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Paranormal Activity (2007)

Vivi: No, I can’t do it. That laughing

Erick: your face is funnier than

Vivi: I try to exaggerate it.

Erick: Welcome back to the chicken, that scared podcasts and to the versatile sort of 20, 22 here with you as always your hosts, Eric and VB. Today, we’re gonna be talking about the 2007 film paranoia activity directed by Orin Peli. But before we get into that, how are you baby?

Vivi: New year, same demons.

Erick: Um,

Vivi: so anyway, I am just excited. It’s a new year. I’ve resolved to not be any better than I was in previous years. I’m just going to be okay.

Erick: My 30th birthday is coming up in March we’re going to get in superhero shape cause we want to do superhero stuff.

Vivi: Yeah. We’re going to go vigilante.

Erick: Um, My brother yeah, no, I’m excited for the new year too. Especially this weekend. we’ll be joining the flyover state of fear podcast to talk about child’s play. it was a pretty hard decision but it came in the form of a dream that I had.

Vivi: That’s how we make all

Erick: decisions. Once it’s released, we’ll probably put some notes out there and share it so that you guys can check it out.

Vivi: I’m ready to talk about child’s play. We haven’t covered it yet on the pod, but I do want to get to

Erick: it. do you have any type of content?

Vivi: I watched this Jeffrey Dahmer documentary. I think it’s actually kind of named in poor taste. It’s called fresh meat. Um, it was an interesting one. I wouldn’t say it was the. Documentary on him that I’ve ever seen. Granted, there’s probably a million. What was interesting about this one, it seemed to be like primarily talked about through podcasters.

So podcasters who were in the true crime scene, like Henry’s at broski and Ben Kissel from last podcast on left were on their commentating along with a few others that I didn’t recognize,

Erick: but oh, interesting. So they were considered the experts

Vivi: somewhat. They were like narrating. And then there was witnesses.

This is the part that was cool, like actual neighbors of Jeffrey Dahmer and their experience of meeting him along with again, I thought this was an odd choice, but a way that he can be seen in other killers that are now in more recent years being active, I don’t know if you’d know the case of leukemic, nada, the kid who Trigger warning. blended cats on YouTube. There was a whole documentary on him as well called. Don’t fuck with cats. It was interesting. To say the least, I guess, worth

Erick: checking out. But what about you?

What have you watched? Nothing. I suck at this.

Vivi: No, you’re just

Erick: editing all the time. Yeah.

Vivi: What do you have for comfort

Erick: content then?

we both have the same thing cause we just chose to watch animated films one night but we watched in condo and we watched Luca we’ll start with was fun. What’d you think?

Vivi: Oh, The music is still stuck in my head. Love a good film about Latino generational trauma in the form of a kid’s film.

Just go watch.

What’d you think about

Erick: Luca? Luca was fun that one’s takes place in Italy, It was a lot, like the little mermaid just modernized. the whole transition between water. And, I’d like to learn more about that why do they become a human.

Vivi: It’s kind of a lower, right? like a siren lore.

Erick: is it that, is that why? Oh. Oh, is that why? When you see suppose sirens or mermaids in the water, the top half is human and the bottom half is fish. That would make sense. I like that.

Vivi: I thought it was just very cute. I don’t want to say I liked can more, but I did.

Erick: I think it just touches us more in a specific way. Is that it is all you got for comfort

Vivi: content? Yeah. You know, it was the holidays. I don’t really watch anything else.

Erick: Are you ready for this drink?

 Okay, I’m calling it the flames before bed was trying to think of something because the Ouija board burst into flames. The Hughes at night, it’s kind of like a blue light. You said it was kind of green.

I mean, it’s hard to tell, I think, depending on which version you watch, for the video, we’re going to light it on fire. I didn’t let him fire here because we have it just sitting on the table, but consists of white rum, blue Cracko lemon juice.

And then when you want to burst into flames, ease every clear. So you could use every clear or a rum, 1 51. It’s just gotta be a high proof alcohol disclaimer, though this drink does have enough influence with be sure not to leave the fire on for too long or drink when the glass is too hot.

Always be careful when lighting any drink on fire or just don’t do it. If you know that you can’t be careful,

Vivi: which is why I don’t like drinks on fire, I let Eric do it. I’m gonna

Erick: buy a blow torch so I could start.

Blowtorching the drinks. not even ones that need to be blowtorch, just going to light them on fire

Vivi: Mm, 90% alcohol, did you put that?

Erick: No, no. I left. The Everclear out for the tasty

Vivi: this drink has a lot of Rome, like a lot. I just tasted rum and like a hint of lemon

Erick: and the blue currently I tastes like all lemon and I hint a room I didn’t get you a glass big enough. And it’s possible

Vivi: that,

Erick: there’s more room in that half and not align with the other.

Vivi: I already feel drunk.

Erick: So what do you rate it?

Vivi: I’m going to give it a two out of five because I just get straight alcohol.

Erick: Wow. That’s not at all. What I expected. It’s really sour and really sweet. And I taste no alcohol. No, this is fine.

Vivi: Yeah, because it sounds like we have different.

Now, I don’t know. I just have rum in my mouth.

Erick: I just know rum.

Vivi: I don’t know what’s happening.

 No, I definitely taste the alcohol. What do you rate

Erick: it? Well, it’s definitely not my vibe and I taste Naugle it’s really high in the sweet and sour category. So I’m going to give it a

Vivi: damn. Okay. Cause I wanted to give it a 1.5, but I felt mean doing that.

Erick: I don’t know.

Hey, total disclaimer to listeners and ourselves, we test these rinks on the show. So we don’t necessarily know if they’re going to taste good, it’s okay to have a. bad review.

Vivi: Yeah. I think one time we had a drink that just tasted awful and we decided just to scrap it for Instagram posted another drink.

Erick: This is so bad. Let us know what you think of all our drinks, if you’ve tried them.

Vivi: Yeah. Again, always so surprised that people try our drinks and tell us that they liked that. Um,

Erick: Yeah, anyway, flames before bed, this will put you in

Vivi: bed. It will knock you the

Erick: fuck. It has got two ounces of rum.

Vivi: Jesus. Okay. Are you ready for a fun facts to distract from this alcohol? Okay.

which one should I should stay with. Paranormal activity.

Erick: I was going to keep doing like

Vivi: weird noises.

 Gotcha. That’s the whole movie. That’s it? We’re done.

Okay. So the film was shot over the course of 10 days, Katie Featherston and Micah slot sloped. slope sled, Sloot flute. And my co-slept.

Erick: Yes. Tell me how you really do

Vivi: well.

He was kind of a slap. It was whole moving. Slow

Erick: for chaos,

Vivi: honestly.

 fucking hate Mika so much. And my ghosts loved were each paid only $500 for their roles in this movie.

Erick: I mean 10 days, 500 bucks.

That’s still too little

Vivi: extra. That is very little. That is

Erick: almost no monies.

Vivi: The film was completely shot in Polly’s own San Diego home and cost a total of 15,000 to make with Peli handling all the directing editing and co-producing.

So I think whereabouts to see one of those found footage, films that obviously makes millions of dollars,

The film made its way around the festival circuit for about two years before being bought by Dreamworks slash paramount for $350,000. They wanted to reshoot the entire film with more well-known actors, but Pelly convinced them to do a small release of the film and audiences found the film terrifying.

Two months later, the film got a full us release and it went on to.

Erick: 107 million.

Vivi: In the United States alone. That’s not including worldwide release.

 We’ve seen this with all these very low budget horror movies that become like the highest grossing movies, because their budget is so tiny.

There’s nowhere to go by.

Erick: I think that’s why it’s so gross to see so many SQLs made. These projects that are so small they’re impactful for the same reason that it’s like, they were just out here trying to do something, it makes these huge production companies. So much money that they’re like make us another one. And it starts to kind of dilute itself


Vivi: just a money-making machine. At

Erick: that point.

Vivi: Money-making machine, but God damn it. I’m there giving them my money

The film was actually so successful. It spun a remake, but it was called paranormal activity too in Japan.

Erick: We should check that out. I’ve never heard

Vivi: of this and I believe it’s almost the exact film it’s just called paranormal activity to It’s nothing to do with the next one in the

Erick: franchise.

Vivi: Okay. Let’s talk about the three endings. So when we first watched it you brought up that you remember there was multiple endings.

I remember only seeing one ending.

The original was the one that you said you remember the most, which is the one with Katie having killed Micah, going back up to the room, being in the fetal position for a while. And then the cops come in and eventually shoot her a while. It was like two days. It was like a day and a half that she was just there.

Now, the ending that was released theatrically was the one that we saw last night. Really? Yes. And it’s the one that I remember.

There’s another ending where once again, Katie kills, Micah makes her way back up to the bedroom and just slits her own throat in front of the camera. Again, I saw the one where she hovers over Mike, his body and then attacks the camera, which I think works for the rest of the franchise because it’s like, she’s missing.

You don’t know where she is. And we explore the family story in the later ones,

Erick: I thought it was hilarious to imagine filming the shot of her throwing herself at the camera. Sure. It’s scary when you’re the viewer, but imagine filming that, it’s just like you throw yourself at the camera.

Yeah. Zack back in style.

Vivi: Yeah.

I think in the sequel,

Erick: Katie shows up to take their baby or some shit.

Vivi: The second one is her sister and Katie shows up at the end to take the baby.

The third one is the one explaining what happens to them when they were young girls.

Erick: Okay. I remember there being one where it was like a neighbor or something,

Vivi: but it might be four or five, seven just came out this last year, milk a

Erick: cow. If you will

Vivi: just keep it going, milk your money cow. there is even rumors of there being a fourth, never filmed. This was just a concept ending, but it would have been Katie possessed, attacking Micah with the camera, bludgeoning him to death.

And you would just get the shots of the camera, attacking him over and over again, which I also think would have been a pretty cool

Erick: ending.

Vivi: But yeah, those are my fun facts. We will discuss which ending. We like better

Erick: I love it.

Vivi: I think I have to do a speed run now. I’m not ready. I haven’t done one in like a month.

You got this. No, I don’t.

Erick: I believe in you

Vivi: Let me take

Erick: a sip of my drink. Ready now.

Vivi: Okay. We get introduced to this couple. It is my guy and Katie, Katie has had weird stuff, happened to her, her entire fucking life. And uh, Micah just wants to capture it on camera because he’s seen a couple of these things, but he kind of still doesn’t believe her. Anyway, they get the camera and they’re messing around with it and recording like really weird things that are happening.

 Uh, Katie calls in a psychic and Michael is a douche that just keeps making fun of the psychic. But right after that, he does the exact opposite of what the psychic says and starts taunting this thing and making it worse and worse and worse and worse. Every night, something weird happens around like 3:00 AM um, doors closing and opening footsteps, crashing things moving around every night, something weird.

Katie wakes up sleepwalking a couple of times. So eventually one night Katie senses that things are just like really bad because Micah keeps messing with Weegee boards and shit. And uh, she is trying to leave and tell them that something bad is going to happen. But that night she gets possessed because she’s bitten by the demon.

That’s been chasing her, her entire fucking life. And then um, that night she attacks Micah and killed him. And that’s it. That’s all you see?

Erick: No, I was worried actually, but you finished at 56 seconds. Oh great. Tom.

Vivi: do you have an overview for me?

Erick: After moving into a suburban home, a couple becomes increasingly disturbed by a nightly demonic presence.

Vivi: What’s the rating.

Erick: 6.3.

Vivi: Not bad for

Erick: her. No. I mean for $170 million, that was pretty low. Yeah, I guess. So

Vivi: before we get into the movie, I want to ask you, what did you think about it? what was your reaction

Erick: to it? I think I was spooked because I watched alone and in the dark on my laptop, literally in front of my face and with headphones in.

So yeah, I would say I was spooked. I was definitely ready to find out more But then I also was like, alternate endings. How does it continue? Katie’s dead. What do you mean? yeah, I went into this whole spiral.

Vivi: Just a research. Yeah. I think that’s the brilliant part of keeping actors who were not known. It’s like the similar effect that Blair witch had where people actually thought that these actors were dead and had to come out and say that they were fine.

So I think if they would have remade it with like well known actors, I don’t think it would have been as successful as it was. I just remember 2009, these trailers for the movie. Another thing that I thought was like really smart on their part, they didn’t show anything about this movie.

I remember the trailers being audience reactions in night vision and they were jumping out of their seat and they were like looking at the screen, like it was the worst thing they’ve ever seen. And I was like, I want to

Erick: watch this maybe to be fair. I saw that though. And I was like, Other than one or two parts of the film is not really like a lot of jumps scaring.

Vivi: we disagreed on this part. We try not to talk about the movie beforehand, but I think this movie does a really good job of building tension.

Erick: Like a real demonic possession things escalate, little by little and you’re kind of like in the beginning, oh yeah, it could just be noises in the house. and then suddenly shit hits the fan, the commercials were pretty great it made you want to go check it out. What the fuck people are screaming about. And I feel like movies following that, tried to do the same thing and it didn’t really work out.

 Once you do it once

Vivi: novel, she wears off. I feel like this movie had like a choke hold on horror for a while because it really was all that people could talk about. Do you want to get into it then?

Erick: Yeah. I’m ready to talk shit about Mika. That’s

Vivi: all. This is going to be, this is a Mika hate

Erick: fucking idiot. Just douche No common sense. Have an ass boy.

Vivi: We start with the title card that introduces the information that Mika.

Slot. I don’t know how to say his last name and Katie

Erick: Featherstone’s

Vivi: families gave them permission to show this.

Along with the San Diego police department. we get another title card that lets us know that it is September 18th, 2006. A guy that we find out to be Mika is messing around with a pretty big camera.

Erick: Carrying it around with the tripod all the time. Pretty professional looking. He’s really proud about his camera. Katie shows up in a real nice car, and she’s like, what do you got there? they’re living lavish California life,

Vivi: I have an issue with this because later on we find out that Katie’s just a student and Mike is like bouncing around from job to job every

Erick: day.

No, they said he’s a day trader what’s that basically you just go on, different exchanges and just do day trading on the stock market.

I know people who. Have lost their jobs during the pandemic and are making the same amount of money that they were getting when they were working day trading.

Vivi: That makes more sense to me because I was about to be like, how did these two people afford a home in California? Yeah.

Katie gets home we kind of get a little bit of dialogue about how something is happening around the house. they are just trying to capture it on film.

Erick: Mika keeps talking about how they’re going to take care of it. And I hate Mika for this fucking phrase cause he repeats it so many times during this film.

And I’m like, dude, What are you figuring out? None of your plans to take care of it actually include taking care of it. It’s all just catching and on camera,

Vivi: It’s odd because he says, it’s probably just the neighbor, kids stalking you, messing with you or something like that. Katie mentions a less, they’ve been doing that since I was eight years old. It is not the neighbor kids.

Erick: Mika, his attitude towards Katie being, kinda like nervous about it is pretty inconsiderate. I think for him, I think you’d be mad as fucking me. if I was being like playful with your

Vivi: trauma, it’s very weird. It’s not. Playful. It is like an eagerness to provoke it and to capture it.

it’s something that really didn’t have anything to do with him. And then he made it about him

Erick: because he thinks it’s a joke.

Vivi: thinking it’s a joke, but then he’s clearly seen that. It’s not a joke. Okay. It doesn’t make

Erick: sense to me. the moment this all became real. Even if you thought it was a joke and you’re a douche, you’d be like, oh shit. girlfriend’s not insane.

Vivi: The role of the skeptic husband, boyfriend that never believes the woman, but then provoke it, catch it on camera and then still be like, nah, it’s not that bad.

Erick: Going in line with the alternate endings, when he says, we’ll take care of it, and makes like a cutting your neck motion with the knife in his hand A lot of people had said it was foreshadowing for, the. Katie cutting her own neck ending

See that?

Vivi: the rest of the night is just them pretty much messing with this camera. They’re doing a couple audio tests Katie is clearly on edge. She thinks she hears something that night and when make a ghost to check it, it just ends up being the ice maker in the fridge.

Erick: When we moved in here, that shit used to be scary as fuck. This fridge was making so much noise at home. little nuggets here and there. We were talking about a lot as bangs It was like gunshots.

Vivi: My parents have a nice speaker and it makes those loud noise. We don’t have an ice maker here for it to be making those

Erick: loud noises. It’s Toby. I just put them asleep before he moved in.

Vivi: Listen, at least you’re not Micah,

Erick: But we get immediately into the footage of the first night it’s two 8:00 AM. You hear steps and the keys dropping next morning, Katie finds the keys in the middle of the floor and she’s like, Hey, what the hell?

And he goes like, what do you mean? And you probably dropped them. And she’s like, no, I usually put my keys by your wallet on the counter. How the hell did they end up in the middle of the kitchen? On the floor? And he’s like, ah, whatever. I don’t know

Vivi: I like this next scene because Katie logs in the mirror like early YouTube she’s like, today’s a big day. The psychic is coming in and we’re going to talk to him. I’m going to go ask Mikko what he thinks about it. immediately Mika is making fun of the situation and saying, he’s going to play this creepy song as soon as the psychic walks through the door.

Erick: he’s like, Do you think he’ll feel more in his element if we play this music

Vivi: Katie’s like do not do that

Erick: do you think that, because this guy is a psychic that he could give me, like stock tips, Dr. Fredrickson is late he’s like, you think that because he’s a psychic, he’d know that traffic So he keeps just like teasing Katie dr. Frederick finally shows up He’s like, how long have you been a couple? How’s the home? Are you guys happy together? Is there any stress?

High stress situations can often make you believe that things are happening, that aren’t actually happening.

Vivi: He also sites that old houses make a lot of noise. If they just moved in there, it could be something like that.

he does the thing of trying to rule out that it’s an actual haunting,

Erick: Isn’t that what every suppose psychic and supposed to do when they visit I

Vivi: definitely feel like we’ve seen it in other movies, like the Exorcist and even the conjuring where they go to a place that’s not haunted and discredit

Erick: it.

I’m sure this is a result of people taking advantage one or, maybe not being familiar with actual mental health issues in history. So many things. Yeah.

Vivi: This is where we get Katie’s backstory as to why she believes an entity is in the house. Now she talks about her experience as a kid, that her and her sister used to share a room and they would always hear weird, whispering and see a shadow figure standing at the end of Katie’s bed.

It was never standing at the end of her sister’s bed, but her sister would also see it. Eventually things kept happening and escalating and getting so weird that the house caught fire. she says the fire has nothing to do with the entity, but they’d lost everything in this

Erick: fire. And she also says that the firefighters never found out why it happened or what started the fire.

Dr. Fredericks is like, Are you assuming that the figure that you were seeing was doing it? And she said, well, no, I just, I really don’t know, there’s no known source for why the fire started. The way that she describes this shadowy figure it’s almost like sleep paralysis, Where she’s like, I couldn’t move. I was frozen in place. I would see this figure that was shadowy. maybe in Dr Frederick’s his perspective, it’s like, oh, well maybe she was experiencing this thing.

Vivi: I think because her sister saw it, it’s not sleep paralysis. Because sleep paralysis only, you see the, I

Erick: dunno, when I experienced sleep paralysis myself he opened my door, my roommate was also like moving around and like, because it’s a dreamlike state reality.

And non-reality, I guess, views. So it’s possible that this could have been her imagining her sister seeing the figure possibly,

Vivi: Unless they talked about it afterwards. That would be the, okay. You actually saw that too.

Okay. We have a bra,

Erick: right? I think we’re thinking this though, because we’ve seen the sequels. Right. We have that issue you see the SQL, so you just have this other underlying perspective, but think about it just like this story alone. I think the sleep paralysis part is valid.

Vivi: Speaking of the SQLs, the name of the demon is never mentioned in this first one. And I keep

Erick: saying Toby,

Vivi: which I don’t think you discovered until the

Erick: second or third,

Vivi: the psychic quickly comes to the realization that the spirit is connected to her.

That it doesn’t matter where she moves. The spirit always finds a way to get back to her.

Erick: That first incident happened when they were eight years old, and after that, it always would happen periodically.

Vivi: she takes a psychic on a tour of the house and explains lights are going on and off. There is a lot of activity going on in their bedroom and that she hears whispering at night. She often hears it. Call her name.

Erick: Mika consistently says how much he doesn’t believe Katie.

 Earlier in the film, Katie had asked Mika like you believe me. Right? And he’s like, yeah, of course, of course I do. But clearly make it doesn’t believe anything Katie is telling Dr. Fredrickson, heard tapping every whispering.

Mika is like, well, I haven’t heard shit. it could just be me.

Vivi: I think in response to that, the psychic says, you know, these things feed off negative energy. Like, dude, your vibe is just like way off.

You need to like tone it down.

He’s the, he’s the negative,

Erick: Dr. Fredericks immediately is like, you know what?

I think we’re dealing with something that’s not go. I’m more of a paranormal investigator. This entity seems to be following you, Katie. I can put you in contact with my colleague.

His name is Johan Avery’s. He’s a dermatologist. give him a call. He can probably come check it out. We never see Johan Avery’s. I think at a later point they tried to call him and they just get like the voicemail or whatever,

Vivi: which is upsetting because after the psychic leaves, Katie immediately wants to call him.

And so she’s going to be, Mika talks her out of it saying let’s not call him until things get bad.

Erick: He also says, no, we don’t need a demonologist. Let’s just contact it ask him what it wants, we’ll give it what it wants. And then it’ll leave us alone, bro. What the fuck do you even mean?

Vivi: Literally said not to do that.

Erick: oh, it’s possibly a demon. Your thought immediately. Shouldn’t be like, oh, you know what? We should check it out and talk to it. Negotiate. Some things one has any story involving the devil demons.

 Ended. Well,

I’m sorry.

Vivi: but what in the white people nonsense? Is it that they just want to pull out a Ouija board immediately and talk?

Erick: Yeah, the fuck

he might as well put his middle finger up to Katie and be like, you know what? Fuck you. And your whole past

Vivi: what’s with this alpha male bullshit where someone who’s literally an expert in the supernatural. He’s like, no, I’m not gonna listen. I’m going and do it anyways. I don’t get

Erick: it. to be honest, I’ve been like, let’s check it out.

I do it as a skeptic. I don’t think anything will actually happen, but you know, they say that like, if you believe it it’ll happen and if you don’t believe it, it won’t do it. Yeah. I know. don’t and I’m like, well, cause you’re here, some shit could happen

Vivi: I hate Weegee boards, but I literally have a plan. Shit that dude on

Erick: Twitter, she hates wheezy boards and we have a literal Weegee board doormat.

Vivi: Just put my plant chat leg over it in this room, around the

Erick: gym, walk on that the demons are in hell. Like what the fuck is he trying to tell us?

check out this. Tick-tock

Vivi: I’m sending tic-tacs talks.

Oh my God. This is all she does all day. right after this, like emotionally charged night, Mika is trying to get Katie to do it with him on.

he does the douchebag thing of trying to lie to her and say that it’s not on. And she’s like, no, I know when that thing is on, that is not okay. you should make it consensual where you agree to do this. Not try to trick someone into it.

Erick: Yeah, for sure.

Vivi: I think it’s just a scene that continues to show what an asshole

Erick: he is. had actually thought that they were married. Katie’s dealing with this dish baggery and a demon I mean, I’d be like, yo demon. Let’s, talk. This guy clearly wants to talk with you. So can you like fuck him up? And not me. I think that’s

Vivi: what ends up

Erick: happening. And, but just keep me, un-involved keep me out of this.

Take care of that guy. And we’ll all be happier, This is the third night. It’s September 20th.

It’s 2:08 AM. The floor is creaking. The door closes slowly and then slowly opens. They wake up, they check the footage and they’re like, what the fuck? But they kind of go on with their day. Mika is playing the guitar. He has the camera on himself suddenly hear Katie scream.

Like the douchebag. He is, Mika is like, oh my God, what is wrong? tries to run away. And it’s like, oh wait, hold up, let me get the camera runs back to get the camera then goes to help Katie. she’s scared by a spider, but she’s like, did you go run back to get the camera first?

And he’s like, what? No, no, I didn’t.

Vivi: He’s literally holding the camera.

Erick: Is it? Oh, no, no, no. I just, thought I would catch something if it was something important that we need to get on film.

So yes.

Vivi: And at this point it has been like slightly creepy things. It hasn’t been anything that I would call. Concrete evidence.

Erick: I mean the door opening and closing, I’d already be suspicious I’d be like, what is that? the windows are closed. there’s no drafts.

Vivi: I think it’s really odd that they sleep with the door open in the first.

Erick: I think so. I do. But I think that the reason they do it is because he’s like, well, I gotta get camera footage of the hallway.

If something is coming into the room, I don’t like it. I didn’t at least be like, look, let me move bed to the opposite. End of the room. So that if something is entering, we’re not right next to us. Yeah. Because later Katie’s sleeping with her face off the edge of the bed and I’m like, dude, I’d be so fucking freaked out.

Mika also sleeps on the opposite. End like a bitch. Yeah. Why do I sleep on this side, man?

Vivi: Because it’s the closest to the door and you have better reactions

Erick: Yeah. I’m not going to hide behind

Vivi: you. No, we’re recording from our room today. Nothing to do with the movie, but Eric’s got a project going on in our usual office.

That’s noisy.

Erick: I’m 3d printing.

Vivi: We’re just really on brand. We’re recording from our room.

Erick: Yeah.

Vivi: after the spider situation, we get a scene of Mika, just taunting, the quote unquote ghost. I think he calls it a ghost, even though the psychic has clarified to him that it is definitely not a ghost.

Erick: grabbing the door open and close, and he’s like, what does this mean? What was your point? basically saying like, come at me to the demon.

Vivi: Later that night he’s researching demons in bed, a cozy, nice activity.

And I do that all the

Erick: time. They don’t do that every day.

Vivi: I just don’t talk them. Cause I’m not in it. I send them tick docs.

Erick: That’s on them. When my Google searches do demons. Like tic-tacs exactly do demons like my wife. Oh no. Okay. they won’t put that, sir.

That’s fine. Is that offensive to people who are demons don’t even want to possess

Vivi: even demons while

Erick: I do?

Vivi: I did start off saying, but I new year, same demons. Mental demons. But you know, it

Erick: works.

Vivi: In his research, he finds there are demons that can stop people for decades. but Katie is not amused and wants him to stop filming and to stop researching these things.

Erick: She’s like, you don’t want to make it mad and make us like, how am I not supposed to start to look into this and want to find out more? You didn’t tell me that this was a thing.

When we first started dating and she’s like, what was I supposed to do? Go to the first eight and be like, look, I have a demon that follows me since I was eight years old. And he’s like,

Vivi: well, you could’ve mentioned it on the 30th day, but I argue, this is something that no one will believe you on until they experience it with you when she

Erick: has and still doesn’t believe her.

Vivi: Yeah. I mean, she can absolutely tell him. You should. You really should. If they believe you it’s on them. But it’s just one of those things where his argument doesn’t really have anything to do with what she’s saying. He’s just throwing it in her face that she didn’t mention this to him

Erick: beforehand.

That’s her fault that it’s happening.

Vivi: The true haunting is Katie and her abusive,

Erick: right? So that night it’s the fifth night.

It’s 2:55 AM. There’s just a humming. Katie wakes up suddenly gasping for air And Mika wakes up she’s like, I had a nightmare. I don’t know what happened. Suddenly there’s a super loud thud they grab the camera go downstairs they’re like, is anyone there?

You know, you would assume that someone maybe you’d like broke into your house. They walk around the whole house. They turn all the lights on. They find nothing. Katie’s creeped the fuck out. it’s the next day. More reason to believe Katie, but Mika is still not with it.

Vivi: This is super creepy to me.

You’re already unsettled from like a nightmare. And then a giant thud happens in the house.

Erick: I wouldn’t even know how to sleep.

Vivi: But this is one of those nights where things start to get a little more intense.

Erick: It’s the next day and Katie’s friend visits he pulls the camera, audio, puts it into, it looks like Udacity shows the friends and he’s like, I think it wants to communicate and it’d be like, bitch, no stop. That’s exactly the opposite of what Dr. Fredericks has said. Honestly, this isn’t even like, a cautionary tale. This is just how to be an idiot. One-on-one it really is. You want to learn how to get possessed immediately and fucked up immediately by demons watch paranormal activity.

This has nothing to do with Katie. This is just how MIGA can quickly get his house fucked up by demons.

Vivi: It really is because he interrupts girl time to just tell them that. Now he wants to get a Weegee board.

Erick: she’s like, promise me, please. Don’t do that.

Vivi: The next scene is Mika. Once again, antagonizing the demon right before they go to bed.

Erick: Yeah. So he’s like, yeah, there hasn’t been anything interesting in awhile. Are you scared? I’m calling you out. You’re worthless. You’re nothing. And he’s like talking a lot of shit to this demon.

Vivi: At this point it is night 13 at 3:00 AM. Katie here, stumping then a shriek and a crash. They get up to go investigate. And when they reach their living room, they can see that the light fixture is moving

Erick: Is it just supposed to be implied that the demon is landing.

Vivi: I thought about this because they don’t ever really show this demon. It, makes me think like, is this like the insidious demon? That’s just crawling on the walls and doing crazy stuff. Nothing.

Erick: this one seems to just walk on foot because it goes up the stairs, When he puts the powder out later, you see footsteps. It clearly doesn’t do the wall thing. But yeah, this thought this crash, there no evidence of anything actually crashing.

So is it this demons like flying? And it’s like, went, shopping, came back home and it does all its shopping at 3:00 AM. I mean, don’t you online? It’s visiting all of its other possess people.

Vivi: I think you’re the only people he’s possessing. Okay. He’s got a schedule.

Erick: It’s like Santa Claus, but for demons,

Vivi: he’s very busy.

Erick: They go back upstairs Katie is like standing in the doorway. Mika’s like powered by the camera. I’d be like, babe, get the fuck away from. I had to close the door. call the cops, Hey, someone’s potentially breaking in my house. I heard he crashed the channel. It was fucking moving even if Mika was a skeptic on the demon part. I think that generally you see this evidence of something moving in your house that you didn’t do.

Vivi: No, I agree with you. Like the cops could see the footage. If they don’t believe you. I don’t know. Calling the cops on the demon, isn’t going to do anything.

Erick: We need to find out who the fuck moved the chandelier.

Vivi: But the next morning katie and Mika are kind of having an argument she’s afraid, but Mika is clearly excited and calls whatever is happening. Cool.

Erick: Katie’s like ever since you got the camera, this stuff has escalated. You’ve been taunting it. You’ve got the camera.

You keep trying to catch it. It wants you to see it.

Vivi: And what do we get in the next scene? We find out that Mika has stepped up his demon hunting game and bought an EVP.

Erick: Amazing.

 You’re so cool. Mika.

Vivi: Electronic voice phenomenon.

He is asking the demon questions, telling him to speak English this time. Not only is he a doer, she’s a racist. Okay.

Erick: Yeah. Be inclusive and makeup. your

Vivi: language. You monolingual. Just

Erick: kidding. You can cut that. She’s not kidding. Kidding. Just kidding.

Figure it out. Mika says anyone here, where are you from? Do you have something to say, do you want to talk through the Weegee board? What is your quest?

what’s your favorite color?

Vivi: Are you single? Just asking,

Erick: asking for a friend. Exactly. So he plays the edit back there is a growl after the, do you want to communicate through.

 In my notes, a book , smiley face. Cause he goes like, okay,

Vivi: all you had to do was ask

Erick: I know we were like going in on Mika, but could you have made the character dumber?

Vivi: I do not remember his character being this stupid when I first watched it, maybe it’s almost a year’s worth of watching horror movies, but this is what not to do with a demon 1 0 1.

Erick: I mean, if you’re tired of hearing us talk shit about Mika, you could stop listening here, but we’re going to continue.

Vivi: Yeah. I don’t remember hitting his character that much. Actually, when I first watched this, I don’t think I paid that close attention to the dialogue. And what was actually happening. I was just focused on the creepy scenes that you saw at night.

Erick: didn’t even give a fuck about the characters.

Vivi: Yes. When I first watched this in high school, that’s all I cared about,

Erick: but commence the 15th night, it is a crisp 1:36 AM.

Katie sits up. She stands. She watches the bed until three 30. So for two

Vivi: hours, almost three hours. Yeah.

One minute is too long for her to be

Erick: doing this. Why she’s standing there for two hours.

Vivi: And what does he not

Erick: notice? ‘ I used to sleep walk as a kid, but I don’t think that what I have seen children are going to sleep I don’t even know, but I would just end up in random places and my family would just bring me back. But I think

Vivi: that’s what you’re supposed to do with a sleepwalker. However

Erick: She fucking leaves the room.

Vivi: Mika. Finally waking up and realizing that she’s not there. goes to look for her. He has to go outside because she has sleep, walked all the way to this swing in their backyard. He is talking to her and telling her that she needs to come inside, but she refuses.

She says in this kind of trance-like dream state, she’s afraid she does not want to go back into the house.

Erick: He does drop the douchebaggery at the door of the house and is like, what you want to be out here.

It’s cold. I’ll join you. Let me go get some blankets.

Vivi: I feel like if I did this, you’d be like, okay. And then just pick me up and bring me back inside. But I am a five foot person.

Erick: Would you be more mad

Vivi: if I’m in a sleepwalking trans? I probably don’t know what’s going on.


As he’s making his way back inside, he hears footsteps upstairs.

Erick: There’s white noise coming from the TV. he’s like, who the fuck is there? He’s creeped out. slowly approaches the doorway and he’s like, come out. He goes into the room, quickly picks in there’s nothing.

When he turns around, Katie is standing in the doorway and she’s like, bro, what the fuck are you doing? Go back to sleep, come

Vivi: back to bed. And she gets into bed. And Mika is understandably confused and just over the whole section,

Erick: but still doesn’t believe her

Vivi: I think it’s very odd if you’ve lived with a person for a while and they’ve never done this sleep walking thing and they suddenly start doing it, I think he’d be like, Hey, are you okay? Like mentally? what’s going on? Cause I think this is something that stress can do.

Erick: Yeah. You can chalk it up to that and you can be like, oh, Hey Katie, like, I know I’ve been through this whole time.

No, he’s not going to say that. No, I know. But a reasonable person, which Mika is not, wouldn’t do that. It’s the next morning. he shows her the footage she doesn’t remember a thing. And she’s like, what the fuck She wants to get help because like, no, that makes things worse.

Okay. That clearly, you know what you’re doing? You know what

Vivi: you’re talking about? It’s very upsetting that she just doesn’t remember anything. But I think if you sleep, walk that’s normal. You’re not going to remember while you were asleep.

Erick: It’s the standing for two hours by the bed watching. Mika sleep.

Vivi: Yeah. That’s very eerie. I would like to think that if someone was watching you sleep, you’d know ‘

Erick: cause that ain’t sleep walking.

Right. That’s sleep. Like, how are you even sleeping? You’re literally just standing there. semantics. I’m just saying, I don’t know how simple it can work. So if it literally is act of walking two hours of sleep walking.

Is that a thing?

Vivi: I do not know how long it lasts.

Katie really wants to just call the demonologist and he claims that bringing in an excersice would just make it worse. He specifically says an Exorcist and I’m like, dude, what horror movies have you not been watching?

Because. They often take care of the problem

Erick: and die doing it sad face.

Vivi: I mean, but they take care of your problem. None of their ed and Lorraine, they’ll just be super romantic with each other and the demon will be gone.

Erick: that night they’re getting ready for the night out. Mika sets up a Weegee board, obviously against Katie’s will bitch. What are you doing?

Vivi: Katie is coming down excited. She’s like, oh my God, I really need this night out. I want to get out of this house.

And I don’t even want to think about anything. And then she sees that he has the Weegee board and he’s like, let’s do this real quick before we leave. We have like 10 minutes and she is pissed. Justifiably pissed.

Erick: okay. Anyway, I just don’t want to bore the listener with them.

Yeah. watch the movie hate me. Kill yourself. I don’t think that if you’re a reasonable person you’ll ever look at Mika and be like, no, he’s a great guy. What do you mean? Why you guys went so hard on him? He’s not even that bad now. He’s trash. Okay. And if you think he’s not, you should figure that out.

Vivi: I just wanted to point out that at this point I was having the hardest time trying to remember how you spelled weed, you bored. And I literally like my notes for the podcast is a review board notebook. And it says Weegee at the bottom of

Erick: the page. She says, after saying that she doesn’t want me to buy a Weegee board,

Vivi: I am fine with Weegee board paraphernalia, paraphernalia tattoos.

Don’t actually do it.

Erick: Did you catch when you said cursor instead of plant yet,

Vivi: that just goes to show you that you shouldn’t have don’t even know don’t even know what you’re talking about, but Katy pissed gets him to leave without messing with the Weegee board. He leaves the camera on. However, we see this very odd, strong gust of wind happening in the house.

The plants in the living room are moving.

Erick: The curtains

Vivi: are moving and then the plan shit starts to move on the board. it catches fire

Erick: What did that was interesting though, is that when they come back later, there’s no fire damage on the board. It looks like it traced something on the board, but you’d think that the fire would do something It looks like glass to it’s reflective.

Vivi: Obviously when you’re writing messages from the fire of hell, it’s going to be on your wage. All these bars are lit.


But once they returned home at a respectable 11 o’clock at night, tell me your old.

Erick: I think we paused the movie at this point and you realized, so did they just leave? And I was like, no, no. I think they’re getting home,

Vivi: but Migo picks up the board and it looks like there is a drawing on it. He is trying to show Katie, but Katie is so done.

Erick: she’s clearly because there’s no way that he could misinterpret that she’s mad.

She’s cussing at him the whole time. She’s been real cute with him and is like, okay, well give me. You know what I mean? She hasn’t reacted to him the way that someone who is actually like traumatically, experiencing this stuff should react. I think to someone who is like completely disregarding your feelings for this, this is the first time we see Katie actually be like, fuck you, Mika.

Fuck you. I don’t give a fuck about anything that you’ve been doing this whole time. Fuck the cameras. Fuck you. Fuck the Weegee board. Fuck your shoes. Fuck this night out. Fuck everything.

Vivi: I think you hit the nail on the head saying that she has been super polite about the situation. Probably repressing her feelings about things that have happened to her as a child, to her partner.

She’s trying to understand him. This is new to him, but he is not returning this kind of understanding to her.

Erick: Mika still in the midst of that is like, do you wanna help me figure out what this message means though?

And she’s like, fuck you and your weed, you’re bored the fuck out.

Vivi: The only appropriate response. She gets so mad that she kicks him out of the bedroom. They have an argument that takes place off camera. When the cameras are turned back, on, it’s

Clear that Katie has made Mika record himself saying that he’s basically not going to be a Dick anymore.

That he’s going to respect the entity. He’s going to respect Katie’s feelings. But as he’s saying this, you can feel how insincere he is. he turns to her and is like, are you happy now? And she’s satisfied enough that they just go to bed for the night.

The next day, he is still insisting that they figure out what the Weegee board has said.

The next scene is Katie then venting to her friend.

Erick: Mika is trying to figure out the message using the footage trying to follow the Weegee board movements. he’s kind of like highlighted or circled some letters and has a notebook full of potential messages. And he’s like, do you know a Diana Dana, a Danish? And she’s like, no, fuck you.

I don’t care what the fuck it means. Get it out of my house. Her friend is like, you know, if this is actually happening, being a good friend, you should come over and stay with me.

She’s like, no, follows me no matter where I go. Migos.

Like I have a plan. I’m going to figure this out. I’m going to take care of it. the friend’s like, what are you going to do? Make a fucking idiot. the friends also done with him

Vivi: Oftentimes your friends can see things that you can not, if they are true, good friends, that’s all I will say about that.

Erick: So immediately after Katie’s like, what’s the plan and he’s like powder and put baby powder everywhere. We’re going to catch this thing. We’re going to take care of it. Pisses me off so much again, what do you mean? What does putting the baby powder and catching its footprints do to take care of it?

What are we taking care of your ego

Vivi: seriously? Katie does agree to this. She says, I will let you try this one thing, but afterwards I am calling the demonologist kind of just humoring him at this point.

And he’s still arguing against calling him. She’s agreed to do this dumb plan. And he’s still saying, no, we won’t call anyone. This is gonna work.

Erick: he puts the butter on the floor and she’s like, so what does this prove? And he’s like, I’m solving the problem. Okay. this is my house. This is my girlfriend. No one folks with.

Okay. And the Potter does what though? What is proud? Are you going to do it’s three 15 though. you hear footsteps Mika shoots up.

Cause he’s trying to catch the footsteps as they’re being made into the room Katie also joins Mika in seeing like what the fuck is happening. Cause they see the footsteps with the powder, enter the room. Mika in one instance of being intelligent is like the footsteps only enter the room, but they don’t leave that thought alone is scary as fuck.

Vivi: I would run out that room.

Erick: Yeah. But they don’t do that.

Katie’s like, let’s go, Amica follows the footsteps. And they lead to the attic

 The panel is slightly open and Katie is freaking out.

Mika is not as freaked out.

Vivi: He wants to continue to investigate. Katie says, do not go up there. And I agree with her, but Mika doesn’t listen. he. Climbs is way up there with the camera and records around the attic until using the zoom of the camera. He can see a weird object that he’s never seen before.

He drops the camera down to Katie and goes to retrieve

Erick: it

He comes back down, holding a photo that looks that have been half burned it’s the image of a little girl. Katie sees the photo. And it’s like, how the fuck

Vivi: is this here?

She freaks out. We learned that it is a photo of her when she was a child standing in front of the home that she had that burn down.

Erick: She’s like this shouldn’t exist. This had to have burned down with our

Vivi: old house. The notion of a demon, keeping a childhood picture of you is horrifying.

Erick: the more horrifying moment is when Katie says, where did you find the photo?

And Mika says it was over our bed. So the demon hides in the attic and obsesses over Katie, above their bedroom. That’s insane. That fact alone

Vivi: is scary, is in love with you kinda, and the creepy stalker way.

Erick: The next morning, Mika lightens up the footage and shows Katie can see the demon taking each step with the Potter on it. Katie was like, we need to call Dr. Averys. It’s just gotten worse and make us like, no I’ve got it under control. We’re making good progress.

Vivi: She finally snaps in the best scene of this

Erick: movie.

Yeah. Given him all the common sense. He’s lost some

Vivi: cold, hard truths, straight up says you have done nothing. Absolutely freaking nothing, but make things worse. You are not in control of this situation. You are pissing this thing off. because of some bullshit about how do you know if I was Katie, I’d be like, bitch.

This demon has been following me around for years. You’re new here. You barely seen this for a couple of weeks. It has never been this bad until you came in.

Erick: Yeah. The demons in the background, like you don’t even go here.

Vivi: Don’t even part of this

Erick: relationship will take care of you in a couple of days.

Don’t worry about it.

Vivi: But, oh, this is the scene where like, she finally tells him the truth and it’s like, yes,

Erick: he’s the worst. She’s like, you’re powerless. the demon is listening right now.

Vivi: He tries to bring up the powder thing and she’s like, you don’t think it wanted you to see that if it wanted to avoid the powder, it would have like you and your stupid little powder isn’t doing.

Erick: Yeah. And the Potter that was supposed to take care of it, the fuck you tell them like Mika

Vivi: this isn’t Lala Ravenna where you just spray some tahini everywhere and it’s going to fix your fucking problems. Okay.

the demon would have been like, this is too spicy.

I got to go flour. I could deal with flour, the

Erick: fire when you were eight years old, I couldn’t deal with that. But this, the heat to spice, that’s not a Malick juries. And we ain’t fuck. I love you, Katie, but this is too much. It’s too much. Where are they? It’s 18th tonight. It’s 3 53. you hear steps. The lights turn on in that bedroom in the back.

Mika starts to get up because I think he hears the noise. The lights turn off and you started to hear the running steps and the door fucking slams

Vivi: shut.

I, Hey this so much. If I heard someone running up my stairs, like I think my heart. What sync to my butthole. And I’ve been just

Erick: like, oh man, yeah, hearing somebody run, Mika like grabs the door knob and like yanks it open to see if anyone’s there. Dude. If someone was trying to kill you, you’d be dead

Vivi: immediately.

He confronts it and it’s just been banging on the door. then the banging continues around the house. Katie wakes

Erick: up. Mika continues to taunt it like, dude, I wouldn’t taunt anything. You don’t even know what’s happening. You clearly have just seen A lot of shit that doesn’t make sense. Why continue to be a skeptic

Vivi: at this point? You shouldn’t be

Erick: no. I mean, this could be a person like he didn’t make it up fast enough before the door closed to even know if it was a person who did it,

Vivi: I would argue at this point, he is no longer a skeptic. You don’t buy a Ouija board. You don’t get EVP stuff unless you genuinely think something’s going on. It’s the

Erick: lack of knowing he should get help That makes me think. He’s just having too much fun with it.

Vivi: Let me tell you when I would have been like, Nope. And out of here, the night I wake up screaming from a nightmare and there’s a giant thud in the house. We sleep in, in a church. I don’t care anymore. That’s my limit. Clearly I don’t have a high limit for this, but I’m just not messing with

Erick: it Get across

Vivi: just the Weegee board catching fire. And you having it on camera.

I would no longer be saying,

Erick: oh no. we’re going to a priest and immediately. Yeah. After Mika opens the door quickly, they leave the bedroom they’re looking around the house. Katie is like, no, we can’t go back to the bedroom because like what, why not?

Let’s go. You hear a door creaking, you hear humming, you hear noises that are like, what is going on?

What’s happening next.

Mika is like, I think we should go upstairs. Katie was like, no, I don’t want to go upstairs. We’ve got to go. I want to leave this. Nico’s like, no, we should go back up.

Vivi: Eventually he convinces her and they just hold up in the bed for the rest of the night. The next day we see Katie sitting in the living room.

She’s wrapped in a blanket and she’s visibly affected by the nights of not being able to sleep. She just wants to leave the house.

Erick: They’re eating food in the kitchen and an

Vivi: awkward silence,

Erick: and a sudden loud bang.

Vivi: it is the middle of the day.

Erick: they run upstairs.

Vivi: And discover that a photo of the, both of them has been ruined

Erick: specifically though. Smashed on Mika’s

Vivi: face. no Dominica.

The demon is tired of your shit.

Erick: Right? Who wouldn’t be

Vivi: human or demon. They’re

Erick: tired of the demons is actually looking out for Katie because the demons like yo, you’ve lived this long and you ended up with this piece of shit. Mm mm I’m actually not even a demon

Vivi: mere guardian angel. And I’m saving you from this trash man.

Just kidding. It’s a demon,

Erick: but not kidding. It’s a guardian angel

Vivi: open to interpretation. Katie freaks out once Mika notices the photo Katie says that she feels that the demon is breathing on her. She’s standing in the middle of the room and her hair is fluttering.

I hate this.

Erick: Yeah. They’ve run back downstairs though. And they’re like, what the fuck? It’s happening in the middle of the day. When has it ever happened? In the middle of the day, it is a

Vivi: first time you’re not even safe during the day. not knowing what else to do.

They call the psychic again. Katie is pacing around the room, waiting for the psychic to come. He enters the house finally and says, damn, y’all fucked. And Lee.

Erick: And he’s like, no, I think he doesn’t even want me here. No, it doesn’t mind that I’m here. Nope. I’m leaving. Sorry guys. Uh, Maybe you should call my friend, but I mean, I’ll do what I can, but I mean, it’s, that’s a, it’s not my responsibility. Yeah. Okay. Bye.

Vivi: Okay. Thanks. Bye. He says that his presence is only upsetting the demon and that it would help them more for him to leave. Sounds like he, Katie is just distraught.

The next scene is her just crying in bed and Mika is trying to comfort

Erick: her. It’s the 19th tonight? It is 1:33 AM. You’re tapping

Vivi: sheets moving

Erick: pounding. Oh, okay. I was like, is that parking?

Vivi: The demon is parked. It’s parallel parking

Erick: so far. The sheets rise multiple times. It’s 3:04 AM. And the lights turn on. There’s tapping, you’re breathing and a grill

Vivi: and the lights turn off again.

Erick: Katie’s phases near the edge of the bed. And she’s immediately spooked she’s like, he’s right there at the end of the bed.

Vivi: It’s breathing on her face because her hair is like kind of moving I don’t know what he’s going to do, but he wakes up to investigate and she just calls him back saying that something’s wrong.

Erick: I feel like he’s still here and we can’t see him, but I feel like he’s still in here.

Vivi: Oh, I hate this

Erick: so much. Yeah. It sucks. I don’t know. Part of me wants to be like, demon show yourself. Like if you’re so all powerful, just show yourself like, dude, I obviously can’t do anything against you.

It’s the next day. they review the tape and they see a shadow on the door right before she freaks out.

Vivi: She’s just sitting in the room and she says that she feels the demon is just looking at her in the middle of the day. And I feel like when you watch a ton of horror movies or studied these things, we always think that demons come out at night.

I don’t know why we think, but demons respect the daylight hours.

Erick: It’s the whole light versus dark thing. Yeah,

Vivi: absolutely. It’s our evolution and fearing the dark and what predators can come out in the dark.

Erick: Right. I had a side thought actually. I was just like, dude demons, just to not have all the things to do that.

They’re just sitting around waiting for you. And they’re just watching you. And they’re just like, yeah, I’m here to mess with you, girl. They’re nocturnal. I mean, I feel like they have jobs, you know, they’re just like, oh, I’ve got like a list of people I need to go visit real quick to go mess with. I need to,

Vivi: it just happens that your turn was.

Erick: she’s like, I feel like it’s watching me. It’s like, well, I mean, is it though? I mean, it’s got other people to bother.

Vivi: It’s not that obsessed with you, Katie. Okay. It’s got other people to go haunt but her feeling that the demon is watching her during the day, she keeps telling Micah that she is convinced that the demon is about to act that it’s about to do something. However, Mika is not listening to her and tells her that he’s been doing some internet research instead

Erick: he has found the story of this girl, Dianne who in the sixties,

Vivi: Diane. Whose name matches the Weegee board message.

Erick: Oh, I didn’t even catch that. Didn’t catch good catch. Yeah. I didn’t even think of that. he’s like, yeah, this girl, Diane in the sixties experienced the same thing. Katie’s like, what happened to her?

He’s like, well, I don’t know. They had an exorcism. There’s a lot of photos on the website. It’s very 2007 website. God. Yes. It’s that super plain text, dark

Vivi: background, to be fair. I think our website kind of looks like this. We’re trying to capture that in

Erick: research. We’re going to put pictures of you being like asleep.


So there were these photos of her, And she was like, oh, she’s beautiful. he’s like, maybe it jumped from her to you. she said, well, why would it done for me? And he’s like, well, I don’t know. I can’t really find a reason that doesn’t seem to be a reason at all.

Vivi: I feel like this was their way of trying to explain the lore of what’s happening without actually giving any detail to what happened to her.

it’s very ominous Mika doesn’t say that Diane has died,

Erick: She’s like, how did she die?

They don’t really answer that.

Vivi: No, he doesn’t say anything it’s just more ominous.

Erick: Katie is trying to study. she tells me, get, get the fuck away. she’s like, can I have like five minutes though of not talking about this

Vivi: he won’t give her a minute’s peace, even though they deal with this constantly.

Erick: he’s like, why are you mad? This is all your fault. It’s not mine.

Vivi: Awful thing to say, like, I can’t even begin to tell you how upsetting this

Erick: scene was. Well, she turns around and looks at him and is like, oh dude, really?

Vivi: Like, did she ask for this to happen to her? No. No one does. And the next scene we get is her crying on the floor and him trying to apologize. I don’t buy his apology,

Erick: it’s turning at the night.

It’s 4:32 AM. Katie is picked up and dragged out of the room. Screaming, Mika wakes up

Vivi: and chases after her. He is able to bring her back into the room, but Katie just wants to leave. Just does not want to stay in this house. They agreed to get a hotel for the night, but this would have me just, they still wait too long after this.

I’m sorry. As soon as I was dragged out of that bed.

Erick: when you see the footage, because like let her go and fighting with something that’s invisible. Again, reason enough to leave the house immediately do they have parents? They have family neighbors. I mean, go somewhere. That is not here.

Do they have Jesus? after they kind of recollect themselves, he tries to get a shot of her back it looks like it attacked her and left a mark on her back that he describes as being bite marks.

And you can see like the mouth that bit

Vivi: her, I think the thing that is super unsettling about this is that the marks are very tiny, like sharp. Like all its teeth are very sharp fangs. I’m getting chills. Just thinking about it.

Erick: it’s weird because the feet from earlier look big. So is it just like a giant body little

Vivi: head it’s probably got like hooked feet and pointed teeth

Erick: and little head.

Vivi: This doesn’t make it any less terrifying. I hate it.

Erick: The next thing we get is Katie who looks like she’s falling asleep and is holding across But she’s bleeding from her hand that is holding it.

So Mika is like, what the fuck? He puts the camera down, grabs the cross and there’s blood all over her leg and he tries to get her up It sounds like he also says like the car is ready to go.

Let’s get out of here.

Vivi: Yeah. It’s the point where they finally decided to leave and she’s in a very half asleep, half awake state when he finally does notice all the blood from her hand and he tries to clean it up. She’s totally serious. She’s not really responding to him or what has happened with her hand.

Erick: Mika is frustrated with this and it’s like, Fuck. This shit I’m done.

Vivi: the

Erick: scene. Yeah, he starts a fire. In the fireplace and burns across

Vivi: for some fucking reason. Like he burns the photo of her as a child and across like the crosses that fall here.

But he does it burn the fucking Weegee board

 Bird across the only thing that could probably help you

Erick: at this point. And he’s like, let’s go, Katie doesn’t wanna

Vivi: so very strange that your girlfriend that you’ve known for three years has a cross.

If she is not indicated that she’s religious in any way, it’s just suddenly now she has a

Erick: cross came from, but it’s not explored enough to even speculate what it means is she just secretly devote. I don’t know,

Vivi: after he burns all of these things and tries to get Katie to leave with him to the hotel, Katie is appearing to be a little more in her senses.

She says she doesn’t want to leave anymore.

Erick: More like she’s in her senses. No, I was going to say the opposite. the way that Katie is acting. Is totally not in character because she’s talking in a very, like, it’s going to be okay. No, no, I don’t

Vivi: want to leave. No, it’s just a very like sleepy way of talking when we know she’s been sleep deprived, the whole movie.


Erick: I, I wouldn’t trust this dude. No, everything that’s happened. And you suddenly are like, oh no, no, I think we should stay. Okay. No, you’re delirious

Vivi: relieving. I wouldn’t listen to her. I’m just saying from the previous scene where she wasn’t saying anything, clutching the cross to now, she’s at least talking.

I wouldn’t listen

Erick: to. I’ve seen her stand watching me sleep for two hours in the middle of the night. She suddenly delirious saying we got to stay. It’s going to be okay. Saying

Vivi: it’ll be better if they stay. And this scene is something that I did not notice. The first time I watched this film, she has a final comment that says, we’ll be okay now.

the audio changes to a very weird double voice

and she gives an evil smirk,

Erick: smells, creepily,

Vivi: Mika. You’ve been checking the footage. For so long, you’re not going to look at any of this that happened during the day when she was acting very strange.

Erick: Clearly make is an idiot, so no faith,

Vivi: we have reached night 21, October

Erick: 8th.. is 1:22 AM. And you hear grunting.

Vivi: Katie wakes up very stiffly Michael Myers

Erick: though. Yeah, she does. She stands up

Vivi: The blanket is pulled off of him. Oh, is I don’t even know. Yeah. It just falls off of him. Cause everyone knows a blanket protects you from demons. They gotta get rid of that.

Erick: she walks around the corner of the bed and by Mika, just watching him For a few hours. It’s 3:14 AM

she leaves the room. Suddenly she yells Mika he gets up and runs to go find her.

Vivi: but her scream is blood curdling. It almost doesn’t sound human. It is like, again, that kind of double voice that happened earlier in the scene, but now in scream

Erick: form.

Yeah. It sounds like he says what’s going on, but it’s like, what do you mean what’s going on? But, she’s fucking screaming. but then he says, oh my God. And a sudden drop and a thud.

And all of the screaming is done.

Vivi: And for quite a long time, there is silence and you hear footsteps butting up the stairs you are waiting for what feels like a very long time.

Erick: You’re not sure if it’s the demon,

Vivi: Katie.

Erick: Well, I think as a viewer, you’re like, it’s the demon, you see nothing once the steps end.

Vivi: Instead we get Mika’s body being thrown across the room, into the camera, a

Erick: creature, like yell.

Vivi: Katie enters the room. It is apparent that she has blood on her clothes. Mika appears lifeless the way his body was thrown in the way he landed. Doesn’t seem like he’s responsive at all. Katie slowly approaches his body crouches down and begins to sniff him. It looks like she is about to consume him in some sort of way.

When she notices the camera that has dropped down to the floor is eye level with her. Once again, she smirks and we get this kind of distorted image. Her face looks a little bit warped and she attacks the camera cut to black. We get this final title card that says because body was discovered on October 11th,

Erick: 2006, three days later, Jesus

Vivi: Christ and Katie’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Now we talked about how there are two other endings to this. Eric, when you first watched the film, you said you saw the police.

Erick: Yes. You saw this one with Katie attacking the camera with her face This

Vivi: is the ending that I saw.

Erick: Okay. I saw the extended version where after the sound stops, you hear the footsteps. And Katie approaches the room.

She sits by the bed falls on the floor and rocking back and forth for several hours. Time passes. You hear the phone ring it’s her friend who is like, Hey, I haven’t heard from you in a while. What’s going on. message ends. And Katie is still rocking back and forth more time passes.

you hear a knock at the door, someone enters and it’s her friend. And you hear her saying, Katie, what’s going on? I haven’t heard from you in a while. Are you here? Are you home? You hear her suddenly scream you assume she’s encountered me. Cause body, you hear her run out the front door. Katie continues to rock more time passes. The cops show up, there’s knocking at the door. They enter you hear them saying, Hey, We’re here. It’s the police. You hear them run into me. Cause Bonnie they’re like, there’s a victim, You hear radio chatter, creepily. When the cops are already in the house, there’s the light in the back room. turning on cops are saying things and turning off. So the demon is there. It’s like, all right, well, I’m going to head out. The Sergeant make their way upstairs. they start to approach the room. They’re like, is anyone home? Or the police were armed. We, our guns drawn. They see Katie.

Katie seems to snap out of it and flashes the knife that you assume she used killed Mika. She’s covered in blood. She’s approaching the cops. She’s like, what’s going on? Wait, wait, what’s happening. Completely confused. She approaches the cops. The cops are like drop your weapon. They shoot at her and her body drops right out of the bedroom. That’s the ending that.

Vivi: And the third ending, which I think we touched on briefly very similar to the first it’s clear that Katie has killed Mika eventually makes her way back to the bedroom in front of the camera, pulls out the knife and slits her own throat.

Now we’ve said which endings we saw originally. Which one do you prefer?

Erick: I like the one that I saw because it’s creepier that she’s sitting there rocking back and forth for several days in this catatonic state it’s interesting to see kind of the aftereffect of how people would discover that this happened in this home.

And I think that’s what makes it great beer. I think it’s kind of like a typical ending to have her sniff the body and just approach the camera. That’s like boring. we see that all the time.

Vivi: Okay, so I disagree. I guess, whatever. And then you saw I was going to be the one that you’re partial to.

Right. And I saw. The one that we saw last night, the one where she throws me, cause body to the camera is about to what looks like devour it, and then smart set the camera

to me. It does not make any fucking sense that the demon has been stalking her for 20 years. Just to let her get killed by the cops. what is the payoff in that? Like, it just wants to kill her asshole boyfriend.

Erick: Isn’t the whole point is that the demons mess with you isn’t it just like we want your soul and let’s it wouldn’t have in the cops kill her, be like, well, no, she’s mine. I had the payoff be that Katie killed her piece of shit boyfriend that was messing with me. And then none of the cops was taking care of her. And I have her soul. I’m

Vivi: sorry. You do not start possessing someone at eight years old just because you want to eventually kill their shitty boyfriend.

Erick: I mean, I think the fact that that’s possessing somebody at eight years old, Throw his logic out the window. Like what could an eight year old really provide you a demon? You grown as hell, boy, go possess somebody your own age?

Vivi: I mean, yeah. Okay. That’s a logical point, but I think just maybe knowing the way that the rest of the franchise pans out, it wants them male, it wants that son, that the sister has, it uses Katie’s body to get it.


Erick: can think about the SQLs

Vivi: regardless of the equals. It does not make sense to me that this demon would stalk you for like so long just to kill an average white man.

Erick: I’m sorry. Yeah. And I think it’s some meaningless ending for it to just be typical, like everything else and just have it throw itself at the camera.

I don’t know if anything that, ending is less meaningful to me because it’s like, okay. And,

Vivi: and then she’s out there. She’s a human body possessed by a demon. What does she want? Which is the demon one. It has achieved its goal.

It’s in Katie’s body. What does it want now? That’s scary to me. No. No. Okay. It’s cool. Cause we finally have a movie. I guess we disagree on something.

I think leaving things open-ended is interesting. Cause you don’t know what’s going to happen with this demon afterwards. If it’s possessing her for several days, why is it just having her rock back and forth in her body till the cops show up? Because it’s a

Erick: demon and it’s like, yeah, I’m just here to fucking wreak havoc and have fun.

I’m not here to,

Vivi: is it boring to wait there for two days? So someone discovers

Erick: the body. Dude, I find it more boring to think that demons who are all powerful have this whole purpose, they need to serve about finding a baby boy. Like dude, no demons are just out here to wreak havoc They’re not here to have any purpose, but be like, fuck Jesus and religion.

Vivi: I still say that’s a lot of work.

That being said, what would you rate this movie?

 You know, reasoning.

Erick: I didn’t find it scary this time around. I remember being creeped out the first time around, but

It doesn’t really ramp up until like the last few nights that are shown and I hate amiga. So

Vivi: just cause Amica gets a lower rating. Yeah. So we’ve obviously made this movie about Mika, but I think I’ve only watched the Stu time.

So I think this is my second viewing upon my second viewing. I think I appreciate this movie way more again, having watched it in high school, I was kind of just looking for the scares. I feel like it does a pretty good job of building up that tension again, it’s just something so universal of like weird noises in your house.

What if they escalated? What if it was something there? this film did ramp up this found footage, style of movies that we saw a lot of from then on. I’m going to give it an eight out of 10 because it’s just unnerving. It’s not just that. It’s scary. It’s unnerving All I can think of is the sound of someone running up your stairs, but you don’t see anybody would freak me out to like no end.

Erick: I mean, I could still see myself being like, show yourself. You don’t want to catch these hands.

Vivi: It sounds like you’d be like

Erick: Mika. No, I’m just saying that if it’s messing with me, I’d be like his hands, but we’re leaving.

Vivi: I will fight you, but I’m

Erick: leaving. You don’t show yourself. You don’t get a chance to find me, but I’m also leaving.

Stop messing with me. I’m gonna fight you, but I won’t fight

Vivi: you from a different house.

Erick: I’m fight you with Jesus

Vivi: from Jesus’s house

Erick: with Jesus hands.

Vivi: I like how we were like, not religious until it comes to David’s. That’s what we’re like. Horror has taught us. Absolutely. But what scared low-key about this?


Erick: hated every single noise that happened in this film. So anything that Toby did, low. He didn’t like, but he didn’t give a fuck about the knocks that happened today. So low-key make up your mind. Do you want to tell us about it

Vivi: We have the worst guard dog. He’s like demons are okay. I’m cool with demons people. That’s who you need to watch

Erick: out for us suspicious. At least, you know, that demons are just fucking with you. Human. Can’t be too careful. Can’t trust them. Thanks Soviet. I knew that was the reason you growl at everybody.

Vivi: He loves people.

Erick: He grows at

Vivi: some people he does, but for

Erick: the most part, the ones that have demons. Or don’t have demons. Those are the ones you should be suspicious about a human without demons.

Vivi: is that pretty much it for us here?

Erick: I think so. I’m ready.

Vivi: I’m ready to not talk about demons anymore. It’s like 1:00

Erick: AM and fuck me. Yeah. I’m tired of my night being full of Meeker.

Vivi: I need to cleanse myself of that negative energy.

Erick: That’s what the demons of demon said. Look.

Vivi: We had a good thing going, we were fine for years, but

Erick: like the moment you decided to date this guy, I was like, I’m sorry,

Vivi: it’s over.

Erick: I’m looking out for you, honestly.

If anything, Toby is the hero here.

Besides the murdering someone,

Vivi: I feel like this is the second movie where. The protagonist has gotten rid of her toxic boyfriend.

Erick: Does this fall into the good for

Vivi: her genre? Depends on what ending you saw, but as always, we hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken out scared pod except Twitter.

Twitter is shaking, scared pod. You could send us an

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Give us a follow up. Check out our drink videos. Make sure to look.

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And for our first ever Patrion episode, we’re going to be covering incident in a ghost land. And if you want to suggest a movie become Patrion.

Erick: Yeah. We’re going to be putting up poles every month.

So we’ll let you guys pick, which maybe we cover. Someone already suggested it’s an answer. And I think I want to cover that on a main episode, just because I want to talk shit about that movie,

Vivi: a beloved movie that really did not like,

Erick: It’s

Vivi: boring, K thanks. Bye. Bye.

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