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Into The Dark: Pilgrim (2019)

Erick: Did you see that lady who filled the whole tub with milk and cereal and just would swim in it.

Let’s meet you with cinnamon.

Jess: ideas.

Travis: It’s like almost like Scrooge McDuck in that.

Erick: Welcome back to the shaking out scared podcast here with you as always your hosts, Eric and VB. Today, we’re gonna be talking about the 2019 film Pilgrim directed by a Marcus Dunstan, But before we get into that. How are you BB?

Vivi: I’m just slightly hung over, I think, but I’m also excited because we have guests.

We are joined by our friends over at the, what’s your least favorite, scary movie podcasts. If you guys want to introduce yourselves,

Jess: Hi, my name’s Jesse,

Travis: Travis.

Jess: we are a, in the middle of our Thanksgiving month. actually we just covered Freddy versus Jason. We’ve been going over each movie like one a month for the past year or so. And we finally got to Freddy versus Jason crossover, the big crossover event. And then we’re doing our Thanksgiving episode next week on blood rage, which we’ve been talking about for most of the year.

So we’re really excited to actually have a full episode dedicated to it.

Erick: it. yeah. I Love you guys artwork too, per episode. think it’s really cool. Who comes up with the ideas?

Travis: That’s all on me. sometimes I pull a lot of that stuff out of mass and sometimes actually like preplan, a lot of it,

Erick: I can’t wait to see the one for blood rage.

That’s gonna be an

Travis: I’m excited for

Jess: that one. just like cans and cans of cranberry sauce.

Erick: How are you? I’m good. We had friends giving yesterday. We don’t have that many friends, but the ones that we do have, they like to party so yeah, but I also noticed that clubhouse is available for Android users, I might be late to the party I sound like an old man, but clubhouse for the longest time was only available for apple users

Jess: is clubhouse? I’ll be the really old one here.

Erick: I noticed the other pods were doing watch alongs where you could just join in And then just talk. So people would say, oh, Hey, at six o’clock on Monday, we’re gonna watch this movie so then everyone would join in watch it through their own TV, But, discuss

Yeah. I wanna see if we could join some.

I joined one on accident the other day when nightmare fierce was on. Girl at scaries pod clubhouse. and They were watching bones.

Travis: Is that the Snoop dog one.

Erick: Yeah,

Travis: I


Jess: thinking

bones with David Bananarama

Erick: Yeah. I thought the show.

too, DV was looking it up. I couldn’t find it, but stay tuned for that. We’ll probably put some out there for us. and then join a bunch of others. maybe.

us in lease here. We’ll do some bond. Yeah.

Vivi: yeah, Just

pick a horrible movie.

Jess: Oh, that’s our specialty. Oh

Travis: yeah. We watched we’ll talk about that during creepy content.

Vivi: Oh, that’s a good segue into what’s your guy’s creepy content.

Travis: Well, we watched thanks killing last night and talking about bad horror movies. Oh my God. Have you guys ever watched

Jess: that

Erick: No, it was one of the options for this month, but we didn’t end up doing

Travis: dude? You guys got to watch it. I don’t know if you guys have like, intentionally bad horror movies or not, but it tries to be bad and it tries to be funny in doing so and actually succeeds, which I feel like it’s kind of rare.

Jess: It’s amazing

Erick: Is that the one where the Turkey is getting choked okay.

Jess: I mean, there’s bad mustaches. There’s bad disguises. There’s a couple instances of beastiality.

Erick: Oh, great.

Jess: yeah,

there’s a montage. There’s a homoerotic montage.

Vivi: It sounds

Erick: wild.

Jess: Yeah. it’s a good time. It’s not a super long maybe either. I’m always like, wow, it’s over already

Erick: Sometimes those super bad.

intentional movies are a hit or miss.

Vivi: Yeah. We watched evil bong that is bad, but not in the good, bad

Travis: are they trying to be like good, bad or

Erick: I don’t know because there’s like 10 sequels. So I imagine they knew what they were doing at some point, you know,

Travis: Jesus. I


realize there was that many

Erick: it’s my full moon productions, which we were brought to light on. I didn’t even realize that they were an entire Marvel, extended universe.

Travis: They have like a extended universe. I think we’re going to like it’s crossovers and stuff like that.

Erick: Yeah. Ginger dead man versus evil. Bong is one of those.

Travis: That’s the one that voice by Gary Bucy I think that

ginger Dedman

Jess: crazy.

Erick: What do you got, baby?

Vivi: The only thing I really been watching just started it. So I think I’m kind of late to The party is what we do in the shadows. I made you watch it with me and I love it.

It’s not super creepy, but it’s about vampires.

Travis: is that the comedy one? Yeah, dude, the movie’s awesome.

Jess: We’ve seen a, maybe we haven’t seen this show. Yeah.

Erick: oh man. There’s a specific episode where it kind of brings it all back together because those characters from the movie aren’t characters, but they do. make cameo. Yeah.

Travis: I think my favorite thing about that show is how they made that one guy, a social vampire.

So it’s just like sucks all the social

energy out of everything. so great. I love that.

Erick: This is the emotional vampire too.

Have you

Travis: I saw that one

too. Yeah. It’s so awesome. We do need to watch that.

Jess: Yeah, we do.

Vivi: But that’s pretty much all I had. What

Erick: about you? We had to watch a couple of movies. and we watched home sweet home and home movie home sweet home. Is that one where there’s a escaped lunatic from a asylum

He goes around. and is killing people. think that movie has weird pacing because it’s like either the guy’s insane or not, in the beginning he runs a old lady over, but then sneaks around his house for like the last 40 minutes. of the movie. you know, pick a lane on how crazy you are

Jess: he went too hard, too fast and he was like, I need to tone it down.

Vivi: Yeah. I’m at a 10. I need to bring it down.

to it.

Erick: And then home movie was about kids going crazy at home. The parents are a psychologist and a priest and don’t realize that their kids are insane, It made

Jess: It made


Erick: kids. So

there’s that one

Vivi: of

those movies?

Erick: that’s all I have for creepy content.

Erick: Is there anything that you guys feel good about enough to bring up for comfort?


Jess: I’m On the last season of my Buffy rewatch right now I always love Buffy, but I’m watching angel for the first time and I’m on season four and I do not feel comforted by season word angel

Erick: Is that the one where they say he’s like a super crazy stalker

Vivi: and his own show. no, I think they say that. when he was on the Buffy

actual series,

Jess: I mean, was a stalker on

Vivi: I mean, he was, I always avoided angel because that was just like, no, it’s not Buffy.

It’s not Buffy storyline. I know they like occasionally make cameos on the show, but

Jess: Well, I always avoided it because I just don’t care much for the character of angel and I’m trying to avoid spoilers cause Travis is watching through it for the first time. He’s only up to season two. I hate angel on Buffy, but I like him on his own show,

My friend convinced me to watch it through this time. Cause she just needs somebody to talk to angel about,

Travis: I think,

Erick: Are you going to be tweeting about it too? Cause I think you do that for Buffy. Right?

Jess: yeah, I forget to do it sometimes because I watch it in the morning while I’m getting ready for work. And then like, I usually send out a tweet real quick when I get to work before I head inside. But I have been cutting it really close to clock-in time lately. I’ll have to like do three or four at a time.

Cause I’m like, oh man, I haven’t caught up in a long time.

Erick: I’m looking forward to the angel ones, even though I don’t like angel, What about you?

Vivi: I don’t know if this is comfort, cause it’s kind of gross, but we’ve been watching big mouth, the latest season.

Travis: Um, No we haven’t. I feel like that would be like a good one for us to watch though. would be.

Vivi: insane.

Erick: You don’t know whether you feel uncomfortable or find it funny because it shows about like kids and growing up and like

there’s themes about puberty and

Jess: they show

Erick: kids, naked, but it’s like, is it weird?

Cause they’re animated

Vivi: It is weird. I think they even make fun of it in their own show.

They’re kind of meta,

Erick: So Are you ready to have some good old fashioned gratitude?

Vivi: Good old fashioned gratitude. Yeah. We’re getting into


comfort now. So for this one, I actually wanted to make like a very jammy thick drink, but I feel like we’ve done quite a few. of those in the past. So I kind of steered away from that. I noticed that the father character drinks an old fashioned for dinner, like every scene. and just to add kind of like the berries, because they are very important. and come into play later. I decided to go with a Cranberry old fashion. It has cranberry juice, orange, bitters to make it like a fall festive type drink, bourbon. Or whiskey of your,

choice and lemon.

if you like sweeter drinks, you can add simple syrup. I think the cranberry juice is sweet enough. So if you guys want

to give it a try,

Erick: it looks cool. It’s a very red,

Jess: This

Travis: tastes

way better than what we tried

Jess: last night, we had the list of ingredients and we’re like, we’re just going to throw stuff together. And it was not good.

Erick: Yeah, I did ask the BB last night, like, did you send them the instructions? She’s like, Ooh, Got to do




Vivi: it very last minute.

Jess: Funniest story about this. I’m an idiot. And when you guys are like, what ingredients should we stay away from? No, you’re vegan. And I was like, oh yeah, basically as long as there’s like no jello or something, like it’s going to mostly be us looking at brands. And I didn’t think anything else of it, except for the fact that Travis and I both have food allergies that are super common in the fall.

And so you set the list and I was like, oh my God, I hope it didn’t have pumpkin or? cinnamon in it.

Erick: Oh

Jess: We’re going to have to like rethink everything. So

Erick: shit. yeah, I was worried about that. That’s why I sent it. I was asking VB, like, do you think this is mean to ask, what are you allergic to I was like, no, It’s probably better to be more conscious.

than, just be like, do it, or else

Jess: Yeah, no, I just completely forgot that allergies are a big thing for us. Like I said, when it comes to drinks in the fall, cause I get pumpkin beers for myself and Travis can’t have them. I will eat cinnamon. I’m like those people that are lactose intolerant that still eat dairy.

So I’ll just get to the point where like my mouth starts itching and then people will like take gingerbread cookies away from me. Stop

Vivi: That’s hardcore

Erick: for all. You’re a danger to yourself. Geez.

Travis: I was talking

Jess: about it with my mom. Cause she visited last weekend and I was like, I just don’t ever put that. I’m allergic to it because my worst fear is I’ll be admitted to the hospital and they like will have a really good food in the menu. And I

can’t get it because it’s got cinnamon, which I guess is a pretty lame fear.


Erick: Priorities. Cinnamon. I feel like is probably one of least difficult though. Right? Cause when I hear people are allergic to peanuts and peanut butter, I’m like, oh my God, what

Travis: yeah.

Jess: Well, some people are like, you can’t even say the word peanut around them throughout we’ll close up.

Travis: They would hate living here. Oh yeah. Like a jet factory downtown here. And like yeah, if you drive downtown and like you’re inhaling peanuts basically


day. It smells

Jess: amazing though.

Erick: First cinema then you can’t have a lot of, the drinks from Starbucks.

Jess: like I said, I do it anyway. I just like plan my day around feeling like garbage after.

it’ll break out my mouth and like really destroy my stomach. So it’s nothing life-threatening at this point. my theory is if it gets worse over time, at least I’ve enjoyed it while I can


Erick: true.

Travis: get a dog eating chocolate.

Vivi: I just liked that. It sounds like she’s building a resistance to it.

Erick: At what point did she stop?

It’s just like, she’s no longer of her body

Jess: Yeah, like sheer force of will get rid of the

Travis: allergy.

Erick: in the hospital, but just inhaling cinema

Jess: I’m going to be like that cinnamon challenge that went around years ago.

Vivi: But what would you guys rate this drink that.

you’re not allergic to.

Erick: Thank God

Travis: I’d give this like a four and a half.

Jess: Yeah. I was going to say a four. I like this

Travis: a lot. Yeah, I do too. Yeah. We don’t really do a lot of fancy drinks very often. We just kind of take like bourbon or rum and just kind of mix it with Coke. Yeah. That’s pretty much it.

Erick: fancy.

Travis: Yeah.

Vivi: I like this way more than I thought.

I would. The flavors actually go pretty well to gather cranberry and orange. So I also gonna give,

Erick: I want you to give it a three and a half

because it’s on the sweeter side. That’s just me, but three and a half is still good for a sweet drink.

It’s an old

Vivi: fashion, new

Erick: level of fashion. Yeah. It’s just the cranberry for me. I actually don’t even like cranberries like that. Are you allergic? No, I just hate it

Vivi: said the people in this movie.

Erick: No.


Well then try the old fashioned, gratitude, let us know.

what you think and you better thank us for it.

Erick: for fun facts, It was actually pretty difficult to find stuff. I kept just

finding like actual Thanksgiving history until the point where I realized that. the movie says based on a true story. And I started to think like, maybe that’s a metaphor for it being based on the first Thanksgiving. And That’s what they mean. It’s not actually based on a true story, but it is. So the, based on a true story is in reference to an experienced writer, Noah Feinberg, who worked on this film had grown up, so.

his mother was the PTA president at school and put together a Thanksgiving.

They had Pilgrim reenactors that were hired to put on a play at the school and his mother asked the main actor, to stay at their place, which

rude, why not? The rest of them? Just the main actor that’s suspicious. so the main actor stayed at their place for a few days, but Noah recalls the actor never breaking character and thinking it would only lasts like the first day until he woke up the next morning. and the days afterward, And the guy was still in character talking about his stories on the Mayflower. and a bunch of other things.

Like if he was actually a Pilgrim, he would wear the clothes every day.


yeah. so the final image and the credits, if you guys paid attention, there’s a kid with a Pilgrim And

Jess: And that’s an actual images,

Erick: as a kid with that

guy who stayed over. Yeah. I know he doesn’t explain how this, ended. like he’s like, yeah, obviously it didn’t like end with them killing my

Jess: my family.

Vivi: And now he’s

Travis: Yeah. That’s what I’m thinking. I’m thinking the mom was like really into it. She was like singing character.

Jess: Oh, not trying to kink shame anyone, but ill like role-playing as a period in that’s my

not any fun,

Travis: super religious or something.

That’s like super high for somebody that’s super religious.

Erick: so The only thing I have after that, was that the scene where rain Edwards who plays Cody is dunked into the water, was shot. in one, take they built that wooden mechanism I think that the director was in an interview talking about how they had just so many people working to make sure that it was safe.

because she’s

basically getting waterboarded.

Vivi: and if this is like her first acting role, like big acting role, and she has to do that

Erick: too.

at every new try out, she’s gonna be like, well, I got waterboarded for.

an entire night, so whatever you throw at me, I’m good. That’s all. I got. I’d still want to know what happened to Noah Feinberg after that.

Pilgrim stayed over. Did he just leave? I mean, I hope so.

Vivi: That is fun though. That’s Incredibly traumatizing. clearly he wrote a movie about it So he’s not doing

Erick: yeah, additional phone fact, apparently he wasn’t even, pitching this as a movie He was just telling this story to somebody over at Blumhouse and people overheard it and said, yo, when are you submitting that horror story? And he was like, oh shit?

Okay. I guess I’ll,

Vivi: guess I’ll do that now. I guess my life’s a horror movie. Okay.

Jess: Jason Blom, just being like, Hey, would you like to channel your childhood trauma into something that makes me money?

Erick: Right. I don’t care what happened, even if he did kill your family.

Erick: now that we’re done with them facts, are

Jess: are you ready


Erick: run, Jess?

Jess: oh God. Okay. Yes. I am a wordy wordy motherfucker.


Erick: Ready?

Jess: 1,



Erick: go.

Jess: So there’s this girl, Cody and her mom and dad are fighting on Thanksgiving and her dinner. Her mom just leaves them both. And then years later, she, her dad’s remarried and she’s got a half-brother and she hates her step mom and her step-mom knows that she hates her. So she hires some Pilgrim Leipers to come live with them for a week and teach them how to be grateful.

And she also hires her boyfriend’s mom, a Pilgrim wiper, because she’s like dealing with addiction issues and is not very well taken care of herself, except the Pilgrim LARPer that goes with her, kills her because she’s not grateful enough. And then she also kills the boyfriend because who cares about him.

 Um, And then there’s more and more pilgrims just consistently. They like multiply like crazy and they’re building sheds and going to fix the garage and the dad’s okay with all of it until they start killing, because they’re not grateful enough. And he says, you have to take everything away. So that way you can be grateful for what you had except for Tate, because he’s a pure little baby boy.

 Um, And then the dad dies and they have to eat them. But it’s a trick because because the berries are true. Solitary.

they’re poisonous.

So all of the

Erick: sober. Yeah. You were doing so

Vivi: good. I thought you were going to make it.

Jess: like Travis is getting nervous. He’s like sitting here, like giving me the keep going side and I’m like,

Erick: I don’t know if you guys are okay with this, but every time we lose, we take a shot, but it’s

you don’t want to.

Jess: No, I mean, I found vegan jello finally. And so when we made jello, I, this is my first ever jello shot in my life. So we brought a couple in here with us cause we were worried that I might not

Erick: That’s awesome. I’ll join you. I didn’t bring one, I’ll go to that one real quick.

Travis: that is really good for being in

Jess: jail. Yeah. It’s got beats in it and beats are gross you can’t even tell yeah.

Travis: the fuck.

Vivi: I’ve never heard of beat jello.

Travis: It’s

Jess: such a common thing with vegan stuff.

Vivi: Are you going to take your

Erick: shot? Yeah, I got ticket.

Jess: Yeah, we


not. Yeah.

Erick: That’s


Vivi: They were just too excited for their shot.

Travis: Yeah.

Erick: Cheers. I was tequila.


yeah. All good here. Clear the sinuses.

You got the brief what the internet says, this movie’s about. Yep.

Vivi: It is pretty short. It is from IMD IMDV it woman invites, Pilgrim, reenactors to her family’s Thanksgiving celebration in an effort to remind them of their privilege and help them bond with one another. That’s it it’s pretty short. And I, feel like they miss a big part.

Jess: If you just listened to that, it sounds like almost it could be like a hallmark or lifetime holiday movie.

Erick: exactly. Yeah. They don’t bring up the murder dinner. If you guys are ready, I’m

Jess: I’m ready to

Erick: this because this movie is great. Wild. .

Vivi: So we opened on a scene of Cody watching her parents?

have an argument over Thanksgiving. She’s very young at this point and Her mother, actually

storms out. And this is the last time we assume, because she’s not mentioned again, that she ever sees her.

We flash forward to many years later, and her dad has remarried and she now has a little brother, but she.

does not get along with her stepmother, which I found super odd because it seems Like so many years have passed and you now have a little brother and you still make her out to be like, an evil stepmom,

Erick: right.

Her life had to have been good So maybe it’s just, she’s an angsty teen. What I wanted to know more about was the mom did she die? They talk about her, like she’s completely disappeared off.

the planet.

Vivi: why didn’t she take Cody with it? You know, it’s like so many questions

Jess: Yeah. I think she’s probably got like a ton of abandonment issues from that because it’s one thing for your parents to like, not be a good couple, but it’s another for one parent to just peace out forever. My head can on as that she left and she got into an accident as she left the house, which is very tragic, but at least doesn’t leave her with unresolved abandonment issues,

Travis: you know,

Erick: If we’re speaking about head can in my head can, is that


sent the

Vivi: damn, she really hated her.

Erick: Well, I thought it was going to full circle. Cody keeps flashback into this event and then it never really

has like a payoff, like she keeps flashing back.

But what does that mean?

Vivi: It’s supposed to like drive in that she has unresolved issues about this holiday in general, but I think you could still be suspicious of

Travis: of these creatures coming into your house

without the,


yeah. I like Thanksgiving. That’s probably the least dramatic holiday in, you know, my history. I was just gave me a look um, like I would be creeped out by this.

Travis: So you’re trying to give a fucked up background for this character too.

He’s trying to make it shitty. Now.

Jess: honestly, I feel like I mercy killed her mom in my head. yeah, like that seems better than like her mom just being like, well, I don’t love your dad anymore. And therefore I no no longer that’ll mess with the

Travis: kid.

Erick: I also no longer like being alive. So I left and got in a car crash. Just don’t like any of it, because the type of car crash, you could also just make it more tragic. it could be a car crash.

like in descent?

Travis: oh, it’s like so

Jess: sudden too,

Vivi: I think my favorite. Car accident kill though. It’s still Halloween to

Jess: oh

Vivi: poor kid,

Travis: Yes,

Vivi: gasoline, spontaneously combust.

Travis: do. It was wasted, man.

Erick: But on that note, Cody’s mom didn’t blow up. I think, uh, Anna Q Anna is talking about the harvest.

Fest at dinner She’s trying to make things nice for the family. and says, maybe This is what we need so that we can start to talk to each other. The dad is really involved in his phone.

He’s watching foreign markets. The son has been talking about working on those hand turkeys. You do as a kid in class, Tate and Cody have this sort of like language

Jess: other where they play hide

and seek.

Erick: Cody does one knock. And I think Tate does too.

Jess: They’re so cute.

I love their relationship. You can tell she’s very protective of them,

Okay. How old did you all interpret this kid to be? Oh

Travis: yeah, that’s

Jess: a good


Erick: at least like 12, but they say he’s a

Jess: We have started referring to this as the new nightmare phenomenon because the kid in that movie, the actor was eight that the kid was acting like he was like four he’s in Brooklyn, nine, nine. I don’t know if you all have watched the show, but he is, Boyle’s adopted son Nicolai.

Um, Yeah, and I immediately, as soon as those little face popped up, I was like, is that an equalizer? But like, he seems like he’s supposed to be 11 or 12, but then he was


struggling to read words Either he’s way, way, way to appear. In which case it makes sense that the pilgrims spare him

Erick: Anna says, she’s going to have this harvest and they’re going to be reenactors who are going to stay over. she doesn’t say at this point, that they’re going to stay over for days, but she does say they’re going to visit. and Cody is real, like against Anna. She’s like, oh, So we’re going to celebrate genocide of


tribes, like. Yeah,

Vivi: she does

Erick: the whole movie. Anna, although is taking all the shit from Cody, she does fight back and says. To the dad well, she’s skipping school. and the dad’s like, I’m not wasting 65, K a year for you to be skipping. is coding in college or

Vivi: high school?

She’s in high school,

Jess: but kind of high school costs, 65,000

Travis: She keeps Mike referring. Like she’s only got one more year before she can leave.

So I think she’s 17 and about to go to like college

Jess: I interpret it as her, like

a freshman living at home style. Oh,

Travis: could be, I don’t know.

Erick: 65 K a year, Another reason not to have kids,

Travis: oh,

Vivi: listen, they’re not going to private school,

Erick: They go to grab the wishbone. Tate and Cody go for both house.

And they explained that.

whoever gets the large piece gets their wish granted. in her head,

Cody says, I hope this whole thing backfires and she gets the bigger piece, this becomes a whole theme be careful what you wish for. Before it starts the movie, it says families are still important in America. Is your family thankful? There’s like a lot of imagery about

Jess: excuse me.

Erick: it’s played a role in the American home for decades.

Travis: intro is like one of my favorite parts. I like that stock footage that they were using it was just about it. It was kind of

Vivi: It’s very eerie. voiceovers of like, probably from like the 1950s talking about Thanksgiving, like old family

Erick: values. It gives me that vibe of fallout, the world is going to be saved and it’s perfect. really everything is destroyed. and The atom

bomb went off.

and killed everybody.

Travis: Giant scorpions everywhere.

Jess: Yeah. I just immediately don’t trust anybody who refers to traditional values and like, oh, have multiple prejudices for sure.

Can I just talk about the music that plays during the opening credits? I love this music so much. It’s very Zippy and interesting. It kind of makes me think of the like did you guys watch the fear street trilogy on Netflix? It makes me think of the the music three when they’re like back in the times.

Erick: oh yeah.

Travis: Fuck that

Jess: stop being such a spoiled sport.

Travis: I

Jess: love that part. You just, hate witches and pilgrims

Travis: pilgrims.

Jess: You’re picking the light colonizers.

Erick: Travis, you like pilgrims? I don’t know. This is the forum for that.

Travis: That’s

Jess: why he likes this movie so much. rooting for Ethan the whole time.

Vivi: Yeah. The soundtrack for this is crazy, especially in the culminating scene at dinner,

Jess: Oh yeah.

Vivi: Where

it’s like a super gospel

Travis: God. Yeah. It’s like be grateful. That’s all it’s saying the

Erick: it’s

Vivi: blaring the whole

Erick: time.

Vivi: They also use,

specific sound effects whenever something happens like this next scene where and is hosting an HOA meeting and she’s talking to the mothers and they’re two faced, like a rattlesnake sound

Travis: Oh


Vivi: up and like time someone Dramatically.

turns or appears, it’s very emphasized in this one.

Jess: I felt bad for Anna, but also I definitely, like, not that I would ever be in a situation where I have to go to an HOA meeting, but like, definitely could see myself being in the kitchen being catty like that. Yeah, for sure.

Erick: while their daughter is in the room and you know, they are, and you still don’t stop

Travis: To be

Jess: fair. Cody is accidentally eavesdropping because she broke that pie.

Travis: So like stood up if I were here just to like, make it more awkward

Jess: because I would’ve

Vivi: I would too.

Jess: in on this shit talking

Erick: Even that’s a little an explore Cody seems to feel bad that they’re talking shit about Anna, but also she just still hates Anna. So

Vivi: we definitely

have a complicated relationship. And I feel like it’s kinda the main one we explore in the movie.

Jess: I like that though, because I feel like a lot of members are just like we’re butting heads and we hate each other. And then we’re going to have this sudden change of heart at the end. But like, I like I liked that nuance. right from the beginning.

Erick: The saving grace is when they murdered together

Vivi: to meet, just murder as a family. that was

Erick: hilarious.

Travis: Yeah.

Vivi: It was like my favorite last.

Jess: The family that prays together stays

Travis: together.

Erick: And anything’s giving, if you didn’t kill together, said the pilgrims pilgrims,

Vivi: But while they’re having this HOA meeting, the reenactors show up much earlier than, expected. and I was kind of only anticipating them to be there for Thanksgiving, but they show up, I’m guessing like a

week in advance timeline is a little fuzzy here.

Erick: Did You guys like how it goes in the slow-mo and the

Jess: and the music

ramps up,


Erick: buckles take the first step into the door.

Travis: It’s like super dramatic. I love their entrance,

Erick: I love the actors who play patients in either so good at

Vivi: needs characters.

Travis: the person that played patients, she looks so familiar, but I can’t figure out who

Jess: she is. Stone cold bitch. And the best kind of way, like what you want from a villain. I love her. we made a drinking game out of this and like one, one of the rules was like any time patients are Ethan as passive aggressive.

And I swear every time patients opened her mouth, we were sharing.

Erick: you’re like, damn it. at least Levesque. Ready or not?

Travis: oh, she’s in that.

Erick: Yes. And

she was an orphan.

Travis: uh,

Vivi: in keeping the money for

the family.

Travis: right. Yes.

Vivi: Okay. I

was like, she looks so familiar. That’s another good one. Yeah, unexpected too. Cause I saw the trailers for it and I’m like, eh, this looks like it’s going to be bad, but I’m still gonna watch it.

No, it was

Erick: really good.

Vivi: We also get introduced to Cody’s boyfriend

Finn and his mother, Catherine, who Anna has like a weird passive, aggressive relationship with, as well, Just kind of making her out to be a charity case and saying, actually One of these reenactors is for you,

Erick: I would hate this, like, bro, I don’t want to get involved, whatever the hell, this is. And they’re saying over,

Travis: I didn’t ask

him. I didn’t ask

Vivi: if I was Catherine and be like, why did you.

Travis: you.

Jess: Catherine would have had a very valid point because Catherine does not last very long patients arrived at her house.

Vivi: ironically she did not wait that long to kill her.

Ethan is super creepy, but He

is so good.

Jess: He kisses her hand for like a really long time,

Erick: and Cody’s not having it when he tries to do it. to her. Do people Do that anymore. Kiss hands. No COVID

Vivi: happened.

Jess: My dog, does,

it felt like she was trying to pull my wedding ring off this morning. And I’m like, are you trying to break us up? she just like stared at Travis

Vivi: While Cody is being introduced with them, she’s the only one that’s speaking some common sense she’s like they could stay at a hotel.

Why do they have to stay here? And they’re like, you’re being rude. And in then sense, It reminded me of the invitation you’re willing to be. Uh, But until the point where it’s way too late,

Travis: Yeah. I Like how um, Cody calls him out later too. Whenever he’s talking about the Mayflower and fishing for trout

freshwater fish,

Vivi: It’s hilarious.

Erick: I love Cody’s clap bags. best one. I think And you know, it’s sad, but when she’s just like, I’m going to go to my friend. blah, blah, blah, his house.

Travis: Oh yeah.

Vivi: I was like, I thought that was hilarious.

Jess: I mean, is she wrong? Just

because we have a Charlie brown special about pilgrims doesn’t mean that they aren’t raised.

Erick: So Anna keeps trying to tell everybody that they need this.

Jess: We’re going to do this team building that doesn’t seem at all related to what our core issues are as a team.

And we’re gonna pretend that it’s solving


of our problems.

Like, I don’t understand how she imagined this was going to fix, what they need is family therapy. That’s what they need

Vivi: not murder as pilgrims. I just kind of want to point out the red flags that kind of go on.

throughout the night. The first one being that Ethan is in Tate’s room

Travis: Yeah.

Jess: Like

laid out on his bed.

Travis: He’s laying on a bed is so creepy. He’s just kind of,

Jess: it bothers me. And it bothers me that this was like not more heavily addressed. Like you can tell Cody is do Bronco. I wanted her to go up to Anna and just be like, Hey, Ethan was in your son’s bed. Are you still

Vivi: Are you

still comfortable? Yeah, Cause this is not

Erick: okay. Instead of Cody going off on him, he comes out and tells her, like, you need to be more grateful because I’m here to help you.

Vivi: I was waiting for her to start yelling.

the shit out of him. He’s very good at manipulating.

So he turns around and makes her feel uncomfortable about how her mom left on Thanksgiving.

Erick: So many signs. that they’re just choosing to ignore. You can say that the

dad is

probably ignoring it because he seems to just so Wimbledon tablet. But Anna being like, yeah, this is about family and bringing us all together. Like, Look, you

Jess: you can have child molester sitting in

your bed. What?



Several centuries

Travis: old,

Erick: playing

Vivi: eight years old? Ethan

Travis: immediately

start building


outside in their backyard.

Jess: I’m not going to live somebody. Who’s like, I’m going to build you a shed. I’d be like, okay. But you have to leave after like being a homeowner. I kind of get Shane’s position where he’s like, yeah, this is weird, but they’re going to fix the garage.

Like get it.

Erick: Did you guys get the vibe that maybe these people were out of time, if they’d time-travel I was like, where are they getting this wood from? Maybe They’re not even reenactors. There’s like people who just appeared here. causes a wish.

later Ethan is talking about picking Jerusalem berries and they’re like,

where the hell did you get Jerusalem berries? I was like, where did they get a good question? also Ethan, set himself up for his own demise because when they’re like, don’t eat the green ones because

Jess: the


Erick: I was like, well, Why would you pick them? Why




Vivi: them next to the prepared food?

Jess: like get rid of them immediately. Like you don’t.

Erick: But yeah, I just, felt like

Jess: like

Erick: pilgrims, maybe weren’t even like real. they were something that appeared because of the made

Jess: all actually accidentally ate the Jerusalem cherries, and this is a giant family hallucination,

Erick: Tate is


protecting a Crow that was injured. Minding his own damn business. Ethan shows up creepily with a bag of candy, straight up and says, oh wow, you’re pure because you’re trying to protect the Crow. He’s like, yeah, I’m trying to get the ants to stay away from it. Ethan says, Let me bore you with the story about two birds. CRO loses its meat because it was greedy and wanted the food that the other bird had and comes back. and finds no meat. Tate’s like, oh yeah, I get it can I get candy though?

Anything. What would you say? If I said no and he’s like, well, at least I have one. piece. he looks up and he’s like, see, I didn’t have to put this, this one. Tate’s looking up with him, like, all right, cool dude.

That’s all right. tells state to run along then

still kills the CRO and

Jess: orgasms.

Erick: because he

Vivi: makes the weirdest face.

Travis: So I was the Crow, not grateful for something like, I don’t get it,

Jess: like, okay, okay. I’m gonna put it to you. Like this. It’s the tale of the scout and the Zoe where they both have food in their bowls, but they want one. The other one has

Travis: aired

Jess: cats by the way. Now that you guys have one cat, if you ever get a second cat, Just know that that’s your life is them constantly thinking the other is getting better food.

And they’re suspicious of each other at all times.

Vivi: Another red

flag is that Ethan wants them to get rid of all their

Jess: that.

Vivi: phones and technology. No dude, you’re a stranger in my house. I’m going to keep my phone on me.

Erick: Ethan, keeps saying we are grateful. We came here with our families, searching for a new life. and are grateful for all the things we had.

Nathan’s entire vibe is if you don’t appreciate it, you probably need to die you don’t know what it’s like to have everything you love taken from you just be grateful for the things that you do have.

Vivi: Right? Yeah. He’s very heavy handed with it. Constantly mentioned it.

And it’s Weirdly.

alluded that he used to have a family, but doesn’t anymore. And I

think he probably killed his family.

for not being

Travis: Yeah. He’s said he had like an abusive dad. So maybe he had to like, retaliate or something.

I like to


that his

whole backstory is he had a traumatic event during Thanksgiving that’s why he latched onto the whole Pilgrim thing. That’s a way to, like, I don’t know, cope with it and try and force his beliefs upon

Jess: other people.

I’m the only one that sees him as a hundred percent, a supernatural figure because I firmly believe he’s an actual psychopathic Pilgrim that just like time traveled. So as

Travis: you’re buying into that theory knots here,

Erick: Yeah. brought on by the wish.

Jess: ah,

Travis: she can’t even find them on Hawaiian, wherever. She was looking for with.


Jess: feel like this movie would pair really well as like a holiday, double feature with Krampus because where the little kid, the little kid wishes that like, he just wants Christmas to be the way it used to be like, so like murderous. Yeah. Is that not what your Christmas was like?

Erick: So fin keeps sneaking in, and this is another talking point that Ethan has against Cody

Vivi: he kind of blackmails her from saying anything by being like, oh, I’ve heard strange

noises in your

Travis: here real late



Vivi: yeah, I would be like, why are you near my

Erick: room? I think the part



ironic about that though,


their room is open.

Jess: I

Travis: know her. Yeah. I


wondering why,

Jess: I really like her little kid in her, in Georgia, too? That’s in the hollowed out cross.

Erick: That’s hilarious.

Jess: And when like, even later I was like, oh, well, I figured you were religious. I saw the crucifix in your drawer, eyebrow waggle.

Travis: He says that house,

Vivi: but while Cody is kind of dealing with all the suspicious activity, Finn is also getting weirded out a little bit by a patients, more his mom than him. He kind of just comes in at the worst possible moment. Catherine starts talking to patients about how she used to be a party girl and Finn doesn’t really help her with anything.

Erick: patients is Like he should be helping though. She says something that makes patients triggered. Patients this whole time is helping her make it like a tea that’s supposed to help her get de-stressed. but she says, why would you hate this?

If you have all of this,

Kevin’s like, yeah, but you know, I could have,

Jess: this pisses me off because it’s the same kind of general argument that people make. How can you be depressed when you have so much stuff in your life? And it’s like, I don’t know. Maybe my brain just doesn’t make the right fucking chemicals. Like, what is it to you, Brenda? Like,

Vivi: That’s funny. Cause one of our good friends has been on the show.

Erick: He’s going to feel attacked.

Vivi: We’re leaving that in. That’s hilarious.

Jess: I know a really nice Brenda and I was not thinking of her when I said it. I was just like generic, white lady name, Brenda Jan,

Erick: Margaret.

Jess: Margaret. Yeah.

Erick: I do always wonder what these people do though. So like with, Shane

having that foreign market thing, it makes me think he’s like a stock broker or something has money. But with Katherine being as sad as she is,

she still has

this big house.

You think maybe



the house

Vivi: meeting

with very rich people.

Travis: during like the transition shot to her house over there with patients, they had like all kinds of shots of her having unpaid bills and like all kinds of stuff she’s also kind of like a hoarder or something.

She’s definitely a

Jess: depressed, there was some sort of traumatic incident. I don’t know know what happened Finn’s father. Maybe he was in the same car car

Erick: accident Oh, they were cheating on each other.

Travis: they blew up.

Erick: That’s why

Anna feels guilty and makes Catherine have a Pilgrim to

Travis: it’s all coming together.

Jess: I wonder if she got some sort of life insurance payout or whatever. I don’t know. My head Canon is that everybody in this movie is

Travis: dead. She can’t pay her bills. I don’t think she got any kind of payouts.

Jess: Finn’s

dad was in the same accident, that’s, you know, so many years the bills paid And that was

Erick: like,

Jess: during the link,

Travis: guess.

Vivi: they did Say that

she like

struggled with


They implied that it was like


and smoking.

Travis: Oh yeah. Yeah. I remember this smoking being brought up,

Erick: Finn’s character.

should have lasted longer,

Jess: Yeah. I feel like he didn’t get a

proper its ass. I liked him and Cody together. They were like a cute believable young couple.

Erick: That

Vivi: we’re actually nice to each other. Cause I feel like we don’t see that it’s always like bad relationships.

We find out that patients has actually drugged the tea she is very terrifying in this scene.


so her doing this blood butter churning thing

Travis: that’s a good horror movie named board butter

Jess: butter. It made me think of the witch where she’s making the baby butter,

Vivi: Oh, yes.

what a patient is just trying to live

Erick: deliciously. until Katherine’s body appeared later, I was like, oh, that’s less menacing. I thought she was churning Katherine’s body. She took like

Vivi: Oregon’s from her or something,

Travis: she definitely put like part of her in there.

that’s gotta be something because

Vivi: that’s a lot of blood

Travis: Yeah.

Erick: or she’s just doing a post kill, distress.

she, is the

Vivi: strong, the way she’s slamming it. She’s like in a trance.

Jess: she doesn’t get her dress bloody at all. I’m really impressed. Yeah. I, how

clean it stays. when she first walked in at the very beginning of the movie and Anna made the comment oh, well you’re already in

costume. And she was like, well, I’m not gonna wear my wash frog.

Vivi: How embarrassing

Jess: she is literally wearing the fanciest of the Pilgrim lady clothes.

at the end, when you see the other Pilgrim ladies, like she’s the only one that has lace. I think maybe she’s not very pure she is living deliciously. You’re right. She’s she

Travis: talked to black

Erick: I want to know more about what happened to patients and how he converted her.

If they really are reenactors, He seems to have taught them all a lesson. So did patients join him because she’s like, well, you killed my whole family, but I

Jess: but I


Erick: grateful.

Jess: So

I’m in this

really is probably better

than getting

Erick: by you.

Vivi: And now they’re

Jess: they’re

Travis: like


Jess: yeah. It’s definitely yeah. the call leader and manipulation type thing.

Vivi: As Finn has found the body of his mother he tries to run out the front door and we only see what looks like another Pilgrim coming up from behind

him and catching him. that is the last we see a fin. Cody. Again, being really weirded out by everything that’s going on. Anna shows up with patients and basically tells her Hey, I’m sorry, but Finn and his mom have like left on a bender. we don’t know what’s going on. Cody does not believe this. Cause she’s like fan would have told me what’s going on. This is One of the rare moments where we see Cody reach out to Anna, like, Hey, I’m uncomfortable with what’s going on here. Anna kind of wants to help her. But the fear of not being polite or whatever, she tells Cody just relax. It’s not that. serious, But it still bothers her. And this Ultimately. is

what gets Anna in trouble.

with patients.

Jess: Yeah. She figures it out too late. It isn’t until Tate is missing and she’s like, I’m not cool with this. That she really realizes something’s amiss. And then the rest of the pilgrims are like, Hmm, jigs up time to time to get a little hatchet. He with


 there was one point during all of this, we watched what the subtitles on I love bizarre subtitles and normally shutter delivers for that for me, but who gave me one this

time and it was, shucks, corn loudly.

Vivi: where they’re preparing

Jess: yeah, when the lady pilgrims are all in, they’re getting the feast ready. It’s right before Anna has realized that Tate is missing.

Erick: Patients just like, what’s wrong with you

Jess: Yeah,

Vivi: as a warning,

Jess: can we talk about the hairstyling for a second? I do not know how pilgrims historically manage their hair, but

patients has a


straight part going diagonally,

which feels very modern to me.

Vivi: Very millennial

Jess: yes. also Ethan’s

beard is

very neatly trimmed, whereas The rest of these guys are

straight up

ZZ top.

Like I am so confused and then like some of the dudes have shaved heads, shaved heads, like bald makes sense. Cause they could have had like, you know, straight razor, like That makes some sense, but like who is

giving Ethan his nice, like wavy layers, you know,

like a barber I’m the barber.

Erick: That’s true. Cause then the, which they make a big deal of. the mom’s name was Kate and that movie. Yeah, she takes off her on it it isn’t until she takes it off. you realize that she’s unhinged.

Jess: It’s very like Handmaid’s tale. Cause they have that too. Like the Handmaid’s aren’t allowed to like cut their hair or print or anything. Like they have to wear the bonnets and stuff. And then the scenes where you see June take off her bond. I like, she’s got really long hair and that’s one of the first things she does when she escapes

Vivi: Yeah. I think it’s all to do with like modesty and how hair is viewed as sexual when it’s

Erick: Nothing

sexier than hair, like ankles to us now.

Jess: I mean, show me a good ankle, you know

Erick: did patients have sleeves rolled up when she was pressing the Granbury too much skin, not the murder part, the showing her.

Vivi: As Anna’s snapping out of it and walking through the house, looking for tea, she realizes that there’s more and more pilgrims. They’re straight up messing up her home.

Jess: What this movie honestly made me think of, especially at the end, when the pilgrims just start, like multiplying have you guys seen mother? It makes me think of like that house party where she’s just like, so stressed out the whole time and there’s all these people, she doesn’t, it’s not even a house party. It’s like a funeral, right? It’s a wake or something. Yeah. And there’s just people all over the place and they’re just doing things. They’re redecorating her home. They’re breaking her furniture and she’s just like, who are you? People Why are you here? And I got that same anxiety watching

Travis: this.

Vivi: There’s a

trail of


outside, of the communists. She goes to look for him in his room Can’t find him. she goes to confront chain like, Hey, this is really weird.


finally gets fed up and tells him to stop being on his tablet. He gets

so mad. This is like the first emotion we see of him, the whole freaking movie. she’s like, something is up. we need to go find our kids. As soon as they leave that office, they run into Ethan patients. And a few of the other,

I just like the line that Ethan said, here, he’s

like, what

are you


of? It’s just

Erick: Thanksgiving.

A lot of


Jess: everyone getting ready to go to a large family, Thanksgiving gathering.

Erick: Getting ready for those political discussions that no one wants to hear.

Jess: my God, I saw that was a great series of posts. Then it was like a Thanksgiving hosting tip. And one of them’s like I get people to



prepare the meal by reminding them.

that I’ve seen




they’ve shared on

social media over the past year. And arsenic is fairly tasteless.

Vivi: while this is going on at home, Cody has actually snuck out to try and find Fen she unfortunately walks in on a suspicious murder scene. She doesn’t really


anything until she notices a bloody footprint. And while she’s kind of expecting it, the scene is actually kind of funny, even though they meant it to be scary, paint, just flops out of the closet, but they show it like three

Erick: times,

Jess: I have a problem with this. This is a bad fake blood issue for me, but in a different way than normal, just because it doesn’t make any sense because of his throat was slit. There would already be so much blood elsewhere,


but all of a sudden,

like the

blood doesn’t

pour until his body falls


And then it’s like, oh, here’s all of Finn’s blood.

Vivi: Yeah. It’s Not

very realistic.

Jess: No,

Vivi: it would be everywhere.

too. Like in the house, it wouldn’t just be one

Erick: bloody footprint ‘

Jess: well, it’s like patients and the other

Pilgrim just forced them into the closet and they’re like, okay, sit

still. We’re gonna cut your throat with a


underneath you. So that way we don’t make a mess.

Erick: It’s not unlikely to write cause later Ethan, when he’s about to cut, Anna tells them to bring a bowl.

Jess: That’s true. Yeah. Not Australia.

Erick: maybe that’s what they’re collecting and putting into that thing. That patient’s was mushing

Jess: Ah,

that makes sense.

Yeah. So it really is blood butter.

Erick: I mean, that’s basically what

Vivi: they feed them.

Erick: Maybe

that’s why they’re

Jess: they’re

Erick: supernatural. They

Jess: really.

Erick: people’s blood and

Vivi: that’s why they’re on.

Jess: this is just a vampire. Thanksgiving is really what it is. it’s pilgrims that were turned into vampires, that. They love Thanksgiving, they can’t actually

get anything from eating Turkey or whatever. It doesn’t sustain them.

So they’re like, okay, we’re going to murder a bunch of people and put the blood into the foods. That way we can enjoy Thanksgiving and not die.

Erick: Or it’s like Texas chainsaw massacre her where they put a

bowl under you and collect your brain blood because then you live forever. Like the grandpa,

Vivi: grandpa.

Jess: He’s the best

Erick: Vampire, Texas chainsaw massacre. That’s good. Let’s get that as a, we’re going to describe this. Maybe

Anna and

Shane are in pillories. Ethan is

Jess: repeating a lot of things.

Erick: saying this entire time.

He’s like appreciation, gratitude, These are the ingredients chosen to make the perfect

Vivi: After Ethan’s great speech, we get the torturing of Anna and Shane. Anna is actually branded with a B, I don’t know what the B is for bitch. Yeah, what I was guessing. Cause it’s not like an, a,

Erick: ethan again,


time he does something, to punish somebody

Jess: basically

Erick: orgasms as Anna’s getting


he’s looking up.

He’s like, I please the in is like super in. They’ll just all of this stuff.

Jess: he is hardcore into BDSM.

Erick: Right? If you wanted the role-play, he could have done that somewhere else. So

Jess: Maybe I take back what I said earlier about a Pilgrim kink not being effective.

Erick: it’s really working for Ethan and patients is into it. Oh for sure.

Jess: Patients as her sub name?

Erick: Ooh. that’s also the safe word.

Vivi: No, it’s grateful.

Erick: later when she takes the thing out of her head and she’s like, I’m fine. Oh my

Vivi: God.

Erick: stare at each other real hard and really eye contact. Cause they’re like, this is a references.

Jess: I can actually

Erick: Yeah,

Jess: to you now.

Erick: But so Cody,

finds her parents and she undoes the pillories as she does that, the big guy the builder attacks them. You’re thinking this big guy oh man, he’s here, He’s going to fuck them up. Just like in every other movie. but the family goes super defense mode, like survival

and they beat the shit out of


 They throw that stone on the guy’s head and they’re like, oh shit, wait, is he still alive? Cause he’s like gurgling and they all

pick a weapon. I love.

the, got

Vivi: it reminds me of Shaun of the dead when they have like the,

Erick: Cricket. Yeah, the cricket bat. The wooden spoon only just reminded me of when I was a


we used to use a wooden spoon for bananas all the time until I broke it.

Vivi: Let’s give, had a broken this guy, like a pinata.

Erick: Yeah. So they all go in on him and that’s when Shane’s like, did we just commit murder as a family?

Jess: so those, this really messed up movie I’m sure Travis is going to roll his eyes because I find a way to reference this movie way too often, but it’s called Otis and it’s about this guy who like kidnaps girls and does unsavory things to them. But one of the families of, one of the girls like decides they’re going to get revenge on him and they end up kidnapping the wrong person to get the revenge.

But like, the reason my family watches, because we kept seeing commercials for it. And it was like, the

mom was like,

 what if we like cut off his fingers, put them in a blender, made a smoothie and made him drink it. And the son is like, mom, but like it’s a whole family event exacting this revenge.

And that’s like kind of the spirit of the scene where they’re like, did we just commit


as a family?

Erick: the family is like we got

to hide the body, which I think is like such a weird thing to think about. It’s like,

Vivi: no, you could just go

Erick: in there and take your home back. they’re like, we got to get the neighbors. And he was like, no, it’s going to take too long. We gotta go find Tate. Cody was

going to go



And Shane and Anna were going to go in and sneak through the

Jess: the second


Erick: T pretty funny because

Vivi: Cody’s like oh, it’s really easy to sneak in to the window of my room. They don’t question it.

Jess: that. We’re going to talk about that later.

Erick: I love how down Shane and Anna are though. it’s like a complete 360 from their personalities before where they’re completely absent as parents

Vivi: shades, like you got this and she’s like, fuck yeah, I got this. Like, I don’t need you to tell me that.

Erick: It


Jess: brings them


Erick: And so that’s a really cool,

Jess: Listen, Travis, we all know that you’re on the side of the pilgrims here.

Erick: Cody runs in some more, Hannah and Shane running upstairs to the second floor and has been captured as Shane looks up sees that she’s been captured, puts his hand on the window sill

Jess: we’ve been staffed for the

Erick: basically lion King’s Aman is like long live the king from the second floor.

 I mean, that’s holds them up

Vivi: like a

Erick: baby. Patients comes out with an ax again with her sleeves rolled up and just.

Jess: Because she’s a

Erick: Well,

Jess: showing her elbows to everybody,

before, like Tate was told by Cody to go hide in his best hiding spot. and then I

Erick: I think it was

around this

Jess: or

a little bit before we find that as best how they spot it’s like behind the chair in the corner, nobody’s found him this entire time. He’s just been missing for half this movie now.

Yeah, this was you this morning. So we play hide and seek with Talia. Travis was hiding this morning. I come


into the living room, was how I was looking for him. He’s

beside the

couch with her dog bed pulled up in front of him. And I was like, that’s not subtle at all. You were clearly influenced by the movie.

It was obviously a good spot.

This kid is so he’s like a Labrador, you know what I mean? Like he’s a tiny little puppy. He’s so pure, but so stupid. And like this whole time he’s just been hiding and he’s like, It’s all


until Cody finds him and she’s like, listen, you need to hide better. Cause you are going to fucking die.

And he’s like, he’s like, I’m not okay with this.

Erick: It almost makes his reveal at the end. That much more sad because he is so pure. He sees his dad’s head on the table and all this. murder. Yeah.

It’s not good for Tate, Tate. It’s gonna grow up to be Ethan when he grows up,

Jess: Pilgrim

to telegram to Cody and Anna get in a car wreck. Yeah.

Erick: Cody’s getting waterboarded. This is Ethan’s method to see if Cody can learn gratitude

Jess: So this was like a really fucked up thing that actually happened during the Salem witch trials, because they would do this two suspected witches. And the whole thing was if they survived,



you’re a witch, so we’re going to burn you at the stake. and if they died, they’re

like, oh,


I guess they weren’t a witch.

So it’s literally a lose, lose.

Erick: Yeah,

Jess: Cody is like, you’re right. I wasn’t appreciative.

They’re being forced to help with the feast, they’re supposed to shuck the corn and mashed the barriers and the way Ethan says, get a tracking,

Vivi: Oh, yeah,

Erick: that was so weird.

Jess: like I was expecting to see like spit fly from his mouth,

Erick: Yeah. A little bit of spit and butter in your corn.

T appears in the background Cody,

is the only one who sees them, but Ethan notices Cody’s looking at something And as he’s about to go try to see what she’s looking at.

she says something that makes them turn around.

Jess: She really kind of is realizing that she was being a little bit of a shit.

And she’s like, I


not really

like my step-mom,


I do appreciate what family she’s


me. so she’s having this moment,

Vivi: He’s like super into it?

Yeah. He’s like getting off on it.

Jess: It was like, no, I don’t have anything to apologize for. I’ve really tried to make this family thing work. And I don’t think that she a hundred. Was making the family thing work, but in her mind she was doing everything she could, like I said, I feel like they should

have tried

family therapy


hiring Pilgrim wipers, you know, she was

doing what she in

her, like upper middle class,


lady way was the right thing to do.

Erick: By joining the local HRA.

Jess: Yeah, exactly. It’s just like, I gave you an HOA. Like what more, what a child went.

Vivi: When Anna refuses to participate and is about to cut her throat and collect the blood in a bucket, this is when Cody takes the chance. I don’t know what exactly it is. You pay, it looked

Erick: like a knife sharpen thing.

Vivi: she picks it up.

and jams it into the side of patients has had patients has decent reflexes because she’s

able to put her hand



she gets

Erick: hit. Are we supposed to assume that


why she survived? It, it didn’t go all the way in, but it looked really deep.

Jess: I mean, God, this is why I never went into psychology. I can’t remember what parts of the brain. Maybe it was a nonvital part of the brain that got hit. perform. Yeah. What bond are these? So like, I mean, she wouldn’t be like normal afterwards, but she could survive.

Vivi: if she’s already insane,

Jess: Yeah.

Vivi: patients pulls that out, like

Jess: Nothing.

Vivi: she’s like,

Jess: know. I love the way that she says that’s so great.

that’s like, when you, stub your toe or something, like I’ll do something like that and chose to be like, are you okay? I’m like, I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine.

I’m fine.

Vivi: You’re trying to convince yourself. Not other

Erick: people.

Jess: tore my ACL on her honeymoon. Travis is like, we need to go to the


and I’m like, I’m


He’s like, you can’t walk. I’m like, I’m fine. I’m fine. It’s fine. And like, we get home and




off and



all right, we’re going to

the ER. And I’m like, no, I’m

fine. I’m fine. He’s like,

you can’t even get up the

stairs and

I’m not going to carry you.

We’re going to the ER. And the whole time, I was just like, no, we don’t need you. I’m fine. It’s fine.

Erick: turned to your leg and it’s blue.

Jess: It was literally twice the size of my other leg.

Erick: Oh


Jess: just like in denial the whole time.

Erick: It’s all the adrenaline. That’s probably won’t help patients. So Ethan goes straight to patients But Cody runs for it. Anna sees behind the fighting people off. Cause she


quickly the flour and throws it at a candle

and creates this explosion.

Jess: bad-ass move. I did not expect that to

Erick: Yeah. Cody

Jess: she might take

Erick: like, what the

Jess: the help that you


Vivi: Which is weird that he would say that in this moment. Right. It’s literally just to bring the audience back to like, remember

Cody’s wish

Jess: up. Is it that he blames

Cody for

all of this? And it’s like, Hey, the


are the one that are killing

everybody. Like, why are you blaming it on? Maybe it was because of the wish, but there’s no way Tate could have known that.

I asked for the exact opposite of this. I asked for no appeal grounds,

Erick: but

Vivi: she tells him to find a better hiding spot as she gets captured again by the pogroms and tied up at the dinner table with Anna and


get the craziest scene that follows.

Jess: This is where the gospel music is playing right

Vivi: starts blaring. Ethan essentially. Forces them to eat Thanksgiving dinner,

and the main course is Shane Shane’s head is served on a platter and obviously they are freaking out. And it’s when

Anna’s screams that the music


playing. I believe

Jess: Ethan’s screams out, you

mess in

spare the


And so like these pilgrims are all just shoving their mouths full of human

flesh in berries, and it looks completely barbaric, which goes against the Disney narrative.

Erick: One of the

platters is


Shane’s rib cage. You got to see that some barbecue ribs.

Vivi: And the pilgrims are force-feeding. Cody and Anna pieces. Shane, which is so messed up.

Erick: Yeah. This movie goes from


comedic is held to super


up. Like a rollercoaster

Jess: It’s still kind of comedic with the

Erick: the music.

Jess: He used to go

Erick: The patients go look for

a tape.

Vivi: She goes to get more wine, I believe. And that’s when she hears tape.

running around hiding and goes to search

Erick: for him. This is when

Cody is

listening to

Ethan, continue his




and whatnot

Vivi: where she’s like trout art

Erick: assault.

Jess: Trout are a freshwater fish idiot.

Erick: Yeah. he


I can’t win with you. Can I? and

she’s like, get fucked. and that’s



starts to gag and

cough up you think berries,

Jess: It’s blood


They throw up that blood butter.

Erick: yeah. Cody secretly put in the Jerusalem berries when she was shucking.

Jess: Anna was checking,

Vivi: what a risk because what if they force fed them the

Erick: barriers to

Jess: that is risky.

Erick: Ethan, after he realizes the juice and berries were used, starts to Stick his

hand in his

mouth and throw up. And he

yells out to patients and

she’s like, evacuate yourself,


It was so funny. I started telling you that

Jess: our cat Zoe Meow is really loudly when she’s in her litter box. And I’m just going to start

Erick: Oh

so Tickets

out and helps Cody. this

was after


who said have not made it right? Cause she passes out and like starts bleeding everywhere.

Jess: This bitch is like invincible. Yeah.

Vivi: She’s hardcore more hardcore than Jess with her cinnamon allergy.

Jess: I like

that. There’s also shots. of her blood just like pouring into the cabinet with him hiding in there too.

Erick: but he’s disgusted

Jess: Yeah. I don’t think this kid expected any of this. Like he was just playing hide and seek and all of a sudden it’s just like blood all over the

place and

Vivi: guts everywhere.

Jess: Yeah.

Erick: Thinking back at Noah Fineberg, writing this about himself and his experience as a kid. I wonder if he, this is like. Well, he felt like he’s like, I was just an

Jess: Yeah.

Erick: And this strange man what if it’s an allegory for like some situation that happened with the pogrom And his mom? that’s what I

was saying.

Jess: Yeah. Like I’m thinking like maybe like they ate some Jerusalem berries and that’s how they actually left the house. They just died. And then,

Erick: tate finds them. And it’s weird for Cody to still be like, don’t look, but also

on to us, but also

Vivi: get us out of here.

Erick: Cody purchase Ethan with a knife and he throws himself out the window,

Vivi: Texas chainsaw, massacre style, Sally throwing herself out windows as

she’s kind of just not even chasing him down, she’s just walking towards him.

Menacingly Tate freeze. His mom

patient, makes the return and starts full on

cat fighting with Ana. This fight is amazing. It is intense. And then it ends with like such a

what the


moment, because Anna has to end up using her husband’s decapitated head to fight her off.

Jess: it’s such a, what the fuck moment, But



love the,

like, this is

where you’re at in



for your life.

Erick: Yeah. Would you use my head?

Vivi: I think you would

want me to,

 it’s the

funny thing


Jess: this

family. They’re like survival

skills are

Vivi: a 10.

Jess: You would not expect that they are like at the height of privilege.

something latent there underneath,

Vivi: just all that suburban

Erick: rage,

Vivi: I know eventually getting the upper hand on patients sticks, what looks like the Turkey Cleaver straight


her. throat. And that is

Finally, the

end of patients. Literally

stick a

fork in her, she’s done or is it I know, cause she’s just going to

rip it

out and


back again.

Jess: Okay. So we’ve got vampires and now we’ve got zombie use in this movie, basically

Vivi: The final scene we get is Ethan


away from Cody,

who has dropped the


knife that she had in his picked

up, we’re assuming the

hatchet that patient

used on her dad, Anna and Tate go out to join her

Jess: and I closed them, my children,

Erick: Yeah.

Jess: just think is really nice. Like she doesn’t even, like, it’s not even a moment of thinking. She’s like, this is for my house. This is for my husband. This is for my children.

Vivi: Yes.

and again, illustrates like how complicated,

their relationship is, but Anna definitely sees Cody as her

Erick: child, as this is happening, Cody kicks Ethan into the fire and

Jess: and he’s just


around with his

arm and

Erick: still talking

Jess: he’s just instantly flammable.

See, they don’t teach the pilgrims to stop, drop and roll. They didn’t know about that back in the 16 hundreds.

Erick: I



that I’ll ever find.

as much pain in someone’s scream as I did when Ethan gets branded I think he deserved it. He screams like this

Jess: this guy who


Erick: Ethan. What’s his

Vivi: name? He’s so good at playing Ethan

Erick: though. Peter Kyle’s. Yeah, definitely was a great Ethan for whatever that means.

Jess: if you told us that he was the actual Pilgrim that stayed in the writer, his house, when he was a child, I would believe it.

Vivi: Oh my gosh. He went to go find him to do in this

Erick: movie. right. As they’re about to kill you, thing. Cody’s like, why did you do this to us? he’s like to make you grateful that an eye

Vivi: isn’t this what you wished for? And You’re

Erick: like,

fuck you.

Vivi: Which is what Cody does. Cause then she brings down the hatchet on his head as she screams happy Thanksgiving. Which is a great and line.

And I think the final,


scene that we get is then the wishbone being released from his hand as he’s been decapitated, any cuts,



like closure. You

don’t know what happens

to them afterwards.

Jess: I kind of love that though. I love an



up to interpretation where these


people like. What is the deal where they brought here by the wish, are they zombie vampire pilgrims?

Erick: patients is coming


Jess: yeah, I like that.

Open-endedness of it.

It’s like a short story.

Erick: right.

Cause if, we’re supposed to get that, Ethan’s been doing this for awhile. That has to mean that there’s more of that.

Vivi: And there is, I think in the beginning credits we get news clippings of families disappearing.

Erick: Okay. I

didn’t see




I was paying more attention to the actors, making faces as their names came up.

if you saw


like looks up and smiles and makes a face with a set in the,

Vivi: at the end credits, patients was the only one that makes no face and stays creepy.

Erick: She is committed. Love her.

Jess: the one on set that already was like, this woman is not breaking character. Do you not

Erick: Yeah.

She went back to Noah’s house and did the same thing

what did

you guys


Jess: I love this movie.

It’s so ridiculous. I dunno. It’s really fun. It’s you don’t have a lot of Thanksgiving horror movies. So the final one hits actually fun. And kind of like actually hits on some real topics for Thanksgiving too. So like it addresses real issues while also kind of being an enjoyable horror movie knows it’s a stupid premise and it just


fun with


Like it’s

such a unique concept. I

feel like if you

had a

Pilgrim horror movie, it would be set in the 16 hundreds, but they’re like,

okay, where

are we

going to bring it to modern times? But we’re not going to modernize the pilgrims at all. I like it.

I think it’s a lot of fun

Vivi: yeah. I, found this so fun. I love a good, just fun horror movie. you, again, what unexpected, because I feel like most Thanksgiving horrors that you see are not the best or there’s so

few of them


there’s so many Christmas horrors, but Thanksgiving not so much.

And for it to be like good and a unique story, like,

I was impressed.

Erick: don’t want to say all the same things Cause I agree.

entirely with all you guys. I love, like you

said, topics that

I feel like it touches on I’m telling you

guys the moment shit starts to hit the fan at the end, I was like, oh yeah, I love this. so much.

that’s great. What do you


rate it

Jess: yeah, I was going to say I’d

give it an eight. love that a


Vivi: Yeah. I was also going to give it an eight just to agree with everybody.

Erick: I give it a nine. You’ve really loved this. I’m telling you I was like throwing hands and just excited at some point. Yeah.

 This Pilgrim movie, and I

Jess: and I didn’t know this

Erick: looking at it from facts, it’s part of a series called into the dark on Hulu. Right.

Travis: Yeah. It’s all holiday. Yeah.

Vivi: a movie, but

Travis: they released their episodes on like the actual holidays. that’s pretty much is based on a holiday. Yeah.

Erick: I saw that people really hated the one that came before this, something about Annie. It was like something,

Travis: Uncanny.

Jess: I liked that one. I think I like these ways a lot more than Travis. We’re definitely going to be talking about the Valentine one. coming Valentine’s day Christmas. One’s really good. like the new year’s one with the one girl. That’s like an influencer.

Vivi: have you watched all these? I haven’t watched all of them I knew about them. And I knew that we were going to cover this one. So I think I’m going to go back and watch them now that we’ve done Pilgrim. Cause this one was really good.

Jess: The answer, the dark, maybe it’s kind of like, you know, in anthologies where it’s like a director really gets to explore a weird idea that they have. And you’re like, wow, this is an interesting concept. That’s

kind of

how I feel about the

whole end to the


things as a whole, except each episode

is longer than, you know, a short in an anthology movie I highly

recommend watching more of them.

Erick: Yeah. We will

Jess: you wanna talk about what

Erick: low-key this week?

Vivi: Sure. Did you notice?

Jess: anything That’s scary

Vivi: this

Erick: movie? Not with this

movie, but



that Loki hates intruders all day, every day he doesn’t realize that the neighbors live next door he hears their keys from far away and is like, do not come into my house. So I think he wouldn’t appreciate some random people living here no.

Vivi: he would definitely be with Cody and like um,

Erick: but the moment he sees that they’re feeding meat, I think he’d be enticed. Might turn on us. it

just can’t be one of


We can’t be on the menu.

Vivi: Do you want to tell us.


All right. I’m sorry, kid. We’re going to have neighbors probably for the rest

Jess: rest of my life

Vivi: but one

Erick: thing to look forward to is there’s

Jess: and coming

Erick: week. So hopefully not sick him like a couple of weeks back.

Vivi: No, I don’t know if we even

Erick: talked about that on the show we did. Cause we talked about you and him both pooping.

So, Oh yeah.

Vivi: I gave us both food poisoning from ham. So

Jess: Oh no.

Vivi: Me and lucky were not. Okay.

Erick: What’s your least favorite, scary movie pod. Justin,

Jess: Travis. it’s been here


Vivi: Do you want to tell the people where they can find you and follow you?

Jess: well, our website is, what’s your least favorite scary All of our episodes are uploaded there as well as like movie reviews, drinking games, blog posts, stuff like that. On Facebook, we’re just our name Instagram,

or at least favorites getting the

podcast, Twitter we’re

at least fav pod. Our



least favorites scary, We have it takes off. I couldn’t tell you what our handle is. Just try some combination of things.

Vivi: Eric will probably find it and it in the show notes. Anything. Yeah,

Erick: I’ll

Jess: Yeah,

Vivi: I think that pretty much wraps things up for us here. As always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere. at shaken, not scared pod except Twitter.

Twitter is shaken scared pod

You can send us an email at shaken out scared pod,,

Erick: you can put the show on page shot. We’ll name, our next drink. after you

Jess: you as mentioned,

Erick: our website where the drink page will live forever.

can listen to Ross on all your favorite podcasting sites, apple podcast, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, a bunch of others.

Give us a listen, give us a follow throw. Low-key


ham treats, some Turkey treats

maybe not Turkey. He likes Turkey. Throw some Turkey jerky,

Jess: the sounds of it. Ham is the bad idea

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: Be sure

to like rate

review is all that

good stuff. Kay. Thanks. Bye. Happy Thanksgiving.

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