing her

Vivi: over big time. Trish shows her [00:16:00] around the apartment and Elaine asks her where she could grab a bite to eat. Trish informs her that she was just gonna go get lunch at the tea room and if she’d like to join her. This tea room is beautiful. It is pink . It is glittery.

Everyone is also dressed in pink wearing tea hats and Yep. There’s even a heart player in the background, which

Erick: never comes back into play. Right. She just intensely stares at a lane. I thought maybe she was a witch herself. I think she is a witch. Okay. But she doesn’t come back later though.

Vivi: She is in like the other tea room scenes, just kind of like watching.

Erick: She’s the one who’s like hitting the big ass. When Elaine looks at somebody ,

Vivi: she’s literally just scoring Elaine’s

Erick: life. She’s just running around with a harp everywhere she’s going. Could you imagine? Fuck, she’s going this way now. Yeah. I pay her to do this. . Yeah. I don’t know. Every time somebody dies, there’s a harp in the room.

Vivi: just saying. The two women discuss how the room is like a fairytale, and how deep down all women. Is a fairytale and a Prince Charming. But Elaine admits that she doesn’t think she’s found her Prince charming just yet. And how she’s been studying men ever since her [00:17:00] ex-husband left her. Here’s where we get her famous line.

You gotta say just like her. Oh, I don’t know if I could say it. This was like a really popular TikTok sounder, like a year or two ago. Now that’s too much pressure.


Erick: okay. , the day he left me was the day that I died, but then I was reborn as a witch. I, I can’t remember which. Which

Vivi: because she does say it so dramatically. I think that’s like part of her charm as Elaine as she delivers things as dramatic as they are in her head.

Hmm. But she’s like, the day he left me was the day that I died. But then I was reborn as a witch. . I don’t think I did it right. I didn’t do it justice. That was great. I believed you. .

Erick: You’re gonna go do some love spells on me later.

Vivi: I don’t have to. I already got this. I used sex to get what I wanted. . I’m not proud of it though, is what Trish says. ,

Erick: I’m a virgin. I’m just here. .

Vivi: The two women continue to have an interesting conversation about love with Elaine, believing you should give a man everything. He wants to be his fantasy. But Trish [00:18:00] believes she’s been brainwashed by the patriarchy asking her what about what women want. She tells Elaine that a husband is not a prince and life is not a fairytale.

Elaine’s response. Maybe life would be more like a fairytale if you pleased your husband

Erick: more. Whoa. Elaine. We just met dude.

Vivi: I know. She went straight for the throat. I was like, damn girl.

Erick: She want, you want some real tea? Trish, if you gave. . I was supposed to. If you gave better Dick , your husband might love you more.

If you started dis pecking your husband, that might be what he

Vivi: wants. We don’t

Erick: know

Vivi: just then Richard Trisha’s husband walks in. Elaine looks at him intensely while dramatic music plays. It seems like she’s putting a spell on him as the two are introduced.

Erick: Girl in the back’s like going hard. I did think that this was interesting cuz the dude just comes in and then Trisha’s like, what are you doing here?

And he’s like, I don’t know, I was just looking for you . And she’s like, men aren’t allowed in here.

Vivi: Which is so interesting. I don’t know if places like this actually exist, like all women tea rooms or something.

Erick: just aren’t looking hard enough babe. You need to find the neighborhood,

Vivi: which [00:19:00] is, there is a neighborhood tea shop.

actually around here there is also like a uh, apathic. . Hmm. That we go into. I had to stop myself from going there after work today to buy a bunch of props for this movie. You should, and by that I mean stuff I just want,

Erick: you should ask them, see if there’s like a community thing.

There probably is, right? and then you’ll be brought into the community. Pink tea

Vivi: room. Pink tea room. The secret tea room back in her apartment. Elaine is painting and creating spells. She’s creating a love ritual and praise to a goddess, asking her to send her a beautiful sweet man to love her.

The next day Elaine goes to sell her spell candles and soaps to a wicken store. This interaction is interesting to me. the owner of the shop is very like stoic, but like, not a bad actress, but I

Erick: think she’s kind of cool because she plays the don’t ass don’t tell role.

She really does. you know, cuz right now she’s just like, yeah, sure. I’ll sell it. Then later the cops are just like, so who gave you this? And they’re like, uh, this lady , although I guess in that case she is a snitch.

She snitched. Yeah.

Vivi: just like the kind of notion that [00:20:00] there is an underground community of witches in this town and they’re all supporting each other.

That’s true in some way. When she breaks for lunch, she explains that people always ask her why she’s a witch, and she explains that witchcraft is not exactly what people think, that it’s just using your will to get what you want. Just then she turns her gaze on a professor talking to a young girl, and he leaves her immediately to go over to talk to Elaine

Erick: I know we’re getting that. Wayne, his name’s Wayne. Mm-hmm. is under a spell, but the girlfriend is just like, okay with him leaving her

Vivi: so I don’t know if she’s his girlfriend so much as a student he’s banging because that seems to be Wayne’s vibe here.

 I’ll spare you the awkward flirting, but essentially Elaine invites herself over to the professor’s cabin for a date. .

This man is also just willing to go off with a woman that he just met to his detriment.

Erick: he’s under her spell though. No. Isn’t that the effect I’ll do what you want. I love you.

Vivi: Absolutely. But I do think that a man not under a spell would do this.

Erick: true. I think it’s the commentary of this film [00:21:00] whether the magic works or not, this is very possible because a man to Elaine’s point earlier is very simple. A lot of it is face value none of it is deep. I felt like the roles kind of switched Elaine was having trouble finding the love she was looking for.

 It felt like Elaine didn’t want anything deep. She just wanted the, to feel powerful over these men. men will. You know, use and abuse women and don’t give a shit about like their feelings.

Yeah. I

Vivi: definitely think this film can be viewed as like criticism on heterosexual man and woman romantic relationships.

And I think even to one of the points you made earlier, she says that witchcraft doesn’t guarantee that I’ll get what I want. I can only work with what’s already there. So yeah. Wayne’s interest in her was like probably already there and she just made it more intense.

Erick: Yeah.

yeah, I got a cabin in the woods. Yeah. I’m down to die out in the middle of nowhere.

Vivi: Wayne is creepy. Hmm. Every man in this is creepy. .

Erick: I read that they pull up on the cabin , pull up .

Vivi: No, that’s not what they do. They pull [00:22:00] up to the cabin and the professor doesn’t even try to wait to get inside before putting the moves on her.

It’s like, dude, you drove all the way up there and was like, you wanna just do it in the.

Erick: No. Yeah, he’s like, let’s relive our young fantasies like we were kids. I was like, yoyo, hold on. you wanna rephrase that for a second? .

Vivi: So to kinda put the brakes on him, Elaine hands him a flask and instructs him to drink it.

She says, you wanna be a kid? Let’s do some

Erick: underage drinking in the car. You know, it is very much a testament to just dos being thirsty, right? Mm-hmm. , because she’s like, drink it and he doesn’t think twice. Like he’s kinda like, what’s in it? Mm-hmm. . But he chugs all of it. cuz she tells him to, he doesn’t think to be like, do you want some,

Vivi: it’s very interesting cuz it feels like Wayne thinks he’s in control here. And often when we see this situation, it’s usually the man doing these things to the woman. But here is Elaine pulling the strings on him. So he just, he just drinks it once inside the two begin their date night, the two talk and get to know each other.

And we learn that Wayne has been drugged by Elaine. Shocking . She gave him hallucinogenic [00:23:00] herbs and vodka. I

Erick: wanted to know what her. is it mushrooms? Are

Vivi: mushrooms, herbs?

He starts tripping balls. He really does. Elaine begins to do a strip tease and I think this is her further putting him under a spell.

Erick: I need to jacket like that. It’s pretty Salish the rainbow jacket on the inside.

Vivi: It is. It’s so corny too this scene because before when the two are talking and getting to know each other you know, we learned a little bit about Wayne being a professor and you could tell he’s impressed with the fact that Elaine knows a little bit about literature, which is what he teaches, which goes to show you what he thinks of women who are attractive.

But after that exchange, Elaine’s doing this strip tease for him and he says such a cheesy line. He’s like, you’re all dark and mysterious, but that the rainbow. Who do you give that to? . And she’s like, I give it to you and throws the jacket at him. I was like, this is really corny. I felt

Erick: like I was on drugs watching this cuz I couldn’t have, I think you’re supposed to understand what was going on either.

Yeah. Who is it for? Lane , who is the rainbow for?

Vivi: [00:24:00] Because while this is going on, there’s like light flares and things going on. You’ve, I think are meant to feel like Wayne tripping

Erick: now. it’s weird watching this movie cuz it’s like, well, I’m a man as well. Oh you know when he’s like, you’re so dark and mysterious and he’s attracted to her dark and Mysteriousness, we always see this, think back to any screamo hardcore metal emo song music video that you all

Vivi: know 2000 and have in your psyche.

It’s like,

Erick: oh, the emo girl’s so hot. Fuck the girl wearing a headband and wearing pink and shit. That girl sucks. She’s too boring. I love the Emo Girl.

Vivi: I’m in love with an emo

Erick: girl. I wonder what that means.

Vivi: I could tell you what it means. It’s that anything feminine is inherently terrible and bad and therefore should be hated by all. You should not strive to be extremely feminine. You should try to adapt more to the male gaze. But it’s very odd because then men love femininity to a no.

They don’t love femininity. They love the female form. I have questions. Oh, . I could teach a class on this. .

Erick: Okay, you said that it’s because people hate [00:25:00] anything feminine. They do. I’m talking about my case. Mm-hmm. . Cause I liked you cause you were like a dark chick.

I’m sorry

Vivi: you got no rainbow. Yeah. It’s just more depression. Uh, You got more

Erick: rainbow as we got older like this. Oh yeah. Giant

Vivi: pink chair. . I think that’s unlearning. Um, Internalized misogyny and the hate for what you were told is not good.

Erick: That’s where I’m confused. I I believe you.

I’m not like mm-hmm. debating it. just trying to understand like, okay, if we hate femininity as men mm-hmm. . So liking the darker, more mysterious stuff is better as a result. Cause I would think the opposite, right? you’re not

Vivi: like other girls who are dumb and like pink

Erick: interest.

Vivi: because liking pink makes you dumb for some reason. Look at my chair. . Yeah. I

Erick: only have questions because like, that thought didn’t ever cross my mind. It was like, oh, cuz pink versus black. It was just kind of like cooler in my mind. It was

Vivi: cooler. Right. And in your mind, you can’t be both you.

Right. And you’re surprised

Erick: by it. I was surprised because that’s not your vibe . Cause you’ve never been like a pink everything person.

Vivi: No. Yeah. There’s a lot of things that I’ve been watching lately with the [00:26:00] rise now of what people call bimbo culture.

you’re told that pink things that are hyper-feminine, like it’s bad. Look at anything that’s trendy with women. It is made fun of to shit. You can’t like it, you’re dumb for liking it. This goes with anything twilight. if girls start wearing flower crowns, people fucking hate flower crowns.

Like anything that’s a trend with women. Pay attention to how it’s perceived in media.

Erick: Yeah. Yeah. From the general public. Cause I was, you know me, I’m not a trend follower. You’re a hipster. I’m a hipster. all those things. . I would always associate not with femininity, like the pink and all that stuff. I would always associate that stuff with white people.

Vivi: Interesting. That’s another

Erick: layer too. It’s weird to Yeah. because I would never like a Hispanic girl to any of those things controversial statement, but because we have different culture and vibes than like the pink, the super, feminine trope that is out there.

it also has to do with like, minority is not getting the spotlight. Those things are seen that way because white people do that. Mm-hmm. . It’s crazy. Multi-layered.

Vivi: [00:27:00] Yeah,

 So Elaine begins to do a strip tease where we get that corny line, and I think this is her further putting him under her. Spell the two Make love. And we get this trippy kaleidoscope shot of Elaine’s face. And we mentioned this, but I wonder if that’s what he’s seeing now that he’s on drugs.

Erick: I

think it’s also another way to amplify the aesthetic of the era it’s supposed to make you think this is the seventies and drugs

Vivi: trippy sex love. Yeah. After the act, Wayne immediately becomes emotional saying his life has been so hard because he is only attracted to hot women who are dumb.

So hard. Wayne begins to cry because he believes Elaine to be the perfect woman, and he’s never allowed himself to feel this way about another person. He’s

Erick: also never allowed himself to feel, Elaine. Elaine. I’ve never felt any emotions this strongly before .

Vivi: And I think that is done on purpose.

It’s like, men are not allowed to feel what would happen if a man was allowed to feel everything fully he’d

Erick: die. . Yeah. I, I mean, we talk about this [00:28:00] all the time, that even amongst friends, I, I think that my friends to an extent are more open to like talking about how we feel and stuff like that, but it isn’t standard for a dude to tell another.

I mean, how many manys do I make fun of to you that are like, don’t tell your girl your feelings. Tell your boys your feelings. It Yeah, go tell your boys who are gonna roast you how you feel. Yeah. Okay.

Elaine says earlier, like, you know, men are children and it’s because men only ever emotionally felt fine around

the only other woman around them, which was their mother. Exactly. Cause they couldn’t tell their feelings to growing up.

Vivi: Which is funny because uh, a trend with Elaine here is that she always comforts these men and she always, always says, poor baby. Like no matter what these men are saying, she says, poor baby.

And she sounds like she’s really empathizing with them.

So this is what she’s doing here with Wayne, comforting him. But in the next scene we see Elaine by herself downstairs as Wayne screams her name over and over again from the bedroom. Elaine.

Erick: Elaine, where are you? I hate it so much.

Vivi: She lights up a cigarette and she thinks, what a pussy. [00:29:00] I thought I found a real man. .

Erick: She’s so upset.


Vivi: is funny. She says No one ever comforted me when I was on my own she just goes to sleep downstairs, leaving Wayne up there with his entire crisis. The next morning she fixes way something to eat, but he is still not in the best mental state. she leaves him to rest and goes to do a tarot reading.

The cards seem to read certain doom and upset. By this. She goes to check on Wayne only to discover that he died because obviously if men open up and show their emotions, they die.

Erick: It’s hilarious. Yeah. It’s uh, a inside wound.

Vivi: once you let it all out, like what are you gonna do?

You can’t put that shit back in there.

Erick: I do think that this movie at this point leaves you in suspense, like, oh no, is Elaine in shock?

Vivi: Well, Elaine decides to send him off with a ritual that includes peeing into a jar and stuffing it with her used tampon.

Erick: I like one line that she says here men don’t understand things they don’t know about. as she’s putting the tampon.

Yeah. There are detectives who are looking at the ritual piece and they’re like, what is that? And they’re like, I don’t know. Yes. .

Vivi: She [00:30:00] says, most men have never seen a tampon in their life. And then the investigators are like, what the fuck is that fucking thing? ?

Erick: Well, I will say that I fell for it.

Cause I was like, is that his tongue ? But then I realized that, you know, I’m not that though.

Vivi: I’m not that man. Have you seen tampon expand? I’ve bought

Erick: your tampons before. You’ve washed my tampons before. I’ve bought your tampons before .

Vivi: No sir. You don’t reuse

Erick: them. I’ve bought or used tampons before. ,

Vivi: I’m, that’s definitely a market.

Oh it is. But she does this so that a piece of her can be with Wayne forever. She sets off to bury his body, explaining that she doesn’t really mind death that she has buried people before. People she actually really cared about. So if it wasn’t clear with all the flashbacks of her ex-husband, we are to guess that this is not her first murder rodeo.

Erick: Although the flashbacks to Jerry leave me like, well good for her, cuz fuck that dude. Yeah, he was definitely terrible.

Vivi: She performs a sort of funeral and burns all her clothes over his grave. I assume to get rid of evidence, but also to be symbolic. She also like, Starts talking about if I were to be [00:31:00] reincarnated, I wanna come back as a cat.

Erick: Same though,

Vivi: same. Yeah. A house cat though. Not a, poor baby feral cat. We cut to Elaine back in her apartment. She is painting a painting that will be very significant later when Trish knocks on the door, it seems that Trish is there to check in on her since she hasn’t been able to reach her. Elaine informs her that she was busy with a man, but that the relationship didn’t really work out. Trish kind of was like, oh, well maybe next time. I also just wanted to let you know that I’ll be out of town for work. And Elaine immediately asks if Richard is going with her. Hmm. Lil suspicious.

Erick: Yep. I wanted to comment on like, wouldn’t Trish be a little suspicious? But Trish is very trusting of Elaine and I think that Elaine Yeah. screwed her over

Vivi: Yeah. I think if I told my friends, like, I’m literally just thinking if I told Brenda, yeah, I’m going on a business trip, the first thing she’d asked me is like, oh, is Eric going with you?

But probably more out of a,

oh, you’re not going alone. .

Erick: Right. Like a for a safety error. For like, Is he gonna accompany you? Mm-hmm. .

Vivi: So I wouldn’t like necessarily right here be like, oh, that’s a weird question.

I would because they’re not great friends [00:32:00] yet. But I don’t know.

Erick: Yeah. I don’t know. I guess Trish has no reason to doubt her yet, but she remembered my husband’s name and not suspicious. ,

Vivi: that guy that lives in your house, is he going with you, , We cut to a bar slash burlesque place where Elaine is catching up with Barbara.

Barbara is mentioned earlier as being the one that owns the apartment that Elaine is actually staying in. She’s telling her all about her ex-husband and Wayne. She explains that she used love magic on him, but it went horribly wrong. Clearly. Barbara’s also a witch because she doesn’t ask any questions and she’s like, yeah, that makes

Erick: sense.

Yeah, Dan, it’s crazy. It’d be like that sometimes people just be dying and shit. Magic. I’m wrong. What can I say? ?

Vivi: The two are met by GaN, who seems to be the priest of their coven, and you can tell he gives Elaine the ick like right away.

He greets her by kissing her all over. I’m uncomfortable just watching

Erick: this. he goes down and kisses a poopa. He kisses her stomach. I was gonna say her womb and then he kisses her forehead, her titties and her Yeah, her titties.

She’s like, you’ve gone too far. When he tries to kiss her [00:33:00] face.

Vivi: Yeah. It’s again, gives you the egg.

Erick: He kind of signifies the male gaze onto witchcraft as like witchcraft being this sexy thing. Yeah. And a bunch of women,

Vivi: it’s like exploiting the sexual liberation to his benefit, right?

Yes. He’s like, yeah, I’m totally all for you being liberated as long as you’re liberated all over me.

Erick: Let’s do some witchcraft and orgies. Yeah. Oh yeah. Witchcraft.

Vivi: What? . . He gives them both warnings against using love potions. , but then proposes a toast. They chant their toast and are told to go home, which is by the locals.

It’s like one particular guy who lives in this bar. Yeah. That keeps heckling them.

Erick: He ends up playing the, town skeptic. Yeah.

Vivi: Instead they ignore him and discuss all the things that g and Barbara are teaching. Gaon reveals that he is still teaching sex magic and it’s clear.

Elaine is not surprised by this and actually seems very grossed out by it. I get the vibe that um, he is abusing power in his teaching, to sleep with young women. Mm-hmm. Who are like seeking help and guidance in [00:34:00] witchcraft. So that’s like double fucked

Erick: up. another interpretation that I read was in the seventies, eighties, you know, cause it was also like peace and love time, right? Everyone’s just like doing drugs, having sex and stuff like that.

It was seen as a way to like just use it as a staple and say like, yeah, we’re doing witchcraft. But it wasn’t really for the sake of like what it actually meant to be Pagan. Mm-hmm. follow Wicca and things like that. It was kind of just like face value. we do the rituals and it’s all fun.

We’re all standing around a table we had the sign of Baffa men and shit like that. But It’s all just for show Because he

Vivi: even mentions when the townie is heckling him, he’s like, I remember when we used to not care if you were a Satanist, a Wiccan, a white witch.

Everyone just stripped down and had orgies in front of the Bfat posters. , it’s. . Okay,

Erick: dude. . right. . So he, he symbolizes that, I guess, sentiment there were people who were definitely taking advantage.

Vivi: Yeah. we see that a lot more later. They are joined by two of his students, star and Moon, as he teaches them about the power of dance.

While this is [00:35:00] going on, we see a burlesque dancer in the background. We as an audience get a lovely lesson about love and sex magic. We get interesting notes here in the conversation that seem to be the opposite of the conversation that Elaine has had with Trish earlier. They teach that witchcraft is just a result of people’s fears in female sexuality and how by reclaiming their sexuality, they can unlock their full potential, but that ultimately that full potential is still to get men to love them through sex magic and having complete control of him.

So this conversation almost feels like it’s going somewhere like progressive and empowering, but then ends with like, for men. For men, it’s all for men. So, you know this next scene is odd to me. Well just to, to go back to that scene, this entire like, monologue on witchcraft. , having control over women is then undercut with the dancer because later on these twin sisters are gonna be performing their own dance because Dancing for Men gives you power.

this is where I gather that like, oh, Elaine’s hypnotizing these men when she’s dancing[00:36:00] she’s learned it from them. Mm-hmm. . So this next scene is a little odd to me. We see Elaine laying around in lingerie feeling on herself which seems to be a scene that emulates masturbation. But while this is happening, we hear all these horrible things that her ex-husband has said to her and horrible things that her father has said to her.

And then finally we see Gaan teaching Elaine about sex magic through ritual. And it is clear in this flashback that Elaine is afraid and disgusted through the whole process. it feels like a sexual assault scene.

 I think it’s something about him being the one that teaches it is like tainting it, Because why is for all this female empowerment and, things we have going on the head of their cove in a man.

Erick: Yeah. patriarchy taking over something that’s supposed to be for women. Yes.

Vivi: Yeah. in the context of this film, because I know there is like people of all genders who practice witchcraft. I’ve wanted to, but I got books I haven’t

Erick: read yet.

Vivi: Yeah. This flashback seems to really kill the mood for Elaine. But then we meet Griff, technically we already met him. He was the cop that pulled the [00:37:00] lane over at the start of the movie. Only now it seems that he’s been promoted to sergeant. His first case seems to be brought to him by a Shelly who is reporting Wayne, her professor missing.

She informs him that Wayne used to take dates up to his cabin in the woods and Griff and his partner Steve and Shelly, I’ll go up to look for him. your professor has a reputation for taking dates up to a cabin, like fire him.

Erick: I did think that it was weird that the student takes forever to go tell the cops

Vivi: well, it’s two weeks and it seems like she’s kind of involved with him, but like, not really.

So when is it weird? Weird. It’s not short of the class.

Erick: but

Vivi: she only cares cuz she’s also fucking the professor and like Right.

Erick: No other student. They didn’t have a karate students. Meaning that Wayne was not that great

Vivi: of a teacher. No, honestly, if a professor of mine went missing for two weeks, I’d say that’s none of my fucking business.

Honestly. It’s class

Erick: canceled. I don’t even know what any of my professors looked like cuz I was never in class. So Cool. . So cool, so cool for skipping on class that I paid for. That you paid for. College is a joke and then ,

Vivi: then what happened? The group find the cabin, just as Elaine left it, [00:38:00] there is food all over the place.

There is ingredients from her rituals and finally the witch jar that’s buried in the yard with Wayne. The funny thing to me about this jar is that everyone smells it. Everyone smells the P jar. Ugh.

I don’t know. Hold on.

Erick: If they were the cops from, Beast of Bra Road, they’d been like, let’s pay

Vivi: Layton didn’t do a great job of covering up this crime scene because they still find pieces of her clothing and the jar there.

Erick: Yeah. But Elaine is confident in her methodology she wouldn’t have left the jar there either if she was really trying to hide

Vivi: stuff.

Yeah. Yeah. in her mind, again, she’s not a reliable narrator. She doesn’t feel like she did anything wrong. Wayne died because he couldn’t handle his emotions and he had a heart attack. That’s not my fault. I like this transition. Griff begins to dig up the body and we cut to Elaine having dinner with Richard he’s cutting a piece of chocolate cake as oh, it

Erick: a pretty cool cut.


Vivi: Do you think it’s

Erick: cool? It’s

Vivi: kind of a dirty, I thought it was funny that he was um, [00:39:00] digging up the body.

Isn’t there like a whole process for this? Don’t you have to get like actual trained professionals in there? He’s just like, let me tick off my coat and start digging.

Erick: I thought the way she bures him was kind of cool too, cuz she’s straight up lot of flexing on her muscles to shove that dirt in there.

That’s a lot of work. It is a lot of work. That alone is reason not to do stuff like

Vivi: that. . I gotta dispose of it afterwards. Ugh. She says she hopes she doesn’t mind her calling as she gets lonely and he confesses that he gets lonely when Trish is out of town. The two make themselves comfortable on the couch and Elaine serves him a drink in the hugest golet I’ve ever seen

It’s comical to see this grown man drinking like this fish bowl of a golet tiny hand .

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: It’s easy to tell that Richard is getting like more and more drunk as he’s sipping from this giant golet, I think we all know where this is going.

Elaine starts to ask him about what turns him on. He says, flying .

Erick: She’s like, wait, what? Yeah. Visibly Elaine’s face is like flying. I’ve heard of porn [00:40:00] bondage, dressing up like a baby, but

Vivi: flying, flying up. . That, that’s kinda weird. That’s where I draw the line. Elaine has this way of talking to these men like they are children.

Like everything they say, she’s like, wow. It’s fascinating. Like she’s, playing into their ultimate fantasy of what a woman

Erick: should be. Yeah. What does a man want? A person who listens,

Vivi: a woman that thinks everything he says is fascinating.

 Elaine starts to perform a sexy dance and seduces him when he asks who she is to make him act so crazy. She yells with glee. I am the love witch. I’m your ultimate fantasy. she said it just like that actually.

Erick: No, she did. She said it very, I’m your ultimate fantasy.

Vivi: Yeah, and then they’re like giggling like crazy.

We cut back to Griff, who is investigating Wayne’s death. He goes to ask a professor who studies the occult what the meaning of the bottle he found was the professor gives him a quick rundown on witchcraft and informs him that witches very much still exists today and are still practicing rituals. [00:41:00] We then cut to Elaine and her coven performing rituals in the woods.

Interesting thing to note. Elaine and Guy are the only ones dressed during rituals. The rest of the coven is completely naked. Yeah. Men and women included. And they’re made up of only white people. I also noticed

Erick: Yes, that is true.

Vivi: Just saying, where’s this small town? There’s no people of color . After the ritual, a party is taking place and Ga is being a creep to Elaine groping her and telling her that her love light isn’t so dire unless of course you are her victim. She tenses and it seems that Gaia knows what she’s been up to.

He just literally gros her boob and like, is like, I’m not one of your victims. What a creep. .

She ditches him and goes to find Barbara. They chat and we learned that she’s back in the dating pool.

Seems Richard got too obsessive and morose and he became too much like a woman. So Elaine had broken it off with him. He didn’t even want to make love anymore. Noticing a trend that. . Elaine gets these men and they start to like [00:42:00] expose actual feelings. She views it as a woman too. Feminine and

Erick: backs off.

she calls the first guy a pussy. Mm-hmm. . She calls him a woman, calls

Vivi: him a Pisces.

Erick: she’s falling into her own trap Oh

Vivi: yeah. She’s definitely um, someone who makes her own tragedy. We then see Richard drinking and crying in his study, and he looks rough. He keeps giving Trish the cold shelter and drinking before erupting into full on tears in plain sight of his wife,

He’s not even trying to hide it in front of his wife.

At least have the decency to keep it a secret. No

Erick: shame . He doesn’t straight up tell

Vivi: her though, right? No, he doesn’t, but he’s weepy all the fucking time and doesn’t want his wife near him.


Erick: because Trish later is like, I wanted to find the woman who did it.

Vivi: She knew, she knew something was go again. He was not hiding it. we meet up with Griff again, who has traced the witch bottle back to the witchcraft spiritual shop that Elaine visited her earlier

The owner of the store informs him that they sell witch bottles there and that Elaine is the one who supplies them. So Griff treks down Elaine and shows up at [00:43:00] her apartment. He begins to question her over the homicide of Wayne and she’s very standoffish, not willing to help. She won’t look at him when he talks to her, Questioning her about the witch bottles she makes, she excuses herself as her ritual slash spell that she was working on, starts to boil over and make a mess. Griff just asks her pointblank if she is a witch, and she replies yes, if that’s a crime, if that makes her evil or even capable of murder.

Griff seems to be ashamed of his question and Elaine really leans into it, beginning to cry and explain that to her witchcraft is her religion and helped her through some of the worst times in her life.

Erick: the commentary on witchcraft here too is interesting because where other films will like prosecute people immediately for witchcraft.

This one’s like, yeah, witchcraft is just another thing, Yeah. Which is interesting. Mm-hmm. , we never see this, at least rarely we do.

Vivi: Griff goes to comfort her and when Elaine looks at him, his entire demeanor has changed again.

She looks at him with a very close up on her eyes. Mm-hmm. harp girl in the back, running around, getting her background music going. , I like how we’re [00:44:00] bowling.

Erick: She run up the stairs like, oh shit, I didn’t realize this was happening. The cops showed up outta nowhere,

Vivi: didn’t make it. She texted her like, get your ass here now. .

Suddenly Elaine realizes that Griff looks familiar, but believes him to be the man in the cards.

Her fate. Griff doesn’t seem to actually be listening to anything Elaine is saying because she’s talking about like love and marriage, but all she mentions is that the man that she loves must love animals. And she’s like, do you love animals?

Erick: Griff, I really fucking do actually. , I really do love animals, but his bit is also to like

Vivi: smolder.

Erick: I don’t think I have a strong enough Chin to gin.

Vivi: Oh God, you look like Popeye. I like Popeye.

That is his like, tough guy demeanor though.

Erick: I don’t know what you’re saying. Sounds like a lot of woman talk, but I’m into it.

Vivi: Griff invites her on a date to go horseback riding there couldn’t be a more fairytale, picturesque first date. Like, come on riding horses.

Erick: He was like failing himself now because he’s on those romantic, novel books.

Vivi: That’s does He’s in his element. In his element. Yeah. Why do romantic novels always [00:45:00] have a dude on horse?

Erick: They always have uh, what’s his name? That dude Fabio. Fabio back in the day. Yeah.

Vivi: Yeah, the two are riding horses.

I don’t know exactly where they are in, out in the mountains. the Renaissance Fair. In the Renaissance fair horseback riding school, . They have what looks like the most fairytale first date ever. Horseback riding the two. Start kissing and suddenly hear medieval music. This

Erick: felt like they were in Wonderland, didn’t it?

It felt like they were in the queen of the car’s land

Vivi: and definitely there was a gesture and there’s a bunch of other, yeah. Suddenly you just walk into this Renaissance fair that you had no idea was going on, or did she? Because Barbara and Gaan are the ones who have organized this renaissance Fair. they greet Elaine and Griff and he seems to be surprised by the fact that she knows them.

They invite them to partake in their mid-summer festival and Elaine agrees kissing Griff. The crowd finds this charming and asks the couple to participate in a mock wedding to honor the gods of love. We get a lovely little song before the mock wedding that seems to be a warning about the couple’s future if you pay [00:46:00] attention to the lyrics, but then they whisk them away to be changed.

The two are brought together at an altar and joined in matrimony. The two are then treated to a feast and are feeding each other while we are treated to their inner monologue.

Erick: And it is not what you thought we were gonna get ?

Vivi: No. I think this scene truly encompasses The stereotypes of what men and women seek in heterosexual relationships.

Erick: So I think that the fact that they’re getting married also has something to play in the way that the characters are shown up until this point, none of the relationships that she’s had with these men have been anything outside of physical we’re just gonna have sex. and in the case of Richard, maybe not even that, but the moment that marriage is thrown in, and this could have to do with like what Anna saw in those relationships, self-help books, was.

what happened when I told you that? I would tell men like, Hey, I’m gonna get married. Oh, good luck. When’s the funeral to women? Oh, amazing. Mm-hmm. . I went, is it Congratulations. Everything’s positive for a man. It’s negative. Why does the magic not work on Griff?[00:47:00] Marriage is thrown in. And how do men see marriage as a, the end of their personality?

Vivi: He even freaks out when they’re like, let’s do a wedding. He’s like, wedding? Yeah. And they’re like, chill, chill, chill. It’s, it’s a mock

Erick: wedding. So I don’t think it’s on accident that marriage is thrown in and Griff is having this inner monologue that it’s like, mm, no, you know, I don’t love her. it starts to create turmoil within him that maybe before this moment didn’t happen.

Vivi: And at this point it’s, odd because he’s the only one that’s not under her spell fully. Like she’s done the whole gazing at him, putting him under her spell in that way. But she hasn’t done her usual like drugging them in some sort of way. Or her seduction dance. He’s the only one that she, we don’t see use sex magic on.

But their inner monologue is kind of funny. If not sad. . this scene is. So lit beautifully. They’re in wedding clothes. They’re kissing each other. They’re feeding each other food. And Griff literally says, I’m not in love because love is soft and you need guts in this business.

He admits that he wants an air, and for that [00:48:00] he need a wife. But love is something else. He says, men can get destroyed by something like that. It’s like they’re not even men anymore and he never wants to get like that. It’s funny because he seems to mirror Elaine’s sentiment that once these men fall in love with her, they become like pussies.

So he’s like, when a man falls in love, he’s not a man anymore. And I think that is why her fascination with him lasts longer than any other of her victims.

Erick: And you know what I have to say to that? Griff, cash me outside, man.

Vivi: That’s what he said to his partner later on, , Elaine on the other hand, is ready to overlook any flaws a man has.

saying, the more you learn about a man, the more you love him. Griff, however, states the exact opposite. says, the more you know about a woman, the less you can feel for her. How? At first, she’s a mysterious creature who fulfills your every fantasy, but after a while it’s hard to care. He claims that women know you’re pulling away and they’re trying to love you more.

Until they suffocate you and you drown in estrogen.

Erick: am I drowning you in estrogen? I

Vivi: [00:49:00] drowning you in

Erick: estrogen, . No, I feel like I drown you in estrogen because I’m always like, love me more. Please

Vivi: love me . Love me. Love me. I feel like that should be the theme song for this movie. Say that. Love me. It is the next day and Griff is back on the job.

Steve informs him that he has more info on a Elaine, but Griff isn’t interested. He tells Steve that the sheriff wants them to lay off the case, that he doesn’t want them hasling the witches of the town as they’re kind of like respected in a way. He just is kind of like, don’t mess with them, they don’t mess with us.

And he’s happy with believing that Wayne’s death was caused by a heart attack.

Erick: that makes it sound like the witches are

Vivi: gang. they might be pulling some political strings or something.

Erick: be the, the witchcraft cartel.

Vivi: Love it. . But Steve reveals that Elaine has somewhat of a sketchy past Once her marriage fell apart, she joined a coven of witches in San Francisco and together they owned a burlesque bar. That’s not that sketchy dude. . No, here’s where it is. Sketchy. Mysteriously a lot of the coven turned up dead along with Elaine’s ex-husband who was set to remarry the police.

Had reason to suspect [00:50:00] Elaine, but couldn’t prove anything. And Griff is satisfied by this answer saying, if the San Francisco police cleared her, that’s good enough for him. I wanna know what happened to this coven. I have a theory. I think she murdered anyone that witnessed what Gion did to her. The sex ritual. The assault. I would say

Erick: except for Gayann,

Vivi: though. Well, that would be too much heat, you know, is powerful. Start again. I mean Yeah. But it’s just my theory. Interesting. And then killed her ex-husband, she says that she had a psychotic break.

Erick: She became the

Vivi: scarlet witch. Could be. She’s always in red, so, yeah. Yeah, I cannot. , this podcast. So go look up the actual images. This character has style. Style in a way that I would find exhausting. I don’t know how to match any clothes together. she is a woman that’s like always matching things and the director noted that that was on purpose. And later she has a conversation with Griff as to why this might be. But again, describing this movie isn’t doing this movie justice, you have to visually see it.

Erick: I also want [00:51:00] to understand what the bit was for Griff to be so standoffish, Like, we’ve already kind of touched on that marriage and things like that kind of shut him down. is this also a metaphor that like once men are married they turn into this like very bitter.

Like, I don’t really give a shit, Fuck it. I don’t care.

Vivi: No. I actually think that despite what he says, I think he is falling in love with Elaine because he defends her. Steve calls Griff crazy saying that Elaine is clearly dangerous, but that he can’t see it because he is in love with.

This offense grew so much that he punches Steve in the face before storming out of the police department. Love. Yeah. The word love is what triggers him. Cuz it’s like he doesn’t want to admit it

Erick: because babe, It makes him soft. Love makes you soft

Vivi: We then checked back in on Trish, who at this point in the movie I had completely forgotten about . So much happens. But she seems to be having a really hard time. She hears running water coming from somewhere in the house and realizes that Richard has locked himself in the bathroom in a panic.

Trish bursts in only to find that Richard has unlived [00:52:00] himself in the tub.

Ah, that’s how she does it. Yeah. Not surprised. Uh, Richard was really going through it

and obviously we learn that all of Elaine’s partners end. Dad one way or another.

Erick: Richard was such an odd case, wasn’t he? because he kind of wasn’t into it, but was Oh,

Vivi: he was into

Erick: it. So into it. But, but not, he was too into it. . Yeah. Not in the traditional sense. Cuz even Elaine’s, like, he wasn’t really into me.

He was kind of just into the idea of me.

Vivi: Yeah. I think Trish says that later as well, which I got opinions on. Seeking comfort. We don’t know how much time has passed between that scene and the next scene, but Trish reaches out to Elaine and the two meet for lunch in the tea room. Trish confesses that she knew Richard was having an affair and that she also knew she would never be the type of woman Richard wanted, which is so incredibly shitty.

Why marry someone when, you know, like, oh, they’re not the type of person I want, but settle for them. This is why people got divorced so much [00:53:00] back in the day. Yeah,

Erick: that’s what I was gonna say is that, isn’t that reminiscent to everything that people say? It’s like, no, I ended up just marrying whoever I could find.

Especially in small towns. In small towns, you kind of just marry who’s nearby.

Vivi: Yeah. She explains that she was so angry and wanted to kill them both, but now she knows she should have helped him get over her.

Erick: Goes to show how genuine and nice Trish is because I think that’s what she has been.

This entire film is seen as this like, actually it’s funny right? We were talking about earlier how pink and things like that are seen as like the feminine mm-hmm. Thing. I would say that Trish is shown in this like very vibrant pink color. Mm-hmm. often as the, symbol of light in this very dark story.

And it’s very telling of her she would’ve helped him rather than be vengeful like Elaine

Vivi: I agree with that. I don’t think that she’s a perfect character. She has like this weird judgment fascination with Elaine, to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if like Trish is closeted because all the comments she makes about her weird and then all the comments she makes about her husband are a little off too.

[00:54:00] Maybe not closeted, but maybe she’s bisexual, but, she’s not a perfect saint like character to me in this film. I don’t think anyone is, I think everyone has a little bit of fault in this. Like the first scene that she meets. Elaine and Elaine’s, like, I used to be a dancer.

She looks her up like, mm. Trash,

Erick: trash . I think that a lot of movies will portray a person like Trish and say, wow, I wish that I was like you, but I’m not that crazy. you know, I have buttons and keys and everything. Yeah. But I really wish, I could be like you and it’s kind of like this, I support you, but I would never do any of that myself.

Vivi: personality. Yeah. It’s kind of like she envys Elaine’s confidence in her sexual power. Right. Cuz she says at the beginning, she’s like, I’m not proud that I use sex to get a, a ring. it’s like, nobody cares, dude.

Elaine is being terrible and barely comforts her. . When Trish asks her what’s going on in her life, she gushes about how she’s in love and sure that her new man will pop the question anytime. even showing Trish the promise ring. He gave her Trish comments on how it’s ironic that the [00:55:00] first time they were there, Elaine was alone and she had a man.

now it’s the opposite. This is sad .

Erick: It’s a really weird thing to talk about with your friend, wow, that’s so fucking funny that uh, my shit’s going to hell and yours is actually kind of thriving. Yeah, that’s

Vivi: cool. She’s really hurting and Elaine’s like in the best spot of her life right now.

That sucks. But, but listen, lemme tell you how great my life is going. Oh, unsurmountable tragedy. No, no, no.

El abruptly says that she has to go after she says this and hugs Trish goodbye. Trish realizes that Elaine left her ring with her and calls her to inform her that she’s gonna drop it off at her apartment again. The first time you see a cell phone in this film, ,

Erick: I did this because I forgot that like, gen Z does this now for phones.

I did this. Yeah.

Vivi: I hold my phone like this still. Really? I mean, yeah. You didn’t used to hold old, old phones like this.

Erick: I’m I mean, yeah, you would, you ever had uh, like the hangup phones? I would always go like this.

Vivi: Okay. I think I would hold like the thing like, like this, like,

Erick: yeah.

I guess so.[00:56:00]

Vivi: Interesting.

Trish goes to leave the Ring and Elaine’s apartment and notices all the odd sex ritual drawings and relics Elaine has laying around. Weren’t they already

Erick: all there though? Some of the ones that like with her boobs out by the door that was already there when she moved

Vivi: in. Some of them look like sketches that Elaine herself has done.

you know, Trish was the interior designer, so maybe she was like, this wasn’t here before. Hmm. She finds him a bit odd, but goes to leave the ring in Elaine’s room. And this next scene is weird . Trish notices all of Elaine’s makeup and decides that she needs to start trying it on . She starts doing her makeup exactly like Elaine and even puts on her wig.

Erick: although Trish has apparently seemed accepting of Elaine’s ways in her witchcraft and things like that, if she was accepting, she would think nothing of the artwork that’s around the apartment.

Right. But why would she think any of it’s odd if she knows like, she practices witch tr, doesn’t really matter. I’m just gonna go in and put her ring down and then leave. But she goes in there and is like, oh, this is so weird. What the hell? And then starts putting her stuff on, trying her things on, trying to make yourself look like a lane.

It’s like I, first of all, hate that I [00:57:00] don’t look like you and I can’t be as free as you. Mm-hmm. , which is like what people used to think of witchcraft too. Is that it Absolutely. It was like freedom, but also because I hate that I can’t be like you. I also don’t trust you and I don’t truthfully agree with the things you do.

Vivi: I think it is the envy that’s making her distrust and judge her. Because you know, we hate what we don’t understand. And clearly she’s got some like unresolved feelings towards Elaine wanting to be like her she doesn’t stop at her makeup and her wigs, which is one thing.

Okay, I’ll excuse you trying on your friend’s makeup. Fine. But then she goes through Elaine’s things finds her lingerie and puts it on . That’s weird. She seems to be feeling herself when she notices a collection of photos that include her husband Richard, sitting on Elaine’s van. searching through her things again.

She finds the love spell that she put on Richard. Along with all the love letters they exchanged,

she begins to cry and hasn’t noticed that Elaine has entered the bedroom and grabbed a weapon.

Erick: She has the uh, Elvira belt

Vivi: knife. I think they’re letter openers. Like really fancy letter. I could be wrong. It was a [00:58:00] really big knife. We need one. Just dramatically opened my mail like that.

Elaine goes to attack Trish, but Trish spots her in the reflection of the mirror and grabs the weapon out of her hand.

We then see the laziest fight I’ve ever seen, and it seems like the two actresses did not wanna hurt each other. While filming this , Elaine politely grabs her wig back, and after a bit of name calling and slapping and wrestling, Elaine to the bed. Trish grabs the love letters and tells Elaine that she will burn for this.

Get. Because she’s a witch Distraught Elaine tries to cast a spell on Trish causing her to crash and die before she reaches the police. it seems like the situation is so dire that she calls an emergency meeting of her coven to bless her and bind her to Griff no matter what is gonna happen next.

So at the end of the day, she still just cares about having Griff’s love

There is a lot of awkward pauses and beats while we wait for the actors to move to their next spot. Like next, their Next Cue or? Or mark. Well that’s what makes a campy. I think it is. Cuz there’s sometimes where I’m like, oh, why is there silence? Or why is it taking so long for [00:59:00] the scene? It’s cuz we’re waiting for them to walk around the table. Go here. Dang. And then it’s camera zoom.

And this fight sequence, I feel like was a big example of that .

Erick: You could see them kind of laughing under their breath and stuff.

Vivi: I don’t know about laughing, but more like I saw it

Erick: on the Elaine’s face. You think so? A little bit. Again, it’s full camp. Yeah.

Vivi: Griff is then waiting for Elaine in the burlesque bar.

He is listening to the locals talk crap about the new dancers. Who are the witches? We saw earlier, star and moon and comment about the teacher who was found buried in the woods with a bunch of witch stuff on his grave.

The locals are just talking shit. They do not want these women here.

Erick: It turns this whole movie into a classic. The witches must burn. And these are the towns people? Yes. At the local pub. the local watering hole, if

Vivi: you will. That is a fancy local watering hole with burlesque dancers. I feel like most local bars are not this fancy.


Erick: me a uh, gimme a bloody what is it? A fucking Campari soda, if you will. A dive bar. Can’t gimme a kaari soda.

Vivi: Let’s test this theory Can I have a [01:00:00] kaari soda at a dive bar? Yeah. Hmm. We should call up your American War Wolff in London. Next, can I get the

Erick: menu at the local dive bar please?

I wanna see what signature cocktails you have at this shit hole.

Vivi: You are a hipster .

Erick: which craft and wizardry. a, it’s a bourbon with a smoky hint of aioli.

Vivi: I thought you were gonna say Ariola cuz it’s a tidy bar. . .

Erick: Yes. It is themed after all .

Vivi: Elaine finally arrives and it’s clear Griff is not happy to see her. He informs her that he knows about her connection to Wayne and that Trish came by the station and claimed that Elaine drove her husband to suicide.

Elaine explains that she didn’t kill anyone. Wayne died of heart failure after a night of beautiful love making. And Richard loved her so much, it drove him insane. So this is interesting cuz there is a case of this right it was all over the news a couple years ago, a young woman like told her boyfriend to just commit suicide.

Oh right. And he did. And they were trying to find her guilty of that. So I feel like that kind of falls in this of [01:01:00] like, how responsible is she? that case, like, I think she was found guilty. If I remember correctly. Is

Erick: it because it was, what is it called?

Secondary or third degree manslaughter or whatever it is. Because you had like a

Vivi: say accidental maybe.

Erick: Yeah. but it’s first of all an empowering scene because Elaine is like, what, what are you gonna do? Like, take me down when I didn’t do anything.

There’s no blood on my hands.

Vivi: Technic technically, she’s right. Yeah.

Erick: it also brings the question the magic actually happens or not. Right? this could totally happen. She’s not wrong. And Griff is left there being like, I mean, look honey, I’m just, you know, lying to the crowd because I have to, cause I’m the cop.

I have to have an unbiased

Vivi: take. No, I think he’s genuinely mad at her. It’s,

Erick: it’s all facade.

Vivi: Well, it’s hard to uh, convict Convictor for two men dying. on their own Essent own, essentially. Yeah. It’s the question of how much is she at fault? Right? Well, like what

Erick: would happen if this happened for real, you were dating and your ex-boyfriend died from a heart attack while you were doing it, All right? Move on to the next one and the next one loves you so much for you guys. Break up, you go mind your [01:02:00] damn business. You move on. That ex-boyfriend unlive himself.

Vivi: That’s why that’s good with yous. That’s why I brought up that case because I think moving forward we’re gonna see more cases like it.

I think it’s the first of its kind where someone suicide is then tried as a murder, as someone else’s fault. I think that is a heavy topic. I don’t have enough information to talk about and it’ll just be interesting to see how that case affects other cases moving forward.

Griff says, are you saying that these men died of love ?

Erick: How could they men don’t believe in love?

Vivi: He explains that she will never have enough love. Even when a man loves her so much, it kills him. It won’t be enough for her. And he’s right. He finishes by saying that he doesn’t love her, and that her creepy, sexy act won’t work on him.

I thought it was such a funny phrasing, , because he mentions how she like dolls up to get men to fall in love with her and yada, yada, yada. I was like, what if she just dresses up for herself

Erick: to, I don’t know. Yeah, I was gonna say that seems very resonant with how people are like, you do it

Vivi: for men for male attention.

Yep. He’s [01:03:00] assuming that much. Mm-hmm. . But Elaine isn’t phased by this. She says men who women are like her needing love and that men like him punish women by withholding it, never really loving them for who they are. She explains that men often toss her aside until they want her body. so why not find power in witchcraft, witchcraft, witchcraft, rich craft.

So why not find power in witchcraft and take control over it and sex and love? I find her point really interesting here. And again, I feel like Elaine’s a very contradictory person. she wants to buy into. Love narrative, but she also realizes that sex and love are like sometimes the only way a woman can hold power.

Any interaction between her and Griff I feel are so different from any interactions she’s had with any other men.

Erick: Well, cause the other dudes are superficial and they’re like, well, we just want you.

And he’s leaning into what we assume men do.

Vivi: Right. It, he’s like unattainable. So then she wants him more and doesn’t dispose of him as quickly, like, they’re both flawed people in their pursuits. [01:04:00] So when people are like, oh, this film can be seen as like anti-feminist because of the things that Elaine is saying, but pay attention to what she’s saying and what she does.

I, I don’t think it is, I think she’s trying to con a system that does not work for women historically. And people keep trying to then assert power over her. Like you said, with Gaia trying to control her sexuality still at the end of the day and something that she. feels like she has found controlling finally.

Erick: She feels powerful in having this control, whether sex and love are involved or not.

Vivi: Mm-hmm.

Another thing that I would like to say is like, people can criticize Elaine because they’re like, oh, for all her power, ultimately all that she wants is the love of a man. And I will say so what? That’s how she finds power and happyness. Like that’s what she wants. I think it’s not cool to tell people what they should and shouldn’t want.

Like I believe my own opinion, real feminism is letting women pursue what they truly want. If that’s to be the c e o or if that’s to be the wife. it’s none of your fucking business. Just let [01:05:00] people find happiness their

Erick: own way. A lot of people get hate for deciding to go one way or the other if it doesn’t fit someone’s perception. Mm-hmm. . And it’s not that black and white.

there’s a lot of gray. Mm-hmm. . And again, it’s like whatever your decision is, whatever your path is, if that’s what you want to do, that’s where the positivity and encouragement should lie. So to your point with Elaine, if Elaine’s end goal is she wants to be with this man, then let Elaine do

Vivi: her.

Now I don’t agree with her harming people. That’s where my support ends. . You shouldn’t harm people to get what you want, but ultimately if we’re talking message of the movie, it’s like, that’s what she wants. That’s what she wants. Griff just restates that it won’t work this time and that he is going to have to arrest her. he’s arresting her on tempering with Wayne’s body, not even the actual death of these two men, the Locos over here. This, and quickly turn on her stating, burn the witch. The crowd separates the two and start trying to sexually assault Elaine graphically it seems like.

Multiple people in the bar trying to assault her

Erick: but

isn’t this a sign of [01:06:00] like, what we saw in the past, men who couldn’t have that sex symbol of a woman were actually angry that they couldn’t Oh, absolutely. Be with her. So they’re like, well, how do I let this go?

Oh, I have

Vivi: to attack her. Yeah. This woman has autonomy and is deciding what she doesn’t, doesn’t want. I am going to harm her. And that’s the message of witchcraft. That’s the witch trials. Women were trying to do things that didn’t go with what society believed and they harmed them. So the part that really like bothers me is that the waitresses, other women in the bar are also cheering them on as they’re about to do this,

Erick: Same witch Charles. There were women who were also like witch. she could read. Yeah. Basically. Yeah. she’s reading so that men could

Vivi: love her more.

Hmm. Griff is able to get to her before the situation gets much, much worse, even though it’s already pretty bad and escorts a lane to the cop car. The entire bar is fighting him the entire time. It’s kind of funny because in this moment he’s still the like hero despite everything he just said to Elaine.

He’s like throwing punches [01:07:00] at everyone and is still to save her. Interestingly enough, he takes her back to her home instead of the police department. So I, I kind of still get the vibe that he has feelings for her. He’s just incredibly mad at her . Elaine takes this opportunity to try and do her usual love rituals on him, calling him a poor baby and fixing him a drink.

But true to his word, Griff doesn’t fall for it. He throws a drink, she fixes him and looks at her with such anger that Elaine can’t take it. His face even turns into all her, like ex lovers and eventually into a skull. . she turns to her vanity and sees Griff just laying in her bed. Suddenly she turns and stabs him right through the heart while looking at a painting she created earlier that depicts that exact scene.

A woman stabbing a man and pulling his heart out in her mind, she sees Griff alive saying he loves her and wants to marry her, and suddenly they’re back on their first date at the Renaissance fair. Only this time it’s really eerie as there is no music, Griff dies next to her as [01:08:00] in her fantasy, the two ride off into the sunset happily ever after.


Erick: does it mean?

Vivi: I think it means that Elaine has suffered another psychotic break, but ultimately that she will never be happy and she’ll never be satisfied. She

Erick: will never be satisfied. I know She’s looking for a man that

Vivi: where, where she’s just looking for a man.

Erick: I was like, why did she kill him?

Just a psychotic

Vivi: break. That’s it. I think she realizes that all her usual rituals and power that she finds through witchcraft isn’t gonna work on Griff. And ultimately Griff represents like the men that have harmed her cuz like her ex-husband seemed to be abusive. her father seemed to be abusive, so I don’t know if it’s her realizing that she is seeking out these men continually or she’s just, you know, tired of it.

She’s tried this three other times and it hasn’t worked for her. Ultimately, probably the rejection of her and not loving her is what causes her to kill him. She gains power through

Erick: their love. She feels like her true self when she has power over these [01:09:00] people.

And when he doesn’t respond to her power, she feels weak. It

Vivi: could be, has to kill him. Yeah.

Erick: I didn’t realize it was that simple. That’s why I was like, what does it mean though, ?

Vivi: I think there’s a lot of ways you can interpret it. I am not the smartest person out there to interpret this. I think it’s interesting that Griff is the only one she actually kills.

with her intention now, is it saying that the person you truly love, you ultimately will harm?

Erick: That could be it. And the person who harms

Vivi: you the most also harms you. Mm mm-hmm. . There’s a lot of ways you could look at this

Erick: and that. Love hurts. was gonna sing it . I was gonna sing it when I was like,

Vivi: can I do that?

Yeah. We sing a lot of songs and then cut them because we don’t, I don’t know. yeah, that’s the Love Witch. What do you think?

Erick: I think it’s a good movie. I think it’s a good commentary on the relationships between men and women.

I think it’s pretty cool the way that it interprets how witchcraft is seen in modern day.

To your point earlier too, it, it generalizes a lot of things.

Mm-hmm. . Right. It does still kind of go back and I understand the anti-feminist views of it kind of still going back to her wanting the man. What about you?

Vivi: I really enjoyed this film.[01:10:00] I mentioned at the beginning that I had wanted to cover it since like last Valentine’s Day. It is visually fun, you could throw it on if you’ve already seen it and you don’t wanna pay attention to it and just enjoy the, like, camera work, the scenes, the setup, the colors.

Cuz there is a lot of vibrant use of color. It reminds me a little bit ofia in that sense where with the dramatic settings, I think you should enjoy this if you realize that no one in this film is in the right, Elaine’s probably not the most reliable narrator. Griff is not the most reliable Trish.

Like, no one’s innocent in this world. And I think it is a film that you should give a couple tries to because uh, you again, just watch it the first time and think like, well this is a really anti-feminist movie. Like, she just, you know, playing into everything that the patriarchy says should be about relationships.

There’s like little. lines and visual gags and like quirks that you should pay attention to, where it’s like, that’s actually not what the director believes or Elaine believes.

Erick: Elaine has an [01:11:00] evolution too throughout the movie. Right. She starts off very heavy set into, ah, you should do things that men want me to do.

And at the end, that’s definitely not her

Vivi: story. That’s not what she does. Yeah. Yeah. So I could see how this film’s not for everyone. It’s a two hour run time. It can seem a little heavy at times. I, however, really enjoy it. And I would give it a nine outta 10.

Erick: Hmm. I would give it an eight and a half.

Just for the, immersiveness too on top of it. Like, the story’s good. I don’t think it was boring, but I think the feet of putting us in a movie that’s not of the seventies and eighties and being able to successfully trick my ass into thinking it was one

Vivi: until they whipped out a cell phone.


Erick: I think everyone should watch it

Vivi: at least once. al I also understand that it’s not like heavy in horror context. It’s, it feels more like of a psychological thriller to me. Fem fatel film.

Erick: Yeah. A little bit of midsummer.

Vivi: A little bit of midsummer, a little bit of dead bodies just.

makes it all up. Should we talk about what Scared Loki this [01:12:00] week runs in

Erick: with a harp . I don’t know what Loki would do. He’s never actually seen that instrument live. Maybe I should go get my guitar. Oh

Vivi: yeah.

You should play some music to him and see what he does.

Erick: I’ve always wondered cause we lived at the condo, at least I felt too embarrassed to try to play music.

Vivi: Do you wanna tell us about it? Loki,

Erick: It’s a beautiful

Vivi: sound .

Erick: The next time that we get on this, I’m gonna have Loki playing just straight up riffs on TikTok. You know, That’s gonna be an electric harp. nice. Yep. Just you wait. I’d have to buy a harp first though. How much do those things cost?

Vivi: I’m sure they’re not cheap. They’re massive.

Erick: the range is? $300 to more than $200,000. So obviously

Vivi: we’re getting the

Erick: $200,000. Yeah, we need the best and the only for the bit. The only kind for the,

Vivi: but does that pretty much wrap it up for us here?

Erick: It does.

Vivi: Oh, is that another shirt you got there?

Erick: it’s the What’s your Leased Adam’s family shirt? That’s on our website now. So if you wanna get the gist of the family, we got Lvra. We got Lowkey, we got me and Bebe Ripley [01:13:00] wasn’t here yet when this happened, but thanks to our friends over on what’s your least favorite, scary movie.

They did some artwork, shared it with us. go support them. Go check out their show. They’re amazing. Love those people. They’re so fun. Travis and Jess. Shout out to you guys and hope that Talia’s feeling better. Yeah, go check. I got the website. Our He works is there.

Phoebe’s got a shirt. She just didn’t wear it cuz she wanted to feel witchy instead.

Vivi: I do not have the outfits that Elaine does though. Let’s get you some, I did see some pants that looks like the hippie outfit. She’s wearing a Target the other day. So if you want a pair of those, they’re at Target.

Erick: support our show so that BB could get the Elaine outfits.

Vivi: Oh no. Thank you. .

Erick: I do not give the rainbow to anyone. 200 shirts. We may have enough monies by Vi’s

Vivi: pants. One person needs 200 shirts. . Yeah. But as always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You could follow us pretty much anywhere at Shake Not Scared Pod except Twitter.

Twitter Shaken Scared Pod You could send us an email at Shake not scared pod

Erick: So for the show on Patreon, you can get bonus episodes every month. goosebumps. We just recently started watching the TV show.

We’re gonna be posting those all year [01:14:00] probably. We’re also planning on tackling, are You Afraid Of The Tales from the Crypt? any other show really that we could think of, but also movies if our patrons suggest it. go check it out. Make sure to join the Discord. listen to, wherever you get your podcast. Give us a follow check our our drink videos.

If you’re watching this on YouTube, make sure to subscribe, comment like, Oh,

Vivi: okay. Thanks. Bye bye.

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