Enfield Poltergeist & The Black Zodiac | Shots of Horror #1

Hey guys. So we know this isn’t our usual episode. It’s our first of many shots. Our first attempt of a mini-sode way back couple months ago, like the  13 Ghostbusters, We’re putting this up so we don’t leave you guys without content.

Cause we’re busy going to get married again. Again, we will leave you without content the week after though, I’m probably gonna take a week off.  Just to relax, they’ll be mad. We’ll be back. But until then, enjoy, let us know if you like these. If we should do more of these, I already have some ideas. So please let us know.

Bye, but

 also wanted to point out that we’re back with our first mini episode and more creepy content. These short episodes we’ll cover more of the stories that the movies we’ve covered. Our bases. Horrifying stories we’ve encountered and just anything out, right. Creepy. Here with you as always your host, Eric and Peter. Hey, Hey. Yeah. We found that we had a lot of more creepy stuff that we wanted to talk about that didn’t really fit in our full length episodes. So that’s where these mini episode ideas came along.  So what are we covering to date? You’re starting, you’re covering the conjuring two and the story behind it. And I’m doing the black Zodiac as described in our most recent episode, hopefully at this time, which is 13 ghost movie.

I wanted to point out these won’t always be centered around recent movies. We covered, it could really range from whatever we want to talk about. That. Calm books, horror movies, games shows, or weird stuff I saw on YouTube. So are you ready for me? Yeah. Do you know about the Enfield pole two guys?

And you told me some things, you also watch the conjuring too, right? Yeah.  I’ll probably just refresh your memory as always a disclaimer here. We’re not well-researched professionals.

We’re just here to have a good day.  I wanted to cover this one cause it’s actually probably one of my favorite haunting stories. I rewatched the conjuring two this last week because. We covered conjuring one and we were kind of roasting the second movie for being more funny than it was like a serious story, but the actual hunting’s pretty cool.

 We didn’t want to do a full fledged episode on it. So I just want to cover it kind of quickly here.  And field portrait guys is one of the most well-documented and well witnessed stories of a haunting in England, but also in general. Now, this takes place in 1977 and Enfield London, a suburban London, the haunting occurred to a family of a single mother named Peggy Hodgson and her four children.

The main focus of the haunting were her two oldest daughters, Margaret and Janet.  Just to give a little bit of a background on their situation, the family. In a bit of a high stress situation. The mother and father had recently divorced they were now living in this home, renting it in what is London’s version of like assisted living.

So father’s out of the picture they’re living in government assisted housing mother is now working to support her family of four. And on top of all that, Her two daughters are now starting puberty, which if you know anything about poultry guys, they’re actually predominantly believed to be caused by teenagers entering puberty, which I want to know.

I want someone to explain to me how this happens. It’s like a common theory in these, Some people say it’s like free flowing energy. Like you’re under so much high, emotional stress in your life that you’re causing things to happen with the energy within you. But I want to know the science behind this.

I’m sure there’s someone out there that could tell me a science, the science, the paranormal science. Yes.  Typical with these hauntings as ed and Lorraine Warren explained in the first conjuring,   the hunting starts out small, typical, like in these movies. Actually in the conjuring two, it starts out with footsteps, disembodied whispering, and voices and things of that nature.

What causes this case to become so popular is that one night Peggy hears so much ruckus coming from her daughter’s room and she is going in there to yell at them to be like, it’s time for bad. Don’t be making so much noise to find that their dresser is moving in the room. And the girls are actually cowering and fear in the corner of the.

This obviously breaks out the whole family and they run out to the neighbor’s house. And from there, call the police, the police actually enter the home and witness the furniture, moving on it. And actually write a police report on it. This is like probably the only time a haunting has been written in a police report.

obviously doesn’t say like a ghost move date, the report reads somewhere. Certainly this house belongs to the beast from reading the beast and all the furniture has got, it gets compared to that a lot, actually, because so much of it is like furniture and like silverware moving around. Was there a tea cup with a chip in it?

No, but there was apparently knives that would follow. The girls around just moving around and dancing. So, oh, it’s a dark beauty in the mic. Yes. the police report read somewhat like, yes, the chair was moving. There was no identifiable cause that would cause it to move in that direction or nature.

this got the attention of the daily mirror, a newspaper at the time. And from that, it grabbed the attention of. The society for psychical research, psychical, psychical, psychic research. I didn’t know this was a thing until this case. Now it’s important to note the main researchers in this arm. Marise gross and guy Lyon  Playfair Marise gross.

Actually. Funny enough. Recently had his daughter pass away in a motorcycle accident. And her name was also Janet. And Janet seems to be the center of a lot of the activity that’s going on here. So that is yes. It’s important to note because it comes back later.  These two men then began to stay with the Hodgson family for the next 18 months.

That’s how long this haunting situation goes on. According to their research. Over the course of these 18 months. So many people come into research, debunk asked questions about this. while this case is extremely popular, it is also extremely criticized and, you know, written off by skeptics at the time.

Janet was the main cause or the energy just kind of attached to her for a lot of these hauntings. She. Would be claimed to levitate and be able to touch the ceiling and be able to have a disembodied voice command or like, so that’s the thing. She claimed to be able to levitate and touch the ceiling and things like that.

But only when the researchers turned their backs or weren’t watching and they set up cameras and they, yeah. So that’s, that’s why this, this case is like, so criticized, they set up cameras that sometimes would catch her jumping to try to do these things. And later on, Margaret and Janet have come out and said, we weren’t kids living in this house where these grown men were like, essentially videotaping.

I was recording everything we did. We got bored in a couple of times, we did play pranks on them imagine being a kid in this house, like you would get bored and just try to mess with them. At some point, I don’t see that as unreasonable  like the movie, one of the most common entities that would attach to Janet was this entity called.

He was an older man who did die in the house a couple of years before her names. I’m telling you. Yeah. You should write a book about this theory. the ghost has four letter names, run run because it’s Toby Jody  if it’s longer than  four, it’s fine. You’re fine. So bill lived there. He died. Yeah. So bill actually was a person who lived in this house and passed away there from a brain hemorrhage. Janet was able to throw her voice again. It’s speculated that bill as an entity was using her and producing this voice.

There’s other people who said yes. Performing this, like, she’s a very talented ventriloquist at 12 years old, 11 years old, you know, it’s a skill we all have at that age. But the boys was a very horse older man. And again, kind of proving to the theory that it was related to puberty. He would kind of ask questions, like why do girls have to have periods and things like that?

they don’t even care. So that’s like another reason they don’t know if that was Janet asking because she never got the talk before or a male entity is possessing a child and like, does not understand what is going on here. That’s wild. Right? So bill was just one of the entities along with all these kinds of weird things  happening in the house, they did have people to go in and try to deepen. These stories. There was people who said, Janet, wouldn’t be able to produce that voice without doing serious damage to her vocal chords, but she was fine.

So like most of these cases, the Warren’s become involved. Eventually, obviously there’s a whole franchise on them  similar to the conjuring with the parent family. Situation, their involvement is greatly exaggerated. it was said that at most, the Warrens went in for a day and we’re like, yes, this house is possessed by demons.

We believe the spiritual. Connections going on here left. How are we allowing this warn verse to be so like, this is actually what happened and none of it’s actually true them in such a compassionate way. Like they care about these families that this is happening too. When like you do a little bit of research and you see that they kind of just went in one day, put their name on it and like left.

I don’t know if I believe that. And, you know, oh, they’re such a controversial figure. There’s so many people who like totally believe in them. And then there’s people who are like, they kind of were at the end of the day, scam artists exhibitionists. No, they weren’t showing their jobs to people. I mean, I hope they weren’t showing ghost junk ghost.

Jeff. It’s all trash. It’s not real. Along with these voices and entities, you would get furniture thrown at you notes left behind. Like we kind of see in the movie after 18 months of people constantly coming in, they would even have a magician come in and be like, I am like an artist and trickery. Right. So I would know if these girls were tricking people.

And he came in and basically like discredited the whole thing. But then there was people who were like this magician didn’t even really spend time with them. He couldn’t even understand what they were saying because they had thick accent. Is that even a real magician, not even a real magician, can’t  do real magic.

Look at him, look at his card tricks, obviously fake. So there is arguments on both on how you could discredit the skeptics and how you could.  The true believers, over the course of these 18 months, they had multiple experts come in and mediums to try to understand what was going on.

It wasn’t until a Dutch medium came in. And did a reading on the house that he found that there was a, a young woman attached to the house that was perpetuating all these hauntings and. Claim that the woman was 24 years old and had died in a motorcycle accident.

So it is believed that Marty’s gross. His daughter, Janet Gross, perpetuated this entire haunting because she knew her father was a paranormal investigator and would be brought in and she would be able to communicate with him after her passing. that’s a very brief, not super detailed overview of the Enfield poetry guys.

There are tons of more detailed podcasts if you want to go into it. I think it’s a cool tie in there. That’s kind of messed up. It’s messed up because this girl just decided to like pick on this family. If that’s the case, couldn’t pick on your own family.

after the investigator went in and identified this, the activity tapered off and stopped after 18 months. And that’s kind of, I guess, played off a little bit in the conjuring too, because there’s the whole thing about naming the demon. And once you know the name, it gives it less power. You have power over them.

So he figured out who the hell was perpetuating this haunting and it no longer had power. That’s interesting. It kind of gives it a different perspective too, on whether or not you believe it. as a whole, like, do you believe in the afterlife and do you believe in people being able to contact you in the afterlife?

 Cause I think if you are looking for connections like that, then yes. These things could be very, very believable.

Obviously the skeptic in, you wants to say, there’s gotta be a reason for it all, but then there’s things that are in the story that just don’t add up.  Yeah. A lot of people like to claim that because they were in a broken home, they did all this for attention because they were on assisted living.

They didn’t want to have to pay what they did have to pay. There is like, I think a series out. On the incident, as well as the conjuring two movie, like there is tons of research you could go in again, I like went over it briefly and did not mention some of the specific contents, but I do think it is a fun story to dive into.

Could have been done better in the conjuring two, I will say, they take the turn with the nun demon, to tie it into their universe.

 The only one that’s accurate that is portrayed in the haunting as bill? The one that’s kind of talking through Janet.

That’s my story.  What’d you got from me got the black Zodiac, I’m pretty excited about this. say, It’d be clear. I’m not a huge like Zodiac person, but I’m the one who’s going to talk about it because I’ve seen these images before.

I didn’t realize that it was. based on any specific thing, but I’m going to dive into it.  So there is a black Sodi acted as the dark side of the Western astrological Zodiac both based off of the Babylonians or. The black Zodiac is meant to represent the evil side of human nature. And it’s the exact opposite of the modern Zodiac that represents all the good in one’s personality.

Think of it as one’s own inner demons. So that’d be clear. Yeah. Just because this is the evil side doesn’t mean you should see it as a bad thing as like with everything else, you should be able to harness and face your demons as defined by the black Zodiac. Turn them into something positive. So use the bad for good.

Here are the parallels for each of the originals Zodiac signs and what they mean according to Astro talk.com. So I tried to find different meanings across the board, and it seems like these were kind of just more general compared to just like, this is what I feel. I’m going to point out that it just sounds like someone was angry when they wrote these.

Okay. So the first one is the tyrant, which is the equal two areas from March 21st, April 19th. Yeah. It’s me. Eric never gets satisfied with anything. The world is not enough for them as they always want more. They find happiness, but making others suffer and can do anything to satisfy their greed. I knew you liked to make me sound so mean.

However, it’s a good way to keep yourself motivated, but harming others for your craving shows, your evil side, Aries are very impulsive and impatient. When it comes to making decisions. At times, they act very immaturely.

If someone else comes up with an idea, they tend to show a little interest. Even if that person is close to them, they will do what they want to do either. You like it. I wish you guys could see my face right now.

It’s not true. I’m nice. I’m a nice person. You were very much in Aries.  I’m not a tyrant though. My Aries. I’m pretty good person. You’re a tyrant. So silent. What’s the next one? Disagreed. Uh, The second one is the fallen demon, which is equal to the terrorists. April 20th, to May 20th terrorist terrorists. All right.

We’re getting one wild, third gather on everyone’s going to roast me for not being able to pronounce it. Walter

oh yeah. You gotta do the handset. Yeah. Your past follows you everywhere you go, maybe in your past life, you might’ve faced good and bad times. However, you only seem to recall a bad ones, which might be the reason that failure is haunting you. Right? Even if Doris tries to do something good, it turns worse for them, all these failures and bad times teach you a lesson to make yourself strong.

Terrorists is quite materialistic and possessive and is not interested in sharing things. These people just want to invest in superficial things. Interesting. I only know one other tourists I think. And I wouldn’t describe him like that.

Yeah. Some of these are kind of like accused. He’s a story. The third one Hydra, which is equal to Gemini May 21st of June 20th, the hydro or bass list, the notes fear. You don’t want to show your bad side, but situations force you to be cruel and bad. Sometimes they can be very dangerous. All they need is a provocation.

Moreover, they will make you realize what real Eminem mean. Geminis have different personalities. And it’s very difficult to judge such a person at times they will behave like everything is normal. And within a second, you might see their other face be clear regarding your thoughts while talking to a Gemini.

Yeah. Geminis definitely have a bad rep. Since they’re the twin sign, they get two faced, often described as two face, you know? Right. Does the hydro or Basset LISC number four, the serpent. June 21st to July 22nd serpent means a large snake and it’s a symbol of wisdom and charm cancer is very cunning, sharp, and sometimes a bit manipulative too.

These people are very smart when it comes to gaining the trust of others or coming into the good books. So the people are completely depends on you, whether you’re exploit or value that trust concerns can be considerations that can be seen as very moody people among all astrology Zodiac signs, their imagination just revolves around themselves.

These people can easily manipulate you for their own benefit. You need to be very careful while being with cancer as a snake might bite you. Yeah. Cancers also have a bad rap. So if this is the black Zodiac sign and people just know the negative side of regular Zodiac science, does that necessarily mean that the black Kodiak is kind of pointless? I don’t know, because it’s represented with different animals and names. Interesting. It could just be like another way to describe it. Like you said, I’m not sure it’s a good question. number five, the war maiden equal to Leo, July 23rd to August 22nd.

The war maiden is a paradox. These people focused on the positive things, but through a negative eye, which makes them quite difficult to undertake. They accept the reality and embrace themselves for the hardships coming their way.

Very few can understand the puzzling and conflicting nature of Leo and compare with all Zodiac signs that he was wanting attention. And if they feel like nor did they can create problems for themselves, as well as others, these people are very charming and lovable. However, you need to be very careful while making friends with the Jose can use this nature to get their work done by you in the smartest way.

Oh yeah. My mom’s Leo. Oh yeah. Yeah, I got nothing to add to that. She might listen to this, you’re cool. Mom, don’t worry about it.

 Number six, the maelstrom equal to Virgo, August 23rd to September 22nd  is known as dangerous and the most powerful Zodiac sign Virgo is very judgmental and sometimes a bit harsh. These people are very dangerous and possessive. When it comes to love. Moreover, they become very jealous. If someone tries to snatch away the things they love at times, they might harm you as well.

Virgos are quite dramatic and want things to work. According to them, however, things don’t go in their way. They will try their best to make things more difficult and complex. Did not know that they try to make it more difficult. I thought they were all about order and having things their way. They’re all about ordering maybe because they don’t want it to be.

So then it’s out of control and then they’re like, there you go. Make it worse, make it worse. I’m going to fuck shit up. Number seven, the ravenous equal to Libra me. It’s you it’s me. It’s September 23rd, October 22nd. Ravenous is always hungry for things and wants to explore new things either in a good way or.

These people are very energetic. Pulse will keep you on your toes all the time. No doubt. They will motivate you, but in a very harsh manner. Hmm. I mean, you do always say that you think I’m judging you. In other words, we can also say they are more selfish and want to get their work perfectly done by others.

Is that true by others? Leavers are quiet. Workaholics. And spend most of their time preparing things. these people look at a wider picture rather than wasting time on small things. I really like to make others happy and will sometimes forget their own values to this. I mean, what do you think of that one?

I don’t know. I don’t agree with that. I’m not a workaholic. I don’t see the bigger picture. You do see the bigger picture. But I don’t know if that it’s like a negative thing,

I’m just saying that like your grain bag. Yeah. Okay. As your husband has your husband, the mini mini-sode. Right? Explain the truth behind Libras.

  I’m right. The poison dart, which is equal to the Scorpio, October 23rd to November 21st. This is my mom. Oh, your mom’s a Scorpio. My dad’s a Scorpio and my best. Friend’s a Scorpio. True, ready? Poison. Dart is patient precise and sometimes very deadly.

These people are very manipulative and wait for the perfect time to strike. They will carefully listen to you and if they find things going against them, they will strike harder. Once they start an argument, they will not listen to you, even if you are right. Scorpios can overreact when they’re hurt and often have a very bad temper.

Don’t ever try to argue with them as it will be complete waste of time. Let’s wait for them to calm down. I guess we shouldn’t comment on this since we just said a ton of people in our lives. There’s garbage. I mean, I’m not saying it’s false also. Not saying it’s true. Do what you will, mom damn scared. Your mom’s about to disown.

You she’s like delete this entire existence that I gave you. It was a waste. Number nine, the Tempest equal to Sagittarius November 22nd, December 21st tempers refers to subtle storm wind or tornado. Sagittarius is carefree and wild. And does it anything coming in its way, nothing is more important than their desires. it will not think before saying anything and the soften ends up hurting those who are near to them.

Um, Some people may see the Sagittarius is rude and offensive. Sometimes. However, these people are pure hearted and we’ll see it to your face instead of backstabbing. They’re also known to be no. What all of a sudden can be. Self-righteous that’s a very kind description of Sagittarius. Cool. About that compared to the rest.

I think the person who wrote this was the sad. Say it to your face. Number 10 the Leviathan. Which is equal to Capricorn December 22nd to January 19th. These people are very difficult to understand it and deal with. There’s always some mystery that points toward the dark and sinister side of them.

These people will never show you the real side and will keep you in a dilemma, but mixing things up, Capricorns, use others for their own benefit. They can upset their relationships. Sometimes.  Those people love gossiping and talking negatively about them. And you need to be very careful when making friends with the Capricorn as they might portray you, without you ever knowing this person hated a character.

Uh, What I was about to say is, was like, damn Sagittarius is amazing. Capricorns, go to hell. Yeah. Tam. That’s not coming from me. That’s coming from the riders. Capricorns will more power to you. Number 11, the beast equal to Aquarius. January 20th of February 18th, Aquarius is considered the master of demons.

These people are evil. Let you go ahead. That’s just funny. Cause our dog is in a gray  these people are emotionless and will try their best to hurt their opponents. However, they are very straight forward, which they consider as their strength.

You can also see this as their negative strength. Aquarius can sometimes be quite quick to judge others. This is mostly because they believe themselves to be very smart and logical. Moreover, they love to offer advice to others, even if it’s not required at times, you might find them a little stupid and brainless too.

This person hated Aquarius as well. Do you think this applies to dogs? He’s not stupid and brainless. He’s pretty smart. He thinks he’s quite logical. Yeah. I would say we call him a demon, his cute, because he’s all black. And then you’ll be walking around the house with the lights off and you just see a pair of eyes staring at you and

yeah, a hundred bites, number 12 and last but not least the sword, which is equal to price. February 19th to March 20th sword is a symbol of glory and victory. These people are very sensible and try to gain profit from everything you can call them selfish or self centered, as they’re more into their own little world.

These people always try to pull you down by pointing out your bad image. This can be considered their strength,  it also shows their dark side and really personality. Hmm. I feel like that one was very lazy. They’re like, I need to talk crap about Capricorn and Aquarius PCs too.

My sister’s a Pisces and she’s very much in her own little world. She’ll admit it that too. Huh? That negative thing though. Self centered, I guess. Yeah. I mean, yes, when you call it self centered, but like the real world is trash. Why do you want to be in it? We got to face her fears. That was fun.

Again, like you said, it kind of just sounds like they listed the negative traits of the Zodiacs. I really hated somebody. Oh yeah. They really hated a Scorpio. They really hated a cancer. No. What was it? A Capricorn Capricorn. Yeah, there wasn’t very much research on whether or not black Sodi X actually like a thing everywhere that I looked at said based on Babylonian Zodiac, it’s kind of like, okay, but where are the, where are the resources?

And I was looking for it. I tried, but everywhere was kind of. the exact same phrase of this is based off of Bella and Zodiac. So if you know, you’re listening to this and you know, whether it’s true or not, is it just the dark 30 act?

Because it’s not Western? I don’t know. Is it just because it’s Babylonian it’s it seems like it’s the same thing. They just focus more on the negative traits, maybe more than the positive. Let’s say if the good Zodiacs were based off of animals, why are the other ones kind of obscure completely?

Let’s say I’m the creator of the Zodiacs and Babylonian scriptures or whatever, it’s based on one of the opposites kind of be more in line with what the originals are or the good ones are. Like PCs is a sword. beast is Aquarius. Leviathan is Capricorn. Tempus is Sagittarius. Like these kind of aren’t exact opposite things.

Like they just kind of made up seams okay. Cause like the sword Intero cards represents the air element, but Pisces is a water element. So yeah. I don’t know how credible this is. I think it’s just fun. Yeah. It’s just fun.

Yeah. Cool. Let’s do some more of these. Yeah. You said next time. We’ll uh, we’ll take a shot before doing these. Yeah. There’s like shots of terror shots off. that way we can still keep the drink part alive. I don’t know. Maybe we can drink some kombucha or something. Cause we’re like almost 30 and a, shot’s not going to be too much to us. I don’t know about that, so yeah. Let’s know what you guys think about all this. Let us know on  our socials. If you guys have any terror, things that you guys want us to cover, let us know. Okay, thanks. Bye.  Bye.

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