Cloverfield (2008) | Ep 78: Of Monsters & Friends

Vivi: [00:00:00] Avira looks funny on your shirt. You slunched Slunched over. She’s like wrinkly. Yeah. .

Erick: She looks fine. Yeah. Next to uh, what’s his name? Tarman. Looks like it.

 back to the Shake Out Scared podcast here with you as always, Eric m bbb. Today we’re talking about the 2008 film Cloverfield, directed by Matt Reeves. But before we get into that, how are you bb?

Vivi: I’m good. Do you wanna tell him why we’re covering this one?

I like this movie. And it’s your birthday episode, .

Erick: It’s my birthday episode. Probably way too late after my birthday, but I appreciate

Vivi: it as of recording. It’s not his

Erick: birthday yet. I really do love this movie. I don’t know if this is a real thing or not, but when I bought it back in college, it came in a completely white and cover list.

Disk cover. So I thought it was on purpose, like it’s top secret marketing. Yeah. It may just be that it was Boole. I don’t, I don’t really know. . Yeah, like the case was the wrong case, but they just sold to me. I bought it on Amazon and I’m pretty sure Damn. Amazon.

Vivi: Amazon’s being shady. . Oh,[00:01:00] .

Erick: It’s my golden birthday. Yay. So celebrate with me. at least leave us a review for my birthday. , Thank you. Yeah. I’m hot little 31 years old. You’re just a baby. Just a baby. In the grand scheme of things, I am golden Cute hairstyle song, the summer. I’m a little golden. The wind term, just a little crisp. As pale as it can be. Let’s talk about what creepy content we have.

None. Nothing. Let’s talk about what Comfort content. We have no comfort for you. No. The only comfort that we have is that by this time, . We have already gone to karaoke, so you’ll probably hear it on the next episode, . Cause we’re gonna record after that.

Vivi: Yeah. We’ve been pretty much out celebrating your birthday this whole week, so we got

No time to watch anything new. This

Erick: makes it sound like we’re gonna be celebrating for like a month.

Vivi: Well, it’s my sister’s birthday right before yours, so it kind of is a hectic

Erick: month. Yeah, we’ve been going on missions, like we said, we’re doing a backlog, we just wanna make sure that y’all have content more frequently and that we’re more frequently sane.

Yes, and not falling apart . So appreciate it. But we will have comfort and creepy content next time. We’re almost done with [00:02:00] nato.

If that


Vivi: when we talk about nato, like

Erick: every episode, we’re almost done. Okay. You guys could stop hearing about it once we’re done. It is like 600 episodes long. Let’s talk about this drink, speaking of comfort.

Vivi: And you’re gonna come up with it It’s your birthday pick. I’m guessing we’re getting a nasty alien cocktail. It’s gonna have like

Erick: spider legs.

It’s gonna be like a octopus, like, like a cocktail. Maybe the camon, but without the camon. Oh God. .

Vivi: It’s just gonna have like, that’s just a bloody Mary,

Erick: isn’t it? Is it? Does Bloody Mary have shrimp though? Sometimes? Yeah, it does. Yes it does. Okay. Maybe I’ll do something like that, but we’ll do like the gray kind, cuz they’re like spider alien monsters.


Vivi: okay. I really don’t know if I like bloody

Erick: Marys. I wasn’t serious about bloody Mary. Oh, okay. I’m thinking like something technically and uh, epic. .

Vivi: Okay. . Let’s see if he pulled it off. So, okay, , while we’re sipping on that epic tentacle drink, do you have fun facts for us?

Oh, I do. I got these off of a website on the internet. Wow. , Creepy Catalog, which is a cool name for a website. So this movie, I don’t [00:03:00] remember too much about it when it came out. I think it was in eighth grade when this film came out. It was 2008. I might have been a freshman in high

Erick: school.

Okay. I was gonna say, was like, was I really that young? but I barely watched it in college I think. Okay.

Vivi: Okay. I don’t remember too much about the release of this film. I do know that it was incredibly successful and a lot of people attribute its success to it, playing on the fears of a terrorist attack on nine 11, like if it were to happen again, cuz this was 2008, people were still pretty freshly traumatized.

Erick: Yeah. It’s seven years later. I think in my write up I also wrote like, this must have been weird to film because there’s too many things that are so close to what I remember watching on the news, the clouds of smoke and dust and debris and people just walking through, they literally reenact the scene that’s very much like that.

Yes. And I was like, holy shit, that probably didn’t go over well. the fear part probably worked really well, but I’m sure that it got enough of its hate too on the side. Yeah.

Vivi: I’m sure a lot of people thought it was too soon.

Controversial. The movie poster itself is the City of New York in [00:04:00] Flames and then the statue of liberties head just clean off. So a lot of people attribute it to that. Others say it was just a good found footage film. They enjoyed it. It had kind of like this old monster movie feel to it. JJ Abrams, who also worked on this film said he was actually really inspired by Godzilla and just wanted to make a monster flick, which this is the monster flick

Erick: pretty much is.

Yeah. The other thing that I think worked for it was that, if I remember correctly, the. similar to other phone footage film that we’ve seen, it’s like they don’t give you too much about what’s going on. Mm-hmm. , I remember it just being like the birthday party scene and then the people going crazy and then it was just like, Clover Field,

Vivi: So let’s talk about those ads, because upon release there was no official title for the movie yet. People were just seeing these clips circling around like, what is this yeah. , movie didn’t have a title, but in Hollywood apparently it’s common to give movies like a code name before it reaches production.

Or like, if you wanna keep it secret for a while, it’s, code Codename was [00:05:00] Cloverfield because it was actually the freeway exit that the producer JJ Abrams would have to take in order to get to his office in Santa Monica, California.

That’s it. Just literally just the freeway exit. And he’s like, that would be a good code name for the movie. But once the trailers were released and hypes started to be built around the film, the rumor got out that its code name was Cloverfield. So kind of to play into the hype and the excitement that was going around with it, they just decided to keep it the name of the film.

it’d be dumb to change the name and not capitalize on this.

Erick: Yeah, it makes sense. Because everything that came afterward was kind of like, , you still don’t really know what the lore is of this world. The second one came out 10 Cloverfield Lane and it was also a movie that wasn’t anything like the first one wasn’t promoted anything like the first one.

No. But you were left like, wait, what’s the connection? What’s going on? And then you watch it. No spoilers for that one, but you’re also like, oh, okay, I see the connection, but still, what the fuck. Yeah. I think the second one was still pretty good. I really

Vivi: enjoyed Cloverfield Lane. Yeah.

Erick: And then we heard, I heard Ellie’s paradox was not great,

Vivi: also heard that.

[00:06:00] Have not checked it out.

Erick: So I’m gonna check it out cuz I like the Cloverfield lore, but I’m sure it’s just a bunch of haters. We know you , we know people just like to hate things. I like to hate things, but I also like to love things. I

Vivi: would say overall in our ratings, we’re pretty like Leni. we’re pretty much like, we like everything unless it’s explicitly terrible.

Erick: even if it is explicitly terrible. We’re like,

Vivi: that was kind of good. We get it. Yeah, or if it’s just like, really not our thing, you know? Like how I just can’t do I know people love Terra Fire, but I was like, I can’t,

Erick: go check out our Paton cause that’s over there.

Vivi: So the film was shot over the course of 34 days in New York and on sound stages built in Los Angeles The actors shot some of the film.

On handheld cameras to give it the real effect of found footage. That’s good. Which sounds like a nightmare to edit

Erick: together. Yeah. There is definitely a lot of shaky cam. Oh yeah. I know that a lot of the reasons people hate found footage is cuz it’s just so dizzying I don’t usually get bothered by shaking of cameras, but watching it this summer on, I was like, oh yeah, I guess this is like really [00:07:00] bad. It’s funny

Vivi: that you say that because when the film was released to theaters, they did have to have warning signs outside saying like, Hey might cause motion sickness.

And that people upon leaving the film did report like feeling dizzy. It’s excessive in this one.

Erick: Explosive vomiting because of how shaky it was. Um,

Vivi: No one reported that. Hopefully. mostly it was, it was a small group of people. They said it was only about a hundred people reported motion sickness from the film.

Erick: I thought we were talking about who was holding cameras in the movie. Oh no. It was a small group of a hundred people just running with cameras running around New York, just filming everything . And then they had a shitty job of editing it all together. Oh my God.

Vivi: I wonder how much you’d get paid for that.

Probably not a lot for sprinting

Erick: with a camera . People do that for free every day

Vivi: on YouTube now. Yeah. How time has changed? kind of touched on this earlier, saying that this film’s essentially a monster movie, and it did follow some of the guidelines of like Jaws wherein The Monster’s only on screen for a total of two minutes and 37 seconds in the whole

Erick: movie.

We really stole [00:08:00] the show. It didn’t it? Yeah.

Vivi: We could talk about that one.

Erick: we get a little full frontal too. . but it is a, a well-earned two minutes and 34. It even, it even is like, Hey, I’m smiling for the camera.

Look at my ears. it just like flex, is it? I don’t remember. Yeah, it flexes its ears and it’s like

Vivi: breathing. I just remember the design. Um, Hold, let me not pick up my eyeballs. I was like my stomach dick. No, that’s what we do in the show. . the Beast. Yes. . I just remember not loving seeing the monster for even that long because the CGI really ages this movie like a lot.

And I say that about every movie, but it does. It’s pretty noticeable. I think

Erick: I disagree. . Okay. I That’s cool. Think it’s fine. I think it is fine. There are worse things from. later than this that are worse. Yeah. I think, I think, yeah. It’s okay. . It’s fine. We’ll talk about it at the end if we still agree. are we ready to jump into it then? Yeah, let’s get into it. Here we go. The title screen, it’s a very glitchy scene. It’s a tape that’s stamp by the US government stating that the SD card from a camera was recovered from site US 4 47, formerly known as Central [00:09:00] Park.

The video starts in the morning of April 26th where Beth and Rob are planning a date in Coney Island. They’re all cute and love dovey. When the video suddenly cuts to the evening of May 22nd, Rob’s brother, Jason is holding the camera this time, walking the streets in New York with Lily, and she tells him she wants him to get testimonials from everyone at the party that night.

He’s not sure how to work the camera. And from this point on, the movie will cut back and forth between April 26th and May 22nd as they overwrite Rob and Beth’s date.

Vivi: I was so confused. The first time I saw this, I was like, okay, we’re following this one couple and then outta nowhere. It was a completely different couple.

I was like, what’s happening ?

Erick: Yeah. The date I thought was going to have some sort of Easter egg at the end that’s like, oh shit, it all comes back together. But no, it’s just to be like, here’s this very traumatic experience laid over this very awkward date that Robin Lilly had because they weren’t even dating.

No, it was probably their like first and only date, and then later we find that. He basically ghosted her.

Vivi: Yeah. It’s meant to endear you to these characters, but I don’t think it does a good job of it. No.


Erick: it’s really awkward. . It’s really awkward. they get to the apartment where the party will [00:10:00] be. And since Jason’s knowing that he was given to camera duty, he just hands it off to Hud who also doesn’t want to do it. Hud is played by the guy who plays Weasel. Is that uh, Miller TJ Miller, yes. he basically plays like the same dude in anything that he’s in. There’s a lot of actors

Vivi: like.

Erick: if you just copy pasted him and moved him over to Deadpool, I’d be like, wow. It’s the same guy. Same dude. Yeah. he’s only convinced because Marlena is gonna be there, so it’ll give him a chance to talk to her. People start showing up. So HUD goes around getting testimonials until Lily finds him to say he better be taking the film seriously, given the events that happened later.

I find it sad that during Lily’s testimonial she says she feels like he’s family and really cares about him Rob is a terrible person. .

Vivi: Yeah. Rob’s not great.

Erick: No. we’ll get to it, but there’s just no reason. Okay, look, I get it. I get it right, I get it.

Yeah. Love this person. . But I think that if you love this person, you’re also gonna do everything in your power not to be like, let me enable you to just go full send and get us all killed. I’d probably be like, Hey man, let’s be realistic here. She’s probably gone [00:11:00] also. She’s

Vivi: dating. I said that and you said I was being heartless.


Erick: you could go, but I’m not going with you. I’m convincing you to come with, but if you really are just so adamant, good luck, buddy. I love you, but also you’re being an idiot. We’ll get to it.

Vivi: that’s like way down the line, .

Erick: Yeah, there’s like too much moral question there too, Hud also just starts filming. Marlena showing up to the party during her testimonial. He’s ignoring basically everything that Lilly is saying and just zooms in to Marlena in the background.

Just entering the door. He’s a creep. Yep. And an idiot Because later he’s also like, How do you know who Superman is? And she’s like, whoa, what the fuck? Blowing my mind. . Do you know who Funny Love is? Yeah. Yeah. I love her. I wish she was in more things.

Vivi: Marlena’s played by Lizzie Kaplan, who plays uh, Janice in Mean Girls in. I don’t feel like we see her in a lot of other

Erick: things. No, she should be in more things. I feel like she’s, over the last few years, been in sporadic stuff, but not even that much. I

Vivi: think she’s done uh, a horror television show called Castle Rock or something like that, but I really haven’t seen her in anything since this era.

Yeah, [00:12:00] the

Erick: Janice fans are gonna come and

Vivi: and be like, she’s been in every indie movie ever, which is


Erick: You need to do better. Yeah. Actually Robert just got a promotion as vice president at a company and has to go to Japan. So everyone from his past has been invited. Literally every single person including Marlina, who’s like, dude, I met him like three times and I was drunk.

Every single one of them.

Vivi: Yeah, I think she says she’s more of Lily’s friend, which makes sense. But then I also wanna know how young this kid is cuz how are you like the VP of a fucking company? ?

Erick: I don’t know, but I will say that cuz he is going to Japan. When I used to work at the hotel, . I told the guy that I was studying engineering and he gave me his card and was like, if you want to come to Japan and work for my company.

Oh, interesting. So maybe it was one of those. So this is the thing that he was a bellman at a hotel. There’s actually the uh, extended footage. we actually worked in the same hotel. Mm-hmm. And um, it was the same guy. This is a real movie. It’s not, it’s found footage cuz it’s real. You know that right?

Mm-hmm. , you know that right? .

Vivi: I think when you do found footage, it’s an interesting choice to then pick actors that are recognizable. .

Erick: At the time I didn’t recognize [00:13:00] anybody in this.

cuz when did mean Girls come. I think it was the same year actually. It might have been the same year. Yeah. Actually,

Vivi: no, I think Mean Girls was like 2006. Main girls was 2004. It was definitely,

Erick: maybe I just didn’t recognize Janice with regular hair.

Not Gath.

Vivi: The hair is also black in

Erick: this. It’s not goth though. She doesn’t have a goth vibes. Goth both. I will say the HUD is forcing sing Marlena to do to the testimonial because it’s a really cringey interaction. She’s like clearly uncomfortable. Yeah. She’s like, dude, I don’t want to. And he is like, come on, just come on, do it.

Come on.

Vivi: It’s clear. It’s like his only way to talk to her, but she really does not wanna be bothered.

Erick: Yeah. he tries shooting a shot and she’s like, nah, I’m good. I’m gonna get some food. Good luck with whatever this is. Rob finally shows up to the party and goes around thinking everyone until he asks Hud about the camera. He asks HUD if Lily invited Beth, but all HUD says is, why wouldn’t she? We continue to get scenes from the party and at one point someone asks HUD how he’s gonna survive without Rob.

this line is there to foreshadow. Spoiler alert that HUD dies Rob is so focused on saving Beth later that he doesn’t [00:14:00] really care about Anyone else’s safety. Mm-hmm. , Beth shows up with Jonah from Superstore.

Vivi: are you asking me to look up this actor’s actually name?

No. Okay.

Erick: because he’s in it for two seconds. He really is. Rob goes over to say hi. And it’s really awkward. It’s clearly ruined. Rob’s night. So Hud tries to cheer him up. That’s when he realizes that the camera is his and asks whether they switch the tape. But given the situation, he decides it doesn’t even matter. HUD goes over to Ask Beth for her testimonial.

and you made a funny ass comment about the way that Travis is just standing next to her,

Vivi: like super in her business. The way you

Erick: did it was funny. It’s like .

Vivi: she’s like literally talking and, and yes, he’s like this staring at her . Uhhuh just really protective over her.

Erick: Hey, do you wanna go get a drink? Yeah, yeah, sure. , she gives her testimonial in private and says she’s really gonna miss him when Rob comes over to talk to her. HUD takes his documenting job seriously and goes to record them arguing outside.

Lily pulls him in, but he wants to know what’s going on between them. So he gets Jason to help him harass Lilly to find out. Turns out, the only secret is that these slept together, and that’s enough juicy tea to have HUD go around telling [00:15:00] everyone at the party. To be

Vivi: fair, if you’re in your like twenties, this is a pretty juicy secret. Is it though? I mean, so if someone in your friend group slept with someone else in your friend group, you’re like, Ooh,

Erick: Between those six of us, we could fuck around and laugh about it, but he goes to every single person at the party.

In the party. Marlina. Yeah. She’s like, okay. That’s cool, dude. I mean, I don’t know these people. Yeah. Beth decides it’s time to leave, so Rob just locks himself up in his room. Hud and Jason go to talk to him, and we find out he basically ghosted her because he’s leaving to Japan and figured it was better to just stay friends.

Jason goes on to say he’s a douche bag. She’s too good for him, and yet she loves him. So now is his chance to go after her.

Vivi: This is giving, the background of their relations. It seems like they were like, will they, won’t they? like the longest time?

Erick: I think one of the mentions that she was his like high school crush or something like that.

Yeah. So they’ve been doing this dance for a while. Yeah. And then they finally slept together. But I said, is Juicy T but not enough for everyone to know? No. Also, sometimes I think it’s funny how people breed certain situations cuz here he is like, [00:16:00] now’s your chance. Either you leave the Japan and forget about your future or you go back to this girl and forget about your future.

What? . . You could be like, Hey, it’s

Vivi: different if you’ve been dating for years and years and you’re like, I got this big opportunity in Japan, would you come with me?

They slept together one time.

Erick: Well yeah, that’s what I’m saying, that like, part of me says, you guys danced like this forever and you waited till you had to go to Japan to finally like your thing. of seems like the more realistic thing to go to Japan to make a fuck ton of money and then come back and be like, Hey, are you still single?

Are you still single? Are you still dating Jonah Did you want to date the superstore guy? Or you wanna of the dudes from Japan And that’s it. That’s the

Vivi: only identifiers that they

Erick: have. . What would you do? You would go to Japan, right? Take the job opportunity

Vivi: if Oh, . I thought you were asking if I was the girl. I was like, if I slept with someone one time, would I go to Japan with him? No . Yeah. No. This is kind of on him for waiting for that trip to give him the courage to make a move.

I think you just have to go to Japan. You’ve been working. for this probably your whole career. You know

Erick: what? Knowing how horrible Rob is, he probably did [00:17:00] do this on purpose. He’s like, I’m gonna just, go on a date with her and then if it goes bad, I’m leaving.

Anyway. Yeah, I could see that went well and now he’s like, fuck what I do. What do

Vivi: I do? I don’t know. Cuz you could also like go to Japan and hate it your first year there and be like, no, I’m going back to New York. You know, like so many factors

Erick: go into it. . Yeah, true.

Vivi: also don’t have to ghost someone. Especially if you have the same friend group. You could just be like, Hey, I am leaving. I don’t think it’s smart for us to continue here. Or

Erick: long distance relationship never

Vivi: works.

Erick: hey, could. Okay. There’s plenty of people who have met their loved one online and live far away from each other.

All four of them. All four of them.

Vivi: Oh, I thought you meant in the history of the universe, only four people have successfully had long distance relationships.

Erick: I know all of them actually , they’re all dating each other. He says Forget the world and hang on to the people you care about most. haha.

Vivi: Haha. . It’s cuz everyone

Erick: dies. Yeah, probably. It’s so funny. I think it’s because he literally does forget the people he cares about the [00:18:00] most and then goes to, goes after her. Beth. Yeah. I’m winning shit on Rob a lot, I don’t think the blame is fully on him.

Obviously it’s their fault for following, but Yeah. But it is Rob’s fault cuz had he just been like, all right guys, you’re right. You know, it’s kind of a lost cause. We should just save ourselves. none of this would’ve happened, or it would’ve, they would’ve all died with Jason and a few, suddenly a rumbling happens and all the lights throughout the city flicker, They run back inside to find everyone shaken up. the lights switch back on. So they watch the news to find. There was an earthquake in lower Manhattan an oil tanker capsized near the Statue of Liberty. Since it’s close by, they go up to the roof to see if they can see what’s going on.

HUD jokes about Rob leaving town a little earlier when an explosion is seen in the distance and debris flies in their direction.

Vivi: I would be mad if I was about to leave on a trip and like the day before this happened. that’s so close, so close to being outta there.

Yeah. .

Erick: everyone runs and screams. The camera is shaky. Audio cuts in and out. As they make their way onto the street, people are running into their direction, almost splitting them up. Robin and Lily are screaming. If anyone’s seen Jason, something comes flying in the direction and everyone panics as the statue of Liberty’s head lands on the street in front of [00:19:00] them.

What slashes across its face?

Vivi: This scene, I, I do remember the first time I saw it I was like, holy shit. Cuz what’s more American than the Statue of Liberty? And seeing it go down is like, again, playing on those fears of nine 11. Had to be an interesting scene for people.

Erick: my mind had to shut down Cause I was just like, yeah, the Statue of Liberty should have put up a bigger.


No, you’re right. nine 11

Vivi: What a wild statement. . No, you’re right. Nine 11.

Erick: Jason finds the group when HUD films the smoke in the distance and notices something big. Moving around behind the buildings, A building comes down, blasting dust in debris down into the street in their direction.

Again, this is the type of stuff that I was talking about. just really reminiscent. The group runs in Hiden, nearby corner stores. We just hear screams, tremors, and roaring. The windows are blown in causing the dust to enter the store. While Hud mentions he saw what’s out there.

Jason decides to go outside. Much to the group’s dismay and we see people in the streets disoriented and completely covered in dust stall. Nearby buildings [00:20:00] are destroyed covered in flames. This is 2008, seven years. Again, we’ve mentioned it, but like Probably, it probably was difficult to film this,

Vivi: especially the scene where they are all hiding inside the grocery store.

Because I remember at the time when footage was coming out over nine 11, that was a lot of what you saw, like so many people just trying to find shelter. And it was like those surveillance cameras from the grocery stores where we got that footage

Erick: from. Right. Crazy that they like only waited seven years to do it.

Vivi: But it’s also, I guess, a way to work through the trauma of it. know,

Erick: in some way, I guess it also works out if they only filmed about 30 days in New York and the rest of it what’s in La Marlene is one of the people they see walking by, so they sit her down while everyone crowds around. Hard to see the tape.

Everyone starts to panic. But Jason takes control of the situation by deciding their best way to escape is the Brooklyn Bridge.

Vivi: I do appre. Appreciate . I do appreciate, don’t appreciate and Brooklyn Bridge there. No, I do appreciate that. They show HUD like, Rewinding the tape to show everyone, cuz this is one of my biggest pet peeves in found footage films where [00:21:00] they’re like, I don’t believe you.

What did you see? And they’re like, I don’t know. I couldn’t describe it. I’m like, rewind the fucking tape .

Erick: True, true, true personal pet peeve. You waste too much time like trying to gasoline be like, believe me. No. Yeah. Although I will say that the technology doesn’t make sense to me because when they were rewinding and then watching the replay, you see the date between Rob and Beth.

Vivi: People are like, we don’t care about your personal porno. Just, just show what happened. .

Erick: It’s just Hud showing them the porno. . That’s a dick dude.

And they’re all like, oh, holy shit. Who’s a monster? This is of rage. HUD checks on Lil and Marlena, but Marlena is traumatized. She’s like, it was eating everyone and they’re like, that’s nice.

Dear . As they make their way to the bridge, they realize their phones aren’t working with Rob seems particularly upset about, we see someone flatlining and convulsing in an ambulance nearby before HUD turns to camera. But I wonder if that was our first clue of infection. I think it was. Yeah. this.

Film’s marketing was also special because you had no idea going into it what you were dealing with. You’re like, there’s a monster up there [00:22:00] convulsing. You’re like, all right, this is a monster movie. Zombies. Yeah, monster zombies, , what’s going on? And it’s

Vivi: never really answered. I think if we did have to guess, I would go with alien zombies.

Erick: Right, because they infect you. Yes. Yeah. I dunno. It’s like the reverse. war of the worlds where infection killed the aliens. Yeah. They brought infection to us. Mm-hmm. , everyone’s on the bridge being guided by police to cross.

When Rob asks Hud why he’s still filming and HUD says he wants to show proof of how it all went down, was the movie just being like, why would he

Vivi: continue? It really was just to shut up that one horror fan who’s like, why do you keep holding onto the camera?

Erick: I don’t even know if it fits HUD’s Mo to be like, this is his vibe. He just like so obsessed

Vivi: with Yeah. I’m trying to think. In other found footage, films like Blair Witch Made Sense because they were making a documentary.

Erick: Anywhere where there’s a reporter, it’s cuz they’re report.

 This one seems just like the people need to see what’s going on,

Vivi: man. Yeah. Suddenly he’s become a documentarian for the people.

Erick: Gotta put this up on a dark web.

Vivi: This is gonna start my YouTube

Erick: channel.

Rob suddenly gets a call from Beth, but he can’t hear her, so he stops on his tracks. [00:23:00] Hud and Lily stop. But Jason gets pushed forward by the crowd. Rob says, what do you mean you can’t move? Before people start going into a panic, Jason climbs a light pole in the distance to wave them down. When Lilly screams watch out and a huge tentacle comes crashing down onto the bridge.

Exactly where he was

Vivi: so unfortunate.

Erick: Yeah. He got smashed by the tentacles. Everyone screams Lily screams for Jason, but everyone runs as the bridge collapses behind them. You can hear as the cables snap, which is also scary.

Vivi: Yeah. Cause they fling all

Erick: over the place. Those are high tenile like heavy ass cables.

And if they whiplash, I mean you’re gone. Ugh. Like your whole up body’s gone. So painful. Yeah. The group stops to recollect themselves as people loot and panic nearby. Lilly cries over Jason. HUD starts suggesting ways they should escape, but Rob cares more about how dead his phone

Vivi: battery is. really fucked when you learn that it is his brother that just died on the bridge.

Erick: I mean that, that must have been some really good sexual intercourse. , I dunno how to put this. Must have been amazing to make him just say, fuck it to all my [00:24:00] friends and even my brother. He runs into a store for a charger while HUD notices the monster being broadcasted on the news. Outside military vehicles rush by as the announced a mandatory evacuation of the south of the city. Everyone in the store suddenly stops to watch the news, where we see the monsters dropping pieces of itself onto the street.

Before I say what’s on the tv, the fact that people just stop and are just like,

Vivi: I think that’s human nature to want to know what’s going on. .

Erick: You think it would stop though? Everyone’s looting around them. I think the whole store is like,

Vivi: I think it would be a good idea to stop just so you know what you’re up against for survival

Erick: reasons.

I mean, it’d be a good idea, but

Vivi: really things are so different now because now you could literally just like look at it on your phone as you’re fucking running for your life. No signal,

Erick: actually no battery . Right, right, right, right,

Vivi: right. But even then phones did not have

Erick: screens. Internet. Yeah.

Vivi: They had screens, , they had screens in 2008.

I promised you were just pixely as fun.

Erick: We see the monsters dropping pieces of itself onto the street. They then zoom in at street level where we see these spider light creatures attacking people. we see what they look like [00:25:00] up close later, but on screen they look like.

Big face huggers.

Vivi: Yeah, I was about to say that. I wonder if they were inspired by Alien. Yeah.

Erick: Lillian Marlina come running into the store to hurry them up, but Rob has a charge on his phone and yells at them to stop while he listens to his voicemails. , literally asking everybody to just bring in the world to a halt so I could


Vivi: We’re in the middle of fucking crisis. People are dying and you have to listen to your voicemail, .

Erick: He has one from Beth saying she can’t move because a wall fell on her.

Rob just stares off and decides to walk in the direction of the chaos. The group’s like, bitch, what the fuck? ? Rob says they can’t convince him otherwise, so they should just go with the military, but they all decide, fuck it, I’m coming with you. Literally no reason other than that. Like, Hey Rob, we love you.

I support you. But it literally takes like no com convincing. Yeah.

Vivi: Because at this point the only people that I would see wanting to stick together is his brother and him, and he’s now gone. So

Erick: like literally makes sense in the name of Jason,

Vivi: kind of, but also there’s a limit I think that Rob reaches, but everyone else is like, no, [00:26:00] Marlene especially, she’s like, I barely know you people.

Hud seems to be Rob’s best friend, but I don’t know. At what point are you like, you’re fucking crazy. No.

Erick: Yeah. That’s where the debate starts, right? Because it’s like, would you do it? I think we’re all adults here, are we? I think that if that’s your prerogative , you’ve got this.

Vivi: You can do it. I believe you Rob

See you on the other

Erick: side. there’s just so much that happens that it’s like, hey, yeah, what point should we just be like, ah, man, that she’s gone dude.

he’s like, how far is the apartment from here? And It was like a eight mile thing and they had to run through the train tunnels.

No man, we’re, this is in a video game. We’re not gonna go on a whole ass mission.

Vivi: you know? That’s funny to think that I’m sure. Something Apocalyptic were to happen. There would be those people who would treat it like a video game.

Like, so ready for this shit. No, you wouldn’t.

Erick: babe. I’m ready to just fight things. You literally just said you wouldn’t, I wouldn’t go on a suicide mission for no reason, and not, maybe not these spiders though. I saw what they did on tv. I’m leaving.

Pretty nasty. Yeah, Every

Vivi: time you say Manhattan, I just keep thinking about what we do in the [00:27:00] shadows. don’t remember how he says it, but Laszlo’s character, they’re going to a party in Manhattan and he’s like, we’re going to Manta or something like

Erick: that.


Vivi: every time you say it, that’s how I think

Erick: But yeah, so again, there’s like a point at which it’s like, nah man, I think you’re on your own for HUD and Marlina, especially Lilly. Okay. she said that you’re like family, Yeah. But Hud and Marlina,

Vivi: Marlene’s truly just with these group of people, because she doesn’t wanna be alone, but

Erick: she could go with that big ass group of people just being guided by the military.

Yeah. Marlena’s like, she’s dead as fuck. Did you not hear the voicemail rob is like clearly upset with her when she says that

Vivi: A wall fell on her dude, even if she’s not dead, she is bleeding out and it’s a race against time. She says she can’t move. She might be paralyzed. we can’t carry her.

Erick: He also doesn’t give details until they’re already there.

What floor is she on? Oh, the 31st floor because she’s rich.

Vivi: To top it

Erick: all off . Yeah. Of a building in the middle of where the chaos is happening.

Manta, . I don’t think we’re gonna find her.

Vivi: Yeah, no. it, like you said, truly a suicide mission.

Erick: But that’s why we’re not heroes, right? No. That’s why we’re not firefighters or [00:28:00] whatever.

Vivi: That’s why we sit in these chairs and talk shit. Yeah. And draw a mic.

Erick: We just say what we would do and just victim blame for a half hour. Yeah. Hud keeps trying to convince Rob to stop and ask if the police or firefighters could help. When the monster suddenly approaches the military fights it off, cue the full force and budget of this fucking movie . They solidly for two or three minutes. It’s kind of funny. It’s like dudes with guns.

It’s like they don’t even show what they’re shooting at. It’s just like them on the side of the road. we see a bunch of military dudes with guns the bazooka dudes the tank, and explosions. Before we see the monster hovering over them. The group runs into the subway as explosions seal off the entry behind them. Rob thinks that they should go up to the other platform to go back up.

But HUD’s like, bitch, the air caught on fire. We need to wait. Rob gets a call from his mom and lies to her saying they’re safe and being evacuated by the military before telling her Jason’s dead. Heartbreaking. This is when it hits Rob that his brother’s dead and he breaks down with Lil on a bench.

Marlena sits there contemplating how she shouldn’t even be there. HUD’s like, but yeah, you decided to come with us. You had your chance to leave and we gonna rub it in her [00:29:00] face. , do you feel like the movie was trying to. Make it seem like Marlina and HUD were kind of hitting it all. Yeah,

Vivi: but I don’t like this because they’re only hitting it off because they think they’re about to die.

Erick: Yeah. There’s no real reason for them to, no real

Vivi: chemistry. No. This is a weird thing to say about, I was looking up like gift ideas for you. you wanna know what a gift idea that comes up on Amazon is? Like a lot for men? Blow up doll. No, .

Erick: a picture of Janice from

Vivi: Mean girls.

No, . That would be really specific. it’s like towels and people have like stitched com rag on it. it’s literally a labeled rag. Why ? Because men are disgusting. Why is that a gift? And you need to label it. I don’t want people to know that that’s what it’s used for. . Imagine like going to someone’s house and going to wipe your hands on the towel and it says come rag

Erick: on it.

Or, is it a slight. take care of yourself bitch.

Vivi: No, it’s meant for the cleanup.

Erick: do it to yourself. You ask, you don’t deserve

Vivi: it. It’s a passive aggressive gift then.

Yeah. I don’t think that’s the intention.

Erick: That’s like the dick towels,

Vivi: You All towers are dick towels if you really get [00:30:00] down to

Erick: it. . Not all dick towels are com rags, but all com rags are dick are towels.

Ew. What a tangent. . Rob decides a should only take them about an hour to just walk through the tunnels to the station near best apartment.

Vivi: That’s really long on like a good day and not when the city’s also just on fire.

Erick: Also through the tunnels. We’re not talking about like a stroll through the park.

pitch black. We just have our little cellphone lights they’re not the powerful cell. The ones we have now. Yeah,

Vivi: I kept telling you I was waiting for like a flaming train to just go in there and destroy

Erick: them. Kill them all. . Yeah. End the movie now. That was Were the World, is that right?

Vivi: Was it possibly

Erick: The groups resistant, but the sound of gunshots and explosions outside convinces them, they go down the tunnel as Rob beats himself up about his last words to Beth being, out of pocket because she’s like, good luck on your trip to Japan. And he’s like, good luck tonight, Travis

Vivi: It’s amazing you’re gonna risk your life for it

Erick: later. . Yeah. They keep hearing noise in the tunnel, but try not to freak out until Marlena points out. Rats are running in their direction. A chittering noise is audible, so they turn on night vision to find a bunch of those alien spiders hanging from the ceiling.

Vivi: They take way too long [00:31:00] to just start running because I think if you see. Rats running quickly in the opposite direction of something, start running with them. They know, they know what’s happening. For

Erick: sure. I also think that their use of the night vision doesn’t really make sense because only HUD has night vision.


Vivi: only able to see it through the

Erick: camera. Yeah. But there’s a

Vivi: whole like 10 minutes where he’s like, hold on, turn on night

Erick: vision. And the spider’s like, we’ll wait. Yeah, ,

Vivi: he’s gotta get the shot.

Erick: a bunch of them attack and make a bunch of goofy noises.

It’s like, it sounds like whooping fireworks, you know the little spit ones? Oh, yes. We think Lily is a gunner because one takes her down immediately. HUD’s literally about to get eaten up. When Marlena saves the day by beating it down with a pipe, she gets taken down quickly though, and bitten on the shoulder.

They all make it out alive somehow by running into a service room nearby.

Vivi: Poor Marlena, She was, she was okay until she decided to go back and help these guys.

Erick: Yeah. She could have been the one who just ran into the service room and was like, let’s go. Cause I think Rob’s the one who does it.

Yes. They’re all like fighting spiders. And Rob’s like, Hey, door’s over here, . They look at Marlene’s shoulder and she’s all shredded up. Hud thanks [00:32:00] her for coming back and saving him. And she’s like, why wouldn’t I? Because you don’t know this people. I don’t know you . anyway, the group asks, what’s the plan now? Just try their luck on the streets. They end up inside a store and see a bright light across the room. Marlena looks sick and says she feels dizzy when the military shows up. Asking questions is the first thing Rob asks them to help Marlena?

No. Why would he? . That would be very unlike him actually. He tells them they need to go get Beth out of her building.

Vivi: you. This whole military setup here with hospitals of people. You gotta go .

Erick: Take the whole hospital, please. Oh my God.

oh my God. Oh my God. The group is taken to a base they set up in the building where they see tons of other injured people being helped. Someone on the stretchers insides are completely hanging out as the people carrying them say they have another bitten one. The guy in charge gets off a phone call and tells everyone they all need to be out in 15, but Rob’s like, no, we can’t.

We have to help my girlfriend. The soldiers are like, fuck you in your little problems. Seriously though, as everyone’s packing up the go, Rob continues with his stop story about how it’s all his fall and he let her go and they need to let him go. Save her.

Vivi: Which would not [00:33:00] happen. Like these people are trained professionals.

They don’t give a fuck about your sob story. They wouldn’t let you get all your grievances out like they’re your therapist. They would be like, okay, move it along. Shut the fuck up, move it along. They all drop everything. Yeah. They’re like, wow. This is an amazing, compelling story.

Erick: One of them even is like, I have a thing for you to do.

Yeah. No way. That’s fucking that way. No, you, you learn no one. Now be a politician with a deep pocket and maybe right, give me a private

Vivi: helicopter. He really does ask for everything. .

Erick: that privilege

Vivi: of having a good job in Japan. ,

Erick: you know who I am. I have a job in Japan.

They’re like, oh, you’re right. We didn’t go to the party. I’m sorry. . Meanwhile, Marlena’s nearby saying she doesn’t feel good with blood coming outta her eyes and nose. Someone nearby yells bite and they pull her into a tent. , the group freaks out.


Vivi: reminds me of something, but I can’t,

Erick: is it 2390? Yeah. .

Vivi: I was like, is it a kids movie? And it reminds me of my, she’s

Erick: got a sock on her.

They don’t even address the bite. She just actually has like a little spider sock on her from space. The group freaks out as we see Marlene’s shadow in the tent exploding. The soldiers carry the [00:34:00] group off to settle down. But one soldier tells the others he’s got ’em. He reveals he has a way out for them and tells them to be at the evac point before it’s too late. Wouldn’t happen. Wouldn’t happened.

Vivi: They don’t really uh, process what happened to Marlena.

Erick: They’re like, we didn’t give a shit about her .

Vivi: We barely

Erick: knew her . Anyway, they need to hurry because the government is implementing the hammer down program to prevent this thing from getting out. If that doesn’t work, they’re leveling the whole city casually.

Get rid of it. Throw the whole thing away. Hud takes a minute to cry over Melina and Rob’s like, do you fucking actually do you fucking mind? look guys. I know. I know, I know. I get it. I know, but like, unless you’re gonna follow me, we really have to go.


Vivi: really does. And like, you already hate him, but when he does this, you’re like, oh my God. The worst. Yeah.

Erick: They run through the empty streets and finally find best apartment, which happens to be leaning on another building. .

Vivi: I think if I saw that, I would just be like, we can’t, we just fucking can’t.

Part of me would be like, damn, this whole struggle to get here. But also, no fucking way man. No,

Erick: look, the military, the whole ass military. Yeah, the one that was helping people was [00:35:00] right there. It was right there. We were safe . this is the point where I’d be like, Rob, you’re on your own.

Everything led us to here, Rob, it’s up to you. Yeah,

Vivi: Especially if you’re trying to grieve your friend and he’s like, I’m gonna need you to wrap that up cuz I gotta go do this

Erick: thing. If the whole group was like intact, maybe I’d still be like, well look, we’ve gotten this far, let’s go. Some of us have died. No, dude, you’re going on your own now. Clearly you’re

Vivi: just leading us all to get picked off one by one and for some miraculous reason you’re still alive. .

Erick: Yeah. He’s the one that’s most reckless.

Vivi: I mean, that’s why it always is, right? Like the people

Erick: who are the most terrible are the ones who survive.

Yeah. HUD’s, like she lives on a low floor, right? Nope. She lives on the 39th floor. So Hud jokingly suggests they use the building it’s leaning on to jump down to Beth’s building. Rob’s like you son of a bitch. I In . Yep. When they’re inside the building, Rob tries the elevators, bro.


Vivi: even try it? What the

Erick: fuck? Literally like every rule says if the building’s on fire, dude, I’ll take the elevator. Yeah. Anyway, they take the stairs and they’re all out of breath.

When they find a floor high enough to jump down onto the roof of the other building. Lily’s like, I can’t do that. But Rob’s like, nah, you got [00:36:00] this. You know what sucks? Risk your life.

Vivi: is the entire time they’re running through the cities. Both Lilly and Marlena have high heels

Erick: on. I forgot about that with this scene

Vivi: because she’s holding her shoes going up the stairs

Erick: also. 39 floors.

Vivi: God damn. I think I would’ve stolen someone else’s shoes. I’m not gonna lie.

Erick: picked em off a dead body. Yeah, I think I would’ve pick ’em off of Marlena’s body. No, she was also wearing heels. She also

Vivi: exploded.

Erick: I don’t think you’re getting those shoes. . just kill a HUD for his shoes. I mean, I didn’t say do all that, but I mean, he’s the only person around. HUD says goodbye to the camera and Rob’s like, hurry up Completely disregarding that. They’re like actually afraid to jump over a building. Rob is such a terrible version. He’s on like Mika level.

Vivi: You know, I could totally see

Erick: that. . They make it inside the other building and it’s pretty nerve-wracking because everything is sideways and creaking. They find best apartment, which is full of windows, and I’d be too worried. I’m going to slip and fall outta the window. Yeah. Like it’s leaning. it’s also like marble floor.

Yeah. That

Vivi: in just any slip. It’s like so much I just thinking about the scene to come and I’m like, oh no, I don’t think she would’ve survived this at

Erick: all. Tet. Yeah, she’s got a rebar in her.

Vivi: Even when they pull her out, I’m like, [00:37:00] I don’t think that would be enough people to pull her up. She would have to beat 90 pounds.

But then there’s no guarantee that you wouldn’t do further damage in pulling her out. No. And

Erick: then they’re running right after this. Yeah. Nonchalant.

Vivi: No .

Erick: They find Beth impaled by some rebar, so they think she’s dead.

But she opens her eyes and they have this cute little, are you real moment that she’s like, oh my God, that you left? And he’s like, it’s really me. and Hu and Layli are just like, he should have left. Huh? . Everyone’s just chilling, giving them their moment. until Beth realizes she’s got a rebar sticking outta her.

So Rob starts yelling at Lilly and Hod to help him with her. Dude, Rob is rude as hell. cuz he’s like, hello. Help, help. After you guys just had like a little

Vivi: piece of you just made out for like

Erick: 10 minutes, man. They pull her out in unison and don’t get us sick and to relax.

When they notice the monster approaching in the distance, I’d be like, we’re fucked. We’re we’re gone. We’re dead. We’re just gonna stay here. That’s it.

Vivi: I’m not climbing outside again. Fuck though. Have so much work.

Erick: They make a run for it, but really it’s a walk because Beth’s hurt.

They finally make it outside and run to the evac point, but the monsters right on top of them. I find this scene so fucking funny. You should watch [00:38:00] it because it’s really funny.

The military fights it off and we watch it just stomp on some tanks while the evac point sits like 300 feet away. They look to the left, the monster literally stomps on the tank, helicopters come from the direction of the monster and land right in front and there’s like no sense of urgency from anyone. How do the helicopters make it past also the evac points? Right there

The monster was like, oh shit, I can’t get to that point. It’s still not oh 600 yet. The moment it’s oh 6 0 1, though. Fuck you guys. I wanted to stomp on that place. Lilly gets to get away, so he’s like, Lilly, you’re good. I know it’s, this isn’t your fault. Okay. My boyfriend’s dead. So you’re

Vivi: saying the monster had sympathy?

Yes. for military time. That’s the

Erick: only way that it could be explained. It’s the only way. Yeah. He knows what it’s like to have a family. He’s like, Lilly didn’t deserve this. HUD’s kind of a creep. Rob sucks. Beth. I’m sorry. . Anyway, Lily gets safely taken away, leaving HUD behind with Rob and Beth.

The monster’s just ready to go. As it turns the corner and gets shot at by tanks, a helicopter shows up and the group is safe. As they fly away watching the [00:39:00] monster bombarded, they’re like, hell yeah. When suddenly the monster comes jumping at the helicopter out of the smoke, the helicopter free falls.

As everyone freaks out, They wake up and it turns out none of the three of them are dead.

Vivi: Which wouldn’t happen. No, they’d all be dead. The

Erick: helicopter would explode. Yeah. They somehow survived the helicopter hitting the bare ass ground

Yeah. I believe it when movies have a helicopter hit a tree line. Cause there’s something

Vivi: to stop it. Yeah. No


Erick: they pull a rob out whose leg is apparently really hurt. But we see the planes flying by, meaning that a monster is nearby. HUD puts the camera down to help stop the bleeding.

They start carrying him away, but Hud thinks fast and runs back to the camera. However, Rob and Beth scream as Hud realizes the monster’s standing right above him. The monster looks dead at the camera and just chomps down on him. All we could see through the shakiness of the camera is HUD’s lower half hanging for the monster’s mouth as he falls to the ground with the camera.

The camera lands facing hud and we hear Beth and Rob yelling out to see if he’s okay. Why did the monster eat them too? ,

Vivi: why are you gonna ask if he’s okay? What ? Yeah. He’s clearly

Erick: not. Okay. . [00:40:00] Oh my God. It’s just ahead. Hunter. Are you okay? You okay? ?

Vivi: Yeah, hu died by his own like, obsession with the camera, which I think is something we see a lot in found footage is like the person most obsessed with capturing everything ends up dying

Erick: for sure.

But I do think that it’s odd that the monster focuses on these little people, you know, like he’s literally in shot at by the military. Mm-hmm. , what makes him turn to like, address three little beings that are not shooting at him. Yeah. And then he just kills one of them. Yeah. And then lets the other two just get by

Vivi: these people.

I know were following them, but they really just.

I don’t know how to say this because it’s not gonna make sense, but they really just have main character syndrome, but they are the main characters. . But then like almost divine intervention happens to them in some

Erick: situations. and they don’t deserve it. I do remember being younger and watching this film and being like, oh my God, I would totally save the girl I love.

this is like resonating with me. I would be this guy. I would like save the person. I love and I watch it. My man fucked it. Kidding . Fuck that bitch. I’m outta here. No, I’m just [00:41:00] kidding. I would save you. I would. But the moment I see your buildings leaning,

Vivi: I’m out. I’d probably, my building, I’d probably still be there actually, that we don’t live in together.

Erick: I told you to have dreams about having to save my loved ones, so I think that’s why this movie resonated with me when I was younger. That’s still my biggest nightmare is like not being able to save other people I love.


Vivi: telling you now I’m not fighting. If there’s an apocalypse, just take me out man. You’re not gonna save me. I You could survive and I think you would do fine, say I’m gonna die either way. If society crumbles,

Erick: we’re gonna just rob all the pharmacies, bro. , just for no reason.

Vivi: That still wouldn’t work.

First of all, it wouldn’t even be regular pharmacies. It’d be very specific. High

Erick: tech pharmacy show up with a ski mask at the infusion place. Yeah. Empty. There’s nobody there. Yeah, there’s gonna be no medication

Vivi: there,

Erick: Gimme all the infusion. You have . You mean money and food? No, gimme the chemo

Vivi: drugs.

I’m here for drugs. Yeah.

Erick: Rob and Beth find HUD’s body, but they just take the camera and run. Why? Why take the camera?

Vivi: I’m guessing it’s their way of honoring him because he was like so obsessed with capturing everything and Yeah, to like film your testimonials. I suppose I would leave it, I wouldn’t fucking

Erick: care.

now they [00:42:00] care about honoring him. I know. Yeah. man, fuck Rob Beth’s literally like a victim here. Beth could have just died in peace in the building. now she’s gonna get nuke cuz of Rob.

Vivi: yeah, I mean, I don’t think either way is a good way to go, to be honest. Because what if the building finished collapsing before she died?

Before she was, that’d be fucked. She was

Erick: knocked out already. I mean, yeah. don’t even think she would’ve known

Vivi: don’t, I

Erick: don’t know. It seems like she gets just a whole ass body of rubble and a nuke to the head awake.

I’d rather be asleep while the new kids than, awake.

but they just leave the camera and run to Central Park where they hide under a small bridge. we watch as Rob and Beth cry about everyone being gone. But in the background we hear that Monster has, close as ever. Beth says they have to go, but Rob argues they have to wait there.

So now he’s rude as fuck to Beth. Yeah. Rob puts the camera on himself as sirens go off and gives the details of what’s transpired, including the names of his friends who’ve died. Beth is crying her eyes out and Rob’s like, say something to the camera sweetie. Say something to the camera. Yeah. Tell them who you are.

See your name. She’s like, no, I’m just, I’m sorry. It hurts. Everything hurts. I feel bad for Beth. This reminds me of that lady who tells her son to pretend cry for YouTube.

Oh. After their Dog died. [00:43:00] Yeah. She finally says her name and says they’re gonna wait till it all blows over when it quite literally all blows over behind them through the rubble. We can hear them yell. They love each other, and it cuts back to the date from April.

As Beth and Rob sit on a Ferris wheel, the camera lets them know it’s almost outta tape. So Rob asks her to say one last thing to the camera. She says, I had a good day. They both smile at the camera and the credits all I was expecting like them to be on the Ferris wheel and like an explosion happens in the background and they’re just like, wow, that’s weird.

But no, it’s just a really happy way to end the movie.

Vivi: Again, it’s supposed to make you feel for these characters, but I don’t think we saw enough of their relationship to care. Seems a little toxic if you ask me already. You guys aren’t even dating, but. It’s, it’s a sad moment.

I’ll give you that. Them saying like, I love you. I mean, I think he did love her or he wouldn’t have sacrificed literally every single one of his friends and families to save her. But it’s like

Erick: chess, damn home. You send

Vivi: all the pawns, the most fucked up game of chess ever. Yep. High stakes.

Erick: So what’d you think of this movie?

Vivi: Oh man. I remember watching it the first time and thinking it was a pretty good movie. I thought [00:44:00] it was scary. Would hate to be in this situation for sure. I do remember even when I watched it then though, I thought Rob was an idiot for trying all these things to get to Beth.

watching it now, I do have a little bit of an issue with the excessive shaky cam a control, but it’s fine. It’s found footage. Yeah, no, I always have issues with that, but some things it’s just like, I know you’re supposed to suspend disbelief, but there are so many situations that they’re in where I’m like, they wouldn’t have made it from that.

They wouldn’t have made it from that. They wouldn’t have made it from that. And it’s like very early on in the movie that this starts to happen where I’m just kind of like, eh. Again, touched by God in this film. .

Erick: I mean, I guess that’s how like all movies are, because even like finding the military bas in the mall.

After the train stuff, the events are all just too perfect. Coincidental. Yeah.

Vivi: where I will give the film credit and where I think they did a good job was in keeping the monster element a complete mystery. Even though we do get it on screen for like a couple minutes, rarely do you see it again, you’re not sure of how it works because it’s babies. [00:45:00] If they bite you, cause you to blow up.

is it an alien zombie virus? You don’t know where it comes from, what its plans are. and I am a fan of the Less is more approach for Monster movies.

Erick: I do like that about this movie. I think that’s what also appealed to me is that it left everything up in the air. Like even after it ends, you’re like, Did they kill it? Godzilla doesn’t get killed by nukes. What is this? It’s not in the forefront the whole time.

You’re kind of dreading that at any time the monster can be around the corner, it can knock down the building that you’re in. I really think that the suspense, I know we’ve made fun of a lot of it, but where they’re picking up Beth and they’re in that leaning building. It’s a tense moment moment that the monster’s running at the building and they’re like, we gotta get off.

I’m like, oh fuck no dude. It’s like right there, .

Vivi: We’re gonna die. I’m just gonna wait for it to get

Erick: me. Yeah, there’s so many like, I’m just going to give up here moments. And I think that that was the appeal part of it also was. saving your loved one. personally, if I had friends who were gonna join me, I’d be like, nah, dude. Like for real. I know that this is like a me thing. I don’t want you guys to die. Yeah. Don’t follow me. I know that are people who would listen to this and be [00:46:00] like, well, it wasn’t his fault they chose to go with him, but like I think it still counts as getting your friends killed because they care about you

Vivi: Rob is also at times, barking orders at them. Right. So I don’t know exactly how much he’s not to blame. I understand that you’re probably not thinking clearly and this man is yelling at you. So we’re like, okay, I guess I’ll follow this person who seems to know what they’re doing.

Erick: Yeah. Now, would he have made it on his. ? I don’t think

Vivi: so. No, because , he brought side characters to get picked off. That’s literally the only reason he survives until

Erick: the end. Had he gone on his own and then found Beth on that rebar, I think he have had to stay there. Yeah,

Vivi: they would’ve died there.

I enjoy this movie. I’ll write, it’s not one of my favorites. And I don’t know if I would say it stands out to me. guess I should keep the sequels out of this, but I definitely prefer Cloverfield Lane Moore.

I think that one is more story and yeah, it’s all personal preference. You can disagree

Erick: with me. No, I think the same one’s good. I’m laughing because it’s like, is it because it’s more leaning into the elevated horror psychological thriller realm?

Vivi: Maybe because there’s more plot and less shaky cam.

I love a good found footage movie. Don’t [00:47:00] get me wrong. I think I would’ve enjoyed it more if we followed even a different group of people around, because I was just infuriated with every decision this group made.

Erick: Yeah. I feel like it’s hard for a movie to be like, let’s have a monster and then give a. human story that people care about.

Vivi: Right. Cuz that’s always it.

Just a kind of final thoughts. Wrap it up here. I think this movie, I don’t know if I can say it was tacky for taking the approach of playing on everyone’s fears from nine 11 or if that was just a really good strategy in marketing campaign.

I would give this film a seven outta 10.

Erick: Okay, It’s a c I like that. I mean, I

Vivi: kind of wanted to go 6.5 cause Rob Yeah, Rob does really suck. Yeah. But I’m trying to think of it in terms of the genre. And I think I would prefer to watch this instead of a Godzilla movie, to be honest.

Hmm. Depending on this

Erick: Godzilla movie, . I was gonna say, cause the Godzilla movie, weird. There’s some good ones,

Vivi: so I don’t know. I think it would depend on my mood But let’s leave it at seven outta 10. Okay.

Erick: I was gonna say that I wonder if the choice for New York was just literally as simple as, I just wanna see the Statue of [00:48:00] Liberty detected on the street. .

Vivi: It’s always New York, right? There’s like no other city that’s impacted . ?

Erick: No. What do other cities have that you could have the monster throw and it’d be like, whoa.

Holy shit. You have like the Seattle Needle? Needle? Like using it as a sword? Oh my God. It’s grabs the Just

Vivi: Jousting with the Seattle needle.

Erick: if Cloverfield wants to be a franchise like it is. Hit every city. Just, yeah, do that. Just make it a montage of monsters. Just using landmark things. Throws the bean and just like Hmm.

That’s actually hilarious. Yeah. I kind of want that

Vivi: now. What’s your overall

Erick: rating of it? I think I still give it a seven. seven is good. . do you wanna talk about how these like little alien wiggly thingies, scared lowkey? Not scared of, but he was like, what the fuck is that?

Sure. I think Ripley was there too and they were both like annoyed. Yeah. and we all know how much Loki hates insects. Summer is on its way.

Vivi: Yeah. Is it an insect design? It’s not exactly clear what it is, or it’s like a sea monster insect thing.

Erick: They remind me of the movie Eight Legged Freaks. But if the Heads of the Spiders were the chompers from Jinx,

Vivi: I have not seen that film, [00:49:00] so I can’t,

Erick: Ooh. We should watch Eight Legged Freaks. Is that a horror movie? I think so.

Vivi: Do you wanna tell us about it? Loki?

Erick: All right. We’ll make sure to protect you from the alien, monster insects. I didn’t know that. That wasn’t even an option. This is gonna be their first summer in the yard.

Vivi: Yeah. We’ll see how that goes.

Erick: Hmm. you’ve already been a little stressed on about it.

Vivi: Yeah. Because being shelter dogs. They’re not used to a lot of sounds and people,

Erick: kids playing, what the fuck? Fuck is

Vivi: that? So it’s gonna be fun to teach ‘ em that they can chill out.

Yeah. So fun. , we’re

Erick: just like, As always, .

Vivi: as always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You could follow us pretty much anywhere at Chicken Out Scared Pod except Twitter. Twitter Shaken Scared Pod. You can send us an email at shake out Scared pod

Listen wherever you get your

Erick: podcast. Give us a follow, check out our drink videos. Join the Discord. If you’re watching this on YouTube, make sure to like and subscribe. Also, comment, and let us know what you thought at Cloverfield. Maybe you also hate [00:50:00] Rob. Maybe you love Rob.

Maybe you want to be saved. Bye Rob. Bye Rob.

Vivi: Be sure to like rate review all that good stuff and Okay, thanks. Bye bye.

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