La Llorona (2019)

Erick & Vivi: Which one’s Blippy I haven’t seen it.

Cristina: So he’s this annoying ass guy with glasses and suspenders and a blue shirt and an orange and blue hat. And he’s just like, Hey kids, like, oh my God, it’s the worst.

Erick & Vivi: Welcome back to the chicken, that scared podcast here with you as always your host, Eric and Vivi. Today, we’re gonna be talking about the 2019 film directed by Hyde OBO, Samantha. But before we get into that, how are you viewing? I’m good. I’m pretty excited because we have guests. Woo. We are joined by Christina and MJ from the spooky tales podcast.

Do you guys want to say hi?

Cristina: Yes. Hi, I’m Christina.

MJ: and I’m MJ.

Erick & Vivi: We’re excited to have you guys on, do you guys want to tell us what’s going on over on your podcast?

Cristina: Yeah. Yeah. So we’re a spooky tells we just talk all about spooky things with the focus on Latin America. So a spooky legend Smith’s folklore, haunted places, occasionally true crime, and sometimes other things.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. You guys have taught me a ton. we talk about all the time on the show that we don’t know too much about what goes on in our, culture. And so yeah. You’ve helped out fill that gap.

Cristina: Oh, that means so much.

Erick & Vivi: I’m sure plenty of people feel the same way. But going into it do you guys have creepy content that you guys want to share?

Cristina: is that like spooky things we’ve been watching lately.


Oh, okay. Oh, it’s like what we do at the end of our show. Spooky recommendations.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah.

Cristina: Yeah, I just started or not just started, but I just finished slate Salem’s law on Tubi. Cause it’s on there now the original the book I read the book, but it didn’t never watch the movie.

it’s really good. Like if you like vampire stuff, it’s old, but yeah, it’s good.

Erick & Vivi: Also haven’t finished it. So I’m thinking that maybe the last hour is probably the meat of the story is

Cristina: Yeah. Yeah. I will say the book is better. I listened to the audio book, which is also good, but yeah, it’s, it’s fun. Sorry. You’re probably going to hear my children,

Erick & Vivi: That’s okay.

Cristina: One likes to growl and go. and the other one just talks a lot.

Erick & Vivi: Oh, that’s fun.

MJ: Right now I’m reading guests by Mary Downing. Ha Han, I think I might’ve pronounced her name wrong, but it’s a changeling tale that I got at my kids, book fair. And I’m also reading part of your nightmare, which is a scary type thing from Disney. It’s the

Ursula one while I read it with the kids.


Erick & Vivi: I’ve seen those. Are they? Maybe I’ve seen a different one because I’ve seen that so many Disney, side stories that have been created like,

what would have happened had the villain one.

MJ: This one’s a little bit different. It’s part of the Disney chills collection book collection or something like series and it’s basically each villain does something outside of their, you know, storyline and people in the real world, quote, unquote, get, have to do. Or within the universe.

It’s weird.

Erick & Vivi: cool.

MJ: Yeah. I mean, it’s

cute. Cause it’s like, it’s like introducing your kids to like horror or scary,

Erick & Vivi: Oh, that is fun. We can’t have kids not liking horror. I was on something the other day. And I mentioned that we had just watched X, the movie that, oh, that’s our cup of content. Finally,

Cristina: I want to see that I haven’t

seen it yet.

Erick & Vivi: We forget everything we do, but yeah,

it was good

 without spoilers. Do you want to say what you thought?

I thought it was just a good time. It was an interesting take on that kind of slasher genre. I feel like it’s one of those, like you just go in, you go in for gory kills and you’re satisfied.

Cristina: great. Okay. Okay.

Erick & Vivi: I thought so too. People were maybe looking for, meaning in all of it.

I think it’s just fun for what it is. people were like talking crap about it. Cause they’re like, it’s just a porn horror, but it’s not sure. There’s like stuff in there and there’s probably more than usual, but I mean, it ends up being okay. It did remind me of another movie just because it seemed like maybe it was shot in the same area.

I brought it up to you antlers. Oh, a lot of

Cristina: Oh, I still want to see that too. I haven’t seen it. I’m very behind on like new movies.

Cause I rewatched the same


Erick & Vivi: I do that too.

MJ: The one I’m excited for is the one that comes out in July. Nope. The alien

Cristina: No.


yes. Same.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah, I can’t wait. Do you guys have any comfort content?

Cristina: I’ve been watching Abbott elementary. It’s my new favorite comfort show. Cause they usually just rewatched Bob’s burgers in the office.

Erick & Vivi: same? I watch Bob’s burgers all the time.

Cristina: so now I’ve added, I bet elementary into the mix. It’s just so fun. Such a little feel good show and yeah, it’s really fun.

MJ: I’ve been watching bluey.

Erick & Vivi: That’s the one with the dog. Great.

blue is the little dog. I see everywhere that parents watch what their kids, but then they actually go watch it themselves because it’s so good.

MJ: It

is so good. It is so incredibly good.

Cristina: I’ve never seen it. Cause my child won’t watch it. I’ll put it on. He’s like, Nope. And then he just watches. I didn’t even know. He gives me watching this, like a Blippy Halloween special. He watches that a lot.

MJ: Oh,

Cristina: there’s another Halloween show. He watches a lot. It’s fine. It’s it is what it is. But if you guys have kids don’t ever introduce them to Blippy and just

Erick & Vivi: Gotcha.

Cristina: too late for me, but.

It’s like blues clues, but like 10 times worse because blues clues is fine.

Erick & Vivi: Oh, my God. Did you guys watch that video where Steve came back and was like, I don’t know if y’all needed to

Cristina: The video that I made, a bunch of millennials


Erick & Vivi: I was crying. I was like, just in my room and I was like, oh my God. And I went to BBB And I was like, this made me cry more than I than it should.

Should’ve and she’s like, I didn’t watch Blue’s clues.

Cristina: Same. I

didn’t watch Blue’s clues. So uh, when that came out, I was like, okay, well, I’m, I’m

glad that this makes

Erick & Vivi: Yeah.

Cristina: seen

Erick & Vivi: I’m glad they got closure.

Cristina: Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: I think the reason I got more sad was because I’m like dogs don’t live that long and it’s been 20 years and he didn’t even mention blue.

Cristina: Oh, wait. That is sad. You’re right.

Erick & Vivi: So

it was like more thinking about blue. And I was like, no,

Cristina: What happened to blue?

Erick & Vivi: I like to point out you didn’t even cry at our wedding, but you cried. I’m more likely to cry at cartoons the normal things.

Cristina: fair? I’ve cried out a bunch of movies and cartoons and I didn’t cry at my wedding either.

MJ: Yeah, same. I didn’t cry. I was like, let’s get the, let’s get this over with please. I’m hungry. Okay. I do. All

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. Where are the drinks?

Cristina: My wedding was like five seconds long.

MJ: I got to love to.

Cristina: a friend. Just married us by the base. I was stationed at typical military wedding.

Erick & Vivi: You guys

have a party

Cristina: no.

Erick & Vivi: it’s expensive. Yeah, it

We might’ve had a house already. Had we not? Uh, just kidding, all right. Cool. So speaking of drinks you guys want to talk about the drink for today? I think you’re the one who came up with that. Yeah. So I don’t think I came up with a name. I want to say its name is. And that’s going to be based on the name that is given to the one who we realize is layered on it.

there is a drink that is called a variation of that where it’s just like a lemonade with carbonated water.

But instead we use squirt, we have mint, we have limes kind of like a Mohito. So it’s a very clear drink. I wanted to make it a clear water looking drink, because unlike in the American themes, when vers where the water is. not like the fear here is the water itself and it’s just regular water.

So I just was like, it’s regular water. Okay guys. She’s like in a river. Not,

not mud.

Cristina: Not in some weird black goo.

Erick & Vivi: yeah.

Cristina: I totally did not have time to go get the stuff,

Erick & Vivi: That’s okay.

Cristina: but it looked delicious.

Erick & Vivi: Did you try it empty?

MJ: I don’t drink,

Erick & Vivi: Oh, okay. Gotcha. There is like a non-alcoholic version of this where we just don’t add tequila, which is what I’m doing right now, because I didn’t feel like drinking. other

MJ: then.

Erick & Vivi: it’s

So I would say it’s pretty good. I thought it was going to be a really sweet drink.

but it’s pretty nice. Yeah. It’s it’s chilled. even with the square, I thought the squirt, maybe it was gonna make it too sweet, but mint part of it, it makes it refreshing. And then you add. That’s pretty good. what do you read? I am going to give it a 3.5 at five. Oh, I give it a four. Cool. All right. Well, while y’all sip on this or while I guess we sit on this, do you want to talk about fun facts? Yeah. So while I was searching for fun facts for this movie, we didn’t come across a lot. We have a previous episode where we talk a little bit about a spooky tales, has a couple of episodes on her as well. We can link all those down below for you guys to check out, but obviously elephant in the room.

This is based on the watermelon genocide of the 1980s. So this is an actual historical event that happened. And we don’t feel like we are qualified to talk about this. So we are going to try and find sources to link somewhere below. If you are more curious about that. Christina, you said you might have some

info too, right?

Cristina: Yeah. So the general of the movie is based on the former dictator and I totally forgot his name, but he doesn’t matter. Cause he was a piece of shit, but he was found guilty of genocide. And then like in the movie it’s later like overturned.

it was like in 2015 or 13. One of those two. Yeah, recent. But really, it started in the 1960s during their a war, and then it went on into the 1980s. But the specific genocide that the movie is touching on is the one that occurred in 1982 in 1983, that essentially like it was genocide towards the Maya.

 I want to say that. That’s how you say it people but it was like, like five or six different Maya groups. And it’s always the same thing. They think that the indigenous populations are siding with the communist guerrilla forces. And so then in order to win against the guerrilla forces, they go and attack the it’s like this thing, they call it.

Something like you attack the river to destroy the sea is like what it boils down to. And so they go and attack all these villages with civilians that they think are the Getty gas and the same thing. And Salvador, Honduras is always the same tactic because they learned it in the same place, the school of Americas trained by United States forces.

So, and it wasn’t Panama. Yeah. Yeah. And so they, at one third of the Maya population was genocided in this and yeah, it’s terrible. And then he was found guilty and then he was acquitted.

Erick & Vivi: was he in prison this entire time?

Cristina: He’s dead. He’s dead now. Yeah. So he was, it was like he was found guilty. And then not that long after he was acquitted, then I want to say there was going to be a new trial, but he died before it even happened. And so by the end of it, no uh, nothing, nothing happened. No one was punished for these genocides, which is usually the case as well.

Erick & Vivi: It’s upsetting. Yeah. Watching it, you get that grief you feel for the indigenous folks. Cause you’re like, what the fuck? Like these people are so innocent and no matter what they say, they’re put in this position where they’re not going to believe them. And no matter what they do, how, innocent they show, they are people who think that they’re above them are going to be like, Nope, they’re liars.

They’re in the movie. They literally say like whores, Oh my God. It’s so upsetting the way they talk about them. But

while employing them

Cristina: yeah.

Erick & Vivi: and relying on them, like that pissed me off all

Cristina: And like, this

is a movie, but it’s true. It’s exactly what people do. Oh, and this scene in the court, when they have their veils over them, it’s almost like a direct image from the actual trial of the actual dictator. Like they had very similar clothing on,

Erick & Vivi: yeah, I was wondering if it like signified anything while I was watching it, but I didn’t have time to look it up

MJ: to speak on things Rigoberta Menchu I think was in the movie and she is a political advocate for the indigenous people of Guatemala and for indigenous people around the world. She’s a Nobel prize winner, and I think she was in a movie, right.

Cristina: Yeah, I was watching it with my dad and he was like, oh, that’s the dude with the I’m into. And I was like, oh yeah.

Erick & Vivi: Oh yeah. Yeah. I do remember her. That’s awesome. And as much as there isn’t like a ton of horror elements to it, other than like stuff that happens at night, the real horror is why this is happening. this is definitely a slow burn. For anyone that’s going to watch it. Just stick with it until the end.


MJ: was crying at the end.

Erick & Vivi: that’s a really sad note to

end on

for fun facts,

Cristina: not fun at all.

Erick & Vivi: to hype it up a little bit, Christina, are you ready for a speed run?

Cristina: Uh, yes, I’m going to try, let me pre-phase by saying I’m terrible summary. So we’ll see how this goes.

Erick & Vivi: That’s okay. All right. Ready?

Cristina: Yes.

Erick & Vivi: 2, 3, go.

Cristina: so a rich family is uh, dealing with the horrors of uh, acts committed during war while uh, being terrorized. Oh my God. That’s terrible. Something like that happened. And somewhere along the lines comes along. Yes.

Erick & Vivi: is that it? Is that your summary?

Cristina: That is what I have.

Erick & Vivi: Okay,

well, you’re destroyed the one minute. Great job. You did it.

So one of the share what the internet says that this movie is about.

Cristina: Oh, okay. Okay. Let’s see.

Erick & Vivi: I end to be says that the movie is about an aging, paranoid war, criminal protected by his faithful wife, faces death while being haunted by the ghosts of his past west of the past, I am DB.

It is rated 6.6. That’s not bad for IMTP I guess.

Cristina: Yeah. They usually rate like good movies, like way low because people hate horror on the CMDB or something.

Erick & Vivi: really do. I also have this theory that people just hate foreign films in general.

Cristina: That too. Yeah.

MJ: Subtitles.

Erick & Vivi: I had to read.

Cristina: Oh,

I don’t like to raid my

Erick & Vivi: Oh yeah.

People hate subtitles. Yeah.

Cristina: if I wanted to read it open a book.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah, man. think the other side of it too, is that

like, when white people watch minorities, they’re kind of like,

eh, whatever. Yeah. it’s weird to think about this, but I’m sure there’s enough people who like watch this and are just like, no, the indigenous folks were the bad guys.

I’m sure there’s some people out there who think that.

Cristina: Yeah. Not to mention people deny that the genocide happened. So movie centered around the genocide, they’re going to be like, this is leftist propaganda.


Erick & Vivi: And in the movie we get some of that like opinion. Yeah. The mother, when she’s talking to her daughter, she’s like, you’re a leftist now. I’m like, they’re acting like savages out there. And it’s hard watching it because you know that there are people who see this type of thing happen.

And instead of paying attention to what’s going on and empathizing they’re like, yeah, no, it’s ruining my rich ass life. My beautiful life is being ruined your social problems outside of my pool. Yeah. Because I had issues with the whole, like, they’re just living their lives where there’s protests outside their door daily.

And I’m just like, I couldn’t do it. But yes, let’s do it.

Let’s dive into it. I’m ready for it. If you guys are ready. Yeah. All right. we start with the lady praying and staring at the veer with several other women. I can’t tell if it’s a novena. It seemed like it, but

watching it the second time, I thought it was more like, they’re just praying for the generals, like safety.

Yeah. So they’re praying, but it goes on for a while until we get the title card layered on now. they’re just staring at the camera for a minute as they pray.

Cristina: Totally. Sounds like our virtual or chat though.

Erick & Vivi: yeah. if you’re a non-Spanish speaker, I’m sure. It’s like, oh my God, what are they saying? Like creepy whispering.

Cristina: Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: Several men sit in a room, drinking and smoking as a man tells everyone they have to keep their heads up because they’re heroes and not victims.

Another man asks if the general falls, they all will. and they’re too old to be put in prison. A third man says their age is making them cowards outside. People say their goodbyes. And we see the place cleaned up by the maids of the house. A woman looks at her laptop and we meet a younger girl.

these are Carmen and Sarah who asks, why people are talking shit about her grandpa. The woman asks if her friends talk about him, but the younger girl says she saw it on the internet, which I thought was just interesting kids are going to grow up in a world where you can just look up whatever. And your parents are going to have to answer that, ah, yeah.

Something to look forward to.

Cristina: Oh my God.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. What’s he killed how many people

Cristina: he murdered a whole population. He

Erick & Vivi: me

Cristina: genocide. Oh my God.

Erick & Vivi: he gave me $5 for and he’s over here killing people.

Cristina: Yeah. Right. He told me not to steal.

Erick & Vivi: Meanwhile, one of the maids praise in another room, and what we assume is a Mayan dialect to protect the family and the home from evil. the subtitles keeps saying that it’s got chicken. Is that what we assume as

the language that they’re speaking?

Cristina: Yeah. That’s what the,

oh my God.

Erick & Vivi: At night, the older man from earlier named the Nika, here’s a woman and let out a cry. That sounds like it came from inside the house. He slowly sits up in his bed for a minute. And when he doesn’t hear it again, he tries to lay back down. But once again, he hears the cry. He goes into his closet for a gun and here’s the water running.

He enters the bathroom and moves the shower curtain quickly aside finding nothing. He turns the water off and sits there as he continues to hear the faint cry later on, we find out that he’s kind of battling Alzheimer’s or early onset. I don’t think it’s wise to leave a weapon with someone who is at the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s.

No, my grandpa had Alzheimer’s and he would sleep with a gun under his pillow that is so unsafe. I think there was a time where he like, went into.

With it. Oh shit. That is scary. They slept in separate rooms. Yeah. I went to, after that, it was scary. He goes downstairs and in the background we see a woman come out of a doorway. He quickly turns around and fires at her. As a woman comes out and screams Latona. One of the guards, another woman yells at her to take his gun away.

But when valerian tries, he puts her in a headlock and yelled saying, he knows, they heard the woman crying. Latona shows up, lift on as bodyguard and tells him to let her go while holding his gun. But in the week of the general fights back saying they need to search all the rooms might be a spy. They bring all the women to a room and a woman asks, if anyone heard a woman cry, they all say no. And she asks the general. If it might’ve been a nightmare, he doubles down and says, he definitely heard it. But one of the girls says it was her. In fact, she killed, well, one of the others asks if he heard her far or near, which they never really explained like what the difference is, if it was far near, doesn’t matter.

What I gathered was that they know the legend and they know what’s about to happen. So they want to know how much time they have to get the fuck out of there. If it was near, it’s already over here that we got to go.

She says clothes. And the woman by the General’s bedside tells them to shut up.

Carmen, the General’s daughter asks what they’re saying, and just says, he’s getting old. And that’s all there is to it. Carmen asks for his gun and says for everyone’s safety, she can’t leave it near him. By the end of that story is kind of interesting because later we obviously find out that she might be the General’s daughter,

Cristina: Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: in the beginning I was like, why is she so adamant to stick around?

Cristina: And she’s the only one.

Erick & Vivi: Given that her people are mistreated? Like it makes sense later why she would do this the next day karma looks at the bullet hole while talking to another. The woman says, it’s a shame what’s going on. And with everything going on, it’s no wonder he’s going crazy. Carmen says stress accelerates the effects of Alzheimer’s. She points out that he’s still good at shooting though. He could have killed her. Had he shot a few inches off? Yeah. He might be losing his damn mind, but he’s still a good shot. Don’t take him off. She says, after his trial he’ll get better. When Valeriana enters saying all the servants want to leave, this scene is sad because you see like, the people were like, bro, this guy’s killing our people. I don’t want to serve him anymore, which good for them. Because in times like this, I’m sure that like the fear itself also just doesn’t let you make the right decision. Carmen says now’s not the time as her mother needs help taking care of her father. She guilt trips them and says they can’t leave her alone like that. And that he’s always given them a home food and pay. She says they’ll never be treated the same at anywhere. Well, Ariana says they’re all scared when the mother says they’re all in grateful Carmen calls that don’t have to prep the car.

When one of the servants whispers something to Medina, but Lydiana says the servants want their pay before they leave. The mother says they’ll never find work. And the next scene is the mothering Carmen in a car riding somewhere, which we find out is the trial. Again, the way they treat this staff is just so douchey.

 It’s hard to say how they were actually treated because we only see the story from here on out, right? Like she’s trying to say, like, we gave him a home and food and pay him whatever. because it seems like they treat a lady, Anna. Well, maybe they did treat the people well, but it’s like, I see that this guy has given me all this food shelter and water. It’s like, we were singing about grandpa murdering people, but he’s doing all these things to my people back home. I don’t want to work for him. I don’t care what he’s doing for me. And they just. Talk to them, like they’re lesser.

Cristina: Yeah, I was going to say you, you

can tell that that’s how they treat them. That they’re just like lesser people. They don’t matter. And like what they’re giving them as the bare minimum that you should give an employee.

And I I’m going to assume they didn’t give them their benefits before the staff left.


Erick & Vivi: True. When they come back the house is empty and she’s like, where’d they go? And she was like, they left, they left. They said they were going to quit.

Cristina: they

Erick & Vivi: They weren’t,

they were kidding.

Cristina: Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: A

woman and avail is in a room full of people speaking in a different language. Again, it’s actually trigger warning. If this is a topic that’s too intense, a translator says that the Galleria ran away as an army approach and that she had no idea until she saw a fire and escaped with her children. The violence followed as they sit their crops, homes, clothes, and cattle on fire outside the women and children were separated from the men.

The women were sexually assaulted and they proceeded to kill everyone in the room. People are clearly disturbed and have to be told to be quiet. Like this is a really sad story. The translation continues saying that some of them escaped to the mountains and were kept hitting my clouds when helicopters would pass by to search for them.

But because they had no food, they had to come down. That was when they captured her and took her to a military base. But there, she says that the soldiers did whatever they wanted with her.

And she wasn’t the only one. They hadn’t done anything wrong and we’re just at home minding their own business. She says, she’s not embarrassed to say what happened in hopes that they’re not embarrassed to seek justice, which is a powerful thing to end on it is. And I can’t imagine. Like going through this and then sitting in a courtroom full of strangers and telling your story strangers who, you know, probably don’t give a shit about what you’re saying or agree with the general who

did this to your people Carmen, here’s the news reporters say the trial has been going on for two months is general motivated. They claims everyone was part of The Gambia and that his men never attacked any civilians. I thought this was such a snake move such a politician.

It sounds like people are claiming he was committing genocide. And we hear some stats that between 1982 and 1993, 3000 people were killed per month equating to 33% of the Maya shaded people in order to take their lens that were rich and oil. yeah, it’s such a shitty way to be like, oh, They were all a part of the going to the us. So I didn’t kill any civilian, the kids too,

Cristina: Yeah, and this is, this is how they justified it in real life. This is how it’s always justified in what the like everywhere. This is what they use. Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: That’s crazy. And I hate how much world doesn’t talk about it. Oh yeah.

Cristina: Yup.

Erick & Vivi: As people want to be social justice warriors.

it’s very um, centered in only for certain places.

yeah. I, for certain people,

Cristina: yeah.

MJ: Well to a lot

of people, it’s just a hashtag that says far as their social movement goes,

Erick & Vivi: yeah, I could talk forever about it, but Carmen finally walks away and we see the General’s lawyer in the trial room saying he never specifically ordered an attack on any specific people of any background, ethnic, religious, or race.

He says that it never was a genocide. And what the Mala, the general, it takes his turn to speak and says his intent was to create a national identity for the country. And someone in the background yells a genocide. The general says he’s innocent, but the judge responds saying they’ve heard from witnesses and seen documentation that shows proof that the Maya, she had people were written off as enemies of the state.

She says that not only have his massacres affected the lives of his victims, but society and what the mandala as a whole Carmen turns and sees several miles. She’d women covered in veils as the judge asks the general to tell the truth, but she continues and says that even if he didn’t order it, he did nothing to stop it.

And so he’s been found guilty of. The crowd goes wild.

Cristina: Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: As much as he wants to say, well, I didn’t do it. It’s like, we’ll keep what you had the power to stop it.

Cristina: Yeah. And he knew.

Erick & Vivi: The thing that’s upsetting is finding out that all these crimes happen in 1982 and he’s barely being sent to trial for it. And like 2013, which I think is around the time this took place.

 When you listen to the way he speaks to, it’s kinda like when you think of Adolf Hitler, was trying to create a national identity for the

Cristina: his literally accepting that he killed a bunch of indigenous people in order to create this national identity. Cause that’s what that is. Yeah. indigenous people to create this new identity.

Erick & Vivi: I would like to take just a moment. To point out the cinematography a little bit. It feels like the women in the courtroom who are all wearing the veils or the most bright and colorful point of that scene, like the courtroom is muted and their avails, which are very vibrant in color or what stands out to you. I just thought it was a pretty sure. Yeah, it’s pretty cool. Everyone in the crowd, cheers. As reporters swarmed the general, the general starts to cough uncontrollably, but the reporters continue swarming him as Carmen tries to make her way to him.

Cristina: I was like, he should die right here.

Erick & Vivi: he becomes exonerated because of his health problems. Right. They can’t send him to jail cause he’s sick. Okay. You killed thousands of people. You weren’t sick then.

Cristina: Right.

Erick & Vivi: This is the next part, which is kind of like, fuck you old man.

In the hospital, the general takes his meds while a woman on the news says all the testimonials against the general are fake and that she’s going to have the judge thrown in jail, which is corruption. This man is literally in the hospital, drinking and smoking cigarettes. Okay.

Cristina: an hitting I’m a nurse.

Erick & Vivi: my God. Yeah. What’s the word for this?

That I’m aware of that mom always says that when like older folks hit on younger women. Oh,

I’m aware of that.

Cristina: heard of them forever, but yeah.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah.

at some other location. Carmen asks her mother, if the general would tell her everything and whether he did everything, they said he did, her mother is offended and gets really offensive, like in general.

She literally calls the Maya shield women prostitutes and says they were showing off at the trial and paid. This woman’s in denial.

 Carmen is like, yo, relax. The way that this woman

is talking.

Yeah. I don’t think anyone’s able to lie about everything they say he did.

You’d have to live through it to give that level of detail. Her mother’s like, well, your dad told me, those women showed up at military bases and would offer themselves up. But your dad is a good person and offer them serve in jobs instead. Sure.

Cristina: That’s

Erick & Vivi: Like,

Cristina: believe.

Erick & Vivi: yeah. She says that like, if they did get Melissa’s. It’s because he couldn’t keep an eye on everybody and whatever they did is something that is not his fault.

She really has constructed her own narrative just to feel okay. And it sucks because later we find out that she hasn’t been treated that well by him anyways. So why is she defending him? And this is something that we see a lot, at least I think in our culture is where it’s easier to not say anything because give us a little hint there

Cristina: Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: then act on, well, what’s happening at home.

She could also be dealing with a form of Stockholm or battled woman syndrome if he’s been awful to her as well. Like what

Cristina: And

then, yeah, and there’s so many layers cause you know, she’s racist. So, you know, she really does believe that these women were throwing themselves at the men and then, which is not the case. And then she doesn’t want to believe her husband is also partaking in the assaulting of the women, which he probably was.

And then like, we later find out that he has a possible half daughter, right. That is indigenous. And so that’s another layer that like you add that to it and maybe she wasn’t treated well, but it all comes down to like her being racist and. Her appeasing, her husband. So like racism and the patriarchy.

Like that’s what it comes down to. Yup.

Erick & Vivi: sorry, guys. Carmen brings up remembering and they would have arguments and that she’d stay behind crime because he was seeing other women. So she’s like, yo, know you’re trying to paint this whole picture, but I saw you.


Her daughter is like not having a,

Cristina: Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: Her mother is like, well, yeah, even generals are men, but it was their fault because they would tell me. Okay. Okay.

Cristina: Yup.

Erick & Vivi: Do we ever get her mother’s name?

Because like throughout this whole thing, I just write her mother, but they never say her mother caught it

Cristina: probably did and I forgot it.

Erick & Vivi: I feel like the characters both mentioned are Sarah, they say her name, like in


Cristina: girl, right?

Erick & Vivi: Yeah.

the mom’s name. God-man that’s the daughter. Isn’t it.

Cristina: Oh, shit.

Erick & Vivi: wait, what did I MDB? Just mess up because they have, the daughter is Natalia.

Cristina: is that her name? Oh my God. I don’t even, I thought her name was Scotsman.

Erick & Vivi: I thought it was car to continue Goodman. All right. Well listeners, if you know their name, just pretend I’m saying the right name, but I’m going to be saying that the daughter’s name is. But I’m pretty sure they kept saying God-man

Cristina: Oh shit. Yeah. It does say Natalia for her Satta. Oh, and it has, the wife has Garmin.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. It’s weird. Oh, man. Okay, well, anyway, we’re professionals. Yes. Carmen’s like, I’m not even talking about that, but her mother is like, whose side are you? Even on, first of all, karma should have been like who flicks out at you on yeah.

Cristina: and Sherry knows.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. When did you turn into a leftist and start believing those communists? Who are you hanging out with? she went straight into mom. Mode is like


who’s influencing you here. You can’t think for yourself, obviously this is coming from someone else. Your mom move. can think for myself, mom, Carmen is like, I want to know if you know the truth.

Her mother just says, in order for the country to move forward, we have to forget about the past. If we look back, we turn into the statues, made assault. Is that a lower story?

MJ: That’s a biblical story.

Erick & Vivi: Oh is it.

Cristina: Oh, okay.

MJ: Yes. From Sodom and Gomorrah where um, the asteroids start hitting people. And I can’t remember what, but it was it ladies while I may be getting everything mixed up, but she looks back and she looks at the city burning and God was like, I turned you into salt because they told you not to look back.

Cristina: Damn what? Okay.

Erick & Vivi: this.

Cristina: Wow. I didn’t know that. not Yeah, a good Catholic former Catholic person, so

Erick & Vivi: neither are we. I always make comments and BB makes me delete them because I’m always just like, the Bible is like with ology and she’s like delete that because people will come at us. What is

the stories are crazy.

Cristina: they’re fun. Yeah. I feel like there should be a horror series based on


Erick & Vivi: yeah. Pearl.

Tornadoes made a fire just blessed as fuck

MJ: We have those here



during fire


Erick & Vivi: my God.

Cristina: Ooh. I don’t remember that.

Erick & Vivi: terrifying.

MJ: Yeah. There’s video on YouTube.


Cristina: What part?

MJ: um,

up uh, north during the, what was it? The car fire am I getting it mixed up? I don’t know, but it was up north, I think

Cristina: why I never like north, north, like Redding and all that or

MJ: like, yeah, I think towards the. I’ll send you videos later.

Cristina: Okay. Yeah. I don’t set foot there.

Erick & Vivi: Because there’s five attorneys,

Cristina: Yeah, that’s fine.

Erick & Vivi: but they’re either being turned into salt there that’s God’s land. at the hospital, everyone watches the news. As a reporter, says the trial has been an old as representatives from the private sector insist. There isn’t enough proof to show that genocide occurred everyone in the room. You can see the mom is like, oh, thank God.


everyone in the room is happy. Except Carmen, the report continues saying the public hasn’t taken this decision positively is it shows the country’s corruption. You also assume that that lady from earlier on the news, probably to get the judge fired probably outside people, crowd the entrance to the hospital.

As a reporter tries to question Carmen, she’s told she can’t be let in. As she yells, she was promised in interview, she asks about the disappearance of her daughter’s father and the security guard comes back telling her to be careful with what she’s saying in an ambulance, everyone watches as the General’s men suit him up with a Bulletproof vest. As they get closer, we hear people banging on the side of the ambulance. The men say they need more people for backup and start suiting up with riot gear. Well, Carmen and her mother just watched, I like this scene because shows the growing anxiety that the people inside the ambulance are starting to feel as they approach their home.

you hear the guys on the radio chattering, like we’re, you know, 50 feet away, 25 feet away. And the mom is trying to be like, cool and composed while Carmen watches the chaos that’s happening in front of her. She’s the only one that’s realizing like, yo, this is not cool. What we’re doing is not


They opened the door and objects are thrown as police and Wrike. You’re keeping people away. They finally make it inside and covered in some red paint or later we find out blood, the mother is like, yo, they didn’t steal anything. Right. Like, that’s the first thing she asks what lady I get it. I get it.

There’s blood all over me. But are my earrings still here? she’s like, oh, thank God. It was horrible out there they’re savages. The general asks for his bath to be ready by Dora. But by Deanna says everyone left. The mother is surprised saying they’re all in grateful and asks for Liliana to call more people to come work. Carmen hugs her daughter, Sarah, who’s panicking about what’s going on and thinks the red paint is her blood. She says, it’s not hers, but might’ve been an animals. Sarah says she doesn’t want it to be there anymore. But Carmen says they’re fine. In another room, the general sleeps while Latona watches, the windows curtain starts blowing heavily.

And the general here’s a woman’s faint cries. He asks Latona if he heard anything. But Latona says no, general looks out the window. As people yell murderer. He sees one woman though, specifically staring back at him.

Cristina: it’s such an ominous there too.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah, she is very creepy. Yeah. I

like her.

Erick & Vivi: She does so good.

The woman who we later find out is Alma approaches the door and Ariana answers asking where everyone else’s almost says she was the only one and that everyone else is afraid. They let her in. And the whole family watches, she gets patted down. Has really long hair. And Sarah asks, if she can grow her hair, like her and wear a dress like her, her hair is amazing.

Cristina: Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: It is like the longest darkest hair, like to her ankles, basically. Yeah. Later when she’s picking up flyers by the pool, it’s like flowing in the wind, but Liliana shows Alma around and as they look around the kitchen, the sink starts running on its own. I didn’t, I was like, weird.

Cristina: Yeah.

I love like the little hints of water, like as Altima is like nearby, but it’s like not obvious and it just like they turn and there’s just like water, but it’s, it’s awesome.

Erick & Vivi: but no one asks themselves like what’s happening.

Cristina: that wasn’t like that before.

Erick & Vivi: That’s all right. It’s an old house. She shuts the water off and they continue to their sleeping area where she tells out of my, the house can seem haunted sometimes and should stick with her. But Mariana points out that Alma brought very little with her, but that little by little, she’ll start to buy more.

They go to bed and Bettina asks how everyone’s doing back in their hometown. Ima just says, they’re just there. She’s like ice done. What do you want me to say? And they go to bed. We get a really long view of Aladdin asleep until finally.

Cristina: I love

that part.

Erick & Vivi: Almaz


drops over the side of the bed and she just stares at her upside down for awhile. It’s very creepy. It gives me um, the ring vibes.

Cristina: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Erick & Vivi: The next shot is Alma with her head submerged in water until about a day. Deanna says she doesn’t have to do that here.

Since there’s showers outside, we continue to hear people chanting the family watches from the window. As the mother says, it’s an invasion and wonders when they’ll be left alone, the general says they can’t leave the house and we’ll have to ask for anything they need. And mother tries to be cool with Sarah saying she no longer has to go to school, but sounds like y’all wanted to go to school. School’s cool.


she’s a leftist. I don’t want to stay here with y’all born as people Carmen says, it’s only for a few days. As we see out of my, in the background, I’m holding up. The general says it’s not okay for women to live alone and asks them to move in. Sarah notices out of mine, goes to pet the frog and they leave together.

And back at the window, something is thrown nearly hitting God-man security comes in, telling them to get away from the windows, but Carmen starts yelling out for Sarah. And so she’s going to look for her. So she separates herself from the rest of them throughout the house. We see different images of people who were probably killed or went missing.

Thanks to the generalized. Sarah continues for search outside. She sees the frog in a pool full of these missing people, flyers, Carmen, and goes back inside. And we hear someone whispering numbers counting up in what we can assume is the Kokoszka language. It’s really eerie. And it’s getting like raspier and deeper.

And it comes like disembodied Carmen runs into, on my holding Sarah’s head underwater and pushes her off thinking she’s drowning her, but Sarah gets pissed because she’s like, I was almost at 21

Cristina: she was going to break her record.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah, it’s still very weird. I think if I was a mom and I saw that, I was like, don’t, don’t do that with my kid.

You can hold your head under water by yourself. Why is she, why is she holding your head down?

Cristina: Yeah,

Erick & Vivi: I wonder how long she would had her down there at Dharma, not com you know, it’s, it’s an odd scene, but also kind of sad and sweet. It’s almost like she’s training Sarah to hold her breath just in case. Oh, what happened to her kids ever

happened to her? Yeah.

an interesting shit on the layout on that story.

Because as kids, I mean, I was told that like, she’s here to seek kids because she misses her kids. Right. And we’ll take them, but I don’t get that vibe from this story. No, it seems like she’s trying to protect Sarah. Yeah. So she was teaching her how to hold her breath, but Carmen drags her away saying she never comes when she calls her.

And mother Deanna comes in saying Alma needs to stay alert and help her clean up because of the mess that’s being made. The people continue their chant as the general watches from about. His wife comes and tells him he needs to back away because rocks could get thrown at any moment.

The general says nothing. He just looks at her and walks back inside. As the wife notices out of my picking up papers in the pool, she stares at her until finally it looks back and she walks off upset saying the people are going to drive her crazy. This is the bone. I think too, that the mother’s realizing, oh, this is what I will read.

It is the staring at the new servant. And it gets much weirder later.

Yeah, sarah tells Carmen that Alma said it rains a lot in her hometown. And that plants grew fast there. Carmen asks of Sarah likes Alma. And she says, yeah. And that she has two kids. Carmen was like, wow. So young for so many, she says, indigenous folks have a ton of kids fast again, another problematic statement to


Yeah. Sarah continues saying, it’s a boy. And a girl, Carmen says she wonders who she leaves them with while she works. And Sarah says her kids are dead and walks away. No follow up. Her kids are dead. Mom, wait to be insensitive. I was like, what? That night, the general sits in his chair while his wife lays in bed with her eyes open.

He doesn’t notice. He hears the splash and goes to take a look around. He hears a faint wailing. As he sees fog around the pool through a window. Alma is in the water, wearing a white dress and gets out the general hides and watches her, enter the house completely wet. He follows after, and here’s the shower running.

He enters the servant’s bedroom and notices water completely covers the floor of the room. He goes to open the bathroom door and notices Alma naked and straining her dress on my, it looks back and continues straining the dresses. He stares in smiles though. He’s really creepy. He’s really creepy. Suddenly the bedroom door opens and the lights turn on. We don’t see who did it because then we hear Alma screaming for Valentina to help in Kaqchikel. And since the general is harassing her as his wife stares at him from the doorway. But at the end, I yelled at the general to get out and calls for Latona while he just stares back at his wife, she walks away as a Latina, Carmen and Sarah come look are all pretty disgusted, including Sarah, who was just like, oh, come on grandpa. That would be so deserving

as a kid to see your grandpa be a perv.

I don’t want to see that. I don’t want to see that now much less. As a kid,

Cristina: Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: they wait on the stairs. As Latona carries the general stairs, he’s heaving like crazy and says he can handle it. His wife says she doesn’t want him to sleep in her room, but Carmen says they should take him to the hospital.

And her mother says, they’re not going to admit him Do you continue saying he’s always low chasing after women, especially indigenous ones. She says all women drive him crazy and that she never thought she’d still have to deal with it at. So weird. Carmen tells her to forget about it and to get some rest.

Sarah is concerned that her grandfather did something to Alma, but Carmen just says, go to bed. Don’t worry about it. Yeah. I get the vibe that Sarah having seen all the things that people are saying about her grandfather and now seeing this is realizing that he is not a good person.

She cares more about Alma. What’d you give her?

 People like to say, we should keep things from children because they don’t understand, but like kids understand, like there’s, there’s the part where you’re like, you know, let a kid be a kid, but if like something like this is happening, they should know.

Cristina: yeah.

Erick & Vivi: Also again, why are they just letting this old man run rampant?

Cristina: they should just lock him up in jail.

Erick & Vivi: I’ve kind of noticed that he also, whenever he gets in trouble for doing something, that’s when he starts having a health, heart attack

type situation.

Well, it’s all he’s ever known, right? He’s a dictator. Who’s been lying all his life about what he does being the right thing to do.

And suddenly he’s sick. Every time he gets caught, Carmen goes to the servant’s room and asks for forgiveness in her father’s name sing. She

should understand that he’s just really stressed. be mad at him.

Cristina: I

think She’s used to seeing her mom make excuses for this man as he committed these crimes and everything he’s done. So she to do this.

Erick & Vivi: I have a feeling that as each generation goes on, it becomes less and less tolerant because she’s still questioning her. Father’s like role in everything and sees him as maybe not the good guy, but her daughter, his granddaughter for sure is like, nah, he’s a creep and I’m not defending him the way my grandmother and mother have. She promises that it’ll never happen again as her mother comes in to tell her not to wear her uniform anymore because it’s too tight. What a bitch

Cristina: This

is like so though. So typical

Erick & Vivi: Yeah.

Cristina: for what this old Yeah. is to.

Erick & Vivi: The next day, carbon checks your father’s vitals and notices.

He has a breathing deficiency. The general says they can’t leave the house. And Carmen says he has to, at least till Alma, he’s sorry. In the meantime, she could make a scandal if he doesn’t. So it’s not even because you did something wrong. It’s because this could get worse. If you don’t, she could go to the media.

 He says he’s always been a sleepwalker. And Carmen says you’ve never been asleep worker a

day in your life outside.

The people continued to chant. As the mother looks at herself in the mirror, she has red around the bottom of her eyes. And I thought that was kind of cool. the person who we think is probably the one that needs to be woken up the most, which is her mother, She’s the one who relives the story of all of mine. I think that’s cool

Cristina: that

is. Yeah. And then her, I just get to worse and worse.

Erick & Vivi: it’s to show her like, this is stuff you’re talking about, the stuff you’re saying, we’re lying about what happened. it’s a pretty good method of karma. We kind of talked about it when we covered the Crow making the oppressor, see what they do.

Which it shouldn’t come to those extremes. You should

just be a decent person. But I do love some good revenge.



We see Carmen sitting in a chair doing yoga. As her mother sets up to sit next to her and asks her to look at her eyes. Carmen says it looks like conjunctivitis She’s like, oh, it’s just, it’s just the humidity in the room. I hate how much humidity is the blame for everything.

Sometimes, at least at home, like my, family would always say that it’s like, this is a lot my, that I’m like, literally that is something my parents would say a lot.

 She lays down and starts putting cucumbers on her eyes as she asks Carmen, if she thinks it’s weird that her dad showed up one day with a Ludhiana. She says Carmen was young when it happened, but, but

Ludhiana was not much older than Sarah. When it happened. Carmen is like, what are you trying to say?

She responded saying, ballerina might be her half sister. Carmen’s like, bro, stop saying all this crazy shit. I’m trying to relax.

Cristina: she’s just like casually brings it up like, oh, that’s probably your half sister by the way.

Erick & Vivi: What’s the little cucumbers on, by the way, family trauma. Um, it’s so fitting for this type of family. You know what I mean? Like they seem to just sweep things under the rug and then casually bring them up. She says, she thought she had gotten over it, but can’t stop

thinking about it lately. She says maybe God sent her because she’d be nothing without her.

Cristina: white savior complex.

Erick & Vivi: Carmen hooks her dad’s oxygen machine out to him. As she asks how she met ballerina, he says she already knows. And she follows up with why he didn’t like Sarah’s father. He says he didn’t love her and tells her that he loves her. The whole thing about Sarah’s father is like discussed a lot. It’s hinted that the father had him killed because he just didn’t like him,

Cristina: which is

Erick & Vivi: like crazy.

Cristina: he could just do that.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. Like, I don’t like your husband. I’m a fucking killer. I’m like, damn.

At night, Sarah looks out the window. As the people outside played music, she thinks it’s beautiful. And we see people sitting in silence, holding crosses as a few people play instruments. The mother lays in her room alone and shuts the lights off. We see her holding two children in a cornfield speaking so this is a nightmare that she’s having, but it’s, part of the transition that starts to show her what I went through.

We hear whistles and she starts running with the kids. They make it to a hut and hide as a person approaches, whistling, the boy looks down and they noticed she wet herself. She wakes up from this nightmare and here’s the eerie music playing outside. She gets up to clean the bed and goes back to her actual room.

Right. Cause she wasn’t sleeping with the general. I couldn’t tell. Or if he was just off camera

the next morning, Carmen says it’s normal at her age to have accidents. She didn’t enfolds the diaper for her.

And she looks away disappointed. Carmen puts them away saying she doesn’t need to use them already, but now she knows where they are. If she does. not only is she being torn down by the nightmares but she’s also experiencing it in real life I’m being like stripped of everything that I thought made me rich and powerful.

Here are some diapers.

You got an old,

Cristina: and physically falling

Erick & Vivi: yeah. I think this one also is commenting on old age and just how powerless you feel and everything that they’re trying to make the general pay for. Is he paying for it? Because he already has Alzheimer’s.

Is acting crazy. Does he recall the things he’s done? Because what didn’t he upon seeing Elma? Remember that he killed her or not because he killed so many. Yeah,

probably that


Cristina: would think it is that it just blends. They all blended.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. Sarah is underwater as all of my accounts as she gets past 20, though Sarah starts to panic and can’t swim up all of my reaches in for her and pulls her out right at the last second, all mine, Sarah stare out the window and hear the people. Champ. We don’t know what they’re looking at. They’re looking down at a paper and they look out the window and they’re like, no, you can’t be, you can’t be though. She says, the person on the paper looks like a person outside when Carmen finds them and tells them to stop playing around. She tells him to leave, looks down at the paper and then outside noticing the man staring back.

That looks just like the one on the flyer.

Cristina: It’s


Erick & Vivi: I

love the idea that the spirits are the ones out there protesting to. They’re the voices that are unheard. Carmen reviews. The flyers, as the news plays on TV saying that the people have watched them a lot, are tired of crying over it’s missing people.

Carmen watches the people outside of the Latona tells her she’s brought what she asked for. She asks how dangerous it is to leave. And let Donna says, Barry bye. She responds saying, being stuck inside is making them sick. tribe living through two years of pandemic girl, she turns to the donor asking if he knows anything about Sarah’s father and whether he thinks it’s weird, he would just disappear out of nowhere that Donna says he doesn’t know anything about it.

And that it’s better that she not trying to. Don’t even dig

Cristina: about it.

Erick & Vivi: right downstairs there at Alma play checkers while the general and his wife argue in the kitchen. You can’t hear anything that they’re saying in the background, but she suddenly slapped the crap out of him and he just stays behind with his hand on his cheek and other mine, Sarah, just stare back in shock.

He goes to the bathroom to look at his cheek. And Carmen asks if he needs help, the general says no. So she walks away. Carmel walks in on Alma and asks her to take a seat. She asks her if Sarah saw when her dad was hit and whether she was scared, but almost says no. And asks what Sarah’s dad was like, Carmen asks if Sarah talked to her about him, but she says, Sarah just wants to know what he’s like and where he is.

She says the father of her kids was skinny and laughed a lot. Carmen asks where he is And she says she also doesn’t know Carmen asks if he abandoned them. But Alamo says no And asks of hers. Abandoner it’s this, this, like, what about you?


Everyone’s like, honestly, I don’t know. I don’t have my leaves and Carmen says Sarah’s dad’s name was Carlos and then he also laughed a lot.

It’s a sad exchange.

 Is there any symbolism to it though, like to have Carmen talked to Alma about this? I think ultimately they have a similar story and the person responsible for them having a similar story is the general.

Cristina: Yeah. That’s what I was going to say. think that was the point of the scene.

Erick & Vivi: Suddenly we see the mother getting her hair pulled by soldiers. The hut is lit on fire and the kids being held down, she hears gunshots. This is the kid screaming and wakes up. She starts crying and we cut to Alma on the floor with her hair, completely covering her Sarah appears with a hairdryer and on it must start saying words and actually Kettlewell several responds in Spanish. So I don’t want us teaching her how to speak. She got, which is cool. Yeah. I thought that was cool. I don’t want to turns when she hears the general calling for


he’s in a room staring at the bed and when she comes in, he points and says, that’s, what’s killing him.

They moved the better side and

we see the wall is eaten away and rotten. So it wasn’t lonely that

Cristina: it really was this time.

Erick & Vivi: she turns to him and says, someone’s done some black magic though. And he just tells her to clean it up. She says, it ain’t that simple, though. We need to clean you up first. she’s like, oh, it’s just some black magic. No big deal. Okay. He sits in the chair while she chants in CATIA, kettle holding a plant over his head.

The chance says all hatred and negativity. leave the house for the sake of the family and for the ancestors to help them understand who wants to harm them. The mother is looking out at the people who also are back in silence. It’s like eerie Carmen comes to bring her inside. I thought when she was searing out, she was staring at, by Lydia and I do this thing, but I don’t even know that she would have known they did this.

Right. I don’t think so as a private so Alma and Bolivia and I clean up the wall. That’s what Ludhiana says. She talked to Juana to get more help, but then she doesn’t know who itemize, she asks on my, where she’s from.

And she responds she’s from the deepest part of the mountain, near the river. She says she lived there until the killings began and ballerinas like, wait, how old are you? And none of my, I was like,

I don’t remember. That is like the creepiest response. And it’s the first time that someone’s really asked her questions about herself other than Sarah.

Yeah, because Pollyanna is like cleaning, but she’s staring it out of my, like,

She’s she starts


she’s like, you’re on after this.

 her a minute. Right?

took her a little too long, honestly.

The running water. Wasn’t a hint enough.

Cristina: Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: It’s nighttime. And we see that Donna wake up from sleep. As he hears a woman crying, Sarah walks the halls and we see that Donna holding his gun and walking around the house to Sur unplugged for her grandfather’s oxygen tank and walks out with it. Damn damn. But don’t not.

And just the kitchen and notice is a boy and a girl holding his hands. I thought Latanya was out for the rest of this, but later we see who’s still alive. They just took him away. Cause they’re like, Hmm, you’re going to be trouble later.

Let’s just put you somewhere else. The little girl tells him to come with them and they walk away together in the room. The general notices his oxygen tank is missing. While outside Sarah takes the tank to the poolside and jumps in while holding it. This is where I was confused on maybe online was going to kill Right. Because she holds it and like sinks to the bottom because the tank has

Cristina: I think that the little girl thinks that she can breathe with just holding the tank because it gives her grandpa oxygen. And so she’s like, well, I’m gonna, this is how I can stay underwater longer. going to use my grandpa’s oxygen tank.

Erick & Vivi: thoughts of a child at 2:00 AM. You know what I need to go do right now. I thought that the two little kids who took away the security guard, where her kids. That you don’t as kids. They were, yeah. Okay.

Just clarifying that. leading him away. So he doesn’t intervene in what’s about to happen. Okay. She puts the oxygen tank to her mouth and stays under water. Meanwhile, Carmen wakes up and walks around the house as well. Everyone’s awake. Everyone’s just suddenly just like, it’s time to find

out what’s going on. Yeah.

The general goes out to the pool and sees Alma and the water she’s emerged as her head, as he points a gun up and starts firing into the water. Carmen sees him as we see Sarah shot in the arm. Well, I didn’t know when take this man’s gun.

Cristina: did he still have it

Erick & Vivi: Yeah,

dude in Sarah’s like a trooper she’s shot and they pulled her out of the water later, but she’s just like, oh, and her arm, I think her arm was grazed.

I don’t know if she was like, shot, shot, fucking hurts.

 The wife appears and they stop him from shooting. He starts yelling that that bitch hit underwater and Sarah comes up and Carmen jumps in after her. They pulled her out of the water. As you continue to see all, but Carmen takes the gun and pointed at him telling him to move well at the end, it gets in the way while he yells at her to respect him, because he’s her father.

Yeah. I hate him so

much. inside, they hold him down. While he says that everything that’s been happening is almost fault. Sarah looks outside and notices hundreds of frogs forming the house. They look out to the yard and notice people standing there as they ask how they got past. But lady, Anna says, there’s nothing that can stop them. They hear a woman crying loudly. And Sarah says it’s Alma crying for her kids. She says, Alma knew her grandfather from long ago and told her not to drown. Valentina tells them to bring all the candles and sugar.

They have give me all the candles and sugar you have.

Cristina: stat.

Erick & Vivi: As they gather the candles, we see more and more people are starting together outside. They hold hands. As starts to chant in for the four elements and ancestors to protect them. She asks for the spirits that torment them to speak to them through the fire and tell them what they can do for them.

the woman’s cries get louder and stronger as we see crowds of people staring silently outside. But Adana continues asking the spirits to go back to sleep and his peace as there’s nothing there for them. And to forgive them by Ludhiana is like bawling. Like she’s like, I didn’t ask for this, like please just leave us alone.

Seriously. Her more than anyone did not ask her to

Cristina: Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: him. She says if the general has a debt with them, that they had nothing to do with it, but Liliana starts crying more and more as she continues and says, they know it’s not fair for innocence to pay for the consequences. She asks them not to harm them and that maybe they can help them.

Sarah starts gasping for air. As we see children outside in the crowd, the mothers started spending backwards and Carmen starts freaking out while also trying to get Sarah to the brief. We see the mother being pulled away by guards at a camp where they’re dead all over. And two other soldiers drag a boy and a girl out to the water.

They push the mother to her knees and ask her where the guerrilla fighters are. The mother says she doesn’t understand him and gushy kid saying her husband isn’t in the area and neither are they. She asks for her children to be left out of it, but the general says she needs to tell him, or she’s going to have them drowned.

She says she doesn’t know. As the soldiers hold the children underwater, the general holds a gun to her face and fires. As we hear a woman scream my children over and over. The mother looks to the ground and we see Altima with a gunshot through her forehead. She looks up at the general and chokes him, pushing him to the ground, cut to present day, where we see that the mother actually choked and killed the general.

And everybody’s in the background. Like

Cristina: Down.

Erick & Vivi: family just watch us. And we flashed the present day as a casket is covered and pulled into a hearse. The family of just stands in line, including by Liliana. everybody’s like, I’m sorry. And it says there respects man

goes to the washroom.


And we hear men call him general.

As he approaches the urinal, he hears a woman cry and looks around. He looks down and notices. The bathroom floor is flooded and runs out. As we hear my children. One more time, man. This last scene, the last bunch of scenes is so loaded. I feel like the part where they’re doing the sale. It’s so ironic, like everything she’s asking for, like don’t hurt the innocent.

We have nothing to do with this. That’s probably all the things the natives were saying to the generals when they were being killed, but they’re asking for forgiveness. It’s like, whatever it is the, I feel like out of all of them was probably like the least, problematic, problematic. And the one that should probably not be killed by these people or effected, but like, yeah, the general and his legacy, which is a family, to blame, like that thing, like what the wife is doing and God, man, it’s like, you know what he’s doing, but you’re pretending like it’s not so you’re to blame because you’re, not doing anything about it.

So then I wonder if seeing that vision because she sees all my dead. I wonder if it was just her who wanted to choke her husband for doing these things after finally seeing them and not so much Alma making her do it.

Cristina: and because she lived them. So she knows.

Erick & Vivi: Yeah.

Cristina: them. Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: It’s like optimize is giving her that nudge that says like, you don’t even like your husband either say I’m looking at her hand.

Cristina: He needs to pay.

Erick & Vivi: I’d be interested to see SQL to this this makes me think too, that she’s doing this to every general. She is going

Cristina: Oh, yeah,


Erick & Vivi: like this is gonna be like the Chronicles of,

Cristina: Right. it’s crazy though. Cause like in the, in the end, he, I mean, yeah, he’s killed, but it’s like all of them in the house are paying for what he did more so than he, because the wife is the one experiencing everything. She’s the one who like eventually gives not gifts, but makes him pay for what he, what he did a valid Deanna is trying to save them.

And she’s a product of what he did but he’s the least affected, even though he dies in the end, it wasn’t enough, by the way.

Erick & Vivi: No. It’s like those things when you’re like, the person who’s committed all these crimes and done all these horrible things? Is it enough to just kill them or do you make them suffer for what they’ve done Yeah. That’s like when people say prison is better than giving someone that death sentence, because they have to live with the consequences for many, many years.

But he didn’t do his sentence was overturned, so, oh. It’s like you put it earlier. You’re like he had Alzheimer’s he kind of already lived the life he was looking to live. Yeah. Like how much of him is actually still in there to pay the consequences of his actions. I really like this take so much more than the James Whan film.

Oh Yeah,

Cristina: yeah, way better. And. I hope we see like little frogs throughout the movie, and then later it’s like, oh, there they are.

Erick & Vivi: Do you guys have final

Cristina: thoughts?

MJ: So I loved it. I loved that. It was, you know, true horror is, are, you know, like the monsters real life monsters are people, not a ghost, not anything like that. And I feel like it was like, you know, there’s a lot of horror out there and they have these creatures or entities who can’t really hurt you in real life.

But. In the real world, humans are the monsters and I cried so hard at, towards the end scenes because I was like, oh my God, this is horrible. This is absolutely horrible. And this is even though it is a very like fictional take on the story people do live this and I cried hard. I loved it though.

Cristina: Yeah, I had the same thoughts, but it’s also super interesting because there is a version of the legend before the movie even came out where like Yorona. Avenging her children that were killed in a war and it’s hurt in like the rural parts of uh, it’s like the Southern parts of Mexico and Guatemala. So it’s interesting that that’s pretty much what happens in the movie too.

yeah, it’s like, he’s the monster, not her. She’s just uh, I’m on her side. Always,

MJ: Hm.

Cristina: when she’s in the normal legend, I’m usually on her side, but even more so now.

Erick & Vivi: because of this, I think we could put it in the category of good for her horror. Because you’re definitely rooting for her. Even the mother you’re rooting for her to kill the husband. Yeah.

Cristina: Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: I think it was beautifully shot. I like that the dream sequences are not muted colors. They’re the most vibrant and fiery. And that last scene where they are killing her children, like MJ said, is, is devastating. The director did capture like how horrible it is. So I enjoyed it. I love the somewhat like haunted house vibe that this has, because for the first half of the movie, it kind of just feels like a family drama that just ramps up into horror

about you.

Good. I agree with all you guys. Definitely loved the way that film was shot kinda mentioned at the beginning of this, where the movie, although it doesn’t carry the theme of horror throughout to mirror what MJ said, the horror is the acts of what has been happening to these people.

Leona is just like a figure. That’s come back to be like, no, we’re putting a stop to this. Right? effects that has had not only on the people, but even the people around the generals, who’ve done this.

Like the wife has had to deal with it and other kids have to deal with it. The people outside are dealing with it. The country is dealing with it. And yeah, she’s a hero. again, it’s hard not compare it to the American one, but this is what I meant When we talked about that movie on that episode, a story, like this has to happen where the origin of that story comes from, for sure.

already have a SQL coming out for that layout on a movie and it’s a white

family again. And it’s like, dude. Oh, but it’s in Mexico this

Cristina: Oh, they’re tourists. Right. And

this is, is this someone that Danny, Hosen

you’d think after the success of this movie where people want to see the people that the legend is about, that’s what we want the movie about. Like, we don’t, we don’t need to see more white people being centered in these things. And I mean, hopefully it’s better than the cause that was, oh my God.

I hate it

Erick & Vivi: That was a joke.

Yeah. I have little hopes for it. Yeah. But what do you guys read it?

Cristina: I give a 10 out of five. Sorry. No, I give a 20 out of 10.

MJ: Um, With Christina on this, it was really good. I enjoyed it. It had a really good plot really well.

Erick & Vivi: For sure. I really enjoyed this. Again, if slow burn horror is not your thing, it might not be for you, but I would give it an eight out of 10. I’d give it a nine out of 10. know. Part of the film is boring. Yeah.

The whole time you’re trying to figure out like this family drama and the secrets that are going on between them

Cristina: And then the sound, the way sound was used in this movie was like, I feel like the people outside where they’re their own horror element, the house was like its own character. Almost like, yeah. It’s just, it was really, really well done.

Erick & Vivi: That being said, should we talk about what scared low-key about this movie? Yeah. He was really intrigued by all the whispering and chanting that goes on.

because Every time that they would start, he’d be like, yeah, you’re doing that. We need more music like this in our lives. But do you want to tell us about it? Low-key All right. We’ll start playing more music like this. I just started buying records. So I’ll see if there’s uh, some chanting records. Panting record. Yeah,

Cristina: speaking of chanting, have you guys watched archive 81?

Erick & Vivi: I started at the other night, but I can’t watch things at night cause I just go to sleep. So I’m going to try and binge it during the day. Okay. You like it?

Oh, my God, the sound design and the movie and the chanting and the way it’s used. Amazing. Yeah. I’m really a canceled it. they canceled. Yeah. There’s no other, They announced that they were working on season two and then they announced that it was like not going to go forward,

Oh, what the fuck? I feel like we watched part of it when we were at your cousin’s party. Yeah. We started watching it a couple of times. We need to actually just sit down and watch it all the way through. It’s just so many good things out there right now, but we’ll put yours at the top of the list.


Cristina: That means a lot.

Erick & Vivi: Hey, it means a lot that you guys are here. We really had fun. I know technical technical

Cristina: Oh my God. Yeah.

Erick & Vivi: but we’d love to have you guys back. If there’s ever a movie that you

would like to wash and

cover with us.

Cristina: any hunter stories? Cause if you do, we would love to have you guys on as well.

Erick & Vivi: My family has a ton of haunted


Cristina: God. We need to, we need to

schedule something

Erick & Vivi: Okay. I have some stuff too on my side that uh, my mom

doesn’t like me to tell, but I don’t care. I’m gonna tell everybody.


Cristina: Perfect. Yeah. Let’s schedule something.

Erick & Vivi: Do you guys want to tell everyone where they can find you on the socials and things like that?

Cristina: Yeah, so a spooky tells altogether, like spooky, but with an E in front of it, a spooky tales on Twitter, Instagram we have a Facebook, but like, I just don’t care about Facebook, so it’s not really updated.


And then a tech talk, if you need more spooky content in between episodes, I post almost daily.

Sometimes this teething baby doesn’t let me, so, I try to post daily on there. but yeah, Twitter, Tik TOK and Instagram are probably the biggest ones and a spooky

Erick & Vivi: Seriously, those tech talks are awesome. it seems like a lot of hard work.

Cristina: Time-consuming

Erick & Vivi: Yeah. of research that goes into those.

Cristina: it looks like it, but really like, I just look something up and then like minute later I’m like, all right, going to record this.

Erick & Vivi: That’s a good one.

Cristina: Yeah,

Erick & Vivi: All right.

Thank you guys so much for being on. We really had a good time as always. We hope you guys had a good time here with us. You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaking that scared pod except Twitter, Twitter shaken, scared pod. You can send us an It’s part of the show on Patrion and you can get early access to episodes or a bonus episode and theme drink idea every month.

Listen to where we get your podcasts. Give us a follow check. Our, our drink videos, go give them a like, they’re pretty cool. We’d work hard and do things on there. So do it. We shared a like rate review, all that good stuff. And K thanks. Bye bye.



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