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Cujo (1983)

Erick: What’d you give us

Vivi: Es-po-lon

Erick: Espolon oh, oh man.

Vivi: Eric doesn’t take his shots with lime, like a psychopath.

Brenda: We also didn’t have lime like a psychopath

Vivi: everyone’s

Erick: That’s the kind of episode that it needs to be just a bunch of psychopaths talking for an hour and a half.

Vivi: Who else would start a podcast.

Erick:  Welcome back to the shaken not, scared podcast here with you as always your host. Erick and Vivi today. We’re going to be talking about the 1983 movie Cujo directed by Louis Teague.

But before we get into that, we have guests.

Vivi: You didn’t ask me how I was first

Erick: bold. We have to ask them how they are and then we’ll say how we are. No one cares how we are. They’ve heard about us. No, listen,

Vivi: it’s our show. You asked me first and then we get to the guests.

Erick: Okay, Vivi how are you?

Vivi: I’m excited because we have guests.

See, I was getting to, So today we are bringing on probably the only people who listened to this show. Yay. Our friends from Boston that we always talk about Francisco and Brenda. Yay. Do you guys wanna introduce yourselves?

Brenda: My name is Brenda from boston.


Francisco: name is Francisco from Boston. We’re originally from Chicago area though,

Vivi: Yeah, we all met in college.

Erick: We did well, they were my friends first.

Vivi:  Okay. Francisco was the first love of your life because he was your favorite college


Erick: Well,, he

took a picture of you the first time we hung out after you had not talked to me for a long time and I sent it to him. It was just a picture of you on the sofa with your back turn to the camera.

And I was like, look, who’s here

Vivi: just to show you how close we are.

 We brought them on today because we kind of mentioned in the past, we have a book club with them. And we just happened to be reading Cujo and thought, Hey, why not turn this into an episode? And also talk about the book while we talk about the movie, because they are very


Brenda: they’re very different. I love the book. The movie was not, so

Francisco: yeah. I, I agree. The book was fricking amazing and like the movie just, it captures some of the main, you know, aspects of it, but  I’d say very different


Vivi: Let’s ask them about their creepy content.

Brenda: Creepy content. We recently watch rec well, Francisco had already watched it, but it was my first time.

Francisco: Yeah, it was the first, but I hadn’t watched it in actually around, probably around the same time. You guys watched it when it. Right around the time it was released. So I did not remember much. So kinda listen to your podcast, kind of re inspire me to watch it and tell Brenda to watch it because I really liked it.

When I, when I did back then

Brenda: watched it because I needed, I wanted to hear the podcast. So,

Erick: so we forced you good. we’re achieving our goals by forcing people to watch movies.

Vivi: Did you like it though?

Erick: Oh, no.

Brenda: I thought the main character chick was very annoying.

Erick: that’s

Vivi: a common review of


Erick: Did you guys watch it in English or Spanish? Spanish. Spanish? Yeah. Yeah. Cause it’s, it’s way more annoying in English. If you thought the Spanish was annoying.

Oh, oh, we should make you watch it then.

Francisco: So I guess two other things would be the main thing, I guess last week we got, we got into a quiet place. Finally. We watched the first one the night before we went to watch the second one in the movies.

First time back in the movies since. what three

Erick: months before?

Brenda: I love the second one. It was better than the first one.

Vivi: we haven’t seen it yet. We’re like really behind.

Brenda: And then this happened

Erick: and then sanding anybody who’s listening to this and hasn’t seen it. Y’all can drop. Now. We’re just going to continue to talk about quiet place to forget Cujo.

We do want to go see it. Yeah. We are behind, like I said, we’re gonna go in person,

Brenda: Remember to turn off your phones or take it off the alarms that might sound in the middle of the movie.

Francisco: Yeah. Some

guys I’m really annoying guy and their phone just went off. You know, it’s a quiet place guy.

Turn off your damn phone. Like, come on. We don’t talk about who the guy was though.

Brenda: I was like, really, babe, really

Francisco: scrambling to get my

phone and turn it off.

Getting even louder. Yeah.

Vivi: We forgot how to act in public.

Francisco: So another creepy fact, we actually live in an apartment building that is right next to, so our backyard is basically a cemetery.

 And funny enough, when we,  came to see it,  we’re on the second floor. So the, the guy that was showing us the apartment was saying, well, you know, some people may just not like the apartment and this and that. Yeah.

Brenda: He’s like the only negative thing is if face the cemetery like were like

Francisco: negative, like you talking about, bro,

Vivi: you’re not charging extra for

Erick: this.

Brenda: She’s like, you’re crazy.

Francisco: I’m just like um, I’m looking outside every night. I’m hoping to see

Erick: something. Was there a discount for the fact that the backdrop is a cemetery.

Francisco: It’s definitely cheaper than like the higher level apartments. We didn’t want to

Brenda: show so much enthusiasm that that’s, what’s the backdrop hoping for a discount.

But I think, I think they’re cheaper. The ones that have faced the cemetery are cheaper than the ones that face Boston

Francisco: city, the lower. Yeah. That’s awesome.

Erick: So

Brenda: What I want to see the skyline of Boston

Vivi: people

Erick: cemetery from view four. If I could see just a bunch of graves a wave of bodies, not water.

Vivi: When we got married in Salem, very close to Boston, we actually stayed with them for a couple of days. And it was so fun because I thought everything was a haunting. I would hear like kids crying in the apartment. And I’m like,

 Erick: reason I asked the thing about the rent was because on Twitter yesterday, somebody made a joke, it was like realtor. So 14 people were individually killed here on this property. And it was like, white family sold. I’m moving in tomorrow. I responded and was like,  have you seen Amityville horror? 400 K plus house lakefront boat has a house. Multi-story building base. Tons of land just turned into a 250 thousand dollar house.

I was like, bro, I’m a van today. I don’t even know how many people died in this house, but I was one of the more people that died. The bigger discount. Well,

Vivi: this is the only way millennials can afford a house. they will ignore the ghost.

Erick: So if that’s all you guys got, what about vivi

Vivi:  I have not been able to watch a ton. I am.  Listening to this podcast, actually it’s called the horror Virgin. It is a similar premise to our show, but  no alcohol it’s a group of three friends and one of them like really hates horror movie.

So they make him watch the horror movies and gives his reaction. That’s the Virgin, that’s the Virgin. And I try not to listen to movies that we plan we’re going to cover because I don’t want them to like influence my opinion. I hate when I’m watching a movie with you and I love the movie and you’re like, this is so lame.

And then I have to change my opinion as a movie. yeah, that’s been pretty fun what about you? 

Erick: So I told you about this guy that I found on Tik TOK. I don’t know if you guys have seen him , but this guy, Bishop James Longis his handle on Tik TOK.

He’s like a priest. I’m assuming Bishop He gets, sent a bunch of videos paranormal stuff that people put on tick-tock. He watches them and then responds with his take and whether he believes it’s real or not. So that’s kind of cool. Cause I watched like a handful of his videos one night just watching for like an hour or two at night.

And I, yeah, I don’t get freaked out, but it was funny because a couple of videos he covers I had already seen and I was like, I wonder if that’s real or if it’s not real. I wonder how they did it, you know, because sometimes it’s just so realistic, just so cinematic. There was one that I thought was  pretty fake, but he was like, oh no, no, no, no, you need to like call me right now.

I need to visit your house. And I was like, whoa, okay. That one’s the most fake one that you’ve covered

so far.

He’s a priest He knows something. You don’t know.

Vivi: Speaking of watching things at night, you scared the shit out of me two nights ago.

For no reason, I just walked in like a normal person.

think I was watching some like analysis of horror movies because I don’t get enough of them.

I was like falling asleep watching that it was like four in the morning. Cause I was editing. Cause you were editing. And you just walked it. Okay. Yes, he did just walk in, but that was enough to like freak me the hell out.

Erick: You were breathing so heavy.

Vivi: I like yelled at you for walking into our bedroom.

I think it was so scary. Cause I was in that in-between state of like not awake and half asleep. And then just Eric, like make so much noise he kicks the door down every time he goes to bed. So I was like, oh my God, you said I was almost crying.

Erick: Cause you were

that’s what I’m saying. You were like you are the one who was scary. I should’ve been scared of you,

Vivi: but anyway, what’s your other creepy


Erick: I started listening to this other show. Another podcast called teen terror.  They’re pretty cool. Unlike us who are alcoholics, they talk about Tea  they  mentioned a couple of different kinds of teas that they enjoy.

And they also bring up other kinds of nightmare fuel that’s that’s what they say. Nightmare fuel. It’s true crime paranormal stories and also urban legends  the cover a couple at a time, so it’s kind of cool.  So shout out to them. The other show we’ve been covering is invincible.

Vivi: Oh

yeah. You guys should watch this actually.

Erick: It’s

kind of

fucked.  I don’t watch it.  I mean, it’s not creepy. It’s a superhero.



Yeah, it’s a good show. You guys should check it out.

Brenda: You got me with the gore

Vivi: Brenda’s here

Erick: for them. That’s fucked up. Yeah,

Francisco: now.

Is that similar to are you guys familiar with the boys on Amazon

Erick: . prime as well?

Vivi: No, we want to, you guys have seen it.   ,

Francisco: I don’t think you saw, but I saw the first season and that’s, you know, kind of getting into not, not really gory, but it kind of picks up the darker side of, or what they would assume to be the darker side of superheroes.


Vivi: The show is kind of similar.  It’s animated. Just check it out guys. Cause we’ve been bingeing it

Erick: Last, but not least I have the most horrifying, creepy content of all. Y’all know that  VV almost replaced me atjewel today.

Francisco: Oh man.

Erick: Yes. So I go to get a cart VV waited per usual, she waits for me to go get the cart

Vivi: I wait inside because I’m just like standing in the way.

And people are like crashing into me. So I’m like, I’m gonna wait inside off to the side when you come

Erick: back. Right before this, I noticed this guy wearing sweatpants, a black t-shirt and he’s got like big puffy hair, curly hair, curlyhair I was like, it’s hot out. Why is this guy wearing so much clothes? I walk in, I need him to be more naked like me, cause I was wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts, so I go get my car the guy also grabbed a car and went ahead of me. Walked into the store and I see VV turn quickly and walk next to him  into the store.

And I’m looking at her like, no, that can’t be.  She kind of looked back again  stopped  acted like nothing happened. And I was like, did you just think he was

Vivi: okay? I acted like nothing happened, but I

Erick: saw the whole thing and

Vivi: He wasn’t even worried that I was about to go off with some stranger.

He was more like, this guy looked no offense to this guy. Terrible. He looks nothing

Erick: like me.  I had no sleeves on. I was like, I have all my tattoos showing this guy was completely untattooed. She’s like, well, he was wearing the same thing you wear every day, Eric,

Vivi: every day wear sweat pants and a black t-shirt.

They’re usually all black clothing. And I just kind of looked out of the corner of my eye. I’m like, yeah, that’s my husband kept walking. I’m like, oh

Erick: no, that is not my husband. I think he kind of looked at you to life. He’s like this bitch,

Vivi: I was walking next to him and he was like, you’re in my way.

Erick: So he actually noticed,

Vivi: When you enter the grocery store,  there’s like a whole bunch of produce in the middle of the store.

So I was trying to walk to like those center displays that are on sale, I think is what he thought.  He was probably like, bitch, I’m like trying to cross my  way and you’re in my way. So I think that’s what he thought. But Eric was watching from behind I’m like this bitch is about

Erick: to cry.

I just looked at her like, what is wrong with you anyway.

Has anyone ever done that to you Francisco or is she a good wife?

Francisco: well, she’s tried to get into a bunch of different

Erick: cars. See, I’m not the only one

she’s like, is this one that looks nothing like my car? No, no,

Vivi: damn. Okay. I feel a little better. Thank you. Brenda.

Erick: At least you confused the car, not the literal

Vivi: person. It wasn’t really looking at him. Okay. And I like literally realized

Erick: it, is that what you’re into is that what you’re into people who don’t look like me

but anyway, that’s it for creepy content.

Vivi: Let’s talk about this drink because it’s probably really watered down by now. Oh no. So I’m going to call this bar dog sour. Because the recipe is a, apparently a New York whiskey sour. It is a whiskey sour with red wine on top. The recipe calls for like a sweet red wine, but I’m not a big fan of sweet red.

So we went with a Cabernet and then I just told Brenda and Francisco how to make it. Cause Francisco’s kind of the resident bartender over there. I always say that one day. Me, Francisco and Eric are going to have a drink off. No, Brenda

Erick: is going to judge.  You’re going to pass on by the first drink.

She’s like, everything’s amazing good night,

Brenda: but really though,

Vivi:  but if you guys want to go ahead and try it. Yeah, it looks pretty finally, it looks really


Francisco: I’ll try yours after. Cause mine’s got

Vivi: mixed. Yeah. Francisco did an upside down sour

Francisco: I haven’t showed you guys.

It just started like diffusing altogether and

Erick: mixed up

Brenda: it kind of reminds me of a snake bite when you put the beer at the bottom and then put the stout at the top.

Vivi: Hmm. Cause I still haven’t had one of those and I’m upset.

But everyone’s tried it. Yes. Yes. What do you guys think?

Brenda: I still haven’t gotten to the whiskey sour part, but the wine is

Vivi: pretty good.

Francisco: I like the one. Yeah.

Brenda: Drinking more. And I liked that the wine had the, a picture of a dog in the label that BB found.

Vivi: they Make an annual donation to their local wine country, animal rescue. So that’s pretty nice more reason to buy this label. They have different kinds too.

They have like a peanut Anwar and stuff like that.

Erick: Oh, they’re going to say different dogs. I’m sure they have dogs too. We should make a wine with Loki’s face on it.

Vivi: Oh, 100% when we like blow up and it’s just gonna be teeth. It’s just gonna be teeth and the label

Erick: teeth with an F. We can put those on it too.

And Benny. Oh yeah.

Vivi:  Low-key would be the Cabernet. Benny will be the Pinot noir and

Erick: that will be them or low. Yeah, exactly.

Vivi: what would you guys rate it? You didn’t give

Erick: me your opinion. I was trying to just chug through the wine to get, yeah, me

Vivi: too. I’m kind of starting to get it.

Erick: Do you

Francisco: guys want me to give you the description of mine,

Vivi: but they’d already

Francisco: mix, So mine’s all mixed up.

Just naturally

Erick: all mixed in case you’re bad at layering.

Francisco: Yes, exactly. In case you’re like me and cannot layer it’s. So you still get the wine taste obviously, reminds me of what whiskey sour. It’s a bit strong you could definitely get a lot of that lemon in there.

And I think I made my pretty sweet too, so I really like it mixed.

Vivi: Yeah. We’ll let you know when we

Erick: get to the bottom. Yeah. Brenda’s face was like emphasizing everything she was saying she was making so many cringey faces like, oh my gosh.

Brenda: It’s too sweet. It’s so strong.

Vivi: What’s everyone’s rating. It tasted like wine and anything that tastes like wine. I’m going to give a five out of five.

Erick: Brenda

Brenda: 4.5 out of five. Ooh. That type of wine is one of my favorite wines.

Erick: So 

Francisco: I’ll agree with you guys on the wine. I mean, I really do enjoy the wine. I go with a four and a five so Eric,

Erick:  I liked the beginning and the ends. Okay. I’ll give it an average three and a half.

Vivi: Yeah. You’re the toughest critic.

I also wonder if it’s like a slow sip. You get used to the wine and then bam

Erick: burgers. The strong

Vivi: of, So we’ll, we’ll check in with everyone in like 30 minutes, if they’re still

Erick: sober,

Vivi: So, because we have guests today, Brenda’s gonna give us the overview first.

Brenda: The movie is about Donna Trenton, who is frustrated, suburban housewife, whose life is in turmoil after her husband learns about her having an affair, Brett chambers, a young boy whose only companion is a San Bernard named Cujo, who internees bitten by a rabid bat whilst vic Donna’s husband is away on business and thinking over his marital troubles, Donna and her five-year-old son tad took her Pinto to bread, chambers steps, car shop the car fails and Cujo is very, very sick dot, dot dot.

Vivi: Wow.

Erick: Thanks Brendan,

Vivi: Brenda. So Francisco, you’re up for probably the most stressful part of the show.

Brenda: I don’t know about that because reading was pretty hard for me.

Francisco: Oh

Vivi: my God. I, I can’t tell you how many times I read the overviews and then say them over again because I stutter and I’m just like, damn, I just cannot read out loud.

I was that kid that would get nervous to get called on. Oh my God. It was my worst nightmare to get called on to read.

Brenda: I agree. Yes. That’s why I read like that.

Erick: I was the complete opposite. I just couldn’t fucking wait until it was my turn because I knew I was better than everybody else.

I don’t mean this in any like, offensive way to people who can’t read me. And Brenda, by the way, Brendan, as a lawyer, you agreed with his face. He didn’t say anything, but no I’m serious. I would like listen to them and I would even count like, okay, the teacher is stopping at this paragraph or every kid’s getting about this many words.

All right. I’m probably going to read them. I would do

Vivi: that too. But out of anxiety because I had a practice, what I was going to read. Oh yeah.

Brenda: I feel like I can read. Super amazing. But when there’s people hearing me read, it’s like, no, Abaleen glace at that point.

Vivi: Like, no same. I could read like super fast in my head, know everything.

And then someone asked me to read out loud. I’m like uh, what is it?

Erick: I will say that you guys are probably better at reading comprehension than me though.  I could read a thousand things in half, like nobody’s business out loud, but I’m not gonna remember a single thing or interpret or comprehend anything

Vivi: because while we were watching this movie, you were like, that happened in the book and I’m like, yes, there was so much explanation about this happening

Erick: in the book.

I listened to the audiobook at 2.6

Vivi: speed, like a psychopath lemons for your tequila shots and to point speed at 2.6, 2.6 speed for audio books. Yeah, it was going


Vivi: slow. I think we’re just stalling for Francisco. Cause he’s about to,

Erick: he’s about to give the overview at 2.6 feet under a minute wrap God mode.

Okay. Who’s

Vivi: got the time. 

Francisco: stress me


Brenda: Ready? Set. Go. Okay.

Francisco: So the movie starts off with Cujo, the giant Saint Bernard. He’s kind of in like a field and he choosing the little bunny. The bunny goes into like a little uh, tunnel look, alike thing. It’s a, it’s like a little uh, tree, trunk tunnel.

 Uh, He goes in there, he goes after the uh, Cujo goes after the bunny, he gets stuck and there’s like a kind of, a bunch of bats. Uh, It almost looked kind of like a bat cave. So there’s a bunch of bats. He scares on the vessel. I broke, come on while you’re waking me up. So they bite him, they bite his nose. So he goes away like kind of crying and oh, right.

But yeah. So anyway, he goes uh, no, I’m like, no.

Erick: Okay, good.

Francisco: Uh,

So he goes, he goes back. They introduce a tad in his room. What does that? And he’s scared. And Ted is scared of the mustard inside, blah, blah, blah. Then um, Vic and Donna, they are married. And then Vic is like a marketing director or some kind of, and blah, blah, blah. It’s

Erick: terrible. got to take a shot Francisco.

Francisco: Yeah, I’ll take a shot. And I forget

Brenda: that he’s easily distracted. Cause we were trying to

Vivi: give you close to like, okay, Eric is going to take

Erick: it with you.

Vivi: Because Francisco actually only got to the beginning.

I think it’s Brenda’s turn for what to do a summary. Francisco literally spent like 30 seconds on the beginning of the book

Brenda: on the first scene, the bunny jumped over the loss

Francisco: in my head. I was going a hundred miles

Erick: an hour.

Vivi: You’re going

Brenda: 16. Literally spent 20 minutes describing the first scene that I had

Vivi: an hour, 20 seconds.

Oh, that’s your brother. You didn’t tell him he had an hour.

All right, Francisco, you lost. So they lose

Erick: terribly

Vivi: let’s let Brenda summarize for a minute. And then if she loses it,  she’ll have to join it.

Brenda: Where he left off, which is like the first scene

Erick: So

Vivi: what Francisco said, but then

Francisco:  All right. Three, two, one.

Brenda: So then they go back to the house and then tat says that there’s a monster in my closet. Both of his parents try to comfort him and tell him everything’s okay. That the monsters aren’t are real. Then long story short, the wife is cheating on her husband with the guy that fixes her table.

Apparently he’s fixing all their things, but regardless. So they found out that um, he’s cheating on his wife and she goes to take the car to the Chamber’s house where Cujo lives and they get stuck in the car. She starts freaking out because tats not doing so well. She gets out of the car, goes into the house and hits Cujo with a bat.

And then she kills Cujo with the bat and then she saves the kid. End of story.

Erick: And seconds.  She

Vivi: said she was nervous, but she said it so calmly. And she was like done. Mike,

Erick:  She said, I would like to please the court. She

Vivi: said long story short.

May it please the court. Okay. So Brenda, doesn’t have to take one, but Francisco, you lost pretty

Erick: bad. Damn right, Brenda, you did it. Good job.

Vivi: Jeez. I’m only taking a baby one.

Francisco: Psychopaths, bro.

Erick: Oh, you did it in the lime  weirdos.

Vivi: That was really fun, Brenda. You fucking nailed it, Francisco. You need to work on your skills. I’m sorry. Do you want to give us some fun facts?

Erick: Yeah. I have a couple of fun facts. All of us here. First of all, our dog livers, we’re all dog parents. Yeah. Brenda Francisco have Benny. Doug.

Vivi: Doug is Syria. Many is

Brenda: Pomeranian. Multis.

Erick: Loki is just so much.

Look, he’s insane. He’s a Chacho pit Rottweiler German Shepard mix. And he’s apparently got a little bit of Kita. And she, but you knew and him

Vivi: and low-key and Doug come from the same shelter I

Erick: do.

actually things to the Brendan Francisco that we got lucky that we got stuck with a demon was a thousand and a half applications for adoption later. This was the only place that actually listened to us. You want

Vivi: to know? What’s so sad is that at the beginning of the pandemic, people were adopting dogs like crazy.

And now that people are returning back to the office, they’re returning their dogs. That’s so stupid. That is heartbreaking. That’s infuriating.

Brenda: It’s

Francisco: like at the highest rate ever. That’s what I heard at least.

Erick: That’s

Vivi: why we need to sneak more dogs into this condo. We really do.

Erick: Just kidding. We need to move out.

And if that HOA is listening to this, I don’t give a shit. I’m just saying,

Vivi: listen, I will stick my dogs on

Erick: you. I don’t know who you are, but we’re bringing more dogs into this building. We’re making more. And we’re having them diarrhea all over the log

Brenda: here too. Yeah. And I think who, Joel is a pretty good name for a dog.

Vivi: You know, I thought

Erick: I walked out watching this movie to greet Loki. And I was like, wow, what are you doing?

Little Cujo. What are you doing out here?

Vivi: So fun facts. Cause we haven’t even gotten to that

Erick: fun facts. I have three  anywhere from five to 13 dogs were needed to film the movie and required specialized training where each dog was taught a specific command. So one was taught to tackle. One was taught to bark. One was taught to growl, et cetera, et cetera. Apparently the dog handler didn’t even want the dog to be a St.

Bernard because the breed is hard to train apparently. Oh really? Yeah. He was like very adamant about not having a Saint Bernard be in this movie. And the director was like, no, it needs to be a St Bernard.

Vivi: But yeah, it’s what

Erick: it is in the book. Yeah. So anyway, we got a St Bernard, so cute. But additionally, they had a man in dog suit and mechanical dog and the dog suit for dogs in case they needed to use a different breed.

So for example, a lab could wear a Saint Bernard dog suit because labs were supposedly easier to train. Hm. Yeah. But they didn’t end up using the dog suit. So the dog seat for the dog, they didn’t end up using. That’s pretty

Francisco: interesting. So you’re dressing up a dog, basically. I was wondering excellent. I’m like, okay.

They make it seem pretty, you know, almost realistic. Right. And I was just wondering how they trained the actual dog. So that makes,

Vivi: that was literally one of my notes too. It was like, how do they train the animals to act?

Erick: We can’t even train our dog to chill out.

No, let alone make a great Cujo. Yeah. And just one it’s just him, not 13.

 But so second fact dee Wallace is stunt double was injured during the final shot between  Cujo and Donna, if a shot was too dangerous for Wallace, her stunt double was sent in.

So apparently they were able to shoot the scene of kudos final attack in one go. And we’re like, yes, this is great cubby, which is the name of the San Bernard that was in the shot acting as crew Joe  was taught to lunge toward them whenever the stunt woman moved forward.

So she moved forward, he would attack. Right. And that was like the command. So although they got it in the first shot, when they celebrated, the Solomon was like, yeah. And moved forward towards who Joe, the, some woman named Jean Coulter excitedly celebrated move toward cubby and he bit the end of her nose off.

Francisco: Oh,

Brenda: free plastic surgery right

Vivi: there. Yeah, that’s

Erick: true. She was like rushed to the hospital and they like glued it back on.

Vivi: I was going gonna say, isn’t it like not good to train a dog to do that because anytime he sees a blonde woman that looks like her move, he’s going to want to attack

Erick: them. I’m sure they could like, un-train some things

Francisco: but he was trained to like, attack, like full on bite

Erick: then I think it’s just like, he was like, this is what I’ve been trained to. Do I don’t think it was like a dog aggression.

I think it was just like, this is my training. Oh, she’s doing the thing that I’m supposed to do, respond to and actually attack. I want to treat her caught off guard. She just got her nose been off him. Oh, that’s

Vivi: that

Erick: sucks. she was apparently injured again during a jaws, two filming thing.

So got bad luck. I didn’t see jaws too. I didn’t know. There was a second one.

Last fact, this is the funnest of them all

the dogs had to have their tails literally tied down because the St Bernard’s were just too happy and friendly.

They’re famously very friendly breed. They were just having so much fun on set.

Vivi:  You pointed out in one senior, like here. He’s attacking her, but his tail

Erick: is wagging. It’s a scene where Joe’s friend gets killed you see the body go limp.

But the same Bernard’s tail is wagging. It’s like, oh, he’s happy.

Vivi: He’s just happy. He got a snack.

Erick: Yeah.

Francisco: He’s tearing this guy apart.

Vivi: This is so fun. It’s a good day

Erick: for me. Yeah. I got to eat raw

That’s all I

Vivi: got. Yeah. All. Yeah. So I think we are ready to start. This movie deviates quite a bit from the source material.

Francisco: Cool. Cool. So how long are we going to spend on the first scene though? Like 30 minutes or something?

Erick: No, no, you get an hour amazing seed. It is. It becomes Batman. That’s not a bad dog.

Vivi: So as Francisco explained for a whole minute, the scene opens up with Cujo, chasing a rabbit into a location that it’s like a whole underground

Erick: Disney vibes from this whole interesting though,

Vivi: the music and everything. Yeah.

Francisco: Honestly, now that you mentioned it, the first time I looked up the trailer, that’s kind of the vibes I got.

Brenda: And funny thing, the book actually starts with once upon a time. So there you go. Maybe that’s what they were going

Erick: for. It’s a cute little story. And then the dog, I was wondering if these bats were a animatronics, cause the whole scene is emphasized on their faces, growling and screeching. And I don’t think bats are that aggressive.

Vivi: Maybe they filmed like bats at a zoo

Erick: and they’re just fucking with them and we’re like, let’s get them attacking the camera or something. They kind of seemed like little gremlins.

Vivi: Could you get spit and just like that’s ruined our whole fucking 2020.

They ruined CU Joe’s lives.

Erick: Look, I don’t know what y’all think, but this whole movie just makes me feel real bad for Cujo.

Vivi: Oh, I am going to say right off the bat.

 Brenda: He died. Yeah.

Vivi: Too soon.

Brenda: Oh,

Vivi: I okay. After reading the book and watching this movie more after reading the book, the humans in this book are terrible and I just felt bad for Cujo the entire book.

Erick:  I don’t give a shit about anybody other than Cujo. I don’t even care about the kid. Tad annoying.

Vivi: Well, we’ll get to tad. Cause that’s all.


Brenda: you look at the horrible

Erick: in the movie.

Vivi: Oh, in the book he was so annoying. Sorry you try a play

Erick: at 2.6 feet.

Brenda, if you read the book, what was your tad impression inside your head?

Brenda: Not that annoying, actually,  so maybe, I don’t know if it has to do with whoever does the

Vivi: audio book for tad,

for sure.

The narrator was like, mommy, oh my God.

Erick: I mean, look good actors kid, because he did exactly the same thing.

Vivi: Oh yeah. The kid in the movie  he played tad, like the book, the book, but yeah, the narrator, I think really ruined tad for me.

Brenda: That’s interesting. Yeah, because I, I stabbed listening to the audio book and I had a better impression of tad.

Francisco: Oh, okay. I would agree with the voice. It was so annoying when she did the voice.

Erick: Brenda started reading the actual book when she heard Tad’s voice in the audio. She like, oh no.

Francisco: I said, I’m

Brenda: out.

I’m gonna just read it in my head. Thank you.

Erick: but so We can introduce the annoying as fuck tad.

Naturally afraid that his closet door opened on its own. He goes and closes it And he runs back to his light switch and he’s like, oh fuck. I hit me like kind of misses the light switch to run back to his bed. And they do a pretty cool effect with the cinematography to make it seem like the bed is super far. He has to run back in time from turning the lights off back to where his bed is did you guys ever do that? 

Brenda: I like how he says, do you guys remember that?

I’m like, yeah. Yesterday when I turned off my bedroom lights,

Francisco: gotten lamps right next to our bed. We never had anybody. I

Brenda: took my phone to the bathroom cause it has a lamp in there. You know,

Francisco: strategy going to bed. You turn on the light and next to your bed, you get up. Turn off the lights from the light switch, go back to bed. Then you can turn around and turn off the lamp next to your

Vivi: bed.

Why you yell at your husband for going to bed at

Erick: four in the morning, the real strategy is getting the clap on. Clap off.

Francisco: I’ll see my life or echo if he actually ever does  her job, 

Erick: To be like

Vivi: Alexa.

Erick: and we tried to play music

Brenda it’s cause you have to say Alexa  and then she’ll turn on the light. And then she literally knows what you’re saying. It’s so funny that you have to say it in a broken English. No, no, that wasn’t what would you call the opposite of broken?

Vivi: Just you gotta, you gotta get your best American accent going

Erick: best American Spanish accent.

Vivi: but Eric was making fun of me because as a kid, , my bed was right next to the light switch. So I never had to do that.

Erick:  Her parents said, fuck a kid coming to us in the middle of the night. We’re just going to put the light switches right by them. She could solve her

Vivi: own problems. I was clearly the oldest child. You know what we’re doing that with our kids. I don’t know what you’re talking.

Erick: No, they’re going to have Alexa.

Francisco: Well, as long as they don’t have the accent. Right. And

Erick: then it’ll be fine. They probably won’t, but they’re not, I’m gonna speak Spanish only to our kids. Yeah. Then Loki

Vivi: is going to walk around like, Hm. Pinches, mangoes,

Erick: no Nintendo.

Vivi: But yes, Ted is doing this. Something that bothered me in the book and kind of is not elaborated in the movies at all. Is that Stephen King is portraying this murderer, right? This murderer lived in this house. He committed horrible crimes in the town and he died in the house. So tad is seeing this guy spirit in the closet.

The book never really goes back to it in the movie it’s never even addressed. It’s just like a typical little kid afraid of his closet


Brenda: I thought that it was mentioned later in the book, but like, not really, like clearly, I don’t know.

Like, I felt like the whole supernatural, the fact that like Cujo was taken over by this murderer was like, tried to put throughout the book. But I did also see the whole, that the movie didn’t want to portray it as that. And at all, like the supernatural aspect

Francisco: of it. Yeah. They just threw a rabid dog and that was it.

But yeah, I saw the little hints here and there, especially like, like the

Brenda: eyes, the focus on the eyes throughout the book.

Vivi: At the end, you’re kind of left, I guess, left to decide if it was like the murderer made all this stuff happen or Cujo was honestly just like a dog who caught rabies, but like they built it up so much in the book and they didn’t even address it in the movie.

And I was kind of like, what is the point? I think it’s also mentioned in the book that I think Donna says that I don’t remember what character says it, but it’s like so many chains of events and random factors had to come into play for these characters to be stuck where they were in the car and tortured by Cujo, like w it was like, they didn’t give Cujo shots, but also like her car had to be messing up.

So I think the like theme of the novel at least is that fate is the scariest thing ever cause a random chain of events can decide the course of your life. I don’t know if you guys caught that in the book as well.

Brenda: Yeah. I personally thought that it was, it did talk a lot about, like, I agree with the chain of events and the bad decisions of someone leading up to like that outcome.

 But I also saw maybe like a theme throughout the book being like being trapped because Donna felt trapped in her marriage. So she cheated Chamber’s wife felt trapped in her marriage, so she left. You know, and like that whole, like those different things, like worked together to cost the like leading and bent in the book, at least like the whole feeling trap, like even Cujo, it starts right off the bat.

She was strapped in that hole and he got bit. And then he got rabies. I, I just saw the whole concept of being trapped and the fear of feeling trapped. It’s like, you know, to have so many consequences throughout the book, I guess

Erick: that’s interesting because  if we were to compare the book to the movie in the book, everyone loses that trap. but in the movie, we get a couple of winners. Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t read the book, tad doesn’t survive he does in the movie.

So in the book, I’d say it’s  a lot, your ear in that the traps are deadly in the movie. It’s a little more lighthearted. You called it from the front maybe and said, Tad’s probably gonna survive

Vivi: because Hollywood kind of does this thing of like audiences.

Can’t accept an unhappy ending. So I was like, I don’t think Ted’s going, gonna die in the movie, but he doesn’t make it in the book.

Erick: No. And so I think that’s why I think the book’s better than the movie

Vivi: I did too, because, and then I guess after this, we’ll be done with the book and he’s talking about the movie, but there’s something more tragic about tad not making it.

It’s more like it’s a punishment to Donna for her affair. I think the real horror in a lot of Stephen King novels is the loss of the nuclear family, because it’s like, okay, we read the shining too. And it’s like, Jack loses it. his kid and his wife ended up surviving. Grief.

It’s kind of like a common theme in his novels and that’s not presented in this movie. I don’t know. Yeah. I think it’s

Brenda: like the loss of the nuclear family through like the bad choices. Like that’s the horror that you cost this on yourself? You know, I like the, in the book, the powerful quote I like at the end, it’s like how long.

How long has he been dead? Donna? Like that question again, like,

Erick: damn. Yeah. Yeah. That moment in the book Donna just didn’t even realize what all was going on and was just so incapacitated with the situation that she couldn’t even pay attention could you guys explain, and this is more for,  idiots like me, but what the nuclear family is.

Vivi: It is mother, father, and children. Okay. So your, your aunt is that the nuclear family, that is the center that is the most important.

And then aunts, uncles, cousins is like spreading out nuclear family is like,

Brenda: anyway, the book, the father falls asleep. Like he gets there late because she falls asleep and he gets there and he’s like, oh, you know, maybe if I had acted earlier, 

Francisco: I mean really Lincoln, everything you guys just said. So Vivi started with saying that, you know, all of these little events kind of lead. Towards the, the ending. Right. And it’s, it’s crazy. Cause I mean, that’s honestly what I really, really enjoyed about the book that they took. I feel like he took his time kind of arranging everything, so it will happen like it did.

Right. And  kind of back to the quote that Brenda said at the end where, you know, Hey Donna, how long has he been dead? Right. All of that kind of just kind of comes together. Right. Everything kind of led to that, all of these little things. And I feel like the book really built all that up and that’s kinda what I, I didn’t really like about the movie.

It didn’t bring, it didn’t really do anything to, to show how all of these little things were built up to lead to it, to the end thing. Right. It was just kind of, okay, here’s a story. This is kind of the basics of it.  It doesn’t really even bring about what I really enjoyed about the, book.

Erick:  I think that’s going to be something that happens when someone reads the books versus movies, just in any general case, because you could do a lot more with a book and add so much more meat to the story versus all right, I have an hour and a half, or I have this budget that I can only do so much with.

And so I need to be able to kind of quickly summarize this Francisco. It’s good or not

Francisco: go over budget right away.

Erick: You’re stuck trying to figure out, okay, how can I emphasize the most important parts and themes of this movie quickly and under budget? We get a lot more about Cujo in the book,  in the movie. You’re kind of just like, he’s just a dog. He’s feeling sick. He’s gradually getting worse

and then he’s just as bad dog in the book you get, these notes about Cujo realizes he’s being bad at kudu is like always been good.  He himself is questioning. His own actions. Like I don’t

Vivi: grow much sad or it

Erick: really does. I feel so bad. I was like, fuck everybody, man. ended this movie like, look who, who the fuck? One, it’s a happy ending in this movie. And I was like, for who? For who were fucking who? Yeah, like terrible. Cause he got sick. That’s like saying that somebody got cancer and got shot down. Cause they went rabid. Like no somebody helped us. Fucking dog is dirty sick.

Vivi: Let’s get into it. Okay. So I think we pretty much uh, met. Yes. I think we pretty much expressed how much this movie is. Not like the book, you know? And the book does more justice to the characters.

Brenda: Like when he’s like, oh, he’s my kid. Like I would never attack him. And he runs away. You know, he has that struggle of like, I want to attack this person, but wait, no, he’s the kid. He’s like my kid, I can’t do this to him, but

Vivi: we don’t know. I

Erick: feel that so sad. I mean, you kind of do with Brett, you do kind of get it at least because we read the book.

We get that. I don’t know if

Vivi: you didn’t read the book, you’d be like, okay.

Erick: Yeah.

Francisco: Okay. He just went away in that sense, but yeah. Right, right. If you read the book, you kind of get like that scene, like what’s happening in  mind at that point.

Vivi: We get the scene after tad has had kind of like a horrible night with this quote, unquote murder or not murderer in his room. They’re all having breakfast the next morning. And Steve who we later find out is actually having an affair with Donna walks in and he gives tat a toy. And then later says that he’s going to bring back this table.

His job is clearly furniture. You got the happy family, but then you also notice that Donna is acting kind of weird when Steve walks in.

Erick: Clearly Steve is Vic’s friend because they played tennis together too. But Steve acts like he’s like the family friend, he walks in, sits down at the kitchen table and acts like he owns the place. Cause even if they were the best of friends, I think if someone showed up to my house, they’re not just going to walk in.

They’re going to say, Hey, I’m outside.

Vivi: But they’re at least gonna knock this dude never knocked me. Hold my beer, hold my beer. Brenda’s about to walk into her house

Erick: every day. I actually put pause on the podcast. We’re here 

Vivi: But this scene is weird because it get in the book. It’s not really depicted that Steve and Vic have a relationship, but in the movie they’re like tennis buddies

Erick: and we upwardly get introduced to the Donna and Steve situation with a quick little mention at the tennis match.

did you guys catch this? They finished playing tennis Steve was talking about XYZ thing and I think Vic’s like, whatever turns you on. And he’s like, yeah, next scene is the affair.

Vivi: You know what turns me on your wife.

Erick: Right.

Vivi: I also wrote down that she’s wearing the sexiest pioneer dress you’ve ever seen in this. Yeah. Why is she wearing this? Yeah, the red dress. That’s like

Erick: the

Vivi: fluttery sleeves. Yes.

Brenda: Ever weird.

Erick: Long sleeve shirt.

Vivi: you know,

Brenda: I mean, how could he resist,

Erick: you know, you see those ankles,

whatever turns you on. Yeah, exactly.

Vivi: Pioneer

Erick: dresses. So the next scene, I think, is to imply that the family’s happy. And I think it’s funny. Donna in the book is more worried about why she did the affair.

And she is conflicted herself as to like,  will put me through this and the movie she let her goes to tell Steve, like, we can’t do this anymore. She’s like, I have a terrific husband. I have a terrific son. why am I doing this? There’s no  real reason.

And the book the reason that she originally thought to do this was because she was like getting old and left behind by the young girls

Vivi: and guys wasn’t she like 24 in the book.

Brenda: Yeah. Thought it was something like that. And in the book it was annoying because she was like, I feel like I have nothing to live for when tats away in school. And it’s like, they would talk about it. You don’t go out and having an affair. I don’t know.

Vivi: Yeah. I think that’s just personal opinion. Exactly.

Erick: show, but Joe’s place because Vic has noticed that the car is fucked up.

The mailman is the one who’s like, you can go to Joe Tambor’s place.

Sorry, Joe camber, Joe camber is the guy who, fixes the car. That’s why later on Donna ends up there too, but.  Donna immediately is afraid. She sees Cujo and is immediately without any reason,  worried for Ted.

Vivi: Well, you get the scene too, because Acouto was like coming up with this dramatic music, like scary music.  It means literally just walking up

Erick: to it.  It almost makes you think like, is Donald just afraid of dogs?

Brenda: I think the movie portrays that like the size difference between tad and Cujo and in the book, I think it is trying to talk about how the book is like Donna thought, Hey, he could eat him into bites. And it’s like, interestingly enough, maybe at the end of the book, he does want to eat him into bites.

But I agree with Eric, like at the point where they meet, like, why, why are you afraid? You know, at that specific moment where he’s still okay.

Vivi: I told Eric like this, this book would be real different if Cujo was a Chihuahua

Erick: You still in the back of your mind think  it’s still an animal it’s still possible that it could be like, fuck you. I’m gonna bite your hand off.  maybe it’s like a human instinct thing.


Francisco: could be.

Vivi: We find out that Vic owns his company with Roger, his partner they manage this sharp serial account  and something bad has happened, the dye and the cereal has caused kids to like throw out bread, bread, bread, and people think they’re having hemorrhages. They’re like reporting this on the news.  Donna is kind of like not taking this seriously. She’s like, it’s not a big deal because she’s having her whole turmoil with her affair with Steve.  While Vick is kind of having like this stress at work, he’s leaving work a little earlier and things like that  Donna finally tries to break things off with Steve, which is like very calm in the movie, not at all calm in the book, the guy  a text, her and it becomes very violent.

 And the movie he’s like, yeah, sure. Whatever you want. That’s not what happens. 

Erick: But he still wants Donald leaves gets aggressive and,

Vivi: and goes after her. Yeah. And like tries to talk to her at her car. And Vick just so happens to be passing by at this time and sees them takes the longest you turn ever tries to go back and see what’s happening, but they’re gone at this point.

So at this point, we know that Vick’s suspicious of what’s going on. What’d you do

Erick: today?

Vivi: You know, just fuck some bitches.

Erick: Yeah. It gets home suspicious.

Vivi: Well, all the scenes going on, we get simultaneously the scene of the campers.

Campbell’s whatever their name is. Cameron cambers. I dunno if you guys want to talk about how their relationship is portrayed in this movie versus how it is in the book.

Francisco:  She’s trying to kind of get away from him, kinda leave him in a sense, but  she doesn’t think she has the courage really to, to leave him.

Brenda: She doesn’t think he’s a good example for her son.

Francisco: Right.  she’s kind of just trying to stray them away in the book. At least she’s trying to kind of introduce them to like you know, in a sense of whole new world with her sister and her husband to see what the possibilities are, what he can achieve this and that.

Cause he’s a smart kid.  And they don’t really show that kind of relationship between them. They kind of show a little bit, right?  When she’s like, well, I got you this gift, can you give me mine? I’m trying to go to Connecticut with my, with my sister, 

Erick: and grateful as fuck. He like finds the tool and he runs inside and grabs her aggressive as fuck by the army. He’s like, what the fuck did you do And she’s like, I won the lottery and I got you a gift

 Vivi: charity decides to go to Connecticut to visit her sister and then Joe is like, I’m going to go to Boston to live my best life with his name.

Erick: Boston. I don’t know where instead of Vegas or something,

Brenda: that’s pretty cool

Vivi: guys.

Erick: You’re saying when they’re like, we’re going to go live, the we’re going to go live the dream at some, the strip clubs.

I was like, I mean, I don’t think Boston, but

Vivi: imagine living in this like super small town,

Erick: any big cities, just the spot. And

Francisco: you’re trying to drive to it too. They’re in Maine and it’s like a five-hour drive or so damn. It’s just like, we’re not trying to fly.

Brenda: Yeah, I think in the book they talk about like prostitutes or something, but I’m like,  if there’s like, you know, baseball, like Fenway park, there’s worries.

Erick: There’s also your wife and kid

 Francisco: I’m not coming home this week again. I’m just going to go bar hopping.

Erick: Joe immediately after he’s been talking to charity,  Joe, Gary are complaining about her going on a trip and I want to point out that Cujo is having the worst hangover of his dog life, in the scene, everything is emphasized.  Gary goes to the freezer, the door opens and it’s loud.  getting the ice out, cracking the ice  the keys on Gary’s hip It’s implied that Cujo is bothered by everything Joe says something about like, oh, if they do this, I’ll, I’ll seclude you on them. And Gary’s like, oh, that dog won’t do anything. And he slaps Cujo and kudos, like. Kind of like probably me alone.

Vivi: Steve kinda finally having the violent outbursts that’s described in the novel, but still kind of the novel is fucked up.

Oh yeah, yeah.

Francisco:  It’s kind of like PG compared to the novel.

Brenda: Yeah. Cause he leaves a mess in the

Francisco: bed, in the novel, everything like every, like a couple aspects of CS, including this one where, you know, he confronts her and tells her he’s not gonna take no for an answer.

And takes a little

Vivi: too far. Yes. Because they paint him as friendly so in the novel, Vic does not find out about the affair until Steve angry that he’s been broken up with, sent him a anonymous Nutter. Yeah. Basically saying your wife has been having an affair with me. Oh, my God in this scene in the movie, me and Eric were cracking up because Vic walks in on Steve and Donna, like arguing about milk and, and big literally just turns to Donna and is like, yes or no.

Erick: That’s that’s it, bro. Like he walks out like the node completely condensed into like yes or no, like the messed up note that big Cabri

Francisco: playing in his head for like a whole chapter. Yes or no. And

Brenda: the note is pretty cool. Like he’s like, hello, big, nice wife. You got there. I enjoyed fucking  the shit out of her.

What’s that mole just above her pubic hair. Look like to you. To me, looks like a question. Mark. Do you have any questions? And in the movies, just like yes or no, like

Vivi: I was just like

Francisco: ned Flanders of the movies is a friendly

Erick: neighbor. Fixing your furniture, you and your wife.

Tell your wife. We don’t see him ever again. After that scene. 

Vivi: Just when he trashes the house, but let’s go back to this ridiculous scene between big and Donna where he’s like yes or no. And she’s just like, yeah,

Erick:  I turned to VV and I said, yo, so you fucking know? Yeah.

Vivi: You know, like eyebrows raise, thumbs up. And Donna’s like slapping that ass boy,

oh my God. This is so

Erick: much stuff in the movie. Donald is just like yes, continues to clean milk and what, Hey uh,

Vivi: what would you all do about it real quick? This milk is seaman.

Erick: Oh, maybe, maybe that’s what it was an illusion too,  I don’t know if semen is like super rated R for a podcast, but it’s.

Heavily used in the book when Steve does what he does, he’s

Vivi: like a much more violent character in the

Erick: book. He’s like, let me drink off here.

Let me drink off there,

Vivi: first of all, worst criminal ever, you’re leaving your DNA fricking everywhere.

Brenda: They don’t know who he was and

Vivi: how they know how they know

Erick: this calling card.

Vivi: It’s like a psychopath for sure. After we got this like really weird seed we get the like monster words where we realize that Vic is like a really good dad.

He’s like taking care of tad. We took the time to point out. This house is amazing.

Francisco: I was thinking something similar. Like when I was reading the book, I pictured this kind of almost like a hot, not, not to that extent, like tiny, but I pictured a small home and then you look at this and it’s just like enormous Tad’s room was like, Massive just, just by

Erick: himself,

Vivi: if you were Donna, how would you fill up your time while your kids at school

Brenda: I would read books and listen to podcasts such as this one and watch movies and maybe go and ride my bike, especially here around Cambridge. It’s pretty nice to ride a bike. So that’s what I’d do.

Francisco: Yeah. I agree. Like you’d kind of find something that you liked. Like reading books. I do like reading books, watching movies, going on, bikes, going on runs.

They have a beautiful view. They have, I would assume you would enjoy the hell out of running around

Erick: it,

we’re at 14 and ghosts are in this house. So you also asked them to help with something.

Vivi: You got to commune with the demons in this house, like Lord of

Francisco: the rings, you call on that army to do everything for you. When you know they’re they’re finished and then you get to do whatever you want

Erick: and then you tell them to also tell them to be fulfilled.

Vivi: Yes. You saw the goals. You got to clean my house. I’m gonna go walk the dogs on the fucking beautiful beach that we live.

 Francisco: But it says you spent your time thinking like, oh, I’m so miserable. I’m 24 and I’m only really old. Oh

Vivi: God. Yeah, I’m dying.

Erick: Yeah. I need the furniture. Man’s penis. Cause my husband is just working his hardest life ever affording this place that I live in.

Brenda: Ben tells him, like, you’re such a good dad after the monster works. And it’s like, and yet you still cheated on him. what a good dad. It just makes me want to cheat on you real

Erick: quick.

Francisco: I’m going to use this image of you today when I’m banging Steve

Erick:  In the book, does she feel the same way that she does in the movie

Vivi:  She feels like she’s panicking and time is passing her box,

Erick: She has no real reason to hate Vic, right? No. Okay. Cause I was like, there’s no, I mean, he’s literally doing his job.

He’s not being a bad dad. He’s like great. I

Vivi: think essentially he paints her as like a bored housewife. So they’re gonna have an affair. This is the police.

Francisco:  The only like thing that I saw that was a problem. I was like when they were at the dinner table and then Vic has just like we no longer have conversation or something like that.

Just talking about their communication really. But that was, it was a book was a little bit more in detail about Donald’s midlife

Vivi: crisis, quarter life crisis.

Francisco: That was like the main thing. And I’m just like, even then, it’s just like, all right, cool. Now you’re going to go screw this dude. Come on.

Erick:  So Brett here is barking. and this part makes me sad because it’s the scene that we said who just kind of walks away, but knowing what, what could you, I was thinking in the book, you know, that Cujo is second guessing.

Like that’s my human. Like, why am I acting like this? This is weird and growling, but like, that’s just, that’s Brett. Right? Brett tries to bring up the fact that Cujo is acting fucking weird before him and  charity leave  charity is kind of just like, oh, whatever.

He’ll just come by. And Joe will give him whatever the fuck he wants and don’t worry about it. You know, Joe loves that dog more than anything. So like, he’ll just come by and beg Joe for something and he’ll take care of them. And if you want, you know what, you’ll, we’ll go to Boston. I’m sorry. We’ll go to wherever the fuck were going.

What were they doing? Well, go on our trip. And

Vivi: then I like how Connecticut just does not exist in your brain. It’s only Boston.

Erick: Fuck. Would you go to Connecticut? So unnecessary, but we’ll be on our strip and you’ll just call back and you’ll ask Joe how’s Cujo doing and he’ll talk to him. So he’s like, okay, fine.

And that’s the end of charity and Brett as characters.

Vivi: Yeah, you don’t see them for the rest of the film at all.

Erick:  Wouldn’t that be fucked up? You go on your trip and you come back home and it’s, your dog

Vivi: is killed. Like 20 people don’t even care. yes. Most importantly, your

Erick: dog is dead.

Vivi: The next scene is pretty much Cujo attacking Gary, Larry, Jerry, whatever his name is Terry Perry.

And right after that, his owner finds the crime scene and also gets attack.  It’s a very like. In the film, not very gory scene, but in the novel, it’s literally describing how Cujo like rips out their guts and their throat while

Erick: his tail is wagging

Vivi: the route to do this.

Erick: So Donna shows up, don’t forget that Donna was sent to Joe is because Vick leaves for this trip to save the account.

Donna goes to Joe’s.

Vivi: She’s going to Joe’s to fix her car.

Erick: Yes. Cause it’s kind of stalling a little bit

Vivi: We thought this was weird because I dunno if you guys have ever had car trouble, but don’t you like always call for help  you call your dad, you call somebody.

Brenda: they show up.

It was interesting that if the book was based in like the two thousands, it would end real quick.  I’m stuck in the car. It doesn’t work. The person that’s supposed to fix it. It’s not here. There’s a rabbit dog. Pick up my phone, call nine one one. And the story yet

Erick: Oh

Vivi: my God. Like this film and novel only works in the eighties okay, baby. You forgot your phone, but your kid who’s eight years old. Probably also has a phone. I’d be interested if they don’t have a phone, they have an iPad. Like, you know,

Francisco: they see Cujo coming. Oh no.

Erick: Oh no, no, no, no.

Vivi: But then call nine one one immediately.

Erick:  I would love to see this movie remade for today.

It wouldn’t

Vivi: work. It has to be like so many things.

Francisco: I wish dig deep into it or maybe even based

Vivi: it off in the

Brenda: past phone,

Vivi: did they have no services? He straight

Erick: up just eats it

Francisco: full in the country.

I mean, you go to like, you

Erick: drive up to

Francisco: New Hampshire. You don’t have service in a lot of places. When we drove up to that really creepy ice cream place that was closed and we were all getting murdered.

Erick: I’m about

Vivi: to risk it all for some high,

Erick: spend some creepy content, risking it all.

All right. Maybe,

Francisco: maybe this one I’m actually going to redeem myself really quick summary. So me and Brenda are like in the white mountains, in New Hampshire and we’re kind of like driving and then we see, okay, there’s a nice green place here. So we took a right to go up to the ice cream place.

You basically going up a hill and it’s the more up you go, the darker it gets. There’s really no lighting over there. So we get to the ice cream place. It’s shut down. This is like during COVID season, kind of like last summer, basically summer 2020. So probably they got closed down, but it still was kind of sketchy.

So I flashed my lights and you see inside and it looks like just this abandoned place, almost like a butcher shop. Yeah. It almost kind of gives you that vibe of a butcher shop. And I’m just like, ah, got to do a U-turn real quick and then runs like, Brenda’s like, hurry, hurry, turn. I’m just like, oh, I’ll just need to get out of my way back to get murdered.

It seriously felt like that. Like, it was just this abandoned area, this little ice cream butcher looking place,

Brenda: crap, because it said that it was an ice cream shop. And when you get there, it’s like, it seemed like that place. Hadn’t been an ice cream shop for centuries. So that’s why it was scary.

Erick: The 2000 positive Google

Vivi: reviews, but you’re in Texas chainsaw

Erick: massacre.

Vivi: Well, they didn’t get murdered at the ice cream shop,

Erick: but spoiler alert,

Brenda: we might be ghost right now

Vivi: paying right guys. That’s the worst ghost.

Erick: No,

they’re supposed to just do your chores. Not pay rent.

Vivi: No, no, no, but they’re still living there and paying. Right.

Erick: But I think we just don’t think we should do it.

Francisco: Yes, we’re

Erick: actually, So Donna shows up at Joe’s and tad is stuck with his seatbelt she has the door already open. Cause she was about to get out Cujo suddenly attacks  when tad had seen the monster in the closet, Vic is like, there’s no such thing as monsters, monsters.

Aren’t real. And so tad starts to repeat this as Cujo attacks aggressively. And he’s like, not a monster. He’s just a doggy Donna says. And coach was like, bitch

 Vivi: and attacks the car like crazy.

So pretty much the next sequences are Donna and Ted are stuck in the car crew. Joe’s waiting them out are so many phone calls that happen for somebody

Erick: setting Cujo off. Cause it’s like, fuck yo Hong Kong. It always

Vivi: is  really make him uncomfortable. There is a point where Donna gets out of the car and Cujo. Attacks her, but she’s able to fight him off. She got to pay, and this is a little bit more emphasized in the novel that she’s really worried about rabies in the movie. She’s just like, I just got paid and whatever,

Erick: cause she she’s asking like how long does it take to set in, into a human?

How long is it before I can go get a vaccine? Right? Like, is it days, weeks,

Vivi: months, which is the questions that I would have in this situation. Donna has this whole situation with tad.

Tad is having kind of like panic attacks, flashes, heat, flashes in the novel it’s described as him swallowing his own tongue it’s on, is able to like revive him a couple of times. And I think the things that are probably the most different in the film, Vic immediately know something is wrong and goes home 

 Roger convinced them that he has to call for a wellness check and that’s when he finds out that Steve has like vandalized the home or whatever.

Erick: Which in the book is  a lot more emphasized even the cops themselves are worried about going up to the room, right?  The cop is like, this guy is like a psychopath. And he’s like, worried about going upstairs because he thinks he might find Donna and tad dead.

Cause upstairs finds the the room destroyed, and says, Hey, you know, the house is kind of fucked up, but I also find semen

Maybe it’s just like, we found a picture of that, there’s an additional fear factor in the novel with this situation because Vic thinks that Steve has killed Donna and tat, which I think is more aggressive in terms of fear than the movie does because the movie is just kind of like, oh yeah, Steve did it. And that’s it. And we never see Steve again.

No. It was like, found Steve, he admitted to having up with the house, but he was like, I didn’t,

Vivi: I didn’t actually take your wife and child in the film. A big immediately knows that they’re at the Campbell’s house and not like in the novel where he takes a nap and he wakes up too late and

Erick: everyone’s done.

Did he take a nap in the book? I know, like it wasn’t just like, oh, okay.

Brenda: You just have big tired. And it’s interesting. Cause in the book they sent a cop to the joke Kimber’s house to like check it out. And then at the same moment that they sent the cop, they had sent someone to talk to Steve cam and they’re like, oh, it’s Steve come stiff camp.

That’s the priority. when the cop doesn’t show up after hours, they’re like, whatever. And I remember like in the novel, there’s an actual line that says Christ. He’s probably having coffee down at the cozy corner. We’ll fuck him. He’s out of it. And then I made a note, I’m like, yes, he seemed deed out of it because he’s like dead, you know, like you should have followed up with him.

Vivi: He so out of it, he’s dead. Yeah.

Francisco: That’s a good point. They kind of like, just completely ignore that. Cause that was like the lowest priority.

Brenda: You see that  cup on dog showdown, you know,

Francisco: Yeah, the, the showdown was pretty cool. So actually kind of back to something that we, we were talking about earlier about the, the Frank Guy, the, the serial killer cop kind of guy that was mentioned in the book that was not mentioned in the movie,

he looks at Cujo and he’s just like, huh, it’s Frank. Huh? It’s it’s you Frank or something like that. He, he ma he makes a connection to that,

Brenda: yeah.

 It says for the cop on the bog, it says for a moment staring to those start craze dies a SU SUNY kind of horror came over him and he thought, hello Frank, is it you it’s you isn’t it?  What? How’s too hot for you. So he does like have that like, Hey, this dog looking at his eyes.

It’s Frank.

Francisco: which kind of brings it back to, to it being the serial killer. But yeah, they, they didn’t really dive into like the cops scenarios as much as it did in the, in the book, like in the, in the book, they get into the names and who was this?

And one of the guys really trying to kind of essentially lead the investigation in a sense when this kids are just like, okay, we send somebody up there. Cool. And then all of a sudden, like you said, Eric, oh yeah, I know that they’re at canvas place. I’m going to rush over there and go in and go get them.

Somehow I find out it’s not really explained how he finds out,

Erick: but

That’s kind of why I was telling you. I said, I think that the impression is that the, that the dog Cujo has, although maybe not actually absorbed this spirit of the serial killer, it’s insinuated that the characters who are involved think that because this dog has rabies, the serial killer spirit haunts them.

And so they project that, that is the spirit and the acts of the guy in the dog. .

Vivi: It’s kind of like saying that evil is evil, whether it be in this serial killer or in this dog who is like murderous, right. The reader is kind of left to interpret. Is the dog possessed by this previous  serial killer.

Brenda: I agree. I think the reader has room to interpreter to interpret like, is this a supernatural thing? Or like Eric said, is this a common thing for humans to be like, we know this murderer that’s evil and that could only explain this other evil thing that’s going on right now in this town.

Vivi:  This cop who was Frank’s partner ends up getting brutally murdered by Cujo

Erick: it’s the typical, the dog chase you up the tree scene.

I think the death scene is weird because Coda just grabs a piece of his chest and the cops like, eh, and just does,

Vivi: Kind of because Donna seeing the scene is trying to like get the bat that’s on the ground.  But yet that it’s Brett’s bat, that’s been left on the ground. She’s trying to run out and catch this include your, sees her while he’s attacking this cop and she kind of freezes.

And then could you kind of like goes back to attacking the cop while she’s able to get the bat that ultimately is what helps her  kill Cujo and save her son in the film?

Brenda:  I think it’s funny in the novel, how she’s like, so set on this bat, she’s just like, I need to get this fat. This is the end all be all.

But even the novel makes kind of fun of her. Like if she had time to look a little further, she would have noticed the cops pistol that was lying right on the grass. Like it was like right there, just a little farther from the baseball bat, there was the gun,

Erick: VIX. Like  what did the cops say who went to Kemp’s place or temps, camper,

Vivi: campers.

Erick: And they’re like, I don’t know. Vic’s like the fuck you talking about

and he leaves, Donna notices that tad might be dead. Donna is like, we need to get the fuck out of here.

 Goes out. She gets the bat.  She fights Cujo.

Vivi: She has her final standoff, Cujo. This is kind of like the, the end of the film, you know,

Erick:  Could you, I was like, where the fuck you gone,   she hits him with the bat and she goes off. I feel more bad about Cujo in the book than in the movie so I think the

Vivi: movie was actually trying to get away with not portraying animal cruelty. Yeah.

Erick: Because in the book she bashes coach’s

Vivi: head in. It’s so sad. But in the film you kind of get like this POV where Don is like swinging the bat, but you don’t actually ever see her hit, correct?

Erick: Yeah. The bat eventually breaks in the movie and she’s got go

Vivi: vampire takes him through the hot

Erick: dog. Yeah. he kind of dies. And that was so sad. And I put down in my notes, I literally put down a sad face because I was like his sad droopy face.

She’s like holding it. And he kind of just dead,

Vivi: dead. We are the wrong people to judge this movie because we all have dogs and nobody has kids.

Erick: She grabs the gun and she’s like, because His body’s just there lying on the ground, so she doesn’t shoot him.

Vivi: And she remembers that Ted is like passed out in the back of the car, runs out,

Erick: grabs the gun, bashes the window of the car and grabs tad takes him into the house. God doesn’t do the correct amount of CPR. Cause she’s just straight up, goes into  throwing breaths in his mouth, but never does the  compressions. And then like miracle in any damn movie, Ted is alive

Vivi: and Vic shows up like way too late to do

Erick: anything. before Vic shows up Cujo was yeah, but some

Vivi: back you thought

Erick: let the dogs out.

He was like, I need my free before I die.

Vivi: He said the

Brenda: Terminator moment in there, you know,

Vivi: and this is where she shoots him, which it does not happen in the book.

Erick:  Kudos phase before he jumps at her and  tries to color is so like

Vivi: puppy.

Yeah. It’s so sad.

Erick: I love Cujo. Fuck the rest of this movie.

Vivi: Okay. So closing scene is she does revive tad.  First of all, who names? Their kid? Tad? What a weird name? tatter, Oh, that’s

Erick: worse. Got

Vivi: them.  The last scene is her like holding tad, running out of the house because she’s heard fake pull up in the driveway and screaming after them.

And that’s the end. That’s like cut scene. That’s it.  Eric’s notes are all just sad faces.

 Erick: I said, happy. dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot


Vivi: No,

Brenda: Francisco has a sad face to

Vivi: face as well. You guys are soulmates,

 Erick: Look. Due to negligent dog owners, Cujo ended up the fucking way. He did it. Look, we have Loki.  Rabies vaccinated for the next three years.

You know why I don’t want this shit to happen? Could I give a shit about my damn dog? What the fuck is their problem?

Vivi: I definitely don’t think it was a Stephen King’s intention that like 20, 30 years from now millennials would be like, fuck them kids, but like our dogs though, because we

Erick: don’t care about

Fuck. Okay, look, we can have a kid, but we could care about our kid and also our  dog.

Vivi: Yeah.  like I said, the film ends on a happy note Ted and Donna live and Vic shows up white

Erick: little saddest story of them,

Vivi: all big shows that were way too late to do anything.

Erick: Nope. They go and vaccinate Cujo.

Vivi: I guess this is where we can talk about how it’s very different from the novel, because in the novel. Big shows up while Donna is beating up Kojo. I think you’re supposed to gather that she’s kind of gone a little crazy because she was bitten by a dog with rabies and she’s become violent.

It said, because she decides that this is the moment to stand up against Cujo, but it’s already too late. Ted has already died in the novel the rest of the book is about how Vic and Donna want to repair their relationship after the affair, after their son has died in the most like, tragic way that I can imagine.

Francisco:  Did you guys think about, so it made me think about  Hamilton,  so like obviously in the story, spoiler alert for the Hamilton play he cheats and then obviously the, the son ends up dying. And then it’s kind of, after that, it’s a little bit about a reconciliation between Hamilton and Eliza, and it’s just kind of them struggling through that.

Both, you know, the, the loss of their marriage in a sense, and most importantly, the loss of their child. And that’s kind of what it made me think about  reading the book.

Vivi: I didn’t even think about Hamilton, but yeah, that’s a pretty similar themes.

Erick: If you haven’t seen Hamilton

Vivi: go sing the songs for the next three weeks.

Erick: yeah, dude, I can’t tell you how much, how many fields I get from the history has its eyes on new song.

Vivi: Oh, I listened to that soundtrack during work.  Yeah. I’ve not thrown away.

Erick: Shut. I ain’t going to be president,

Vivi: never going to be president now

Brenda: to what Vivi was saying about the end of the book, how they try to move on after the tragic thing that happened. Like they do try to move on, like they start to try to mend the relationship. And I think that Brett gets another dog and then like his family moves on without their father, because the father died in the trash.

Vivi: Like

Brenda: yeah, like the dog Cujo, he doesn’t get a second chance. He’s like dead and he’s remained like he’s ashes go out with the trash, like they’re disposed with the trash. And he talks about

Erick: how the decapitation.  To go and study the head is

Vivi: rabies.

Brenda: Yeah. And then it talks about

Erick: how

Brenda: he always tried to be a good dog that he tried to do all the things he’s man and he’s woman and he’s boy wanted to do an expected of him. How he would have died for them.

If he had been required, like he had never wanted to kill anybody. That’s like the season has been struck by her destiny or

Vivi: fate.

Erick: I’m literally tearing up.

Vivi: Is everybody cried? Cause the right

Erick: guy

Francisco: that quote

Vivi: right there

Brenda: free will was not a factor. Like he did not have any control to what happened to him.

Vivi: No. And it’s a theme in this movie about how all of these random chains of events dictated the characters.

Brenda: Everyone moves on. And like, I think the last paragraph it’s like, no one ever discovered like the, the cave where the bats were. And it’s like, eventually the, the creatures, even like the bats moved on, like the fats abandoned that cave.

Like everyone moved on except Cujo.

Vivi: And that bothered me so much about Brett and charities in the last conversation. They’re like, we’re going to get him his shots this time. Right? like Cujo hadn’t killed like so many people and they’re going to fix it all. But just getting their new puppies, like our rabies shot.

No, part of it is like, you are responsible for what happened to an extent. Yes. To a very large extent. And then you just can’t replace your dog like that. He’s literally

Erick: your kid, but

Vivi: these people are shitty. Every character in this movie and this book is supposed to be shitty and you’re not supposed to be like sympathetic towards them. You get the sense that Donna is being punished for her affair while her kid lives in the movie and the book he dies. And I’m like, whoa, that’s an extreme punishment for an affair.

Francisco:  There was a very brief part in the book where Donna is about to leave. This is a decision she makes, right?

 She’s about to leave, to go get the car fixed. this guy, tad is being super annoying, being like, I don’t want to stay here, blah, blah, blah. I want to go with you and Bobo, blah. And Donna knows the right thing to do is to leave them. Right. And it’s just like. Oh, you know what fine.

That’ll take you. And it’s like decision that you may still take, even though she knows that the responsibility issue, she thinks about the fact that the car might stop. The car is not doing very well. So she ends up taking them anyway. And that’s another, just not fair, but that’s another decision that she makes there that kind of leads to that, to that 

Vivi: yes.

That like whole fate,  but do you want to talk about what’s good. Low key about

Erick: this movie. I’ll do so let’s talk about what  he did while we were watching them moving.

Vivi: We had just went grocery shopping and put the groceries down on the floor. My mistake.

Erick: He’s never done this. I continued to hear his collar jingling we left toys out.

And I was like, okay, it’s just him. But I was like, that just sounds too quiet. Like his plays is usually a little more aggressive and I was like, it’s too chilled of a jingle and I continue to hear it and hear it 

Vivi:  Finally went to go check on him. We had bought LaCroix and he had chewed through the cardboard box of the lacrosse.

Like a lot of big Chuck was missing.

Erick: Well, he ate it. I was like, no. And you were like, how much is safe for you?

Vivi: Luckily, he gets rabies that attacks us,

Erick: luckily on the pieces in the box. So he didn’t eat any, he didn’t really eat

Vivi: it, but he chewed it all up. And we’re like, really, even the, I

Erick: can, one of the cans that he chewed on, I just drank it right now.

But it was, yeah. I was like, dude, you’ve never done this ever. What the hell? I’m over here coming out and hugging him. What’s going on a little Cujo

Vivi: and yeah, this is the one thing.

Erick: Good job. Yeah.

Francisco: sorry. Puncture the Canada.

Erick: No, he did. But he’s got like a little teeth marks. Yeah.

Vivi: The cans have little teeth

Erick: marks on  but man. are you tougher than Cujo? Low-key

 Vivi:  no. Cujo would definitely kick your butt. Yeah. That

Erick: wasn’t bigger growl than Cujo.

Vivi: So you guys first, what would you rate this movie

Brenda: out of? What’s the scale. I know that Eric loves to play around with scale

Francisco: 10 20 what’s what’s it today?

Vivi: It’s at

Erick: a 10. Is it a 10? Yes. The drinks

Vivi: PI the movies at a 10.

Brenda: So out of 10, I give the movie a five because I, I don’t know, there was like some boring parts in the movie, I guess.  And I noticed, I say, I guess a lot, so just, you know,

Vivi: edit that out. Okay.

 Francisco: I’m going to give it a five and a half.

And I think partially I’m just being biased because, you know, reading the book makes me bias, but I feel like even having read the early Harry Potter books, the movie really surprised me and really impressed me. So I I’m kind of basing it off of that. This one did not impress me.

Vivi: You just said, I read the early Harry Potter books.

Is that what you meant to say?

Francisco: Yeah. Yeah, no, I’m comparing it to like reading the era. Like I read the first Harry Potter and the second one and then saw the movies when they came out and then I was like, oh cool. Like, this was actually really cool here. Read Cujo. And I was like, okay, let me watch the movie, watch the movie.

And I’m just like, I was kind of weak. Gotcha.

Vivi: So you’re saying like some books and movies stay closer to the source of material, but Cujo was just like, eh, not really far off. Yeah. Gotcha.

Brenda: What Eric said, like, yeah, of course there’s always more meat in the books. Like that’s easy to like that happens because you have more chance to work with it

but regardless like the harp Potter movies are enjoyable, but this movie just was not that

Vivi: enjoyable. There are no dead dogs in the Harry Potter bug

Okay. So Eric, your

Erick: rating of period. I think I would say because I love Cujo and fuck everybody else. And the book is better. I’d say a three.

Vivi: Really? That’s still very low. Wow. Yeah. Yeah.

Erick: I want it to be done better.

That’s a selling you earlier.

Vivi: Yeah. I would like to get the full story of the families. I guess I would give this film a five out of 10. It’s hard though. It’s a very much a movie of its time.  Would you guys, at the end of the day, despite our ratings, would you say it’s a scary,

 Erick:  If you’re scared of dogs.

Yes. But no.

Francisco: Yeah. I would say no,

Brenda: I don’t. I, I guess it’s like, what is scary? Like if people like are scared of dogs, it’s like a situation of like you’re being trapped then waited on for an attack by a dog. Like that’s pretty eerie or like suspenseful a little bit horror because you don’t have control. I think so.

I think it’s

Erick: scary. 

Vivi: It’s a situational scary film. Like if I find myself in this situation, I’d be terrified. Is it like scary, like seeing things in this movie scared me?

No, no, not really.  Don’t know if I could disarm a dog though. Low-key could probably take me

Erick: benny could take me. Oh.

Vivi: And he’s like, I don’t even think I can disarm

Brenda: a cat, but you know, they have clauses and

Vivi: stuff. Yeah. Cats are a different story. Cats are

Erick: fucking

Vivi: horrifying.

Brenda: I think what I want better chance of disarming a dog than a cat.

Francisco: Brenda does not have a good history with cats. She literally got mugged by cats in Mexico. You got mugged ordinary. That is mugged. I

Vivi: got to hear this story. They

Brenda: took your money. Take anything from

Vivi: me except my pride. My pride.

Francisco: Yeah. We’re here for your pride. Ma’am. Right now know,


Erick:  Do you remember in search of darkness? Talked about this movie where cats attack people. Oh yeah.

Vivi: The cats like the monster in the movie anyway.  Does that pretty much wrap things up

Erick: for us here? I think it does.

Vivi: Is there anything you want to promote?

Francisco: Actually. Yeah. Animal health shelter  they’re pretty good.  They are in Huntley, Illinois.

Erick: Yes. I

Vivi: believe they are a no kill shelter. So if you’re in the area looking for a forever friend

Support them, donate to them. I really had a positive experience. Probably. If we got a couple more dogs, we’d go back to them for sure. Yeah. So go support them. But as always, we hope you guys had a good time here.

You can follow us pretty much anywhere at shaken out scared pod. Our email is shaken out scared Our Twitter is shaken scared pod, and

Erick: because we’re at the show on patron, we’ll name, our next drink. After you with mentions on our website where the drink will live forever. You can listen to us on all your favorite podcasts, insights, apple podcast, Spotify, Google sitter, a bunch of others.

Give us a listen, give us a follow. Enjoy this drink. Enjoy the Francisco variation of it. We’ll post it on the website.

Vivi:  Give us a, like, give us a review. Francisco. Brenda, have you reviewed us?

Brenda: my review depends on whether you guys are taking movies, suggestions on your Gmail account

Vivi: are. Oh, good to know.

Brenda: Fine. So I will be filling your inboxes with movie recommendations. Thank you.

Erick: Thanks again for being on the show guys. Thanks guys.

Francisco: Thanks a lot for having us when we had a really good time as always you guys.

Brenda: Yeah. Thank you. Okay.

Vivi: Thanks. Bye. Bye.

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